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Iced Matcha Recipes
Learn to make blended matcha lattes and other iced matcha green tea drinks this summer with three essential recipes.

How to Make Spiced Lemonade
Learn to make classic 'Master Cleanse' spicy lemonade, Jal-jeera spiced lemonade from India, spicy ginger lemonade and many more types of spiced lemonades with these easy recipes.

Ginger Lemonade Recipe
Making spicy ginger lemonade at home is quick and easy with a make-ahead ginger simple syrup. Here, you'll find two ways to make spicy ginger lemonade for one person or 100 thanks to the wonders of simple syrup.

Tea Ceremony Etiquette
Before you attend a tea ceremony, it's best to know how to dress and behave at one. Learn about how to thank your host in a gong fu ceremony, what to wear for chanoyu, why to leave the cell phone behind and skip the cologne, how to say

Sparkling Iced Tea Recipes
Make your iced teas sparkle this season with these six recipes and three bonus tips. From sparkling water to sparkling wine and DIY fermentation, here's all you need to know about sparkling iced teas.

Chilly Chai Recipes
Learn to make iced chai lattes, chai smoothies, chai ice cream and more with this collection of icy chai recipes.

How Much Caffeine is in White Tea?
White tea is caffeine free, right? (Nope.) Decaf? (Not usually.) Lower in caffeine than black tea? (Not always.) Get the truth on white tea's caffeine levels on Coffee / Tea.

Chagra Definition - What is Chagra?
Chagra is a form of

How to Make a Flat White Espresso
This Flat White recipe explains how to make espresso with steamed milk.

Learn Your Coffee Roasts
Learn the basics of the different coffee bean roasts

Sparkling Jasmine Iced Tea Recipe
This festive, summery sparkling jasmine iced tea is very adaptable. Made simply, it's a grown-up version of soda. At its most complex, it's suited for an elegant party.

Jasmine Iced Tea Recipes
Jasmine tea is served up iced five different ways with these seductive jasmine iced tea recipes. Try jasmine tea lemonade, jasmine sangrias, jasmine tea vodka & soda and more.

Citrus Iced Tea Recipes
Instead of reaching for the bottled stuff, learn to make your own citrus teas, including lime Thai iced tea, lemonade-iced teas, Moroccan orange blossom tea and more.

Berry Iced Tea Recipes
Blackberries. Blueberries. Cherries. Cranberries. Elderberries. Raspberries. Schisandra berries. Strawberries. These can all be used to flavor amazing iced teas! Here's how...

Apple-Honey Iced Tea Recipe
Apple juice and honey give this sophisticated iced tea a naturally sweet flavor. Spices and apple slices optional!

Arnold Palmer (Drink)
Learn all about Arnold Palmer: the man, the myth, the beverage. Bonus: get recipes for berry Arnold Palmers, green tea Arnold Palmers and more.

What Influences Caffeine Levels in Tea?
There are many factors that influence the caffeine levels of tea. Learn how varietal, tea type, brewing method and other factors influence tea's caffeine levels.

Although it's related to ikebana, chabana is a traditional art form that is specific to tea ceremonies.

The Best Milks for Coffee
Skim milk and soy milk just aren't cutting it for coffee lovers anymore. Find out what serious coffee drinkers are putting in their brews. The answers may surprise you!

Blade or Burr Coffee Grinders
What are the differences between blade and burr coffee griders?

Five Easy Ways to Brew Whole Leaf or Loose Leaf Teas
Making the switch from easy, convenient, portable teabags to flavorful, nuanced full-leaf tea can be daunting. However, with a basic understanding of how to brew whole-leaf or loose-leaf tea and an easy infusion method, the switch is easy.

How to Froth Milk
Foamed milk or frothed milk is used in many espresso drinks and other hot beverages. Here's how to froth milk.

Cucumber Cream Cheese Tea Sandwiches Recipe
Cucumber and cream cheese finger sandwiches are a classic afternoon tea sandwich. This easy recipe is great for kids or adults.

Definition of Decaf and Meaning of Decaf Coffee / Tea
Learn the difference between decaf and caffeine free with the definition of decaffeination.

Should I Store Coffee in the Freezer?
Should you store coffee in the freezer? Find out why storing coffee in the freezer isn't ideal and where you should store coffee instead, plus check out some of the science on freezer burn and freezing coffee.

Coffee Grinding Guide
A chart of coffee grinds, and which brewing style they suit best.

Milk, Cream and Dairy Alternatives for Coffee and Tea
Many people enjoy their coffee or tea with a bit of milk, but there are lots of dairy alternatives that work as well, like rice milk and soy milk.

What is Coffee Cream?

Tea Brewing Temperature Guide
Find out what temperature is best for brewing different kinds of tea with this guide to tea brewing temps.

Easy Cappuccino Recipe (How to Make)
Light, foamy cappuccinos are a favorite drink for many a coffee lover. With a few barista skills, you can learn to make cappuccinos yourself.

How to Make Caffe Lattes (Recipe)
The recipe for lattes varies from shop to shop and country to country. This caffe latte recipe is more of an American-style latte recipe, which means it has more steamed milk and can be flavored.

How to Order Coffee Drinks - Terminology
Coffee ordering terms like. Coffee/Tea.

White Tea Caffeine Content, Preparing and Origins
White tea is not as popular as green tea or black tea, but it is an interesting and delicious alternative to other tea types.

Why Is Loose Leaf Tea Better Than Teabags?
There's a lot of talk about why leaf teas (such as loose-leaf tea and whole-leaf tea) are better than teabags. While some of it is true, most of it is made up of broad generalizations, like

What Is a Barista? - Definition and Job Description
Learn what a barista is with this complete definition of the term barista.

Top Spirits for Coffee
Top spirits or liqueurs that go well with coffee

Cold-Brewed Herbal Iced Tea Recipe
The Jasmine Pearl in Portland, OR, shared this recipe for cold-brewed herbal iced tea. It's a safer alternative to sun tea.

Tea Brewing Water Temperature Guide
There is much debate over how to brew tea and what the

Espresso Drink Meanings (And How to Order)
If you're new to espresso, the abundance of options and jargon on your local coffeehouse menu may be overwhelming. This guide will help you place espresso drink orders with confidence and explore the exciting world of espresso-based coffee drinks.

How to Make Dirty Chai Lattes - Recipes
Learn all about Dirty Chai Lattes, including what they are, what's in them and how to make your own Dirty Chai Lattes at home, with this article and recipe collection.

Cucumber Tea Sandwiches (Recipe)
Delicious AND easy to make, cucumber tea sandwiches are the ideal afternoon tea sandwich, especially in summer, when cucumbers are in season. This collection of cucumber tea sandwich recipes includes easy cucumber tea sandwiches, cucumber and cream cheese finger sandwiches, cucumber-dill finger sandwiches, salmon-cucumber tea sandwiches and more.

Cinnamon Scones Recipe for Afternoon Tea
This Cinnamon Scone Recipe is one of the most popular recipes on About Coffee / Tea. Like many spiced scones, cinnamon scones are delicious with black tea or bold coffee.

Growing Tea at Home
Grow tea at home and have the ultimate fresh brew.

Tips for Making Scones
Afternoon tea cookbook author Amy Lawrence shares her tips for how to make the best scones every time.

Traditional English Tea Sandwich Recipes
Learn to make traditional finger sandwiches with this collection of English tea sandwich recipes. It includes cucumber tea sandwiches, salmon finger sandwiches and more.

Wet vs. Dry Cappuccino
A reader asks,

Jasmine Tea Types, Health Benefits and Making
Learn all about jasmine tea, including the different types of jasmine tea, the health benefits and health warnings associated with jasmine tea, how jasmine tea is made, and more.

Coffee Storage Containers and Tips for Freshness
Coffee storage is rife with misconceptions and poor practices. Here are the fast facts on how to store coffee beans and ground coffee correctly for maximum freshness and flavor.

Basic Steamer Recipe
A steamer is a popular coffeeshop drink made of steamed milk and flavored syrup. This easy recipe explains how to make a steamer at home.

Iced Mint Tea Recipes
Cooling mint meets cooling iced tea in these refreshing summertime drink recipes. Favorites include Green Apple & Mint Sparkling Iced Tea, Mint Arnold Palmers and Miss Millie's Southern Sweet Tea (with mint, of course).

Arnold Palmer Recipes
Love iced tea? Love lemonade? If so, then Arnold Palmers are THE summertime drink for you. Learn about the name and try out five recipes on About Coffee / Tea.

The Urban Tea Loft's Lavender Basil Lemonade Recipe
This iced tea - lemonade combines lavender tea, fresh basil and lemonade into a sophisticated variation on an

American Tea Room's Apricot Iced Tea Recipe
This sparkling iced tea recipe from American Tea Room is a tantalizing variation on an Arnold Palmer (lemonade iced tea) recipe.

Samovar's Jasmine Iced Tea Lemonade Recipe
Samovar Tea Lounge's Jasmine Lemonade is a blend of Jasmine Pearl green tea and lemonade. It's a delicious variation on an Arnold Palmer recipe.

Green Tea Lemonade Recipe
This green tea-lemonade recipe from Teas, Etc. is a healthier variation on regular lemonade and on regular Arnold Palmers.

Mint Arnold Palmer Recipe
An Arnold Palmer is a blend of iced tea and lemonade. In this Mint Arnold Palmer recipe, fresh, muddled mint provides a flavor much like classic Southern iced tea.

Tea Ceremonies
Learn about Japanese tea ceremonies, Chinese tea ceremonies, the Moroccan mint tea ceremony, the yerba mate ritual and more with this guide to tea ceremonies and rituals.

Incense for Tea
A reader asks,

Honest Tea Sublime Mate Review
Sublime Mate is the best-seller of Honest Tea's collection of bottled, ready-to-drink yerba mates. Its balanced, invigorating flavor appeals to new and veteran mate drinkers alike, and is a great pick-me-up for warm afternoons.

Lemon-Ginger Green Tea Recipe - How to Make Lemon-Ginger Green Tea
This green tea recipe uses homemade lemon-ginger simple syrup for its complex, soothing flavor. You can make iced green tea or hot green tea with this recipe.

Art of Tea's Iced Citrus Black Tea Recipe
This iced tea recipe from Art of Tea is made with an award-winning black tea , citrus juice and brown sugar. It's a modern take on classic, Southern-style sweet tea.

White Citrus Iced Tea Recipe - How to Make Iced White Tea With Orange Juice - White Tea & Citrus Iced Tea Recipe
This White Citrus Iced Tea recipe is a healthy, antioxidant-rich variation on iced black tea with lemon. It has a mild flavor and is easy to make.

Green Apple Mint Tea Sparkler Recipe - Iced Mint Green Tea Recipe
This Green Apple Mint Tea Sparkler iced tea recipe is made with Stash Tea's Moroccan Mint green tea, apple juice and sparkling water.

Sparkling Teas - Carbonated/Fizzy Tea Drinks
Finding suitable alternatives to wine can be tricky, especially when the occasion calls for champagne or sparkling wine. If you're throwing a baby shower, serving an under-21 crowd or having a festive dinner party, these are the top drinks to watch for.

Iced Green Tea Recipes
Learn to make iced green teas of all sorts, including berry iced green tea, mint iced green tea, iced green tea punch, green tea martinis and more, with this collection of iced green tea recipes.

Iced Green Tea Recipes
Learn to make iced green teas of all sorts, including berry iced green tea, mint iced green tea, iced green tea punch, green tea martinis and more, with this collection of iced green tea recipes.

Best 10 Iced Tea Recipes
Check out the Best 10 Iced Tea Recipes on About Coffee / Tea, including a Thai iced tea recipe, a peach iced tea recipe, a ginger iced tea recipe and more.

Top Sparkling Recipes
The best recipes that sparkle. That is, tea and coffee recipes that have soda, seltzer or carbonated water in them. Great for summer.

The Best Chai Recipes
Learn how to make all kinds of chai with this collection of the best chai recipes, including chai lattes, traditional masala chai, chai-flavored frosting and more.

The Best Chai Recipes
Learn how to make all kinds of chai with this collection of the best chai recipes, including chai lattes, traditional masala chai, chai-flavored frosting and more.

Masala Chai 101 - "Chai Tea" Recipes, Reviews & More
Masala Chai 101 features masala chai basics, recipes, product reviews and more. Check out instant chais, teabag and loose-leaf masala chais, traditional masala chai recipes, contemporary chai recipes, caffeine-free / herbal chais and more in Masala Chai 101.

Chai Milkshake Recipe - How to Make a Low Fat Breakfast Shake - Instant Masala Chai Milkshake Recipe
This low-fat Chai Milkshake recipe is easy to make, thanks to instant chai concentrate and low-fat frozen yogurt. It's great as a breakfast shake or an energy-boosting afternoon snack.

International Tea Drinks - Types of Tea Recipes Around the World
Cha Manao. Kashmiri Chai. Tibetan Yak Butter Pu-erh. There are all kinds of traditional tea drinks from around the world. Learn about the types of tea-based drinks consumed in various parts of the world.

Banana Chai Smoothie Recipe - Banana Masala Chai Smoothie Recipe - Banana Chai Tea Smoothie Recipe
This instant Banana Chai Tea Smoothie recipe is very quick and easy to make. Simply freeze chai concentrate in advance for an instant smoothie whenever you need an energy boost.

Masala Chai 101 - Caffeine Free "Chai Tea" Recipes & Reviews - Herbal Masala Chai Basics
Although most people think of masala chai as a black tea blend, it was originally a caffeine-free Ayurvedic blend of herbs and spices. Today, there are still herbal chai tea recipes and products for those who prefer to avoid caffeine. Page 2.

Kashmiri Chai Recipe
This salty, pink-hued Kashmiri Chai can be found everywhere from Tibet to Afghanistan. Learn to make it in a variety of styles, plus how to get its distinctive pink color.

Fast Facts about Caffeine
Facts and trivia about caffeine and coffee

Best Spiked Iced Teas
In the American South, spiked iced teas are a tradition. These days, the world of spiked iced teas has expanded to include all kinds of non-traditional drinks, though, including Iced Blackberry Arnold Palmers with gin, Avocado Iced Green Tea with tequila and Iced Sparkling Tea with vodka...

What is Puer Tea?
Puer (also commonly spelled

Sheng Puerh
Learn about Sheng Puerh's origins, production, aging process and flavor profiles with this guide to China's most popular kind of puerh.

Tasting Sheng & Shou Teas
Need to know if you have a sheng puerh or a shou puerh on your hands? Check out these tasting ntoes to find out if your tea is fermented or not.

How to Make Puerh Tea
Wondering how to make puerh tea? Break it. Rinse it. Brew it. Boil it. Find out more with this guide to brewing sheng and shou puerh teas.

Pu-erh Tea's Health Benefits, History & More
Learn about pu-erh tea's health benefits, flavor profiles, history and more with this guide to pu-erh tea.

Aged Taiwanese Oolong - Q&A with Shiuwen Tai of Floating Leaves
In this Q&A, Shiuwen Tai of Floating Leaves discussed Taiwanese aged oolongs, including how to age oolong tea and what aged Taiwanese oolongs taste like.

Healthy Drinks
Although we often overlook it, drinking healthy is a MAJOR part of eating healthy. Ready to reboot your beverage routine? Here are the healthiest drinks to include in your diet, including superbug-fighting herbs, teas for stress, Ayurvedic drinks and much more.

Also known as

Tulsi Chai Recipe
I got this recipe for tulsi chai from a healer in Pune, India. It's a fantastic caffeine-free version of Indian masala chai (

Macrobiotic Drinks
Find out which kinds of water to drink, how much to drink, which drinks to drink only occasionally, what kinds of medicinal drinks are used in macrobiotics, and more.

Healthy Ayruveda Drinks
Learn all about the top ten Ayurveda drinks, including recommendations for each dosha, recipes for Kapha tea, Pitta tea and Vata tea, tips on when and how to drink water, awesome lassi recipes and more.

Whipped Cream Recipes
Homemade whipped cream is worlds apart from the pre-made stuff you find in cans and tubs at the grocery store. Use these easy, flavorful whipped cream recipes to make toppings for your coffee, espresso drinks, chai lattes, hot chocolate, apple cider, scones, cakes and other delicacies. You'll never reach for the store-bought stuff again!

Weight Loss with Coffee and Tea
If you're trying to lose some weight, why not add some tea or coffee into your weight loss plan.

Hot Chocolate Syrup and Mix - Recipes
Learn to make hot cocoa from instant cocoa mix, chocolate syrup or cocoa powder, as well as how to make hot chocolate mix from scratch. Page 2.

Starbucks Drinks Sizes Measurements
A reader asks, Coffee/Tea.

Is Soy Milk Really Healthy or Not?
Learn about the health benefits of soy milk compared to dairy milk, plus check out soy milk recipes, with this guide to soy milk.

Caffeine Headaches - Causes and Cures
Caffeine headaches are a common side effect of caffeine withdrawal and caffeine overdose. In addition to causing headaches, caffeine can also help cure headaches. Learn more about caffeine and headaches.

What do You Eat With Coffee?
While there's an art to pairing food and drink well, it's also a simple matter of personal preference. I've written on a few of the easier coffee pairing

Green Tea Types, Taste, Recipes and More
Have you ever wondered what green tea is? Learn all about green tea with this intro to green tea article, which includes types of green tea, the differences between green tea and black tea, green tea recipes, what green tea tastes like and more.

Starbucks Coffee Prices by Type and Country
Wondering how much a Starbucks coffee habit will set you back? Get prices for various Starbucks coffee drinks (including brewed coffees, mochas, lattes, Frappuccinos and macchiattos) in the USA, the UK, Japan and elsewhere with this listing of Starbucks drink prices.

Tea Drunk - What Does It Mean?
Although tea does not naturally contain any alcohol, it is sometimes said to induce a state called 'tea drunkenness.' Learn what it means to be 'tea drunk,' as well as what it feels like to get tea drunk.

Green Tea Side Effects and Risks (Osteoporosis)
Green tea is generally considered to be very healthy. However, for some people, green tea consumption can have unpleasant side effects, such as jitteriness and upset stomach. Learn more about the side effects of green tea, what causes them and how to prevent them.

Cucumber Tea Sandwiches - Recipe
English cucumbers and white wine vinegar give this easy cucumber sandwich recipe a distinctive flavor.

Caffeine in Starbucks Tea, Smoothies & Hot Chocolate
Coffee isn't the only Starbucks drink with caffeine! Find caffeine levels for Starbucks smoothies, hot chocolate drinks and Tazo teas with this list of Starbucks caffeine levels.

Kopi Luwak Coffee
Kopi Luwak coffee is one of the strangest beverages in the world, and perhaps one of the most expensive.

Tisane Basics - What Are Tisanes / "Herbal Teas"?
Herbal teas are a major part of the tea world, even though they're not technically teas. Learn about the difference between a 'tisane' (herbal tea) and a tea, how tisanes are categorized and how to make them at home.

Iced and Hot Green Tea Recipe Collection
Explore top green tea recipes, such as matcha smoothies, Moroccan Mint green tea, tea rice soup and green tea chocolate truffles.

How to Store Tea Properly
Proper tea storage is imperative to the shelf life, quality and flavor of your tea. Learn how to keep your tea fresh and delicious with these easy tea storage tips.

Detox Teas & Herbs - How to Detox With Herbal Teas / Tisanes
Teas and 'herbal teas' (or 'tisanes') have been associated with health across many cultures and generations. Now, some scientific research has begun to support traditional uses for detoxification, while dismantling other health claims. Based on a mix of traditional use and current research, here are some of the top

Peppermint Tea Health Benefits and Side Effects
Peppermint tea is one of the healthiest herbal infusions in the world. It has been shown to soothe stress, aid in digestion, treat sinus problems, improve mental functions and much more. Learn ll about the benefits of peppermint tea, how to make peppermint tea at home (for drinking or for topical application) and which precautions to take when consuming peppermint tea.

Healthy Egg Salad Tea Sandwiches Recipe - Healthy Egg Salad Recipe
This easy and healthy egg salad recipe yields eight small finger sandwiches (a.k.a.

Which Tea Is the Healthiest? - Health Benefits
Learn about the health benefits of tea (including white tea, green tea and more) in this Q&A with Douglas Balentine, Director of Nutrition and Health at the world's largest tea company.

How to Make Thai Tea From Scratch (Recipe)
Like Thai iced tea, Thai tea is a mix of black tea, spices, sugar, sweetened condensed milk and evaporated milk. Make your own with this easy recipe.

Chamomile (Camomile) Uses and Benefits
Chamomile is a popular herb with many health benefits and uses. Learn to use chamomile for health benefits, how to grown and harvest chamomile, and more.

Best Tea of the Month Club Gifts - Monthly Subscription
Looking for a gift for a tea lover or a tea adventure for yourself? Check out these tea of the month clubs and tea subscriptions from companies like Teance, Art of Tea, Adagio and Teavana.

How to Cook With Tea as an Ingredient
If you’re trying to increase your tea consumption, you can do more than just drink tea – you can also cook with tea! Learn to pick the right teas for your favorite foods, find tips for cooking with tea and explore tea-food recipes with this guide to cooking with tea.

Hot Chocolate Recipes - Spiced, Frozen, and More
Learn how to make hot chocolate, homemade hot cocoa mix, frozen hot chocolate, Mexican hot chocolate and more with this collection of hot chocolate recipes.

How to Perform an Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony Ritual
The Ethiopian coffee ceremony is an important part of Ethiopian culture. It involves roasting coffee beans and preparing boiled coffee in a vessel akin to the ibriks used to make Turkish coffee.

Loose Tea vs. Tea Bags
Which brews a better cup of tea? Loose tea or tea bags?

Traditional Medicinals EveryDay Detox Tea Review
Traditional Medicinals EveryDay Detox is one of my most highly recommended detox teas. Find out why in this review.

Side Effects of Drinking Coffee
A reader asks about the common side effects of drinking coffee. These can include side effects from caffeine, as well as digestive side effects and more.

How Can I Naturally Decaffeinate Tea at Home?
A common reader question is on how to decaffeinate tea.

Best Tea Gifts
Find gifts for the tea traditionalist, the tea hedonist, the tea techie and more with these gifts for tea lovers.

Homemade Tea Gifts
Looking for a totally unique gift for a tea lover? Check out this guide to DIY tea gifts, including recipes for everything from black tea vodka to green tea conditioner, and from guides to planning an afternoon tea party to blending a batch of tea for the recipient. Happy gifting!

Espresso Macchiatos (a.k.a. Caffe Macchiato) - Recipe
Once you know how to pull espresso shots and froth milk, you can easily learn how to make Espresso Macchiatos.

Cucumber & Mint Tea Sandwiches Recipe
Two cooling ingredients (cucumber and mint) add lots of flavor to one refreshing afternoon tea sandwich. This easy cucumber mint tea sandwich recipe is ideal for afternoon tea parties or picnics.

Difference Between Tea Flushes in Darjeeling
Have you ever wondered what the differences are between first flush Darjeeling tea, second flush Darjeeling tea and autumnal Darjeeling tea? Learn what makes each tea flush in Darjeeling unique with this guide to Darjeeling tea flushes.

Homemade Drinking Chocolate Made Easy
Most people know that making hot cocoa from power is easy, but (sadly) few people know that making real hot chocolate from scratch is nearly as easy, and (more importantly) that it makes the most phenomenally delicious hot chocolate you've ever tasted! Ready to make your own hot chocolate from scratch? Here are some essential insider tips to help you get from a block of chocolate to steaming hot, divinely delicious cups of hot chocolate, all in six easy steps.

Homemade Coffee Gifts
Have a coffee lover on your gift list? Check out these DIY coffee gifts from the decadently delicious (coffee chocolate truffles) to the wildly original (a coffee roaster made from a popcorn popper).

Alcoholic Coffee Recipes - Spiked Coffee Cocktails
This collection of easy-to-make coffee cocktails includes classics (like Irish Coffee) and new drinks (like The Shakes coffee / espresso martini). Each recipe is brimming with flavor, caffeine and alcohol.

Teabags for Eyes - Getting Rid of Dark Circles
A reader asks, Coffee/Tea.

Herbs for Digestion - Ten Beneficial Tea Treatments
This list of 26 herbal teas includes herbs for stimulating digestion, herbs for nausea, herbs for bloating and gas, and herbs for other digestive problems, plus how to prepare each herb.

Herbs for Digestion - Ten Beneficial Tea Treatments
This list of 26 herbal teas includes herbs for stimulating digestion, herbs for nausea, herbs for bloating and gas, and herbs for other digestive problems, plus how to prepare each herb.

Herbs for Digestion - Ten Beneficial Tea Treatments
This list of 26 herbal teas includes herbs for stimulating digestion, herbs for nausea, herbs for bloating and gas, and herbs for other digestive problems, plus how to prepare each herb.

Spiced Apple Cider Recipe - Removing Mulling Spices from Mulled Cider
Remove the bundled spices. Skim any spices that may be floating in the mixture.

Homemade Spiced Apple Cider Recipe - How to Mull Cider
Serve hot. Makes about 8 cups. Serves four to eight.

Spiced Apple Cider Recipe - How to Make Mulled Apple Cider
Mulled apple cider is a perennial cool-weather favorite. This variation turns the spices up to 11 for an extreme version of the classic wintertime drink we know and love.

How to Steep Smaller Spices for Spiced Apple Cider - How to Mull Cider
Place the cardamom, allspice and cloves into the tea sock or cheesecloth. Fold or tie to close.

Spiced Apple Cider Recipe - How to Mull Crock Pot Cider
Combine everything except for the orange, cinnamon garnish and optional alcohol in the Crock Pot. Stir well.

Spiced Apple Cider Recipe - How to Mull Cider With Spices
Turn the Crock Pot to “low” and simmer for three hours, stirring once every 20 to 30 minutes.

Spiced Apple Cider Recipe - Mulled Cider Garnishes
Place one orange wheel and one cinnamon stick in each serving mug.

Macchiato. Doppio. Lungo.
Learn about the many espresso drinks your local coffeehouse has to offer (beyond flavored lattes, that is!).

Hot Cocoa vs. Drinking Chocolate
Most people use the terms

Evaporated Milk
Evaporated milk can be used in lieu of milk in coffee and tea drinks. It's often used in Hong Kong Milk Tea, Thai Iced Tea and Yuanyang (Yin-Yang) Coffee-Tea.

Top Hot Coffee Cocktails
Ready to celebrate the season? Whip up some of these great hot coffee cocktails, including chai coffee cocktails, French Connections, sambuca coffee cocktails, a favorite spiked German coffee drink and much more.

Caffeine Overdose and Sensitivity Symptoms
Learn how much caffeine is too much, what kinds of symptoms are associated with caffeine sensitivity and which caffeine overdose warning signs and symptoms to watch for.

Masala Chai Spices Simple Syrup Recipe
Learn to make homemade chai-flavored simple syrup with this spicy-sweet simple syrup recipe.

Iced Black Tea Recipes
Learn to make classic Southern sweet tea, blended chai lattes, Arnold Palmers, watermelon iced tea and much more with this collection of iced black tea recipes.

Infusions vs Teas
There has been much discussion about herbal infusions and teas on the Internet. However, very little of it takes into account that tea people and herbalists use these terms differently. Learn what each term means in different contexts with this guide to herbal infusions and teas.

What Kind of Tea Are You? - A Quiz
What Kind of Tea Are You? - A Quiz: fun coffee coffee tea earl grey chai personality

Coffee, Tea and Religion
How coffee and tea fit into the various dietary restrictions found in many world religions.

The History of Hot Chocolate
The History of Hot Chocolate. Coffee/Tea.

Top Biscotti Recipe Books
Top Biscotti Recipe Books

Tea and Coffee of the Month Clubs
Tea and Coffee of the Month Clubs

Top Gifts for Caffeine Addicts
Top Gifts for Caffeine Addicts

Top Flavors for the Holidays
Flavors of coffee and tea that are a perfect match for the Christmas holiday season.

Top Bottled Coffee Drinks
Top Bottled Coffee Drinks

Top Sources for Organic Coffee
Organic coffee is better for your body, and better for the Earth. These are the best places to buy organic coffee.

Top Extra-Caffeine Drinks
Top Bottled drinks with extra caffeine

Top Varieties of Earl Grey Tea
Top brands of Earl Grey tea that add a little something extra to the taste.

Top Bottled Iced Tea
Top Bottled Iced Tea

Top Ways to Make a Bad Cup of Coffee
Top Ways to Make a Bad Cup of Coffee

Top Black Teas
Some of the finest varieties of black tea in the world

Ways of Brewing Coffee
An outline of the many different ways you can brew coffee

Top Coffee Cocktails
The best and most popular coffee cocktail and alcoholic drink recipes, for both hot or iced drinks.

Top Unusual Gifts for Coffee Lovers
Top Unusual Gifts for Coffee Lovers

The Ultimate Chocolate Milkshakes Guide
Love chocolate milkshakes? Here's over 100 secret ingredients and recipe hacks for making mind-blowing chocolate milkshakes. You're welcome.

Best Meringues for Coffee / Tea
From tarts to tortes, pie to pavlova, and cookies to cakes, this is the ultimate collection of meringue recipes, complete with coffee and tea pairing recommendations. Use these resources for a coffee klatch, an afternoon tea, work party or other event in which coffee / tea and sweets are welcomed.

Top 10 Milkshake Flavor Combos
According to one of the world's most famous milkshake joints, some people in the know and the masses on the Internet, these are the best and most popular ten milkshake flavor combos out there. From innocent Cookies & Cream to boozy Coffee Milkshakes, these are all the flavors you'll want to try this summer.

How to Cold-Brew Coffee (Preparing to Chill)
Stir the water and coffee well to moisten all the beans before cold-brewing.

Cold-Brewed Coffee Ingredients
Great cold-brewed coffee begins with one cup whole coffee beans and one quart (four cups) cold or room-temperature filtered water.

How to Cold-Brew Coffee (Grinding the Beans)
A coarse grind is best for cold-water extraction.

How to Cold-Brew Coffee (Steeping in the Fridge)
Brew the coffee, covered, in the fridge overnight.

How to Cold-Brew Coffee (Filtering the Beans)
Use any type of coffee filter to separate the grounds from the cold-brewed coffee.

How to Cold-Brew Coffee (Storage)
Serve cold-brewed coffee immediately, or store it for up to two weeks.

What Is Orthodox Tea?
Orthodox tea is hand-processed or machine-rolled tea.

Strawberry Iced Green Tea Recipe
This healthy, refreshing iced green tea has the flavor of fresh summer strawberries.

Vegan Berry Scone Recipe
This Berry Vegan Scone recipe uses a variety of dried berries for an intense berry flavor, and it virgin coconut oil in lieu of butter and eggs for a subtle coconut note and a light, crumbly texture.

Green Tea Conditioner Recipe
Green tea is good for your body, yes, but did you know that it's also good for your hair? You can make your own awesome green tea conditioner with this quick, easy recipe. Your hair will thank you for it!

10 Great DIY Mint Tea Blends
These 10 mint tea recipes are for DIY blends. You can use dried mint leaves to make them in under five minutes each, and have them ready to enjoy all year long.

Milkshake Recipes - The Best Milkshake Recipes on
Learn to make chocolate milkshakes, strawberry milkshakes, avocado milkshakes, Oreo milkshakes, vegan milkshakes and more with this collection of the best milkshake recipes on

Strawberry Simple Syrup Recipe
This easy Strawberry Simple Syrup recipe can be modified to make Strawberry-Basil Simple Syrup, Mint & Strawberry Simple Syrup, Strawberry-Vanilla Simple Syrup or Strawberry-Balsamic Vinegar Simple Syrup.

What is Creamer in Relation to Coffee and Tea?
Get the two very different meanings of the word

Watermelon Iced Tea Brewing Recipe
Watermelon Iced Tea combines the ideas of Southern sweet tea and watermelon agua fresca into one delicious drink. Start making this recipe by brewing good quality, loose-leaf black tea, preferably from Nilgiri or Sri Lanka.

Watermelon Iced Tea Recipe - Blend Watermelon, Mint Leaves, Sugar & Lemon Juice
Combine all ingredients but the tea in a blender.

Watermelon Iced Tea Recipe - Chill the Black Tea
When you're almost ready to serve Watermelon Iced Tea, pour the brewed black tea over a pitcher of ice.

Mixing Watermelon & Iced Tea
Just before serving Watermelon Iced Tea, combine all ingredients in a large glass pitcher.

Serving Watermelon Iced Tea
Serve this Southern sweet tea - watermelon agua fresca hybrid in a clear glass to show off its brilliant color.

How to Make Green Tea Infused Vodka - Liquor Recipe
This green tea vodka recipe can be used to make sipping vodka, green tea liqueurs, green tea martinis and other green tea cocktails. It's incredibly easy to make -- simply infuse green tealeaves in vodka and add simple syrup to taste.

Keurig B155 Single-Cup Coffeemaker Review
The Keurig B155 Single-Cup Coffee Brewing System is the ideal size for a small-to-medium office or a coffee-loving home office. It is remarkably easy to use and can easily be customized to suit personal beverage preferences.

Salmon & Cream Cheese Tea Sandwiches Recipe
The classic combination of cream cheese and smoked salmon isn't just good on bagels -- it can also be used for quick and easy finger sandwiches!

Sugar-Free Coffees, Espressos and Teas at Starbucks
Many Starbucks drinks are laden with sugar, but not all of them are! Here's a listing of sugar-free Starbucks drinks, including sugar-free Starbucks coffees, teas and espressos.

Coffee Sambuca Recipe - Easy Italian Coffee Drink
Coffee Sambuca is probably the easiest Italian coffee drink out there. Just float three coffee beans in one to two ounces Sambuca and sip it slowly as an aperitif or digestif.

How to Whisk and Prepare Matcha - Green Tea Powder
With some basic knowledge, you can whisk matcha powder into a deliciously smooth green tea. Learn which equipment and supplies you need to make matcha.

How to Measure Matcha Powder - How to Make Matcha Green Tea - How to Whisk Matcha Powder
With some basic knowledge, you can whisk matcha powder into a deliciously smooth green tea. Learn how to measure matcha using a matcha scoop.

How to Make Matcha Green Tea - How to Whisk Matcha Green Tea Powder - How to Make Matcha Green Tea
With some basic knowledge, you can whisk matcha powder into a deliciously smooth green tea. Learn how to add warm water to matcha powder.

How to Whisk Matcha Powdered Green Tea - How to Whisk Matcha Green Tea Powder - How to Whisk Matcha Powder
With some basic knowledge, you can whisk matcha powder into a deliciously smooth green tea. Learn how to whisk matcha properly.

How to Whisk Matcha Green Tea Powder - How to Avoid Clumps When Making Matcha Green Tea - How to Whisk Matcha Powder
With some basic knowledge, you can whisk matcha powder into a deliciously smooth green tea. Learn how to remove clumps from matcha.

How to Finish Whisking Matcha - How to Whisk Matcha Green Tea Powder - How to Make Matcha Green Tea
With some basic knowledge, you can whisk matcha powder into a deliciously smooth green tea. Learn how to whick matcha powder.

Easy Buttermilk Scones With Raisins Recipe
This easy Raisin Scones Recipe is one of the most popular scone recipes on About Coffee / Tea. It's delicious with black tea or bold coffee.

Lemon-Ginger / Lemon-Mint Simple Syrup Recipe
Lemon-Ginger Simple Syrup is a natural liquid sweetener that can be used to flavor iced tea, iced coffee and chilled cocktails. You can also use it to make naturally flavored sparkling lemonade.

Japanese Sakura Matcha Kit Kat Review
Sakura Matcha Kit Kats are generally only available during springtime in Japan. If you love cherry blossom, green tea and white chocolate, and you ever have access to these rare treats, you should definitely try them out!

Flavored Simple Syrups for Coffee & Iced Tea Recipes
Flavored simple syrups are commonly used in coffee drinks and in iced teas. Learn how to make homemade flavored simple syrups and how to pair them with coffee or tea with this guide to flavored simple syrups for coffee and tea.

Flavored Simple Syrups for Coffee & Iced Tea Recipes
Flavored simple syrups are commonly used in coffee drinks and in iced teas. Learn how to make homemade flavored simple syrups and how to pair them with coffee or tea with this guide to flavored simple syrups for coffee and tea.

Japanese Matcha Kit Kat (Review)
Matcha Kit Kats are generally only available in Kyoto, Japan. However, if you're a green tea lover and you ever have the opportunity to try one, you should jump at the chance!

Coffee, Espresso & Mocha Ice Cream Recipes
This collection of coffee ice cream recipes includes Kahlua ice cream, mocha ice cream, coffee gelato and ice-cream-maker-free coffee ice cream.

Breville Variable Temperature Kettle BKE820XL Review
The Breville Variable Temperature Kettle is an investment worth making for avid tea and coffee drinkers. Its modern design, high level of usability, variable temperature settings, ability to hold temperatures for up to 20 minutes and overall quality warrant the high price tag, making it an excellent gift or addition to your own modern, beverage-friendly kitchen.

Herbal Tea - Caffeine-Free Tisane Recipes
Naturally caffeine-free herbal tea recipes (or 'tisane' recipes) can make soothing, healthy beverages. Find recipes for sage herbal tea, chamomile herbal tea and more in this collection of caffeine-free herbal tea recipes.

All About Green Tea - Types, Recipes & Health Benefits
Learn all about green tea, including green tea types and green tea's health benefits, with this beginner's guide to green tea.

How to Make Masala Chai (Chai Tea) - With Photos
Powders, syrups and teabags can never compare to freshly brewed masala chai (a.k.a. “chai tea”). Making it from scratch takes more time, but is infinitely more rewarding. This recipe is a bare bones, basic version of masala chai.

How to Simmer Chai Tea
Simmering masala chai develops its rich, deep, spicy flavor.

How to Brew Chai Tea
Adding tealeaves to masala chai after boiling the spices keeps the brew from getting too astringent.

How to Serve Masala Chai
The last step to making masala chai is straining the tealeaves and spices as you serve it.

The Basics of Greek Coffee - Definition and Examples
Greek coffee is a popular style of coffee consumed in Greece and elsewhere in the Mediterranean. Learn how to make Greek coffee, find out how Greek coffee relates to Turkish coffee, and more with this guide to Greek coffee.

The History of Masala Chai (a.k.a. "Chai Tea")
The history of the “chai” you can now find in nearly any coffeehouse dates back thousands of years. Ancient “masala chai” (“spiced tea”) is steeped in tales of royalty and herbal medicine, and has evolved over the years to include countless variations and a worldwide fan base. Here’s the history of masala chai (

The Many Health Benefits of Drinking Black Tea
Drinking black tea provides many health benefits. Most of black tea's benefits are similar to those of green tea, but a few may even surpass those of green tea. Learn more with this guide to the health benefits of drinking black tea, including improved cardiovascular health, cancer prevention and more.

Suggestions for the Best Water to Brew Tea
In ancient times, the tea scholar Lu Yu said the best water for tea brewing came from the center of a swiftly moving mountain stream. Given that few of us have access to clean, fresh mountain water for tea today, you may want to consider other options. Here are the main types of water and the advantages/disadvantages to using each type of water for tea brewing.

What Is Tulsi / Tulasi and Its Benefits?
Learn all about tulsi /. Coffee / Tea.

An Overview of Which Teas Take Milk and Sugar
A reader asks, Coffee / Tea.

Homemade Black Tea-Infused Vodka Recipe
One popular method for making tea cocktails is infusing liquor with tealeaves and serving it straight, mixing it with simple syrup or using it as a base for more complex cocktails. Here's how to infuse black tea vodka for your own tea cocktails.

Chocolate Truffles With Ground Coffee & Kahlua Recipe
There's no instant coffee or pre-brewed coffee in this coffee chocolate truffle recipe. It's all about the full flavor of the pure grounds!

A Guide to Coffee Periodicals, Magazines & More
Coffee has captured the imaginations and the palates of many an American. Its prevalence and role is reflected in the many coffee periodicals devoted to covering coffee topics for coffee connoisseurs and the coffee industry. Below, you'll find the top coffee publications for beverage business owners to watch out for.

Recipe for Instant Iced Chai Lattes
This easy Iced Chai Latte recipe is made with instant chai concentrate. It can be served on ice or it can be blended into a smooth, frosty chai drink.

"Cat" Poop Coffee, Panda Poop Tea & More
Find out whether or not tea and coffee make you poop, plus learn about coffee made from poop and tea made from poop.

Vegetable Cream Cheese Finger Sandwiches Recipe
This easy recipe for veggie cream cheese finger sandwiches is great for kids or adults. It's also very versatile, so if you have a few different types of fresh vegetables and some cream cheese on hand, you can probably make it without a trip to the grocery store.

Peppery Tea Eggs
Learn to make spicy, peppery tea eggs with this Chinese tea egg recipe.

Orange-Spiced Tea Eggs
Tea eggs are popular in Taiwan and China. During my years in Taiwan, I've made many batches of tea eggs, and this is one of my favorite recipes. It's spiced, savory and a little sweet (thanks to a bit of orange peel and cinnamon).

Alcoholic Iced Coffee Recipes
Learn to make chilled espresso martinis, coffee-infused vodka on the rocks, icy coffee-rum drinks and other alcoholic iced coffee drinks with this collection of recipes.

Iced Espresso Recipes - How to Make Iced Espresso
From suada over ice and icy espresso smoothies to an espresso sorbet and chilled espresso martinis, this collection of iced espresso recipes runs the gamut of iced espresso drinks and foods.

Top 10 Cold Drinks for Summer
Learn to make fantastic iced coffee, iced tea, lemonade, milkshakes and more with this collection of About Coffee / Tea's top ten cold drinks for summer. The collection includes the most popular iced teas on the site, a

Top Hot Chocolate Recipes (Easy Hot Chocolate, Mexican Hot Chocolate, Spiked Hot Chocolate & More)
Wanna make the best hot chocolate you've ever tasted? Check out these top hot chocolate recipes, including White Peppermint Hot Chocolate, Aztec Chili Hot Chocolate and Mexican Hot Chocolate. Plus, learn to make real drinking chocolate (a.k.a.

Top Coffee Gifts Over $100 - Best Expensive Coffee Gifts - Best Coffee Gifts Gifts Over $100
Looking for the top coffee gifts over $100? Check out this list, which features espresso machines, civet coffee and more.

Top Tea Gifts Over $100 - Best Expensive Tea Gifts - Best Tea Gifts Over $100
From the techie tea lover to the tea connoisseur who has it all, this list of top tea gifts over $100 includes something for everyone.

Chamomile Recipes - Camomile Recipes
Chamomile (or 'camomile') is a naturally caffeine free herb that is used in many 'tea' recipes, as well as some dessert recipes and even some savory recipes. Find recipes for chamomile 'tea,' iced chamomile infusions and more in this chamomile recipe collection.

How to Make Mocha Lattes, Cakes & Ice Cream
Learn to make mocha lattes, iced caffe mochas, coffee chocolates, mocha cake with this collection of mocha recipes.

Top Five Reasons to Choose Organic Tea
From your health to the health of the planet, there are plenty of good reasons to select organic tea over conventionally grown tea. Here are the top five reasons to buy organic tea, including technical and ethical information on each.

Fall Scone Recipes - Scone Recipes for Fall
This collection of fall scone recipes includes autumn-friendly ingredients like pumpkin, dried fruit and chocolate.

How to Make Tea Lattes - Tea Latte Recipes Directory
Learn to make matcha green tea lattes, masala chai lattes, vegan tea lattes and more with this collection of tea latte recipes.

How to Make Matcha
Learn how to make matcha green tea at home with these easy instructions for whisking matcha and recipes for making matcha drinks, such as matcha smoothies and matcha lattes.

Green Tea Cake Recipe - How to Make Green Tea Cake
Healthier than most, this cake recipe gets its flavor from green tea and from low-fat strawberry yogurt, and its dense, moist texture from applesauce (rather than oil).

Easy Instant Hot Cocoa Coffee Recipe
This super-quick, super-easy recipe for instant, coffee-flavored hot cocoa is ideal for a fast cocoa fix at the office, on a camping trip or anywhere else you don’t have access to a full kitchen.

Simple Syrup Recipe for Iced Tea
Because crystallized sugar is hard to stir in to cold drinks, many people use simple syrup as an easy liquid sweetener in their iced tea recipes.

How to Brew Tea - Times and Temperatures
When you're first learning how to brew tea, it can be easy to overlook ideal tea brewing times. However, over-brewing can easily ruin an otherwise perfect pot of tea. Whether you're using a clock or simply counting in your head, brew times should never be overlooked. This general guide can help you get on the path to brewing great tea.

The 10 Best Tea Sample Sets for Gifts and for Yourself
Whether you're looking to try more teas or check out a brand, or you're looking for a gift for a tea over, there's probably a great tea sampler out there for you. Check out ten of the best tea sample sets on the market, including premium loose-leaf tea from In Pursuit of Tea and Samovar Tea Lounge, as well as tea sachet samplers from Mighty Leaf Tea and flowering teas from Numi Tea.

Homemade Coffee Liqueur Recipe - Make Your Own Kahlua
You can make a drink akin to Tia Maria or Kahlua at home. This coffee liqueur recipe is easily customized to personal tastes by varying the level of coffee, sugar or vanilla. It's also less expensive than store-bought coffee liqueur.

Whole Foods 365 Organic Tea - Reviews
Whole Foods 365 line of organic iced teas includes Organic Mint Green Tea, Organic Lemon Black Tea, Organic Peach oolong and Organic Mango Acai White Tea. Read reviews for all four Whole Foods 365 organic bottled teas here.

Aromatic Spiced Turkish Coffee Recipe
This Spiced Turkish Coffee recipe riffs on traditional Turkish coffee preparation with an assortment of warming spices.

Tea Bags - History, Types, Uses & More
Tea bags have only been around for just over 100 years, yet today, tea bags are available in grocery stores around the world, and are the default tea brewing method for many people. Learn all about the humorous origins, the many uses and the different types of the tea bag.

What Is Harar Coffee? - Definition and Examples
Learn about the coffee of Harar, Ethiopia with this profile on Harar and Ethiopian coffee.

How to Make Alcoholic Iced Tea Drinks - Recipe List
Learn to make iced tea cocktails with this collection of iced tea cocktail recipes, including a green tea martini video recipe, iced black tea cocktail recipes and more.

Infusion - Definition in Brewing Tea
An infusion is a tea or herb that has been prepared as a beverage in a particular way. It is different from a decoction.

Simple Berry Green Tea Smoothie Recipe
This Berry Green Tea Smoothie recipe combines low-fat milk, frozen berries, frozen banana and matcha powdered green tea into one quick, energy-boosting, healthy smoothie.

Flat White (Espresso and Milk Definition)
A shot of espresso with a double shot of steamed milk.

Mocha Latte - Definition and Other Names
A variant of Caff Latte made with white, milk or dark chocolate syrup, milk or powder.

Matcha Powdered Green Tea Smoothie Recipe
This healthy Matcha Green Tea Smoothie recipe is quick and easy to make thanks to matcha powdered green tea. It can be prepared as a vegan tea smoothie and it's a great way to use over-ripe bananas.

How to Brew Yerba Mate in a French Press
Just like coffee and tea, yerba mate's flavor profile changes depending on how you brew it. An increasing number of people are using French presses for convenience and a different yerba mate flavor profile. If you're interested in French press yerba mate preparation, simply follow these instructions.

Vegan Coconut Scone - Recipe
This Vegan Coconut Scone recipe uses virgin coconut oil in lieu of butter and eggs. These vegan scones have a deep coconut flavor and a light, crumbly texture.

Vegan Scone Recipes
Most scone recipes include butter, milk and eggs, but there are also some great vegan scone recipes for those who are vegan or who adhere to dairy-free or egg-free diets. See this collection of vegan scone recipes, including vegan chocolate chip scones, vegan coconut scones and more.

How to Make an Iced Hot Cocoa Drink
This easy iced hot cocoa recipe has all the flavor of hot chocolate, but it's chilled with ice or frozen hot chocolate.

Cucumber Mint Green Tea Recipe - Remedy Teas' Cucumber Mint Green Tea Recipe
This iced green tea recipe from Remedy Teas includes cooling mint and cucumber. It's a refreshing iced tea for hot summer days.

Masala Chai Vodka Recipe - How to Make Masala Chai Tea Infused Vodka - Chai Tea Vodka Recipe
This spicy, strong, masala chai vodka makes an exceptional base for creamy cocktails. It's also delicious on its own or with a bit of simple syrup.

Cherry Cinnamon Kombucha Recipe - Cherry Cinnamon Mocktail Recipe - Non Alcoholic Kombucha Recipe
Many bottled kombuchas have two servings per container. This recipe uses the second serving to make a cherry cinnamon kombucha mocktail (non-alcoholic cocktail).

Irish Coffee Recipe - How to Make Irish Coffee Cocktails
Irish Coffee is the classic coffee cocktail recipe and, some would say, the classic hot cocktail recipe. It's also very easy to make. Here's how.

Ginger Simple Syrup Recipe - How to Make Homemade Brown Sugar Ginger Simple Syrup - Ginger Sugar Syrup Recipe
This recipe for Brown Sugar Ginger Simple Syrup was created for Spiked Ginger Coffee, but it also tastes great with masala chai (

Yuanyang Coffee Tea Recipe - How to Make Yuanyang Coffee Tea - Yuenyeung / Yinyong / Yingyong Recipe
Yuanyang (a.k.a. “coffee with tea,”

Chocolate Coffee Martini Recipe - Frozen Chocolate Coffee Martini Cocktail Recipe - Mocha Martini Recipe
The trifecta of coffee, chocolate and alcohol makes this Chocolate Coffee Martini a decadently drinkable cocktail. Its layered liqueurs and chocolate ice cream look impressive, but it can be made in no time flat if you have leftover drip coffee to spare.

Green Tea Sake Punch Recipe - Sake & Japanese Green Tea Punch Recipe - How to Make Japanese Green Tea Sake Punch
Cold Japanese sake and iced green tea are the base of this unusual green tea sake punch recipe.

Buttered Radish Tea Sandwiches Recipe - Buttered Radish Finger Sandwiches Recipe
This classic tea sandwich recipe is an easy (and relatively healthy) finger sandwich recipe for afternoon tea.

Tomato & Cheese Tea Sandwiches Recipe - Tomato & Smoked Cheddar Cheese Finger Sandwiches Recipe
This easy tea sandwich recipe features ripe tomatoes and smoked cheddar cheese with a bit of cilantro, mayonnaise, salt and pepper.

Simple Egg Salad Tea Sandwiches Recipe - Simple Egg Salad Recipe
This simple egg salad recipe includes a bit of Dijon mustard, parsley and dill for flavor, but is very easy to make and has an unobtrusive, mellow flavor that's easy for everyone to like.

Matcha Salt Recipe - How to Make Matcha Salt
Matcha Salt can be used as a meat rub or a seasoning for eggs, fish and other foods.

Blueberry Peach Scones Recipe - How to Make Blueberry Peach Scones - Recipe for Blueberry Peach Scones
This summery Blueberry Peach Scones recipe is made with buttermilk, fresh peaches and fresh blueberries.

Nettle Tea - Definition and Health Benefits
Learn about the health benefits of nettle tea, how to make nettle tea at home and more with this guide to nettle tea.

Kombucha Tea Basics - Benefits and Reviews
Kombucha is a drink with mysterious origins, lots of health claims and a surge of available flavors. Read up on kombucha's history and benefits, plus check out reviews and how kombucha is made, with Kombucha Tea 101.

How to Make Vegan Coffee Drinks - 9 Recipes
Learn to make all kinds of vegan coffee drinks with this collection of vegan coffee recipes.

What is Simple Syrup? - Definition and Examples
Simple syrup is a must for many restaurants and home kitchens. You can buy it, but it's far more economical to make it yourself. Learn more about simple syrup, including what it is, how to make it and more.

Synergy Organic Raw Superfruits Kombucha Review
Synergy Organic Raw Superfruits Kombucha has an exotic flavor that's best for adventuresome eaters and serious kombucha drinkers.

Breville Instant Tea Maker Product Review
Breville's One-Touch Tea Maker features a German-made glass kettle, a stainless steel body and easily customizable settings for instant, programmed tea brewing.

Tea Cosy / Tea Cozy
Learn all about tea cozies, including their materials and designs, their usage, the history of tea cozies, quotes about and literary references to tea cozies, and more.

Tea Tasting Guide - Overview and How-To
Like savoring fine wine, tasting premium tea is a joy. With a few simple steps you can elevate your tea tasting experience from “ho-hum” to “whoa!” Over time, you can use these steps to develop your tea palate and appreciate the many nuances that quality teas have to offer.

What Is Monkey Coffee?
Cat poop coffee isn't the only

Coffee Varieties & Cultivars
There are way more types of coffee plants out there than just Arabica and Robusta! From Arabigo to SL28 to a naturally mutated coffee plant that doesn't have any caffeine (?!?), here are all the major coffee varieties, cultivars and hybrids you want to know about, including where they're grown, what they taste like and more.

Types of Bubble Tea
Ready to explore types of bubble tea? Check out over 100 different ingredients and styles you can mix and match to craft your ideal bubble tea drinks.

Bubble Tea Flavors
With ingredients ranging from almond almond powder to watermelon flavored syrup, non-dairy creamer to ice cream and tapioca pearls to dragon's eye soup, these are thousands of different bubble tea flavor combinations available.

Matcha Recipes - Matcha Green Tea Recipes
This collection of matcha recipes includes recipes for green tea lattes, green tea smoothies, matcha cookies, matcha cakes and more.

Matcha Recipes - Matcha Green Tea Recipes
This collection of matcha recipes includes recipes for green tea lattes, green tea smoothies, matcha cookies, matcha cakes and more.

Pumpkin Scone Recipes - How to Make Pumpkin Scones
Pumpkin scones are a delicious treat for pairing with coffee or tea in the fall. This collection of pumpkin scone recipes includes easy pumpkin scones, ginger pumpkin scones, vegan pumpkin scones, pumpkin scones with orange icing, and more.

Coffee Polishing
Coffee polishing is an optional step in coffee processing. Learn when and why it's used, how it's done and why some people say coffee beans shouldn't be polished.

Dry Processing Coffee
Dry processing coffee is a more ecological alternative to wet processing coffee. Learn about where dry processing is done, how it is done and more with this overview of dry processed coffee.

Coffee Hulling
Coffee hulling is an optional (but often used!) step in coffee production. Find out what it is, how it works and how it differs for wet processed coffee, dry processed coffee and semi-dry processed coffee.

Rooibos Benefits
Rooibos (or

Arabica Coffee
Arabica coffee is generally considered to be far superior to Robusta coffee. Find out why with this guide to Arabica coffee.

The Ginger People - Ginger 'Gizer & Ginger Soother Reviews
The Ginger People's Ginger 'Gizer and Ginger Soother are caffeine-free drinks with bold ginger flavors. They are healthier alternatives to soda, and are delicious iced or hot. Read the full review of both on

Primopan Gluten-Free Cookie Review - Raw Gluten-Free Cookie by Primo Pan - Coffee-Chocolate Drink Pairings
Primopan's Gluten-Free Cookie is one of those rare gluten-free/lactose-free/raw foods that you can serve without anyone ever guessing it isn’t loaded with wheat flour and butter.

Brew Dr. Kombucha Tea Reviews - Townshend's Tea Company Kombucha Reviews
Townshend's Tea Company offers a line of kombucha teas at their shop and in some Whole Foods stores. Find reviews for their line of Brew Dr. Kombucha Teas, including Superberry, Clear Mind, Nutrionic and White Rose, here.

GT's Organic Raw Botanic No. 7 Kombucha Review
In this review, find out about the flavor, calorie count and herbs in GT's Organic Raw Botanic No. 7 Kombucha.

Pipeline Porter Coffee Beer Review - Kona Brewing Company's Pipeline Porter Review
Kona Brewing Company offers a limited-release coffee porter called Pipeline Porter each fall and winter. Read a review and tasting notes for this handcrafted coffee beer.

GT's Organic Raw Kombucha: Multi-Green
GT's Organic Raw Kombucha: Multi-Green is a seriously green-boosted kombucha that is not for the faint of heart. Learn more with this review and tasting notes.

Ginger Love Review - Instant Ginger Drink Review
Ginger Love is an instant ginger drink powder that comes in single-serving packets. Read the full review of instant Ginger Love here.

Vosges Couture Cocoas - Vosges Parisian, Bianca and Aztec Elixir Cocoa Reviews
Vosges offers a line of

OXO Uplift Tea Kettle Review - Stainless Steel OXO Kettle

Black Coffee DVD Review - Black Coffee Documentary Review - Educational Coffee Documentary Review
Black Coffee is a highly informative and entertaining Canadian documentary that was released in 2005. As the name suggests, it is about coffee, a subject the film nimbly romanticizes and analyzes as a “dark medium” through which the social, economic, cultural and sexual mores of the world are exposed.

History of the Cappuccino
The history of the cappuccino begins in Vienna long before the actual cappuccino was invented. It has evolved many times over the years and has many variations around the world as a result. Learn when, where and how this drink originated, spread and took hold.

Caffeine in Rooibos / Red Tea?
A reader asks,

Do I Need to Use Espresso Roast Coffee to Make Espresso?
A reader asks,

What is Lemongrass?
Learn how to use fresh or dried lemongrass to make lemongrass infusions, lemongrass tea blends and lemongrass-flavored foods with this guide to lemongrass.

What is Caraway?
Get the definition of caraway, and learn how caraway seeds are used in coffee and tea.

Cardamom - What is Cardamon?
Also known as cardamon, cardamom is a spice used in many recipes, including recipes for coffee, tea and herbal infusions. Learn more about cardamom with this definition and recipe listing.

What is Honey? - Types, Processing & Recipes
Learn about types of honey, honey processing and more with this definition of honey.

Sage is a healing herb that has been used for sage tea and for cooking for centuries. Learn about its history, its health benefits and how to use it in foods and drinks with this comprehensive definition of sage.

Peppermint Tea
Peppermint tea is a hugely popular type of tea, in large part because it calms stress and relieves digestive problems. Learn more about this varied tisane / tea type.

What's a Sally Lunn?
If you love afternoon tea or have spent time in Bath, England, you've probably heard of a Sally Lunn. Learn more about the history of this fascinating food, including where and how it originated, how it's enjoyed and how to make Sally Lunns at home.

Iced Hot Chocolate
Iced hot chocolate is both a contradiction of terms and a delicious drink. Learn what it is, how to make it and more with this definition of iced hot chocolate.

Masala Chai Definition - What is Masala Chai / Chai Tea?
A blend of black tea, spices, milk and sugar also known as

Caffé Breve Definition - What is Caffé Breve
An espresso-based drink that’s made like a cappuccino, but with half and half instead of milk.

Oolong Tea Definition - What is Oolong?
Although it isn't as well known in the West as black tea and green tea, oolong tea is a major category of tea with enormous popularity amongst tea connoisseurs.

Black Tea - What is Black Tea?
Get the definition for the West's most popular type of tea: black tea.

Spiced Tea
Learn all about spiced tea, including what it is, where it is drunk and how to make it at home.

What is a Coffee House?
Get the complete definition for

Starbucks Calories
Starbucks drinks range from innocent (5 calories a serving) to incredibly decadent (500 calories a serving). Find out whether your favorite Starbucks coffees, Frappuccinos, smoothies and other drinks tip the scales with this listing of Starbucks calorie counts.

The Origin of Coffee - Coffee's Origin
Both Yemen and Ethiopia claim to be the historical and mythical origin of coffee. Learn more about the myths and history surrounding the origins of coffee both in Ethiopia and in Yemen.

FAQ: Can Hot Drinks Cool You Down?
Many people say that drinking hot tea or hot coffee on a hot day can cool you down. Get the scientific explanation behind this popular notion.

Ethiopian Coffee Culture - Ethiopia's Coffee Legend, History and Customs
Ethiopia is considered to be the birthplace of coffee, and its rich coffee culture reflects its long history. Learn about Ethiopia's coffee origin myth versus its actual coffee history, the sayings about coffee used in Ethiopia, and more.

Tea Production Regions & Origins Around the World
Tea is grown everywhere from the craggy Himalayan mountain range to the sandy lowlands outside Charleston, South Carolina. Here's a quick look at some of the major tea producing countries and regions across the world, including India, China, Japan, Sri Lanka and more.

Coffee, Tea & Other Hot Drink Video Recipes & Video Tutorials
Learn to make coffee, tea and more with this collection of coffee, tea and other hot drink video tutorials and video recipes.

The Tea Collection Tea Chocolate Truffles Review - Teance/Charles Chocolates Tea Truffles Review
Thanks to a masterful blend of premium chocolate and artisan tea, this stellar collection of tea-infused chocolates is my personal favorite.

Galler Manon Review - Coffee White Chocolate Review
Famed Belgian chocolatier takes on a difficult balance of delicate white chocolate and bold coffee in this unusual bar.

Tea Films - Educational Documentary Films About Tea Origins, Processing, Cultures & Brewing
With its inherent good looks and charm, tea is a natural star on the silver screen. Here are a few of the documentary films about tea that have chronicled the histories, cultures and techniques behind it.

Coffee Pairings - How to Pair Coffee With Food
Coffee is a delicious drink to sip with food. If you'd like to take your enjoyment of coffee to a new level, check out these coffee pairing recommendations, including how to pair coffee with breakfast and dessert.

Strawberry Tea - What is Strawberry Tea? - Types of Afternoon Tea
Strawberry tea can mean tea flavored with strawberry or blended with bits of strawberry, but it usually refers to a type of afternoon tea meal.

GT's Organic Raw Kombucha Review - Botanic No. 3 Kombucha Review
While I doubt Botanic No. 3 will win over many cola drinkers, it offers mass appeal and a lightly sweet taste that even seasoned kombucha drinkers can love.

Cappuccino Definition - What are Cappuccinos
A traditional Italian cappuccino is a single espresso shot topped with equal parts steamed and frothed milk (in a ratio of 1:1:1) served in a 4 to 6 ounce preheated bowl-shaped cup.

Japanese Green Teas - Gyokuro Japanese Green Tea
Unlike sencha green teas, gyokuros are grown under straw mats for two to three weeks before harvest. Learn more about Gyokuro green tea and see a photo of Yame Gyokuro here. Page 3.

Good Earth Ginseng Green Tea Review - Good Earth Tea Review - Ginseng Green Tea Review
You may recognize Good Earth Ginseng Green Tea from the shelves of your local health food store. It's probably not something you'd drink just for the flavor, but it tastes better than most ginseng blends out there. If you're looking for an inexpensive, palatable ginseng green tea, I recommend you try this one.

David Rio Tiger Spice Chai Review - Instant Chai Tea Review
David Rio's Tiger Spice Chai is my favorite of his instant masala chai (

Japanese Green Teas - Matcha Japanese Green Tea
Like Gyokuro, Matcha green tea is shade-grown. However, it also powdered after it is dried. Learn more about Matcha green tea, and see a photo of Matcha powder, here. Page 4.