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Major League Darts - The Biggest Tournaments in the World
While darts is growing at all levels of the game, it is the very pinnacle of the sport in which the most attention is centered. Television coverage is on the up, as are attendances at the major tournaments in world darts. Like tennis and golf, The PDC (Professional Darts Corporation) has several prestigious tournaments that are regarded as “majors”; they have the most coverage and larger prize money pots for the players to compete for.

Learn about Flights and Shape
When it comes to dart accessories, there are literally millions out there to choose from. It could be the shafts, it could be the little add-ons you can purchase, but in this instance, we're going to explore the wide variety of darts flights you can add to your collection.

Checkouts 170-150 and How to Hit Them
So, you're bang in the middle of a game of darts. Be it 301, 501 or 701, you need to know one thing. How do you get down to zero and win the game?

Dart Stance Basics Tutorial
When somebody mentions their dart action, or is trying to tell you how to improve yours, all the effort will center around your arms and upper body. And hey, rightly so, you'd argue? I mean, after all, we do throw our darts with our arms! Whilst that is true, don't ever forget about your stance.

Sharpen Your Act: Prevent Bounce Outs II
More information on darts bounce outs, and how to prevent them happening in your darts game.

Sharpen Your Act: Prevent Darts Bounce Outs!
Darts bounce outs can be a common problem. However, there are ways and means around the issue!

Review: Eric Bristow's Accuracy Rings
Darts players looking for accuracy, look no further. We review Eric Bristow's darts practice rings.

Peter Wright, aka 'Snakebite'
Darts profile for Peter Wright, also known as 'Snakebite'

Destroy Drift: How To Keep Your Darts In Line
Find out how to avoid the dreaded darts drift with About.com!

Darts Going Too Low? Pick Them Up!
When darts don't hit the target they are supposed to, it can be a frustrating experience. Bash that problem with About.com Darts!

Foosball - Understanding Table Sizes
Looking into picking up a foosball table for your own place? If so, you may want to check out this friendly guide into the kind of space you'll be needing.

Destroy Drift: More On Keeping Those Darts Straight!
Counter the dreaded darts drift with About.com.

Mentally Adjust: Improve Your Darts Concentration!
One important darts question we always get is about concentration. So, how can you improve your darts concentration? Check this out.

Find Your Dream Darts: Grip on the Dart
Darts players often struggle to find the perfect dart for them. Don't worry about that with About.com!

Find Your Dream Darts:
Every dart player has a different grip. And, with so much darts equipment out there, you need to know which is best for you.

The Importance of Keeping Your Darts Sharp
Darts sharpeners are one of the most useful tools out there for players of the game. Take your darts seriously and get one!

Find Your Dream Darts: Weight
About.com looks at varieties of darts, and how they can benefit you.

Even More on Darts Concentration
Darts concentration can be improved in so many ways. It is a huge part of your game; and we've got the answers for it right here.

Eyes on Aiming: More Accuracy Tips
Find out how to aim your darts with real ease!

Eyes on Aiming: Throw With Accuracy
When playing darts, many people overlook the process of aiming those flights and stems.

Improve Your Darts By Playing Killer!
Darts games can be incredibly fun, and this one - known as killer - is one such exception! It's exciting, fun and can be played between friends.

Lets Play Loop!
Loop is not your traditional darts game, but it is certainly a lot of fun!

Grip 101: The Basics
Remember these essential tips for gripping your dart, and stay on the road to darting success!


Practicing Darts
Like most sports, practice is the key to improving your darts skills quickly. The more you put in, the more you get out. But how do you practice, what do you practice on? Let us guide you through the essential practice regimes, complete with helpful tips and routines to brush those skills up in no time!

Pro Darts - About.com
The very pinnacle of darts - the pro leagues - are growing by the day. Find out more about the best players, the best competitions, and the history of this fantastic sport right here, with our helpful and friendly hub of content.

Practice FAQ's
Every month, we touch on YOUR questions and queries about how to touch up your practice game. It's all about you!

The Groupings: Special Series
Ran in August 2013, 'The Groupings' collated the best reader questions into specific articles for your enjoyment!

Practicing Darts - Mental Practice
Half the battle of darts is mental. Think positive, and you'll be flying. Read our helpful and insightful pieces on how to keep sharp mentally during your practice regimes.

Pro Darts - Top Tournament Talk
Keep up to date with exactly what is going on in the biggest tournaments in the world, with our guide to who's winning which tournaments.

2012 FAQ's
The collection of reader FAQ's from the year 2012.

Darting Technique
Struggling to figure out where to start with darts, or even how to improve after hitting a brick wall? Enjoy reading through these helpful and easy to follow articles on how to brush up on your technique, and watch your darts talent scale to new heights!

Darts Culture - About.com
Despite being relatively new as a sport, darts still has a rich and exciting history. Join us as we look through the more light-hearted side of the game, reflecting on the traditions and cultures of the sport, combined with where you can get your darts fix in the media.

Darts Equipment - About.com
There are a million different accessories out there to play darts with. But which are right for you? There are hundreds of catalogs with thousands of listings, so it's easy to get confused as to deciding which is the best for the right person. But, don't fear. Enjoy searching for the best equipment around with our expert advice.

Darts Game Rules and Strategy - About.com
Category denoting the rules of the large variety of different games of darts, from the standard to the lesser known games.

Darts Glossary - About.com
Confused as to what that particular darts term means? Don't worry. There are hundreds of examples of darts jargon out there, and they are extensively covered right here, so you can brush up on that knowledge of the game.

Darts Culture - Darts Games Online
The explosion of darts all over the world has not just impacted our darts halls - it's impacted the web too. Perhaps unthinkable years ago, fun and enjoyable darts games are a click away now - as proven by these popular examples.

Darts Glossary - "A"
Darts terms beginning with the letter A, explained.

Darts Culture - History of Darts
Do you know the roots of darts, the deep and rich history the game has in certain parts of the world? No? Well, if not, and you're interested in the game, perhaps our insightful articles and stories about the history of the sport can whet your appetite.

Darts Culture - Darts in the Media
Keep yourself right up to date with the latest darts news, and any forthcoming coverage the game receives.

Darts Culture - Iconic Venues
Stories and articles detailing the greatest and grandest venues in world darts, including the sacred venues only a few true greats have graced, coupled with some legendary arenas.

Practicing Darts - Popular Routines
If you're new to darts, or even just wondering whether your practice routines are correct, touch up on them with our reviews of the best, and most popular routines around. Whether it's bull shooting, or doubles practice, we have all bases covered.

Practicing Darts - Essentials of Practice
Looking to take your game to the next level, and wondering what the pros do to sharpen their game? You have to first adhere to the must-dos of practice. There are essentials, things that have to be in order for your sessions to go smoothly. But fear not, they're covered here.

Darts Equipment - Creating A Darts Room
Are you planning on creating the ultimate

Darts Equipment - Dartboard Varieties
If you're looking to extend your knowledge of darts equipment, you may want to look into purchasing some different varieties of dartboards, because there are plenty. Enjoy reading our helpful guides to each of them.

Darts Equipment - Accessories
Picking up a darts catalog, or even reading about the wealth of darts accessories out there, can be a daunting experience. Fear no more. Enjoy reading through our helpful guide to which accessories are best for you.

Darts Glossary - E
Darts terminology beginning with the letter E, fully explained.

Practicing Darts - Double Out Like a Pro
Like hitting the winning home run, finishing (or doubling out) is the most important aspect of any game of darts. If you know your methods of finishing a game, you're well on the road to success. Join us as we guide you through the best ways to hit those scores, and understand the key to finishing!

Pro Darts - Explaining the Pro Circuit
Confused as to how ranking points are devised? How it's worked out who is the best in the world? Or just curious as to what goes on in the world of pro darts? If so, you can find out more right here. Sit back, and enjoy our tour of the ins and outs of the pro game.

Darts Games and Strategy - All About Dartboards
Your one stop shop for everything to do with dartboards. Whether it is the conventional board, or the wide varieties of dartboards that are out there, you'll find everything you need to know here.

Pro Darts - Hall of Fame
The cream of the crop, the best of the rest. Whatever term you use, darts greatest ever throwers are epitomized and cast in stone here, in our Hall of Fame. Have a read of the people who inspired generations to pick up darts.

Darts Game Rules and Strategy - Innovative Darts Games
If you fancy broadening your horizons, and learning some new exciting, fun games with a twist, then enjoy reading through our helpful guides of innovative darts games.

Darts Technique - Ready, Steady, Throw!
Everything else mastered? Well, time to get throwing. Use this section to help you get to grips with the essence, the secrets, and the tips to throwing the dart as well as you can.

Pro Darts - US Greats
Despite being a relatively new country when it comes to pro darts, the USA still have some of the most iconic players around, both past and present. Don't believe me? Take a look.

Darts Games and Strategy - Classic Games
They say the old ones are the best. It's not totally exclusive to jokes, either. Learn about the classic, conventional varieties of darts games.

Darts Equipment - Types of Darts
Get to grips (literally) with our helpful tips about the mass amount of darts there are out there. Short, long, fat, thin, heavy, light: We've got them all covered.

Darts Technique - Hold on Tight: All About Grip
Whilst there is no right, wrong, or universal way to grip the dart in your hand, everyone is indeed different. Find your way through the mountain of different methods to ensure you have the best grip for YOU, with our help.

Darts Glossary - L
Darts terminology beginning with the letter L, fully explained.

Darts Glossary - M
Darts terminology beginning with the letter M, fully explained.

Darts Glossary - N
Darts terminology beginning with the letter N, fully explained.

Darts Glossary - O
Darts terminology beginning with the letter O, fully explained.

Darts Glossary - P
Darts terminology beginning with the letter P, fully explained.

Darts Glossary - Q
Darts terminology beginning with the letter Q, fully explained.

Darts Glossary - R
Darts terminology beginning with the letter R, fully explained.

Darts Glossary - S
Darts terminology beginning with the letter S, fully explained.

Darts Glossary - T
Darts terminology beginning with the letter T, fully explained.

Darts Glossary - U
Darts terminology beginning with the letter U, fully explained.

Darts Glossary - V
Darts terminology beginning with the letter V, fully explained.

Darts Glossary - W
Darts terminology beginning with the letter W, fully explained.

Darts Glossary - X-Z
Darts terminology from the letters X, Y and Z, fully explained.

Darts Technique - Mastering the Stance
Much like every other aspect of your darts game, your stance is individual to you. Master your own methods with our guides and articles.

Darts Glossary - B
Darts terminology beginning with the letter B, fully explained.

Darts Glossary - "C"
Darts terminology beginning with the letter C, fully explained.

Darts Glossary - D
Darts terminology beginning with the letter D, fully explained.

Darts Glossary - F
Darts terminology beginning with the letter F, fully explained.

Darts Glossary - G
Darts terminology beginning with the letter G, fully explained.

Darts Glossary - H
Darts terminology beginning with the letter H, fully explained.

Darts Glossary - I
Darts terminology beginning with the letter I, fully explained.

Darts Glossary - J
Darts terminology beginning with the letter J, fully explained.

Darts Glossary - K
Darts terminology beginning with the letter K, fully explained.

Other Bar Sports and Culture - About.com
There are hundreds of variations of bar sports all across the world. Some, perhaps, that you've never played, but are desperate to get your hands on. Our thorough and comprehensive look at lesser-known examples will open your eyes to a whole new world of bar sports. Enjoy.


Around the Clock - Dart Game Rules
Also known as “around the world,” this variation of a darts game isn’t just good for people to play against each other as a bit of fun; it also makes a very good practice routine for people who are a little bit more serious about the game, and are looking to perhaps get better!

Advanced Dart Throwing Tips
So, you've just got into darts, and you've learned the basics of how to throw darts. You might even be getting quite good at the great game that is darts, and thinking about joining a league? Hopefully so! And, if you are getting serious about darts, you might be thinking about how you can take your throwing action to the next level.

About Darts: Tips, Techniques and Games
Learn how to play darts or get better at it. Find tips, strategies, techniques and different types of games for beginners and advanced players.

Double Trouble? Play 29s: About.com Darts and Bar Sports
The bane of many darts players - be it at professional or beginner level - is doubles. When you're practicing hard and trying to become a better player, you may well find that hitting those doubles is incredibly tricky.

Minimize Those Nerves - About.com Darts
Fight the nerves at the dartboard with our friendly advice. Beginner or pro, we all suffer from them at times!

Darts I've Owned: The Journey - Introduction
When you're involved with darts for many, many years, you invariably pick up a lot of sets of darts.

Darts I've Owned: The Journey: Set One: Generation Darts!
So where did my darting journey begin? Well, it didn't begin with a set of darts I saw in a darts shop, far from it in fact!

Darts I've Owned: Set Two: Deep-Knurled Delight
After I finally conceded to my Dad that his darts were simply too heavy and too old, I decided to branch out on my own!

Darts I've Owned: Set Three: Gripless Glory
OK, I'll be honest. I quite enjoy being different, and these darts certainly divide opinion in the darting world.

Playing With Pace: The Introduction: About.com Darts and Bar Sports
When you're building a darts action, and learning how to throw darts successfully and consistently, one of the things that gets overlooked and mistaken most easily is playing with pace. You see, the word 'pace' can get a little bit lost in translation when it comes to some sports, and darts is one of those.

Pinball and Arcade Games - About.com
Despite enjoying its golden age in the 1980s, arcade games remain hugely popular all around the world. Still making appearances across bars and clubs, enjoy our run-down of the history and culture of arcade games, as well as that of pinball, another hugely popular bar sport.

Foosball - About.com
Perhaps most notoriously and famously played on TV's Friends, when Joey and Chandler tussled with each other on a regular basis, foosball is hugely popular. Whether you call it foosball, table-soccer, or bar-soccer, this popular indoor version of soccer is played all over the world in bars. Join us as we look at the basics and fundamentals of foosball.

How to Eradicate the Annoyance of Double Shots
Doubles. Annoying, aren't they? They're the thing that probably irritates and frustrates a darts player more than anything: and its not just us humble amateurs that are frustrated by them either.

How to Pick the Right Dart for You
One of the main things that can confuse new dart players is the vast amount of equipment that is available out there to play with. Much like golf, there are a ton of different types of darts, with different weights, different sizes, and different shapes. So where on Earth do you start? Here are some basic guidelines to help you find the right dart for you.

How to Play Cricket on a Dartboard
Cricket? Isn't that a game played by the British and Australians? Maybe so, but it shares it's name with a cool darts game that can be played for both entertainment, fun between friends, and even added to your practice routines!

Importance of Weight and Balance in a Dart Set
It may have crossed your mind or come to your opinion when you're trying to decide on a good set of darts, that the vast range of weight when it comes to choosing can be incredibly confusing. Don't worry, it has for every single dart player who is serious about the game.

Stance Basics - About.com
With all that work on throwing, never forget it's important to be stood correctly at the board.

The Traditional Board Explained
If the layout and concept of a standard dartboard confuses you, fear no more.

The Groupings II: Double Trouble: About.com Darts and Bar Sports
Round Two of The Groupings focuses on that age old problem: doubles!

The Groupings I: Stance: About.com Darts and Bar Sports
This month, we're going to be doing things a little differently. We're revisiting a lot of our old FAQ's - with, of course, some new ones thrown in there - and we're grouping up our FAQ's into certain areas of your darting game. It could be about stance, about practice games, about problems with doubles, or even about other bar sports we feature on this site. It's 'The Groupings' month, and you're invited to get involved!

The Groupings III: Practice Issues: About.com Darts and Bar Sports
We're now heading into the third of The Groupings, and looking at practice issues.

The Groupings IV: The Pro World: About.com Darts and Bar Sports
It's time to focus on the best reader questions about the world of pro darts!

December FAQ's on Practicing Darts
It's time to attack what's been troubling your game. That's right, this one is all about you, the readers. I'm always getting questions about what's good for a particular persons game, and what people are doing wrong.

How to Play Around the Clock
A step-by-step guide on how to play a popular darts game known as

Darts Glossary - S - Shafts
Darts definition - Shafts. Darts & Bar Sports.

Step-by-Step 1 - An Introduction to Throwing Darts - Picking The Right Darts
You’ve either seen it on TV, seen your friends playing it, or you just fancy trying something new. You’ve bought some darts, and a dartboard, and want to get going. There’s just one thing; how on Earth do you throw them?

Lining Yourself Up At the Board
Darts in hand, you’re almost ready to go. You just need to make sure everything is set up correctly in order to get going. Page 2.

Step Three - Aim Your Dart
So, you’re set to go. It’s time to finally throw your first darts. The action is a lot easier than you might think at first. Simplicity is the key... Page 3.

Step Four - Throw, But Keep it Straight!
Now that you’re aiming at where you want to throw, it’s time to straight throwing. Page 4.

How to Play 501 - Step 1 - The Objectives
The objective of 501 darts, and how to win.

How to Play 501 - Step 2 - How to Start
Step two of how to play 501, including how to begin the game. Page 2.

How to Play 501 - Step 3 - Know Your Zones
Knowing your zones is key to the battle, ensuring you score as many points as possible! Page 3.

How to Play 501 - Step 4 - Finishing
You have to finish the game in a particular way, double or the bulls-eye. Page 4.

Shafts -- Exploring the Variety -- Size
Part two of the series in exploring the varieties of shafts in darts. This edition focuses on the alterations in size.

User Path - Darts and Bar Sports - Darts Practice
User path for Darts and Bar Sports focusing on Practicing Darts.

Soft-Tip Darts: The Gear: About.com Darts and Bar Sports
When it comes to darts, there's a hundred different types of.. well, everything really! Lets be honest, the amount of varieties are boggling. Soft-tip darts is one such example, and this is part two.

Flights - Exploring the Variety - Material: About.com Darts and Bar Sports
When it comes to dart accessories, there are literally millions out there to choose from. It could be the shafts, it could be the little add-ons you can purchase, but in this instance, we're going to explore the wide variety of darts flights you can add to your collection.

About.com Darts and Bar Sports - Grip Focus: The 'Pencil' Grip
In this series of grip focuses, we take a journey through the wide variety of grips to try and shape your optimum grip. First up, it's the infamous

John Part Profile - About.com Darts and Bar Sports
Probably the greatest North American dart player ever, triple World Champion, John

Space Invaders Profile - About.com
One of the finest arcade games ever created, read on about the history of legendary game Space Invaders.

Grip Focus: The Minimal Contact Grip - About.com Darts and Bar Sports
First of all, thanks for your enquiry. This particular style of holding a dart, the 'minimal contact' darts grip as I call it, is indeed a strange one. I've seen a couple of people using it, and I've even tried it in practice myself before..

Play Shanghai: About.com Darts and Bar Sports
Huh? Shanghai? Isn't that a city in China? Well yes, of course it is, but its also the name of a hugely innovative and cool darts game that can aid your game in many ways, as well as being hugely fun too! So whats it all about?

Review: eBristle Board: About.com Darts and Bar Sports
If you aren't familiar with an electronic dartboard and the concept of it, maybe you should be!

The Yorkshire Dartboard: About.com Darts and Bar Sports
At first glance, it looks like a dartboard that hasn't quite been finished. If you're familiar with the traditional layout of a standard dartboard, then you'll notice this one has a big part of it which is very different to the norm when it comes to darts.

Advanced 501 Strategies - About.com Darts and Bar Sports
Get the best out of your 501 games with this series of strategies, both mental and physical!

Nine-Dart Finish: The Perfect Game - About.com
The perfect game in darts is the nine-dart finish. Check out the history of the ultimate in darting perfection here.

Practicing Darts - Practice Essentials
Looking to take your game to the next level, and wondering what the pros do to sharpen their game? You have to first adhere to the must-dos of practice. There are essentials, things that have to be in order for your sessions to go smoothly. But fear not, they're covered here.