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Cricket Culture
A selection of the best cricket writing, games and cricket phone apps.

International Cricket
A guide to the many forms of international cricket, from Tests to one day internationals and to Twenty20s, with information about cricket's administrative body, the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Does the United States Need Cricket?
A look at cricket in the United States after the Cricket All Stars series, and what potential the game has in the world's biggest sporting market.

Cricket for Beginners
A complete guide to the basics of cricket for beginners or newcomers to the sport.

Skills and Tactics
Do you need help with your batting, bowling, fielding or wicketkeeping? Improve your cricket skills here.

International Cricket Team Profiles
A set of concise-yet-detailed profiles of international cricket teams, including Australia, India, England, South Africa, Sri Lanka and more.

Batting Tips
Hints and tips to get the most out of your batting.

Bowling Tips
A collection of tips and step-by-steps to help you improve your bowling.

Famous Cricket Players
A look at the most iconic and famous cricket players, from the past and present.

Glossary of Cricket Terms
A glossary of the basic terms and references in cricket.

Fielding Tips
A collection of hints, tips, and advice about what you spent most of your time doing in cricket: fielding.

Ten Great Fast Bowlers In Test Cricket
These ten great fast bowlers from Test cricket history combine pace, sideways movement, and accuracy to run riot against opposing batsmen.

Wasim Akram in Quotes
A selection of quotes by and about Wasim Akram, the greatest left-arm swing bowler in cricket history.

The Ten Ways of Getting Out in Cricket
A full list, with links to video examples, of the dismissals that make up the ten ways of getting out in cricket. Do you know them all?

Sir Vivian Richards In Quotes
A collection of quotes by and about Sir Vivian Richards, one of the most confident and destructive players ever to appear on a cricket field.

W. G. Grace In Quotes
A collection of quotes by and about W. G. Grace, the first master of cricket and considered by many to be the greatest cricketer of all time.

Fielding Tips: Orthodox Cup Catching
A set of step-by-step instructions on catching with an orthodox cup, the most basic method of catching a cricket ball.

World Cup Cricket
A detailed look at the history and future of the Cricket World Cup and World Twenty20.

Cricket World Cup 2015
Format, fixtures, ticket information, and more about the ICC's flagship tournament in Australia and New Zealand in 2015.

How To Get a Cricket World Cup 2015 Visa
Getting to the Cricket World Cup 2015 is twice as easy for foreign visitors with a combined Australia and New Zealand visa. Here's how to get one.

Malcolm Mashall In Quotes
A selection of quotes relating to former West Indies fast bowler Malcolm Marshall, a true legend of cricket who was voted into Wisden's All-Time Test XI.

What It's Like To Face Genuinely Fast Bowling
Most amateur cricket players will never know what it's like to face genuinely fast bowling, but these professionals offer some insight.

How to Watch Cricket World Cup 2015 Online
A look at where to live stream the ICC Cricket World Cup online, country by country.

The Funniest Cricket Clips on YouTube
Five hilarious cricket moments that you'll want to watch again and again, from an appalling missed run out to a Wilhelm-esque scream.

Hard Work Off the Field Makes Everything Easier During a Match
What you do in cricket training, you do in the game. That's why hard work in training makes game day a lot easier -- not to mention a lot more fun.

Limit Shoulder Damage By Throwing With Your Whole Body
Avoid acute shoulder injuries and limit the harmful effects of repetitive strain by developing an improved throwing technique using your whole body.

Handling the Pressure in a Close Cricket Match
In their 2016 World T20 encounter, Bangladesh and India showed exactly how to (and how not to) respond to the pressure of a tight cricket chase.

Twenty20 Cricket
All the glamour of T20 cricket, including information about the Indian Premier League (IPL) and other big-money domestic Twenty20 leagues.

Cricket History and Traditions
A look at how the game of cricket began and how it got to where it is today.

Indian Premier League 2015
A guide to where to watch it online, which players to look out for, and more coverage of IPL 2015.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

The Difference Between Match Fixing and Spot Fixing
Any conversation about corruption in cricket will touch on match fixing and spot fixing. It's important to understand the difference between the two.

Jaffa -- Cricket Glossary
An explanation of what 'jaffa' means in cricket, with notes and video examples.

A Note on 'Batsman' vs 'Batter' in Cricket Writing
Why I prefer to use the term 'batter' instead of 'batsman' in cricket writing.

Dot ball -- Cricket Glossary
A dot ball in cricket is a delivery from which no runs are scored, and a very important aspect of bowling.

Hat-trick -- Cricket Glossary
A cricket hat-trick involves taking three consecutive wickets and is a rare achievement prized by all bowlers.

Decision Review System (DRS) -- Cricket Glossary
A full explanation of cricket's DRS, including examples and a run-down of the technologies used to uphold or overturn on-field decisions.

Watch ESPN Legends of Cricket, Free and Online
A full list of links to every video in the ESPN Legends of Cricket series, available free online, including Sir Donald Bradman and Sachin Tendulkar.

BBC Empire of Cricket: Complete Video List
A complete set of links to each episode of BBC's cricket history series featuring England, West Indies, Australia, and England.

How To Buy Tickets For ICC Cricket World Cup 2015
All the essential information and links to buy Cricket World Cup 2015 tickets online, in person, or on the phone, whether you're based in Australia, NZ, or the rest of the world.

Average (bowling) - Cricket Glossary
The bowling average in cricket is the number one statistic by which a cricket player's bowling ability is judged.

Economy rate - Cricket Glossary
A cricket bowler's economy rate is a measure of how many runs they concede per over. Our cricket glossary entry includes examples to aid understanding.

Five-for - Cricket Glossary
A five-for in cricket, also known as a five-wicket bag, is five wickets taken by one bowler in a single innings.

Maiden -/ Cricket Glossary
A maiden in cricket is an over from which no runs are conceded by the bowler.

Shane Warne's Ball of the Century
In 1993, Shane Warne bowled the 'Ball of the Century' -- a few seconds every cricket fan should know about.

The First ODI 500 May Happen at Cricket World Cup 2015
If these four conditions are right, the 2015 World Cup in Australia & NZ could see the first team total of 500 in one day cricket history.

International Cricket Fixtures: July-December 2014
A regularly updated schedule of men's international cricket fixtures between July and December 2014, including India's tour of England and West Indies' tour of South Africa.

Fielding Tips: Reverse Cup Catching
A set of step-by-step instructions on catching with a reverse cup, the best method for catching a cricket ball above chest height.

Men's International Cricket Fixtures: January-June 2015
A calendar of men's international cricket fixtures in the first half of 2015, which includes New Zealand in England and the ICC 2015 Cricket World Cup.

The Evolution of Kane Williamson
Kane Williamson used to be a slow and steady accumulator. Now he's hitting high-octane hundreds in the CLT20. What happened?

Domestic Cricket
An overview of domestic first-class and one day cricket leagues and teams across the world, from Ranji Trophy to Sheffield Shield.

Equipment and Clothing
A rundown of the equipment you need to play cricket including bats, balls, wickets, protective gear, shoes and clothing.

Understanding Cricket Batting Order: A Guide
A guide to understanding a cricket batting order, including who bats where and a look at their respective roles in the team.

A Few Fun Cricket Quizzes On Sporcle
A selection of the best cricket quizzes on Sporcle, suitable for beginners and experts.

Ten Great Spin Bowlers in Test Cricket
A list of ten of the greatest spin bowlers in Test cricket history, each of whom reached glory in his own unique way.

Five Cricket World Cup Shocks
The greatest Cricket World Cup pleasures often come from the shocks. Here are five results that made cricket fans sit up and say,

10 Great IPL Innings
The Indian Premier League (IPL) has offered some of the finest Twenty20 batting the game has seen. Here are ten of the best IPL innings.

Top 10 Most Unbeatable Cricket Records
Cricket is a game piled high with records and statistics. These ten, from Bradman to Gayle, ought to be unbeatable and stand the test of time.

Top Five One-Day International Matches of All Time
The top five one-day international matches of all time had drama, tension and the very best in individual performances.

About Cricket: How to Play and Watch the Game
About cricket: learn how to watch and how to play. Get info about international teams, top players, competitions and cricket history.

Men's International Cricket Schedule: January-March 2016
A full schedule of international cricket matches between Test-playing nations from January-March 2016, including the ICC World Twenty20 and Asia Cup.

Martin Crowe's Five Best Innings in Cricket
Five of the best from Martin Crowe, who is widely regarded to be New Zealand's greatest batsman - especially for his performances in the 1992 World Cup.

What a Good Wicketkeeper Does in Cricket
The wicketkeeper is an essential member of any cricket team when they're in the field. Here, we look at how good wicketkeepers go about their work.

Strike rate (bowling) - Cricket Glossary
A bowler's strike rate in cricket is the average number of balls they bowl per wicket. Learn more and read examples here.

Average (batting) - Cricket Glossary
The batting average in cricket is the average number of runs a batter scores per innings. Read more, including examples of famous batting averages.

Strike rate (batting) - Cricket Glossary
In cricket, a batter's strike rate is the speed at which they score runs.

Cricket Ball Basics
In this quick reference on the cricket ball, you'll learn about its materials, required dimensions, and the important rules regarding its use.

Cricket Pitch Basics
In this quick reference on the cricket pitch, you'll learn about its markings, required dimensions, and the types of pitch that can be used.

When Fielding in Cricket, Keep One Eye on the Captain
Cricket is a dynamic team game, so it's important to keep an eye on your captain at all times in the field.

Tips For Batters Who Keep Getting Out Caught Behind
If you find yourself repeatedly getting out caught at the wicket when batting in a cricket match, here are a few technical pointers that might help.

What a Difference a New Ball Makes in Cricket
The new ball has a major impact on a cricket innings because of the way it behaves differently from the old ball. Here, we explain why.

The Physics of Swing Bowling: Why Shining the Cricket Ball Matters
Why do top-level cricket players shine the cricket ball so much? We explain why shining the cricket ball matters, and how they do it.

Roll With Cross-Batted Cricket Shots by Rolling the Wrists
How to roll the wrists when playing a cross-batted cricket shot, and why it reduces your chances of getting out.

Full toss -- Cricket Glossary
A full toss in cricket is a delivery from a bowler that reaches the batter without bouncing on the pitch. It is usually bowled by accident.

Beamer -- Cricket Glossary
A beamer in cricket is a delivery from a bowler that passes the batter at head height without bouncing on the pitch. It can be very dangerous.

The Importance of Batting in Partnership
Batting in partnership in cricket means working together with a partner through your innings. Here's why it's important, and how you can do it well.

How to Watch Masters Cricket League 2016 Online For Free
The 2016 Masters Champions League cricket tournament is free to watch online in most international territories.

Testing Gideon Haigh's Advice for Cricket Writers
Gideon Haigh's advice to aspiring cricket writers is to play as much cricket as you can. A sunny afternoon test of his words proved them right.

TCM's 50 Greatest Test Performances 1965-2015
The Cricket Monthly's 50 greatest Test cricket performances from 1965-2015 is not a perfect list, but it isn't meant to be. And it gets you thinking.

Richie Benaud's Thoughts on Cricket Commentary
A selection of quotes on cricket commentary for television from Richie Benaud, the most celebrated and loved TV cricket commentator of them all.

How Do International Cricket Council Rankings Work?
An overview of the ICC ranking system, including the basic points of cricket ranking calculation and the quirks of the system.

Yorker -- Cricket Glossary
A yorker is a bowling delivery in cricket that pitches at the batter's toes, often in line with the stumps.

Little Master Cricket Review
Little Master Cricket is a small, fun, and very addictive arcade cricket game for PC, Mac and iOS.

Sydney Barnes In Quotes
A selection of quotes by and about Sydney Barnes, an often debated figure but undoubtedly one of the greatest bowlers in cricket history.

Jonathan Agnew's Thoughts On Cricket Commentary
A selection of BBC Radio commentator Jonathan Agnew's thoughts on cricket commentary for radio, attained over a 25-year broadcasting career.

Crease -- Cricket Glossary
A crease in cricket is an area of the pitch marked by white painted lines and used to determine a variety of outcomes during a match.

How to Play the Backward Defensive Stroke
The backward defensive stroke is an important part of any decent cricket batting arsenal, especially at higher levels. Here's how you play it.

How to Play the Forward Defensive Stroke
The forward defensive stroke is the foundation of every cricket player's batting game. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to play it.

Why You Should Play Close to Your Body in Cricket
Defending close to your body in cricket allows you maximum control. We explain why and give hints for defending short and full deliveries.

Was the First Day/Night Cricket Test a Success?
We look at five pointers as to whether the first day/night cricket Test, between Australia and New Zealand in Adelaide in 2015, was successful.

The Wisden All-Time Test Cricket World XI
Wisden Cricket Almanack's All-Time Test Cricket World XI includes such legends as Don Bradman, Sachin Tendulkar, and Shane Warne.

The Madness of Twenty20 Cricket in One Moment
The final ball of the 2015 Big Bash League provided all the madness of Twenty20 cricket in one moment. Read more and click through to the video here.

Sachin Tendulkar In Quotes
A collection of quotes by and about the biggest run-scoring phenomenon of international cricket history.

Brian Lara In Quotes
A collection of quotes by and about the outstanding West Indies cricket batsman Brian Lara.

Cricket Bat Basics
How big is a cricket bat? What is it made of? Who makes them? All these questions are in this quick reference guide to cricket bats.

Test Match - Cricket Glossary
A Test match in cricket is a five-day match between two top-level national representative cricket teams, during which each team bats two innings.

When Playing Cricket, Stay In The Moment
A discussion of why it's important to stay in the moment when playing cricket, and some hints for how to do so.

Sir Donald Bradman In Quotes
A collection of quotes by and about Test cricket's most revered player, Australia's incomparable Sir Donald Bradman (The Don).

Sir Donald Bradman Profile
Donald Bradman (aka 'The Don') is the best cricket player to have played the game. Read more about this cricket legend in a detailed player profile.

India Crush Australia, For A Change
MS Dhoni and R Ashwin were the stars in India's first Test win over Australia in 2013, a series in which India thrashed the visitors.

Day/night cricket match -- Cricket Glossary
An explanation of what day/night cricket is, the advantages it offers and disadvantages it produces, and its history.

Six -- Cricket Glossary
In cricket, a six is the scoring of six runs with a shot that does not bounce before touching or crossing the boundary of the field.

Twenty20 -- Cricket Glossary
Twenty20 is a short form of cricket in which each team bats for 20 overs.

Sitter -- Cricket Glossary
A sitter in cricket is a very easy catch. Includes notes and examples of the 'sitter' in cricket.

Dolly -- Cricket Glossary
A dolly in cricket is a very easy catch. Includes video examples of the cricket 'dolly'.

What Does It Mean When Cricketers Wear Colours?
If you're confused about what sort of cricket is played in whites and what is played in colours, here's what you need to know.

What To Do When Your Cricket Team Keeps Losing
So your cricket team keeps losing. They're bowling wides, dropping catches, and conceding byes. Heads are down. What can you do?

Everyone Loves McCullum's Black Caps
A look at why the Black Caps under Brendon McCullum have become the world's favourite cricket team.

The Brainlessness (Or Not) of Twenty20 Cricket
After MS Dhoni's remarks that he uses his brain too much in Twenty20, should we believe that the shortest form of cricket is really that brainless?

Five -- Cricket Glossary
A five is a rare occurrence in cricket where a team is awarded five runs as a penalty against the opposing team. It often involves a stray helmet.

Spirit of Cricket -- Cricket Glossary
The Spirit of Cricket is the spirit of fair play in which a cricket match is meant to be played, responsibility for which rests with team captains.

The Dimensions and Markings of Cricket Fields
A quick reference on cricket fields: their dimensions, what markings are required, and the types of ground cricket can be played on.

Toss -- Cricket Glossary
In cricket, the toss is the flipping of a coin to decide which team will bat first. The toss can be crucial in deciding the outcome of a match.

Run rate -- Cricket Glossary
Run rate in cricket is the speed at which a team scores its runs. Here's how you calculate it, with some examples of crazy run rates in cricket.

Net Run Rate (NRR) - Cricket Glossary
Net run rate (NRR) is used in cricket to rank a team's performance in a league or cup competition. Here's how you calculate it.

Why Mankading Is So Controversial In Cricket
Mankading, or running out a backing up batter, is one of cricket's most controversial acts. But it's completely legal. What's the problem?

Checklist: What You Need For A Cricket Match
This checklist offers all the equipment needed for a serious cricket match in one place, with detailed explanations of each item.

Brian Close: Beloved, brave, and barking mad
A look back on the cricketing life of Brian Close, the man who played just 22 Tests in 27 years but earned a reputation for exploits of bravery.

Death overs - Cricket Glossary
The death overs are the crunch time in a limited overs cricket match. Learn more at Cricket, including examples.

Here's What You Need To Play Cricket
If all you want to do is play cricket, there are really only two things you need. Don't let the complexities of a full match put you off.

Leave -- Cricket Glossary
In cricket, a leave is when a batter intentionally avoids hitting the ball. Read a more detailed explanation of the leave with examples here.

Leg stump -- Cricket Glossary
In cricket, the leg stump is one of three stumps that make up a wicket. It is the stump that stands on the leg side; i.e. on the side away from which the batter is facing.

Sangakkara's Last Double Ton
A reflection on Kumar Sangakkara's 203 against New Zealand in 2015, the last great peak in his remarkable Test career.

Off stump -- Cricket Glossary
In cricket, the off stump is one of three stumps that make up a wicket. It is the stump that stands on the off side; i.e. on the side to which the batter is facing.

How to Bowl an Inswinger in Cricket
Bowling an inswinger in cricket can be a dangerous weapon against any batter. Here's how you do it.

The Value of Bowling in Tandem
Bowling in tandem is a valuable method of trying to get opposition players out during a cricket match. It's also good for the team.

What Makes A Great Cricket Player?
What is it that makes Kumar Sangakkara a great cricket player? Here we take a look at some of the qualities that make certain cricketers great.

Why You Should 'Play In The V' Or 'With A Straight Bat'
When you're batting in cricket, playing 'in the V' or 'with a straight bat' is a simple but effective way of minimising the risks of getting out.

Why Team Selection Matters In Cricket
Squad balance, weather conditions, form, and personality all play a part in cricket team selection, which isn't as simple as it looks.

How to Bowl an Outswinger in Cricket
Bowling an outswinger in cricket is complicated at first, but if you practice with these steps, you can add this dangerous delivery to your arsenal.

Outswinger -- Cricket Glossary
An outswinger in cricket is a delivery from a bowler that curves towards the off side while travelling through the air.

Inswinger - Cricket Glossary
An inswinger in cricket is a delivery from a bowler that curves towards the leg side while travelling through the air.

The Ashes: Australia vs England
History and news from cricket's greatest rivalry, Australia vs England.

Farewell to Ryan Harris, Cricket's Rhino
A tribute to retiring Australian fast bowler Ryan Harris, a modern great, as his body finally gives up on him.

The Ashes 2015: A Player-for-Player Comparison
What happens when you stack the 2015 Ashes squads up against each other? A pretty close-run battle, as it turns out.

Cricket's First Day/Night Test Is Coming: November 2015
The rundown on the first day/night cricket Test match in November-December 2015 between Australia and New Zealand.

Cricket Glossary: Bump ball
A bump ball in cricket is when a ball is hit directly into the ground and ricochets up to a fielder, giving the impression of a catch.

Fielding restrictions
In cricket, fielding restrictions are a set of conditions placed on the fielding team at various times during a limited overs innings.

Diamond duck - Cricket Glossary
A diamond duck in cricket is either being dismissed for zero off the first ball of an innings or being dismissed without facing a ball.

Will New Fielding Restrictions Halt the Rise of ODI Cricket Scores?
As one day cricket changes its stripes again, will it enter a new era of low scores and gritty contests? Or will the run-fests continue?

New Fielding Restrictions in ODIs for 2015
From 5 July 2015, new fielding restrictions tip ODI cricket away from batters and back towards the fielding team.

Eight Great Cricket Moustaches
These eight men left their mark on the game of cricket, both by their achievements and by their glorious moustaches.

How ICC Player Rankings Work
Confused about International Cricket Council player rankings? Here's a rundown of how the system works, including the way they are calculated.

Current ICC Player Rankings
A full list of the latest ICC player rankings for men's and women's international cricket, including Test, ODI, and Twenty20 rankings.

How to Watch IPL 2015 Cricket Online
A rundown of where to watch IPL 2015 online depending on your location in the world.

Men's International Cricket Fixtures: July-December 2015
A calendar of men's international cricket fixtures in the second half of 2015, includeing The Ashes and the much-anticipated Pakistan v India series.

The Life of an IPL Cheerleader
A revealing interview with an IPL cheerleader, who opens up about racism, sexism, and the nuts and bolts of her work.

Groin protector -- Cricket Glossary
A groin protector is a piece of protective gear for cricket players that is worn to protect the genitals.

Forearm guard -- Cricket Glossary
In cricket, a forearm guard is an item of protective wear fastened to the wearer's lower arm.

Chest guard -- Cricket Glossary
In cricket, a chest guard is a piece of protective gear worn over the wearer's chest.

An Overview of Protective Gear for Cricket
Get your hands on as many of these cricket protective items as you can -- they'll look after those parts of your body that are vital or get hit often.

Rob Moody: one of cricket's unsung heroes
A middle-aged family man from Melbourne is among the most influential figures in world cricket -- at least, as far as fans are concerned.

TopFive Most Ridiculous Things About The IPL
It's easy to get caught up in the Indian Premier League circus, but it's important to remember how ridiculous it can be.

A Simple Guide to Cricket Fielding Positions
A simple but thorough guide to cricket fielding positions, appropriate for all cricket knowledge levels. Includes every position in one image.

Richie Benaud, 1930-2015
Quotes and links from the best tributes to Richie Benaud, arguably the most universally beloved figure in world cricket.

CWC 2019 Could See Another Australia v NZ Final
The youth and depth of Australia and New Zealand could see them face off again at Lord's in the ICC 2019 Cricket World Cup.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: Australia Seize the Day
A full report of Australia's near-perfect victory in the final of Cricket World Cup 2015 against New Zealand, who had won so many fans in the lead-up.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: Format and Schedule
The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 format involves a group stage and a knockout stage. Here's the full schedule of fixtures.

ICC World Cup 2015: Semi-Finals Preview
An in-depth look at two unmissable contests: NZ v SA and Australia v India. The quarter-finals may have been one-sided but these matches will be epic.

ICC World Cup 2015: Quarter-Finals Preview
We have our ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 quarter-finalists. Here's a form guide for each team, a look at the key players, and some predictions.

After World Cup 2015 Failure, Five Tips for England
Picking through the postmortem after England's shock early exit from Cricket World Cup 2015, here are five things they should change ASAP.

Where to Watch Cricket World Cup 2015 Warm-Up Matches
Want to see your team's last hit-out before the 2015 Cricket World Cup proper? Here's where to watch most of the games.

A Beginner's Guide to Watching Cricket
You're watching your first game of cricket and have no idea what's going on. Here's what you need to know.

10 Players Who Could Surprise You In CWC 2015
Here are ten under-the-radar cricketers who could surprise you with their performances at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.

The Closest Finishes in Cricket World Cup History
A close look at four exhilarating spectacles in a history of the rarest cricket result, the tie, at the ICC Cricket World Cup.

An All-Time Cricket World Cup XI (1975-2011)
A team to represent the cream of Cricket World Cup history (1975-2011), including a notable Indian and a surprise Kiwi.

Why Do You Walk In With The Bowler?
It's one of the first things you're taught as a young cricketer. But why should you walk in with the bowler? Here are a few reasons.

Overthrow -- Cricket Glossary
In cricket, an overthrow is an extra run scored after the fielding team throws the ball past the stumps at either end of the pitch.

Backing up (fielding) -- Cricket Glossary
In cricket, fielders on the opposite side of the stumps from a throwing teammate should prepare to stop the ball if they miss. This is called 'backing up'.

Mankad -- Cricket Glossary
In cricket, a non-striking batter who is run out while backing up too far is said to have been 'Mankaded'.

Backing up (batting) -- Cricket Glossary
In cricket, the non-striking batter is expected to walk a few steps down the pitch as the ball is bowled to the striker. This is called 'backing up'.

Pinch hitter -- Cricket Glossary
A pinch hitter in cricket is a player sent out to bat earlier than usual with instructions to score quickly.

Dibbly-dobbly -- Cricket Glossary
Dibbly-dobbly is a name for slow bowling in cricket that is not particularly threatening to the batter. Includes notes and examples.

How Is 'Last Man Stands' Different From Regular Cricket?
Last Man Stands makes cricket faster, more exciting, and more easy to participate in -- especially for those who don't have a lot of spare time.

Adelaide Oval
After a $575m redevelopment, the Adelaide Oval mixes modern conveniences and greater capacity with the character of its past.

Bellerive Oval
Bellerive Oval is the home of cricket in Tasmania. Its facilities used to lag behind the rest of Australia but renovations have brought it up to date. Page 4.

Manuka Oval
Manuka Oval in Canberra is the newest and smallest venue among Australian cricket stadiums, and has a family friendly character. Page 3.

Melbourne Cricket Ground
Rich in history, enormous in stature, the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) is the cricket world's grandest institution. Page 5.

Sydney Cricket Ground
The SCG is Australia's second cricket ground, rich in history. Its heritage-listed Members and Ladies pavilions stand as a reminder of past glories. Page 7.

Brisbane Cricket Ground (aka The Gabba)
The Brisbane Cricket Ground, colloquially known as The Gabba, is the premier sporting venue in Queensland. Page 2.

The WACA Ground
The WACA in Perth, famous for being a fast bowler's paradise, looks likely to be replaced by a new stadium in 2018. Page 6.

Photo Gallery: Australian Cricket Stadiums
A photo gallery with information about every ICC Cricket World Cup venue in Australia.

New Zealand Cricket Team Profile
A brief look at the history of New Zealand's national cricket team, with a look at its international record and World Cup performances, as well as famous New Zealand players.

Bangladesh Cricket Team Profile
Bangladesh is still a young member of international cricket's elite group. But with a new generation of talented players, it has plenty of potential.

Pakistan Cricket Team Profile
A look at Pakistan's infamously temperamental national cricket team, featuring all its World Cup highs and lows and the team's greatest players.

Match fee -- Cricket Glossary
A cricketer's match fee is the amount of money they are paid to take part in a cricket match.

Famous Moments in Boxing Day Test History
When something interesting happens in the Boxing Day Test at Melbourne, people talk about it for years. Here are ten classic moments.

All About The Boxing Day Test
The Boxing Day Test is an annual feature of the cricket calendar and a notable part of Australian summer.


India Cricket Team Profile
Cricket in India has gone from a British colonial pastime to a source of great wealth and power for the nation, as well as the greatest passion of a billion people. Learn more here about the Indian cricket team, its best players, its World Cup record and more.

Zimbabwe Cricket Team Profile
Politics has overshadowed much of Zimbabwe's cricket history but it has still managed to produce a few world-class players and stage a couple of World Cup heists. Get the run-down on the Zimbabwe national cricket team here.

South Africa Cricket Team Profile
Since reinstatement to international cricket in 1991, after 20 years in apartheid-induced isolation, South Africa have grown into a formidable, well-balanced team. Now, when will they fix their World Cup record?

Five Cricketers Who Could Switch Sixes For Home Runs
The notion of any cricket player transferring their skills to Yankee Stadium remains a fantasy -- but in the Twenty20 era, we can at least dream.

International Cricket Fixtures: July-December 2013
A regularly updated schedule of men's international cricket fixtures in 2013 for the period from July to December, including Pakistan's tour of South Africa, England's tour of New Zealand, and Australia's tour of India.

Cow corner - Cricket Glossary
A definition of the term 'cow corner' as it is used to describe an area on a cricket field, with a video example.

Bail -- Cricket Glossary
A description of what a bail is in cricket, how it is used, and what dimensions it should have.

The Top 10 Cricket World Cup Run Scorers
These ten batsmen left their mark on cricket's biggest stage by scoring more runs than anyone else in the tournament's history.

Sir Jack Hobbs In Quotes
A collection of quotes by and about former England opener Sir Jack Hobbs, the top run-scorer in cricket history.

Five Reasons Why Cricket Isn't An Olympic Sport
Some argue that modern cricket would benefit from Olympic participation, but that remains unlikely. Here's why.

Five Reasons Why Cricket Should Be An Olympic Sport
The debate over whether cricket could benefit from Olympic participation evolves as the game changes. Here are a few arguments in favour.

Slog - Cricket Glossary
A slog in cricket is a baseball-style swing of the bat that relies on strength and timing instead of good technique.

Shane Warne In Quotes
A collection of quotes by and about legendary Australian cricket player Shane Warne, who is considered the best leg spinner of all time.

5 Notorious Cricket Fights
Cricket fights are usually the result of slow-burning tension rather than an outburst of adrenaline-fuelled aggression. Here are five classics.

Six Best Test Cricket Innings of 2012
A list of the six best individual Test cricket innings of 2012, from David Warner's swashbuckling Perth century to Kevin Pietersen's glorious comeback in Mumbai.

IPL 2013: Format & Schedule
The Indian Premier League (IPL) extravaganza is back for 2013 with 76 matches in eight weeks.

No ball - Cricket Glossary
A rundown of what constitutes a no ball -- an illegal delivery for which the fielding team is penalised -- in cricket, with reasons and examples.

Alan Knott In Quotes
A selection of quotes relating to former England star Alan Knott, who was voted as the greatest cricket wicketkeeper in Wisden's All-Time Test XI.

Fielding Tips: How to Form Long Barriers
A set of step-by-step instructions on how to form a long barrier, the best way of stopping a rolling cricket ball.

A cricket all-rounder is a player who bats and bowls well.

Tie - Cricket Glossary
A tie is a rare result in cricket where both teams have scored exactly the same number of runs when the team batting last completes its innings.

Leg side - Cricket Glossary
The leg side (or on side) in cricket is the half of the field behind the batter.

Century - Cricket Glossary
A cricket century is a hundred runs by one player in a single innings.

Not out - Cricket Glossary
A not out batter in a cricket innings has started batting but has not yet been dismissed or retired.

Screamer - Cricket Glossary
A screamer in a cricket match is a memorably great catch.

Caught - Cricket Glossary
'Caught', one of the ten ways of getting out in cricket, is when a batter's shot is caught cleanly by a fielder before it touches the ground.

Sledging - Cricket Glossary
In cricket, sledging is the practice of verbally targeting an opposition player with the intent to put them off their game and gain an advantage.

Bowling - Cricket Glossary
Bowling in cricket is the act of propelling the ball towards the batter, with the main aim of getting them out.

Wicket (stumps) - Cricket Glossary
The second definition of 'wicket' in cricket is the set of three stumps and two bails defended by the batter at each end of the 22-yard pitch.

Appeal - Cricket Glossary
An appeal in cricket is the bowling and fielding team's act of asking the umpire to give a batter out.

Walking - Cricket Glossary
Walking in cricket is a batter leaving the field of play on the assumption that they are out, before (or in some cases against) the umpire's decision.

Off side - Cricket Glossary
The off side in cricket is the half of the field in front of the batter.

Over - Cricket Glossary
An over is a set of six balls bowled by a single bowler from one end of the pitch and is one of the basic elements of cricket.

Innings - Cricket Glossary
An innings in cricket is one completed turn at bat, either for a team or for a player.

Opener - Cricket Glossary
An opener in cricket is one of two batters who start, or 'open', a team's innings.

International Cricket Captain 2012 Review
International Cricket Captain 2012, the latest version of Childish Things' cricket management game, offers more of the same but with a few new features.

Sir Garfield Sobers In Quotes
A collection of quotes by and about former West Indies legend Sir Garfield Sobers, who is regarded by many as the greatest all-round cricketer of all time.

Three Great Test Cricket Rearguard Actions
Test cricket produces some great rearguard actions where players had to dig deep to keep their teams in the game. Here are three of them.