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Bible Verses by Topic
Whenever we face anything in life, the Bible is always there to help. We can count on God's Word to guide us through the tough times or biggest joys. There are Bible verses we can memorize and ones that help in a pinch. There is inspiration to be had throughout the Bible.

Bible Verses About Death of a Loved One for Teens
These Bible verses about the death of a loved one offer comfort and guidance because God knows what we're going through when we lose someone close.

A Place for Today's Christian Teens to Grow in Faith
Find advice and resources to help today's Christian teens understand themselves and learn all about their relationship with Jesus Christ.

What the Bible Says About...
What does the Bible say about the things you face every day at school, at home, and in your heart? Here you will find advice that comes directly from the Word as well as explanations of the Scripture.

What Does the Bible Says About Masturbation?
Does the Bible clearly tell us if masturbation is right or wrong? Let's take a closer look at Scripture to see what God has to say on the subject.

17 Encouraging Bible Verses for Teens
Need encouragement? Lift your own spirits or bring comfort to a friend who is down and out with these encouraging Bible verses for teens.

9 Fun Bible Games for Teens and Youth Groups
These Bible games for teens and youth groups do more than entertain. They will teach Christian teens about the Bible and inspire their walk of faith.

Youth Worker Center
Christian teens need leadership, but even leaders need help in coping with teen issues. This is your spot to learn leadership skills, understanding teenagers, and find Christian activities.

Dating as a Christian - What You Need to Know
Dating is a part of your teenage experience, and this section is devoted to sorting through all the advice out there so you can make dating decisions that are rooted in your faith.

A Prayer of Gratitude for Times When You Feel Thankful
Sometimes we forget to say a prayer of gratitude when we are blessed by others or by God. Here is a prayer to get you started when you feel thankful.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Advice for Christian Teens
Got a question about how to live your life as a Christian in the real world? Well, you've come to the right place! Here you can find out what the Bible says about the things you deal with every day like dating, friends, family, and even the internet.

Becoming a Christian
Are you a new Christian or thinking about becoming a Christian? In this section you will find resources about how to become a Christian, living the Christian life, and tools for building and remaining strong in your faith.

Christian Entertainment
This is your spot for Christian entertainment. You can find information and reviews on books, magazines, movies, television, music, sports, and more. Want to know some famous Christians and how to relate to pop culture? It's all here.

Christian Living for Teens
Looking for answers about what it means to live your life as a Christian? Here you will find out what it means to be a Christian, finding a church, worship, and tools for your everyday Christian life.

Get Involved in Your Faith
Want to know how to meet other Christians? Where can you go to get involved while growing in your faith? Here you will find different clubs, groups, activities, and even missions where you can grow.

School Stuff
When you’re in high school and college you face tough choices. Here you can find help in getting through your education while growing in your Christian faith. You can find information on Christian High Schools and Christian Colleges, as well as how to live out your faith in a high school and college setting.

Understanding Your Bible
What’s in The Bible? What does the Bible tell us? If you want to know more about your Bible from the different versions available to helpful Bible verses, you have come to the right spot. You’ll find great bible studies for teens and even get to know a little more about the book itself.

What They Believe: Understanding Other Religions and Denominations
Not everyone in your school believes what you believe. So how do you witness or defend your faith if you don’t understand their religious beliefs? Here is some help to understanding the differences between Christian denominations and other world religions.

What do you need to know about using the Internet? Here is information about Internet safety, navigating the Internet, avoiding temptation, and great sites to help you in your Christian walk.

Keeping Your Faith Strong
Sometimes it is hard to maintain your faith. You can feel separated from God, face a lot of pressure to give up your faith, or sometimes life just seems to busy. Here are some ways that you can remain a strong Christian.

Spiritual Disciplines
We can use spiritual disciplines to build our faith. Each of them can be a useful tool in our spiritual lives.

Spiritual Gifts
What are spiritual gifts and how do they work in your spiritual walk? Are they things you can develop or just given to each of us? Find out what spiritual gifts exist and explore which ones apply to you.

Prayers for Every Situation
We all talk about prayer and doing prayers, but sometimes we just lack the words to say. Here are some prayers to help us find the words to bring to God, no matter what situation we face.

Campus Crusade for Christ International - Students Getting Involved - CCCI - Campus Crusade for Christ - Christian Teens
Originally begun in 1951 as a ministry to college students, Campus Crusade for Christ now encompasses some 60 ministries, including outreaches to the military, businesses and families. Campus Crusade for Christ sponsors a wide range of ministries in 190 countries.

Christian Colleges
Here is your guide to Christian colleges and universities. From top picks to how to choose a college, this section contains the resources you need to help make one of the most important decisions of your life.

Christian Denominations
The three major branches of Christianity are Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant. Most denominations in existence today fall under the “Protestant” category. While all three branches consider themselves “Christians,” sharing many basic beliefs, there are still some differences between them.

Bible Facts - Christian Teens - Facts About the Bible - Christian Teens -Holy Bible
In studying the Bible experts have come up with several fun facts. From the number of books and chapters to how many words are found in the Bible, here are some fun facts every Christian teen can enjoy.

Christian Teens' Denominations - Views and Positions on Homosexuality, Same-Sex Relationships, and Gay Marriage
A breakdown of each Christian denomination's views on homosexuality. Find out what position your denomination has taken and understand what others believe about same-sex relationships and gay marriage.

Christian Teens Memory Verse of the Week - 52 Weeks - Memory Verse - Christian Teens - Scripture - Bible - Christianity
Christian teens can grow deeper in their faith and gain a greater knowledge of the Bible by memorizing one verse per week and applying its message to their lives.

Mission Trip Resources for Christian Teens - Missions Trips - Christian Teens - Resources
Feeling a call to missions and don't know where to start? Do you want to plan a mission trip for your youth group? Here are some resources to help you reach out to the world.

School and Your Faith - Advice for High School and College Students
Wondering how to live for Christ on your high school or college campus? Here you can find advice on remaining strong in your faith no matter where you go to school.

Versions of the Bible
Explaining the difference between all those versions of the Bible.

Common Christian Questions
There are common Christian questions we all face. Whether we're non-believers asking questions about the Christian faith to long-time believers who just wonder about things, there are answers to be had to our most burning Christian questions.

Family Issues
Sometimes getting along with family can be tougher than getting along with friends, teachers, and other people in our lives. It's probably because family knows each other best. Here's some advice for getting along well with one another and overcoming the bumps in the road.

Ten Commandments Bible Study
Want to go deeper into the Bible? Here are the Ten Commandments, what the mean, and how you can live by them today.

7 Deadly Sins
What are the 7 Deadly Sins and what do they Mean for our Christian walk?

Armor of God Bible Study
Studying the Armor of God and how it applies to your life.

Activities for Expressing Your Faith
If you are looking for an outlet outside of a youth group to express your faith in God, you can find those resources here.

Bible Study Resources for Christian Teens
Want to start a Christian Teens Bible study? How about create your own curriculum? Here you can find all the resources you will need for a Bible study that pertains to Christian Teens.

Christian Beliefs - The Basic Building Blocks of Your Faith
Want to get back to basics and understand the foundations of your faith? Here you will find information about what Christians believe and why we believe it.

Christian Clubs
Want to find a group outside of church where you can meet with your fellow Christians? Here are some Christian clubs that meet in your high school, on your college campus, or in your community for fellowship, prayer, bible study, and more.

Holidays for Christian Teens - Holidays - Christian Teens - Easter - Christmas - Lent - Mothers Day - Fathers Day - St Patricks Day
From Easter and Christmas, there are a number of holidays that Christian teens celebrate. Here is some great information about holidays that Christian teens celebrate from great gift ideas to the origins of the holidays themselves.

Christian Music
Find out more about your favorite Christian bands and artists. From music reviews to profiles of bands, you can find it here.

Famous Christians
What to know more about famous Christians? Here you can read profiles interviews and find more information about well-known personalities from movies, television, books, and sports.

Fruit of the Spirit Study for Christian Teens - Fruit of the Spirit - Devotions - Christian Teens - Bible Study - Lessons
What is the Fruit of the Spirit? What is your strongest fruit and how can you develop the other fruits of your faith? Learn more about the 9 fruits of the Spirit along with life lessons and a prayer focus for each fruit.

Going to Church to Enhance Your Faith
As a Christian, you have probably spent some time in church. Here are some tools you can use to help you to understand the importance of going to church along with some tools to enhance your church-going experience.

Homosexuality and Christian Teens - Homosexuality - Christian Teens - Faith and Sexual Preference
What do Christian teens need to know about homosexuality? Is it a sin? What to different denominations believe about sexual preference? Are there ministries for homosexual teens? Are there ministries for Christian teens wishing to be delivered from homosexuality? Here are your resources regarding Christianity and homosexuality.

Keeping Your Faith Strong
Sometimes it is hard to maintain your faith. You can feel separated from God, face a lot of pressure to give up your faith, or sometimes life just seems to busy. Here are some ways that you can remain a strong Christian.

Movie Reviews for and by Christian Teens
Movie Reviews for and by Christian Teens

Testimony Resources for Christian Teens
Do you have a testimony to share? Want to read other Christian teens' testimonies? Or do you need to learn more about how to write your testimony? Here are your resources for testimonies.

Christian Teen Voting Resources - Christian Teens - Voting - Resources
Need help learning how to vote? Here are some helpful guidelines to find out where, when, and how to vote while also keeping faith in mind.

ChurchSpeak - A Glossary of Christian Terms
Sometimes Christians seem to be talking a different language known as ChurchSpeak. While many church leaders try to avoid using ChurchSpeak, because it makes new people feel like outsiders, it doesn’t mean that these words won’t be thrown around a bit. This glossary is here to help.

Devotionals - The Exploration of Your Faith
How can devotions help you? Using a devotional can help you grow closer to God on a daily basis. This section will help you learn more about devotionals and which devotionals will help you the most. Also, you get access to daily devotions to help you in your daily walk.

christian teens - eating disorders - anorexia - bulimia - christian teens - treatment - anorexia - bulimia - eating disorders
Even Christian teens suffer from body image issues. Here is some information on Anorexia and Bulimia, along with some helpful treatment centers to aid in recovery.

Parent Resource Center - Christian Teens - Parents - Christian Teens - Resources
Looking for help in understanding your Christian Teen? Want to know what issues your teens face? How about advice on what books, movies, and television shows are appropriate? This is the place to find answers to your questions about raising your Christian teen.

Youth Groups
Gathering together with other Christians is a wonderful way to grow in your faith. Many Christian teens spend time each week in youth group activities at their church. Youth Pastors and leaders can do a lot to ensure Christian values and growth in youth by taking an active role in their lives.

Masters Commission - College Alternative for Christians
For some graduates, college is the only choice. However, for others, Masters’ Commission allows them to go deeper into their faith and develop discipleship skills for a lifetime.

Example of a Christian Prayer to Relieve Stress
Prayers for those times when you feel really stressed.

Intercessory Prayer for Christian Teens
Christian teens may have heard the term

What are Spiritual Gifts from God?
Given to us by the Holy Spirit, Spiritual Gifts are to be honored and used well, but are not without their own controversy in the church.

Christian Teens "All About Gossip" Quiz
Are you a big gossip? Do you absolutely hate gossips? Take this gossip quiz to find out where you really stand on gossip.

All About Easter for Christian Teens
Easter is one of the most popular Christian holidays, but it is far more than Easter egg hunts and a day to go to church. Read more about the traditions and significance of the Easter holiday season.

Valentine's Day Ideas for Single Teens
Valentine's Day isn't just about having a special night out with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Here are some fun things if you're trying to have a great Valentine's Day as single teens.

New Year's Resolutions for Christian Teens
Trying to set some goals for the New Year? Try these spiritually-based New Year's Resolutions designed just for Christian teens.

Simple Sample of a Thanksgiving Prayer
Here is a simple Thanksgiving prayer you can say on this day celebrating gratitude.

A Prayer for the New Year to Start Off Right
It's always good to start the new year off with a prayer. Here is a simple prayer for the new year.

Easy Easter Prayer for the Holiday Season
Here is an easy Easter prayer that you can say this holiday season.

What is Ash Wednesday? - Beginning of Lent
What is Ash Wednesday, and what relation does putting ashes on the forehead have to do with Easter?

What is Palm Sunday? - Explanation in Catholicism
What is Palm Sunday, and how is it an important Eater holiday?

The Perfect Bible Verses for the New Year
There are a number of Bible verses to help take us into the New Year and beyond. Here are some New Year's Bible verses for us to reflect on.

The Perfect Bible Verses for Christmas
It's always good to remind ourselves what the Christmas season is really about by studying the Bible verses about Christmas. From the Nativity Story to predictions about the birth of Jesus…here are some Bible Verses that remind us that the reason for celebration is the Lord.

Bible Verses for Christmas - Christmas Bible Verses - Page 2
It's always good to remind ourselves what the Christmas season is really about by studying the Bible verses about Christmas. From the Nativity Story to predictions about the birth of Jesus…here are some Bible Verses that remind us that the reason for celebration is the Lord. Page 2.

Should Christians Be Reading Harry Potter?
Should Christian teens be reading the

Christian Teens - Harry Potter - Continued Discussion of Should Christian Teens Be Reading Harry Potter
Should Christian teens be reading the


Why Godly Friendships Matter
When we discuss our friends, it's important that we have godly friendships in our lives.

Dangers of Teen Sexting
There are a number of dangers of teens sexting, some spiritual, some emotional, and some physical.

Spiritual Gift of Prophecy
How do you know if you have the spiritual gift of prophecy? There are certain characteristics that define this gift.

Dating Advice Books for Christian Teens
Sometimes we need a little more advice when it comes to dating. Here are some dating and relationship advice books on dating for Christian teens.

Bible Verses on Betrayal
Betrayal is something we unfortunately experience in our lives. Here are some bible verses on betrayal to guide you through the pain.

Bible Verses About Fathers - Scripture
What does the bible say about your dad? There are a lot of bible verses on fathers from how to be a good one to how to honor your father.

Bible Verses for Graduation
Graduation is a time filled with excitement and confusion. There are plenty of Bible verses for graduation time to fill you with hope, give you strength, and guide you toward success.

Small Group Icebreaker Games
Icebreakers are a great way for small groups to get to know one another. Here are some fun icebreakers to use to get to know one another.

Getting Over a Betrayal
Getting over a betrayal takes work and effort. It's not easy, but here are some ways that can help.

What the Bible Says About Homosexuality
What is homosexuality and why are some Christians so opposed to it? Here we'll take a look at homosexuality and what the Bible has to say on the subject.

Bible Verses on Abstinence
What does the Bible say about abstinence? Here are some Bible verses that give us insight on God's expectations about abstinence.

What is the Armor of God
The armor of God is our protection against spiritual warfare. Each piece of the armor helps to minimize doubts and temptations in our lives.

Bible Verses on Ministry
When you feel called to ministry a great place to start is by reading the Bible. Here are some Bible verses on ministry to get you started.

The Christian Imagination
Your imagination is an important part of your faith. Find out why the Christian imagination is essential to our daily walk.

7 Reasons Why Some Parents Choose Homeschool
Here are 7 reasons why a parent may choose to homeschool their child.

Bible Verses on Homeschooling
Here are some Bible verses on homeschooling when you need a little encouragement.

A Prayer for Your Sister
Need some help saying a prayer for your sister? Here is a simple one to get you started.

What Causes Spiritual Distraction?
There are so many things that come in and distract us from our faith. Here are some major things that provide spiritual distraction.

What to Expect Your Junior Year in High School
Welcome to being an upperclassman! Here's what you can expect from your Junior Year in high school.

11 Reasons Why We Should Read Our Bibles
You know you're supposed to read your Bible, but why? Here are 11 reasons we should read our Bibles.

Bible Verses on When Bad Things Happen
There are plenty of verses about when bad things happen. Our lives are far from perfect, but God is always there to provide and support us.

What it Means to Turn the Other Cheek
What did Jesus mean when he told us to turn the other cheek, and how does it reflect upon ourselves and God?

Prayer to Get Over a Break Up - Turning to God
Getting over a breakup is hard, but God can be there with you. Here is a prayer for getting over your heartbreak.

Psalms 118 Center of Bible Fun Facts
Do you know what Bible verse is at the center of the Bible and its significance? Get centered in your faith with Psalm 118.

Bible Verses About Joy to Brighten Your Day
Need a little joy in your life today? Here are some Bible Verses to help any Christian teens add a bit of happiness to their lives.

What to Expect Your Sophomore Year in High School
Now that you're not a freshman any more, expect things to be different in your sophomore year of high school. Be prepared for a few changes in 10th grade.

Tips When You’re Homeschooled
How does a person deal with being homeschooled? Here are tips to take advantage of the positive side of being homeschooled?

Environmental Organizations for Christians
Want to find a Christian Environmental Organization that helps us understand the importance of environmental stewardship? Here are a few that keep us focused on God's desire for us to care for the environment.

Top Streaming Podcasts for Christian Teens
Wish you could find good podcasts for your mp3 player? Well, there are a lot of Christian podcasts available, but which ones are the best for teens? Here is a list of the top 10 podcasts for Christian teens.

Christian Teen Scholarship Online Resources
Need help finding money to pay for college? Here are the top sites for Christian teens seeking to pay for their education.

Christian Teens and Eating Disorder Treatment - Christian Teens - Eating Disorders - Treatment - Anorexia - Bulimia - Faith-Based
Christian teens suffering from eating disorders may need help from specialists. Here is a list of eating disorder treatment centers that specialize in treating anorexia and bulimia both in the U.S. and internationally.

8 Ways Christian Teens Can Support the Troops
As a Christian teen you may feel called to offer support to the military overseas. Here are some ways that you can help.

Chi Alpha - Group for Christians in College - Chi Alpha Campus Ministries - Christian Teens - College - Activities - Clubs - XA
Looking for a Christian group on your college campus? Why not check out your local Chi Alpha group? Learn a little about this student led fellowship group that helps students remain strong in their faith and reaches out to the community.

What is Repentance?
What is repentance and what does it mean to our faith and our lives? How can we be truly repentant as we go on our Christian walk?

How Do We Repent?
How do we repent? What is it that makes repenting so different from just asking for forgiveness?

How to Meditate
Some people find meditation helpful in getting closer to God. If you're not sure how to get started, here is some advice on how to meditate.

Is It a Sin to Get a Body Piercing?
Is it okay to get pierce. There is a fierce debate over whether or not body piercing is a sin. Find out what it's all about.

A Hidden Meaning in “The Twelve Days of Christmas?”
Find out if there is really a hidden meaning in the

Who Were the Three Wise Men?
Who were the infamous three wise men, or magi? And why did they travel so far to visit the baby Jesus?

Bible Verses on Repentance
It is important that, when we sin, we turn to God. There are many Bible verses on repentance that remind us why it is important.

Bible Verses on Courage
Living a strong faith takes a lot of bravery, and there are a number of Bible verses on courage to inspire us.

Bible Verses on Flirting
There are a number of Bible verses on flirting that remind us that our behavior and what we say matter.

What the Bible Says about Flirting
What does the Bible tell us about flirting? Is it as harmless as we seem to think?

A Parent’s Prayer: Guiding Your Teen’s Decisions
We all hope our teens will make the right decisions, but saying a prayer for your teen to make good decisions brings God into the equation.

Bible Verses on Pleasing God
What exactly does it mean to please God? Here are some Bible verses on pleasing God that can help you understand it a little better.

Bible Verses on Hate
Hate can be a pervasive thing, which is why there are Bible verses warning us against letting hate into our hearts and explaining how to deal with it.

Bible Verses on Hearing God
There are plenty of Bible verses on hearing God, but what does it mean when you do...or should you?

Bible Verses: Mary and the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus
Mary wasn't just there to give birth to Jesus, she was also there to be his mother. Here are some bible verses on Mary and the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

What Does It Mean to Be Assemblies of God?
What is the Assemblies of God church, and what do people that consider themselves Assemblies of God believe?

What Does It Mean to Be Presbyterian?
What is the Presbyterian church, and what do they believe? Learn a little more about what it means to be a Presbyterian.

How God Develops Your Character
God develops our character in a number of ways. He's always working to help us be more Christ-like in our daily lives.

How to Build a Better Prayer Life
There are a number of ways to build a better prayer life from making it a habit to using your prayer time as reflection.

A Prayer for Deliverance
When things get rough, or when we're feeling separated from our faith, we need to turn to God. The best way to do that is through a deliverance prayer.

Bible Verses on Deliverance
When we look to understand deliverance, there is no better place than the Bible to give it meaning. Here are some bible verses on deliverance to help.

What Does it Mean to Be Baptist?
What does it mean to be a Baptist? Learn more about the denomination from how it started to what sets them apart from other denominations.

What Does it Mean to Be Lutheran
What does it mean to be a Lutheran? What do Lutheran's believe, and how does it differ from other denominations?

5 Lessons from Noah
The story of Noah isn't just there to warn us about God's judgment on society, but it's also there to offer up a lot of life lessons about strength and peer pressure.

What the Bible Says About Appearance
What does the Bible say about appearance? With fashion reigning supreme, how are we to know what emphasis God places on the way we look?

10 Ways to Fight Depression
Here are some ways to help fight depression, or things you can do just when you're sad.

How Are Christians Supposed to Look at Dating?
There's all kinds of advice out there about teenage dating, but Christians are supposed to live up to a different standard. What is that standard and how are Christians supposed to date? This article will explains the biblical principles that should guide your Christian dating decisions.

Tips for Christian Dating (continued)
Continue reading about Christian dating and what biblical principles should guide your dating decisions... Page 2.

Overcoming Barriers to Faith
What keeps people from becoming Christians? Here are several barriers to belief that can get in the way of people becoming Christians or understanding why you believe what you do.

Teens of the Bible: Mary, Mother of Jesus
Mary is one of the most prominent teens of the Bible, and she was a great example that faith and courage can come at any age.

Top 4 Christian Teen Eating Disorder Treatment Programs
While there are hundreds of eating disorder programs around the world, there are only a handful of programs that cater to Christians. Many Christian teens suffering from anorexia or bulimia can benefit from treatment that incorporates their faith.

Going to Youth Group for the Right Reasons
Sometimes we go to youth group for all the wrong reasons. What are the right ones, and how do we stay on track?

Spiritual Discipline of Celebration
The spiritual discipline of celebration is often dismissed in favor of more

Bible Verses on Procrastination
The Bible has plenty to say about procrastination. It's important that we try to get things done before we have to panic about getting them done.

Warning Signs that Your Teen is a Victim of Cyberbullying
The internet is a rough place, especially for teens. Here are some warning signs of cyberbullying to watch out for.

Bible Verses on Grace
Here are some Bible verses on God's grace and how He works in our lives.

What is the Spiritual Gift of Administration
Do you have the spiritual gift of administration? There are certain characteristics that define this gift of administration.

Prayer for the Underprivleged and Poor
There are so many people that have less than us. Here is a prayer for the underprivileged and poor.

Second Commandment Means No Idols
The second commandments tells us not to worship any idols. What does that commandment actually mean, and how does it impact our lives today?

What is the Spiritual Gift of Hospitality
Do you have the spiritual gift of hospitality? Here are some characteristics of this gift to help you figure it out.

Understanding the Gospel of Mark
There are four gospels in the New Testament, and Mark is the shortest. Yet it is packed full of stories about Jesus' life and his ministry.

Foundations of Good Stewardship
One of the most difficult spiritual disciplines is stewardship over our money. Here are some underlying concepts behind having good stewardship.

Stupid And Fun Youth Group Games
No one said youth group games had to be boring or smart. Here are some games for your youth group that are outrageously, stupidly fun!

Know When It’s Time to Give Up
Knowing when to give up on something means understanding that God may have different plans. Still, it's not always an easy decision...

How to Persevere through Anything
What is perseverance, and what does it have to do with our faith? Learning to persevere means we never give up on our goals.

Bible Verses on Perseverance
There are a number of Bible verses on perseverance, mostly because God wants to give us strength to never give up.

Bible Verses on Worship
Here are some Bible verses about worship and its importance in our Christian walk.

Bible Verses About Accepting Christ
Becoming a Christian can begin by understanding what the Bible has to say about accepting Christ.

What are the General Epistles
What are the New Testament's general epistles and how do they differ from the letters Paul wrote?

What the Bible Says About Complaining
The Bible says a lot about complaining, and not much of it is good. How do we keep ourselves from falling into a habit of complaining?

Fruit of the Spirit Bible Study: Kindness
What does the Bible say about kindness and growing in this fruit of the Spirit? What lessons about kindness can we apply to our lives?

Ninth Commandment - Do Not Lie
The ninth commandments tells us not to lie. What does that commandment actually mean, and how does it impact our lives today?

Tenth Commandment - Do Not Covet
The tenth commandments tells us not to covet. What does it mean to covet, and what does that commandment impact our lives today?

A Prayer for the Graduate
Saying a prayer for the graduate is a wonderful gift you can give. Here is a simple prayer for the graduate that can get you started.

Should Christians Be Using Foul Language
Foul language doesn't exactly set the best example for your faith. Learn why using profanity may not be the best idea and how to break the habit.

Bible Verses on Lust
What does it mean to lust after someone? Is lust a sin? Here are some Bible verses that explain why lust is a sin and what makes lust so different than love.

How to Recruit the Right Youth Workers
Youth workers don't grow on trees, and when we're looking for those to lead our teens, it's important that we recruit the right youth workers.

How to Stick to Your Commitments
Promises are made to be kept, so here are some ways for you to stick to your commitments.

Girl Power: Being a Girl in God’s World
Being a girl in God's world means something different than just trying to navigate everyday life for a young woman, and it means living for Him first.

Man of God: Being a Boy in God’s World
What does it mean to be a boy in God's world? Learn what it means to walk that line between being a boy and being a man of God.

Should a Christian Be a Vegetarian?
Vegetarianism is becoming more popular, but should a Christian be vegetarian? What does the Bible have to say about not eating meat?

7 Great Mothers Day Gift Ideas
Need a gift for Mom this Mother's Day? Here are 6 things you might want to consider that can fit into almost any teen's budget.

What the Bible Says About Smoking
What does the Bible tell Christian teens about Smoking and why does the habit matter?

What the Bible Says About Sex
What does the Bible say about sex? Is it good or bad. Let's take a look at the scriptures to see what God has to say on the subject.

What the Bible Says About Gossip
What does the Bible tell us about gossip? Maybe it's time to take a closer look at how we talk about on another.

What the Bible Says About Astrology
Should Christians be looking to the stars for advice? The Bible actually has a lot to say about Astrology.

What to Expect Your Senior Year in High School
Knowing what to expect your senior year of high school can help you make your way through what is the most exciting and bittersweet year.

Is It a Sin to Be Angry With God
Anger with God can lead to a closer relationship with Him if you allow it. Yet, some of us have a hard time letting go of anger.

What the Bible Says About Godly Behavior
Christian teens hear a lot about

6 Ways to Build Up Your Self Esteem
Self-esteem is a fragile thing, so here are some ways that you can build up your self-esteem.

10 Ways to Destroy Your Self-esteem
We tell ourselves so many lies that destroy our self-esteem. Here are ten ways we keep ourselves down.

10 More Ways to Build Your Self-Confidence
We can never have enough ways to build up our self-confidence, because it's sometimes too easy to lose. Here are some new ways to build it up.

What Makes a Bad Friend?
What is it that makes a bad friend? Here are some signs it might be time to distance yourself from that friend.

8 Ways Christian Teens Can Cope with Stress
Stress isn't reserved for grown ups - teens feel it too. Here are 8 ways Christian teens can cope with stress.

Solitude as a Spiritual Discipline
Solitude is an important spiritual discipline we often overlook. Finding time alone is an important part of growing closer to Him.

Service is a Spiritual Discipline
Service is one of the easiest spiritual disciplines to put into action, but it takes more than just giving back to be a true servant.

7 Things Christian Teens Can Be Thankful For
Here are 7 things Christians can be thankful for this year.

Christian Teens and the Prom
While Prom is a great time of celebration, it is also a time of temptation. Here are some resources to help you make the most faithful decisions that will keep your Prom night fun-filled and memorable in all the right ways.

Description of Catholicism
What do Catholics believe? How does Catholicism differ from other Christian denominations?

How to Write Your Testimony
Need some help putting together your testimony? Here are some tips to help you write yours.

Why Going Green is Christian
Every Christian teen should learn about why

Tips for Paying Attention in Church
Here are some easy ways you can pay attention in church rather than missing out on a chance to hear the message.

How to Design a Christian Teens Bible Study
Can't seem to find a pre-designed bible study that works for your youth group? Learn how to design your own bible study for Christian teens.

How to Maintain a Long Distance Friendship
Distance can put a strain on relationships, but there are ways to make sure your long distance friendships stay strong.

How to Have Fearless Faith
Learning to have a fearless faith takes time and effort, but with time we'll take the fear out of living for God.

How to Heal a Broken Friendship
Learning to heal a broken friendship can lead to us having friends that last a lifetime and repairing hurts that plague us.

How to Have a Healthy Argument
We're never going to agree all the time, so when we disagree it's important to know how to have a healthy argument rather than a destructive one.

The History of Christmas
Christmas as Christian teens know it today came about through an evolutionary process. Find out how we came to celebrate the Christmas we know today.

A Christmas Prayer
Let us not forget why we celebrate the Christmas holiday by saying this simple Christmas prayer.

Spiritual Discipline of Chastity
What exactly is the spiritual discipline of chastity? There are ways to practice this spiritual discipline of chastity in an over sexualized world.

The Spiritual Discipline of Simplicity
The spiritual discipline of simplicity asks us to get back to basics, but is it as easy as it sounds?

How to Overcome Disappointment
Overcoming disappointment is an important part of our Christian walk. Sometimes we need to learn that what we want isn't always what we should get.

Getting to Know Leah, A Teen in the Bible
Leah was an important teen of the bible, as she taught us a lot about disappointment, decisions, and a desire to be loved. Her choices set an example for us all.

Basics of the Christian Faith
Let's get back to basics. What is the foundation of your faith? What should you know about your Christian faith?

FAQs About Rape for Christian Teens
Rape is devastating, but there is still a lot of misinformation out there about date rape. Get some questions answered to understand date rape better.

FAQs About Rape for Christian Teens Continued- Frequently Asked Questions - Rape - Christian Teens
In America a woman is raped every two minutes. This startling statistic brings to light an important issue for Christian teen girls - rape. While many Christian teens believe that most rapes are committed by a stranger, the facts show that most rapes are committed by someone close to the girl, like a friend, boyfriend, or date. Here are some answers to more common questions regarding date rape. Page 2.

Is Meditation a Christian Spiritual Discipline?
Is Meditation one of the Christian spiritual disciplines? How can we use meditation to grow in our faith?

9 Ways for Teen Girls to Prevent Rape
Rape is something no one wants to experience, but so many women do. Here are 9 ways you can lower your risk for being a victim of rape.

How Judaism is the Root of Chrisitanity
If Jesus was a Jew, why did his own people reject Him? What connections do Christians share with Jews? How does a Christian relate to a Jew? All of these questions may be running through your mind when you find out one of your friends is Jewish. In order to be a good witness, you need to understand a little about Judaism.

Origins of Easter Traditions and Symbols
Do you know why we use bunnies and eggs to represent Easter? Find out how these pagan symbols became representations of this Christian holiday.

The Last Supper: Why Did Jesus Wash the Disciples’ Feet?
Why did Jesus wash the disciples feet at the Last Supper? It has greater significance than you might think.

Bible Verses on Unconditional Love
There are a number of Bible verses about unconditional love that remind us to love one another without expectations.

Understanding Unconditional Love
Unconditional love is something we talk about a lot, but unconditional love is an important part of our faith.

Bible Verses on Forgiving Yourself
Sometimes the hardest person to forgive is yourself. Here are some Bible verses on forgiving ourselves.

What are the Pauline Epistles
The Pauline Epistles are the New Testament letters believed to have been written by the Apostle Paul. This article lists the order, lessons to learn, and controversy of these letters.

Understanding the Gospel of Luke
The Gospel of Luke is the third book in the New Testament, and shows the positivity and love that surrounds the life of Jesus.

How to Become a Christian - Taking That Leap of Faith
How to become a Christian. Want to know more about what Christians believe? Ready to take that leap of faith and become a Christian? This article will explain the basics of Christian faith and tell you how to take the first step in following Christ.

Job Bible Study: God Desires Our Growth
In the Book of Job, we learn just how much God desires our spiritual growth, and sometimes that means going through some hard times to get there.

Fostering Responsible Youth Leaders
Teens learn responsibility from their leaders. Fostering responsible youth leaders is an important for a successful youth ministry.

Popular Versions of the Bible
Ever wonder why there are so many Bible translations? What is the difference in the popular versions of the bible. Let's take a closer look.

Tips for Staying Safe on the Internet
All of these social networking sites are a part of being a Christian teen today. However, it's important to make sure that you are being safe while using these sites.

10 Ways Christian Teens Can Be Environmentally Friendly
Not sure how Christian teens can help the environment? Here are 10 ways we all can be more environmentally friendly.

See You At the Pole
Christian teens looking for a way to show their faith can find it with See You at the Pole, when students gather at the flagpole and pray together.

Fruit of the Spirit Bible Study: Gentleness
Go deeper into the fruits of the Spirit. What does the Bible say about gentleness? How can you grow in this fruit of the Spirit?

Bible Verses About Your Mother
What does the Bible say about your mom? Here are some Bible Verses that can tell you a little about her.

Job Bible Study: An Overview of the Book of Job
The Book of Job provides us with important life lessons about trusting in God, spiritual growth, and just how God approaches the world.

Job Bible Study: God Sees and Knows All
The Book of Job teaches us that God sees everything, is everywhere, and all powerful. Learn how God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient.

Job Bible Study: Trust in God
Trust in God is one of the biggest lessons in the Book of Job, and trusting God when we're suffering isn't always that easy.

Christmas Movies with Great Christian Lessons
There's nothing like watching Christmas movies during the holiday season. Yet, while we may only think of them as feel-good movies, there are actually plenty of Christian lessons found in almost every Christmas movie we watch.

Great Movie Picks for Youth Group Events
Having a youth group outing but tormented over what movie to bring? Sometimes it is hard to know which movies are acceptable for youth group events. Here is a list of some great movies that most Christians find acceptable to show to Christian teens.

Christian Teens - Movies - Youth Groups - The Best Movies for Youth Group Activities - Page 2
Having a youth group outing but tormented over what movie to bring? Sometimes it is hard to know which movies are acceptable for youth group events. Here is the continuing list of some great movies that most Christians find acceptable to show to Christian teens. Page 2.

Top 8 Books for Youth Worker Development & Growth
Youth ministry requires commitment and a Christ-centered heart. Here are some books that offer inspiration and techniques to help you learn and grow.

Five Christian Teen Bibles
Looking for a Bible that speaks to your life as a Christian Teen? Here are the top 5 Bibles for Christian teens.

Top 10 Devotionals for Christian Teens
Doing daily devotions are helpful to growing in your faith. Here are some devotionals that will help you grow closer to God while learning about how to live your life as a better Christian.

Best Devotionals for Christian Teen Girls
Want to find a devotional that is written just for you - a girl? Here is a list of the top 5 devotionals written for girls so that talk about the issues you face every day.

Laziness vs. Rest
It's easy to mix up rest and laziness, but there is actually a huge difference between the two. Understanding rest vs. laziness means getting what we need from some important relaxation.

Bible Verses on Laziness
The Bible warns us against laziness and reminds us why work can be both important and rewarding. Here are some Bible verses on laziness.

6 Reasons Why Rest Is Important
It's hard to rest, because we live in a crazy world. However, here are 6 reasons to rest that are not only real, but biblical.

Bible Verses on Rest
The Bible is pretty clear that rest is important. Here are some Bible verses on rest that remind us why.

Bible Verses on Worldliness
There are a number of Bible verses that remind us how to avoid becoming worldly and what worldliness actually means.

A Prayer on Worldliness
When we find ourselves being too worldly, we should turn to God. Here is a prayer on worldliness to get you started.

6 Signs of Worldliness
How do you know when you're too wordly? Here are 6 signs of worldliness.

What is Worldliness?
A strong Christian walk means we learn to avoid worldliness, but what is worldliness and what can we do to avoid being trapped in it?

How to Be a Good Loser
No one likes to lose, but learning how to be a good loser means we're acting as our best Christian selves in hard times.

How to Be a Great Dad to Your Teenage Daughter
Being a great dad to your teenage daughter can go a long way in making her a woman of Christ.

What is Communion?
Communion is an important part of our faith that reminds us of Christ's victory, so understanding how it fits into our faith brings us closer to Him.

What's the Methodist Church's Position on Homosexuality?
What position does the Methodist Church take on homosexuality, same sex marriage, and gay relationships? Find out more about the positions of the Methodist Church regarding this controversial subject.

7 Misconceptions About Christianity
There are many misconceptions about Christianity that people continually perpetuate. Here are some myths about the Christian faith.

What are the Names of God in the Bible?
God goes by many names throughout the Bible, each having a special meaning. Here are many names of God in the Bible.

7 Ways to Use a Prayer Journal
A prayer journal can be a powerful tool to help you grown and enhance your relationship with God. Here are 7 ways to use a prayer journal.

Common Christian Questions: I’m Just a Teen, So Why Would God Use Me?
God can use anyone to fulfill his purposes, and He can definitely use teens. Here are some examples of teens God used and how you can let Him in.

Teens of the Bible: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego
Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were great examples of how teens can be faithful to God, even when facing persecution for what they believe.

Teens of the Bible: Salome
Salome was just a teen when she asked for John the Baptist's head on a platter. What motivated her to request something so gruesome?

Teens of the Bible: Daniel
Daniel is a significant figure in the Old Testament, but his story didn't just begin when he was an adult. He shows that teens can be used in many ways.

Top 5 Christian Summer Camps for Teens to Grow Their Faith
This list of Christian summer camps for teens features camps where youth can grow in their faith through Bible studies and outdoor adventures.

Armor of God Bible Study: The Cloak of Zeal
The Cloak of Zeal may not be in Ephesians 6, but it is just as effective a piece of the Armor of God.

Armor of God Bible Study: The Shield of Faith
The Shield of Faith protects us from the fears and doubts that can sometimes plague our Christian walk.

Armor of God Bible Study: How Strong is My Armor?
How do we know if the Armor of God we're wearing right now is strong enough? Here are some questions to get you started.

Armor of God Bible Study: The Sword of the Spirit
The Sword of the Spirit allows us to cut out the bad influences and parts of our lives that keep us away from God.

Armor of God Bible Study: The Helmet of Salvation
The Helmet of Salvation protects us from the things that push us away from God.

Armor of God Bible Study: The Breastplate of Righteousness
How does the Breastplate of Righteousness protect us from attacks by the enemy?

Armor of God Bible Study: The Shoes of Peace
The Shoes of Peace are designed to keep our evangelism skills strong so we can talk to others about God.

Armor of God Bible Study: Belt of Truth
The Belt of Truth helps keep us honest, just a God is honest with us.

Bible Verses on Cutting
Some people use cutting as a way to cope, but God has other plans for us. Here are some Bible verses on cutting.

What Is Cutting?
Cutting can be a sign that someone is going through a tough emotional time, but it's also a time when people need patience and help.

Common Christian Questions: Is it Okay to Be Vegan?
Many Christians question whether they can be a Christian and a vegan at the same time.

Should Christians Stand Up for Themselves?
Is it okay that Christians defend themselves if they're confronted or are we going against the teaching of Jesus?

Bible Verses on Rejection
Here are some bible verses about rejection that can help get us through when our heart hurts.

6 Reasons Rejection is Good for Us
No one wants to be rejected, but it happens. Here are six ways rejection is good for us.

How to Overcome Shyness
Shyness is nothing to be ashamed of, but there are times we need to learn to overcome our shyness to live our lives.

Bible Verses on Helping Others
The Bible tells us a bit about why it's important to help others. Here are some Bible verses on helping others.

12 Ways to Overcome Boredom
What do you do when your bored? Here are 12 things to do when you're bored to get you out of that rut.

7 Deadly Sins: Wrath
Wrath is a pervasive deadly sin that pulls us into ourselves and drives others away as anger becomes harsher and darker.

7 Deadly Sins: Greed
The deadly sin of greed takes us to new levels of want, desire, and covetousness that limit our relationship with God and others.

7 Deadly Sins: Sloth
Often seen as a sin of laziness, the deadly sin of sloth is far more extensive and pervasive.

7 Deadly Sins: Envy
Envy as a deadly sin is far more than jealousy. Understanding how the sin of envy can make its way around your heart can help us overcome this sin.

7 Deadly Sins: Gluttony
The deadly sin of gluttony is more than just about food. Anything in excess can lead us down a dangerous path.

7 Deadly Sins: Lust
One of the most discussed deadly sin is lust. Understanding why lust is considered a sin leads us to knowing how to overcome it.

Giving Back When Disaster Strikes
When disaster strikes, we often want to help but aren't sure how. Here are some ways you can help those who need help after a natural disaster.

How to Talk to Your Christian Teen About Sex
It can be difficult for parents to talk to their Christian teens about sex. Here are somethings to consider before your sit down to have

7 Deadly Sins: Pride
Pride is considered the most serious of the 7 deadly sins, but why? And why is it so important to avoid it?

What Are the 7 Deadly Sins?
What are the 7 Deadly Sins and what do they mean for my Christian walk?

Is April Fools Day Christian?
Is April Fools Day a holiday Christians should be celebrating? Here are some things to consider about this popular holiday.

6 Bible Reading Plans
Want to read your Bible and not sure where to start? Here are some Bible reading plans to begin your adventure in God's Word.

Common Christian Questions: What is Idolatry?
What is idolatry and what does it mean for our faith?

Bible Verses for Fathers
Bible verses on fathers can help us understand how to be better Christian examples for our kids.

How to Be a Great Dad to Your Teenage Son
Raising a teenage son takes effort. Here are some ways you can be a great dad to your teenage son.

Spiritual Discipline of Guidance
The spiritual discipline of seeking guidance is an important part of our Christian walks, because it has us understand God's will for our lives.

Challenges of Missionary Dating for Christian Teens
What do you do when you become attracted to a non-Christian? Should you consider missionary dating? What does the Bible say about dating non-believers, and how do you apply that in the world you live in?

What is the National Day of Prayer
What is the National Day of Prayer? It is day when the entire nation comes together to pray for our country, our leaders, and more.

What is the Spiritual Gift of Evangelism
Do you have the spiritual gift of evangelism? There are certain characteristics that define this gift of evangelism.

Things Christian Teens Can Do on Spring Break and Summer Vacation
Not planning to take some big trip for Spring Break or Summer Vacation? Not to worry. A lot of Christian teens don't go on vacations during these breaks from school. Instead, here are some things you can do to make the most out of your Spring Break or Summer Vacation time.

Knowing the Difference between Self-Confidence and Self-Importance
When we're told to be self-confident, how do we separate confidence in ourselves from becoming self-involved? Here is how to understand the difference.

14 Ways to Build Self Confidence
What are some ways you can build self-confidence and maintain your Christian walk? Try some of these ideas to give your self-confidence a boost.

14 Ways to Build Self Confidence
What are some ways you can build self-confidence and maintain your Christian walk? Try some of these ideas to give your self-confidence a boost.

What the Bible Says About Self-Confidence
The Bible says quite a bit about self-confidence, but what does all of that mean? How does our relationship with God matter when it comes to feeling confident?

How Do I Prepare to Evangelize?
Evangelism can cause a little bit of anxiety, so a good way to be able to talk to people about your faith is to prepare to evangelize.

Be a Good Online Christian
Being a good online Christian means taking a look at how we interact online with one another.

How to Get Closer to God in Prayer
Getting closer to God in prayer is one of the best ways to build up your relationship with Him.

Common Christian Questions: Is the Bible Sexist?
The Bible says quite a lot about the difference between men and women, but is the Bible actually sexist?

Common Christian Questions: Can I Be Rich and Still a Christian
Is being rich a sin, or is it okay to be wealthy if you don't put your money before God?

How to Avoid Regret
Regret is something almost everyone lives with, but there are some things we can do now to avoid regret in the future.

How Do I Deal with My Non-Christian Parents?
The fifth commandment asks us to honor our parents, but how do you handle that when they're not Christians?

How to Avoid Being a Jaded Christian
What does it mean to become a jaded Christian, and how do we avoid it?

Tony Dungy - Inspiration for Christian Teens - Head Coach - Indianapolis Colts - Man of Faith - Christian Teens - Tony Dungy
Tony Dungy, the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, is also a devout Christian. Find out more about his life, career, and faith.

Should I Go on a Missions Trip?
It takes a certain type of person to be called to missions work. Are you that person? Here are some questions to ask about if you should go on a missions trip.

Online Dating Sites for Christian Teens
Should you be using teen online dating sites? There are definitely things to consider about using these dating websites for teens before you jump in.

Travel Safety Tips for Christian Teens
Do you know how to keep yourself safe when you are traveling? Whether you are on a missions trip, Spring Break, or vacation, here are some tips to keep your vacation safe so you can focus on the fun.

10 Ways Christian Teens Can Make Friends
Sometimes Christian teens need a little help making friends. Here are 10 ways Christian teens can make themselves available so they can develop positive friendships.

Bible Verses on Self Confidence
There are plenty of Bible verses that talk about self-confidence and it's relationship to your Christian walk.

7 Ways to Be an Effective Parent
Parenting a teenager is hard enough, but add in trying to be a Christian parent and the challenges become even greater. Parents today are dealing with issues that their parents never even thought about. Here are 7 ways to be a more effective parent.

6 Ways to Support Christian Teens During Exams
As a youth leader, you have seen the toll exams can take on teens. It is a time of great stress for them, so you will want to support them as much as possible. Here are six ways you can help decrease the stress of exams on the teens you care about.

25 Ways to Stop Procrastinating
There always seem to be an unlimited number of ways to procrastinate. Here are 25 ways to stop procrastination and get down to work.

25 Ways to Stop Procrastinating
There always seem to be an unlimited number of ways to procrastinate. Here are 25 ways to stop procrastination and get down to work.

25 Ways to Stop Procrastinating
There always seem to be an unlimited number of ways to procrastinate. Here are 25 ways to stop procrastination and get down to work.

14 Inspiring Bible Verses for Teen Athletes
From practice to winning to losing, here are some Bible verses on sports and athletics.

Balancing A Job as a Teenager
Balancing a job, work, school, God, and more can take it's toll. Here are some tips for doing it well.

How Teens Can Ace the Interview
Interviews can be tough. Here are several ways you can ace the interview, whether it's for work or college.

How to Get Your Heart Back Into Church
There are many reasons teens leave the church, but here are some different ways to get your heart back into church before you walk away.

6 Reasons Teens Leave Church
There are several reasons for why teens leave the church, but it's important that we know how to overcome them.

Bible Verses on a Zeal for God
Having a zeal for God is more than just enthusiasm. There are Bible verses on having a zeal for God that teach us what real zeal for Him means.

Praying to Find a Job
Finding a job is not always easy, especially when you're looking for something that fits with school, church, and family. Here is a prayer to give you a little help.

Finding a First Job
Here are some things to expect when you're looking for a first job.

A Christian Prayer at Exam Time
Prayer for when you need a little boost during exam time.

What is Having a Zeal for God?
What is having a zeal for God? While it's an excitement to worship and follow Him, there is something that goes so much deeper.

A Prayer for Being a Good Loser
Sometimes we need a little help when we lose. Here is a prayer on how to be a good loser to ask God for a little assistance.

Bible Verses on Bad Habits
The Word says a bit about the habits we build for ourselves. Here are some Bible verses on bad habits.

A Prayer When Taking Risks
Sometimes we need guidance when we're about to take a risk. Saying a prayer when taking risks opens ourselves up to God's advice.

Bible Verses on Taking Risks
Taking risks is hard, but there are plenty of Bible verses on risks to help guide us in the right direction.

Six Magazines for Christian Teens
Are there magazines out there for Christian teens? While you may not be able to find these magazines at your local newsstand or grocery store, there are several Christian teen magazines available to inspire you, guide you through tough issues, or add a little fun to your day.

What the Bible Says About Trust and Honesty
What is honesty and why is it so important? What's wrong with a little white lie? The Bible actually has a lot to say about honesty, as God has called Christian teens to be honest people.

Bible Verses for Getting Along With Parents
Want to know what the Bible says about getting along with your parents? Here are some Bible verses that help you know more about what God expects from Christian teens and their parents.

What the Bible Says About Loneliness
We all feel lonely once in a while, and the bible actually has quite a bit to say about loneliness. While we all may feel alone, God is always by our sides.

What the Bible Says About Modesty
What advice does the Bible offer about modesty and how can it be applied to today's fashion?

What the Bible Says About Homosexuality
What is homosexuality and why are Christians so opposed to it? What does the Bible have to say about this lifestyle and how are you supposed to treat homosexuals? Here we'll take a look at homosexuality and what the Bible has to say on the subject.

What the Bible Says About Abortion
What do Christians believe about abortion? How do you respond to non-Christians about what you believe? The Bible actually has a lot to say on the subject. Here is some scripture to understand the Christian stance on abortion.

What Is the Lutheran Church's View on Homosexuality?
What position does the Lutheran Church take on homosexuality, same sex marriage, and gay relationships? Find out more about the positions of the Lutheran Church regarding this controversial subject.

Christian Denominations: Views on Homosexuality
What position does each Christian denomination take on homosexuallity, same sex relationships, and gay marriage? Find out more about what views your denomination has and discover what others believe about this controversial topic.

The Presbyterian Church's Postition on Homosexuality
What position does the Presbyterian Church take on homosexuality, same sex marriage, and gay relationships? Find out more about the positions of the Presbyterian Church regarding these controversial subjects.

Bible Verses About God's Love of Us
God loves us, and He demonstrates that love every day. Here are some bible verses on God's love to remind us that He has always been there for us.

Prayer for Grief and Loss
When we lose a loved one, sometimes a prayer can do more to comfort than anything else. Whether you need the prayer for yourself or for a friend , saying a prayer for grief and loss can bring us closer to God.

Is Kissing a Sin
Is kissing a sin? Find out if Christian teens should be kissing their boyfriends or girlfriends or if it's better to abstain from kissing.

How Youth Groups Reach Out to Christian Teens
What activities does your youth group like to do? Are you looking for new and refreshing ideas for the Christian teens in your group? From games to Bible studies, check out all the ways a youth group can reach out to students to help them grow in their faith.

Bible Verses About Loving One Another
The Bible is full of advice on treating others as we would want to be treated (a.k.a. The Golden Rule). Here are some bible verses on how we should love one another.

Five Characteristics of an Effective Youth Worker
Whether you’ve had 10 years of youth leadership experience or are just getting started, it’s always good to know which areas of leadership are growth areas. Here are the five major characteristics of a great youth worker.