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Collaboration Basics
Selecting collaboration tools may require basic understanding of your group purpose, process, size of group, and other key points to make your collaborative efforts successful.

5 Steps to Design Community Survey Using Google Docs
Online community managers need to ensure members are actively participating and keep coming back. A community feedback survey helps achieve this.

Select a Survey Template
Create your own template, or use a public template you can modify and get started quickly.

Prepare Survey Questions
Think like you're one of the participants. Ensure the survey can be completed as quickly as possible.

Send Survey Form to Community Members
Survey form may be emailed directly from Google Docs.

Alternate Step - Embed Link
The form's URL can be emailed or posted in a message - wherever you expect members to respond to your survey request.

Participants Complete Survey
Any web browser the member participants have access to can be used to complete the survey.

Analyze Survey Results
The Google Docs spreadsheet form, the backend of your survey, is used to capture survey questions.

Survey Summary - Next Steps
Share your survey summary with your team to talk about the results. Have different team members voice their concerns before deciding to make any changes.

5 Wiki Tools for Building Online Communities
Wikis have become fully integrated online community platforms with social technologies for building collaborative and shared knowledge bases among teams and customers.

Collaboration Barriers Across Organization Units
Understand the four barriers from management guru Morten t. Hansen that may prevent collaboration from happening across organization units.

8 Web Conferencing Tools For Interactive Engagement
Higher levels of engagement in online seminars and virtual classrooms is possible because web conferencing tools have helped advance communication and collaboration capabilities.

Strategies for Better Collaboration
Do you believe collaboration is a skill that can be learned? Here are ten ways to improve your ability to collaborate.

Tale of Penguins Shows How to Deal with Change
Co-authors of the business bestseller,

Group Collaboration Tools
Group collaboration tools enable small business and groups in big organizations to collaborate around projects, have access to resources, and integrate collaborative processes.

Collaboration Tools to Advance Productivity
Collaboration tools enabling people to connect and interact virtually are showing signs of creating global economic impact in productivity.

Group Communication
Special situations will require using specific group communication tools and apps.

Group Productivity
Group and social productivity tools help manage tasks and move projects along to successful completion.

Five Usability Tips for Team Collaboration Office 365
Among the more robust and cost effective online tools, Microsoft Office 365 products continue to be a mainstay for professionals and business organizations.

Startups Have Access to Creative Funding Choices
Investment funding platforms enable entrepreneurs to present business ideas or products already in development, or launched.

An Introduction to Presencing
It is important to understand presencing involves seeing differently through our own capacity as well as the work we do with others.

How Collaboration Can Work for Business
Collaboration, especially in business is raising key concerns for organizations taking on new approaches to improve performance and outcomes.

Collaboration Tools - Features, Styles, and Choices
Collaboration tool features, group preferences, functional group styles, and group choices.

Humorous and Clever Intranet Names
Names that company intranets are adopting have a lot more meaning than meets the eye. Deeper goals unlock a sharing community and team spirit.

Document Sharing
Document sharing is a key advantage of collaboration tools for version control, real time collaboration, and workflow efficiency.

Sharing Documents in SharePoint Online
SharePoint Online includes usage on mobile phones and tablets and a seamless social experience. The upgraded product makes it easier for sharing documents.

Collaboration Success Stories
Collaboration tools foster communication and collaboration among professionals, practitioners, and students alike to advance knowledge and community in producing successful outcomes.

5 Free Social Apps for Small Business
With a group edition in, you can add on free apps from the AppExchange to empower teams for business results. Review this selection of five free apps to use standalone or inside Salesforce on your desktop, smartphone, or tablet.

5 Productivity Apps for Managing Tasks Online
To help improve workflow processes, software developers continue to focus on streamlining web-based productivity apps for managing tasks as well as adding team interactivity around projects, which attract more users.

Your Collaborative Leadership Style and Empowering Others
Leaders can learn to develop a collaborative leadership style, including actions that can lead to better engagement.

Interactive Gantt Charts for Project Teams
Project management and collaboration tools give you plenty of flexibility to add Gantt chart functionality in your team's work processes.

Project Management Software Planning and Tips
Project management software is designed for project teams to have greater productivity to better manage tasks, schedules, and deliverables.

Office 365
Office 365 for any size organization to work productively in the cloud.

Productivity tools and tips to help project teams work smarter.

Project Management Software
Some of the best project management software, arranged in alphabetical order.

Project Toolbox
Project teams may want to use specific tools, like task management, mind maps, Gantt charts, document editors, and so on.

Team Tips
Teams make the most of project collaboration software and project collaboration tips

Creative Strategies
Creative strategies are effective in selective software and networking places online.

Online communities for social networking with peers, customers,and suppliers has its advantages.

Software platforms have built in and custom applications to inspire social, innovative, and collaborative activities.

Online Communities
About online communities, tips for creating online groups and tools, and special interest community examples.

Slack - Team Communication & Collaboration Software
Email is practically non-existent in Slack. The aha! moment comes when you realize communication changes the dynamic the way you can work with your team.

Innovation Management
Managing innovation workflow processes is effectively done using special innovation tools.

Web Conferencing
Group meeting tools for web conferencing and webinars are used a great deal for teaching and learning for schools and corporate events.

Intranet Connections is Easy to Use and Keeps Employees Connected
Intranet Connections offers the building blocks of a modern and secure intranet for employees to find all company resources and collaboration tools.

Setup Office 365 Team Sites to Share Information
Team Sites in Office 365 offer remote team access for organizing, authoring, and sharing information using only a Web browser and Web Apps.

Designate an Administrator to Set Up Office 365
Even for a small group of professionals and small businesses, it is best to assign two persons to administer Office 365 setup.

Manage Subscriptions, Functions, and Resources from Admin Home Page
Manage subscriptions, functions, and resources from the Admin Home Page

Select Team Site Template from Admin Home Page > Team Sites and Documents
Team Site template layout will have workspace features you can add or change.

Set Up Users from Admin Home Page > Users
Members of your Team Site will have roles available: Administrator, Author, Designer, Contributor, and Visitor.

Manage Permissions from Team Site > Site Settings > People and Groups
Microsoft permission strategies consist of: members, owners, viewers, visitors, and others.

Select New Document Library from Site Actions
Your Team Site in Office 365 needs a specific library to store documents.

Access Web Apps from Library Tools > Select New Document
Experience the freedom of using Web Apps without desktop applications

Enjoy your Journey in Office 365
Enjoy your Journey in Office 365. Subscriptions are based on domain ownership, which enable you to set up multiple internal Team Sites and an external web site.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

10 Task Management Tips to Manage Project Team Workspaces
Project collaboration tools have refined task management capabilities to make the best use of teams working together while reducing the complexity of project management processes.These ten tips will help simplify setting up tasks and speed up the workflow.


Easy Steps to Create Your Own Project Wikis
Creating a project wiki using Google Sites is an easy process. As a web application, Google Sites has customizable templates for quick setup.

7 Kanban Board Tools for Project Collaboration
Kanban boards are becoming popular online project collaboration tools for digital marketing programs, software development, and even innovation social gaming techniques. Seven Kanban tools are reviewed, offering free or low cost plans with advanced features.

5 Intranet Tools for Organizations of All Sizes
As the go-to hub for communication and collaboration, intranets will foster sharing resources, making expertise connections, and working in groups.

Boost Your Productivity with Online Collaboration Tools
Stop sending files back and forth. Find the right tools that make you and your team (or you and your clients) more productive.

Asana Emphasizes Productivity and Adaptable Workflow to Get Stuff Done
Asana is a web based productivity application designed as a go-to place to produce better synergies on shared projects.

Evermeeting Meeting App Can Save Time to Accomplish Work Tasks
Evermeeting meeting app can save time to accomplish work tasks. Professionals with no time to waste can have the piece of mind your meeting notes are captured and stored, which can make a huge difference.

Mindjet ProjectDirector Syncs Your Mind Maps to Projects
For people making changes to project tasks in the field, it is comforting to know your project is all there and you’re connected to the rest of the team in Mindjet ProjectDirector. You can access the mind map from your mobile device so the team back at the office or others working from different locations can automatically sync updates to the project plan.

Binfire’s Newest Project Dashboards Geared for Novice and Experienced PMs
Binfire’s newest dashboard features are worth noting as their focus shifts to an in-depth user experience for both novice and experienced project managers.

5 Mind Mapping Tools for Creating and Building on Ideas
These five mind mapping tools will give you popular choices, free or commercial grade with examples how mind maps are used in education, research, and business.

LeanKit Visualizes the Big Picture in Simple to Complex Processes
Kanban's visual collaboration tool has many uses--a one size fits all for business processes--that can help you respond to customer support requests, manage distribution, and build or repair products more efficiently.

Enterprise Solutions
Collaboration tools for the enterprise may include a broader range of features like social media, document sharing, wikis, and real time status updates to help organizations drive more engaging and productive outcomes.

Teams and Communities
Collaborative relationships depend on mutual trust, cooperation, and empowerment, among many attributes of people working together. Here are case studies and stories of working relationships among teams, partners, and customers to help others learn how work gets done in collaboration.

Working in Teams
What you can nurture and improve by working in teams.

Software Planning
Software planning tools and decision making guidance from recognized industry experts.

Social Networking
Social networking for business or personal use connects people who may not otherwise be connected and so people may engage in meaningful collaboration through microblogging, group conversations, and file sharing.

Collaboration Leadership Topics
Leadership topics on collaboration assessment, collaboration business value, and management initiatives.

Enterprise Social Networks
Group collaboration tools designed for enterprise social networks and key providers of social and business applications in the enterprise.

Team Workspaces
Types of team workspaces, including wikis for project collaboration and social collaboration workspaces.

Wikis enable small and large groups to build web pages quickly and provide users ongoing access to collaborate, build knowledge bases, and organize projects.

Tibbr Enterprise Social Network for Tech-Savvy Business
Tibbr becomes the hub to talk with one another and track information through integration and knowledge from other systems.

Wrike's Integrated Project Management and Collaboration App
Wrike’s multi-functional Gantt chart is a must-have tool for professional project managers or team-managed projects for resource management, progress reporting, and scheduling. Wrike recently released mobile apps for iPhone and Android will make it possible to update projects on the go.

Deciding on Collaboration Tools? There are Pros and Cons for Small and Large Groups
Your collaboration tool choice may bring harmony or discord with your collaborating group. Assign a planning and implementation team to take charge of getting people engaged.

Lync Online Applications and Devices
Among a field of cloud based communications services, Microsoft Lync Online offers several options to run audio, video, and web conferences or online meetings, depending on the device and application.

Scheduling Online Meetings
Lync Online gives users scheduling options to organize online meetings. Depending on your team dynamics, you can figure out whether you’re meetings are best scheduled in advance or if people are readily available to meet with little preparation.

Join Meeting Options
Meet Now is best for impromptu or when team collaboration is needed.

Lync 2010 Attendee or Web App
Lync 2010 Attendee Client or Web App are available for external users to participate in meetings without subscribing to Office 365.

Lync Sharing - Communication and Collaboration Tools
Lync Online meeting tools provide features for audio/video conferencing, whiteboard, desktop sharing, polling, and recording meetings.

Igloo Software Defines the Modern Intranet for Secure Document Collaboration
Igloo is the modern intranet with secure file sharing, document collaboration, and the ability to find knowledge built in.

SuccessFactors Jam for Business Collaboration and Learning
Jam is SuccessFactors’ collaboration tool that wraps social business collaboration around strategic human resources functions. You will be productive as soon as you get started using innovative authoring and collaboration features and be on your way to improved strategic alignment.

Citrix GoToMeeting HDFaces for High Resolution Video Streaming
Citrix GoToMeeting HDFaces is high definition (HD) group video conferencing with high resolution streaming. Live, interactive communication can be also recorded in HDFaces and may be an important rich media application and distribution depending on your business need.

Social Collaboration Tools
Collaboration tools for social business, social learning, and social networking. Read about best uses of tools in these relevant social areas as well as success stories of people using social collaboration tools.

Defining Your Software Purpose
As an advocate for better software usage, the key question in reviewing software options is whether your software in use is fulfilling a purpose.

Features and Formalities of Collaboration Tools
Evidence of collaboration’s importance is quickly evolving as online communities sprout up within the workplace and public websites. Learn basics of collaboration, questions about collaboration tools from a buyer's perspective, understand group preferences, and tips for building an online community.

Achieving Bolder and More Effective Collaboration Results
Interacting with peers, coworkers, partners or suppliers may require a set of actions for collaboration to effectively achieve results. More often than not, it is about asking the right questions to get to the heart of the matter.

TeamGantt Web App for Simplicity and Collaboration
For people whose work revolves around project schedules, TeamGantt has developed a web app solution streamlining the inputs in a simpler and more collaborative approach.

Software Tips
Collaborative software tips for managing projects and using software in new ways.

Intranets and extranets designed to scale enterprise organizations.

Leadership Topics
Leadership topics include collaborative leaders and culture, as well as managing change in organizations.

Social Software
Social software helps create business value through people connections and knowledge sharing.

Web Conferencing
Web conferencing software and tools include video conferencing, webinars, virtual meetings, virtual classrooms and e-learning.

Innovation Management
Innovation management software and tools help manage the innovation process.

Team Leadership
Further your understanding of these leadership concepts and insights for teams and communities.

Software for Teams
Collaborative software designed for teams and communities can be selected for special groups, departments, or an entire organization.

Community Ideas
These community ideas can help you build or jump start a community.

Social Learning
Use these ideas, tips, and tools for social learning in teams and communities.

The Reviews category is organized by recommended books, comparison of similar collaboration tools, and then a complete software list, sorted alphabetically. Reviews are in-depth and unbiased reports to ensure the collaboration technologies are the best choices.

Resources & Tips
These abundant resources and tips, including book reviews, leadership topics, online community best practices, collaborative relations, software planning, productivity tips, how-tos, and the wiki recipe club challenge will help you and your organization achieve results.

Getting Started with Wikis for Any Size Project
The power of any wiki is increased by the amount users who contribute to the wiki project. These quick tips can help you get started setting up a wiki along with alternatives based on your choice of wiki tools.

How a Social Collaboration Platform Can Overcome Virtual Team Distance
How can your organization solve challenges of virtual team distance in terms of relationships and cultural differences -- and can social collaboration platforms help you overcome virtual distance?

Comindware Project Helps Manage Projects Easier
For new project teams looking to streamline their project planning and managing a project with ease, I recommend trying Comindware Project.

Telligent Leadership in Enterprise Social Community and Collaboration Software
Telligent fosters the enterprise social software industry growth, as it demonstrates leadership in social community platforms. Mobile Messaging App Starts a New Social Platform establishes you at the center of your own social networking platform from a smartphone.

Free Library Collaborative Workspaces are Hubs for Entrepreneurs
The entrepreneur incubator, once the place in laboratory outposts of universities to grow startups, are now in libraries throughout Arizona where there are fresh, expert resources.

At Reed Integration, An Intranet Model in Office 365 Supports Growth Vision
The business case for Reed’s intranet, developed in Office 365 supports their highly structured systems engineering and project management work processes for collaboration, knowledge management, and employee engagement.

GroupMap Mind Mapping Facilitates Idea Exchange for Collective Learning
Cofounders of GroupMap, a new mind mapping tool, say yours, mine, and ours are the three most important views in a conversation.

Cooperative and Self-Directed Teams Have Competitive Advantages
Cooperative and self-directed teams show competitive advantages when they can act in nimble ways like small companies within a company's ecosystem. Based on the book,

Project Apps Help Collaborators Online
Compatible device platforms and the ability to connect project apps help you manage collaboration activities and focus on your work.

Managing Tasks for Your Flow of Work
Large teams and organizations have popularized task management tools that demonstrate effectiveness for any size team. On any desktop or mobile device, people connect with all team members (internal or external) to manage their flow of work through task management.

Skillshare Community-Based Learning and Teaching Marketplace
Skillshare offers a teaching and learning service that promotes learning from skilled people in your community. Skillshare is for people yearning to learn new skills or for teaching your expertise to others.

Building Purpose Driven Communities for Mass Collaboration
Mass collaboration is a marketing term of increasing importance in today's socially oriented organizations. It is suggested that mass collaboration is the next big thing in business operations.

Student Learning Advances from Old to New Social Technologies
Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, the top rated journalism school surveyed by TVWeek, has also adapted regular round table discussions to help students expand the boundaries for learning. Different program formats, like the round table, or in classroom presentation from industry experts can allow students to feel more a part of what is happening in the field and pick up knowledge from these observations.

Great Workspaces for Sharing and Building on Ideas
For an organization to not only adapt to new ways of communicating and collaborating online, how do we leverage the human and business values of the organization and its potential?

User Generated Content Tips and Websites
User generated content (UGC) is contributed, although the benefits of being the one telling the story or sharing the photo can also have significance for media like CNN, a blog community on Tumblr, and Wikipedia’s chronicle of events in the making.

Blackboard LMS Innovations in Teaching and Learning
Blackboard's latest innovations enable educators and students to leverage technology, through social learning, analytics, and an enhanced communication workflow. The adaptive social learning model of Blackboard Learn is likened to social networking features of web applications where groups and organizations connect on a day-to-basis.

Wiki Recipe Club
In one month, you will be well on your way to start a recipe club at home or work. Sign up for my weekly newsletter and my lessons this month will be delivered to your inbox every Monday.

New Business and IT Partners on Application Development
Coming out of the shadows of making decisions on their own, business people adept at developing business solutions for themselves and their organizations are now gaining IT support. Citizen developers represent the new business users that will need to be empowered with tools and training materials, and with IT support, create new apps.

4 Online Communities to Help Your Small Business Grow
These online communities have been identified as opportunities for you to receive or give advice, share information, learn, and network among other business owners to help your small business grow.

Building Great Webinar and Training Formats
Use of web conferencing tools now have become sort of stage-like for building great webinar and training formats, to entertain, engage, and inspire audiences.

Video Meetings - Interactive Guidance for Global Networking
Video meeting technologies give organizations like Borderless distinct advantages. Global networking effectiveness and collaborative co-management best practices support meetings anywhere candidates can be met.

Innovation Management in Enterprise Social Networking
Enterprise social networking platforms are evolving with new innovation management technologies to foster unleashing of ideas that create business value. To accomplish innovation, these social tools using crowdsourcing, social gaming concepts, and process oriented workflows to advance development.

Strategies for Noncompetitive Collaboration
Competitive behavior can be hard to change and the old hierarchal leadership style isn’t effective to solve problems in today’s leaner organizations that require collaborative leadership for innovation and growth. These 10 ways to change competitive behavior to collaborative leadership can help grow collaboration into your culture.

Changing Times Test Our Limits in These Contemporary Readings
For young or seasoned professionals, stories that spark our imagination, whether real or imagined, are meaningful.

Dana Lampert Talks About Wiggio and Future with Desire2Learn
Dana Lampert, co-founder of Wiggio, speaks freely about his interests in entrepreneurship and future with Desire2Learn.

Your Twitter Mojo - Tips on Twitter Social Networking
The path to success on Twitter, as Mark Schaefer author of The Tao of Twitter says, is created through three integrated elements. These quick tips can help you develop social networking capabilities.

Moxie Enterprise Social Software for Creating Collaboration Spaces
Social collaboration tools that have a natural flow, like interacting with friends, is what Moxie Software has designed for employee intranets, called Collaboration Spaces.

7 Ideas to Loop-In Others in Basecamp
Basecamp's loop-in feature is actually an important function for project teams to use in collaborating with others not involved on a project. These are quick tips to work smarter with resources when you need them.

Basecamp with Clients for Visibly Better Project Communication
Small businesses and teams within large organizations can use Basecamp with clients for visibly better project communication, for example, not buried in email. Clients can be engaged online from project planning to closeout.

Bitrix24 Social Intranet Offers Built-In CRM
Bitrix24's cloud service offers a free social intranet for up to 12 employees with CRM functionality worth checking out. The Bitrix24 standard, professional and enterprise editions offer a broader scope of productivity tools, including document management and reporting at low cost for an unlimited number of users.

Autodesk WikiHelp Community Steers to Open Learning
Autodesk's Wikihelp community is a social collaboration of open learning through empowerment that combines product help with community knowledge, giving users a voice in a published fashion.

SpringCM Automates Your Document Management and Collaboration Workflow
SpringCM designed document management and collaboration without the constraints typically experienced using multiple types of software to complete your work. As a document management platform, SpringCM can automate your workflow process--a practice that can save time and resources.

Scribd’s Readcast Helps Spread the Word
Scribd, a social reading and publishing site, can offer a launch pad for new authors and publishers by gathering readers’ interest, feedback, and possibly even book sales.

AtTask Offers Social Collaboration with Project and Portfolio Management
AtTask is an online project and portfolio management (PPM) tool for project information and collaborative work to come together. By design, project management tools like AtTask are intended to speed up delivery and accuracy of projects.

Cloud Storage Apps and Devices to Take on Vacation
Cloud storage apps and devices to take on vacation will help you stay connected to the team and your work, and help turn your vacation into quality time.

Interact Intranet Builds Connections Between Users and Content
Interact Internet has a natural appreciation for employee needs. The intranet software builds vital connections between users and content.

Bloomfire Knowledge Sharing Tool Builds on Community Collaboration
Bloomfire's knowledge sharing tools help build collaborative communities. Video recording and file sharing capabilities are enabling users to contribute learning and business communications on the fly.

Clinked Wiki-Style Project Collaboration
Clinked's main attraction is the wiki-style collaboration features, a favorite among project teams. Clinked has advantages for non-technical people who don’t want to fuss with tool usage and it is usable in 10 languages.

OpenIDEO Innovation Platform for Social Good
IDEO's innovation platform called OpenIDEO is open to anyone to participate in and collaborate on ideas, but as IDEO suggests, for social or environmental good. Check out these ideas on OpenIDEO to innovate and collaborate as a community for the greater good.

Podio Social Software Equipped with Unique Blend of Business Apps
Podio’s blend of ready-built and build-your-own apps may satisfy autonomous teams yet provide a set of collaboration tools for use in team workspaces.

Video Chat Tools to Liven Up Team Meetings
My picks for video chat tools, particularly for small team meetings are based on ease of use, low cost, and minimal system requirements. Let’s liven up the weekly team meeting.

Jive Software’s Design for Social Workplace Communities
Jive Software enables communication and collaboration in new ways to do business in today’s social workplace.

Skype and Lync Connectivity Ripe for Service and Support
Think of expanding connectivity and collaboration with your contacts. Supply chain partners or your key customer accounts using Lync with multiple contacts in the organization will connect with you easier.

Clio Gives Lawyers the Keys to Cloud Computing
Lawyers looking to efficiently manage work processes will find it is time well spent setting up a practice in the cloud using Clio.

The Science and Art of Commenting Online
Researchers at the Science, Media, and the Public (SCIMEP) lab of the University of Wisconsin-Madison studied the effects of negatives comments online. Because further concerns of potential influence on how a reader feels about a topic and may not realize it can remind us of the need for online communication guidelines.

3 Tips to Improve Information Flow Between Customers and Suppliers
Small business owners can take advantage of customer- and supplier-friendly collaboration tools to improve the information flow in more ways to gain efficiencies and improve the bottom line.

Chatter's Social Networking Capabilities
Chatter is's social collaboration and productivity tool for business, leveraging the look and feel of familiar social media tools like real time status updates, @mentions, feeds, and group conversations.

Emergency Communication Tools and Tips for Travelers
Communication devices will be the essential tool to have with you at all times when you travel. Wise travelers will add communication tools to your travel packing checklist--check out these tips.

NetApp's Thriving Online Community Forum - What Makes it Tick
NetApp, Inc. takes us behind the scenes in their Community Forum to show what ultimately keeps the community thriving.

Collaborative Editing Tools with Google and Microsoft Save Time
Collaborative editing tools save time, manage version control, and include reviewer’s comments or changes, specifically in Google and Microsoft products.

Blackboard Collaborate’s Live Virtual Classrooms in New Era of Learning
Blackboard Collaborate integrates web, video, and voice conferencing as well as IM features that facilitate virtual live collaboration and learning anywhere with one product.

Document Versioning in a SharePoint Document Library
Document versioning in a SharePoint Document Library can create a secure workflow for your publishing process.

PGi’s iMeet Culture, Building Relationships and Collaborating Online
Virtual meetings, like iMeet, gives users another level of social collaboration. On iMeet, users have the advantages of face-to-face live setting, exchanging information, and getting to know one another.

XWiki’s Notable Collaborative Authoring and Knowledge Sharing Platform
XWiki centralizes and organizes content in the cloud. Wiki technologies, like XWiki help teams and communities to collaborate.

Acquia’s Dynamic Mix for Enterprise Social Software and Web Content Management
Acquia's Drupal Commons enables you to build online community and publish content in one deployment. Learn about important enablers of the Drupal Commons collaborative environment and catch a glimpse of highly visible communities.

Pinterest Group Boards Can Improve Collaborative Work
Pinterest provides new ways to collaborate through group boards. Using social networking techniques, groups can experience better collaboration and engagement.

Atlassian Confluence - Natural Fit for Team and Community Spaces
Atlassian Confluence is the evolution of wikis designed to perform as an online collaboration platform and has set the bar high for new wiki-style collaboration products.

Popular Wiggio for Groups Online Grows into Broad Use of Collaboration Tools
Wiggio’s easy way to work in groups is becoming known from college dorms to corporate workspaces - as technology buyers are clamoring for social productivity from online collaboration tools.

SharePoint Document Workspaces for the Future
The Document Workspace in Microsoft SharePoint demonstrates there are many ways to help manage your work requirements in a browser based environment.

What is Social Software?
Social software, the integration of communication and collaboration technologies, is often conceived the way organizations desire the flexibility for a more collaborative environment in business, social networking, and community.

Tips on Joining or Creating Online Groups
Timely and relevant online groups help us make essential connections for collaboration, learning, and sharing information.

Team Facilitator’s Checklist: Why and When to Use a Team Whiteboard
Interactive whiteboards for collaborative team meetings may be your software choice when everybody’s input matters. The team facilitator checklist will help you make software choices for conducting collaborative team meetings.

Yammer for Enterprise Social Networking
Yammer is a private social network to help organizations collaborate around conversations and shareable content. If enterprise transparency is your goal, Yammer does this well.

Time Tracking Apps to Better Manage Your Time and Sync Group Projects
Mobile apps are useful to enter time as you complete a task. Apps benefit individuals, workgroups, and small business to make effective use of your time.

Volerro’s Content Collaboration App for Agile Marketing Teams
Volerro launched a content collaboration app in the cloud that is creating new possibilities for much anticipated agile marketing teams.

Beautiful Web Design in the Claromentis Framework of Business Applications
From a funding base of their own, combined with organic growth, Claromentis has since grown into full-service intranet design and development.

Why People Need Collaboration: Five Reasons
Collaborative processes are about making people connections, provided you're selecting appropriate collaboration tools and creating a cultural framework to get stuff done.

Cotton Incorporated Develops Innovation Pipeline to Success
How does a company like Cotton Incorporated understand the market and needs for future development? The key technological elements of its innovation management platform required refined techniques of product development, including the stage gate process.

Note Taking Apps to Share Notes with Others Anywhere
Note taking apps have grown from basic reminder lists to more advanced digital notebooks for collaborative group projects. See these apps and ideas what you can do in notes with others.

Recommended Group Communication Apps and Tips to Use in Storms
Can you be better prepared to receive or send emergency information in a storm? Everybody can be better prepared to communicate in a storm by knowing your mobile device capabilities and specific apps for emergencies and group communication.

An Innovation Toolkit for Developing Innovators
Innovation software tools and recommended reading to better understand and work through the implementation of new ideas for the foundation of cultural, process, strategic, and behavioral development.

Lesson 4 - Adding Wiki Recipe Pages
Learn how to create wiki pages from scratch, scan images, and add links and video in your own recipe wiki.

Icon Crowdsourcing Sites for Generating Ideas
Crowdsourcing is at the heart of Icon, a free platform becoming more useful in business or social causes to openly draw on ideas of the crowd.

Adobe Mobile 2.0 - Mobile as Primary Device to Facilitate Collaboration, File Sharing, and Presentation
Web meetings and webinars will be deployed on mobile devices as primary devices because users require the flexibility and mobility to manage these web browser functions.

Adobe CQ - Web Content Management for End-to-End Solutions in Marketing Events
Adobe CQ is the integration of web content management tools from Adobe’s family of products. These easy to use web design tools give web organizers greater control of event microsites and email landing pages. Page 2.

Adobe SiteCatalyst Real-Time and Customizable Analytics for eLearning and Training Initiatives
Real-time analytics for eLearning and training initiatives are evolving with Adobe SiteCatalyst. The Adobe SiteCatalyst features include an engagement dashboard to track participant attentiveness, visible only to host. Page 3.

Client-Supplier Relationships from U.S. to Bali, Indonesia
To work with the people of Bali, like any foreign culture, is a learning experience. Trusting the people you are working with, understanding the culture, and overcoming language barriers, can go a long way to preserving the priceless work of artisans.

Case Study of Successful Creative Client-Supplier Relationships When Collaboration Works Best
Successful client-supplier relationships are revealing a passionately true story of greater accomplishments and results--so much more than one individual or organization alone can do. Read more for reader ROI checklist.

Risks and Rewards of Creativity from Geographically Dispersed Locations
Successful client-supplier relationships are revealing a passionately true story of greater accomplishments and results--so much more than one individual or organization alone can do. Read more for reader ROI checklist. Page 2.

For Readers - The ROI Checklist
Successful client-supplier relationships are revealing a passionately true story of greater accomplishments and results--so much more than one individual or organization alone can do. Read more for reader ROI checklist. Page 3.

Stride Sales Tracking App Simplifies Process for Small Business
Stride is a new sales tracking app that cleverly serves like a status report at a glance how your sales opportunities are progressing.

Running an Innovation Program, Step by Step
John Gabrick, CEO of MindMatters Technologies, Inc., developers of innovation management software, has spent several decades cultivating a formula for running an innovation program and ensuring success.

3 Core Essentials of Collaboration Tools
Collaboration tools are essentially about the technology we use to work together toward a common goal, and facilitate collaboration far better than predecessors and further improved through networks.

Managing Costs and Customization of Collaboration Technologies
The following checklist of planning tools and benefits can help you achieve success to better manage for costs and customization in your software project.