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Microsoft Publisher Reviews and Training
Explore more about the various versions of Microsoft Publisher. Learn to use the software through classes and online tutorials. Get templates.

Microsoft Publisher Tutorials
Learn how to use various versions of Microsoft Publisher in these videos and illustrated tutorials. Explore the basics and more advanced features.

Desktop Publishing
Desktop Publishing.

Desktop Publishing
Desktop Publishing.

Desktop Publishing
Desktop Publishing.

Desktop Publishing
Desktop Publishing.

Desktop Publishing
Desktop Publishing.

Desktop Publishing
Desktop Publishing.

Desktop Publishing
Desktop Publishing.

Desktop Publishing
Desktop Publishing.

Desktop Publishing
Desktop Publishing.

Desktop Publishing
Desktop Publishing.

Desktop Publishing
Desktop Publishing.

Desktop Publishing
Desktop Publishing.

Desktop Publishing
Desktop Publishing.

Desktop Publishing
Desktop Publishing.

Desktop Publishing
Desktop Publishing.

Desktop Publishing
Desktop Publishing.

Free 1.55 oz Candy Bar Wrappers in MS Publisher Format
These Microsoft Publisher templates for candy wrappers are sized for a 1.55 oz (2.25

Congratulations Candy Wrapper Template - 1.55 oz - Publisher Format
The crowd is cheering in this blue candy wrapper that shouts Congratulations.

Happy Birthday Balloons Candy Bar Wrapper - 1.55 oz - Publisher Format
Release a festive bunch of balloons with this candy bar wrapper that proclaims Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday Cupcake Candy Wrapper - 1.55 oz - Publisher Format
Wrap a chocolate candy bar in a chocolate cupcake to say Happy Birthday.

Congratulations on Your Graduation Candy Wrapper - 1.55 or 2.6 oz - Publisher Format
A simple graduation design that can be personalized in Publisher with school colors, a different quote, a change in fonts.

Fiftieth Anniversary Candy Bar Wrapper - 1.55 or 2.6 oz - Publisher Format
Mark the 50 year milestone with this golden wrapper.

It's a Modern Boy in Blue Candy Wrapper - 1.55 or 2.6 oz - Publisher Format
An old template gets a contemporary update in this It's a Boy candy wrapper template for Microsoft Publisher.

It's a Modern Girl in Pink Candy Wrapper - 1.55 or 2.6 oz - Publisher Format
An old template gets a contemporary update in this It's a Girl candy wrapper template for Microsoft Publisher.

How to Create a Watermark in Publisher
A simple how-to on putting a watermark in the background of your Microsoft Publisher documents. These watermarks can be either text or photo based.

Locate Mac or Windows Font Files on Your Hard Drive
Locating the right fonts and files to go with your printing or graphics projects can be challenging. Here's how to find them in both Windows and Macs.

Free Greeting Card Templates for All Occasions
Find blank and pre-designed printable greeting card templates for holiday cards, invitations, announcements, birthday cards, and other kinds.

Free Greeting Card Templates for All Occasions
Find blank and pre-designed printable greeting card templates for holiday cards, invitations, announcements, birthday cards, and other kinds.

Adobe InDesign Tutorials and Tips
The tool of choice for many professional graphic designers, use these Adobe InDesign tutorials to master both the basics and the advanced features. Find tutorials to help you set-up your work area, create a document, and fully utilize the tools and shortcuts for Adobe InDesign.

Creative Typography and Artistic Type Arrangements
Graphic designers use creative typography to communicate more than just the basic meaning of the words. Explore creative ways to use type including student work, posters, and fanciful type treatments. Do typographic exercises that allow you to expand your own creative use of type and fonts.

Combining Text Effects in Adobe InDesign
You can subtly or more blatantly change the look of text by combining various bevel and shadow effects.

Shadow & Glow Effects in Adobe InDesign
Make your text pop, glow, shimmer, hover, or fade away by experimenting with the Adobe InDesign Shadow and Glow effects.

Shadow & Glow Options in Adobe InDesign
Go beyond the basic drop shadow by playing with positioning and color and using inner shadows and glows as well in Adobe InDesign.

Bevel and Emboss Effects in Adobe InDesign
The default Bevel and Emboss settings may work for you but it's more fun to experiment to discover new looks.

Bevel and Emboss Options in Adobe InDesign
The Style and Technique choices are the main things you'll want to play with in the Bevel and Emboss Options of the Adobe InDesign text effects. But there are many other controls to experiment with as well.

Text Effects in Adobe InDesign
Sometimes you want to dress up your text more than just changing the color or making it bold and you don't want to fire up Photoshop. Try InDesign.

What Is Desktop Publishing?
Desktop publishing is the use of the computer and specialized software to create documents for printing. But it goes a bit beyond a basic definition.

Calibrate Your Printer and Get the Color You Want
Calibrating your printer ensures​ (as much as possible) that what you print is consistent with what you see on-screen. The two go hand in hand.

Make Your Own Mug Shot - Police Booking Photo
Mug shots show up in police booking reports and in newsletters. Create your own fake police booking photo.

Ragged Right vs Justified Text Alignment
Alignment that works for one design might be totally inappropriate for another. Discover the pros and cons of left-aligned opposed to fully justified.

Free Desktop Publishing Software for Windows
There are some free desktop publishing software options with admirable desktop publishing and page layout capabilities. These programs are for Windows.

The Meaning of Colors: Cool, Warm, Neutral Attributes
The meaning of color is important in graphic design. Explore attributes of cool and warm colors and meanings for use in print and Web design.

Free Print and Cursive Handwriting Fonts for Teachers
In this list, you'll find a very brief description of each of the handwriting fonts and a link to view a larger sample and download the font.

What Is Bond Paper? - Definition and Examples
Bond paper is a strong, durable paper especially suitable for electronic printing and use in office machines.

What Fonts Look Like Helvetica? - Alternatives List
Helvetica is a well-known and well-used font. But sometimes you might want something that just looks very similar to this font.

Color Meaning - Choosing Color for Meaning or Symbolism and Color Coordination in Desktop Publishing
Paying attention to color meaning can add a new dimenLearn to your design work. Learn how to select and use color effectively in desktop publishing. Explore a variety of color palettes. Learn about color symbolism and choosing color for meaning and color coordination.

Turquoise Colors - Swatches and RGB Codes
Here you will find the many blue-green faces of the color turquoise. Each slide is accompanied by a picture to provide a visual example.

Turquoise Colors - Swatches and RGB Codes
Here you will find the many blue-green faces of the color turquoise. Each slide is accompanied by a picture to provide a visual example.

How to Type Characters With Cedilla Accent Marks
Create diacriticals or accent marks, such as the cedilla accent marks. Learn how to type them on a Mac, a Windows PC, or using HTML.

How to Install TrueType or OpenType Fonts in Windows
Step-by-step, here's how easy it is to install TrueType or OpenType fonts under various versions of Windows.

How to Create and Use Copyright and Trademark Symbols
This simple how-to on rendering copyright symbols, registered trademark symbols, and TM trademark symbols explains the usage and how to type them.

How to Install Fonts on a Macintosh
Font installation on a Mac is a simple drag and drop operation for both True/OpenType and PostScript fonts. Learn how to do it here.

Individual Colors
Explore meanings and color codes for specific individual named colors.

Type Characters With Circumflex Accent Marks
How to create letters with diacritical marks, such as the circumflex accent marks. Learn how to type these on a Mac, a Windows PC, and in HTML.

What Color is Crimson and What is its Symbolism?
The color of love and blood, crimson comes from an insect. Find out some more interesting information and similar shades here.

How to Type Acute Accent Marks on Mac & PC
How to create diacriticals such as acute accent marks. Learn to type acute accent marks on a Mac, a Windows PC, and in HTML.

What is the Best Software for Logo Design?
Ideally, logo design should be done in a vector graphics software program initially. Find out what others are ideal for logo design.

Free Stitched and Patterned Shamrocks Graphics
Grab some of these free shamrocks I made and use them in your St. Patrick's Day projects.

St. Patrick's Day Pictures and Graphics to Download
Pick and choose the shamrocks, clover, leprechauns, and gold you want to use or learn how to draw your own. Here are free graphics, tutorials for Photoshop, Illustrator, and other programs, and other imagery and icons for use in your St. Patrick's Day projects.

Shamrocks and 4-Leaf Clover Graphics and Tutorials
Do you know the difference? Either way, these shamrocks and 4-leaf clover graphics are free to you. There are tutorials too.

Leprechauns Graphics and Tutorials
Put a leprechaun on your Web page or into a St. Patrick's Day greeting card.

Leprechaun Hats Graphics and Tutorials
Choose from different styles of clip art of hats with a St. Patrick's Day theme.

Leprechaun Coins Graphics and Tutorials
No bribe! These leprechaun gold coins are free for you to use in your St. Patrick's Day projects.

Pot of Gold and Rainbow Graphics and Tutorials
Find your own pot of gold and get the rainbow too.

Special Effects for Your St. Patrick's Day Graphics
Apply these special effects to your graphics.

Free Halloween Fonts - Dripping Blood & Scary Dingbats
Download free fonts for Halloween projects. Dripping blood fonts, scary dingbats with monsters, witches, jack-o-lanterns, and other Halloween creatures.

Free Halloween Fonts - Dripping Blood & Scary Dingbats
Download free fonts for Halloween projects. Dripping blood fonts, scary dingbats with monsters, witches, jack-o-lanterns, and other Halloween creatures.

Free Halloween Fonts - Dripping Blood & Scary Dingbats
Download free fonts for Halloween projects. Dripping blood fonts, scary dingbats with monsters, witches, jack-o-lanterns, and other Halloween creatures.

Microsoft Word Templates for Business Documents
Do business with Microsoft Word templates. Find free to download for business brochures, word schedules, meeting agendas, memos, ads, and all kinds of business forms.

Microsoft Word Templates for Business Documents
Do business with Microsoft Word templates. Find free to download for business brochures, word schedules, meeting agendas, memos, ads, and all kinds of business forms.

Microsoft PowerPoint Templates for Home Projects
Download a free Microsoft PowerPoint templates for your home and personal projects including family tree charts and wedding presentations and birthday slides.

Microsoft Word Templates for Business Documents
Do business with Microsoft Word templates. Find free to download for business brochures, word schedules, meeting agendas, memos, ads, and all kinds of business forms.

Microsoft Word Templates for Business Documents
Do business with Microsoft Word templates. Find free to download for business brochures, word schedules, meeting agendas, memos, ads, and all kinds of business forms.

What Are Contrasting Colors?
Colors that might clash or compliment are contrasting colors. This page shows how the RGB color wheel works and how it might be used.

How To Open .PUB Files Without Microsoft Publisher
Some methods for dealing with .pub files include using online conversion tools and creating other file formats from within Publisher to share the file.

Type Umlaut Accent Marks on Mac and PC
How to create letters with diacritical marks, such as the umlaut accent marks. Type umlaut accent marks on a Mac, a Windows PC, and in HTML.

How Big is a Standard Size Business Card?
Most business cards are rectangles of standard dimensions. Discover not only the standard size but guidelines for working with variations.

Square Envelopes - Standard Sizes and Dimensions
Explore Square envelope sizes along with dimensions for their enclosures. Find out what size of square envelope you'll need for your announcements, greeting cards, and other materials. Page 6.

Baronial Envelopes - Standard Sizes and Dimensions
Explore Baronial envelope sizes along with dimensions for their enclosures. Used for formal invitations, greeting cards, and some stationery, Baronial is an open side, almost square envelope with pointed flaps and diagonal seams. Page 2.

Booklet Envelopes - Standard Sizes and Dimensions
Explore booklet envelope sizes along with dimensions for their enclosures. Booklet envelopes are used not only for booklets but for brochures, catalogs, annual reports and other multi-page mailings. They work well with automatic-insertion machines. Page 3.

Catalog Envelopes - Standard Sizes and Dimensions
Explore catalog envelope sizes along with dimensions for their enclosures. Policy envelopes, used for insurance policies, wills, mortgages, and other legal papers sometimes come with a full-view window on the face. Page 4.

Commercial Envelopes - Standard Sizes and Dimensions
Explore commercial envelope sizes along with dimensions for their enclosures. Also called business, standard, or officials, these are open side envelopes usually with commercial style flaps and diagonal seams although some sizes come with side seams and square or pointed flaps. Page 5.

A Series Announcement or Invitation Envelopes - Standard Sizes and Dimensions
Explore Announcement or A Series envelope sizes along with dimensions for their enclosures. Send your greetings, announcements, and invitations in an A-Style envelope.

Envelope Templates and Envelope Design Tips
Create better envelopes for greeting cards, identity systems, and direct mail use with these envelope templates along with design, printing, and mailing tips for envelopes. Find different types of envelope templates for desktop publishing.

Standard Sizes and Dimensions for Envelope Enclosures
Explore common envelope styles and sizes along with dimensions for standard envelopes and their enclosures.

Featured Free Fonts - Stamps and Stencils [Free Fonts]
Our featured fonts - stencils. For the look of stencils or rubber stamps these fonts spell out your message neatly or with a few rough edges.

Desktop Publishing Training or Graphic Design Degree Programs
Desktop publishing training can be formal, informal, or on-the-job training. Graphic Design may require more formal degree programs or certification. Explore free classes, seminars, distance learning programs, certification options, and video desktop publishing training and graphic design programs.

Elements of Design in Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing
The elements of design are the building blocks of all designs, chosen to convey the message — beyond the actual words or photos used. Desktop publishing documents utilize the five elements of design : lines | shapes | mass | texture | color.

Free Self-Paced Desktop Publishing Courses
These free desktop publishing courses, graphic design basics courses, and self-paced lessons cover the basics of the entire desktop publishing process and specific areas such as fonts or creating a greeting card. Sign up for email versions of the free desktop publishing classes and graphic design courses or browse the lessons online.

Templates for Desktop Publishing for Print and Web Use
Browse categorized links to mostly free templates for all your favorite programs. Jumpstart your business cards, brochures, labels, and other designs with templates for products from Adobe, Quark, Microsoft, and others. Both commercial and free templates are available for download.

Microsoft Word Tips and Tutorials
Tech support, tips, and tutorials for Microsoft Word software especially instructions for doing fancy or complex layouts and desktop publishing with Word.

Free CorelDRAW Templates - Desktop Publishing CorelDRAW Templates
Look for CorelDRAW templates for business cards, signs, brochures, and more.

Desktop Publishing Training Videos and CD-ROMs - Learning Desktop Publishing by Video or CD-ROM
Teach yourself from home with desktop publishing training videos and CD-ROMs on the most popular desktop publishing software programs and tasks such as scanning and font management. Training videos and CDs provide visually-oriented desktop publishing software training.

Serif PagePlus Templates
Get templates for Serif PagePlus, including the free PagePlus Starter Edition.

Project Templates for Desktop Publishing
When you need templates specifically for a business card or a CD insert, browse the sources for downloads as well as layout inspiration and specs for different desktop publishing projects.

Printing Vocabulary for Desktop Publishing
Get a better understanding of printing processes and finishing techniques with these definitions and lessons. Improve your printing vocabulary.

Free Corel WordPerfect Templates - Desktop Publishing Corel WordPerfect Templates
Search for free Corel WordPerfect templates for business cards, signs, brochures, and more.

Adobe PageMaker Graphics Tutorials | Work with Images and Graphic Tools in Adobe PageMaker Software
Improve your images with these tutorials, shortcuts, tips, and tricks for working with graphics in Adobe PageMaker software.

Adobe PageMaker PDF Tutorials
Working with the PDF format and Adobe PageMaker -- tips, tutorials.

Adobe PageMaker Prepress and Printing Tutorials
Tutorials, shortcuts, tips, and tricks for performing prepress tasks and printing from Adobe PageMaker software.

Adobe PageMaker Scripts | Scripting Tutorials for Adobe PageMaker Software
Tutorials, shortcuts, tips, and tricks for using Scripts in Adobe PageMaker software.

Adobe PageMaker Setup and Production Tutorials
Browse these desktop publishing tutorials and tips for setting up Adobe PageMaker and general production advice for using this business desktop publishing software.

Adobe PageMaker Text and Type Tutorials | Text Composition Tutorials with Adobe PageMaker Software
Tips and tutorials for working with text or manipulating type in PageMaker.

Adobe PageMaker Web and HTML Tutorials
Tutorials for working with Web and HTML features of Adobe PageMaker.

QuarkXPress Tutorials | Graphics and Drawing and Photos Tutorials for QuarkXPress
Browse detailed tutorials for working with photos and using the drawing tools in QuarkXPress software.

QuarkXPress Tutorials - Text Import - Placing and Formatting Text in QuarkXPress
Import your word processing text into QuarkXPress with these tips and tutorials.

QuarkXPress Tutorials | Setup and Production Tutorials for QuarkXPress
Provides program and page setup and production tips. Set preferences, work with QuarkXPress tools, and do the initial setup for your document. Tweak the overall layout.

QuarkXPress Tutorials | Text and Type Tutorials for QuarkXPress
Work with text, finetune your type in QuarkXPress. Learn how to adjust leading, word and letter spacing. Use anchors and text chains. Find QuarkXPress tutorials for working with text.

Color Palettes - Color Combinations for Print - Spot and Process Color Palettes
Pick a pleasing palette from these color combinations. Explore color palettes centered on specific colors, historic color palettes, and color combinations that set a specific mood or convey specific feelings.

Color Separations in Desktop Publishing Software - Tips for Creating Color Separations
Create color separations and have them print correctly from your software whether you are using Adobe, Corel, Microsoft, or Quark desktop publishing software.

DCS and OPI for Color Separations | Desktop Color Separations | Open Prepress Interface
Desktop Color Separations is an enhanced EPS file format. Open Prepress Interface is a way of working with files that can speed up production. Each has its own strengths when it comes to desktop color separation preparation.

Adobe PageMaker Tutorials | Learn Adobe PageMaker Software with these Free Tutorials
Locate tutorials for working with text and graphics. Learn how to generate PDF and HTML from PageMaker. Resolve prepress issues and get scripting lessons.

Paper Grades and Paper Finishes for Desktop Publishing and Printing
Get the right quality of paper for your project. Explore paper grades and finishes and how the thickness, paper texture, finishing process, and coating affects cost, ink absorbtion, and appearance of your printed projects.

Paper Sizes and Measuring Paper for Desktop Publishing and Printing
Learn about common paper sizes and how paper is cut and measured. Compare ISO and North American standards and terminology.

Creating PostScript Files - PostScript for Prepress Tutorials
Learn how to successfully prepare your DTP files for printing as postscript files. Locate and install the required Postscript Printer Driver (PPD).

Introduction to PostScript
Simply put, PostScript is a programming or page description language. It is a way of describing what a page should look like. Learn about PostScript, the language of desktop publishing, and find out how to solve common PostScript errors.

PostScript Software Solutions
View PostScript and EPS files, print PostScript files from non-PostScript printers. View, print, fax, and convert PS files.

PostScript and PCL Comparison for Desktop Publishing
Both PostScript and PCL are page description languages. Some printers use both. Learn about the differences and similarities of these two technologies and how they affect your printing.

QuarkXPress Tutorials and Training - Resources for Users of QuarkXPress Desktop Publishing Software
As one of the industry-standard desktop publishing software applications, QuarkXPress is heavily utilized by professional freelance designers and businesses. Look for tips, tutorials for learning QuarkXPress, product support, XTensions downloads, templates,and publications for QuarkXPress. Find formal and informal training classes and seminars both online and offline for this popular desktop publishing program.

QuarkXPress Tutorials | Learn Desktop Publishing with QuarkXPress Tutorials Courses and Tips
QuarkXPress is one of the industry-standard desktop publishing applications in use by professional designers and businesses. Whether you need to master a specific text-related technique or want to learn everything possible about QuarkXPress, these online QuarkXPress tutorials will help you master the program.

Visual Monitor Calibration Tests and Instructions
For many users, a few simple adjustments to contrast and brightness are sufficient for their color management needs. These tests and instructions offer a variety of options for calibrating a monitor without calibration tools or custom profiles.

QuarkXPress XTensions
Extending the reach of QuarkXPress with all types of XTensions.

CorelDRAW as a Page Layout Program - Tutorials and Tips
Although primarily a graphics program, many desktop publishers use CorelDRAW as a complete page layout tool. Most of these tutorials focus on the text handling and prepress features of this program.

Cross-Platform Utilities and File-Sharing Tutorials
Get tips for working with Mac files on PC or PC files on a Mac. Learn how to open files from one application in another and opening older versions of files. Find software for cross-platform and cross-application file-sharing.

Holiday Fonts - Find Free Holiday Fonts and Special Occasion Fonts
Say Be My Valentine, Merry Christmas, or Trick or Treat in fonts that echo the holiday theme. These holiday fonts include text and dingbat fonts for holidays including Christmas and Halloween and other special occasions.

Input Devices for Desktop Publishing - Mouse Tablet Keyboard for Graphics and Design Work
Mouse or Tablet? QWERTY keyboard or Dvorak? Choose the best input device for your desktop publishing needs.

Macintosh Desktop Publishing Software | Mac Desktop Publishing Programs
Browse selections of Mac OS desktop publishing software. Find information and help with the major programs, utilities, and other desktop publishing software products for the Macintosh.

Monitors for Desktop Publishing - Choosing Monitors for Graphics and Design Work
A good monitor is probably a more important piece of desktop publishing hardware than a large hard drive. Get advice on buying a monitor for desktop publishing and graphics work.

Historical Fonts - Free Old English and Fraktur and Blackletter and Old Script Fonts
Find Old English, Fraktur, and other medieval and historical old script fonts for download. Use these old-fashioned fonts as decorative drop caps, for certificates and awards, or to mimic an Old World style of writing.

Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorials - Using PowerPoint in Desktop Publishing
Although it's not desktop publishing software some people try to use it as one. Learn the right way to utilize PowerPoint as a standalone program or in conjunction with desktop publishing and word processing applications.

Sci-Fi Fonts - Alien Fonts - Find Star Trek and Babylon 5 and other Science Fiction and Alien Fonts
Get your Star Trek and Babylon 5 fonts, space aliens, and futuristic or space age fonts here. Write your messages in Klingon or Bajoran alien fonts. Make a science fiction movie poster with sci-fi and alien fonts.

Desktop Publishing Software Reviews and Summaries
Learn about the pros and cons and features of software used in desktop publishing.

TV Fonts - Movie Fonts - Download Free Fonts Based on Television Shows and Movies
Find free fonts based on the type used in the titles and credits of television shows and movies. Get the look of

Corel Ventura Tutorials and Training Resources for Corel Ventura Desktop Publishing Software
Presents tips, tutorials, product support, downloads, and training for Corel Ventura, including authorized trainers, informal discussion groups, and conferences.

Corel WordPerfect Software Tutorials
Browse online lessons, macros, tips, and tutorials for using Corel WordPerfect, especially for desktop publishing tasks.

Desktop Publishing Software Recommendations and User Reviews
Discover what others are saying about the desktop publishing software they use and love or hate.

Serif PagePlus Tutorials
Learn how to use Serif PagePlus using these tips, illustrated tutorials, and videos.

Aldus Manutius - Type Designer
The father of italics, the faces of this Renaissance printer challenged those of Jenson.

Adobe FrameMaker Tutorials and Training Resources
Everything you need to help you master Adobe FrameMaker software is here, including templates, formal and informal classes, tips, and tutorials.

Eric Gill Type Design - Profiles Biographies and Typographic Works of Eric Gill
Known for the commercially successful and classic typefaces, Gills Sans and Perpetua, Eric Arthur Rowton Gill was also a successful sculptor, engraver, illustrator, and essayist. Explore profiles and biographies of Eric Gill.

Johannes Gutenberg - Profiles and Contributions to Typography
Known for the Gutenberg Bible, he is credited as the inventor of moveable type and the birth of modern typesetting and printing.

Handwriting Fonts - Download Free Handwriting Fonts in Print and Cursive Styles
Find handwriting fonts in print and cursive styles. Download fonts that mimic the handwriting of children or adults and stylized script styles. Locate school fonts for teaching proper handwriting.

Hinting in Font Design
For font designers, information on the hinting process. How it works.

Adobe Illustrator for Page Layout - Tips and Tutorials
Primarily a graphics software program, Adobe Illustrator is often used for page layout. Learn more about using this drawing program to create artistic layouts such as business cards, ads, posters, and postcards.

Adobe InDesign Tutorials and Course and Training and Plug-ins
Find everything you need to help you master Adobe InDesign software including plug-ins, formal and informal training, a free InDesign course, seminars, basic and advanced tutorials, and tips.

Initial Caps - Tips and Tutorials on Using Drop Caps in Desktop Publishing
Drop those big letters onto the page. Learn how to create and finetune dropped, raised, or adjacent initial caps.

Nicholas Jenson Type Design
His style of roman type is the letterforms to which we are most accustomed.

Adobe PageMaker Tutorials and Training Resources
Browse collections of tips, tutorials, templates, and technical support for Adobe PageMaker. Find formal and informal training opportunities including disscussion groups, courses, and conferences.

PDF Extraction Software - Get Text and Images Out of PDF Files
Several utilities and plug-ins are available that will convert PDF files to HTML while preserving the page layout, convert PDF files to vector graphics formats and extract PDF content for use in word processing, presentation, and desktop publishing software. Find commercial, shareware, and free pdf extraction options.

PDF Tips and Discussion
Troubleshooting advice, tips, and discussion lists for the PDF format.

Digital Scrapbooking Software
Get it started or do it all on your computer. These scrapbooking software programs provide layouts, fonts, graphic embellishments to help you create beautiful scrapbook pages.

Typography Tutorials - Legibility | Readability in Type
Legibility and readability are a function of the specific typeface, and how type is composed on the page. It is useful for anyone composing type to learn the generally accepted guidelines on point size, x-height, leading, character spacing, alignment, and typestyles that can affect legiblity and readability of type.

Typography Rules | Typesetting Guidelines | Rules of Using Fonts
Get familiar with the basic rules of typography and general typesetting guidelines. Avoid beginner mistakes when setting type and using fonts.

Typography Tutorials - Letter Spacing | Line Spacing | Kerning | Tracking
Peruse typography tutorials and articles on effectively using line spacing and letter spacing. Learn how to kern headlines, set leading, and use tracking.

Typography Tutorials - Type Styles | Using Bold and Italic Fonts | Typestyle Lessons
How to use various styles of type including bold, italics, bold italic, underlining, superscript, and other options.

Women in Typography
While few are immortalized in type, unlike their male counterparts including Garamond, Gill, Bodini, and Frutiger, these women have all made or continue to make significant contributions to typography.

Free Fonts - Alpha Index of Free Fonts for Download
Alphabetical listing of free fonts offered at the About Desktop Publishing Free Fonts Library.

Computers for Desktop Publishing - Computer Systems for Graphics and Design
Should you get a Mac or a PC? Which is better for desktop publishing? Find comparisons, user opinions, reviews, and analysis to help you decide which computer system is right for you.

Desktop Printers for Desktop Publishing | Choosing PostScript and Laser and Inkjet Printers
After the computer, perhaps the most important desktop publishing hardware is the printer. Get help in choosing the right desktop printer. Find information to help you decide between laser or inkjet or other technologies and whether or not you need a PostScript printer.

Dingbat Fonts - Symbols and Picture Fonts for Download
Look to these collections for free dingbat fonts -- those mini-clipart collections in font format. Some are original dingbat fonts and others are collections of dingbat fonts, often sorted by theme.

Free Clip Art Pictures of Plants and Animals
From the family cat to wild lions, pretty flowers and whimsical trees here's some great free clip art.

Free Clip Art Pictures of Food and Drinks
Get you some pictures of fruits, vegetables, breads, meats and other delicious things to eat.

Free Photos of Animals | Wild and Domestic Animal Pictures
Get free photographs of wild and domestic animals for desktop publishers. Download free pictures of zoo animals, pets, and jungle creatures.

Free Photos of Food and Cooking - Pictures of Fruits Vegetables Cooking
Find food, fruits, vegetables, and scenes from a kitchen -- free pictures for desktop publishing.

Free Photos of Objects in the Home or Home Office - Pictures from Around the House
Download free pictures of objects from around the house and yard or found in a home office.

Free Photos of Plants and Flowers and Agriculture - Flora Pictures
Get free pictures of flowers, weeds, trees, and agriculture scenes for desktop publishing.

Free Photos of Landscapes and Landmarks - Outdoor Pictures
Locate free pictures of country landscapes, mountains, lakes, city skylines, and famous landmarks.

Free Photos of Transportation - Free Pictures of Cars Boats Planes Trains
Download free photographic pictures of cars, boats, planes, trains, and other modes of transportation.

Office Furniture - Machines - Gadgets for Desktop Publishing
Beyond computer hardware and software, desktop publishing may require a myriad of other types of equipment including paper shredders, paper trimmers, desks, lamps, drafting tables, and chairs. Here's advice on making the most of these office items.

Scanners for Desktop Publishing - Choosing Scanners for Graphics and Design Work
Scanning is a popular way to get images into the computer for use in computer crafts and desktop publishing. Find illustrations and explanations to help you understand scanners and how they work. Learn about the types of scanners, resolution, and choosing a scanner for graphics and design work.

Free Fonts - Small Collections of Original Free Fonts for Download
The sites offer small collections of (usually) original free fonts. Due to non-distribution restrictions, some of these fonts are not found at the larger font repositories.

Theme Fonts - Special Collections of Free and Commercial Themed Fonts
These sites specialize in providing fonts in specific themes such as Sci-Fi fonts, Movie fonts, or Kids Handwriting fonts. Freeware, shareware, and commercial fonts in Windows and Mac formats.

Windows Desktop Publishing Software Programs
Windows users have tons of choices for desktop publishing software from home use to professional. Here are some of the top choices plus utilities and related desktop publishing software products.

Adobe Desktop Publishing Software | Everything About Adobe Desktop Publishing Software and Fonts
Adobe is the leading producer of graphics and desktop publishing software used in professional desktop publishing. This is your starting point for company and product information, software tutorials, training, and templates for Adobe desktop publishing software, and specialty products for graphics and Web design including Adobe Acrobat, Adobe InDesign, Adobe PageMaker, and Adobe Photoshop.

Serif Desktop Publishing Software - Reviews and Tutorials for Serif PagePlus and More
This increasingly powerful desktop publishing software rivals PageMaker, InDesign, and QuarkXPress in features at a fraction of the cost. Find reviews, feature lists, downloads, and tutorials for PagePlus and other Serif software products.

Document Composition Technologies and Services
Beyond PDF, Internet-based technologies and document composition. Application Service Providers for typesetting, design, or desktop publishing.

Book Binding and Finishing Methods - Find the Right Booklet or Book Binding Methods for Your Print Publications
Determine the best binding method for your printed documents. Learn all about spiral binding, wiro, velo, and thermal binding methods. Decide whether your book or booklet needs saddle-stitching, side-stitching, perfect binding, or some other type of book binding and finishing.

Digital Cameras - Buying and Using Digital Cameras
One piece of desktop publishing hardware that is both fun and useful is the digital camera. Get tips, techniques, and resources for working with digital cameras and photos.

Corel Desktop Publishing Software | Ventura | CorelDRAW | Corel Photo-Paint
The primary Corel desktop publishing software programs are Corel Ventura for page layout and long document publishing, primarily in a corporate setting, Corel WordPerfect, and the Corel Graphics Suite that includes CorelDRAW and Corel Photo-Paint.

Diecuts Description and Tutorials | Diecutting and Desktop Publishing
Learn how to design and print using diecuts -- areas of the document that are slit or cut-out in a variety of shapes. Find templates, advice on diecut designs, and descriptions of the diecutting process.

Foil Stamping and Embossing for Desktop Publishing
Find explanations of and tips on using different types of embossing and foil stamping in your desktop designs.

Paper Folding and Scoring - Finishing Print Projects with Scoring and Paper Folding
There is an art to folding paper for print projects, even simple paper folding requires planning. Get tips and tutorials on paper folding and scoring paper. Find definitions and illustrations for many common paper folds and related terms used in printing and desktop publishing.

Microsoft Desktop Publishing Software | Publisher | PowerPoint | Word - Microsoft Desktop Publishing Software Products
Microsoft not only controls the desktop of Windows computers, it controls the layout of quite a few business and consumer documents with its Microsoft Office suites including Word, Publisher, and PowerPoint. Look here for information, tutorials, training, and templates for Microsoft software for desktop publishing, presentations, and word processing.

Desktop Publishing Software by OS or Specialty - Mac Windows Desktop Publishing Software
Does it come in a Mac version? What's the best Windows software for creating calendars? Which programs are best for SOHO users? Browse categories of desktop publishing software organized by Mac or Windows and by the primary use or user such as business or home. Discover which desktop publishing software applications you need based on your operating system or primary purpose.

PANTONE Guides and Chips - Info - Articles - Sources to Buy Swatch Books
The PANTONE Matching System (PMS) is the dominant spot color printing system in the United States. Pantone, Inc. sells color guides (known as swatch books) and chips for both their spot colors and for process color printing. Learn more about Pantone colors and where to obtain swatch books.

Paper Selection - Choosing and Using Paper in Desktop Publishing
Get tips on paper selection and creative uses for paper in design. Learn how to select the right paper for laser, inkjet, or offset printing.

Paper Specifications for Desktop Publishing | Paper Sizes and Printing Specs
Learn about paper sizes, printing specifications, scoring, cutting, and folding paper for desktop publishing projects.

Process Color in Desktop Publishing | CMYK 4-color Tutorials
Also known as CMYK (or CYMK) or 4-color, learn how to specify and print process colors. Other related issues include Euroscale, SWOP, Trumatch, and Hexachrome colors.

Quark Desktop Publishing Software | Everything About Quark Desktop Publishing Software including QuarkXPress
Once the undisputed king of desktop publishing software applications for both Mac and Windows users, Quark's premiere product - QuarkXPress - is still a powerhouse publishing platform. This is your starting point for information, tutorials, training, and templates for Quark software for desktop publishing - primarily QuarkXPress plus the XTensions that serve to expand and customize it beyond what comes in the box.

Spot Color in Desktop Publishing
Learn how spot colors are specified and used in desktop publishing with emphasis on PANTONE, the dominant spot color printing system in the United States. Other spot color systems include TOYO, DIC, and ANPA. Browse galleries of spot color palettes and tips on designing with spot colors.

Desktop Publishing Software Suites and Collections - Bundles and Suites of Related Desktop Publishing Software Programs
Save a bundle with bundled desktop publishing software. Get integrated suites that do-it-all. These desktop publishing, office, and graphics suites and collections combine several major applications into one cost-saving bundle. They are one way to build a desktop publishing tool box with everything you need.

Buying Advice for Desktop Publishing Software
What is the best desktop publishing software? Find out.

Desktop Publishing Software Utilities and Specialized Desktop Publishing Software Applications
Desktop publishing utilizes more than just page layout applications. Explore desktop publishing software software options for font management, color management, preflight, and other tasks involved in or done in conjunction with desktop publishing.

Camera Ready Artwork
Learn what is acceptable as camera ready artwork and how to prepare it properly. How to work with images including photographs in camera ready artwork.

Color Calibration and ICC Profiles in Color Management for Desktop Publishing
Calibrate, profile (or characterize), and optimize your monitor, printer, digital camera, and scanner so that what you see is what you print. Learn about ICC Profiles and their use in Color Management Systems.

Create and Print Color Separations for Desktop Publishing
Learn how color separations fit into desktop publishing. Create color separations and have them print correctly from your software.

Creativity Software and Tools
Brainstorming software and other tools for coming up with design ideas and inspiration.

Database Assisted Publishing
Resources for page layout and database integration and printing.

All About EPS | Encapsulated PostScript Graphics Format for Desktop Publishing
Specifications, uses, and tips for the Encapsulated PostScript or EPS graphics file format.

Graphics Import - Get Graphics Into Desktop Publishing Software
Find tips for getting your graphics into your page layout program whether by importing, placing, embedding, or linking.

Imposition Tutorials and Tips | Printers Spreads and Booklets
Impose your files, create printer's spreads, booklets. Tips to get your pages in the right order for printing.

All About PICT
Specifications and other information about the Macintosh PICT graphics file format.

PostScript for Prepress and Printing
View, print, convert PostScript files. Software to print to non-PostScript printers. Troubleshooting tips.

RIP - Raster Image Processor and Its Role in Desktop Publishing
RIP is the process and the means of turning vector digital information such as a PostScript file into a high-resolution raster image for printing. Understanding RIP can help you prepare files that print and print right.

How to Use Symbols and Signs and Icons in Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design
Learn what different graphic symbols represent and how to choose and use symbols, icons, and other graphic representations effectively in print and electronic publications or signage.

Text Acquisition - Getting Text into Desktop Publishing Software
Browse tips and tutorials for getting your text into your page layout software. Learn how to import or place plain text files, RTF files, tagged text, and other formats from an editor or word processor into a desktop publishing application.

Text Wraps | Tutorials for Wrapping Text Around Graphics and Other Text
Learn how to do basic and custom text wraps around graphics or other text in desktop publishing programs. Discover how to finetune text wraps to improve their appearance.

All About TIFF
Specifications and tips for using TIF graphics files.

Trapping Tutorials
Definitions, illustrations, and tutorials for understanding trapping and how and when it is necessary.

Commercial Printing - How to Work with Commercial Printers
Here's how to find the right printer and how to choose between different types of printing for your desktop published job.

All About GIF and JPG and PNG
Specifications and uses for the GIF and JPG graphics file formats.

Windows Bitmap and Vector Graphics
Specifications and tips for the BMP, PCX, CGM, and WMF graphics file formats for Windows.

Self-Publishing Books
Tips for self-publishing books. Desktop Publishing.

Publish Your Own Greeting Cards
Find tips on writing for greeting card publishers or getting your own custom-designed cards published. Learn how to start a home-based greeting card business.

Advice and Tutorials on Self-Publishing Books and Newsletters
Self-publishing periodicals including newsletters, plus booklets and books.

Advertising for Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design Businesses - How to Advertise Your Design Business
Advertise your desktop publishing or graphic design business. Learn how to use yellow pages and small space advertising effectively. Develop a direct mail campaign. Discover what works and what doesn't when advertising design services.

Apple Software - Apple iWork and Pages and Other Software Used in Desktop Publishing
Find software tutorials and support for Apple iWork and other Apple software.

Avoid Copyright Infringement When Using the Work of Others
Find out when it is and isn't ok to copy from print and Web sources and what rights you have to use certain types of material.

Counterfeit Desktop Publishing - How to Avoid Breaking the Law
One of the less desirable side effects of the desktop publishing revolution was its increased use as a method of easily producing counterfeit money, ID cards, driver's licenses, and other documents. Sometimes illegal activities are done quite innocently by well-meaning designers.

How Color Works - Color Theory and Basics
To use color in desktop publishing we need to understand at least the basics of color theory, how color is perceived, and the different ways of representing color on screen and in print. Start with the basics of color wheels, subtractive and additive color, and RGB vs. CMYK.

Internet Marketing for Desktop Publishing Businesses
How and why to use the Internet and the Web to market your desktop publishing business.

Graphic Design Market Research and Finding the Target Market for Your Desktop Publishing or Graphic Design Business
Learn how to identify and reach the customers who need your desktop publishing and graphic design services. Conduct market research before starting your business. Find your niche.

Pricing your Desktop Publishing Services - Freelance Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design Business Pricing
Learn how to set the right price for design and production services, raise your rates, and discuss pricing options with your desktop publishing clients. Explore the pros and cons of hourly vs. project rates, collecting bills, late fees, and flexible fee schedules for a desktop publishng or graphic design business.

Pro Bono Graphic Design | Working for Free or Pro Bono in a Desktop Publishing or Graphic Design Business
How and why (or why not) to give away your design and desktop publishing services. Whether you are just starting out and need to build a portfolio or you're an established designer who wants to expand your skills, doing pro bono work may be the ticket to your success.

Getting Free Publicity for a Desktop Publishing or Graphic Design Business - Writing Press Releases
Write the perfect press release, create a press kit, and find other ways to get free publicity and free advertising for your desktop publishing or graphic design business.

Taxes and a Desktop Publishing or Graphic Design Business - Self-employment Tax - Sales Taxes for Design Services
Explore tax matters including income tax, social security, self-employment taxes, state taxes, paying quarterly estimated taxes, and sales taxes for desktop publishing businesses. In addition to US specific details, find tax information for Canada and other countries as well.

Measuring and Specifying Type
Learn how to measure and specify type. Find typography tutorials all about points and picas.

Using Service Bureaus | What a Service Bureau Is | How to Work with Service Bureaus in Desktop Publishing
Find out what a service bureau is, what it does, and how to work effectively with service bureaus.

Graphics and Design Weblogs - Desktop Publishing Blogs | About Desktop Publishing Blog Roll
Get news and find commentary, musings, and useful Web sites by visiting some of the many blogs devoted to graphics and design topics.

Free Vector Clip Art Images
Resizable and fully editable vector images are one of the best kinds of clip art for desktop publishing and graphic design. Find free vectors in AI (Illustrator), EPS, and other formats.

Desktop Publishing Certification Training - Becoming a Certified Expert Thru Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design Certification Training
Graphic Design or Desktop Publishing certification training says to the world that you are a highly skilled designer or user of specific types of software, or so the story goes. Maybe a graphic design certificate or being an Adobe certified expert can enhance your ability to land a job, get higher pay, or maybe the certification training will simply help you do work faster and more efficiently by increasing your design and software proficiency. Decide for yourself then learn what it takes to get that desktop publishing certification training.

Alignment brings order to chaos. How you align type and graphics on a page and in relation to each other can make your layout easier or more difficult to read, foster familiarity, or bring excitement to a stale design.
Alignment brings order to chaos. How you align type and graphics on a page and in relation to each other can make your layout easier or more difficult to read, foster familiarity, or bring excitement to a stale design.

Balance - Principles of Design - Balance Tutorials and Illustrations
Visual balance comes from arranging elements on the page so that no one section is heavier than the other. Or, a designer may intentionally throw elements out of balance to create tension or a certain mood.

Choosing and Using Color as an Element of Design
One of the elements of design, color is not essential to a good design. However, color is an added dimension that can evoke moods and make powerful statements when used wisely. Explore the theories and symbolism of color as used in graphic design.

Consistency and Repetition - Principles of Design - Consistency Repetition Unity Tutorials and Illustrations
Repeating design elements and consistent use of type and graphics styles within a document shows a reader where to go and helps them navigate your designs and layouts safely. Explore the principles of repetition, consistency, and unity in page design.

Contrast - Principles of Design Contrast Tutorials and Illustrations
In design, big and small elements, black and white text, squares and circles, can all create contrast in design.

Copyright Law for Print and Web Designers
Learn about copyrights, licenses, work for hire, and royalty-free use, and how copyright law affects desktop publishers.

Protecting your own work through copyright | Copyright Protection for Print and Web Publishers
As a designer or desktop publisher learn how to protect your own hard work from copyright infringement.

Copywriting for Designers and Self-Publishers
It isn't always possible to convince someone that it takes a professional to write effective copy for brochures or sales-generating headlines for an ad. So, when you have to do it yourself, heed this advice.

Editing in Desktop Publishing - How to Re-Write, Self-Edit, Copyedit
Editing involves re-writing, fixing mistakes, and making changes requested by a supervisor or a customer. Learn how to edit your work and the work of others.

Grammar and Punctuation for Desktop Publishing
Learn how to combine proper grammar and punctuation with typographic punctuation in your deskto publishing projects. It's not enough to use curly quotes if you aren't using the quotation marks in the right place. Put your ellipsis in the right place then make it look good.

PDF Tutorials | How to Create PDF Files
How to create and work with PDF files.

Proofreading for Desktop Publishing
There's more to proofreading that just correcting typos. Learn how to proofread properly, tips and tricks for catching more errors, how to use proofreaders' marks, and the role of proofreading in desktop publishing.

Technical Writing for Desktop Publishers
Writing and book indexing help for desktop publishers.

Terms of Usage for Clip Art Fonts Software | EULA - End-User License Agreement for Software Clip Art Fonts
Go right to the source and find out how and when you can use the images you've acquired.

Clipping Paths and Background Removal Tutorials for Desktop Publishing
Get rid of the background. Learn how to create and work with a clipping path for use in page layout software. Find tips and in-depth tutorials for working with masks, clipping paths, and alpha channels to create transparency in print graphics.

Color Correction and Retouching for Desktop Publishing
Pick up tips for working with color in your favorite desktop publishing or graphics software. Learn how to use palettes, correct or retouch image colors during or after scanning, and work with color management systems.

Comps and Dummies in Desktop Publishing and Page Layout
A dummy and a comp (short for comprehensive artwork) are both mock-ups of your design. They serve varying purposes and come at different stages of the design and publishing process from rough sketches to

Design Creativity Exercises for Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing
Unleash your imagination and break creative blocks. Get tips and tricks to develop graphic design ideas and get inspired.

Cropping Photos - Definitions and Techniques for Cropping in Desktop Publishing
Learn what cropping is as it applies to desktop publishing. Discover ways of cropping photos and other graphics for use in publications.

Graphic Design Basics - Learn Elements and Principles
An understanding of the graphic design basics and the elements and principles of design will help you do better work even if you don't have a degree in design. Explore these graphic design basics lessons.

Email Classes for Desktop Publishing
Learn desktop publishing by email. Sign up for daily or weekly classes that teach various desktop publishing or graphic design skills and techniques.

Bitmap and Vector Graphic Formats
Graphics file formats, pros and cons, technical specifications, conversion, and tips for working with graphics in connection with desktop publishing.

Types of Graphic Images - The Role of Pictures and How to Use Illustrations in Desktop Publishing
Part of choosing the right clip art image or photo is knowing what role that image plays in the final design. Discover the types of graphic images including metaphors, illustrations that educate, and images that grab attention or organize information.

Multilingual or Foreign Language Typesetting and Desktop Publishing
Sometimes you may find yourself occasionally or regularly typesetting documents in languages other than your own. Or you may be responsible for translating layouts into multiple languages. Learn the pitfalls and tips and tricks to effective multilingual page layout and typesetting.

Document Scanning and Optical Character Recognition or OCR - Document Scanning Options for OCR
Document scanning is one way to store print documents digitally. Find tutorials on scanning text and then turn pictures of words into editable text using a scanner and OCR software. Find tips and document scanning software for optical character recognition.

Proximity - Principles of Design - Proximity Unity Tutorials and Illustrations
In design, proximity or closeness creates a bond between people and between elements on a page. How close together or far apart elements are placed suggests a relationship (or lack of) between otherwise disparate parts. Unity is also achieved by using a third element to connect distant parts.

Scanning Special Effects and Creative Scanning Projects
Try these creative scanning projects and tips on scanning 3D objects, books, and other articles. Learn how to scan stamps and coins. Find tips and tutorials specifically for document and image scanning in connection with genealogy or scrapbooking or for use in email. Get ideas for scanning photos and using them creatively.

Scanning Resolution and Scaling and File Sizes - Finding the Right Scanning Resolution for Images and Text
Get a great scan by understanding scanning resolution, bit depth, file formats and sizes, and scaling options. Use the right scanning resolution to match the intended use for scanning images and text.

Desktop Publishing Tests - Quizzes on Design Graphics Printing
How much do you know about desktop publishing? Test yourself with these quizzes. Some have simple prizes but most are just for fun and education.

Using Page Layout Software
Page layout software differs from word processing and other types of software although there are similiaries. Learn about the most common tools and features of software used in desktop publishing.

White Space - Principles of Design - White Space Tutorials and Illustrations
Designs that try to cram too much text and graphics onto the page are uncomfortable and may be impossible to read. White space gives your design breathing room.

Windows Font Basics for New Font Users - Free Lessons on Using Fonts
Learn the basics of using fonts under Windows in 5 easy lessons. The free course covers the bare basics of font formats, how to download and install fonts, and how to troubleshoot font installation issues. Plus the Windows Font Basics for New Font Users class introduces font management and fun ways to use fonts.

Digital and Desktop Printing Tips and Tutorials for Desktop Publishers
Inkjet and laser technologies explained plus tips and utilities for successful desktop printing.

Digital Printing Processes | Explore Digital Printing Technologies for Desktop Publishing
From Xerox Docutech to fine art digital prints, some of the evolving digital printing and direct-to-plate technologies. Learn about the best applications for Indigo printing, magnetography, thermal autochrome, dye sublimation, solid ink, and other ink-based printing technologies.

Engraving | Descriptions and History of the Art of Engraving and Intaglio Printmaking
Although not widely used today by desktop publishers, the art of engraving is not lost and can often be found in fine letterhead. Engraving is a type intaglio printing, a printmaking process used to print US paper currency.

Frequently Asked Questions About Desktop Publishing
Got questions? Find answers. Browse the FAQ and FAQ categories covering design, typography, software, and other aspects of desktop publishing. New FAQs are added regularly.

Flexography Printing Processes | Flexographic Printing
Get descriptions, pros, and cons of flexographic printing, aka flexography, especially for packaging.

Gravure Printing Processes
Learn more about rotogravure and its uses. Gravure printing is commonly used for labels and packaging, competing against flexography. Photogravure is a process used mostly for fine art prints.

Using Grid-Based Design in Print
Tips and guidelines for creating basic and complex grids, leading grids, and layouts. How to use grids to create page-to-page consistency, unify page elements, and provide continuity of design.

Inkjet Printing | Types of Inkjet Technologies and Inkjet Printer Tips
Drop-on-demand, thermal, piezoelectric, and continuous flow inkjet technologies and applications are explained and explored here. Tips for better inkjet printing.

Laser Printing | Understanding and Troubleshooting Laser Printers
Understand the technology behind laser printing and learn how to troubleshoot laser printer problems. Explanation of printer languages.

Offset Printing Tutorials and Descriptions | Offset Printing Techniques
Explore the history and development of lithography and the offset lithographic printing process. Find descriptions, uses, and tips for sheetfed offset printing and web offset printing, the type of printing most people think of when talking about commercial printing.

Prepress Collection Software | Preflight Software
Resources for collecting and preflighting your files to insure the best final output from your service bureau or printer.

Prepress Tutorials | Preflight File Preparation
Ensure your files print right by preparing them properly before they go to the printer. Avoid common prepress problems with fonts and graphics using these checklists, guidelines, and prepress tutorials.

Commercial Printing Processes | Types of Digital, Plate, and Specialty Printing Methods
When you need to go beyond desktop printing you'll need the services of a service bureau and/or commercial printer and commercial printing processes including offset printing. Get tips for working with commercial service providers as well as timesaving advice for commerical printing processes.

Type of Proofs and Press Checks | Proofing Methods for Desktop Publishing
Explore different methods of proofing your desktop publishing documents including color proofs, bluelines, digital proofs, off-press and composite proofing, how to read a proof, what to look for on a press check.

Silkscreen Printing Processes | Screen Printing Descriptions
Screen or silkscreen printing is popular for t-shirts but works for many other types of projects as well. Learn more about the variations of screen printing.

Interactive Tools and Online Charts for Desktop Publishing
Try these interactive tools for calculating scan resolution, LPI charts and submission forms for the Desktop Publishing GuideSite.

Stochastic Printing Processes
Also called frequency modulation (FM) screening, stochastic screening uses same size dots but varies the density to create an image that is closer to continuous tone than conventional halftone processes.

Traditional Graphic Design and Prepress Procedures and Comparisons
Desktop publishing software does it all - almost. But before PageMaker there were e-scales, paste-up, and other non-computer ways of putting together a design for printing. Some of these skills still have their place in today's world. Others are simply

Desktop Publishing Software - Reviews Tutorials Training and Best Desktop Publishing Software Options
Find, choose, and use page layout and other desktop publishing software including cross-platform solutions, word processing software, and font utilities. Locate industry-standard desktop publishing software programs from Adobe, Corel, and Quark as well as consumer titles, budget bundles, and specialty software for graphics and design.

Classic Fonts and Favorite Fonts for Desktop Publishing
These classic fonts have stood the test of time, emerging as favorite fonts for body copy, display text, and use on the Web. Some fonts fall in and out of favor but their enduring qualities keep them coming back, making them classic fonts that every designer should have on hand.

Color Printing | Definitions and Tutorials
How color gets from your imagination, the scanner, and the screen onto paper. Various color printing techniques explored.

Find Fonts for Desktop Publishing - Type Foundries - Free Fonts - Classic Typefaces
With thousands and thousands of fonts available, finding a specific font can be an arduous task. These resources help to break down the font search job into manageable chunks. Find a font when you know the name, identify a font you have only a sample, find substitute fonts and lookalike or font aliases when the original is out of reach.

Embossing and Folding and Binding and Other Finishing and Distribution Tutorials for Desktop Publishing
In the realm of desktop publishing, finishing is what comes after printing. It's the post-press handling of your print project. Add the finishing touches to your printing with die cuts or embossing. Bind your pages and get your printed pieces distributed.

Free Clip Art Pictures for Print and Web Use
Find all kinds of free clip art pictures especially those suitable for print. Organized by subject. Download free clip art pictures in TIF, GIF, PNG and other graphics formats.

Free Fonts for Download for Desktop Publishing - Download Free Fonts
Fabulous free fonts are yours for the download. Find free fonts organized in categories and special themed collections. Participate in polls, font discussion. Browse featured sites and type designers. Grab a dingbat. Mimic handwriting. Stick with the classics. Get trendy, retro, or go for the grunge. Download some free fonts.

Computer Hardware for Desktop Publishing
Before you can install the software, you need the hardware to desktop publishing. In addition to the computer system, desktop publishing utilizes digital cameras, monitors, printers, scanners, and other peripherals. Get help in choosing between Mac or PC/Windows platforms and selecting the best hardware components for doing design and graphics work.

Identify a Font | Typeface Identification - How to Find the Name of an Unknown Font
You have a font sample but can't figure out what font it is? Use these resources to zero in on the right font or something similar. Identify fonts by systematically comparing your typographic sample to font sample images. Get interactive by answering a series of questions to narrow down the choices. Upload a image of your font and let specialized software try to identify your fonts. Talk to fellow font fanatics who utilize their memory, knowledge of fonts, and printed resources to help you name the fonts you seek.

Image Vendors - Commercial Clip Art and Stock Photos Sources
Get professional collections of pictures or purchase individual illustrations, stock photos, or rights-controlled images. Order a print catalog or browse online.

Letterpress Printing in Desktop Publishing
Not as common today as offset printing, letterpress printing is still used for some newspapers, books, and limited edition prints. Letterpress printing may also be used for producing small quantities of business cards, letterhead, posters, wedding invitations, and some forms.

Lookalike Fonts - Find Font Aliases and Clones
Which fonts look most like Helvetica? What's a good substitute if you can't find Staccato? Many times companies will produce their own versions of another font. Occasionally the names will be similar such as Lithos and Lithographic. But often the names are totally dissimilar as in Perpetua and Lapidary 333. This list will help you find many of these lookalike fonts, font aliases, clones, and close-match fonts. It's not a comprehensive list by any means, but it is a start and encompasses typefaces from many well-known sources including Monotype, Bitstream, Adobe, Corel, and Linotype AG.

Printing Inks Technologies and Tips | Printing Inks Considerations for Designers
Learn about the different types of inks used in desktop printers and commercial printing technologies. Find out how a few inks can produce millions of colors.

Printing Presses | What Desktop Publishers Need to Know About Printing Presses
You may never see one but understanding the commercial printing process requires at least a passing knowledge of the types of printing presses used to print your project. Learn about sheet-fed and web presses, platemaking, cylinders, and other printing press topics.

Printers and Service Bureaus
When you need to go beyond desktop printing you'll need the services of a service bureau and/or commercial printer. Find where print providers and print buyers meet online, locate an authorized service bureau.

Desktop Publishing Software Tutorials
Learn how desktop publishing or page layout software works. Get software tutorials for Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Publisher, QuarkXPress, and other popular desktop publishing software programs.

Thermography Printing Processes | Raised Printing | Thermography Explanations
How, when, and why to use thermography or raised printing and explanations of the types of thermography.

Commercial Type Foundries A-Z - Purchase Fonts from Type Foundries and Vendors
For the highest quality, most complete features, and largest selection turn to the commercial type foundries. From A to Z, these small, independents and larger well-known distributors are your source for quality Mac and PC fonts in OpenType, TrueType, and PostScript Type 1 font formats. Many foundries offer online ordering and download of fonts at the type of purchase, CD and individual font sales.

Variable Data Printing | On Demand Personalized Printing Options | What is Variable Data Printing
Resources for on-demand and variable data printing.

Birth and Adoption Announcement Templates
Tell the world about your new bundle of joy with a birth announcement you design yourself. Get templates for announcing the birth or adoption of a child.

Business Card Software - Programs for Printing Business Cards - Find Best Business Card Software
These business card software programs let you create business cards in minutes from templates or from scratch. Especially suited to individuals and small businesses that just want to print a few cards on-demand to their desktop printer, some business card software includes paper samples and options for commercial printing.

Download Free Business Card Templates in Many Formats
Download some of these free business card templates. Just personalize with your own information and print from your own printer or send the digital files or PDFs for commercial printing. Use these categorized lists to find free business card templates in PDF, Illustrator, JPEG, Photoshop, and other formats.

Free Printable Calendar Templates for Download
Create a calendar design using a free printable calendar template. Find daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly calendar templates to download and use in various software programs.

Greeting Card Software for Desktop Publishing
Software designed specifically for making greeting cards. Some also do related items such as banners or posters.

Greeting Cards Templates and Invitation Project Ideas
Get templates, ideas, and inspiration for making your own greeting cards and invitations. Find printable greeting cards, pop-up templates, and PDF templates for special occasion and thank you cards.

CD / DVD Label Software - Labeling Software for CD and DVD
When commercial printing isn't an option, put a picture on your CD with CD and DVD Labeling software and labels.

Find Pictures for Desktop Publishing - Clip Art and Stock Photos Vendors - Free Images for Print
Get tips for finding the right image, evaluation of clip art collections. Learn how to search the Web for specific clip art images and stock photos.

Free Photos for Desktop Publishing | Free Pictures of People Places Things
Free photographs of people, places, and things organized in several categories. Use these free pictures for electronic or print publishing or comps. Find free photos of people, nature, animals, technology, activities, objects, and textures too.

Adobe Illustrator Templates
Start here to find Adobe Illustrator templates for business cards, labels, cd inserts, newsletters, and more. Quality varies.

Free Adobe InDesign Templates
Download some free Adobe InDesign templates. Use these Adobe InDesign templates as starting points or general guides to margins and layout for specific types of documents. InDesign users can also use templates in other formats that InDesign supports, such as PageMaker.

Adobe PageMaker Templates for Desktop Publishing - Find Adobe PageMaker Templates
Download Adobe PageMaker templates for business cards, labels, cd inserts, newsletters, and more. Quality varies.

Download Free Microsoft PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds
Simplify the creation of stunning presentations with these Microsoft PowerPoint templates and background graphics. Many are free while some commercial vendors offer free samples. Learn how to use templates with PowerPoint.

Free Microsoft Publisher Templates - Download Free Desktop Publishing Microsoft Publisher Templates
Jumpstart document creation with free Microsoft Publisher templates for certificates, newsletters, labels, business cards, and many other projects.

Microsoft Word Templates - Find Microsoft Word Templates and Tutorials
Speed up document creation with both commercial and free Microsoft Word templates to create newsletters, letterhead, resumes, and other forms. Learn how to use and create custom Word templates.

Expert Newsletters - Subscription or Advertising-Supported Newsletter Publishing - How to Write Expert Newsletters
Get into the newsletter publishing business with an expert newsletter. Usually subscription-based or advertising-supported, expert newsletters generally focus on a specific topic and the recipient is someone who has specifically requested the information in the newsletter and is willing to pay for the information. Whether self-publishing or doing the design work for a client's subscription-based publication, find how this type of newsletter differs from others.

Computer Craft Projects and Ideas
All kinds of craft ideas from books and boxes to clocks, mousepads, t-shirts, and gift tags. Some sites offer basic ideas and others have complete instructions and templates.

Using Ligatures, Accent Marks, Alternate Characters
Fonts contain more than just letters and numbers. Designers and other font users need to know how to access special characters, extended characters, and expert characters found in many fonts. Effective use of these special, extended, and expert characters includes the proper and aesthetically pleasing use of ligatures, small caps, old style figures, and accent marks.