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Cats Are Much Less Expensive to Feed Than Dogs
Cats can make better pets than dogs because in general, the cost of food is so much less for cats than it is with dogs.

Scooping Cat Litter is Easier than Walking a Dog Several Times a Day
One reason cats make better pets than dogs is that scooping a litter box is a breeze compared to the effort required to walk a dog several times a day.

Where to Put the Cat Litter Box
Where should I put the litter box? From the litter box FAQs

Cat of the Week: Stitch
In October, we cat lovers at honor black cats. Black cats have been feared, loathed and hated by various cultures over the centuries. But here and now, we love and honor them. Feast your eyes on Stitch, our first Cat of the Week in October, 2015.











12 Ways to Help Kids Celebrate Black Cat Day on Halloween
Halloween is a favorite family holiday. Celebrate it in black cat style with cat costumes, black cat toys, and more, for the kids. Included is some costume fun for Mom and Dad too.


Cat Picture of the Week - Emily
Emily, one of many black kittens in an animal shelter on an October day many years ago,

How Can I Train My Indoor Cat to Go Outdoors?
How do we train our previously indoor cats to go outdoors? Questions and answers from the About Guide to Cats

What's In Cat Food?
Learning to read cat food labels can be a daunting task, especially with those mysterious ingredients. Here's a detailed explanation of the ingredients listed in a popular 'premium' supermarket brand of cat food.

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Should a Rescued Pregnant Cat Be Spayed?
One of the most controversial issues is whether or not to spay a rescued pregnant cat. While some people are repulsed at the thought of killing kittens, others believe the question begs a larger issue, that of the overpopulation problem.

How to Know When to Call the Vet for Your Cat
How to know when to call your veterinarian for your cat.

When to Call the Vet About Your Cat: 3 Simple Rules
How to know when to call your veterinarian for your cat. Page 2.

Food, Water, and Treats - What to Give Your Cat
Things you need to know about food and nutrition for your cat. Page 4.

Basics About Cat Food Labels - How to Choose the Best
Cat food is one of the most important expenses of feline guardianship, next to veterinary care. It is important to note that proper diet can eliminate or delay veterinary expense for a number of serious medical conditions. Learn how to read cat food labels to make intelligent choices for your cat.

Tips for Choosing Cat Food - The AAFCO
Information about the AAFCO, its powers and limitiation with regard to regulating requirements for pet food. Page 2.

How Long Should a Kitten Stay With Its Mother?
A reader writes to ask how long a kitten should stay with its mother before being adopted to another home.

Don't Flee the Flea - Kill the Adult Fleas
The second part of flea control for your cats is to kill the adult fleas. Here are commercial topical flea control products that do a good job of flea control for your cats. Page 2.

Effective Flea Control Methods for Cats
Flea season is upon us, but your cats do not have to suffer the miseries carried by these parasites. Here's helpful information on cat flea control.

Feline Owners Manual and Maintenance Guide - Accessories for Your Cat
Accessories you will need to buy for your new cat. Page 3.

How To Care For Your New Cat
How to keep your new cat in optimum working condition with less wear and tear on its parts.

Feline Owners Manual and Maintenance Guide
Maintenance schedule for optimizing your cats health, from kitten to geriatric. Page 2.

Cats Body Language - Third Eyelid Definition
The third eyelid (Nictitating Membrane) will often show when a cat is very contented, happy, or sleepy rather than sick.

Cat Body Signals Indicating Intense Interest
Can you detect the cat's reactions and intentions toward the bird in this picture? Cats' body language is a fascinating study - learn more with this tutorial.

Cat Showing Cautious Interest in a New Family Cat
Follow a picture tour with descriptions and explanations of cats' body language. This lesson describes the cautious interest following the introduction of a new cat to the household.

Cats Body Language - Cat Fight With Innocent Cat Caught in Middle
This pending cat fight could end in redirected aggression toward the poor cat in the middle, judging by the body language of the three cats.

Cats Body Language - A Picture Tour
Follow a picture tutorial with descriptions and explanations of cats' body language and what it signifies to humans and other cats.

Cats Body Language - Study in Hierarcy Changes Among Cats
This younger cat is apparently displaying his confidence in the new role of alpha cat, while the older tabby cat seems resigned to giving up his throne.

Cats Body Language - Two Cats Vying over a Mouse
Follow a picture tour with descriptions and explanations of cats' body language and what it signifies to humans and other cats.

Cats Body Language - Featuring a Cat in a Fight or Flight Stance
This cats' body language lesson features Mr. Cat, who appears to be in a

Cats Body Language - Two Cats Competing Over Prime Porch Space
Follow a picture tour with descriptions and explanations of cats' body language and what it signifies to humans and other cats. These two seem poised for a fight.

Cats Body Language - Cat Showing Possessiveness Over HIS Feather Duster
A cat may consider a feather duster the same kind of toy as the birds it came from, and is likely to act very possessive over it. the explanation of this cat's body language in this step-by-step tutorial.

Issy - Second Cat of the Week for October, 2015
Lovely Black Persian Isabella aka Issy is the second Cat of the Week for October, 2015. Issy was adopted as a kitten, has personality galore, and at eighteen and a half years old, still brings joy and happiness to her human family.

Full Product Review of Da Bird Interactive Cat Toy
Review of Da Bird, the exciting interactive cat toy that will give you and your cat many hours of bonding play fun, by Gary Loewenthal for

Microchips for Cats - Why It's A Good Idea
Cats absolutely need a form of identification, even if they are indoor-only cats. Indoor cats do escape at times, and unlike human children, cats are unable to vocalize their names and addresses. After weighing all the options, my conclusion is that microchips are the best form of identification for cats. Learn all the reasons why microchipping cats is so important, along with microchip FAQs.

Cat Breed Profiles A to Z - Cat Breeds beginning with O
Take a look at the profiles and photos of the exotic Ocicat and Oriental Shorthair, two of the cats among those others with the Look of the Wild.

Cat Breed Profiles A to Z - Breeds beginning with N
Learn about cat breed profiles of the Norwegian Forest Cat, as well as the beautiful Nebelung cat, which is very similar in appearance.

Cat Breed Profiles A to Z - Breeds beginning with J
Learn more about cat breed profiles for cat breeds beginning with J, including Japanese Bobtail and Javanese cat breeds.

Cat Breed Profiles A to Z - Breeds beginning with L
If you like curly hair and are crazy about cats, you might want to look into the La Perm Cat. This charmer actually originated with a barn cat who was born completely bald, and within weeks, grew a coat of curly hair.

Breed Profile - Maine Coon Cat
Thinking perhaps of bringing a

Bobbie - Cat of the Week
Bobbie, a bobtail cat was in a cage in a pet store, traumatized by an abusive employee, when a kind man walked in and wanted to adopt her. He went above and beyond, and now, 18 years later, Bobbie is a very happy cat in his home.

Why Does a Neutered 13 Year-old Cat Suddenly Want Sex?
One of the potential causes of sexual aggression toward other cats can be that of a dominance issue. The aggressor will often be the alpha cat of the family, and he will demonstrate his dominance over other cats in the family in several ways.

Possible Reasons Why Neutered Male Cats Hump Other Cats
Sexual aggression by male neutered cats, such as

Learn All About the Calico Cat Color Pattern
One of the most common questions asked among cat lovers is

Tuxedo Cats Profile - All About the Tuxedo Cat
One of the most common questions asked among cat lovers is

Aladdin, Fourth Cat of the Week for September 2015
Aladdin, a handsome older cat was grateful to be adopted by Cliff, a volunteer at the animal shelter after he was rescued from an extreme case of cat hoarding. He is now the fourth Cat of the Week in September, 2015, for

Domestic Cats - Mixed Breeds - Moggies
One of the most common questions asked among cat lovers is

What Breed is my Cat is Readers Most Common Question
One of the most common questions asked among cat lovers is

Cat Breeds and Color Patterns
One of the most common questions asked among cat lovers is

How to Tell if Your Cat is a Purebred
One of the most common questions asked among cat lovers is

Learn All About the Tabby Cat
One of the most common questions asked among cat lovers is

Learn All About the Tortoiseshell Cat
One of the most common questions asked among cat lovers is

Learn about Cat Breeds Then Talk About Your Cat
One of the most common questions asked among cat lovers is

I'm Sorry I Broke Your Antique Vase
Because you are a great cat parent, your cat tells you how you forgive him when he is naughty, take him to the vet when he is sick, play with him, and love him unconditionally.

I Don't Feel so Good Since I Ate Those Flowers

Please, Mom, Can You Give Me Variety in my Food?

I Wish I Could Go Outside, Mom

We Need a New Scratching Post

Thank You For Being Such a Good Cat Mom

Cat is Asking, Can You Play With Me Today?

How to train our kitten to cover his poop - Litter Box FAQ
My sweet 10 week old boy kitten Scamp poops in his litterbox, scrapes around for a while, but fails to cover his poop. During this process he always manages to step in his poop and it doesn't seem to bother him. How can I help teach him better litterbox techniques?

How to Sleep With a Cat Night Shirt

You've Cat to be Kitten Me T-Shirt for Women

She Who Sleeps With Cats Nightshirt

Kai Tingu Womens' Nightshirt

Paws Off Nightshirt

Crazy Cat Lady Night Shirt

Women Who Are Nuts About Cats Love to Wear Cat-Related Clothes
If you aren't embarrassed to be recognized by friends and strangers as a

Cat of the Week - Nathan
We honor senior cats in September at Nathan, a handsome rescued Maine Coon is the Cat of the Week for the third week of September, 2015.

Glossary Definition of Obligate Carnivore
Learn the definition of obligate carnivore, as it applies to cats and the food cats eat. It may be of interest to learn that not all carnivores are obligate carnivores.

How to prepare for disaster with your cat's safety in mind
Some disasters come with no warning, such as the 9/11 bombings. It is important to learn how to prepare for your cats' safety and survival in all disasters.

Cat of the Week: Coco
Our Cat of the Week is Coco, a lovely tortoiseshell cat who is loaded with typical tortie

Glossary - AAFCO Definition - Chicken By-Product Meal
The AAFCO definition of chicken by-product meal as used on pet food labels, along with information on

A New Hangout for Members of the Former Cats Forum
Announcing a new All About Cats Facebook Group. This group is composed of former Forum Members of Cats Forum, which is closing. Any and all cat lovers are also invited to join.

Cat of the Week - Ringo and Sir Elton
September honors senior cats at Cats. Irene Hanson, longtime forum member tells how this week's Cat(s) of the week, senior cats Ringo and Sir Elton came into the lives of she and her husband Sam.

Breed Profile - Birman Cat- Learn all About the Birman Cat
Learn more information about the beautiful Birman cat breed, (The Sacred Cat of Burma, its standards, profile, history, and personality traits.

February is Spay and Neuter Month - You can help too
Celebrate Spay and Neuter month by spaying or neutering at least one dog or cat. You'll save potentially thousands of lives.

Cats. Page 2.

Cats. Page 2.

Comfort Zone by Feliway - Review (A Friendly Pheromone)
Product Review of Comfort Zone by Feliway - A friendly pheromone for feline behavior problems, such as territorial spraying and marking, and stress-related problems in cats.

Fatty Liver Syndrome - Ways to Encourage Cats to Eat
Fatty Liver Disease AKA Fatty Liver Syndrome AKA FLS is always fatal if not treated. However the cure rate is about 90% if treated in time. Here are ways of encouraging anorexic cats to eat, to forestall FLS from occurring. Page 2.

Review: Kit4Cat Urine Sample Collection Sand
Kit4Cat Urine Sample Collection is the ideal way to collect cats' urine at home for lab testing through a veterinary office - no stress, no needles.

Natural Health Solutions for Cats - Natural Cat Care
Useful information for cat owners who are exploring the possibilities of natural health, nutrition, and homeopathic care for their cats.

Cats. Page 2.

FAQ - Mother cat will not feed newborn kittens
HELP! My cat had a litter of six kittens, unfortunately 2 died shortly after they were born. It seems that the mother no longer wants to feed the other 4 babies. Do you have any suggestions? Read the answer and other FAQS on pregnancy and mating of cats at Cats.

Perfect Litter Alert - Full Review on
This review by Guide to Cats describes the ways Perfect Litter Alert cat litter can serve as a diagnostic tool of cats' lower urinary tract disease by monitoring the pH of a cat's urine.

LitterMaid Mega Automated Litter Box Review
Product Review of the LitterMaid Automated Litter Box with comments from users.

Cats. Page 2.

Toilet Training for Cats vs Kitty Litter- Guest Article by Lin Komula
Guest writer Lin Komula discusses toilet training for cats versus the traditional use of litter boxes and litter.

Review of Innova Evo Cat Food From Natura Pets
Review of Innova Evo cat food, manufactured by Natura Pets, reviewed for About Cats

Cat Towers and Cat Furniture
Cats are notorious for their need to climb, and they are happier in high places, the higher the better. If you are tired of seeing your cat on the kitchen counter, or on top of your refrigerator, face it: he needs a climbing tower he can call his how. These are my top picks of climbing towers and other cat furniture.

Cat Litter Box Choices - List of Different Litter Boxes
Litter boxes are not one-size-fits-all, and cats often show distinct preferences in favor of one litter box over another. For larger cats, size is most important. With kittens and older cats, ease of ingress and egress is of prime concern. Presented here are several different varieties of litter boxes to fit the needs of cats.

Supplies You Need to Groom Cats
While cats are basically self-cleaning animals, there are times when they definitely need human assistance, in the form of claw trimming, detangling mats, routine brushing for prevention of hairballs, dental care products to help prevent tooth decay and loss, and the occasional bathing when they've rolled in something nasty.It pays to keep a kit for storing all those needed supplies, so that you don't come up short in an emergency.

Top Gifts for Fussy Felines - Cats Who Have Everything
Wondering what kind of gifts to get your favorite cat for a birthday, adoption anniversary day, or holiday? Look no more - here are my top picks for fussy felines, the spoiled cats who have everything.

Indoor Cat Supplies: Top Things for Cat Survival Needs
In order to survive, there are certain minimum things a cat needs, such as good food, water, a litter box, scratching post, and a place to sleep. Oh yes, and don't forget toys. These are my top choices for survival of a well-kept cat.

Compelling Cases for the Souls of Animals
Do animals have souls? Those of us who have lost cats or other pets to death have for years found comfort in the concept of the Rainbow Bridge, and we believe we will be reunited with our animals in the hereafter. Some religious clergy take issue with this concept, teaching that only humans have souls. For those of my readers who have lost beloved cats to death, I offer these resources as comfort in the belief that we will see them again in the hereafter.

TopPicks - Litter Box Accessories - Cats
Litter boxes and their accessories are among the most important purchases you can make for your cat's health and well-being. These are my top picks for litter box accessories that will help you maintain clean and sanitary litter box conditions to help prevent litter box accidents.

Finding the Best Picks for Cat Toys
Having cats is kind of like having kids in the house - the parents have as much fun with the toys as the recipients. This list of top toys for cats includes both interactive favorites and cat toys for kitty to enjoy when he's home alone.

Cats Top Picks - Aids to Prevent Destructive Scratching
Destructive scratching by cats can be prevented or redirected to approved surfaces with a bit of imagination and foresight. These are my top picks for aids to preventing destructive scratching by cats.

Cat Litter Picks - Specialty, Natural and Premium Cat Litter
The vast difference in the substrate of various cat litters makes it difficult to do a side-by-side comparison. Some litters are superior in ways such as scoopability; others excel in odor control. I have included both types in this list, as well as a few specialty litters.

Dental Products for Cats - Pet Care
Starting a regular dental care routine for your cat is one of the most important things you can do to help ensure optimum overall health for your cat. Here are my top picks for a dental health regimen for cats.

Top Products for Controlling Cat Allergies
If you love cats, you need all the help you can get in controlling your allergies. These are my top picks of products to help if you are allergic to cats.

Cat Treats - Top Picks
We all love special treats, and cats are no exception. Cat treats are wonderful as rewards for taking medicine, to conceal the medicine itself, for special applications, such as dental treats or hairball treats, for clicker-training, or for letting your cat know how special she is to you. These are my top picks for favorite treats.

Top Picks - Cat Scratching Posts and Pads
Scratching posts are as essential to cats as shoes are to us. For stretching exercise, stress relief, and just plain fun, to say nothing of saving the furniture, your cat should have several scratching pads and scratching posts.

Memorial Gifts for Cat Lovers - Show you Care with a Thoughtful Gift
When a cat lover loses a treasured cat to death, the mourning process is similar to that of loss of a family member. A fitting memorial helps to ease the loss, whether it be a picture with a written memorial, a plaque, or a garden memorial statue or stone. I've chosen a few fitting memorials that can either be given as gifts or purchased to honor the memory of a cat you've personally lost.

Grain-Free and Low-Carb Dry Food Brands for Cats
Grain-free cat foods have been developed to address the concerns of cat owners about the effect cat foods containing excessive carbohydrates such as corn and wheat have on cat health. Check this short list of grain-free cat foods, and if you don't see your favorite brand listed, you may write your own review.

Cat Food: Top Premium Canned Kitten Foods
Kittens need a premium canned food for the source of all the necessary nutrients needed to give them the right start in life. Here are my top choices of premium canned foods for kittens.

Top Premium Dry Foods for Kittens - Guide Picks
Kittens have special nutritional needs to promote growth and development. As a rule, kittens should not be fed cat food, but should be provided with high quality food for kittens. Here are my considered choices for the top premium dry foods for kittens.

Top Raw Cat Food Supplements
More and more cat owners are switching to raw meat diets for their cats. These supplements make the job easier, while ensuring that your cat gets all the nutrients he needs.

Top Picks - Foods for Cats With Allergies
Cat food allergies and feline conditions such as IBD often are treated by a limited ingredient diet, usually using a protein source the cat has never eaten before, such as rabbit, duck, or venison. These are my top picks of food for cats with allergies.

Six Soft-Sided and Hard-Sided Cat Carriers Picks
At least one cat carrier is an absolute essential for trips to the vet, travel, or emergencies. There are pros and cons to both soft-sided cat carriers and hard-sided cat carriers. These are my top picks of both versions

Top Picks - Automatic Water Dispensers
Your Cats Guide at reviews and picks the top automatic water dispensers for your cats' drinking needs.

Cat Urine Spraying Prevention: Top 2 Products
Urine spraying by cats can be a distressing problem. Fortunately, feline urine spraying can sometimes be prevented by the use of these pherome-based products.

Attention-Seeking Behavior in Cats - Types and Causes
Attention-seeking behavior and excessive vocalization often go hand-in-hand with cats. Causes for these behaviors can be either physical or emotional, or both. Before punishing your cat for excessive crying and meowing, or other attention seeking behavior, do some homework on possible causes.

Solutions for Attention-Seeking Behavior in Cats
Attention-seeking behavior and excessive vocalization often go hand-in-hand with cats. Causes for these behaviors can be either physical or emotional, or both. Before punishing your cat for excessive crying and meowing, or other attention seeking behavior, do some homework on possible causes. Page 2.

Feliway Comfort Zone Spray and Diffuser Review
In the mid 1990s, Farnam Companies, Inc., developed a new spray product, Feliway, which mimics the

Product Review - Ssscat! Cat Repellant System
Product Review of Ssscat! cat repellant system, which operates by means of a motion detector combined with a harmless spray and a high-pitched alarm.

Is Skim Milk Okay for My Cat to Drink?
A reader asks if it is safe to give her cat a small amount of milk a few times a week. Surprisingly enough, although most of us have a mental image from childhood of kittens lapping up milk, it may not necessarily follow that adult cats should drink it. Learn why with this article from

Tails of Triumph: Animals Tell Their Katrina Stories
Tails of Triumph: Animals Tell Their Katrina Stories is a remarkable book by Terri Steuben, animal telepath. Terri was sent by The Humane Society of the United States to New Orleans where dogs, cats, and other animals told her their stories while she helped veterinary personnel treat them.

Cat of the Week- Siberian
The Siberian cat, a breed of legends, is not only stunningly handsome, but is a wonderful companion for someone who loves a lap-cat. It will be well-worth the bonding time spent grooming this cat.

Siberian Cat Breed - Cat Breed Profile
Snapshot information about the Siberian cat breed, its standards, profile, history, and personality traits.The stunning Siberian Cat is

What About Vaccine-Associated Sarcoma - cat vaccinations
Cats. Page 3.

The Vaccination Conundrum - Protocols for Cat Vaccines
Recent information, mis-information, rumors and conjecture have made it difficult for the cat owner to make critical decisions regarding vaccination of cats. This article seeks to lift the fog of the vaccination conundrum to enable the cat lover to make an informed decision on vaccinating his or her cats.

Live vs Killed Cat Vaccines
Cats. Page 2.

Multivalent Cat Vaccines - Feline Vaccinations
Cats. Page 4.

Cat of the Week: Parsifal
A handsome dilute red tabby cat named Parsifal has been selected as Cat of the Week. Parsifal was adopted from a shelter as a kitten and the photo shows him both as a kitten and an adult.

Amazing Facts About Cats Sense of Smell
Learn how cats use their sense of smell for survival, along with other amazing facts about cats' noses and their sense of smell.

How to Teach Your Cat to Fetch
With some imagination, patience, and a willing cat, you can teach your cat to play fetch with a toy, some wadded up paper, or even a cat treat, for mutual exercise and enjoyment.

Cats in the Middle Ages
From being hated and feared as witch's familiars, to venerated in today's society as our favorite

Meet Festus, American Bobtail
The cat of the week is Festus, a striped red semi-longhaired American Bobtail cat. Although he has the look of the wild, the American Bobtail descends from naturally occurring bobtail cats found in the wild. Learn more with this article from

Clothes Dryer Safety is Nothing New
While today's laundry utilities are modern, with all the whistles and bells, they can still pose a hazard to cat because of how we use them, and the stuff we put into them, including potentially toxic laundry softener and dryer sheets.

World's Best Cat Litter

The Litter-Lifter Raking Cat Litter Scoop

Blackhole Litter Mat

simplehuman Profile Step Stainless Steel Trash Can

Oriental Furniture 4 ft. Tall Woven Fiber Room Divider

Jenny's Private Litter Station
Female cats, like women, require a boudoir which will have all the necessities in one place. Learn more about my Jennifur's brand new private litter station with a no-track mat, an odor-free stainless pedal-open waste container, and a privacy screen for m'lady.

The Danger of Insect Stings to Cats
Insect stings to cats by bees, wasps, hornets, or yellow jackets, can be intensely painful to cats, and have the potential for side effects including deadly anaphylactic shock. This article offers tips for removing bee stingers, as well as for treating the wound, along with emergency care in the event of shock symptoms.

What is Rippling Skin Disease - a Cats Health FAQ
I read about that rippling skin disorder, and I think my cat has it. He does a lot of crazy running around with the skin on his back rippling. Also he wanders around at night, meowing loudly. What is it, and how can I help him? Learn more about rippling skin disorder, its symptoms, possible causes, and treatment, through this FAQ.

Caring For Cats While Pregnant - Part 4 of Cat Care for the Physically Challenged
There are certain things pregnant women should avoid with cats, such as scooping the litter box or carrying heavy cat supplies such as dry food bags, or bags of cat litter. Learn about cat care when pregnant with this article.

Caring for Cats When You Are Physically Challenged
Caring for cats is often challenging, and even more so when the caregiver is physically challenged with crippling arthritis, allergies, or in a wheelchair or on crutches. Here is help with solutions for tasks such as dealing with heavy bags of litter or food or grooming a cat when you have allergies.

Cat Caregiver With Vision Problems - Part 2 of Cat Care for the Physically Challenged
Mario, a completely blind man, shares his system of organization which enables him to care for his four cats with no outside assistance.

Caring for Cats with Mobility Problems - Part 3 of Cat Care for the Physically Challenged
Caring for cats when you have crippling arthritis, are in a wheelchair, or have other mobility problems can be tricky, but it can be done. Learn more with this piece from

Care for Cats by Autistic and Related Children and Adults - Part 5 of Cat Care for the Challenged
People with Autism, Asperger Syndrome, and other related neuropsychological conditions do very well in caring for cats. In return, the cats can provide therapy for their caregivers. Learn more about the relationship between these people and their cats.

Review: Aqua Cube Water Fountain
Review of Aqua Cube Water Fountain, a sexy little drinking fountain for sweet and small little cats. My Jennifur and I give the Aqua Cube four paws up for finding a need and filling it.

Cat of the Week: Bastet
My choice for Cat of the Week on this first week of August, is Bastet, the foundation of our domestic cats. It seemed only fitting as we celebrate domestic cats, or

Cats Are Loyal to Their Humans Who Care for Their Physical Needs
While cats do not always enjoy getting their claws trimmed or other uncomfortable grooming, such as combing out mats, they do appreciate that their humans care.

Cats Are Loyal to Those Who Play With Them
Humans who love their cats, play with them. Cats love to play, and their loyalty goes along with the enjoyment of playing with their humans.

Cats Are Loyal to Those Who Rescue Them From the Streets
One of the most loyal cats I've ever had is my tortie cat Jenny, because I rescued her from

Cats Show Their Loyalty by Returning Home When Lost
Nothing is more heartwarming than reading accounts of cats traveling hundreds of miles to find their home when lost. This is a dramatic example of cats' loyalty.

Cats Are Loyal to Those Who Feed Them
Cats are loyal to their human caregivers who feed them regularly. They are reminded of the comfort of being fed at their mother cat's breast and feel content.

Cats are Loyal to Those Who Arrange for Their Medical Care
Although most cats do not enjoy trips to the veterinarian, they seem to know that the vet is helping them, and are loyal to their humans for their caring.

How This Article Came to Be
Some may think that cats are not loyal to their humans. Read my response showing 9 ways cats show their loyalty to us.

Cats Are Loyal to The Humans Who Adopted Them From Shelters or Rescue Groups
One of the most powerful examples of loyalty is that of a cat toward the human who adopted him from a shelter or cat rescue group.

If You Bring Your Cats With You When You Move, Their Loyalty is Guaranteed.
Most people who love their cats, take them with them when they have to move. Although there are sometimes extenuating circumstances, some poor cats are left behind

The Epitome of Loyalty: When Cats Save Their Owners' Lives
We've all read those touching news stories about cats saving their owners from burning buildings, dangerous gas leaks and such. But read about a different way cats save our lives.

Cat of the Week: Bengal Cat Tengu
The Cat of the Week is Tengu, a handsome F2 Bengal cat. With vibrant colors and a lithe, muscular build, Tengu is an outstanding representative of the Bengal cat breed.

General Grievous, a Polydactyl Cat is Cat of the Week
This week's Cat of the Week is General Grievous, a polydactyl (many toed) cat, also known as Hemingway cats, after Ernest Hemingway, noted author, who was a great admirer of polydactyl cats.

Subcutaneous Fluids (Sub-Q) for Cats
Water is the staff of life, and no other substance is as important to cats. Dehydration in cats is a serious veterinary emergency, and should be treated as such. Learn more about dehydration in this cats with this article from

Feline Hepatic Lipidosis - Fatty Liver Disease in Cats
Fatty Liver Disease in cats can come on very suddenly, and when diagnosed in time, can be cured by dietary means, but left untreated can be fatal. Read further about six ways to help your sick cat eat.

New Blood Test Gives Hope for Early Diagnosis of CRF in Older Cats
Those who have previously lost loved cats to chronic renal failure, will appreciate the introduction of a new blood panel test, the SDMA panel, which is an

Biography of Guest Writer Gary Loewenthal
Biography of Gary Loewenthal, accomplished writer, speaker, staunch animal advocate, vegan, musician, and all-around great human being.

Pregnancy, Babies, and Your Cat
Forget the old wives' tales about cat litter being dangerous around pregnant women or cats sucking the breath from babies. You can keep your cat through pregnancy and as your baby grows up to love kitty as you do, with cat litter management.

Pregnancy, Your New Baby and Your Cat

How Monkey Cat Gaither Came into my Life
Our kitten Gaither, and his cousin Sage were adopted from a non-profit rescue group as kittens. Shortly after, they developed conjunctivitis, which spread to our other four cats. The infection permanently stunted young Gaither's growth, and gave him an appearance which led to his nickname of Monkey Cat.

Monkey Cat: Wanted by the FBI
Little Monkey Cat Gaither looks and acts just like the mischievous little monkey he appears to be in the accompanying cat meme. He loves to hide in small spaces, and his fun is not confined to just boxes. Look for more Monkey Cat memes in the near future.

Why Do Cats Sometimes Act So Crazy?
A reader asks why cats so often act like they're going crazy? They'll run across the room, meowing loudly, then stop suddenly, looking up into the corner. My reply is that there are many potential causes of what our family calls

Reasons Why Cats Wash So Often
Cats groom themselves and their kittens for several reasons, including hiding their scent from predators. Would you believe that cats sometimes groom themselves out of embarrassment? Learn other reasons why cats groom so often.

Why Cats Wash Other Cats - Grooming Other Cats and Humans for Affection
Cats not only take pretty good care of their own grooming needs, but they also enjoy grooming other cats and even the humans they love. Learn more about cats' grooming for affection with this article from

Why Do Cats Groom Themselves So Much?
Cats are famous for washing constantly. It has been theorized that cats, like humans, may have sterile, healing saliva. But cats can also transmit other diseases to humans by biting and scratching.

Feline Behaviors - Why Does my Kitty Do This??
Guest article by Holly D. Webber on the fascinating behavioral patterns of cats.

Scoop and Snuggle - Warming up an Aloof Cat
Guest Article by Colleen Patrick describing her Scoop and Snuggle method of warming up an aloof and distant cat.

The Debate Over Anesthesia for Cats' Dental Work

The Debate Over Anesthesia for Cats' Dental Work
While many of us longterm cat owners fear the use of anesthesia for cats, most veterinarians and other professionals believe that it is the only safe way to do certain medical procedures on cats and dogs. Learn more with this article.

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorder (FLUTD)
While a number of factors can contribute to cats' urinating outside the litter box, the most serious possibility, and the one to eliminate immediately, is that the cat has a lower urinary tract disorder, and a veterinary appointment should be first on the list. Second is to assure that there are sufficient litter boxes in the home, and that they are kept immaculately clean.

Cystitis in Cats

The Importance of Urine pH to Your Cat's Health

Cat Food to Correct Urinary Problems?

Dirty Litter Box = Out of the Box Urinating

Perfect Litter Monitors Urinary pH

Kit4Cat Hydrophobic Sand

Urinary Tract Problems and Urinary pH
It has become widely acknowledged that a cat's urine pH can be directly related to the health of its urinary tract. Is your cat in danger of developing crystals in his urinary tract? How does his diet affect his urine pH? Here is help in removing the mystery of the desired range of feline urine pH, and how these numbers can correlate to a cat's urinary tract health.

Cats Make Us Laugh
Cats enrich our lives in many ways. They make us laugh on a daily basis, cats give us a reason to come home every night. They require us to watch our own health, and give us a reason to live. Learn more about the 6 ways cats enrich our lives.

Cats Make Us More Responsible People

Cats Require Us to Watch Over our Own Health

Cats Give Us a Reason to Live

Cats Give Us Unconditional Love

Cats Give Us Someone To Come Home To.

Provide Your Cat With a Safe Outdoor Experience
While cats are unsafe when allowed to run freely outdoors, there are a number of ways they can safely enjoy the outdoor experience. Learn more with this article from Cats.

Don't Forget Cool Water for the Cats!
One of the primary needs of all animals is the need for cool, clear water. For cats, this need can be satisfied by providing automatic water fountains. Learn more about these products from

Help Your Cat Beat the Heat
Heatstroke is as much or more a threat to cats in the summer as it is to humans. Keep your cat safe, and learn these warning signs and treatment for heatstroke.

Plan Catnap Time for the Hottest Part of the Day
In the heat of the summer, most cats take more catnaps during the day. They will curl up in a cat bed, a cat tower, or cuddled next to their favorite human in his or her bed. Find out more about catnaps with articles from

Don't Let Fleas Win the War!
Fleas not only are

Plant a Garden for Your Cat
If you have a sheltered place in your yard, and a secure fence around it, you can plant a cat garden, including your cat's favorite herb. You guessed it - catnip!

Vaccination Time for Your Cats!
If your cats haven't already been vaccinated, it is essential in summertime that it be done. If cats are enjoying a safe outdoor experience, they should also be safe from possibilities of rabies and other dread disease.

Hairballs are NOT a Joke!
Hairballs in cats are no laughing matter. Aside from being a nuisance when coughed up on the carpet, swallowed cat hair can accumulate in the stomach or the intestine, where it potentially can cause an impaction; a veterinary emergency.

When Cats' Appetites Wane
Fatty Liver Disease in cats is not to be messed with. While it can be reversed fairly quickly if caught and treated in time, it can prove fatal otherwise. Learn more from this article on

Playtime is Bonding Time

Our Trip With 6 Cats Tested the "Pet Friendly" Ratings
Traveling 2600 miles across the U.S. with six cats in the back of a van isn't exactly a breeze. However, it's doable with careful planning, an experienced driver, and the gutsieness to put your plan in motion. Learn how we accomplished this feat.

A Change in Schedule: a Pleasant Surprise
Traveling 2600 miles by car with six cats was challenging, exhausting, sometimes invigorating, and never boring. But it was worth it all when we arrived at our new home.

Cat Health 101 - Form a Partnership With Your Veterinarian
Your cat has a better chance at maximizing his or her potential lifespan when you form a partnership with your veterinarian for kitty's health care needs. Learn more with this lesson on Veterinary Care for Cats from the Cat Health 101 Online Tutorial.

Cat Health 101 - How to Select a New Veterinarian
Selecting a new veterinarian is such an important decision that you should take some time, to find, interview, and choose a new veterinarian for your cats. This article, part of the online course, Cat Health 101, will guide you through the process step-by-step.

Cat Health 101 - Know When to Call Your Veterinarian
It's been my obversation over the years that far too many cat owners rely on the Internet for the diagnosis and treatment advice when their cats are seriously sick. The undeniable fact is that a sick cat needs a hands-on examination by a veterinary professional. Learn more about knowing when to call your veterinarian.

Cat Health 101 - When to Seek a Second Vet Opinion
Sometimes, despite previously good relationships with our veterinarians, the time comes when we are compelled to request a second opinion on our veterinarian's dianosis and treatment plan for our cat. This article will give you the information you'll need in order to make that decision.

Cat Health 101 - Before You Skip That Vet Visit
Before skipping that scheduled veterinary appointment for your cat, read this article for several considerations to take into account before cancelling that appointment

Your Kitten's First Veterinary Visit
Whether adopted from a shelter, or born at home, kittens' first veterinary visit is crucial to their future health. Learn what happens at your kitten's first vet visit.

Cat Health 101 - Adult Cats Annual Veterinary Exam
Once cats reach adulthood, they should have a routine veterinary examination once a year, in addition to any other veterinary care required by illness or accident. Your job as your cat's caregiver is to know his condition, and examine him regularly to see if anything has changed, which would require a veterinary checkup.

Cat Health 101 - A Veterinary Care Plan for Senior Cats
Cats reach their senior years around the age of 10, and their need for veterinary care increases year-by-year after that milestone. Read this article to learn more about A Veterinary Plan for Senior Cats.

Billy the Cat Discovers TV and Mewvie
My cats loved Mewvie Episode Two - Birdland Bonanza. Enjoy this cat pictures product tour of cats watching birds on TV. Guide review by Franny Syufy

Product Tour of Mewvie - Birdland Bonanza - DVD for Cats
My cats loved Mewvie Episode Two - Birdland Bonanza. Enjoy this cat pictures product tour of cats watching birds on TV. Guide review by Franny Syufy

Product Tour of Mewvie - Birdland Bonanza - DVD for Cats
My cats loved Mewvie Episode Two - Birdland Bonanza. Enjoy this cat pictures product tour of cats watching birds on TV. Guide review by Franny Syufy

Product Tour of Mewvie - Birdland Bonanza - DVD for Cats
My cats loved Mewvie Episode Two - Birdland Bonanza. Enjoy this cat pictures product tour of cats watching birds on TV. Guide review by Franny Syufy

Product Tour of Mewvie - Birdland Bonanza - DVD for Cats
My cats loved Mewvie Episode Two - Birdland Bonanza. Enjoy this cat pictures product tour of cats watching birds on TV. Guide review by Franny Syufy

Product Tour of Mewvie - Birdland Bonanza - DVD for Cats
My cats loved Mewvie Episode Two - Birdland Bonanza. Enjoy this cat pictures product tour of cats watching birds on TV. Guide review by Franny Syufy

Product Tour of Mewvie - Birdland Bonanza - DVD for Cats
My cats loved Mewvie Episode Two - Birdland Bonanza. Enjoy this cat pictures product tour of cats watching birds on TV. Guide review by Franny Syufy

Children's "Store" in the ARF Learning Center
The ARF Learning Center includes a children's store, complete with kid-sized shopping cart and typical supplies such as one would find in a pet store - another way of teaching children proper care and feeding, along with responsibility for pets. Page 8 in a photo tour of Tony LaRussa's ARF.

Cat Behavior 101 - Free Email Course From
Please don't give up on your cat for what may seem like unsurmountable behavior problems. Instead, enroll in this Cat Behavior 101 Free Email Course from Cats. It will give you the tools you need as well as advice for the majority of Behavior Problems.

Free Email Course: Care of Your Senior Cat
As cats age, they require a greater degree of care. They are prone to certain diseases and medical conditions, such as chronic renal failure and arthritis. This free email course from will help ensure that your cat's senior years are truly his Golden Years.

Free Email Course for New Cat Owners - Introduction to Cat Care
The free email course,

The Role of Food in Your Cat's Health - Free Email Course From
You are what you eat is as true with cats as it is with humans. This free email course will give you a better understanding of the importance of food to your cat's health.

Free Email Course - Care of a Pregnant Cat
If you suddenly have a pregnant cat to care for, but don't know where to begin, this free email course,

Free email course - Kitten Care for Beginners
This free email course from will teach you how to enjoy your new kitten, including the things you need to do before the kitten arrives. You'll be fully equipped with the knowledge you'll need to carry him through the end of his first year.

Free Email Courses About Cats
If you're busy, and want to learn as much as you can about cats without wasting time searching on the Internet, you can save time and energy by enrolling in any or all of these six absolutely free email courses provided courtesy of Cats.

Cat Waiting for Adoption - Photo Tour - Tony LaRussa ARF
This lovely cat looks wistful. Why? Because she is waiting at Tony LaRussa's ARF Adoption and Education Center for someone to come along and offer her a forever home. Final page of a photo tour of ARF.

The Lynn & Dolores McCoskey Spay/Neuter Clinic at ARF
Lynn & Dolores McCoskey Spay/Neuter Clinic at ARF: a state-of-the-art clinic designed to help stem the vast pet overpopulation problem in a humane manner. Page 9 of a photo tour of Tony LaRussa's ARF

ARF Cat Waiting for Adoption - Photo Tour of ARF Page 5
The front and right sides of the Multi-Use Hall are filled with glass-walled housing for cats awaiting adoption. Each homey room contains one or more specially-designed cat trees, a litter box and food and water dishes.

More ARF Kitties at Play - Page 6 of ARF Photo Tour
These ARF kitties also seem oblivious to visitors. Other rooms are visable in the background through the glass walls of their room. During my entire visit I was impressed again and again at the obvious comfort of the rescued cats at ARF. Page 6 of a photo tour of Tony LaRussa's ARF

ARF Learning Center for Children
The ARF Learning Center includes a children's store, complete with kid-sized shopping cart and typical supplies such as one would find in a pet store - another way of teaching children proper care and feeding, along with responsibility for pets.

ARF Cat Jungle Room - Photo Tour - AR
Tony LaRussa's ARF Cat Jungle Room provides a natural forest for cats' exploration and play. Page 3 of a photo tour of Tony LaRussa's ARF Adoption and Education Center in Walnut Creek, California

Cats in the ARF Jungle Room - Photo Tour of ARF Page 4
Tony LaRussa's ARF Adoption and Education Center boasts a beautiful Jungle Room, created for the exclusive pleasure of the rescued cats waiting for adoption. Page 4 of a photo tour of ARF

ARF - Animal Rescue Foundation - Photo Tour
Join me for a photo tour of Tony LaRussa's ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation), a state-of-the-art no-kill shelter for cats and dogs, located in Walnut Creek California.

Entry Hall - ARF Adoption and Education Center
The main (central) entry is staffed with ARF volunteers, waiting to welcome new visitors. A donation wall displays the names of individual and corporate donors. Page 2 of a photo tour of Tony LaRussa's ARF Adoption and Education Center in Walnut Creek, California

The Top 4 Automatic Cat Food Servers
Get helpful information and advice on the best automatic cat food servers. Learn how to choose the right automatic feeder for your cat.

You Can't Hide The Fact Your Home is a Cat House
Is your home full of cats as mine is? If your house in on the market, there is absolutely no need, and certainly no use to try to hide the fact that you have cats in the house. However you can help prospective buyers by staging your home

Staging for an Open House in a Home With Cats
With minimalistic staging of the home, careful planning, and the agent and homeowner working as a team, open house day can not only be a pleasurable experience, but can often result in the sale of the home.

Case Study of a Hypothyroid Cat
Treatment for hypothyroidism in cats can be a balancing act, and some cats may need to be treated for life. Follow the treatment of my cat, Joey, who has hypothyroidism as well as possible hyperthrophic cardiomyopathy.

Upper Respiratory Infection
Upper respiratory infections (URI) are often found in animal shelters, or other places with large cat populations, such as feral colonies. They can either be bacterial or viral, and some strains can return from time to time.

Bladder or Urinary Tract Infection
Historically, the number one medical condition for which cats are treated each year is bladder or urinary tract disorders. Learn more about this condition, and how you can help your cats avoid the pain and dangers of this disease.

2. Periodontitis/ Dental Disease
Dental disease in cats is not only painful, but has potential for even more serious conditions, as bacteria spreads from the oral cavity to the blood stream, infecting other organs.

Vomiting/Upset Stomach
Upset stomach and/or vomiting in cats can be attributable to either a temporary condition caused by food allergy or eating spoiled food, or to more serious conditions, such as gastritis and/or enteritis. Refer to this article for more detailed information.

Excessive Thyroid Hormone
Hyperthyroidism is a disease of the endocrine system, and is relatively common in cats. There are different ways to treat

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

10 Top Cat Medical Condition Insurance Claims by VPI
While pet insurance may be considered too expensive by some, I have found that it is a worthwhile expense. VPI Pet Insurance has shared information with me and my readers on the top 10 medical conditions covered in 2014.

Lymphoma is the 10th most often feline disease for which VPI pet insurance paid claims in 2014. This is not unusual because it is the most common form of tumors in cats. In fact, 33% of all tumors in cats are caused by lymphoma..

Chronic Kidney Disease
Chronic Renal Failure is fairly common among older cats, and will often be found as one of the causes of death of geriatric cats. There are several different forms of treatment which can extend a cat's life after diagnosis. Learn more from this article.

Diarrhea/Intestinal Upset
Diarrhea and intestinal upset are symptoms of a medical problem and not a diagnosis. My experiences with diarrhea in my cats was largely the result of giardia, a parasitic disease which is highly communicable, both among cats, and from cats to humans.

Feline Diabetes Mellitus is a serious condition, which not treated correctly can result in coma, and sometimes death of the cat. Although my cat, Billy's diabetes is presently controlled by diet, I'm also alert for signs indicating potential problems

How Our Move With Six Cats Came to Be
Showing a home for sale with multiple cats is a challenging business, which requires creative planning, and a proven routine for every showing, whether an open house or agents with buyers.

Present Home Sold / New Home Purchased
Selling a home, and buying another home in a distant state, coordinating both sales, then moving over 2,600 miles with six cats, can be challenging, even to the most dauntless. Learn more from with this article by Franny Syufy, Cats Expert.

Our California Home is in Escrow
Our buyer's agent asked for a number of inspections to be performed, including a roof inspection, home inspection, appraisal (required for a V.A. loan), and septic system, and HVAC (heating and air conditioning).

7 Tips for Care of a Feral Cat
Feral cats lead a vagabond life with numerous dangers all around them. If they evade packs of dogs or speeding cars, there are humans who may try to kill them. You can make a difference for a feral cat in your neighborhood by following these 7 tips.

Why Do Cats Fart?
Cat farts may sound like an amusing topic, but they could very well the first symptom of serious medical conditions. Learn more about cats' flatulence and the medical conditions that may cause it with this article by Franny Syufy.

States Requiring Rabies Vaccines for Cats
State laws about rabies vaccination requirements have a particularly jarring effect when a homebuyer has to transport six cats across nine state borders where inspections for required rabies tags may occur.

What Do These Laws Mean for Our Cats
After discussing the matter with my veterinarian, and doing a lot of online research, I have concluded that I'll need to have my cats vaccinated against rabies prior to our long distance move to Georgia.

Mothers Day for Cats - a new way to celebrate Mothers Day
This article proposes an extra or alternate way to acknowledge Mother's Day and save the lives of a bunch of cats, at the same time.

Review: Nature's Logic Duck and Salmon Canned Cat Food
My revue of Nature's Logic Duck and Salmon canned cat food includes my own observations, including the contents of the food, as well as my cats' experience in eating it.

Heartworm Disease in Cats
Heartworm infection is more common in dogs than cats. It can be prevented in both animals, however, it presently can only be treated in dogs. Mosquitoes are the carriers of the heartworm larvae, by biting infected animals, including dogs and certain wildlife.

Anorexia and Fatty Liver Disease
Anorexia, or loss of appetite in a cat, can come from a number of causes, including several medical conditions, or it can come from some upset to the routine of the home. Learn more about anorexia in cats from

6 Ways to Treat and Feed the Anorexic Cat
Anorexia can cause a cat to sicken and die if he continues to refuse to eat. Learn of six different ways you can make sure your cat is well-hydrated and to help him get back his appetite to eat with this article from

What cat food ingredients should I look for - Cat Food FAQ
A concerned reader asks about the best ingredients to look for in cat food. My detailed answer gives the basic

Community Cats, by Anne E. Beall, PhD
Community Cats, by Anne E. Beall, PhD, tells the story of a cat colony of three feral cats, adopted by the author and her husband from the Tree House Humane Society of Chicago. Follow the story of this trio, who went from a group of frightened young cats to become the heroes of their neighborhood, known as the Rat Pack.

Gardening for Cats' Safety and Pleasure
Gardens for cats can be ideal places for them to hang out, but if the wrong plants are there, they can be deadly. Check out these ideas for cat gardens from

Profile of Special Needs Cats - Profile of Blind Cats and Cats With Vision Problems
Special needs cats, or

Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia Profile
Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia, aka Cerebral Hypoplasia, is usually evident in kittens shortly after birth, typically with spasticity in walking, or uncontrollable movements of the head. Learn more about the causes, prevention, and management of cerebellar hypoplasia in cats.

Caregivers Tips for Giving CH Cats a More Comfortable Life
The human companions and caregivers of cats with feline cerebellar hypoplasia are the best source of advice on the care of CH cats. Learn more here about the day-to-day management of CH cats.

Profile of Special Needs Cats - Focus on Deaf Cats
Hearing loss in cats can be caused by tumors, infection, toxicity, or be congenital, as in the case of many white cats with blue eyes. Although cats don't yet wear hearing aids, there are several things that can be done to help deaf cats lead a relatively normal life.

Special Needs and Other-Abled Cats - Diabetic Cats
Special needs cats, or

Special Needs and Other-Abled Cats - FIV Positive Cats
Special needs cats, or

Special Needs and Other-Abled Cats - Hyperthyroid Cats
Hyperthyroidism is more common in older cats, although it may also be seen in younger cats. Since the symptoms of can mimic the symptoms of other diseases, such as CRF or liver disease, a blood panel will usually show the

Special Needs and Other-Abled Cats - IBD Cats - Cats With Inflammatory Bowel Disease
The most common symptoms of Feline IBD are chronic vomiting and diarrhea, symptoms which can be present in a number of other conditions, such as hyperthyroidism, chronic renal failure, or pancreatitis. In some cases, inappetance, accompanied by weight loss, may occur. These symptoms are also common in other conditions. Learn more about the diagnosis and treatment of cats with IBD.

Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy - Disease Profile
Feline disease profile on Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart which affects cats of all ages. Learn more about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of HCM.

Before You Skip That Vet Visit
That scheduled vet visit may be crucial to your cat's health. If you are tempted to skip it entirely, or delay it because it isn't convenient right now, or finances are a little tight, please give some thought to several considerations before picking up the phone and canceling that vet appointment. Your final decision may vary, depending on the reason for the vet visit, along with available options.

Spring Brings Kitten Season
Spring brings kitten season, as a result of people's failure to spay and neuter their cats. The rescue groups and animal shelters have an annual battle to stem the flow of kittens who will rob the older cats of the chance for adoption into loving homes.

Spring Brings Dangers of Heat Stroke
Cats left outside on hot days can succomb to heat stroke just as humans can. Learn the early symptoms of heat stroke in cats - better yet, keep them cool and safe indoors on hot days.

Spring Brings Allergies to Cats and Other Substances
Spring brings a panoply of gifts to cats and their owners, but not all of them are pleasant. Allergies, hairballs, and shelters overcrowded with kittens are a few of the latter.

Spring Brings Bird Watching by Cats
On a lovely Spring day, when you are too busy to take the cats outdoors for a walk, put a bird-watching DVD in your TV and treat your kitties to an hour or so of birdwatching. It's fun and safe, both for your cats and for the birds in your yard.

Spring Brings Cat Gardens
You may want to plant a cat-friendly garden, complete with catnip and other cat-safe plants. On the other hand if you are allergic to cats, or just plain don't like them, there are humane ways of repelling cats from your garden.

Spring Brings Increased Hairballs
Hairballs are no laughing matter for cats. When cats swallow their hair when grooming, unless coughed up, the hairballs can form compactions in the stomach and the cat's gut, which may need to be removed surgically. Brushing the cat is the best alternative.

Spring Brings Easter and Hazards for Cats
While Easter is a holiday for celebration and joy, for cat guardians, it can be a sorrowful time if a cat is poisoned by eating a chocolate bunny, or chokes after swallowing cellophane Easter grass. Learn more about the hazards of Easter for cats with this article.

Spring Brings Earth Day and Green Living
Spring brings Earth Day, with a reminder that we are the stewards of this Earth we have inherited, and it is our responsibility to keep it clean and healthy.

Spring Brings Fleas, Roaches, and Creepy-Crawlers
While without control, fleas and other pests are ubiquitous, in the Spring, they are especially obvious. Read this article for quick and easy ways to get rid of both household and garden pests.

Spring Brings Outdoor Hazards
Allowing cats free rein to roam outdoors is just asking for trouble. If not killed or injured by vehicles, or chased by packs of dogs, cats can pick up deadly diseases by fighting with other cats. Fortunately, there are alternatives available so cats can safely enjoy the outdoors.

The Complete Cat - Cats' Fur
Cats' coats are their crowning glory, from the gloriously thick coat of the Maine Coon, to the sleek, naked look of the Sphyx, who really isn't bald. And coats, thick or almost non-existent, aren't really the cause of allergies to cats. Those sneezes and wheezes actually come from cats' saliva. Learn more here.

The Complete Cat - Cats Mouth and Teeth
Cats' teeth and mouth are works of art, designed for killing, ripping and tearing prey, then scraping the last bits off bones with their barbed tongue. The Jacobson's Organ in the roof of their mouths allows cats to scent females in heat or strange animals in their territory.

The Complete Cat - The Shoulders and Front Legs
Cats' strong neck and shoulders are the product of his way of life. He stretches those muscles ever chance he gets, to keep his body supple and strong. You can help your cat with his exercise by providing scratching posts, and engaging in interactive play.

The Complete Cat - The Whole Body
The complete cat is a wonder to behold. He is made up of an assortment of body parts like all mammals, and all of them work in perfect coordination with the others. Learn more about the complete cat in this 11-part illustrated article.

The Complete Cat - The Tail
A cat's tail serves as signalling his mood, sometimes for balance, as when walking on a narrow surface, such as a fence rail. The cat's tail is so important that ten percent of a cat's bones are in his tail.

The Complete Cat - Cats' Ears
Cats' versatile ears enable them to land right-side-up when falling, and their hearing range is three times better than ours. Learn more about cats' ears, and their hearing with this article from

The Complete Cat - The Eyes of a Cat
Like some of their other organs, cat's eyes are superior to humans' in a couple of ways. First, their vision at night is vastly better than ours, and their wide field of vision enables them to quickly spot prey or enemies.

The Complete Cat: The Nose
The cat's nose may be his most important organ as it serves a wide number of purposes, including alerting him to both prey and predators. Learn more about this miraculous organ which cats depend upon daily.

The Complete Cat - The Whiskers
Cats' whiskers are verstile instruments with several valuable uses. They can work along with the cats' nose to identify possible prey - or predators. They are valuable measuring tools for guiding a cat into openings.

The Complete Cat - Cats' Rear Legs and Haunches
Cats' powerful haunches and rear legs provide them with the ability to run at great speed, and the strength and agility to bring down prey, or to engage in life and death battles with rivals.

The Complete Cat - The All-Important Claws
Cats' claws are one of the most vital parts of their anatomy, and are NOT optional parts. Their claws are integral to defense, in catching, and killing prey. Claws play a role in strengthening cats' upper body, with their stretching practice.

Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) in Cats
Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) is a common disease of older cats, and often the final cause of death in these cats. Learn of a number of treatments and other ways you can extend your cat's time with you, while maintaining a good quality of life.

Be awake and aware of your cats' safety
Be awake and aware of your cat's safety at all time. The result will be a lifelong relationship with a happy, healthy cat. Habit 10 to develop for a cat-safe home.

Keep Cabinets Out of Bounds for Cats
Store toxic products in cabinets with secured doors, safely out of curious cats' reach. Habit 2 to develop for a cat-safe home.

Keep Clothes Dryer Closed Safely Against Cats
Clothes dryers are warm and tempting for cats to cuddle up in and fall asleep. Always keep your dryer closed and check before each using. Habit 3 to develop for a cat-safe home.

Use Fire Judiciously Around Cats
Use care and caution with candles, fireplaces, and stoves, if you have cats. Habit 5 to develop for a cat-safe home.

Keep Windows Closed or Tightly Screened for Cat Safety
Cats can suffer severe injury from falling out of open windows. Keep windows tightly screened or closed, if cats have access to them. Habit 6 to develop for a cat-safe home.

Consistent Habits to Practice for a Cat-Safe Home
We sometimes take life with our cats for granted until some disaster befalls our cat, or the cat of someone we know. Here are 10 habits you should develop, which if practiced religiously, can prevent many of those accidents involving day-to-day activities.

Honk Horn Before Starting Engine
Cats can be killed or seriously injured when caught in a vehicle engine compartment. Form the habit of honking your horn before starting up - Habit 4 to develop for a cat-safe home.

Store String Toys and Yarn Safely Away from Cats
To prevent cats' swallowing them, store string toys safely away from cats when not in use. Habit 7 to develop for a cat-safe home.

Keep Small Objects off Floors So Cats Will Not Swallow Them
Thumb tacks, rubber bands, cellophane, and other small objects can be dangerous if swallowed by cats. Make it a habit of picking up such items immediately when you spot them. Habit 8 to develop for a cat-safe home.

Be a careful consumer when purchasing ct products
Be a careful consumer when buying products for cats. Inspect toys for small removable parts that cats might swallow. Read the labels of products with potential for toxicity. Habit 9 to develop for a cat-safe home.

How Can I Tell if My Cat Is Pregnant?
It's very unlikely for a queen to fail to become pregnant when she is in heat, and unneutered male cats start hanging around. Spaying your cat before she goes into heat can save a lot of potential problems if she becomes pregnant. Learn to recognize the physical and behavioral signs a cat is pregnant.

What Are the Forms of OCD in Cats?
Obsessive-compulsive disorders in cats come in several forms of behavior, and stem from several causes.

St. Patrick's Day for Cats
Like many other holidays, St. Patrick's Day presents health and safety problems for cats. When you have company, kitty will be happier in his safe room with a litter box, food, and water..

Feline Diabetes Profile - Cat Diseases
Feline disease profile on feline diabetes, a disease that strikes many cats, but one that can be managed through diet and medication. Learn more about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of diabetes in cats.

Potential Problems With Hyperthyroid Cats
Hyperthyroid disease in cats has three potential treatments, including medicating with methimazole, surgery, and radioactive iodine therapy (I-131) This page is about two unrelated family cats who at different times were given the radioactive iodine therapy.

Serious Possible Side Effects for Hyperthyroid Cats
Managing a hyperthyroid cat is like juggling various sized and shaped objects. For each of the accepted forms of treatments, there are potential problems. Although I have chosen medication for my Jaspurr, it only helps control the amount of hormone, and the tumor continues to grow. Page 2.

Gift-Bearing Cats - Love Me - Love My Gifts
Cats bearing gifts are not all that unusual, although some cats practice this habit for different reasons. Does your cat bring you gifts? What do you think are his motives? Read about some interesting cat gifts, carried home by the feline hunters of my house, for the pleasure of their doting human slaves.