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6 Tips for Getting a Consulting Job With Your Employer
Transitioning from full-time employee to consultant poses risks, but you can improve your chances if your former employer becomes your first client.

Consultant Strengths vs. Consultant Weaknesses
We all naturally possess strengths and weaknesses, but in reality, we do not. What we do possess are natural talents and non-talents.

Click Bait Avoidance for Your Bog Readers
Click bait drives news but at what cost to your blog if they leave? Learn to craft valuable content that keeps your website readers wanting more.

Top Creative Freelance Career Opportunities
Start your own business and follow your passion working for yourself in one of these top ten creative twists on freelance career opportunities.

How to Set Up Your First Home Office
Before you can enjoy the perks of working from home, you need to set up a home office that is functional and efficient and that works for your business.

Growing Niche Markets for Consultants
Niche markets are proving to be lucrative for consultants who are interested in specializing in a highly-focused area of expertise and growing trend.

Why Branding is Vital to Your Consulting Business
Creating a brand image should be your first step. Integrate your unique identity into your marketing through business cards, website and social media.

What Are the 4 Best Business Structures for Consultants?
As a business consultant, focus on ways to maximize your profits and minimize tax burdens by choosing the best business structure for your company.

Benefits of Obtaining Project Management Certification
Getting certified as a Project Manager Professional can be time-consuming and difficult, but can have many career benefits for business consultants.

Benefits of Developing a Written Consulting Contract
A written consulting contract is more than a binding legal agreement; a signed document is an opportunity to define the client-consultant relationship.

Top Security Threats from Spyware
Protect your business and its employees from cyber thieves by learning about security threats spyware poses. Here are the top six spyware threats.

Traps to Avoid When Working Pro Bono
Providing pro bono service is a popular way to build a business, but knowing the most common traps to avoid can save your business and profits.

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Top Consulting Franchises
Looking for a consulting business? Consider franchising with one of these consulting franchises to provide products and services to companies.

verywell. Consulting/Freelance.

Does a Consultant Need an Office?
Whether a consultant needs an office is a popular question that is often asked by new and veteran consultants alike.

Royalty Fees - Royalty Fee Definition
A royalty fee is a set amount of money that a franchise owner must pay as part of a franchise system; it is usually a percentage of sales.

Differences Between Consulting and Freelancing
There are subtle differences between being a consultant and being a freelancer. Learn why the differences matter and how it affects your clients.

What is a Retainer in Consulting?
A retainer agreement is a long-term, upfront contract guaranteeing a number of hours and pay between consultants or freelancers and businesses.

5 Things That Absolutely Kill Your Productivity
Freelance work requires a great deal of self-motivation and personal accountability. Here are some of the most productivity-killing pitfalls to avoid.


How To Work Less and Still Be More Productive
We think in order to be more productive, we have to do more to succeed.The idea of doing more to get more has been ingrained in our heads from birth.

great places that help increase your productivity
As a consultant or freelancer, things can get stale working at one spot. Find someplace different to work; malls, parks, libraries or coffee shops.

4 Things You Need To Stop Doing on Twitter
Twitter provides a direct line of communication that makes it an effective tool for marketing yourself, your brand, and for connecting with others.

Why Consultants Should Stick Their Necks Out
Hiding behind a logo is not the best way to acquire new prospects and create the level of trust that is needed to become a well paid consultant.

3 Simple Ways to Instantly Improve Your Freelance Writing
Sharpening your writing skills is the best way to ensure continued freelance success. Here are 3 easy ways to improve your freelance writing today.

The Best Websites for Landing Freelance Work
You can find work, but freelancers know that bad clients run rampant online. Here are some of the best websites to help you find reputable work.

The 4 Best Ways to Share and Store Your Files
4 cloud-based file sharing apps that you can use to quickly and efficiently send files, while avoiding the struggles of attaching documents via email