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Dating Quizzes
Take these love quizzes to learn more about your dating style, preferences, likes and dislikes.

What Does "Take Things Slow" Mean To Him?
Help this reader decipher her boyfriend's request to take things slow.


Is He Into Me Quiz - Body Language Cues To Find Out Right Now
Need a body language quiz to figure out if he's into you? Fantastic! Here's exactly what you need.

What Does It Mean When He Says He's Not My Type?
A reader asks what on earth the guy she's dating means when he says,

What To Do When You're Wondering , "Is He Still Interested?"
Is he still interested? You'll never know until you read this article and put the suggestions into use.

Body Language - Reading Body Language
Reading your date's body language is not only helpful, it's essential to dating success.

Love Quizzes and Compatibility Matching for Lovers
Learn how to assess romantic compatibility, determine matchmaking potential, test your relationship, and figure out compatibility features are important to you.

Dating Questions About Sex and Intimacy
Want more information on how to get your partner to initiate sex more often, when its time to become intimate with a new partner, how to talk about sex with your partner or need advice on moving from casual sex to more? You've found what you're looking for

Is He Into Me, Or Is It Just Sex?
A reader asks how can can tell if her relationship is built purely on physical pleasure, or if there's more depth to it.

Long Distance Relationships
Contemplating a long distance relationship, or are you in one currently? Find support and advice for this challenging dating issue here.

Long Distance Relationship Quiz
Wondering just how solid you two are? Take this long distance relationship quiz, and get answers in a few minutes, along with suggestions as to what to do next.

Does He Like Me More Than A Friend Quiz

Does He Like Me More Than A Friend Quiz

Does He Love Me Quiz - Find Out Right Now If He's Into You

Does He Love Me Quiz - Find Out Right Now If He's Into You

Gift Ideas for Couples That Have Been Together Forever
Don't want your relationship to end over a bad gift? Then use these suggestions for something your love will swoon over.

A Perfectly Customizable Gift For Your Perfect Love - Tickets!
How do you wow your date? With these specialized suggestions that you can cater just for them.

Geek It Up For a Gorgeous Gift Idea
If your partner spends more time battling online demons or reenacting their favorite TV show, try one of these geeky gift ideas.

Wine, Cheese and Everything Foody-Goody Decadent for a Gift Idea
Even if you can't afford to take your sweetie somewhere, you can likely export them somewhere fabulous with this gift idea.

Tea for Two? A Romantic Gift Idea
Choose to give a lovely, unexpected gift to your partner - one that you can both savor, together.

If Cleanliness is a Gift, Get Dirty With Your Partner
Create a full-blown spa experience with your lover with these unusual yet fun gift ideas.

Naughty Costumes for Long-Term​ Couples
What do you do when you've been dating forever? You get dressed up (or down), of course!

Staycation, Vacation or Something in Between - Gift Idea for Couples
If you've been dating a while, it's time to spruce things up with a romantic vacation or staycation.

Getting Arty With Your Love - Gift Ideas for Long Term Couples
Dating a long time now? Try some of these beautiful​

Commitment - Dating Advice About Commitment
Wondering if you're dating a commitmentphobe, or how long you should date without a commitment? Should you stay with someone who is still in love with their ex, or wait until you're 100% sure about your partner before committing? Find the answers to these, and other dating questions here.

Boyfriend Sexts Another Woman? Here's What To Do
He's sexting, you're spying -- how to stop the cycle of lies and betrayal once and for all.

The Strangest Dating Sites You've Never Heard Of
Really? Someone actually made these dating sites? Wait - you're a member, aren't you.

Ghost Singles - A Dating Site Just for Dead Folks
A dating site only for ghosts - so don't try signing up.

What's Your Price - Where Men Bid on Women for a Date
Can't get a date any other way? Well then, name your price.

Can Do Better - Where Strangers Decide Your Dating Fate
A dating site that helps you decide if you should stick around or give your partner the heave-ho.

Fat Bastard Dating - Overweight Singles with a Sense of Humor
A dating site for people who call themselves Fat Bastards, and who want to meet the same.

Ninja Passions - Because Ninjas Need Love Too
A hyper-niche dating site geared specifically towards, well, ninjas and kunoichi.

Gene Partner - DNA Compatibility for Dating
A dating company that purpots to determine biological compatibility.

The Atlasphere - Dating for Ayn Rand Lovers
Where admirers of The Fountainhead meet.

Dead Meet - Dating for Death Professionals
A dating site that focuses on singles working in the death industry.

Meet At the Airport - Where Airplanes and Romance Meet
Where dating and obviousness meet.

Sister Wives - Where Polygamists Meet
A dating site for primarily for women seeking a polygamist lifestyle.

Telling Your Boyfriend You're Not Ready for Sex
What would you do if you weren't ready, but your boyfriend was?

The Best Sexy Board Games for Couples
When you need a creative, fun, sexy game to play with your partner, you'll find some great bets in this list. Think I've missed one? Share your thoughts and suggestions too.

The Best Sexy Board Games for Couples
When you need a creative, fun, sexy game to play with your partner, you'll find some great bets in this list. Think I've missed one? Share your thoughts and suggestions too.

Partner Love Chocolate? Here's a Drool-Worthy Gift Idea List
Advice about the best chocolate gift ideas for you and your partner to share.

Here's How To Have the "I Want To Explore Sexually" Talk
How to you ask your girlfriend to try some new things in bed?

How Do I Know He's The One?
Yes, there is a One, but it's not who you think...

The Most Important Dating Rules You Need To Know
When trying to meet someone there are rules to follow...

How To Write an Online Dating Profile
Suggestions on how to write a captivating online dating profile to attract a date.

Online Dating Profile Writing Step Two: The Tag Line
The second step of writing an online dating profile is writing the tag line, or opening line.

Online Dating Profile Writing Step Three: Know What You Want to Attract
Determining what kind of relationship you'd like to attract is a quick yet important step of crafting your online dating profile.

How to Write an Online Dating Profile
Struggling with writing your online dating profile? Find help and advice here. Page 4.

Writing Your Online Dating Profile Essay
First you brainstormed ideas for your online dating profile essay. Now it's time to write it.

Romantic Ways to Say Goodnight via Text Message
Show your partner how much you care with these SMS good night romantic messages, or share some of the ones you've used together.

Being Single
Whether you're happy being single, looking to change your single status, want to mend a broken heart or need some tips to ease back into dating after divorce, dating prep can help you overcome the relationship hurdles needed to meet someone special, or to fully enjoy being single.

The Top Online Dating Sites To Actually Meet Someone
Which are the top online dating sites, and why? Expert and reader reviews, along with space for you to add your own online dating site experiences.

Why You Should Change Your OkCupid Profile
Wondering why you're having less success than you wanted with OkCupid? Get some nuggets of wisdom here.

Do You Know What You Want on OkCupid?
How do you start creating a profile on OkCupid? You decide what you want, and then focus on it. Sounds simple? It's a bit more complex than you thought...

How To Use OkCupid To Actually Meet Someone
Yet to meet someone amazing on OkCupid? Use these tactics right now to hack it to your advantage.

How To Answer Questions on OkCupid
An exceptionally detailed explanation of how to answer questions on OkCupid to meet your perfect match.

Final Touches To Make To Your OkCupid Profile
You're ticked all the boxes and followed the suggestions, now there's just a few last tweaks to make to your OkCupid profile to meet someone great.

Dating Motivations & Expectations
Getting ready to date or date again means, in part, reviewing your dating motivations and expectations, such as monogamy, commitment, trust, intimacy, conflict, and values.

Free Dating Boot Camp
Want to get your love life back into shape and get ready for someone special? Then sign up for this free dating boot camp, or take a peek and see if it's right for you.

Attract Love
If you're wanting to meet the love of your life or just a date, you'll want to attract them. Here, we discuss different ways to attract a new partner of any kind for a romantic or dating relationship.

Black Crush Date Review
Interested in trying out a casual hookup site for black folks? Check out this review first to see if you should try out Black Crush Date.


Feel More Love, Even If You're Single and Alone
Need some love in your life, but haven't a clue where to get it? Try these (fun, different) ideas you can do anywhere, anytime, by yourself.



The Worst Text Messages to Send Your Date
Worried you might have come off the wrong way, or need to show your date whatever they sent you isn't cool? Take a boo at these texting no-no's for a laugh.

How Long is Too Long Without Sex in a New Relationship?
How do you have a conversation with your partner about why you're not having sex?

Single Parents Mingle Review **Now Christian Mingle**
Years ago, before they merged with Christian Mingle, Single Parents Mingle offered some decent services to the online dating community.

Date Ideas - Fun Date Ideas - First Date Ideas
Need some date ideas? From fun date ideas to first date ideas - you'll find them all here.

When's The Right Time To Say, "I Love You?"
When's the right time to tell someone you love them, and in what situation?

Reader Suggested Date Ideas
Reader Suggested Date Ideas. Dating.

Seasonal Date Ideas
It's that time of year again, where you need a great date idea that caters to the season, time of year or impending holiday. No need to fret, because I've got you covered!

How Can I Feel More Comfortable Dating?
What can you do to make dating a bit more easy and effortless? Take a peek at these suggestions.

Get a Guy To Hit on You, Right Now
Is it possible to get a guy you like to hit on you? Of course!

First, Make Eye Contact

Make Eye Contact Again, And...

Wait For Him To Approach You

9 Fun and Cheap Winter Date Ideas
Inspiration and ideas for inexpensive date ideas for the colder winter months.

Cheating in Dating Relationships
Is your partner cheating? How do you deal with an affair? How can you prevent cheating in your relationship? These, and other cheating-related questions are answered here.

I Think I Might Be Cheating Online - What Do I Do?
What should you do when you've fallen for someone else online, while you've got someone you're dating already?

Getting Rid of Unfinished Business To Find Love
Have some lingering conflicts that need resolving before you can move on? Work through this relationship advice to deal with any unfinished business so you can start meeting new people.

Dating Research, Books and Statistics
Looking for more information about dating? It is most likely located among the many resources listed here, including blogs, books, resources and statistics.

Dating Book Reviews
There are a tremendous amount of dating and relationship books published every year. These are what I've reviewed recently. Want to add your relationship book to the list?

Breakup Books - Books For Breakups - Breaking Up
Need a book to help you through a breakup? Then these are the breakup books to review.

Dating Research
For those in need of scientific proof for a dating-related topic, this is your gold mine.

Meet Someone New Books - Meet Someone New - Dating Books
Want to meet someone new, find out why you're single still or change up what you're attracting in your dating life? These are the books to review.

Dating and Holidays
Special occasions and holidays can be very important when it comes to dating, mating and relationships. From birthdays to religious occasions, Valentine's Day to meeting the parents, planning for these kinds of special events takes a particular finesse and style.

Relationship Book Authors - Relationship Books
A list of relationship book authors and any interviews with that that have been featured on the Dating site at

Relationship Books for Couples - Books for Couples
Couples wanting to improve their relationship, spice up their sex lives or increase intimacy should take a peek at these recommended relationship books for couples.

Dating Again Books - Relationship Books About Dating Again
Back in the dating pool but have no idea where to start? One of these dating again books should prove helpful.

Relationship Books for Men - Dating Books for Men
Guys who want to learn what The Game is, attract a woman, meet someone, fall in love, fix a relationship problem or get married should read some of these dating books for men.

Relationship Books for Women - Dating Books for Women
Women who need to meet someone, fall in love, learn the rules of dating, navigate their relationship or fix a dating problem should start with one of these relationship books for women.

Get Your Ex Back Books - Get Your Ex Back
Suffering from a break up and don't want to be? Then take a peek at these get your ex back books for solace, support and how-to's.

Nonfiction Dating Books - Nonfiction Relationship Books
Instead of the usual self-help or how-to books, these relationship books instead focus on the research, studies or information that singles and couples can use to better inform themselves and thus improve their dating lives. Take a peek at these interesting nonfiction dating books to learn more.

Online Dating Books - Internet Dating Books
Need help navigating the online dating waters? Then try out one of these online dating books to find the answers you're looking for.

Fall Dating
Want ideas on what kinds of dates to go on during the fall, how to meet the parents during Thanksgiving, or what to wear with your partner to the Halloween party?

Holiday Gift Ideas for Singles and Couples - Holiday Gift Ideas
Need something special for the person you're dating, living with or engaged to for the holidays? You've found the jackpot then, with scores of ideas, suggestions and giving giving help.

How To Meet People To Date
Whether you're looking for something casual or the love of your life, you'll need to meet them first. Get help online, offline, in real life, through friends, and with even more unusual options, here.

Spring Dating
A myriad of holidays that affect dating couples and singles occur during the spring, although Valentine's Day is probably the most relevant. Read on for how to cope with differing beliefs and celebrations between you and your partner, Valentine gift ideas, and how to be happily single during the spring.

Summer Love and Dating
For all things dating and relationship oriented in the hazy, lazy days of summer.

Thanksgiving - Dating During Thanksgiving
Suggestions, help and advice for those bringing home their date on Thanksgiving, and ways to celebrate Thanksgiving as a single or couple.

How To Meet People
There are a myriad of places where singles can meet people looking for a date or relationship.

Winter Dating
There are numerous holidays to celebrate during the winter season. Don't get stuck without a date or a gift by reading these helpful articles.

Matchmaking Services - Matchmaker - Matchmaking
Matchmakers aren't just an old wives tale anymore, nor are they indicative that you're watching Fiddler on the Roof. Matchmakers are paid professionals, and they take their roles very seriously. Review some of your matchmaking service options here.

Mobile Dating - Meet Singles Through Your Cell Phone
Without having to share any personal information with other end users, singles can meet new people using their cell phone - thanks to mobile dating companies.

Community Service - Perform Community Service
Not only will you feel great about yourself by doing community service, you'll also meet new singles in the process.

Singles Cruises
Looking for love in all the wrong places? Try the seven seas on a singles cruise for something different.

Dinner Party Events for Singles - Singles Dinner Parties
Dinner party services for singles, reviewed.

Speed Dating - Reviews of Speed Dating Companies
If you feel that dating is a numbers game, and in order you meet your mate you need to meet as many people as possible, speed dating may be right up your alley.

Couples Dating Sites
Are you a part of a couple, and are looking to make new friends with other couples? Couples dating is a new concept, but there are a lot of websites catering to this niche market. Read on for a list of reviews here.

College Dating Sites
Reviews and views about dating sites geared toward college and university students. Don't forget to share your stories and experiences about any sites that you've used.

Interracial Dating Sites Reviewed
Wondering which are the best interracial dating sites? Then read on for reviews of the worst, best, and everything in between.

Hispanic and Latin Singles
Meet Hispanic and/or Latin singles using these pay-per-use and free dating sites.

Black Dating Services
If you'd like to meet someone of African American origin for a date, or if you are from this racial group, then these Black dating sites cater to you.

Asian Dating Site Reviews
A list of Asian dating sites, either geared towards Asian dating or those looking to date people of Asian descent, along with reviews and recommendations.

Dating Site Reviews - Dating Service Reviews - Dating Sites
Honest, impartial and detailed dating site reviews. Want to add your own dating site review? Find the dating site that you've used and you can share your thoughts there.

Disabled Dating Sites
If you're disabled and single, try one of these dating sites that cater to you and other people like you.

BDSM Personals
People looking for a relationship that has elements of sadomasochism, masochism, bondage and/or discipline may find the kind of date that they are looking for here.

Big and Beautiful Singles
Want to meet a fuller-figured single for dating or a relationship? Check our these options, or share your own favorites.

Green Dating Sites
Vegetarian, vegan, eco-friendly, environmentalists, and other green-friendly singles are catered to by these green dating sites.

Active Singles
Niche dating sites catering to those who love to be active, stay healthy, or play sports.

Adult Dating Sites
Need a dating site that specifically caters to casual sex, hookups, or other adults-only relationships? Here's a list of the best-of-the-best, as well as sites to avoid.

Gift Ideas for Dating Couples

Ways and ideas on finding the perfect gift for someone you've just met, your long-term dating partner, and everyone in between.

Valentines Day for Singles and Dating Couples
From surviving Valentine's Day as a single person to planning the perfect Valentine's Day date.

First Dates and Casual Dating Relationships
So you've met someone new. But now what? Learn what makes a great first date, whether or not you're casual or serious, and how to navigate the early states of a relationship.

Gift Ideas for New or Casual Relationships
Just met someone but their birthday is coming up? What about Valentine's Day or the holidays? Find some great gift ideas for new or casual relationships, here.

Dating Games - Dating Game - Online Dating Games
Learn more about dating games, find free dating games, suggest the best dating games online, or review your favorite simulation dating games here.

Am I Loveable? Questions To Ask When You're Wondering
If you're wondering how to be a loveable person, learn more here.

He's Dating Others. Didn't Tell Me. Now What?
What do you do when you find out the person you're dating is also dating a lot of other folks?

The Best Gay Dating Sites
Want a reputable dating service that caters to gay men? Here's a huge list along with a run down of what each offers, along with reviews and suggestions from experts and readers alike.

The Best Gay Dating Sites
Want a reputable dating service that caters to gay men? Here's a huge list along with a run down of what each offers, along with reviews and suggestions from experts and readers alike.

Will He Ever Call For a Second Date?
A short and sweet dating question from a reader wondering when he'll call for a second date.

Fun Date Ideas for All To Enjoy
Inject a bit of fun into a date or use these when you're not quite ready for romance - they're all fun date ideas!

All Things Online Dating
Covering all of your online dating information needs, such as how to write an online personal ad, what web dating sites to use based on your wants and needs, and online dating safety tips to keep you alert and aware.

My Online Boyfriend Won't Meet Me. Help?
You met online, have dated a while now, yet haven't found the time to meet up. Do you push for an in-person interaction, and if so, how?

Largest Dating Sites - Million Plus Member Dating Sites
Dating site reviews of the dating sites that house more than a million members.

Dating-Related Definitions - Slang for Romantic Relatioships
Deciphering acronyms, slang or terms used when speaking of dating and relationships.

Intimacy, Seduction and Sex
Attracting and maintaining a loving relationship is a major priority for many singles and couples. But why do some people have long-term intimate relationships that last for years, while others struggle with intimacy of any kind? Learn seduction techniques, obstacles to intimacy, and how to move towards a more connected relationship now.

Totally Free STD Dating Sites
For folks who don't have a lot of cash or don't want to spend any money, yet have an STD and want to meet someone new through a free dating site. Review
With more than a decade under their belt offering online dating services, is one of the top dating sites around today. Read on for a complete review of including special features and costs.

Is He Always Going To Think Of Me As The Crazy Girl?
What happens when you feel crazy about someone, but the interest isn't returned?

Dating Terms That Start With the Letters I, J and K
Wondering what intimacy, kino, or being jilted means? Find out here, or add your own dating slang definitions.

Dating Terms That Start With the Letter L
What's a lothario, being lovesick or the law of attraction? Find out now or add your own dating slang, definitions and terms.

Dating Terms That Start With the Letter M
What is a May December romance, and other dating terms that start with the letter M? Read on for insight or add your own suggestions.

Dating Terms That Start With the Letter N
Brief descriptions of dating terms for words that start with the letter N along with reader explanations and stories.

Adult and Casual Dating
Whether you are in a casual relationship and want to move it forward, are looking for an intimate encounter or want to know the etiquette and rules involved with having a 'buddy', your questions will be answered here.

Dating Terms That Start With the Letter S
What do these relationship terms and slang words mean? Find out now or add your own suggestions and ideas for terms to define.

Dating Terms That Start With the Letter A
Learn more about dating terms that start with the letter A, or add your own explanations and stories.

Dating Terms That Start With the Letter B
What do these dating terms mean? Find out now, or add your own explanations and ideas.

Dating Terms That Start With the Letter C
Learn what some unusual or different dating terms mean, or add your own definitions and explanations.

Dating Terms That Start With the Letter D
What do these words about dating mean? Learn more, add your own ideas, or share a definition.

Dating Terms That Start With the Letter E and F
Learn what these relationship words mean, or add your own thoughts and experiences.

Dating Terms That Start With the Letter G
Dating-related words that might trip you up, if it weren't for these handy definitions and explanations. Or, add your own take on these relationship terms.

Dating Terms That Start With the Letter H
What do these relationship words mean? Find out now or add your own ideas and suggestions.

Dating Terms That Start With the Letter O
What do open relationships, odd couples and old flames have in common? They're all dating terms that start with the letter O, and are defined here.

Dating Terms That Start With the Letter P and Q
Defining dating terms like pansexuality, packing a sad and many others, all starting with the letters P and Q.

Dating Terms That Start With the Letter R
Learn more about dating slang, and add your own words and dating experiences.

Dating Terms That Start With the Letter T
Find out what these dating terms mean, or share your own dating slang and experiences.

Dating Terms That Start With the Letters U, V and W
Find out what these relationship terms mean, or add your own words to the dating glossary.

Dating Terms That Start With the Letters X, Y and Z
New and fun dating slang that you may have never heard of before. Don't forget to add your own dating terms to the glossary if I haven't covered them already.

What Does Dating Mean?
The question I get asked most, finally answered. What is dating, exactly?

Top Dating Blogs You're Not Reading (But Should Be)
Do you know about the top dating bloggers online today? Find out with this list of dating blogs you're probably not reading (but should be).

THe Best Hookup Dating Sites
Looking for a hookup online, and struggling to figure out where and how to go about it? Get help here.

What is an Open Relationship?
Confused about the definition of an open relationship? Get a good review here, and read what others just like you say about it.

Violence in Dating - Dating Violence
Help, advice and support for those coping with dating violence, or those interested in stopping violence in dating before it starts.

Romance - How to Be Romantic for Dating Relationships
For die-hard romantics or those who want to be, what follows are ways, ideas, and suggestions to add more romance to your dating relationship.

Sexual Intercourse - Advice and How To's
Dating questions about sexual intercourse, answered.

Can Casual Sex Become A Relationship?
A female reader asks if it is possible to turn casual sex with someone into a full-blown relationship.

My Girlfriend Doesn't Want Sex Anymore. Help?
What would you do if your partner decided they didn't want to have sex anymore?

Long Term Relationship Advice and Help
Want a long term relationship, or in one already? Hard work or piece of cake, this is where you`ll find suggestions and tips on how to make your long term relationship the one of your dreams.

Cohabitation and Deciding to Live Together
Cohabitaton is a huge decision. Know what steps come before cohabitation and how to keep your relationship strong.

Flirting and Body Language
Essential to dating success, flirting and courting are time-honored, complex interactions. Learn how to flirt, where and when to flirt, the rules of flirting, and how to read body language here.

Why is Online Dating So Hard for Men?
Frustrated with your lack of responses? Figure out what to do next with these suggestions.

My Boyfriend Wants an Open Relationship. Help?
What do you do when your partner asks for an open relationship?

3 Unique Ideas for Romantic Text Messages
Surprise your sweetie with these romantic SMS text messages, which include whole-day celebrations of love, or simple yet unique ideas to make them swoon.

First Date Tips For Success
How do you get from the first date to the second? Read this tips for starters, or read what other singles think.

How To Be Flirty With Someone You Like
Learn how to flirt with these body language tips and suggestions, or how to figure out if someone is flirting with you.

How To Speed Date
Interesting in attending a speed dating event but unsure what to expect? Then read on for tips and suggestions on what to do, what to wear and how to act during a speed date.

Still Waiting for a Marriage Proposal? Here's Why
If the man or woman you've been dating hasn't proposed yet, one or more of the following reasons might explain why.

Why Are They Online If They Don't Want To Date?
In the dating forums, a reader asks:

Breaking Dating Patterns & Moving On from a Break-Up
Reflection as to why you've broken up, including any patterns associated with your break-up, is an important step of Dating Prep. Learn how to move on from past relationships, break dating patterns, whether or not to stay friends with your ex, and getting closure.

Should We Move In Together?
A practical yet fun list of discussions to have and actions to take before you move in with your partner.

He's Just Not That Into You -- or Is He? The Quiz
A quick dating quiz from Dr. Diana Kirschner, author of Love in 90 Days, which will help you determine if he's just not that into you.

At What Age Can I Have a Serious Relationship?
Figure out if you're ready for a serious relationship, or chime in with your thoughts.

What Does Hook Up Mean?
There are so many different ways to decipher hooking up; you may want to review them all here.

The 6 Best Breakup Books You Must Read
Need a pick-me-up after a particularly bad breakup? Take a peek at one of these break up books for advice, support and guidance to get you back on track quickly.

In Love- Being In Love - Questions About Being In Love
Its heady thing to be in love, but sometimes it can create a lot of questions too. Am I really in love? Does my partner really love me? What if I love them, but am not in love with them anymore? Get these and more questions about love answered here.

Online Dating Not Working For You? Here's Why
Not getting any replies to the emails you're sending to prospective dates online? Get some advice or share your own.

10 Online Dating Rules You'll Want To Know
With a little bit of sass and a lot of laughs, the authors of Still Hot, Sue Mittenthal and Linda Reing offer up these online dating rules for finding love.

When to Take a Break From Dating
Learn when it's time to take a break from dating with these handy when not to date tips.

Romantic Date Ideas
Inventive, creative and interesting date ideas that don't leave the romance to chance.

What's the Difference Between Being In Love and Love?
How do you tell the difference between love, and being in love?

When He Says He Doesn't Want a Relationship
Ruby wants to know why the guy she's been dating for a month or two doesn't want a relationship.

Long Distance Relationship Date Ideas
Just because you're in a long distance relationship doesn't mean you can't have a date.

Attract Love Using Feng Shui
Use these helpful and simple Feng Shui tips to attract a love or romantic relationship.

The Do's and Don'ts Of Texting In Relationships
Need help with what you can text in a relationship, and what you'd be better off to keep to yourself?

The Best Break Up Songs from All Genres and Eras
Wallow in your recently broken up misery or repair your self-esteem with a great break up song. Whatever the circumstances, enjoy these special break up songs that will enable you not just to survive, but thrive.

Love Quotations From Aristotle to Dr. Seuss
Cute love quotes for those in love or wanting ideas for romantic text messages.

5 Essential Dating Rules For All Relationships
When dating someone, are there rules? You bet there are. These dating rules apply to every relationship, no matter if it's new or long-term, casual or serious.

Does She Miss Me After the Breakup?
A recent breakup with his girlfriend makes a reader ask,

What Does Friends With Benefits Mean?
If you aren't 100% sure what the terms friends with benefits means, find out now or share your own definition and friends with benefits relationship story.

Great First Kiss Quotes You'll Always Want To Remember
Fun, encouraging and enlightening first kiss quotes .

Will Getting Back Together Work Out This Time?
A reader asks what she can do to

Safe Dating Tips You Need To Know
Need some safe dating tips that don't involve the obvious? Scan these for a quick heads up before heading out to meet someone new.

The Ins and Outs of Reporting a Dating Scam
If you're the victim of a romance scam, learn how to report the dating scam and get support, here.

What Does Peacocking Mean?
Did someone say you were peacocking? Find out what peacocking means, and if it's a compliment or something else.

Top New Years Resolutions for Singles
If you're looking to improve your social situation, take a peek at these New Years resolutions for singles to potentially adopt as your own.

Dating Advice
Want help with a tricky dating question? Get the answers to all of your relationship problems, concerns and situations here.

Dating Advice for Women
Female-centric dating advice for special and unusual circumstances.

Dating Advice for Men
Need dating advice geared specifically towards men, including common dating questions and issues? Find your answers here.

Single Parent Dating Advice & Issues
Dating a single parent can be an interesting challenge, as can being a single parent looking for a mate. Learn more about the challenges facing this ever-growing subset of the single population, and what how to preserve your own best interests.

Love Advice and Intimacy
Want help with your intimacy issues, love problems or dating advice for couples that have been together for a while? You'll find what you're looking for here.

Workplace Dating Questions - Dating Coworkers
Get help with all your workplace dating questions, such as whether it's okay to date a coworker, what rules and/or laws apply, and how to take your workplace relationship to the next level.

Teen Dating Advice
Advice and support for teenagers who are dating, want to date, have other dating-related questions.

Dating Questions and Answers About Compatibility
Whether you're attracted to the wrong kinds of people, are in love with your partner's potential, are a picky dater or constantly choose unavailable partners, you'll find the dating advice you need here.

Dating With Herpes and Other STDs
If you or your partner has been diagnosed with herpes or another STD, you aren't alone. Learn what you can do to protect each other, how to disclose, and where to meet people okay with STD dating here.

Tween and Teen Dating Advice for Parents
Parents who want advice and information about how to tackle teen dating topics with their child will find the support and details they require, here. Don't forget to add your own dating questions for potential inclusion here by filling out the free dating help form below.

Dating With a Disability or Medical Condition
Find support, advice, solace and comfort if you're single and dating with a disability.

Why Do People Put '420 Friendly' On Their Dating Profile?
Finally, an explanation as to why people use '420 friendly' in their dating profiles, what it means for you (and possibly, them).

Dating Advice and Online Dating Reviews
Browse relationship tips and dating advice from an expert. Read reviews of top dating sites and check out unique date ideas. Find out if he's really into you.

Review of Kupple, A Site For Couples Meeting Couples
The largest and swankiest of the couples dating sites, Kupple has a fair amount to offer couples looking for friendship.

What Does SO Stand For?
What do the letters SO stand for when used in a chat room or online forum?

Do You Need To Spring Clean Your Love Life?
Find out how you can better your love life with ease and a bit of fun. (Yes, it's a thing - you just don't know it yet). Review's proprietary matching system is of interest to all U.S. singles, no matter what their sexual orientation.

Guardian Soulmates Review
Read the Guardian? Single? You might want to check out this Guardian Soulmates Review, then.

Halloween Date Ideas for Creative People
A bevy of unusual, creative and romantic date ideas for Halloween.

Matchmaking and Compatibility Dating Sites - Matchmaking Sites
A different kind of dating site, matchmaking and compatibility sites offer more than just geographic or demographic match-ups. These sites go one step further and offer personality tests to their users to determine how compatible their members are, and then match their users based on the results.

Closed Free Dating Sites
These free dating sites aren't in business anymore.

Dating Apps
Want to meet someone, find the perfect date location, or demonstrate your love? One of these dating apps for iPhones, smart phones or social networking sites can help.

PerfectMatch Review
Essentially, if you're a single person seeking a serious, marriage-minded partnership, PerfectMatch is a must-see on your dating site shortlist.

Why Can't I Create Chemistry?
In the dating forums, HaroldHeart asks:

Ashley Madison Review
Ashley Madison offers services to married folks looking for something on the side. Read a detailed review or share your own experiences.

7 Great Gift Ideas for First Dates
Got your eye on someone and want to interest them further by giving something fun and unusual on your first, big date? Here's a list of suggestions and ideas.

How to Kick End Love Habits After a Break Up
In the bad love habit of calling your ex or seeing them all the time and need to find solace after a break up? Here's how.

Your Dream Partner Exists and Here's How To Find Them
Wondering if you'll ever meet your dream partner? Follow these steps to connect with them in a totally different way than you're used to.

The Key To Mate Selection Lies In Our Subconscious
How does one know what mate selection technique to use?

Personality Traits To Look For in a Partner
What is it about one's personality that makes them a potential ideal mate?

What Physical Traits are Important To You in a Partner?
Determine your ideal mate by working through these tutorial steps.

The Most Popular Online Dating Sites
A list of the most popular online dating sites based on the number of members and internet traffic. Which sites do you think belong on this list? Review
Touted as the

8 Great Polyamorous Dating Sites
Which are the top dating sites for polyamorous singles, couples and groups? Expert and reader reviews, along with space for you to add your own online poly dating site experiences.

Dating DNA Review
Ever considered using a social networking aggregator to find love? Check out this full review, or share your own experiences.

eVow Review **Now Closed**
Can you really use eVow to find a long term, loving relationship?

Dating Sites for Cheating Partners
For people who are in a relationships but still want or need something on the side, these dating sites promise discretion and no bias.

Wealthy Dating Sites - Millionaire Dating
Dating sites that cater to clients who are either wealthy and/or millionaires, and the singles who want to date them.

Professional Dating Sites
Dating sites and services that cater to working professionals, or people with specific jobs and professions. Read reviews and share your own experiences.

Unusual Dating Sites For Finding Your Own Strange Love
These dating sites offer something unusual, new or different - such as streaming real-time video dates, marketing to an unusual audience or anything else the mind can imagine.

Dating Sites for Intelligent People Only
Looking for someone with a certain IQ for a date? Prefer to seek our partners that are intelligent? Then try one of these niche dating sites that cater to those with mensa-like IQ's, or merely folks with higher than average intelligence.

Online Speed Dating Reviews - Speed Dating
Speed dating, online? Its a new trend with a couple of websites offering the service so far. Find out what online speed dating is and where to go to try it out, here.

Playing Cupid - Dating Sites Where Your Friends Set You Up
If you're of the belief that the best matches stem from personal recommendations, dating sites that allow users to play cupid and essentially become personal matchmakers for their friends may be a new way to meet someone new. Why not try one out and see if it works for you?

Local Dating Sites - Regional Dating Sites - Local Singles
Regional and/or local dating sites specializing in a certain geographic area only.

Single Parent Dating Sites
Have kids and want to date? Find all of the dating sites geared specifically towards single parents and those who love them, here.

Social Networking For Singles
Belong to a social networking site and want to date someone from it? Or, are you interested in using social networking as a means to meet people? Then these are the dating sites for you.

STD Dating Site Reviews
Whether you've got herpes, HIV, or any other STD, these dating sites cater to others with similar ailments.

Uniform Dating - Military Singles - Police Singles
Niche dating sites catering to uniform dating, military singles and other uniformed professionals and the civilians who are attracted to them.

Dating Sites By Life Stage - Age Range Dating Sites
Whether you're a college student wanting to meet people on campus, a senior looking for love, or a cougar looking for something casual, all of these niche dating sites cater to your specific life stages, ages and needs.

UpForIt Review - Is It Real Or Bogus?
Wondering if UpForIt is the kind of sexy dating site you'll find someone at? Check out this full review, or share your own experiences.

The Best Date Movies Of All Time
Inspiring date movie ideas for film lovers of every genre.

The Best Date Movies Of All Time
Inspiring date movie ideas for film lovers of every genre.

The Best Date Movies Of All Time
Inspiring date movie ideas for film lovers of every genre.

The Best Date Movies Of All Time
Inspiring date movie ideas for film lovers of every genre.

18 Totally Free Date Ideas
Completely free date ideas you'll actually want to try out and explore for a fun-filled adventure.

Index of Reviewed Dating Sites on
Hundreds (almost a thousand!) dating sites, all reviewed by's Dating Expert.

Dating Sites Reviewed F - M - Master List of Reviewed Dating Sites - Dating Reviews
A list of expertly review dating sites starting with the the letters F- M, along with reader dating reviews. Page 2.

Dating Sites Reviewed N - Z - Master List of Reviewed Dating Sites - Dating Reviews
A list of expertly reviewed dating sites starting with the the letters N - Z along with reader dating reviews. Page 3. Review
After many reader requests to review this infidelity dating site, I share my honest thoughts about joining (Hint: Don't, but it's not why you think).

Christian Dating Site Reviews - Free Christian Dating Sites
Unbiased reviews of paid and free Christian dating sites all over the Internet.

Free Online Dating Sites
Free online dating sites, reviewed.

Jewish Dating Sites - Dating Sites for Jewish Singles
A list of Jewish dating sites, including reviews and reader recommendations.

Ave Maria Singles Review
Trying to decide if you want to use AvaMaria Singles to find love? Check out this impartial review to help you decide. Review
Wondering if is a real dating site where you can actually meet someone for something fun and light? Surprising answers, here.

Almost Free Dating Sites
These dating sites offer free signup and free access and emails to other members, yet offer a tiered system where folks who want more visibility or access can pay a small fee to get special treatment. Therefore, they're free in that you don't have to pay if you want to contact others, but not completely free for the entire host of services offered.

Free Adult Dating Sites
Almost every dating site is meant for adults, but in this case I'm talking about companies that offer hookup, casual, or sexual dating site services. These adult dating sites are totally free, and have no costs associated with signing up or contacting other members.

Free Christian Dating Sites
If you're not able to pay a fee to meet folks with similar religious requirements, then try out one of these completely, totally free Christian dating sites.

Free Dating Apps - Free Cell Phone Dating
Totally free dating apps or programs for singles who want to meet others using their cell phone.

Casual Kiss Review
Casual Kiss is a well rounded and well populated free dating site offering a large number of additional features and contact options.


Spring Date Ideas for the Playful and Adventurous
Get some fresh, new and exciting date ideas to share with your love, a date, or potential mate.

Enjoy A Meal Outdoors
Let the fresh air lull you both in an exciting date.

Head Out Together on a Road Trip
Explore your immediate surroundings together while on the road.

Stare at the Stars
How do you connect with your partner? Go stargazing.

Learn Archery Together
Can you think of a better date idea that puts you so close to one another?

Spend Time at the Amusement Park
Raise the stakes and your heartbeats on this cool date idea.

eHarmony Review
eHarmony is one of the more unique, yet successful dating sites available today. But is it worth the highest of all dating sites' membership fee?

Sugardaddie Review
Why I don't recommend this wealthy dating site in my Sugardaddie review, and where else you can find decent, real dating sites.

Is Online Dating For Losers Or Does It Actually Work?
Can I actually meet someone amazing online, or is it just full of the have-nots?

Dating Scams - Romance Scams - Internet Scams
Think you've been scammed by an online dating scammer? Find out if you've been taken advantage of, how to document a romance scammer, and where to undertake scam reporting online.

How Do I Remove My Dating Profile if I've Never Used It?
What do you do when your information appears on a dating site you've yet to visit?

LGBT Dating Sites - Gay Dating - Lesbian Singles
The biggest and most popular gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered dating sites available today are reviewed and listed here for your convenience. Read up before you pay, and you'll find an LGBT dating site that suits your needs.

Manhunt Review
One of the racier and more in-your-face gay dating sites, check out this Manhunt review ot see if it's the kind of place you want to sign up with.

How To Mend a Broken Heart With... Food?
Who needs a diet when you're trying to mend a broken heart? These foods should have you feeling better.

Bisexual Dating Sites - Online Dating Services for Bisexuals
Online dating services geared specifically towards bisexual singles.

Confidence and Self-Esteem for Dating
Attracting someone means having the confidence and self-esteem to invite love and romance into your life. Learn how with these tips, suggestions and advice.

First Dates
Confused as to what to do on a first date? There are many options and ideas as to what constitutes an excellent first date activity, and many are explored here.

Am I in Love? Nine Clues To Help You Decide
If you're really torn up asking yourself,

Dates Your Guy Will Actually Want To Go On
How do you get your guy's attention? Take him on one of these dates as soon as possible, that he'll be sure to actually want to go on.

BiCafe Review - *Closed*
BiCafe is a full-fledged, bilingual community for bisexual singles.

What To Actually Do To Love Yourself
How do you really, truly, actually love yourself? Here's a step-by-step process that will take you (about) an hour.







What Can I Do If I'm Tired of Being Single?
A frustrated reader asks how to change her relationship status pronto, because she's tired of being single. Share your thoughts and what's worked for you!

Professional Breakup Help, Advice and Assistance
Relationship advice about break-ups, making it through breaking up, how to mend a broken heart, rejection, what to do after a breakup, break-up warning signs, coping with infidelity, and getting back together after a breakup.

The Absolute Best Being Single Quotes
These being single quotes will reaffirm your choice to stay unpartnered, or, remind you just how much fun it is to navigate life solo.

The Very Best, All-Around, Top Breakup Movies
Console yourself with these supportive and great breakup movies while grieving the loss of your relationship.

CatholicMatch Review
Find out why you should try CatholicMatch, even if you're not a devout Catholic.

BeNaughty Review
Why I consider BeNaughty one of the better 'adult' dating sites out there.

6 Great Pickup Lines For Men or Women
Simple, straightforward and minus the cheese factor, these ten great pickup lines should start a conversation flowing in no time.

If The Girl Isn't Ready For a Relationship, Do I Wait?
A reader wants to know what to do about someone they care deeply about, but who has stated clearly she's not ready for a new relationship, yet.

Meet Moi Review - *Closed*
Review of Meet Moi, a smartphone dating app that uses your geographical location to match you with potential dates.

InterracialSingles Review - Now Closed
Read an expert review of InterracialSingles dating site, and share your own experiences.

Down To Earth Review - *Closed*
What happened to's free dating site, Down To Earth?

Text Messages for Lovers
Want something sweet and tender to share with a love interest, lover or The Love Of Your Life with these text message suggestions.

Single Parent Love Life Review - *Closed*
Single Parent Love Life caters to single parents looking for love, and those who appreciate them.

What Does Significant Other Mean?
Learn what folks mean when they refer to their significant other, or when you're asked to bring an SO to a function.

The Best 420-Friendly Dating SItes
Looking for another single just as much into marijuana as you are? Try out these 420 sites for your pick of the masses.

Gay Dating Sites - Gay Singles
A lists and reviews of dating sites primarily for gay people.

Lesbian Dating Sites - Lesbian Singles
Lists and reviews of dating sites geared towards lesbian women.

The Love of My Life Has a Bad Attitude. Help?
So you love your partner, but their attitude sucks. What do you do?

OkCupid Review
The top pick of all dating sites, free and otherwise, App Review
Thinking about trying mobile dating - also known as text dating, mobile flirting or cell phone social networking? Mobile has been around since 2003, and offers a host of services to US-based customers of all sexual orientations.

4 Reasons Why Dating Sites are Better Than Chat Rooms
Let's end a long-standing debate right now; chat rooms can't provide the features a dating site can to meet someone new. Here's why.

Dating Site Fine Print - What Does It Really Mean?
A quick checklist of the things to review prior to signing up for a dating site.

What is an Ad Hoc Relationship?
Ad hoc means

How To Fall In Love All Over Again
Using a simple breathing technique, you can fall in love with your partner all over again. Learn how here, along with other tips and tricks to rekindle love in this series.

When Taking Care of A Parent How Do You Date?
A reader wants suggestions on making time to meet people and date while taking care of his Mother.

Songs About Being Single and Happy
Need a song to perk you up after a breakup, or to remind you why its so fantastic to be single? These single and happy songs will do the trick.

How to Fall Back in Love With a Partner
What do you do when your partner tells you they aren't in love with you anymore?

What Is True Love?
Defining true love - what love (caring, intimacy, etc.) and what it is not (manipulation, compromising who we are, etc.) - and how we know we're in it.

What Are Bedroom Eyes?
Learn what the term bedroom eyes means, along with how this term came into existence.

What Does Your Partner's Ideal Valentine's Look Like?
The final element to the perfect Valentine's Day? Cater it specifically to your love, in ways they'd never imagine but will always remember.

4 Simple Steps to a Magical Valentine's Day
A straightforward, surprisingly simple step-by-step guide to the Valentine's Day of your dreams.

If You Do Nothing Else on Valentine's Day, Buy, Find, or Make a Card
Creating a magical Valentine's Day includes some sort of card -- here's some ideas that won't break the bank.

Don't Just Plan Valentine's Day - Create an Experience​!

Add an Element of Suprise to Your Loving Valentine's Day Celebration
Get their adrenaline going and your love flowing with the added element of surprise to your Valentine's Day celebrations.

Romantic Quotes That Aren't Overly Sappy
Short and sweet romantic quotes and love sayings for you and your partner. Have a romantic love quote to share? Take a second and tell us your favorite.

Does Totally Free Dating Really Exist?
How to find totally free dating sites.

How to Break Up Like a Grown Up
Need to break up but don't know how? Read on for how to do it maturely and with class, while still getting across what you need to.

My Boyfriend's a Bad Kisser. Help?
What would you do if your partner didn't know how to kiss properly?

Would You Tell Your Partner You Cheated?
Is it better to not tell your partner or come clean if you've cheated? We get into the nitty-gritty and come up with personalized solutions, just for you.

Keep the Love Alive in Long Distance Relationships
In a long distance relationship? Read on for ways to keep your love alive.

What Is A No Strings Attached Relationship?
Explaining the context of a no strings relationship.

Cheap Valentine's Day Ideas for Your Love
Say I Love You on Valentine's Day without breaking the bank.

What Does Afternoon Delight Mean?
Explaining the term

Studies Show Men Fall in Love Faster Than Women
Several studies found that men fall in love much faster than women. Do you believe it to be true in your own life?

What Does Relationship Drama Mean?
When someone tells you you've got relationship drama, what does that mean?

A 7-Step Guide to Healing Unhealthy Relationships
Is your previously healthy relationship flailing or failing? Learn how to fix bad relationships with these seven straightforward steps.

Date Hookup Review
One of the truly free dating sites that you've likely never heard of, and should probably try out.

Pink Sofa Review
A full review of Pink Sofa, a bisexual and lesbian dating site catering to women seeking a relationship with other women.

What Does Neg Mean?
If someone said you were negged or suggested you neg another person but you have no idea what they meant, you'll want to get the scoop.




Recognize the 5 Signs of Cheating
Wondering if your partner is cheating on you? Read on for a list of the most common signs.




SinglesNet Review **Now**
It used to be one of the biggest dating sites in the world, then bought it. Find out why it was such a big deal when it still existed.

What To Do When an Ex Comes Back?
Are there rules when it comes to contacting, or being contacted by, an ex?

Why You're Still Single Book Review
Will Marc Evan Katz and Linda Holmes' book, Why You're Still Single, help you find love?

Is There Truth in Strauss' New Relationship Book?
The author of

Dating Anniversary Gifts Under $20
A gift guide for casual dating couples celebrating their anniversary who are looking to spend less than $20.

Single Parent Dating a Man Who Doesn't Want Kids -Help?
Can you date someone who doesn't want kids, when you have kids already?

Cheap Gift Ideas for Dating Couples
A bevvy of cheap gift ideas for dating couples, including additions and suggestions from readers.

Must-Read Dating Books You've Probably Never Heard Of
Need a book that makes your heart sing, your love life dreams come true? This is your dating book list then, one you'll want to check off one-by-one.

Great Boyfriends Review
A dating site where referrals are king, Great Boyfriends works on the premise that the best matches originate within one's social circle.




Need a Fun Yet Simple Date Night Idea?
Tired of the same old dinner and a movie date? Spruce up your usual and use one of these simple date ideas to turn a routine into a forever favorite.


What You Should Give Your SO for the Holidays
When trying to decide on a gift for someone you're dating, review this handy list of holiday gift giving etiquette broken up by relationship stage.

Is My Boyfriend Lying Or Is This Just Dating Spam?
Did you get a dating site text message that you're worried came from your boyfriend's online activity?

Need an STD Dating Site? Here's 10 of the Best
The best of the best dating sites specifically for people with STIs, and the folks totally cool with dating them.

FriendScout24 Review
The leading dating site in Germany, FriendScout24 is an emerging contender in the international, non-English online dating site market. Review **Now Closed** is the first online dating site to offer background checks for convicted criminals and married people, but does it work to help singles find love?

What Does Courtship Mean?
Aren't courtship and dating the same thing? No, not really. Here's a complete explanation as to the differences, along with examples.

Should I Date an Alcoholic?
He seems perfect, and yet, he's an admitted alcoholic. Do you see what happens or cut ties now?

What Does Dalliance Mean?
Wondering what dalliance means in the context of a phrase or conversation? Learn more about the word dalliance, as well as where it came from and related quotes.

20 Simple and Cheap Date Ideas
Want some date ideas that won't leave you scrounging for change? More than twenty cheap date ideas await you...

8 Awesome Romantic Ideas for Valentine's Day
Get cozy with these super romantic and fun ideas to try out this Valentine's Day.

11 Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Waited until the last minute to get a Valentines Day gift? Here's a bunch of suggestions ranging from free to extravagant.

10 Steamy Date Ideas To Rev Up Your Love Life
Want to take things up a notch in your love life? Use these sexy, seductive and definitely steamy date ideas to feel the heat.











Sex in the UK Review
Curious whether or not Sex in the UK is an adults-only dating site where you'll find what you're after? Take a peek at this expert review, or share your own experiences.

7 Amazing Cougar Dating Sites
Gents who want to date older gals and ladies who love younger men: check out this list of dating sites catering specifically to you.


7 Sexy Gift Ideas For Your Guy
Sexy gift ideas for the man in your life, including sensual and unusual gifts.







Asian Singles at PerfectMatch
One of the better options online to meet Asian singles - or is it?

The 7 Best Asian Dating Sites on the Web Today
Looking for where all the single Asian folks hang out online? You've found the right article!

Asian Dating (the website)
The most well-populated and prettiest of the Asian dating sites. Is there a catch?

Asian Chats
Another large Asian dating site owned by a multi-conglomerate. Should you try it?

Asian Date Net
Wondering which Asian dating sites to check out? Asian Date Net works well, with some caveats.

Asian Date Link
One of the few seemingly free dating sites for Asians wanting a casual relationship.

Cherry Blossoms
By far the oldest company on the best Asian Dating Sites list.

Asians 4 Asians

JDate Review
Thinking about trying out JDate, but aren't sure if it's for you? Here's an honest, expert review that covers all the bases you'll need to make a decision.

Singles of Faith Review
An honest, unbiased review of Christian dating site and inner-city outreach organization, Singles of Faith.

BDSM Dating Sites
Learn more about BDSM dating sites and what they offer alternative-minded singles.

Book of Matches Review
A heterosexual free dating site for international singles, Book of Matches is a viable alternative to other free dating sites.