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King Carlos Caipirinha Cocktail Recipe
A watermelon version of the popular Caipirinha cocktail, this recipe pairs fresh melon with cachcaca, cilantro, and a chili pepper.

Shiso Mojito Rum Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Shiso Mojito, a mixed drink of rum or cachaca with shiso herb, lime juice, yuzu or key lime juice, ginger ale, and sugar.

Yaka Hula Hickey Dula Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Yaka Hula Hickey Dula, a tropical drink of dark rum, vermouth and pineapple juice.

Frozen Rum Banana Daiquiri Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Banana Daiquiri, a frozen drink of light rum, triple sec, lime juice, sugar and, most importantly, a banana.

Blue Hawaiian Tiki Rum Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Blue Hawaiian, a blue rum drink with pineapple juice, blue curacao and cream of coconut that can also be blended

Drambuie July 4th Colada Frozen Rum Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Drambuie July 4th Colada, a frozen mixed drink that is layered in stripes of red, white, and blue that is perfect for a patriotic party.

Yellow Submarine Rum and Vodka Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Yellow Submarine Cocktail, a vodka, white rum and banana liqueur tropical drink.

The PAMA-TIKI Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a PAMA-TIKI, a tropical drink of PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur, white rum agricole, pineapple juice and sweetened coconut milk.

Pineapple Chili Margarita Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Pineapple Chili Margarita, a shaken pineapple margarita with a spicy kick that is fun to try.

Madagascar Margarita Tequila Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Madagascar Margarita, a spicy mixed drink of vanilla liqueur, tequila, jalapeno and agave nectar.

Tequila Tezon Grenada Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Tezon Grenada, a Tequila Tezon, grapefruit juice and grenadine highball drink.

5 Myths About Cocktails
There are a few misconceptions about mixing cocktails that are important for the beginner to realize that will lead to a better, more enjoyable drinking experience.

Learn About Orgeat Syrup and Find Cocktails That Use It
Orgeat syrup is an almond-flavored syrup that is commonly used in cocktails, most notably in the Mai Tai, other tiki and classic cocktails.

Touche Restaurant's Eye Candy Gin Cocktail Recipe
A fresh and light beverage, the Eye Candy cocktail from Touche in Miami mixes gin with elderflower, ginger, mint, and a little sweet and sour.

Jagermeister's German Vacation Cocktail Recipe
Served over crushed ice, Jagermeister's German Vacation cocktail pairs the herbal liqueur with rum, spices, and fruit for a snowcone style of cocktail.

Jagermeister Bed of Roses Cocktail Recipe
A martini-style drink with Jagermeister? Yes! It works very well and you will love this cocktail recipe that pairs the liqueur with fresh fruit.

Barenjager Bee Tea Cocktail Recipe
The Bee Tea recipe is a simple and quick way to create a refresh sweet iced tea and features Barenjager Honey Liqueur for a boozy touch.

Blackberry Colada Cream Soda - Rum Cocktail Recipe
The Blackberry Colada Cream Soda is a fun twist on two favorite summer drinks that mixes fresh blackberries with rum in a Pina Colada style cocktail.

Banana Hammock Spiced Rum Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Banana Hammock, a mixed drink of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, housemade banana syrup, lime juice, and Angostura bitters.

Medford Rum Punch Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Medford Rum Punch, a classic mixed drink recipe made of Medford and Jamaican rums, lemon juice, and orange.

Classic Fish House Punch Cocktail Recipe
Recipe for a Fish House Punch, a potent punch that is a classic and is made of peach brandy, Cognac, and dark rum.

Van Gogh Vodka Dutch Appel Sangria Cocktail Recipe
Sangria is a popular party punch and this recipe takes a lighter side. It includes apple vodka and white wine with pineapple, pear, and star fruit.

Veev Sparkling Acai Sangria Punch Recipe
The Sparkling Acai Sangria is a fun punch drink that is a modern take on the traditional fruit wine punch and this recipe is perfect for a small party.

Ginger Snap Martini Recipe
This Ginger Snap Martini recipe recreates the taste of the holiday favorite in a cocktail glass, complete with molasses, spices, and pear vodka.

Air Force One Vodka Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for an Air Force One, a tall mixed drink of Hpnotiq liqueur, citrus vodka, lemon juice and lemon-lime soda.

Miami Iced Tea Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for an Miami Iced Tea, a mixed drink of gin, vodka, light rum, peach schnapps, triple sec, sour mix and lemon-lime soda.

Frostbite Tequila Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Frostbite, a creamy, blue drink made of tequila, white creme de cacao, blue curacao and cream.

Watermelon Wave Tequila Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Watermelon Wave, a tequila and watermelon drink that is a perfect punch for summer parties.

Hpnotiq Margarita Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Hpnotiq Margarita, a variation of the Margarita that mixes your favorite tequila with Hpnotiq Liqueur for a delightful, electric blue drink.

Sweet Heat Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Sweet Heat, a mixed drink of SKYY Infusions Ginger Vodka, habanero peppers, agave nectar, lime juice, and candied ginger.

Sangrita Shooter Recipe - Orange Juice or Tomato Juice
Shooter recipe for a Sangrita, a tequila shot chased by a shot either a mix of orange and lime juices and grenadine or tomato juice and hot pepper sauce.

Cherry Blossomtini Sake Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Cherry Blossom Tini, a mixed drink that is a sort of sake Cosmopolitan, complete with cranberry juice and orange liqueur.

Basil North Vodka Cocktail Recipe
Cape North Vodka is the star of this simple martini recipe. The Basil North includes apple juice and basil to create a unique sour drink.

Kamikaze or Bullfrog Vodka Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Kamikaze (aka Bullfrog), a popular mixed drink made of vodka, lime juice, and triple sec.

Delilah Cocktail or White Lady Cocktail Gin Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Delilah or White Lady, a sidecar martini with gin, Cointreau and lemon juice.

Reno Cocktail Non-alcoholic Mixed Drink Recipe
Mocktail recipe for a Reno Cocktail, a non-alcoholic drink of grapefruit and lime juices with grenadine and sugar.

Baltimore Bang Bourbon Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Baltimore Bang, a mixed drink of bourbon whiskey, apricot brandy, lemon juice, and sugar.

Jalapeno Margarita Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Jalapeno Margarita, a mixed drink of Don Julio Reposado Tequila, Grand Marnier, jalapeno pepper, orange bitters, agave nectar, and lime juice.

Classic New York Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a New York Cocktail, a classic drink made of blended whiskey, lemon, sugar, and a bit of grenadine to sweeten things up.

Apple Pie Martini Vodka Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for an Apple Pie Martini, a vodka martini with vanilla liqueur and apple cider that is perfect for autumn parties.

Classic Ward Eight Whiskey Cocktail Recipe
The Ward Eight is a classic bourbon drink that adds a little sweetener to the whiskey sour base.

Lilac Lemon Drop Martini Recipe
Learn how to create the sweet and tart Lilac Lemon Drop Martini, which uses a great vodka with fresh lemon juice and a homemade lilac simple syrup.

Odd Duck's Smokey Robinson Margarita Cocktail
A unique blended margarita, the Smokey Robinson mixes mezcal, tequila, a homemade apple shrub, and sweet red wine to create a truly unique cocktail.

Passion Cocktail Tequila Mixed-Drink Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Passion Cocktail, a cranberry and tequila mixed drink that is similar to a Cosmopolitan.

Dolomint Classic Gin Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Dolomint, a classic mixed drink of gin, Galliano, club soda, fresh mint, and a lime wedge.

Cinco Herradura Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Cinco Herradura, a tequila cocktail with cranberry and pineapple juices and lemon-lime soda with a special sugar rim made to resemble the Mexican flag. A great drink for Cinco de Mayo.

Kyoto Sour Sake Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Kyoto Sour, a mixed drink of Gekkeikan Haiku Sake, grapefruit, lemon juice, agave nectar or Barenjager, and green Tabasco sauce.

Las Fresas Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for Las Fresas, a delicious aged rum cocktail that features a fresh strawberry puree, making it a perfect garden-fresh cocktail for summer.

Tom Yang Light Martini Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Tom Yang Light Martini, a mixed drink of light rum, ginger, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, and simple syrup.

Lavender Sapphire Collins Gin Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Lavendar Sapphire Collins, a mixed drink of Bombay Sapphire Gin, lemon juice, lavender syrup and club soda.

Basil-ica Cocktail Recipe by Chris Milligan
Cocktail recipe for a Basil-ica Cocktail, a mixed drink created by Secreto Lounge's Chris Milligan of Plymouth Gin, St. Germain, fresh basil, and more.

Edgar G. Juarez's Esmeralda Mezcal Cocktail Recipe
A seductive mezcal cocktail, the Esmeralda from NYC mixologist Edgar G. Juarez, is a winning drink and includes gin along with fresh basil and cucumber.

Zanzibar Plymouth Gin Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Zanzibar, a mixed drink of Plymouth gin, dry vermouth, simple syrup, orange bitters, and lemon juice.

Original Bacardi Cocktail Rum Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Bacardi Cocktail, a classic cocktail of Bacardi rum, lemon or lime juice and grenadine

Between the Sheets Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for Between the Sheets or Maiden's Prayer, a popular brandy and light rum mixed drink made with triple sec and lemon juice.

Cardinal Punch Non-alcoholic Drink Recipe
A non-alcoholic cocktail recipe for Cardinal Punch, a cranberry and lemon flavored mocktail.

Lavender Lemon Drop Martini Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Lavender Lemon Drop, a sweet and sour martini drink that adds the sweet freshness of lavender to the popular Lemon Drop Martini.

Immaculate Cocktail Recipe
The Immaculate is a cocktail recipe that mixes rum and amaretto with sour citrus and sweet sugar and it is very interesting.

Grapefruit-Campari Sorbet Recipe
Dessert recipe for a Grapefruit-Campari Sorbet, a delicious frozen dessert made of fresh grapefruit, lemon and orange juices with Campari Italian liqueur.

Chocolate & Orange Martini Vodka Cocktail Recipe
This sweet cocktail combines two great flavors, chocolate and orange, in a clear martini that is a delight to sip.

Chocolate Spice Martini Recipe
The Chocolate Spice Martini is a sweet drink whose recipe includes two chocolate spirits, cream, and a hint of orange and warming spices.

Oriental Passion Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for an Oriental Passion, a mixed drink of Averna Limoni, Death's Door Gin, passion fruit nectar, simple syrup, and bitters.

Sparkling Cranberry Punch Non-alcoholic Drink Recipe
Punch recipe for a Sparkling Cranberry Punch, a non-alcoholic party drink that serves 25 people and is made from just three common ingredients.

Belvedere Vodka Royal Wedding Punch Recipe
The Belvedere Royal Wedding Punch was created for the Royal Wedding of William and Kate and is packed with intriguing flavors.

Wedding Cake Gin Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Wedding Cake, an amaretto, white creme de cacao, milk and pineapple juice drink perfect for weddings.

Basil Hayden's Bourbon Global Warmer Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for The Global Warmer, a drink of Basil Hayden's Bourbon, DeKuyper's Triple Sec and Tropical Mango liqueurs, lime sour mix and fresh mint leaves.

Sweet Strawberry Simple Syrup Recipe
Learn how to make a fresh strawberry syrup at home when the fruit is in season. It is a fun and easy way to sweeten cocktails and other drinks.

Blue Carnation Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Blue Carnation, a sweet and creamy pale blue martini drink that has the delightful flavor combination of chocolate and orange.

Banana Split Martini Vodka Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Banana Split Martini, a popular drink made of vodka and chocolate and banana flavored liqueurs.

Dirty Bird Creamy Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Dirty Bird, a vodka (or tequila) and coffee liqueur lowball drink topped with milk or cream and shaken.

Patrón Grapefruit Tequila Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Patron Grapefruit, a mixed drink of Patron Silver Tequila, Patron Citronge orange liqueur, grapefruit juice and club soda.

Irish Cactus Tequila Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for an Irish Cactus, an Irish cream and tequila drink.

Horny Bull Tequila Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Horny Bull, a tequila and orange juice mixed drink that is very similar to a Screwdriver.

Brave Bull Tequila and Coffee Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Brave Bull, a fun and easy mixed drink of tequila and coffee liqueur that is similar to a Black Russian.

Spicy Pina Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Spicy Pina, a mixed drink of Maestro Dobel Diamond Tequila, pineapple and orange juices, simple syrup, and muddled jalapeno pepper.

11 Classic Cocktails Found in Mad Men
Explore the classic cocktails that have been seen on the Mad Men television show and learn how to make your own from these easy recipes.

How to Make an Arnold Palmer Mixed Drink
Cocktail recipe for an Arnold Palmer, an iced tea and lemonade drink that is non-alcoholic, very popular, and a great refreshment.

Survival Punch Whiskey Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Survival Punch, a mixed drink of Death's Door White Whiskey, peach schnapps, orange and cranberry juices, velvet falernum, blood orange bitters, and a sprig of rosemary.

Hollywood Martini Recipe
This Hollywood Martini recipe is very simple and delicious. It combines vodka with black raspberry liqueur and pineapple juice.

Crantini Cranberry Vodka Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Crantini, also known as a Cranberry Martini. A Cosmopolitan like drink with vodka and cranberry juice garnished with cranberries.

Jack Daniel's Lynchburg Lemonade Recipe
Lynchburg Lemonade is a signature cocktail for Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey and, while it is easy, the recipe is more than whiskey and lemonade.

Manhattan Love Story Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Manhattan Love Story, a mixed drink of New York Whiskey, sake, ginger liqueur, and Peychaud bitters.

Lotus Blossom Vodka and Sake Cocktail Recipe
The Lotus Blossom is a fun and unique vodka cocktail that begins with a pear vodka and includes lychee fruit and sake.

Very Berry Cosmo Cocktail Recipe
A Very Berry Cosmo indeed. This recipe mixes Van Gogh's Acai-Blueberry Vodka with Chambord and cranberry for a tasty tini that will impress your guests.

Sundowner Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Recipe
Mocktail recipe for a Sundowner, a non-alcoholic mixed drink of white grape juice, sparkling water and a fresh mint leaf garnish.

Mango Julius Blended Mocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for an Mango Julius, a mango flavored frozen drink perfect for hot summer days.

Apricot Gingerini Mocktail Recipe by Natalie Bovis
Mocktail recipe for an Apricot Gingerini, amixed drink from The Liquid Muse's Preggatinis book that includes grape, apricot, and ginger

10 Fresh Fruit Smoothies You'll Love
Smoothies are fun and there are a lot of creative flavor combinations that can be used. This collection includes 10 great fruit smoothies to try.

Bacchus Espresso Martini Rum Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for an Espresso Martini, a mixed drink of Cruzan Vanilla Rum, Kahlua coffee liqueur and strong coffee served at the Bacchus in St. Croix, Virgin Islands.

Classic Gin Tuxedo Cocktail Recipe
The Tuxedo is another classic cocktail that is a variation on the gin martini. In this case, we add maraschino and anise for some extra flavor.

Apocalypse Now Tequila Shooter Recipe
Shooter recipe for an Apocalypse Now, a tequila, Irish cream and dry vermouth shot that is a potent drink.

El Vocho Tequila Shot Recipe
Shooter recipe for El Vocho, a shot similar to Sangrita made of Milagro Reposado Tequila followed by a mix of pineapple, cilantro, mint, and jalapeno.

Crouching Tiger Shooter Recipe
The Crouching Tiger is a fun, red tequila shot that mixes a good silver tequila with lychee liqueur

Orange Blossom or Adirondack Cocktail
There are two versions of the Orange Blossom: one neat (with sweet vermouth) and one on the rocks (with more gin). Here are both recipes.

Wedding Belle Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Wedding Belle, a gin, Dubonnet Rouge, cherry brandy and orange juice cocktail that is perfect for weddings and bridal showers.

Classic Bronx Gin Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Bronx, a classic martini drink of gin, both sweet and dry vermouth, and orange juice.

Miracle Margarita Tequila Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Miracle Margarita, an orange margarita with Champagne that was created to celebrate the New York Mets 2006 run for the Championship.

Dulce de Tequila Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Dulce de Tequila, a sweet Tezon Reposado Tequila drink with Martell Cognac, Cointreau, lime juice and agave nectar.

Tamarind Margarita Tequila Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Tamarind Margarita, a unique margarita that is either frozen or shaken. It features the sweet taste of tamarind nectar with premium tequila.

The Caruso Green Gin Martini Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Caruso, a simple variation on the Gin Martini that adds a touch of green creme de menthe for both a green color and a hint of mint.

Iceberg Cocktail Recipe with Vodka and Peppermint
Cocktail recipe for an Iceberg, an interesting vodka mixed drink that uses either Pernod or peppermint schnapps.

Eucalyptus Simple Syrup Recipe for Cocktails
Eucalyptus simple syrup is quick and easy to make and is a great addition for herbal cocktails such as the Eucalyptus Martini.

Classic Emerson Gin Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for an Emerson, a sweetened version of the classic Gin Martini. It is made of gin, sweet vermouth, lemon juice, and maraschino liqueur.

Classic Gin and It Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Gin & It, a simple gin and sweet vermouth drink.

Classic Gin Napoleon Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail Recipe for a Napoleon, a gin, Dubonnet Rouge and Grand Mariner drink.

Algonquin Cocktail Rye Whiskey Recipe
Cocktail recipe for an Algonquin Cocktail, a classic martini drink with rye whiskey, dry vermouth, and pineapple juice.

Three Olives Vodka Rock Star Root Beer Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Rock Star Root Beer, a simple mixed drink of ginger ale and Three Olives Root Beer and Vanilla Vodkas.

Spiked Three-O Mocha Hot Chocolate Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Spiked Three-O Mocha, a hot mixed drink of hot chocolate with espresso vodka and amaretto that is great for warming you up.

Cappuccino Cascades Vodka Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Cappuccino Cascades, a warm mixed drink of Crater Lake Hazelnut Espresso Vodka, amaretto liqueur, and hot chocolate and coffee.

Maker's In The Market Julep Whiskey Cocktail Recipe
A Seattle-inspired twist on the Mint Julep, the Maker's In The Market cocktail brings cherry jam, chocolate bitters, and peppercorn syrup into the mix.

How To Make Edible Cookie Shots
Fill these delicious, edible shooter cups with milk or your favorite shooter. Made with chocolate chip cookie dough, they will be a hit at your party.

Eco-Friendly Bartending - Green and Environmental Home Bar Practices
You're just 10 steps from an eco-friendly bar. Recycle, conserve, and look at all of the little details of the bar because every step counts.

Review: KISS Spearmint and Cinnamon Simple Syrups
All-natural and full of flavor, Keep It Simple Syrup (KISS) produces spearmint and cinnamon simple syrups that are perfect for mixing into any drink.

Jagermeister's The Inside Scoop Cocktail Recipe
A root beer float spiked with Jagermeister? It's true and while The Inside Scoop recipe has a little more to it, it's still an easy cocktail to mix up.

Root Beer Float Non-Alcoholic Mixed Drink Recipe
How to make a Root Beer Float, the classic, non-alcoholic mixed drink of vanilla ice cream and root beer.

Don Julio Premium Tequilas Product Review
The name Don Julio tags a portfolio of 100% blue agave tequilas with a taste for everyone and the superior line of tequilas fabulous to explore.

Xavier Herit's V.I.C. (Very Important Cocktail) Recipe
A unique and flavorful cocktail, the V.I.C. from NYC mixologist Xavier Herit mixes Don Julio 1942 Tequila with jalapeno mezcal and two fine liqueurs.

Celeste Leonard's The Bathtub Beertail Recipe
The Bathtub is a winning beertail from New York bartender, Celeste Leonard. The mixed drink recipe includes barrel aged gin, ginger beer, and pilsner float.

Importance of Ice in Cocktails - Best Ways to Use Ice
Ice is essential in the bar and is used in about 95% of the drinks we make. Learn how to get the best ice, which form to use when, and why we love ice.

Classic Garbo Cocktail Recipe
Named after the legendary actress, Greta Garbo, this recipe for a Garbo Cocktail is easy and delightful, mixing brandy and fruits in a highball.

How to Make Homemade Bitters
Bitters are essential in the bar and you can also make your own, personalized using a variety of herbs and spices for enhancing your favorite cocktails.

Cocktail Courier: Delivering Cocktails to Your Door
A fun new delivery service, Cocktail Courier delivers everything you need to mix signature cocktails to your door and it is a great gift idea.

Book Review of David Wondrich's Imbibe! (Second Edition)
Essential reading for the history of bars and classic cocktails, David Wondrich's much anticipated 2015 revision to Imbibe! is a book you cannot miss.

Book Review: Imbibe! From Absinthe Cocktail to Whiskey Smash by David Wondrich
In Imbibe! David Wondrich takes a look at the life of

Angele Green Tea Cooler Vodka Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Angèle Green Tea Cooler, a delightfully refreshing drink that features Charbay Green Tea Vodka.

Emboldened Cherry Blossom Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for an Emboldened Cherry Blossom, a mixed drink of jalapeno infused tequila, blood orange juice, Combier Rouge and D'Orange liqueurs, lemon juice, and brut champagne.

Hello Kitty Vodka Lemonade Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail Recipe for a Hello Kitty, a fun and refreshing vodka martini drink that uses TY KU Liqueur and fresh lemonade. It's perfect for summer.

Zambeer Cocktail Recipe
The Zambeer is a simple mixed drink that combines root beer and the anise flavor of Sambuca to create a tasty twist and an easy sipping cocktail.

Spiked Root Beer Floatini Vodka Cocktail Recipe
A fun, spiked version of a favorite drink, the Root Beer Floatini features Three Olives' unique Root Beer Vodka with amaretto and ice cream.

Plush Punch Non-Alcoholic Mixed Drink Recipe
Punch recipe for a Plush Punch, a non-alcoholic mixed drink of cranberry, pomegranate, and lemon juices, chamomile tea, rosemary simple syrup, and ginger ale.

Limoncello Liqueur Profile and Cocktail Recipes
Limoncello liqueur is made by soaking lemon zests in neutral grain alcohol for a month or more, the result is a thick, sweet dessert cordial.

DeLeon Tequila's Salud Cocktail Recipe
An elegant tequila cocktail, the DeLeon Salud mixes a premium tequila with a rare sherry, a variety of fruit, and a touch of absinthe.

Bombay Sapphire Gin's Pineapple and Sage Gimlet Recipe
A simple and refreshing new take on a popular gin cocktail, this Pineapple and Sage Gimlet is perfect for spring entertaining and is served as a punch.

Q Lemon Rosemary Sparkle Mocktail Recipe
A simple and refreshing soda drink, the Rosemary Sparkle is a fun mocktail that pairs Q Lemon soda with a DIY rosemary syrup and it's perfect for spring.

Clos Dew Drop Cocktail Recipe
The Clos Dew Drop is a simple and soft cocktail that mixes a fine (and inexpensive) Chardonnay with gin and grapefruit juice for a springtime delight.

Goose in Spring Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Goose in Spring, a mixed drink made of lavender-infused Grey Goose Vodka, raspberries, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, and lemon juice.

Easter Bunny Vodka Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for an Easter Bunny, a vodka drink on the rocks with cherry brandy and chocolate liqueur and syrup that is great spring occasions.

Easter Egg Cocktail Recipe
A fun, creamy cocktail, the Easter Egg recipe is a simple mix of blue curacao, chocolate liqueur, and a layer of half and half.

Income Tax Gin Martini Cocktail Recipe
The Income Tax Cocktail is a classic that mixes gin with both vermouths and orange juice to create a refreshing way to celebrate the end of tax season.

English Rose Gin Martini Recipe
The English Rose is a simple and sweet gin martini that adds apricot brandy, grenadine, and lemon to the recipe for a refreshing sipper.

Frozen Green Grape Glacier Drink Recipe
A fun way to enjoy a grape drink, the Green Grape Glacier is a frozen drink that blends fresh grapes with grape juice and finishes off with sparkling water.

April Shower Brandy Cocktail Recipe
The April Shower cocktail recipe is an easy martini perfect for spring brunch. The golden mix uses brandy, Yellow Chartreuse, and orange juice.

Sauza 901 Tequila Tequiliano Cocktail Recipe
The Tequiliano puts a new twist on the popular Negroni cocktail. This recipe pairs Campari and sweet vermouth with tequila for a uniquely flavored aperitif.

Lucky Deduction Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Lucky Deduction, a mixed drink of Camus VSOP Cognac, Croft Pink Port, and orange juice. This is a wonderful drink to celebrate the end of tax season.

Fruit Flavor Cocktail Combinations Recommendations
Certain fruit flavors work better with others and this guide by Humberto Marques is an extensive study of those pairings. These recommendations are excellent if you're making original cocktails and a great place to begin understanding how flavors play off of one another.

La Primavera Gin Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for La Primavera, a mixed drink created by Humberto Marques that is made of Geranium Gin, Lillet Blanc, aloe vera honey tea, and lime juice.

An Interview with Mixologist Humberto Marques
European Mixologist, Humberto Marques, has created some very unique drinks like the Eucalyptus Martini and is opening a new bar in Copenhagen.

Baileys Lady Luck Shooter Recipe
The Lady Luck is an easy Baileys Irish Cream and Irish whiskey shooter with a green sugar rim that makes it perfect for St. Patrick's Day.

Monthly Cocktail Contest on Cocktails
Every month we are going to feature a themed cocktail contest. Readers can submit their original cocktail recipes to the monthly themed contest, a panel of experts will choose their favorite, and the winning recipe will be featured on Cocktails and become a part of my permanent drink database.

Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water Review
Fever Tree Tonic Water is a premium tonic made with natural ingredients and has a clean, refreshing flavor which is perfect for Gin and Tonics or Vodka Tonics.

The Giants' Gate Irish Whiskey Cocktail Recipe
A stunning cocktail that mixes a great Irish whiskey with Guinness Stout, cardamom, and egg white, the Giants' Gate is one not to miss.

Irish Gold Irish Whiskey Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for an Irish Gold, a mixed drink of Irish whiskey, ginger ale, orange juice and peach schnapps.

Hilton's St. Patrick's Day Sin Cocktail Recipe
Featuring a lemon egg foam, the St. Patrick's Day Sin is a fancier Irish whiskey cocktail with green liqueurs and it is perfect for your Irish-themed parties.

Simple Yet Fascinating Gin Drinks
Gin is a wonderful distilled spirit that can easily be mixed into some delightful and refreshing summer highballs.

Mango Vodka Tonic Cocktail Recipe
Simple and sweet, this Mango Tonic recipe adds a little fruit to the popular Vodka Tonic and is a great way to change up your cocktail routine.

Q Smokin Hot Cocktail Recipe
The Smokin' Hot cocktail is layered with spicy ingredients and is very fun to drink. It pairs Q Ginger Beer with an organic mezcal and chile liqueur.

Everybody's Irish Green Martini Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for an Everybody's Irish, a green martini mixed drink of Irish whiskey, creme de menthe and green Chartreuse liqueurs.

Emerald Isle Gin and Mint Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for an Emerald Isle, a green, minty, gin martini that is very easy to make and is perfect for St. Patrick's Day.

Review of Kappa Pisco
Kappa Pisco is a Chilean brandy made from Muscat grapes. It is a smooth pisco that is a great base for cocktails.

Easy Apple Shrub Recipe - DIY Drinking Vinegars
Prepare your own apple shrub to mix into cocktails or simply enjoy as a homemade apple soda using this simple recipe for an apple-flavored drinking vinegar.

Irish Coffee Drop Vodka Shooter Recipe
Shooter recipe for an Irish Coffee Drop, a dropped shot of Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka and Irish cream liqueur dropped a glass of Guinness draught beer.

Irish Eyes Cocktail Whiskey Recipe
Cocktail recipe for an Irish Eyes, an Irish whiskey and creme de menthe green drink perfect for St. Patrick's Day.

Zesty Irishman Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Zesty Irishman, a mixed drink of Irish whiskey, Drambuie, triple sec, lemon juice, and ginger ale that is ideal for St. Patrick's Day.

Catalina Margarita Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Catalina Margarita, a blue margarita with a hint of peach that is perfect for summer parties.

Coco Margarita Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Coco Margarita, a tequila version of the Pina Colada that has that same coconut and pineapple combination we love.

Blue Lagoon Margarita Tequila Cocktail Recipe
A brilliant blue cocktail, this recipe for a Blue Lagoon Margarita mixes your favorite tequila with blue curacao, pineapple juice, and has a little bit of sparkle.

Bloody Margarita Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Bloody Margarita, a orange margarita that features the juice of the blood orange, making it an ideal winter drink.

Margarita Jelly Shot Recipe
Shooter recipe for a Margarita Jelly Shot, a popular party shot that is a mix of a Jell-O shot and a Margarita.

I.O. Organic Sicilian Blood Orange Juice Review
There are a few bottled blood juices on the market as well and one of those is I.O. Organic Sicilian Blood Orange Juice is a great example.

Pot of Gold Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Pot of Gold, a mixed drink of Voli Lyte Vodka, elderflower syrup or liqueur, cucumber, mint, and ginger beer.

Bushmills Irish Whiskey Black and Red Cocktail Recipe
A simple little twist on the popular Manhattan, the Black and Red cocktail opts for Black Bush Irish Whiskey to mix with sweet vermouth.

How To Make Green Beer for St. Patrick's Day
Green Beer is a fun way to enjoy your favorite light-colored beer on St. Patrick's Day and it can be created in just one easy step.

Stew Ellington's Funk 43 Shooter Recipe
Serve the fun Funk 43 shooter as your next round of party shots. Three premium liquors come together for a coffee, vanilla, rum drink that goes down smooth.

Pumpkin Fever Spiced Rum Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Pumpkin Fever, a mixed drink of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Bols Pumpkin Smash liqueur, cream, milk, and cinnamon.

Rosy Rum Cosmo Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Rosy Rum Cosmo, a rum variation of the Cosmopolitan drink with Bacardi Limon Rum, triple sec and cranberry and lime juices and garnished with mint leaves.

Red Snapper Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Red Snapper, a creamy, pink rum drink with Galliano liqueur and grenadine that is served neat.

Blushing Lady Vodka Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Blushing Lady, a sweet, fruity vodka cocktail with pomegranate and pink grapefruit that is perfect for a girl's night out.

Silk Stocking Tequila Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Silk Stocking, a reposado tequila, creme de cacao, Chambord and cream dessert martini.

Saint Valentine Cocktail Rum Recipe by David Wondrich
Cocktail recipe for a Saint Valentine, a mixed drink of white rum, ruby port, Grand Marnier, and lime juice.

Happily Ever After Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Happily Ever After, a mixed drink of Rhum J.M. Blanc, Cynar, Averna, cherry herring, rhubarb bitters and whiskey barrel bitters.

Pernod Absinthe's Mystic Chocolate Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Mystic Chocolate, a mixed drink of Pernod Absinthe, Irish cream, and Hiram Walker's creme de cacao and butterscotch schnapps liqueurs.

Kentucky Kiss Bourbon Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Kentucky Kiss, a Maker's Mark bourbon whiskey cocktail with strawberry puree, maple syrup, lemon juice and soda. Perfect for celebrating Valentine's Day.

Liquid Lust Tequila Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Liquid Lust, a mixed punch drink of Rosangel tequila, white wine, orange and cranberry juices, club soda, and fresh oranges, lemons, limes, grapes, and apples.

Sweet Dreams Cocktail Recipe With Caramel Syrup
Cocktail recipe for a Sweet Dreams, a mixed drink of Patron XO Cafe Dark Cocoa, Ultimat Vodka, and caramel syrup.

Menage A XXX Whiskey Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Menage a XXX, a mixed drink made of XXX Shine Salted Caramel Whiskey, Tres Leches Cream Liqueur, and dark and white creme de cacao chocolate liqueurs.

Bounce NY Seattle Brew Crew Cocktail Recipe
Quick and easy, the Seattle Brew Crew is a perfect drink for Seattle Seahawks fans and it is a simple mix of premium vodka, coffee liqueur, and club soda.

Borgata's The 12th Man Cocktail Recipe
Created for Seattle Seahawks fans, The 12th Man is an easy green and purple layered cocktail with a sparkle and a fun color effect that is great for any party.

Hot Tea and Iced Tea Cocktail Recipe Collection
Mixing tea into cocktails is very common and it can be used in both hot and cold drinks. Browse this collection of great tea mixed drinks.

Ginger Liqueur Information and Cocktail Recipes
Ginger liqueur has a fascinating, snappy spice taste that is great in cocktails. Read more about this liqueur and find cocktail recipes to mix it in.

Definition and History of the Cocktail
The cocktail is a style of mixed drink of liquor, water, sugar and bitters. The history of the cocktail is not that clear cut though and it is a rather fascinating, though sordid tale.

The Impartial Cocktails for Super Bowl XLIX (49) Parties
Planning a Super Bowl party? Browse this fun selection of cocktails and beertails that are sure to be a hit with every football fan.

The New England Patriots Cocktails for Super Bowl XLIX (49) Parties
Once again, the New England Patriots are in the Super Bowl and that means we need some new drinks inspired by the region and dedicated to the fans. Page 3.

The Seattle Seahawks Cocktails for Super Bowl XLIX (49) Parties
Seattle Seahawks fans can spend the Super Bowl watching the game rather than mixing drinks with these simple cocktails created just for you. Page 2.

Don't Forget the Mocktails for Super Bowl XLIX (49) Parties
Super Bowl parties do not have to be all about the alcohol. This collection of fun mocktails and punches are perfect for serving everyone at your game day party. Page 4.

Classic Robert Burns Cocktail Recipe
The classic Robert Burns Cocktail is one of the best ways to enjoy a fine Scotch whisky. Think of it as an abinthe-laced Scotch Manhattan.

Hudson Valley Distillers Applejack Review
Review of Hudson Valley Distillers Adirondack and Hardscrabble Applejacks, two smooth apple brandies that are perfect for revisiting classic cocktails.

Brandy Reviews - Distilled Spirit Reviews of a Variety of Brands of Brandy
Reviews of a few brands of brandy including some favorites and some of the newer brands available on the market.

Reviews of Popular Brands of Vodkas and Flavored Vodkas
Reviews of a few brands of vodka including some favorites and some of the newer brands available on the market.

Zodiac Vodka Star Eyed Julep Cocktail Recipe
The Star Eyed Julep features the smooth Zodiac Vodka with orgeat syrup, fresh lime and mint, and a heap of crushed ice and is the perfect addition to any party.

Allison Anderson's Mayahuel's Elixir Cocktail Recipe
Mayahuel's Elixir is a very interesting cocktail from Colorado's Allison Anderson that mixes tequila with pineapple, orange, turmeric paste, and black pepper.

Haig Club Single Grain Scotch Whisky Review
Released in 2014, Haig Club Single Grain Scotch Whisky is an interesting study in a lesser known style of the whiskey and is good for creating high-end cocktails.

Oban Single Malt Scotch Whisky Review
Oban Single Malt Scotch is an interesting mix of Island and Highland whisky flavors and late in 2014 the distillery released the equally impressive Oban Little Bay.

A to Z Cocktail Recipe Collection
Browse cocktail and mixed drink recipes by name using these alphabetized lists.

Rimbaud's Left Hand Cocktail Recipe
Rimbaud's Left Hand is an interesting cocktail recipe made with Pernod Absinthe, Benedictine, Aperol, pineapple, egg white, and rose water.

Super Sleigh Cocktail Recipe - Mixed Drink Recipe for a Super Sleigh
The Super Sleigh cocktail recipe is an easy soda highball that features the pear-flavored brandy liqueur called Xante.

Reposado Tequila Old-Fashioned Cocktail
Cocktail recipe for a Reposado Old-fashioned, a mixed drink of muddled bing cherries and nectarines with reposado tequilas.

Midnight Martini Recipe
The Midnight Martini is one of the easiest vodka cocktails you will find and only require that you have a bottle of coffee liqueur on hand.

Classic Creole Cocktail Recipe
A classic drink recipe, the Creole Cocktail has everything you love about a bourbon Manhattan with a little Benedictine and maraschino to keep things interesting.

Millennium Cocktail Gin Recipe
Just one of the recipes for a Millennium Cocktail, this cocktail mixes gin, cherry brandy, orange juice, and ginger ale and it is a sparkling gem.

Silver Bullet Gin and Scotch Shooter Recipe
Shooter recipe for a Silver Bullet, a shot drink of gin and Scotch whisky with a lemon twist.

Axis Kiss Champagne Cocktail Recipe
Sweeten up your Champagne with this Axis Kiss recipe that includes amaretto and creme de cassis.

Canadian Club Whisky Ginger Snap Punch Recipe
A festive holiday punch, the Ginger Snap Punch is filled with flavor and includes Canadian Club whiskey, ginger, orange, and pear.

Countdown Cocktail Recipe
A simple and fun cocktail for winter, the Countdown Cocktail recipe features genever, blood orange juice, and bitters.

Cranberry Daiquiri Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Cranberry Daiquiri, a mixed drink of Mount Gay Rum, elderflower syrup, cranberry juice, lime juice, and tarragon.

4 Tips for Being a Responsible Holiday Host
When you are hosting a holiday party it is important that you make some responsible choices to ensure the safety and fun of your guests.

How to Pair Food and Cocktails for Certain Food Dishes
Wine and food have always gone together and it is becoming more popular to explore the combinations of beer and cocktails with different dishes

Modern Dining and Modern Pairings
Cocktails. Page 2.

What Works with Cocktail and Food Pairings and What Doesn’t
Cocktails. Page 3.

Origins of Eggnog
The drink that stirs up memories for most people, either you love it or hate it. Either way you feel, you must admit it has become embedded in our holiday traditions.

The House of Zwack Herbal Liqueurs - Review
The House of Zwack produces three fine Hungarian herbal liqueurs that are now available in the US; Zwack, Unicum, and Unicum Plum.

Belle of the Ball Brandy Cocktail Recipe
This sweet cocktail is filled with flavor and includes Baileys Irish Cream, brandy, and two herbal liqueurs. It's good before or after dinner.

Dutch Green Tea Vodka Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail Recipe for a Dutch Green Tea, a mixed drink of Sonnema VodkaHERB, St. Germain liqueur, agave nectar, green tea and lemon juice.

Belladonna Tiki Rum Cocktail Recipe
The Belladonna is a simple highball cocktail filled with two rums and three fruit juices, all in equal proportion, so it's really easy.

Finlandia Vodka Cup Cocktail Competition U.S. Finalists 2012
A list and commentary of the U.S. finalists in the 14th Annual International Finlandia Vodka Cup. These cocktail recipes are a fantastic menagerie of vodka mixed drinks created by bartenders throughout America.

Finlandia Vodka Cup Cocktail Competition U.S. Finalists 2012
A list and commentary of the U.S. finalists in the 14th Annual International Finlandia Vodka Cup. These cocktail recipes are a fantastic menagerie of vodka mixed drinks created by bartenders throughout America.

Quick Facts About Prohibition & Repeal in the U.S.
Repeal Day is celebrated annually on December 5th to celebrate the end of Prohibition. To celebrate, here are 10 fun facts and ideas for a party.


Review of SKYY Flavored Vodka Infusions
Skyy Vodka produces a growing line of flavored vodkas that are fun to use in a variety of cocktails. Read the review of SKYY's flavored vodkas and find cocktail recipes.

Review: Flavored Vodkas of SKYY Vodka
Skyy Vodka produces a growing line of flavored vodkas that are fun to use in a variety of cocktails. Read the review of SKYY Vanilla and Orange Vodkas and find recipes. Page 2.

The Twelve Bottle Bar - Basic Bar Stocking
If you were given a choice of twelve bottles to include in your personal bar with no regards for cost or availability, which bottles of alcohol would you choose? It's a challenge to put together a well-rounded bar with a limited selection but here's how I would design a 12 bottle bar and the cocktails possible in it.

How to Create a Great Drink Menu for a Cocktail Party
When you're hosting a cocktail party and don't have the ability or desire to stock an entire bar you can create a drink menu instead and it's easy.

Highland Park Scotch Whiskey - Distilled Spirits Review
Highland Park has a fine sampling of Scotch whisky that spans in age from 12-40 years and all are an excellent experience for any whiskey lover. This review includes three of the expressions, including the mixable 12 year old, renowned 18 year old and the newest, yet oldest, 40 year old.

How to Stir a Cocktail or Mixed Drink
When you stir cocktails and mixed drinks the key is to gently combine the ingredients and dissolve enough ice to water down the potent mix.

Whiskey Liquor Picks for the 2011 Kentucky Derby
The 2011 Kentucky Derby is almost upon us, bring mint juleps, My Old Kentucky Home, world class horse racing, hot brown sandwiches, hats and, of course, bourbon to peoples minds. Here are the top bourbons to celebrate Derby Day with this year.

Agave Kiss Tequila Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for an Agave Kiss Cocktail, a creamy tequila and raspberry martini that is a great recipe for Valentine's day or any romantic occasion.

A Nice Warm Drink Rum Cocktail Recipe
Similar to the popular Hot Buttered Rum, A Nice Warm Drink's recipe mixes butter, rum, cinnamon, and brown sugar with warm tea and cider for a great winter drink.

Mad Monk Spiked Hot Chocolate Recipe
The Mad Monk is a hot cocktail that mixes both hot chocolate and coffee with Frangelico and peppermint schnapps and it is a nice, warming drink for winter.

Professional Bartending Courses and Bartending Schools
Bartenders tend to work best with on the job training, though there are a number of bartending schools, both online and offline, that may give your career a boost.

Drink recipe for a Trojan Horse - Trojan Horse Ingredients
How to make a Trojan Horse. A Guinness and cola drink that is a popular summer drink in the UK.

The Last Word Classic Cocktail Recipe
The Last Word is a classic cocktail and the recipe is a simple mix of gin, Chartreuse and maraschino liqueurs, and lime juice.

4 Interesting Cocktail Books from 2014
2014 was another great year in cocktail books and here are four titles that are worth noting, including some fascinating histories and very fun cocktails.

Gunpowder Gimlet Cocktail Recipe
The Gunpowder Gimlet cocktail is a tea-infused gin recipe that includes a fantastic pistachio honey syrup which you can easily make at home.

Banana Daiquiri Jello Rum Shooter Recipe
Shooter recipe for a Banana Daiquiri Jelly Shot, an adaptation of a Banana Daiquiri and the Jell-O Shot that is a fun party shot.

Snowball Brandy Shooter Recipe
Shooter recipe for a Snowball, a shaken shot of brandy, peppermint schnapps, and white crème de cacao.

Newspaper Archives Chronicling the Repeal of Prohibition in the United States
Browse newspaper archives that capture the tumultuous time and the fight between the wet and dry camps throughout 1933 as the U.S. was headed to repeal prohibition.

Nolet's Gin Poinsettia Punch Recipe
This Poinsettia Punch recipe creates an aromatic drink that is perfect for the holidays and includes gin, cinnamon, allspice dram, and grenadine.

Classic Duplex Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Duplex, a classic drink of both dry and sweet vermouth with orange bitters.

Fall From Grace Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Fall From Grace Cocktail, a mixed drink of Kilbeggan Irish Whiskey, Cynar, Zwack Herbal Liquor, Lillet Rouge, and Fee Bro's Rhubarb bitters.

Colt 45 Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Colt 45, a mixed drink of gin, Jagermeister and Red Bull.

Classic Chapel Hill Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Chapel Hill, a sour bourbon drink with triple sec and lemon juice that is simple and pleasing.

Black Cat Vodka Cocktail Recipe
The Black Cat is a simple mixed drink recipe that mixes vodka, cherry brandy, cranberry juice, and cola and it's surprisingly delicious.

Creamy Banshee or Capri Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Banshee or Capri, a creamy drink of banana liqueur, white creme de cacao, and milk that is served on the rocks.

Vegan Eggnog Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Vegan Eggnog, an egg-free, vegetarian alternative to traditional homemade eggnog.

Touchdown Tea Punch Recipe
Cocktail recipe for Touchdown Tea, a strongly alcoholic drink perfect for serving a crowd at Super Bowl party.

How to Make Vanilla-Ginger Simple Syrup
Recipe for Vanilla-Ginger Simple Syrup, a delightful infusion of vanilla beans and ginger in sugar syrup that is a fun modifier for cocktails.

Classic Scotch Sour Cocktail Recipe
The basic Scotch Sour is a nice evening sipper, especially with a good whisky, and the recipe is very easy.

Pimento Dram Herbal Liqueur Profile With Recipes
Pimento dram is an allspice flavored liqueur that makes an appearance in cocktails on occasion and is good to have in a bar stock.

Snowshoe Grog Cocktail Recipe
The Snowshoe Grog recipe is a simple mix of two spirits, combining bourbon and peppermint schnapps for a easy cocktail that is great all winter long.

How to Make an Orange Julius
Cocktail recipe for an Orange Julius, a favorite summer orange blended drink.

Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey Merry Irishman Cocktail Recipe
A very simple way to add holiday cheer to Irish whiskey, the Merry Irishman includes coffee and mint liqueurs and it's a delight.

Matusalem Gran Reserva Rum - Distilled Spirit Review
Matusalem Gran Reserva Rum is a beautifully solera blended bottling from one of the oldest rum producers and is aged for 15 years.

Bésame or Kiss Me Cocktail Recipe
The Besame (Kiss Me) cocktail is filled with aphrodisiacs and is a perfect highball for romantic occasions.

Winter Cocktail Classic Rum Recipe
This recipe for a classic Winter Cocktail includes rum and the spice of ginger and pimento dram and it is perfect any time of year.

Bring It Home Recipe - Football Party Drink
Cocktail recipe for a Bring It Home, a mixed drink of Organic Nation Gin, elderflower liqueur, orgeat syrup, and lemon juice that is ideal for football watching parties.

Effen Salted Caramel Vodka - Review
Released in summer 2013, Effen Salted Caramel Vodka is one of the best sweet-flavored vodkas you will find. A little savory, a little sweet, it is fun to mix into some very interesting cocktails.

White Peach Sangria Rum Punch Recipe
Take your sangria to another level with this beautiful White Peach Sangria. It is perfect for parties, especially when peaches are in season.

Bärenjäger Honey Liqueur Profile and Description
Bärenjäger is a honey-flavored liqueur made in Germany that is based on a mead-like spirit dating back to the 15th century.

Santa Shot Shooter Recipe
Shooter recipe for a Santa Shot, a layered shot of grenadine, green crème de menthe, and peppermint schnapps that is perfect for holiday parties.

Brandy Milk Punch Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Brandy Milk Punch, a classic drink of brandy, milk and sugar syrup, garnished with nutmeg.

Flor De Caña Flip Flop Rum Punch Recipe
Chamomile-infused rum is the base for this simple Flip Flop Punch, which includes grapefruit juice and is perfect for serving at summer parties.

Honey Spiced Punch Rum Recipe
This Honey Spiced Punch recipe is a complex and fascinating party punch, filled with rum and cachaca, velvet falernum, and it is perfect for winter parties.

The Irish Encounter Rum Cocktail Recipe
Call it a milkshake, smoothie, or a take on the Pina Colada. Whatever you choose, The Irish Encounter is a fun frozen cocktail with banana.

Kentucky Tea Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Kentucky Tea, a mixed drink of bourbon whiskey, water, and sugar.

Tips for Making Personalized Cocktail Gift Baskets
Give the gift of spirits by creating your own gift basket filled with the ingredients to make your favorite cocktails.

Hail to the Chief Vodka Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Hail to the Chief, a grape vodka drink with ginger and blackberries that is a refreshing summer drink.

Hennessy Cognac Ginger Tea Cocktail Recipe
Muddle mint and ginger, then add Cognac and tea for a great cocktail called the Ginger Tea. It's easy and great for any occasion.

French Sparkle Cocktail Recipe - Vodka Champagne
This French Sparkle recipe creates a cocktail that uses pairs Chambord-flavored Vodka with Champagne and mango and is it delightful.

Apple and Pear Infused Gin Recipe
Gin is a flavorful liquor but for some recipes you may want an extra touch. This apple and pear infused gin recipe is wonderful for cocktails like the Early Autumn and other autumn-inspired drinks.

Prickly Pear Margarita Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Prickly Pear Margarita, a Voodoo Tiki Prickly Pear Tequila, triple sec, sour mix, orange juice and grenadine margarita drink.

Blue Bayou Vodka Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail Recipe for a Blue Bayou, a blended drink of vodka, blue curacao, pineapple and grapefruit.

Velvet Hammer Cocktail Recipe
The Velvet Hammer is a smooth and simple drink that plays orange and coffee liqueurs against a creamy background.

Ty Ku Warm Apple Pie Cocktail Recipe
Hot apple cider is mixed with TY KU Liqueur to create a delicious Warm Apple Pie Cocktail that will keep you warm all winter long.

Brandy or Whiskey Cobbler Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Brandy or Whiskey Cobbler, a classic mixed drink of brandy or whiskey, simple syrup, and fruit.

Grey Goose La Poire Sparkling Shamrock Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for La Poire Sparkling Shamrock, a a delicious spring drink with the pear, elderflower, cucumber, and mint.

Peppermint Froth Vodka Cocktail Recipe
The Peppermint Froth is a simple and creamy mint and vodka cocktail that is great for those times when you want a soothing drink.

Shamrock Shaker St. Patrick's Day Cocktail Recipe
The Shamrock Shaker is a creamy coffee and amaretto liqueur cocktail that, while designed for St. Patrick's Day, is perfect year-round.

Makers Heart Whiskey Liquor Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Makers Heart, a mixed drink of Maker's 46 bourbon whisky, sweet vermouth, blackberries, pomegranate juice, lemon juice, and Fee Bros. orange bitters.

Lemongrass Ginger Infused Tequila
The light agave flavors of a blanco tequila are married in this infusion recipe with the flavors of lemongrass and ginger.

Irish Pride Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for an Irish Pride, an Amaretto, creme de menthe and lemon juice green highball drink, great for St. Patrick's Day.

Green Acres Rum Punch Recipe
The Green Acres Punch combines two rums with green tea, demerara syrup, and lime and can be served as a party punch or as a single drink.

Jagermeister Golden Raspberry Cocktail Recipe
A strong drink, the Golden Raspberry is delicious as well and includes vodka, tequila, Jagermeister, and raspberry.

Cucumber-Tea-Ni Vodka Cocktail Recipe
A winning green cocktail, the Cucumber Tea-Ni is the creation of Mixologist Jason Walsh includes vodka, Chartreuse, cucumber, and green tea syrup.

Devil Cocktail Brandy Recipe
The Devil Cocktail is a nice brandy and mint drink that has a surprising pinch of cayenne to give it a nice contrast and interesting flavor.

Burning Bush Hot Irish Whiskey Cocktail Recipe
This Burning Bush recipe is a simple hot toddy adaptation that features Bushmills Irish Whiskey.

Midori Berry Bliss Vodka Cocktail Punch Recipe
The Midori Berry Bliss is a fun punch recipe that your guests will love. This electric green drink includes vanilla and raspberry vodka with melon and pineapple.

Mad Hatter's Tea Party Rum Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Mad Hatter's Tea Party, a mixed drink of Flor de Cana summer royale tea infused rum, lime juice, and sugar can and ginger syrups.

Zwack The Tempest Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for The Tempest, a mixed drink of Zwack Herbal Liqueur, ginger syrup, lime juice, bitters, and club soda.

Product Review of GVine Gin
G'Vine Gin is unique to the gin world. This ultra-premium gin is produced the French region of Cognac and is distinct due to its infusion of green grape flowers from the prized Ugni Blanc grape.

Brotherly Love Gin Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Brotherly Love, a warm mixed drink of Bluecoat Gin, Licor 43, simple syrup and steamed milk garnished with nutmeg.

Irish Whiskey Tasting: Tullamore Dew and Jameson
Taste in whiskey is a matter of preference. Some people enjoy the softer side while others want to feel the oak punch while keeping everything smooth. Everyone

The Dulce de Leche of Guys and Dolls Question
There was a lot of buzz a couple of months ago about the Broadway revival of Guys and Dolls and I thought I'd bring it up again because the show is still

Classic Journalist Cocktail Gin Recipe
The Journalist is a classic gin cocktail that adds a fruity splash to the traditional Perfect Martini and it is a delightful little drink that everyone should try.

Classic Brown University Bourbon Martini Cocktail Recipe
The Brown University is a classic cocktail that is similar to the popular Manhattan. The recipe mixes bourbon with dry vermouth and orange bitters.

Effen Vodka Salted Caramel Rocky Road Cocktail Recipe
The Salted Caramel Rocky Road is a delicious cocktail that uses Effen Salted Caramel Vodka with chocolate in a creamy, tempting mix.

Green Carnation Vodka Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Green Carnation, a vodka, Midori melon and Benedictine herbal liqueurs and lime juice martini.

Swamp Water Surprise Rum Cocktail Recipe
The Swamp Water Surprise is a Halloween cocktail filled with rum and orange juice that includes a plasma-like substance for a creepy touch.

Southern Hospitality Jack-O-Lantern Cocktail Recipe
Simple and fun, this Jack-O-Lantern cocktail recipe mixes Cognac with orange juice, and soda, and has a garnish that turns the glass into a pumpkin.

Mad Eye Martini Cocktail Recipe for Halloween
The Mad Eye Martini is a favorite and simple Halloween cocktail. The recipe uses vodka, Hpnotiq, and lychee juice, with a creepy eyeball garnish.

Black Widow Vodka Cocktail Recipe
By using black vodka you can turn your Cape Codder into a dark and mysterious Halloween cocktail and the recipe is just as easy: vodka and cranberry juice.

Black & Gold Vodka Cocktail Recipe
Add a little sparkle to your black martinis with this simple Black & Gold Martini recipe that uses Goldschlager for its gold flake and black vodka for its dark color.

Midori Green Ghoul Cocktail Recipe
The Green Ghoul is a fun Halloween cocktail that is bright green, filled with flavor and has an easy web garnish for special effects.

Charbay Pomegranate Vodka Moroccan Cocktail Recipe
A true delight, Charbay Vodka's Moroccan Cocktail adds the sweetened spice of a cardamom syrup to this recipe that includes their fantastic pomegranate vodka.

Gin & Sin Cocktail Recipe
The Gin & Sin is a cute little drink that adds a fun array of fruits to your favorite gin and is a great cocktail recipe to mix up for any party.

G'Spot Cocktail Recipe
Featuring an unusual floral gin, the G'Spot is a fun cocktail that pairs G'Vine with Chambord for a sweet and fruity drink.

Gin Reviews - Distilled Spirit Reviews of a Variety of Brands of London Dry Gin, Genever, Old Tom Gin and Others
Reviews of a few brands of gin including some favorites and some of the newer brands available on the market.

Grey Goose Vodka Falling Leaf Fizz Cocktail Recipe
Perfect for autumn, the Falling Leaf Fizz cocktail is a delightful recipe that includes pear vodka, pumpkin butter, and sparkling wine.

Classic Saratoga Cocktail Brandy and Whiskey Recipe
The recipe for a classic Saratoga Cocktail includes brandy and whiskey, mixing it with sweet vermouth and bitters to create a great sipper.

The Raven Cocktail Recipe
The Raven is a dark drink filled with vodka, rum, blue curacao, and Chambord and it lets you show off your floating skills.

4 Point Cocktail Bourbon Whiskey Recipe
Four spirits make up the 4 Point Cocktail and they mix perfectly. The recipe includes bourbon, applejack, and blood orange and maraschino liqueurs.

Black Friday Bourbon Whiskey Cocktail Recipe
You've made it through Black Friday and now it's time for a great drink to celebrate and mixing up this bourbon cocktail is nice and easy.

Harrington Cocktail Vodka Recipe
The Harrington is a light and flavor-filled cocktail whose recipe includes three simple ingredients: vodka, Chartreuse, and curacao.

Popular Cocktail and Mixed Drinks Recipes Index
Search for the perfect cocktail recipe using this directory that organizes recipes by flavor, spirit, name, and includes the most popular drinks you should know.

Building a Bar in Your Home
You want to build a bar in your home? There are many ways that you can approach the matter and these resources will help you plan your new bar.

Perfect Puree of Napa Valley Beverage Artistry Fruit Purees Review
Perfect Puree of Napa Valley's fruit purees are great to make fast, simple cocktails that impress anyone. Available in a variety of flavors, these fruit combinations are ideal for the home bartender.

Metrokane Flip-Top Cocktail Shaker Review - Review of Metrokane's Fliptop Cocktail Shaker
Metrokane's Flip-Top is a two-piece cocktail shaker with a uniquely designed lid that flips open and closed. Its double-wall tin is nicely insulated, making sure cocktails are as cold as can be.

Bars & Lounges - Making the Most of a Night on the Town
Get advice about bar etiquette to make the most of a night out at your favorite bar or lounge. Read about hot spots and hot bartenders.

Cocktail Recipes on Video
View videos detailing the steps for making some of today's most popular cocktails and mixed drinks.

Brazilian Sangria Cocktail Recipe
A fun interpretation of a favorite drink, this Brazilian Sangria uses cachaca and brandy with red wine and absinthe to create a fascinating flavor.

Cocktail Trends of the Decade - The Best Bartending Trends of the 21st Century
Novice or professional, anyone who has been even slightly in tuned to what has been going on in the cocktail world in the last ten years will recognize a significant change. The trends of the last decade can be summarized in a few short words:

Autumn Slumber Toddy Warm Gin Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Autumn Slumber Toddy, a warm mixed drink of gin, creme de cassis, simple syrup, lemon and hot water.

Satan's Whiskers Cocktail Gin Martini Recipe
The Satan's Whiskers cocktail is an interesting take on a perfect gin martini and adds orange juice and liqueur to the mix.

Zing Vodka Red Velvet Shortcake Cocktail Recipe
Sweet and delicious the Red Velvet Shortcake cocktail features a vodka that tastes like red velvet cake and mixes it with cream soda and strawberries.

Sherry Cobbler Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Sherry Cobbler, a classic mixed drink of sherry wine, sugar, crushed ice, and orange.

Waterloo Sunset Gin Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Waterloo Sunset, a holiday mixed drink of Beefeater 24 Gin, elderflower and raspberry liqueur, and Brut Champagne.

Leviathan No. 2 Brandy Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Leviathan No. 2, a mixed drink of Martell Cognac XO, Carpano antica formula, Vermouth del Professore, orange juice, and Becherovka. This recipe won the January 2013 Brandy Cocktail Contest.

Nolet's No. 9 Gin Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a No. 9, a mixed drink of Nolet's Silver Dry Gin, peach nectar, honey syrup, and rose bitters.

Skyy Pumpkin Spice Vodka Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Pumpkin Spice, a mixed drink of SKYY Infusions Ginger Vodka, lime juice, pumpkin puree, honey water, and ginger.

El Angel Tequila and Mezcal Cocktail Recipe by The Liquid Chef, Junior Merino
Cocktail recipe for El Angel, a mixed drink created by The Liquid Chef, Junior Merino, that is made of tequila and mezcal, Dainzu Gomme Syrup, orange and lime juices, and hibiscus flowers.

Unicum Plum The Diplomat Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for The Diplomat, a mixed drink recipe of Unicum Plum Liqueur, Bulleit Rye Whiskey, lemon juice, simple syrup, and club soda.

From Wine to Waikiki Cocktail Recipe - Bourbon Whiskey Cocktails
Cocktail recipe for a From Wine to Waikiki, a mixed drink by Ame at The St. Regis San Francisco bartender Shawn Beck inspired by the movie The Descendants. The drink is made of bourbon, egg, simple syrup, pineapple and lemon juices, and Cabernet Sauvignon red wine.

Moet Red Carpet Glamour Cocktail Recipe - Champagne Cocktails
Cocktail recipe for a Moët Red Carpet Glamour Cocktail, a mixed drink created by Chicago bartender, Adam Seger for the 2012 Academy Awards Governors Ball. The drink is made of Moët & Chandon Imperial Champagne, Hum Botanical Spirit, and fresh sour mix, and is garnished with a rose petal.

Old Sydney-Town Punch Cocktail Recipe
Punch recipe for an Old Sydney-Town Punch, a holiday mixed drink created by H. Joseph Ehrmann that is made with Bols Genever.

Averna Amaro Beatnik Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for The Beatnik, a tawny port, Averna liqueur and small batch bourbon whiskey drink created by Duggan McDonnell.

Red Stag Lemonade Punch Whiskey Cocktail Recipe
If you're looking for a super easy mixed drink to serve your party guests, check out this Red Stag Lemonade. It was designed for easy entertaining.

Italian Coffee Warm Cocktail Recipe
A simple way to spike a cup of black coffee, this Italian Coffee recipe includes Strega and is topped with cream, making it perfect for dessert.

Sour Patch Margarita Tequila Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Sour Patch Margarita, a Voodoo Tiki Green Dragon Tequila, Midori, triple sec, sour mix, lime and orange juices margarita drink.

Gallagher Gin Cocktail Recipe
Jacob Grier's Gallagher Cocktail is a great use for fresh watermelon and includes genever and a DIY Swedish punsch that is very easy too.

Classic Rosemary Martini Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for a Rosemary, a classic mixed drink of bourbon whiskey and dry vermouth.

How to Make Cardamom Simple Syrup
Cardamom is a great spice to add to drinks and one of the easiest ways to do that is to use the pods to create this simple syrup.

Big Bamboo Shooter Recipe
Shooter recipe for a Big Bamboo, a mixed shot of strong rums, triple sec, orange and pineapple juice, simple syrup and bitters. This recipe makes 3-4 shots.

VeeV Acai Berry Liquor Profile With Recipes
VeeV is a liquor made from Brazilian acai berries that has an exotic flavor profile perfect for new and creative cocktails.

Top Pick Cocktail Recipes on Video
In these videos you will see a run down of some of the most popular drinks among certain categories such as martinis and shooters. Also, here you will find short videos with variations of some of the hottest mixed drinks and explanations various drink categories.

What are Congeners? - Liquor Distillation
By-products from the process of fermentation of alcohol that distinguish each of the different spirits and are a factor in the occurance of hangovers.

What is a Digestif Cocktail or Liqueur
Find the definition of digestif, a common after dinner drink, cocktail, or alcoholic beverage that aids digestion.

What are Barrel Aged Cocktails?
Barrel aged cocktails are one of the latest trends in mixology in which pre-mixed drinks are placed in barrels for weeks to change the cocktail's character.

The Marpessa Cocktail Recipe
Cocktail recipe for The Marpessa, an original cocktail made of Cabana Cachaca, Orchard Pear Liqueur, lemon and lime juices, simple syrup and aloe vera.