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Car Memorabilia by Manufacturer
An automotive memorabilia collection can center around a car manufacturer or particular make and model, such as the Thunderbird or Corvette Stingray. Iconic models such as the Ford Mustang made an impact on popular culture with unique logos, insignia, advertising, and artwork. and make for a unique themed collection. Today, those items made a unique themed collection.

Oil & Gas
An important component of the car culture, oil and gas collectibles add variety to an automotive memorabilia collection. Gasoline pumps with their stylish glass globes, enamel signs, or colorful oil cans - both original and reproduction - are excellent collectibles for all tastes and budgets.

Automotive Collectibles
From Ferrari towels to bicentennial license plates, car memorabilia is as varied as those who collect it. Check out some of the most popular automobile collectibles and learn how to create a unique and varied collection.

Automotive Clothing
Car clothing, whether for driving or racing, was designed to be both fashionable and practical. Learning to identify the most popular styles and brands boost a collector's wardrobe and makes collecting decisions easier.

Automotive Fine Art
Automobile design has always relied heavily on artistic inspiration. Automotive fine art captures the evocative beauty of these designs. From concept car sketches to celebrating classic cars on canvas, collecting automotive fine art captures the essence of the car culture.

Books & Magazines
Books ranging from parts catalogs and repair manuals to collector guides are not only collectible in their own right, but are also valuable guides in identifying vintage parts and accessories. Car and hot rod magazines, packed with ads, articles, and photos, can also form the backbone of a car memorabilia collection.

Car Memorabilia 101
Want a great car memorabilia collection, but don't know how to get started? Learn to create and maintain your automobilia collection with tips on how to buy, store, organize and photograph your treasures.

Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company incorporated on June 16, 1903 and produced 1,708 Model A cars the first year. The iconic blue oval logo was first introduced in 1907 and has changed little in over a century. Fans of Ford Motor Company collect everything from vintage car accessories to modern apparel.

Classic Car Hallmark Ornaments
Since 1991, Hallmark artist Don Palmiter has created highly detailed miniatures for the classic cars Keepsake collection. Not only perfect gifts for that hard-to-buy-for gearhead, collecting Hallmark classic car and truck ornaments is a great way to involve the entire family in car memorabilia collecting.

In the days before decorative rims and wheels, cars had hubcaps to cover up the unattractive lug nuts and plain rims. Manufacturers typically emblazed the hubcaps with fancy logos and designs. Collecting, identifying, and matching vintage hubcaps is a fun and challenging hobby.


License Plates
License plate collections range from vintage, to 50-states, to commemoratives. These collections are a great addition to any car memorabilia display.

Models & Toys
Ranging from diecast cars to highly-detailed model kits, collecting scale-model automobiles can be a big part of a car memorabilia display. Automotive themed toys as well as licensed toys from television and movies add a fun and unusual dimension to a collection.

Vintage Advertising
Automobile enthusiasts knew that autumn meant the first look at next year's new models, although car makers ran ads in magazines and on television all year long. Often full-page and centerfold, vintage car advertisements are valued and collected not only for their artistic style, but also to identify models, accessories, and trim.

Vintage Gas Pumps and Globes
Gasoline pumps are one of the most popular vintage automobilia collectibles. From the old glass top pumps and globes to the space age designs of the 1960s, collecting and restoring old pumps is a popular hobby.

Fun Places for Car Memorabilia Collectors
Looking for a fun place to eat or stop on a vacation? This collection of museums, themed eateries,and businesses is a guide to gearhead and car memorabilia fun on the run.

Collecting Motorcycle Memorabilia
Scratch the surface of a car buff and you find a motorcycle fan. The great American motorcycle companies, such as Harley-Davidson and Indian,developed and evolved alongside car culture. Memorabilia from these vintage bikes adds a new dimension to a automobilia collection.

Volkswagen, often called VW, is a German car manufacturer. Meaning

Ford Motor Company 1991 Ford Taurus Police Package Brochure.
Ford Motor Company debuted its police vehicle package in 1950 and is still a major supplier of fleet vehicles to law enforcement. The full color brochures are not widely available and make an excellent addition to a car memorabilia collection.

Indianapolis 500 Memorabilia
Since 1911, the Indianapolis 500 has been one of the grand events of motor racing. Except for the WWI and WWII years, the Indy 500 has been held every year at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, nicknamed


Collectible Car Facebook Pages
Facebook is home to many groups and fan pages dedicated to vintage cars, new cars, car clubs, memorabilia, and collecting events such as online stores, shows, and swap meets.

Road Maps
Road maps folded so slim and neat when new that became an accordian jumbled when stuffed back in the glove compartment are a fun and inexpensive collectible that can be themed around a region, a time frame, or an oil company.

Mercedes-Benz is a division of Daimler AG and based in Stuttgart, Germany. The name was first offically used in 1926, but can be found as far back as 1901. Mercedes is the oldest continuously operating automotive company in the world. The iconic three-point star trademark was registered in its current form in 1937. The three points stand for
Car Memorabilia.

Count's Kustoms in Las Vegas - A Hot Rod Landmark
A hot rod landmark, Count's Kustoms is located at 2714 Highland Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109. Combination museum, customizing shop, dealership, and swag emporium, the Count's is a gearhead's dream destination.

Caring for Chrome Automotive Collectibles
Whether it's hood ornaments, hubcaps, or emblems, chrome accessories from classic cars are highly collectible. With some basic care chrome pieces can remain bright and lustrous.

Hood Ornaments and Mascots
Hood ornaments and mascots are prized car memorabilia collectibles. Stylish and classic, each is a miniature work of art.

Dicing With Death: History of Fuzzy Dice
A pair of fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview mirror is a staple in hot rod culture. Where did the tradition start?

Las Vegas Toy Shack
Located in Neonopolis at the end of The Fremont Street experience, the Las Vegas Toy Shack has something for every toy car collector.

Gold & Silver Pawn Shop Las Vegas
Located just a few blocks from Fremont Street in Las Vegas, Gold & Silver Pawn rocketed to fame in History Channel's

Kellog's NASCAR Diecast Miniature Cars
Kellogg's Company is a long time supporter and sponsor of NASCAR. Most recently, driver Carl Edwards and the #99 team take to the track in some of the coolest cars on wheels. Fans can enjoy the stylish racers as diecast miniatures for a reasonable price.

Rick's Restoration and Memorabilia Store - Las Vegas
The workshop, showroom, collectible and souvenirs at Rick's Restorations in Las Vegas is a gearhead and car memorabilia collector's dream come true.

Las Vegas Harley-Davidson Cafe
Located in the heart of the Las Vegas strip, the Harley-Davidson is where two great things meet: barbecue and motorcycles. Enjoy your meal surrounded by vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycles, celebrity photos, and motorcycle memorabilia.

Horny Mike's Horned Helmet Accessories