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The 5 Most Embarrassing Moments on a First Date
Worried about humiliating yourself with a potential mate? Before you run for the door out of terror, read this to properly prepare yourself.

How to deal with relationships that have come or are coming to an end.

Relationships and dating. Dating: A Man's Perspective.

4 Signs You're Ready to Start Dating After a Breakup
Have you really moved on from your last relationship? Here's how to know if the timing is right or wrong.

How to Make Space When Your Significant Other Moves In
If you're thinking about or planning on cohabitating with your partner, here's everything you need to consider and take care of first.

picking up women, picking up men, approach, dating advice
picking up women, picking up men, approach, dating advice

Picking Up Ladies
How to pick someone up at a bar, coffee shop, or in line for the DMV.

Why Does Sex Get Boring?
Eventually, sex can get boring in a long term relationship. Here's why a husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend can find themselves in a sexual rut.

The 5 Biggest Online Dating Red Flags
There are some signs that undeniably make a person undateable. Here's how to know when it's time to bail on your online crush.

The 7 Worst Online Dating Mistakes You Can Make
Commit any of these online dating crimes, and you're sure to ruin your chances of making a connection! Don't make the following mistakes on Tinder, OKCupid, or eHarmony!

Dating Advice: Dating Tips and Relationship Advice From A Guy's Perspective
How to date online, in person, and via dating apps. Get relationship advice and tips on how to keep the romance going with the person you love!

4 Questions to Ask Before Committing to a Long-Distance Relationship
Here are 4 questions you need to ask yourself (and your partner) before dating someone in another zip code.

Dating. Dating: A Man's Perspective.

Marriage. Dating: A Man's Perspective.

Dating Websites, Apps, and Other Online Dating Sources
More couples meet over the internet and smartphones than ever before. Check out these articles featuring online dating.

Guest Authors
Bios for all guest authors who write about dating advice for

"How Do I Kiss?" - PART 1: The Approach
How do you kiss a guy or girl? Here's every step you need to take in the moments leading up to your first kiss.

The Natural Qualities Men Really Want in a Woman
What does a guy truly want in a girl? Here we reveal some of the natural qualities men look for when choosing a mate.

Gifts For Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend That Cost Less Than $10
Here are some fantastic gift ideas for your significant other that won't set you back more than $10!

How Much Does Weight Matter To Guys?
Guys care about how much you weigh -- but not in the way that you think.

How to Catch Good Guys on Dating Apps
Here's how to find the right guy on a dating app such as Tinder, OKCupid, Mesh, or Down.

Why Won't My Boyfriend Propose?
Here's what's holding your boyfriend back from popping the question, and why he won't propose.

How To Tell If Your Boyfriend is About to Propose
How do you know if your boyfriend is about to pop the question? Here are some telltale signs that he's planning a marriage proposal.

Why Are Guys So Afraid to Get Married?
Why are guys so afraid to get married? What is it about tying the knot that freaks so many of us out?

The 10 Worst Things You Can Say to A Guy You're Dating
What are the worst things you can say to your boyfriend or husband? Don't recite these phrases in his presence!

The 10 Worst Things You Can Say to Your Girlfriend
What are the worst things you can say to your girlfriend or wife? Utter the following phrases to the woman you love and she may never forgive you.

How Do I Know If I'm In Love?
Here's how to tell if you're in love...or just in lust.

Why Do Guys Cheat?
What leads to male infidelity, and how it can be prevented. Here are the reasons why guys cheat.

Do My Boyfriend's Parents Hate Me?
How to tell if your boyfriend's parents don't like you...or if the problem is all in your head.

How Do I Get My Boyfriend’s Parents to Like Me?
Three easy steps to getting your boyfriend's mom and dad to approve of your relationship.

What Is Love?
What is the meaning of love? Here's a scientific explanation for why we fall in love.

How Do I Keep A Relationship Going Through the Winter?
How to save a relationship when the chill in the room is colder than the temperature outside.

The Case for A Fast & Cheap First Date
Don't spend too much time or money --here's why your first date should always be quick and cheap!

Why Won't He Date Me?
Here's the truth about why your crush might not want to be your boyfriend.

How to Date in Your 50s and 60s
Middle aged dating doesn't have to be scary -- follow these tips and learn how to successfully date in your 50s and 60s.

How To Ask A Girl Out...When You're Too Nervous To
Here's how to talk to girls and guys you've always been too afraid to approach.

The 6 Best Dating Apps
Tinder? Hinge? Grindr? What are the best dating apps? It all depends on what you're looking for.

What If You Can't Get it Up During Sex?
Can't get it up or maintain an erection during sex? It might not be a physical or medical issue, but a mental problem.

When Can I Fart In Front of My Boyfriend or Girlfriend?
When can you fart in front of your boyfriend or girlfriend? Here's how you know when it's okay to burp, pee, and toot in front of a romantic partner.

How To Text A Guy or Girl You're Dating
How should you text message a guy or girl you're into? Here are the rules for texting when dating someone.

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Everything you've ever wanted to know about sex.
Sex. Dating: A Man's Perspective.

Should I Break up With My Boyfriend or Girlfriend?
Should you break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Sometimes it's better to move on than to try to fix what's hopelessly broken.

How to Hit the Eject Button on a Bad Date...with Class
Caught in the middle of an less-than-romantic nightmare? Here's how to bail on a terrible date without causing a scene.

How Clearing Your Household Clutter Can Benefit Your Dating Life
Tidying up your home or apartment can actually have a greater effect on your relationships than you may realize.

The Only Kind of Dates You Want To Take To a Wedding
Here are the only four types of guys or girls that should accompany you to a wedding ceremony and reception.

4 Types of Food That Can Ruin Your Romantic Evening
Can certain dishes turn your date into a disaster? You bet they can. Here's a list of which foods to avoid when out with a crush or loved one.

When Should You Disclose Personal Secrets To A Partner?
How long should you wait before telling your partner everything? Here's how to know what's safe to talk about on a first, second, or fiftieth date.

6 Ways Guys Should Show Affection
Just how important is it for a guy to demonstrate affection in a relationship? Here's what your boyfriend or husband should be doing to show his love.

How To Live With a Messy or Neat Significant Other
Are you part of an Odd Couple? Follow these tips for living with your Oscar or Felix or you'll end up at each other's throats!

"How Do I Kiss?" - PART 2: The Technique
Here are the steps you need to take in the moments leading up to your first kiss, and a list of things to avoid while kissing.

Dealing With Romantic Rejection
How to deal with romantic rejection, including taking a step back, and finding the silver lining in the situation.

How to Avoid Relationship Weight Gain
Check out these tips to prevent putting on pounds when you're all comfy and in love.

The 6 Worst Meals For A First Date
There are some dishes that should NEVER be ordered when out with a romantic interest on a first date. Here's what you need to stay away from.

Can Polyamory Actually Work?
Can you be in love but eschew the bounds of monogamy with the object of your affection? Polyamorists enthusiastically say yes.

What To Do When Your New Girlfriend Is Pregnant...But It's Not Yours
How should you deal with a partner who's expecting another man's baby? Here's how to weigh your options and make the smartest decision for you both.

6 Topics To Avoid When Meeting Your Partner's Parents
There are some topics that should never be discussed with a date's parents. Avoid the following at all costs!

8 Sentences You Never Want To Hear On A First Date
If you hear any of the following phrases uttered by a date, you're better off cutting your losses and taking off. Watch out for these red flags!

How To Date Your Friend's Sister or Brother
Can you make a move on your pal's sibling without ruining your friendship? Here's how to date your friend's brother or sister with guaranteed success.

How To Date A Long Haul Truck Driver
Is it possible to date someone who's always on the road? Here are some tips for successfully dating a long haul trucker.

How Far Are You Willing to Go For Your Lover’s Sexual Fetish?
What if your partner likes to get kinky in the bedroom? Here's how to know when to indulge your lover, and when to just say no.

7 Crucial Tips For Moving In Together
If you plan on living with your boyfriend or girlfriend, follow these rules to ensure that you'll have a happy home!

The 9 Grossest Things a Girl Can Do On A Date
Wanna know how to get rid of a guy really quickly? Commit any of these no-nos to gross him right out.

5 Ways Couples Can Become Functional Co-Workers
Is it possible for a couple to work alongside one another? Here's how you can keep your relationship going when you share a job with your partner.

5 Reasons You Got Ghosted
Can't figure out why the guy or girl you're dating ditched you? Here are some of the reasons he or she bailed without leaving notice.

Is It Time To Take A Break From Dating?
Are you totally overwhelmed with dating? Sometimes it's in your best interest to step away from the game for a bit.

Are Long Distance Relationships Worth It?
Does it make sense to date someone who lives far away?'s resident dating expert Joan Barnard explains how it can work.

Why You NEED To Take A Romantic Road Trip
Here's why a romantic vacation spent driving in the car could be the best thing for your relationship.

5 Signs That It's Definitely Over
Wondering if you and your boyfriend or girlfriend are done? Here's how to tell if a relationship isn't meant to be.

How To Date Multiple People At The Same Time
Maintaining relationships with multiple partners can get pretty tricky. Here's how to successfully date a few different people at the same time.

The 5 Best Novels To Read As A Couple
Looking for a book to read with your boyfriend or girlfriend? Give one of these novels a try.

How Long After A Date Should You Wait Before Calling?
One day? Three days? A week? When should you call someone after a successful first date? Here's how to know when it's time to make contact.

Why Being Single After College Is The Most Mature Thing You Can Do
Think you need to find yourself a boyfriend or girlfriend right after graduation? Think again. Here's why recent college grads should wait to date.

Romance And Religion: The Key To Successful Interfaith Relationships
Is it possible to have a healthy interfaith relationship? Here's how to build a life with someone who practices a different religion from your own.

Is It Okay For "Committed" Guys To Visit Strip Clubs?
Is it inappropriate for a man in a relationship -- whether dating or married -- to get a lap dance from a stripper? A former dancer gives her take.

5 Trainwreck Dates I Would Wish Upon No One
Some dates are so disastrous they should never be spoken of -- others, however, must be shared with as many people possible as cautionary tales.

How To Bring A Couple's Sex Toy Into The Bedroom
Introducing a new toy to the bedroom can be awkward for you or your partner. What's the best way to start experimenting?

5 Signs It's Time To Start Dating Again
After a long hiatus from dating, how will you know when it's time to get back in the game? Here are some of the signs that you're ready.

Which Is Better For Meeting People: Tinder or a Bar?
Is Tinder the best place to meet guys and girls? Or is a good old fashioned bar better for picking up the future love of your life?

Should You Share Your Passwords with Your Boyfriend of Girlfriend?
Is it alright to give your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife access to your email, banking, or smartphone? Here's how to know when it's okay.

The 9 Grossest Things a Guy Can Do On A Date
Some actions are so disgusting, they'll kill the mood instantly. Here are the 9 gross things a guy can do on a date to ruin his chances with a lady.

The 7 Best Apps to Keep a Long Distance Relationship Going
Are long distance relationships healthy, or even worth it? They certainly can be, with the help of these awesome communication apps.

When Should You Meet Up For A (Non-Dinner) Date?
Is there an

Should A Man Always Pay For The First Date?
Is it a man's responsibility to pay for drinks, dinner, or a movie the first time a couple goes out? Here's how to know when it's appropriate.

How Can Yoga Help Your Relationship?
Believe it or not, practicing yoga with or without your partner can bring you closer together. Here's how.

5 Commitments Not To Make Until You're (Probably) Getting Married
Don't sign up for these life events unless you're pretty certain your relationship is headed somewhere super serious.

What If You Have To Poop On A Date?
What's the best course of action when nature calls as romance is developing? Here's what to do when you have to poop on a date.

Dating Deal Breakers: 7 Red Flags To Run From
What are some conditions or scenarios that make a person undateable? Here's how to know when it's time to run from a potential partner.

The Best and Worst Drinks To Order On A Date
Having trouble deciding what to imbibe on a date? Check out this guide to learn which drinks will set the mood, and which will send your date running.

The Best 5 Pick-Up Lines...EVER
Don't settle for terribly cheesy, canned openers -- use these suggestions to break the ice with originality and confidence.

Is A Pet In the Way of Your Relationship?
Does your boyfriend or girlfriend hate your dog, cat, or goldfish? Or is your partner's pet the problem? Here's how to deal with either situation.

Should You Forgive Someone Who Lies?
When should you break up with a lying boyfriend or girlfriend? Here's how to know when it's time for a second chance, and when it's time to move on.

Why Did I Get Stood Up?
Wondering why your date never showed up? Here's why he or she might have run away, and how to handle such a scenario.

How To Criticize Your Partner's Appearance or Habits
Here's how to approach your boyfriend or girlfriend about his or her new look or bad habit...without hurting your partner's feelings.

The Worst Date Venues...And Where To Go Instead
Don't make the mistake of dragging a partner to any of these date sandtraps! Stay away from these terrible places at all costs!

The 6 Worst Things You Can Do On A First Date
WARNING: Commit any of the following dating no-nos and you're sure to send your companion running for the door.

What Are Alternative Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction?
You might not need to rely on drugs to treat erectile dysfunction -- here are some other options when you can't

How To Make The Perfect OkCupid Profile
Not sure how to put together your OkCupid profile? Here's a guide to putting your best foot forward via the dating app or website.

5 Disastrous Mistakes I Made On First Dates
What's the worst date you've ever been on? One man made these terrible dating errors so you don't have to.

The 5 Stages of Grief...After a Break Up
Have you just had your heart broken? Here are the emotional phases you can expect after being dumped.

How To Tell If He's Cheating On You...And What To Do About It

How Many People Should I Have Sex With Before Marriage?
Can a person have too much or too little sexual experience? Here's how to know when you've slept with enough people.

The Top 10 Scariest Things You Can Hear On A First Date
If you hear any of the following lines from a potential partner, run! Here are the top 10 scariest things you can hear on a first date.

Is Your Relationship Over If You've Cheated?
Is it possible to save a relationship after committing an act of infidelity? That depends on a few things, including the length, intensity, and number of affairs...

What's Worth Fighting Over In A Relationship?
You must pick your battles with your partner. Here are the topics worth fighting about, and a few that aren't.

Is It Bad To Love Your Partner More?
Is it wrong to love your boyfriend or girlfriend more than he or she loves you? Here's why it's not just a bad thing.

How to Ask For Exclusivity in a Relationship
How do you tell a guy you want to be his girlfriend? Asking a guy

How To Speak Up in a Relationship
Having trouble telling your boyfriend or girlfriend how you really feel? Here's how to speak your mind in a relationship.

Is It Okay To Date Your Roommate?
Is it ever worth sparking a romantic relationship with your roomie? Here's how to tell when it is -- and how to do it right.

When Is It Too Soon To Have Sex?
Does sex on a first date send the wrong message? Will maintaining abstinence scare a guy away? Can you have sex

Can't Get Your Girlfriend Off?

How To Wear Makeup On A Date
What's the best makeup to wear for a date? What do guys like? Here's how to create the perfect look to impress the dude of your dreams.

6 Signs He's Never Getting Serious With You
How can you tell if a guy wants to be your boyfriend or husband? Here's how to know if the player you're dating is wasting your time.

What To Do On Valentine's Day
Here's how to plan the ideal Valentine's Day for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife.

How To Perfect A Marriage Proposal
What's the best way to propose to a woman? Follow this guide in order to nail the marriage proposal your bride has always dreamed of.

6 Signs Your Relationship is Toxic
Is your relationship detrimental to your well-being? If the issues in this article sound familiar, you might be dating the wrong person for you.

9 Movies That Set The Mood For Date Night
Having trouble deciding what to watch for date night? These nine classic flick picks are guaranteed to make way for romance.

What Happens After The First Date?
Did you have a great first date? Don't blow it now! Follow this guide to ensure second date success.

How To Date Someone With A Mental Disorder
Is it possible to date someone who is unstable or emotionally challenged? Here's one woman's account of how she dated someone with a mental disorder.

14 Awesome Spring Date Ideas
Take advantage of the beautiful season, and treat yourself and your partner to something special -- try one of these spring date ideas!

How To Plan A "Staycation" -- A Vacation At Home
Don't have the time or money to get away? Here's how to plan a vacation at home!

What To Cook For a Date -- 3 Easy Recipes
Struggling to figure out what to cook for your partner on date night? Try one of these easy recipes to set the mood, without setting anything on fire.

6 Ways You Can Honor Earth Day With Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend
Not sure how to spend this April 22nd with your partner? Earth Day is more romantic than you think!

6 Questions Women In Relationships Want Answered (But Are Afraid To Ask)
Here's the scoop on what every woman wants to ask her boyfriend or husband -- but is too nervous to ask.

The 9 Worst Dudes You Can Date
Who are the worst guys to date? Avoid relationships with these dudes at all costs!

The 9 Worst Women You Can Date
What are the worst qualities a female partner can have? An experienced guy spills the beans.

Is It Normal To Always Use Lube For Sex?
How safe is it to use lube on a regular basis? The experts assure us that regular use of lubrication is healthy and normal!

3 Ways Dating is Different After College
Your campus romances likely haven't prepared you for dating in the

How to Ask a Guy Out
Tired of waiting around for a guy to ask you out? Here's how to best approach the man of your dreams.

How To Spend Valentine's Day When You're Single
What should you do if you don't have a date on Valentine's Day? Here's how to get through February 14th without a significant other.

Can You Gauge a Guy's Interest By His Body Language?
You can gauge a guy's interest by his body language. If he makes any of these's time to move on!

Why Spring Is The Best Time For Dating
With all that's in bloom, springtime is the perfect time for romance. Here's why you need to make your move NOW.

6 Things You Should NOT Be Honest About on a First Date
Communication is crucial to the success of any relationship -- but not necessarily to the success of a first date.

6 Things You Must NOT Lie About On A First Date
When first meeting a new love interest, there are some topics about which you must not lie.

"So…threesomes?" Creep. Dating: A Man's Perspective. Page 10.

"I'm not saying my race is 'better', but…"
Racism is never to be tolerated. Period. Page 7.

"Sorry, that was my ex-husband / ex-wife calling. He likes to know where I am at night. And at lunch. And in the morning."
We all have pasts...but be careful with those whose pasts won't let them go. Page 8.

"We're running out of time: GIVE ME YOUR SEED!"
Knowing that you want children is great; needing to make it happen in a single night, not so much. Page 9.

"Meet my roommates: Mom and Dad."
Living at home is cool for a few years...not so much in your 30s. Page 2.

"I hope you like cats. All twenty of them."
Pets are great, and cats are cool. But there is such a thing as too much of any one thing. Page 3.

"My people skills are super strong -- they're crucial in my work as a gigolo."
Male escorts are not exactly known for their commitment to monogamous relationships. Page 4.

"I have a great sense of humor – it's crucial in my work as a birthday party clown."
Clowns are never to be trusted. Dating: A Man's Perspective. Page 5.

"Kids? I love kids! I have lots and lots already."
Nothing wrong with dating a single mom or dad...but no one wants to inherit an entire preschool. Page 6.

"Commitment is really important to me – that's why I've been married six times."
Beware of the man or woman who has already had multiple marriages.

The Top 10 Scariest Things You Can Hear On A First Date
If you hear any of the following lines from a potential partner, run! Here are the top 10 scariest things you can hear on a first date.

What To Do If Your Friend Is Cheating On Someone
How important is loyalty to a friendship? Here's what to do if your friend is cheating on someone.

The 8 Dos and Don'ts of Sexting
Before you send a sexy text message or photo to your boyfriend, girlfriend, or crush, learn how to sext someone without embarrassing yourself!

7 Reasons You Need to Have as Much Sex as Possible...For Your Health
Sex doesn't just feel good -- when practiced safely, it can be good for your health!

Is It Okay To Break Up With Someone Over Text?
Is it ever appropriate to dump a boyfriend or girlfriend via text message? Here's how to know when you don't have to break up with someone in person.

What Girls Are Looking For On Tinder
What will cause a girl to

6 Shocking Truths About Sex In Long Term Relationships
Your sex life will change when you're committed to a long term relationship. You might find these facts about long term sex hard to believe...

How To Fight With Your Significant Other
Arguing with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife can actually be productive -- if you do it the right way!

6 Domestic Vacations To Take With Your Significant Other
Hoping to reignite the romance in your relationship? Look no further than these six awesome US vacation spots.

How To Prepare Your Home For a Date
Got a hot date coming over? Here's a step-by-step guide on how to get your place ready for a romantic evening at home.

Do You Need To "Spring Clean" Your Relationship?
Has your relationship hit a dead end? If so, springtime is the perfect time to start anew!

6 Unusual and Creative Date Ideas
Here are some original, creative, unusual date ideas to shake things up with your partner!

11 Bad Habits That Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy
If you regularly practice any of these annoying behaviors, your boyfriend might be on his way out.

11 Bad Habits That Drive Your Girlfriend Crazy
Keep these behaviors up and you might be at risk of losing your lady.

Are You An Annoying Couple?
Are you and your significant other unbearable to be around? Take this quiz to determine if you and your partner are driving others crazy!

The 6 Most Important Things To Do On A First Date
If I you're feeling clueless on first dates, don't worry! Just follow the tips below and you'll be sure to enjoy one of the best nights of your life.

Where Should You Go On a First Date?
Dinner, drinks, movies, or a fun, hands-on activity: which makes for the best first date?

How To Plan a First Date
Here's how to plan a perfect first date that will impress the girl you choose to go out with.

Ideal Halloween Costumes for Singles and Daters
What are the best Halloween costumes for single people? Here's what to wear to attract the opposite sex.