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History and Evolution of Composite Materials
A survey of the history of composite materials. Find out when the first composite was used, and how composites have changed through the years.

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An index of categories in the

About Aramid Fibers
All about Kevlar and other aramid fibers.

About Carbon and Graphite Fibers
All about carbon and graphite fibers.

About Composite And Plastic Materials
Learn about composites and plastics, constituent materials such as fibers and resins, manufacturing processes, and the different applications of these materials.

About Glass Fibers and Fiberglass
All about glass fibers and fiberglass.

Equipment for the Manufacture of Composites and Plastics
Sources of equipment for the manufacture of composite and plastic materials, and for the manufacture of components and products made from such materials.

Software for Analysis, Design and Manufacturing
Engineering software to aid in the design, analysis and manufacturing phases of the composites and plastics product lifecycle.

Composites Industry
The composites industry is made up of thousand of manufacturers across the world. Learn about the different industry associations, events, and trade shows that make up the composite industry.

Manufacturing of Composites
Manufacturing composites requires skill and artistic talent. Learn about how composites are manufactured and the methods used.

Miscellaneous Composite Information
Additional information about composite materials and their unique structural properties.

Plastics and Thermoplastic Polymers
Plastic and polymers are used constantly. Learn about the various plastics that make up daily life such as PET, polypropylene, and polyethylene.

Resins Used In Composites
Polymer resins are used to tightly hold reinforcing fibers together in FRP composite structures. Learn about the various resins used including epoxy, polyester, vinyl ester, and thermoplastic resins.

What Is Fiberglass, or Glass Fiber?
Fiberglass is a strong and lightweight reinforcement used in composites. Learn about the history of fiberglass and how it is manufactured.

Materials Used to Make Polyester Gel Coats
Polyester gel coats are composed of materials which allow for the manufacturing of high quality composite products. Learn what materials are used in gel coats, and why.

Gel Coat Materials - Continued
Learn about gel coat quality control used in composites, and the materials involved. Page 2.

Guide To Carbon Fiber
Carbon fiber is a lightweight fiber used in advanced composites. Learn about what makes this material so unique and important.

What Is Carbon Fiber - Continued
Carbon fiber, the lightweight and strong material used in composites. Page 2.

Composite Materials in Boats
Some form of composites have been used in boats since man first ventured into the sea. But modern FRP composite materials in boats is still relatively new.

Carbon Fiber Manufacturer Companies
Learn about the various companies around the world that manufacture raw carbon fiber used in lightweight composite products.

Examples of Composites - Around the House
There are numerous examples of composites, many of which can be seen around the house. Learn about what every day products are manufactured with FRP composites.

verywell. Composites/Plastics.

Learn About Plastic and Composite Materials
About Composites, the source for composite material and reinforced plastic information. Learn about lightweight composite materials including: carbon fiber, fiberglass, and honeycomb. Find manufacturers, resources, composite industry news, and more.

Applications of Carbon Fiber
Carbon fiber has properties that make it desirable in many applications. Learn about what products have adopted this lightweight and durable material.

How Is Carbon Fiber Made?
Carbon fiber, perhaps the most useful material of out time, is manufactured through precise processes. Lear how carbon fiber is made.

The Many Uses of PP / Polypropylene Plastics
Polypropylene is a versatile plastic used in many places in our life. Learn about this plastic and the myriad of uses.

What Are PET Plastics?
What are PET plastics? Learn about the plastic used in water and soda bottles, and how PET plastic is recycled.

What Is Polypropylene and What Is It Used For?
What is polypropylene? The versatile plastic polypropylene is used throughout our daily life, and has become a common piece for packaging and plastic products.

Recycling Plastics - How Does It Work?
Plastic recycling can reduce the consumption of other natural resources like timber, due to its use in making composite lumber and many other products.

What Are CRFP Composites and Why Are They Useful?
Carbon fiber reinforced polymers (CFRP composites) are lightweight yet strong materials. Learn what make these space age materials so useful and desirable.

How to Use Carbon Fiber Basics Guide
Discover how to carbon fiber, the guide for learning the various aspects of carbon fiber composites and how to work with the lightweight composite material know as carbon fiber.

What are Epoxy Resins?
Epoxy resins are advanced thermosetting resins used in FRP composites. Learn the basics of this resin, the chemistry, and the uses of epoxy.

Understanding the Basics of Prepegs
Prepregs are pre-impregnated fiber reinforcements or cloths that are used to manufacture composites. Learn the basics of prepregs here.

Thermoplastic vs Thermoset Resins (Composites)
Thermoset vs thermoplastic composites, what is the difference? Both have advantages and there is demand for both thermoplastic and thermoset composites.

Composite Resin Basics - Polyester and Vinyl Ester
Polyester and vinyl ester resins are the two most common resins used in FRP composites. Learn why these resins work so well.

Lightweight & Strong Materials In A Composite Surfboard
The composite surfboard combines advanced materials to make the ultimate board. Learn about the key materials of a composite surfboard, and the future of board design.

What Is a Composite Material?
When two materials are combined to make a stronger material, a composite is made. Learn what makes composite materials unique, strong, and lightweight.

What Is Plastic Extrusion?
The plastic extrusion process creates products that we use daily. Learn more about extrusion of plastics.

Rotational Molding - Rotomolding
Rotational molding, commonly called

Uses of Fiberglass
Fiberglass reinforced polymers are the original composite materials. They remain the back-bone of the composites industry. Learn about glass fiber and what products are made with this composite.

What Are Carbon Nanotubes?
Carbon nanotube have promise for breakthrough applications. But, what are carbon nanotubes, or CNTs for short?

Composite Materials In Aerospace
The material of choice for aerospace is carbon fiber. Learn about the composites that are dominating the future of aerospace.

Polyethylene Terephthalate Plastics
Polyethylene Terephthalate, better known as PET, is perhaps the most common and widely used plastic today. Learn about this durable plastic known as PET.

Plastics Used Everyday
Learn about the plastics we used day in and day out. What are the most common types of plastics we use.

What Are Plastics
Plastics are everywhere, but what are plastics? Learn the basics of this polymer material that has taken over our life.

Basics of Composite Laminating Resins
Laminating resins are the foundation of composite material manufacturing. Learn about the various components that make laminating resins unique.

How to Begin Vacuum Infusion (Resin Infusion)
Using resin infusion to manufacture composites is not difficult. Learn about the basic components that will be needed to convert to the vacuum infusion process.

Introduction To Parabeam Glass Fabrics
Parabeam glass fabrics are a novel way to increase the structure and strength of a composite product, without dramatically increasing the weight.

Learn How to Properly Apply Gel Coat
Gel coat application is a science. Learn the proper methods to apply gel coat in composite manufacturing.

Learn How Carbon Fiber Tubes Are Made
Carbon fiber tubes are extremely strong and stiff, yet very lightweight. Discover how they are manufactured and their applications.

What is Open Molding and Hand Lay-Up
Open molding is a low cost and effective way to manufacture composites. Learn about the two most common methods of open molding, hand lay-up and spray-up.

Thermal Properties of Composites: Tg - Glass Transition
At a certain temperature, FRP composites will soften and lose their structure. This point is called the Glass Transition Temperature, or Tg.

Mechanical Properties of FRP Composites
FRP composites have unique mechanical properties which provide benefits. Learn about the properties of fiber reinforced polymers.

Composites 101
Learn the basics of composite materials. Find out what makes carbon fiber lightweight and strong or simply, what makes a composite... a composite.

What's a Composite?
Basic definitions of composite materials.

A Brief History of Kevlar
Introduction to Kevlar fibers[R]and their properties.

SACMA Recommended Methods Test Manual for Composites
Review of the Suppliers of Advanced[R]Composite Materials Association (SACMA) Recommended Methods test manual.

Top 20 Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century
Neil Armstrong announced the[R]20 top engineering achievements of the 20th Century at a National[R]Academvy of Engineering NAE meeting

American Ceramic Society Discusses Ceramic Composites at Meeting
The 106th Annual Meeting and Exposition of the American Ceramic Society was held in April 2004 and included several sessions and symposia on ceramic composites. Topics included innovative processing, homeland defense applications (ballistic armor), structural applications (gas turbines), and nanocomposites.

American Ceramic Society Discusses Ceramic Composites at Meeting
The 106th Annual Meeting and Exposition of the American Ceramic Society was held in April 2004 and included several sessions and symposia on ceramic composites. Additional topics covered sol-gel processing of biomorphic ceramics and nanocomposites for photonic applications. Page 2.

What Is a Polymer? - Discovering the Basics of Polymers
What is a polymer. Discover the basics of polymers and what makes them so useful See examples of polymers and their common uses.

What Is PVC Plastics - Polyvinyl Chloride
PVC plastics are the third most commonly used types of plastic polymers used. Learn about the properties of PVC polyvinyl chloride plastics.

How to Paint Composite Materials
How to paint composites and fiberglass. Learn the steps in prepping and finishing a composite material with paint.

What Is Carbon Fiber Cloth? Details on Its Strength
Learn about carbon fiber cloth. Discover the terms used in carbon fiber manufacturing such as, 3k plain weave carbon, and 282 carbon fiber.

Uses of Carbon Fiber
Carbon fiber is used because of it's high strength and light weight properties. Learn which industries have adopted this unique material.

Most Common Plastics - Commonly Used Plastics
We touch plastic polymers all day long, but chances are you are touching one of these five most common plastics.

Vinyl Ester vs Polyester Resins: Pros and Cons of Each
Both resins have distinct advantages over the other. Find out the differences between vinyl ester and polyester resins.

The Basics of Aramid Fiber, Polymer Reinforcing Fiber
Aramid fiber is one of the most useful fibers used in textiles and fiber reinforced composites. The properties of aramid fibers are amazing.

Plastics In Children's Toys
Not all plastics are equal, especial when used in children's toys. Learn about the uses of the various plastics and chemicals in toys.

Converting the Units of Measurements for Composite Fabrics
Converting composite fabric weights to the same unit of measurement is important when comparing two materials. Learn the conversion of grams per square meter to ounces per square yard.

What Is Aramid Fiber?
Aramid fibers are a lightweight high strength reinforcement used in fiber reinforced composite applications. Learn more about aramid fibers here.

What Is Vacuum Forming?
Vacuum forming is an excellent method of manufacturing and molding plastic. Chances are you use something that is vacuum formed daily.

Composite Decking Basics
Composite decks are mainstream, and for good reason. Learn about the basics of composites decking.

Learn About the Core Materials Used in FRP Composites
Core materials are used in composites to provide strength and stiffness without adding much additional weight. Learn about the most common composite core materials.

Blow Molding Definition and Analysis
Blow molding is a process used in making hollow plastic parts. There are three main types of blow molding: injection, stretch and extrusion.

What Is EPS - Expanded Polystyrene
Expanded polystyrene, commonly known as EPS, is a lightweight foam with extremely good mechinical

Recycling Composite Materials
Recycling of composite materials is a new and growing segment of the composites industry, which is needed for and end of life solution.

Composites In Military Applications
Composite materials continue to revolutionize military applications as their properties make for better equipment and armor.

What Is Polyurethane Foam
Polyurethane foam is widely used as a core material in composites, but it is also used in a wide range of other applications due to the versatile properties.

Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) Plastic
PBT plastic is a useful and common polymer commonly used in children's toys.

Injection Molding - The Basics
Injection molding is one of the most low cost manufacturing methods of plastic. Understand the other benefits and history of injection molding.

Composites In UAVs
Composites make UAVs possible. Learn what lightweight composite materials are used in Unmanned Areal Vehicles.

Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Fiber reinforced concrete is used day in and out, it is even used on the stucco on our walls. Learn why concrete is being reinforced with composite materials.

High Temperature Thermoplastics
High temperature thermoplastics are gaining popularity due to their increase toughness and durability.

What Is Corrugated Plastic
Corrugated plastic is an inexpensive building that is incredibly useful. Learn more about corrugated plastic.

What Are PBT Plastics
PBT plastics are a versatile engineered plastic polymer with uses in a wide variety of application and industries. Learn more about PBT plastics.

Continuous Fiber Thermoplastics (CFRT)
Thermoplastic resin reinforced with fiber are on the rise as high performance applications require unique the properties of thermoplastics.

What Is Compression Molding
Compression molding is an extremely efficient method of mass producing plastic and composite products. Learn more about compression molding.

Fire Resistant Resins - FR Resins
Fire Resistant (FR) resin and polymers are playing a critical roll in industries regulating fire, smoke, and toxicity.

Fire Resistant Polymers
Fire resistant polymers are used to keep us safe in transportation and buildings.

Compression Molding
Compression molding is one of the most efficient methods of manufacturing composites. Learn about the technique here.

How To Sand Composites
How to sand composites. Learn the correct methods and what the proper materials are to be used when sanding composites.

Types Of Composite Reinforcement
FRP composites receive their strength from the reinforcement. These reinforcements can vary by material (carbon fiber / fiberglass) or vary by style (woven / stitched).

Honeycomb Used In Composites
Honeycomb core material is commonly used in composites. It's lightweight and high stiffness offers unique properties desirable in many composite applications.

Selecting Composite Materials
Fiber reinforced composites are common, but do you know how to select the different types of fiber and resin used?

Composites In Aerospace
Composite materials received their start from advancements in the aerospace industry.

Carbon Fiber Plate
Once high tech, and now common, carbon fiber plate is readily available for use in many applications. Learn about how carbon fiber plate is made.

Composite Materials In Armor
Composite materials are saving lives and assets around the world, every day. The lightweight and strong properties of composites make them an ideal fit for armor applications.

Applications of Pultruded Composites
Pultrusion is the manufacturing method of choice of a number of industries. Understand why pultruded parts dominate various products.

Advantages of Composite Materials
Composite materials are commonly used because their properties create significant advantages in the products that are manufactured from them.

Composites In Boeing's 787 Dreamliner
Composite materials and carbon fiber make the Dreamliner the most advanced passenger plane to date.

Composite Hockey Sticks
Carbon fiber composites are the material of choice for hockey. Learn why this sport is turning to advanced composite materials.

Fiberglass Bathtubs and Spoa
Fiberglass is the material of choice in bathtubs and spas, and for good reason.

Uses Of Plastics
The uses and importance of plastic materials in our everyday lives is incredible. Most of use touch a form of plastic at any given time, on any given day.

Prepreg Basics
Prepregs are used in composite manufacturing that requires precision, engineered accuracy, and cosmetic perfection.

Glossary of terms related to composite materials.

Professional societies with an interest in composite materials and related engineering fields.

Specialty Tools for Cutting and Machining Composites
Specialized drill bits, blades and other tools for cutting composite materials and structures.

Diamond Drill Bits Blades and Other Tools
Diamond drill bits, blades and other tools for cutting composites and other abrasive materials.

Waterjet Equipment and Information about Waterjet Cutting
Sources of waterjet equipment and additional information about cutting materials using waterjets.

Material properties tables and databases for composites and other materials.

Distributors of Thermoset and Thermoplastic Foams
Distributors of thermoset and thermoplastic foams for uses in cores and other applications.

Suppliers of composite prepreg products.

Applications of Composites and Plastics
The use of composites and plastics in various products and applications.

Certification and Licensing for Composites and Plastics
Information about gaining certification in the composites and plastics industries.

Lecture Notes Problem Sets Exams and Other Academic Materials
Lecture notes, problem sets, exams and other resources associated with university courses in composites and plastics.

Honeycombs, Foams and Other Core Materials
Suppliers of honeycombs foams and other cores for composite sandwich products.

Educational Materials
Tutorials presentations lecture notes and other educational materials about composites.

Material Suppliers and Other Disrtributors of Composites and Plastics
Suppliers and distributors of composites, plastics, materials, and related consumables and supplies used in the manufacture of finished products.

Resources for Professionals in the Composites and Plastics Industries
Industry and professional associations, and online B2B exchanges covering the plastics and composites industries.

Training: Organizations
Companies, schools and other organizations that provide training in plastic and composite materials and manufacturing, as well as related fields such as boating and nondestructive testing.

Careers, Employment and Training for the Composites and Plastics Industries
Employer job listings, employment services, certification programs, ongoing training, and other resources to help you start or expand your career in composites or plastics.

Academic Resources for Students and Educators
University-level course materials and outlines, other types of educational materials, degree programs and course offerings, and university laboratories.

Cutting Tools
Scissors knives lasers waterjets and other equipment for cutting composite materials.

Impregnation Lines and Prepreggers
Manufacturers of composite prepreg impregnation lines and related equipment.

How To Instructions for Composites Manufacturing
Instructions for making parts out of composites and plastics, and for making molds and tooling for such parts.

Glossaries, Property Databases and Other Reference Materials
Glossaries of composites, plastics, materials, and related terms; material property databases.

Online Resources for Materials and Engineering Research
Reference materials for researching materials and engineering topics, including journal contents, market reports, patent databases, technology transfer databases, and research laboratory listings.

Databases of Material Properties
Databases of composite materials properties.

Laminate Analysis Software
Software for analyzing composite materials and structures based on laminate theory.

Manufacturing and Molding Software
Software aids for the manufacturing of composite structures and products, and for the simulation of molding processes.

Publications, Books, Newsletters and Reports
Book reviews and recommended books, online newsletters, and other reports and publications covering plastics and composites.

Filament Winding - The Basics
Filament winding is a unique composite manufacturing process. Learn about the filament winding process, common products made, and the key advantages.

TEPIC Structural Foam for High Temperature Tooling
Researchers at the Department of Energy's Sandia National Laboratories in Livermore, Calif., have developed a high temperature, high strength structural support foam, TEPIC, that can be used for molded-to-shape models as well as prototype and production run tooling for composites manufacturing. The material can replace traditional tooling boards but is much easier to use.

Strong Growth Expected in Golf Club Market
A recent market report predicts a growth rate of over 25% annually in the Chinese and Indian golf club market. As the demand for high performance products has increased, carbon fiber composites have overtaken steel as the material of choice for golf shafts.

Evolution Of Wind Turbine Blade Construction
As the trend for larger wind turbine blades continues, new materials and manufacturing technology will be required to meet this demand.

Genmar Spins Off VEC Technology Business
Genmar Holdings, Inc. (Genmar) announced today the successful spin-off of its VEC Technology business into a new stand-alone entity. Based upon the completed transaction, the new company's value approximates $350 million. VEC LLC will be owned and operated as a stand-alone company with several strategic investors and partners.

What's a Composite?
A brief description and[R]definition of composite materials.

Notch Sensitivity
The extent to which the sensitivity of a material to fracture is increased by the presence of a surface inhomogeneity such as a notch, a sudden change in section, a crack, or a scratch.

Coefficient of Thermal Conductivity
The rate at which heat is transferred by conduction through a unit cross-sectional area of material when a temperature gradient exists perpendicular to the area.

Basic Design Principals of Structural Sandwich Composites
Section 1.2 of MIL-HDBK-23A,[R]basic design principles of structural sandwich composites..

Software Used In Composites
Learn about the software used in composites, when designing products or creating a visual prototype on a computer.

Carbon Fiber - What is Carbon Fiber
Carbon fiber is an extremely strong yet very lightweight reinforcing fiber used in composite products. It is often used in high-end sporting goods, aerospace, and military applications.

Composite Applications
Composite applications and products manufactured with composite materials. The many uses of fiber reinforced polymers.

Fibers Used in Composites
Information about the properties of constituent fibers, and their uses in different types of composites.

Manufacturers of Composite and Plastic Structures
Manufactures that specialize in the production of composite and plastic components and structures, organized by both type of process and target industries or markets.

Natural Fibers
Natural fibers are a renewable and sustainable method of reinforcing polymers without sacrificing strength or cosmetics.

Newsletters covering composites or related topics.

Composites and Plastics News
News about the composites and plastics industries.

Plastics and Molding Software
Software for the plastics and molding industry.

American Plastics Council (APC) sites
The American Plastics Council (APC) is a major trade association for the U.S. Plastics Industry. Through a variety of outreach efforts, APC works to promote the benefits of plastics and the plastics industry. APC is comprised of 25 of the leading plastics manufacturers in the United States, with many members having a strong global market presence. APC's membership represents 80% of the U.S. resin production capacity.

Manufacturers: Custom - page 2 of 4
Manufacturers of built to print and custom composite products.

Chemical Companies and Resin Producers
Companies that manufacture polymeric resin from base components.