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Cut a strip of paper to form a handle for your mini Easter basket.
Next, cut a strip of paper and glue or tape it to your paper cup to form a handle for the mini Easter basket.

Punch out flowers and leaves in various shapes and sizes for your mini Easter basket spring crafts.
Use your flower paper punch and make flowers and leaves out of colorful paper to put on the Easter crafts mini Easter baskets.

Glue the flowers onto your mini Easter basket.
Take your paper flowers and glue them all around the outside rims of your mini Easter basket.

Easy and Beautiful Washi Tape Butterflies
Gorgeous washi tape butterflies to make with kids.

Draw a half-butterfly shape and cut it out to make your washi tape butterflies.
Take your pencil and sketch out a half of a butterfly shape. When you have one you like, cut it out. This will serve as a template for your washi tape butterflies.

Cut out the washi tape butterflies.
After taping with washi tape, cut out your butterflies.

Cut out your washi tape butterflies.
Next, cut out your washi tape butterflies. They are now ready to adorn gifts, cards, and whatever else you desire.

Fill your mini Easter baskets with candy or toys and place them around the table with other fun Easter crafts.
Finally, fill your mini Easter baskets with treats or toys and put them around the table with other Easter crafts to make things festive and colorful.

Next, put washi tape on the butterflies and flip it over to cut it out.
To make washi tape butterflies using paper punches, put the tape on the butterfly shapes and then flip it over to cut out your shapes.

Homemade Halloween Decorations - Hanging Paper Fans
These easy hanging paper fans are the perfect homemade Halloween decorations to make with kids for Halloween.

Cut the ends to make a pointed fan.
To make a fan with pointed ends, cut the strip of paper into triangular points.

Add another strip of paper to the homemade Halloween decorations.
Fold another strip of paper the same way and add it to the homemade Halloween decorations.

Glue the sides together to make the paper fan homemade Halloween decorations.
Glue the sides together and make another strip of accordion-folded paper and add it to the others to make the homemade Halloween decorations.

Hang up your paper fan homemade Halloween decorations.
Let your child proudly display her Halloween craft and hang up the paper fan homemade Halloween decorations all around the house!

Gather supplies to make the Valentine treat wrappers.
Gather supplies to make the Valentine treat wrappers, which is one of the easiest and prettiest Valentine crafts for kids.

Here is how you can decorate treats with washi tape and paper.
Here is how you can decorate treats with washi tape and paper to make these Valentine crafts for kids.

Combine different patterns and colors to jazz up Valentine treats.
Combine different patterns and colors to jazz up Valentine treats to make these Valentine crafts for kids.

5 Years Old - Child Physical Development
Here is a general picture of what you may see in the physical development and motor skills of a child who is 5 years old.

Seven Ways to Deal With a Bad Report Card
When your child brings home a bad report card, your first instinct might be to yell and punish, but a bad report card isn't the end of the world.

What is Inventive or Invented Spelling?
Inventive or invented spelling is a teaching approach that encourages children to use non-standard spelling in their early writing.

What Is a Dominant Hand?
If your child's teacher notes he hasn't chosen a dominant hand, you may wonder what that means. Hand dominance isn't something you can decide for him.

Parent's Guide to a Successful Third Grade Year
A parent's guide to third grade fills you in about third grade reading, third grade math and give you ways to guide your child through the increasing social challenges of the third grade year.

100th Day of School: Purpose and Ideas for Celebrating
What is the 100th day of school? It is the 100th day of the school year, and a great way for teachers to celebrate various mathematical concepts.

Calming First-Day Kindergarten Anxiety
Many children who are starting school experience first-day kindergarten anxiety. But parents and teachers can work together to make the transition easier.

5 Leveled Reading Programs You Should Know About
When you're trying to decide what books would be best to have on your child's bookshelf, it can be confusing to figure out what book level to purchase. The reason so many parents end up baffled by leveled reading and book levels is because there are many different reading programs that teachers use to organize books.

Understanding What Literacy Method Leveled Reading Is
Learn what leveled reading is and how it's evolved to better serve students with this review of the method and others used to teach children to read.

What Is the Whole Language Approach to Reading?
Learn more about the whole language approach to reading and why this literacy strategy is helpful to beginning readers with this review.

Typical Second Grade Curriculum and Expectations
What does a typical second-grader learn? Here's what you can expect your child to work on this year.

What Do Kids Learn in 4th Grade?
Kids learn a number of new things in 4th grade, both socially and academically. Here's what your child may work on in school this year.

What Do Kids Learn in the Fifth Grade?
Curriculum varies from school to school, but there are some common skills and concepts kids learn in 5th grade.

5 Physical Skills That Are Important for Kindergarten
Kindergarten-age children will develop better coordination, muscle control, and strength, and sharper fine and large motor skills.

Typical First Grade Curriculum and Subjects
State-by-state, lessons and topics may vary, but there are some common topics 1st grade kids will learn this year.

What Is an ESL Program in Schools?
Children in an ESL program at school are learning how to speak English so they can find success in the classroom. Learn more about ESL students.

What is Response to Intervention (RTI)?
A short definition of the early intervention program, Response to Intervention.

Why Zero Tolerance Bullying Doesn't Work
Does zero tolerance work? These five reasons explain why zero tolerance bullying and violence policies are actually doing more harm than good.

What Does Zero Tolerance in Schools Mean?
The definition of zero tolerance in schools and why they exist.

Five Year Old Child Cognitive Development
The cognitive development of a 5-year-old child is action-packed as they start kindergarten and learn math, reading, and so much more.

Signs of Trouble with Learning in Kindergarten
Kindergarten may be too early to diagnose learning problems, however, there are a number of warning signs that parents can look for in young kids.

Signs of Trouble With Learning in Second Grade
For some children second grade is when you begin to see signs of trouble that may require a referral for special education evaluation.

Parents Can Spot Signs of Kids Struggling in 3rd Grade
Third grade is a year of growth and learning, especially in math and reading. If your child shows signs of trouble in third grade, address it at once.

1st Grade Math: What Are Fact Families?
One of the more common concepts taught in first grade math is the fact family (or fact families).

Fourth Grade Warning Signs for Learning
Fourth grade is a year when children are expected to take on new challenges and it's important to be on the lookout for signs of trouble, academically and socially. Signs of trouble in fourth grade vary, but if your child is consistently showing some of these signs, it's a good idea to check in with his teacher or pediatrician for a closer look at what's going on.

How to Prevent and Stop Bullying in School
What parents need to know about how to recognize, prevent and stop bullying in school.

4 Ways to Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten
Are you ready for kindergarten readiness? Learn about four key ways you can get your child ready for kindergarten.

What Are Core Words?
Core words, also known as sight words or Dolch words, and how they are used to teach children early reading skills.

What Is the Definition of Mental Math?
What is the definition of mental math? Get a better understanding of what such math is and how it benefits school-age children with this review.

Is Homework Really Necessary for Children?
Is homework necessary? There's no clear answer, but parents should expect kids to do work after school. Learn more about homework with this review.

9 Great Homework Habits that Work
From ways to help your kids get more organized to alleviating homework stress, here are some great tips for good homework habits that work.

Tips for Parents to Prepare for Teacher Conferences
It may seem that all you need to do to prepare for a parent-teacher conference is to show up, but to get the most out of the experience, plan ahead.

Parent-Teacher Conference Questions to Ask
Make your next school conference a valuable one. These parent-teacher conference questions will help you make your child's year a successful one.

How to Spot Nonfluent Readers
Spotting reading disabilities including nonfluency and dyslexia in children.

Characteristics of a Fluent Reader
A fluent reader demonstrates both oral and silent reading fluency, or the ability to easily read mechanically, expressively and with comprehension.

Tips to Ease Back to School Anxiety
After months of summer vacation, it's common for children to experience back-to-school anxiety. Here's how parents can help ease the jitters.

Dealing With School Refusal - School-Age Children
When a child refuses to go to school many parents will wonder what they're doing wrong, but they are not alone. Dealing with school refusal relies on understanding what's behind it and working with a team of professionals to help your child through this tough time.

Glue the two pieces of the paper circles together with the wooden stick.
Glue the 2 paper circles and wooden craft stick handle using adhesive tape.

You can also use a fun paper edger scissor to cut circles to make a paper fan.
To give the paper fans another interesting look, you can use paper edger scissors to cut the circles to make paper fans.

Here are some examples of circle paper fans.
You can make circle paper fans in a variety of patterns and colors.

Gather supplies to make these homemade halloween decorations fans.
Find the materials you will need to create these homemade halloween decorations.

Follow instructions for making paper fan decorations.
Make your homemade Halloween decorations by following instructions for paper fan decorations.

Valentine Crafts for Kids - Pretty Valentine Treats Gift Wrap
These pretty DIY handmade Valentine treats gift wrap one of the easiest and prettiest Valentine crafts for kids.​

Wrap patterned paper or washi tape and paper around the candy bars.
Wrap patterned paper or washi tape and paper around the Valentine treat candy bars to make these Valentine crafts for kids.

Activities to Improve Fine Motor Skills
Whether your child is working on kindergarten skills or is already in school, try these fun activities to build up fine motor skills and control.

School-Age Children
School-Age Children. Page 2.

Teaching Math to Kids at the Grocery Store
Make your regular grocery store trip into a real-world math playground. Ideas and activities for before and during grocery shopping to hone math skills.

5 Things Kindergarten Teachers Wish Parents Knew
Five things kindergarten teachers say they wish parents knew before their children start school.

What Your Child Will Learn in 3rd Grade
Though curriculum may vary from state to state there are some commonly taught skills and topics that your child will learn about in third grade.

What is High Stakes Testing?
What is high-stakes testing, and what are the outcomes for students, teachers, and schools?

What Are Achievement Tests and What Do They Meaure?
A definition of achievement tests, what they are intended to measure, and some of the more frequently encountered tests in elementary and high schools.

The Definition of an Individual Education Plan (IEP)
Do you know the definition of an Individualized Education Program (IEP)? Learn how these documents help students with learning disabilities.

What Is the Definition of Academic Redshirting?
What is the definition of academic redshirting? It occurs when parents choose to delay the year their child starts kindergarten by a year. Learn more.

How to Help Your Child Learn Math in the Kitchen
Sometimes making math fun for kids just needs a little creativity. One of the easiest places to incorporate math is in your kitchen.

Glue the wooden sticks together to make the paper fans.
Take school glue and form a fan with the wooden craft sticks to make the paper fans.

Glue the paper onto the sticks with adhesive tape.
Use adhesive tape to glue the paper onto the wooden sticks to make the paper fans.

Here are some completed handmade paper fans.
Here are some examples of finished paper fans.

Trace a circle using a bowl to make the simple circle style paper fan.
Use a bowl to trace a circle for the next style of paper fan to make with kids.

Use washi tape to glue two wood Popsicle craft sticks together and make it pop with some color.
Take washi tape in a pretty color that coordinates withe the decorative paper and bind two wood Popsicle sticks together to make the paper fan.

20 Non-Candy Things to Put in Easter Baskets for Kids
Your child will love receiving any of these kid-favorite toys and trinkets in her Easter basket for kids.

Top 7 Tips for Disciplining Children
Disciplining children who are grade-school age means that you can talk to your child about his behavior and that he is developmentally ready to listen. As children get older, they are better able to handle frustrations and setbacks, and have more self-control. That said, tantrums and meltdowns aren't completely over, and parents will still have to negotiate those behaviors in school-age kids.

Christmas Activities and Fun for Kids
The holidays are an excellent time for kids to enjoy fun Christmas activities. Here are some great ideas for Christmas activities for kids.

How to Keep Boiled Eggs Fresh
Important food safety tips for hard-boiled eggs and how to keep hard-boiled eggs safe for Easter and all year round.

Taking Back the Family Weekend
For today's busy families, family weekend time can be all too fleeting. Here's how you can take control of family weekend time and make it more fun and meaningful.

Top Ten Summer Safety Tips for Kids
Summer is a time for fun, but a safety checklist of some simple tips can ensure that kids stay safe while playing outside.

Free Christmas Coloring Pages
Free Christmas coloring pages are the perfect fun activity to get kids into the holiday spirit and keep them busy during the holiday season.

Great Ways to Save Money on a Kids' Birthday Party
Hosting fun kids' birthday parties doesn't have to mean spending a ton of money. Here are some great ideas for organizing a kids' party on a budget.

Throwing a Cookie Decorating Party for Kids
Cooking decorating can be a great way for grade-schoolers to unleash their inner artist. Here's how to host a cookie decorating party for kids.

Kids' Party Games -- How to Host a Game-Themed Party
A game-themed party is a

Plan Outdoor Obstacle Games for a Kids' Birthday Party
A birthday party filled with outdoor games like obstacles and relays is a hit with young kids and they are low-cost and easy to plan.

Trace the sticks together on the paper to make the fans.
Next, take the sticks and put them on the paper to trace an outline to make the paper fans.

Cut out the paper to make the paper fan.
Cut out the paper fan shape to continue to make the paper fan. Repeat this step.

Gather materials to make your paper fans
Find the materials you will need to create the paper fans.

Mothers Day Crafts
These easy-to-make ideas for Mothers Day crafts will be a hit with Grandma, Mom, and any other moms your kids know and love!

How to Make Easy Paper Fans with Kids
With just some pretty paper and Popsicle sticks, you can make paper fans with kids that are easy, pretty, and super fun to make!

Glue your red poinsettia leaves.
Assemble and paste red poinsettia leaves.

You will have a set of small red leaves and big red leaves for your poinsettia.
Glue all your red poinsettia leaves.

Use your hole puncher to make a hole in each poinsettia flower.
Punch a hole in each poinsettia.

Put the reinforcement on your small poinsettia.
Put a red reinforcement ring on the small white poinsettia.

Join the large and small poinsettia leaves with the brass fasteners.
Use the brass fasteners to join the large and small poinsettia leaves.

The final product is a beautiful poinsettia flower.
Once assembled, you have a lovely poinsettia flower.

The finished white poinsettia.
Here is what the white poinsettia will look like.

Make some leaves for your poinsettias.
Trace and cut out some leaves for your poinsettia flowers.

Glue on the poinsettia leaves to the flowers.
Glue on the leaves to the poinsettia flowers.

Red and white poinsettias in an array.
Red and white poinsettias. K-6 Children.

Make your red poinsettia leaves.
Begin to make the red poinsettia flowers.

Outline your red poinsettia leaves.
Draw the red poinsettia leaves. K-6 Children.

Glue your poinsettia leaves.
Take your glue and paste the poinsettia leaves together.

You should have two sizes of poinsettia flowers.
Have equal amounts of large and small poinsettia leaves.

Draw the large poinsettia leaf.
Next, draw the large leaf for the poinsettia flower.

Cut your poinsettia leaves.
Cut two sizes of poinsettia leaves.

Arrange your leaves.
Take your leaves and lay them out to get them ready for your next step, which is gluing them into a flower.

Fold the card stock to make the poinsettia leaves.
Begin the poinsettia leaves by folding the card stock paper.

Draw a small leaf.
Draw your poinsettia leaf. K-6 Children.

Common Behavior Problems in School-Age Children
School-age children can exhibit some very challenging and frustrating common behavior problems as they become more independent and test boundaries.

Gather Materials for the Poinsettia Flowers
Get your materials for the poinsettia flowers, including card stock, glue, and scissors.

7 Math Activities Kids Can Do at Home With Parents
Opportunities to explore real life math pop up all the time. Here are seven ways parents can incorporate everyday math activities with kids at home.

Answering Kids' Questions and Complaints About Homework
Parents can help children get accustomed to homework by answering kids' questions and complaints about the assignments they complete after school.

Social Media for Kids - How to Keep Them Safe
If your child is using or planning to use social media sites, here are some important safety tips you need to know to keep them safe while they socialize.

Why Parents Need to Tell Teachers These 5 Things
Even if your child isn't a newcomer to school, the teacher should know certain information. Disclose these five issues to make the year successful.

Back to School Shopping Survival Guide
If you have a child in school, you know that back-to-school shopping can be a stressful experience. There's the expense, the hassle of long lines at the store, the rush to find everything your child needs for his first day. But with these simple smart tips, you can make back-to-school shopping much more efficient, less stressful, and easier on your family's budget.

Great Books for Grade-School Age Children
The school-age years are when reading skills take off in kids. Here are some great children's books for older and younger grade school age children.

Child Development: Your Six-Year-Old
Here are some of the emotional, cognitive, physical, and social milestones you can expect your six-year-old to experience this year.

Basic Spelling Rules Parents Can Teach Children
Teaching children basic spelling rules can make it easier for them to look up unfamiliar words in the dictionary or spell words they've never seen.

A Close Look at the Singapore Math Method
The Singapore Math Method is starting to be used in more schools. A look at the framework of Singapore Math can make it easier to understand.

What Is Singapore Math? - Teaching Strategies and Materials
Singapore Math is a general term used in U.S. classrooms to describe math teaching strategies and materials modeled after the math curriculum used in Singaporean schools. If you're wondering about the philosophy and history of the Singapore Math method, here's some important information.

4 Reasons Kids Are Bored at School (And What to Do)
For some children, being bored at school is a problem that causes real distress and can even lead to school avoidance or school refusal behaviors.

9-Year-Old Child Cognitive Development
Many 9-year-old children are curious about the world and how things work. Here's what you can expect to see in a 9-year-old's cognitive development.

What's an IQ? Questions About IQ Testing
Answers to common questions about IQ testing, which is used by schools to help make determinations for special education and gifted/talented programs.

Why Fifth Graders Need Good Social Skills to Succeed
To succeed, fifth graders need important social skills, such as independence and dependability, and to understand the nuances related to “fairness.”

How Do I Deal With a Difficult Teacher?
There are a number of ways a teacher can be difficult to deal with.Some can be handled easily and others will need more work toward a resolution.

Fractions, Decimals and More Math Terminology
Parents can better help children with fractions, decimals and other math operations if they consult a glossary explaining what the terminology means.

Help With Fractions - A Parent's Guide
Do you know how to reduce, multiply, add, divide or subtract fractions? Brush up on your fraction skills to help your child with her homework.

8-Year-Old Child Cognitive Development
Your 8-year-old may surprise you with his depth of thinking and insightful observation about something he learned or experienced at home or at school.

Important Cognitive Skills Fifth Graders Need to Excel
There are a number of cognitive skills that are important for your fifth grader to develop in order to navigate this tough elementary school year.

What Is Expository Writing for Kids
Expository writing asks the student to describe, explain, define or otherwise inform a reader about a specific subject.

Important Cognitive Skills Fourth Graders Need to Excel
Fourth graders need a number of cognitive skills to succeed. Many involve time management and a more sophisticated understanding of language.

5th Grade Physical, Social and Cognitive Skills
Fifth grade can be a scary year of transition for a lot of students. In this unsettling year, there are a number of social, cognitive and physical skills that can help lead to school success.

School-Age Children
School-Age Children. Page 2.

The Social Development of a 9-Year-Old
The social network of 9-year-old children is expanding beyond Mom and Dad. They will care more about what others think, which could lead to peer pressure.

Science Fair Topic Ideas in Chemistry
One of the seven categories of science fair projects that most projects fall into is chemistry. Chemistry is a very large and exciting science, making it hard to narrow down an idea. Here are some cool science fair topic ideas for a chemistry class.

Science Fair Topic Ideas in Chemistry
One of the seven categories of science fair projects that most projects fall into is chemistry. Chemistry is a very large and exciting science, making it hard to narrow down an idea. Here are some cool science fair topic ideas for a chemistry class.

Gak or Homemade Silly Putty
Gak,or home Silly Putty,is a favorite at science fairs. It's a polymer that can act as either a solid or a liquid.

Science Fair Topic Ideas - Chemistry
One of the seven categories of science fair projects that most projects fall into is chemistry. Chemistry is a very large and exciting science, making it hard to narrow down an idea. Here are some cool science fair topic ideas in chemistry.

Cognitive Skills Important for Third Grade Success
Students need to acquire important cognitive skills to succeed in third grade, a year of growth spurts physically, academically and socially for children.

What Does Developmentally Appropriate Mean?
As a parent you may wonder: What does 'developmentally appropriate' mean?

How to Stop Whining in School Age Children
Whining is a common behavior problem in children. Here's how you can teach your child to stop whining and speak clearly to express himself.

9-Year-Old Child Physical Development
Nine-year-old children stand on the cusp of adolescence. Here's what you can expect in your child's growth and physical development this year.

Pendulums Science Projects
Pendulums science projects are always fun and are a good way to explain the laws of motion.

Falling Objects Science Fair Projects
Like Galileo, your budding physicist probably enjoys dropping things from heights. Believe or not, falling objects science fair projects are a valid topic.

Surface Tension Science Fair
Surface tension experiments for the science fair can take many forms and can answer a number of different questions.

Balloon Rocket Science
Newton’s third law of motion can be demonstrated in many ways, but none of them are quite so fun or visually expressive as balloon rocket science.

6 Ways to Set Good Sleep Habits in Your Child
Good sleep habits are important for children and can affect a child's health and development, and even how well she is able to learn at school.

Camping Slumber Party
Camping out, indoors or out, is a great idea for a kids' sleepover party. Here's what you'll need to organize a fun camp out slumber party for kids.

Parenting: What Child Discipline Is-- and Isn't
Child discipline is about how to prevent behavioral problems so that punishment for misbehavior is a rare and unnecessary occurrence. Here's more about child discipline.

8 Year Old Child Physical Development
For 8-year-olds, this period of physical development continues to be one of refinement rather than major, noticeable changes.

The Skills Children Need to Succeed in Fourth Grade
Parents can help children succeed in fourth grade by identifying the social, physical and cognitive challenges needed to thrive in this academic year.

6 Year Old Behavior and Daily Routines
Here is a general overview of what you can expect in your 6-year-old child's behavior and daily routines.

6 Year Old Emotional Development
At age 6, children will naturally spend more time with friends; but they may also need the security of routines, home, parents and family.

6 Years Old - Child Physical Development
At age 6, children will also grow at different rates, and it is normal to see a range in height and physical growth at this age.

7 Year Old Child Development - Behavior and Routines
Seven-year-old children require much less close supervision of daily routines such as dressing themselves, brushing their teeth, or doing chores.

Your 7-Year-Old Child: Physical Development
For 7-year-old children, motor skills and coordination will continue to become refined and they transition into being big kids.

Your 7 Year Old Child - Cognitive Development
Your seven-year-old child will love learning, and will be enthusiastically engaged in schoolwork or subjects that interest him.

Second Grade Cognitive Development Milestones
In second grade you can expect your child to start some serious learning. Your child is able to attend to things for a longer period of time and is beginning to develop a number of more sophisticated cognitive skills that are important for the second grade curriculum.

Social Skills That Are Important for 1st Grade
Social skills important for first grade include being able to get along with other children in groups and to see other points of view.

Social Skills That Are Important for 2nd Grade
Social skills that are important for second grade are those that show your child is gaining a sense of independence and self-awareness.

How to Tell if Your Child Is Not Getting Enough Sleep
After-school activities, homework, texting, TV--all these things can lead to kids not sleeping enough. How to tell if your child needs more sleep.

Great Holiday Gifts for Teachers
It’s hard to come up with just the right holiday gift for your child’s teacher. This year try to avoid the apple-themed knick-knacks or #1 Teacher t-shirts and give one of the gifts teachers really want for the holidays!

Fun Halloween Recipes for Kids and Spook-tacular Treats
These yummy recipes for Halloween treats for kids are perfect for snacks to eat before and after trick-or-treating or at a fun kids' Halloween party.

7 Best Ways to Boost Kids' Immune System Health
One of the most important ways families can ward off colds and flu and other illnesses is by boosting adults' and kids' immune system function.

Electromagnet Science Fair Experiments
Electromagnet science fair experiments range from building your own electromagnet to presentations about the discovery of electromagnetic fields.

Conductivity Science Fair Projects
Electronics wouldn't work if it wasn't for conductivity. These conductivity science project ideas can help your child learn more about conductivity and conductors.

Science Fair Topic Ideas in Earth Science
Among other things, earth science encompasses weather, geology and environmental science.

Tornado Science Fair Experiments
There’s a lot to learn about tornadoes, giving your child a number of science fair project idea and a bunch of tornado science fair experiments to choose from.

The Greenhouse Effect
The greenhouse effect is a hot topic in Earth Science and ripe for exploration for science fair projects.

Fossils and the Science Fair
Projects about fossils are an exciting part of the science fair. Whether your child explains what fossils are, how fossils form, makes his own fossils or identifies the different types of fossils, he’ll love learning about the days of dinosaur.

Recycling and Biodegradable Material Science Projects
Discovering which materials are good for recycling and which are biodegradable are science fair projects in the earth science category of environmental science.

How Far to the Stars? Starry Science Fair Projects
On a clear day it may look as though the stars and planets are within grasp, but they’re really quite far away. But how far away? That’s a question for your child to look at for her starry science fair project.

Solar System Science Fair Presentations
As vast as the solar system is, that’s how vast the science fair ideas about the solar system are for your child. The ideas for solar system science fair presentations are endless.

Exploring Constellations for the Science Fair
I’ve always been amazed at the shapes that can be seen in the sky and your child may be as well. She may want to begin exploring constallations for the science fair with an introduction to the night sky to get a sense of what’s out there.

Science Fair Topic Ideas in Electricity & Electronics
Here are some science fair topic ideas in electricity and electronics.

How to Develop Science Fair Ideas Related to Astronomy
Developing science fair projects related to astronomy doesn't have to be a challenge. Earth's orbit and the stars as navigation tools make great fodder.

10 Ways to Save Energy in the Summer
When the temperature goes up, it's a good idea to implement some ways to save energy. Making sure you are doing what you can to get your home ready for summer and to save energy can help you save money, and benefit the environment, too. Here are some great ways to save energy and money in the summer.

Writing a Teacher Request Letter
Learn the 8 things you should know before writing a teacher request letter to request a specific teacher for your child's school year.

1st Grade Math: Build a Fact Family House
Fact family houses are a great way to teach visual learners about the relationships among three numbers that make up the family.

1st Grade Math: Build a Fact Family House
Fact family houses are a great way to teach visual learners about the relationships amongst the three numbers that make up the family. Knowing fact families, especially those which create number sentences that add up to 10, are a key part of first grade math.

Spring Break Ideas and Activities for Kids
Looking forward to spring break? Try these great ideas for activities and fun for your family to break out this spring vacation!

Decorating Easter Eggs
One of the most fun things about Easter is decorating eggs with kids. You and your grade-schooler can use your imaginations and create beautiful and fun Easter eggs with these great tips and ideas for decorating Easter eggs. Have fun!

Valentine Treats for Kids
Try these yummy recipes for Valentine treats for kids, whether for a school party or a celebration at home.

Ten Test Taking Tips for Students
There are a number of test taking tips for parents, providing information about how to make the experience easier for your child, but there are also some test taking tips specifically for students. Share these tips to make the actual taking of the test less stressful.

Fun and Easy Valentine Crafts for Kids
Searching for fun and easy ideas for Valentine crafts for kids? You and your grade-schooler can create great Valentine's Day gifts and cards with these ideas.

Valentine Cards to Print and Ecards to Send
Check out these resources to find the perfect Valentine cards to print and share with people you love. You and your grade-schooler will have a great time selecting just the right Valentine cards to print and send or email to everyone on your list!

Fun and Easy Valentine Crafts for Kids
Searching for fun and easy ideas for Valentine crafts for kids? You and your grade-schooler can create great Valentine's Day gifts and cards with these ideas.

10 Tips for Flying with Kids -- and Without Stress
With preparation and some smart strategies and tools, flying with kids can be comfortable, even fun, for the whole family. Get tips to make it happen.

8 Fun Winter Activities for Families
Here are some great ideas for winter fun that's sure to put a warm smile in your family's heart.

What You Can Expect Your Child to Learn in Grade School
From kindergarten to 5th grade, here is a grade-by-grade overview of what you can expect your child to learn in grade school.

Ideas for Kids' Birthday Cakes
Looking for birthday cake ideas for your child's next celebration? Check out these great ideas for kids' birthday cakes and recipes.

7 Ways to Have a Fun Family Movie Night
Looking for great kids movies for your family? Whether you’re interested in the latest kids movies in theaters or are looking for a great family movie to watch with your kids at home, or want some fun and healthy family movie snack ideas, try these ideas for how to have a great family movie night.

Ideas for Fun Halloween Costumes, Crafts, and Treats
Get ideas for Halloween fun including fun crafts for kids, yummy Halloween treats, popular kids' costumes, homemade Halloween decorations, and more.

Natural Cold Treatments for Kids
With the safety and efficacy of over-the-counter cough and cold medicines under scrutiny for grade-school age children (and the recent recommendation that these medications not be used in kids under age 4), natural remedies are a much more attractive option for parents who want to help relieve their kids' cold symptoms. Try these tips for natural symptom relief.

When is a Child Too Sick for School?
The next time your grade-schooler complains of aches and pains, have this checklist of symptoms handy to decide whether he should go to school.

8 Steps to Discipline Children with Calm, Zen Love
What is your child discipline style? Do you keep calm or lose your cool when you discipline children? Sometimes, no one can push your buttons like a growing grade-schooler. Here's how to keep your temper in check and employ some Zen child discipline techniques the next time your child displays undesirable behavior or hurts your feelings.

What to Expect: Third Grade Subjects, Activities & Skills
Third graders have mastered the basics and are ready to explore. Here's what you can expect from third grade subjects, activities and skills.

What to Expect: Fifth Grade Subjects, Activities & Skills
Your increasingly independent fifth grader is about to make the leap into middle school. Here are the fifth grade subjects and skills to expect.

Physical Development for 5 to 10-Year-Olds
Kids go through a lot of changes between 5 and 10. This guide physical development for 5 to 10-year-olds will help you track your child's milestones.

Helping Your Child Make New Friends
By kindergarten and grade-school, children are socializing more and are increasingly making friends on their own at school. But while you are no longer your child's sole social director, you can still help your grade-schooler learn how to form positive and rewarding relationships. Here are some ways you can increase your child's social skills and help her make new friends.

Teaching Kids About Race and Cultural Diversity
Here are some great ways parents can teach their kids about race and cultural diversity, and about how to appreciate differences among people.

Great Fitness Classes for Moms
Fitness classes that are great for moms include kickboxing, boot camp, and martial arts classes. Check out your gym for these fitness classes.

7 Things to Do to Keep Your Marriage Happy
What are some ways happy couples spice things up for a strong relationship? The list of best relationship-building habits includes sending naughty texts, doing chores together, and more.

10 Great Ways to Help Your Child Become Environmentally-Aware
Here are 10 great ways you can help your child learn how to protect the environment and develop eco-conscious habits to last a lifetime.

How to Reduce Your Holiday Stress
The holidays can be a fun and festive time, but it can also cause stress. Here are some common causes of holiday stress and ideas for stress relief.

5 Common Illnesses Kids Pick Up in School
Does it seem like your child is always catching an illness at school? Try these tips to avoid 5 common illnesses kids get in school.

Should Parents Let Kids Try Alcohol?
Should parents allow kids to try sips of alcohol? Research shows that letting kids try alcohol doesn't prevent underage drinking.

Important Ways Parents Can Help Prevent Underage Drinking
Positive, enticing messages about alcohol are everywhere, but parents can prevent underage drinking and binge drinking in children with these tips.

AAP Advising Pediatricians to Talk to Kids About Sexuality
The AAP is recommending that pediatricians talk to kids about sexual education; here's what parents can do at home to join the conversation.

How Much Sleep Do Children Need by Age?
If you want to know how much your child should sleep, consult these age-based sleep recommendations. Sleep is crucial for kids' development.

Social Skills That Are Important for 4th Grade
The social skills milestones that are important for fourth graders help him discover who he is and who his friends are.

Important Social Skills Third Graders Need to Succeed
The social skills that are important for third grade relate not only to friendships and peer pressure, and also to more detailed learning encounters.

Test Taking Tips for Parents to Help Your Kids
Here are some tips for parents on how to help their child prepare for tests and learn some test-taking strategies to achieve their best.

What Is a Phoneme? - Linguistic Term
Phonemes, the smallest components of spoken language. Read about phonemic awareness in the classroom, and the history of phonemes.

When Is Summer School a Good Idea?
Summer school may be recommended for your child if he will be skipping a grade or if he has trouble with a particular subject.

5th Grade Long Division
Many teachers and math books are using a new technique known as the Forgiving Method of Long Division for 5th grade division.

A Summer Reading List for Children Entering First Grade
Parents can consult the books on this summer reading list for children entering first grade. Children can read the books on their own or with parents.

Is it Busy Work or Homework?
Sometimes it's hard to tell whether what's coming home from school is busy work or homework. Here are some telltale signs.

15 New Ways to Practice Spelling Words at Home
Boost your child's spelling skills with these creative and fun ways to practice spelling words at home.

Steps of the Scientific Method - Parent's Guide
If you're like many parents, it's been awhile since you've had to use the scientific method. Here's a quick rundown of the six steps.

Signs of Trouble With Learning in First Grade
Though some children have more difficulty than others in first grade, there are certain signs of trouble that need to be looked at more carefully.

5 Essential Kindergarten Cognitive Development Skills
Enrolling your child in school is an important milestone. Learn what five kindergarten cognitive development skills are necessary for success.

Your 7 Year Old Child - Social Development
Seven-year-old children will develop close friendships, and will enjoy forming close attachments. They will develop empathy, fairness, and morals.

What is a School Lockdown Drill?
The definition of school lockdown drills and what you can expect from one when your child is in a school lockdown drill.

How to Teach a Child to Greet People Properly
Learning how to greet people properly is an important skill kids need to learn. Here are some easy and effective ways to teach kids this skill.

Your 7 Year Old Child - Emotional Development
A 7-year-old child will have more emotional maturity than before, and will navigate transitions or unexpected changes and exercise more self-control.

Five Year Olds and Social Development
Five-year-olds are engaging much more in interactions with friends and playmates, learn how to share and cooperate, and develop close friendships.

What to Expect From a Kindergarten Curriculum
Kindergarten today is less about play and more about academic achievement. Here's an overview of what you can expect for your child in kindergarten.

6 Year Olds and Social Development
Six-year-old children will naturally gravitate toward more independence and will increasingly begin to focus more on friendships with peers.

Child Development: Your Seven-Year-Old
Seven-year-old children are becoming more confident in many of their skills at home and at school. Here's a look at the life of a typical 7-year-old.

Outdoor Party Games - Dress Up Relay Race
Kids love getting competitive and relay races such as this one are a great outdoor party game idea. Try this dress-up relay race at your next party!

Bullying Definition and Types of Behavior
What is the definition of bullying? Read about this type of behavior in school children, and the impact it has on victims.

Outdoor Party Games for Kids - Balloon Stomp
Balloon stomp is one of those raucous and action-packed outdoor party games that will get kids stomping and laughing as they have lots of fun.

Why Parents Should Not Rely on TV Parental Guidelines
TV parental guidelines are used by many parents to determine what shows are okay for kids. But research shows TV ratings may not be reliable.

Christmas Crafts for Kids
Here are some ideas for easy, fun, and pretty Christmas crafts ideas to make with your child.

Smart Solutions for the 7 Biggest Back-to-School Problems
Conquer the biggest back-to-school problems like rushed mornings and stress with some preparation and organization. Here's how.

The Pros and Cons of Year-Round School for Kids
Get the facts about the pros and cons of year-round schools with this analysis of whether they boost student performance and capacity to compete.

Good Table Manners to Teach Your Kids Today
At home or away, good table manners are crucial for kids. Even young children can be taught these rules of basic meal-time etiquette.

What Your Child Will Learn - Grade Guide
Grade school is an exciting time, packed with learning and fun. Here is an overview of what your child will learn from kindergarten to fifth grade.

Summer Arts and Crafts for Kids
Fun ideas for easy summer crafts for kids. Learn all kinds of crafts including paper fans, felt pouches, 4th of July crafts, and more.

What You Can Expect in 1st Grade
Here's an overview of what you can expect your child to learn in school as she navigates her way through first grade.

What to Put on a Babysitter Checklist
A babysitter checklist will be a great way for you to have peace of mind when you leave your kids with a sitter, and will help your sitter do her job.

How to Help Your Student Learn with a Graphic Organizer
Graphic organizers are visual charts and tools used to represent and organize knowledge or ideas. Help your child learn with these graphic organizers.

What Skills Do Kids Learn in Kindergarten?
Kindergarten kids learn a lot in very short time. Kindergarten is a crucial year to build the foundation for learning.

Print and Learn Activities for Kids
Print and learn worksheets are easy tools for kids' fun at home, school, and on the road.

How to Handle a Child Who is Talking Back
Talking back to parents is a common behavior that can be frustrating and upsetting. Here's how to handle backtalk with calm and assurance.

What Is the Definition of Decoding Skills?
Decoding skills are frequently discussed when reading comes up in conversation. What are these skills, and how do they help students become literate?

What to Do When Fifth Graders Show Signs of Trouble
Signs of trouble in fifth grade often revolve around goal-setting and peers. Learn about the signs you should keep an eye on.

Easy Steps to a Daily Family Schedule
Follow these simple steps to create a daily schedule for your family for a more structured environment. Start with analyzing your day, and writing it down.

What Parents Should Do if Their Child is Lost in a Public Place
Being in a crowded place and having your child lost can be one of the worst nightmares for parents. Here is what you should do in the event that your child is lost and separated from you.

Junk Food Ads and Child Obesity: The Link Parents Must Know
Junk food ads can quickly and effectively lead kids to make poor food choices, says research. Here's how parents can fight this insidious impact.

Seven Categories for Science Fair Topic Ideas
Here's our brief descriptions of each of the seven main science fair categories which might help your child decide on his science fair topic.

A Guide to How Children Learn to Read
It may seem as though children learn how to read to read almost overnight, but it's actually a gradual process. Learn more.

How to Save Money on Back to School Shopping
Learn about the best ways you can save money on back to school shopping with our comprehensive list of tips.

Help Your Child Learn Writing Skills
Children need lots of practice with writing to develop their skills in the elementary years. Parents can help at home with these activities and ideas.

Reading Programs: What Is Basal Reading Instruction?
Learn about Basal Reading Instruction, which uses texts that are written to teach reading, as opposed to using written texts to teach reading.

Classic Outdoor Games for Kids
As the weather warms up and kids start heading outside to play, these classic, fun games can provide kids with hours of outdoor entertainment.

Great Family Travel Games for Kids
Playing family travel games and music is an excellent way to pass the time while on a road trip. Here are ideas to try on your next trip.

Great Birthday Party Ideas for Kids
Check out these great birthday party ideas for kids for inspiration and tips to plan your next celebration with kids.

Giving Kids Chores That Are Right for Their Age
Here's a helpful guide to find age-appropriate chores plus some general tips on how to make chores more fun and rewarding for your school-age child.

Fun Beach Games and Activities for Kids
The next time you're headed to the beach, try these fun beach games for kids. From relay races to a water balloon toss, kids will love these games.

Free Advanced Coloring Pages for Older Kids
Use these nine great sources for advanced coloring pages for your school-age kid who wants a challenge to color more intricate or detailed designs.

Four Types of Writing Students Should Know
There are four types of writing students will be expected to use as classes become more writing-intensive. Learn more.

Best Tips for an Easy and Fun Family Picnic
Having a fun family picnic can be one of the best ways to spend a quiet afternoon together. Here's what you'll need for a fun picnic with the kids.

A Checklist of Kindergarten Readiness Skills
Here's a short checklist of kindergarten readiness skills to help you gauge whether your child is prepared for kindergarten.

A Parent's Guide to Fourth Grade Skills and Success
Parents can learn what children will experience in fourth grade with this list of reading, math and science skills covered at this grade level.

8-Year-Old Child Development: Behavior, Daily Routines
What are eight-year-olds thinking and feeling and doing? Here is an inside look at the lives of typical 8-year-old children.

6 Year Old Child Cognitive Development
For 6-year-old children, cognitive development will step up to a whole new level as they tackle reading and math and learn more about the world.

K-6 Children
K-6 Children.

K-6 Children
K-6 Children.

K-6 Children
K-6 Children.

K-6 Children
K-6 Children.

Make a May Basket
Learn how to make these beautiful May baskets in 4 easy steps, and get ideas for more May baskets to share with friends.

K-6 Children
K-6 Children.

K-6 Children
K-6 Children.

Regrouping Is Borrowing and Carrying Renamed
An explanation of regrouping, the math processes you may remember being called

Your paper chain will look something like this.
Make this pretty and colorful paper chain garland, which is one of the most fun and easy spring crafts for kids!

Get the materials to make these colorful paper chains.
Gather the materials to make this pretty and colorful paper chain garland, which is a great spring craft for kids.

Here's a great way to secure the ends of the paper links.
Secure the ends of the paper links to make your paper chain garland decoration.

Add another strip of paper.
Add another strip of paper to make your paper chain garland decoration.

Take one strip and tape the ends together.
Take one strip and tape the ends together to make your paper chain garland decoration.

Cut each strip in half to make your paper chain.
Cut each strip in half to make your paper chain garland.

Next, cut the paper into strips.
Cut the paper into strips to make this colorful paper chain garland, which is a great spring craft for kids.

Spring Crafts - How to Make a Colorful Paper Chain
Make this pretty and colorful paper chain garland, which is one of the most fun and easy spring crafts for kids!

Keep adding more paper strips to make your paper chain links.
Keep adding more paper strips to make your paper chain links to make your paper chain garland decoration.

Make the stamens for the felt flower
Make the stamens for the felt flower using a strip of felt.

Roll up the strip of felt to make the stamens for the felt flower.
Next, roll up the strip of cut felt to make the stamens for the felt flower.

Here is your finished felt flower.
Your finished felt flower will look like this.

Gather materials to make this felt flower.
You will only need a few materials to make this felt flower craft with kids.

Your felt flower with small petals added.
This is what your felt flower will look like with the small petals.

Begin gluing the petals for your felt flower.
Using your glue gun, begin gluing the heart petals onto your base to make your felt flower.

Make a set of small and medium hearts petals for the felt flower.
Using the paper heart templates, cut out more felt hearts to form the petals for the felt flower.

Here are your hearts and base for the felt flower.
Your felt flower base and hearts petals will now be ready for assembly.

This is what your felt flower will look like at this stage.
Your felt flower will look like this once the bigger petals are glued on.

A Beautiful and Easy Felt Flower to Make with Kids
Here is a lovely felt flower craft project that's easy to make with children.

Make hearts in a circle to form the base of the felt flower.
Use the bigger heart punch to make a heart out of card stock paper. Use that heart to make hearts in a circle to form the base for the felt flower.

Cut out the felt flower base.
Next, cut out the hearts circle and cut the lines between the hearts, leaving a bit before the center to keep the hearts attached.

Kids and Stress - Quick Stress Relief Strategies
Easy and effective ways to reduce your child's stress quickly.

Surprising Reasons Why We Need to Discipline Children
Discipline is necessary for children to grow up into healthy and happy adults. Failure to discipline can harm kids and lead to poor social skills.

The Reasons Why Parents Spank
Some reasons why parents spank and what the experts say about the effects of corporal punishment on kids.

How Do Teachers Assess a Child's Reading Skills?
Here are the tools that are commonly used by teachers to determine a child's reading skill level in elementary school.

Ideas for Easy and Beautiful Homemade Valentine Cards
Creating homemade Valentine cards with your child is not only fun, but can save you money, especially if you are making cards for friends and school.

Are Electronic Devices Taking Over Our Kids' Lives?
Kids are spending an average of more than 7 1/2 hours a day using electronic media, which includes TV, the Internet, video games, and mobile devices.

What to Do When a Child Won't Go to Bed
It's common for school-age kids to fight bedtime. Here's what to do when your child won't go to bed and fights sleep at bedtime.

Effective Tips for How to Raise a Good Child
In today's instant-gratification,

Simple steps to make beautiful tissue paper flowers with kids
Tissue paper flowers are beautiful and easy to make, and are the perfect Valentine craft or spring craft for kids.

Glue your leaves to your tissue paper flowers.
Glue the leaves onto the bottom of your tissue paper flowers.

Put some tissue paper flowers in a vase and you have a real-looking bouquet.
Get a vase and put the tissue paper flowers in it.

Assemble your materials for your tissue paper flowers craft for kids
gather your supplies to make the tissue paper flowers craft for kids

cut your tissue paper and make a one-inch fold to begin your tissue paper flowers.
cut your tissue paper into sheets and lay them on top of each other. Then make a fold to begin making your tissue paper flowers.

Keep folding the paper, accordion style, to make your tissue paper flower.
Continue folding the tissue paper for your flower.

Snip the ends of the tissue paper so that you have a rounded edge.
Trim the ends to make rounded edges for the tissue paper flowers.

add a flower stem to the middle of the tissue strip.
Take a chenille stem and secure it to the middle of the tissue paper strip for the flower.

Begin opening the petals of the tissue paper flower.
Take one side of the flower and begin opening up the tissues.

separate out the tissues to make the blossoms for your paper flowers.
Next, separate the tissue folds to open up the petals of the tissue paper flower.

Add some leaves to your tissue paper flowers.
Cut out some green leaves and glue them onto your tissue paper flowers.

Head Lice in School - What Schools and Families Can Do
Managing head lice in schools is moving toward allowing children who have lice and nits to continue coming to class.

Effective Ways to Handle Dawdling in Kids
With a little love, understanding, and patience, you can help your dawdling child move things along and get back on track.

Valentine Crafts for Kids - Heart Wreath
This beautiful and easy heart wreath is the perfect Valentine crafts for kids. All you need is some paper, scissors, and glue—so fun and simple!

begin gluing on your hearts onto the Valentine wreath.
Glue your hearts onto the Valentine wreath base.

here is your finished heart wreath Valentine crafts for kids.
this is what your finished heart wreath project will look like.

Assemble your materials for your heart wreath Valentine craft for kids.
Gather your supplies for the Valentine heart wreath.

make a large circle.
make a circle using the large bowl.

make the smaller circle for your heart wreath Valentine craft for kids.
draw the smaller circle. K-6 Children.

cut out the circle to make the foundation for your Valentine heart wreath.
cut out the circle for your heart wreath Valentine crafts for kids.

draw hearts on the pink card stock for your Valentine heart wreath.
Take your pink card stock paper and draw hearts for your heart wreath Valentine crafts for kids.

cut out the hearts and continue to make more. Then make some red hearts for your Valentine wreath craft for kids.
cut out the pink hearts and repeat the process with red card stock paper to make red hearts for your Valentine wreath craft for kids.

Punch two holes in the wreath base.
punch holes in the white cardboard base of your Valentine heart wreath.

put the ribbon through and make a knot to prepare the heart Valentine wreath for hanging once the craft is done.
pull the ribbon through and make a know to prepare the heart Valentine wreath for hanging later.

Hook the Next Color Rubber Band (Rainbow Loom Bracelet)
Page 11. To continue making the fishtail Rainbow Loom bracelet, grab the next color with the hook.

How to Make a Rainbow Loom Fishtail Bracelet
Rainbow Loom bracelets are easy and fun to make, and are the perfect craft for school-age kids. Here's how to make a Rainbow Loom Fishtail bracelet.

Keep pulling single rubber bands through.
Add more rubber bands by puling single bands through to make this fishtail Rainbow Loom bracelet.

Put the other purple rubber band on the hook.
Grab the other end of the purple rubber band with the hook to make this fishtail Rainbow Loom bracelet.

Grab the other end of the rubber band you put through.
Finally, grab the other end of the rubber band you pulled through to complete this