Criminology Careers Sitemap - Page 1 2016-09-26

Deputy U.S. Marshal - Criminology Career Profile
Learn about the career of a United States Marshal and the requirements to become one. Find out what deputy marshals do and what they can earn.

Leadership Traits for the Law Enforcement Commander
To be truly successful as a law enforcement leader, you will need to hone your skills and master these five important leadership traits.

Police Technology Officer
The world of policing is changing rapidly, and police agencies are creating special law enforcement technology officer positions to meet the challenge.

Police Application Help for Law Enforcement Jobs
Simple mistakes on your job application will keep you from getting hired. Avoid those mistakes and get some police application help to land the job.

Secret Service Agent Career Profile
Learn about the career of a United States Secret Service Agent and the requirements to become one. Find out what agents do and what they can earn.

Crime Scene Investigator Job Information
Learn all about the popular field of crime scene investigations, and find out whether a job as a real life CSI is the right career choice for you.

Top 10 Funniest Police Movies for Comedic Relief
Law enforcement careers don't have to be all work and no play, so loosen up and get a hilarious look at policing with this list of funny police movies.

What Degree Do You Need for Criminal Justice Careers?
What degree do you need for criminal justice careers? If you want to work in criminology or criminal justice, start taking the right classes.

Criminology and Criminal Justice Timeline
Criminology and criminal justice are concepts nearly as old as human civilization. Explore significant events in their development through the centuries.

Criminology Test for Physical Abilities
Most police departments and law enforcement agencies require applicants to take a criminology test for physical abilities during the hiring process.

Law Enforcement Lingo, Police Jargon and Ten-Codes
Most police officers in the U.S. speak in codes, both on the radio and in person. This article explains why and introduces some essential code terms.

What Forensics Major Is Right for Your Career?
What forensics major is right for your career? If you want to work in forensic science, you need to make sure you're taking the right classes.

Things That Make Cops Cringe - Criminology Careers
What do police really hate? Bad jokes, irresponsible drivers and rude people. These are the things that officers hate and that really make cops cringe.

Forensic Accountant Job Information
Learn about the field of forensic accountancy, the career of a forensic accountant and the requirements to becomes one. Find out where forensic accountants work, as well as the earning potential in the field.

Police Suicides
Law enforcement is the subject of a lot of myths, including the idea that police officers take their own lives more often than others. Learn the facts about police suicide.

Ethics in Law Enforcement and Policing
The public demands police to be held to the highest ethical standards. Learn how to promote ethics and how police can make better ethical decisions.

Why Writing Skills Are Important in Criminology
Learn why writing skills are so important in criminology careers and what you can do to improve your ability to communicate with the written word.

Federal Pay Scale and Pay Grades
The United States Federal Government offers competitive pay, especially to criminal justice workers. Learn how the federal pay scale works for employees.

Police Officer Career Timeline
Making your way through the ranks of a police department takes time, patience and most of all intelligence. Set a goal and explore your career timeline.

How to Become a Digital Forensic Examiner
The field of digital forensics is growing in demand. Learn what the requirements are for you to land a job as digital forensic examiner.

Does Society Need Law Enforcement? If So, What Is It Worth?
Do we really need police officers and police departments? What is the importance of law enforcement, are they still vital in society?

What Are Soft Skills and Why Do You Need Them?
A career in criminal justice or criminology will require lots of knowledge, skills and abilities, but so-called soft skills are the key to success.

The Difference Between Criminology and Criminal Justice
Criminology Careers.

BOLO - Be on the Look Out
Police officers use a lot of jargon. One word they throw around is

S.W.A.T. Team Requirements for Members
SWAT teams are highly trained, highly skilled and elite units within the law enforcement community. Here are the SWAT team requirements for members.

Where Do Federal Law Enforcement Professionals Train?
Almost all federal law enforcement training occurs at the FLETC campus in Glynco, GA. Learn what FLETC's like and what to expect while you're there.

What is Federal Locality Pay?
Federal jobs may find you stationed anywhere in the country or even around the world. Where you work, though, makes a difference in how much you earn.

Child Protective Services Job Profile
It takes a strong and compassionate person to work as a child protective services investigator, but it is important work. Do you have what it takes?

What It Takes to Be a Ballistics and Firearms Expert
Forensic firearms experts and ballistics experts use their expertise to help police solve crimes. Learn how you can get a job in this career field.

Forensic DNA Analyst Career Profile
Police can't solve crime if they can't find a suspect. Learn about forensic DNA analyst jobs and find out how much money you can earn in this career.

Crime Analyst Career Profile
Find out exactly what a career as a crime analyst is all about, and learn what the work environment, salary outlook and education requirements are like.

Forensic Anthropology Jobs and Career Info
Forensic anthropologists are the folks who get answers to hard questions on cold cases. Discover what it takes to land a forensic anthropology job.

Forensic Documents Examiner Career Profile
Forged documents aren't easy to detect to the naked and untrained eye, but they their cost is high. Forensic document examiners fight forgeries.

Forensic Toxicologist Job and Salary Information
Forensic toxicologists play a vital role in criminal investigations. You can earn a great salary working as a toxicologist and help your community, too.

Forensic Odontology Career Profile
Learn about the job of a forensic odontology and forensic dentists, including work environment, salary expectations, and educational requirements.

Forensic Entomologist Career Profile
If you like insects, spiders and other creepy crawly things and you want to solve crime, you'll love exploring a career as a forensic entomologist.

Fingerprint Analyst Career Profile
Fingerprint analysis is an integral method of helping fight crime. Learn what fingerprint analysts do and explore job requirements and opportunities.

How to Become a Crime Scene Investigator
So you want to be a Crime Scene Investigator? Find out exactly what it takes to succeed in the field of forensics and find an exciting job in CSI.

How to Become a Criminal Profiler
Find out what it takes to land a job in the exciting career of a criminal profilers and learn about minimum requirements and training for profilers.

How to Become a Forensic Scientist
The job market in forensic science is competitive. Learn what it takes to land a career and find out how you can become a forensic scientist.

Blood Spatter Analyst Education and Required Skills
If you're interested in forensic science and don't mind blood, then you'll want to know about blood spatter analyst education and required skills.

How to Become a Crime Analyst
Find out what it takes to land a job in the exciting career of a crime analyst. Learn about the minimum requirements and what it takes for the job.

Blue Courage
The Blue Courage movement takes policing to a new level by getting back to basics and focusing on the real purpose of working in law enforcement.

Police Cryptologist Job and Salary Information
Criminals are always trying to outsmart cops, and one way is by communicating in code. Police cryptologists work to crack those codes to fight crime.

About the Criminal Justice Information Services
The Criminal Justice Information Services Division is a huge hep to law enforcement, but CJIS policies also have an impact on operations and hiring practices.

Careers at the National Security Agency
The National Security Agency is the organization tasked with gathering intelligence and information to help keep the United States safe and secure.

What Jobs Are Available For Former Police Officers?
For police officers, finding a new job after retirement can be difficult. Learn how to accentuate your strengths and better prepare for life after law enforcement.

Common Background Check Disqualifiers
Find out and what types of behaviors can keep you from getting hired in criminal justice and criminology jobs during the background investigation.

Civilian Criminology Careers
You don't have to be a police officer or special agent to work in criminology and criminal justice. There are plenty of civilian career paths available, too.

Marine Patrol Officer Career Information
Learn more marine patrol jobs. Find out what it takes to land a great career working on the water and helping to protect both marine life and people.

Wildlife Officer Career Profile
Learn more about wildlife officer jobs and find out what it's like working on the water and helping to conserve and protect both people and nature.

Humane Law Enforcement Officer - Career Profile
Learn more about the specific job of humane law enforcement officer, including job duties, salary outlook and job market for law enforcement officers.

U.S. Park Police Officer Career Information
Learn about United States Park Police Officers' job duties and salary outlook and find out how they protect the nation's people and landmarks.

Career Profile: Fire and Arson Investigators
Learn all about the job of a fire and arson investigator, including job duties, education requirements, salary expectations and industry growth.

Criminal Justice and Criminology Career Experience
Learn how to articulate the experience you already have and how to find opportunities to get experience you need to land a job in criminal justice.

Psychological Screening for Police Officers
Many police departments require applicants to take a psychological exam. Find out why, what to expect and how to get the best chance of passing.

Career Profile: IRS Agent
Find out just what the job of an IRS agent actually is, how you can become one and how much money you can expect to earn in this important job.

YouTube Effect
Some say the so-called

International Forum to Advance First Responder Innovation
Across the globe, nations are working together to improve technology for law enforcement through the International Forum to Advance First Responder Innovation.

Railroad Agent Job Information
Railroad police such as CSX agents work for private companies but have public police powers. Learn about jobs in law enforcement along the railways.

Bomb Squad and Hazardous Devices Unit Careers
The bomb squad is a highly specialize and highly trained unit within any police department. Learn more about how bomb squads started and what it takes to join such an elite group.

Physical Rigors of Law Enforcement Careers
Law enforcement careers are often more sedentary than you might think, but there are times when they can be quite physically demanding.

FirstNet Information for First Responders
The Nationwide Broadband Public Safety Network is coming, and FirstNet will bring new opportunities for public safety in communications and beyond.

1965 President's Commission on Law Enforcement
In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson convened a commission on law enforcement and criminal justice, recommending important changes to the policing profession.

Police Courtesy in Law Enforcement
Professional courtesy refers to special treatment given to professionals. For police courtesy, it often carries the expectation of leniency.

President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing
In the wake of increasing public discontent with law enforcement, President Barack Obama convened a task force to help police move into the 21st century.

Social Media in Law Enforcement
Learn how social media in law enforcement is used to solve crimes, conduct background checks on new hires, and build trust in their communities.

Social Media, Speech and Criminal Justice Careers
Can what you post on Facebook or other social media keep you from getting hired or, worse yet, get you fired? You might be surprised by the answer.

Tasers and Electronic Control Devices in Law Enforcement
Learn how TASERS were invented, how they work and how they are used and get the facts about the controversy surrounding the use of TASERS and ECWs.

Batman, Law Enforcement and Criminology Careers
What can Batman tell us about law enforcement careers? Learn how the The Dark Knight trilogy mirrors the history of policing in America.

Why Police Encounters Go Bad
The police and the public seem at odds at times, but there are reasons why police encounters go wrong and ways to improve community relations.

Police Officers' Bill of Rights
The police officers' bill of rights ensures officers' constitutional rights are protected during internal investigations, but is it really necessary?

Police Technology that Is Changing the Business
Learn how new police technology, and new uses for older technology, are helping law enforcement become more responsive, responsible and efficient.

Advice for Officers When Being Recorded
Plenty of people have taken to video recording police, often trying to bait them and get them into trouble. Learn how to handle these situations.

Understand the Dangers of Being a Police Officer
There are a lot of hidden dangers that come with working as a police officer. If you're interested in a policing job, you need to understand the risks.

SWAT Team History and Purpose
Where did SWAT teams come from and what is their role? Should SWAT teams make us fear the militarization of police? Read more about SWAT history.

The Changing Role of Law Enforcement
Society is changing, and police departments are having to learn to change, too. Find out how officers learn to serve and protect in the 21st century.

Police Videos: The Benefits of In-Car and Body-Worn Cameras
More and more police departments are implementing in-car and body-worn cameras for their officers, but what are the benefits, and are they worth it?

The Problem with Police Videos
While a picture is worth a thousand words, police videos may be worth a thousand questions. Find out why a single video may not tell the whole story.

Tips for Citizens Who Record Police Activity
Though you have the right to record law enforcement actions, there are still rules you must follow and guidelines to adhere to to stay safe and legal.

Faith and Criminal Justice Jobs
It may seem there is no place for faith in criminal justice, but that may not be the case. Does faith impact your career? Does your career impact your faith?

Why People Want to Be a Police Officers
With so many negatives associated with policing, it's a wonder anyone would want to join at all. What is it that makes people want to be police officers?

You Want to Be a Police Officer
Lots of people think they want to be a police officer, but the job isn't for everyone. You need to know what you're getting into to decide if you have what it takes.

Public Expectations of Police Offcers
Policing is a difficult profession, and public sentiment against police makes the job more so. Police can improve their standing through training.

Police Union Information
There are a lot of benefits to joining a union, but are they worth the dues you'll have to pay? If you become a police officer, why join a police union?

What Families and Friends of New Police Officers Should Expect
Families and friends are surprised to learn how much they have to sacrifice when their loved ones become police officers. Get help adjusting.

How to Act During Police Encounters
While police are trained to deal with the public in a professional and impartial manner, there things you can do to avoid an unpleasant encounter.

Tips on Providing Courtroom Testimony
It's easy to get nervous before you testify in court, but there's nothing to fear. Learn how you can take it easy the next time you take the witness stand.

All About Being A Digital Forensic Examiner
Computer forensic expert John Irvine tells us how he got his start working in digital forensics and what he did to prepare himself for this exciting career.

Famous People Who Are Cops - Celebrity Police Officers
If celebrity, fame and fortune get these folks down, they still have law enforcement to fall back on. These famous people are also police officers.

The Problem of Tired Cops and What to Do About It
Learn more about the problem and causes of law enforcement fatigue and what can be done to combat the risks associated with tired cops on the job.

What It's Like to Work as a Digital Forensic Examiner
Computer forensics isn't for everyone. Digital forensics expert and professor John Irvine talks about the darker side the job of a computer examiner. Page 2.

Digital Forensic Examiner as a Career
If you want work in the growing - and lucrative - field of digital forensics, you need to know what it takes. Get expert advice from professor John Irvine. Page 3.

A Day in the Life of a Police Detective
Police detectives work long hours dealing with lots of different people and situations. Learn what a day in a criminal investigative career is like.

In What Countries Do Police Not Carry Guns?
Though law enforcement and firearms seem to go hand in hand, there are a few countries around the world where police officers do not carry guns.

What Is It Like to Be a Police Officer's Spouse?
A day in the life of a police officer is tough, but it can be just as hard for the people who wed those officers. Learn what marrying a cop is like.

What is Law Enforcement Availability Pay?
When compared to other careers, federal agents often earn great salaries. Law Enforcement Availability Pay is one way they can earn even more.

Sir Robert Peel's Principles of Policing
Though the police and public seem to be at odds at times, police can rebuild trust by getting back to the basic principles of community policing.

What Is The Thin Blue Line?
What does the symbol with the black background and blue horizontal bar mean? Find out why it represents law enforcement what its origins are.

Report Writing Advice
The danger and intrigue of law enforcement get all the attention, but report writing is a huge part of an officer's job. Make your police reports shine.

Why Do Police Officers Wear Badges?
The badge is perhaps the single most recognizable symbol of police and law enforcement around the world. Discover the history behind the shield.

Forensic Science: A Modern History
Though a relatively new discipline, forensic science has seen an explosion of advances in recent history. Learn about accident reconstruction jobs.

What Is Criminology? (Definition)
Learn about the history of criminology, the study of crime, including three different theories of criminal behavior. Careers in criminology.

What is Criminal Justice? Inside the System
What is criminal justice? Learn about the study of the system and methods of crime and punishment. Find out what kind of careers you can find.

Jobs for Bachelor's Degrees in Criminal Justice
Criminal justice degrees aren't the

Common Generalizations About Police Officers
Do cops really love doughnuts? Why are so many Irish? What about arrest and ticket quotas? The realities behind common police stereotypes.

Myths About Law Enforcement and Policing
Do undercover cops really have to tell you of they're police officers? Learn the truth behind common myths about law enforcement and police work.

The First Day at The Police Academy
The first day of training is going to be tough, so get yourself ready and find out just what the police academy is really going to be like on day 1.

A Day In The Life of a Police Officer
So you want to be a cop? Learn what it's really like to spend a day as a police officer and learn all about real life in law enforcement.

Five More Reasons to Be a Police Officer
There are plenty of benefits to working in law enforcement, both tangible and intangible. Learn how working as a police officer can benefit you.

Polygraph Testing and Criminal Justice Careers
Find out how polygraph exams really work, whether or not you should try to beat one and how they're used in criminal justice job screening.

Health Issues in Law Enforcement
Is there a link between poor health and law enforcement officers? Find out more about health issues in law enforcement, and what you can do.

Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Tests
Get familiar with the written screening tests for law enforcement careers and prepare for POST and criminal justice basic abilities testing.

How to Become a Secret Service Agent
Learn more about what it takes to become a U.S. Secret Service Agent and how you, too, can become one. Get the specific requirements to get started.

How Police Are Different Around the World
Police departments around the world have different organizations and different policing strategies. Ultimately, though, their goals are the same.

What is the Difference Between Law Enforcement and Policing?
Law enforcement and policing are often used interchangeably, but in fact the terms espouse different concepts. Learn how the two ideas differ.

Why Don't Police Shoot People in the Arms or Legs?
When a subject is killed in a police shooting, people often wonder why officers didn't aim for the leg or arm. Unfortunately, it's not so simple.

Forensic Hypnotist Information and Overview
Though not widely publicized, various law enforcement departments may use a technique known as forensic hypnotism for certain investigations.

Private Security Guard Job Information
Many companies and individuals hire private security guards to give them added protection, and you can learn all about these private security careers.

Cold Case Investigations and Investigators
If cases can't be solved, they can't be closed. Instead, they go inactive. Cold case investigators are the folks who solve the unsolvable.

Government Paranormal Investigations
Are there real-life X-files? Is the truth really out there? If so, who is looking for it? Explore the government's involvement in the paranormal.

Customs and Border Protection Officer Job Information
You can help keep your country safe while ensuring security at ports of entry across the country and around the world working as a U.S. customs officer.

Crime Scene Clean Up Careers
Crime is a dirty business and it often leaves a mess, but crime scene clean up specialists have you covered. It's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it.

CIA Agent Job Profile
The United States' Central Intelligence Agency is surrounded by myths and legends. Find out what CIA Agents really do and how to work for the CIA.

Hsi Duan Yu and An Early History of Forensics
Though it is a relatively new discipline, forensic science has a rich and fascinating history. Learn about the beginning of forensics and Hsi Duan Yu.

Hostage and Crisis Negotiator Job Information
When a crisis occurs, specially trained officers are called to the scene. Find out what hostage negotiators do and what it takes to get started on the job.

AFOSI Special Agent Career Profile
Special investigators work for the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigations to maintain the integrity of the Air Force and protect forces

USACIDC Special Agent Career Profile
U.S. Army special investigators work for the U.S. Army Criminal Investigations Command to help maintain the integrity of the Army and protect forces.

How to Become a Victims Advocate
Victims advocates serve as liaisons between victims, witnesses, and criminal justice professionals. Learn more about how to become a victims advocate.

How to Become an FBI Special Agent
Find out more about what you need to do to become an FBI agent. Learn about training, background checks, physical fitness standards and career paths.

Department of State Diplomatic Security Special Agent Careers
The United States Department of State employs a unit of special agents to protect the people, property and secrets of the State Department.

How to Become an ATF Special Agent
It's especially difficult to work for the ATF. Find out what it takes to become an ATF special agent and how you can get started on a great career.

Bounty Hunter Jobs
Getting a job as bounty hunter doesn't take a lot of qualifications, but there are are lot of things to consider. Is bounty hunting the right job for you?

All About INTERPOL Careers and History
Discover how law enforcement operates around the world with INTERPOL, the international police support organization. Learn about INTERPOL careers.

TSA Officer Jobs and Career Profile
TSA officer jobs are vital to keeping the airways safe. Learn about the jobs of these public safety professionals and explore TSA careers.

NFL Security Specialist Job Information
Criminal justice career opportunities are even in the NFL. Learn how you can keep your team safe and secure working as an NFL security specialist.

Major League Baseball Investigator Job Information
Find out what major league baseball investigators do, how they work to keep the game of baseball pure and what it takes to work in MLB Investigations.

FBI Agent Career Information
Jobs with the FBI are highly competitive. Explore the career of an FBI agent and find out what agents do, where they work and what they can earn.

ICE Agent Career Profile
Learn about the career of an ICE Agent and the requirements to become one. Find out where ICE Agents work, what they do and what they can earn.

NCAA Investigator Jobs
Learn about the people who work to keep college sports clean and find out what you need to do to become an investigator for the NCAA.

Uniformed Secret Service Officer Career Profile
Explore the interesting and exciting career of a United States Secret Service Uniformed Officer. Discover where you'll train and how to get hired.

NCIS Special Agent Career Profile
Learn about the career of a United States Naval Criminal Investigative Services special agent. Find out where NCIS agents work and what they do.

DEA Agent Career - Salary, Requirements & Job Functions
Learn about the career of DEA Agent and the requirements to become one. Find out where drug enforcement agents work and what they can earn.

Corrections Officer Career Profile
Corrections officers are the unsung heroes of the criminal justice system. Learn about the job of these criminal justice workers and how to become one.

Juvenile Justice Officer - Career Profile
Learn about the jobs of juvenile justice officers, and decide if becoming a juvenile probation officer is the right career move for you.

ATF Agent Career Profile
Learn about the career of an ATF Agent and the requirements to become one. Find out where ATF agents work, what they do and what they can earn.

Department of Homeland Security Careers
Learn more about the available options for Department of Homeland Security careers and jobs including ICE agents and transportation security.

Bloodstain Pattern Analyst Job Information
Learn about the job of a bloodstain pattern analyst, including where they work, what you can earn and the expectations and educational requirements.

Forensic Ballistics Expert Job Information
Do you enjoy guns? Learn about the job of a forensic ballistics expert, including work environment, salary expectations and educational requirements.

Traffic Crash Reconstructionist Job Information
Learn all about accident reconstruction job, including job duties, education requirements, salary expectations and industry growth.

Combatting the 'CSI Effect'
The CSI effect can impact outcomes in court. Learn the truth about crime scene investigation and how the facts stack up against the fiction in forensics.

What Are Duty Belts? (Police Equipment)
Police use a variety of equipment and gadgets to help them do their jobs and keep you safe. Find out what police officer tools are used.

Loss Prevention Specialist Job Information
Learn all about the job of a loss prevention specialist, including job duties, education requirements, salary expectations and industry growth.

Criminal Profiling Career Information
Do you want to become a criminal profiler? Find out what the job is really like and discover what ti takes to get started i this fascinating career.

Jury and Trial Consultant Career Profile
Jury consultants evaluate jurors and help attorneys get the big win. Find out where jury consultants work, what they earn and how to become one.

Top Criminal Justice Career Job Posting Sites
Find where the best place to look for criminal justice careers online. Get a list of some of the top crimiology career searching sites and get more information on job listings.

How Dangerous is a Law Enforcement Career
Some are quick to point out that policing ranks relatively low on the list of most dangerous jobs. So just how dangerous is a law enforcement career?

Detective and Criminal Investigator Job Information
Police detectives and investigators have tough but fascinating jobs. Find out if a career as a criminal investigator is right for you.

Police Academy Overview
Police academies can be stressful. Learn what you should expect when you sign up for the police academy as you start your career in law enforcement.

The Best Criminology Schools in the United States
Once you've decided to Study criminology, you'll need to figure out where to go. Learn which institutions provide have the best criminology schools to get a head start on the competition and increase your chance of getting a job after graduation.

How the Modern Police Force Evolved
Learn how the modern police force evolved and who was instrumental in gaining public trust in establishing police departments as we now know them.

History and Roles of Law Enforcement in Society
Learn about the history and roles of law enforcement in society, from a loose collection of clans to the appointment of constables in England.

Criminologist Career Profile and Education Requirements
Find out exactly what a career as a criminologist is all about, and learn what the work environment, salary outlook and education requirements are like.

Salary Opportunities in Criminal Justice Jobs
Get a snapshot of some of the jobs available in criminology and find out how much money you can expect to earn working in a criminal justice job.

How to Choose a Law Enforcement Career
There's lots of variety in the types of law enforcement jobs out there. Get a better picture of what you can do so you can decide where you want to work.

Background Checks and Background Investigations
Background investigations can be nerve wracking for people looking for jobs in criminal justice and criminology. Learn what they involve before you apply.

Computer Investigator and Digital Forensics
Forensic computer investigators are part of one of the fastest growing fields in criminal justice, and you can earn a great salary in a rewarding career.

Police Officer Career Information
Police officers have a lot of job responsibilities. Learn what it takes to land a career as a cop and what it's like to work in law enforcement.

Police Dispatcher Career Profile
Police dispatchers are the first first responders. They're the lifeline between law enforcement and the person in need. Learn more about this great career.

What Is the Divorce Rate Among Police Officers?
Is the divorce rate for people who work in law enforcement higher than average? What do the numbers really say about the divorce rate for police officers?

Environmental Criminology Career Profile
Learn about the growing field of environmental criminology. Environmental criminology is a new and developing field, with plenty of room for growth.

Predictive Policing
Can crime be forecast? The predictive policing model suggests cops and criminologists can learn where crime will occur before it happens and take action.

How to Find Criminology and Criminal Justice Jobs
Looking for a job is tough. Find out how and where to begin your criminology or criminal justice career search and maximize your chance for success.

Probation and Community Control Officer Career Profile
Probation and community control officers hold important jobs in the criminal justice system. Learn what they do, how they train and what they earn.

Forensic Psychologist Career Profile and Information
Learn about the field of forensic psychology, where forensic psychologists work, their earning potential and how you can get started on a career.

Knowledge of Technology- Helpful for Criminology Career
Technology is becoming increasingly important in all fields of criminology. Learn how police use technology to do their jobs more effectively.

The History of Modern Criminology
The study of crime and its causes has roots in ancient time, but the history criminology as a discipline was really advanced in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The History of Criminology, Part One
Explore how the study of crime and its causes has developed through the ages and how science and religion have influenced how we approach crime.

Finding the Perfect Criminology Career
Deciding on a new career can be daunting. Take look at these best practices to learn how you can find the right criminal justice career for you.

The Most Popular Criminal Justice Careers
Learn about the most popular criminal justice jobs and get help deciding whether a criminology career might be the right choice for you.

6 Reasons the Job Interview Didn't Go Well
Avoid the job interview jitters by learning where you may have gone wrong and what you can do to find success when you sit for your next interview.

Things You Didn't Think Could Keep You From Getting Hired
Criminal justice and criminology jobs have high standards when it comes to past behavior. Even seemingly small things can keep you from getting hired.

Criminal Psychology Careers
Psychology offers a variety of interesting job opportunities, especially in criminal justice. Learn about jobs in criminal and forensic psychology.

How to Get Fired in Criminal Justice Careers
Criminal justice jobs often come with some measure of job security, but there are still plenty of things you can do that are sure to get you fired.

Not Safe for Work Websites for Criminal Justice Professionals
It's always a good idea to be wary of the types of websites you visit at work, but so much more so for criminal justice professionals.

The Grossest Things Police Officers Have to Deal With
Criminal justice work can be a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it. Discover some of the most disgusting aspects of life in law enforcement.

All About Forensic Science Careers
Forensic science careers can be rewarding and challenging. We'll help you explore and find a forensic career that's right for you with these profiles.

All About Forensic Science Careers
Forensic science careers can be rewarding and challenging. We'll help you explore and find a forensic career that's right for you with these profiles.

Criminolgy Careers That Don't Require a Degree
You don't have to go to college to find a great career in criminology or criminal justice. Here's a list of top jobs that don't require a degree.

Salary in Criminology and Criminal Justice Careers
Get a quick look at what you can expect to earn in criminal justice jobs. Learn about the different careers and the expected criminology salary.

Military Law Enforcement Careers
The United States military offers unique opportunities for potential military law enforcement officers, no matter what level of experience.

Federal Law Enforcement Jobs- Description of Agencies
Most government careers offer good pay and great benefit, but few opportunities can match what federal law enforcement jobs have to offer.

FAQs About Criminal Justice and Criminology Jobs
Here's your source for answers to all your questions about jobs and careers in criminal justice, criminology, and forensic science.

Why a Criminal Justice or Criminology Career?
Learn more about why you should consider a career in criminal justice or criminology, including job stability, the benefit of helping others and more.

Favorite Fictional Forensic Scientists
Crime scene investigators make great television, movie, comic and book characters. Take a look at our favorite fictional forensic scientists.

Border Protection and Security Jobs
Be a part of the team that works to curb crime, stomp out human trafficking and keeps the nation safe by working in an exciting border protection and security job.

Careers in Counter Terrorism
You can be a part of the fight against unprovoked attacks on innocent civilians by landing one of these exciting and important careers in counter terrorism.

Uniformed Police Jobs in the U.S. Government
Federal law enforcement jobs aren't just for special agents. There are lots of uniformed police officer jobs available with the U.S. government.

Entry Level Criminal Justice Jobs
Are you just getting started on the job hunt? Discover what entry-level jobs will help you get your start in a great new career in criminal justice

Entry Level Forensic Science Jobs
Forensic science is a popular and competitive job field. Find out what entry-level jobs will help you get your foot in the door of a forensic science career.

What Do Swat Teams Do? Job Information
What do swat teams do? Police Special Weapons And Tactics teams have an air of mystery and mystique about them, but what do these SWAT teams do?

List of Criminology Career Options
Criminology Careers.

Criminal Justice Careers: How Much Education Do I Need?
College takes lots of time and money. When choosing a career, find out just what kind of education or degree you'll need for a criminal justice job.

Overcoming Background Check Disqualifiers
Just because your past is less than perfect, it doesn't mean you have no chance to get hired in criminal justice. Learn to overcome your background.

Soft Skills for Police Officers
Intangible qualities make all the difference in a law enforcement career. Discover what soft skills you really need to be a great police officer.

5 Reasons Why Your Job Application Got Rejected
Applying for jobs in criminal justice and criminology is stressful, and rejections are even more so. Learn why your application isn't gaining ground.

Cool Criminology Careers
Jobs aren't always all about the money. You can brag about how you spend your days in one of these super cool criminal justice careers.

When a Criminal Justice Job Isn't for You
Criminal justice careers can be very rewarding, but they're not for everyone. Discover some of the signs that these jobs may not be good for you.

Tips on Answering Scenario-Based Interview Questions
Scenario-based interviews give employers an idea of how you might act in the future. Find out what you might be asked and how to answer.

Tips on Answering Experience-Based Interview Questions
To be successful in your next experience-based interview, you need to provide the kinds of answers potential employers are looking for.

The Most Interesting Jobs in Criminal Justice
These professionals don't always talk about their jobs, but when they do people are fascinated. Explore the most interesting criminology jobs.

Best Entry-Level Criminal Justice Jobs
Everyone has to start somewhere. Take a look at some great jobs that can open doors to even better opportunities in criminal justice in your future.

7 Great Jobs for Military Veterans
Returning veterans sometimes struggle to find jobs when they transition to civilian life. Criminal justice and criminology offer great opportunities.

The 10 Best Things About Being a Police Officer
Thinking about being a police officer? Find out why law enforcement careers are awesome, and get the scoop on the best things about being a cop.

The 10 Worst Things About Being a Police Officer
Learn more about some of the stuff that makes being a police officer hard and check out some of the worst things about being a cop as a career.

Is It Hard to Become a Cop? Things You Should Consider
Is it hard to become a cop? Law enforcement careers are great, but you need to look before you leap. Make sure you know what you're getting into.

Police K-9 Officer Career Profile
Police dogs work with their K-9 officer handlers to find drugs, locate missing persons and track fleeing suspects. Explore a job as a K-9 officer.

Top Forensic Science Career Job Posting Sites
Find where the best place to look for foresnsic science careers online are. Get a list of some of the top forensic science career searching sites and get more information on job listings in forensics.

What Are the Best Gift Ideas for Cops?
If you know someone who is a police officer, you need to know what gifts to get them. To help you out, here's a list of great gifts for cops.

Benefits of a College Education in a Criminal Justice
There are jobs in criminal justice that don't require a college degree, but there are still good reasons to get your education.

Special Agent Careers
Learn about the many special agent careers available within law enforcement, find out what these jobs entail and what it takes to get hired.

Highest Paying Jobs in Criminology and Criminal Justice
Learn all about the highest-paying jobs in criminology and criminal justice and unlock your true earning potential by finding out how to get hired.

Highest Paying Jobs in Criminology and Criminal Justice
Learn all about the highest-paying jobs in criminology and criminal justice and unlock your true earning potential by finding out how to get hired.

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An index of categories in the

Truth About Law Enforcement Careers
Time to set the record straight. Get the facts about police myths, stereotypes and presuppositions and learn the truth about working in law enforcement.

Coast Guard Investigation Service Special Agent Profile
U.S. Coast Guard investigators work for the Coast Guard Investigation Service to conduct criminal, maritime and internal investigations.

Federal Air Marshal Career Profile
Learn about the career of a Federal Air Marshal and the requirements to become one. Find out where air marshals work and what they can earn.

NTSB Aviation Accident Investigator
When airplanes crash, expert investigators deploy to find out how and why it happened. Find out what these NTSB Investigators do and how they do it.

Why Police Departments are Facing Recruitment Problems
Police departments often struggle to find well-qualified people. Learn why it's so difficult and how to boost your chance to be a police officer.

Top Secret Security Clearance Requirements
Many careers in criminal justice, particularly law enforcement, require a Top Secret security clearance. Find out what it takes to get access.

DCIS Special Agent Career Profile
Defense criminal investigative service special agents play a unique role within the U.S. Military. Learn about what they do and how to become one.

Should I Become a State Trooper?
Should I become a state trooper? Learn all about how you can become a state trooper, passing the field test, the academy, and the effort needed.

Definition of Active Resistance
Definition of active resistance as it pertains to law enforcement and criminal justice.

Do You Need a Resume For Criminology Jobs?
Not every job requires a resume. Find out if you should be spending time crafting yours, or if there are other ways to land criminal justice jobs.

What to Expect When You Apply for a Criminal Justice Job
When you apply for jobs in criminal justice, the hiring process may be different from other careers. Find out what to expect after the application.

In-Basket Exercise
In-basket tests are often used in promotional processes, and you can learn to excel in this evaluation of your ability to communicate effectively.

Definition of Traditional Policing
Learn more about the traditional, reactionary policing methods and how they differ from other newer and more innovative styles of policing.

verywell. Criminology Careers.

Europol Jobs and Career Profile
How does the European union manage criminal investigation across international boundaries? With cooperation from police agencies through Europol jobs.

How to Become a Police Detective
Detective and criminal investigator careers are interesting and often pay well. Find out how to become a police detective and the selection process.

The American Criminal Justice Branches
Learn more about the basics of the American criminal justice branches and gain insight into where you may be able to find the best career for you.


National Police Week
Learn more about the origins of Peace Officers Memorial Day and National Police Week, what sorts of event to expect, and why we honor fallen officers.

Bailiff Job Information
Court bailiffs serve the criminal justice system by providing security during court proceedings and maintaining order in the courtroom.

How to Study for the Police Officer Certification Exam
You need to pass the police officer certification exam if you want to make it in law enforcement, so we're offering our best advice for success.

Career Profile: Internal Affairs Investigators
Learn all about the job of an internal affairs investigator, including job duties, education requirements, salary expectations and industry growth.

Life as a Private Investigator
Learn what it's like to work as a private investigator from someone who's found success in the industry. and get tips on how you can become a PI, too.

Coast Guard Careers
The United States Coast Guard is both a military and law enforcement organization, and offers great opportunities for careers in criminology and criminal justice.

National Security Agency Police Officer Career Information
National Security Agency police protect NSA facilities and provide force protection for intelligence resources. Learn how you can be part of this exciting career.

Criminal Interdiction Officer Job Information
Drug trafficking on the highways is big business. Criminal interdiction officers spend their days on the nations freeways working to eliminate contraband.

Master's Degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology
Should you earn a master's degree in criminal justice or criminology? Learn what careers are available if you increase your education in criminal justice.

Five Reasons to Be a Police Officer
Find out about the rewards of working in law enforcement. Get excited about your law enforcement career and learn why it's so great to be a police officer.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Enforcement Careers
Commercial vehicle traffic is the lifeblood of commerce in the United States. Commercial vehicle enforcement officers help keep the industry and the public safe.

DUI Enforcement Jobs
Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs accounts for approximately 30 percent of traffic fatalities. DUI Enforcement officers save lives by stopping drunk drivers.

Drug Recognition Expert Job Info
It’s not as easy as you might think for police to detect when someone is using drugs. Drug recognition experts are trained to detect and identify type of impairment.

Police Instructor Career Profile
Police instructors teach new officers. Learn what law enforcement training officers earn and what the job outlook will be for future careers.

How to Prepare Yourself for a Career in Law Enforcement
A job in policing can open up a world of opportunities, but not just anyone can do it. Find out what you need to do to get ready to work in law enforcement.

Choosing a College Major - Criminology Careers
Choosing a degree program doesn't have to be difficult. Narrow your choice of college majors and get ready for a rewarding career in criminology or criminal justice.

Private Investigator - Career Profile
Find out what Private Investigators do, how they train, what they earn and what the job outlook will be so you can decide if this is the right job for you.

How to Become a Police Dispatcher
Working as a police dispatcher can provide a lot of opportunities to help and serve. Find out what it takes to get a job in first responder communications.

Customs and Border Protection Agriculture Specialist Job Information
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agriculture Specialists help keep dangerous and harmful plants from entering the U.S. and hurting our agricultural systems.

Aviation Enforcement Agent Job Information
Aviation Enforcement Agents in U.S. Customs and Border Protection are the primary enforcement officers on U.S. CBP air patrol missions.

U.S. CBP Marine Interdiction Agent Job Information
Marine Interdiction Agents in U.S. Customs and Border Protection patrol the rivers, lakes and oceans around the United States to keep the U.S. borders safe.

Aviation Interdiction Agent Job Information
Aviation Interdiction Agent jobs in U.S. Customs and Border Protection offer exciting opportunities to help protect the United States over the land and sea.

How to Apply for Criminology, Criminal Justice and Forensics Jobs
Looking for jobs is stressful, especially if you don't know where to start. Learn when, where and how to apply for jobs in criminal justice and criminology.

Prison Warden Job Details
In the United States, prison are like small cities. It takes skill and knowledge to keep one running safely. The job of a prison warden is to do just that.

How to Become a U.S. Border Patrol Agent
Find out what you need to do to become a U.S. Border Patrol agent. Learn about training, background checks, and physical fitness standards.

Wellness Programs for Police Officers
The data is out there: police work is bad for you. Find out why officer health is so important and what you can do to help promote wellness programs in police departments.

Build a Better Criminal Justice or Criminology Resume
If you're not getting hired for the criminal justice job you want, maybe your résumé doesn't make it clear that you're the right person for the job.

Conditional Letters in Criminal Justice HIring
The hiring process in criminal justice careers often includes conditional job offers. Find out what these letters really mean and why they're issued.

The Oral Board Interview
Criminal justice employers use oral board interviews to gauge candidates' communications skills and job interest. Learn to ace your next interview.

How to Become a Police Officer
Do you want to be cop? Learn about the specific steps involved in becoming a police officer and find out what it will take for you to become a cop.

Bachelor's Degree in Criminology
Find out what career options are available to people who earn bachelor's degrees in criminology and whether you need advanced or graduate degrees.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Job Information
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police pride themselves as Canada's premier law enforcement agency. Explore career opportunities with the RCMP.

Texas Ranger Job Information
The Texas Rangers are legendary among law enforcement. Find out what makes Rangers different, what they really do, and how you can work with them.

Border Patrol Agent Career Profile
Learn about the career of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent and the requirements to become one. Learn where border patrol agents work and what they can earn.

Community-Oriented Policing
Community oriented policing initiatives emphasize proactive patrols and problem solving to help police departments better serve their communities.

Criminal Justice and Criminology Careers
Learn about the many types of jobs available in criminology and criminal justice and find out about job outlooks, salaries and hiring requirements.

Performance Measures for Police Officers
Police need ways to be accountable to their communities and to ensure officers are doing their jobs, but how do metrics impact community relations?

Polygraph Examiner Career - Education, Salary and More
Explore the interesting career of a polygraph examiner, including duties, salary expectations and what it takes to be a real life lie detector.

The Work History Check
Your work history gives potential employers clues about future performance. Learn how you can make sure you don't have to sweat the prior employment check

Career Profile: U.S.Postal Inspector
Learn about the career of a U.S.Postal Inspector and the requirements to become one. Find out where postal inspectors work, what they do and what they earn.

Why Millennials Should Love Law Enforcement Careers
Many of the qualities new college graduates want in a job can be found in law enforcement careers. Learn why policing may be the right choice for you.

FBI Police Officer Career Information
The Federal Bureau of Investigations employs a uniformed police force to protect FBI facilities and keep FBI personnel, property and information safe.

Military Police Job Information
A job as a military police officer is a great way to get a start in criminal justice careers. Find out what military police do and how to become one.

Law Enforcement Auxiliary and Reserve Programs
Law enforcement auxiliary and reserve programs are a great way to learn about policing and get started in a future law full time enforcement career.

What to Do About Police Retention Problems
Police departments have long struggled to keep officers from leaving the job. Discover how you can keep good officers from leaving your agency.

Preparing for Careers in Criminology and Criminal Justice
Finding jobs in criminal justice and criminology isn't always easy. Learn what you can do to maximize your chances for success in the job search.

How to Prepare for Scenario and Experience-Based Interview Questions
Learn the difference between scenario and experience-based interview questions so you can better articulate why you're the right person for the job.

Data Driven Approach to Crime and Traffic Safety
The role of law enforcement has evolved and the demands of the public have changed, highlighting the need for new approaches to law enforcement.

Can Police Officers Laterally Transfer Departments or Jurisdictions?
There are times when a police officer may want to change departments or even move to a new jurisdiction. Unfortunately, it's not always so easy to do.

Criminology Job Market
Find out what areas within the criminal justice and criminology industry are growing and how the job market looks for the field.

Education and Training Requirements in Criminology
Learn about the education requirements you'll need to get started on a career in criminology or criminal justice.

How to Become a Probation or Community Control Officer
Find out how you can become a probation, parole or community control officer and what you can do to have the best chance of getting hired.

Use of Force in Law Enforcement and Corrections
When does force become excessive? How are police judged? Get the fact about how, when and why police can use force to protect themselves and others.

Are You Qualified to Be a Federal Agent?
Before you get your heart set on getting a job as a federal agent, you need to make sure you're qualified for the job in the first place.

How Earning a Degree Can Make You a Better Police Officer
Studies show that a college education can bring numerous benefits, both to police officers and the law enforcement departments that employ them.

Are You Qualified to Be a Forensic Scientist?
Before you get your heart set on getting a job as a forensic scientist, you need to make sure you're qualified for the job in the first place.

Are You Qualified to Be a Police Officer?
Before you get your heart set on getting a job as a police officer, you need to make sure you're qualified for the job in the first place.

Are You Too Old to Work in Law Enforcement?
It's never too late to start a new career...or is it? If you're wondering if you're too old to work in law enforcement, the answer may surprise you.

Things to Think About Before Taking a Criminology Career
A decision to start a new job in criminal justice or criminology shouldn't be taken lightly. Before taking a new job, there are things to thing about.

How to Be a U.S. Marshal
Lots of people want to as a U.S. Marshal, but not everyone is cut out for the job. Find out exactly what you need to do to become a deputy marshal.

Federal Protective Service Job Information
The Federal Protective Service within the Department of Homeland Security offers a variety of career opportunities for criminology job seekers.

Department of Defense Police Job Information
Learn more about the Departent of Defense police forces, including job duties, salary outlook and job market for DoD police officers. Find out what it takes to land a career in law enforcement with the U.S. Department of Defense.