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Do you think cell-phone usage should be banned while driving?
A growing number of school districts, municipalities and even states are considering banning talking on a cellphone while driving. Most exempt hands-free cell phone usage, but does that put an end to distraction? Why or why not? Share your thoughts!

When Did Your Child Start Swimming Lessons?
Children as young as age 6 months (maybe even younger in some cases) are enrolled in swimming programs, and many kids are beginning to take weekly lessons year-round rather than just for a single class in the summertime. Advocates say early childhood lessons help to promote water safety and lessen the risk of accidental drowning. Do you agree?

Saving money during today's tough economic times
The recession isn't going away anytime soon, so a growing number of families are hunkering down and tightening household budgets. This may mean changes in daycare, child enrichment and camps, and even food choices. Job losses by a parent may mean that child support payments are being reduced or may become non-existent.

Encouraging kids to open up and talk
Tips for sharing how you keep the conversations flowing with your kids

Are you and your siblings close?
Are you and your brother or sister close? Do your siblings remain in touch or have loving relationships today? What would you do differently as kids to have a positive relationship today?

Do you buy your child's teacher a gift?
The holidays, teacher appreciation days, and end-of-year parties are the most popular times to show appreciation to your child's teacher or child care provider. Do you buy a gift, and if so, what do you choose?

Avoiding summer brain drain with your kids
Kids need to keep their newly-learned academic skills intact over the long days of summer. But how? There are a variety of programs available, and kids may have so much fun that they don't even realize they are learning!

Babysitter Disaster Stories
If you're lucky enough to secure a babysitter to watch your cherubs while you celebrate a well-deserved night-on-the-town, here's hoping you feel the time away was worth it if you return home to something just short of disaster. Whether it's kitchen disasters, uninvited guests, or a teen who won't get off the couch, everyone has a good, bad, or otherwise ugly story to share.

How do you discipline your child?
Is there a perfect way to discipline a child? Approaches vary greatly, and parent opinions can differ dramatically, but in the end, the best approach is the one that works best with your child. Right?

Teen or Tween Babysitters Wanted
Teenagers, especially those age 16 or under, are often hard pressed to find a job ... any job ... and in particular one that pays decent money. Babysitting does provide teens with some much-desired cash and is a job that offers flexibility around other activities as well. Here are tips for getting a job ... and then getting a call back for another opportunity!

Top Ways Kids Can Help Others in Need
How can your child help others in need? Readers share their ideas.


Lords & Ladies Child Development Center, Jenks, OK
Parent review of Lords & Ladies Child Development Center, Jenks, OK

Shame On You! Teaching Shame Can Be A Good Thing
Renowned psychologist Dr. Joyce Brothers has said that our society may have gone too far in increasing self-esteem by not teaching the powerful aspect of shame.

The Unnecessary Parent
As harsh as it sounds, a parent's job is to ultimately make yourself unnecessary. Parenthood means raising children for a world in which they can succeed independent of mom and dad. What can you do to encourage independence?

Book Review: Einstein Never Used Flash Cards
About Child Care Guide reviews the book:

SnowPack Body-n-Ice Kit Review
Child play can mean accidents waiting to happen, and preparedness is the key to helping to minimize pain and swelling from any accidents or boo-boos that may occur during field trips or kid athletic activities. For that matter, a play date at a park can sometimes result in an injury. Ice therapy is recommended as a way to minimize the injury. Here is one product that can help.

Helping Kids Who Struggle to Learn
With all the new and seemingly complicated rules, making the federal No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) apply to any child is a challenge. But for families with children who struggle to learn, navigating the NCLB Act can be overwhelming. The National Center for Learning Disabilities has teamed with Schwab Learning to address the special issues, challenges, and opportunities for children with special learning needs.

Help Hyperactive Kids Form Friendships
Hyperactive kids, and especially those medically diagnosed as having ADD or ADHD, sometimes struggle to form friendships with their peers due to aggression, inattention, and emotional highs and lows. But parents and caregivers can take positive steps to help these youngsters socialize.

Can Parents Reason With A Child?
When parents give their child

Swimmer's Ear
What is the definition of Swimmer's Ear?

Preventative Ear Drops
Preventative ear drops can be purchased at most stores in the health section. Or, you can inexpensively make your own.

taking medicine
Kids are irritable enough when sick to not have to add taking bad-tasting medicine as well. What can a parent do to help with this unpopular, but very necessary, task?

What is an au pair?
What is an au pair and where did the name come from? What are the duties related to an au pair?

What is IDEA?
If you have conducted much research about special education services, you've undoubtedly encountered the acronym, IDEA. What does it stand for and what does it provide?

Is This Video Appropriate for Kids?
What can parents do when put in a situation where their child's friend gets to watch a video that exceeds the rating set for your child?

Middle Ear Infections
Your doctor diagnosed your child as having acute otitis media, or AOM. What is that? Simply put, it is a middle ear infection, and it is one of the most common bacterial illnesses in children.

Summertime Can Mean Swimmer's Ear
Your kid swam and splashed. Now, she's complaining her ear hurts. It could be Swimmer's Ear, a painful infection that happens when water becomes trapped in the ear canal.

Child Care Options
Child care options abound. Parents have lots of choices regarding child care; the key is finding quality care that meets the needs of their child and their family! Here are details about different types of options and the pros and cons about each.

What's RIGHT with Child Care
It's easy to find reasons why child care isn't perfect. After all, if it's not mom and dad caring for their child, then it can't possibly be as quality of care. Right? Not necessarily! Most child care has changed (for the better) through the years. Here are reasons to feel good about your child's early childhood education.

Raising Kids Right: Dealing with Issues and Concerns
Who doesn't have concerns about raising kids? Whether it's ensuring that youngsters eat right, stay safe, behave appropriately, are cared for properly, or simply getting enough time to play and have fun, worrying seems like a full-time job! Here are tips to help the parenting and caregiver process a little easier!

Thanks & Giving...Marlo Thomas Style
With the November 2004 book and CD release of

Purchasing a backpack is easy. Finding the appropriate one based on the age and size of your child is more of a challenge.

8 Ways to Advocate for Students With Special Needs
How should parents advocate for their child with special needs? Here are top ways to go to bat for your kid.

Childcare Expense Poll
We are working to get a better understanding of the cost of full-time day care. A poll will be posted soon to help on this subject....

Get Credit (The Child Care Kind) Where Credit Is Due
The latest edition of the Family Initiative Bulletin, produced by Legal Momentum, encourages families to take advantage of available tax breaks. Federal and state tax credits can provide substantial savings to eligible families. For example, during the 2005 tax filing...

Child Care - FAQs
An index of FAQs for the Child Care guide site.

Child Care - FAQs
An index of FAQs for the Child Care guide site.

National Governors Association’s Task Force on School Readiness Releases Final Report
The National Governors Association (NGA) established a gubernatorial Task Force on School Readiness in 2002 to identify actions that governors and states could take to support families, schools, and communities in their efforts to ensure that all children are...

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Biting, kicking, scratching, pouting, throwing food, and not picking up after playing are just a few of many possible behaviors that your provider will note to you as the parent at some time. After you get over the

Warning Signs To Watch For
You've mastered hand washing, not sharing drinks with friends, and flossy. What more can a parent need to know about keeping your child healthy? There's always more to learn about, and this site also showcses health checks you can make with your child right now.

Starting Your Own In-Home Child Care
Loving children isn't enough reason to become an in-home provider...but it's a great start! Watching other families' children can be incredibly rewarding and can provide for a successful career. The job also comes with tremendous responsibility, a commitment of time, and daily challenges.

Philosophies of Learning
Is it more important for your child to receive academic preparedness at child care or to simply have fun? There are different educational approaches to child care and your job as a parent is to determine what is right for you and your child.

How much is the right amount for child care, and what level of service does your child receive for this cost? There are many factors involved with how much you will spend on child care. The most important criteria is where you live. Cost of living and wages have a different influence on the cost of child care. So, if you live in a major metropolitan area, expect to pay more for essentially the same service than if you live in a suburban or rural area. Other key factors include what type of child care you choose, how many hours your child will spend with a caregiver, your expectations and requirements for services during care time, and whether any special needs or arrangements are required.

Daycare centers
Reliability, consistency, and affordability are reasons why daycare facilities are considered an attractive option for many families. Range of care often begins at six weeks and many facilities extend services through the elementary school years. But does the regulated environment comprise individual needs and interests? What should parents look for when exploring a childcare center and what are some of the top questions to ask to determine whether a facility is the right choice?

Enrichment Activities and Your Child
The activities may vary from art and music, to sports and dance, and most children participate in some form of enrichment activities. How do you determine what types and how many activities are right for your family?

Evaluating Your Child's Caregiver
You have finally found the perfect care provider for your child. Or have you? How do you know? What does your provider do exactly with your child while you are away? As a parent, you have the right and responsibility to ensure your expectations and your child's needs are being met.

Raising Happy Kids
Wouldn't it be great if all children cam with very own care manual? It is the uniqueness of every child that makes parenting such a joy...and challenge! Each day and every child is a new journey, and strong parenting requires appropriate guidance and nurturing along the way.

Home Child Care
The thought of having your child cared for in either the familiar setting of your own residence or in the comfort of a nearby home setting is attractive to many families. This type of care option has many benefits; it also has areas of potential concern. How do you decide whether this option is feasible for your family? And, if so, how do you find an choose a caretaker who you can trust and believe will meet your needs? What about performance expectations, setting boundaries, agreeing on child-rearing approaches, hours, and pay? These topics and more will be addressed on this site.

Is Accreditation Important?
Many care providers tout the importance of having a national certification. Others indicate while accreditation is nice to have, it does not mean that those without are any less of a quality care provider. what is involved with accreditation and what should you as a parent expect at an accredited provider?

Options For Occasional Care
Need some time away from your child to attend an adults-only function, work extra hours, or go on romantic date with your spouse? Finding that occasional or flexible care sometimes presents a challenge, but options exist in most all communities. Mothers Day Out Programs are offered by numerous churches and area organizations. Drop-In Care or Extended Care Services are on the increase in metropolitan areas or near major work hubs to accommodate non-traditional work schedules or to allow parents time away from their child. And babysitters are always a tried-and-true option--if you know how to locate a reliable and trained individual.

Preschool programs
Preschool programs come in many forms, ranging from private academic preschool preparatory programs to parochial-operated centers. Some preschool programs tout superior academic readiness, second language immersion, and mastery of social skills before a child enters kindergarten. Others promote a religious foundation combined with educational advancement. Are these learning-rich programs right for your child?

Childcare for Children with Special Needs
Special needs doesn't necessarily mean your child needs to be treated differently. Sometimes it is just a matter of careful communication and understanding of certain accommodations or what your child needs in order for them to thrive in a caregiver environment. Children with special needs come in many different medical, physical, emotional, and environmental backgrounds. Finding a

Child Care - TopPicks
An index of TopPicks for the Child Care guide site.

Help Wanted! Parental Involvement Provides Stronger Bond; Aids Program's Success
If we can't accomplish everything we want each day due to interruptions, distractions, and too much on our

Spring Safety
Spring is in the air, but parents and providers alike need to keep safety in mind with the increased outdoor activities and physical events.

Learning Styles
Seeking additional resources on the topic of your child's learning styles? Here are some recommended sites.

Kid Activities
Seeking additional resources on the topic of kid activities? Here are some recommended sites.

Home Child Care
Looking for some additional resources on the topic of home child care? Here are some recommended sites.

Child Behavior
Seeking additional resources on the topic of your child's behavior or age-appropriate behavior for children in general? Here are some recommended sites.

Baby Sitters
Looking for some additional resources on the topic of your using babysitters or finding tips for sitting services? Here are some recommended sites.

Special Education Links
Caring for a child with special needs may require some additional sensitivity and attention to ensure it is positive experience for the child, parent and provider. These sites help parents and providers explore ways to properly care for and provide and educational and enriching environment for children with special needs.

How To Evaluate Your Child's Day Care or Care Provider
How do you know if your child's provider or day care is providing quality child care? If your child is happy, does it mean that the placement is a good match? What other criteria should parents consider? Here are some additional links to help parents evaluate their child's care provider.

Child Care Costs
How much does child care cost and what do you get for your money? Here are resources concerning costs and where to look for affordable provider options.

Safety Tips to Keep in Mind this Fall
Fall is in the air, and with it special safety concerns for parents and care providers alike. Here are things to keep in mind to keep your youngsters safe this fall.

Cornerstone Connection, Round Rock, Texas
Parent review of Cornerstone Connection, Round Rock, Texas

Missouri Child Care Reviews
Reader reviews of child care facilities in Missouri.