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How to Choose Fonts for Desktop Publishing
Access resources to help in choosing fonts for a desktop publishing project. Choose fonts that set the tone for a design, provide the best readability, and convey the right image. Mix and match fonts like a pro with these font selection tutorials.

Corporate Logos Collections | Trademark Collections on CD-ROM or for Download
Collections and individuals sources of corporate logo and trademarks including those provided by the companies themselves and those found in CD-ROM collections or other depositories on the Web. Usage guidelines included in some cases.

Marketing Newsletter Design - How to Create a Marketing Newsletter to Promote a Company
Market your own business or help other businesses market their products or services with a promotional newsletter. A marketing newsletter design is frequently used by businesses to promote a product or service. A marketing newsletter is typically sent to current or prospective customers free of charge. Not strictly a sales pitch, the marketing newsletter design and content does strive to turn prospects into customers and customers into repeat customers.

Newsletter Content - Newsletter Articles and Filler and Photos - How to Write a Newsletter and Find Newsletter Content
A newsletter isn't of much use if it doesn't have content. Find out how and where to find and use newsletter content. Try out free and 'for money' sources of newsletter articles, fillers, and photos. Get advice on the type of newsletter content that appeals to specific audiences and how to write a newsletter that gets read.

How to Create a Newsletter
Learn about newsletter formats, using grids, content, and use of photos in newsletter design. Whether producing simple one-page fliers or glossy, four-color multi-page periodicals, find newsletter design tips and advice. This series of articles and tutorials focuses on newsletter design ‚ÄĒ how to create a newsletter that looks good.

Newsletter Planning and Newsletter Strategy - Newsletter Planning Checklists and Tutorials
Explore steps and methods for newsletter planning from start to finish. Learn how to develop newsletter strategies and a focus for different types of newsletters.These are the steps each newsletter publisher must go through before successfully launching a publication. Newsletter planning is essential in guiding content and design of the newsletter.

Create a Newsletter with Desktop Publishing Newsletter Software
You don't have to use specialized newsletter software to create a newsletter. However, as with any task, certain desktop publishing software programs are better suited for publishing newsletters than others.

Package Design Tutotirals for Desktop Publishng
Tips and ideas for designing and producing product packaging including boxes.

Packaging Production - How Packages are Printed
Explore tools and printing technologies for packaging. Learn about flexography vs. gravure printing processes, types of packaging available for products.

Paper and Paper-related Products for Desktop Publishing
Whether you print from your desktop printer or go commercial, you need paper. Choose the right paper for the project.

Newsletter Design - Club, Employee, Church, School, or Other Organization Newsletter Design
Find tips and creative newsletter design ideas for publishers of non-subscription relationship newsletters. Examples of this type of newsletter are club newsletters, employee newsletters, church newsletters, and alumni newsletters. They focus on the shared interests of the target audience. Typically distributed at no charge, some organizations may send relationship newsletters only to paid members. Design and write effective relationship newsletters for employees, clubs, or other organizations.

Using the Computer and Software for Digital Scrapbooking
Digital scrapbooking involves using the computer and graphics software or desktop publishing software to manipulate photos and fonts, create backgrounds, and design digital scrapbook page layouts. Get tips and templates here for digital scrapbooking and computer-generated family albums, journals, and memory books.

Iron-on Transfer Designs
Create iron-on t-shirt designs and other fabric iron-ons with these tips, templates, and software.

Type Anatomy | Parts of Letters | Font Elements
Get a handle on basic terms of typography and the parts of a letter, the elements that make up our alphabets. Typography tutorials focus on the anatomy of type.

Classifying Fonts
The basic classifications of type, what they look like and how they evolved.

Jobs in Graphic Design and Doing Desktop Publishing
Whether you are fresh out of graphic design school or simply looking for greener pastures, find desktop publisher jobs and graphic design jobs and information through these databases, resume help, and salary surveys.

Web Design Jobs | Salaries | Freelance Work
Find out how to get into Web design, what Web designers earn, and how to showcase your Web design talents.

Choose Business Names for a Desktop Publishing or Graphic Design Business
Tips and pointers to help you come up with a distinctive, memorable, or winning business name for your creative business. Find the best business name for your freelance desktop publishing or graphic design business.

Business Plans for a Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design Business
Start a desktop publishing or graphic design business by starting with a business plan. Informal or extremely detailed, use a business plan to develop and grow your desktop publishing or graphic design business.

Business Structures a Desktop Publishing or Graphic Design Business
Should you incorporate or is sole proprietorship suitable? How difficult is it to run your business as a partnership or corporation? Choose the right business structure for your freelance desktop publishing or graphic design business.

Contract Templates for Graphic Design Work
Deal with every contingency with written freelance graphic design contracts. Work more efficiently with the right forms and checklists for your desktop publishing or graphic design business. Find downloadable forms and sample freelance graphic design contracts and clauses for print and web.

How to Install Fonts and Solve Font Problems
How to install fonts on Mac and PC. How to avoid, diagnose, or resolve font conflicts and printer errors when using digital type.

Font Creation Software and Font Editors including Fontographer
When you can't find the perfect font for your needs - make your own. But first, you'll need the right kind of software for making digital type and editing fonts. From the standard of Fontographer to up-and-coming contenders and specialty font editors for beginners and pros, design fonts with one of these font creation software programs.

How to Make Fonts
Whether it's your first time or your thirtieth, learn the basics and the nitty-gritty details to help create fonts. Get digitial type design tips and tutorials and help with making your own fonts for personal use or to sell.

PDF for Prepress Articles and Tutorials
Using PDF for prepress. How to prepare your file properly and why PDF works well for prepress and printing.

Print Design to Web Publishing Transition
Resources for desktop publishers moving from print to the Web or repurposing content for electronic distribution.

Standards in Typeface Design for Creating Fonts
Design standards and FAQs for digital type designers.

Text Composition Tutorials
Composing type is about how fonts are arranged on the page. It involves manipulating text placement and altering the visual appearance of the text. Learn how.

Font Software for Macintosh
Find Macintosh font software and utilities for managing your typefaces and printing samplers. Get your fonts in order, create groups, install and install fonts easily, preview your type with these font management utilities.

Font Software for Windows and DOS
Software for font management, editing type, and printing samplers under Windows or DOS.

Web Design Tutorials and Advice for Desktop Publishers
Find resources for desktop publishers who are also designing Web pages. Web publishing is a natural transition for many print publishers. Learn how to design perfect online publications.

Land Assignments and Keep Clients for Your Desktop Publishing Business
Once you find a potential customer for your desktop publishing business how do you convince them to hire you? Learn how to interview clients, show your portfolio, and get the assignment. Once hired, get tips on keeping clients and working with difficult clients in your desktop publishing or graphic design business.

Advice for Work-at-Home Graphic Designers and Desktop Publishers
Explore how to run a desktop publishing from home, work long distance with customers, survive without co-workers, and general advice for work-at-home self-employment.

Teamwork in Desktop Publishing - Working with Sub-contracters Writers Illustrators Photographers
Some freelance designers may do it all but others may find they need to work with a whole team of people such as writers, illustrators, and photographers in order to complete a project. The client may hire these people or the designer may sub-contract parts of a job to others -- including some design work. Learn how to work effectively as part of a team.

Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design Business Profiles
Get tips or inspiration from the stories of other desktop publishing entrepreneurs.

Desktop Publishing Dictionary of A Terms
Explore the terminology of desktop publishing. These are words and phrases that start with A from the Encyclopedia of Desktop Publishing by Jacci Howard Bear.

Desktop Publishing Dictionary of B Words Index
Explore desktop publishing terminology. These are the terms and phrases that start with B including balance, bullet, busy, beta, and bottom out. How many do you know?

Desktop Publishing Dictionary of C Words Index
Explore desktop publishing terminology. This page is the index to C words and concepts such as colophon, camera-read, crowdsourcing, and contrast.

Desktop Publishing Dictionary of D Words Index
Explore desktop publishing terminology that starts with D, from dash to desktop publisher to duplex printing.

Desktop Publishing Dictionary E Words Index
Explore desktop publishing terminology for words and concepts that begin with E including em, eye, and EULA.

Desktop Publishing Dictionary of Words That Start With F Index
Explore desktop publishing terminology for folio, finial, fonts, french folds, and so many other F terms that are important to desktop publishing and graphic design.

Desktop Publishing Dictionary of G Words Index
Explore desktop publishing terminology that beings with G from graphic design to gutter.

Desktop Publishing Dictionary of H Words Index
Explore desktop publishing terminology for hairline, hickies, hypho, and more. These are terms and concepts of design, printing, paper, and type that start with H.

Desktop Publishing Dictionary of I Words Index
Explore desktop publishing terminology for terms such as ink embossing, inverted exclamation, imposition, intaglio printing, italic, and many more I words.

Desktop Publishing Dictionary Term J Index
Explore desktop publishing terminology that starts with J such as JPEG, jumpline, jaggies, and justification.

How to Market, Advertise, and Promote Your Design Business
Develop a marketing plan and an advertising campaign no matter what your budget. Write the perfect press release and get free publicity. Get your name in front of potential clients. Market your desktop publishing business cost-effectively in print, on the Internet, in-person, and through year-round promotion.

Accounting and Bookkeeping for Freelance Designers
Are you in business to make money? Do you have an accounting plan? Get help setting prices, getting paid, paying taxes, and tracking income and expenses for your desktop publishing or graphic design business.

PDF Software for PDF Creation and Management | PDF Software
Find the needed PDF software for creating and working with PDF files. Find PDF helper applications, plug-ins, extraction software, and Adobe Acrobat software choices.

Graphic Design Portfolios - How to Prepare Display and Use Them
Learn how to prepare graphic design portfolios, what goes in it, how to develop one when you are a new designer, how to choose a case, and how to use graphic design portfolios to get a job or land a client.

How to Start a Freelance Graphic Design Business Step by Step
Learn step by step how to start a desktop publishing graphic design business. Get advice on naming your business and the structure it should take, overview of types of design and publishing businesses, developing a graphic design business plan, pricing your desktop publishing services, and other other start-up essentials.

Advertising Design Tutorials
Make sales sizzle with an eye-catching advertisement. These tutorials provide advertising design tips and examples for layout of effective print advertising and marketing materials. In addition to advertising design advice, find copywriting help for advertising copy and headlines. Explore layouts and templates for small space, full page, and other ad sizes and arrangements.

Annual Report Design - How to Design and Publish Annual Reports and Proposals
Put a creative spin on the numbers and corporate performance report. Use these practical and creative tips for annual report design as well as designs for proposals and similiar business documents. Get inspiration and ideas from makeovers of actual annual reports.

How to Design Books, Manuals, Textbooks
Read the book on book design. Study advice and tutorials on book design and designing textbooks or manuals, technical reports, and similiar long documents. Learn how to get started designing a book, page layout considerations, font selection, and other tip for creating long documents.

Brochure Design Tutorials - Desktop Publishing Brochure Design Tutorials
Do the soft-sell and layout it all it in a well-designed brochure. Discover the most essential elements of a good brochure design and explore brochure design makeovers. Find tips and tricks covering copywriting, page layout, font selection, graphics use, paper choices, and folding for brochure design.

Business Forms Tutorials and Templates
Fill-in-the-blank with well-designed forms. Find tips, templates, and software for creating all types of effective business forms. Create beautiful invoices, checklists, information sheets, and other types of forms for business or personal use.

How to Make Personalized Candy Bar Wrappers
Craft a feast for the eyes to wrap around a candy bar. Download candy bar-sized templates, instructions, and supplies for making your own personalized candy bar wrappers with your computer. Use candy wrappers as unique gifts or for fund-raisers. Print custom candy bar wrappers and roll candy wraps as baby announcements, party favors, and keepsakes.

How to Design Catalogs and Price Lists
List it all in a photo-filled catalog or sales-generating product list. Locate graphic design tips, tutorials, examples, and templates for designing catalogs and other types of product or service listings including service or product price lists.

Designing Collaterials Such As Brochures and Promotional Items
Collaterals include a wide range of documents that companies use to promote themselves. They differ from advertising materials in that they are generally more of a soft-sell and often designed to provide on-going PR for a company more than generate immediate sales. Collaterals may or may not be tied to specific advertising campaigns.

Fonts for Desktop Publishing
Fonts are an integral part of desktop publishing. Purchase quality typefaces from commercial foundries. Find fun free fonts for commercial or personal use. Search for just the right fonts by name, by theme, by identifying characteristics.

Desktop Publishing Dictionary Words K Index
Explore desktop publishing terminology for K words and concepts including kicker, keyline, knockout, and kerning pairs.

Desktop Publishing Dictionary Words L Index
Learn all about landscape, leading, letterpress, lines, and much more in this index to terms and concepts of desktop publishing that start with L.

Pictures for Use in Desktop Publishing
Browse these resources for clip art and photos to find just the right pictures for your desktop publishing projects. Pictures for Print are the primary focus of the images offered here.

Prepress Tutorials and Software - Preflight Proofing Training
;The first step to getting anything printed is to properly prepare your file so that it will print. Learn to use prepress software and prepress checklists in desktop publishing.

Commercial Printing Tutorials and Techniques
After creating a project you'll want to get the best output whether you use your desktop printer or commercial printing services. There are many ways to get it printed. Add the finishing touches to your printed pieces with die cuts or embossing. Bind your pages and get your printed pieces distributed.

Designing Sales Materials - Create Ads and Direct Mail Using Desktop Publishing
Sell products and services with advertising, direct mail, yellow pages ads. Create sales materials that get attention and prompt action.

Software and Hardware for Desktop Publishing
The primary software used for professional desktop publishing is page layout software. However, there are many other types of software tools and utilities used in desktop publishing. Computer hardware needed by desktop publishers include digital cameras, monitors, printers, scanners, and other peripherals. Get help in choosing between Mac or PC/Windows platforms and selecting the best hardware components doing design and graphics work.

Rulers Guides Charts Tools for Desktop Publishing
Not all the tools used in desktop publishing are made of bits and bytes. Browse a select group of tools to make your desktop publishing easier. These are primarily non-software tools including rulers and guidebooks.

Yellow Pages Ads Design Tips - How to Design Effective Display Ads for the Yellow Pages
While some rules for Yellow Pages Ads are the same as for other display ads, there are differences. Most Yellow Pages Ads are less than half a page in size and the cheap yellow paper is not very friendly to some fonts and styles of illustration. Learn how to design effective Yellow Pages Ads despite these limitations.

Newsletter Publishing for Fun, for Profit, for Marketing
Become an expert, get informed, stay in touch with the art of newsletter design and publishing. Design, edit, and publish newsletters for fun or profit. Plan the perfect periodical. Explore tutorials on specific types of newsletters for marketing, clubs, employees, and more.

How to Design Better Business Cards
Hand out a little piece of yourself with cute, creative, or corporate business cards. Learn effective business card design. Get tips on fitting all that information in such a small space, the etiquette of business cards, using photos, best fonts, and layout ideas for freelance or do-it-yourself business card design.

Calendar Tutorials and Templates and Software
It's a great day, week, or month to create a calendar. Find calander software, calendar templates, and ideas for creative, decorative calendars. Count down the days in style with your own creative, custom daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly calendars. Create a calendar for your business, for clients, for friends and family.

How to Design and Print Greeting Cards and Invitations
Say something sentimental, silly, sweet, or sensitive in a custom greeting card you print yourself. Here are tips, ideas, and templates for designing and printing greeting cards and invitations. Select specialty software for creating all occasion year-round and holiday cards.

How to Design and Print CD and DVDs and Packages
Create and print your sweet-sounding designs on compact disc. Layout inserts, sleeves, booklets, and labels for CDs and DVDs. Printing specifications listed here may be for specific printers so always check with your own service provider, using these links for an overview of the CD and DVD packaging process.

Award Certificates Templates and Tutorials
Your award-winning designs could hang on someone's wall. Get inspiration for designing award certificates or certificates of recognition to reward or recognize loyal customers, employees, students, and others. Find templates for award certificates.

How to Craft Cool Stuff with Your Computer
Select easy-to-use software with just the right templates, fonts, and clip art. Get computer craft project ideas.

Direct Mail Design Tutorials and Templates for Desktop Publishing
Direct mail is delivered to individual recipients through the mail. It can consist of any number of traditional advertising pieces including fliers, postcards, sales letters, reply cards, brochures, and newsletters. These can be mailed in envelopes (which are designed as part of the overall direct mail package) or as self-mailers. On this page find tutorials and tips on putting together an attractive direct mail piece or package. Grab some templates too.

Get Help With Desktop Publishng
Get answers to frequently asked questions about desktop publishing. Report errors. Get technical help with using the Desktop Publishing site.

Free Printable Gift Tag Templates for All Occasions
Tag it with a custom design or one of many free printable gift tags. Use gift tags on Christmas presents, birthday presents, homemade food gifts, or other homemade gifts. Browse this collection of free printable gift tags for all occasions, covering many different holidays and themes..

How to Design or Makeover a Business Identity
Do you know who you are? Can you express your client's identity in print? Identity Design or Corporate Identity is the face you put forward, usually in print, in the form of logos, business cards, letterhead, and other materials. Give you or your client an identity makeover with tips and tutorials for logos, letterhead, business cards and other corporate identity elements.

Labels - How to Design and Print Labels for Mailing Products Merchandise
Label yourself a real designer when you craft creative labels for mailing, products, and other merchandise. Look up labeling design and printing tips and guidelines. Get general design and production tips plus information on specific types of labels such as package, fabric, and wine labels.

Page Layout Lessons and Tutorials
Beyond the technical operation of the software, good design needs the right colors, exciting layout ideas, and tried and true elements such as balance, contrast, and white space. Grids tie the elements of a design together and provide a framework for the page layout.

Letterhead Design Tutorials and Letterhead Templates
Take a letter... and make it look good no matter what it says. Design better-looking letterhead and corporate stationery and faxes as part of a complete business identity system with these tips, templates, and tutorials.

Logo Design - How to Design Great Logos - Logo Design Tutorials
Let's go logo design. The most prominent identity item for many businesses is the logo. It appears on almost all printed materials. Explore these logo design tutorials and techniques to help you design great logos for your business or your clients.

Magazines - How to Design Magazines - Magazine Publishing using Desktop Publishing
Makeover a magazine. Thumb through magazine design and production tips and tutorials. Puruse publications for magazine publishers and study trends in magazine publishing.

How to Design Newspapers Using Desktop Publishing
Put all the news thats fit to print into newspapers of every size and shape. Get the scoop on newspaper design and production tips for editors and graphic designers. Newspaper publishing extras include using dummies and grids, type selection, formats, page layout, illustrations, writing, photojournalism, and production advice for newspaper designers and editors.

Publications - Designing Books Newsletters Catalogs Annual Reports
Read the book on book design. Get the latest news on newspaper publishing. Learn how to layout a magazine, manual, or other multipage document. These tutorials, makeovers, checklists, and illustrations will help you design books, booklets, manuals, magazines, newsletters, newspapers, catalogs, annual reports, and other lengthy publications.

Technical Illustration in Desktop Publishing - How to Create Charts Graphs Diagrams
Put the art in the chart with these tips and tutorials for creating grand graphs and dynamic diagrams. Dissect the craft of technical illustrations for publications such as books and magazines.

Choosing Graphics for Desktop Publishing
Learn the art and science and tips and tricks for choosing clip art. Select the right piece of clip art or photograph and the right image format for your publication. Illustrate newsletters, Web pages, brochures, and presentations more effectively.

Converting Graphics Formats
Tips for converting between formats for desktop publishing. Identify file formats and use Mac and Windows software to convert from bitmap or vector formats.

Create Graphics for Desktop Publishing - Custom Photography and Illustration Techniques
When stock photography and clip art won't do, even if modified, it may be time to create your own custom images. Learn how to take your own digital photographs, draw pictures, or create custom illustrations for your desktop publishing projects.

Graphic Design Guidelines and Rules
Learn the rules of page layout and graphic design. Here are the basics in a nutshell and guidelines to help with planning, hardware, software, and printing. Browse lists of things to do or not do in desktop publishing.

Edit or Modify Graphics for Use in Desktop Publishing
Crop it, convert it, flip and turn it, colorize, mask, filter, or otherwise change images. Learn how to combine clip art and photos, remove backgrounds, redeye, or elements from scans or digital photographs. Edit and modify images for use in page layout and graphic design projects.

Halftones for Desktop Publishing - Halftoning Tutorials
Halftoning is the process of turning continuous tone grayscale or color images into a series of dots for printing that fool the eye. Learn the ins and outs of halftones, screens, traditional and digital halftoning techniques.

Packaging Design - How to Create Boxes Bags and Other Packages for Products of All Kinds
Put it in a box or a bag. Wrap it in plastic, cardboard, or paper. Find tips, software, tools for creating boxes, labels, bags, and other product packages. Explore printing technologies for packages.

Pocket Folders - Designing Pocket Folders for Presentations and Marketing Materials
Pocket folders are versatile tools that can hold presentations, annual reports, sales reports, and marketing materials. Learn why they are important and get ideas for creating and using pocket folders.

Postcards - How to Design and Use Postcards
Post a pretty postcard. Here's how to design and use postcards as a marketing device, create postcard size newsletters, and make sure your postcard design meets postal requirements.

Posters and Fliers - How to Design Posters and Fliers - Poster Design Tutorials and Poster Design Makeovers
Plaster the wall with the perfect poster design. Flood the streets with your fantastic fliers. Learn how to design a variety of promotional fliers and posters. Get inspiration from the past and present in theatrical, art, and political poster design.

Presentations and Presentation Graphics - How to Design Presentations
Put the pow in powerful presentations with positive tips and tutorials on designing effective presentations and presentation graphics. Design powerful presentations for print, Web, or on-screen display.

Promotional Items Templates and Design Tutorials - Certificates Fliers Posters
Pack a punch into your promotional materials. Get tips and tutorials on designing a variety of promotional items including door-hangers, product data sheets, and leave-behinds. Find templates to jumpstart your promotional designs.

Resolution in Desktop Publishing - Print Screen Scans Images Resolution Tutorials
As it is used in desktop publishing, resolution refers to the dots of ink or electronic pixels that make up a picture whether it is printed on paper or displayed on-screen.

Scanning Tutorials - Image Scanning and Document Scanning Help
One way to get graphics and text into a computer is with a scanner. Learn how scanners work, get scanning software, and find tutorials on all aspects of image scanning, document scanning - including OCR - and using a scanner effectively for black and white and color scanning.

Screen Captures - Tips Tutorials Software for Capturing Screen Shots
Get tips for the best possible screen captures and using screen capture images. Learn about specialty software you can use or how to use the built-in capabilities of your OS to make screen shots.

Seasonal Desktop Publishing Projects - Holiday Special Occasion Clip Art Fonts Templates Ideas
Have happy holidays and put a party in print. Fall into Winter and Spring into Summer with clip art, fonts, templates, and project ideas for Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, weddings, birthdays, and other holidays and special occasions.

Signage | Signmaking | Making Signs with Desktop Publishing Software
You'll be showing all the signs of design success when you read these articles and tips on designing signs of all kinds, including retail signage, road signs, and personal signs. Learn about sign typography, colors, and fonts for signmaking.

Watermarks - How to Create and Use Watermarks
How to create watermarks for documents and graphics for security or as a decorative or informational element. Historical use of watermarks and design tips.

Wedding Invitations | Anniversary Announcements - How to Create Wedding Announcements and Bridal Shower Invites
Here comes the bride full of pride in the beautiful wedding invites crafted with care by following these tips and tricks.

Lesson Plans Using Desktop Publishing
Locate desktop publishing lesson plans for K-12 teachers and others. Use these lesson plans and desktop publishing techniques to teach a variety of subjects including graphic design, social studies, history, business, art, literature, and of course desktop publishing too.

Typeface Classification and Anatomy of Type
Understanding type classifications and anatomy can aid in the process of choosing the most appropriate typefaces based on purpose and audience. Historical and practical classification systems for typefaces help the designer accurately select typefaces that complement the design. Type may be classified strictly on when the style of type first appeared, who designed it, or on the most common usage of the fonts. Some typeface classification systems group typefaces based on individuals letter parts and their shape without regard to timelines. Learning the anatomy of type can help a designer classify specific unfamiliar fonts.

Principles of Design with Examples and Tutorials
How you apply the principles of design determines how effective your design is in conveying the desired message and how attractive it appears. The principles of design suggest effective and pleasing ways to arrange text and graphics on the page as well as the arrangement of individual elements within illustration, logos, and the overall design of a document.

Graphic Design Process for Desktop Publishers
Before you touch the software, you have to know what it is you are creating. Explore the creative graphic design process involved in taking a project from idea to finished print project. Imagine it, sketch it, give it shape, form, and color.

Electronic Publishing (Email, eBooks, ezines, Mobile Devices)
Print and the Web are not the only ways to get your desktop publishing out to the world. Explore how to create email newsletters, become an eBook or ezine publisher, and how to format your Web page and print documents for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Font Software
Designers and font fanatics can amass incredible collections of fonts. In order to use these fonts most effectively it is helpful to organize them in some logical manner and insure that they are easily accessible. Font software for organizing and managing your fonts can help you in those tasks. For those who want to make their own fonts or need to modify existing fonts, typeface creation and font editing tools make that job possible. Find the font software tools you need to work with digital type and learn how to use those font software programs more effectively.

Font Technologies
Today's graphic designers and non-designers both use digital type almost exclusively. Being able to choose fonts that look good and compose type is only part of using digital type. Type users need to understand the appropriate use of Barcode, Unicode, TrueType, PostScript, Multiple Master, OpenType, and other digital type technologies along with the technical aspects of font installation, troubleshooting, and how type is measured and specified for typesetting.

Image in Visual Communications - Basics of Marketing Branding Positioning for Graphic Design
Part of creating visual communications is identifying and understanding the marketing message and image that needs to be conveyed with our designs. Basic knowledge of marketing, copyrighting, and branding or positioning help the designer to develop visual communications that enhance rather than confuse the client's image and marketing plan.

Desktop Publishing Makeover Projects and Redesigns - Hone Your Design and Technical Skills with Desktop Publishing Makeovers
Makeovers are all over television these days. People are changing their bodies, changing their style, changing their homes. How about changing the way we look in print too? The Desktop Publishing Makeover Projects Profiles provide you the opportunity to play makeup maven, hair stylist, fashion guru, architect, and interior designer. It's a way of honing your design skills on a variety of projects as well as learning how to use your desktop publishing software.

Desktop Publishing Magazines and Newsletters - Print Publications about Desktop Publishing
Subscribe to one of these desktop publishing magazines and newsletters on printing, graphics, software, and the business of design. Some desktop publishing magazines well-developed Web sites as well.

Font Design Techniques
Do you want to make your own fonts? Explore digital type design techniques. Software for making fonts. Type design standards and tutorials.

History of Typography | Evolution of Type
Explore the history of typography and the evolution of digital type. Learn the meaning behind certain typographic characters and how the use of type has grown and changed.

Typography On-ScreenTutorials | Web Fonts | Email and Screen Typography
Writing and reading on-screen differs from print so typography online has its own idiosyncrasies. Learn what you can and cannot control and which type treatments work best for Web, email, and other non-print forms of communication.

Tutorials on Using Fonts in Desktop Publishing
Desktop publishing is about combining text and graphics. On the text side, designers use fonts to make the text look good. There are specific tried and true methods of using type in desktop publishing to accomplish the designer's goals. These typography tutorials include: How to choose the right fonts; How to use expert characters including diacriticals and ligatures; How to improve legibility and readability; How to arrange type on the page, with or without accompanying graphic elements; How to use typography creatively to communicate more than just the basic meaning of the words.

Designing for the Vision-Impaired - Graphic Design for the Vision Impaired
Browse resources that address color and design issues related to visual perception. Discover how to use color effectively in graphic design and desktop publishing for audiences with limited eyesight.

Word Processing and Desktop Publishing
Design it word by word. At its most basic level, word processing is typing. However, it generally involves some degree of formatting and may also involve integration of graphics. Learn how to use word processing software in conjunction with or in place of dedicated desktop publishing software.

Writing and Editing for Desktop Publishers and Designers
Desktop publishing often involves writing material for yourself or others as well as self-editing, editing, and proofreading. Learn basic grammar, writing, copywriting, and technical writing skills, how to edit and proofread.

Freelance Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing Business
Start a freelance graphic design business doing graphic design and desktop publishing or Web design. Be your own boss. Create a business plan, learn how to run your own small business, set prices, do marketing, and find clients.

Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design Jobs and Careers
Find a desktop publishing and graphic design jobs. Explore salaries, education, and economic outlook for desktop publishing-related employment and careers in Web Design.

Desktop Publishing Book Reviews
After you've read the manual, read the book. Build your graphic design, desktop publishing, and typography library with books on the freelance design business, design principles and page layout, using type and graphics, and print production. These desktop publishing books are recommended reading to learn more about using your software or teach yourself design and publishing.

Cloud Computing Web and Smartphone Apps for Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design Web Trends Guide gives 'the use of the Internet for the tasks you perform on your computer' as a basic definition of cloud computing. Graphic designers and others doing desktop publishing often engage in varying degrees of cloud computing.

Copyright | Licensing | Terms of Usage Issues for Clip Art Fonts Software
In addition to help in understanding copyright law, find out to legally use the work of others, how to protect your own work, and what the various licensing terms mean and how to apply them to your work.

Email Lists and Newsgroups for Desktop Publishing
Where to find lists and newsgroups to discuss desktop publishing.

Desktop Publishing Dictionary Words M Index
Explore detailed information for terms that start with M such as magenta (an important ink color), modern (a font style), and mood board (a cool design tool).

Desktop Publishing Dictionary of N Terms Index
Explore desktop publishing terms that start with N from nameplate and neck to nittles and more.

Desktop Publishing Dictionary Words O Index
Explore desktop publishing O words from obique to overprint in the Encyclopedia of Desktop Publishing and Dictionary of Terms.

Desktop Publishing Dictionary Words P Index
Explore desktop publishing terminology including points and picas, PPI, proof, and parallel folds. All the P terms and concepts are here.

Desktop Publishing Dictionary Words Q X Y Z Index
Explore desktop publishing terminology. Increase your vocabulary by exploring the, perhaps few, but important words that begin with Q, X, Y, and Z from QR codes to zines.

Desktop Publishing Dictionary Words R Index
From rags to rich black and plenty of other R terms, explore the terminology of desktop publishing.

Desktop Publishing Dictionary Words S Index
Just a few of the interesting desktop publishing terms you'll encounter on this S index page: Signature, Signposting, Slug, Spline, and Style guide.

Desktop Publishing Dictionary Words T Index
Tail, tooth, trim size, and tabloid are just some of the T words of desktop publishing covered in this portion of the Encyclopedia of Desktop Publishing and Dictionary of Terms.

Desktop Publishing Dictionary Words U Index
Explore desktop publishing terminology for U words including uncoated paper and UV coating.

History of Desktop Publishing - The Invention and Evolution of Desktop Publishing
Take a trip down memory lane. Find out about the coining of the term

Web Publishing Tutorials | Web Design and Desktop Publishing
Web Design is the art and process of creating a single Web page or entire Web sites and may involve both the aesthetics and the mechanics of a Web site's operation although primarily it focuses on the look and feel of the Web site. Some of the aspects that may be included in Web design or Web production are graphics and animation creation, color selection, font selection, navigation design, content creation, HTML/XML authoring, JavaScript programming, and ecommerce development. Web design is a form of electronic publishing.

How to Design and Print Booklets
Design a booklet with this exploration of layout, imposition, and printing for booklets. Browse collections of booklet designs for inspiration.

Audio / Video Package Design
No matter how it really sounds, give audio cassettes and video packages a sound design with these audio video package design and printing tutorials. Find packaging design tips and templates for J-cards, O-cards, U-cards, and other packaging materials for audio cassettes and video packaging.

How to Design Book Covers and Book Jackets
Yes, people do judge a book by its cover. Create a book cover or dust jacket worthy of the words on the pages. Study tutorials and illustration advice on how to prepare artwork for book covers, dust jackets.

Desktop Publishing Dictionary of Business Terms
If you're doing desktop publishing as a job or freelance business, these terms may be important to know and understand.

Graphics Dictionary for Desktop Publishing
Take a look at the terminology of graphics, especially as it applies to desktop publishing. Get definitions, examples, and tutorials.

Page Layout and Design Dictionary
Learn the components of a page and the process of design and page layout through definitions, examples, and tutorials.

Paper Terminology as Used in Desktop Publishing
Exlore the terminology of paper, especially as it applies to desktop publishing. Get definitions, examples, and tutorials. Learn about paper measurements, paper finishes, and paper folding.

Prepress Terms for Desktop Publishing
Get a better understanding of prepress procedures for preparing digital files for printing. Take a look at the terminology of prepress, especially as it applies to desktop publishing. Get definitions, examples, and tutorials.

Dictionary of Desktop Publishing Software Terms
Take a look at the terminology of software, especially as it applies to desktop publishing. Get definitions, examples, and tutorials.

Typography Dictionary
Explore the world of typography and digital type through words, definitions, and mini-tutorials on using fonts in desktop publishing.

Desktop Publishing Dictionary Words V Index
Vector in on vellum, Velox, and verso in the V section of this Encyclopedia of Desktop Publishing and Dictionary of Terms.

Desktop Publishing Dictionary Words W Index
Explore desktop publishing terminology from white space to WYSIWYG in the W section of the dictionary.

PDF - Portable Document Format Software and Tutorials - How to Create PDF Documents
Creating, viewing, printing, and troubleshooting Adobe Acrobat PDF files. Using PDF for prepress. Learn what the PDF format is, how it is used, and what software is used to create, edit, manage, and view PDF documents.

Scanning and Graphics Tutorials
Learn how to use a scanner, get the perfect scan. Explore how to create, edit, and use graphics in page layout whether acquired from scanning, digital photography, or other means.

Photography for Desktop Publishing
When you can't hire a professional photographer and can't find stock photography that works for you, learn how to do your own photography for use in desktop publishing, graphic design, and Web design projects.

Desktop Publishing Terms That Start With Numbers or Symbols
Symbols and number term definitions from the Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Desktop Publishing by Jacci Howard Bear. Do you know your 4-up from your 4c? How is an asterisk * used? Find out here.

Tutorials on Designing QR Codes
Learn about the 2D code that's popping up everywhere that allows you to tie print and Web together. Find out how QR codes work, how to create them, and how to make them more interesting and much more attractive.

Trading Cards, ID Cards, Other Types of Card Projects to Make
Get tips and templates for making trading cards and other specialty cards to give away, carry, or use in other fun ways.

Menu Design
Whether you're designing a restaurant menu or printing up a menu for a wedding dinner or other event, get tips on creating beautiful and effective menus.

Desktop Publishing Training and Education
Discover the educational requirements for working in the field of desktop publishing and graphic design. Obtain formal or informal desktop publishing training, join professional associations, explore the teaching and use of desktop publishing in the K12 classroom.

Design Projects and Ideas for Desktop Publishing
What are you going to create? Dig into detailed design tips and tutorials, makeovers, ideas, techniques, and supplies for anything you can do with desktop publishing software. Learn how to create logos, brochures, business cards, greeting cards, Web pages, ads, presentations, annual reports, packaging, signs, business forms, and just about anything that can be designed and put on screen on in print.

Desktop Publishing Tutorials
At its most basic level, desktop publishing is taking some text and some graphics and mixing them together on a page then publishing that page in the form of or as part of a flier, brochure, newsletter, greeting card, annual report, business card, Web page or other common (and uncommon) desktop publishing projects.

Encyclopedia of Desktop Publishing and Dictionary of Terms
Explore definitions, illustrations, and overviews of a variety of graphic design, typography, prepress, and printing terms and techniques in this encyclopedia of desktop publishing and desktop publishing terminology.

Web Design and Electronic Publishing Tutorials for Desktop Publishing
Electronic publishing includes Web as well as other non-print publishing such as email newsletters, CD-ROM publications, eBooks, and PDF documents. When the intended final display is for the screen, it's electronic publishing.

Graphic Design Tutorials
Explore design elements and principles and the creative process through graphic design tutorials, free classes, and articles that explore the various theories and processes of traditional and modern graphic design and desktop publishing.

Prepress and Printing Tutorials
Completing a Desktop Publishing Project: Ensure your designs will print as expected by following proper prepress procedures as described in these prepress tutorials, definitions, and articles. After creating a project you'll want to get the best output whether you use your desktop printer or commercial printing services.

Desktop Publishing Careers and Freelance Design
Do you make a living or want to make a living doing desktop publishing? Find professional associations, publications, and career advice for those in the field of desktop publishing including in-house designers, freelancers, and teachers. Find a job in graphic design, desktop publishing, or Web design. Get salary and occupational outlook information. Learn how to start a desktop publishing or graphic design business.

Fonts, Clip Art, Templates, and Other Supplies for Desktop Publishing
Dress up your words with fancy fonts. Illustrate your words with pretty pictures. Organize your words with tasteful templates. Desktop publishing utilizes fonts, images, and templates to create attractive page layouts. Find your needed desktop publishing supplies here.

Typography Tutorials
In the broadest sense, typography is the design and use of typefaces as a means of visual communication from calligraphy to the ever-developing use of digital type. Typography is sometimes seen as encompassing many separate fields from the type designer who creates letterforms to the graphic designer who selects typefaces and arranges them on the page. Explore all the areas of typography important to using and understanding fonts and type.

What Is the Best Desktop Publishing Software?
There is no single best desktop publishing software. There are, however, specific programs that are better suited for certain tasks than others. Explore these suggestions for the best desktop publishng software. I'll drop a few names too.

How to Choose Body Text Fonts For Publishing
Almost all you read is body copy. Body type or body text fonts are the typeface used for this. Learn how to choose legible, easy to read body text fonts.

Why Is Desktop Publishing Important?
It's important because desktop publishing, used properly, enhances visual communication and streamlines the process of disseminating information...

Shades of White Meanings and Symbolism
When you picture purity and cleanliness, you picture the color white. Alone, it could be boring but it can also team up with other colors for a crisp look. Explore more of the nature, culture, and meaning of the color white.

Yellow Color Meanings - How to Use Shades of Yellow
Yellow is sunshine and deceit? Most colors do have a positive and negative association. Explore the meanings of the color yellow and yellow colour names and yellow color palettes.

Create and Use En Dashes and Em Dashes and Hyphens
This simple how-to describes how to create and use en dashes, em dashes, and hyphens in your publications. One mark of professionally set type is the use of hyphens, en dashes, and em dashes.

How To Use Small Caps Effectively
Small caps are uppercase (capital) letters that are about the size of normal lowercase letters in any given typeface. Here's why and when to use them.

What is a Call Out in Graphic Design and Page Layout?
Call-out are also labels and they could be extracted text too.

How to Print White Ink and Alternatives for Printing White
Most of the time, the color white is achieved by leaving ink off of an area of white paper. What happens if you want to print white ink on dark paper? Find out when you can and can't print white ink and alternatives to printing white ink colors.

Graphic Design Basics - Elements and Principles
This self-paced, multi-lesson course is designed for those with no formal graphic design training.

Graphic Design Basics Course | Elements of Graphic Design Basics
Learn how to recognize and use five elements of graphic design: lines, shapes, mass, texture, and color. This is a self-paced, step-by-step free course in graphic design basics. Page 2.

Graphic Design Basics Course | Principles of Graphic Design Basics
Learn how to recognize and use the six principles of balance, proximity, alignment, repetition, contrast, and white space. Learn the definitions of each principle. Page 3.

Kerning and Tracking Adjustments - Kerning and Tracking Text Effects
Kerning and tracking can also be applied to text to create special text effects for headlines, subheads, newsletter nameplates, and logos or to improve the kerning and tracking inherent in the font itself. Page 2.

Kerning and Tracking (Type or Letterspacing)
Kerning and tracking are two related and frequently confused typographical desktop publishing terms. Both type or letterspacing terms refer to the adjustment of space between characters of type. Learn how to use kerning and tracking.

Beige Color Meanings in Desktop Publishing
Beige is a chameleon, taking on some of the attributes of stronger warm or cool colors it accompanies. On its own, it is a calm neutral background color. Explore beige color meanings and symbolism.

Black Color Meanings - How to Use Shades of Black
Black can be serious and conventional or sexy and rebellious. Discover the symbolism of black and how it is used in design and other fields.

Brown Color Meanings - Using Shades of Brown in Designs
Get down-to-earth when you use brown colors. Explore the symbolism and meaning of the color brown and various shades of this neutral color.

Gold Color Meanings - How to Use Shades of Gold
A cousin to yellow (and orange and brown) is gold. While green may be the color of money (U.S. money, that is) gold is the color of riches.

How to Use Shades of Gray in Desktop Publishing
What does the neutral color of gray mean and what colors work best with gray in design and publishing? Find out the color symbolism of gray and other terms such as slate and silver that represent grey colors.

Orange Color Meanings - How to Use Shades of Orange
Orange is a vibrant combination of red and yellow so it shares some common attributes with those colors. Explore the meaning of the color orange.

Pink Color Meanings - How to Use Shades of Pink
Is pink your favorite color? It's the lighter, sweeter side of love. Explore what pink means in nature, culturally, and even in language.

The Color Purple: Different Shades, Symbolism, and Usage
Go royal. Be special. Look like a lady in shades of purple. Explore purple color meanings, symbolism, common uses, different shades of purple, and colors that go well it.

Red Color Meanings and How to Use Shades of Red
When you see red does it make you angry or passionate? Explore the meaning of the color red in all its powerful, lovely shades.

Silver Color Meanings - How to Use Shades of Silver
Silver, especially a shiny, metallic silver, is cool like gray but livelier, more playful. The color silver can be sleek and modern or impart a feeling of ornate riches.

Turquoise Color and Shades Meanings
A mix of blue and green, the color turquoise has a sweet feminine feel while the darker teal shades add lively sophistication. Explore the meaning of the color turquoise, a warm and cool color.

Picas and Points - Page Layout Measurements
Stop inching into desktop publishing. Find out how easy it is to use picas and points for your page layout. Learn the advantages of picas over inches and other typesetting measurements.

Picas and Points Exercises | Learn to Use Picas for Page Layout
Try these exercises to help you become accustomed to working in picas and points for page layout instead of inches or millimeters. Page 2.

Personalizing Calendars for Personal or Business Use
Year-round Calendar Project Ideas for making your own calendars for yourself, as gifts, for customers. Create and personalize calendars of all kinds.

Calibrate Your Monitor for Accurate On-Screen Color Display
The way images look on a computer screen is different from the way they look in print. It's pixels vs. drops of ink and they don't do color the same way. Calibrating your monitor provides a screen display that simulates what you would see on paper. Not exact, but close. Without calibration your reds may print orange and your gray may turn black.

Calibrate Your Scanner - How and Why
If you have trouble getting scans that look right, the problem may not be with your scanning technique. Calibrating your scanner can go a long way toward insuring that what you scan and what you see on-screen and what you print are all the same. Scanner calibration goes along with monitor and printer calibration to help get the best color match possible from three very different devices.

Composing Type | Text Composition in Desktop Publishing
Text composition is the most complicated task in the text phase of desktop publishing. Learn about effective use of typographic elements and how the use of type applies to page composition in desktop publishing.

What is Desktop Publishing - a Dictionary Definition
Defining desktop publishing. Discover what desktop publishing is and how it relates to graphic design, web design, electronic publishing, and creative printing.

Colors and Their Meanings and Compatibility
Discover cultural and traditional meanings, what colors work together, and browse some palettes in this exploration of color symbolism. Get the symbolism for shades of blue, red, purple, warm colors like orange, cool colors like green, and neutrals such as brown, beige, and silver.

The Symbolism of Cool Colors
Cool colors have a calming effect. Explore the colors of blue, green, and cool neutrals. Page 2.

Warm Exciting Colors and Their Symbolism
Warm colors can rev us up and get us going. Explore the fiery reds and yellows and the warm neutrals. Page 3.

Intriguing Mixed Warm and Cool Color Symbolism
Colors with attributes from both the warm and cool colors can both calm and excite. Take a look at purples and greens. Page 4.

Neutral Colors and Their Symbolic Meanings
The neutral colors of black, white, silver, gray, and brown make good backgrounds, but they can also often stand alone as the only or primary focus of a design. Learn more. Page 5.

[ Free Fonts Library ]
This free fonts library offers free fonts organized by style or look. So if you're looking for just the right font with slab serifs or something with fun, girlish curls here's where to start your search.

Using All Caps With the Right Fonts
Stop shouting. Online TYPING IN ALL CAPS is considered shouting and is frowned on in most cases. In print, shouting is never worse than when it is done with decorative or script typefaces. Itís ugly. Itís hard to read. Just donít do it, PLEASE!

How to Format Margins for Desktop Publishing Documents
Margins are empty space surrounding your document. How do you decide how large or small your margins should be? There are some guidelines you can use in this quick design lesson on margins.

Using Page Margins in Desktop Publishing
Use these guidelines and formulas as starting points to creating perfectly proportioned margins. Page 2.

Do Rough Thumbnail Sketches of Layouts in DTP
Use thumbnail sketches to try out page layout and design ideas. Find out how important thumbnail sketches are in the design process and how to create and use thumbnails.

PANTONE Spot Color Name Suffixes Guide
Here's your guide to understanding C, U, CV suffixes, and other naming conventions in PANTONE Matching System (PMS) colors.

Introduction to the Elements of Design
Lessons defining and illustrating the elements of design. Five introductory lessons cover lines, shapes, mass, texture, and color with a self-test assignment at the end.

Lines in Elements of Design Introduction
This online class on the Elements of Design includes five lessons and an optional self-test assignment. This lesson is on lines.

Lookalike Fonts | Aliases and Clones
Which fonts look most like Helvetica? What's a good substitute if you can't find Staccato? Browse this lengthy alphabetical list of fonts that share the same look, sometimes almost identical. These are known as font aliases, clones, or lookalike fonts.

How To Do Desktop Publishing and Desktop Printing
Assuming you have the appropriate desktop publishing software, chosen for the type of projects and printing you plan to do, and understand the basics of using desktop publishing software, here are the key steps to creating an attractive layout in most types of page layout software and printing it from your desktop printer.

Write a Contract for a Graphic Design Business
Your contract is an agreement between you the designer and your client to provide design and desktop publishing services.

What is the Best Graphic Design Software?
Discover what graphic design software is, who makes it, and what the top choices are in graphic design software.

Microsoft Office 2010 Overview and Features
Discover what's new and improved and what Office improvements aren't making it into Publisher 2010. The primary desktop publishing application in the Office 2010 suite is Publisher. Microsoft Publisher 2010 is available in the Professional Plus, Professional, and Standard editions of Office 2010. It is not part of the Home and Business or Home and Student editions. Word and PowerPoint are in all editions of Office 2010.

Where Can I Find Helvetica Fonts?
There are many flavors of Helvetica. Here's where to find the Helvetica font you need.

Adobe Acrobat - What It Does and What Is Included
Adobe Acrobat is for creating, editing, and organizing PDF files.

Finding an Entry-Level Job in Graphic Design
Put together a portfolio, put together a network, get your name out there.

Remove Extra Spaces Between Sentences and Paragraphs
Even though properly typeset material uses one space after a period, many people still type two spaces as if still using an old-fashioned typewriter. The fastest way to get rid of those extra spaces before importing text into your page layout program is to search your document for two spaces and replace those with a single space, preferrably using a macro.

Scribus - Free Desktop Publishing Software
Probably the premiere free desktop publishing software application, Scribus is open source desktop publishing software for Windows, Mac, Linux, and other platforms. It has the features of the pro packages (and perhaps the steeper learning curve too), but it's free.

Is PagePlus SE the Best Free Desktop Publishing Software?
Serif PagePlus Starter Edition or SE, is one of only a few free software options for Windows desktop publishing. It's also one of the easiest to learn and easiest to use programs which makes it one of the best free desktop publishing software choices.

What is a .PUB File and What to Do With Them
A page layout document format created by Microsoft Publisher, learn how to create, open, edit, and share Microsoft Publisher .pub files with others.

Full Bleed Printing From a Desktop Printer
Normally your desktop printer leaves a non-printing edge around your documents. There are ways to get a full bleed, also known as print to the edge or borderless printing. It may require getting a new printer or maybe just getting different paper.

Format Song Titles in Reports, Newsletters, and Other Documents
Unless you're still using a typewriter, underlining is out. Learn the proper way to use italics and quotation marks for formatting song titles and albums in word processed or typeset material.

Eleven Parts of a Business Card
No matter how great the business card design, if important parts are missing it doesn't do the job as effectively as it could. Make sure your business card design has all the needed parts.

Iron-On Transfers Design Tips and Software
Design and print iron-on transfers for t-shirts and other wearable items. Here's a list of the supplies you'll need and tips for getting better transfers with less waste or mistakes.

The Parts of a Greeting Card - Desktop Publishing
A greeting card is generally a simple document -- a piece of folded paper with text or images on the front and a message inside. Although there are variations, greeting cards generally follow a typical layout. Folded on the side or the top, there's a front, an inside spread (usually only half is used), and a back.

What are Men's Favorite Colors?
When speaking the language of color, what colors speak to men? Explore the favorite colors of men before choosing colors for print or web projects targeted to males.

What Are the Favorite Colors of Women?
When speaking the language of color, what colors speak to women? Explore the favorite colors of women and colors traditionally or culturally associated with women. Use color studies to determine the best colors to use in print and Web when targeting females of all ageas.

What Is a PDF? - Definition in Desktop Publishing
Glossary definition of PDF, spelling, descriptions, additional information for the term PDF.

Best Graphics File Formats for Desktop Publishing
Not all graphics formats are suitable for all purposes. Find out when and why to use EPS, TIFF, JPEG, GIF and other common graphics file formats in desktop publishing.

Adobe InDesign Basics Class for CS2/3
This is a free Adobe InDesign class for beginners, i.e., people who do not have much experience with InDesign and want to learn how to use this program. This free Adobe InDesign class will give you the basics on which you can then develop further skills and become proficient at using this powerful layout program.

Adobe InDesign Basics Detailed Outline
This is a free Adobe InDesign class for beginners, i.e., people who do not have much experience with InDesign and want to learn how to use this program. This free Adobe InDesign class will give you the basics on which you can then develop further skills and become proficient at using this powerful layout program. Page 2.

Shortcuts for Using Zoom in Microsoft Publisher
Change your magnification view in Microsoft Publisher.

Photography: Digital vs. Traditional
Most digital images still start out from traditional media. In fact, traditional photography was the one who gave birth to digital photography. Therefore, the two are parallel to each other. Aside from inheriting the features of traditional photography, digital photography only improved the ability to produce the exact desired image.

Mac vs. PC - Which Is Better for Graphic Design?
There was a time when Mac was considered the only platform choice for graphic design and professional desktop publishing. Not anymore.

Overview of Adobe InDesign Desktop Publishing Software
InDesign is the successor to PageMaker, the original desktop publishing software program. It is a page layout software program available as a standalone package or in some of the editions of the Adobe Creative Suite.

How to Dress for a Design Job Interview
How much weight does your personal appearance carry with employers and clients? What does 'dress for success' mean for graphic design and desktop publishing jobs? Let's find out.

Create Certificates of Appreciation and Recognition
Use thes PNG or AI templates to make Certificates of Appreciation, Recognition, and Achievement. I've got instructions on how to turn these templates into custom certificates.

Create Traditional Certificates (Adobe Illustrator)
Page 2. Toggle the layers off and on in this Adobe Illustrator AI file to create 9 different versions of an award certificate.

Move New Cropped Image - Publisher Business Card Tutorial
Move your new croppsed image into place to create a new version of your birth announcement.

Fine-tune and Print Cute Baby Business Card Birth Announcement #2
Make a few adjustments then sit back and admire your work - a second time.

Get Publisher Template for Cute Baby Business Card Birth Announcement
Get the template and personalize it for your own baby announcements. .PUB format.

Publisher Tutorials - Crop a Vector Image
You can crop out unwanted portions of any picture you insert.

Create a Baby Business Card Birth Announcement
Announce the arrival of a new baby with a business card birth announcement. Use Publisher to make your own card or download the free artwork and templates.

Make a Bullet List in Microsoft Publisher
In this step of our baby business card birth announcement we're making and fine-tuning a bullet list and the columns in our text box.

Fine-tune Layout of Baby Business Card Birth Announcement #1
Make a few adjustments then sit back and admire your work.

Duplicate Your Card Then Begin Redoing the Picture
With just a few steps, create more versions of your original baby business card.

Recrop the Picture to Get a New Pose
Change up your card without starting from scratch.

Publisher Business Card Tutorial - Set Margins
Margins help you keep elements (such as text) that aren't supposed to bleed of the edges from getting cut off by being too close to the edge.

Publisher Business Card Tutorial - Add a Simple Border
You can insert pre-designed borders and accents in Publisher 2010.

Publisher Tutorial - Insert .EPS Picture
For this tutorial we're using a vector image. Use the Insert Picture option to get it into your layout.

Publisher Baby Business Card Tutorial - Re-size a Picture
Put your cropped image where you want it and re-size it too.

Add a Text Box to a Publisher Business Card
In this step we're adding a text box for the name of your baby.

Add Column Text in Microsoft Publisher
Create a text frame with columns in Publisher.

Baby Business Card Publisher Tutorial: Choose A Blank Business Card Template
Start with a blank template. If you have business card paper, use a template that matches.

The Types and History of Easter Colors
With or without the Easter bunny, what do the colors of Easter mean and what colors are pastel or related to the religious meaning of Easter?

Pastel Easter Colors
In general use, pastel colors light, low saturation colors. Pastel colors are commonly associated with Spring and with Easter.

Easter Sunday Colors and Religious Symbolism
Different colors are used at different times in the celebration of Easter and it varies by religion. However, the colors most closely associated with Christianity and Easter in particular are red, purple, black, white, and gold. Discover their meaning.

Download Irish Celtic Fonts for St. Patrick's Day
Although the Celtic society was spread all over Europe, today the Celtic culture and Celtic language is most closely associated with Ireland. Celtic fonts is a broad category for any style of font associated with the writing of the Celts and Ireland, most notably Uncial, Insular, and Gaelic-inspired fonts as well as some Blackletter/Gothic typefaces. Some Celtic fonts are calligraphic or simple sans serif fonts that are adorned with Celtic knots or other Irish symbols. Dingbat symbols with a Celtic or Irish theme are often included in this category.

Fonts Used for St. Patrick's Day Projects
there is a lot of overlap and the modern fonts based on historical writing systems often include features that cross-over from one time period or style to another so they don't always fit neatly into any one classification. Download some free Irish / Celtic / St. Patrick's Day fonts.

Uncial and Half-Uncial Fonts for St. Patrick's Day
Based on styles of writing that came into use around the 3rd century CE, uncial is a style of majuscule (all capital) writing. The letters are unjoined, rounded, with curved strokes. Uncial and half-uncial scripts developed around the same time and are similar in appearance. Later styles had more flourishes and decorative letters. Different styles of uncial writing developed in various regions so not all uncials are Irish (or English or German, etc.) and some uncial fonts look quite different than others.

Insular Script Fonts for St. Patrick's Day
A medieval script that spread from Ireland to Europe, insular script or insular half-uncial developed from half-uncial scripts. Insular script has wedge-shaded ascenders and some fonts use the insular form of G and g (looks a bit like an s with a top like T). These fonts might have i and j without dots and often (but not always) the uppercase and lowercase letters are the same, except for size.

Carolingian Fonts for St. Patrick's Day
A script writing style of Europe and later on Ireland and England up until around the end of the 11th century, Carolingian script has uniformly-sized rounded letters. It has many uncial features but is more legible and is closely associated with the reign of Charlemagne.

Blackletter Fonts for St. Patrick's Day Projects
Also known as Gothic script or Old English, this style of font is based on script lettering of the 12th-17th century in Europe. Unlike the more rounded letters of the Uncial and Carolingian scripts, Blackletter has sharp, straight, sometimes spiky strokes. Some Blackletter styles have a strong association with the German language. Today Blackletter is used to evoke an old-fashioned manuscript feel.

Irish Gaelic Fonts for St. Patrick's Day
Derived from the insular scripts of Ireland, Gaelic is also called Irish type. It was developed specifically for writing Irish (Gaeilge), making it a popular choice for St. Patrick's Day use in any language. Not all Gaelic-style fonts include the Gaelic letterforms needed for the Celtic/Irish languages.

Hanging Punctuation and Optical Alignment
Hanging punctuation and optical alignment makes text edges look more orderly and balanced.

Use Hanging Punctuation for Pull-Quotes and Headlines
Hanging punctuation, commonly used for pull-quotes, creates the illusion of a uniform edge for the text, with the punctuation outside the margins.

Technical Alignment of Text - Why You Need Hanging Punctuation
The eye craves order and alignment. However, technically aligned text doesn't always look as if it is perfectly aligned because of the shape and size of characters in text, especially punctuation.

Creating Hanging Punctuation With Automated Software Options
In some programs, such as Corel Ventura, Adobe Creative Suite applications, and QuarkXPress 8, hanging punctuation is an automated function.

Manually Creating Hanging Punctuation - When Your Software Has No Hanging Punctuation Options
For software without automatic options for hanging punctuation it requires some manual manipulation of the text. You can use kerning or invisible characters to create the hanging punctuation effect.

When Colors Touch Prevent Gaps and Avoid Trapping
Trapping digital files is the process of compensating for misregistration on the printing press by printing small areas of overlapping color where objects meet. Learn the basics of trapping and alternatives to trapping.

Trapping - Avoid Touching Colors and Close Registration to Avoid Need for Trapping
Trapping digital files is the process of compensating for misregistration on the printing press by printing small areas of overlapping color where objects meet. Learn the basics of trapping and alternatives to trapping.

Trapping - Use Common Process Colors to Avoid Gaps and Need for Trapping
Trapping digital files is the process of compensating for misregistration on the printing press by printing small areas of overlapping color where objects meet. Learn the basics of trapping and alternatives to trapping.

Trapping - Overprint Black to Prevent Gaps and Avoid the Need for Trapping
Trapping digital files is the process of compensating for misregistration on the printing press by printing small areas of overlapping color where objects meet. Learn the basics of trapping and alternatives to trapping.

Trapping - Basic Trapping Terminology
Trapping digital files is the process of compensating for misregistration on the printing press by printing small areas of overlapping color where objects meet. Learn the basics of trapping and alternatives to trapping.

Trapping - Chokes and Spreads in Trapping
Trapping digital files is the process of compensating for misregistration on the printing press by printing small areas of overlapping color where objects meet. Learn the basics of trapping and alternatives to trapping.

Trapping - Knockouts May Require Trapping to Avoid Gaps
Trapping digital files is the process of compensating for misregistration on the printing press by printing small areas of overlapping color where objects meet. Learn the basics of trapping and alternatives to trapping.

Trapping - Overprinting or Surprinting to Prevent Gaps and Avoid the Need for Trapping
Trapping digital files is the process of compensating for misregistration on the printing press by printing small areas of overlapping color where objects meet. Learn the basics of trapping and alternatives to trapping.

Trapping - Manual and Automatic Trapping and Software
Trapping digital files is the process of compensating for misregistration on the printing press by printing small areas of overlapping color where objects meet. Learn the basics of trapping and alternatives to trapping.

Do It Yourself Christmas With Holly or Snowflake Borders for Stationery or Fliers
Resize these borders for greeting cards, stationery, or posters with a holiday theme. Create Stationery with Holly or Snowflake Borders for a Do It Yourself Christmas.