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Classic Movies: Epics and War Stories
If you're looking for the great sword-and-sandal epics of ancient Greece and Rome, wartime romance or the blood, guts and glory of classic war films, this is the place. Classic old movies about history, wartime, and global conflicts.

Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window - Movie Review
A thrilling Hitchcock suspense film, 'Rear Window' features witty dialog, clever camera angles and a still-fresh take on the war between the sexes.

3:10 to Yuma Movie Review - Classic Western 3:10 to Yuma
A serviceable western with a solid cast and a classic Old West storyline, the original '3:10 to Yuma' is a showcase for veteran actor Glenn Ford as a charming outlaw and Van Heflin as a stoic rancher caught in a tense conflict.

7 Classic Movies that Influenced the Coen Brothers
In recent years, they brought original films of great imagination and visual beauty to the screen - but what classic movies influenced the Coen Brothers' strange blend of crime, noir and comedy? 'The Big Sleep,' naturally, but how about a war movie, a screwball comedy, and a road trip classic? Here are some of the classic films that influenced the Coen brothers.

Ben Hur Movie Review - Charlton Heston Stars as Ben Hur
Charlton Heston, Jack Hawkins and Stephen Boyd star in a magnificent, thrilling story of the Roman Empire and the birth of Christ.

Gone With the Wind Movie Review - Classic Film
The quintessential American epic, 'Gone with the Wind' is the epitome of a star-studded Hollywood blockbuster based on a best-selling novel.

Strangers on a Train (1951) - Movie Review
What if two strangers on a train meet and plan a couple of murders - but only one of them knows it's not an idle joke? Alfred Hitchcock's tense thriller plays it out in a movie with a memorable villain.

Actors, Actresses and Directors in Great Classic Movies and Films
Profiles of the actors, actresses and directors who brought classic films to life, on and off the silver screen. The lives and times of the leading men, divas, ingenues, great character actors and brilliant directors who made our classic old movies shine.

Alfred Hitchcock Biography
The undisputed king of movie mystery and mayhem, director Alfred Hitchcock combined suspense, sex and dark humor to create masterpieces of classic film. One of the most influential directors in movie history, Alfred Hitchcock was often imitated, rarely equaled.

Articles About Classic Movies
Articles about the world of classic movies, the language of Hollywood and the genres and conventions at work during the early days of classic film.

Movie Lists by Genre
Classic movies listed by their genres and subject matter - romances and love stories, horror and sci-fi, comedies, movies about politics, war, and epic stories.

Marlon Brando
The life and work of the most influential actor of the 20th century.

Six Great Classic Kirk Douglas Movies
With his manly good looks, cleft chin and memorable profile, Kirk Douglas was a classic leading man who commanded starring roles for decades. Here are six classic Kirk Douglas movies that show the range of his roles.

Classic Movie Reviews - Alpha List of Classic Movie Reviews
An alphabetical list of classic movies reviewed on this site and their star ratings.

'Breakfast at Tiffany's' With Holly Golightly - Review
A glib, stylish, bittersweet romance that defined Audrey Hepburn's film career, and established an indelible image of American fashion. With George Peppard, Patricia Neal and a truly wretched bit part for Andy Rooney, 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' is still a tasty classic movie dish.

Guide to Classic Film Genres and Styles
A quick guide to the genres and styles that define classic movies. Film noir, B-movies, epics, sci-fi, biopics, it's all here, along with great examples in every genre.


5 Classic Movies New on Blu-ray in May 2016
Just a few of the classic movies being released on Blu-ray this month.

4 Classics Starring Dennis Hopper
One of the most manic of actors, Dennis Hopper turned in one memorable performance after another in his long, storied career.

Lists of Classic Movies by Actor - Lists of Movies with Great Hollywood Stars
Lists of classic movies made by the great stars of the silver screen, Hollywood's best actors and actresses at the height - and sometimes the depths - of their powers.

5 Movies Directed by Nicholas Ray
An auteur before the term was popular, Nicholas Ray directed moody psychological dramas, including the movie that turned James Dean into an icon.

5 Classic Movies Starring Natalie Wood
A former child star who grew into an Oscar-nominated actress as an adult, Natalie Wood had a vibrant career until her mysterious death at 43.

4 Classics Starring Sterling Hayden
A list of classic movies starring Hollywood tough guy, Sterling Hayden, including The Asphalt Jungle and The Killing.

Classic Movie Reviews and Recommendations - Classic Films
Lists of classic movies by genre or theme, award winners, suggested viewing, the best films of individual directors, actors and actresses. Classic movies arranged in fun, thematic, entertaining list form.

7 Classics Starring Robert Redford
Though known later in life for his political activism and dedication to independent film, actor Robert Redford was a box office star in the 1960s and 1970s.

4 Classic Movies Being Released on Blu-ray in April 2016
A list of some of the classic movies releasing on Blu-ray in April, including a suspense thriller from Alfred Hitchcock and a heartbreaking romance by David Lean.

4 Veronica Lake and Alan Ladd Movies
Though they only appeared in four movies together, Veronica Lake and Alan Ladd were one of the great onscreen couples of the classic era.

5 Classic Movies Directed By King Vidor
A list of great films directed by King Vidor, one of the unsung filmmakers who worked in both the silent and classic eras.

Patty Duke Dead at 69
A brief look at the life and career of former child star, Patty Duke, who died this morning from complications due to a ruptured intestine.

Who Was Walt Disney?
A short biography of entrepreneur Walt Disney, a visionary whose creation of a mischievous mouse launched a multi-billion dollar empire.

Alfred Hitchcock
The classic movies, life and work of director Alfred Hitchcock, the master of suspense.

Oscar Winning Classic Movies
These are the classic movies that won the top Oscars for best picture, directing, acting, screenplay, and more during the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s - the classic films that won Academy Awards in Hollywood's Golden Era.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant was known as an actor of enormous charm and devastating good looks, with an easy screen presence and great natural talent. A favorite with top directors, Grant played everything from light comedy to drama with panache and verve.

Claudette Colbert Biography and Movies
The first major Hollywood actress to take control of her own career and roles, Claudette Colbert was a savvy beauty who starred in everything from light screwball comedies to Cleopatra. Colbert's biography and movies are the story of early Hollywood.

Classic Movies, Cartoons and Serials for Children
C'mon. Admit it. You cried when Ol' Yeller died. And you will again. This is the place to find the classic children's movies, old cartoons and thrilling serials you loved when you were a kid. Remember these classic films now for your own children.

Classic Movie Musicals - Films from the Golden Age of Classic Movie Musicals
Classic movie musicals from Hollywood's Golden Age are true Americana. Often drawn from hit Broadway shows, the great American movie musicals are descended from both grand opera for the aristocrats and the bawdy music-hall revues of the common folk. They have given us some of our greatest characters and most unforgettable tunes.

Doris Day - Classic Movies Starring Doris Day - Biography of Doris Day
The life, classic movies and work of Doris Day, Hollywood's all-time top-grossing leading lady.

Classic Movie Dramas, Melodramas and Biographies
In the mood for classic movies that will make you cry or tell you the great stories from Shakespeare to Faulkner? Perhaps inspire you with Hollywood biopics of real-life heroes, sports legends, inventors and scientists? This is the place: dramas and biographies in classic old films.

Classic Movies - Sci-Fi, Horror, Monsters, Rockets, Robots
Whether you're looking for a solemn meditation on humankind's place in the universe, a few good monster movies or a hokey sci-fi cheese-fest with laugh-out-loud special effects, you'll find it here. Classic old science fiction films from A-Z!

Humphrey Bogart - the Biography and Movies of Humphrey Bogart
Humphrey Bogart - a tough-talking guy and one of the original members of the Rat Pack, Bogart almost never made it to leading man. The actor's life, biography and work in classic films.

Jimmy Stewart
A profile of the great Hollywood actor Jimmy Stewart, information about his films, and more resources.

Classic Movie Lists by Director - the Best Movies by Classic Hollywood Directors
The best classic movies made by Hollywood's top classic film makers, with short descriptions of each movie and all the good reasons to watch a classic film.

Classic Movies: Mysteries, Suspense, Thrillers and Detective Dramas
Film fans love a mystery. See the very best murder mysteries, crime thrillers, and psychological chillers in classic films. Discover the whodunits, hard-boiled gumshoes and wise-cracking dames of classic old mystery and suspense movies.

Tyrone Power Biography and Movies - Tyrone Power Profile
The life and work of Tyrone Power, a classic movie star, matinee idol and hearthrob who died too young.

Classic Movies: The American West on Film
Films about shoot 'em ups, wagon trains, rotgut whiskey, dancehall floozies, cowboys, Indians, gunfighters and the majesty of the American West. Find classic old American western movies here. Click on through, pardner.

Clark Gable
Clark Gable was known as

Elizabeth Taylor Biography and Classic Movies
Violet-eyed beauty Elizabeth Taylor was a star from her first appearance on screen as a teenager. Her off-screen romances and many marriages kept the gossip columns lively as well. Her biography and her movies make for a classic Hollywood legend.

Carole Lombard - Biography and Movies of Screen Star Carole Lombard
Carole Lombard was a gorgeous early screen star who overcame diversity to earn her stardom, tragically cut short in a fatal plane crash.

Tony Curtis - Biography and Movies of Tony Curtis
Tony Curtis, a devastatingly handsome poor kid from the Lower East Side longed to be like his idol Cary Grant - and then made it big in the movies himself. With a hundred classic movies to his credit and a turbulent life, Curtis's biography is the stuff of Hollywood legend.

Katharine Hepburn - Biography and Movies of Katharine Hepburn
Katharine Hepburn, with her athletic good looks, patrician accent and strong personality, brought memorable women to the screen in a career that spanned six decades. Thought by many to be the greatest star of the golden age of Hollywood, her biography and movies continue to fascinate fans.

Classic Movie Comedies -- the Funniest Classic Films and Comedians
Recommendations for the best classic movie comedies and romantic comedies, profiles of great screen comedians and legendary comedy teams, and overviews of the comic tradition in old American classic films.

List of Joan Fontaine Movies - Classic Films Starring Joan Fontaine
The younger sister and bitter rival of fellow actress Olivia de Havilland, Joan Fontaine broke into the movie business in the 1930s as a contract player with RKO Pictures. Initially considered a rising star, Fontaine struggled to find her footing with a number of minor roles and was finally released by the studio. A fortuitous meeting with legendary producer David O. Selznick, however, led to her to being cast in Alfred Hitchcock’s Hollywood debut, thus sparking a prominent career that spanned the course of the next few decades. Here are six of the best movies starring Joan Fontaine.

List of Classic Movies in the Public Domain - Great Films Whose Copyrights Lapsed
While there are thousands of movies that have fallen into the public domain, most have been long forgotten or were never on the radar in the first place. But some classic movies that were released by major studios and are still well-known by even casual fans have inexplicably seen their copyrights lapse. For some reason, the copyright owners – whether the studios or some other entity – failed to renew the films’ copyrights after 28 years, making them common property and allowing just about anyone to freely distribute. There are many films that have slipped into the public domain throughout the decades, so here are just a few of the great ones.

The Big Sleep Movie Review - Classic Fim Noir The Big Sleep
A complex film noir, 'The Big Sleep' features Humphrey Bogart in one of his most layered roles as Phillip Marlowe, and provides a great showcase for the Bogart and real-life love Lauren Bacall. Clever dialogue highlights intelligent, suspenseful mystery in 'The Big Sleep.'

War of the Worlds 1953 Movie Review - Martian Invasion - 1953 Version of War of the Worlds
The 1953 version of the. H.G. Wells classic 'War of the Worlds' had spectacular special effects for its day, and set the standard for Martian invasion movies. With Gene Barry as the requisite egghead scientist and some nasty Martians.

The African Queen Movie Review - Bogart and Hepburn
'The African Queen' is the only screen pairing of Katharine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart, a rip-roaring adventure movie with a satisfying love story. Director John Huston's sweeping film is set in colonial Africa during World War I. It pits English spinster Hepburn, scruffy Canadian expat Bogart and their plucky little boat, the African Queen, against the Germans.

6 Great Classic Movie Directors
Sometimes finding a director you like is the best way to find the movies you'll love. Here are six of the finest directors Hollywood has ever known - Billy Wilder, Frank Capra, John Ford, William Wyler, Alfred Hitchcock and John Huston -- aong with suggestions for some of their best classic films.

Three Movie Couples - Classic Movie Couples
When the chemistry's good, the romance is great. Here are three of Hollywood's most famous screen couples - Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, and William Powell and Myrna Loy - who kindle true Hollywood magic.

Jimmy Stewart Biography - Classic Actor
Loved by fans, treasured by friends and colleagues, James Stewart's long career earned his place among the greatest stars of Hollywood's Golden Age.

Ten Great Classic Movies to Get You Started
If you're new to classic films, here's ten great choices to get you started, from a range of genres and stylkes. Try Casablanca, It Happened One Night, To Kill a Mockingbird, Sunset Boulevard, Some Like It Hot, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Dr. Strangelove, Psycho, The Day the Earth Stood Still, or Ben Hur.

Vertigo - Hitchcock's Tale of Obsession
'Vertigo' is first a dreamlike story of obsession and only second a mystery/suspense film. The classic movie with James Stewart and Kim Novak garnered mixed reviews when it debuted, but is now widely viewed as a Hitchcock masterpiece that bears repeated viewings.

Witness for the Prosecution Movie Review - From the Stage Play Witness for the Prosecution
Billy Wilder's witty screen adaptation of the Agatha Christie play features Marlene Dietrich and Charles Laughton in a classic movie courtroom battle as the 'Witness for the Prosecution' provides plenty of twists and a surprise ending.

Humphrey Bogart and John Huston Movies - Great Films Humphrey Bogart and John Huston
While not as highly regarded as other actor-director combos, like Alfred Hitchcock and James Stewart or George Cukor and Katharine Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart and John Huston collaborated on five films, four of which have stood the test of time as all-time classics. Combining Huston’s dramatic ambition with Bogie’s world-weary persona, their partnership was the stuff dreams were made of, as the two were kindred spirits both on- and off-screen. Bogart won his only Oscar thanks to his work with Huston, while in turn the director won his only Academy Award for Best Director. Here are four great classic movies made by Humphrey Bogart and John Huston.

Tips for Enjoying Classic Movies - How to Appreciate Classic Movies
If you think classic movies are slow, boring and colorless, think again. Hollywood produced engrossing and entertaining films in the '30s, '40s, '50s and '60s that any movie fan will enjoy. You may just have to change your expectations a little. Here are some tips for getting the most out of classic films.

7 Classic Movies About Ireland
Whether whimsical musicals populated with leprechauns or dark thrillers about The Troubles, there’s a Irish movie that will fit just about anyone’s taste.

Alfred Hitchcock's 'Psycho' Review
Made on a tight budget financed by the director himself, 'Psycho' (1960) was a major box office hit that ushered in a new genre of film and remains one of Hitchcock's best films.

Alfred Hitchcock and James Stewart Movies
One of the most highly regarded actor-director tandems in Hollywood history, here are the four great movies made by James Stewart and Alfred Hitchcock.

"It's A Wonderful Life" Movie Review
The beloved Christmas classic 'It's A Wonderful Life' is more than a holiday movie. It's an inspiring tale of one man's life and the lives he touches in his little town. A disappointment when it came out, it richly deserves its classic status.

Myrna Loy and William Powell in The Thin Man Movies
Myrna Loy and William Powell became one of Hollywood's most successful screen couples in the

Classic Christmas Movies for the Holiday Season
There’s nothing like a great classic Christmas movie to bring all the holiday memories back with a rush. Cuddle up on the couch with some hot cocoa and mini-marshmallows, and watch one of these great Christmas movies to get in the holiday spirit.

Ten Must-See Classic Movies About Politics
Hollywood loves politics. Here are ten classic political movies that explore the use and misuse of power, greed and corruption in politics from Washington to the city streets. Some of these movies about politics are cynical; some are funny; some are uplifting -- and they're all great.

Best Actress Oscar Winners of the 1950s
Newcomers often won out over established divas to become the Best Actress Oscar winners of the 1950s. In a great decade for movies, meaty dramatic roles for women were hardly in short supply, and some performers made the jump from the stage to the screen.

Best Actor Oscar Winners of the 1960s
Oscars went to big, dramatic performances for Best Actor during the 1960s, but one fine comic turn won the top award, among a few other surprises. See who took home Best Actor Oscars at the Academy Awards during the 1960s.

Best Picture Oscar Winners of the 1940s
The 1940s were part of Hollywood's Golden Age, and the competition for Best Picture Oscar winners of the 1940s was intense.

7 Examples of Film Noir in Classic Movies
Classic film noir means dangerous dames, tough guys and gangsters, laconic leading men and dirty deeds. Film noir is an enduring film style that saw its golden age just after World War II. Here are several classic movies in the film noir tradition.

Classic Movies Starring Marilyn Monroe
The idea of Marilyn Monroe as the ultimate Hollywood sex kitten has far outlasted the idea of Marilyn Monroe movies, and she made less than 30 during her tragically short career. A star of both comedies and dramas, Marilyn Monroe's movies give fans some insight to her development as an actress.

Classic Clark Gable Movies - King of Hollywood
Clark Gable graced the silver screen for more than three decades, playing villains and heroes, rogues and scamps. Her's a sampling of fine, classic Clark Gable movies starring the

6 Classic, Must-See Elizabeth Taylor Movies
Known for her sensual beauty and her many marriages, Elizabeth Taylor's movies over a long career show her to be a talented and seasoned actress who earned her status as a major movie star. Here are six of her most memorable films.

Disney Classic Animated Movies of the 1930s and 1940s
Disney's animated children's movies have dominated the field for decades, and it all began in the 1930s and 1940s, when the studio produced five classic animated feature films. Each groundbreaking and audacious -- Snow White, Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo and Bambi -- the classic animated movies that stand as classics still.

Classic Movies About Veterans Coming Home
The aftermath of war and its effect on the men and women who fight has been a favorite subject for filmamkers, in classic movies about veterans coming home. Here's a list of classics, from cheery, patriotic potboilers to films with stark anti-war messages.

6 Classic Movies Starring Tyrone Power
Hearthrob Tyrone Power was the epitome of the classic movie matinee idol. Here are six movies starring one classic film's gorgeous Hollywood hunks.

Hollywood's Finest Year - 10 Classic Movies of 1939
Many see it as the most productive year of Hollywood's Golden Age. The great classic movies of 1939, full of drama, comedy, music and magic, have never been equaled in any other single year.

Six Great, Must-See Paul Newman Classic Movies
A handsome charmer who often played the archetypical American anti-hero, Paul Newman's career stretched over decades. Here are six of Paul Newman's classic movies that showcase his talent.

7 Great Classic Movies to Watch Free Online
Movie buffs can find tons of free classic movies online. The question is, what's worth watching? There's plenty of awful stuff available, but here's seven terrific films you can watch today on your computer screen, all well worth the time.

Seven Classic Charlton Heston Movies
Born to be a leading man, Charlton Heston played Biblical prophets and princes, tortured artists and worn-down cowboys, policemen and clerics during his long and varied career. Here are seven classic films featuring Charlton Heston, a classic Hollywood hero.

Classic Movies for Everyone in the Family
Classic movies make great gifts, enjoyed not only by the recipient, and anybody else in the household. So if you don't know what to get Mom for her birthday, or Sis for graduation, here’s a somewhat tongue-in-cheek list of great classic films for every family member.

9 of the Best Classic Frank Capra Movies
Inspiring, heartfelt, patriotic, witty - the hallmarks of director Frank Capra's movies. Here are nine of the very best classic films from a director who brought an idealized vision of small-town America and the common man to the screen.

8 Classic Movies That Influenced Martin Scorsese
Martin Scorsese is one of the most influential filmmakers of all time. But what movies influenced him? Here are eight classics that have guided his creativity.

4 Classic Movies on Blu-ray for March 2016
Once again, it's time to see what classic movies are releasing on Blu-ray this month.

6 Classic Movies Directed by George Stevens
One of Hollywood's most distinguished directors, George Stevens quietly built a portfolio of incredible films, many of which remain classics to this day.

7 Great Classic Western Movies
An old staple that has been part of Hollywood since the silent era, Westerns have gone through a dramatic transformation over the years.

7 Great Classic Movies Starring Elizabeth Taylor
One of Hollywood's most iconic actresses, Elizabeth Taylor starred in numerous great movies and won two Academy Awards for Best Actress.

4 Classic Movies Starring Alan Ladd
One of the unsung heroes of classic cinema, Alan Ladd made a name for himself in Westerns and film noirs like Shane (1953) and This Gun for Hire (1942).

4 Classic Movies Starring Joel McCrea
A popular actor throughout the 1930s and 1940s, Joel McCrea starred in over 90 movies, many of which were Westerns.

6 Classic Movies Starring Film Noir Queen Veronica Lake
A classic movie icon whose peek-a-boo hairstyle was copied the world over, Veronica Lake's star flashed briefly before burning out in the 1940s.

Stanley Kubrick Films - Stanley Kubrick Movies - Stanley Kubrick Movie List
An obsessive perfectionist who methodically worked in virtual reclusion, director Stanley Kubrick was at once widely praised for his technical brilliance and scorned for his film’s lack of emotional depth. He was one of the most influential directors in postwar Hollywood and has been hailed as the source of inspiration for many of Hollywood’s top directors past and present.

Classic Movies: Recommendations, Director and Actor Profiles
Browse classic film suggestions and discover the best classic Hollywood movies. Read director and actor profiles for Alfred Hitchcock, Cary Grant, and more.

Best Picture Oscar Winners of the 1930s
Hollywood's first decade with sound gave rise to a number of staple genres like the screwball comedy, which featured rapid-fire dialogue laced with wit and whimsy, and lavish musicals. In the 1930s, Oscar rewarded these films with its highest honor. Also in the decade was the first Western to win Best Picture, the first-ever film to win the so-called Big Five awards and the most enduring romantic epic Hollywood has ever known.

5 Classic Movies Being Released on Blu-ray in February 2016
A list of classics releasing or re-releasing on Blu-ray.

5 Great Films Starring Gene Tierney
A luminous actress who rose to fame in the 1940s, Gene Tierney battled directors Ernst Lubitsch and Otto Preminger, and earned an Oscar nomination in 1946.

4 Great Movies Directed by Cecil B. DeMille
One of Hollywood's most important directors, Cecil B. DeMille was an innovator who pioneered the epic in both the silent and sound eras.

5 Classic Movies Starring Anne Baxter
A Broadway performer turned Academy Award winning actress, Anne Baxter was famous for her roles in 'All About Eve' and 'The Ten Commandments.'

4 Classics Starring Jane Russell
A voluptuous actress who skyrocketed to stardom, Jane Russell epitomized the Hollywood sex symbol. Here are four classics featuring the gifted star.

4 Classics Releasing on Blu-ray for January 2016
A list of classics releasing on Blu-ray featuring Jack Nicholson, Rita Hayworth, and Alfred Hitchcock.

4 Classic Movies Directed by George Lucas
Though he created the most successful film franchise of all time, George Lucas has directed surprisingly few movies. Here are the ones he did make early in his career.

5 Early Classics Starring Harrison Ford
A list of classic movies from early in the career of blockbuster star Harrison Ford, including his first turns as Han Solo and Indiana Jones.

A Closer Look At 'Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope'
A brief look at Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, the space opera that launched the most successful movie franchise of all time.

Who Are the Most Surprising Oscar Winners of All Time?
Most Oscar winners are predictable. But sometimes the Academy Award goes to someone totally unexpected. A list of a few such winners.

5 Most Memorable Movie Death Scenes of All Time
A short list of some of classic cinema's most iconic death scenes.

Classic Christmas Movies - Great Holiday Films for the Whole Family
Whether ghosts visit a miserly Scrooge, an angel tries showing a suicidal man what life would be like without him, or a nine-year old who risks shooting his eye out for a BB gun, there are plenty of great Christmas movies for everyone.

New On Blu-ray for December 2015
Just a few classics that will be released on Blu-ray this December.

6 Great Films Starring Ava Gardner
A popular actress in the 1950s, Ava Gardner was one of the most glamorous stars to ever grace the silver screen.

5 Classic Movies Directed by Vincente Minnelli
A list of great films directed by Vincente Minnelli, husband of Judy Garland and father of Liza Minnelli.

Screw Christmas: 5 Anti-Yuletide Classics
Five off-beat anti-Christmas movies for people tired of Red Ryder B.B. guns and James Stewart.

5 Classics Releasing on Blu-ray in November
Some of the great classics being released on Blu-ray in November.

7 Classic Movies Featuring Best Actress Greer Garson
All seven Academy Award nominated performances by Irish born actress, Greer Garson, who one the Oscar for her role in Mrs. Miniver.

5 Classic Movies Starring Walter Pidgeon
Just a handful of the many films that featured long time actor, Walter Pidgeon.

4 Classics Starring Jane Powell
Four great movies starring the multi-talented actress Jane Powell.

6 Worst Oscar Winners of All Time
A list of Oscar winners that maybe should not have been.

5 Movies Directed by Stanley Donen
A list of great films directed by choreographer turned director, Stanley Donen, who worked with greats like Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire.

9 Best John Huston Films
John Huston practically invented the film noir, but he was also a romantic who directed some of the most thrilling adventures in Hollywood history. His collaboration with Humphrey Bogart ranks as one of the greatest director-actor combos ever.

James Bond Starring Roger Moore Movies List
All the James Bond movies starring Roger Moore, to date the actor who had the longest run as 007.

7 Classic Films Starring Rock Hudson
One of the most popular movie stars of the 1950s and 1960s, Rock Hudson became well-known as a leading man in an array of romantic comedies, particularly opposite close friend Doris Day. But he also displayed considerable acting chops in a number of dramas and earned himself an Academy Award nomination for Best actor in 1956. While he projected the image of an eligible ladies man, Hudson was in fact leading a double life as a closeted gay man whose death from HIV-related illness in 1985 shocked the world. Regardless, he remained a giant star whose popularity continues unabated. Here are seven best movies starring Rock Hudson.

5 Classics to Buy on Blu-ray This October
A list of classic movies being released on Blu-ray this month.

4 Movies Starring Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas
Though they weren't the best of friends in real life, actors Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas starred in several films over the span of five decades.

What Is Film Noir?
A brief look at the

4 Great Movies Featuring Donald Pleasance
An unassuming character actor, Donald Pleasance used pitch-perfect elocution to play some of cinema's most sinister villains.

6 Classic Movies Starring Fredric March
Six great performances from one of classic Hollywood's most prolific and gifted actors.

7 James Bond Movies Starring Sean Connery
With deadly charm and cool sophistication, Sean Connery was the first actor to play 007 and remains the best James Bond of them all.

Burt Lancaster Movies
Burt Lancaster had an imposing presence and winning charm that allowed him to play a wide range of characters in Westerns, dramas, and film noir.

7 Iconic Early Movie Monsters
Many of the great movie monsters got their start in the 1930s, when Hollywood took classic horror novels and made them into black-and-white thrillers. Here's seven iconic monsters from 'The Bride of Frankenstein' to 'King Kong,' the legends who started it all.

7 Classic Films Starring Clint Eastwood
For the first several years of his career, Clint Eastwood struggled as a bit actor bouncing around from one uncredited role to another in movies best left forgotten. But in the mid-1960s, he was cast by Italian director Sergio Leone in a trilogy of Spaghetti Westerns and was vaulted into international superstardom. While this list barely scratches the surface of Eastwood’s esteemed career, it at least gives some idea how he developed from minor character actor to one of the most accomplished Hollywood stars of all time.

Seven of the Best Classic American Gangster Films
Though the gangster film goes back to the early days of the silent era, it wasn’t until the advent of sound that the genre soared in popularity, when real-life gangsters like Al Capone and Lucky Luciano were at the height of their own notoriety. For better or ill, the public thirsted for seeing charismatic criminals on screen. Hollywood was more than happy to oblige and in the early 1930s churned out several classics like 'Little Caesar' and 'Scarface' that served as the template for all other gangster films to follow – typically a poor immigrant who finds the American Dream in the dark underbelly of capitalism and has a quick rise to the top, only to fall prey to an even faster fall that ended in a violent death. Because of the unrelenting violence and amorality of the central characters, the gangster film contributed to Hollywood’s Production Code, which in part deemed that no criminal deeds go unpunished, no matter how untrue that was in the real world. Over the decades, as the Code was eroded by gri

List of Classic Melodramas - Great Melodramatic Films
A subgenre of drama, the melodrama was a popular form where the plot was enhanced and sometimes exaggerated in order to tug at the audience’s heartstrings and maximize their emotional experience. Typically, these films focused on sensational plots revolving around tragedy, loss, and unrequited love, and featured long-suffering protagonists – usually female – trying in vain to overcoming impossible odds. In the wrong hands, the melodrama was campy and over-sentimental, leading to a negative perspective on the genre in contemporary times. But skilled directors like George Cukor, Douglas Sirk, and William Wyler made excellent films and helped make the melodrama one of the more popular genres of the classic era.

Bing Crosby Movies - Classic Films Starring Bing Crosby
Hollywood’s top box office star from 1944-48, Bing Crosby found stardom as a popular crooner, movie actor, radio and television star, and even entrepreneur. While mainly cast in musicals, Crosby shined in dramatic roles and won the Oscar in 1944 for his portrayal of the modern-minded Father O’Malley. He also made seven incredibly successful 'Road to…' comedies with Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour, cementing his status as an iconic performer who found enormous success in multiple mediums.

9 Essential Richard Burton Movies
One of the finest actors of his generation, Richard Burton delivered a number of high-caliber performances. He was nominated for seven Academy Awards – six for Best Actor and one for Best Supporting Actor – but never won. Still, he was one of the best performers on either side of the Atlantic. Here are nine of his best movies.

Best Picture Oscar Winners of the 1960s - Academy Awards
The Best Picture Oscar winners of the 1960s show Hollywood throwing off old constraints and tackling serious issues of race, sex and societal issues.

Classic Suspense Films not Directed by Alfred Hitchcock - Classic Suspense Films
Alfred Hitchcock was known as the

Glenn Ford Movies - Classic Films Starring Glenn Ford
A versatile actor comfortable in just about any genre, Glenn Ford excelled at playing Everyman characters trapped in extraordinary circumstances. Though noted for tough guy roles in Westerns and film noir, Ford also excelled in comedies, character dramas, and social issue movies. Ford reached the height of his popularity in the late-1950s and managed to stay relevant two decades later. Here are five of Glenn Ford's very best films.

Robert Mitchum Movies - Robert Mitchum Films - Robert Mitchum Filmography
A list of great films starring one of the most iconic actors of the classic era, Robert Mitchum.

Best Picture Oscar Winners - 1970s - Classic Movie Best Picture Oscar Winners -1970s
The 1970s were a dazzling decade for classic movies in America, and the competition for the Best Picture Oscar winners of the decade was fierce. Here's a list of the 1970s winners, along with often-superior movies they bested.

Best Picture Oscar Winners of the 1950s
In the 1950s, sweeping epics, expensive musicals and dark dramas dominated the Best Picture category at the Oscars, along with one sleeper hit thrown in for good measure. Here are the ten classic movies that won the the top Academy Award in the 1950s - and some of the excellent films they bested.

Best Classic Horror Movies (Top 7 List)
Whether you like monsters or ghosts or even aliens from another planet, there’s nothing quite like watching old scary movies. While some of these classic films seem rather tame or even laughable by today’s standards, they still manage to pack a terrifying punch. Here are just a few of some of the best horror movies from classic Hollywood and beyond.

Seven Classic Movies Starring Gregory Peck
An actor celebrated for his strength and authority, Gregory Peck starred in numerous classic movies and was one of Hollywood’s most iconic stars.

Errol Flynn Movies - Classic Movies Starring Errol Flynn - Errol Flynn Filmography
Synonymous with swashbuckling adventure, Errol Flynn was a large than life persona who became an overnight star, only to be typecast as a sword-wielding rogue for the remainder his career. During his peak, however, Flynn was one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars and became a legend after delivering the quintessential portrayal of Robin Hood. Despite his image for dashing heroics, Flynn branched out beyond costume adventure to star in everything from Westerns and historical dramas to sports-themed biopics and war movies. Here are eight classic movies starring Errol Flynn.

Classic Henry Fonda Movies (Top 8 List)
A beloved performer who typified the onscreen Everyman, Henry Fonda was the star of many classic movies over the course of six decades. He worked with the top directors of the day and did his best work with John Ford before their falling out in 1955. Despite turning in a number of great performances throughout his career, Fonda was nominated for only two Academy Awards and won in 1981 for his final role. Still, he had an extraordinary career rivaled by few others.

9 Scary Classic Movies - Classic Horror Films
If you're looking for thrills and chills, classic horror movies have plenty to offer. While some of the old scary movies may not have the gore or the shock value of newer films, a great story well told can still jolt the bejabbers out of you. Here's nine that should do the trick.

Ernst Lubitsch Movies - Films by Ernst Lubitsch - Classic Ernst Lubitsch Films
Hailed as a giant among filmmakers, Ernst Lubitsch directed some of Hollywood’s most sophisticated and entertaining comedies. He became known for his famed Lubitsch Touch, a wry and witty brand of humor infused with style and grace. Lubitsch directed a number of acclaimed hits in the 1930s and 1940s before his untimely death in 1947. Here are five classic Ernst Lubistch movies.

Some Classic Films That Inspired Quentin Tarantino
With his successful mix of bloody action, suspense, odd comic touches and a new noir sensibility, director Quentin Tarantino acknowledges his debt to these six classic films: a western, a screwball comedy, a film noir, a heist flick, a gangster movie and a horror film played for laughs. These are the classics that influenced his work.

6 Tony Curtis Movies - Tony Curtis Movies Not to Be Missed
Tony Curtis made dozens of films during a long, successful career. Among the most sought-after leading men of his day, he had a special talent for playing a good-looking rake and a scoundrel. Here are six great films among the many classic movies in which he starred.

Classic Movies from 1962 - Best Movies from 1962 - Films from 1962
While 1939 is often regarded as the greatest movie year of all time, Hollywood wasn’t too shabby in 1962. Many classic movies were released that year, while one on this list featured one of the most beloved performances ever seen. Here are just a few classics films from 1962, a year that could be argued as the second greatest of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

5 Classic Movies About Rock and Roll
For as long as there has been rock and roll, there have been rock and roll movies. Sometimes actors will play famous musicians, while other times the musicians will play themselves. But since the early 1960s, there have been a number of great films made about the world of rock and roll. Here are five of them.

6 Claudette Colbert Movies - Must-See Claudette Colbert Movies
Claudette Colbert was one of Hollywood's early stars, a French-born gamine who showed versatility on the stage and the screen. Here are six terrific Claudette Colbert movies that show her range throughout her long and successful career.

Eight Classic Films Starring Bette Davis
One of the greatest screen actresses of all time, Bette Davis used her iron will to forge a remarkable career that boasted two Academy Awards.

Hayley Mills in Classic Disney Films
Hayley Mills was the perfect Disney movie star for the '60s - wholesome, adorable and a great little actress. Her performances in Disney's family friendly classic films were not only completely safe and engaging for kids, they were mostly enjoyable as well. Here are six great examples.

Katharine Hepburn-Spencer Tracy Must-See Movies
Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy may have seemed an odd match, but they were an extraordinary screen couple.Here's a list of their 6 best films together.

10 Best Classic Romantic Movies
The best love stories aren't always found in chick flicks. Adventures and war movies can be very romantic. Here's ten classic movie romances that won't disappoint.

Classic War Movies - Greatest War Films (List)
Whether conveying the heroic acts of soldiers or showing the harsh realities of battle, war movies have long been a staple of Hollywood. Everything from the Civil War and World War II to Vietnam and even ancient Roman battles have been depicted in grand fashion on film. Here are nine of the best classic war movies.

African-American Classic Movies - Classic Film
African-American contributions to the world of cinema continue to grow. Here are 7 lesser-known, but influential classic movies featuring African Americans.

Movies Starring Elvis Presley - List
Undeniably the most iconic music star of the 20th century, Elvis Presley was also a popular box office star in the 1960s. Here are ten of his best films.

Classic Gene Kelly Movies (Top 6 List)
A vibrant actor, singer, dancer, director and choreographer, Gene Kelly became synonymous with the movie musical in the 1940s and 1950s. Along with contemporary Fred Astaire, Kelly was classic Hollywood’s most famous song-and-dance man and rode the wave of the musical genre’s height of popularity, only to fade from view by the late 1960s.

John Ford and Maureen O'Hara Classic Movies - Great Actor Director Collaborations
While John Ford had a far more prolific collaboration with John Wayne, the director also helmed five films with Maureen O’Hara, undoubtedly his favorite actress. Though it only lasted five movies – as compared to the 21 pictures Ford made with Wayne – their partnership produced a number of lasting classics. Unlike some actresses at the time, O’Hara was more than willing to tackling more physically challenging roles, making her a perfect fit in Westerns and other action-oriented movies. Here are all five films made between John Ford and Maureen O’Hara.

Seven Classic Movies Starring Sidney Poitier
With an elegant and quietly commanding personality, Sidney Poitier became the first African-American to win Best Actor at the Academy Awards.

7 Best Classic Ingrid Bergman Movies
One of classic Hollywood's most elegant actresses, Ingrid Bergman possessed an extraordinary amount of talent and glamor that helped make her one of the era's greatest stars. Having emerged from her native Sweden in the late-1930s, Bergman quickly rose to the top with her fresh Nordic beauty and soon became the ideal role model for American woman. She delivered great performances in a number of classics and became one of Alfred Hitchcock's most favored actresses. Though touched by scandal due to her illicit affair with director Roberto Rossellini, Bergman used her undeniable gifts to earn the forgiveness of her fans.

Joan Crawford Movies - Classic Films Starring Joan Crawford
One of the most durable and successful actresses of the classic era, Joan Crawford survived several declines to have one of the longest running careers in cinema history. Starting in the silent era, Crawford made the transition to talkies and became a major star in the early 1930s. But by the end of the decade, she was labeled box office poison and her career appeared to be in jeopardy. In 1945, however, she one the Oscar for Best Actress, only to falter once more. Following numerous ups and down, Crawford finally went into seclusion until her death in 1977. While her legacy has been marred by her daughter's tell-all book that included accusations of child abuse, Crawford's work has remained virtually unparalleled. Here are six classic movies starring the incomparable Joan Crawford.

Best Classic Musical Movies to See List
Ever since the advent of sound with

Best Actress Oscar Winners 1970s - Academy Awards 1970s - Best Actress 1970s
Hollywood in the 1970s was markedly different than the one that existed in the previous three decades. The old studio system was gone thanks to financial struggles and a seismic cultural shift that saw the rise of the youth-oriented counterculture. Hollywood responded by opening the doors wider to more experimentation, resulting in a second golden age known as New Hollywood. Unlike the heroes of movies past, actresses were featured more as strong independent women. In the 1970s, leading actresses bucked their male counterparts while seeking independence from male power structures, while in some cases becoming the very definition of women's lib.

Famous Classic Children's Movies
Eight classic movies for children that will keep the adults entertained as well. Wholesome family film adventures with great art, terrific old-school special effects, live animals, singing dancing and merriment - from Mary Poppins to Willy Wonka, from Doctor Doolittle to the Swiss Family Robinson.

Six Classic Films Starring Judy Garland
An incredible talent whose contralto voice and girl next door look turned her into a star, here are 6 classic movies starring the incomparable Judy Garland.

Five Classic Movies That Were Box Office Flops
Sometimes it's hard to believe, but some of Hollywood's greatest classic movies were box office flops when they were first released in theaters.

5 Lee Marvin Classic Movies
Having made a career playing sadistic bad villains as a supporting actor throughout the 1950s and 1960s, Lee Marvin rose to leading man status after winning the Academy Award for Best Actor with his classic dual performance in the spoof Western Cat Ballou (1965).

The Best Actor Oscar Winners of the 1950s
Here are all ten Academy Award winners for Best Actor of the 1950s, with some of the finest dramatic performances of the Golden Era.

10 Classic Western Movies
The western movie is a uniquely American form, playing on the mystique of the U.S. frontier. Here are ten classics about the Old West.

Best Picture Oscar Winners 1970s - Academy Award Winning Movies from the 1970s
While the New Hollywood era started in the late-1960s, the Second Golden Age came into full bloom in the 1970s and delivered some of cinema's greatest films. Arising out of the ashes of the old studio system, the era introduced a new generation of filmmakers - many of whom idolized directors from the classical era - and with them a renaissance of American filmmaking that saw more experimentation with tone, form and subject matter. Of course, with experimentation comes excess and by the early 1980s, the post-classical 1970s gave way to corporatized blockbusters that dominate the market even today. But for a brief period of about 15 years, studios took creative chances on films that have since become New Classics.

Rita Hayworth Movies - Films Starring Rita Hayworth - Rita Hayworth Musicals
She was the ultimate Hollywood bombshell, a sultry siren who sang, danced and flipped her long red hair into becoming a screen legend. On screen, Rita Hayworth was charismatic and oozed sex appeal, but off screen she was admittedly shy and suffered from a series of failed marriages. Though her career eventually faltered, she was one of the top box office draws of the 1940s. There have been numerous unforgettable actresses from the classic era, but there was no one quite like Rita Hayworth.

Classic Disney Animated Movies of the 1950s
Veering away from darker themes and going for the cute became the hallmark of the classic Disney animated films of the 1950s. Disney's leading ladies - mostly the princesses, but one pup - dominated the decade and kept families flocking the theaters for more Disney fare.

Best Actor Oscar Winners 1940s
In a golden decade for Hollywood, the Best Actor Oscar winners for the 1940s were a badly mixed bag. Some truly transcendent performances were recognized, and some truly great actors were snubbed. Here's a list of the Best Actors Academy Awards in the '40s.

Eight Classic Historical Epic Movies
Before computer graphics took audiences back to ancient worlds, Hollywood built massive sets and employed a literal cast of thousands. Fearful of the new medium of television, studios staged these films in order to draw people to theaters. It worked for a time, but by the early 1960s these epics proved too costly to make. Studios shied away from making these epics for decades, and it would take computer generated effects for studios to even think about doing such large scale movies again.

Best Picture Oscar Winners – 1980s
By the beginning of the 1980s, Hollywood had moved away from the dark, moody films that defined the New Hollywood era of the previous decades to make more commercially driven films. Gone were the days of directors ruling the roost; instead, actors began commanding obscene salaries per picture while behind the scenes agents and producers became obsessed with making high concept movies tailor-made to bring in $100 million at the box office. Despite the commercialization of the film industry and drive to make every movie a blockbuster, Hollywood still made richly compelling films that not only won Best Picture, but also stood up as compared to Oscar winners from previous eras.

List of Comedy Classics - Greatest Comedy Films of All Time
Whether sophisticated in manner or of the slapstick variety, there's always a classic comedy for any taste. The counterpoint to drama, comedies have always been with us no matter what the medium and they always will be. Sometimes they're absurd, other times bitingly satirical, but all are designed to make us laugh. Here are just a few of the very best classic comedies ever made.

Maureen O'Hara Movies - Classic Films Starring Maureen O'Hara
One of the most accomplished actresses to never receive an Oscar nomination, Irish-born Maureen O’Hara was the star of a number of great movies, several of which starred friend John Wayne. O'Hara was also a favored actress for director John Ford and together with Wayne the trio made everything from Westerns to romantic comedies set in Ireland. With fiery red hair and an on-screen presence to match, O'Hara exuded both charm and sexuality in becoming one of the more popular actresses of the 1940s and 1950s.

Science Fiction Movies - Classic Science Fiction Films
Whether depicting the Earth being invaded by robots or a futuristic world devastated by some manmade disaster, science fiction has long been a staple of Hollywood. Starting as a speculative genre of what was possible for mankind, science fiction was transformed by Cold War paranoia in the 1950s and became more allegorical of man's deep-rooted fears. Limited filmmaking technology often relegated these to B-movie status until daring filmmakers like Robert Wise and Stanley Kubrick elevated the genre to new heights. By the time George Lucas shattered box office records with his famed space franchise, science fiction had left behind its more allegorical roots as technology appeared to be something of a means to an end, though the genre itself was more popular than ever.

Orson Welles Movies - Orson Welles Films - Orson Welles Filmography
After gaining notoriety on radio, Orson Welles became one of Classic Hollywood’s most pioneering directors. With his very first movie, Welles directed what many consider to be the best film ever made. Active as a director for five decades, Welles made only a handful of films, largely due to his inability to secure financing for his increasingly experimental projects. Still, he remained a highly influential auteur whose techniques changed the course of Hollywood filmmaking.

7 Classic Movies Starring Grace Kelly
In just five short years, Grace Kelly rose from being a bit player to one of the biggest Hollywood stars whose elegance and radiated off the screen in several classic movies, only to give it all up to become the Princess of Monaco. Though her film career was brief, Kelly left an indelible mark on cinema.

Ten Billy Wilder Movies
Director Billy Wilder gave the world terrific movies across the genres of film noir, romantic comedy, social realism and screwball comedy. Here are ten classic Billy Wilder movies you shouldn't miss.

Jack Lemmon and Billy Wilder Movies - Great Actor Director Partnerships
Over the course of seven films together, actor Jack Lemmon and director Billy Wilder made several unforgettable pictures, two of which are certifiably iconic. Wilder was already well established as one of Hollywood’s great directors when he began to work with Lemmon, who was mainly a supporting player before being turned into a leading man by the director. The Lemmon-Wilder partnership was also notable for creating the first pairing between another great duo, Lemmon and Walter Matthau, both of whom made two movies with Wilder. While their best films were made early on, there’s no doubt that Lemmon and Wilder were one of the greatest actor-director partnerships of all time.

8 Great Cary Grant Movie Comedies
Suave, funny, romantic - Cary Grant's movies show his talents as the leading man to end all leading men. Here's a list of beloved Cary Grant comedies.

Six Great Humphrey Bogart Movies
A list of some of Humphrey Bogart's best movies, from hard-boiled private detectives in classic film noir to the ravings of a paranoid ship captain.

Great Movies About World War II - Classic World War II Films
More than another war, World War II has been the source of inspiration for a number great war movies. While there were numerous flag-waving films made during the war, it wasn’t until after the guns had settled that filmmakers began taking a more realistic look at the events of 1939-1945. Slowly but surely, Hollywood turned a jaundiced eye toward the good war and by the late 1970s, a public weary from another difficult war gravitated toward realistic movies that reflected their cynical mood. Whether patriotic or anti-war, there is a great movie about World War II for everyone.

John Wayne Movies - John Ford Films - Movies of John Wayne
If there was ever a director-actor tandem that defined the Western genre, it was John Ford and John Wayne. Over the course of five decades, Ford and Wayne made over 20 pictures, most of them Westerns and some that stood the test of time as the model for all others to follow. They made other types of films, war movies and even a romantic comedy. Here are seven of their very best.

Liabeth Scott Movies - Great Films Starring Film Noir Queen Lizabeth Scott
Long compared to her contemporary Lauren Bacall, husky-voiced actress Lizabeth Scott thrived as the femme fatale in a string of underrated, but significant film noirs. Having emerged from Broadway, where she was Tallulah Bankhead’s understudy, Scott arrived in Hollywood in 1945 and was hailed as the next Bacall or Veronica Lake. Over the next 10 years, Scott appeared opposite some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, only to see her career come to an end in the late 1950s once her contract with legendary producer Hal Wallis was up. Though she was never nominated for an Oscar, Scott earned widespread critical praise for her unrelenting performances. Here are six classics starring Lizabeth Scott.

Classic Frank Sinatra Films (Top 6 List)
While best remembered for recording a multitude of hits like 'Strangers in the Night', 'My Way' and 'Summer Wind', Frank Sinatra also forged a successful film career that included starring roles in several classics and an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Being a best-selling crooner, Sinatra naturally had his start in musicals, but soon displayed considerable acting chops in dramas, action movies and political thrillers.

Nine Classic Movies Starring Spencer Tracy
Virtually peerless in natural talent and professional accomplishment, actor Spencer Tracy had an unparalleled career that spanned four decades.

William Holden Movies - William Holden Filmography - Classic Movies Starring William Holden
A dashing leading man in his youth, William Holden was in his prime during the 1950s with a number of comic and romantic films that were all-time classics. But when he entered the turbulent 1960s, Holden made a number of forgettable films due to contractual obligations that damaged his career. He mounted a comeback toward the end of the decade and enjoyed more critical and commercial success in the 1970s before his career faded again before his death in 1981.

9 Quintessential Jimmy Stewart Movies
Actor Jimmy Stewart was known for his aw-shucks manner and his ability to radiate decency.In a film career spanning four decades, here are nine of his best.

7 Classic Vampire Movies - Vampire Movies from Decades Past
Vampire movies have captivated film-goers from creepy early silent movies to today's big-budget supernatural blockbusters. They're frightening, erotic, and often darkly humorous, and they appeal to something deep in the human psyche. Here are seven classic vampire movies worth a look.

Classic Spy Movies - Greatest Espionage Films of All Time
Whether gritty and realistic or slick and campy, spy films have been a favorite genre among filmmakers and audiences. Often set in some international locale, they featured government agents engaged in espionage in secret and at great risk to themselves. Though numerous spy movies were made prior to World War II, notably by Alfred Hitchcock, it wasn’t until the Cold War that the genre exploded in popularity. Some took the Russian threat seriously, while others like James Bond had more of a devil-may-care attitude toward the free world’s sworn enemies. In the 1970s, audiences’ paranoia turned inward in the wake of Watergate, which was best exemplified by the likes of Sydney Pollack and Alan J. Pakula. Regardless of historical influences, spy films have always been escapist entertainment for moviegoers seeking action, thrills, and clear-cut heroes and villains.

Classic Bible Inspired Films (Top 6 List)
While historical epics showcased stories set in antiquity, religious epics drew inspiration from the world’s most popular book, The Bible. Whether depicting the Old Testament or the New, biblical epics were always large in scope and featured some of the day’s state-of-the-art special effects. Though Hollywood stopped making large-scale epics in the 1960s due to massive costs, audience interest has never waned and many remain popular viewing on television, particularly around the Easter holiday.

Best Heist Movies of All Time
With intricate plots, multiple twists and turns, and gritty characters who live on the edge, heist movies have long been a Hollywood staple. Sometimes the thieves suffer the consequences of their actions and sometimes they get away with their crimes, but their carefully hatched plans almost always go awry. Here are nine of the best heist movies from Classic Hollywood.

Classic James Cagney Movies (Top 6 List)
Though largely associated with gangster films, James Cagney was also a comedian, romantic lead and song-and-dance man. Cagney got his start in vaudeville and made his film debut at the start of the talkie era. He had an acrimonious relationship with his home studio, Warner Bros., but over time delivered one quality performance after another and proved himself to be one of Hollywood's most bankable stars.

Sam Peckinpah Movies - Filmography for Sam Peckingpah - Films by Sam Peckinpah
A notoriously difficult director who nearly destroyed his career before it began, Sam Peckinpah almost single-handedly recreated the Western with his violent, ambiguous vision. He made a mess of his life with alcohol and drugs, and left behind a tattered reputation and a long line of enemies. But he was also an incredible filmmaker whose best work ranks alongside Hollywood greats like John Ford, John Huston and Howard Hawks.

9 Must-See Alfred Hitchcock Films
Alfred Hitchcock, the Master of Suspense, made thrillers, spy movies, horror films and mysteries that set modern standards and delight new audiences.

Best Actress Oscar Winners 1930s - Academy Awards 1930s - Best Actress 1930s
The 1930s marked the first full decade for Oscar and with it established the beginning of the classic Hollywood era. Silent films were a thing of the past with the transition to talkies in the late 1920s, which gave rise to stars like Norma Shearer, Irene Dunne and Bette Davis. The decade saw numerous great performances, including a revelatory turn from unlikely star Marie Dressler, and ended with Vivian Leigh’s iconic portrayal of Scarlett O’Hara.

The "Thin Man" Movie List
In the '30s and '40s, the movie-going public couldn't get enough of sleuths Nick and Nora Charles. Here's a list of all six 'Thin Man' movies.

Classic Jimmy Stewart Western Movies (Top 6 List)
James Stewart has long been remembered for his work with Alfred Hitchcock and Frank Capra. But just as famous as 'Rear Window' and 'It's a Wonderful Life' were a series of Westerns he made in the 1950s and 1960s, particularly his image-changing films with Anthony Mann. Though not as identifiable with the genre as John Wayne or Clint Eastwood, Stewart’s Westerns rank among the best work of his career.

Alfred Hitchcock and Cary Grant Classic Movies
Two legends - director Alfred Hithcock and star Cary Grant - worked together over two decades, producing four classic movies together.

Seven Must-See Audrey Hepburn Movies
A lumnious legend whose wartime childhood led her to support humanitarian causes throughout her life, Audrey Hepburn was a classic movie star of tremendous beauty and influential style. Here are seven Audrey Hepburn movies that should not be missed.

Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese Classic Movies
Spanning three decades and eight films, most of them in the crime drama genre, the collaboration between actor Robert De Niro and director Martin Scorsese ranks was one of the greatest of all time. The two were brought together by mutual friend, actor Harvey Keitel, and made some of the best films ever made. Here are five of the best films made between Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese.

4 Classic Movies Releasing on Blu-ray in September 2015
Just a few of the classic movies releasing on the Blu-ray format this month.

6 Great Films Directed by Stanley Kramer
A list of classic movies directed by Stanley Kramer, whose message films tackled issues of race, politics, and nuclear annihilation.

4 Classics Starring Diane Keaton
Four great films from the 1970s starring Diane Keaton, from The Godfather to Annie Hall.

5 Woody Allen Movies from the 1970s
Five films from director Woody Allen, who transitioned from slapstick to sophisticated comedies.

A Closer Look at 'Apocalypse Now'
Everything you wanted to know about Francis Ford Coppola's flawed masterpiece, Apocalypse Now, starring Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall, and Martin Sheen.

The Life and Career of Scream Queen Fay Wray
The ultimate damsel in distress, Fay Wray was a popular actress who starred opposite top leading men like Gary Cooper, Fredric March, and William Powell, and was vaulted into iconic status as Hollywood's most famous scream queen.

Classic Films Releasing on Blu-ray in August 2015
Just a few of the classic movies being released on the Blu-ray format this month.

4 Films from Alan J. Pakula
A list of films made by Alan J. Pakula in the 1970s and 1980s, including his famed paranoid trilogy.

5 Classic Movies About the Holocaust
Five great films dealing with the atrocities committed by the Nazis during the Holocaust.

4 Classics Directed by William Friedkin
A list of films from one of the great directors of the New Hollywood era, William Friedkin.

4 Films Starring Meryl Streep
A closer look at four films made at the beginning of Meryl Streep's incredible career.

5 Classic Movies Starring John Cazale
Though he only appeared in five movies before his life was cut short by cancer, actor John Cazale batted a thousand in films that were nominated for Best Picture.

8 Classic Movies Starring Alec Guinness
Few would argue that Sir Alec Guinness was one of the finest British actors of his generation. Often mentioned in the same sentence as Richard Burton, Peter O'Toole, and John Gielgud, Guinness was a classically trained performer who successfully transferred his gifts to the silver screen. He made his first significant film appearance under the direction of David Lean, with whom he would make eight films in five decades, a contentious relationship that led to Guinness winning an Oscar while making some of the best films of all time.

Classic Movies Being Released on Blu-ray in July 2015
A list of classic movies being released on Blu-ray in July.

4 Great Movies Starring Ginger Rogers..and Not Fred Astaire
Most often remembered as Fred Astaire's dance partner, Ginger Rogers was in fact a fine dramatic actress who won the Academy Award in 1940.

5 Great Films Starring Jennifer Jones
One of the classic era's most underrated stars, Jennifer Jones won the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1943.

Great Actor-Director Collaborations: Joseph Cotten and William Dieterle
A list of four classic movies made in the collaboration between actor Joseph Cotten and director William Dieterle.

4 Classic Movies Directed by Carol Reed
A prominent director in his native England, Carol Reed moved to Hollywood, where he directed some of cinema's most indelible classics.

6 Joseph Cotten Movies from the 1940s
A list of great films from the 1940s starring Joseph Cotten, one of the classic era's most popular leading men.

Baby Peggy Montgomery - TCM Classic Movies Festival - Leonard Maltin
Classic Movies. Page 6.

Mel Brooks - Young Frankenstein - TCM Classic Movies Festival
Classic Movies. Page 7.

4 Classic Movies Directed by Edward Dmytryk
Four classic movies directed by Edward Dmytryk from the 1940s and 1950s, starring Humphrey Bogart, Robert Mitchum, and Van Johnson.

6 Classics Directed by William Dieterle
Six great movies directed by William Dieterle, who worked with stars like Paul Muni, Maureen O'Hara, Jennifer Jones, and Joseph Cotten.

Warner Bros. Releasing 'Golden Year Collection' on Blu-ray
Warner Bros. is releasing the Golden Year Collection, a five-film, six-disc set featuring newly restored classics from the great year of 1939.

5 John Wayne Western Classics Will Be Released on Blu-ray This June
One of classic Hollywood's most popular actors, John Wayne has long been synonymous with the Western. Five of them will be released on Blu-ray in June.

7 Alfred Hitchcock Leading Ladies - Blonde Stars
They were icy blondes who more often than not caused trouble for their leading men by making them fall hopelessly in love with them. Alfred Hitchcock's leading ladies were sensual, passionate and sometimes criminally dangerous. But most importantly, they were rich and complex, and sometimes served as Hitchcock's outward projection of his ideal woman.

5 Great Movies Featuring Robert Duvall
Five great performances from the one and only Robert Duvall.

8 Classic Movies You Can Stream on Netflix Right Now
Just a few of the many classic movies that are currently streaming on Netflix.

Classics Releasing on Blu-ray in May 2015
This month's releases feature a George Miller classic; Steven Spielberg's film debut; the Best Picture from 1966; and Charlie Chaplin's last great film.

TCM to Feature Orson Welles on Fridays in May
Turner Classic Movies will feature Orson Welles in their Friday Night Spotlight this May. Here are a few of the films they will air.

Classics Releasing on Blu-ray in April 2015
This month's releases feature classic movies by Martin Scorsese, Preston Sturges, Carol Reed, and Douglas Trumball.

4 Classic Movies Written By Paddy Chayefsky
Four all-time classic movies written by one of Hollywood's greatest screenwriters, Paddy Chayefsky.

4 Movies Starring Burt Reynolds
A list of popular movies from the 1970s and 1980s featuring box office star Burt Reynolds.

5 Classic Dystopian Movies
A list of great films both old and more recent that depict bleak futuristic societies.

Classics on Blu-ray Being Released in March 2015
A list of great classics being released, or re-released, on Blu-ray in the month of March.

The Spaghetti Westerns of Sergio Leone
Though he didn't invited the spaghetti Western, Sergio Leone popularized them with gritty violence and stylish filmmaking.

Great Performances by Character Actor Ernest Borgnine
A brilliant character actor who remained prolific into his 90s, Ernest Borgnine was a talented and versatile performer throughout his career.

Great Performances by the Incomprable George C. Scott
An uncompromising actor both on screen and off, George C. Scott delivered some of cinema's strongest performances often in authoritarian roles.

4 Classic Jason Robards Movies
Whether playing a charming Old West bandit or the editor of a major newspaper, Jason Robards turned in one great performance after another.

4 Early Classics Directed by Mike Nichols
Four early classic movies directed directed by the late Oscar-winning director, Mike Nichols.

Casablanca - Bogart and Bergman in a Timeless Romance
'Casablanca' is the movie on just about every

Dr. Strangelove Movie Review - Dr. Strangelove, or How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
'Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb' is the funniest movie ever made about global nuclear destruction. Peter Sellers plays three roles, including the bizarre Dr. Strangelove, in Stanley Kubrick's classic black comedy of Cold War military macho and political blundering. A masterpiece.

Elizabeth Taylor Biography
A violet-eyed film goddess as famous for her off-screen marriages as her big-screen roles, Elizabeth Taylor's biography is quintessential Hollywood. For decades she delighted audiences and kept the gossip pages humming about her life and loves, a Movie Star in capital letters.