Credit/Debt Management Sitemap - Page 3 2016-09-26

6 Ways You Can Rent Even With Bad Credit
Renting with bad credit can be easy or hard depending on where you're looking. Find out how to get around the credit check and rent an apartment even with bad credit.

Stop Procrastinating With Credit Card Payments
Procrastination can have a serious impact on your credit. Here are some ways to overcome bill paying procrastination and save your credit score.

7 Credit Card Application Mistakes to Avoid
Applying for a credit card seems like an easy process, but make sure you avoid these seven mistakes.

5 Times More At Risk of Credit Card Fraud
You may be more at risk of credit card fraud if any of these things happen to you.

Sample Debt Validation Letter for Debt Collectors
Writing a debt validation letter can keep you from paying a bonus debt collection. Here's a sample letter you can use to request debt validation.

Lower Your Debt With Credit Card Debt Settlement
If your debt is too high to pay and you're already behind on your bills, credit card debt settlement can make your debt more affordable.

How Much Does It Cost to File Bankruptcy?
The cost of filing bankruptcy depends on the type of bankruptcy you file. On top of the filing fee, you'll also have to pay your attorney.

How to Shop Online Without a Credit Card
Shopping online means you need at least one form of electronic payment. Here are a few options for shopping online when you don't have a credit card.

What Happens After You Pay Off Your Credit Card
Paying off your credit card is a great accomplishment and once you're done there are plenty of great options for keeping the debt away.

Why Using Your Credit Card for Emergencies is Risky
Many people think having an emergency credit card is a great idea, but it can be risky. Having an emergency fund is even better.

PRBC Report with FICO Expansion Score - Getting a Loan With No Credit
It’s tough getting approved for loans and credit cards when you have little or no credit history. Payment Reporting Builds Credit, PRBC, maintains a history of your monthly bill payments and has partnered with Fair Isaac to deliver the FICO Expansion Score.

What Not to Do When You're In Debt
You'd be surprised at the things that are counterproductive to paying off your debt. Check out a list of things you shouldn't do when you're in debt.

Can You Go Over Your Credit Limit?
Your credit limit is the amount you can charge on your credit card. In some instances you can go over your credit limit.

How Can I Check My Credit
Every person should check their credit at least once a year. At a minimum, you should check your credit using all the free resources listed here.

Capital One Classic Platinum Credit Card Review
The Capital One Classic Platinum Credit Card is for people with weak credit. It charges relatively low interest rates but a high annual fee.

What it Means to Have No Credit
Everyone has no credit at least once in their lives. Find out what it means to have no credit and get tips on establishing your credit history.

No Annual Fee American Express Credit Cards
American Express offer some of the best credit cards on the market. Check out which Amex cards come with no annual fee.

Possible Reasons Your Credit Limit Increase Was Denied
Credit card issuers process credit limit increases much like new credit card applications. Learn why your credit limit increase may have been denied.

Wells Fargo Platinum Card Review
The Wells Fargo Platinum Card is a no-frills Visa card with no rewards, no annual fee, and a great introductory interest rate on purchases and balance transfers.

First Premier Bank Gold MasterCard Review
The First Premier Bank Gold MasterCard is one of the worst credit cards on the market with a high APR and expensive fees that eat up your available credit.

What to Expect From a Credit Check
You'll have to go through a credit check when you apply for certain products or services. The result of the credit check will influence your approval.

12 Times You Should Contact Your Credit Card Issuer
Lost credit card and unauthorized charges are just two reasons to contact your credit card issuer. Learn when's the best time to contact your credit card issuer.

8 Ways to Turn Down a Store Credit Card
Store clerks push store credit cards nearly everywhere you shop. Here are some ways to turn down the store credit card when a simple

What Happens When the Person You Cosigned for Doesn't Pay
Here's what can happen to a cosigner when the other person stops making payments on the loan. It may be worse than you think.

When Do Debt Collections Fall Off Your Credit Report?
Debt collections are serious negative accounts and look bad on your credit report. Thankfully, debt collections will fall off your credit report after a certain number of years.

Four Credit Card Dates to Know
The credit card payment due date isn't the only date credit cardholders need to know. Learn four important credit card dates.

Milestone Gold MasterCard Review: Is it Legit?
The Milestone Gold MasterCard is a card for people who need help rebuilding bad credit. Check out the terms of the card and get a detailed review before applying.

Get Debt Help Through Debtors Anonymous
Debtors Anonymous is a free debt help group for people who need help controlling their compulsive debting. Consider joining Debtors if you have trouble accumulating debt or you have lost control of your finances.

Review of Maxed Out Directed By James Scurlock
Maxed Out is a feature-length documentary that exposes the credit card industry and cautions consumers against excessive debt.

LifeLock Identity Theft Protect Review
LifeLock's identity theft protection service is an alternative to credit monitoring and costs a minimum of $10 a month. Is it worth the money considering all the free and freemium services available?

15 Credit Moves You Should Make in 2015
Here's a list of 15 credit moves you must make in 2015. They'll help you manage your credit cards and improve your credit.

15 Reasons You've Been Putting Off Credit Repair
You know the effects of having bad credit, yet you still haven't started your credit repair. Why? Well, here are 15 reasons you've been putting off credit repair.

Easy Ways to Pay off Debt - 15 Tips
Looking for some easy ways to pay off your debt? Here are 15 tips that will help make your debt journey easier.

BP Gas Rewards Visa Card - Review
The BP Visa Card pays a five percent cash-back reward on gasoline purchases at BP and Amoco stations and generous rewards on other spending. There is no annual fee and a relatively low APR if you have good credit.

Fidelity Rewards American Express Cards Review
The Fidelity Rewards American Express Cards pay 2% cash back on purchases. The rewards dollars are swept into your Fidelity investment account.

Worst Credit and Debt Advice Ever
There's quite a bit of bad credit and debt advice out there. Here's some of it.