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What Is a TCP/IP Routing Table?
| FAQ | Did you know that home network routers rely on a small, mostly hidden feature called the routing table to manage your Internet connection. Similar

Duke University Wi-Fi Troubles Not iPhone's Fault?
| Commentary | Over the past week, numerous publications around the Web have reported on new Apple iPhones crashing a Wi-Fi network at Duke University. The

Using Your Apple iPhone as a Modem
| Commentary | [via ArsTechnica] With some technical know-how, it appears there is now a way to configure your iPhone for use as a cellular modem. This set up

About Ethernet Hubs
| Definition | In computer networking, a hub is a small, simple, inexpensive device that joins multiple computers together. Ethernet is the type traditionally

Femtocells - Wi-Fi Killer of the Future?
| Commentary | Industry analysts have been speculating for years on whether any new technology would emerge to replace Wi-Fi for mainstream wireless networks.

The WHOIS System
| Definition | WHOIS is a network protocol and client/server system used on the Internet to look up the names, IP addresses and owners of server computers. You

Linksys Going Away... Someday Soon?
| Commentary | World-renowned networking company Cisco Systems acquired U.S. consumer product retailer Linksys several years ago, but this brand name for home

Wireless Not Good Enough for the Olympics
| Commentary | As reported in Computerworld and a few other outlets, the 2008 Olympics will not utilize wireless technology on the Games' core computer

Can TV Channels Be Used for High Speed Internet Service?
| Commentary | Although people in rural areas often cannot get fast Internet service, many of these households do have a television. Some technologists have

Thousands of Travelers Stranded by Network Failure
| Commentary | A high-profile network outage stranded thousands of travelers at the Los Angeles International Airport this past weekend. Though many have the

BPL Is Back, So Says DirecTV
| Commentary | The networking technology called broadband over powerline (BPL) made headlines this week as DirecTV announced a trial BPL roll out that is
| Definition | Did you know is commonly used on home networks that have Linksys broadband routers? Through the magic of DHCP, a computer can

Municipal Wi-Fi Networks Try to Justify Their Existence Wi-Fi In San FranciscoJustin Sullivan / Getty Images
| Commentary | For the past several years, the buzz around municipal Wi-Fi networks has been growing. The rollout of public Wi-Fi Spokane, WA is one example of

BitComet Not All That Bad
| Commentary | The BitComet client for the BitTorrent P2P network has received some bad press this year. However, at least one P2P networking expert is

What Is Network Monitoring?
| FAQ | Network monitoring refers to the practice of overseeing the operation of a computer network using specialized management software tools. The terms

UK Switching to Broadband, and Fast
| Commentary | You can add the United Kingdom to the growing list of countries outpacing the U.S. in adopting broadband Internet technology. According to the

How to Find the Owner of an IP Address
| Reference | As the recent fame of WikiScanner demonstrated, every public IP address used on the Internet is registered to an owner. The owner may be an

The Internet Looks Something Like This DandelionsFrank Krahmer / Getty Images
| Commentary | At this week's SIGCOMM '07 conference for computer networking, researchers from the University of California presented maps of the Internet

Does IP Address Location (Geolocation) Work?
| FAQ | So-called geolocation systems attempt to map IP addresses to geographic locations using large computer databases. Some geolocation databases are

T1 and T3 Lines
| FAQ | T1 and T3 are two common types of leased lines used in telecommunications. Both T1 lines and T3 lines are reserved circuits that operate over either

A Case of Identify Theft on P2P Networks
| Commentary | Add P2P networks to the list of tools for people trying to steal your personal information. The first case of P2P-based identity theft in the

Network Latency Explained
| Reference | Bandwidth is just one element of what a person perceives as the speed of a network. Latency is another element that contributes to network speed.

Free Networking Podcasts now at InformIT
| Commentary | Pearson Education has newly introduced the OnNetworking service featuring free audio / video podcast downloads on a variety of Information

Young Indian Women Learning Computer Networks
| Commentary | On Mother's Day this year, we recognized several moms succeeding in networking careers and technology. Fortunately, the gains women are making in

Top Internet Speed Test Services Global Broadband Speed Testspeedtest.net
| Reference | An Internet speed test measures the network bandwidth (and sometimes latency) of your connection by transfering sample data files between your

Woman Loses a $222,000 P2P File Sharing Lawsuit Mitch Bainwol -Chairman and CEO, RIAAStephen J. Boitano / Getty Images
| Commentary | The 12-person jury in a U.S. federal court has sided with the music industry in a case of copyright infringement via P2P file sharing. The

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS07-58 and DoS
As part of their normal monthly cycle, Microsoft has provided security bulletin MS07-58 pertaining to a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) networking vulnerability

Wireless USB Network Adapters
| Reference | A wireless USB adapter plugs into the USB port of a computer, printer, or game console. These adapters are often used to connect older desktop

Understanding IP Address Conflicts
| FAQ | An IP address conflict occurs when two computers on a LAN (local area network) or the Internet have been assigned the same IP address. IP conflicts

ASPs - Application Service Providers
| Definition | An Application Service Provider (ASP) is a business that offers software services to customers, using computer networks and the Internet as the

Which BitTorrent Client Is the Best?
| Poll | Several client applications exist for the BitTorrent P2P network. Each can download torrents well and each has a loyal following. But which

Wi-Fi Networking Wonky on Mac OS Leopard? Apple LaunchesMac OS X "Leopard" UpgradeWin McNamee / Getty Images
| Commentary | As reported in PC World and other outlets, many Mac users who have recently upgraded to Mac OS 10.5 are reporting severe Wi-Fi networking

The M.I.T. Kerberos Consortium
| Definition | Kerberos is a standard technology for network security authentication used by large corporations worldwide. Now, a new industry group called the

Where Can You Buy 150 ft. CAT5 Cables?
| Discussion | As popular as wireless networking has become, there will always be a need for network cables. Ethernet cables are the most popular type, and easy

| Definition | The IP address is the default for certain types of home broadband routers and broadband modems. is a private IPv4

Top Free POP3 and IMAP Email Services
| Reference | Looking for a new mail client? Our About.com Guide to Email suggests these free email systems that utilize POP3 and/or IMAP protocols. Sure, you

Why You Should Compress Files With FTP
| Commentary | A standard guideline at some I.T. shops says to always compress files before transfering them via FTP specifically to avoid corruption. Why is

Making Ethernet Green
| Commentary | Numerous corporations are boasting lately about their efforts toward environmental responsibility lately, a so-called green movement in

Best Home Networks for Streaming Video?
| Discussion | As more households hook up to broadband, it's no surprise people are increasingly watching live TV and other streaming video over the Internet.

Using iPhone Internet Connections with Laptops
| Commentary | This Lifehacker article on iPhone's Internet connectivity illustrates how to configure a SOCKS proxy on the phone using SSH. With this method,

| Definition | Did you know that is both an IP address and a network number? In fact, it is the default network (but not the default address) for

Wireless CompactFlash Network Adapters
| Reference | Wireless CompactFlash (CF) cards like the Linksys WCF54G (pictured at right) are designed for use in Pocket PC devices running the Microsoft

Binary and Decimal Number Converter
| Reference | Recently a visitor to our site noticed that Microsoft Excel's DEC2BIN function only works for numbers up to 511. This well known limitation in

What Is Spread Spectrum?
| FAQ | A set of techniques that have been used in radio communications for decades, spread spectrum is also employed in modern Wi-Fi networking to enhance

Cell Phone File Transfers Using a Memory Card
| Reference | One way to quickly transfer files from a cell phone to a computer is to use a memory card. This method avoids the complexities of Bluetooth or

About Domain Extensions and TLDs
| Reference | Domain extensions on the Internet are often called top level domains (TLDs). Dot-com (.com) is the most commonly used TLD on the Internet. Many

Repurpose Old PC As a Router - Discuss
| Message Board | Network routers are fairly cheap to buy, but did you know it's also possible to build your own by re-purposing an old PC? Some people try to

What Kind of Home Network Router Do You Use?
| Poll | At my house, we run an 802.11g based Wi-Fi home network. It isn't the newest or fastest kind of wireless home network available nowadays, but it

Tip - Temporarily Disable Firewalls When Networking Printers
| Commentary | Its fairly typical for people to want to share their printer across a home network. Often, the printer is plugged into a desktop PC via USB cable

New Microsoft Patch for TCP/IP Security Vulnerability
| Commentary | This week, Microsoft announced a security hole in Windows TCP/IP that could in theory allow someone to take control of your computer remotely

Designer Cat5E Patch Cables - Breast Cancer Awareness
| Commentary | [via Engadget] - Many companies nowadays are selling products in pink colors designed to increase awareness of breast cancer. Cables Unlimited

Accuracy of Geolocation Services - Discuss
| Message Board | From GFTECH1 - I have a question for anyone that understands geolocation capabilities and how the industry is developing. Are there any

Network Solutions - Domain Name Frontrunning
| Commentary | There's an old saying: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Internet domain registrar Network Solutions made the news this week over their

Where Do You Go Online? - Poll
| Poll | It isn't always easy to set up an Internet connection from one place, but increasingly, more of us are getting online from multiple different

Taking Your IP Address Personally
| Commentary | Just like your telephone number or an automobile license plate, IP addresses are gradually becoming part of our identity. The RIAA continues

SAN vs NAS - What Is the Difference?
| FAQ | Both Storage Area Networks (SANs) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) provide networked storage solutions. But the two approaches differ in some

Apple Time Capsule Coming Soon
| Commentary | Compared to the buzz at this year's Macworld surrounding Macbook Air, Apple's announcement for the Time Capsule network backup appliance went

Translating Email Addresses to IP Addresses - Discuss
| Message Board | Site visitor Bel asked us the following - Can you still find an IP address from a Yahoo [email] account if that account has been deleted?

Tweak DSL and Cable - Increase Broadband Speed
| Reference | So-called broadband speed tweaks are techniques to improve performance of DSL and cable Internet connections.Home networking enthusiasts started

Obtaining Client IP Addresses Using JavaScript
| Reference | If you run a Web site, you can set up your server to find and display the IP addresses of visitors. Some P2P Web sites like to show your IP

The Spykee Wi-Fi (Spy) Robot - Not Your Dad's Erector Set
| Commentary | Making the rounds this year at prestigious venues like CES 2008 and the 2008 London Toy Fair is the unveiling of a toy robot family named Spykee.

When Your Ethernet Run Is a Bit Too Long - Discuss
| Message Board | Tristan from the Philippines writes - I want to network or share my Internet connection to my mother's house which is ... 105 meters away

Key VPN Security Technologies
| FAQ | Virtual private networks (VPNs) are generally considered to have very strong protection for data communications. So-called secure VPNs provide both

MTU - Maximum Transmission Unit
| Definition | The MTU - Maximum Transmission Unit is the maximum size of a single data unit (e.g., a frame) of digital communications. MTU sizes are inherent

No "Incidential Nudity, Blogs/Wiki" on This Wi-Fi Network
| Commentary | The Denver International Airport (DIA) is kind enough to provide free Wi-Fi Internet access to visitors. Folks should be happy with this

Configuring Norton 360 For Use With a Home Network
| Commentary | Folks trying to share files and printers between computers on a Wi-Fi home network sometimes find that one computer cannot see the other.

The Connected Bus - Wi-Fi Enabled Urban Transportation
| Commentary | In San Francisco, California, The Connected Bus is now ready for service. The Bus is one of the first Wi-Fi enabled public land transportation

Types of DSL Technology
| FAQ | All types of DSL Internet service can be categorized as either asymmetric or symmetric. ADSL may be the most prevalent technology today but several

Linksys WRT300N Wireless-N Broadband Router
| Commentary | While the 802.11n Wi-Fi standard is still not quite final, don't let that stop you from shopping around for so-called Draft N gear. The equipment

Netgear vs Linksys Routers - Discuss
| Message Board | One of our members recently purchased a Netgear wireless router that allegedly died in about 6 months time. No doubt with some buyer's

How Many Wi-Fi Hotspots Exist Worldwide?
| FAQ | More than 200,000 Wi-Fi hotspots exist worldwide according to leading wireless hotspot locator sites like Jiwire. Five years ago, that number was closer

How Often Do You Reboot Your Router(s)? - Poll
| Poll | You don't need to search very long online to find people advising you to reboot (power cycle) your broadband router to fix some problem or another.

How To Connect To a Wireless Router As An Administrator
| How To | You may sometimes need to connect to wireless broadband routers locally to update their configuration. Accessing a wireless router's configuration

Free Network Monitoring Software - Discuss
| Message Board | Member JD writes - I am trying to find some freeware/open source software for monitoring network traffic. I'm particullarly looking for

How To Fix "Limited Or No Connectivity" Errors in Windows
| Reference | When trying to establish network connections on a Windows computer, you may encounter a Limited Or No Connectivity error message. This message can

How Fast Is EV-DO?
| Commentary | The EV-DO wireless network protocol is used by some cellular phones to provide Internet access. The

Free Computer Networking Books Online
| Reference | Numerous published books are available for free download on the Internet. However, relatively few free books exist that cover general computer

About Wi-Fi 2.0 and "TV White Spaces"
| Commentary | Wi-Fi 2.0 is a concept for implementing wireless broadband networks using very different radio frequencies than those used by Wi-Fi today.

What Is a Network Protocol?
| Definition | Hundreds of different network protocosl exist for computer networks. A network protocol defines rules and conventions for network communication

An 11 Year Old Network Administrator's Story
| Commentary | [via Slashdot] When I was 11 years old, my school had no computers, and networking was not a word in my vocabulary. Contrast that with the story

Have You Networked Any Mac OS (Apple) Computers? - Poll
| Poll | Most people who work with computers probably have heard of Microsoft Windows. If you've set up networking on any personal computers before, you

How to Use DNS Blacklists
| Reference | A DNS blacklist (DNSBL) is a database that contains the IP addresses of malicious hosts on the Internet such as bulk emall spam servers. DNS

| Definition | The IP address is the start of the Class C private range. Broadband routers and other network gateways reserve this address to

TRENDnet TEW-631BRP 300Mbps Wireless N Broadband Router
| Commentary | TRENDnet may be a lesser known name in home networking, but the TEW-631BRP shown here matches up well with the competition for draft N wireless

Which Is the Best Method to Network A Laptop and A Desktop Computer Together?
| Commentary | I am regularly asked for recommendations on networking one laptop and one desktop computer together to share a home Internet connection. My

Top P2P Applications - Digital Media Desktop Report
| Commentary | [via Slashdot] - According to a report published this week by Internet reseachers, by far the most common P2P client application found on

Connecting a Computer to a Television
| Reference | One way to show digital pictures and video to friends and family is for all to huddle around the home computer screen. Alternatively, you can

What Is a USB Port?
| Reference | A USB port is a standard cable connection interface on personal computers and consumer electronics. USB ports allow stand-alone electronic devices

Introduction to Client-Server Networks
| Reference | The term client-server refers to a popular model for computer networking that utilizes client and server devices each designed for specific

The Pareto Principle Comes to Broadband
| Commentary | [via Gizmodo] - Those of you who study management or work in a corporate environment have probably heard of the Pareto Principle. Simplified,

Have You Ever Updated Router Firmware? - Poll
| Poll | Most broadband routers provide a feature called firmware update. The firmware on a router provides many of its essential features and is installed

Introduction to Peer-to-Peer Networks
| Reference | Peer to peer networks share responsibility for processing data among all of the connected devices. Peer to peer networking is common on small

Wi-Fi Signal Booster DIY
| Commentary | According to at least one blogger, it's not cool at all to buy an off-the-shelf Wi-Fi range extender but making your own just might be the new

In-Body Wireless Devices - What's In It For You?
| Commentary | Some people use the term Wi-Fi generically to mean any type of wireless network technology. For example, these Wi-Fi devices that warn doctors of

What Is GPRS?
| Definition | GPRS is so-called 2.5G technology, designed to provide faster data transfer speeds for mobile phones compared to older 2G cellular networks. GPRS

Using Remote Desktop To Catch a Computer Thief
| Commentary | Understanding computer network technologies can pay off in many ways, including being able to track down your computer if it's stolen. See the

Avoid Hotels That Don't Provide Free High-Speed Internet
| Commentary | Most hotels in the U.S. have provisions for high-speed Internet access, via Ethernet cable, over Wi-Fi, or both. Years ago, such services were

Fibrecity - 100 Mbps Broadband By Sewer
| Commentary | Many failed networking business ventures from the 1990s dot-com days are coming back into fashion again. One such concept was to bring Fiber to

Most Popular Networking Downloads
| Reference | Looking for information on downloads for popular network software? Use this list to find what you need: → Instant Messenging: AOL / AIM

What Is a Network Gateway?
A network gateway is an internetworking system capable of joining two networks together. This sounds a lot like the function of a network router, and in fact

Is Gigabit Ethernet Backward Compatible?
You may have noticed some newer broadband routers are available with Gigabit Ethernet support. Home routers (even wireless ones) have always offered standard

IPv6 Getting Attention in Europe and Asia
The European Union presented its latest case for IPv6 recently. Similarly, Google's Vint Cerf is calling for an IPv6 transition at conferences like one in

U.S. Cable ISP Begins Metered Internet Trial - Poll
To discourage bandwidth hogs, U.S. Internet provider Time Warner Cable plans to start metered Internet testing later this week. The idea of paying for

"Eye-Fi" Smart Cameras Can Phone Home
Did you know if your camera is lost or stolen, one way to possibly find it is via the Internet? It's true: Products like Eye-Fi smart cards have helped catch

Does Wii Fit Use Wi-Fi?
The Wii Fit is a personal workout program that runs on the Nintendo Wii game console. Wii Fit works with an interesting new peripheral device called the Balance

Router Face Off - Linksys WRT54GS vs. Netgear WGR614L
Message board member Souvik writes: Pick your preferred router - Linksys WRT54GS or Netgear WGR614L? Both of them are Broadcom based ... and well suited for

640 Gbps - How Fast Can The Internet Get?
A research team led in Australia recently demonstrated their breakthrough optical networking hardware capable of processing network traffic at an incredible 640

Cisco Visual Networking Index - Internet Traffic To Keep Multiplying
[via Gigaom] According to Cisco Systems, global IP traffic will increase by a factor of six from 2007 to 2012. Such a prediction may be hard to believe if you

Is Your Cisco Equipment Genuine?
A few news articles this week reminded me that the problem of counterfeit network equipment is still with us. Companies like Cisco Systems, for example, have

Using Instant Messaging to Report the News
Whether conducting interviews, sending field updates back to the home office or quickly fleshing out an idea with your editor, instant messaging systems are

Wireless Internet Coming to U.S. Autos This Year
According to several sources, U.S. automaker Chrysler is set to offer mobile Internet access in its vehicles later this year. The system, called UConnect Web,

What Is a Local IP Address?
A local IP address is a network device's IP address intended to be used by other computers on a LAN to identify it. A local IP address is often a private IP

Internet Controlled Thermostats
An Internet thermostat is a programmable building thermostat capable of connecting to an Internet protocol (IP) network. Through an IP connection, you can

International Network Wiring Disasters
For some reason, looking at pictures of other people's network cable problems makes me laugh. This humorous collection of network cabling disaster photos

What Is SFTP?
The acronym SFTP may refer to either the SSH File Transfer Protocol or the Simple File Transfer Protocol. SFTP is one of the two primary methods for secure FTP

U.S. FCC Re-Defines Basic Broadband
In June, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued an order reclassifying residential broadband Internet services. Their earlier definition

Major DNS Patch Made
The Internet Domain Name System (DNS) controls the translation of Web site names to network addresses. Without DNS, surfing the Web would not be possible.

Why Windows Is Not Stealing 20% of Your Network Bandwidth
Even though this myth was debunked years ago, I continue to see the occasional misguided blogger claiming Windows XP Professional Edition steals 20% of your

How Much Faster Is The iPhone 3G?
The iPhone 3G promises faster cellular network capability than the original iPhone that is a 2G device. You should have any reason to doubt that iPhone 3G is

San Francisco's Rogue Network Admin
Terry Childs, a network administrator for the city of San Francisco, CA (USA), has been charged with computer tampering in a highly significant case. Mr. Childs

Troubleshooting a Slow Internet Connection - Discuss
From a member of our community - I have a 1.5 Mbps... DSL connection shared between two computers. One is wireless, one is wired.... Around a month ago

Does IPv6 Need NAT?
[via ArsTechnica] - When creating a new technology, it's considered good practice to limit the implementation to its core capabilities. This keeps the product

MS08-037 - DNS Spoofing (Microsoft Security Bulletin)
MS08-037 was the only Microsoft Security Bulletin for July 2008, but it is an important one as Internet DNS issues continue to make headlines for the

Finding and Fixing a Home's Power Hogs
When you turn on a computer or any other personal gadgets, do you know how much power you are using? Most of us don't. Some industry analysts are looking toward

About Information Technology
Information Technology professionals build and deploy computer networks for organizations. IT is responsible for selecting, installing and maintaining network

What Is Cloud Computing?
Cloud computing is an approach for using network technology to get work done and possibly save money. The term cloud refers generically to Internet hardware

APIPA - Automatic Private IP Addressing
What is APIPA? Knowing the answer could help you land a job. Consider the example of Sam Marsh, a networking student in the UK who was recently asked this

What Is UNC?
UNC is a naming convention used primarily to specify and map network drives in Microsoft Windows. Support for UNC also appears in other operating systems via

Remote Desktop Connections - Discuss
One of our message board members recently wanted to set up their home network to access the programs and data on an old Windows 98 PC from a new Windows XP

USB 3.0 is "SuperSpeed"
Recently revealed details of the future USB 3.0 standard confirm it will support up to 10x the theoretical bandwidth of today's common USB 2.0 technology. USB

Is 5 GHz Hardware Better Than 2.4 GHz?
Mainstream equipment used in routers and other wireless networking equipment generally sends its signals in either a 2.4 GHz or a 5 GHz radio frequency range.

Turn Off Your iPhone 3G Wi-Fi Connections For Safety
As most owners of Apple's popular iPhone 3G know, it contains built-in Wi-Fi networking similar to that of a laptop computer. Some iPhone 3G owners don't

About WiBro
Someone who traveled to Seoul noticed a networking technology called WiBro and asked me about it recently. WiBro is a form of WiMax broadband Internet service

UK School Fails Wi-Fi For Health Concerns
[via Wi-Fi Net News] - One primary school in Lisburn, Northern Ireland has chosen to forego Wi-Fi networking due to concerns about radiation and related

How to Change Your IP Address
With some effort, its possible to change IP addresses on your network. The procedure depends on whether the IP address is static or dynamic and also whether it

The International Space Station Gets Wi-Fi
According to NASA, the International Space Station has recently been equipped with Wi-Fi networking. Note that this isn't Wi-Fi to the ground but rather just

Do Network Routers Support Linux? - Discuss
From member PattiC: My router I'm using now isn't supported anymore... . I have my main computer with WinXP and a second, older computer running Linux

The LHC Grid - Distributing Big Bang Data Worldwide
The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is coming online in Europe today. Assuming this gigantic particle acceleration system works as designed, it will begin

World's Fastest Wireless Now Exceeds 1 Terabit/s
[via Engadget] - Network researchers collaborating in Italy have a announced a new world speed record for point-to-point wireless communication, a whopping 1.2

Invalid IP Address Errors Connecting To a Router - Discuss
Sometimes when your Windows computer fails to connect to a nearby wireless router, you'll see the error message Invalid IP Address. You should be aware of

802.11v Wi-Fi (Only) Saves Power
While Wi-Fi networks are getting a speed boost with newer 802.11n equipment replacing older standards, the industry is working to improve Wi-Fi in other ways.

PoE - Power over Ethernet
Power over Ethernet (PoE) enables ordinary Ethernet network cables to function as power cords. If you need to install network equipment where an A/C outlet

Sneakers That Find Wi-Fi for You
Wi-Fi signal detectors help you find Internet access when away from home. Typical Wi-Fi finders take the form of keychains or wristwatches produced by various

1 Gbps Home Internet Hits Japan
[via NetworkWorld] - Japan service provider KDDI apparently will start installing 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) Internet connectivity to homes this week. It's an

First U.S. Customers Now Getting Mobile WiMax
Xohm (xohm.com) is the name of Sprint's new WiMax Internet service. The Sprint WiMax package offers wireless broadband at competitive prices, although for now,

Reasons Why Pings Fail - Discuss
When attempting to ping one of the computers on your home network, you may encounter a failure. The failure message depends on the type of ping utility you use

What Is WiLDNet?
Wireless networking has become common in many parts of the globe thanks to Wi-Fi technology. Too bad that Wi-Fi only works over distances of a few hundred feet

What Is Fixed Wireless Broadband?
Fixed wireless broadband is a type of high-speed Internet access where connections to service providers use radio signals rather than cables. Several different

The Open Wireless Defense (for P2P)
Legal actions against those who use P2P file sharing networks have a long history now, but matters are still far from settled. A primary concern of many is to

How Can I Get 300 Mbps Speed on My 802.11n Network?
802.11n network equipment may advertise 300 Mbps of supported bandwidth, but know that this is a theoretical number only achieved under ideal conditions.

What is MSComm?
MSComm is a standard Visual Basic programming module developed by Microsoft for serial port network interfaces. MSComm is sometimes used in VB software

Question the Accuracy of Internet Speed Tests
[via Wi-Fi Net News] - Numerous Web sites promise to measure the speed of your broadband Internet connection using various testing strategies. According to

Common Error Messages on Computer Networks
If your network connection is not configured properly or suffers a technical failure, you will often see an error message displayed on your screen. These

Set up Cheap Network Storage with FreeNAS
FreeNAS is an Open Source software package that implements a Network Attached Storage (NAS) server. You can install FreeNAS on, say, an old PC, and have it

POLL: Do You Refuse to Buy Unofficial 802.11n ("Draft N") Wi-Fi Gear?
Today's Wi-Fi equipment based on the 802.11n standard is often called Draft N gear because 802.11n is not yet a formally ratified industry standard. Most

"://" in URLs Explained
Recently, members of our message board have been discussing the syntax of URLs - specifically the use of :// characters such as in

Clever Network Names May Help You Make Money
[via Freakonomics] A cafe in the Netherlands is using clever names for their Wi-Fi hotspot to help sell product. It's an interesting idea for business

IBM Tries to Revive Interest in BPL
While many factors suggest BPL (Broadband over Power Line) will never become a popular networking technology, the need to provide high-speed Internet to

What's Your MTU? 1454 May Be The Right Answer
Recently I was troubleshooting someone's home network that used a PPPoE Internet connection. Certain Web pages (typically ones that serve streaming videos)

POLL: Have You Ever Had Your Network Equipment Stolen?

Best NAS Drives for Home Network Storage

Mesh Networking With 802.11s
802.11s is the developing IEEE standard for Wi-Fi based mesh networking. Unlike Wi-Fi networks that require a router (or other access point), a mesh

A Base Station Identification Quiz
Do you know what an outdoor wireless base station looks like? Some chaps at The Register have developed a test of your ability to discern base stations from

Adding a Print Server To a Wireless Network - Discuss
Some broadband routers feature print server support that allows you to share compatible USB printers across a home network. This week, a member of our

Using the Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows
Microsoft's Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows enables you to use standard Xbox 360 controllers (and other accessories) wirelessly with Windows games. A

POLL: Do You Allow Neighbors to Access Your Wi-Fi Home Network?

What Is Bonjour?
Bonjour is a network discovery technology developed by Apple, Inc. It allows computers and printers to automatically find and connect to each other's services

What Is a Network Name?
Did you know a network name is a text string that devices use to reference a particular computer network? These strings are, strictly speaking, separate from

Cannot Connect to Windows Update - Discuss
Cannot Connect to Windows Update - Discuss

Buffalo WZR2-G300N Wireless-N Nfiniti Router
The WZR2-G300N is Buffalo Technology's mainstream Wireless-N broadband router rated at 300 Mbps. Many agree this product has excellent performance.

Can We All Stop Connecting to "Free Public WiFi" Now?
Anyone who regularly uses their laptop or iPhone to search for a public Wi-Fi hotspot, has probably encountered the SSID called Free Public WiFi more than

Key Undersea Cables Break (Again) in the Mediterranean
For the second time this year, multiple undersea cables that handle a large amount of transcontinental network traffic have failed somewhere under the

Edge Caching vs. Net Neutrality Explained
In an apparent preview of the contentious discussion we should expect next year around net neutrality issues, Google's future plans for something called edge

POLL: How Many Times Have You Replaced Your Failed Router?

Considerations in Building a Hotspot Network - Discuss
We recently received this message board question from Eric - I have acquired a VSAT system here in Iraq. I want to set up a system for the troops

New Sierra Wireless ExpressCards Improve Cellular Networking
For those of you with laptops featuring ExpressCard slots, the newest wireless modems from Sierra Wireless may make a nice upgrade to your Internet

Hotel Internet Bandwidth Demand (and Hopefully, Capacity?) Growing
It's no surprise that Internet use is growing at meetings of business travelers. Higher-end corporate hotels logically have been upping their network capacity

Troubleshooting an Unresponsive Ethernet Card - Discuss
Two of our message board members recently went through a troubleshooting exercise on what appeared to be a dead Ethernet card in a Windows PC. This discussion

The Proximity-1 Space Link Protocol Celebrates Five Years
This month, the U.S. NASA rovers Spirit and Opportunity are celebrating a truly incredible five years of operation on the surface of Mars. Part of the

HomeGroup in Windows 7 Beta
At this year's U.S. Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Microsoft announced the Beta release of their new Windows 7 operating system. Windows 7 should interest

POLL: Is Setting Up a Home Network Way Too Complicated?

Connecting Xbox to Internet via a Laptop - Discuss
A typical way to get your Xbox game console online is to connect the Xbox to a router. Fortunately, if you don't have a router, you can sometimes still

What is a Baud?
How many of you remember the days of 9600 baud (and slower!) modems? In computer networking, the term baud was once widely used in relation to those old

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Direct Computer Connection via Bluetooth Dongles - Discuss
One of our message board members recently tried to set up direct Internet connection sharing between their two Windows XP PCs using Bluetooth adapters

What Is a Network Hacker?
In computer networking, hacking is any technical effort to manipulate the normal behavior of network connections and connected systems. A hacker is any person

What is We-Fi?
We-Fi is a company that offers free software intended simplify how you connect to Wi-Fi hotspots. Installing the We-Fi software allows your computers to

Failed Wireless Connections and Windows Live OneCare
Do you have a new laptop computer that suddenly fails to load Web pages while browsing? Recently I spent some time troubleshooting such a problem for a friend.

Enabing Wi-Fi via USB PC Cards - Discuss
Some PCs, including older laptop computers, don't have built-in Wi-Fi. One way to enable these systems for Wi-Fi is through a wireless Ethernet bridge.

The Future of UWB is Bleak
[via Gearlog] - Several companies involved in the research and development of Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) wireless technology have failed, TZero being the latest

Going Wireless - Satellite Radios
Although I listen to my Sirius satellite radio using an outdoor antenna cabled to the receiver and my trusty old Denon DRA-545R, wireless solutions are also

Which Instant Messaging Clients Are Best?
Instant messaging (IM) systems are commonly used as Internet chat clients. IM is also one of many methods for sharing files between PCs on a network. Brandon

Can Neighbors Use Your Web Browser over Wi-Fi? - Discuss
A concerned parent (and wife) has asked us whether it's possible for a neighbor to log into their laptop over Wi-Fi and use the Web browser: My son who is

The Proliferation of *Fi
Starting 50 years ago, audio electronics were often marketed under the generic term Hi-Fi, short for high fidelity. Hi-Fi was basically the only form of Fi in

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What is NFS? Network File System
Popular many years ago on Sun workstations, NFS technology allows you to share files stored on a server with clients via a process called filesystem mounting.

Login Error When Sharing Files Between Windows XP and Vista - Discuss
Sharing files between Windows XP and Windows Vista computers on the same home network is a notoriously quirky process. Right now one of our readers is hitting

DISCUSS: Errors Acquiring Network Addresses via Wi-Fi
From our message board: I got a wireless router a couple of weeks ago and its been working fine. Now when I try and connect, the status of my wireless

Linksys TFTP Client for Router Firmware Upgrades
Last week, I spent some hours trying to reload the firmware on an old Linksys router. Normally you can update a router's firmware via its console

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Sharing Only Media Files - Discuss
From Kellyvan - When I access this computer from the other one, there is a music note on the drive itself. I can not even try to access any other files,

Is DD-WRT Worth Your Time?
Wherever there's a discussion about technical issues with router firmware, particularly on Linksys routers, it doesn't take very long before some networking

New Cadillacs to Get In-Car Wi-Fi
In-car Wi-Fi came to the U.S. last year for selected models of Chrysler vehicles. In this month's follow-on announcement, General Motors will soon start

What is psyb0t?
According to security researchers at DroneBL, psyb0t is the first known botnet based on exploiting consumer network devices. Instead of attacking your PC like

Surveying Your Wi-Fi Home Network with Ekahau HeatMapper
[via Wi-Fi Net News] - Ekahau is an established company specializing in mapping and tracking Wi-Fi devices for enterprise networks. Their newest

DISCUSS: Programming Languages for Bandwidth Software
Bandwidth managers are software programs that monitor the traffic flowing over a network connection and allow administrators to control it. This week one of our

What is Telepresence?
In computer networking, telepresence is the ability to connect geographically separated people via high-quality audio and video streams. Telepresence

What is an Uplink (Port)?
Ethernet routers and switches have featured uplink ports for many years. But you may have noticed lately that uplink is becoming an increasingly popular

What is a Network Bridge?
A network bridge is a device that connects devices at the data link layer (Layer 2) of the OSI model. Network bridges often contain some logic designed to more

DISCUSS: Does Having CCNA Get You a Job?
From 'igrigoriadis' - I'm 26 years old and finished Technical School - Computer systems and networks - in Greece six years ago. Tried to do a Bachelor

BBC Live TV over Wi-Fi Making Waves
Even the Guardian seemed unaware that the BBC is piloting streaming television programmes over Wi-Fi for some months. The BBC Live TV service today works

DISCUSS: Cannot Obtain or Renew IP Address - Why?
One of our members, Melania, recently found that her Windows XP computer could not obtain an IP address via DHCP and a wired Ethernet connection. After

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Find Wireless Interfererence with Wi-Spy
Wi-Spy is a family of Wi-Fi spectrum analyzer products sold by MetaGeek. What's a spectrum analyzer? Its a tool that samples and maps out the wireless

D-Link PowerLine HD Network Starter Kit
This week, D-Link announced its new PowerLine HD Network Starter Kit for home networking. Powerline networking allows you to connect your Ethernet devices

Tropos Outdoor Mesh Routers Get 802.11n
If you've wondered why some routers like the one shown at right have an unusual appearance, its because they are designed for outdoor operation. Tropos

How NetworkManager Helps Make Wireless Connections in Linux
NetworkManager is a desktop applet designed for Linux computers that roam between networks. Similar to connection managers for Windows or Mac computers,

DISCUSS: How to Connect a Router to the Internet
Are you looking for an example of how to hook up a router to the Internet from the point of view of a typical person setting up their first home network? If

Bluetooth 3.0 - Faster and More Reliable
A new version of Bluetooth wireless network technology has officially been finalized this week by the industry group responsible for its development. The

What is Dual Band Wireless?
Simultaneous dual band has become one the hottest new features in wireless networking over the last year. While Apple added simultaneous dual band support

Somniloquy - PCs May Start Talking in Their Sleep
[via Endadget and Gizmodo] - Somniloquy is a collaboration effort between the University of California San Diego and Microsoft Research to create a new kind

Gadget Jargon Still Confuses Many (UK Citizens)
Computer networking is filled with technical, sometimes difficult to understand, concepts and terms. But the same can be said for other aspects of consumer

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WiGig - Yet Another Wireless Network
An industry group called the WiGig Alliance announced plans to develop a new wireless network technology this year. WiGig is designed to support high bandwidth

DISCUSS: Comparing Speeds of Wireless Internet Services
Our message board member 'Gamer09' is currently choosing between the two wireless Internet services available in their area. Being a World of Warcraft fan, both

The NTP Pool Project
Computers are notoriously unreliable for keeping accurate time clocks. If not set up properly, a computer clock tends to drift ahead or behind the actual time,

Sanyo Announces First 802.11n High-Definition Projector
Do any of you use video projectors at work, school or as part of your home theater system? If so, you undoubtedly appreciate the convenience of a wireless

DISCUSS: User Passwords for Routers
Some wireless routers such as the D-Link DI-624 (see photo) allow you to a set a user password. Separate from the administrative password that routers use

What is Windows 7 BranchCache?
BranchCache is a new feature of Microsoft Windows 7 designed specifically for businesses that operate from multiple office locations. As its name suggests,

Using GeoIP for Geolocation
Geolocation attempts to map the physical location of a computer by its IP address. One of the most popular geolocation services available online is GeoIP. Web

Internet Protocol (IP) Fundamentals - Free Newsletter Course
Do you want to take a focused, step-by-step guided tour of Internet Protocol (IP) networking? Then you'll want to sign up for our new free newsletter course.

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DISCUSS: When Network Commands are Not Recognized by Windows
A message board member 'Martynow' isn't sure why ipconfig won't work on a Windows 2000 PC. Even though Win2K is an old operating system, most of the basic

Virtual Wi-Fi in Microsoft Windows 7
Virtual Wi-Fi was formerly a project at Microsoft Research to study an interesting question: How can your computer be used to connect to multiple wireless

How Much Power Does a Network Router Consume?
Everyone is interested (hopefully) in conserving electricity and saving money on their power bills. Any gadgets around the house that tend to stay on 24

Internet Network Traffic Still Growing Fast
Last year at this time, Cisco Systems projected Internet traffic would increase 6x by 2012. Cisco has now updated their forecast taking into account the latest

DISCUSS: Setting Up a Rural Wi-Fi Network
A tech-savvy reader from Kentucky has been looking to share his Internet connection with a guest house some distance from the main home and primary wireless

Does iPhone 3.0 Really Excel at Wi-Fi Hotspots?
The new iPhone version 3.0 software release brings several nice improvements over earlier versions. One of these is the ability to automatically log in to

How Accurate is Your Computer Clock?
Some of you probably use NTP (Network Time Protocol) to keep your computer (and router) clocks synchronized to the correct time of day. NTP is a great

WiLife Catches It On Video
Looking to find out whether any uninvited guests are sneaking into your private office when you're in another part of the house, at work, or even on

AirView Wireless Spectrum Analyzers
AirView is a family of low-cost wireless spectrum analyzer products sold by Ubiquiti Networks. AirView2 covers the 2.4 GHz band used by Wi-Fi while Airview9

PortaBella Mobile Broadband Bonding
Mushroom Networks announced this week its newest product, the PortaBella Broadband Bonding Network Adapter (BBNA). This small device allows you to set up

A Classic - CompuServe Shuts Down
The CompuServe Classic online service, famous in the 1980s for its popular online communities and groundbreaking Internet services that pre-dated the World Wide

Best and Worst Networking Projects for Students
I've often been asked to suggest networking projects suitable for high school or college students. Depending on length of the project, number of students and

DISCUSS: Network Magic
Network Magic is a general-purpose software utility designed to simplify the setup and maintenance of home networks. Originally created by Pure Networks and

Using Geolocation in Firefox
Starting with the recently released Firefox 3.5, Mozilla's Web browser supports geolocation - the ability to determine a computer's geographic location.

Going Wireless - Picture Frames
Picture frames that store and display digital images from computers and cameras have been available for several years. Kodak, Sony, D-Link and others now

DISCUSS: Sharing External Hard Drives
If you use an external hard drive (such as a portable USB drive), you can share its files and folders across a local network same as for internal drives, with

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Australian Police to Start Peacedriving
Police in the Australian state of Queensland have announced plans to begin surveying residential neighborhoods for unsecured Wi-Fi networks. This appears to be

The 802.11n Standard Is (Still) Almost Done
[via CTIA SmartBrief] - The target date for final ratification of the 802.11n standard for wireless networking is now September 11th according to published

DISCUSS: Can a Home Network Share Two Internet Connections?
Some people have two Internet connections coming into their home, such as for a home office or multi-family dwelling. It's logical to assume these two Internet

Barnes and Noble Wi-Fi Now Free to All
The Wi-Fi hotspots in Barnes and Noble U.S. bookstores have been free for awhile... but only to some customers of AT&T Internet services. Others had to pay

Cellphone Wi-Fi Usage Increasing With iPhone 3.0
The recent release of iPhone 3.0 has helped drive a significant increase Wi-Fi usage over the first half of 2009 according to AT&T. Recall that iPhone 3.0

Sensitive U.S. Government Data Found on LimeWire
As described by Computerworld, private information concerning the safety of the U.S. president were among sensitive documents recently found on LimeWire. Though

DISCUSS: Problems Discovering Wireless Printers
Syrie says - I have a Wi-Fi network at home. I have a printer (Brother 2170W) which connects wirelessly. The thing is... sometimes my PC doesn't seem to see

Denial of Service Attacks Silence Twitter
The famous social networking Web site Twitter went offline temporarily today due to Denial of Service (DoS) issues. Popular Internet sites are often targets of

A Wi-Fi Backlash in Your Neighborhood?
The Wall Street Journal recently joined other observers who've noted some establishments cutting back their support for free Wi-Fi hotspots. True, hard

DISCUSS: How to Determine LAN Speed
A reader named 'sun' asks how they could calculate the speed of their network in bytes per second. One option is to try any of the various TCP/IP performance

Is CCIE the Most Prestigious Networking Certification?
Some years ago, the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) gained a reputation as one of the most demanding certifications in networking. Besides the

Going Wireless - Projectors
Digital video projectors are commonly found in classrooms and business conference rooms. By connecting your computer to a video projector, you can display a

Are You Applying for Fake Jobs?
Earlier this month, Larry Chaffin described the results of an experiment at Network World to test whether recruiters are posting fake jobs to online job search

DISCUSS: Proxy ARP in Routers
Proxy ARP is the feature of network routers that responds to ARP requests with the router's own MAC address rather than that of some other device. Do you know

Metcalfe's Law for Computer Networks
A pioneer in creating computer networking technology, engineer Robert Metcalfe developed a theory regarding the usefulness of networks that became both

DISCUSS: CAT5 vs CAT6 Cables
I'm thinking of building a wired network in my home that will be fast enough for on demand video/movies (streamed from a 4TB Network-attached storage

Will the S.773 Cybersecurity Act Shut Down Private Computer Networks?
Recent articles in CNet (Bill would give president emergency control of Internet) and Computerworld (Obama's 'emergency' powers over Internet: Cybersecurity

IP Helper - The Windows Vista Service
There are a few different applications on the Internet called IP Helper. One of these is a Windows service introduced by Microsoft with the Vista operating

Mobile Cloud Computing - Knocking at the Door
[via Reuters] Technology market research firm ABI Research forecasts mobile cloud computing subscribers will grow rapidly in the coming years. The numbers

Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool for (Some Versions of) Windows
Microsoft provides a Web-based utility called Internet Connectivity Evaluation Tool that tests your home broadband router for certain technologies designed

Internet and Wireless Network System Preferences in Snow Leopard
If you've updated your Mac to the new Snow Leopard operating system (Mac OS 10.6), you may notice changes in the System Preferences for Apple networking. In

DISCUSS: USB Printer Disrupts Network Connection
I just installed a brand new HP Photosmart all-in-one printer and connected it to a USB port in my PC. I have Windows XP. As soon as I did, my D-Link USB

Snow Leopard VPN from Cisco Giving Users Chills
Like the folks at CNet, I was pleased to discover that the new Mac OS X (a.k.a. Snow Leopard) now includes built-in support for the Cisco VPN client. It wasn't

Going Wireless - Prescription Pill Bottles
[via Slice of MIT] - Last month, start-up company Vitality, Inc. began selling a product called GlowCap. It is a system for automatically reminding people

Places Wireless Internet May Never Reach
With new Wi-Fi hotspot and WiMax installations popping up every day, it's tempting to imagine that one day wireless Internet connectivity will truly be

PSP-FTPD - FTP Server for the Sony PlayStation
Looking for a way to transfer files to your Sony PSP via its Wi-Fi connection? PSP-FTPD is a freeware program that you can install and run on the PSP to turn it

POLL: What Is the Internal IP Address of Your Home Network's Primary Router/Modem?

What Is Hadoop?
Hadoop is an Apache Software Foundation project developing free software for network clusters and distributed systems. A small company called Cloudera packaged

DISCUSS: Requirements for High-End NAS Systems
If you had about $14,604 (USD) to spend, what would you buy? One of our readers has decided to start shopping for a Network Attached Storage (NAS) system. For

Using Wi-Fi To See Through Walls
[via Digg] - It seems that Wi-Fi is good for more than just networking computers. University of Utah researchers Joey Wilson and Neal Patwari are currently

No iPhone Tethering for You - Yet
If you're an iPhone owner early awaiting the day when you can hook up the phone to your laptop for cellular Internet access, there's no news to report here.

DISCUSS: Performance of Wireless IP Cameras
What happens when you put 9 wireless IP cameras onto an 802.11g LAN? In one case, h3llc4t has been experiencing constant intermittent loss of live video,

What Is Wi-Fi Direct?
Wi-Fi Direct is a new capability of Wi-Fi wireless networking coming (hopefully) next year to consumer products. Wi-Fi Direct is a greatly improved form of ad

DISCUSS: Choosing a Wired Broadband Router
From 'Rudinator' - I have never had a router before. I am running a standalone computer with a cable modem to connect to the Internet. I have no reason to ever

HideIP is a virtual private network (VPN) service designed to provide anonymous Internet access. (High-speed Internet service itself is not included.) With a

Sustainable Networks
It may seem quite a stretch to associate computer networking with environmental conservation issues and so-called green initiatives, but a book published

First Internet Live Concert Broadcast via BitTorrent
[via TorrentFreak] - It was staged in northern Norway and far, far from being a mainstream music act, but yesterday marked the completion of the first live

DISCUSS: Setting up Wireless Internet at an Apartment Complex
Setting up Internet access when moving into a new apartment can be just like working with wireless hotspots at a school or cafe, As posted to our message board

LaCie d2 Network Home Media Server
LaCie is one of the many companies that makes and sells Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices for home and business. Some of these boxes, including the

iPhone Officially on Sale in China, Without Wi-Fi
The iPhone officially went on sale in mainland China this weekend following an agreement between Apple and the Chinese government to remove Wi-Fi support

Blocking Access to Social Networking Sites
For several years now, many business and school network administrators block access to Facebook, Myspace and other social networking site on the grounds that

DISCUSS: Braindumps are Illegal
A spammer on our message board recently posted a set of product advertisements that appeared to include braindumps for computer networking certification exams.

Going Wireless - Locators
Wireless locators help track down the physical location of people or things. Personal locators, for example, are small devices that plot your position on a map.

DISCUSS: Wireless Printers Ask for a Passphrase
To connect a wireless printer to a Wi-Fi home network requires setting matching security settings on the printer just like on home computers. When a home

Recently I've been looking at linking a DirecTV digital video recorder (DVR) to my home network so that my family can watch some satellite television programs

DISCUSS: How to Avoid Being Seen on a Home Network
From CJS - There are several computers in our home all on the same network. How do I stop all the other computers from seeing my computer? I don't want the

Free Wi-Fi Coming to McDonalds
Although McDonalds' own Web site still doesn't mention it, the chain plans to make Wi-Fi free in its restaurants starting in January 2010, according to the

Is Someone Logging Into Your Router Remotely?
A reader contacted me this weekend with a question about unauthorized logins to their router. Most routers allow you to track the IP addresses of logins to the

DISCUSS: Changing SSID on Windows Vista
Changing the default SSID is a recommended practice for improving the security of wireless home networks. When doing this, the network name of all wireless

Meet the Vue Personal Video Network
The Vue Personal Video Network, a wireless camera package for home computer networks, began selling in September. The product ships with two battery-powered

Going Wireless - Scales
Would you like to have your weight and body fat percentage automatically posted on the Internet? If so, a French company called Withings has just the

DISCUSS: Sharing Large Files via FTP
Someone on our message board runs a consulting firm and is currently trying to set up an FTP server to share large files with their clients. FTP solves this

Which Web Sites Remember Your IP Address?
On June 25th, 2008, somebody visited a political news portal called Indymedia.us and got the attention of the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). Who was this

The Best iPhone Apps for Computer Networking?
PC Magazine released its listing this week of The Top 40 Free Apps for iPhone. One of the many useful apps on PCMag's list is the JiWire Free Wi-Fi Finder

Ford SYNC Gets Wi-Fi in 2010 (Bring Your Own Modem)
U.S. automaker Ford has announced plans to update its SYNC branded in-car technology platform with Wi-Fi support starting in 2010. Since its initial rollout

What Is the WiderNet Project?
Did you know that the University of Iowa (USA) runs a project to help people in developing countries build computer networks and get access to information? In

Gigabit Wi-Fi - Will '802.11ac' Be The Next Big Thing?
IEEE has used up every individual letter for their 802.11 Wi-Fi standards family, so the new names use two. 802.11ac is the next generation of core Wi-Fi

A First? Touch Screen Broadband Routers
At the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), networking vendor D-Link announced what's likely to be the first broadband router with a touch screen user

DISCUSS: Networking a Modded Xbox
A modded Xbox is any hardware or firmware change made to the Microsoft game console outside of its standard design. One of our readers is currently looking

What 700 MHz Wireless Means to You
Numerous news outlets are reporting that 700 MHz wireless microphones can no longer be sold in the U.S. per order of the Federal Communications Commission

GoodNight for Mac OS X
Recently I've been looking at an interesting shareware utility for Mac OS X called GoodNight that can save energy and extend the life of Mac computers in

Kindle DX Gets Global Wireless
The Amazon Kindle DX with global wireless support, recently announced at CES 2010, is now shipping. Until this week, the DX only worked with cellular

99% of the Files Available on BitTorrent - Illegal?
A Princeton undergrad and his advising professor recently published the results of their survey on BitTorrent file sharing. ArsTechnica claims the majority of

DISCUSS: Changing Your Public IP Address
Doug, one of our readers, can no longer send email from his computer. After some troubleshooting, he has isolated the problem. Turns out that my IP address has

Bandwidth Requirements for the Super Bowl
[via dailywireless.org] - How much network bandwidth does it take to transmit high definition video of a world famous event? If you said 1.5 Gbps, you have

How to Build an Intranet From Scratch
Intranets can be invaluable communication tools for computer-based workgroups in small businesses and larger ones alike. If they are not planned properly,

Using Ethernet on the MacBook Air
Using Ethernet on the MacBook Air

What Is SIMFi?
SIMFi is the name of a new kind of SIM card for cell phones, one that incorporates a built-in Wi-Fi radio. With the right software installed, SIMFi effectively

How to Share a Printer Using Windows XP
Even in 2010, some folks are still looking to make wireless printer connections via Windows XP and not Windows 7 or Vista. Although your printer may not

DISCUSS: Network Settings and Vista PC File Sharing
Ever since Microsoft Vista was released a few years ago, our readers have reported various problems getting their Vista computers to share folders with other

How to Check the Status of the RIM (BlackBerry) Network
A traditional BlackBerry is the well-known mobile email device so popular with governments, some large corporations and other institutions who carry on a

Pennsylvania Students Learn About Webcam Remote Activation
High school students in Ardmore, PA, and around the United States are getting a crash course in the remote activation of webcams, courtesy of the Lower Merion

What DNSSEC Means to You
DNSSEC is an extension to the Internet Domain Name System (DNS). DNSSEC improves computer network security by adding extra intelligence to DNS that validates

Wi-Fi Rolling Onto School Buses
As reported in the New York Times, students at Empire High School in Vail, Arizona (USA) have been enjoying mobile Internet service on one of its buses since

DISCUSS: Temporarily Disabling Wi-Fi at Home
Sandy Gibbs needs an easy way to shut off the home's Wi-Fi network to discipline a teenage daughter and then turn it back on later when the disciplinary period

Cisco Announces the CRS-3
In 2004, Cisco's CRS-1 router set a world record with an amazing (at the time) capacity of 92 terabits per second. Despite a lofty price tag, Cisco has sold

POLL: How Many Devices Are On Your Home Network?

Do We Understand the Health Risks of Wi-Fi Yet?
Glenn Fleishman gave high praise for a recent article in Popular Science examining the health risk from wireless radiation. While it is detailed and

When Your Router IP Address Isn't Reachable
Several of you have reported issues with connecting to broadband routers at their default IP address. While Linksys routers default to using and