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Sample Low-Cholesterol Indian Food Meal Plan
This Sample Indian Food Meal Plan is appropriate for those on a low-cholesterol diet. It's a day's worth of heart-healthy meals that aren't short on flavor.

Low Fat Low Cholesterol Breakfast Recipes
There are many delicious, low fat breakfast recipes available to those of you watching your cholesterol.

Low Fat Dinner Recipes to Lower Your Cholesterol
These low fat dinner ideas will help spice up your diet. Many of these dinner recipes are quick, easy to follow, and, of course, heart-friendly.

First Steps When You get a High Cholesterol Diagnosis
You just got the news that you have high cholesterol. What are the first steps of therapeutic lifestyle changes you should take for your health?

Heart-Healthy Dessert Recipes for Your Lipid-Lowering Diet
Yes, you can have dessert - even if you are following a lipid-lowering diet. These low-fat dessert recipes are proof that you can eat dessert and keep it heart-healthy.

Quick and Healthy Recipes for Your Lipid-Lowering Diet
These quick and easy recipes will help you find a way to keep your desserts heart-healthy.

Low Budget Meals for Your Cholesterol Lowering Diet
On a tight budget? If so, these heart-healthy meals will have a huge impact on your cholesterol levels -- without making a big dent in your wallet.

Healthy Dips for a Cholesterol-Lowering Diet
This article will show you how to prepare healthy dips using a variety of different bases for a cholesterol-lowering diet.

9 Cholesterol-Lowering Oatmeal Recipes
This article suggests nine creative ways to prepare oatmeal and lower your cholesterol at the same time. It makes eating right easy and tasty.

Ways to Include Walnuts in Your Lipid Lowering Diet
Walnuts are a heart-healthy food that can be included in any part of your cholesterol-lowering meal plan.

Include Caribbean Foods in Your Lipid-Lowering Diet
Caribbean foods have various culinary influences - resulting in delicious dishes to include in your lipid-lowering diet.

Including Almonds in Your Cholesterol-Lowering Diet
Almonds can be a great addition to your diet. These tips will show you healthy ways to include almonds in your lipid-lowering diet.

Healthy Ways to Enjoy Dutch Cuisine on a Low-Fat Diet
These tips and recipe ideas will show you how to include Dutch cuisine in a lipid-lowering diet.

Healthy Condiments to Use When Lowering Cholesterol
This healthy guide will show you which condiments and toppings are healthy and which ones you should avoid if you are watching your cholesterol levels.

Enjoy Turkish Cuisine on a Cholesterol-Lowering Diet
This article will show you how to select healthy foods in Turkish cuisine when watching your cholesterol levels.

South American Food on a Lipid Lowering Diet
South American food is savory and delicious. Learn ways to include these foods in your cholesterol-lowering diet.

How to Have a Low Cholesterol BBQ
Summer cookouts can feature foods that are cholesterol bombs. Here's how to have a heart-healthy and delicious cookout with these tips for barbecuing.

Soy Products to Include in Your Lipid-Lowering Diet
There are many different types of soy products on the market. Here's how to incorporate these soy products into your lipid-lowering diet.

Can Drinking Beer Help Lower My Cholesterol?
Beer contains a few heart-healthy ingredients but can it also help keep your lipid levels healthy?

Cholesterol-Friendly Appetizers
Looking to prepare a heart-healthy appetizer for your next get-together? This article will show you how to make the perfect, low fat appetizers.

Including Berries in Your Cholesterol-Lowering Diet
All berries have healthy properties in common. These tips will show you how to include this cholesterol-friendly fruit in your diet.

Low-Cholesterol Baked Tilapia Recipes
Tilapia is one of the most heart-healthy fish available. Here's information on the benefits of tilapia with links to baked tilapia recipes.

Tips for Including Okra in Your Lipid-Lowering Diet
Looking to include okra in your heart-healthy diet? These tips will help you to include okra in your cholesterol-lowering meal plan.

Make Your Traditional New Year's Foods Heart-Healthy
These delicious tips will show you how to include your traditional New Year's day favorites if you are following a lipid-lowering diet.

High Cholesterol in Kids and Teens
Concerned about high cholesterol in your child or teen? You are not alone. Learn what foods can help lower cholesterol in children and teens.

10 Low-Cholesterol Salmon Ideas
These easy salmon ideas are perfect for your low-cholesterol diet. It's easy to include salmon in your cholesterol-friendly diet with these fantastic, heart-healthy meals.

Ways to Include Chickpeas in Your Low Fat Diet
This article will how you ways you can include delicious chickpeas in your meals plan if you are watching your cholesterol.

Ways to Include Artichokes in Your Lipid-Lowering Diet
Artichokes are a delicious vegetable that can be easily included in your lipid-lowering diet. Read about how to add artichokes to your diet.

Ways to Add Lentils to Your Cholesterol-Lowering Diet
Looking for a low fat, high fiber ingredient to add to your cholesterol lowering diet? Look no further. Lentils are a good legume to have on-hand if you are looking for a cholesterol-friendly ingredient to add to your food.

Thai Food on a Cholesterol-Lowering Diet
Thai food contains a wide assortment of cholesterol-friendly foods. Learn how to enjoy this delicious cuisine when you're watching your cholesterol levels.

Southeast Asian Cuisine Can Be Heart-Healthy
This article will provide you with some healthy tips on how to fit Southeast Asian cuisine into your cholesterol-lowering diet.

Scandinavian Cooking in a Lipid-Lowering Diet
Scandinavian cuisine offers many delicious options for your lipid-lowering diet. Learn some recipes for salads, sides, mains, and desserts.

Shrimp and Scallops as Part of a Low-Cholesterol Diet
Shrimp and scallops can fit into a cholesterol-lowering diet. Once thought to be unhealthy for the heart, this seafood is now considered a safe meat alternative.

Ways to Enjoy Italian Food When Following a Cholesterol Lowering Diet
This article will show you how to enjoy Italian food -- whether dining out or eating in - without significantly increasing your lipid levels.

Ways to Include Tomatoes in a Cholesterol-Lowering Diet
Tomatoes are heart-healthy. These tips will show you how to include them in your cholesterol-lowering diet.

How to Include Mushrooms in a Cholesterol-Lowering Diet
Mushrooms can be a great addition to your diet. This article will show you ways to include mushrooms in your heart-healthy diet.

Enjoying African Cuisine on a Lipid-Lowering Diet
This article will show you how to enjoy African cuisine on a cholesterol-lowering diet.

Ways to Pack a Low Cholesterol Lunch for Work
Preparing your meals ahead of time can help keep your cholesterol levels healthy -- and give you extra time in your day.

Tai Chi Lowers Cholesterol
There is evidence from studies that suggest tai chi can be beneficial for your cholesterol levels -- and your heart.

Yoga for High Cholesterol: Does It Work?
Yoga has long been known for its health benefits, such as stress reduction. Now, studies suggest yoga may also help lower your cholesterol levels.

Healthy Tips for Making a Low Cholesterol Dessert
Just because you're following a cholesterol-lowering diet doesn't mean you can't have dessert. Try these healthy tips for a low-fat dessert.

Healthy Sandwich Tips for Your Low Cholesterol Diet
If you are following a cholesterol lowering diet, this article will show you how to make a healthy sandwich that is high on taste - and low on fat.

Low-Cholesterol Appetizers for the Holidays
If you're looking for festive, heart-healthy holiday appetizers, look no further than this collection of low-cholesterol appetizers, dips, and salads.

Quick, Easy Low-Cholesterol Lunches Under 500 Calories
Get tips and tricks for lowering cholesterol in your favorite lunches, as well as five fantastic low-cholesterol lunch recipes under 500 calories.

4 Great Low-Cholesterol Party Dip Recipes
This article helps you plan a low-calorie, low-cholesterol party, starting with the appetizers. Here are four delicious low-cholesterol dip recipes.

How to Eat if You Have High Cholesterol and Diabetes
This article provides dietary guidelines for both high cholesterol and diabetes. Learn how to eat to improve your diabetes and cholesterol.

The Best Low-Cholesterol Desserts
Think low-cholesterol desserts aren't worth eating? Here top nutrition experts share their secrets to healthfully satisfying a sweet tooth.

Foods to Fight Inflammation and Lower Cholesterol
Eating anti-inflammatory foods may help your heart. Find out which cholesterol-lowering anti-inflammatory foods to include in your diet.

Eating Pasta on a Low Cholesterol Diet
Pasta dishes do not need to be excluded from a cholesterol-lowering diet. With a few simple tips, you can make your next meal healthy and delicious.

Could Your Sleep Habits Affect Your Cholesterol
Not getting enough sleep can affect many aspects of your health, but can it also cause your cholesterol levels to be too high?

What You Need to Know About Atherosclerosis
One of the most common consequences of untreated high cholesterol levels results in atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries.

Healthy Snacking on a Low Cholesterol Diet
A good low cholesterol diet contains a lot of cholesterol lowering foods.

Fibrates (Or Fibric Acid Derivative) Basics
Fibrates, also known as fibric acid derivatives, are cholesterol lowering drugs. Learn more about how they can help.

Using a Bile Acid Resin to Lower Your LDL
Bile acid resins are primarily used to lower your LDL cholesterol. There are some things you should know before starting a bile acid resin.

Using the TLC Diet to Lower Your Lipids
The TLC diet, or Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes diet, is a type of healthy diet that is designed to lower your cholesterol.

Health Benefits Of Apples
Apples are chock-full of heart-healthy nutrients, but can they lower cholesterol?

Can Coffee Lower Your Cholesterol?
Everyone loves a cup of morning coffee - but could it improve your cholesterol levels?

Oatmeal Lowers Cholesterol
If you are looking for foods that lower cholesterol, you might want to think of the relationship between oatmeal and cholesterol.

How Phytosterols Can Help Lower Your Cholesterol
Phytosterols are cholesterol-like molecules, found in plants, that can help lower cholesterol levels in people who eat foods containing them.

How to Start a Low Cholesterol Diet
This article explains easy steps on how to start a healthy diet to lower your cholesterol and triglycerides.

Can Pistachio Nuts Lower Cholesterol?
Pistachio nuts are a healthy food that lowers LDL cholesterol. Eating pistachios can also help you reduce your waistline circumference. Learn how.

Which Nuts Help Lower Cholesterol?
Nuts are a healthy food that is rich in good fats. Eating nuts regularly is heart-healthy, helping to elevate good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol.

Butter vs Margarine for a Low Cholesterol Diet
Should you eat butter or margarine on a low cholesterol diet? The dilemma is margarine contains trans fats and butter contains saturated fats.

How Does Drinking Alcohol Affect Your Cholesterol?
Learn about the cardiovascular health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption for healthy men and women, including raising HDL levels.

What Is Small, Dense LDL Cholesterol?
The presence of small, dense LDL in your blood may raise your risk of heart disease.

Can Cinnamon Lower Cholesterol?
There's been a lot of talk lately about the health benefits of cinnamon, but can it lower cholesterol levels?

Can Garlic Lower Your Cholesterol
Garlic has numerous health benefits, but does it have what it takes to help lower your cholesterol levels? This article will shed some light on the relationship between garlic and lowered cholesterol levels.

Can Turmeric Lower Your Cholesterol Levels?
Turmeric has many health benefits - is lowering cholesterol among them? This article will show you how the evidence stacks up.

Can Coenzyme Q10 Reduce Statin Side Effects?
New studies are finding that coenzyme q10 may be able to help with statin side effects.

Can Blood Donation Lower Cholesterol Levels?
Some studies indicate that blood donation may lower cholesterol levels and prevent coronary heart disease.

Can Eating Walnuts Help Lower Your Cholesterol?
Walnuts are a versatile nut that can be added to practically any dish. Research also suggests that they can also help keep your cholesterol levels in check.

Lipitor or Atorvastatin Lowers Cholesterol
Atorvastatin, or Lipitor, is a cholesterol-lowering drug that belongs to the statin class of drugs. Lipitor raises HDL levels and also lowers LDL and triglyceride levels.

Cholestyramine - A Bile Acid Resin
Cholestyramine is a bile acid resin that may be prescribed to help lower your cholesterol levels.

Welchol is A Cholesterol-Lowering Bile Acid Resin
Welchol is a cholesterol-lowering drug that lowers LDL, or

Which Foods Are High in Trans Fats?
Foods that are high in trans fats should be avoided if you are following a low cholesterol diet.

Does Milk Have Cholesterol? Get the Facts
Does milk have cholesterol? Yes, if it's from cows, but other types of milk are low in cholesterol or contain none at all. Learn more about milk.

Low-Cholesterol Diet: Which Whole or Refined Grains?
This article gives you tips on choosing heart-healthy grains to eat and use in cooking when you're following a cholesterol-lowering diet.

Ways You Can Prevent Atherosclerosis
Although it can be a complicated and deadly disease, there are some things you can do to prevent atherosclerosis - or lower the risk of developing it.

How To Prevent Side Effects of Niacin
Nicotinic acid is an important, cholesterol-lowering medication, but has typical niacin side effects, which leads to ideas on prevention.

Differences Between Types of Niacin Supplements
Nicotinic acid is a form of niacin for lowering cholesterol. Learn about immediate-release, sustained-release, and extended-release forms.

Zocor or Simvastatin Is a Cholesterol Lowering Drug
Zocor is a cholesterol-lowering drug that belongs to the statin class. Zocor raises HDL levels and also lowers LDL and triglyceride levels.​

General Information About Livalo (Pitavastatin)
Livalo (pitavastatin) is a cholesterol-lowering drug in the statin class of medications. Learn more about how it works.

What Is Ischemia and How Do You Prevent It?
High cholesterol levels can contribute to the formation of plaques on the inner walls of arteries, producing a condition referred to as ischemia.

Can Cranberries Lower Cholesterol
Cranberries are a healthy fruit that may help lower cholesterol levels. Studies of cranberry juice and supplements have reported encouraging results.

Can Almonds Lower Cholesterol?
Almonds are a nutritious snack, and studies are showing that almonds can also lower cholesterol.

Can I Take a Statin if I Am Pregnant?
Statins are a popular lipid-lowering medication. But if you are planning to become pregnant, should you still continue your statin therapy?

Omega-3s, Fish, and Mercury in the Diet
This article clarifies the relationship between omega-3 fatty acids

Low-Cholesterol Fast Food Choices
If you're watching your cholesterol (or your diet for any reason, for that matter, you may think fast food is off-limits.

Chronic Stress and Cholesterol
How can stress lead to high cholesterol? There may be a correlation between the two and can result in an increased risk for heart disease.

Should You Take Fish Oil or Go Straight to the Source?
Adding fish or fish oils to your diet may help you achieve healthy cholesterol levels. Find out the difference between fish and fish oils.

Human Growth Hormone and Your Cholesterol
Having a deficiency of human growth hormone could lead to complications including high cholesterol. Using synthetic HGH may not be the answer.

Can Blood Sugar Raise Cholesterol and Triglycerides?
High blood sugar levels can affect all aspects of your health - including your cholesterol and triglyceride levels Here's why and how to control it.

Benefits of Cholesterol: What Is It Good For?
Some cholesterol is actually necessary for health. Find out how your body uses cholesterol and which kinds are better and worse for your health.

Basic Information About Repatha (Evolocumab)
This summary provides basic information about Repatha, a new PCSK9 inhibitor that lowers LDL levels.

Can Diseases or Drugs Cause High Cholesterol?
Some people think that only a high fat diet can cause high cholesterol when, in reality, certain drugs and diseases can cause it, too.

Basic Information About Kynamro (Mipomersen)
This article discusses the basics about Kynamro (mipomersen).

What do Statins have to do with Inflammation?
Statins are used to control cholesterol but they also have effects in inflammation. Find out more about the connection and how they have this effect.

Ways to Include Salmon In Your Lipid-Lowering Diet
Salmon is high in heart-healthy omega-3 fats, which can help keep your triglyceride levels in check. This article will show how to include it in your diet.

Basic Information About Praluent (Alirocumab)
Praluent (alirocumab) is the first of a new class of medications that lowers LDL cholesterol levels.

Statins: Anti-Inflammatory and Other Good Effects
Statin drugs have many effects other than lowering cholesterol. They have anti-inflammatory properties and may act in other beneficial ways.

How Does Smoking Affect Your Cholesterol and Heart?
Smoking effects are numerous, including raising your cholesterol and contributing to heart disease. Find out more about how it influences LDL.

Ways to Include Avocados in Your Lipid-Lowering Diet
Read these healthy tips about how you can include healthy avocados in your cholesterol-lowering diet in breakfast, salads, and more.

Include Cranberries in a Cholesterol-Lowering Diet
Studies have shown that cranberries are a healthy fruit. This article will show you how to include cranberries in your cholesterol-lowering diet.

Ways to Include Blueberries in Your Heart-Healthy Diet
Blueberries area very versatile fruit. This article will show you how to include blueberries in your diet if you are watching your cholesterol levels.

Healthy Ways to Add Pomegranate to Lower Cholesterol
Looking for ways to include pomegranates in your heart-healthy diet? These tips will show you how,

Ways to Include Grapes in Your Lipid-Lowering Diet
Grapes are an easy, heart-healthy snack to have if you are watching your cholesterol. They can also be included in other parts of your meal plan.

Which Cholesterol Tests Are Most Accurate?
Can you trust a home cholesterol test to give you an accurate reading? Learn about the types of kits and the drawbacks of relying on them.

Ways to Include Dairy in a Low Cholesterol Diet
These healthy tips will show you how to safely include dairy in your diet without greatly increasing your cholesterol levels.

Should I Fast Before My Cholesterol Test?
You're always told to fast before your cholesterol test, but is this necessary? Get the skinny on whether you really need to fast before your test.

Consuming Eastern European Cuisine on a Low-Fat Diet
This article will show you healthy ways to enjoy Eastern European-inspired cuisine when you are watching your cholesterol.

How To Prevent High Cholesterol Levels
There are many ways to prevent high cholesterol, including diet, exercise and through smoking cessation.

What You Need to Know About Vascepa (Icosapent Ethyl)
This article provides information about Vascepa (icosapent ethyl), a medication that is used to treat very high triglyceride levels.

Ways to Fit Spinach into Your Cholesterol-Friendly Meals
There are many nutrients packed into leafy green spinach. This article will show you healthy ways to include spinach in your cholesterol-lowering diet.

Can PCOS Cause Your Cholesterol Levels to Be High?
Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) may cause a host of reproductive issues, but did you know that it could also affect your cholesterol levels?

Pantethine Lowers Cholesterol and Triglycerides
There are several studies that appear to point to pantethine having the ability to lower your cholesterol and triglycerides.

Ways to Include Beans in Your Low Cholesterol Diet
Beans are chock-full of nutrients and fiber, making them an important food to include in your cholesterol-lowering diet.

Ways to Include Bulgur in Your Low Fat Diet
Bulgur is a delicious, whole grain that is also cholesterol-friendly. This list will show you how to include bulgur in your cholesterol-lowering diet.

High Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure
This article outlines diet tips for individuals who have both high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Top 5 Low-Cholesterol Cookbook Choices from a Dietitian
These 5 low-cholesterol cookbooks offer tips and fantastic heart-healthy meals for those who are looking to control cholesterol through diet.

Tips for Grilling Out on a Cholesterol Lowering Diet
With these healthy tips, you can enjoy scrumptious foods fresh off of the grill without putting a huge dent in your diet.

Five Foods to Help Raise Your HDL or Good Cholesterol
This article features foods that can help raise your HDL, or good cholesterol. These include avocado, oatmeal, salmon, legumes, and more.

Can Chia Seeds Lower Cholesterol?
Chia seeds have become an increasingly popular food, but can they lower your cholesterol and triglyceride levels?

Sample Low Cholesterol Caribbean Meal Plan
This sample Caribbean meal plan is low cholesterol. It's a day's worth of delicious, heart-healthy meals to make eating right easy.

Eating Chinese Cuisine on a Low Cholesterol Diet
This helpful guide will show you how to enjoy your favorite Chinese recipes on a lipid-lowering diet.

Enjoying Australian Cuisine on a Lipid-Lowering Diet
Australian cuisine has many, flavorful influences. This guide will show you how to enjoy this delicious cuisine on a cholesterol-lowering diet.

Spanish Cuisine on a Lipid-Lowering Diet
Spanish cuisine encompasses delicious culinary influences from many regions. These tips show you how to include this cuisine in your healthy diet.

Tips for Eating Meat on a Cholesterol Lowering Diet
These tips for eating meat on a low fat diet will help you to select the right types of meat to eat without ruining your low fat diet.

Ways to Include Fish in Your Cholesterol-Lowering Diet
Looking for ways to include fish in your cholesterol-lowering​ diet, and don't know where to start? This article describes heart healthy ways to incorporate fish into your meals.

Delicious Low-Cholesterol Lunches
You would be surprised how many low fat lunch recipe options there are if you are looking to lower your cholesterol. This article will show you some easy - and tasty - ways to prepare your next lunch.

Which Cheeses Are Lowest in Cholesterol and Fat?
Fortunately, you can still have your cheese - and eat it, too - with these healthy tips on including cheese in your diet.

What Is High Cholesterol?
High cholesterol is a condition where too much cholesterol is circulating through your body. Find out how high cholesterol can affect your health and what you can do about it.

How to Lower High Triglycerides
Lowering high triglycerides could help you prevent health complications, such as metabolic disease and heart disease. Here are your options.

What Are The Causes of High Triglycerides
Many people don't think of high triglycerides as much as they think of high cholesterol levels, but it could lead to heart disease down the road.

Ways You Can Lower High Cholesterol
Here are the best ways you can lower your high cholesterol, and most of them require a few simple changes in your lifestyle.

Spirulina: Something New for Your Cholesterol-Lowering Arsenal?
Spirulina is becoming an increasingly popular nutritional supplement and superfood. Can spirulina also lower your cholesterol and triglyceride levels?

Beta-Glucan: How This Soluble Fiber Affects Your Cholesterol
Many studies suggest that beta-glucan may help lower your LDL and total cholesterol levels. Learn what effect this soluble fiber has.

How Unsaturated and Saturated Fats Affect Cholesterol
Learn the difference between fats that are good and bad for your cholesterol levels. The proper diet helps regulate blood cholesterol.

Sample Low-Cholesterol 2,000-Calorie Meal Plan
This sample 2000 calorie meal plan is appropriate for those who are looking to follow a low cholesterol diet.

Sample Low Cholesterol 1800 Calorie Meal Plan
This sample 1800 calorie meal plan is appropriate for those who are looking to follow a low cholesterol diet. It's a day's worth of fantastic, heart-healthy meals to make eating right easy.

Sample Low Cholesterol 1200-Calorie Meal Plan
This sample 1200-calorie, low-cholesterol meal plan is a day's worth of fantastic, heart-healthy and delicious meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks).

Salad Dressing on a Cholesterol-Lowering Diet
Salads are a staple in a diet to lower lipids. However, the salad dressing added to it can make a healthy salad laden with fat.

Fiber Rich Foods to Include in a Low Cholesterol Diet
This article describes the top fiber rich foods to include your low cholesterol diet and gives examples on how to incorporate them into your meal plan.

How to Make Your Breakfast Low in Cholesterol
How can you transform your traditional breakfast favorites to make them low in cholesterol? Use these tips to make them a healthier fit in your diet.

How to Make a Low Cholesterol Soup
Whether you plan on making it simple or consuming it as a meal, here are some ways you can make your next soup cholesterol-friendly -- and delicious.

Can Dark Chocolate Lower Your Cholesterol?
Eating dark chocolate lowers cholesterol! However, not all dark chocolate is created equal. Learn which chocolate products offer the most benefits.

Ways to Include Quinoa in a Cholesterol-Lowering Diet
Quinoa can be a great addition to your diet. This article will show you ways you can include quinoa in your cholesterol-lowering diet.

Low Fat Healthy Thanksgiving for Those with High Cholesterol
Having high cholesterol and needing to follow a cholesterol-lowering diet doesn't mean that you have to spend Thanksgiving salivating over others' meals. Here, 7 steps for a heart-healthy Thanksgiving that won't throw your cholesterol-lowering efforts out the window.

Can I Eat Filet Mignon? Cholesterol-Friendly Meat Choices
Simple swaps that help you replace full-fat meats with lower cholesterol food choices.

Korean Cuisine on a Cholesterol-Lowering Diet
These helpful tips will show you ways that you can enjoy Korean cuisine when you are watching your cholesterol levels.

Are Pecans Good for Your Cholesterol Levels?
Some studies are showing that pecans are good for you - especially when it comes to your heart health and lowering your cholesterol.

Tips for Adding Fruit to Your Cholesterol-Lowering Diet
There are many ways you can include heart-healthy fruits in your cholesterol-lowering diet. Try some of these healthy tips.

A Low-Cholesterol Food List for Your New Diet
This low-cholesterol food list is a handy tool to have at the ready when grocery shopping. It takes the guess work out of planning low-cholesterol meals.

Eating Healthy While Dining Out
Eating out when following a cholesterol-lowering diet can be hard. But with these tips, you can eat out and make low-cholesterol choices.

Ways to Include Apples in a Cholesterol-Lowering Diet
This article will show you ways you can include this delicious fruit in your cholesterol-lowering diet.

1200-Calorie No-Cook, Low-Cholesterol Meal Plan
This quick and easy low-cholesterol meal plan with little to no cooking makes eating right easy. The sample menu racks up a mere 1,200 calories.

Add Flavor and Lower Cholesterol With Sage?
Sage is a healthy herb that has been used for centuries in the preparation of delicious foods. Some studies suggest that sage may lower your lipids.

What Are Bile Acid Sequestrants?
This article will tell you the main things you need to know about bile acid sequestrants, a class of cholesterol-lowering medication.

Blueberries: Can This Healthy Fruit Lower Cholesterol?
Blueberries may not be just another delicious fruit. Some studies are suggesting that blueberries may be able to keep your lipid levels healthy.

Should I Use a Home Cholesterol Test?
Home cholesterol tests have been on the market for a long time, but is it a good idea to have one on hand to check your lipids?

Guar Gum: An Ingredient for Lower Cholesterol?
Guar gum is a popular supplement and is used in certain types of foods. Studies have shown that guar gum can also lower your cholesterol levels.

Chitosan May Slightly Improve Certain Lipid Levels
Studies have shown chitosan can help manage certain chronic medical conditions, including high lipid levels.

Do You Know What Triglycerides Are?
Triglycerides are a type of fat that accounts for the majority of fat in our diets. High triglycerides can be a risk factor for heart disease.

Can Artichoke Leaf Extract Lower Cholesterol?
Artichokes not only have a place in your casseroles - some recent studies are showing that artichokes and their extracts can lower cholesterol levels.

Can Fenugreek Lower Your Cholesterol?
Some studies suggest that fenugreek may be able to lower your cholesterol levels, but does it really work?

Basic Information About Juxtapid
This article provides basic information about Juxtapid, a MTTP inhibitor used to lower cholesterol levels.

Using Flush Free Niacin to Lower Cholesterol
No flush niacin has been toted as a way to get the benefits of niacin without the side effects of it, but does it really work?

Which Foods Contain the Highest Amount of Phytosterols?
There are many foods that contain phytosterols, including nuts, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Are "Fat Free" Foods Healthy for My Lipid Levels?
Although you should be watching your fat intake when watching your lipid levels, some foods labeled

Are Omega 3 Fatty Acids Safe for Everyone?
Just because omega-3 fatty acid supplements are available over-the-counter does not mean that everyone can take them without worry. Find out which individuals should use caution when taking omega-3 fatty acid supplements to lower their triglycerides.

What Is Dyslipidemia?
Dyslipidemia is a condition where there is an abnormal of lipids - including cholesterol and/or triglycerides - in the body.

Can Fish Oil and Omega-3 Fatty Acids Lower Cholesterol?
Taking omega-3 fatty acids may help to keep your lipid levels within a healthy range.

Side Effects of Fish Oil Supplements
Fish oil supplements are commonly taken for omega-3s. This article will discuss the most commonly experienced side effects reported with taking fish oil.

Ways to Minimize Fish Oil Side Effects
Using fish oil to lower your triglyceride levels may cause some mild, but undesirable, side effects in some individuals.

Find Phytosterols to Lower Your Cholesterol
Phytosterols have been shown to lower LDL cholesterol, but where can you find them? Whether it is in the form of a supplement or certain foods, this article will show you where you can find phytosterols.

Can I Use Fiber Supplements to Lower My Cholesterol?
Studies have shown that soluble fiber lowers cholesterol, but can fiber supplements be used to obtain this fiber in your diet?

Familial Hypobetalipoproteinemia: A Disorder of Low Cholesterol Levels
Familial hypobetalipoproteinemia is a low-cholesterol disease that may cause very mild to severe health issues, depending on severity your condition.

Best Baking Practices When Watching Your Cholesterol
These healthy baking tips will help you to make your favorite recipes a little more heart-healthy, as well as keep your lipids within normal range.

Pomegranate Juice Lowers Cholesterol
Pomegranate and its juices have been touted as a

Too Much Fiber in Your Low Cholesterol Diet
Although studies have shown that soluble fiber can lower your LDL, there is such a thing as taking too much fiber.

Difference Between Omega 3 Supplements & Prescriptions
Omega 3 fatty acids are available as over-the-counter supplements and as a prescription. This article addresses the differences between them.

Policosanol Lowers Cholesterol
Policosanol is a supplement that has been touted​ for a variety of heart-healthy benefits, including lowering cholesterol. Learn more.

Can Strawberries Lower Your Cholesterol
Strawberries contain many healthy nutrients. There is also some evidence that suggests strawberries may help modestly lower your cholesterol levels.

Can Cholesterol Lowering Drugs Be Split In Half
Cholesterol-lowering drugs can be expensive, and splitting the pills in half may be tempting if you are wanting to cut costs.

Lipoproteins: What Are They and What Do They Do?
Lipoproteins carry cholesterol and triglycerides in blood. This article discusses the different types of lipoproteins and how they work in the body.

Which Drugs Can Raise Cholesterol Levels?
If you are having cholesterol problems that you haven't had before - it could be your new medication that is raising your lipids.

Statins and Grapefruit Drug Interactions
Although statins can greatly lower cholesterol levels, statins and grapefruit do not mix - in fact, this interaction may be deadly.

Can You Eat Eggs When Watching Your Cholesterol
Eggs have garnered a bad reputation in the past due to their high cholesterol content, but studies have shown that consuming an egg a day may not have detrimental effects on your lipid levels.

How Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs Work
There are many cholesterol lowering drugs are on the market. However, not all of them work the same. Some of these drugs may only lower LDL, whereas other drugs may treat all aspects of your cholesterol profile (lowering LDL and triglycerides and raising HDL).

Phytosterol Supplement Side Effects
Although they are generally safe, some may experience side effects associated with taking phytosterol supplements to lower cholesterol.

Can Taking Selenium Influence Lipid Levels?
Selenium is a common nutrient found in some foods and many supplements. This article will show you how selenium can affect lipid levels.

Can Taking Psyllium Lower Your Cholesterol?
Although psyllium is often thought of as a laxative, there is mounting evidence that suggests it can help lower your cholesterol levels, too.

Can Resveratrol Lower Your Lipid Levels?
Resveratrol, a chemical found in red wine and grapes, has become known for its ability to promote a healthy heart, but can it also lower cholesterol?

Can Eating Okra Keep Your Lipid Levels Healthy?
Okra is a small vegetable that is packed with many heart-healthy nutrients - but can it lower your cholesterol and triglycerides, too?

Phytosterol Supplements to Lower Your Cholesterol
Phytosterols can lower your LDL cholesterol, but are the foods and vitamins supplemented with them safe? This article has the scoop.

Can Consuming Probiotics Lower Your Lipids?
Probiotics seem to be everywhere these days - from your favorite yogurt to many supplements. But can they lower your lipid levels?

What Is Causing My High Cholesterol Levels?
There are many causes of high cholesterol. The two main causes of high cholesterol - diet and genes. This article outlines what causes high cholesterol and how to treat high cholesterol.

Can Barley Lower Your Cholesterol?
Barley is a whole grain that has been shown to have many healthy benefits -- including lowering cholesterol levels. Learn more here.

Can Avocados Lower Your Lipid Levels?
Avocados have many health benefits - and some studies suggest that avocados may help lower your cholesterol and lipid levels.

Foods to Avoid on a Low Cholesterol Diet
There are many foods to avoid while following a low cholesterol diet. Any low cholesterol diet should be low in saturated fat, refined sugars and trans fat.

Eating at Fast Food Restaurants on a Low-Cholesterol Diet
Sometimes, you cannot avoid eating at a fast food restaurant. These heart-healthy tips will help you to select food items in a fast food establishment if you are following a cholesterol-lowering diet.

Race and Cholesterol: Is There a Connection?
Studies are showing a connection between race, cholesterol levels and health risks. High LDL incidence varies among different populations.

Is Niacin Safe for Lowering Cholesterol?
Although niacin is widely available, and relatively inexpensive, it doesn't mean that it's safe for everyone.

Can Mushrooms Lower Your Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels?
Mushrooms are chock-full of healthy nutrients, but can they help keep your lipid levels in check? This article will show you how the studies stack up.

Berberine Lowers Cholesterol
Berberine is a component found in a variety of herbs or supplements. There is some evidence that this chemical may help you to lower your cholesterol.

Can Guggul Lower Your Cholesterol
Guggul is a cholesterol lowering supplement that can lower LDL cholesterol and lower triglycerides. You may be able to lower cholesterol naturally.

Lopid - Gemfibrozil - Cholesterol Lowering Fibrate
Lopid, generic name gemfibrozil, is a cholesterol-lowering medication that belongs to the fibrate class of drugs that lowers triglycerides and raises HDL.

How Do Plant Sterols or Phytosterols Lower LDL Cholesterol
Phytosterols have become a popular cholesterol-lowering ingredient, but how do they work to reduce your cholesterol?

Does Arginine Lower Cholesterol Levels?
L-arginine is an amino acid that has been studied for a variety of health conditions - including lowering your cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

What Causes Low HDL Cholesterol Levels?
There are many causes of low HDL, and fortunately, many of these can be corrected through making a few changes to your lifestyle.

Information About Omega 3 Fatty Acids Lovaza
Lovaza (omega-3 acid ethyl ester capsules) is used to help lower your triglycerides.

Can Calcium Lower Your Cholesterol?
We are aware of the many health benefits of calcium, such as strengthening bones. But there is new evidence that suggests that calcium lowers cholesterol.

Chickpeas Lower Cholesterol
Although the studies are limited, they reveal that chickpeas may help lower your cholesterol levels.

Sources Of Soluble Fiber For Lowering Your Cholesterol
Foods high in soluble fiber make great cholesterol-lowering foods. Learn which foods you can add to your diet to give it variety.

Relationship Between PSA and Your Cholesterol Levels
Some studies have shown that there might be a relationship between cholesterol levels and elevated prostate serum antigen levels.

What Low Saturated Fat or Reduced Fat Really Means
Health claims related to saturated fat can be confusing. This article will show you how to decipher the differences between these labelled claims.

Foods To Eat On a Low Cholesterol Diet
When you are trying to follow a low cholesterol diet, it is helpful to know which foods to eat on a cholesterol lowering diet.

Can High Blood Pressure Medications Affect Cholesterol
Some of the blood pressure medications that you are taking could affect your lipid levels.

Lipoprotein(a): Is it a Risk Factor for Heart Disease?
Lipoprotein(a) may be an emerging risk factor for heart disease, but more studies are needed on the way it works and its effect on heart health.

Experiencing Side Effects From Cholesterol Medication
If you are experiencing side effects from your cholesterol-lowering medication, this article will show you what to do.

Health Benefits of Tomatoes to Lower Cholesterol
Some studies suggest that tomatoes may lower cholesterol, but is it true? This article will tell you whether or not you should heap the tomatoes onto your favorite foods, or leave them alone.

Information About Epanova (Omega-3 Carboxylic Acids)
This article discusses general information about Epanova, a prescription omega-3 fatty acid formulation.

Can Flaxseeds Lower Your Cholesterol?
Studies have shown that consuming flaxseeds may help to keep your lipids healthy. How can you incorporate these into your diet?

Foods High in Unsaturated Fats to Lower Cholesterol
Foods that are high in unsaturated fats are heart healthy -- and they can help you lower cholesterol levels.

Difference Between Saturated and Unsaturated Fats
There are two main types of fat: saturated fat and unsaturated fat. This article will show you what they are. and if they fit into your lipid-lowering diet.

Can Drinking Tea Keep Your Cholesterol Levels Healthy?
Tea benefits may extend to improving heart health.

Do All Fiber Supplements Lower Cholesterol Levels?
Fiber supplements are widely used to lower cholesterol, but do all fiber supplements work equally?

Monounsaturated and Polyunsaturated Fats Differences
Although there are a few differences, both types of fats can promote heart health when included in your diet.

Cholesterol, Heart Disease, and African Americans
African Americans generally have slightly lower cholesterol levels, but have a greater chance of dying from heart disease. Here are clues as to why.

Seasonal Changes and Increased Cholesterol Levels
A transition between colder and warmer seasons could cause your cholesterol and triglyceride levels to fluctuate.

Can Amaranth Help Lower Your Cholesterol Levels?
Amaranth is a heart-healthy grain with potential cholesterol-lowering benefits. How can you incorporate it into your diet in a heart-healthy way?

Which Are the Best Cooking Oils for High Cholesterol?
When preparing your favorite cholesterol-lowering foods the oils you cook with can make as much of a difference as what you're cooking.

Are There Any Cheap Drugs To Lower Your Cholesterol?
Cholesterol medications are expensive, are there any cheap drugs out there to lower your cholesterol? Here are generic and supplement options.

Do I Really Need to Worry About My High Cholesterol?
Research suggests that everyone needs to be concerned about high cholesterol. Lowering cholesterol is important to prevent heart disease,​

Can Total Cholesterol Levels Be Too Low?
Reducing high cholesterol is important for heart health, but are low cholesterol levels always desirable or do they pose another health risk?

The Role of Cheese in a Diet for Heart Health
Can a low-cholesterol diet include cheese? This article provides nutrition experts' opinions on the relationship between cheese and diet.

Should You Use Generic Cholesterol Medications?
Generic cholesterol medications, usually cheaper than brand-name products, can help you save money. Learn about these and other cost-saving options.

Healthy Deli Meat Picks for Your Lipid-Lowering Diet
Deli meat can be a delicious part of a sandwich -- but if you're following a cholesterol-lowering diet, too many slices could mean increased fat.

Common Myths About High Cholesterol Levels
There are many rumors out there circulating about high cholesterol levels. Some of them are true, however, many of them are myths. Learn about the most common myths surrounding high cholesterol.

Can Soy Help Lower Your Cholesterol
The benefits of including soy products, such as tofu, in a healthy diet have been known for some time. However, there are now studies that suggest that including soy in your diet may help lower your cholesterol.

How Does Exercise Lower Your Cholesterol
Current studies show that exercise may improve your cholesterol levels in a number of ways.

How To Lower LDL
Having high LDL levels could contribute to the development of heart disease, Fortunately, there are some ways you can help lower your LDL.

How Exercise Can Help Improve Cholesterol Levels
Exercise should be a part of your plan for cholesterol management. Even if you are at a healthy weight, it helps raise HDL and lower triglycerides.

What Are Lipidologists?
Lipidologists are doctors that are involved with lipids, the fats in your blood. They help manage your cholesterol, finding the best treatments.

Common Foods High In Saturated Fat You Should Limit
Are following a cholesterol-lowering diet? Learn about which foods contain the highest amounts of saturated fats and what healthy food to eat instead.

Can You Eat Cheese if You Have High Cholesterol?
If you're looking to lower your cholesterol levels, consider cheese. Here's how you can still enjoy cheese if you have high cholesterol.

Can The Mediterranean Diet Lower Your Cholesterol?
If you are looking for a low cholesterol diet, the Mediterranean diet may be able to help you.

Ways You Can Increase Your HDL Levels
Studies have shown that having elevated levels of HDL can be protective against heart disease. This article gives you some healthy tips on how you can increase your HDL levels.

Healthiest Cooking Oils for High Cholesterol
What are the healthiest cooking oils if you suffer from high cholesterol? Learn here about the best heart-healthy oils to use when cooking.

When Should I Suspect My Cholesterol Test Is Wrong?
What can you do if you suspect that your cholesterol laboratory test results are incorrect? Here are factors that could produce an inaccurate number.

Where Can I Get a Cholesterol Test
There's many places to get a cholesterol test. By getting your cholesterol tested, you're taking steps in protecting yourself against heart disease.

How to Select Niacin Over the Counter
Wanting to add niacin supplements to your cholesterol-lowering regimen? This article will help you decipher between the different types of niacin on the shelves.

What You Need to Know About Zetia and Vytorin
Cholesterol-lowering drugs Zetia and Vytorin had negative press with studies that question their effectiveness and risks. Here is what it means.

What Is Tangier Disease
Tangier disease is a very rare, inherited condition that results in very low levels of HDL cholesterol.

Niacin (Vitamin B3) to Lower Cholesterol
Niacin is also known as vitamin b3 and is used to lower cholesterol. Niacin can lower ldl cholesterol and raise hdl cholesterol. There are several side effects of niacin, including flushing. Flush free niacin is used to lower cholesterol and does not cause niacin side effects.

What Is Total Cholesterol?
The question,

What Does the Framingham Risk Calculator Tell You?
The Framingham Risk Calculator shows your risk of heart disease, using your cholesterol values, blood pressure, gender, age and if you smoke.

Tips for Keeping Your Salad Cholesterol-Friendly
Salad doesn't have to be boring, but the wrong ingredients can negatively impact your waistline and cholesterol. Here's how to keep it healthy and delicious.

Which Nutritional Supplements Lower Your Cholesterol?
Are there any nutritional supplements that are effective for lowering cholesterol? Here is the run down of popular natural remedies and foods.

Benefits of Niacin Supplements - Heart & Cholesterol
It is known that niacin benefits cholesterol, and there are a variety of niacin supplements that can help you to lower your cholesterol.

Memory Loss and Your Cholesterol
Studies examining some of the cholesterol side effects are finding a positive relationship between memory loss and high LDL cholesterol or low HDL.

Top Superfoods - Some Top Superfoods for Lowering Cholesterol
This article features cholesterol-lowering “superfoods”for those who are looking to follow a low cholesterol diet. It provides helpful preparation ideas to make eating right easy.

Which Exercise Routine Is Best to Lower Cholesterol?
Learn which exercises are the best at lowering cholesterol and how to start an exercise routine if you are overweight or have a sedentary lifestyle.

Lower Cholesterol With Capsaicin
The chili pepper ingredient, capsaicin, first gained notoriety for treating aching joints. Some studies are now suggesting that capsaicin may also help in lowering cholesterol.

How To Distinguish Between Low and High Cholesterol Foods
What foods are high in cholesterol? Find out how to identify high cholesterol foods with or without a label. New cholesterol guidelines included.

What to Order for Breakfast on a Low Cholesterol Diet
This article offers helpful tips for what to order at popular breakfast chain restaurants nationwide. It shows that eating out can be healthy and satisfying.

What Are Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes
Needing help to lower your lipid levels? Try giving your cholesterol and triglycerides a little TLC with these helpful tips.

The VAP Cholesterol Test - How is it Different?
The VAP cholesterol test or vertical auto panel is more detailed that a typical lipid panel. It includes measurements that may better predict risks.

The Dangers of High Cholesterol and Diabetes
High cholesterol and diabetes are two conditions that can be a recipe for a bad heart. Controlling diabetes will be important​ to limit risks.

The Basics of a Cholesterol-Friendly Diet
If you are looking for a delicious approach to eating healthy, try a low cholesterol diet or low-fat diet.

Insoluble or Soluble Fiber: Which Lowers Cholesterol?
When it comes to lowering cholesterol, soluble fiber has been shown to be the most effective in keeping lipids low.

I Have High Cholesterol - So What?
While high cholesterol may have no symptoms, it can increase risks for dementia, stroke, and heart disease. See why you need to be concerned.

Be Aware of These Statin Drug Interactions
Statin drugs have the potential for drug interactions and should be used with caution if you have some medical conditions. See which may be a concern.

The NIH DASH Diet and Cholesterol
The DASH diet helps not only your blood pressure, but also your cholesterol and weight. Find out the basics of the DASH diet and how to start.

Lowering Cholesterol? See How Popular Diets Stack Up
How do popular diet plans stack up for cholesterol-lowering benefits? This article gets a nutritionist's take on several diets and cholesterol.

Should You Stop Medications That Lower Your Cholesterol
If you stop medications that lower your cholesterol, you could be faced with more than just high levels, including heart disease and stroke risks.

High Triglycerides and Your Stroke Risk
High triglycerides are linked to atherosclerosis, in which cholesterol and other substances form plaques in artery, which can lead to stroke.

High Cholesterol and Stroke Risk
High cholesterol may increase your stroke risk. Learn more about the connection between cholesterol and risk of the two major kinds of strokes.

High Cholesterol Symptoms
High cholesterol symptoms -- can you feel them? This article discusses what high cholesterol levels may feel like and what you should be on the lookout for.

What to Expect When Getting Your Cholesterol Checked
You will get a cholesterol test that measures total cholesterol, low density lipoprotein, high density lipoprotein, and triglyceride levels. This will tell you your cholesterol levels and how much of a risk you are at for heart disease.

What Is Oxidized LDL?
Oxidized LDL is an emerging risk factor that could place you at risk for having heart disease

List of High-Cholesterol Foods to Avoid on Your New Diet
This high-fat and high-cholesterol food list advises readers which foods to avoid for a low-cholesterol diet. Take the list to the grocery store with you.

Interpreting Your Cholesterol Test
Learning how to interpret your cholesterol test will help you to learn how high of a risk you have of developing heart disease.

The Side Effects of Statin Drugs for Cholesterol
Quickly learn about the side effects of statins and how often patients experience them. An informed patient is equipped to make the best decisions.

Lower Your Cholesterol with Steel-Cut Oatmeal
Eat steel-cut oats and other cholesterol-lowering tips from nutrition experts.

Why Do Statins Cause Muscle Pain as a Side Effect?
Statins are effective cholesterol-lowering medications, but the side effect of muscle pain is intolerable for some patients. Learn why this happens.

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Understanding Test Results
Once you have had your blood drawn for your cholesterol test, it will be sent to a laboratory for analysis. Your blood test results will have five numbers listed that will tell you how much cholesterol is in your bloodstream: HDL level, LDL level, VLDL level, triglyceride level, and total cholesterol level.

Risk Factors - Can My Gender, Age or Ethnicity Place Me at Risk
There are certain risk factors that could place you at risk for having high cholesterol that you cannot change. This includes your gender, ethnicity, and age. Although certain ethnicities, sexes and ages are prone to high cholesterol, there are other things you can do to lower your risk.

Cholesterol Definitions - Cholesterol Definitions and Glossary Terms
Cholesterol definitions can be difficult to understand. This glossary fo terms will help you understand some of words related to cholesterol.


Clinical Trials
Selected clinical trials concerning the research and treatment of lipid disorders in the United States and around the world.

Fruits and Vegetables - Delicious Fruits and Vegetables Lower Cholesterol
Fruits and vegetables are always a welcome addition to a cholesterol-lowering diet. Some studies indicate that these nutrient-filled foods may also have the ability to help lower your cholesterol levels.

Choleterol Diet Advice - Dietitian Advice on a Lower Cholesterol Diet
Eating right is an essential part of lowering your cholesterol and keeping it that way. Medication can only do so much if you don't make healthy changes to your diet, too. Ellen Slotkin, RD, LDN --'s cholesterol diet advice contributor -- gives you all the ground rules you need.

Forbidden Foods - Ways to Include Forbidden Foods on Your Diet
You're probably familiar with the forbidden foods -- cheese, meat, etc -- that you were told not consume when you started your cholesterol-lowering diet. The good news is that there are many delicious, low fat alternatives to these foods, so you can still satisfy your taste buds without sacrificing. Ellen Slotkin, registered dietitian and contributing writer, shows you how.

Low Cholesterol Foods - Ways to Include Low Cholesterol Foods
There are many delicious foods to include in your cholesterol-lowering diet -- as well as many ways to include them. Ellen Slotkin, registered dietitian and contributing writer, provides you with some healthy ways to include these tasty foods in your next healthy meal.

Low Cholesterol Recipes - Healthy Low Cholesterol Recipe Ideas
Looking for healthy, low cholesterol food ideas? Look no further! Ellen Slotkin, a registered dietitian and contributing writer, gives you some great food and recipe ideas that are high on taste -- and low in cholesterol.

Weight Loss - Advice on Weight Loss and Losing Cholesterol
Weight loss can seem like a difficult task -- especially if you have a lot of pounds to lose. Where do you begin? How do you stay on track? Luckily, it doesn't have to be hard, and losing weight can have many healthy benefits -- including keeping your heart healthy. Ellen Slotkin, a registered dietitician, gives you some helpful, easy tips that will help keep you on the right track to a healthy weight.

Meat and Dairy - Eating Meat and Dairy on a Low Cholesterol Diet
Just because you're following a cholesterol-lowering diet, it doesn't mean that you have to cross meat and dairy products off of your meal plan.

Superfoods - Using Superfoods in Your Cholesterol Lowering Diet
Superfoods have many healthy benefits -- including keeping your heart healthy and your cholesterol levels in check. Ellen Slotkin, contributing writer and a registered dietitian, provides valuable tips on how to include these healthy foods in your diet.

Lower Cholesterol - Healthy Ways to Prepare Your Favorites and Lower Cholesterol
Trying to lower your cholesterol and would like to add a little bit of variety to your cholesterol-lowering diet? Registered dietitian Ellen Slotkin will help you find multiple ways to make your favorite foods heart healthy -- without raising your cholesterol.

High Cholesterol Kids - Preventing High Cholesterol in Kids
Worried about high cholesterol in your kids? With obesity and sedentary lifestyles on the rise, so are chronic health problems, such as type II diabetes and high cholesterol. Ellen Slotkin, registered dietitian and contributing writer, provides you with some ideas on how you can help prevent high cholesterol in your kids through diet.

Eating Out - Advice for Eating Out on a Cholesterol Lowering Diet
Eating out can be a little daunting -- especially if you are just starting a cholesterol-lowering diet. Ellen Slotkin, contributing writer and registered dietitian, makes eating out easy with these helpful tips.

Diet Advice - Low Cholesterol Diet Advice with Other Health Conditions
Sometimes, high cholesterol can coincide with other chronic conditions that require special attention to your diet, such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Ellen Slotkin, a registered dietitian and contributing writer, gives you easy-to-follow diet advice on what to do when trying to construct -- and stay on -- a diet for multiple health conditions.

Plant Sterols - Ways to Include Plant Sterols in Your Diet
Plant sterols have been noted to help lower LDL, or "bad", cholesterol in research studies. Here are some healthy ways to include plant sterols in your diet from registered dietitian, Ellen Slotkin.

Meal Plans - Low Fat Holiday Meal Plans for Lower Cholesterol
Need some help preparing heart-healthy meals for an upcoming holiday? Registered dietitian Ellen Slotkin offers you some help in selecting -- and preparing -- cholesterol-friendly, tasty dishes.

Cholesterol Apheresis
Cholesterol apheresis, or LDL apheresis, is a new treatment for individuals in which lifestyle modifications, natural alternatives, or the highest dosages of prescription medications do not work or cannot be tolerated.

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Stop Smoking and Lower Cholesterol Levels
Smoking isn't only linked to lung disease. In fact, it is an important cause of high cholesterol levels and heart disease. It raises the amount of LDL cholesterol ("bad" cholesterol), lowers the amount of HDL cholesterol ("good" cholesterol), and accelerates the process of atherosclerosis. If you stop smoking now, you reverse this damage.

Choleterol Diet Advice - Dietitian Advice on a Lower Cholesterol Diet
Eating right is an essential part of lowering your cholesterol and keeping it that way. Medication can only do so much if you don't make healthy changes to your diet, too. Ellen Slotkin, RD, LDN --'s cholesterol diet advice contributor -- gives you all the ground rules you need.

Cholesterol-Lowering Amino Acids
Recent research has indicated that certain amino acids may play a role in lowering cholesterol levels. Although these amino acids are usually obtained through food or manufactured by our bodies, your local pharmacy or nutrition store also has these amino acids available as a supplementation. As with any new therapy, be sure you first consult with your health care practitioner to make sure that this therapy is right for you.

Recent research has indicated that the amino acid, L-arginine, may have cholesterol-lowering benefits.

According to recent findings, the amino acid, carnitine, may possess cholesterol-lowering benefits. Carnitine is usually made by your body, but may also be obtained in your daily diet or through supplementation.

Different Forms of Exercise to Lower Cholesterol Levels
You don't have to be an accomplished athlete to beat high cholesterol. There are many forms of exercise out there to fit your hectic lifestyle. Whether you love to run a marathon or take a brisk walk with your dog, there is a form of exercise that fits your personality and lifestyle!

How Can I Prevent High Cholesterol
Even if your cholesterol is already low, you may still want to prevent high cholesterol. Ideally, you would like high HDL cholesterol, low LDL cholesterol, and low triglycerides. Bad habits, such as smoking, eating high fat foods, and not exercising, play an important role in raising cholesterol. By eliminating these risk factors, you will prevent high cholesterol.