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What is a Car Insurance Surcharge?
Car insurance is full of tough insurance lingo. If it costs you money, you will want to know about it. Learn all about car insurance surcharges.

How to Get Non Owners SR22 Insurance
Do not own a car yet need SR22 car insurance? Nonowner's SR22 car insurance is just what you need, however, some restrictions do apply.

Suspended License vs. Revoked License - the Difference?
Do you know which penalty is worse, a suspended license or a revoked license? Take a closer look at what makes these two penalties different.

Storage Insurance for Cars
Get the who, what, when, where, and why on storage insurance for your car.

Car Insurance for Seniors
Car insurance changes with different age groups. Learn what seniors can expect when it comes to their car insurance policy.

How to Fight a Traffic Ticket
You asked for it, and now it's ready! This ultimate guide to fighting a traffic ticket will walk you step by step through the process of removing all negative effects of moving violations from your record.

How To Get a SR22 Car Insurance Filing
Are you being required to file an SR22 form on your car insurance? Find out how to get it filed quick and easy.

5 Things to Consider Before Cancelling Your Car Insurance
Cancelling your car insurance is not a decision you should make hastily. Stop and consider these 5 things before cancelling.

Best Defensive Driving Classes In Florida
Want to save money after a receiving a traffic ticket in Florida? All Floridians should seriously consider a defensive driver course.

Massachusetts DUI Penalties
Have you been caught drinking and driving in Massachusetts? Find out what penalties you might be facing.

Ohio Car Insurance Laws
Are you thinking of moving to Ohio? It's definitely a good idea to check out their state minimum car insurance laws before you go.

What Happens If I Let My SR22 Car Insurance Cancel?
Letting your SR22 car insurance cancel is a big mistake. Find out some of the consequences and tips on how to keep your policy active.

Penalties for Driving Without Car Insurance In Massachusetts
Check out the fines and other penalties you will be facing if caught driving without car insurance in the state of Massachusetts.

How Many Claims Would Richard Have to File In the Movie Tommy Boy?
The damage that occurred to Richard's car in the movie Tommy Boy was definitely portrayed as hilarious. Let's walk through his multiple claims and find out if he would be covered.

Penalties for Driving Without Car Insurance in Alabama
Daring to drive without car insurance in Alabama is very risky. Check out what you are gambling every time you get behind the wheel.

How is Total Loss Value Calculated?
Ever wonder how your insurance company came up with your total loss payoff amount? Learn how it's calculated and why it might not be very much.

Penalties for Driving Without Car Insurance In Alaska
Driving without car insurance in Alaska is risky business. Check out the penalties for not having proper car insurance coverage.

Why Did I Get a Car Insurance Cancellation Letter
It is not a good feeling when your car insurance dumps you. Take a look at some common reasons why cancellation letters are sent out and what to do next.

How to Get Car Insurance With a Bad Driving Record
The high cost of a bad driving record and car insurance can get you down. Learn ways to stay positive and save money on high risk auto insurance.

Alabama Car Insurance Laws
Are you new to the state of Alabama? Better check out their state minimum car insurance limits to avoid hefty fines and license suspension.

How to Lose Weight and Save Money on Car Insurance Simultaneously
Ready to burn calories and car insurance premium. Find out how you can lose weight and save money on car insurance at the same time.

Why Do I Need SR22 Car Insurance?
SR22 car insurance filings might seem confusing when you first receive the notification saying you need it. Find out why are you receiving the notification at all.

Is My Insurance Agent Licensed to Sell Insurance?
Are you worried about getting scammed by a potential new insurance agent? Get tips on what to look for and how to search to see if an agent is actually licensed.

Are You Getting a Married Discount on Car Insurance?
A marriage discount is one of many discounts offered by insurance carriers. Find out if you are eligible now.

Penalties for Driving Without Car Insurance in Maryland
Have you been tempted, or worse, caught driving without car insurance in Maryland? The penalties are costlier than you might think.

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in Louisiana
Even though Louisiana has some of the highest car insurance rates, you won't like the consequences of driving without car insurance.

How to Finance a Motorcycle
Spending a little extra time learning the mechanics of financing a motorcycle can save you a whole lot of money.

Penalties for No Insurance in PA
Driving without car insurance in Pennsylvania can lead to driver license suspension and more.

Penalties For Driving Without Car Insurance In Ohio
You might want to reconsider driving without car insurance in the state of Ohio after you take a look at these penalties.

The Ultimate SR 22 Car Insurance Guide
Have you recently had your driver's license suspended? A SR 22 car insurance filing is probably in your future. Check out the ultimate guide to SR 22 now.

Iowa Car Insurance Requirements
Do you live, work, or plan to move to Iowa? Time to brush up on Iowa's car insurance laws.

Does Hiding a Car to Avoid Repossession Actually Work?
If you are at risk of having your car repossessed, it might of crossed your mind to hide your car. What are your chances of success?

Can a Lender Exchange a Car on Your Car Insurance For You?
Buying a car can be complicated. Should you allow your lender to exchange a car on your car insurance on your behalf?

Help! I Am Underwater on My Car Loan
Do you worry what might happen if you don't get out from your underwater car loan? Get some great tips on how to get your car loan right side up again.

What is the Title of a Car?
Car titles are an important part of car ownership. Learn more about a Certificate of Title so you can fill one out properly and know when you may need it.

Is a High Mileage Lease Right for Me?
A standard lease is not for everyone. It is possible to save money with a high mileage lease.

Pros and Cons of Aftermarket Car Parts
Wondering what type of car parts are being used on your car repair? Learn all about aftermarket parts and what makes them good and then not so good.

Who Will My Auto Insurance Claim Check Be Made Out To?
So you filed a claim and you are waiting on your claim check. But who will the check be made out to? Find out if the claim money always goes straight to you.

How to Speed Up the Car Insurance Claim Process
Car accident got you down? Learn how to speed up the car insurance claim process with these speedy claim tips for the accident and afterward.

Chicago Car Insurance Tips and Tricks
The Windy City is full of distinction. Check out the best tips for getting car insurance in Chicago to set it apart from the rest.

Penalties for a DUI in the State of Virginia
A DUI conviction can be life changing. Learn what penalties you'll be facing when caught drinking and driving in the state of Virginia.

What is a Car Loan and How Does It Work?
Everyone has to start somewhere. If you don't have the cash to buy the car you need, it is time to learn about car loans and how they work.

Penalties for a DWI In New Mexico
A cab is certainly more affordable than a DWI conviction in the state of New Mexico. Check out the penalties you could be facing if caught drinking and driving.

What is a Car Loan Modification?
Do you know all of your car loan options? Find out what a car loan modification is and if it is a good option.

Pennsylvania DUI Penalties
A DUI conviction in Pennsylvania may be more intense than you realize especially if you are a repeat offender.

Sliding on Ice Car Insurance Claim
Sliding on ice can cause very serious damage. Learn what your car insurance will and will not cover when it comes to ice claims.

DUI Penalties in North Carolina
North Carolina's DUI laws are some of the toughest in the nation. Find out how their drinking and driving penalties stack up.

Convince Your Parents to Let You Get a License
Convincing parents to let you get a driver's license might feel like an impossible task. Stack the odds in your favor by reading some persuasive tips.

How Much Are Towing Fees?
Calling a tow company is often an expense you were not planning to pay. Find out how much a tow costs and if you will be able to afford it.

Summertime Driving Safety Tips for Teens
You can never be too safe when driving, even in the summertime. Check out some crucial driving tips intended for teens, but beneficial for everyone.

How to Travel From the US to Mexico By Car
Driving to Mexico definitely takes some planning. Start by reading up on the most important car insurance tips when crossing the Mexican border.

Does My Car Insurance Cover Me in Canada?
Enjoy your trip to Canada by preparing for the border crossing now. Learn what Canada's Border Patrol look for when it comes to your car insurance.

Can I Refinance My Car?
Thinking about refinancing your car loan, but not sure if you are allowed? Find out if refinancing is in your future.

Reasons to Not Print a Insurance Card
Looking to save money on car insurance? You might want to think twice before printing a fake proof of car insurance. Fake insurance has consequences.

Esurance Discounts for Car Owners
It's hard to know whether you qualify for a car insurance discount if you've never heard of it. Learn about esurance discounts and other options.

How Does Antique Auto Insurance Work?
Antique cars require extra care when it comes to car insurance. Take a look at how antique auto insurance works before buying your first classic car.

How to Get a Classic Car Loan
Need some cash to finance the classic car of your dreams? A classic car loan is easy to get if you know where to look.

What Makes a Car a Classic?
What makes a car a classic? Knowing when your car will be considered a classic is the first step in getting licensed and insured as a classic.

What is Stated Value Car Insurance and Who Should Buy It?
Find out what stated value insurance is meant for when it comes to insuring your classic car. It might be less coverage than you thought.

How a Car Loan Affects the Cosigner for a Car
Cosigning might not be the best thing you can do for your credit score. Learn how a car loan affects the cosigner for a car and the risk involved.

Buying a Lemon Car and Car Loans
Find out what happens to your car loan if your car purchased turns out to be a lemon. Car owners have a few options after buying a lemon car.

Moving Out of State and Car Insurance
It is no surprise moving out of state is a lot of work. Learn quick tips and deadlines for switching car insurance if you are moving out of state.

Keyed Car and Car Vandalism Ideas for Prevention
Take the time to read up on car vandalism prevention and save yourself a whole lot of hassle. Here's keyed car and car vandalism ideas for prevention.

Top 10 Car Loan Payment Calculators
Save some time by learning what the best car loan payment calculators are before testing them out yourself.

How to Calculate a Car Loan Payment
The car loan payment formula is more difficult than basic math. Find out what info you need and how to calculate your payment fast.

How to Get the Best Car Interest Rates
Interest rates make a huge difference in your monthly car payment. Learn what it takes to get the best car interest rate.

Car Insurance Companies and Parking Lot Scratches
Are you wondering if your car insurance policy can help with a car scratch? Find out how filing a scratch claim or parking lot scratch claim works.

Will My Car Insurance Go Up If I am Charged with a Felony?
Will your insurance go up if you're charged with a felony? Find out what types of convictions and arrests your insurance carrier will find out about.

Motorcycle Theft Prevention Guide
Make sure your motorcycle is secure this riding season by following the motorcycle theft prevention guide.

What Types of Car Parts Are Used in Insurance Claims?
What types of car parts are used in insurance claims? Learn more about where the parts come from that are used to repair your damaged vehicle.

Your Auto Insurance Comprehensive Deductible
Do you know what your car insurance deductible is? How did you decide on your comprehensive deductible? Learn how to make an informed decision.

Will a Tornado Be Covered on Car Insurance?
Will a tornado be covered on car insurance? Learn whether your car insurance will cover repairs for your car after a crippling tornado or not.

What Happens If Your Car Is Broken Into
What happens if your car gets broken into? These are the steps to take after someone breaks into your car, like calling the police and taking photos.

Can a Salvage Title Be Cleared on a Vehicle?
Can a salvage title be cleared on a vehicle? No, but there are some ways around it. Find out if it is possible to get your salvage title re-branded.

Can Losing My Job Raise My Car Insurance Rate?
Losing your job can be devastating especially if you do not have anything lined up. Find out if losing your job can raise your car insurance rates.

What Are OEM Parts and After-Market Car Parts
What are OEM parts and after-market car parts? Learn whether OEM parts, made by the car manufacturer, or after market parts are better for you.

How to Determine If You're a High Risk Driver
Answer five simple questions to determine if you are a high risk driver. Things like DUIs, MIP violations, and a bad driving record could qualify.

Penalty for Driving Without Insurance in New York
Learn what the penalty for driving without insurance in New York is. Here's what happens if you let your policy lapse or get into a car accident.

Parked Car Insurance - Coverage Information
Parked car insurance involves more than comprehensive only coverage depending on your situation. Learn what coverage will protect your vehicle.

Defensive Driving Courses in New York
Get a closer look at the three best defensive driving courses for New York drivers to save money on car insurance.

What is Direct Insurance?
Direct car insurance definitely comes with some conveniences. Find out what they are and if you should give it a try.

Pros and Cons of Refinancing a Car Loan
Are you thinking of refinancing your car loan? Consider both pros and cons of refinancing a car and your situation before committing to a new loan.

What are Out of Pocket Damages?
Monthly car insurance payments are not all you have to worry about. Do not forget about other out of pocket expenses.

Can I Get Reimbursed for Pothole Damage?
Getting reimbursed for pothole damage sure would be nice. Get important tips for reimbursement from your car insurance or maybe even your city.

Tips for Insuring a Salvage Title Vehicle in New Jersey
Do not hide the salvage status of a vehicle in New Jersey. Learn more about insuring a salvage title in Jersey.

What Type of Driver Risk are You?
Getting the cheapest price on insurance means becoming the best driver risk possible. Learn how insurance carriers categorize driver risk to determine what type of risk you are.

Will My Insurance Replace My Windshield
Do you have windshield insurance coverage for your damaged windshield? Get detailed tips about filing a claim for a cracked or chipped windshield.

Is Hail Damage to My Car Covered by Insurance?
Hail damage can cause thousands of dollars of damage to a single car. Don't want to drive around with hail dents? Learn what coverage will protect you.

Pulled Over Without Insurance in Arizona
Get pulled over without insurance in AZ and be prepared to pay the price. Find out the penalties for driving without car insurance in Arizona.

Penalties for a DUI in Iowa
Attention Iowa! Time to take a look at the penalties for drinking and driving before you get behind the wheel.

Where Can I Get a Car Loan
Wondering where you can get a great car loan? Get an overview of six important different resources of car loans now.

Florida No Fault Car Insurance Laws
Brush up on your Florida no fault car insurance laws. Florida has unique laws that are important if you are moving or just getting your license.

Understanding Full Coverage Insurance
Do you know exactly what full coverage auto insurance entails? It is important both you and your insurance agent see eye to eye on the definition.

Requirements for Auto Insurance in Michigan
Michigan's car insurance requirements are unique and should be reviewed by all residents and prospective residents. Learn about mandatory and optional coverage.

How to Get a Multi Policy Discount
Are you looking for the biggest and best car insurance discount? Save big on all of your insurance by learning how to get a multi policy discount.

What Is Proof of Insurance?
What is proof of insurance? A proof of insurance is the most important insurance document. Learn answers to questions surrounding proofs of insurance.

How to Get Cheap Car Insurance for Teens
Learn six effective strategies to get the cheapest car insurance possible for teen drivers. A good student discount is not the only option.

The Best Time to Shop for Insurance
Take the guess work out of shopping for insurance. Find out the best time to shop for insurance in order to maximize your savings.

Motorcycle Storage Insurance
Know what your options are when it comes to storing your motorcycle over the winter months. Motorcycle storage insurance can reduce your expenses.

Is There a Good Student Discount for Car Insurance?
Is there a good student discount for car insurance? Take a closer look at a couple of car insurance discounts specifically for students.

All about Comparing Insurance Companies
Learn great ways to help you compare car insurance companies. Properly comparing insurance companies can help get you the best policy possible.

Define High-Risk Driver and Insurance Rates
Are you the definition of a high-risk driver? Here we will define high-risk drivers and explain what being one means for your car insurance.

Insuring a Salvage Title Vehicle
Salvage title vehicles can raise lots of questions, including how to insure one. Get answers to several different salvage title vehicle questions.

When Is RV Insurance Required?
Is RV insurance optional or mandatory? Better find out before making such a big purchase. Learn all about RV insurance requirements.

What is RV Insurance? Detailed Coverage for All Types of RVs
Insuring a RV is similar to insuring a car. Find out what makes insuring a recreational vehicle unique when compared to other vehicles.

How to Get a Car Loan with No Credit
Do not let having no credit stop you from getting the car and loan that you want. Plan ahead, and learn how to get a car loan with no credit.

Pros and Cons of Leasing vs. Buying a Car
Weighing the pros and cons of leasing or buying a car can help determine what the best option is for you and your family. Get help deciding which is right for you.

What is Car Rental Insurance?
A couple of different types of car rental insurance are available. Do you know what type you need? Get a breakdown of the two categories of car rental insurance.

When Your Grandkids Borrow Your Car
Your grand-kid just got licensed, are you going to let him borrow the car? Find out if grand-kids are covered on your car insurance policy.

Collision or Loss Damage Waiver Definition
Do you want the best car rental insurance coverage available? Better take a look at buying a Collision Damage Waiver.

What Is PLPD? - Personal Liability and Property Damage
Understanding what PLPD is, will make insurance easier to understand overall. PLPD is a fundamental coverage for all vehicle insurance policies.

How to Determine a Good Car Insurance Rate
Learn how to determine if you have a good car insurance rate to help you decide if it is time to switch insurance carriers.

Out of State Traffic Ticket and Car Insurance
Frustrated about an out of state speeding ticket? Learn how it could affect your car insurance rate once you get back home.

How to Choose Between Cash Back and a Low APR on a New Car
A new car purchase can be tricky. Find out how to calculate the best deal between a cash back option and a low APR interest rate.

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in Michigan
Driving without insurance in Michigan is very risky. Learn what to expect if you get caught without coverage in The Mitten.

What is No-Fault Insurance?
No-fault insurance works differently than traditional full-tort policies. Find out what no-fault insurance is and what states require it.

A Teenager's Guide to Car Insurance
Check out the best car insurance buyer's guide for teens. Teenagers are going to have a lot of questions about car insurance when it comes time to be added as a driver or issued their own policy.

When You Hit a Dog with Your Car
Dealing with hitting a dog after a car accident is difficult. Get tips on how to respond to the injured animal and how to get your car repaired.

What is Loan/Lease Payoff Insurance?
Loan/Lease payoff comes in handy when compared to not having any access coverage when you know you are underwater on your car loan.

A Ball Hit My Car, Who Pays?
Learn what to expect if a ball hits your car and is damaged near a golf course, baseball stadium, or your own driveway.

Can a Car Insurance Company Force Me to Exclude a Driver?
Excluding a driver is one thing, but being forced to is another. Find out if your car insurance carrier can force you to exclude a driver.

How Will a Drinking and Driving Conviction Affect My Car Insurance?
A drinking and driving conviction is going to have a major impact on your car insurance. Learn all about the affects you could see on your car insurance policy.

Texas SR22 Insurance
SR22 insurance is often a part of getting your driver's license reinstated. Learn how the state of Texas handles SR22 insurance.

How Can I Find Out if My Drivers License is Suspended?
A suspended license is no joke. Find out how to keep track of your driver license status.

What is a C.L.U.E. Report?
The CLUE report relays important information to your potentially new insurance agent. Do you know what info is provided?

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Car Insurance by State
Car insurance varies per state in the U.S. Learn about the insurance laws and saving tips for your specific state.

Colorado car insurance laws are important to know whether you are a resident or just visiting.

Penalties for Driving Without Car Insurance in Utah
It is nearly impossible to get away with driving without car insurance in the state of Utah. Learn all about their very stiff penalties.

Penalties for Driving Without Car Insurance In Tennessee
Find out what happens to Tennessee drivers when they are caught driving without car insurance.

Penalties for Driving Without Car Insurance in Minnesota
Check out what fees and penalties drivers face if caught driving without proof of car insurance in Minnesota.

How Kelley Blue Book Can Help You Buy a Car
Car shopping can be very challenging. Find out how Kelly Blue Book can make selecting and getting a good deal on your dream car a cinch.

Is Your Insurance Agent a Family Member?
Trying to decide if you should trust a family member to set up your car and home insurance? Find out if it is a good idea and what you need to plan ahead of time.

Does Car Insurance Cover a Natural Disaster?
Millions of Americans deal with the devastation of natural disasters each year. Is your car insurance equipped to deal with it too?

Could Hackers Put an End to Smart Cars?
Will the convenience of a smart car out weigh the risk of being hacked?

Reckless Driving Ticket In Florida
Do you know the laws of Reckless Driving in the state of Florida? Learn all about the violation and its penalties.

How to File a Tow Car Insurance Claim
Are you trying to figure out how to file a tow claim after paying for a tow truck? Or, are you in need of a tow right now? Find out how to file the claim painlessly.

What Do I Do If My Car Runs Out of Gas?
Running out of gas is not a fun experience, but it could always be worse. Learn how to handle the experience with grace and most importantly speed.

Can Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Stop My Car From Being Repossessed?
Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can provide a lot of financial relief to those in need. But, can it stop your car from being repossessed?

What is Actual Cash Value?
Your car is probably insured with Actual Cash Value. Learn what ACV is, how it is calculated, alternate types of valuation on car insurance, and more.

Can I Get My Repossessed Vehicle Back?
Have you recently lost your vehicle to repossession? Find out if it is possible for you to get it back, if it will affect your credit, and what it could do to your car insurance.

Do I Need Car Insurance With a Learner Permit?
Car insurance always comes with a lot of challenges for both young and old drivers. Do you know how to properly insure a driver with a learner's permit?

State Minimum Car Insurance Laws In Alaska
Do you think car insurance is challenging? Try living in Alaska! Take a look at what makes Alaska's state minimum car insurance laws unique.

Do I Need Defensive Driver Safety Training?
A defensive driving safety training course could be the answer to your prayers if you are looking to save some cash after receiving a ticket.

What is Careless Driving?
Have you recently been issued a careless driving ticket? Take a look at what it is and how it will effect you in the future.

How to Improve Your Chance of Getting a Car Loan
Find out how an electronic disabling device can improve your chances for getting approved on a car loan.

Penalties for a DUI in Alabama
Getting caught drinking and driving in the state of Alabama will change your life. Take a look at the penalties and what you will face if it happens again.

Can a Defensive Driving Course Lower My Car Insurance Rate?
A defensive driving course might be just the thing you need to avoid points on your license and a steep car insurance rate increase.

How Does a Careless Driving Ticket Affect My Car Insurance
Worried about the future of your car insurance after a careless driving ticket? Find out what to expect after getting a big ticket.

Which Cars are the Cheapest to Insure?
Are you in search of a great car which comes with a great car insurance rate? Yes you can have both! Start here to find out which cars are the cheapest to insure.

How Does Leasing a Car Work?
Are you considering a car lease? Learn more about leasing a car to help you determine if it is the right choice for you and your family.

Does It Cost Money to Refinance a Car Loan?
Do you know how much it costs to refinance a car loan? It is probably less than what you were thinking.

Can I Run a License Plate Number for Free?
Ever wonder what a police officer can see when your license plate number is run? Or, maybe you want to run someone's plate number? Find out if it is possible now.

Penalties for Driving Without Car Insurance In Maine
Learn what penalties are in place if you are caught driving without car insurance in Maine. And get great tips for getting back on track.

What is Behind Vanishing Deductibles?
Vanishing deductibles are becoming more popular with car insurance companies. Find out what is behind vanishing deductibles and if they are worth the cost.

Do Deductibles Apply to Deer Car Accidents?
Discover some common myths when it comes to deductibles and deer car accidents. Find out if a deductible applies when you hit a deer.

Traffic Violations and Your Insurance Record
Are you stuck paying a high car insurance payment because of a traffic violation? Find out how long it will affect your car insurance rate before falling off.

My Car Broke Down, Do I Still Need Car Insurance?
A broken down car can be expensive. Take a look at how you can reduce the cost of car insurance on a car that will not run.

Penalties for Driving Without Car Insurance in North Carolina
Find out what you are up against when you're caught driving without car insurance in the state of North Carolina.

North Carolina Car Insurance Laws
Get educated on North Carolina's car insurance laws. Great for new drivers, new residents, and anyone looking for a quick refresher.

Virginia Car Insurance Laws
Learn the basics of Virginia car insurance laws so you are prepared if you are pulled over or in a car accident.

Penalties for No Proof of Insurance in New Mexico
Get your wallet ready if you are caught driving without car insurance in the state of New Mexico.

What Happens If You Don't Have Insurance In Georgia
What happens if you get caught with no insurance in Georgia? Learn about the penalties of driving without insurance in Georgia. It's not so cheap.

How to Insure a Salvage Title in NY
Learn all about insuring salvage titles in NY and insuring rebuilt salvage vehicles in the state of New York. It can be tough. Here's how.

What is a Peer to Peer Auto Loan?
Have you heard people talking about peer to peer loans? Take a closer look at the pros and cons to find out if it is right for your auto loan needs.

Can I Get Temporary Car Insurance in California?
Getting temporary car insurance in California might be more difficult than you think. Learn about temporary car insurance in CA and some alternatives.

Can I Finance a Salvage Title Car?
Are you looking to finance a salvage title vehicle? Find out if it is a possibility.

Louisiana Car Insurance Requirements
Know Louisiana's car insurance requirements whether you are moving in or it is your home state.

Washington State Car Insurance Laws
Do you know what the minimum requirement of car insurance is in the state of Washington? Time to brush up on your car insurance knowledge.

Driving Without Insurance Florida Penalities
Don't get caught driving without insurance in Florida. Take a look at the penalties before going without car insurance in the Sunshine state.

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in Texas
Texas has some pretty strict rules regarding driving without car insurance. Learn the real penalties for driving without insurance in Texas.

How to Turn In a Car At the End of Its Lease
Turning in your leased car can be intimidating because of the possibility of extra expenses. Find out common extra expenses and how to minimize them.

Penalties for Not Having Car Insurance in South Carolina
Discover the penalties for not having car insurance in South Carolina, including a lapse in coverage, driving without insurance and an accident.

What is a Guaranteed Car Loan?
There are lots of different types of car loans. Take a closer look at a guaranteed car loan.

No Proof of Car Insurance In Colorado
A fee for driving without car insurance in Colorado might be the least of your worries if you get caught breaking this law.

Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention and Claims
Find out how to tell if your catalytic converter has been stolen, if your car insurance will cover you, and how to prevent catalytic converter thefts.

What Is an Insurance Carrier?
Learn what an insurance carrier is, why knowing your insurance carrier is important, and what exactly you should know about your car insurance carrier.

What Is an Insurance Endorsement?
It is easy to make a change on your car insurance. A car insurance endorsement is exactly what you need in order to keep your coverage up to date.

What is an Insurance Policy Period?
What is an insurance policy period? Become more knowledgeable about your insurance policy by learning what a policy period involves and how it ends.

Benefits of Broad Collision in Michigan
What is broad collision coverage? If you live in Michigan, this could be the right coverage for you.

New Jersey Car Insurance Laws
Find out what makes New Jersey's car insurance laws unique to ensure you stay protected and legal to drive.

Penalties for Driving Without Car Insurance in California
Are you wondering what will happen if you get caught driving without car insurance in California? Take a look at why you should never drive without it.

Can Moving Raise My Car Insurance Rate?
Moving is a big undertaking. Find out if moving has a direct effect on your car insurance rate.

Explanation of a Loan Balance
Most of us have at least one loan balance. If you are late on your payments, you are probably looking at a notice about your outstanding loan balance.

Can a Not-At-Fault Claim Raise My Insurance Rates?
Did your car insurance rate recently go up? Find out if filing a claim that is not your fault can raise your car insurance rate.

Who Insures a Kid on Car Insurance After a Divorce?
Who insures a kid on car insurance after a divorce? Find out who should be the one to list the kids on their insurance policy after a divorce.

Why Is It Important to Have Car Insurance?
Why is it important to have car insurance? With so many car insurance coverage options, here's a guide to the must-have insurance coverage.

I Forgot to Tell My Insurance Company I Sold My Car, What Can I Do?
Did you forget to tell you insurance company you sold your car? Find out if you can get a refund.

Can I Insure My Boyfriend's Car?
Looking to take the next step in your relationship? Find out if combining insurance with your boyfriend's possible.

How to Get a Good Driver Discount
The good driver discount is an important part of getting cheap car insurance. Understand how to get a good driver discount and get helpful tips.

Texas Auto Insurance Laws and Requirements
Are you wondering what auto insurance coverage is required by the state of Texas? Learn about Texas auto insurance laws before getting coverage.

How to Get Cheap Auto Insurance in Florida
The state of Florida has some unique car insurance laws when compared to most other states. Learn what coverage is required and how to get your auto insurance as cheap as possible.

What Is Car Insurance, and Why Is It Important?
Ever wonder what the point of paying for car insurance month after month is? Find out what it actually covers and why you need it after all.

Proof of Home Ownership and Car Insurance Discount
Don't miss out on a very important car insurance discount. Proof of home ownership can lead to getting a little known home owner discount.

Michigan No Fault Insurance
Michigan no fault insurance is like no other. Learn what makes MI unique when it comes to no fault car insurance and the types of collision coverage.

Auto Insurance in Los Angeles
Los Angeles auto insurance rates are high. Find out what you can do to lower the overall cost of car insurance in the state of California.

Who is Insured to Drive My Car?
Is your best friend insured to drive your car? Learn who is and who is not insured to drive your car according to your car insurance policy.

Winters Insurance Tips for Car Owners
See what you can do to reduce insurance costs over the winter months with great winters insurance tips for car owners, motorcyclists and boat owners.

5 Reasons to Consider Switching Car Insurance
Not sure if you should start shopping for a new car insurance policy? Learn the top reasons people switch car insurance.

Best Ways to Teach Kids About Car Insurance
Is your teenager ready to learn about car insurance? Learn the best ways to teach a subject that is not so much fun but oh so important.

All About Insurance Renewals
Insurance renewals are an important part of the car insurance process. Find out about when policies renew and if you will be seeing a rate change.

Can I Cancel Car Insurance Anytime?
Do you need to cancel your car insurance? Learn the best strategies for cancelling a policy in order to avoid fees and save money.

Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association Fee
Do you know about the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Fee? It is a unique Michigan car insurance coverage which is different from any other state.

No Insurance for Impounded Cars
No insurance is a big problem in many states. Find out what no insurance means for impounded cars and how to avoid impoundment by staying insured.

What Is a Non-Owner Auto Insurance Policy?
Non-owner's car insurance could be one of the biggest kept car insurance secrets. Learn three great reasons to purchase non-owner's car insurance now.

Best Ways to Make Your Car Insurance Payment
Can't afford car insurance? Find out the best methods for making your car insurance payment to save both time and money.

Collision Coverage Car Insurance Policy
Do you know what collision coverage on your auto insurance covers? Understanding what coverage is available and how it works is the best way to ensure you are happy with your insurance policy.

What is a Car Insurance Grace Period?
Find out how some car insurance carriers handle late payments by offering a grace period. Also learn why you should only utilize it in an emergency.

How Do I Get My Car Insurance Policy Reinstated?
Learn if reinstating your car insurance is a good option or an option at all after your policy cancels for nonpayment.

Do I Have Car Insurance? Find Out.
Do I have car insurance? Wondering this as you're taking over the family finances? Learn different methods of finding out if you have car insurance.

How to Get OEM Parts for an Insurance Claim
Are OEM parts important to you? Learn how you can get OEM parts covered by your car insurance.

What is a Named Insured Driver?
What makes a named insured so special on a car insurance policy? Improve your insurance vocabulary and learn whether or not you are a named insured.

Loss Payee vs Additional Insured
It is important to understand what a loss payee vs additional insured is, especially if you have a cosigned vehicle or a leased vehicle.

Do I Have Windshield Insurance?
A damaged windshield is serious business and may leave you wondering how you are going to pay for it. Find out if your car insurance provides coverage for windshields.

Does Car Insurance Cover Flood Damage?
Does car insurance cover flood damage? Learn about the right car insurance to protect you against flood damage, plus tips on how to file a claim.

Keyed Car and Vandalism Insurance Claims
Will your keyed or vandalized car be covered by your car insurance? Get five detailed steps on how to file a keyed car insurance claim.

Stolen Car Insurance Claim Process
Make your stolen car experience less stressful by learning what insurance coverage will protect you and find out how the claims process works.

Motorcycle Theft and Insurance Coverage
Was your motorcycle stolen? If so, you are not alone. Learn what to expect when dealing with a motorcycle theft insurance claim and how to prepare.

Tree Falling on a Car Insurance Claims
It is definitely bad luck if a tree fell on your car. Find out if your car insurance will pay for the repairs in the event of a tree falling on a car.

Car Fire Insurance Claims and Coverage
Losing your car to a fire is absolutely devastating. Find out if your car insurance covers fire damage and about car fire insurance claims.

Tips for Car Accidents Caused by Animals
Animals cause a lot of car accidents. Learn what to expect with different types of animal car accidents.

What Is a Mini Tort Claim in Michigan?
A mini tort claim is unique to the state Michigan. Learn what a mini tort claim is and what happens if an at fault driver doesn't have car insurance.

Pros and Cons of Extended Car Loans
Are extended car loans all bad? Actually they offer both some pros and cons that should be evaluated before deciding on your financing.

Massachusetts Car Insurance Laws
Stay out of trouble and review the state minimum car insurance requirements for the state of Massachusetts.

Car Insurance Claims and Deer Accidents
Learn all about deer car insurance claims including coverage, deductibles, police reports, how it will affect your car insurance rate and more.

Nationwide Insurance Profile
Need help selecting an insurance company? Check out Nationwide's profile describing an overview of the company, its key features, and a brief history.

Additional Liability Insurance (ALI)
Should you purchase additional liability insurance on your rental car? Find out what additional liability insurance is and whether or not you are already covered.

Ally Auto Financing Profile
Find out if Ally backs auto loans, leases, or both. Overview of Ally Financial including products, services, and their history.

Why Do I Need Car Insurance?
Review different reasons why people may be tempted to cancel their car insurance. Learn whether it is needed in several different scenarios.

How to Get Car Insurance for a First Time Driver
Make the daunting task of getting car insurance for a first time driver easy with tips for being added to a parent's policy or going it alone.

Auto Insurance Declaration Page
If you have questions about your insurance policy, a great place to start is your auto insurance declaration page. So, why is it important?

What is a Loss Payee on an Insurance Policy?
Being listed as a loss payee is a requirement of most lenders. Learn what a loss payee is, and the consequences of not listing your lender as one.

How to Cancel Car Insurance
Four easy ways to cancel your car insurance policy and three important reasons to request the cancellation instead of letting it go.

What Is an At-Fault Accident?
An at-fault accident can cause you a lot of problems. Find out what determines an at-fault accident and what it means for your car insurance.

Never Let Your Car Insurance Lapse
Have you ever noticed when you call to get a car insurance quote one of the first questions you are asked is: Do you have current auto insurance? The answer to the question helps determine if you are a high-risk or a preferred risk. Learn why you should never let your car insurance lapse.

How to Get the Cheapest Car Insurance
The cheapest car insurance is not exactly easy to come by. Review this 7-step guide to help you get the best car insurance rate of your life.

The Six Best Car Insurance Discounts
Learn how to get the biggest bang for your buck by utilizing the 6 best car insurance discounts to your advantage.

Insurance Quotes and Wrong Perception Quotes
The main things to look for while you get an insurance quote are low price and great service. Learn more about insurance and wrong perception quotes.

How to Get a Multi Car Discount
Get the multi-car discount to save money. More than one car is all you need but there are some tricks to the multi-car discount you need to know.

Third Party Car Insurance Price
Are you getting notices from your lender about third party car insurance? If so, you need to know more about the third party car insurance price.

The Minimum Insurance Coverage Needed in California
The minimum insurance required in California is important to know by all California residents and future residents. Get the basics so you know what to expect with your California car insurance policy.

Comprehensive Vs Collision Coverage
Comprehensive and collision are the two types of physical damage coverage on car insurance. Do you know the difference?

The Paperwork Needed for Car Insurance
Car insurance and paperwork go hand in hand. Find out what paperwork you need in order to get a car insurance quote.

Student Car Loan Tips
Wondering if you will ever get approved for a car loan while you are a student? Get five student car loan quick tips to help avoid paying high interest rates.

The state of Nevada has their own set of car insurance laws. Brush up on this state's specific laws.

Tips for the Best Auto Insurance in Georgia
Learn what mistakes many Georgia residents are making in regards to their auto insurance. Here are tips for the best auto insurance in Georgia.

If Someone Borrows My Car, Are They Insured?
If someone borrows your car, are they insured? Know how letting someone borrow your car can affect your car insurance when it's an at-fault accident.

Should I Pay for an At-Fault Claim Myself?
Find out if you will benefit money wise by paying for an at-fault claim out of your own pocket.

Is Collision Insurance Required?
Is collision insurance required? Collision coverage can be an expensive coverage, and you might want to know if you need it at all on your policy.

Is Comprehensive Insurance Required?
Is comprehensive insurance required? Determine whether or not comprehensive is a coverage you should purchase or one your state requires.

What Is an Insurance Quote?
What is an insurance quote? An integral part of the insurance process is getting an insurance quote. Get answers to common insurance quote questions.

What Is an Excluded Driver on Car Insurance?
Find out what an excluded driver is and get answers to other common excluded driver questions.

Insurance and Deductibles
Deductibles can be complicated to understand just like car insurance in general. Learn what a deductible is and how it can save you money on car insurance.

Driver Factors Affecting Car Insurance
The cost of car insurance is unique to every individual. Part of calculating the cost is based on certain driver factors.

What Affects the Cost of Car Insurance
What affects the cost of car insurance? It comes down to what vehicle you drive, your driver information, and the insurance company’s business model.

Insurance Company Affecting Car Insurance
Insurance companies each have many variables which affect the cost of car insurance. Learn what factors into calculation the cost of insurance in relation to the insurance company.

What is a Non-Renewal on Car Insurance?
What is a non-renewal on car insurance? Learn what a non-renewal is and what kinds of circumstances lead to them being issued by insurance companies.

Will My Insurance Go Up? Causes for Rate Increases
Insurance is an important part of every budget. Understanding what affects your insurance is the first step in safe-guarding your rate.

Rules Regarding Car Insurance and Divorce
Separating car insurance because of a divorce can be very stressful. Follow these, not so simple, rules to make the change a little bit easier.

10 Reasons to Call Your Auto Insurance Agent
Are you taking advantage of your car insurance agent's expertise? You pay your car insurance agent good money, find out when to seek their help.

How Long Will I be in High Risk Auto Insurance
Are you sick and tired of being classified as a high risk driver? Learn how long it is going to take to become a good driver risk again.

Single Car Accident Insurance Claim
Were you in a single car accident? Take a look at six common causes of single car accidents and get help determining who is at fault.

How to File a Mini Tort Claim
Mini tort claims can be complicated because it is handled through the at-fault party's insurance policy in the state of Michigan. Learn the steps.

How to File a Mini Tort Claim
Mini tort claims can be complicated because it is handled through the at-fault party's insurance policy, which is a rarity for the state Michigan. Learn the proper steps to take when filing a mini tort claim in Michigan.

How to File a Mini Tort Claim
Mini tort claims can be complicated because it is handled through the at-fault party's insurance policy, which is a rarity for the state Michigan. Learn the proper steps to take when filing a mini tort claim in Michigan.

How to File a Mini Tort Claim
Mini tort claims can be complicated because it is handled through the at-fault party's insurance policy, which is a rarity for the state Michigan. Learn the proper steps to take when filing a mini tort claim in Michigan.

How to File a Mini Tort Claim
Mini tort claims can be complicated because it is handled through the at-fault party's insurance policy, which is a rarity for the state Michigan. Learn the proper steps to take when filing a mini tort claim in Michigan.

What to Do After a Total Loss Auto Accident
Dealing with a major insurance claim can be scary. Learn what to do after a total loss auto accident to make sure your claim is handled fast and fair.

Should I Buy My Leased Car?
Deciding what to do with your leased car can be challenging. Get some help figuring out whether you should buy your leased car.

What Time Frame is Allowed to Buy Gap Insurance?
Gap insurance is not available for purchase at any ole time. Learn when you should buy gap insurance so you do not miss out on its major benefits.

What is Personal Injury Protection or PIP Insurance?
Knowledge is power especially when it comes to Personal Injury Protection, PIP coverage. Know your coverage and your state's requirements to fully benefit from this important coverage.

Will My Personal Car Insurance Cover Ridesharing?
Thinking of making some extra cash Ridesharing? Better find out if your car insurance covers you first.

Why is My Total Loss Payoff Check Less Than My Auto Loan?
Find out why total loss pay outs are often less than what an insured owes on their auto loan.

How Does a Car Become Salvage
Have you seen a car for sale with a salvage title? Learn 6 different causes for a car to have a salvage title.

verywell. Car Insurance and Loans.

Gap Insurance Glossary
Gap insurance terms defined with examples, making it easy to understand.

5 Features of Gap Insurance
Want to know if gap insurance is right for you? Take a look at the 5 features of gap insurance to find out if it will be beneficial for your family.

Rules of Thumb
Learn about car insurance state requirements and state minimums. Uncover important information everyone should know regarding their car insurance policy.

Best Loan for You
Find the best ways to save on your auto loan. Negotiation tactics, loan terms, and lease options all covered in detail.

How Long Does an Insurance Claim Take?
Wondering how long a car insurance claim will take? Look at the five most common car insurance claims filed and how long it takes to get repaired.

Pain and Suffering Compensation in At-Fault Accidents
Find out if you are able to file a claim for pain and suffering even if you were at fault in the car accident.

Causes and Effects of Driving Distracted
The effects of distracted driving can be life altering for many drivers and passengers. Please review the causes and consequences.

Comprehensive Claims
Comprehensive covers a lot of different claims. Learn more about comprehensive coverage and if you might have a claim to file.

What Is the Most Common Car Insurance Claim?
There are lots of different types of car insurance claims filed every day, but do you know the most common? That's right: it's windshield repairs.

Handling a vehicle repossession is difficult. Get answers to frequently asked questions at this critical financial moment.

Lender Profiles
In depth profile descriptions of lenders for all kinds of auto loans.

Loan Glossary
List of glossary terms that relate to auto loans.

Tips for No Money Down Car Loans and Insurance
Sometimes a no money down car loan is necessary. Get some tips for making the best of a no money down car loans and the appropriate insurance.

What Happens to a Car Accident with No Police Report?
In a car accident? What happens to a car accident with no police report? Find out this important life lesson before you are in a car accident.

Car Insurance Claims Questions and Answers
Get quick answers to frequently asked car insurance claim questions, from total loss accidents to multiple insurance claims and at-fault claims.

You Think Your Car Insurance Provider Made a Mistake
Are you paying for damages to your car because of a mistake made by your insurance? Do this if you think your car insurance provider made a mistake.

What Is the Penalty for Falsifying Documents
Are you committing insurance fraud? Learn what qualifies as insurance fraud and about the potential penalty for falsifying documents about insurance.

Common Questions about Gap Insurance in Canada
Get the answers to common gap insurance questions to ensure you are covered properly. Learn about gap Insurance in Canada, how it works and canceling.

What is a Captive Agent for Car Insurance?
What is a captive agent? Learn what is means to buy insurance from a captive insurance agent or become one for a single insurance carrier.

What Is Gap Insurance on a Car Loan?
What is gap insurance on a car loan? Gap insurance is not for everyone. Find out if gap insurance is the right coverage for you and your family.

What Happens If I Fall Behind on Car Payments?
What happens if you fall behind on car payments? Take a look at some of the options you have when you can't make the payment on your car loan.

How to Get No Credit Check Car Loans
Is a credit check mandatory when getting a car loan? Find out how to get no credit check car loans and other ways to prove your reliability.

What Happens If Someone Claims on Your Insurance
Has someone recently driven into your house? Find out what and whose insurance will pay and what happens if someone claims on your insurance.

What Do Insurance Claims Agents Do?
What do insurance claims agents do? Learn what insurance agents do on a daily basis to manage insurance policies and assist with claims.

Can I Keep a Car Deemed Total Loss?
Can you keep a car deemed total loss? Find out if it is possible to keep your car after a total loss accident and what it means for future coverage.

Do I Need an Insurance Agent?
Do I need an insurance agent? The insurance industry has changed over the past decade. Many are wondering if an insurance agent is still needed.

Does Pizza Delivery Insurance Exist?
Does pizza delivery insurance exist? Will a personal car insurance policy cover a pizza delivery person? Find out before your first delivery.

How Does EFT Work for Insurance Payments?
How does EFT work for insurance payments? Find out what electronic funds transfer is, payments, and how it can affect your insurance policy.

How to Change Insurance Agents
Not only can you switch insurance companies, but you can switch insurance agents. Learn how to change insurance agents and its impact on your rate.

Side Mirror Repair Costs for Your Car
Side mirror damage can happen in many different ways. Learn how the claims are handled depending on how it occurred and side mirror repair costs.

Pros and Cons of a Buying Salvage Cars
Thinking of taking the plunge and purchasing a salvage title car? Make sure you are up for it by weighing the pros and cons of a buying salvage cars.

Car Accident After Being Run Off the Road by a Driver
Ever file a car insurance claim after a run off the road car accident? Get helpful tips on filing the claim and what to expect during the process.

Getting a DUI and Insurance Companies
Find out if telling your insurance company about a recent DUI is the right thing to do. Learn more about getting a DUI and insurance companies.

Gap Insurance vs. Loan/Lease Payoff
Although gap insurance and loan/lease payoff are very similar, they do have their differences. Find out which coverage is right for your situation.

Car Insurance Refund Frequently Asked Questions
It is kind of nice when the insurance company owes you money for a change. Learn how car insurance refunds are handled and what to expect.

What If You Have Multiple Insurance Claims?
Are you in the midst of a bad luck streak when it comes to car insurance claims? Get tips on how multiple insurance claims can affect your insurance.

Can Car Insurance Drop You for Filing Too Many Claims?
Can car insurance drop you for filing too many claims? Find out if your car insurance policy is in jeopardy of being cancelled due to filing claims.

If My Airbags Deployed, Is My Car Totaled?
If your airbags deployed, is your car totalled? After a major accident, you may be wondering if you will ever drive your car again. Here's the answer.

What Is the Average Motorcycle Insurance Cost?
In the market for purchasing a motorcycle? Get an idea of what the average motorcycle insurance cost is and what scenarios impact your rate.

The Causes of Car Accidents
The United States averages over 3 thousand deadly car accidents a day. Discover the most common causes of car accidents.

The Best Antique Car Insurance Companies
Deciding on the best antique or classic car insurance carrier is not easy. Get help with an overview of your options.

How to Lower Car Costs for Teenagers
Are your teenagers stuck at home because it just costs to much to let them drive? Get some great tips to lower car costs for teens.

I Crashed Into a Car In My Driveway
Crashing into a car in your own driveway can be a real nightmare. Take a look at how this sometimes embarrassing claim works.

Is $19 Car Insurance for Real? Finally Learn the Truth
Is $19 car insurance too good to be true? Find out if it is a clever advertising gimmick to get you to click the ad or if it is totally legit.

What is Comprehensive Coverage for Auto Insurance?
Do you know the top 8 losses comprehensive car insurance coverage protects against? Learn more about the coverage including deductibles and cost.

Can I Insure a Car That Has Prior Damage?
Have a dent, scratch, or other prior damage to your vehicle? Find out how to insure a car with prior damage to protect against bigger accidents.

How to Get Insurance Without a License
Feeling helpless when it comes to getting car insurance without a valid license? Get tips on how to get insurance without a license.

How Do You Get Your Driving Record (Three Options)
Do you need to get a copy of your driving record fast? Learn how to get your driving record, where you can get it, and how much it will cost you.

What is the Best Time of the Year to Buy a New Car?
Thinking of buying a new car, but wondering when the best time is to buy? Get the answer that could save you big on your next car purchase.

Insurance Company Profiles
Detailed profiles of all types of insurance companies. Descriptions of all carriers including preffered, standard, and non-standard carriers.

Car Insurance Policy Fundamentals
Understanding your car insurance fundamentals is essential to getting the best coverage and price for your car. Learn about all aspects of your policy including liability, medical, comprehensive, collision, and all the bells and whistles that are offered today.

Safety Tips
Your car can be a dangerous place. Get helpful safety tips to avoid accidents and insurance claims.

Guest Authors
Guest authors write some of the articles on bringing state specific expertise to the site.

In The News
Stay current with what is happening in the car insurance industry .

Make sure you are insured properly when it comes to snowmobiles.

Insurance Terms Glossary
Tricky car insurance terms explained in plain english.

Ways to Save on Car Insurance
Find great tips and tricks on ways to save on your car insurance.

Military Car Insurance Tips
Anyone in the military or looking to go in should be aware of what to expect when it comes to car insurance.

Umbrella Insurance
Need more than basic insurance coverage? An umbrella policy might be just what you need.

How Do I Get My Suspended License Reinstated?
Ready to get your suspended driver's license reinstated? Check out these five simple steps to getting it back as soon as possible.

Motorcycle Glossary
List of glossary terms relating to motorcycle insurance.

Car Rental Glossary
Car rental terms defined with examples.

RV Glossary
Learn key terms relating to RV insurance.

How Do I Get My Car Out of Impound?
Impounded vehicle? You will want these tips on how to get your car out of impound as fast as possible. It could save you big money.

Must I Repair My Car After an Insurance Claim Accident?
Repairs to your car after an accident might be required. Find out who requires the repairs and when you can pocket the cash.

What Is a Property Damage Claim? - Car Insurance Terms
If someone hit your parked car, you are probably dealing with a property damage claim. Learn exactly what qualifies as a property damage claim and how the deductibles work.