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Making a Plan to Get Out of Debt - Introduction
Learn how to put together a plan to get out of debt, decide which debts to focus on, and how to create a budget to get out of debt.

Calculate Your Total Debt
Calculating your total debt is an important part of making a debt plan. Get tips for makings sure you include every debt.

Prioritize Your Creditors
Some debts are more important than others. Ranking your debt is key to a get out of debt plan that works.

Determine How Much You Can Pay
The more you can put toward your debt, the faster you can pay it off. Structure your debt plan based on what you can afford to pay.

Make the Plan
Your debt list, monthly payment, and priority ranking come together to form your debt plan.

Put Your Plan Into Action
Once you have a plan, you have to act on it to get rid of your debt for good.

How to Maintain a Good Credit Score
Once you make your way to a good credit score, keep it is important. Here are some ways to maintain a good credit score.

40 Things to Avoid When You're Broke
Credit/Debt Management. Page 2.

40 Things You Shouldn't Do When You're Broke
When you're broke, there are some things you just can't afford to do. Changing your spending habits is the best way to turn your finances around.

Ways to Get Extra Money to Pay Off Debt
Funding your debt plan might be hard if you depend on your current income. Here are some ways you can come up with extra money to get out of debt.

Free Debt Summary Worksheet
This free, printable debt summary worksheet allows you to organize and prioritize your debts for improved finances and to pay off your debt.

Six Printable Debt Summary Worksheet PDFs
This free, printable debt summary worksheet allows you to organize and prioritize your debts for improved finances and to pay off your debt.

Debt Summary Worksheet for Organizing and Prioritizing Debts
This free, printable debt summary worksheet allows you to organize and prioritize your debts for improved finances and to pay off your debt.

15 Reasons You Should Repair Your Bad Credit
You can live pretty well even with bad credit, but having good credit makes life so much easier. Check out 15 reasons you should repair a bad credit score.

15 Reasons You Should Repair Your Bad Credit
You can live pretty well even with bad credit, but having good credit makes life so much easier. Check out 15 reasons you should repair a bad credit score.

Stop Debt Collectors From Calling You At Work
The FDCPA says debt collectors can't call you at work after they know your employer doesn't approve. You can stop debt collectors from calling you at work.

Can Your Credit Card Save You From Overdraft Fees?
Linking your credit card to your checking account can help you avoid overdraft fees, but there can be costs that rival the overdraft fee.

8 Steps You Should Take to Avoid Bad Credit
Having bad credit means dealing with denied applications and high interest rates and security deposits. Avoid bad credit by following these steps.

FICO Score Definition - Credit/Debt Definition
A FICO score is a version of your credit score developed by and named after the company who developed the score.

Credit/Debt Management
Credit/Debt Management.

Credit/Debt Management
Credit/Debt Management.

Credit/Debt Management
Credit/Debt Management.

Credit/Debt Management
Credit/Debt Management.

Credit/Debt Management
Credit/Debt Management.

5 Credit Card Scams to Watch Out For
Credit card scammers continuously come up with new credit card scams. But unfortunately, there are old scams that never seem to die.

What to Do When a Debt Collector Calls
When a debt collector calls, it's not the time to get angry or defensive. Stay calm, take notes, and only talk when it's convenient for you.

What to Do About Wrong Number Collection Calls
Follow these step to put an end to wrong number calls from debt collectors. If collectors keep mistakenly calling you, here's how to stop it.

5 Reasons to Pay Your Outstanding Debt Collections
Besides getting the collector off your back for good, there are a few other good reasons to pay off you outstanding debt collection account.

How Did a Debt Collector Get My Phone Number?
It's easier than you think for debt collectors to get your phone number. Here are a few ways debt collectors get your phone number.

7 Reasons to Make Your Credit Card Payments on Time
Your credit card payment isn't just about avoiding a late fee, here's why you should always make your credit card payment on time.

Pros and Cons of Joint Credit Card Accounts
Before you sign up for a joint credit card account with a spouse make sure you understand the advantages and disadvantages of sharing an account.

Why You Should Check Your Credit Score Regularly
Checking your credit score every few years or so, isn't enough. Here are some reasons to monitor your credit score regularly.

Is Clutter Keeping You In Debt?
We know that clutter is bad because it keeps you from finding things when you need them, but it’s worse than that. Find out how clutter can be a contributing factor to your debt and other financial problems.

How Taking Out a Loan Affects Your Credit Score
Taking out a loan can impact your credit score. Even applying for one can reduce it. Learn how borrowing money affects your financial health.

Information on The Different Types of Loans
Borrowing a loan can help you meet certain financial goals. To help you make the right borrowing decision, here are seven types of loans to know. Review gives you a simpler way to view your credit report, but do the benefits of the service justify the price?

What Is a Credit Report and Why Is It Important?
Your credit report contains details about financial accounts. Many businesses pull your credit report to see whether to approve or deny applications.

Will Divorce Affect Your Credit Score?
Filing divorce doesn't hurt your credit score, but the way you handle debts during and after your divorce can hurt your credit score.

How a Data Breach Could Affect Your Credit
The risk of your credit suffering after a data breach ranges from low to severe depending on what type of information was stolen in the breach.

How to Change Your Credit Card Due Date
You might change your credit card due date if you have too many bills due at the same time each month or the date conflicts with your pay dates.

Don't Let a Roommate Ruin Your Credit
Having a roommate can lighten your financial load, but when bills go unpaid, it can ruin your credit. Learn to protect your credit from a roommate.

Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card Review
The CapitalOne VentureOne Rewards Credit Card pays 1.25 miles per dollar and offers a 10,000 mile spending bonus. See how the card compares to the Venture.

Clear Card From American Express Review
The Clear Card from American Express offers an automatic 1 percent rebate on spending and no late or over-limit fees. Is this the rewards card for you?

BMW Platinum Visa Card Review
The BMW Platinum Visa Card lets you earn points toward a loan or lease on a new BMW vehicle or to pay for service, parts and accessories at BMW dealerships.

Do This To Remove Your Name From a Cosigned Loan
If you want to remove your name from a cosigned loan, the lender will have to agree. Here are steps to get your name off a loan you regret cosigning.

Toys R Us and Babies R Us MasterCard Review
The Toys R Us and Babies R Us MasterCard lets you earn 4 percent back on purchases at these stores with no annual fee. Learn more about the rewards.

Gap Visa Credit Card Review
With the Gap Visa, you earn a $5 reward per 500 points which you earn through all purchases - but the high APR may not be worth the rewards.

How to Divide Up Debt During a Divorce
How you handle debt during your divorce will affect the rest of your life. Don't gloss over this important debt issue.

Tips to Remember Your Credit Card Due Dates
At $25 each, or $35 if you've been late in the past six months, late fees are expensive. Here are some ways to remember your credit card due dates.

Budgeting for Baby: How to Avoid New Baby Debt
New parents may not realize how expensive having a baby can be. Here are some ways to avoid going into debt over new baby expenses.

Can Debt Collectors Send Text Messages under FDCPA?
Can debt collectors contact you via text message? The FDCPA doesn't directly address text messaging, but a 2013 case with the FTC may shed some light.

When a Debt Collector Calls About a Paid Debt
Paying a debt means you never have to hear about it again. If a debt collector starts calling about a debt you've already paid, here's what to do.

Reasons to And Not to Go Into Debt
Debt is a four-letter word that many people want to banish from their vocabularies and their lives.

Credit Repair Organizations Act Overview
The Credit Repair Organization Act governs what credit repair companies can do. Know your rights under the CROA to avoid a credit repair scam.

How to Clean Up Even the Worst Credit Report Items
Your credit report dictates the steps you take to repair your credit. Here are some of the most common credit blemishes & information on fixing them.

How Long Does Negative Info Stay on Your Credit Report?
The credit reporting time limit keeps negative information on your credit report for a minimum of seven years, with some exceptions.

What Happens When You Submit a Credit Report Dispute
Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, credit bureaus and creditors have to follow certain steps after you submit a credit report dispute.

Cease and Desist Letter Template for Debt Collectors
To stop debt collection calls, you must send a cease and desist letter. Use this cease and desist letter template to stop debt collection calls.

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act for Debt Collectors
The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is a federal law that governs the actions of debt collectors pursuing personal debts.

What You Should Know About Time-Barred Debts
Time-barred debts are those that are no longer collectible through the court because the statute of limitations on these debts has passed.

Wage Garnishment to Collect Your Debts: How It Works
Wage garnishment is when your employer withholds part of your paycheck to satisfy a court order requiring you to repay a debt.

What Are Debt Collections and How Do They Affect You?
How worried do you have to be about a call or letter from a debt collector or a debt collection on your credit report?

What is the Maximum Wage Garnishment Amount
Federal law limits the amount your wages can be garnished. Make sure your wage garnishment doesn't exceed the maximum allowed limit.

What's a Credit Card Over Limit Fee?
A credit card over-limit fee is charged when you exceed your credit limit, even if it's because of fees or interest.

How to Choose a Legitimate Credit/Debt Consolidation Loan
Legitimate debt consolidation loans can be used to pay off your credit card debt.. When you're ready, make sure you shop around for the best loan.

FAQs About Debt Statute of Limitations
Answers to some of the most important questions about the statute of limitations on debt and how long certain debts can be collected.

8 Steps to Protect Your Credit During Unemployment
Protecting your credit during unemployment is difficult, but if you can limit your credit usage and pay everything on time, your credit may survive.

Credit Card Interest Rate Increase Notification
Credit card issuers may be able to raise your APR without telling you. Learn when credit card issuers have to send advance notice of a rate increase.

How to Check Your Credit Report
Learn how to order your credit report for free and with a credit card. Discover how to watch out for free credit report scams.

Green Dot Prepaid Card - Review
The Green Dot Prepaid Card can be used for electronic payments just like a credit or debit card, but without the credit check or checking account.

Prepaid Visa Rush Credit Card Review
The Prepaid Visa Rush Card is a prepaid card that doesn't require a credit check but charges high fees.

How to Get a Credit Card With Bad Credit
If you're suffering with bad credit, you're not alone. Many people with bad credit have a hard time finding a credit card. Here's how you can get a credit card even if you have bad credit.

Zales Credit Card Review
The Zales Credit Card offers borrowing options for purchases at the retail jewelry chain. Learn how you can borrow interest-free for up to a year.

Secured Credit Card vs. Prepaid Card: Which is Better?
Secured credit cards and prepaid cards are options for people starting out with credit or those with bad credit. Here's how to choose between the two.

What's the Difference Between a Garnishment and a Levy
Wage garnishment and bank account levy are two court-ordered ways that creditors and lenders can take money to repay your debts.

Credit One Bank Visa Platinum Card Review
The Credit One Bank Visa Platinum Card charges high fees and high interest rates. It is aimed at people with poor credit or limited credit history.

Will Renting an Apartment Help My Credit Score?
There may be some instances that renting will help your credit score, but rental payment history reporting isn't as common as it should be.

Mini Miranda - Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
The mini Miranda is a statement debt collectors are required to use when they contact you about a debt.

The Downside to Living Without a Credit Card
Living without credit cards may help you avoid debt, but it may present a hardship in other ways. Here are five struggles of not having a credit card.

Why Friends Have Better Credit
If it seems like all your friends have better credit than you, it's not because of luck. Here's what they're doing to get better credit that you're not.

10 Things You Didn't Know Can Hurt Your Credit Score
Who knew three little digits could be so fickle. Check out a list of 10 things you probably didn't know could hurt your credit score.

Debt Collectors and the Do Not Call Registry
Registering with the Do Not Call Registry will not stop debt collection calls. The registry was created for telemarketing calls not collection calls.

Credit Cards Forced by CFPB to Refund Cardholders
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has ordered major credit card issuers to refund millions of cardholders for illegal and unfair practices.

Is a Credit Card Better Than Cash?
Credit cards offer a convenient way to pay for purchases, but cash reduces the risk of debt. Read on to figure out which is best: credit cards or cash.

An Account On My Credit Report Isn't Mine
If you have accounts on your credit report that aren't yours, your credit could be hurt. Disputing the account will help clear your credit record.

Can Debt Collectors Contact Relatives About My Debt?
Debt collectors can contact your family in certain circumstances, but if they reveal information about your debt, they may be breaking the law.

How Free Trials Lead to Months of Credit Card Charges
If a trial subscription requires your credit card number, you'll likely be charged after the trial period. Here's how you can avoid those charges.

Can A Credit Card Company Garnish My Wages?
Some debt collectors, and even credit card companies, will try to bully you into making a payment by threatening to garnish your wages. Can they actually follow

10 Ways to Deal With Rude Debt Collectors
Too often, debt collectors are unnecessarily rude in their collection efforts. There are tactics you can use with even the rudest of debt collectors.

How to Fix Your Out of Control Credit Card Debt
Here are 10 signs that your credit card debt is out of control and details about what you can do to gain control of your credit card balances.

7 Reasons Not to Get a Credit Card
More than half of Millennials don't have a credit card, but they may have it right. Here are seven perfectly good reasons not to have a credit card.

When You Can't Pay Back Money Borrowed From a Friend
Borrowing money from a friend or relative can be tricky, even more so if you can't pay back the loan by the time you originally agreed. Here's how to handle the situation and keep your relationship in tact.

7 Benefits of Creating an Online Credit Card Account
Consider signing up for an online credit card account on your credit card issuer's website to enjoy benefits like online bill pay and balance retrieval.

Three Ways to Check Your Credit Card Balance
Checking your current credit card balance has never been easier. You can do it quickly and conveniently online, over the phone, or with a mobile app.

Hidden Credit Card Charges and How to Deal With Them
Hidden credit card charges cost consumers more then $14 million in 2012. Find out how to catch and eliminate hidden credit card charges.

What to Do If Your Credit Card Charge is the Wrong Amount
If you notice a merchant charged your credit card the wrong amount, don't panic. You can often correct the error with a phone call.

Credit Repair How To: Dispute Credit Report Errors
Bad credit isn't a permanent situation. Credit repair - even credit repair you do for yourself - can improve your credit score tremendously. Repairing your own credit isn't as hard as you'd think.

Printable Monthly Bill Payment Checklist
A checklist can help you remember to pay the bills each month. Check off each bill as you pay them and you can easily recognize which bills haven't been paid.

Sample Monthly Bill Payment Checklist
A checklist can help you remember to pay the bills each month. Check off each bill as you pay them and you can easily recognize which bills haven't been paid.

Monthly Budget Worksheets
Download this free budget worksheet to create a plan for your money each month. There's a color and an ink-friendly black and white version.

Free, Printable Monthly Budget Worksheets
Download this free budget worksheet to create a plan for your money each month. There are a color and an ink-friendly black and white version.

Annual Bill Checklist
A checklist can help you remember to pay the bills each month. Check off each bill as you pay them and you can easily recognize which bills haven't been paid.

Monthly Budget Worksheets
Download this free budget worksheet to create a plan for your money each month. There's a color and an ink-friendly black and white version.

10 Signs You Have Too Much Debt
When your debt is scattered among several credit cards and loans, it's hard to know how much you have. Here are 10 signs that you have too much debt.

Monthly Budget Worksheets
Download this free budget worksheet to create a plan for your money each month. There's a color and an ink-friendly black and white version.

What to Do About a Credit Repair Scam
The credit repair industry is known for scamming consumers. If you become a victim of a credit repair scam, here’s what you should do.

How to Repair Your Credit After Bankruptcy
Take the right steps to repair your credit after bankruptcy and you can rebuild your credit score.

Your FCRA Rights With Credit Reports
The Fair Credit Reporting Act grants you specific rights regarding your credit report. Read a summary of your credit report rights.

Credit Card Safety Tips for Online Shoppers
Online credit card theft is easier than you think. Follow these online credit card shopping tips to avoid being a victim of credit card fraud.

10 Things That Don't Hurt Your Credit Score
Making late credit card and loan payments will definitely hurt your credit score, but there are some payments that will never see your credit report.

Alternatives to Payday Loans
Instead of taking out one of these high-cost and risk payday loans, consider one of these alternatives.

Seven of the Worst Credit Report Entries
Your credit report is a detailed record of your credit history. Avoid having any of the seven worst credit report entries part of your credit history.

Zombie Debt - What You Can Do About It
Zombie debt is old debt purchased by debt collectors hoping to intimidate consumers into paying. You have several tools you can use to fight back.

Five Ways to Lower Monthly Payments
Five ways to lower monthly payments on your debt. If your debt payments are unaffordable, these tips will work in your favor.

10 Signs It's Time to Look for a New Credit Card
If you haven't shopped for a new credit card in several years, you could be missing out. Here are 10 signs it's time to look for a new credit card.

Joint Credit Card Account Holder vs. Authorized User
Knowing the differencs between a joint credit card holder and an authorized user is key when you're choosing to share a credit card with someone. Review - Free Credit Score & Monitoring
I've been using Credit Karma for years to get my free credit score. I've never given my credit card number and never paid for the free credit score.

How to Travel for Free With Credit Card Rewards
Travel rewards give you an opportunity to earn free flights and hotel stays. Find out how you can maximize your travel rewards to earn great perks.

Options for Student Loan Forgiveness
Student loans can be heavy burdens for college graduates. Student loan forgiveness programs could eliminate some or all of your student loan debt.

Authorized Users and Your Credit Score
Removing yourself as an authorized user could affect your credit, but it credit depends on whether the account falls off your credit report.

Overstock Club O Rewards MasterCard
The no-fee MasterCard lets you earn up to 8% back on your purchases and gives you $20 after your first transaction. Rewards Visa Card Review
The Rewards Visa Card from Chase lets you earn rewards on your purchases at the online retailer.

How Credit Cards Use the Prime Rate
The prime rate is the interest rate that banks give to their most creditworthy customers. The prime rate may also affect your credit card rate.

10 Bad Credit Card Habits You Must Break
Bad credit card habits can cause serious financial damage that take years to clean up. Replace your bad habits with good ones to help your credit.

8 Reasons Your Credit Score May Have Dropped
Here are 8 possible reasons that your credit score dropped. Learn if one of these explains your credit score drop and learn whether you can fix it.

Someone Opened a Credit Card in My Name - What to Do
If you discover that a thief or scammer has opened a credit card in your name, contact the credit card issuer to have the card closed immediately.

Can Collectors Call About Debts Not On Your Credit Report?
If a debt's no longer listed on your credit report, a debt collector may still contact you about the debt. This is legal, except in specific situations.

What is a Hard Inquiry On a Credit Report?
There are two types of credit report inquiries: a hard inquiry and a soft inquiry. One kind hurts your credit score, the other does not.

How Credit Card Piggybacking Works
Credit card piggybacking is when a person is added to another person's credit card, usually for the purpose of getting a better credit score.

Credit Card Minimum Payment Definition
Knowing the minimum payment on a credit card or loan is important to avoid fees and damage to your credit rating.

11 Things That Make it Hard to Get a Credit Card
Credit card issuers consider a number of factors to approve applicants. Your credit history could explain why it's hard to get a credit card.

How Tax Liens Appear On Your Credit Report
A tax lien is listed in the public records section of your credit report if you've failed to pay your taxes. Having a tax lien can impact your credit.

Will Old Addresses on Credit Report Hurt Credit Scores?
You might be surprised to find old addresses on your credit report, but as long as they're accurate you don't have to be worried.

Will Cell Phone Payments Affect My Credit Score
Payment history is important for your credit score, but timely cell phone payments may not help your credit. Falling behind, however, could hurt.

What Does Overdraft Protection Mean for Your Credit?
Using a credit card or line of credit for overdraft protection can save you from overdraft charges, but it may put your credit at risk.

Five Principles Of Making Credit Card Payments
If you ever wonder the best way to pay off your credit cards, here are some tips to help you make those decisions each month.

11 Consumer Rights With Debt Collectors
Can collection agencies charge interest? Know your right as a consumer, so you're prepared to protect them if necessary.

How Debt Collectors Try to Collect Nonexistent Debt
Debt collectors, hungry for money, sometimes make up debts and try to get you to pay them. You don't have to pay these phantom debts.

Different Ways to Build Good Credit
Your credit history affects everything from buying a home to financing your education and even getting a job. Do these things to build good credit.

The Basics of Rewards Credit Cards
Credit card reward programs let you earn cash and other incentives for using your credit card. Understand the fundamentals of credit cards rewards.

Free Credit Score With No Credit Card or Subscription
Here are a few ways to get a free credit score with no credit card, no subscription, no strings whatsoever. How to get a free credit score.

Get a Secured Credit Card in 3 Easy Steps
Getting a secured credit card is a different process from getting a regular credit card. Learn the extra steps you have to take.

Wells Fargo Cash Back Card Review
The Wells Fargo Cash Back Card pays a 1% rebate on all your spending with no annual fee. You can redeem your rewards in $25 increments.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Get a Credit Card
You may be able to get a credit card at age 18 if you meet certain criteria. Otherwise, you'll have to wait a little longer to get a credit card.

Types of Credit Cards (and How to Use Them)
Don't be confused by all the different credit cards. Get familiar with the different types of credit cards to choose the right one for you.

How to Get a Credit Card With No Credit History
Getting a credit card with no credit history is tough, but not impossible. Find out how to get approved for a credit card when you have no credit.

American Express Prepaid Card Review
The American Express Prepaid Card is one of the best values in the prepaid card market. It has practically no fees.

Equifax Complete Advantage Plan Credit Monitoring Review
The Equifax Complete Advantage Plan offers credit monitoring on all three credit bureaus all month long.

Experian Triple Advantage Credit Monitoring Review
Experian's Triple Advantage credit monitoring service was replaced by Credit Tracker. Find out whether you should keep the service or cancel.

Identity Guard Identity Theft Protection Review
Identity Guard's identity theft protection services can help you protect your credit and your identity. Get a review of the service.

How to Improve Your Credit Score
It takes time and effort to improve your credit score, but it can be done. Get details on what affects your credit score and learn how to improve it.

First National Bank of Omaha American Express Review
The First National Bank of Omaha American Express Card has no annual fee and lets you earn 2% cash back on gasoline and grocery purchases.

Understanding Your Credit History
Your credit history plays a major role in getting new credit cards or loans at a good interest rate. Learn what makes up your credit history.

L.L. Bean Visa Credit Card Review
The no-fee L.L. Bean Visa Card lets you earn 3% back on your purchases at the retailer, offers free monogramming, and free returns.

AARP Visa Cash Rewards Credit Card Review
Did you know that the AARP offers a cash rewards credit card for its member? Learn about the AARP Visa card and whether it's right for you.

Pros and Cons of Paperless Billing Statements
There are both pros and cons to paperless billing statements from your credit card issuers. Weigh the benefits before you sign up.

Dispute Credit Report Errors With Your Credit Card Issuer
Credit report errors can be disputed with the credit bureau or with the credit card issuer or business who listed the information on your report.

Blue Cash Everyday Card From American Express Review
The Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express offers cash rewards on credit card spending with no annual fee.

Review of the Chrysler MasterCard
The Chrysler MasterCard lets you earn points toward a new Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Chrysler or Fiat vehicle with no annual fee. Learn more about the rewards.

Kroger 1-2-3 Rewards MasterCard Review
The Kroger 1-2-3 Rewards MasterCard lets you earn rewards on your purchases at Kroger stores with no annual fee.

Lexus Pursuits Platinum Visa Review
The Lexus Pursuits Platinum Visa credit card lets you earn points toward a new Lexus vehicle or service at a Lexus dealership.

Toyota Rewards Visa Credit Card Review
The Toyota Rewards Visa Card lets you earn points on purchases at Toyota dealerships that can help you pay for a new or certified used Toyota vehicle.

How Your Debt Affects Your Credit Score
From payment history to credit utilization, debt affects your credit score in a major way. How you handle debt can help or hurt your credit score.

Your Interest Rates Affect Your Debt Payoff
Your interest rate is one of the things that can hurt your ability to pay off debt. Learn how your interest rate affects your debt payoff.

Tips for Dealing With Gambling Debt
People with gambling problems and gambling addiction often end up deep in debt. There are ways to deal with gambling debt and your gambling addiction.

HSBC GM Flexible Earnings Rewards Credit Card - Review
The GM Flexible Earnings rewards credit card has been revamped to be more attractive to people who aren't inclined to purchase a GM vehicle.

Orchard Bank Secured MasterCard Credit Card Review
The Orchard Bank Secured Credit Card by MasterCard is a good option for consumers with a bad credit history who need to re-establish their credit.

Chase Slate: 15 Months No Interest and No Transfer Fee
The Slate Card with Blueprint by Chase Bank helps you create a payment plan to manage your credit card balance.

Chase Freedom Card Credit Card Review
The Chase Freedom Card is a rewards credit card that rivals Discover's reward card and pays 5 percent cashback on rotating categories.

TD Visa Cards - Cash vs. Easy Rewards
These two rewards cards from TD Bank are nearly identical: one pays a cash rebate, the other in points.

Online Course to Help Lower Your Debt
This weekly debt diet ecourse delivers step-by-step get out of debt details right to your inbox. Preview the debt diet lessons here.

Debt Diet eCourse Week 2 - Eliminate the Need For Debt
This weekly debt diet ecourse delivers step-by-step get out of debt details right to your inbox. Preview the debt diet lessons here. Page 2.

Debt Diet eCourse Week 3 - Assess Your Debt
This weekly debt diet ecourse delivers step-by-step get out of debt details right to your inbox. Preview the debt diet lessons here. Page 3.

Debt Diet eCourse Week 4 - Make a Debt Plan
This weekly debt diet ecourse emails step-by-step get out of debt steps right to your inbox. Preview Week 4 of the debt diet lessons, which includes how to make a debt plan. Page 4.

Debt Diet eCourse Week 5 - Debt Repayment in Action
Credit/Debt Management. Page 5.

Wells Fargo Cash Back College Visa Review
The Wells Fargo Cash Back College Credit Card is an excellent way for young people to establish their credit history with a bank with a good reputation for keeping customers happy. It also pays a cash-back reward.

Capital One Secured MasterCard Credit Card Review
The Capital One Secured MasterCard has one of the lowest minimum security deposits which makes it a strong contender among secured credit cards.

Citi Secured MasterCard Credit Card Review
The Citi Secured MasterCard is a secured credit card with a low interest rate, but a high annual fee. Learn more about the pros and cons of this card.

Wells Fargo Secured Credit Card Review
The Wells Fargo Secured Card has an annual fee, but allows a higher maximum security deposit than most other secured credit cards.

How Late Can I Make My Credit Card Payment
Your credit card issuer must receive your credit card payment by 5 pm on the due date for your payment to be considered on time.

When Does a Late Payment Go On My Credit Report
Knowing when your late payment will go on your credit report can save you some stress about recent late payments.

What is an Unsecured Credit Card?
An unsecured credit card is a credit card that doesn't require you to have a security deposit.

U.S. Bank Secured Visa Credit Card Review
The U.S. Bank Secured Visa Card is a secured credit card that advertises a relatively low annual fee and the possibility of quick promotion to an unsecured card.

Credit Card Agreement Definition
A credit card agreement is a contract between the credit card issuer and the cardholder that details the terms and conditions of the credit card.

Chapter 13 Repayment Bankruptcy - Overview
Chapter 13 bankruptcy is for the individual consumer who has a regular income and doesn't qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or the individual who has assets they don't want to have liquidated.

How to Check Your Credit Card's Available Credit
Always check your available credit before you make a credit card purchase to avoid going over your credit limit. Here's how to do it easily.

What to Check for On Your Credit Report
When you check your credit report, there are some key pieces of information to look for, like your payment history and inquiries.

What is a Thin Credit File?
Having a thin credit file can make it difficult to get approved for a credit card or loan, but there are ways to overcome this lack of credit history.

What Is a Good Credit Card Balance?
A good credit card balance is key to maintaining a good credit score and to staying out of debt. Learn about the limits you should place on your balance.

What It Means to Have a Repossession On Your Credit
Repossession is a process where an auto lender can take back your vehicle (or repossess it) without having to obtain a court order.

How to Improve Your Credit for a Mortgage Application
Here are seven ways to make the mortgage process smoother by getting your credit ready for a mortgage application.

How Does a 0% Balance Transfer Work?
When you make a 0% balance transfer, the balance you transfer does not receive any interest charges until the 0% promotional offer expires.

What Happens During a Credit Card Billing Cycle?
Get a better understanding of how the credit card billing process works from making purchases to making payments.

How Does a Prepaid Credit Card Work?
Prepaid cards can be used like credit cards, but there are key differences you should know if you're considering one of these cards.

Get a Credit Card at 18
Changes in the credit card law make it harder for some young adults to get a credit card at 18, but if you have a job, you're more likely to be approved.

Credit Utilization and How It Affects Your Credit Score
Credit utilization is the ratio of your credit card debt to credit limits. It has the second biggest factor influencing your FICO score.

Inactive Credit Cards May Be Closed
If you haven't used your credit card in awhile, here's why your credit card issuer might close your account and what you can do about it.

What to Expect With Your First Credit Card
Getting your first credit card may be the best thing since getting your driver's license. Get advice on what to expect with your first credit card.

22 Ways to Master Your Credit Cards
These tips show you how to master your credit cards to help you avoid credit card debt, get the best credit card deals, and build a good credit score.

Keep Your Credit Card in Good Standing
Keep your credit card in good standing, not just to protect your relationship with your creditor, but also to protect your good credit score.

Credit Card Statement Balance vs. Current Balance
Your online credit card account may list two balances - a statement balance and a current balance. Get help understanding these two balances.

How to Avoid Creating Credit Card Debt
Credit card debt has the potential to ruin your life. Learn how what you can do to avoid credit card debt.

Credit Repair How To: Pay Off Past Due Accounts
Bad credit isn't a permanent situation. Credit repair - even credit repair you do for yourself - can improve your credit score tremendously. Repairing your own credit isn't as hard as you'd think. Page 5.

Credit Repair How To: Reduce High Balances
Bad credit isn't a permanent situation. Credit repair - even credit repair you do for yourself - can improve your credit score tremendously. Repairing your own credit isn't as hard as you'd think.

Credit Repair How To: Establish New Credit
Bad credit isn't a permanent situation. Credit repair - even credit repair you do for yourself - can improve your credit score tremendously. Repairing your own credit isn't as hard as you'd think.

Credit Repair Tips
Keep these credit repair tips in mind as you work your way to a better credit score.

6 Steps to Repair Your Bad Credit
Credit repair isn't a secret skill or process only available to credit repair companies. You have the power and the right to fix your own credit.

Credit Repair How To: Order Your Credit Report
Bad credit isn't a permanent situation. Credit repair - even credit repair you do for yourself - can improve your credit score tremendously. Repairing your own credit isn't as hard as you'd think.

Credit Repair How To: Review Your Report for Errors
Bad credit isn't a permanent situation. Credit repair - even credit repair you do for yourself - can improve your credit score tremendously. Repairing your own credit isn't as hard as you'd think.

Best Auto Rewards Credit Cards of 2011
GM, Toyota, Lexus, Chrysler and BMW have no-fee rewards credit cards that help you earn points toward your next new vehicle.

How Store Credit Cards Are Different From Credit Cards
Retail credit cards are pushed in almost every store, but are they worth it? Find out how store credit cards stack up against regular credit cards.

What Credit Score Do Car Dealers Use?
It's common for car dealers and auto lenders to pull a different credit score from the one you've checked. Find out what it means when this happens.

Apartment Hunters, Beware Credit Report Scams
If you're looking around for an apartment on the internet, beware credit report scams, especially on Craigslist.

Watch Out for Unauthorized Charges From iTunes
Hundreds of consumers complain about unauthorized iTunes charges. Learn what you can do about unauthorized iTunes charges to your credit or debit card.

No ID Required for Credit Card Purchases
Cashiers often ask for ID with credit card purchases to confirm that you're the cardholder, but are merchants allowed to require ID for credit cards?

Bank of America Student Credit Card Review
Bank of America's three student credit cards each has a different perk. Should you choose the cash rewards, travel rewards, or the longer 0% period?

10 Simple Ways to Be Better With Your Money
Being good with money is essential to living a financially sound life. It's a requirement if you want to improve your credit or get out of debt.

How Long Should You Keep Your Credit Card Open?
Closing a credit card can hurt your credit score, but does that mean keeping your credit cards forever? How long should you keep a credit card open?

How to Ruin Your Creditt
Your credit score is one of the most important financial numbers, so don't do any of these things to ruin it.

Are Balance Transfers a Good Idea?
Are balance transfers a good idea? Even with a low rate balance transfer offer, moving your balances between credit cards can be a bad idea.

Rebuild Your Credit After a Collection or Charge-Off
A debt collection or charge-off is terrible for your credit score. Take these steps to rebuild your credit after a serious delinquency.

How Your Credit Score Influences Your Interest Rate
Your interest rate isn't randomly-generated. In fact, you can indirectly control your interest rate by maintaining your credit score.

How and When Is Credit Card Interest Charged
One of the biggest costs of having a credit card is interest. Learn how and when interest is applied to your credit card balance.

How Having a Zero Balance Affects Your Credit Score
Having a zero balance on your credit card may affect your credit score, but it depends on whether your credit report shows a zero balance.

How to Pay Online With a Credit Card
Online shopping can be more convenient, but a credit card is usually required. Here's how to pay for online purchases with your credit card.

Avoid Your Credit Card Penalty Rate, It May Last Forever
Two missed payments in a row can trigger the penalty rate on your credit card. After a few months the rate may go down for some balance, but can remain in effect for others.

6 Reasons to Pay Your Credit Card Before the Due Date
You have until your due date to make your credit card payment, but paying your credit card before the due date is more beneficial than waiting.

20 Credit Score Myths That Refuse to Go Away
Credit score myths are widespread. Believing any of these myths is harmful to your credit score. Get the facts to get your credit in the best shape.

Why Carrying a High Credit Card Balance is Bad
Minimum payments on a big credit card balance are easier, but carrying a big balance comes with disadvantages. Find out why paying in full is better.

How You Could Lose Your Credit Card Rewards
Don't take your credit card rewards for granted. If you're not careful, these things could cause you to lose the rewards you've worked so hard to earn.

Why Your Credit Score Fluctuates
Check it often enough and you'll notice your credit score fluctuates. Find out why your credit score fluctuates and whether you should be concerned.

Why Your Lender's Credit Score May Differ From Yours
You might be shocked to find out your lender has a different score than the one you checked before your application.

How Long Does it Take a Credit Card Payment to Post
When you make a credit card payment, it may not post right away. Here's when you can expect your credit card payment to post to your account.

10 Signs You're Managing Your Credit Well
You may doubt whether you're making the best decisions regarding your credit, but if you're doing these 10 things, you're doing a great job of managing your credit.

How to Help Your Teenager Build a Good Credit Score
It's important that you set a good financial foundation, teaching your child good money management, rather than try to build their credit history.

How to Get a Credit Card Limit Increase
Some credit card issuers will increase your credit limit automatically, but if you haven't gotten a limit increase in awhile, it won't hurt to ask.

Should You Pay an Adult Child's Debt?
The decision to pay or not pay an adult child's debt isn't always an easy one. Weigh the pros and cons of helping your child pay off their debt.

What is the Maximum Credit Score?
Credit scores fall within a range depending on the company providing the credit score. The maximum varies by credit score provider.

How Often Should I Use My Credit Card?
Your card issuer may cancel your account if you're not using it. Here are tips on how often to use your credit card to keep it in good standing.

Using Envelope Budgeting to Get Out of Debt
Envelope budgeting is a tried-and-true method of staying on budget, but did you know it can also be a tool to help you get out of debt?

Five Best Times to Make Credit Card Payment
Making your credit card payment by the due date is a given, but the best time to pay your credit card is often earlier in the month.

Should You Make Your Credit Card Payment Early?
Sending your credit card payment early is a good practice to ensure your payments arrive on time. But, be careful that you don't send your payment too early.

How to Check Your Credit Card Statement Online
Most credit card issuers give you the ability to check your statement online. Here are the simple steps to viewing your electronic statement.

How to Handle Unauthorized Credit Card Charges
If you spot unauthorized credit card charges, you should report them immediately, regardless of the amount, even if you haven't lost your credit card.

Your Credit Cards Are Maxed Out and You're Broke, Now What?
It's not a good situation when all your credit cards are maxed out and you're broke on top of that. Drastic measures may be necessary to get back on track.

Handling an Accidentally Missed Credit Card Payment
Just one accidentally missed credit card payment isn't the end of the world. Find out the best way to handle the situation.

How to Decide Your Monthly Credit Card Payment
Paying your full credit card balance is ideal, but when you can't do that, follow these guidelines to decide your monthly credit card payment.

Credit Card Payment Allocation Explained
Your credit card payment can be split up among different balances. The rules on credit card payment allocation can affect how fast you pay off your credit card balance.

When Moving Update Your Credit Card Billing Address
Change your billing address when you move so you won't miss your credit card statement. Here are four ways to change your credit card billing address.

When Is My Credit Card Bill Due
Knowing when your credit card bill is due is important to paying on time. Here's how to know when your credit card issuer expects your payment.

My Credit Card Bill Is Due on a Sunday or Holiday
When your credit card bill is due on a Saturday, Sunday, or even a holiday, don't assume you can pay the day after. You may be charged a late fee.

When is a Credit Card Payment Considered Late
If you're rushing to get your credit card payment made on time, you need to know when your payment would be considered late. On the due date, every minute counts.

How to Make Your Credit Card Payment At the Last Minute
If you just remembered your credit card payment is due today, don't panic. You may be able to make a last minute credit card payment and avoid a late fee.

What to Know Before Applying for Your First Credit Card
You may be nervous about applying for your first credit card, but knowing what to expect from the application process can help ease your concerns.

Approved for a Credit Card With a Low Credit Limit
If you're approved for a credit card with a low credit limit, it may be the credit card or it may be your credit. Learn what to do with a low limit credit card.

How to Get a Credit Card Without a Job
Getting a credit card without a job isn't as difficult as you may think. Regular and reasonable access to income is the most important thing.

What's a Good Credit Limit On a First Credit Card?
Your first credit limit can be as low as $100 depending on the type of credit card you get, but you may be able to get a bigger credit limit.

Strategies to Remove Negative Credit Report Entries
Removing negative credit report information can improve your credit score. Here are some ways to remove negative information from your credit report.

How Soon Will I Know if I'm Approved for a Credit Card?
When you submit a credit card application, you may be able to know whether you've approved instantly. In other cases, it can take a few days.

How You Can Be Denied for a Credit Card Even With Excellent Credit
Having excellent credit doesn't guarantee your credit card application will be approved. Here are 8 reasons that people with excellent credit can be denied a credit card.

Is It Ok to Get Two Credit Cards From the Same Bank?
Here's what you need to know if you want to get two (or more) credit cards with the same bank.

Best Ways to Use Your Cash Rewards
Earning cash rewards is easy but figuring out how to spend your rewards requires some thought. Here are a few great ways to use your cash rewards.

Discover it Secured Credit Card Review
The Discover it Secured Credit Card is easily one of the best secured credit cards on the market. It pays rewards on purchases at no annual fee.

What is a Maxed-Out Credit Card?
A maxed-out credit card is not a good thing. Maxing out your credit limit can be expensive and harmful to your credit score.

AAA Member Rewards Visa Credit Card Review
The no annual fee AAA Member Rewards Visa Credit Card offers 3X points on travel, 2X points on gas and groceries, and 1 point on other purchases.

Discover it Miles Review
The Discover it Miles rewards 1.5 miles per dollar on purchases and double miles within the first year, with no annual fee.

Amazon Prime Store Card Review
The Amazon Prime Store Card pays 5% back for cardholders with a Prime subscription. If you're a big shopper, give this new card a good look.

Citi ThankYou Preferred Card Review
The Citi ThankYou Preferred Card enables cardholders to earn points through Citi's ThankYou program. The card charges no annual fee and no interest for the first year.

No Preset Spending Limit Meaning for Credit Cards
Some credit cards some with no preset spending limit instead of a set credit limit, but that doesn't mean you can spend as much as you want to.

Wells Fargo Rewards Card Review
The Wells Fargo Rewards Card gives you the option of redeeming your points for cash back or airline miles, but the fees and restrictions make the card a little unattractive.

Ebay MasterCard Rewards Credit Card Review
The Ebay MasterCard lets you earn rewards on Ebay and PayPal purchases but doesn't tell you upfront how much the rewards are worth.

Mercedes-Benz Platinum American Express Card Review
The Mercedes-Benz Platinum American Express Card has a $475 annual fee and offers luxury travel benefits.

Overview of the Vantage Score Credit Score
The VantageScore is a credit score created by the three credit bureaus. Instead of a 300 to 850 range, the VantageScore is on a scale from 501 to 990.

The Difference Between VantageScore and FICO Score
The FICO score has been around since the mid-80s. The VantageScore was launched in 2006. What are the difference between the FICO score and the VantageScore.

Wells Fargo Home Rebate Card Review
The Wells Fargo Home Rebate Card lets you earn rewards that are used to pay down the principal and interest on your home mortgage.

Quicksilver From Capital One Credit Card Review
The Quicksilver From Capital One pays a simple 1.5% cash rewards on all purchases and offers a 0% introductory rate for 9 months.

Discover It Card Review
The new Discover it Card is different from nearly every credit card on the market - in a good way. It's virtually fee-free, gives great cash rewards, and is flexible on payments.

5 Things to Do Before You Close Your Credit Card
If you close your credit card on impulse, you could end up regretting it. Do these 5 things before you close your credit card.

Should You Close an Unused Credit Card?
We know that closing credit cards can affect our credit scores, but what about a credit card you're not using? Should you close an unused credit card?

Applied Bank Secured Visa Card Credit Card Review
The Applied Bank Secured Visa Card has a low interest rate and doesn't do a credit check, but it has high fees and very low credit limits.

Citi CashReturns MasterCard Credit Card Review
The Citi CashReturns MasterCard is a balance transfer credit card with an excellent purchase rewards program.

Can I Close a Credit Card With a Balance?
You can close a credit card with a balance, but you may not want to. If you close a credit card with a balance, your credit card will be affected.

What Will Happen If I Default on my Credit Cards?
Choosing to stop paying your credit card has some serious negative consequences. Before you stop paying your credit card, look at some alternatives.

How to Avoid Paying Interest
Paying credit card interest can be expensive, but there are ways you can avoid paying interest on your credit card. Avoiding can save you hundreds.

How to Calculate Your Own Finance Charge
To calculate your own finance charge, you just need to know the balance, interest rate, and billing cycle (if it's shorter than one month).

How to Know If Your Credit Card Still Active
If you haven't used your credit card in a long time, it may be inactive. Here's how you can find out whether your credit card is active.

How to Close a Joint Credit Card Account
Closing a joint credit card isn't nearly as easy as opening one. Learn what it takes to close a joint credit card without hurting your credit.

What is the Credit Score Range?
There are a few different credit scores with different credit score ranges. Higher scores within the credit score range are better.

Will Multiple Loan Applications Hurt My Credit Score
You're encouraged to shop around for the best loan rate. Will multiple loan applications hurt your credit score? They may not.

Why Don't I Have a Credit Score
More than 50 million consumers do not have a credit score, according to FICO. Find out why you don't have a credit score and how to get one.

How Will a Late Payment Hurt My Credit Score
One late payment could hurt your credit score by over 100 points, depending on your history. Learn more about how late payments affect your score.

How Will Debt Settlement Affect My Credit Score
You may consider using debt settlement as a solution for your credit card debt. Unfortunately, debt settlement could have a negative impact on your credit score.

How to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck
A number of things can cause you to live paycheck to paycheck. Find out how you can turn your finances around and afford to save.

What Is a Soft Credit Report Inquiry?
There are two types of credit report inquiries - hard and soft inquiries. Soft inquiries don't hurt your credit score while hard inquiries do.

How Often Does Your Credit Score Change?
Your credit score could change as often as daily depending on how often your information providers are updating your credit report.

Will Paying a Charge-Off Improve Your Credit Score?
A charge-off causes serious damage to your credit score. You may hope you can improve your credit score by paying it. That may not happen.

How Long Does it Take Your Credit Score to Improve?
When you make positive changes to your credit report, you want to see your credit score update ASAP. Here's what you can expect with credit score updates.

The Credit Card Balance Wrong on My Credit Report
The credit card balance on your credit report may be different from your current credit card balance. It's not always an error when this happens.

Who Are the Three Major Credit Bureaus?
In the US, there are three major credit bureaus that collect your credit account information and sell it to businesses who have a permissible purpose.

Does You Have to Pay a Credit Card Charge-Off?
The phrase charge-off can be misleading. Once an account is charged-off, you may question whether you have to pay it, the answer may surprise you.

Removing Debt After the Statute of Limitations Expires
Some debts may still appear on your credit report even after the statute of limitations has expired. Learn how and when you can remove expired debts.

Where to Send Credit Report Disputes
Each credit bureau has an address where you can send your disputes. You can also dispute directly with the business who listed the information on your credit report.

What Happens To Your Credit Score If You Overdraft
An overdraft can hurt your credit score if it goes on your credit report. Learn when overdrafting your bank account will hurt your credit score.

How Long Will a Closed Account Stay on My Credit Report
Closing an account won't remove it from your credit report automatically. How long a closed account stays on your credit report depends on whether the account was closed in good standing.

What Is a Good Credit Utilization Ratio?
Credit utilization is the second biggest factor affecting your credit score. Having a a good credit utilization is important for building a good credit score.

Why Is My Old Address on My Credit Report?
There's a perfectly good reason that your credit report contains old addresses where you no longer live. Should you worry about these old addresses?

What Is "Insufficient Number of Credit References"
If your application is denied because you have

Removing a Closed Account From a Credit Report
There are some strategies you can use to remove a closed account from your credit report before the credit reporting time limit is up.

Will Breaking My Lease Hurt My Credit Score?
The lease breaking itself won't damage your credit. However, failure to pay the remaining rent or the lease-breaking fee could hurt your credit score.

What Happens to a Debt After Seven Years?
Fortunately, debts don't last forever. There's a seven year time limit that applies to debts and how long they can show on your credit report.

Why Some Accounts Don't Appear on Your Credit Report
Learn three common reasons that some accounts may not show up on your credit report either with a single credit bureau or even all three credit bureaus.

Credit Cards for Rebuilding Bad Credit
Rebuilding bad credit is tough because you need access to credit to do it. Here are some options for credit cards you can get to rebuild bad credit.

Fixed vs. Variable Credit Card Interest Rates
Credit card interest rates can either be fixed or variable. In reality, both interest rates can change, but there are stricter rules about fixed rate increases.

How To Choose the Right Balance Transfer Credit Card
When you're choosing a balance transfer credit card, the interest rate is important but there are a few other factors to consider.

How To Choose the Right Credit Card
There are certain factors to consider in choosing a credit card. Get these key questions answered before you fill out the credit card application.

How to Recognize a Credit Repair Scam
Credit repair scams are illegal, but many companies skate by leaving behind dozens of victims. Learn to recognize the signs of a credit repair scam.

How to Rebuild Bad Credit
Rebuild your bad credit to prove to your creditors that you can pay your bills on time. Learn what it takes to rebuild your bad credit score.

Remove Debt Collections From Your Credit Report
Technically, debt collections are supposed to stay on your credit report for seven years. But, there are a few ways to remove debt collections sooner.

What is a Credit Card Charge-off?
A credit card charge-off is an account status that shows you've missed several payments. Don't let the name fool you, you still owe a charge-off.

What Does "Account Closed at Grantor's Request" Mean?
You may notice a comment

When You Can't Make Your Minimum Credit Card Payment
Skipping a minimum payment is one of the worst things you can do. Find out what to do when you can't make your minimum payment.

The Difference Between Charge Cards and Credit Cards
Credit cards and charge cards are two types of cards you can use to make credit purchases. Learn the key difference between charge and credit cards.

What is Credit Card Default?
Credit card default happens after you're several months behind on payments. You can't undo the damage to your credit, but you can pay off the default.

Rebuilding Credit After Divorce
Divorce can hurt you financially to the point that your credit score suffers. Here's how to rebuild your credit after divorce.

How Job Loss Can Affect Your Credit Score
Losing your job won't immediately hurt your credit score, but your credit score could suffer if you're out of a job for several weeks or months.

The Adjusted Balance Finance Charge Calculation
The adjusted balance method of calculating your finance charge uses your previous balance less any payments and credits made during the billing cycle.

Average Daily Balance Finance Charge Calculation
The average daily balance method is one of the ways your creditor might calculate your finance charge. Find out how the calculation works.

Daily Balance Finance Charge Calculation Method
If your credit card issuer uses the daily balance method, the timing of payments and charges affects the amount of the finance charge.

How to Avoid a Finance Charge on Your Credit Card
A finance charge will be added to your credit card balance when you carry a balance on your credit card. Learn how you can avoid paying credit card finance charges.

Previous Balance Method for Calculating Finance Charges
The previous balance method of calculating your finance charge uses the balance at the beginning of your billing cycle.

The Worst Types Of Credit Cards
There are a lot of bad credit cards out there. Learn to recognize the features of the worst credit cards.

The Statute of Limitations for Written Contracts
A written contract is an agreement made on a printed document that has been signed by both the lender and the borrower.

Credit Card Minimum Payment Calculation Explained
Your credit card minimum payment can vary monthly because it's based on your balance. Here's how most credit card minimum payments are calculated.

5 Things to Know About Voluntary Repossession
A voluntary repossession happens when you turn your car back in to the auto lender rather than going through the process of a physical repossession.

What Does Past Due Mean on My Credit Card Account?
Having a past due account is expensive and bad for your credit history. Learn what it means to be past due and how it affects your credit.

What Is a Credit Card Introductory Rate?
An introductory rate is an interest rate that's usually below-market and is offered for the initial billing cycles of the credit card.

What to Know About Late Fees on Credit Cards and Loans
A late fee is charged when your payment is made after the due date. You may also have to pay a late fee for payments made after the cutoff time.

Understanding Daily and Periodic Rates
An overview of the periodic rate; which is another way the annual percentage rate can be expressed.

Revolving vs. Non-Revolving Credit
Credit accounts can be revolving or non-revolving. Learn the difference between revolving credit and non-revolving credit and the benefits of each.

Does Universal Default Still Exist for Credit Cards?
Universal default is a policy held by many credit card issuers that allows them to enforce enforces default terms when you've only defaulted with another lender.

What is a Variable Interest Rate?
A variable interest rate is one that varies based on another rate. If your credit card has a variable rate, your rate may change without notice.

What Are Open-Ended Accounts
Debt can be categorized in a few different ways. An open-ended account is an account that has a revolving balance, like a credit card, for example.