Car Insurance and Loans Sitemap - Page 2 2016-09-26

Does Financing a Car Affect Your Car Insurance?
If you borrow money to pay for your vehicle, will your insurance rates for it go up? The answer is: That depends.

What is Motorcycle Blue Book Value?
Do you know the value of your motorcycle? Understanding blue book value can significantly help you when you want to buy, sell, or file a claim for a bike.

Pros and Cons of Online Car Insurance
Thinking of buying car insurance online? Knowing the pros and cons of online car insurance before purchasing a policy can save you a lot of hassle.

How To Check To See If You Are Buying a Stolen Car
Do not get caught buying a stolen car. Learn what to look for in order to protect yourself from this costly crime.

Property Damage Claim Filing Procedure
Property damage claims can get complicated. Who's policy pays for the damages? Do I have to pay a deductible? Get helpful tips on how to file a property damage claim.

When Should I Cancel My Gap Insurance?
Gap insurance is an effective coverage which has a time and a place to be used. Find out if you still need to carry gap insurance or if you should cancel it.

Do I Need to Report a Car Accident to the DMV?
The Department of Motor Vehicles handles a lot of things regarding driving. Learn who to call after a car accident and whether or not the DMV is one of them.

What is SR22 Insurance?
Many states require some drivers to file SR22 paperwork along with their car insurance. Learn what it is, who needs it, and how much it costs.

What is an Independent Agent
Independent agents can help you save time and money on all types of insurance. Find out what an independent agent is and the benefits of purchasing your insurance through an independent agent.

What is a Point
When discussing the topic of driving records and insurance rates the term “point” frequently comes up. But what exactly is a point? What causes a person to receive points? Who keeps track of the points? Is there a difference between the points on your driver’s license and your insurance policy? Learn more about what a point is and how it affects you as a driver.

What is a Reckless Driving Charge?
Reckless driving comes with severe penalties in most states. Take a look at what actions warrant a reckless driving traffic violation.

How to Remove a Kid from Car Insurance
Learn what steps are usually required when removing a kid off of your car insurance policy.

Weird Car Insurance Claims
All car insurance claims are not created equal. Check out some very weird claims that left the drivers happy to have the right car insurance coverage.

What Does It Mean to Be Underwater On a Car Loan?
Have you heard the term underwater car loan tossed around without every really understanding what it means? Get some clarity now.

I Caused a Car Accident, What Do I Do Now?
The thought that I caused a car accident can be a disturbing one. Learn what to expect after causing an auto accident.

What To Do After Receiving an Insurance Cancellation Letter
Learn what steps you should take after receiving a car insurance cancellation letter.

What is a Car Loan Payoff Request?
Did you know your car loan payoff amount is probably different than what is on your last statement? Find out how much you have left to pay on your car loan.

What Information is On a Police Auto Accident Report?
Accurate police auto accident reports can impact more than your insurance claim. Find out what info should be on an accident report.

Can I Change My Car Insurance at Any Time?
Sometimes you need to make an immediate car insurance change. Whether it's a changing a vehicle or changing to a new car insurance police, find of if you can make the change today.

Is Gap Insurance Worth It?
Gap insurance may be inexpensive, but what is the likelihood of actually using it? Find out if gap insurance is really worth the cost when it comes right down to it.

Travel Trailer Pros and Cons
Get familiar with the pros and cons of owning a travel trailer including the average cost of insurance.

Insurance for Your Car
Insurance for your car is a necessity. Take a closer look at 13 things you should consider when you need car insurance.

Can I Repair My Own Car After Filing a Claim?
It is tempting to try and pocket some extra cash by repairing your car yourself after filing a claim. Find out if it is a good idea.


Help! I Hit an Object in the Road: What to Expect
Learn what to expect from your insurance company after hitting an object in the road.