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Indoor Activities To Keep Kids Busy This Winter
Keeping children entertained during the winter months can be challenging. Here are indoor activities that kids can do with parents, caregivers or friends.

The Costs of Taking Care of Neighbor Kids
Families who care for neighborhood children may experience pros and cons. Learn how having neighbor kids over can be a positive experience.

Child Care Cost
Child Care Aware released the 2014 report about the child care crisis and high costs for parents.

Never Leave Kids In Car Alone
Parents, it is never ok to leave your kid in a car alone. Learn about the dangers of leaving kids in a car and how to prevent it.

How to Teach Your Kids to Learn from Failure
Learn how to transform your child's failures into a learning experience that actually improves your child's ability to succeed in the future.

Things To Do With An Extra Hour of Babysitting
If you had an hour of child-free time, how would you spend it? Get a babysitter and give yourself a break. Parents, you deserve it.

Tips For Starting a Playgroup
Starting a playgroup with families can help to foster social skills for your toddler as well as provide some

4 Tips For Parents Dealing With Anxiety
Many parents have anxious feelings when their kids have a different routine or try new things. Natasha Daniels shares with us tips for coping with anxiety when you are a parent.

Does Swaddling Increase a Baby's Risk of SIDS?
A new study discusses the risks and benefits for swaddling your baby and the impact swaddling has on sudden infant death syndrome.

Changing The Stigma of Paternity Leave, One Dad At A Time
Want to get dads to take more paternity leave? Show them that their counterparts are taking it.

Dads Struggle With Postpartum Depression Too
Men struggle with postpartum depression after having a baby. Learn what may increase your risk, what symptoms to look for and how to get treatment.

Parenting Bloggers Share Their Holiday Traditions
Parenting bloggers share their holiday traditions. What traditions do you share with your kids and families?

Tips for Talking to Kids About Tragedy
It is our role to protect our kids but what should tell them when tragic events occur? Here are tips to help kids feel safe after a horrible event.

Parents Share New Year's Resolution For Kids
Parents share with us their wish list for their children's New Year's Resolutions.

5 Tips For Dealing With Unwanted Physical Affections From Relatives
Unwanted physical affection from relatives can be uncomfortable for kids. Kids should never be forced to hug or kiss a relative. Teach your kids that they can say no and learn other ways to show affection.

Why No Holiday List Should Be Without “Me Time”
During the holiday season it is so important for women to take care of their minds and bodies. Consider these 7 reasons for incorporating some healthy “me time” into your holiday calendar.

5 Tips to Prepare Kids for the First Day of Preschool
Going to daycare or pre-school for the first time can be scary and confusing. Here are 5 easy tips for parents who are sending their kids to preschool or daycare.

If babysitter costs are high, try a swap or coop
Cut babysitting costs with a babysitting swap or coop, where parents exchange babysitting services. An inexpensive and easy solution.

Make Your Kids Want to Get Ready In the Morning
Do you dread getting your kids ready in the morning? Here are 6 fun ideas to improve your morning routine, keep everyone happy and get out the door on time.

7 Ways To Teach Your Child How To Be A Good Friend
Dale Carnegie's book

3 Areas Children Benefit From Consistency
Sleeping, eating and discipline are 3 areas where all caregivers should follow the same routine for the benefit of the child.

Are You Stuck in a Finger Food Rut?
Are you sending the same lunch to daycare everyday? Here are some finger food ideas that are simple to prepare, easy to pack and will add variety to your child's meals.

Teaching Children To Give Thanks This Thanksgiving
Thankgiving is a perfect time to teach children about gratitute, appreciation and being thankful.

Getting Dads More Involved
There are many reasons why a dad may act more like a babysitter than a parent. If this is an area of stress in your relationship, make some changes.

Tips for Parents on Teaching Children Manners
Parents and caregivers should teach children manners to help youth learn respect and tolerance and to succeed socially in any situation.

Teach Kids Table Manners
Teach your kids about table manners, dinner etiquette no-no's and table expectations so that they'll make you proud at the next big outing. Here are basics to cover with your youngsters.

Tips to Help Parents Learn About Summer Camp Safety
Parents can learn about summer camp safety by conducting research and asking questions to ensure protocols are in place in case of emergencies.

Should Children Play Outside When Air Quality is Poor?
Parents and childcare providers should monitor air quality before allowing children to spend extended time playing outside. Ozone Action Days matter.

Why Lime Juice and Citrus Fruits Can Cause Sunburn
Adults and children often develop sunburn on summer days after consuming lime juice, grapefruit or celery. Find out how to prevent phytophotodermatitis.

Saving Money On A Daycare Budget
Many care providers charge a supply fee each year for children; others factor in materials into their weekly or monthly costs. But supplies are expensive, and whether it is a separate fee or not, smart shopping is imperative to make those dollars stretch as far as possible. And parents can--and should--help out as well. Here are some tips for saving money on a daycare budget.

How to find, choose and interview a nanny
Choosing and hiring a nanny can be an overwhelming experience. Here are some tips on how to find the best fit for your family.

The 5 Most Inappropriate Kinds of Childcare
Child care does not include bringing your child to work, to therapy, to birthday parties they were not invited to or putting them infront of a tv.

The Best Way to Keep Kids Safe at Amusement Parks
Parents and caregivers can take a number of preventative measures to make sure children remain safe and away from harm during amusement park outings.

Parents Can Keep Kids Safe Around Cars and in Driveways
Cars, driveways and parking lots all pose dangers to children, but with these tips, parents can take measures to keep them safe and avoid tragedies.

Child Suffocation Dangers Aren't Limited to Infants
It's by no means a new health concern, but child suffocation dangers are once again making the headlines. As more individuals downsize their homes or raise a family in cramped quarters, bed safety and the risk of child suffocation may be on the rise.

Helping Working Families: Obama Proposes New Child Care Tax Cuts
In 2015 President Obama proposed new child care tax cuts, a credit to help two earner families and a proposal for more sick and paid maternity leave.

More School Districts Are Offering Teachers Childcare
More school districts are offering childcare to teachers to keep educators with young children working and happy and to lure in newcomers with kids.

The Effect of Daycare on a Child's Success in School
Learn about the pros and cons of daycare on a child's social skills, academic performance and behavior with this review of the benefits of preschool.

Kids Should Follow Casual Daycare or School Dress Codes
Childcare providers and teachers urge parents to follow a relaxed dress code when picking clothes for their children to attend daycare or school in.

Drop and Run Child Care
Many parents use the

Child Care
Child Care. Page 2.

Finding Child Care When You Don't Work 9 to 5
Very few child care businesses operate on weekends and evenings. Here are tips when you don't work a traditional 9-5 job.

Kid Play Date Protocol
Having a successful play date for all kids and parents involved can require planning and communication. Here are important protocols to note to help everyone leaves happy!

Explore Daycare Options Before Choosing a Provider
Parents should explore all daycare options and priorities before deciding which childcare provider is right for them. Use these tips as a guide.

How Parents Can Keep Their New Year's Resolutions
Good child care is needed to keep New Year's Resolutions, such as lose weight, get a better job, eat healthy and spend more time with family.

Child Care Options For The Summer
There are many great options for childcare during the summer. Camps, babysitters, classes and tutors will held your kids stay entertained.

Fireworks and Children Not Good Mix
Fireworks can be a memorable experience for children. Follow proper safety procedures to ensure an outdoor celebration does not turn into tragedy.

AAP Released New Guidelines for Screentime Viewing for Children
American Academy of Pediatrics released new screentime guidelines for children and media use.

Involve Dad In Early Child Care Programs
Dad's today are more apt to want to be involved with their children in others ways than coaching sports teams and being the financial breadwinner. What can be done to help dads become more connected with their kids?

Do You Do Your Child's Homework?
Do you help your child with his or her homework? A survey says that more than 40 percent of parents nationwide do their child's homework.

Making Reading Fun and Routine for Young Learners
Parents, teachers and childcare providers can make reading fun for small children by taking input from kids and making reading a routine.

Will Holding Kids Back A Year Help Them Excel?
Can waiting a year to start school help kids throughout the rest of their school years? There are pros and cons to both decisions.

Parents Should Do Research Before Hiring a Nanny
Employing a nanny, au pair or long-term babysitter is an increasingly popular choice for families, but parents should do their research first.

8 Warning Signs of a Bad Babysitter
Here are telltale signs to watch for to see if your babysitter is slacking on the job and you need to find a new babysitter.

Questions to Ask a Potential Babysitter's References
Before you hire a childcare provider, be sure to talk to references and ask necessary questions.

The Best Ways for Parents to Negotiate With Children
Parents should only attempt to negotiate with children when neither they nor their kids are upset. Compromise doesn't work when emotions run high.

The Best Way for Parents to Stop Babies From Crying
These tips will help parents and caregivers determine why babies cry, and what they can do to stop the tears. It is possible to quiet a crying baby.

Teaching Small Children to Play Gently and Not Roughly
Toddlers and small children often play roughly, but with these tips, parents concerned about roughhousing can teach kids to play gently instead.

Child Behavior and Discipline - Calming Sibling Anxiety
It is common for children to act out when a new baby arrives. Here are tips to keep a happy and calm household with a new baby on the way.

Teach Youth About Kidnapping With Stranger Danger Tips
Parents can use a number of stranger danger tips to help children learn about abduction risks and give them the tools necessary to remain safe.

How to Host a Successful Slumber Party
Slumber parties are a rite of passage for growing up and having a successful sleepover requires preparation and planning on the part of parents.

How Parents Can Volunteer at Kids' School or Daycare
Student achievement is tied to parental involvement in education, making it important for parents to volunteer at their child's school or daycare.

9 Tips for Finding Quality Family Time
Balancing work, family time and kid activities can be very challenging. Here are tips for maintaining balance for your family and creating a happier family team.

How to Talk to Kids and Get Them Talking Too
Consider these parenting tips on how to talk to kids to open lines of communication and to find out going on in your child's world.

Kid-Friendly Homemade Valentine's Day Treats
Valentine's Day is a perfect time to get your kid in the kitchen and let them help make some holiday treats. Check out 10 ideas for Valentine's Day treats for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert.

Fun Fall Activities For Families
The Fall season does not mean the end of fun activities. There are plenty of exciting and enjoyable family activities to do during as the weather gets chilly.

7 Books To Help Prepare Your Child For Preschool
Starting preschool is a big step for a child. Below are 7 great books on topics such as separation anxiety, what to expect and making friends to help your kid get ready for preschool.

Top Child Discipline Techniques and Ideas
Effective discipline is a constant challenge that all parents and anyone who works around kids face. Figuring out the best tactic for an effective disciplinary approach varies from parent to parent. Every kid also responds differently as well, making discipline in itself difficult! Here are some techniques to help you decide approach and then practice what you pick!

Quick and Creative Kid Gift Exchange Ideas--For $1 or Less!
Doing a gift exchange with kids doesn't have to be expensive. You can create memorable gifts for under $1 each.

Top 12 Personalized Teacher Gifts Under $25
You absolutely love your child's caregiver or teacher. Here are 12 inexpensive personalized teacher gifts that will show your gratitude.

10 Questions to Ask a Prospective Child Care Provider
Here are 10 top questions to ask in determining whether the child care provider choice is right for you and your family.

How Parents Can Plan Successful Outings With Kids
Parents can take measures to ensure outings with small kids and babies go well. Parents can prevent children from having public meltdowns.

The Top 10 Ways To Foster A Child's Creativity
Ah, the magic of childhood! It's a time when kids' imagination has no limits. Here are 10 ways to inspire children and encourage their creative genius.

The Best Ways to Strengthen Parent-Child Relationships
Improving parent-child relationships takes work. Parents can deepen their bond with children by creating rituals and spending quality time with them.

Top 10 Things Child Care Providers Want YOU To Know
Child care is a profession, not

Fun Activity Ideas for Teaching Fire Safety
Here are 10 fun fire safety activity ideas that child care providers, parents and teachers alike can utilize to get the safety message across.

Going Back to Work After Maternity Leave
The anticipation of returning to work may be more stressful than the actual return. Read about common myths moms think about after maternity leave.

Holiday Bonuses for Babysitters and Nannies
2014 surveys from, UrbanSitter and Park Slope Parents tell us what to spend on a holiday bonus for babysitters and nannies

Considerations When Evaluating Your Child's Care
What better time than to revisit your child's caregiver and child care setting to ensure your choice remains what is best for your child and your family?

Morning Madness Tips for Getting Kids Up and Ready
Getting kids up and ready for the day is one of the chief laments of stressed parents. Here are ways to de-stress the start of every day.

Child Behavior: Writing Thank You Notes
Teaching kids to give thanks by writing thank you notes is a gesture that should be taught, and kids should understand expressing gratitude is important.

How to Choose a Quality Daycare Program for Your Child
Many parents have no idea how to choose the right daycare for their child. This list of tips can help them make an informed decision about preschool.

The Solution When You Need a Last Minute Babysitter
Drop-in care provides babysitting for

How to Potty Train a Child in Daycare
Potty training a child in daycare requires parents and providers to work together. Here are communication tips to make training a successful team effort.

Child Care
Child Care. Page 2.

4 Safety Tips For Parents Dropping Their Kids At School
Kids must be taught to heed special school zones. Parents, educators and providers alike should make sure safety practices are followed.

The Best Way for Parents to Find a Babysitter Online
As harried parents become more comfortable using childcare services over the Internet, they're finding babysitters for children online.

More Preschools Are Offering Parent-Teacher Conferences
Preschool parents can schedule parent-teacher conferences to learn about children's progress and obtain information that can enhance their education.

Finding Child Care - How To Choose A Babysitter
Regardless of whether you work inside or outside the home, occasions exist when a babysitter is necessary. Here are some tips to help you choose a trustworthy and reliable babysitter for your family.

Is My Infant Old Enough to Be Placed in Child Care?
How old should your infant be before being placed in daycare or a child care setting? Here are tips to find the best daycare for your baby.

TV and Movie Nannies
Discover lessons we have learned from some of the more popular nannies made famous by stage or screen.

Afterschool Child Care - More Kids Are Staying Home Alone
Millions of kids go home to an empty house after school, and the number of unsupervised kids after 3 p.m. has risen over the past five years.

Cost of Daycare Varies by Location and Number of Kids
Cost is always a factor when choosing childcare, so how much can parents expect to pay if they choose a daycare center?

10 Tips for Potty Training Success
Make your potty training experience quick and easy with 10 helpful tips.

Child Care
Child Care.

Child Care
Child Care.

Child Care
Child Care.

Child Care
Child Care.

Child Care
Child Care.

Child Care
Child Care.

8 Lessons from Famous TV & Movie Nannies
Many on-screen caregivers make the job look simple and fun. Read this list of 8 famous nannies or babysitters from television and movies.

Child Care
Child Care.

10 Things About Using Grandparents for Child Care
If you use grandparents for occasional babysitting or for full-time care while you work, here are things you should consider first.

Tips for Using Grandparents as Child Care
Having grandparents provide child care is a great idea for many families. Here are things parents should consider.

Top Trends in Child Care - Child Care is Changing
What are some of the latest trends in child care and what should parents be looking for when making an all-important child care decision?

Top Tips for Keeping Toddlers Safe
Toddlers are injury prone and adventure bound. So, how do you keep your fearless adventurers out of harm's way?

Asking Employers to Give Childcare Support and Benefits
Working parents can ask employers to help support the cost of childcare, and often it doesn't cost them a dime. Here are ways to ask for help.

Stopping a Child From Playing With His Privates
Most kids at a certain stage of develop discover their penis or vagina, otherwise referred to as private parts.

Essential Questions to Ask A Potential Babysitter
Before you choose your child's babysitter, consider these important questions to make sure you are making the best decision for your family.

Keeping Boredom Away When Your Kid is Sick
Staying home all day is boring! Here are some tips for parents to keep their kid entertained when they are home sick.

What is a Nanny Share Arrangement?
A nanny share is a childcare option where one nanny cares for two kids from different families. It is cost-efficient and allows kids to socialize.

Nanny Share Interview Questions
Check out these questions to ask a potential candidate when interviewing a childcare provider for a nanny share arrangement.

How to manage tyrant toddler behavior
Temper tantrums, fits, and other undesirable behavior is common during the toddler years. Here are ways to help parents manage toddler behaviors.

How to Potty Train Your Kid in Just 3 Days
Is your child is ready to wear big kid underwear? Use the 3 day potty training method and get your kids out of diapers in one weekend.

When Is My Child Old Enough To Stay Home Alone?
When to let your change stay home alone is an issue many parents face. Establishing safety rules can help both parents and kids feel more comfortable.

Use Caution When Labeling Kid Items
Writing your kid's name on personal items helps return lost items, but use caution when labeling as identification could make your kid a target.

What is a manny and how does it differ from a nanny?
What's a manny? How does a male nanny differ from a female nanny and would you consider hiring one to look after your kids?

Child Not Adjusting To Day Care?
Tips if your child is experiencing separation anxiety or not adjusting to daycare or preschool.

How to Tell if Your Child is Ready for Sleepaway Camp
Not sure if you child is ready for sleepaway camp? Ask yourself some simple questions and talk to your child about this important decision.

Tips For Finding the Best Babysitter in a New Location
Finding child care when you move to a new town can be challenging and stressful. Here are tips to find the best babysitter in a new location.

Daniel Tiger Helps Social and Emotional Development
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood helps children develop social and emotionally skills and it is wonderfully reminiscent of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.

Find out what dad really wants for his Father's Day present
This Father's Day celebrate your husband by giving him the 5 things that dads really want.

Should Flu Vaccinations Be Mandatory?
Recently New York City struck down a mandate to require all preschoolers to get the flu vaccination. Learn more about the debate.

Use Baby Sign Language to Communicate With Your Baby
Baby sign language can help your child communicate better and decrease frustration. Read this article for more information.

Child Care
Child Care. Page 2.

Helping Preschoolers Transition from School to Summer
Your child's experience this spring at preschool will help determine the success of transitioning to summer fun and then back to school in the fall.

3 Tips to Help Babysitters Deal With Sibling Rivalry
If sibling rivalry is part of your family, don't worry. Here are three tips to help your babysitter deal with your children fighting.

Child-in-Car Deaths Rise Dramatically
When temperatures rise, so does the likelihood of kids accidentally being left behind in a car seat​ or dying from heat exhaustion.

Nanny Interview Questions: Infant Edition
Returning to work can be a stressful experience. If you hire a nanny, it's important you find someone you trust and who has experience with infants.

10 Life Lessons From Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood teaches children social, emotional and behavioral lessons using catchy songs and memorable, relatable characters.

Coordinating Discipline With Caregivers
Discipline is not effective without consistent limit setting and consequences by all caregivers. Learn how to stay consistent using these five tips.

The Signs of a Great Babysitter
How do you know that the caregiver you've picked will provide quality care? Before you leave your kids under someone else's care, review these signs you've got the best babysitter.

Child Discipline: Do Time-Outs Work With Toddlers?
Whether time-outs are effective discipline depends on how they are used, who you ask, and how you apply the discipline.

When Relatives Are Your Child's Caregiver
Having a relative care for your child can be a great option. Here are the pros and cons of having a relative as your childcare provider.

Proactive Measures to Ensure Family Child Care is a Successful Arrangements
Using a relative as your child care provider can be a great solution, as long as communications remain open and overall care philosophies are common. Page 2.

How to feel emotionally supported as you return to work
Returning to work after maternity leave is a hard and emotional experience. Check out tips to help you feel better those first few weeks back at work.

Child Care
Child Care. Page 2.

Child Care
Child Care. Page 3.

Halloween Safety Tips for Parents
Before your kids gleefully go trick or treating this year, here are some safety tips you should know to make sure the occasion is spook-tacular!

Is a Preschool Education Important?
Preschool is an important step for children. In preschool, children learn social and emotional development, behavior management and academics.

Is Your Child Experiencing Separation Anxiety When Going Back to School?
Many children experience separation anxiety before school begins in the summer or after school break. Here are helpful tips to deal with your child's separation anxiety.

10 Reasons To Fire A Nanny
Fir​ing a nanny can be an emotional, confusing and difficult decision, but there are certain behaviors that are reasons to terminate the nanny.

Has Your Provider Cleared an Annual Background Check?
Has your childcare provider gotten a background check? Here are some tips for finding a childcare provider you feel confident and comfortable with.

How to Hire a Babysitter For Your Vacation
Bringing a babysitter on your family trip will make it feel like the vacations you took before you had kids.

Dress Kids for Comfort at Daycare
Here are suggestions from care providers and educators to ensure kid are comfortable and happy in their daytime clothing.

What Should I Pay a Babysitter? Find Average Babysitting Rates
Want to know what to pay a babysitter? UrbanSitter released 2015 National Childcare Survey results on rates for babysitters and child care providers.

Should Parents Use Leashes To Keep Kids Safe?
Should more parents use kid leashes to keep their kids safe in crowds or other situations where kids can run off or get injured?

Does Your Caregiver Refuse To Get A Flu Shot?
The flu shot is recommended for everyone over 6 months, especially those who care for children. What do you do if your caregiver refuses to get one?

Playdate Etiquette and Rules
Not sure what proper playdate etiquette is? Parents share with us their rules for a successful and stress-free playdate.

How To Get a Babysitting Job as a Teenager
Babysitting can be a good way for teens to make money. Here are tips on what to do to get and keep the babysitting job.

When Siblings Show Up to Parties Uninvited
Here are tips on what you should do when some invited guests are accompanied by uninvited siblings.

Affordable Summer Fun For Children
Here are tips for working parents who are looking for affordable and enriching summertime fun for their children.

Child Discipline - The Bad News About Using Bribes
Most parents have bribed their child at some point. While bribes typically do get the desired action in the short-term, parents may be unwittingly setting up a power struggle and a kid who won't do something without expecting something in return.

Child Health: Teach Kids to Help Stop Spread of Germs
There are many good health habits adults can teach kids to help minimize the spreading of germs. The healthy habits should begin at home and then reinforced at a child's care setting or school.

Find Your Next Babysitter with
Urbansitter is a website where parents can book babysitters recommended by people they know through Facebook connections.

Best Parenting Tips
Most nannies and daycare teachers are professional childcare providers with years of experience. Here are 50 tips for raising babies and toddlers from nannies, babysitters and daycare teachers.

Intervening Early May Reduce Autism Symptoms
A new study found that autistic symptoms can be detected as early as 6 months and may be eliminated if parents participate in early intervention.

Best Books About Babysitters
It is important for children to get used to spending time with babysitters and other caregivers besides mom and dad. Here is a list of books which portray babysitters in a positive light and can help with first time babysitter jitters!

Is it OK to Discipline Someone Else's Child?
Is it OK to discipline other people's children and how would you react if a stranger disciplined your child?

Top 3 Childcare Options for Children with Disabilities
Learn about your options when accessing appropriate childcare services may be especially challenging for parents who have children with disabilities.

Child Care and Injured Kids
It is important that parents and providers have a common understanding about health and safety during a child's recovery time.

When Your Youngster is Let Go from Child Care
Here are a list of reasons that a child is let go from daycare.

How Can Parents Help Their Child Fit In Socially?
Here are some tips to help parents when their child is being excluded or bullied at school.

Tipping Your Child's Care Provider or Teacher
The holidays and end-of-year the time many families show appreciation of their child's care provider and teacher. What is an appropriate gift or tip?

5 Ways Mindfulness Can Calm Your Kids At Bedtime
Incorporating mindfulness activities into your evening ritual can create a calming environment for your children that bridges playtime to nighttime.

Is Spanking a Child Ever OK?
Deciding whether to spank a child as a form of child discipline creates strong emotional response, with little to no common ground.

Before You Consider a Career in Child Care
Interested in a career in child care? Is it to remain with your own children while earning an income or because you find being with children all day rewarding and enriching. Keep in mind that child care isn't for everyone!

California Bill Hopes To Give Parents Paid Time Off
New legislation in California is hoping to give working parents paid time off to attend school-related activities.

Working Moms: How to Get Kids to and from Summer Camps
If finding the time to shuffle kids to and from summer camp is stressing you out, check out these ideas from

Which Sports Best Suit Children With Asthma?
Some sports better suit children with asthma than others. So, daycares or schools should recognize asthma triggers when planning physical activities.

Being Raised By A Teacher
Were you raised by a teacher? If your parent was a teacher, class was always in session for you.

What Parents Should Do When a Child Has a Chipped Tooth
Childcare providers, coaches and parents should know how to respond when a child has a chipped tooth or even knocks a tooth out. Quick action helps.

What is a Family Child Care Provider?
What is a family child care provider and how is that different than an au pair or a babysitter?

Daycare for Kids
What is daycare for kids and how is it different than other types of childcare options?

Mother's Helper - Does It Differ From a Babysitter?
What is a mother's helper and is the job different than that of a babysitter or in-home care provider?

Your Child Hates Pre-School: What Can You Do?
Your child tantrums and cries before going to daycare or preschool. What can a parent do to solve this problem?

Scary Mommy contributors share their spring break wishes
Parents and Scary Mommy bloggers share what their Spring Break plans are and what they wish they were actually doing this Spring Break.

Childcare Options For The Modern Family
Choosing between daycare or a nanny is a very important decision. Tammy Gold helps parents decide the best child care for their family.

Top Reasons to Consider Family Child Care
There are many options to consider when choosing child care and family child care remains a preferred choice for many parents.

The Soft Skills Learned at Sleepaway Camp
When choosing a sleepaway camp for your child, think about what skills are valued at the camp. In camp children learn skills they will use later in life, such as communication, networking, enthusiasm and attitude, teamwork, problem solving and critical thinking, and professionalism.

Should I Use A Nanny Cam?
More and more folks are using nanny cams in their homes. While it may give peace of mind, you should know the pros and cons.

Is Your Kid Too Sick To Attend School or Daycare?
Your youngster says he doesn't feel good. But is your sick kid well enough to go to school or be around other youngsters? How do you know? What symptoms should you look for in your sick kid?

Parents and Providers Discuss How to Stop A Child From Biting
What can a parent do to stop the destructive, painful and socially unacceptable child behavior of a biting child?

Teaching Kids About Saying Sorry
Child experts agree that kids shouldn't be forced to say

Teaching Kids to be Environmentally Responsible
Earth Day isn't the only day kids should learn about environmental awareness and conservation practices. With frightening news like global warming occurring more quickly than anyone initially thought, the time to get young kids to develop a social conscious is now. Hurry!

Child Discipline - How to Stop Your Child from Hitting
Disciplining a toddler is no easy matter. But certain behaviors have to be stopped at once. Hitting is one such behavior. What can you do to put a stop to a child's hitting before someone gets hurt?

How To Keep Your Child In Bed All Night
Your children have their own beds. So, why won't they stay in them all night? Here are some tips for helping the transition to bedtime a more smooth one.

Teaching Children Shame Can Be A Helpful Learning Tool
Teaching children shame can be a learning tool. Kids can grow and recover from mistakes after their parents or others shame them for misdeeds.

Hiring a Baby Nurse or Newborn Care Specialist
Many parents-to-be choose to hire newborn care specialists, also know as baby nurses, in preparation for those first weeks home with a new baby.

PBS To Launch 24-Hour Channel Just for Kids
PBS is launching a new 24-hour channel dedicated solely to its kids shows where kids can view popular shows already on its stations, like “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood,” “Odd Squad

Sharing Childcare Duties For a Better Sex Life?
A new study finds that sharing childcare responsibilities will lead to a better sex life and increase marital satisfaction.

Quick Questions to Ask When Choosing Daycare
Choosing a full-time daycare for your child takes time. Here are some quick questions to ask to get you thinking about the right answer!

Questions To Ask A Potential Day Care
You've decided what your looking for in a daycare or child care setting. Now, ask your potential provider these 12 questions to determine whether it's the right fit for you and your family.

8 Ideas to Stop Kids from Fighting
Child fighting is common, but the key is to know how to deal with it and not let it turn into bullying or something worse.

Kid Chores Teach Responsibility
Giving kids chores can help teach responsibility and make them feel more valuable and involved in the family. Don't let chores become a negative issue or something to fight about by following these tips.

Parenting Time: Quality Is More Important Than Quantity
A study published by the Journal of Marriage and Family found that quality of time spent with children is more important than quantity of time spent.

How Can You Stop a Child From Biting?
What can a parent do to stop the destructive habit of a biting child?

How Parents Can Find Quality In-Home Daycare for Kids
Parents can learn to find quality in-home daycare by following these tips. Finding the right childcare isn't easy, but it's far from impossible.

How to Find a Babysitter for Valentine's Day
Finding a babysitter for Valentine's Day may be tricky. Plan in advance and think creatively and you may find your new favorite babysitter.

32 Ideas For Mom "Me Time"
Parenting is hard work so finding time for simple pleasures is important for our health and happiness. Here are 32 ideas for

Daycare Parent-Teacher Conference Questions
Parents can learn a lot of information about their child at parent-teacher conferences at daycare. Learn which questions are best to ask to gather the most information during your meeting.

Night Nannies Provide Exhausted New Parents with Sleep
A growing number of nanny organizations are offering a

Tips for Surviving Family Spring Break
The trick to keeping everyone happy during Spring Break is to hire a babysitter to entertain the kids and to give you an occasional break.

Tips for Picky Eaters
If your child's eating habits are a sore topic in your household, you are not alone! Many children are picky eaters. Most kids get plenty of variety and nutrition in their diets over the course of a week. Until your child's food preferences mature, consider these tips for preventing mealtime battles.

National Nanny Recognition Week
Celebrate your nanny by showing appreciation during National Nanny Appreciation Week, September 20-26, 2015

Example Interview Questions for a Nanny or Babysitter
When hiring a nanny for your toddler, you will want to consider different things than hiring for an infant. You may want someone who can help potty train and someone who disciplines the way you do. This article provides suggested interview questions to ask nanny candidates when hiring for a toddler.

Interview Questions to Ask a Nanny or Babysitter
Finding a nanny to care for twins can be a challenge. It is important to look for a carefiver with twins experience. This article provides suggested interview questions to ask nanny candidates when hiring for twins.

Nannies by Noa Connects Nannies and Families
An interview with Noa Mintz from Nannies by Noa, a full-service childcare agency started by a young entrepreneur.

8 Ways to Advocate for Students With Special Needs
How should parents advocate for their child with special needs? Here are top ways to go to bat for your kid.

Tips for Teaching Kids About Fire Safety
Child care providers, teachers and parents alike should partner together to teach children of all ages, and especially youngsters, about fire safety. Here are 10 tips for teaching fire safety for kids.

Handling School Separation Anxiety
Parents discuss the school separation policies at their child's school and how they approach first day jitters.

Help Kids Prepare For Sleepaway Camp
Leaving home to go to sleepaway camp can create anxious feelings for both kids and parents. Dana Kite, Director of Lake of the Woods and Greenwoods camps shares some advice for parents on how to talk to their kids during the weeks leading up to camp.

Moms from 30 Second Mom Chat About Child Care Issues
The moms of 30 Second Mom, a mobile app that provides tips for parents, participated in a twitter chat about child care challenges for parents.

15 Memorable Quotes From Fred Rogers
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood is a beloved television show. Fred Rogers taught children and adults lifelong lessons. Here are 15 memorable quotes by Fred Rogers.

15 Memorable Quotes From Fred Rogers
Mister Rogers' Neighborhood is a beloved television show. Fred Rogers taught children and adults lifelong lessons. Here are 15 memorable quotes by Fred Rogers.

Giving Kids 'Inside Voices'
Have you ever noticed how most kids have a voice pitch of

The Best Way to Communicate With Childcare Providers
When parents communicate with childcare providers, they can stay updated on children's progress and reinforce the skills learned in preschool at home.

Dads, Give Your Wife The Perfect Mother's Day Gift
Give your wife the perfect gift this Mother's Day. Take over child care for the day and provide the mother of your children a stress free day.

Is it Ever Okay to Discipline Another Person's Child?
Is it ever okay to discipline other people's children? When a child is unruly and putting others in harm's way, it may be necessary to intervene.

Child Behavior: Talking Back and How to Stop It
Talking back is one of those unacceptable child behaviors that unfortunately seems to becoming more common. Check out tips to change this bad behavior.

Do Men Make Good Child Care Providers?
There's no doubt that the child care industry is comprised mostly of women, but does that mean men can't be child care providers? Of course not! With the same training, men can become qualified and highly sought-after care providers as well.

Can Childcare Providers Be Exempt From Licensing?
Some childcare providers are exempt from having licenses. These providers don't have health and safety inspections and may stand out in other ways.

Science of Parenthood's Date Night Principle and Other Funny Moments in Parenting
Science of Parenthood: Thoroughly Unscientific Explanations for Utterly Baffling Parenting Situations is a new book about the challenges of parenting. Science of Parenthood tells it like it is in the parenting trenches and not how parenting is supposed to be.

Finding Quality Child Care While on Vacation
Finding child care while on vacation or out of town can be somewhat...well, scary! How do you really know your kids will be taken care of properly and kept happy and safe?

10 Celebrities Who Babysat Other Celebrities
Celebrities are just like us...they babysit and need babysitters! Check out 10 celebrities who babysat other celebrities when they were young.

Back to School: 8 Things Teachers Want Parents to Know
It is back to school time! Here are 8 tips from teachers that will help you and your child start the school year on the right foot.

American Camp Association:Parent's Guide To Summer Camp
The American Camp Association provides comprehensive summer camp resources for families.

Interview Questions to Ask a Baby Nurse
The interview is very important when choosing a newborn care specialist or baby nurse. This list provides suggested questions to ask a baby nurse during a phone or in-person interview.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

5 Tips for What to Expect for Preschool Parents
Preschool can be very scary for parents. Janine Huldie gives parents tips on what to expect for your kids in preschool.

Why Does My Child Behave for Caregivers But Not for Me?
If your child behaves for caregivers but not for you, there might be more going on, such as unmet needs and inconsistencies in discipline.

The Importance of Saying Goodbye To Your Child
Start goodbye rituals with your child at a young age to help soothe separation anxiety.

Compare Child Care Costs With Others: Take This Free Poll
How do your child care costs compare with others? Take this free poll and see for yourself.

Take A Poll About Evaluating Child Care
What are your thoughts concerning evaluating child care and how do your beliefs compare with others? Take a poll and find out for yourself.

Take A Poll About Child Care
What are your thoughts concerning child care and how do your beliefs compare with others? Take a poll and find out for yourself.

Take A Poll About Raising Children
What are your thoughts concerning parenting tips and raising children and how do your beliefs compare with others? Take a poll and find out for yourself.

Take A Poll Relating To Being A Child Care Provider
What are your thoughts concerning issues relating to being a child care provider and how do your beliefs compare with other child care providers? Take a poll and find out for yourself.

Special Needs Glossary
Child Care.

5 Ways Parents Can Help Reduce Their Child's Anxious Feelings
Natasha Daniels LCSW and author of How to Parent an Anxious Toddler gives parents tips on how to reduce their child's anxious feelings.

Recognizing Special Needs in Kids
Many developmental delays can be recognized early to allow children to begin receiving therapy/treatment prior to entering school, and parents should learn the signs and act early.

What Is the Definition of a Nanny and What Does One Do?
What exactly is a nanny and what job responsibilities does she perform?

How to Make a Nanny Share Work
A nanny share can be a cost-efficient childcare situation, but it is important to work out the details in advance. Here are questions that should be discussed before starting a nanny share.

6 Tips For Having Children At Your Wedding
Choosing whether or not to invite children to your wedding is a personal decision. If you choose to, check out these tips to make the experience more fun for everyone.

Water Safety for the Summer Months
Drowning and near-drownings peak in July. Learn water safety tips and keep your kids safe in the pool this summer.

The Right Type of Nanny for Your Family
Which type of nanny is the right fit for your family? Is it the seasoned nannies with years of experience; or the professional nanny who often has children of their own; or an inexperienced, 20-something nannies who may view a nanny position as relatively short term?

Summer Safety Tips For Kids
Learn ten important summer safety tips to share with your babysitter to ensure that your kids are safe and happy.

New Mom Support
Becoming a new mom is a life-changing experience. The journey from pregnancy motherhood is different for every woman, but one thing all new moms share is the need for support. During maternal mental health month learn about ways new moms can get the support they need.

Charles, Charles in Charge
Charles, male babaysitter from tv show Charles in Charge (1984-1990). Page 7.

Jo Frost, Super Nanny
Jo Frost from the tv series Super Nanny (2005-2012). Page 5.

Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins from the movie Mary Poppins (1964)

Mrs. Doubtfire
Mrs. Doubtfire from the movie Mrs. Doubtfire (1993). Page 3.

Annie, The Nanny Diaries
Annie Braddock from The Nanny Diaries (2007). Page 8.

Nanny McPhee
Nanny McPhee from the movie Nanny McPhee (2005). Page 4.

Maria, Sound of Music
Maria Von Trapp from the movie The Sound of Music (1965). Page 2.

Fran, The Nanny
Fran Fine from the tv show The Nanny (1993-1999). Page 6.

#SoGladTheyToldMe: Mothers Share Real, Honest Advice About Motherhood
#sogladtheytoldme is a viral media campaign reminding new moms that motherhood can be challenging and encouraging women to share their honest experiences and feelings about the transitions to motherhood.


Parenting / Raising Successful Children
What parent couldn't use some advice on how to raise children successfully or to be a better role model or disciplinarian for their kids? Here are resources concerning general parenting advice.

Preschool Programs
Seeking additional resources on the topic of preschool programs? Here are some recommended sites.

Parent Involvement
Seeking additional resources on the topic of parent involvement? Here are some recommended sites.

Child Health
Seeking additional information about your child's health or common daycare illnesses? Here are some recommended sites.

Resources For Child Care Providers
Whether you're considering child care as a career or a seasoned professional, there is an abundance of information, advice, suggestions and help for child care providers. Here are some resources to consider.

Spring Safety
Spring is in the air, but parents and providers alike need to keep safety in mind with the increased outdoor activities and physical events.

Learning Styles
Seeking additional resources on the topic of your child's learning styles? Here are some recommended sites.

Kid Activities
Seeking additional resources on the topic of kid activities? Here are some recommended sites.

Home Child Care
Looking for some additional resources on the topic of home child care? Here are some recommended sites.

Child Behavior
Seeking additional resources on the topic of your child's behavior or age-appropriate behavior for children in general? Here are some recommended sites.

Baby Sitters
Looking for some additional resources on the topic of your using babysitters or finding tips for sitting services? Here are some recommended sites.

Special Education Links
Caring for a child with special needs may require some additional sensitivity and attention to ensure it is positive experience for the child, parent and provider. These sites help parents and providers explore ways to properly care for and provide and educational and enriching environment for children with special needs.

How To Evaluate Your Child's Day Care or Care Provider
How do you know if your child's provider or day care is providing quality child care? If your child is happy, does it mean that the placement is a good match? What other criteria should parents consider? Here are some additional links to help parents evaluate their child's care provider.

Child Care Costs
How much does child care cost and what do you get for your money? Here are resources concerning costs and where to look for affordable provider options.

Missouri Child Care Reviews
Reader reviews of child care facilities in Missouri.