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Arc Resistance
The ability of a material to resist the action of a high voltage electrical arc, usually stated in terms of the time required to render the material electrically conductive.

Arc Tracking
See TRACKING.: nbsp definition arc

Areal Weight
Weight (mass) per unit area of a single ply of dry reinforcement fabric.

Aromatic Compounds
A class of organic compounds containing an unsaturated ring of carbon atoms.

Absorption Coefficient
Absorption of radiant energy for a unit concentration through a unit pathlength for a specified wavelength and angle of incidence and viewing.

Aromatic Content
Percent aromatic hydrocarbons present in a solvent mixture or in a compound.

Aromatic Hydrocarbon
A hydrocarbon with a molecular structure involving one or more benzene unsaturated resonant rings of six carbon atoms, and having properties similar to benzene, which is the simplest of the aromatic hydrocarbons.

Aromatic Polymer Composite
A generic name for an aromatic polymer containing 52% by volume of continuous carbon fiber reinforcement in polyetherether ketone (Victrex).

Aromatic Solvents
Hydrocarbon solvents comprised wholly or primarily of aromatic hydrocarbon compounds.

Artificial Ageing
The accelerated testing of plastics to simulate long-term changes in properties such as dimensional stability, water resistance, resistance to chemicals and solvents, light stability and fatigue resistance.

Artificial Composites
A term used to signify that the fibers in matrix phases are not in chemical equilibrium and the solid fibers are mechanically blended with the matrix.

Artificial Daylight
Term loosely applied to light sources, frequently equipped with filters, which are claimed to reproduce the color and spectral distribution of daylight.

Artificial Intelligence
The programming of machines to perform activities associated with intelligence, such as learning and recognition, which can be utilized in composites manufacturing.

Artificial Weathering
The process of exposing composites to continuous or repeated environmental conditions designed to simulate conditions encountered in actual outdoor exposure.

Loss The fraction of light absorbed in an optical fiber material rather than transmitted through the fiber, due to impurities inherent in the optical material.

The commercial term for a family of fibrous mineral silicates comprising some 30 known varieties which are classified under two general types, the serpentine and the amphibole types.

Asbestos Board
Asbestos-cement board.: asbestos cement cement board

Asbestos Plaster
A fireproof insulating material generally composed of asbestos with bentonite as the binder.

Description of properties of ceramic substrates as they emerge from furnace processing before polishing.

To drive off all combustible or volatile substances.

Ash Content
The nonvolatile inorganic matter of a compound which remains after subjecting it to a high decomposition temperature.

Abbreviation for American Society of Mechanical Engineers, New York.

Absorption Spectrophotometry
Measurement of the amount of radiant energy absorbed as a function of wavelength or frequency.

Aspect Ratio
(1) In fiber technology, the ratio of length to diameter of a fiber.

A dark colored viscous to solid hydrocarbon residue, also referred to as bitumen.

Asphalt Composites
Composites fabricated from bitumen.: storage batteries composites asphalt

As-Received Basis
Test data evaluated relative to moisture in samples without conditioning.

Group of materials or parts, including adhesive, which has been placed together for bonding or which has been bonded together.

Assembly of Plastics
Plastic parts may be joined to other articles by (1) Self-tapping screws made with special thread configurations to suit specific resins.

An early stage in the preparation of certain thermo-setting resins in which the material is still soluble in certain liquids and fusible.


The opposite of symmetric.: nbsp definition

ABS Resins
Abbreviation for ACRYLONITRILE-BUTADIENE-STYRENE.: heat resistance chemical resistance temperature properties impact strength electrical properties

(1) The process of relieving stresses in molded plastic articles by heating below deformation temperature, maintaining this temperature for a predetermined length of time, followed by controlled cooling.

Referring to circumferential, ring shaped, or to being formed around a collar either internally or externally.

Abbreviation for American National Standards Institute, New York.

Anti-Blocking Agent
Additive used to prevent the undesirable adhesion between touching layers of coated material, such as occurs under moderate pressure and heat during storage, manufacture or use.

Anti-Foaming Agent
An additive which reduces the surface tension of a solution or emulsion, thus inhibiting or modifying the formation of a foam.

Antifogging Agents
Plastic additives which prevent or reduce the condensation of water in the form of small droplets which resemble fog.

Anti-Fray Lacquer
A material used to coat textile or glass braid to prevent the ends from fraying when they are cut.

Antimony Trioxide
A white, odorless, fine powder which is used as a flame retardant as well as pigment, catalyst, chemical intermediate, and lubricant.

Logarithm of the reciprocal of spectral internal transmittance.

Additive to prevent degradation of plastics from exposure to the atmosphere.

Substance which prevents or slows down degradation of material due to ozone.

Anti-Shatter Compositions
Substances designed to prevent the fragmentation of glass and glass-like materials.

Anti-Skinning Agent
Any substance added to a material to prevent or retard the processes of oxidation or polymerization which result in the formation of an insoluble skin on the surface of the material.

Antistatic Agent
A chemical added to a plastic part for the purpose of eliminating or lessening static electricity.

Antistatic Composites
See STATIC ELIMINATORS and ANTISTATIC AGENT.: composites static eliminators nbsp

See ANTISTATIC AGENT.: agent definition

Anti-Wrinkling Agent
Material added to surface coating compositions to prevent the formation of wrinkles in the coat during drying.

Abbreviation for AROMATIC POLYMER COMPOSITE.: apc polymer composite abbreviation nbsp

Material in which absorption occurs.: nbsp definition absorption

A prefix denoting formation from or relationship to another organic compound.

Apparent Area of Contact
In tribology, the area of contact between two solid surfaces defined by the boundaries of their macroscopic interface.

Apparent Density
The weight per unit volume of a material including voids inherent in the material as tested.

Apparent Specific Gravity
The specific gravity of a porous solid when the volume used in the calculations is considered to exclude the permeable voids.

Apparent Viscosity
See VISCOSITY.: apparent viscosity nbsp

A process such as brushing, spraying, dipping, roller coating, flushing, or spreading by which surface coating compositions are transferred to a variety of surfaces.

Applied Load
An external load imposed upon a reacting structure or a required force for opposing, supporting and/or reacting.

Aprotic Solvent
An organic solvent that does not exchange protons with a substance dissolved in it.

(1) The penetration of a substance into the mass of another substance by molecular or chemical action.

Aprotic Substance
A substance which can act neither as an acid nor as a base.

Abbreviation for ACCEPTABLE QUALITY LEVEL.: acceptable quality level abbreviation aql nbsp

Water-containing or water-based.: nbsp definition

Abbreviation for aramid aluminum laminate.: aramid fibers aramid fiber fracture resistance composite laminate nbsp definition

See ARAMID FIBERS.: aramid fibers nbsp

Aramid, High Modulus
Yarns with an initial modulus of at least 400 gf/den (35N/tex).

Aramid Fibers
A family of high-strength, lightweight aromatic amide reinforcing fibers used to produce composites with high modulus, fatigue resistance, low thermal expansion coefficient, and good electrical properties.

Amine Resins
Synthetic resins derived from the reaction urea, thiourea, melamine or allied compounds with aldehydes, particularly formaldehyde.

Amine Value
The number of milligrams of potassium hydroxide equivalent to the amine basicity in 1 g of sample.

Amino Plastics
See AMINE RESINS.: amine resins plastics

See AMINE RESINS.: amine resins

Having no definite order of crystalline structure (noncrystalline).

Amorphous Phase
Devoid of crystallinity (noncrystalline).: noncrystalline plastics temperatures

Amorphous Plastic
A plastic which is not crystalline, generally transmits light and has low solvent resistance.

Amorphous Silica
A naturally occurring or synthetically produced oxide of silicon characterized by the absence of pronounced crystalline structure, and which has no sharp peaks in its X-ray diffraction pattern.

Absolute Dimension
One that is expressed relative to the origin of a coordinate axis, but not necessarily coinciding with the absolute zero point.

A group of asbestos minerals.: asbestos minerals nbsp definition

Compounds which can behave either as normal metallic oxides or hydroxides to form normal salts, or as acids to form salts with alkali metals.

Abbreviation for SAE/Aerospace Materials Specification.

Amyl Alcohol
Commercial alcohol used as solvent.: solvent alcohol nbsp

Abbreviation for Air Force-Navy Aeronautical Standards or Army/Navy Standards.

Free of oxygen and/or air.: nbsp definition bacteria oxygen

The determination of the identity and/or concentration of the constituents in a material.

The substance in an analysis that is being identified or determined.

Absolute Reflectance
Reflectance measured relative to the perfect diffuser.

Proper substrate to enhance adhesion of a coating.

Dependence of elastic strain on both stress and time.

Angle of Contact
Associated with the phenomenon of wetting.: flat film contact angle solid surface periphery point of contact

Angle of Incidence
Angle between the axis of a light beam impinging on a surface and a perpendicular to the surface at the point of impact.

Angle of Reflection
Angle between the axis of a light beam reflected from a surface and the perpendicular to the surface.

Angle of Viewing
Angle between the axis of a detected light beam and the perpendicular to the object surface.

Angle of Winding
The angle the roving band is laid with respect to the mandrel.

Angle-Ply Laminate
One possessing equal plies with positive and negative angles.

Absolute Specific Gravity
The ratio of the weight of a given volume of a substance to that of an equal volume of water at the same temperature, as determined by an apparatus which provides correction for the effects of air buoyancy.

The unit of length which has been redefined in the new SI terminology.

A synthetic fiber having a long chain polymer, composed at least 50% by weight of one or more esters, formed from a monohydric alcohol and an acrylic acid.

Aniline Formaldehyde Resins
A family of thermoplastics synthesized by condensing aniline and formaldehyde in an acid solution exhibiting high dielectric strength.

Animal Charcoal
See ANIMAL BLACK.: animal charcoal charcoal nbsp

An atom, molecule or radical which has gained an electron to become negatively charged.

Anionic Polymerization
See IONIC POLYMERIZATION.: anionic polymerization nbsp

Exhibiting different properties along axes in different directions.

Anisotropic Laminate
See ANISOTROPY OF LAMINATES.: anisotropy nbsp

Absolute Temperature
See KELVIN.: nbsp definition absolute temperature

The tendency of a material to react differently to stresses applied in different directions.

Anisotropy of Laminates
The difference of the properties along the direction parallel to the length or width into the lamination planes; or parallel to the thickness into the planes perpendicular to the lamination.

Alkyd Molding Compounds
Materials containing unsaturated polyester resins, formulated with relatively low amounts of cross-linking monomers and fillers, lubricants, pigments, and catalysts into a thermosetting material for use in compression, transfer, or injection molding.

Alkyd Resins
Synthetic resins formed by the condensation of polyhydric alcohols with polybasic acids.

Alkyl or Alkyl Groups
A general term for a monovalent aliphatic hydrocarbon radical, which may be represented as having been derived from an alkane with one hydrogen less than the alkane.

Alkyl Aluminum Compounds
A family of organo-aluminum compounds widely used as catalysts in the polymerization of olefins.

Alkyl Groups
Monovalent aliphatic radicals derived from aliphatic hydrocarbons by removal of a hydrogen.

Alkyl Phenolic Resin
Phenol-formaldehyde resin in which the phenol used has an alkyl group in the para position.

A type of crazing or surface cracking of a definite pattern, as indicated by name.

The property which an element possesses, to exist in different forms which in themselves have different characteristics.

Allowable Stress
Working stress.: allowable stress

(1) In plastics, a blend of polymers with other polymers or copolymers.

Abrasive Wire Bandsawing
A method of bandsawing employing a small diameter wire with diamond or other abrasive bonded to the cutting blade.

Allyl Alcohol
A colorless liquid with a characteristic pungent odor, obtained from the hydrolysis of allyl chloride (from propylene) with dilute caustic, or by the dehydration of propylene alcohol.

Allyl Esters
Esters of allyl alcohol, used in the production of resins.

Allyl Resins
Formed by the addition polymerization of compounds containing the group CH2:CH-CH2, such as esters of allyl alcohol and dibasic acids.

A prefix, usually abbreviated as the Greek letter alpha, denoting the location of a substituting group of atoms in the main group of a compound.

Alternating Copolymer
A copolymer in which the two different monomeric types alternate along the chain in an -A-B-A-B-A-B- manner.

Alternating Strain Amplitude
A consequence of alternating stress amplitude.: amplitude consequence stress

Alternating Stress Amplitude
A test parameter of a dynamic fatigue test.: fatigue test minimum stress test one amplitude

Alternative Stress
A stress varying between two maximum values which are equal but with opposite signs, according to a law determined in terms of the time.

A Angstrom
Abbreviation for ANGSTROM.: nbsp definition angstrom abbreviation

Describes measurements in terms of fundamentally defined units.

Aluminum oxide used as a ceramic substrate material.

A nickel-base alloy consisting of manganese, aluminum and silicon.

Alumina-Alumina Composites
Prepared by the chemical vapor infiltration (CVI) of AlCl3-H2-CO2 on porous alumina fibers or preforms.

Alumina-Based Fibers
Those with a high alumina content (> 60 wt % alumina).

Alumina Trihydrate
An inert mineral filler which provides flame retardancy and arc/track resistance.

A method for forming an aluminum or aluminum alloy coating on a metal employing diffusion, hot spraying or hot dipping.

Aluminum Chelates
Chemically modified aluminum secondary butoxide, used as curing agents for epoxy, phenolic and alkyd resins.

Aluminum Distearate
A white powder used as a lubricant for plastics.: lubricant plastics aluminum white powder

Prevailing environmental conditions including temperature, pressure and relative humidity.

Ambient Temperature
The temperature of the medium surrounding an object.

Absolute Accuracy
The measurement of exactness from a specified reference point.

American Society for Testing and Materials
An organization that disseminates materials information and provides standards on various materials.

American Wire Gauge
The standard system used for designating wire diameter.

An organic compound containing the CONH2 group, closely related to the organic acids with the COOH grouping.

Amide-Imide Resins
See POLYAMIDE-IMIDE RESINS.: amide resins polyamide imide nbsp

Terms amido and amino apply to the same grouping, -NH2.

The process in which the amino group is introduced into an organic molecule.

Organic bases derived from the parent compound, ammonia (NH3).

Amine Equivalent

Amine Equivalent Weight
Molecular weight of amine divided by the number of active hydrogens in the molecule.

Amine Nitrogen Content
The amount of bound nitrogen in amine compounds as described in Federal Test Method 141a.

Absolute Alcohol
Pure anhydrous ethyl alcohol (ethanol).: ethyl alcohol absolute alcohol denaturants impurities ethanol

Air Pollution
Unclean, impure, or contaminated air.: pollution air air pollution contamination decay corruption

Air Sampling
Determining quantities and types of atmospheric contaminants by measuring and evaluating a representative sample of air.

Air Scoop
An exterior configuration such as a trough, duct or scoop for the direction of sufficient volume of ram air for an aircraft.

Air-Slip Forming
A vacuum forming process utilizing an air cushion to prevent the mold from contacting the sheet until the end of its travel.

Abrasive Finishing
A method of removing flash, marks and rough edges from plastic articles by means of abrasive belts, disks, or wheels.

Air Vent
Small outlet to prevent entrapment of gases.: vent air air vent entrapment gases

Air Void
Air entrapped in a material.: air content nbsp

Abbreviation for American Iron and Steel Institute.

Fine-grained, generally white, translucent variety of very pure gypsum.

The fraction of electromagnetic radiation reflected by a surface.

A composite wrought material containing an aluminum core and one or both surfaces coated with a metallurgically bonded aluminum or aluminum alloy, which is anodic to the core, for corrosion protection.

A generic term for organic compounds having the general structure ROH.

Alcohol, Absolute
Ethyl alcohol which has been rendered anhydrous by drying and contains in excess of 99.9% alcohol.

Alcohol, Denatured
Ethyl alcohol which has been adulterated with toxic material so as to render it unfit for internal consumption but remaining suitable for use as an industrial solvent or reactant.

Abrasive Flow Machining
A finishing process for holes and inaccessible areas using an extruded semisolid abrasive media.

A compound formed by the reaction of an alcohol with an alkali metal.

General chemical reaction involving an ester exchange or the process of reacting an ester with an alcohol.

Any of a class of highly reactive organic chemical compounds obtained by oxidation of primary alcohols, characterized by the common group -CHO and used in the manufacture of resins, dyes, and organic acids.

Aldehyde Resin
Synthetic resin made by treating various aldehydes with condensation agents.

Alfin Catalysts
Catalysts obtained from alkali alcoholates derived from a secondary alcohol, used for polymerizing ole-fins.

A class of nonaromatic organic, ring compounds containing carbon and hydrogen.

To place in proper relative position or orientation.

Aliphatic or Aliphatic Compounds
A class of organic compounds which are composed of open chains of carbon atoms whose molecules do not have carbon atoms in a ring structure.

Aliphatic Diesters
A type of plasticizer used with PVC.: nbsp definition plasticizer pvc

Aliphatic Solvents
Hydrocarbon solvents comprised primarily of paraffinic and cycloparaffinic (naphthenic) hydrocarbon compounds with an aromatic hydrocarbon content which may range from less than 1% to about 35%.

The property of a material to remove matter when scratching or grinding another material.

A representative portion of the whole.: nbsp definition representative portion

Any of the hydroxides and carbonates of the alkali metals (potassium, sodium and lithium) and the radical ammonium.

An apparatus for measuring the quantity of alkali in solid or liquid.

Alkaline Catalysts
Hydroxides of sodium, potassium, lithium, and ammonium (or salts derived from these metallic radicals), which exhibit alkaline characteristics- Gaseous ammonia can also be used, as well as a number of basic organic compounds.

Alkali Resistance
The ability of a plastic material to resist the effects of an alkali including alkaline materials such as lime, cement, plaster, soap and aqueous alkaline solutions.

The generic term for saturated hydrocarbons which contain only carbon and hydrogen.

One of the predominant methods for processing ceramic fiber composites utilizing uniaxial hot pressing in which the matrix powder can be infiltrated into the ceramic fiber preform or more commonly into the individual tows from an alkoxide.

The term alkyd was coined from the AL in polyhydric ALcohols and the CID (modified to KYD) in polybasic aCIDs.

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Los Alamos Fire Cerro Grande
Contribute to the Los Alamos[R]disaster relief fund

Los Alamos Fire Cerro Grande
Contribute to the Los Alamos[R]disaster relief fund

Los Alamos Fire Cerro Grande
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Los Alamos Fire Cerro Grande
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Alternative Decking Materials Gain on Wood
As recently as 1992, wooddecking represented nearly 98 percent of total decking demand. Overthe course of the next tenyears, however, the replacement of natural wood materials withalternative materials accelerated significantly, and by 2002alternative decking materials had captured nine percent of the 4.9billion board foot US decking market.

GE Plastics and BMCI Introduce New Bulk Molding Compound
GE Plastics and Bulk MoldingCompounds, INc. (BMCI) will develop and distribute new thermoset bulkmolding compounds (BMC). Under the agreement, GE will market anddistribute BMCI's NORYL ETX resin.

SBIR Contract for Carbon Fiber Composite Wind Turbine Blades
Global Energy Concepts LLCof Kirkland, Washington will receive a $750,000Phase II grant under the U.S. Department of Energy's Small BusinessInnovation Research (SBIR) Program to develop technology for producing windturbine blades from carbon fibers.

GKN Developing New Materials for Boeing 7E7
GKN isworking with Boeing to develop the materials technologies that arebeing evaluated for the new Boeing 7E7 commercial airplaneprogramme. The new solutions are based on advanced, lightweight, highdurability materials. Composites and advanced aluminium alloys are beingconsidered.

U.S. Navy's All-Composite Littoral Combat Ship
GoodrichCorporation is a member of the Raytheon-led team recentlyselected by the U.S. Navy to finalize preliminary designs of aLittoral Combat Ship (LCS). The foundation for the team's design is anall-composite ship with a twin-hull/catamaran design using the latestin composites technology provided by Goodrich.

HITCO Carbon Composites Awarded Contract for Rocket Nozzles
HITCO CARBON COMPOSITES, INC.(HITCO), hasbeen selected as the nozzle subcontractor for the Arrow Enhanced ComponentsProduction Program (AECPP), by ATK Composites, Clearfield, Utah. HITCO willsupply nozzle components and subassemblies for the first-stage rocket motorunder a pre-production contract, in preparation for a follow-on productioncontract in 2004.

HITCO Receives Contract for Globemaster Vapor Barrier Assemblies
HITCO Carbon Compositesannounced that it has won a four year contract to build Vapor BarrierAssemblies for sixty of Boeing's C-17 Globemaster III transportplanes. Construction of this glass sandwiched panel assembly, measuring sometwenty-one feet in length and eighteen feet wide is already underway.

HyPerComp to Develop Tougher and Safer Pressure Vessels
NASA has selectedHyPerComp Engineering, Inc. todevelop a new generation of tougher and safer composite pressurevessels whose applications could range from automotive hydrogen fuelstorage to improved breathing apparatuses for homeland security.

Intertech Carbon Fiber Conference 2003
Intertech has announcedthat the agenda is set for sixth international business developmentconference titled The Global Outlook for Carbon Fiber 2003. Thismeeting will provide an objective, comprehensive forum todiscuss new developments for carbon fibers in emerging markets,including wind energy and oilfield composites, as well as intraditional markets, such as aerospace and sporting goods.

ATK Thiokol and IsoTruss Announce Collaboration
ATK[R] Thiokol Propulsion[R] and IsoTruss Structures, Inc. announced the signing of a[R] memorandum of understanding for collaboration on the analysis and[R] distribution of composite lattice structures for commercial and[R] military products.

Cincinnati Lamb Adds Tape Laying and Fiber Placement
Cincinnati Lamb has movedinto a new facility that includes a bay for automated compositesmanufacturing. The facility includes equipment for tape laying andfiber placement.

Low Priced Carbon Fibers Will Open New Markets to Composites
The global market foradvanced composites consumes just over140,000 tonnes/year of fibre reinforcements, with acombined value of $900-$1000 million. Progressive growth over the nextfive years will increasedemand for these fibre reinforcements to 180,000 tonnes/year, althoughthe value will only increase to about $1.2 billion intoday's terms. The reason for the disparity between volume and priceis due to the fact that the price of carbon fibres will continue tofall during this period.

Vacuum Infusion Closed Mold Training at NCC
The National Composite[R]Center (NCC) is offering vacuum infusion closed mold training at its[R]closed molding cell facility in February 2003.

Big Market for Injection Molded Wood-Plastic Composites
Wood-plastic composites(WPC) demand reached 1.3 million lb. valued at $750 million in 2002with virtually all materials consumed in extrusions. Now, injectionmolding applications are ready to take off in a similar fashion.

Strong Growth Predicted for Minerals and Long Fibers
The rapid growthin demand for wood-plastic composites (WPC) and the emergence of newprocessing and formulation technologies is helping to launch thesecond generation of WPC products, which show great potential forselect minerals and long fibers. Consequently, minerals and fibers innatural and wood plastic composites are forecast to grow at 25% per yearor more through 2010.

Resin Systems and Euro-Projects Form Composites Joint Venture
Resin Systems Inc. today[R]announced the signing of an ongoing Joint Venture[R]agreement with Euro-Projects Limited for[R]the Joint Venture to have the exclusive world-wide right for the[R]commercialization of existing and all future technologies as developed or[R]being developed by EPL. EPL is a highly recognized Research and[R]Development engineering design company that specializes in the use of[R]advanced composite materials.

SAMPE Annual Exhibition and Symposium
SAMPE has announced its[R]largest annual Exhibition and Symposium event scheduled to take place[R]May 11-15, 2003 at the Long Beach Convention Center, CA. The ISSE[R]shows signs over growth after several years of decline.

SAMPE 2003 Keynote Address on Airbus A380
Jens Hinrichsen of Airbus[R]Industries will present the SAMPE 2003 Keynote Address. This is a[R]unique opportunity to hear about the largest advanced composites[R]technology program in recent years that is focusing on new technology[R]for commercial aircraft production.

SAMPE 2003 Exhibit Sales Pass 90% Mark
SAMPE announced that its Exhibition[R]sales for the May 11-15, 2003 SAMPE 2003 program in the Long Beach[R]Convention Center, Long Beach, CA have passed the 90% mark already. Interest[R]this year in SAMPE 2003 Exhibitions has been extremely strong.

SAMPE Technical Conference Call for Papers
SAMPE has issued the Call[R][R]for Papers for its 35th International Technical Conference (ISTC). In[R][R]recognition of the 100th Anniversary of Flight, the program focuses on[R][R]technologies related to aviation.

35th International SAMPE Technical Conference
The Organizing Committee hasput together an exceptionally strong program with technicalpresentations, panels, tutorials and vendor/supplier exhibits toupdate you on considerable technology. We expect over 100 technicalpapers, which will be included in the hardbound and CD ROMproceedings, and 50-70 exhibitors.

SAMPE 2003 Technical Conference Papers and Tutorials
SAMPE has received over 170abstracts for the upcoming ISTC, covering a number of leading-edgetechnologies. Eight tutorials will be offered, including four new onescovering polymer nanocomposites, high resoution NDT, biotechnology,and non-autoclave fabrication.

Clark Johnson Named SAMPE International President
The SAMPE Board of Directorsannounced Clark W. Johnson as their International President for thefiscal year 2003-2004, effective July 1, 2003.

NanoCommerce 2003 Nanotechnology Conference
SAMPE is pleased to announcethat it is a Founding Sponsor ofNanoCommerce2003 being held from December 8 through 11, 2003 at theHyatt Regency McCormick Place and Conference Center, Chicago, IL. Thisoutstanding event combines the highly commended NanoCommerceForum with the newly created NanoCommerce Tech Transfer EXPO.

SAMPE Extends 2004 ISSE Call for Papers
The SAMPE 2004 OrganizingCommittee has extended the Call-for-Papers so that it now fallsseveral weeks after the Technical Conference in order to accommodateauthors working on those presentations.

Pressure Diaphorm Cuts Cost of Thermoplastic Composites
Solectria's new Pressure[R]Diaphorm manufacturing process has been shown to significantly cut the[R]cost of producing continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites[R]in run sizes between 1000 and 10,000.

New Spaulding Composites Company Formed
SpauldingComposites, Inc. was officially formed today following MetapointPartners, L.P.'s acquisition of the assets and properties of theLaminate Division of Spaulding Composites Company, Inc.

New High-Temperature Rapid Prototyping Plastic
Rapid-prototypingsystem maker, Stratasys announced that it has released PPSF plasticfor its FDM Titan rapid prototyping system. Among rapid prototypingmaterials, PPSF (or polyphenylsulfone) has the highest strength, heatresistance, and chemical resistance.

Talon to offer MMCs through machining partnership
TalonComposites LLC, a manufacturer of proprietary metal matrix compositesannounced today that it has entered into a long term agreement withAllied Mechanical which allows the parties to offer customersspecialty composites and a high level of expertise on machinedproducts and assembled structures utilizing Talon Compositesmaterials.

Salary Survey: Education - Composite Materials
Salaries in the US composites[R]industry based on years of experience and education, from your Guide

Salary Survey: Education - Composite Materials
Salaries in the composites[R]industry based on years of experience and education, from your Guide

Salary Survey: Experience - Composite Materials
Salaries in the US composites[R]industry based on years of experience, from your Guide

Salary Survey: Experience - Composite Materials
Salaries in the composites[R]industry based on years of experience, from your Guide

Environmental Health and Safety Issues With Composites
An overview of the environmental,[R]health and safety (ES&H) issues associated with composites and[R]plastics.

Composites and American Airlines Flight 587
The investigation into the[R]crash of Flight 587 is focusing on the composite tail. The resources[R]on this page provide background on aircraft composites.

University Laboratory Composite Donation Request
California Polytechnic State[R]University is requesting donations of composite materials and equipment[R]for its Composite Structures Laboratory in the Aerospace Engineering[R]Department.

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Major Associations for the Composites Industry
The major professional[R]associations and trade groups covering the composites industry.

Essential Material Property Databases for the Composites Industry
A collection of the most useful material property databases for composites and other materials.

Essential Directories and Catalogs for the Composites Industry
A collection of the most useful directories and catalogs for the composites industry.

Essential Literature Databases for the Composites[R]Industry
A collection of the most[R]useful databases for searching scientific and technical literature.

Major Material Suppliers for the Composites[R]Industry
Links to suppliers of the[R]most commonly used materials in the composites industry.

Polymer Surface Modifier Controls Surface Solubility
A new type of polymer[R]surface modifier reverses the polarity of molecules on a surface,[R]allowing tuning of surface solubility. This allows tighter control[R]over what substances will stick to the surface.

Symposium on In-Situ Infrared Spectroscopy of Polymers
In-situ infrared[R]spectroscopy, when performed during polymer synthesis, can show the[R]formation of new molecular structures in real time.

Protective Polymer Coating Cross-links with Ambient Oxygen
Researchers at Virginia Tech[R]are developing polymer coating that harden, or cross-link, from oxygen[R]normally present in the atmosphere.

New Process Creates Reversible Polymer Molecules
Researchers at Virginia Tech[R]have developed polymer molecules with reversible architectures,[R]allowing the material to be broken down into its original components[R]after polymerization.

Thin Polymer Coating Protects Against Heat
Researchers at Virginia Tech[R]have developed a polymer coating only two nanometers thick that[R]provides heat resistance to the underlying structure.

Elephant Grass Composites
Researchers in England are[R]exploring ways to use elephant grass as a reinforcement in plastics.

Plasma Treatment Improves Bonding of Plastics
A newly developed plasma[R]pretreatment process allows plastics to be easily bonded to automotive[R]frames or other disimilar materials.

Gases Speed Cooling of Injection Moulded Plastics
Adding cool gases to[R]injection moulded plastics speeds the cooling process and cuts[R]manufacturing time by 40 percent.

Magnetic Lock Holds Injection Molding Tools
A new magnetic tool locking[R]device allows an injection molding tool to be coupled or uncoupled[R]from the injection machine in a matter of seconds.

ZCL Composites Reports Net Earnings, End of Litigation
ZCL Composites reported net[R]earnings for the year ended 31 March 2001, up from a loss in the[R]previous year.

ZCL Composites Reports Increase in First Quarter Earnings
ZCL Composites[R]Inc. reports net earnings for the first quarter ended June 30, 2001 of[R]$387,000 compared to $225,000 for the same period last year.

Zoltek Partners with BMW
Zoltek has entered into a[R]strategic partnership with BMW. Zoltek will provide carbon fibers for[R]the development of new composite auto bodies.

Zoltek Sales Up, Earnings Down
Zoltek reported a 29%[R]increase in first quarter sales, with carbon fiber sales increasing[R]34%. Low demand for textiles and increased marketing costs resulted in[R]a substantial loss for the quarter.

Zoltek to Supply Carbon Fibers for Ballard Fuel Cells
Zoltek has been selected by[R]Ballard Power Systems to supply carbon fibers for Ballard's fuel cells.

Zoltek Restructures Management Team
Zoltek has restructured its[R]top management team in order to better handle projected growth in its[R]projects.

Zoltek Third Quarter Loss Increases on Weak Sales
Zoltek reported a loss for[R]the third quarter. Carbon fiber sales continued to decline because of[R]order deferrals, over-capacity and pricing pressure.

Emerging Energy Applications are Focus of Composites Study
Off-shore oil and gas[R][R]recovery and alternate energy -- two markets that promise to be among[R][R]the next significant areas of composites growth -- are the focus of a[R][R]new study by BRG Townsend, Inc. (BRG).

Recycled Cellulose/Glass Composite Replaces Marine Plywood
All-A-Board composite, made[R]from recycled plastic cellulose and glass fiber, is gaining acceptance[R]in the marine industry as a plywood replacement.

EPTA Announces 6th World Pultrusion Conference
EPTA is organising[R]the 6th World Pultrusion Conference on Thursday the 4th and Wednesday[R]the 5th of April, 2002 at the Dorint Don Giovanni Hotel in Prague, the[R]Czech Republic.

Lacent Expands U.S. Office
Lacent Technologies, a[R]manufacturer of high-speed laser cutting systems for textile products,[R]has expanded its U.S. offices.

European Composites Directory and Report
The European Composites[R]Directory and Report provides comprehensive information on over 1500[R]European companies (and multinational companies with[R]European offices) that manufacture and/or supply reinforced plastics,[R]as well as manufacturers/suppliers of materials and equipment for the[R]manufacture of composites.

New Introductory Course on Aircraft Composites
Renaissance Aeronautics[R]Associates Inc. has introduced a new introductory course on aircraft[R]composites. The course covers fundamental properties of materials,[R]maintenance practices, repair techniques and more.

Introduction to Automotive Composites
An Introduction to[R]Automotive Composites is an updated and expanded version of a[R]sourcebook originally used in a series of composite awareness courses[R]taught in 1998 and 1999.

Advanced Materials Symposium & Vendor Expo
The Rocky Mountain SAMPE[R]Chapter is sponsoring a major regional event, the Advanced Materials[R]Symposium and Vendor Expo. The event includes presentations, workshops[R]and vendor exhibits.

SAMPE Workshop on Optoelectronic and MEMS Packaging
Carl Zweben will run a[R]workshop on optoelectronic and MEMS packaging at the SAMPE 2002 ISSE,[R]May 12-16, in Long Beach, California.

Solectria Diaphorm Receives Army Contract for Preforms
The Diaphorm Division of[R]Solectria announced that it has been awarded a[R]five-year, $3 million Cooperative Agreement by the U.S. Army Research[R]Laboratory to investigate the use of[R]DIAPHORM (TM) composite preforming technology in[R]developing a variety of military[R]applications.

Commercial Tiltrotor Aircraft Begins Ground Run Testing
The Bell/Agusta 609 (BA[R]609), the world's first commercial tiltrotor aircraft, has begun[R]ground run testing in preparation for first flight.

MRO Division of Delta Air Lines Purchases FiberSIM
The Delta Technical[R]Operations Center of Delta Airlines has selected FiberSIM software for[R]use in repairing and maintaining composite parts on commercial[R]aircraft.

FiberSIM Software Now Available on CATIA V5
VISTAGY announced the availability[R]of its FiberSIM 4.0 software for use on the CATIA V5[R]platform. FiberSIM software, which creates a specialized[R]CAD-integrated environment for designing and manufacturing composite[R]parts, will be fully functional within CATIA V5.

Zoltek Reports Fourth Quarter and Year-End Loss
Zoltek reported a narrower[R]loss for the fourth quarter and year-end fiscal 2002, compared to the[R]previous fiscal year. Revenues were down but gross margins improved.

Ashland to Distribute Hardwire Metallic Reinforcements
AshlandDistribution Company has beennamed the premier North American distributor for Hardwire metallicreinforcements. Hardwire uses Goodyear's UltraTensile steel cords in a variety of product forms to reinforceplastics, composites and cements.

ATK to Build Composite Parts for Sikorsky Black Hawk Helicopter
ATK will design,manufacture, and deliver lightweight compositetailcone structures to Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (SAC) for use in U.S.Armed Forces MH/UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters.

Bayer Forms New Company for Chemicals and Polymers
Following its successfulreorganization, the Bayer Group intends to maintain its focus on itscore businesses and in the future concentrate on health care,nutrition and innovative materials. For this reason, Bayer Chemicals(excluding H.C. Starck and Wolff Walsrode) is to be combined withcertain parts of the polymers business in a new company with theprovisional name NewCo.

Netherlands Polymer Composite Conference
The Netherlands Polymer[R]Composite Industry meets on February 27th 2003 in Nieuwegein, NL,[R]during the National Polymer Composite Conference. Suppliers,[R]universities, and research institutes will be in attendance.

CFA Seeks Nominations for Excellence and Innovation Awards
CF Magazine, the officialmagazine of the Composites Fabricators Association (CFA), is nowaccepting nominations for its newly launched awards program, theExcellence and Innovation Awards. These awards recognize compositesindustry professionals who demonstrate achievement in excellence orinnovation and deserve to be recognized.

COBRAE Seeks Nominations for Chairperson
At the last COBRAE Executive[R]Council Meeting in Rotterdam it was decided that a call would be made[R]to nominate a Chair person. It was indicate that someone from a University or[R]Research Institute would be preferred.

Composite Core Power Lines for Electric Transmission
The M.C. GillComposites Center at the University of Southern California andComposite Technology Corporation (CTC) are collaborating on theanalysis and production of a series ofcomposite core power lines. The lightweight Aluminum ConductorComposite Core (ACCC) cable that CTC is commercializing will allowtransmission of up to twice the amount of electric power asconventional power lines.

Dow Automotive and Cyclics Sign Marketing Agreement
Dow Automotive has enteredinto a long term agreement with Cyclics Corporation for marketing thecyclic form of polybutylene terephthalate (CBT) resins into theglobal automotive, bus, truck, and rail markets. Terms of theagreement were not disclosed.

Composite Bus Bodies Reduce Environmental Impact
Bus bodies made from[R]composites are lighter and more durable than their steel[R]counterparts. That means they use less fuel, produce less exhaust, and[R]reduce maintenance costs. Closed molding also produces fewer emissions[R]than steel molding.

DRS Receives Orders for Neptune Maritime UAVS
DRS Technologies[R]announced that it has received new orders to produce[R]Neptune Maritime Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (MUAVs) for the[R]U.S. Navy. The Neptune was specifically designed to assist[R]tactical military operations and civil applications where developed[R]runways are unavailable.

DuPont Automotive Safety Initiative Leverages Composites
DuPont's new automotive safety[R]initiative leverages existing products to improve vehicle[R]safety. Applications include Kevlar and Nomex fibers for door and[R]bumper beam structural reinforcements.

Continuous Fiber Thermoplastic Composite Market Growth
The market for continuous fiber[R]reinforced thermoplastic composites has experienced exceptional growth[R]in recent years with a global growth rate averaging 105% in the last 5[R]years. Growth rate in 2002 was 93%

SP Systems and Airtech Sign Vacuum Consumables Deal
Airtech International has[R]purchased SP System's vacuum bagging business. SP System will now[R]stock Airtech consumable products.

Scaled Technology Works Now STW Composites
Scaled Technology Works has[R]changed its name to STW Composites.

Market Report on Adhesive Films and Tapes
Recent advances in[R]adhesives technology are creating new opportunities for adhesive films[R]and tapes in a number of industrial applications. A new report from[R]Technology Assessment Associates covers the adhesives market.

New In-Depth Handbook for Process Plant Engineers and Designers
Technomic has just published[R]a new book covering current analytical methods for optimal design,[R]selection and evaluation of instrumentation for process plants.

Seminar and Exhibit on Medical Device Coatings
An upcoming seminar and[R]exhibit covers current technologies used for coating or modifying[R]medical device surfaces.

Technomic Opens Composite Book Journal and Software Site
Technomic has launched a new[R]Web site dealing exclusively with their composite[R]publications. Offerings include software, books and journals.

Hot Melt and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Seminar
Technomic Publishing[R]announces three seminars in hot melt and pressure sensitive adhesives.

Teijin to Expand Production of Twaron Aramid Fibers
Teijin Limited, a leading[R]producer of synthetic fibers headquartered in Osaka, Japan, today[R]announced plans to expand production of para-linked aramid fibers used[R]in a variety of products.

Heat-Treated Wood Provides Alternative to Hardwood
Heat treating soft lumber[R]provides rot resistance and dimensional stability, allowing it to be[R]used in place of traditional hardwoods.

Finnish Flute Maker Uses Carbon Fiber Composites
A Finnish flute maker has[R]developed instruments made from carbon fiber composite materials.

Thermoplastic Composite Replaces Aluminum in Airbus Wings
Fokker Special Products is[R]using a thermoplastic/glass composite instead of aluminum for the[R]inboard leading-edge nose on the wings of the new Airbus A340-500 and[R]-600 series.

TieTek Composite Lumber to be Marketed in India
Owens Corning and TieTek[R]will jointly market TieTek railroad crossties and other composite[R]lumber products in India.

Ceramic Foam Provides Safe Alternative to Asbestos
A new ceramic foam developed[R]in Israel provides a safe alternative to asbestors for high[R]temperature insulation.

Toray Resin to Acquire Nippisun Indiana
Toray Industries' U.S. subsidiary, [R]Toray Resin Co., will acquire a compounds-production facility [R]of Nippisun Indiana Corp.(NIC), a U.S. subsidiary of Nippon [R]Pigment Co., Ltd., in order to reinforce its engineering plastics [R]business in North America.

Toray Revises FY2002 Sales and Earnings Forecast Downwards
Toray has revised its fiscal[R]year 2002 earnings and sales downwards. Sales are expected to be flat[R]to slightly lower, while income will decrease significantly.

Trex Sales and Earnings Continue to Grow
Composite lumber[R]manufacturer Trex reported higher sales and earnings for the first[R]quarter of 2001. Increases are planned for both sales staff and[R]production facilities.

Triton Systems Uses SBIR Program to Develop New Materials
Triton Systems is a[R]materials development company that gets most of its funding from the[R]SBIR program. Inventions include SmartBond for bonding composites and[R]various metal matrix composites.

Supramolecular Chemistry
An upcoming symposium at the[R]University of Arizona will focus on supramolecular chemistry, the[R]science of molecules bound reversibly by intermolecular[R]forces. Supramolecules are found in nature, and have applications to[R]materials science, among other fields.

University of Arizona to Develop Online Civil Engineering Library
University of Arizona[R]researchers led by civil engineering Professor Muniram Budhu have[R]received a $900,000 National Science Foundation grant to set up a[R]web-based library of articles relating to civil engineering technologies.

University of Arizona Develops Ultra Lightweight Space Mirror
University of Arizona[R]scientists have made an ultra lightweight demonstration space mirror[R]that could be developed for satellites in geosynchronous orbit and for[R]giant space telescopes.

Concrete Canoe Contest Leads to Concrete Rockets
The concrete canoe team of[R]UAH has developed a lightweight, flexible concrete for the competition[R]that is already being applied to sounding rockets.

New Mass Spectrometer Offers Improved Capabilities
The new High Performance[R]Mass Spectrometer Laboratory at the University of Arkansas will be the[R]first public facility to offer high-resolution laser desorption mass[R]spectrometry.

Wrinkles Limit Usefulness of Large Inflatable Structures
Inflatable structures are[R]one solution for putting large antennae or reflectors into space, but[R]small wrinkles in the membranes may limit their usefulness.

MEMS Devices Key to Controlling Large Space Structures
Tiny microelectromechanical[R]systems (MEMS) may be the key to orienting large space-based[R]structures such as solar collectors or antenna arrays.

Materials Scientist Elected to National Academy of[R]Engineering
Sia Nemat-Nasser, Professor[R]of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at UCSD, has been elected to[R]the National Academy of Engineering.

New Composite Material Reverses Snell's Law
A new composite made from[R]fiberglass and copper wires bends microwaves in the direction opposite[R]that predicted by Snell's Law. This is the first known material with a[R]negative index of refraction.

Composite Turbine Fan Blades Superior to Titanium Blades
UCSD engineers working with[R]NASA and the USAF are developing composite turbine fan blades for jet[R]engines. Initial tests show the composite blades are superior to the[R]titanium blades they would replace.

Electrochromic Polymer Films Display Wide Variety of Colors
Electrochromic polymer films[R]can display a wide variety of colors when subjected to an electric[R]current. Applications include windows that can be turned opaque and[R]very thin message signs.

Ultrasonic Measurements Based on Brownian Motion
Scientists at the University[R]of Illinois have made ultrasonic measurements using only the sound[R]waves generated by the natural motion of molecules at room temperature.

USTech Materials Receives PEAR Resin Licensing Agreement
USTech Materials Corporation[R](USTM) subsidiary has been granted a worldwide licensing agreement[R]with Ashland, Inc. for the PolyEther Amide Resin (PEAR) high[R]performance resin system.

Innovative Holdings Acquires Majority Stake in USTech Materials
Innovative[R]Holdings & Technologies, Inc., has announced that it[R]has entered into an a letter of intent with its subsidiary, USTech[R]Materials Corporation (USTM), to increase its stake in USTM to 51%.

Texas University to Assist USTech Materials with PEAR Resin
USTech Materials[R]Corporation (USTM) will commence its composite resin[R]manufacturing, R&D and customer support operations with the Institute[R]for Environmental and Industrial Science (IEIS) at Southwest Texas[R]University (SWT).

USTech Materials Distributing PEAR Test Samples
USTech Materials[R]has begun providing test samples of its high[R]performance PEAR (PolyEther Amide Resin) system to potential[R]customers.

Photovoltaic Fabrics Combine Cloth with Solar Cells
A new type of synthetic[R]fibers can generate electricity when exposed to light. Applications[R]range from clothing to flexible solar arrays.

Scientists Determine Structure of Liquid Alumina
The structure of liquid[R]alumina has been determined for the very first time. At over two[R]thousand degrees, this is the hottest liquid to reveal where its atoms[R]are to be found.

Automakers Adopt Sandwiform Thermoplastic Sandwich Material
Automakers are increasing[R]their use of Sandwiform, a thermoplastic sandwich material made by[R]Venture Industries.

Moldite Structural Sandwich Material
Venture Industries and[R]Moldite have introduced a new sandwich material called Moldite. The[R]core material has a higher tensile strength than the skins, which can[R]be carbon, glass or aramid composites.

EnCapta Software Adds Non-Geometric Data to CAD Systems
Vistagy, formerly CDT, has[R]released EnCapta. EnCapta extends FiberSIM, allowing general,[R]non-geometric design data to be added to solid models produced by a[R]variety of CAD systems.

New FiberSIM Release Includes XML Tools
Vistagy has released version[R]3.4 of FiberSIM. The new version includes XML tools and other updates.

VISTAGY's EnCapta Software Wins Innovation Award
EnCapta has been selected by[R]Computer Graphics World as a winner of its Eighth Annual Innovation[R]Awards. EnCapta captures complex non-geometric design data, such[R]as material specifications, assembly instructions and costing[R]information, and[R]associates it with the relevant CAD geometry.

Owens Corning Appoints Three Technology Leaders
Owens Corning has assigned[R]executives to lead the company's efforts in three key technology areas.

Owens Corning Director of Science & Technology to Retire
Warren Wolf, director of[R]Science and Technology at Owens Corning, will retire at the end of[R]July. He will continue as chief scientist and as a consultant to the[R]CEO.

Owens Corning Sells Engineered Pipe Systems
Owens Corning announced the[R]sale of nearly all of its Engineered Pipe Systems business to a Saudi[R]Arabian company. The business manufactures glass composite pipes.

Owens Corning Sales and Earnings Fall
Owens Corning reported lower[R]sales and earnings for the first quarter of 2001. Lower demand, higher[R]energy prices and bankruptcy charges are to blame.

Owens Corning Provides Update on Financial Reorganization
Owens Corning says it is[R]proceeding smoothly with its Chapter 11 reorganization process. A[R]Futures Representative for asbestos claimants is exptected to be[R]selected in the second quarter.

Class Action Suit Targets Owens Corning
Dwyer & Collora has filed a[R]class action suit against Owens Corning on behalf of certain bond[R]holders.

Class Action Suit against Owens Corning Amended
Dwyer & Collora has amended their[R]class action suit against Owens Corning on behalf of certain bond[R]holders.

Parabeam Introduces ParaGlass Structural Core Laminates
Parabeam has introduced[R]ParaGlass, an improved version of its structural core laminate material.

PELCHEM Produces Fluorocompound for Phenolic Foams
PELCHEM has developed a[R]direct fluorination technology (DF) for organic compounds. The[R]perfluoroheptane product is supplied to a local company SAGEX where it[R]is used in the manufacture of phenolic foam.

Thermoplastic Carbon Composite Shafts from Phoenixx Golf
Phoenixx Golf has chosen a[R]composite made of Fortron 0214B1 linear polyphenylene sulfide (PPS)[R]and carbon fiber for three new woods shafts.

Biomedical Polymer Turns from Liquid to Gel Instantly
A new polymer turns from a[R]liquid into a gel almost instantly in response to external[R]stimulus. The polymer has applications in targeted drug delivery.

PPG Expects to Outperform Competitors
PPG expects to outperform[R]its competitors despite difficult economic conditions. Almost all of[R]its recent acquisitions have displayed greater earnings growth than[R]the company as a whole.

PPG Reports Lower Sales and Earnings
PPG reported flat sales and[R]lower earnings for the first quarter of 2001. Without a large[R]restructuring charge, earnings would have been only slightly below[R]2000 levels.

PPG Expects Sharp Drop in Earnings
PPG Industries[R]expects earnings per share for the third quarter to be[R]50 to 60 cents compared with 88 cents a year ago. Cost cutting[R]measures have helped, but the economy still remains weak.

PPG Introduces Improved Fiber Glass Spray-Up Roving
PPG Industries[R]has introduced a fiber glass spray-up roving that has[R]demonstrated faster application with less resin and increased fiber[R]glass content for enhanced structural integrity of the finished part[R]compared with its previous rovings.

PPG Reports Lower Third Quarter Earnings and Sales
PPG Industries reported[R]third quarter 2001 net income of $93 million, compared to $150 million[R]for the same quarter in 2000. Sales were down across all business[R]segments.

PPG Declares Regular Quarterly Dividend
The board of directors[R]of PPG Industries declared a regular quarterly[R]dividend of 42 cents a share, payable Dec. 12 to shareholders of[R]record Nov. 12.

Ultrasonic Transducer Engineering Conference
Penn State is hosting a[R]conference on medical ultrasonic transducers in August 2001.

Polymer-Clay Nanocomposites Exhibit Unique Properties
The addition of small[R]amounts of clay to polymers reduces permeability to liquids and gases,[R]and increases flame resistance and toughness.

Researchers Studying Corrosion of E-Glass
Researchers at Penn State[R]University are studying the mechanisms behind the corrosion of E-glass.

Silane Sizing Agents for Phosphate Glass
Penn State University[R]researchers are studying the surface of phsophate glasses in order to[R]develop better sizing agents.

Simulation Predicts Diamond-Strength Carbon Nanotube Fibers
A team of researchers hasused computer simulations to discover carbon fibers with mechanicalstrength comparable to that of diamond. The so-called nanotubes couldtheoretically be made from simple starting materials but have yet tobe synthesized.

New Pultrusion Consulting Firm Formed
Nicholas Cray has formed[R]Pultrusion Improvements, a new consulting firm to help pultrusion[R]companies improve their businesses.

Biotechnology Produces Plastics from Plants
Scientists from Purdue[R]University and DuPont have cloned a plant gene that will allow[R]plastics to be produced in crops without harming plant health.

Self-Assembling Nanotube Structures Based on DNA
Researchers at Purdue[R]University have developed a method for creating self-assembling[R]nanotube structures, using the same principle behind DNA strand[R]linking.

QUANTUM Receives Award for Hydrogen Storage Tank
QUANTUM Technologies has[R]received a Technology Innovation Award for its composite hydrogen[R]storage tank.

QUANTUM Developing Natural Gas Fuel System for Hyundai
QUANTUM Technologies has[R]been awarded a contract by Hyundai America Technical[R]Center, Inc. (HATCI) to develop and install a dedicated compressed natural gas[R]fuel injection system for Hyundai's new Elantra super ultra-low emissions[R]vehicle (SULEV).

QUANTUM to Study Packaging of Fuel Storage Systems for GM
QUANTUM Technologies[R]announced that General Motors' Global Alternative Propulsion[R]Center has awarded QUANTUM multiple contracts to perform optimization studies[R]for efficiently packaging advanced fuel storage systems within the chassis of[R]vehicles.

QUANTUM to Supply Fuel Cell Tanks for Helios UAV
QUANTUM Technologies[R]announced that it has been awarded a major contract by AeroVironment[R]and NASA to design, fabricate, test and supply large advanced hydrogen[R]and oxygen tanks for the next generation Helios fuel cell prototype aircraft.

IMPCO Loss Widens on Lower Revenues, Increased R&D
IMPCO Technologies reported[R]a larger first quarter loss resulting from decreased revenues and[R]increased R&D expenses. The spin-off of Quantum Technologies is still[R]on track.

QUANTUM/ATK Hydrogen Tank Passes First Cycling Test
QUANTUM Technologies and ATK[R]Thiokol Propulsion Company announced the successful completion of the[R]first fast-fill cycling test of QUANTUM's 5,000 psi TriShield(TM)[R]hydrogen storage tank.

QUANTUM Delivers Hydrogen Tank for Modified F150 Pick-up
QUANTUM Technologies[R]announced that it has designed, manufactured, and delivered a hydrogen[R]fuel storage system to Pinnacle West, for a modified Ford F150 pick-up[R]truck to compete in the 2002 Michelin Challenge ``Bibendum.''

QUANTUM Seeks Regulatory Approval for Hydrogen Cylinder
QUANTUM Technologies[R]has initiated regulatory approval for its 10,000 psi hydrogen storage[R]cylinder. QUANTUM was the first to achieve a[R]hydrostatic burst test in excess of 24,000 psi on a 10,000 psi[R]ultra-lightweight, all-composite, hydrogen storage tank.

QUANTUM Displays Cylinder at GM Fuel Cell Seminar
GM presented QUANTUM's[R]advanced compressed hydrogen storage technology at the General Motors[R]Fuel Cell technical seminar in Tokyo.

QUANTUM Demonstrates High Pressure Composite Hydrogen Tank
QUANTUM Technologies has[R]demonstrated an all-composite hydrogen storage tank that stores[R]hydrogen at 10,000 psi (700 Bar). At 10,000 psi, 80% more hydrogen[R]fuel can be stored in a given space than at 5,000 psi -- dramatically[R]increasing the range of fuel cell mobile applications.

QUANTUM Developing Hydrogen Storage for DOE Bus Program
QUANTUM Technologiesis designing and[R]developing a hydrogen storage and handling system for a Department of[R]Energy (DOE) hydrogen bus test platform.

QUANTUM and Thiokol Certify Conformable Hydrogen Tank
QUANTUM Technologies and[R]Thiokol Propulsion have certified the world's first all-composite[R]ultra-lightweight conformable storage tank for hydrogen and compressed[R]natural gas to NGV2-2000 standards.

QUANTUM Tests Hydrogen Tank for Hyundai Santa Fe
QUANTUM Technologies[R]achieved a major milestone by being the first company to fill a[R]hydrogen storage cylinder with compressed hydrogen at 5,000 psi. The[R]storage cylinder is part of the fuel storage and delivery system[R]developed for the Hyundai Santa Fe fuel cell SUV.

QUANTUM Ships Hydrogen Storage System for Fuel Cell Bus
QUANTUM Technologies has[R]developed and shipped its advanced hydrogen storage system for the[R]first ThunderPower fuel cell bus.

QUANTUM Supplying Tanks for Fuel Cell Infrastructure
QUANTUM Technologies has[R]formed a strategic alliance with Pinnacle West to pursue the[R]development of the infrastructure required to support hydrogen fueled[R]vehicles. QUANTUM will also support Pinnacle's application of[R]stationary fuel cell distributed power generation to its customer base.

QUANTUM Developing LPG Tanks for Ford Vehicles
QUANTUM Technologies and[R]Ford are working together to improve the performance of liquid propane[R]gas (LPG) vehciles.

QUANTUM Developing Fuel Storage Systems for General Motors
QUANTUM Technologies has[R]been awarde multiple contracts to design, develop and validate[R]advanced fuel storage system technologies for a new automotive[R]alternative propulsion system being developed by General Motors.

Detailed Information about Quickstep Rapid Curing Process
The new Quickstep curing[R]process can achieve autoclave quality composite parts at pressures of[R]only 1-4 psi and in times of less than one hour.

New Handbook of Composite Fabrication
Rapra has recently published[R]the Handbook of Composite Fabrication, covering open and cloed mould[R]processes, pultrusion, filament winding, machining, and joining.

Reichhold Appoints New Composites VPs
Julia D. Harp, senior vice[R]president, Reichhold Global Composites,[R]announced the appointment of Leo van der Heiden as vice president of[R]marketing and Alex Car as vice president of sales for Global[R]Composites.

Resin Systems Enters Alliance with Creative Pultrusions
Resin Systems has entered[R]into a strategic alliance with Creative Pultrusions for the use of[R]resin's Version urethane resin system.

Sandia Releases New Version of Shock Wave Physics Program
Sandia National Laboratories[R]has released a new version of its CTH shock wave physics computer[R]code. The program simulates high-speed impact and penetration[R]phenomena involving a variety of materials.

Paul Pendorf Appointed President of Hitco Carbon Composites
SGL CARBON[R]GROUP is to strengthen its aerospace composites business[R]by appointing Paul W. Pendorf, CEO and President of its US subsidiary[R]HITCO CARBON COMPOSITES Inc. in Gardena, California.

Scientific Israel - Technical Advantages
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Hexcel Presents Business Outlook
Hexcel expects the September[R]terrorist attacks to have a large negative impact on commercial[R]aerospace sales in 2002, and little if any impact in other market[R]segments. Electronics sales continue to be hurt by the slump in the PC[R]market.

Hexcel Extends Supplier Relationship with Embraer
Hexcel Composites announced[R]its extended business relationship with Embraer (Empresa Brasileira de[R]AeronŠutica S.A.) through the continued supply of advanced composite[R]materials for their production of future regional jet aircraft.

Hexcel M20 Prepreg Tape Used in ETA Sailplane
ETA has selected Hexcel's[R]M20 prepreg tape for its sailplane spar caps.

Hexcel Reports Loss for Third Quarter of 2001
Hexcel reported a loss for[R]the third quarter of 2001. Growth in aerospace and defense sectors was[R]more than offset by declines in electronics.

Hexcel Thermoplastic TowFlex Featured in BMW M3 Bumber
BMW M3 bumpers molded from[R]Hexcel Composites' TowFlex continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic[R]materials (CFRTP) have won three industry awards.

Hexcel Promotes New Composite Products at JEC
Hexcel promoted a number of[R]products, both new and old, at the JEC 2001 composites exposition.

Hexcel Earnings Up on Increased Aerospace Sales
Hexcel reported an increase[R]in earnings for the first quarter of 2001. Increased sales to aircraft[R]manufacturers made up for weak demand in the electronics sector.

Hexcel Acquires Portions of Applied Fiber Systems
Hexcel has acquired certain[R]assets of Applied FIber Systems. AFS produces continuous fiber[R]reinforced thermoplastic composites.

Former Hexcel CEO John Lee Succumbs to Cancer
Former Hexcel CEO John Lee[R]died of cancer on 5 May 2001.

Hexcel to Redeem Notes Held by Ciba
Hexcel announced that it[R]intends to redeem notes held by Ciba Specialty Chemicals.

Hexcel to Issue Notes
Hexcel will announce a new[R]series of senior subordinated notes as a tack-on to notes issued in[R]January 1999. Proceeds will be used to redeem notes held by Ciba[R]Specialty Chemicals.