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Derby Cocktail Recipe with Bourbon Whiskey
There are three common drinks that go by the name of Derby Cocktail, two with bourbon and one with gin. They are each fun to explore.

Danny Ocean Cocktail and Casamigos Tequila Review
Casamigos Tequila is the brand backed by George Clooney and friends. The Danny Ocean is a delightful grapefruit cocktail that is a perfect introduction.

Classic Commodore Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Commodore Cocktail, a classic mixed drink of Bacardi rum, lemon juice, egg white, grenadine and raspberry syrup.

Gran Gala Triple Orange Liqueur Review
GranGala Triple Orange Liqueur is a delightful brandy-based orange liqueur from Italy. Similar to Grand Marnier, it is also fantastic for making cocktails.

Hiram Walker Gingerbread Liqueur Review
Hiram Walker Gingerbread Liqueur is a seasonal flavor that makes it easy to get one of the favorite flavors of the holiday season into your cocktails.

Jumbie Splash Flavored Rum Review
Rum Jumbie Splash produces four flavored rums including coconut, mango, pineapple, and vanilla. The flavors are tropical and good for rum cocktails.

How is Whiskey Sour Mash Different Than Sweet?
Mash is a liquid composed of crushed grain stirred with boiling water to create a liquid that drains from the mash and is fermented.

Blue Hawaiian Cocktail and Other Cocktail Ideas for Chicago Bears Fans
The Blue Hawaiian cocktail garnished with an orange wheel is just one of the drinks that Chicago Bears fans can enjoy as they cheer their team on along the road to Superbowl XLI.

Dreamy Blues and Other Cocktail Ideas for Indianapolis Colts
The Dreamy Blues cocktail is just one of the drinks that Indianapolis Colts fans can enjoy as they cheer their team on along the road to Super Bowl XLI. Page 2.

Frostbite and Other Cocktail Ideas for New England Patriots
The Frostbite cocktail is just one of the drinks that New England Patriots fans can enjoy as they cheer their team on along the road to Super Bowl XLI. Page 4.

How to Name Your New Cocktail Recipe
You have a new drink recipe, now you need to give that cocktail a name. Find popular sources of inspiration for naming your latest creation.

7 Lucky Irish Whiskey Cocktails for St. Patrick's Day
Bring out the Irish whiskey, it's St. Patrick's Day! Discover 7 exciting cocktail recipes form the Irish Coffee to the Irish Blond and get in the spirit.

Irish Coffee - The Best Way to Begin St. Patrick's Day
Start your St. Patrick's Day off with the original Irish Coffee, that classic mix of Irish whiskey, brown sugar, and fresh whipped cream.

Irish Farmhouse - Fruity Irish Cocktail for St. Patrick's Day
Orange marmalade makes an appearance in the Irish Farmhouse cocktail, which is a fantastic and unique whiskey drink for St. Patrick's Day.

Irish Gold - Easy Irish Whiskey Highball for St. Patrick's Day
Anyone can make up an Irish Gold for St. Patrick's Day as this easy mixed drink requires Irish whiskey, peach schnapps, orange juice, and ginger ale.

Irish Martini - Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Style
Add St. Patrick's Day luck to your vodka martini with the Irish Martini, which adds just a hint of Irish whiskey to the stylish cocktail.

Irish Tea Party - Absinthe and Irish Whiskey for St. Patrick's Day
Green tea and absinthe combine with Jameson Irish Whiskey to create a fun, lively, and green Irish Tea Party for St. Patrick's Day.

Zesty Irishman - Slow Sipper for St. Patrick's Day
A snappy little sour drink that's perfect for St. Patrick's Day, the Zesty Irishman mixes Drambuie and Irish whiskey into a unique and fascinating cocktail.

Shaken vs Stirred: How to Mix the Best Cocktails
Should you shake or stir that cocktail? It is one of the most debated questions in bartending and there is a general rule you can follow when deciding.

Homemade Ginger Ale and Cocktail Recipes
Ginger ale is a popular soda for finishing off many mixed drinks and cocktails. You may want to make your own and this recipe shows you how to do just that.

10 Romantic Martinis for Valentine's Day
Looking for a romantic martini to share with your lover on Valentine's Day? Explore 10 of the best cocktails for adding a little spark to your dinner.

The Classic Soul Kiss Cocktail for Valentine's Day
Share a spirited classic cocktail like the Soul Kiss on Valentine's Day and allow the whiskey and wine to spark a little romance.

Enjoy Valentine's Day with a Manhattan Love Story Cocktail
Featuring New York Whiskey with sake and ginger, this Manhattan Love Story is the perfect cocktail addition to any Valentine's Day celebration.

Valentine's Day Cocktail the Marriage of Figaro
A fun and unique bourbon cocktail, the Marriage of Figaro is the perfect choice for Valentine's Day because of the aphrodisiac effects of the fig infusion.

The Valentine Sweetness of a Menage a XXX Cocktail
You have not had a chocolate martini like the Menage a XXX, a valentine-worthy mix of caramel whiskey, cream, and luscious chocolate.

Jagermeister's Bed of Roses Cocktail for Valentine's Day
Spice up Valentine's Day with the Bed of Roses cocktail, a sweet, fruity cocktail that shows off Jagermeister's elegant side.

Spark Romance with the Oriental Passion Cocktail
A fruit martini of a unique sort, the Oriental Passion mixes a great gin, sweet lemon liqueur, and passion fruit together for a fantastic romantic cocktail.

Sip the Brandy Chrysanthemum Cocktail on Valentine's Day
Brandy and absinthe come together in a delightful aperitif cocktail known as The Chrysanthemum, which is perfect for Valentine's Day dinners.

Romantic Cocktail for Valentine's Day the Passion Pearl
Spark a little romance on Valentine's Day with the Passion Pearl cocktail, an easy mix of rum and passion fruit vodka in the style of a classic sour drink.

Spice Up Valentine's Day with a Passion Cocktail
Add a little flair to your Valentine's Day by bringing tequila into your blushing pink Cosmopolitan with the Passion Cocktail.

How to Cut Lemon Garnishes
Step-by-step illustrations for cutting simple lemon garnishes.

How to Cut Lemon Garnishes
Step-by-step illustrations for cutting simple lemon garnishes.

How to Cut Lemon Garnishes
Step-by-step illustrations for cutting simple lemon garnishes.

How to Cut Lemon Garnishes
Step-by-step illustrations for cutting simple lemon garnishes.

Drinks for Thanksgiving Day: Cocktails, Beer and More
Thanksgiving Day is filled with traditions and everyone needs a great drink to complement the holiday. Begin planning your drink menus for the entire day.

What Does it Mean to Order Scotch 'On the Rocks'?
Improve your whiskey 'on the rocks' by discovering a few simple tips. Learn how to improve your ice and whether you will ruin your favorite Scotch with ice.

Learn the Basics of Mixed Drinks
A drink that combines one or more alcoholic beverages and usually one non-alcoholic mixer.

Does The Pour Order Matter When Mixing Cocktails?
Cocktail recipes are usually very simple: pour, mix, strain, drink. Discover if the order you're pouring those ingredients really makes a difference.

Cherry Cobbler Recipe with Red Stag by Jim Beam
Cocktail recipe for a Cherry Cobbler, a mixed drink by Bobby

Three Olives Tartz Vodka Zombie's Brew Cocktail Recipe
Serve it in the summer or at your Halloween party, the Zombie's Brew is a simple mixed drink featuring Three Olives Tartz Vodka with lemonade.

Victoria's Secret Vodka Cocktail Recipe
A sweet little cocktail, Victoria's Secret is a delightful mix of vodka, strawberry liqueur, and lemon and it's great for a girl's night out.

Royal-Tea Cocktail Recipe with Beefeater and Earl Grey
Tea time meets happy hour in the Royal-Tea recipe. This simple mixed drink pairs Beefeater Gin with Earl Grey Tea and is a pure delight to drink.

Classic Affinity Cocktail Recipe with Scotch Whisky
The classic Affinity is a great Scotch whisky cocktail with an easy recipe that replaces the gin of a Perfect Martini with your favorite Scotch.

Campari Celebration of Citrus Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Celebration of Citrus, a unique Campari aperitif drink that uses sweet vermouth, grapefruit and orange juices, jalapeno pepper, and Cava sparkling wine.

Classic Campari and Soda Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Campari and Soda, a tall and refreshing way to enjoy the aperitif Campari. It's perfect before dinner.

Classic Pegu Club Cocktail Recipe
A classic sour, the Pegu Club Cocktail is a fantastic gin drink that has orange and lime accents. Learn how to mix up this old-school favorite.

Honey Dew Me Shooter Recipe
Shooter recipe for a Honey Dew Me, a party shot of Bärenjäger honey liqueur, lemon liqueur and pineapple or orange juice.

Frozen Kappa Colada Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a frozen Kappa Colada, a Pina Colada-like frozen drink made of brandy, pineapple juice, vanilla ice cream, and cream of coconut.

Frozen Tamarind-Pineapple Margarita Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Tamarind-Pineapple Margarita, a fun frozen drink that pairs a fine tequila with tamarind nectar and pineapple juice for a great tropical blend.

Drambuie Highland Margarita Cocktail Recipe
The Highland (or Drambuie) Margarita is a unique twist on the popular tequila cocktail. You may be surprised how a little Drambuie transforms this drink!

Broad Stripes and Bright Stars Absinthe Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Broad Stripes and Bright Stars, a patriotic drink that is very interesting. It includes absinthe, blueberry vodka, and ginger beer.

Basil Hayden's Sweet Meat Cocktail Recipe
An interesting cocktail made with a homemae peach pecan water and Basil Hayden's Bourbon Whiskey, the Sweet Meat Cocktail is a summer treat.

Zipperhead Cocktail Recipe with Vodka and Chambord
A simple and refreshing vodka cocktail, the Zipperhead features Chambord and lemon-lime soda. Add fresh, seasonal berries in mint and enjoy this fun drink.

Boston Sidecar Cocktail Recipe with Rum and Brandy
The Daiquiri and Sidecar meet in the popular Boston Sidecar cocktail. A mix of brandy, rum, triple sec and lime juice, this is a fun and easy sour drink.

Easy Ginger Martini Recipe with Vodka
The Ginger Martini is a simple and spicy vodka martini recipe that pairs your favorite vodka with ginger liqueur. It is fun and exciting.

Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur Profile with Recipes
Domaine de Canton is a ginger liqueur with an eau de vie and Cognac base that is flavored with fresh Vietnamese ginger. Cocktail recipes included.

Classic Adonis Cocktail Recipe with Dry Sherry
The Adonis is a classic cocktail recipe that is similar to the popular Perfect Martini. It replaces gin with sherry and is a perfect dinner drink.

Blushing Geisha Cocktail Recipe with TyKu Liqueur
A romantic cocktail of TyKu Liqueur, pomegranate, and rose, the Blushing Geisha is a perfect drink for date night or Valentine's Day and it's easy!

Don Q Bloody Rum Punch Recipe for Halloween Parties
The Bloody Rum Punch is essentially a sangria recipe that has a few twists that make it perfect for Halloween or any party, though it is very strong.

Classic Fancy Whiskey Cocktail Recipe
A classic cocktail recipe, the Fancy Whiskey is easy to mix up and you can use your favorite style of whiskey. Discover two recipes to try out tonight.

Flirtini Vodka Cocktail Recipe with Champagne
The Flirtini is a fun vodka cocktail. It is made with your favorite vodka, Cointreau, pineapple and Champagne and it is the perfect addition to any party.

Orange Creamsicle Cocktail and Shot Recipes
The Creamsicle is a delicious, fun and popular drink that can be made as a cocktail, float or shot. Discover five easy recipes for a Creamsicle in a glass.

Easy White Wine Spritzer Recipe
Add a little sparkle to your favorite white wine with the easy White Wine Spritzer recipe. Perfect for brunch or showers, this light drink is a delight.

Northern Lights Cocktail Recipe with Yukon Jack
The Northern Lights drink is a delight and very easy to mix up. All you will need is Yukon Jack, peach schnapps and orange and cranberry juices.

Look Better Naked Margarita Tequila Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Look Better Naked Margarita, a healthy margarita recipe with Partida Reposado Tequila, Sambazon Organic Acai, Partida Organic Agave Nectar, rosemary, egg white and lime juice.

Black Eyed Susan Bourbon Cocktail Recipe
The Black-Eyed Susan is the official drink of the Triple Crown's Preakness Stakes and it keeps changing. Explore the three different cocktail recipes.

Easy Pumpkin Martini Recipe
Every autumn drinkers seek out the Pumpkin Martini. Discover one of the most delicious and easiest ways to mix one up with vanilla vodka.

Merry Christmas Plymouth Gin Cocktail Recipe
A cocktail that literally says 'Merry Christmas,' this fruity and refreshing drink pairs Plymouth Gin with cranberry and is a delight for holiday dinners.

Mrs. Claus' Wildside Tequila Punch Recipe
Pomegranate and cranberry juices pair with X-Rated Fusion and Cabo Wabo Tequila to make a holiday-worthy Mrs. Claus' Wildside punch.

Hornitos Shamrocker Cocktail Recipe
The Shamrocker is a fun, green Hornitos Tequila cocktail that uses a melon liqueur for its color and fruity flavor. It's a fun on St. Patrick's Day.

Hennessy Hot Coco Recipe with Cognac
Warm, sweet and a perfect way to enjoy your cognac, the Hennessy Hot Coco is a spiked hot chocolate recipe with spices and cream. It's perfect for winter.

How to Mix a Drink by Rolling Instead of Shaking
Rolling a drink back and forth is a great way to mix it without all the dilution of shaking. Learn how to master this bartending technique.

Tips for Specific Bartending Techniques
Shaking, straining, muddling, even stirring, all of these are bartending techniques that are important to mixing great cocktails. Find tips and tricks to make the best drinks.

Easy Brown Sugar Spiced Syrup Recipe
The perfect addition for holiday drinks and warm cocktails, this easy brown sugar simple syrup is spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and allspice.

Discover Butterscotch Schnapps Brands and Drink Recipes
Enjoy the sweet flavor of butterscotch in your next drink with butterscotch schnapps. Discover cocktail and shooter recipes and brands beyond Buttershots.

Specific Gravity Chart for Layering Drinks
Layered shots and cocktails are fun and they are easy to make as long as you know the density of the liquor. Discover a specific gravity chart for alcohol.

Recipes for Infusing Liquor With Flavor
Liquor infusions are fun ways to add flavor to vodka, rum, tequila, and other liquors and they're very easy to do yourself. Explore these infusion recipes and tips.

Hot and Spicy Homemade Garlic-Habanero Infused Vodka
Hot and spicy is the only way to describe this garlic-habanero infused vodka. It takes just a few hours and makes a perfect base for a Bloody Mary.

Lavender Rosemary Infused Vodka Recipe
It is easy to make your own lavender and rosemary flavored vodka at home. Learn how to create this herbal infusion and discover cocktails to use it in.

The Hollywood Cocktail: A Fun and Fruity Vodka Recipe
The Hollywood Cocktail is a fun, fruity vodka drink that is very easy to make. The refreshing mix of raspberry and pineapple is ideal for summer parties.

10 Great Cocktails for Summer Cookouts
Tall and refreshing drinks are great for serving at a summer cookout. Here are ten easy and flavorful mixed drink recipes that are perfect for the occasion.

3 Drink Recipes for an M&M Shot
The M&M is a popular shot that tastes a lot like the chocolate candies it's named for. Discover three different ways to make this delicious drink.

Warm Up with The Hot Gold Apple Cider Rum Punch Recipe
A favorite for the colder days of the year, this Hot Gold Apple Cider recipe uses dark rum and cinnamon schnapps and is perfect for entertaining.

4 Recipes for a Purple Haze Mixed Drink
Whether you want a refreshing highball, sweet martini or powerful shot, there is a Purple Haze recipe for you. They're all fun to drink and easy to mix.

Vodka Lemon Sorbet Frozen Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Vodka Lemon Sorbet, a frozen sorbet of vodka, sugar and lemon.

Spirit Infusions
A collection of infusion recipes and instructions on how to get started with infusing your own spirits with flavor.

Coconut Key Lime Momtini Recipe by Natalie Bovis
Mocktail recipe for a Coconut Key Lime Momtini, a non-alcoholic mixed drink from The Liquid Muse's Preggatinis book made that is a tropical delight.

Hennessy Black Apricot Sunray Punch Recipe
This Apricot Sunray recipe is a punch that will impress your guests. Its unique flavor includes Hennessy Cognac, apricot, and blood orange.

Taste the Smooth Scotch of Scapa from Orkney
Scapa is a famous brand of Scotch from the Orkney Islands. Among their smooth whisky is a 16YO expression that could be used in the finest cocktails.

Explore the Smooth Scotch Whisky of The Macallan
Speyside is known for elegant Scotch whisky and The Macallan is one of the popular brands. Discover the smooth taste of their Sherry and Fine Oak whiskies.

The Macallan 1824 Collection Single Malt Scotch Whisky
The Macallan's 1824 Collection is a great collection of single malt Scotch whisky. Explore the range, including Select Oak and Whisky Maker's Edition.

11 Fantastic Sangria Recipes for Any Party
Sangrias are fun for parties and the fruity wine punch can take many forms. Discover some fun and creative recipes to show off the potential of sangria.

Nolet's Gin Silver Sangria Punch Recipe
Enjoy a lighter sangria at your next party or brunch with Nolet's Silver Sangria recipe. It features a premium gin with white wine and grape juice.

Grape Juice and Grape Liquor Cocktail Recipe Collection
Find cocktail and mixed drink recipes that use fresh grapes, grape juice, and grape-flavored liquors. The list includes many non-alcoholic drinks as well.

Nolet's Silver Dry Gin Liquor Review
Nolet's Silver Dry Gin is a modern take on a classic dry gin from the Netherlands. It has a decidedly fruit forward flavor that many drinkers will enjoy.









Find a Great Punch Recipe for Your Next Party
Serving a punch at a party is the easiest way to give your guests a great drink and there is a punch recipe in this collection for every occasion.


Review of Q Drinks - Sodas Made for Cocktails
Q Drinks produces a great line of sodas that bring out the best in cocktails and mixed drinks. Tonic, citrus sodas, and their latest Q Ginger Beer.

Jon Taffer to the (Bar) Rescue
Review of the series premier of Bar Rescue with Jon Taffer on Spike TV.

How to Make a Russian Qualude Drink
The Russian Qualude is a popular drink that can be made as a shot or highball. Most recipes include vodka, Frangelico and Irish cream, though that varies.

Hangover 101: What Is It and Is There a Magical Cure?
Hangovers are a common occurrence and if you are a drinker, you will want to know why and how we get hangovers and what you can do to relieve the pain.

The Easy Gin Buck Cocktail Recipe
The Gin Buck is a gin and ginger ale highball that is very easy to make. This simple drink is perfect for happy hour or anytime you want simply relax.

Spring Cocktail Recipe Collection
Spring cocktails are light and filled with seasonal flavor. Find refreshing mixed drink recipes for spring and the special occasions we celebrate in it.

Rose Berry Bliss Wine Punch Recipe
A perfect wine punch for any party, this recipe includes blueberries and pink lemonade and is easy to make year round.

Kiwi Martini - Easy Vodka Cocktail Recipe
Fresh kiwi fruit is used in this fresh and fascinating vodka martini that is very easy to make.

New Amsterdam Gin Central Park Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Central Park, a unique take on the Bloody Mary that includes New Amsterdam Gin and vanilla extract.

Campari's Cold In The Shadows Beertail Recipe
Beer meets Campari in this unique and fun cocktail called Cold in the Shadows. The two drinks are accented with raspberry for a cookout-worthy drink.

May Day Rum Cocktail Recipe
A frozen, fruity rum punch, this May Day cocktail is filled with flavors and really easy to blend up any time you're in the mood.

Jamaica Margarita Tequila Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Jamaica Margarita, a margarita flavored with hibiscus flowers and featuring Tequila Tezon Blanco.

Tangerine Margarita Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Tangerine Margarita, a mixed drink of tequila, Cointreau and lime and tangerine juices.

Coco Colada Drink Recipe: The Virgin Pina Colada
Everything that you love about the Pina Colada is inside this Coco Colada, it simply lacks the booze, which makes it perfect for everyone on a summer day.

Great Cocktails and Martinis for Mother's Day
Treat mom to a great drink this Mother's Day. Explore magnificent martini that will pamper her and show her how much you appreciate all she's done for you.

Prairie Fire Recipe: A Hot Shot of Tequila and Tabasco
The Prairie Fire is an easy shot recipe, all you need to do is add Tabasco to your tequila. Learn more and discover the Flatliner and Battery Acid as well.

Perfect Manhattan Cocktail Recipe with Knob Creek
Mix up a Perfect Manhattan with Knob Creek and enjoy the flavorful taste of a great whiskey cocktail. Don't like the bourbon? Your favorite whiskey will do.

Devil's Handshake Cocktail Recipe with Hornitos Tequila
The Devil's Handshake is a fun Hornitos Tequila cocktail that uses a fresh ginger puree to accent pineapple. It is a delight for summer entertaining!

The Sweaty Hipster Tequila Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for The Sweaty Hipster, a mixed drink of Hornitos Reposado Tequila, O3 orange liqueur, lime juice, grapefruit bitters, and serrano-mint simple syrup.

Skeletons in Your Closet Tequila Cocktail Recipe
Bring out this Skeletons in Your Closet cocktail for Halloween parties. It is a tropical fruit-filled tequila margarita that has a brilliant green glow.

The Office Party Shooter Recipe - Hornitos Tequila Cocktail Recipes
Shooter recipe for The Office Party, a mixed drink of Hornitos Reposado Tequila, lime juice, ginger syrup, grenadine, and red bell pepper.

Dirty Hornitini Tequila Martini Cocktail Recipe
Switch out the gin for a reposado tequila and you have a Dirty Hornitini. The mix of tequila and vermouth with olive juice is surprisingly good.

10 Essential Tequila Cocktails You Have To Try
Tequila cocktails are endless and take on a variety of flavors. These 10 cocktails showcase tequila and are essential to a well-rounded tequila experience.

New Orleans Ramos Fizz Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a New Orleans or Ramos Fizz, an original New Orleans drink with gin, cream, lemon and lime juice and orange flower water

How to Squeeze Fresh Citrus Juice for Cocktails
Fresh lemon and lime juice make the best cocktails. Learn how to easily squeeze the most citrus juice from your fruit using 6 popular juicers.

Need A Splash of Fresh Citrus Juice? Just Squeeze It!
If your drink recipe needs just a splash of fresh lemon or lime juice all you have to do is squeeze.

Bartender's Favorite: A Hand Squeezer for Juicing Citrus Fruit
Learn how to use a hand pressed citrus juicer, one of the easiest tools for getting fresh lemon and lime juice into cocktails.

The Old-Fashioned Reamer for Juicing Citrus Fruits
The citrus reamer is not a preferred bartending tool for juicing citrus fruits, though it is cheap, small, and easy to use.

The Cheapest Juicer for Squeezing Fresh Citrus Juice in Bulk
When making fresh lemonade or stocking up on fresh citrus juice, the old-fashioned citrus juicer is the best and cheapest option you will find.

How to Squeeze Fresh Orange Juice with a Citrus Press
If you love fresh citrus juice and want a workout, the counter top citrus juicer is a great option for pressing a lot of juice very quickly and efficiently.

How to Use an Electric Citrus Fruit Juicer
An option for juicing citrus fruits is to invest in an electric juicer and there are many options as well as advantages and disadvantages that should be considered.

6 Essential Mexican Spirits for Cinco De Mayo
Stocking your bar for Cinco de Mayo comes with many choices and this list of great Mexican liquor includes some impressive tequilas that you should stock.

Stoplight Vodka Shooter Cocktail Recipe
Are you ready for a strong and very fun vodka shot? Try the Stoplight, a trio of shooters lightly flavored with cranberry, orange and melon. It's fun!

How to Make an Easy Horse's Neck Cocktail
The Horse's Neck can be made with bourbon or brandy (or even as a mocktail) and it is a fun and easy soda cocktail. The key is the long lemon spiral!

Bulldog Gin Review and Tasting Notes
Poppy and dragon eye distinguish Bulldog Gin from all other gins in the world. It is exciting, fun and makes a fantastic cocktail.

Angel's Envy Bourbon Whiskey Review
Angel's Envy has impressed whiskey lovers from the first day. Finished in port casks, this is an exceptional bourbon that everyone should taste.

Easy Batida Cocktail Recipe & Novo Fogo Cachaca Review
The Batida is a popular Brazilian drink commonly made with passionfruit. Discover its appeal for yourself with the organic Novo Fogo Cachaca.

Popular Caipirinha Cocktail Recipe
The Caipirinha is a popular drink that features the Brazilian rum, cachaca. This is a very easy and fresh cocktail recipe and one that everyone will love.

Combier Royal Smash Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Royal Smash, a mixed drink of Royal Combier orange liqueur, fresh lemons and mint.

Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Celebrating Mothers Day
Mother's Day is about saying thank you and making mom a special drink is a great way to do that. Explore lovely mocktail recipes that any mom will enjoy.

Woodford Reserve Official Kentucky Derby Mint Julep
Every year Woodford Reserve releases a new twist on the popular Mint Julep for the Kentucky Derby. Explore these cocktail recipes featuring the bourbon.

Classic Bourbon Mint Julep Cocktail Recipe
The Mint Julep is a bourbon cocktail that is easy to make. Also the signature drink of the Kentucky Derby, this is one whiskey drink you can't miss.

9 Refreshing Mint Julep Recipes for the Kentucky Derby
The Mint Julep is the cocktail to drink during the Kentucky Derby. Find the original cocktail recipe and a few variations for this popular bourbon drink.

The Ginger Julep ’68 Fastback
Cocktail recipe for a Ginger Julep '68 Fastback, a refreshing tall drink of Bulleit Bourbon Whiskey, brown sugar, fresh ginger, and soda.

7 Blender Buying Tips for Creating the Best Margaritas
Frozen margaritas and other cocktails are fun for summer parties and you need a good blender. Discover what to look for before buying a new blender.

10 Fun Tequila Cocktails for Cinco de Mayo
Cinco de Mayo parties are filled with tequila and there are many great cocktails for you to enjoy. Explore 10 fun Mexican-inspired cocktails and shots.

A Classic B&B Brandy Cocktail Recipe
The B&B is a famous brandy cocktail and one that every brandy lover should know. It's very easy to make and a perfectly relaxing nightcap to sip.

5 Steps for Perfectly Blended Cocktails
Blending cocktails is easy. Discover a few tips to create consistent, delicious frozen margaritas, daiquiris and other frozen drinks for summer parties.

Foghorn Recipe - A Gin and Ginger Beer Drink
The Foghorn is a simple and classic cocktail made famous at the Waldorf-Astoria. Choose your favorite gin (Old Tom is preferred) and ginger beer or ale.

Make Your Own Cocktail Mixers and Drink Sweeteners
Learn about the various sweeteners used in cocktails and find recipes to make your own syrups, liqueurs, bitters, and more mixers.

Vanilla Simple Syrup Recipe for Cocktails
Vanilla syrup can be used to sweeten coffee, tea or cocktails. It is very easy to make from scratch and is a useful drink sweetener to have on hand.

Cherry Lane Cocktail Recipe with Grey Goose Cherry Noir Vodka
Made with one of the best cherry vodkas available, the Cherry Lane is a tasty cocktail that brings in the herbal flavor of Benedictine.

Creme Brulee Martini Vodka Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Creme Brulee Martini, a Stoli Vanilla Vodka, port crème anglaise martini that is garnished with hard caramel.

Traditional and Modern: 2 Great Recipes for a Gin Sling
What is a 'sling' cocktail? Discover this classic cocktail style and learn how to make your own Gin Sling. The gin and soda recipe is easy and refreshing.

Pink Squirrel Cocktail Recipe with Creme de Noyaux
The Pink Squirrel is a fun pink cocktail that remains a favorite for many drinkers. Learn how to make this creme de noyaux drink with this easy recipe.

The Popular Shirley Temple Mixed Drink Recipe
Learn how to make a Shirley Temple. This non-alcoholic mixed drink sweetens two refreshing sodas with grenadine and it is a favorite everyone can enjoy.

2 Easy Irish Whiskey and Ginger Ale Drink Recipes
The Whiskey Ginger is a popular drink and it can be made with Jameson, Bushmills or your favorite Irish whiskey. Discover two easy and cheap recipes.

How to Make Great Jello Shots for Your Next Party
Jelly (or Jell-O) shots are a popular and easy party favor and you can create your own boozy, jiggly shooters with this basic recipe and a few tips.








9 Festive Martinis for Christmas Parties
Explore 9 fantastic martini recipes filled with seasonal flavors that are perfect for adding a little extra cheer to your Christmas season.



Delightful Mistletoe Martini Recipe with Cranberry Tea
The Mistletoe Martini is perfect for the holidays and is a simple mix featuring cranberry tea, orange juice, and your favorite premium vodka.

Boilermaker Beer and Whiskey Shooter Recipe
The Boilermaker is a popular beer and whiskey drink. Will you take yours as a dropped shot or enjoy it slowly? The choice is yours!

Make the Sneaky Pete Cocktail Recipe with Rye Whiskey
Enjoy the Sneaky Pete during happy hour or after dinner tonight. If you enjoy a White Russian, you'll fall for this smooth and creamy rye whiskey drink.

How to Float Liquor and Create a Layered Cocktail
Are you ready to learn how to create layered shots and cocktails? Discover how easy it is. After a few practice drinks, you'll float like a pro bartender.

How to Infuse Vodka and Other Liquor with Flavor
Learn how to create your own liquor infusions using vodka, tequila, whiskey and more. Find tips, tricks, and infusion recipes and cocktails to mix them in.

The Original Dafne Martini Recipe with Pear Vodka
Enjoy the soft fruit taste of the Dafne Martini. This fun blue martini mixes gin and pear vodka with curacao and vermouth to create a delightful cocktail.

The Best Martini Recipe: How Will You Make Yours?
Learn how to make the classic gin cocktail and find simple variations of this popular drink recipe. There may be many martinis, but only one Martini.

What is the Shelf Life of Liquor?
The shelf life of liquor will vary based on its style and whether the bottle has been opened. Discover how long you can keep that bottle of booze.

Deep Blue Sea Martini & More Blue Cocktail Recipes
The Deep Blue Sea Martini is a stunning blue vodka cocktail with pineapple and orange flavors. Discover this easy recipe and more fun blue martinis.

Hot Apple Pie Cocktail Recipe with Tuaca
The Hot Apple Pie is an easy and comforting warm drink that pairs the citrus and vanilla of Tuaca liqueur with apple cider. It is perfect for chilly days.

Dirty Mother (or Separator) Brandy Cocktail Recipe
Call it a Dirty Mother or a Brandy Separator, either way, it's a great drink. Add cream to the brandy and Kahlua mix and you have a Dirty White Mother.

Recipe for Hairy Navel Vodka Cocktail
The Hairy Navel is a fun mixed drink of peach schnapps, orange juice and vodka. It's a stronger version of the Fuzzy Navel and easy to mix up.

Hair of the Dog Gin Cocktail Recipe
Discover Bulldog Gin's Hair of the Dog cocktail. This spicy and strong drink may or may not cure your hangover, but it is easy to make. So that's good!

Michael Grissinger's Old Thyme Sour Cocktail Recipe
The Old Thyme Sour is an interesting, modern twist on the Whiskey Sour, featuring Irish whiskey, Chartreuse, St. Germain, fresh thyme and a DIY cinnamon-thyme syrup.

How to Make an Irish Car Bomb
The Irish Car Bomb is a popular dropped shot drink of Irish whiskey and Irish cream in a glass of Guinness Stout and slammed as fast as you can drink.

The Goblet of Fire Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Goblet of Fire, a mixed drink of TY KU and Kahlua liqueurs with cream and 151 proof Bacardi rum that is set on fire.

How to Make a Flaming Homer or Flaming Moe Cocktail
Call it the Flaming Homer or a Flaming Moe. Either way, everyone wants to know the recipe from The Simpsons' most popular episode. Discover the truth.

How to Make a Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot
The Flaming Dr. Pepper is a popular party shot made by dropping a flaming shot glass of amaretto and overproof rum into a glass of beer.

How to Make the Popular B-52 Shot
The B-52 is a popular triple-layered shot made of Kahlua, Baileys and Grand Marnier. Learn how to make it along with the other B-50 shooters for your party.

English Christmas Punch Recipe with Rum and Red Wine
The English Christmas Punch is a warm and inviting punch recipe that is perfect serving at holiday parties and is like a hot sangria, with wine and rum.

Blue Blazer Recipe and Safety Tips for Flaming Drinks
Learn how to recreate Jerry Thomas' famous Blue Blazer Cocktail and discover 11 tips for safely flaming your drinks without burning the house down.

3 Recipes for Making a Peppermint Patty Shot
Transform the sweet mint chocolate taste of a Peppermint Patty into a party shot. Discover three fun and easy recipes, including one with chocolate vodka.

Hpnotiq Liqueur Facts and Blue Cocktail Recipes
Hpnotiq liqueur is a popular pale blue liqueur made of vodka, Cognac and tropical fruit. Explore some of the beautiful cocktails you can make with it.

Hypnotiq Margarita Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Hypnotiq Margarita, a fun blue drink with Voodoo Tiki Blue Dragon Tequila, Hpnotiq, pineapple juice, and more.

What is Gomme Syrup? Definition, Recipe and Drinks
Learn how to make your own gomme syrup. It's as easy as simple syrup, requires gum arabic and can enhance any drink, including classic cocktails.

Texas Tea Cocktail Recipe: A Long Island with Whiskey
Add a little bourbon to your Long Island Iced Tea and enjoy a Texas Tea. This popular (and potent) drink is easy to mix and fun to enjoy with friends.

Shellback Silver and Spiced Rum Review
Shellback Rum produces silver and spiced rums from Barbados. This brand is inexpensive but exceptionally smooth and flavorful, perfect for rum cocktails.

Bombay Sapphire Gin Review and Cocktails
Bombay Sapphire Gin is a popular brand in a distinct blue bottle. It is a reasonably priced premium gin that is an excellent choice for mixing in cocktails.

What is Amer Picon and How Do I Find It?
Amer Picon is a bitter aperitif brand form France with a distinct flavor marked by orange. Used in many classic cocktails, it can be hard to find.

Baby Bellini Non-Alcoholic Mixed Drink Recipe
Enjoy the Baby Bellini at your next brunch. This easy non-alcoholic drink recipe has a delicious peach flavor and the sparkling cider adds to its appeal.

How to Make a Black and Tan and Tips for Layering Beer
The Black and Tan is a popular beer drink of Guinness layered on top of a pale ale. Find tips for creating perfect layers and discover similar drinks.

Presbyterian Cocktail: Popular Whiskey Highball Recipe
Discover the simple pleasure of a Presbyterian. This easy mixed drink is a refreshing way to enjoy your favorite whiskey with soda and ginger ale.

The Bar Glassware Tour: Sour, Cordial, and Genever Glasses
The sour glass, cordial glass, and genever tulip glass are three very small specialty glasses that are not common, but are fun to collect and use.

Homemade Lime Cordial Recipe
Lime cordial is a sweetened substitute for lime juice and can be used on its own with soda or in many popular cocktails, including the Gimlet.

Classic Gibson Gin Martini Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Gibson, a classic gin martini that is garnished with a cocktail onion.

Barclay Bar's Cupid's Arrow Cocktail Vodka and Calvados Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Cupid's Arrow, a lovely drink of calvados, raspberry vodka, and chocolate liqueur that comes from NYC's Barclay Bar.

October 2014 Cocktail Contest: Vodka Cocktails
The theme for the October 2014 Cocktail Contest was Vodka Cocktails and there are some fun recipes to explore.

Cory Mendonca's For the Record Cocktail Recipe
For The Record is an original drink by Las Vegas bartender, Cory Mendonca that is made of citrus vodka, elderflower, grenadine, and strawberry cider.

February 2015 Cocktail Contest: Irish Whiskey Cocktails
Irish whiskey was the February 2015 Cocktail Contest on and it is a great collection of recipes. The winner is the Old Thyme Sour by Michael Grissinger.

How to Make Rich Simple Syrup for Cocktails
Simple syrup is an essential sweetener for drinks and cocktails and it is very easy to make yourself. Find tips, recipes, and flavored syrup ideas.

Chartreuse Martini Gin Cocktail Recipe
Enjoy Chartreuse in this simple gin martini that pairs the green, herbal liqueur with your favorite gin and dry vermouth.

Classic Gin Rickey Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Gin Rickey, a popular and classic highball drink of gin, lime, and club soda.

What Is Molecular Mixology?
Molecular Mixology has to do with mixing drinks in specific scientific way to create some unusual effects.

Strawberry Gin and Tonic Recipe
A sweet and simple variation on the Gin & Tonic, this recipe adds the sweetness of fresh strawberries via a DIY strawberry simple syrup.

5 Styles of Gin Every Bar Should Stock
Gin is a complicated space in the liquor industry and the style is very diverse. Explore five styles of modern and classic gin that every bar should stock.

Watermelon Cucumber Cooler Cocktail with Aviation Gin
This refreshing summertime cocktail recipe is filled with garden-fresh ingredients including watermelon and cucumber that are perfect with Aviation Gin.

The Classic Aviation Cocktail Recipe
The Aviation Cocktail is a classic drink from the early 1900's with a debated recipe that includes gin, maraschino, lemon juice, and creme de violette.

Review of DRY Sparkling's Unique Line of Sodas
DRY Sparkling has a full line of natural sodas that are perfect for mixing into cocktails and offer unique flavors like lavender, rhubarb, and cucumber.

Review of Fever-Tree Sodas and Tonic Waters
Fever-Tree has an impressive line of soda waters designed to be mixed into your favorite cocktails including tonic, club soda, ginger beer and ale.

Oxley English Dry Gin Review
Oxley English Dry Gin that uses a cold distillation process and fresh botanicals to create a traditional gin with a twist and it is fantastic in a Martini.

How to Make a Classic Tom Collins Cocktail
The Tom Collins is one of those timeless drinks that will long remain a favorite. This simple highball recipe uses gin, sour mix, and is topped with soda.

Reyka Icelandic Vodka Review
An exceptionally smooth vodka, Reyka Vodka is distilled in Iceland using wheat and barley, Icelandic glacial water, and a distillery run by geothermal energy.

Pomegranate Gin Fizz Cocktail Recipe
The Pomegranate Gin Fizz is a fun, fresh new take on a popular cocktail and this recipe includes PAMA liqueur, a light gin, and a hint of lavender.

Bee's Knees Classic Gin Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Bee's Knees, a classic drink that was created during Prohibition to mask bad liquor. The drink is popular again and is a lot of fun.

The Classic Corpse Reviver No. 2 Cocktail Recipe
Learn how to make a great Corpse Reviver No. 2, that great gin cocktail that remains a classic. Lillet Blanc or Cocchi Americano? That is the question.

Rose Martini Gin Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Rose Martini, a simple variation of the gin martini that adds a hint of rose and grapefruit, making it a great summer cocktail.

Cherub's Cup Cocktail Recipe
This drink is both sweet and dry, featuring St. Germain, vodka or Hendricks gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, fresh strawberry, and brut rose sparkling wine.

Park Avenue Gin Martini Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Park Avenue, a classic Gin Martini with pineapple and both sweet and dry vermouth.

JMW's Poinsettia Punch Gin Cocktail Recipe
JMW's Poinsettia Punch is a fresh, modern take on a favorite holiday recipe. Gin, Chambord, allspice dram, and a DIY cinnamon syrup are included.

Hot Gin Punch Cocktail Recipe with Hendrick's or Bols
Warm up your winter party with a fantastic Hot Gin Punch. Discover two easy recipes, one with Hendrick's Gin and the other featuring Bols Genever.

Spicy Cucumber Wasabi Martini Cocktail Recipe
Spicy and cool, the Cucumber Wasabi Martini is a fun cocktail whose recipe includes a great gin like Hendrick's, fresh cucumber, and wasabi paste.

Green Gin Giant Cocktail Recipe
A winning garden-fresh cocktail, the Green Gin Giant mixes fresh cucumber, mint, and basil with Hendrick's Gin and elderflower for a refreshing summer drink.


Bols Genever Review and Genever Cocktails
The Lucas Bols company has re-released a classically styled Dutch genever gin based on their 19th Century recipe and it is great for classic cocktails.

Classic Gimlet Gin Martini Recipe
The Gimlet is a classic cocktail that is one of the easiest ways to show off your favorite gin and all you need is a little lime cordial.

Martin Miller's Westbourne Strength Gin Review
Martin Miller's Westbourne Strength London Dry Gin is a 90 proof version of the original and it is an aromatic expression of what premium gin can be.

Martin Miller's London Dry Gin Review and Cocktails
Martin Miller's Gin is a modern interpretation of London dry gin and is ideal for any gin cocktail. This premium gin makes a fantastic Martini.

10 Easy, Fun, and Fruity Vodka Martinis
Bright, full of fruity flavors and easy to make! Discover a new vodka martini recipe to show off at your next party and impress everyone who drinks it.

6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Own a Cocktail Shaker
Are you still pouring and mixing your drinks in the glass? Learn how a cocktail shaker can improve the quality of your cocktails and why you should own one.

Tanqueray Malacca Gin Review
Tanqueray Malacca is a sweetened gin that makes a great modern substitute for Old Tom Gin, and though it is only released once every few decades. Page 3.

Tanqueray Rangpur Distilled Gin Review
Tanqueray Rangpur Distilled Gin is distilled from rare Rangpur limes along with the brand's famous botanical blend and creates fantastic gin cocktails. Page 2.

Tanqueray London Dry Gin Profile and Overview
Tanqueray Gin is an iconic name in today's gin market, especially its London dry gin. Read about this and the brand's other offerings as well as a little history.

10 Modern Gin Martinis You Have to Taste
Explore the expansive world of gin martinis with ten modern cocktail recipes that mix gin with fruits, herbs, spices and even a little cream.

Beefeater London Dry Gin Summer Edition

Beefeater 24 London Dry Gin

Beefeater Cocktail Recipes

Beefeater London Dry Gin Review and Cocktail Recipes
Beefeater Gin is an icon of the gin market and an essential brand to keep stocked in the bar. Explore the gins made by Beefeater and mix up a gin cocktail.

Cocktail and Bartending Calendar of Events
Stay up to date on what's happening in the cocktail world throughout the year with this calendar of events including bartending seminars, classes and competitions as well as food and beverage industry conventions and special

Cocktail Calendar of Events - Mixology Seminars, Cocktail Competitions, Conventions, Expos and Other Events Throughout the Year
Stay up to date on what's happening in the cocktail world throughout the year with this calendar of events including bartending seminars, classes and competitions as well as food and beverage industry conventions and special

Cocktail and Bartending Events (July Through September)
Stay up to date on what's happening in the cocktail world throughout the year with this calendar of events including bartending seminars, classes and competitions as well as food and beverage industry conventions and special. Page 3.

Cocktail Calendar of Events - Mixology Seminars, Cocktail Competitions, Conventions, Expos and Other Events Throughout the Year
Stay up to date on what's happening in the cocktail world throughout the year with this calendar of events including bartending seminars, classes and competitions as well as food and beverage industry conventions and special

Korbel Brandy The Lei Maker Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for The Lei Maker, a mixed drink of Korbel California Brandy, ginger liqueur, pineapple juice, and Sprite.

Winter Palace Vodka Review
Distilled in France from wheat and combined with water from Cognac, Winter Palace is a very fine example of what truly great vodka should be.

Cape Samurai Cocktail Recipe with Cape North Vodka
Wasabi is the star of the Cape Samurai cocktail recipe. It is paired with a the smooth Cape North Vodka, ginger and rose syrup to create a unique drink.

Sonnema VodkaHerb Review
Gin lovers are going to love Sonnema VodkaHERB because its botanicals are reminiscent of gin with a soft juniper profile and it makes a great drink.

Van Gogh Vodka Cocktail Recipes
Van Gogh is one of the best vodka brands for mixing up unique cocktails. Explore the collection of clear and flavored vodka drinks that feature the brand. Page 3.

Van Gogh Acai Blueberry Vodka Review
Berry vodkas are fun to mix into cocktails and one of the best on the market today is Van Gogh Acai-Blueberry Vodka, which is perfect for any occasion. Page 6.

Van Gogh Blue Vodka Review
Van Gogh Blue is a triple wheat vodka that is perfect for any cocktail. It has a clean profile that makes a great martini and you cannot beat the price. Page 4.

Van Gogh Dutch Caramel Vodka Review
The sweet taste of caramel comes to life in Van Gogh Dutch Caramel Vodka, which can be used to create some very fun and delicious cocktails. Page 5.

Van Gogh Flavored Vodkas
Known for a creative line of premium flavored vodkas, Van Gogh Vodka has had great success in developing new infusions that are perfect for cocktails. Page 2.

Van Gogh Pomegranate Vodka Review
A staple flavor in the bar, pomegranate has taken over martinis and Van Gogh Pomegranate Vodka is one of the best options for top-shelf vodka of this flavor. Page 8.

Van Gogh Espresso and Double Espresso Vodka Review
Get a jolt of caffeine and your liquor too! Van Gogh Vodka now produces both an Espresso and Double Espresso vodkas, which are fun for cocktails. Page 7.

About Van Gogh Vodkas
Quality is the top priority for Van Gogh Vodka and the brand's ever-growing portfolio now includes 22 vodkas and one Dutch gin.

Square One Organic Vodka The Coriandrum Cocktail Recipe
Enjoy the smooth taste of Square One Organic Vodka in two great cocktails. Featuring fresh ingredients and homemade nectars, you will love these drinks.

Patron Pomegranate and Tequila Cocktail Recipe
Enjoy the perfect marriage that is tequila and pomegranate with the Patron Pomegranate cocktail. Discover two recipes that are easy to mix up anytime.

Pomegranate Margarita Tequila Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Pomegranate Margarita, a fun tequila drink with fresh pomegranate and passion fruit.

Berry Sweetheart Non-Alcoholic Mixed Drink Recipe
Cranberry and apple mix up to create this sweet Berry Sweetheart, which can be enjoyed anytime by anyone. Learn how to make this easy drink.

Clearheart Premium Dry Single Batch Gin Review
Clearheart Gin is a small batch gin with a fruity base distilled in the tradition of genever. It has great aromatics and limitless cocktail possibilities

Grand Marnier Natural Cherry Liqueur Review
Grand Marnier Natural Cherry is a limited edition bottling released for the 2012 holiday season. It is a cherry-flavored version of the Grand Marnier.

Pyrat XO Reserve and Pyrat Cask 1623 Rum Reviews
Pyrat XO Reserve Rum is an aromatic Caribbean rum and Pyrat Cask 1623 is a dark, well-aged sipping rum. Discover these two brilliant rums for yourself.

Skinnygirl Vodka The Showstopper Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for The Showstopper, a mixed drink of Skinnygirl Tangerine Vodka, fresh lime, lemon, and orange juices, and lemon-lime soda.

Forty Creek Caesar Whisky Cocktail Recipe
Forty Creek Whisky has their own special recipe for a Bloody Caesar and this delightful drink includes Italian dressing and apricot jam.

PAMA Pomegranate Vodka Martini Cocktail Recipe
A simple martini featuring the sweet flavor of PAMA pomegranate liqueur can be enjoyed year round and is unbelievably easy to mix up.

Pernod Absinthe French Pearl Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for The French Pearl, a mixed drink created by Audrey Saunders made of Plymouth Gin, Pernod Absinthe, mint and rock candy syrup.

Caribbean Lobster with Rum-Jerk Butter Recipe
This is not your average lobster in butter dish, no this is Caribbean Lobster with a Jerk-Rum Butter. It includes a spicy jerk seasoning, sweet pepper, and rum.

Profile of Campari, The Italian Bitter Aperitif Liqueur
Campari is a popular bitter aperitif produced in Italy. This brand is one of the iconic ingredients for before dinner cocktails.

PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur Profile With Recipes
PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur is a popular pomegranate-flavored liqueur that is perfect for creating unique cocktails for any occasion.

Rusty Nail Cocktail Recipe With Scotch
The Rusty Nail is a classic and very popular Scotch cocktail recipe that mixes your favorite whisky with Drambuie for an easy and sophisticated sipper.

Sabai Sabai Cocktail Recipe with Mekhong Liquor
Discover the exotic flavor of Mekhong Thai liquor in the popular Sabai Sabai cocktail. The drink is easy and a perfect introduction to the taste of Mekhong.

Nutty Martini Vodka Cocktail Recipe
The Nutty Martini is a simple and fun vodka cocktail that is unbelievably easy to mix up. Choose your favorite vodka, add Frangelico and syrup and enjoy!

The Classic Coffee Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Coffee Cocktail, a classic drink of brandy, ruby port, egg and sugar, garnished with nutmeg. Sorry, no coffee in this cocktail.

Idonis Cocktail Recipe with Apricot Brandy and Vodka
Enjoy the fruity taste of the Idonis and Katinka cocktails. These easy drinks pair apricot brandy with vodka and are perfect to enjoy on a summer day.

The Best Bartending Guides and Cocktail Books
Every bartender or cocktail enthusiast should have a few books that is filled with cocktail recipes. These are the best bartending guides you will find.

Zen Milk Bath Cocktail and Japanese Cocktails Review
Get a taste of the wonders of Japanese Cocktails. Discover the book by Yuri Kato that relates culture to drinks and has fun recipes like the Zen Milk Bath.

Book Review: What To Drink With What You Eat
What To Drink With What You Eat is a great food and beverage pairing guide that pulls advice from experts and places it in an exhaustive, easy to read book.

Jim Beam Fruit Punch Cocktail Recipe
Enjoy a Jim Beam Fruit Punch recipe featuring Red Stag. It is a delightful mix of strawberry, passion fruit and Champagne that can serve one or many.

Bacon Cherry Creek Bourbon Whiskey Cocktail Recipe
Natalie Bovis' Bacon Cherry Creek is a fun cocktail that bacon-lovers with enjoy because it begins with a bacon-washed bourbon and a cherry-cinnamon syrup.

Bahama Mama Tiki Cocktail Recipe
Enjoy the tropical taste of a fresh Bahama Mama. Filled with rum, Kahlua and pineapple juice, this tropical summer cocktail is always a favorite.

Planning and Surviving the New Year's Eve Party
New Year's Eve is here and that means that it is time for the best party of the year! From great cocktails to hangover help, here's what you need to know!

5 of the Best Brands of Gin for Under $15
All gin is not created equal, yet sometimes we can't afford the best. Discover five of the best cheap bottles of gin that actually make great drinks.

Gift Guide: The Best Bourbon Whiskey
Give your whiskey lover the gift of a great bourbon this year. Explore brands that are perfect for that hard to buy for person who likes their whiskey.

Toostie Roll Vodka Shot Recipe
The Tootsie Roll is a delicious, popular and easy party shot that anyone can make. Get a taste of three different recipes for this fun candy-like shooter.

Classic Millionaire Cocktail No. 1 Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Millionaire Cocktail, a classic mixed drink of sloe gin, apricot brandy, Jamaican rum, grenadine and lime juice.

Peche Lita Grey Cocktail Recipe
Named for the classic movie actress who married Charlie Chaplin, Peche's Lita Grey cocktail is a fantastic mix of gin, apricot, and Champagne.

Sloe Screw Cocktail and Its Many Variations
The Sloe Screw is a popular orange juice and sloe gin mixed drink. Learn how to make it and discover the many variations of this great drink.

Pink Flamingo Vodka Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Pink Flamingo, a vodka, Cointreau, orange juice and sloe gin drink.

How to Make a Tasty Kool Aid Shot
This drink is not for the kids! Learn how to make a boozy Kool Aid shot drink with one of these fruity (and easy) recipes. They're perfect for a party.

Classic Charlie Chaplin Cocktail Recipe
A classic found in one of the first bartending guides, the Charlie Chaplin is an interesting mix and requires just three ingredients.

Alabama Slammer Shooter Recipe
Designed for the Alabama Crimson Tide in the 70's, the Alabama Slammer has long been a popular, sweet shot drink with Southern Comfort and sloe gin.

Alabama Slammer Cocktail Recipe
The tall and fruity Alabama Slammer was a popular cocktail in the 1980's and it is a sweet mix of Southern Comfort, sloe gin, amaretto, and orange juice.

An A to Z List of Popular Liqueurs and Cordials
Liqueurs are the often sweet distilled spirits that are used to flavor many of our favorite cocktails. Read about the variety of liqueurs and find cocktail recipes.

List of Liqueurs With Descriptions and Recipes (D-N)
Do you need to know about a certain liqueur? Browse this comprehensive list to learn the difference between different liqueurs used in today's cocktails and drinks. Page 2.

List of Liqueurs With Descriptions and Recipes (O-Z)
Brief descriptions and links to cocktail recipes can be found for today's most popular liqueurs. Page 3.

Whiskey In-Depth
An intense and ongoing study of whiskey, the distilled spirit that is a complex category of its own. Find articles about the different whiskies, reviews, cocktails, and news in the whisky industry.

The Green Grasshopper Shot Recipe
The Grasshopper shot is perfect for any party. Its green color makes it great for St. Patrick's Day and the mint-chocolate taste is delicious.

Jerry Thomas' Whiskey Smash Cocktail Recipe
The Whiskey Smash is a true classic in the cocktail scene, first noted in 1887 by 'Professor' Jerry Thomas and it is a great way to enjoy bourbon.

The Godmother Cocktail Recipe with Vodka
The Godmother is a fantastic vodka cocktail that is easy to make at home. All you need is your favorite vodka and amaretto and you're ready to drink.

The Electric Iced Tea Recipe: A Popular Blue Cocktail
Transform you Long Island Iced Tea into a magical blue drink with this Electric Iced Tea recipe. It's easy, but you will need five bottles of liquor!

Long Beach Tea Cocktail Recipe
Learn how to make a great Long Beach Tea. This popular drink is like the Long Island Iced Tea, it simply opts for cranberry juice rather than soda.

The Delicious Oatmeal Cookie Shot Recipe
Cinnamon, butterscotch and Irish cream are found in the Oatmeal Cookie shot. Learn how to make this popular party shooter and discover more recipes.

Liquor 101: A Quick Guide to 6 Base Distilled Spirits
Brandy, gin, rum, tequila, vodka and whiskey. These are the six base liquors and each has distinct characteristics that are outlined in this easy reference.

The Types of Glassware Every Bar Needs
Take a tour of the most popular styles of glassware used in a bar. Learn the right glass to serve cocktails, beer and wine in and which you need to own.

The Bar Glassware Tour: Irish Coffee, Hurricane, Brandy Snifter Glasses
Read about the Irish coffee glass, hurricane glass, and brandy snifter and learn about how and when to use them for cocktails and mixed drinks.

The Bar Glassware Tour: The Cocktail Glass
The cocktail glass is the most iconic piece of glassware in a bar and there are many styles to choose from. Learn more about this popular glass.

The Bar Glassware Tour: Highball and Collins Glasses
The highball and colllins glasses are used for tall mixed drinks that are often served over ice, but there are differences between the two.

The Bar Glassware Tour: Old-fashioned Glass
The old-fashioned, or rocks, glass is an essential for stocking a bar and are used for many of our favorite short mixed drinks served on the rocks.

The Bar Glassware Tour: Shot Glasses
The shot glass is one of the most popular glasses in a bar, though they are not created equal and there are many styles to choose from, learn about those differences.

The Bar Glassware Tour: Margarita Glasses
Margarita glasses are a special glass with a specific purpose, holding margaritas. However, not all margarita glasses are created the same.

The Bar Glassware Tour: Champagne Glasses
When serving Champagne or sparkling wine cocktails there are a few specialty glasses to choose from, the flute, tulip, and saucer.

The Bar Glassware Tour: Wine Glasses
Of the many styles of wine glasses there are just two basic shapes that bartenders should know, the white wine and the red wine glasses.

The Bar Glassware Tour: Beer Glasses
There are many styles of beer glasses and these three are the most common in American bars and homes.

Nuts and Berries Cocktail Recipe
Enjoy the sweet, creamy taste of the Nuts and Berries cocktail. This simple mixed drink uses Frangelico and Chambord and it is a dessert-worthy delight.

Beam Me Up Scotty Shot Recipe
Enjoy a Beam Me Up Scotty shot at your next party. Layer it or shake it up, you'll love the taste of coffee, banana and Irish cream either way.

3 Recipes for a Slippery Nipple Shot
Mix up a Slippery Nipple shot for your next party. Discover three recipes, including the Dirty Nipple, for this popular layered shooter.

4 Recipes for Girl Scout Cookie Shots and Cocktails
The Girl Scout Cookie is a delicious and popular drink. Discover how to make this mint-chocolate delight as a shot, martini or blended ice cream drink.

Melon Margarita Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Melon Margarita, a green mixed drink of tequila, sour mix, melon liqueur and lime juice that can also be blended.

How to Make a Three Wise Men Whiskey Shot
The three 'wise men' of whiskey come together in a single shot glass. Learn how to make the popular Three Wise Men and its variations.

How to Make a Great Virgin Mary Drink
The Virgin Mary is a great way to enjoy your Bloody Mary without the liquor. Discover how easy it is to make this tomato juice favorite from scratch.

How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Shot
Are you ready for a PB&J in a shot glass? Learn how easy it is to make a Peanut Butter and Jelly shot with two common liqueurs and join the fun!

A Beautiful Drink of Cognac and Grand Marnier
The Beautiful Cocktail is a delightful way to add citrus notes to a snifter of your favorite Cognac. It is a delight for casual sipping of a great brandy.

The Popular Orgasm Cocktail Recipe
The Orgasm cocktail is a popular mixed drink that is too delicious to pass up. This easy recipe requires coffee, amaretto and Irish cream liqueurs.

How to Make a Mind Eraser Vodka Shot
The Mind Eraser is a popular shot drink of vodka and coffee liqueur topped with soda. There is a trick to drinking it if you're up for the challenge.

2 Easy Rum Eggnog Recipes for the Holidays
Eggnog is a favorite drink for the holidays and rum is a fantastic base for it. Explore two recipes - one traditional and one quick - and enjoy nog tonight.

Blueberry Pekoe Tea Cocktail with Grand Marnier
This Blueberry Tea recipe is easy and comforting. Made with Grand Marnier, amaretto and orange pekoe tea, it is a warm, aromatic delight.

Tully Tea Cocktail Recipe with Tullamore DEW Irish Whiskey
Upgrade your Long Island Iced Tea and toss a little Irish whiskey into the mix with this top-shelf Tully Tea created by one of today's best bartenders.

Bazooka Joe Shot Drink Recipe
Try pouring the Bazooka Joe at your party. This simple shot drink is made with Irish cream, banana and blue curacao liqueurs and tastes like the bubble gum.

An Easy Recipe for Homemade Amaretto Liqueur
Amaretto is an essential liqueur in the bar and it used in some of our favorite cocktails. Discover how easy it is to make your own amaretto at home.

How to Make a Red, White and Blue Layered Shot
Practice your layering skill and create a fun Red, White and Blue shot for your next party. You will need blue curacao, peach schnapps and grenadine.

Red Beer Mixed Drink Recipe
Add tomato juice to your favorite beer and you have a drink called the Red Beer (or Red Eye). It is easy and great for brunch or anytime you want a change.

Create a Tequila Slammer Shot for Your Next Party
The Tequila Slammer is a tequila shot that is a little more interesting than the average drink. You will need a glass of soda and watch out for the fizz!

How to Make a Red Snapper Shot
Enjoy a Red Snapper at your next party. This simple shot drink is made with Crown Royal Whisky, amaretto and cranberry and it tastes great!

How to Make a Cement Mixer Shot
A strange shot drink that some people love and other use as a prank for friends, the Cement Mixer is an interesting mix of Baileys and lime juice.

Non-Alcoholic Mixed Drinks That Everyone Should Know
Bartenders should also have a number of non-alcoholic drinks options available to serve to guests who do not drink liquor but want a nice drink.

Popular Shots and Shooters That Everyone Should Know
Groups of friends love to order a round of shots at the bar and these are some of the more popular shooter recipes that bartenders should know.

Popular Hot Cocktails That Everyone Should Know
Hot drinks may not be the most popular drinks in a bar, but a good bartender should know how to make a few of the most popular warm cocktails.

Popular Champagne and Wine Cocktails That Everyone Should Know
There are a few wine cocktails that every bartenders should know and these are good recipes to suggest to patrons who are celebrating special occasions.

10 Delicious Low-Proof Cocktails for the Casual Drinker
Looking for a great cocktail that is light on the alcohol? Browse these 10 delicious drink recipes that have all of the taste and a low alcohol content.

Pearl Harbor Cocktail Recipe
The Pearl Harbor is a popular green drink made with vodka, melon liqueur and pineapple juice. It is very easy to mix up so you can enjoy it anytime.

The Classic Old-Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail Recipe
The Old-Fashioned is a popular (and easy) whiskey cocktail with a fantastic history. Learn how to make this great drink in true old-fashioned style.