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NFL Offseason
What's going on with the Bengals in the offseason? Find out here.

Cincinnati Bengals -
From games to players, from the roar of the crowd to the screams of the Ben-Gals, we bring you all the Cincinnati Bengals coverage you need to know.

Bengals and Seahawks should be an NFL 2016 best game
The week five Bengals and Seahawks game was not in the NFL Network ranking of the 20 best games of the year. It should have been.

Cincinnati Bengals hit, miss in NFL Draft's late rounds
The Cincinnati Bengals hit and missed in the latter rounds of the 2016 NFL Draft. But Baylor's def tackle Andrew Billings was a fourth-round steal.

NFL Draft information
Will they pick? Will they trade? Who will it be? Find out all that and more here.

Cincinnati Bengals snag Plan B pick, earn kudos
The Bengals did well in drafting William Jackson III and Tyler Boyd with their first two picks. Even better: They took Jackson from the Steelers.

Can a basketballer player make the Cincinnati Bengals?
It's tryout time in Cincinnati Bengals country and a new name surfaced this week: that of college basketball player Remy Abell. Can he make the team?

Jungle Trends
Here you'll find stories about the offense, the defense, the special teams, and what they're doing on a weekly basis in comparison to the rest of the league.

'All-In' Cincinnati Bengals need to win now
For this year's installment of the Cincinnati Bengals: Guys, you better win this postseason. The owner has put in the money. Now it's time to produce.

Cincinnati Bengal 2016: 11-5 with wild card playoff win
Predictions for the upcoming year: The Cincinnati Bengals will go 11-5 this season, grab a wild card spot and earn a playoff win.

Breaking News
When Bengals news breaks ... we fix it. And tell you about it.

Mike Brown should've listened to Coach Lewis' plan
Bengals owner Mike Brown turned down the perfect plan. In 2 years Marvin Lewis would give coaching duties to OC Hue Jackson. Brown should've said yes.

Player Bios
Who is that Bengal, anyway? We'll let you know right here.

No way should the Cincinnati Bengals trade AJ McCarron
AJ McCarron proved his worth as a backup QB. And in a league where quarterbacks drop like fluttering passes in the wind a good backup is hard to find.

In 2nd round, Cincinnati Bengals should look at Cravens
That’s why, with their second round pick, I propose the Bengals use the 55th pick to draft USC (that’s Southern Cal) linebacker Su'a Cravens.

NFL praised for changing Gio rule, but why stop there?
There are a few NFL rules that need to be changed – if not just for the safety of the players, then for our own personal entertainment.

Vontaze Burfict is not a championship teammate
If the Cincinnati Bengals are going to live with teammates like Vontaze Burfict, then they may have to win in spite of him.

The Cincinnati Bengals have to take Josh Doctson
The Bengals need to draft Josh Doctson, the wide receiver out of Texas Christian. Wide receiver is a position of need and this is a talented draft.

Can Jim Haslett rein in Cincinnati Bengal Burfict? Nope
Is Jim Haslett the coach who can rein in Cincinnati linebacker Vontaze Burfict? No way. But it's no fault on Haslett - no one can contain Burfict.

Like Marvin Lewis, Mike Tomlin needs to be criticized
Just like Marvin Lewis, Mike Tomlin needs to be criticized. Who cares what race they might be? Not me.

Are the Cincinnati Bengals treated unfair by NFL? Yes.
Are the Bengals treated unfairly by the NFL? Of course. But they have no one to blame but themselves. It's a response to the culture they've created.

Ken Zampese will keep Cincinnati Bengal offense rolling
Zampese was twice passed over for offensive coordinator of the Cincinnati Bengals. Now, it is Zampese's time - and he's right for the job.

Cincinnati Bengals should just let Jones walk
The Cincinnati Bengal's first order of business: Let Adam Jones walk. His continued, embarrassing rants about the Steelers show he needs to leave.

Game updates
Let's keep it on the field, okay? Get your game updates here.

Marvin Lewis should step down from Cincinnati Bengals
It is time to place our blame on the man who is charge. For Marvin Lewis, his time in the Queen City should be over.

How the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Pittsburgh Steelers
After perusing nearly every Bengals story on the web, there seem to be several ideas that provide a blueprint for how they can beat the Steelers.

Cincinnati Bengals 'exorcism' would just figure, wouldn't it?
So wouldn't it just figure that these Bengals actually win this one? That they do it against their rival? That they get it done?

Cincinnati Bengals fans need perspective
Over the course of the past week, Bengals fans said some fairly ridiculous things. No, there is no QB controversy. No, it is not the coach's fault.

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It's a shame but Cincinnati Bengals must keep playing
The Cincinnati Bengals did almost everything right against Denver and it didn't work out. But they have to regroup - there's still a lot to play for.

What do Cincinnati Bengals fans want for Christmas?
Cincinnati Bengals fans have enjoyed an amazing season - but there is still a long way to go. Here's everything they want this holiday season.

Take a moment: Cincinnati Bengals in playoffs again
The Bengals are in the playoffs for the fifth straight year. Let's stay in the moment. Let's appreciate this team and this franchise.

It's been a big couple of weeks for Cincinnati Bengals QB AJ McCarron
It's been a big few weeks for Cincinnati Bengals QB AJ McCarron. And in the rollercoaster of life, no one is better equipped to handle it than him.

Cincinnati Bengals special teams look rough and special
The Bengals special teams can look so good – and so lost – sometimes in the same game. To get a No. 1 seed in the AFC, they'll have to stay good

Ups and downs for Cincinnati Bengals kicker Mike Nugent
There have been dizzying highs and unbearable lows in the manic career of Cincinnati Bengals kicker Mike Nugent.

Can AJ McCarron get the job done? Yes he can
AJ McCarron didn't look awful against the Steelers Sunday. In fact, he may have done better than most thought. Can he take it a step further? Yes.

Jeremy Hill looks like a rookie again
Jeremy Hill, the kid who last season rang up all those yards for the Cincinnati Bengals, is rounding back into form

The Cincinnati Bengals MVP is a 'man of very few words'
Marvin Lewis says Geno Atkins is the quietest defensive player he’s even been around, but when Atkins speaks, his teammates listen. He's your MVP.

Cincinnati Bengals watching out for Pittsburgh Steelers
The Cincinnati Bengals should still be mindful of the team that has been their bugaboo over the years. They need to watch out for the Steelers.

Cincinnati Bengals' end Tyler Eifert helping his QB
If NFL fans didn’t know Tyler Eifert, they do now. That is, the world's found out about the player who turned Andy Dalton into a Super Bowl QB.

No. 1 Cincinnati Bengals defense taking it personal
The Cincinnati Bengals defense has stood strong - and been clutch - all season. Why? Because they're making it personal.

Cincinnati Bengals uniforms are among NFL's best
Why are the Cincinnati Bengals' uniforms hated so much? I just don't get fashion.