College Life Sitemap - Page 2 2016-09-26

Living on Campus: What Is an RA?
Not completely clear on what RAs are or what their roles are in college residence halls? Read all about who they are here.

10 Rules for the First Week in College
Your first week in college can be a great start to your college life. Knowing a few rules for the first week in college, however, can eliminate a lot of problems later in the semester.

7 Ways to Plan for the Costs of Study Abroad
The cost of studying abroad can be similar to the cost of attending your home college or university -- or it can be vastly different. Learn what hidden costs to look out for before you decide if the cost of study abroad is right for you.

A Glossary of College Greek Letters
With all of the Greek letters used in college fraternities and sororities, it can be hard to tell them apart.

Romantic Gestures for Long-Distance Relationships
Being in a long-distance relationship in college can be quite a challenge. Find 5 ways to let your girlfriend or boyfriend know you're thinking of them -- despite the distance.

Graduation Announcement Wording -- Family Graduation Announcement Wording Sample
See example #3 of a college graduation announcement mentioning family.

Managing Homework During a College Break -- How to Manage Homework During a College Break
Staying focused on homework during a college break can be a major challenge. Learn how to keep it all in perspective, get everything done on time, and still have fun.

The Ultimate College Graduation Checklist
Graduating from college? Feeling overwhelmed? Use this college graduation checklist to make sure you get everything done amidst the chaos.

What Does Campus Security Do?
It seems like every college advertises its Office of Campus Security. But what exactly does this office do, and how can you utilize its services during your time in school?

How to Stop Procrastinating
Need to stop procrastinating? Learn how to stop procrastinating -- for good -- during your time in school.

How to Give a Great Group Presentation
Group presentations in college classes are amazing -- or awful. Find a list of 7 steps to take to make sure you give a great group presentation.

What to Eat Before a Test in College
Not sure what to eat before a test? In college, the answer becomes even more complicated, as most students are short on money and time.

Living in a Fraternity or Sorority - College Advice
Living in a fraternity or sorority can be a difficult choices for many college students. While joining a fraternity or sorority may have been an easy choice, choosing to live in the house may be an entirely different matter. Find a list of questions to ask yourself as you determine if living in your Greek house is right for you.

5 Ways to Relax for Under $5 -- 5 Ways Under $5 to Relax
Relaxing, especially while a college student, doesn't have to be expensive. Find 5 ways to relax and rewind -- all for under $5.

How to Ask for a Paper Extension in College
Asking for an extension on a college paper can be terrifying -- but often necessary. Learn the best way to approach your professor about a paper extension.

College - Five Disadvantages of Bad Time Management
Poor planning, often a result of poor time management, can wreak total havoc on your college life. Find 5 unexpected consequences of poor planning -- and what you can do to fix them.

How to Find a College Off-Campus Apartment
For whatever reason, you're not going to live on campus next year. The process of finding an apartment, though, can seem like an extra class you have to take while you're already carrying a full load. Learn where to go for listings, what to consider when looking for a place to live, and how to decide if it's really the right decision for you.

Five Smart Ways to Spend College Summers
After the stress of the academic years, summers can feel like the ultimate vacation. But how can you smartly spend all that unstructured time?

How to Improve Your Campus Sustainability
Most colleges have a long way to go toward achieving campus sustainability. Find ways to improve your campus sustainability and resources to help you along the way.

How to Handle Getting Sexiled by a College Roommate
Having a roommate with a boyfriend or girlfriend can get complicated in college. Being kicked out of your room, or

How to Set Up a College Roommate Agreement
Living with a college roommate? You may want -- or have -- to set up a roommate agreement or roommate contract. Roommate agreements are a great way to make sure that you and your college roommate are on the same page about the every details that must be managed when you live with someone else. And while they may seem like a pain to put together, college roommate agreements are a smart idea.

What to Do If You Failed a College Midterm
Failed a midterm? Learn 6 important steps to take.

How to Ask About Working With a Professor
Working with a professor can be a fantastic opportunity for any college student. Knowing how to approach a professor about working together can be incredibly intimidating, however. Just like anything else in college, approaching a professor about working together can be done with a little forethought, a little courage -- and a little luck.

10 Ideas for Fun Dates for College Students
Need fun date ideas? Find a list of 10 ideas for fun dates for college students (or anyone!).

How to Choose Which College to Attend
After being accepted to several colleges, choosing which one to attend can be difficult. Making sense of the academic, personal, and financial factors behind each acceptance letter can help you decide which college you want to attend for the next 4 years of your life.

5 Reasons to Join a College Intramural Sports Team
Joining a college intramural sports team may seem intimidating, but the benefits can quickly outweigh your fears. Find 5 reasons why you should sign up.

General Rules for Having a Pet in College
Curious about whether or not you can have a pet in college? Learn the general rules for having pets in college.

Long Weekend -- What to Do on a Long Weekend
Not sure what to do on a long weekend? Find 10 things to do on any long weekend, from Labor Day to Presidents' Day, during your time in college.

10 Things to Learn When Starting College
When you first arrive at school, there are a few key things that can make your life immensely easier once you figure them out. Read the 10 things you should learn when starting college.

Why Long-Distance Relationships Are Good
Wondering if that college long-distance relationship is a good idea? Find 7 ways that a college long-distance relationship can be great during your time in school.

What Can I Use the College Counseling Center for?
Think you could use a little help but aren't sure where to go? Find out all the ways you can use the college counseling center to help make your college life a little easier.

How to Avoid All-Nighters
Done the up-all-night routine, and now looking to learn how to avoid all-nighters? See why they happen and what steps you can take to prevent them.

How Not to Procrastinate in the First Place
Many college students know they procrastinate, in general, but may not know what exactly that procrastination looks like on a daily basis. Find 8 easy steps to help you not procrastinate in the first place during your time in school.

How to Plan Your Time in College
Not sure how to plan your time in college? This simple exercise can help you prioritize your academics, set a schedule, and meet all of your obligations.

How to Overcome College Student Homesickness
Dealing with homesickness while in college can seem overwhelming. Learn 5 tips that can make a big difference in handling homesickness as a college student.

5 Steps on How to Get Organized in College
Not sure how to get organized in college? Find 5 quick tips to help you start your year organized and in control.

What to Do When You Feel Overwhelmed in College
Feeling like there's just no way you'll ever get everything done, no matter how hard you work? Learn what to do when you feel overwhelmed in college.

When to Send Graduation Announcements
Don't want to send your announcements too early -- or too late? Learn how to decide when to send graduation announcements.

What Is a College Transcript?
Not sure what a college transcript is, what the difference is between an official and an unofficial one, or even how you get a copy? Find all you need to know.

Get Energy -- How to Get Energy in College Quickly
Need to get energy during your time in college? Find 7 easy ways for college students to get energy quickly when you need it most.

How to Identify the Sources of Stress in College
Knowing that you're stressed in college is one thing; knowing what is causing you stress is another. Learn how to identify the sources of your college stress.

Six Financial Benefits of a College Degree
A college degree takes a lot of hard work -- and often costs a lot of money. That kind of investment, however, is one that nearly always pays off. Learn 6 financial benefits of a college degree and how each reason will make all your efforts really worth something.

Keeping in Touch with Your Parents While in College - How to Easily Keep In Touch with Your Parents While in College
Keeping in touch with your parents may be the last thing from your mind while you're at school. It's always a good idea, however, to at least touch base so they don't think you've fallen off the face of the earth. Even amidst your busy schedule, it's still possible to connect with your parents while still maintaining your independence.

How to Get a Job in College
Not sure how to get a job in college? Find the steps you'll need to take and how to improve your chances along the way.

Where Can I Go If I'm Stressed in College?
Feeling stressed in college and looking for a little help? Check out these 8 resources that are available on nearly every campus.

Withdrawing From a Class - Should I Withdraw?
Not sure if you should be withdrawing from a class? Learn how to make the right decision based on your circumstances.

How Much Time Should I Spend Studying in College?
Not sure how to study in college? Find out how much time is really needed to study in college effectively.

College Residence Life Lingo
Totally confused by the college residence life lingo you see everywhere? Learn what means what, who is who, and how everything all fits together.

How to Decide What to Pack for College
Not sure how to narrow down what you should -- or shouldn't -- bring to college? This list of 8 questions to ask yourself can help you decide.

Can My Parents See My Grades for College?
Many parents of college students want to see their student's grades. But do you really have to share your grades for college?

How to Fail a College Class
While failing a class is obviously less than ideal, it can happen easier -- and faster -- than you think. Make sure to avoid these common pitfalls.

How to Pass a College Class
Knowing how to pass your classes can be one of the most critical lessons you learn in college. Learn 8 specific steps to help you along the way.

50 College Halloween Costumes
Need a college Halloween costume? Find a list of 50 ideas that can work for nearly any college student.

50 College Halloween Costumes
Need a college Halloween costume? Find a list of 50 ideas that can work for nearly any college student.

50 College Halloween Costumes
Need a college Halloween costume? Find a list of 50 ideas that can work for nearly any college student.

50 College Halloween Costumes
Need a college Halloween costume? Find a list of 50 ideas that can work for nearly any college student.

50 College Halloween Costumes
Need a college Halloween costume? Find a list of 50 ideas that can work for nearly any college student.

Last-Minute Student Travel -- Planning Last-Minute Student Travel
College students and last-minute travel plans seem to go hand in hand. Just because you're a college student leaving in a rush, however, doesn't mean that you have to pay top price. Check out these resources to make sure you get the best deal possible.

5 Domestic College Spring Break Locations -- 5 Places to Spend a College Spring Break Domestically
Need to travel for Spring Break but want to stay in the United States? Not sure where to go? Check out these top choices for domestic Spring Break locales for college students ... no matter where in the country you're living or going to school.

College Tervis Tumbler Review
Interested in purchasing a Tervis tumbler for a college student you know (or even for yourself)? Find a review of the college Tervis 24-ounce tumbler.

5 Basic Rules for Having Roommate Guests
If you're in college, chances are you have a roommate. And if you have a roommate, chances are one of you is going to bring a guest over. Find a list of 5 basic rules everyone should follow when bringing home college guests.

Should I Work in College?
Wondering if you should work in college? Find a list of things to consider.

What Is a Leave of Absence?
Not clear on what exactly a leave of absence is? Find out the specifics, if you qualify, and if taking one during your time in school is right for you.

What Is Convocation?
Not sure what a convocation is? Find out here.

What Is a College Registrar?
Not sure what exactly the registrar's office can do for you? Learn here.

What to Do If You Have a Family Emergency in College
Facing an unexpected family emergency in college? Find a quick list of what you can do to make sure your academics don't suffer.

What Is an Incomplete?
Not sure what an

How Can I Be Successful in College?
Wondering how you can be successful in college? These ten simple but important steps can help keep you on the right path.

What Is a Dean of Students?
Not sure what exactly a dean of students is? Find out what they do and how you can best use them on a college campus.

What Not to Bring to College
Not sure what kinds of things you should not bring to college? Find out 9 things that are better left behind.

What Are College Fees?
Nearly every college lists the costs associated with

What Is Room and Board?
Have you heard the term

What Is a Super Senior?
Have you heard the term

What Is a Syllabus?
Not sure what a syllabus is? Find out what exactly counts as a syllabus, what you'll need to get from it, and why it's important in college.

What Is a College Unit?
Not sure what exactly a college unit is? Find out how a college

What Is a College Verification Form?
Not clear on what exactly a

Student Health Center -- What Can I Use the Student Health Center for?
Not sure what kind of services you can find at an average student health center? Learn what -- and what not -- to use your student health center for.

Common Dorm Costs for College Students
If you're living on campus, you likely don't have to worry about writing a rent check every month. But what kinds of dorm costs will you still have to cover?

3 Quick Ways to Relieve Midterm Stress
Stressed about midterms and need to take a breather? Find 3 quick and easy ways to escape from midterm stress.

10 Ways to Make Your College Life Easier
Need some tips on how to make things easier for yourself during your time in school? Find a list of 10 simple but effective tips.

10 Ways to Make Your College Life Easier
Need some tips on how to make things easier for yourself during your time in school? Find a list of 10 simple but effective tips. Page 2.

How to Withdraw from College
Need to know how to withdraw from college? Find a list of steps to take so that the process runs as smoothly as possible.

What to Do If You Miss Your Pet in College
If you've grown up with a pet, it can be hard not to have a pet in college. And while it may seem silly, missing your pet at home can be pretty rough. So just what can you do?

What to Do If Your College Roommate Uses Your Stuff
Has your college roommate started using your stuff? Find out what to do before a seemingly small problem develops into something larger.

How to Transfer Colleges
Thinking about transferring but not sure where to start? Find out all you need to know about how to transfer colleges.

2012 Halloween Costumes for College Women
Looking for the perfect Halloween costume for a woman in college? Find a list of 10 costumes that can work for nearly anyone.

Where to Advertise an Event on Campus
Need a new and creative idea for advertising your event on campus? Find out where and how to promote your program -- and increase attendance at your event.

10 Best Off-Campus Jobs
Thinking of working off-campus during your time in college? Find a list of the 10 best off-campus jobs.

What Can I Do With a Math Major?
Being a math major is no easy task, but finding out what you can do with a math major doesn't have to be nearly as challenging. Find a list of 14 jobs you can do with a math major.

What Is Academic Suspension?
You've likely heard the term

College Majors & Minors
Not sure what college major is best for you? Find how to choose -- and what your post-college options might be, depending on which college major you choose.

What to Do If You Miss Your Siblings in College
Your siblings may make you bonkers sometimes, but that doesn't mean you don't love them. So what can you do if your miss your siblings in college?

Eight Questions to Ask a New College Roommate
Not sure what kinds of questions to ask a roommate? Find a list of 8 topics to discuss that will help you get to know each other better.

Roommate Contract -- What Is a Roommate Contract?
The residence hall staff at your college has advised that you and your roommate sign a roommate contract. Find out what exactly a roommate contract is and if it's right for you.

College Graduation Announcement Guide
Not sure if you should send college graduation announcements out? To whom you should send them? Where to get them? Or even what they should say? Learn everything you need to know about college graduation announcements.

10 Cures for Senioritis
Suffering from apathy during your senior year of college? Fortunately, your case of senioritis can be taken care of with a few basic

Should I Be a College Orientation Leader?
Being an orientation leader in college is a lot of fun - and a lot of work. Learn the pros and cons of being an orientation leader to determine if it's right for you.

Where Can I Get College Student Discounts?
Not sure where you can get college student discounts? Find a list of stores, from Apple to Amazon.

How to Be a Good Roommate
If you've never shared your living space before, knowing how to be a good roommate can be a challenge. Learn what simple rules differentiate a good roommate from a bad one.

Financial Aid Deadlines -- Important Financial Aid Deadlines
Meeting financial aid deadlines in college is one of the most important things a college student can do. Everything from loans and scholarships to grants and work study money is awarded through the financial aid office. Find a list of the basic financial aid deadlines -- and make sure you're on track to make every one of them.

Running Low on a College Meal Plan -- What to Do If You're Running Low on a College Meal Plan
Toward the end of the semester, many college students find themselves running low on their meal plans. Figuring out how to make those last dollars (or credits) stretch throughout the rest of the term can make the last few weeks of a college semester much more manageable.

Computers for College Students - Is a Laptop or Desktop Computer Better for College Students?
Having the right computer can make all the difference in your college career. With pros and cons for both laptops and desktops, how do you know which one will be right for you?

College Learning Disabilities -- 6 Tips for College Students with Learning Disabilities
Being a college student with a learning disability can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be impossible. Learn 6 important tips that any college students with learning disabilities should do to ensure they are receiving the support they need.

Graduation Announcement Wording -- Religious Graduation Announcement Wording Sample
See example #3 of a religious college graduation announcement.

What to Do If You Have a Dirty Roommate
Living with a dirty roommate? Find a list of 7 things you can do to make things a little less messy.

How to Clean a Dorm Room in Under 20 Minutes
Your dorm room might be a bit messy, but you definitely don't have all afternoon to spend cleaning it. Learn how to clean your dorm effectively in under 20 minutes.

College Studying Tips -- College Studying Tips for Final Exams
Having good college studying tips can make or break your performance on a final exam. Learn 5 key college study tips for college finals week.

How to Withdraw from a Class
Need to withdraw from a class? Find a step-by-step list of what to do -- and when.

How to Ask for a Recommendation Letter
Asking for a recommendation letter can be intimidating. With the right approach, however, you can ask for a recommendation letter with confidence and make sure that the final letter is what you'd hoped for.

Six Tips for Asking Your Parents for Money in College
Asking your parents for money while you're a college student is never easy. But, at some point during their time in college, most students need a little money from Mom or Dad. Learn 6 smart ways to ask your parents for college money.

Disadvantages of Joining a Fraternity, Sorority
So just what do you need to be aware of before officially pledging? Here are seven challenges you might face if you decide to go Greek.

Tips for Working on a College Group Project
Know that it's OK to check in with your professor about what's happening (or not happening). You can do this midway through the project or at the end.

8 Host or Hostess Gifts for College Students
Headed to someone's house, need a gift, and short on time and money? Find a list of 8 host or hostess gifts for college students (and their budgets).

7 Signs of a Bad Roommate Relationship
Think your college roommate situation might be in trouble? Find a list of 7 signs of a bad roommate relationship.

What to Wear for Dinner at a Professor's House
Invited to your professor's place as part of a class, club, or research group? Find out what to wear for dinner at your professor's house.

2012 Halloween Costumes for College Guys
Are you a guy in college looking for the perfect 2012 Halloween costume? Find a list of 8 college costume ideas that can work for nearly any guy.

2012 College Halloween Costumes for Groups
Interested in celebrating your college 2012 Halloween as part of a group? Find a list of 8 great group costumes for a college Halloween.

What Is a College Booster?
You've heard the term but aren't exactly clear: Just what is a college

What Not to Wear on Graduation Day
There's more to your graduation outfit than just your cap and gown. But what should you avoid wearing on graduation day?

Is It Bad If I Fail a Class in College?
Many students end up asking themselves,

How to Keep Up with College Reading
Not sure how to keep up with college reading? Find 4 tips that students can use to feel in charge of their college reading -- instead of vice versa.

10 Ways to Relax in Your College Room
Feeling overwhelmed? Find 10 ways to relax in your college room so that you can step outside your stress zone without having to step outside your door.

What Is a First-Generation College Student?
Not sure what exactly a

How to Study in College
Knowing how to study in college can be a key factor in determining how well you do in your classes. And while you may have done well in high school, studying in college is a whole new ball game. Learn how to study in college based on your own learning style.

Time Management for Students - The TIMED System of Time Management for Students
Having problems with time management while a student? By using a simple acronym, the TIMED student time management system lets you figure out, at any time, if what you're doing is productive -- or not.

7 Ways to Decorate a Dorm Room
Decorating your space can be one of the highlights for college students starting another year of classes. Find 7 ways to decorate a dorm room.

5 College Road Trip Ideas
Find 5 great college road trip ideas to help you relax, see the country, and have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure with your friends.

How to Vote as a College Student
Learning where and how to vote as a college student can be confusing. Find answers to the most common questions about voting while in college.

5 Ways to Let Your College Crush Know You Like Them
Have a crush that you think likes you back? Try these 5 tips to let your college crush know you like them.

Unusual Jobs for College Students
Working in college doesn't have to be boring. Check out this funky list of unusual jobs for college students that just might have something for you.

College Study Abroad - Is College Study Abroad Right for Me?
Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience. It can also logistically be very complicated. Learn how to decide if it's right for you.

Easy Items for College Students to Bring to Thanksgiving
Fortunately, even with limited access to a kitchen, time, and money, there are plenty of easy items for college students to bring to Thanksgiving

How to Get to Know Your College Professors
College professors can be intimidating. Fortunately, however, knowing how to get to know your professors might be easier than you thought.

College Quotations -- Quotations about College
Need quotations about college, education, professors, or students for a paper? A speech? A graduation announcement? Find the perfect college quotations here, no matter what your situation.

Quotes about Students -- Quotes about Students
Need quotes about students for a paper, a speech, a graduation announcement, or just fun? Check out this list of some of the best quotes about students.

Time Management Systems - Time Management Systems for College Students
Do you know you need a (better) time management system but aren't sure where to begin? Check out these time management systems -- and how best to use them during your time in college.

Summer between College and Graduate School -- What to Do the Summer Between College and Graduate School
You're graduating from college in the spring but not starting graduate school until the fall. Not sure what to do in between? Check out these 8 ideas that can work with any situation.

Buying College Graduation Announcements -- Where to Buy College Graduation Announcements
You know you want to send out college graduation announcements, but aren't sure where -- or how -- to get them. Learn where and how to get college graduation announcements.

College Costs -- Common College Costs
In addition to tuition and fees, what other college costs should you consider? Find a list of the most common costs in college.

Last-Minute Gift Ideas -- Last-Minute Gift Ideas for College Students
Need some last-minute gift ideas for someone in college? Find several last-minute gift ideas for the college student on your list -- whether it be a boyfriend/girlfriend, roommate, friend, or even the kind person who helped you from failing your statistics class -- that are sure to please.

Politics and Elections for College Students - Get Involved as a College Student in Politics and Elections
College students are known for being politically active, especially during major elections. Find 5 easy ways to be involved while still staying on top of your academics.

What Is Disciplinary Probation?
In contrast to academic probation, disciplinary probation results from behavior that a school deems unacceptable. Find out more about what exact disciplinary probation is -- and what to do if you're place on it.

Hazing in College -- College Hazing
College hazing is an unfortunate but common tradition. Learn what hazing in college exactly is.

College Money -- Tips for Students about College Money
Virtually every college student has to deal with money while in school, whether it be working a campus job or learning ways to save money on a daily basis. From applying for financial aid before you arrive to what to expect after you graduate, learn how to handle your college money.

Job After College -- Finding a Job After College
Need a job after college? Fortunately, finding a job after college is easier than you might think with these 7 first steps.