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Howard Hughes and Las Vegas
Howard Hughes came to Las Vegas to stay in 1966 and soon owned half of the best known casinos in town.

North Shore Club Casino at Lake Tahoe
The history of the North Shore Club casino at Crystal Bay, Nevada

All About Online Poker
Nevada and New Jersey have legal, online poker now, what you need to know.

How to Bet the NFL Playoffs
Rules to follow when betting on the NFL Playoffs.

How to Play In-between
How to play the casino version of In-between

How to Play Poker Tournaments
Beginners can learn how to play in a poker tournament

Liberty Bell - The First Slot Machine
Charles Fey invented the very first reel-style slot machine and his story should not be forgotten.

Craps Table Rules
How to fit in at the craps table and have a great time playing.

How to play the new AVATAR Treasures of Pandora Video Slots
The excitement of the new slot machine AVATAR Treasures of Pandora are explored

"The Easy Way to Quit Gambling" by Allen Carr
A review of the book

I Never Win
Some people always seem toleave the casino as losers. These people who think they never win are mistaken

Video Poker - Video Poker Strategy Charts - Casino Gambling
How to use and read Video Poker Strategy Charts. These charts can help improve your game

Casino Gambling -Craps Reference Chart - Gambling
Free Craps Reference Chart from your Casinog Gambling Guide

Texas Hold'em outs and Odds
In Poker, your outs determine the odds of winning a hand. Here is a quick way to calculate thos odds

Craps Understand Dice Odds -Casino Gambling
Understanding Dice Odds from your Guide: strict specifications new pair of shoes pair of dice three quarters precision instruments

Casino Gambling in Tunica Mississippi
Tunica Mississippi is the country's third largest gambling sestination. There are tem major casinos bringing Ls Vegas style action to the south.

Casino Vacation Packages - Gambling Vacations
Many first time visitors to a gaming destination may find a better deal if they look into a vacation package that includes airfare and a hotel room.

Casino Games - Learning Casino Games at Home
You can learn to play casino games properly at home before you risk our money in a live game. Learning to play casino games at home is fun and it will help you cut the house edge when you visit the casino.

Learning Casino Games
Learning casino games at home can be done easily. Reading watching video tapes and practicing on your home computer is a good way to start. Page 2.

Casino Careers Online - Casino Employment
Casino Corporations employ millions of employees worldwide. Because of the Global employment market it is difficult to fill positions based on a localized employment search. Both employers and perspective employees in the gaming industry need some way to find each other. Casino Careers Online is the world’s largest Internet-based recruitment web site designed specifically for the gaming-hospitality industry.

Texas Hold'em - Importance of Position
Position is one of the most overlooked and misunderstood concepts of Texas Holdem. Many new players will pay their hand without regarding their position. Not all Holdem hands are playable from every position.

Craps Place Bets- How to Calculate the House Edge
The house edge is the difference between the amount of money the casino pays you when you win and the true odds for the wager. Here is how to calculate the house edge for the Craps Place bets.

Casino Table Limits- High Table Limits
Many players wonder why they can't find a gaming table in the casino with lower limits. Unfortunately it is a matter of economics on the part of the casino. Here are some suggestions for lower limit players.

Video Poker Pay Tables
The advantage of playing video poker is that a player can determine the “Expected Return” (ER) of a machine by looking at the pay table on the front of the machine. By knowing how to read a pay table you can make sure you are playing the machine with the best return.

Keeping a Gambling Log Book
Keeping a gambling log book is important at tax time. If you have a larg win you can deduct your losses againt the win on your taxzes. This can only be done if you have accurate information to show the IRS.

Exchanging Currency in Canadian Casinos
If you want to gamble in a Canadian casino you will have to exchange your currency into Canadian money. You are not allowed to use any foreign currency at the table. Here are a few things you should know about exchanging money at a Canadian Casino.

Gambling Losing Streaks – How to Survive Losing
When you play casino games sooner or later you will encounter a prolonged losing streak. Here are some tips to help you from losing control while you wait for your luck to turn.

Poker Room Tips- Playing in a Poker Room
Playing casino poker is quite different from playing in an online or home game. There are certain procedures and protocols you will need to understand before you sit down to play.

Types of Texas Holdem Games - Poker Betting Limits
There are several variations of Texas Hold’em and they are determined by the betting structure. Limit and No Limit games are the two most popular but you can also find the game played with Pot limits and Spread limits. Here is a look at the difference between the games.

How To Play Omaha Poker- Omaha 8
Many poker players who have enjoyed Texas Hold’em are now looking to Omaha as a second game. Although Omaha looks like Hold’em it is quite different. Here is how to play Omaha poker.

Omaha High Low Slipt - Omaha Hi - Lo
Omaha Hi/Lo is a split pot game. That means there can be two winners if there is a qualifying low hand. The Player with the highest hand will split the pot with a player with the lowest hand. The Hi/Lo split game is sometimes called Omaha Eight or Better. Page 2.

Reading Poker Players- How to Read your Opponent
We have all watched poker tournament television and seen some players make reads on their opponents that might have some of us wondering if they were indeed psychic. To many viewers it may almost seem supernatural but in essence it is one of the skills that separate the great players from their competition. Reading your opponents hand is one of the key skills that must be developed in order for a player to succeed in the higher limit games and tournaments.

How to Make a Futures Bets- Betting Futures Money Line
A Futures bet is a wager on an event that is happening several months in the future, hence the name. The most common futures bet is a wager on which team will win the championship game for a particular sport such as the Superbowl in the NFL, World Series in Baseball, or NBA Title in Basketball.

Slot Tips for the Coinless Slot Machines
Many of the casinos are switching over to coinless ticket in/ Ticket out system on the newer slot machines. This innovation has been the most quickly accepted change in slot history. Players no longer have to handle dirty coins or wait for a hopper fill if the machine runs out of coins when they cash out. Here are some tips for playing the new coinless slots

Community Slot Machines - Communal Slot Games
Community slot games allow players to interact act with each other as they play the game. You can expect to see more of these games on the casino floor in the future.

Server Based Slot Machines
Server based slots are also known as downloadable slots. The slot machines of the future will be a generic terminal that can be programmed with a variety of games. Casino slot managers can change games, denominations and payback in seconds. Here is how they work.

Craps CPR Betting System
Craps strategies will not change the house edge but they can help you have a winning session for the short term. Here is simple method that you can use rather than flat betting.

Playing Blackjack Tournaments
Blackjack tournaments can be fun and profitable. You have to analyze them first before you play.

Playing A Blackjack Tournament
Some strategy is needed if you wantto win a Blackjack tournament. Page 2.

Blackjack Tournament
I had a fun expereince playing in a blackjack tournament. Page 3.

Bad Blackjack - 6 to 5 Blackjack
If blackjack was a new game it would never find it's way to the casino floor. The reason is the house edge is so small. No casinos are changing the rules to make it more profitable.

Comp Basics - Casino Comps
The word comp is short for complimentary. Comps are freebies that the casino gives to its customers as a reward for their business. It is a way to promote good will and to entice player loyalty to the establishment.

Slot Machine Etiquette
We know that there is proper etiquette for table games but have you considered what it might be for slot machines?

Video vs. Reel Slots
There is a difference between video and reel slots. Many players try to decide how many coins to play. Here are some things to consider.

There are five casinos in West Wendover, Nevada - addresses and amenities
The casinos found in West Wendover, Nevada offer poker, Keno, slots, and plenty of table games and hotel rooms.

Blackjack card counting lessons for new players
Take a few lessons in blackjack card counting to improve your wins

How to Play the Colonel's Crap System
Story about the Colonel's Crap System and how to play it in a casino.

How to Be a Great Blackjack Dealer
Want to increase your earning potential and likability as a blackjack dealer? You can learn how to be a great blackjack dealer even before getting hired or trained.

The Odds of Hitting a Royal Flush at Video Poker
The odds of hitting a royal flush at video poker are explained.

Best Casino Books - History
A list and description of books about casinos

Labouchere Roulette System
Learn all about the Labouchere roulette system.

How to Play Ultimate X Video Poker Slot Machines
How to play the IGT video poker game of Ultimate X Video Poker

European Roulette
How to play European roulette with a single zero.

Roulette "La Partage" and "En Prison"
Detailed description of the difference in American, French and European roulette with

Beating Roulette with Column Play
How to beat roulette by playing the columns

How to Play Three Card Poker Prime, the casino poker game
The new game of Three-Card-Poker Prime is now available and easy to play!

Continuation Bets at Poker - how to outfox your opponents when you hold nothing more than a draw.
How to use the continuation bet at Texas Hold'em to win more pots.

Gambling in Virginia City, Nevada
What to do in historic Virginia City? How about seeing what a mining town of 100 years ago offered, with modern slots of today.

How to chop prize money at the end of a poker tournament
Why you might want to chop and share the prize money at a poker tournament instead of playing to the very end.

The history of the Sands Casino in Las Vegas from 1950
The Sands casino in Las Vegas opened in 1952 and had a glorious run as a Mob-skimmed property.

How to Play "Extra Draw Frenzy" Video Poker
The new video poker game of Extra Draw Frenzy is explained so you can easily enjoy playing at your local casino.

Casinos in Colorado
What casino games are legal in Colorado, and where the casinos are located throughout the state, with descriptions and directions.

How to Play Dragon Tiger
Learn how to play the casino game of Dragon Tiger with some simple rules!

Use Psychology to Win at Casino Games by using your own ability to improve your game
You will gamble more successfully if you use a little psychology to improve your play.

Illegal Gambling Clubs of Toledo
A look at the chips, dice, casinos, and owners of old Toledo, Ohio gambling

'Indian Gaming' Magazine Review
Review of the national magazine, Indian Gaming.

Casino Reno - The Peppermill
Reno, Nevada's Peppermill Resort casino is reviewed

Coping with High Casino Table Limits
How to enjoy playing table games when the limits are excessively high.

Inventing a New Casino Table Game
What to do after you invent a new casino table game.

Casinos in Delaware
A list of the casinos found in Delaware

Blackjack Odds
Blackjack table game odds vary by casinos and the table rules they offer. Choose the best game and you'll win more money!

Cheating at Poker
How to protect yourself from being cheated in a home poker game.

How to Win at Poker with Expert Strategies
Important ways you can improve your poker game.

How to Clear Online Casino Bonuses
What you need to know to clear a bonus from an online casino site

Getting Full Value from Your Casino Comps
The best values for your earned casino comps.

Ace Tracking
Tracking aces for fun and profit at your casino

Getting a Casino Host
All casino players should get in touch with the casino host on duty to make sure they are getting all the amenities they should during their casino visit.

The Cost of Gambling
What does it cost for you to enjoy different casino games?

Roulette Announced and Call Bets
A thorough description of announced, or call bets, for roulette.

How to Play Sic Bo
Simple instructions for how to play the casino game Sic Bo

Five Best Casino Bets
A list and definition of the five best casino bets

Gambling Betting Systems
How progressive betting systems work on games of chance

Keno Systems and Way Tickets
How to Play Keno Way Tickets. Casino Gambling.

Gambling as a Business and Taxes
What it takes to claim your gambling winnings as a business

Betting on Baseball - 3-Game Series
How to beat your bookie with 3-game series bets.

SHFL entertainment - Shuffle Master
The history and success of Shuffle Master, now SHFL entertainment

How to Play World Poker Tour 3x Raise Hold'em
How to Play World Poker Tour 3x Raise Hold'em

Vegas with Kids
You can take a vacation to Las Vegas and bring the kids!

How to Play Texas Hold'em Poker - A Crash Course
A crash course in how to play Texas Hold'em poker.

Tips for Guessing Your Opponent's Texas Hold'em Hands
Want to know what your poker opponent is holding before the showdown? You can learn how to read your opponents!

Hold'em Starting Hands
Learn which starting hands in Hold'em are worth playing

Craps - Rolling the Dice
How to physically roll the dice on a casino crap game

Small Stakes Poker
How to improve your small stakes poker game

Top Ten Casino Tips
Learn the Ten Most Valuable Casino Tips and save time, money, and your sanity

Harrah's Reno Casino - History
The history of Harrah's Reno Casino.

Biloxi, Mississippi Casinos
Overview of Biloxi, Mississippi and its casinos.

Pinnacle Entertainment
Overview of U.S. casino and gaming company Pinnacle Entertainment

Batman: The Dark Knight Slot Machines
A look at the new IGT Batman and Ghostbusters slot machines

Winnemucca, Nevada - Casinos
Casinos found in Winnemucca, Nevada

IGT Double Down Casino

Roulette - Crash Course
A crash course in how to play casino roulette

How to Play Three Card Poker Progressive
Three Card Poker is offered with the progressive bonus bet at some casinos, learn how to play.

How to Build a Gambling Bankroll
Learn how to build a gambling bankroll

Roulette - How to Make Bets
How to distinguish and make the many bets on a roulette table.

How to Play Video Poker - A Crash Course
How to play casino video poker. Casino Gambling.

Craps - All About Craps Bets
All about the many bets found on a casino craps table.

How to Play Casino Games
The basics of casino games and how to play them

Bank Club Reno, Nevada circa 1930's
Outside the Bank Club in Reno, Nevada, circa 1930's. Page 3.

Center Street in Reno, Nevada circa 1940's
1940's street scene of casinos along Center Street, Reno, Nevada. Page 2.

Chuck-a-luck at the Bank Club
Chuck-a-luck at the Bank Club in Reno, Nevada circa 1930's. Page 4.

Roulette at the Bank Club
Roulette at the Bank Club, Reno, Nevada circa 1930's. Page 5.

The Bank Club in Reno
Photos from the Bank Club in Reno, Nevada - 1930's and 1940's

Bank Club casino in Reno, Nevada circa 1930's
Photo of Bank Club casino in Reno, Nevada circa 1930's

Casino Game Strategy
Strategy and tips for playing casino games like blackjack, craps, roulette, 21, slots, video poker

USA Casino Directory
Listing of casino websites from all over the United States. Las Vegas Atlantic City, Connecticut Laughlin Tunica and some of other larger casino destinations, legal gambling age

Tutorial Software
There are hundreds of books about casino games such as blackjack, craps video poker and live poker. You can also find tutorial software for blackjack, video poker, let it ride Texas Holdem and other casino game that you can play at home and learn before risking your money.

Casino Player Information
THe article on this page will help you get the most out of your visitist to the casino. Learn how to play casino games,manage your money and find some tips that will supply you with information about how casinos operate.

Gambler's Products and Businesses
These are links to businesses that offer Casino and gambling products, Dice cards chips and other gambling games. You will also find some of the major casino game manufactureres

Slots and Video Poker
slot machines and video poker are the casinos top form of gambling. Use basic strategy charts for video poker to reduce the house edge when you play your coins.

Casinos - Atlantic City
Find information about the casinos in Atlantic city.

Casino Gambling Bookstore
Books are the best way to learn how to play casino games. Here are some of the recommended books about casino gambling.Someo of the best blackjack poker Texas holdem craps and video poker books that I have read or reviewed

California Casinos
California has many Indian casinos that offer most casino games. They can not offer craps or roulette in the casinos. The minimum age for gambling varies from one casino to the next. Some require you to be 18 while others are 21.

Casinos - Las Vegas
Las Vegas Casino web sites, are a place where you can find many specials and promotions and information about booking a room.

Casinos - Laughlin NV
Casino web sitesin Laughlin Nevada

Casinos -Tunica Mississippi
Biloxi and Tunica make Mississsippi the seecond largest gambling state.

Poker Chip Tricks
Poker players love to play with their chips during the game. Here is how to do some of the chip tricks tha you see the players do. The chip Shuffle, The chip Snap and the Chip Flip

Colorado Casinos
Listing of Colorado casinos that have websites.

Connecticut Casinos
Foxwoods and The Mohegan Sun in Connecticut are two of the worlds's biggest casinos.

Delaware Casinos
Delaware does not have any casino but the do have three pari-mutuel facilities that have slot machines. Here are their address and websites.

Casino employment and Training
If you are seeking employment in a casino as a dealer of craps, blackjack, poker, roulette or any of the other casino games you can find it here. You will also find employment services that can help you find a job that includes pit bosses and casino management. If you are employeed you will find links to organizations for casino employees.

Gaming Companies
These are the leadig compaines that produce slot machines and table games for the casino. Aristrocart Ballys and WMS are some of the top comanies

Idaho Casinos
Idaho has six Indian casinos that offer electronic pull-tab machines and other video games. These are Class II slot machines so you won’t find the traditional games offered in other casinos. Some casinos also offer bingo. The minimum gambling age at all casinos is 18.

Illinois Casinos
Here is a listing of casinos in Illinois.

Indiana Casinos
Indiana has several “Riverboat” casinos. They are open 24 hours a day. The minimum gambling age is 21.

Learning Holdem Poker
These are the articles I wrote as I learned to play Texas Holdem poker in the casino card from. I also started playing poker tournaments. You will find out about starting hands poker odds, bad beats and more.

Louisiana has Riverboat casinos that remain docked and there are also Indian casinos in the State. The Parimutuel facilities in Louisiana have slot machines as well. The minimum gambling age is 21 for casino gaming and 18 at the parimutuel facilities.

Missouri Casinos
Missouri has dockside Riverboat casinos in Booneville, Caruthersville, Kansas City Casinos, La Grange, St. Joseph and ST Louis. The minimum gambling age is 21.

Montana Casinos
Montana allows bars and taverns to have gaming machines. There are several Indian casinos but none of them have websites. The minimum age for gambling is 18.

Reviews of Gambling Movies
Many movies have been made about gambling or have gambling scenes in them. Here are my reviews of the movies.

Nevada - Other
These are casinos found in Nevada other than Las Vegas and Laughlin. They are listed alphabetically by the town they reside in. The minimum age to gamble in Nevada is 21.

New Mexico Casinos
New Mexico has many Indian casinos offering a full line up of casino games. They also have parimutuel facilities that have slot machines. These facilities are listed after the casinos. The minimum gambling age is 21 for the casinos and 18 for bingo and parimutuel betting.

New York Gambling
New York has Indian Casinos that offer table games. Slot machines are not permitted but they do have video gaming machines they call slotless slots because you deposit money into an account that goes onto a card. The minimum gambling age is 21 at the two Seneca casinos and 18 at the others. New York also has a gambling boat leaves from Freeport as well as several Racetracks and parimutuel facilities.

North Dakota Casinos
North Dakota has several Indian Casinos. The minimum age requirement is 21 for casino gambling and 18 for bingo.

Oklahoma Casinos
Listing of casinos in Oklahoma. All of Oklahoma’s Indian casinos offer Class II gambling which consists of electronic video gaming machines which look like slot machines. The minimum age to gamble is 18.

Problem Gambling and Addiction
Resources for problem gamblers and their families. Links to orginizations in many US States and Canada. Addiction to gambling can be devestating to familes and destroy lives.

Race & Sports Book
Horse racing and Sports betting info. Learn to handicap the horses or your favorite sports team.Make smart wagers and win money

Casino Gaming Softwae
Tutorial software for casino games is a great way to learn .Thre are probrams available for blackjack, let it ried, craps, video poker and even slots. For live Poker you can use a program for Texas HOldem Omaha or seven card stud.

Texas Holdem Poker A-Z
Texas Holem Pkler is very Popular this is a series of articles each beginning with a letter fof the alphabet. A is for aces b is for bluffing d is for defending blinds c is for calling and othe stratigies for playing texas hold'em poker including pot odds and more.

Arizon casinos, native american casinos, casinos in Arizona

Blackjack Tournaments
Blackjack tournaments are becoming popular. Here you will find information about how to play and strategy to help you win.

gaming supplies
Gaming and casino supplies are sometimes hard to find. Here are some opf the places you can find dice cards gaing table and toehr thinfgs you need.

There is one casino boat in Georgia that sails into international waters. No one underr the age of 18 is allowed on the boat.

Iowa has many Riverboat casinos as well as Indian casinos. Iowa also has Parimutuel facilities that have slot machines. The minimum gambling age is 21.

Kansas has several Indian casinos. The minimum age for gambling is 21.

Las Vegas
Las Vegas sites and information. Find inforaiton about the casinos the games and the shows.

Michigan has several Indian casinos. There are non-Indian casinos in Detroit which are listed first, Casino Windsor is located across the Canadian border from Detroit. The minimum age for gambling is 21. If you go across the border to Casino Windsor in Ontario, Canada the age is 19.

Minnesota has many Indian casinos but the only table games that are permitted are Blackjack and Poker. Many of the other casino games such as Caribbean Stud, Pai Gow and Let It Ride are offered in video machines. The minimum gambling age is 18 at all casinos.

Money Management
Money Managagement information and advice, can help you stretch your gambling bankroll. Don't throw away your chips and money by losing control.

North Carolina
North Carolina has only one Indian casino. There are no table games and the slot machines are different because the law requires them to have a certain skill level such as video poker. With the slot you get to “keep” symbols after each spin. The minimum gambling age is 21 in North Carolina.

Rhode Island
Rhode Island has two Pari-mutuel facilities that offer video gaming terminals. These are slot machines regulated by the States lottery commission.

Slot machines are the most popular form of gambling the RNG random number generator works on a computer chip that chooses the winning combination of symbols on the slot machine.

Video Poker
Video poker is not a slot machine. It takes skill to use the correct strategy to reduce the house edge when you play full coin in.

Blackjack or 21 twenty one as it is sometimes called has the lowest house edge when you play using correct basic strategy that tells you when to hit, stand double down or split.

The most popular Poker Games played in a casino or card room are Texas Hold'em , Seven Card Stud, Omaha and Omah High Low Split. Here is information and strategies for playing these games.

Travel information to help you find the best bargain the next time you visit your favorite gambling destination.Gaming vacations can be cheap if you pick the right destinations for your casino visit

How to get Comps and freebies from the casinos. This is a valuable perk given to you by the casino. Comp is short for complimentary wahich are gifts from the casino.

Learn how to play the exciting game of craps.

News and Magazines
Weekly Gaming News and magazines. These online editions bring you the latest mews from the gaming industry.

All casino games are based on math. You need to know the odds of the games that you play.The probibilities of each game vary and you want to choose casino games that have a low house edge.

Other Games
There are many casinos games that you can play. Here are a few of the other games that people enjoy to play. Let it ride caribean Stud baccaratare a few of the popular ones.

Casino Gambling - Step By Step
Step By Step document index for the Casino Gambling GuideSite

Casino Gambling - How To
How To document index for the Casino Gambling GuideSite

Casino Gambling - Quick Tip
Quick Tip document index for the Casino Gambling GuideSite

Casino Gambling - Before You Buy
Before You Buy document index for the Casino Gambling GuideSite

Blackjack - page 2 of 3
Blackjack information and related sites. This information about blackjack will help you come out ahead at the casino

General Gambling Sites - page 2 of 2
General Gambling Sites, and information

Newsgroups - page 2 of 2
Gambling Newsgroups that will help you find gaming information. Share your ideas with others.

Newsletters and Lists - page 2 of 2
Share your ideas and views wbout the casino games with others by signing up for a news list.

Poker - page 2 of 3
Poker information and advie on how to play. Learn all about casino poker.

Poker - page 3 of 3
Poker information and advie on how to play. Learn all about casino poker.

Slots - page 2 of 2
Lern how to play the slots and join the players club to help you get comps. Slots are the most popular of all casino games.

Video Poker - page 2 of 3
Learn to play video poker and make money at the casino.

Video Poker - page 3 of 3
Learn to play video poker and make money at the casino.