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How to Use Gentle Discipline Techniques
Gentle discipline can be a very effective way to teach kids how to manage their behavior problems, but only if you use it correctly.

How to Respond When Your Preschooler Calls You Names
It's common for preschoolers to call their parents name sometimes. Find out the best ways to respond.

8 Healthy Habits You Should Teach Your Child Now
It's never too early to start teaching your child healthy habits. Keep your child healthy and safe by enforcing these habits every day.

Parenting Book Review: 1-2-3 Magic
Find out more about the popular book 1-2-3 Magic and learn how it may be able to prevent and address your child's behavior problems.

9 Discipline Mistakes Divorced Parents Often Make
Disciplining a child after a divorce poses some special challenges. Here are nine parenting mistakes you should avoid.

Five Different Types of Child Discipline
Learn about the different philosophies and techniques used in the five different types of child discipline.

Forget Helictopter Parents: Millennials are Into Drones
Millennial parents are leveraging technology into their parenting and discipline practices. Read about how they use technology in supervising children.

5 Types of Household Rules All Kids Need
Find out the five basic types of rules that kids of all ages need for healthy growth and development.

Use If...Then Warnings to Stop Behavior Problems
Learn how to reduce behavior problems and gain compliance after a single warning with an if...then statement.

7 Discipline Strategies for Bedtime Behavior Problems
Find out which strategies work best if you're dealing with bedtime behavior problems, such as a child who argues about bedtime, refuses to stay in bed, or attempts to sleep in your bed.

Tips for Limiting Electronics and Screen Time for Kids
Learn how to set limits on how much time your children are spending using TV, video games, computers, and cell phones.

How to Teach Kids Self-Discipline with Money
Learn how to teach your kids to have self-discipline with money by teaching them how to be savvy savers and thrifty spenders with their allowance and spending money.

How to Address Child Sexual Behavior Problems
Find out how to respond to a child's sexualized behavior in an appropriate manner and how to recognize when to seek professional help.

Symptoms of Common Behavior Disorders in Children
If your child misbehaves often, be on the lookout for warning signs of a behavior disorder that might require professional treatment.

Positive Attention Can Reduce Behavioral Problems
Sometimes, all it takes a daily dose of positive attention to reduce a lot of negative behavior from children.

Why It is Important to Discipline Your Child
There's a big difference between discipline and punishment. Here's why your child needs discipline.

How to Tailor Discipline to Your Child's Temperament
Determine your child's temperament by evaluating nine different traits. Then, find out which discipline tools are most likely to work best with your child.

How to Avoid Power Struggles with Children
When you get into a power struggle with your child, you'll lose every time. Here's how to prevent it from happening in the first place.

The Most Effective Consequences for Teenagers
These consequences will cause your teen to think twice about breaking the rules again. They're effective to use and easy to implement.

Why Doesn't My Discipline Change My Child's Behavior?
Sometimes, certain discipline techniques just aren't effective. If your child's behavior isn't changing, it's important to find out why.

What Is Behavior Modification?
When used consistently, behavior modification can effectively change your child's behavior.

Effective Discipline Techniques for 7-Year-Old Children
Find out which discipline strategies are most effective for 7 year olds.

Examples of Household Rules for the Entire Family
This sample list of household rules can help you create your own list for your family.

8 Discipline Strategies for Kids with ADHD
These discipline strategies can be the most effective ways to teach a child with ADHD to manage his behavior.

10 Surefire Signs You're Raising a Strong-Willed Child
If your child's behavior is difficult at times, be on the lookout for these 10 telltale signs that you're parenting a strong-willed child.

Reasons to Have Compassion for a Naughty Kid's Parents
It can be tempting to think a misbehaving child is the product of bad parenting. But here's why you should have some compassion for those parents.

Role Model the Behavior You Want to See From Your Kids
Kids copy their parents' behaviors, so it's important to model the behavior you want your child to exhibit.

The Best Ways to Manage a Child's Defiant Behavior
Dealing with a child who refuses to listen can be really frustrating. Fortunately, these strategies can increase compliance fast.

10 Reasons Why Kids Break the Rules and Misbehave
Kids break the rules for several reasons and sometimes, their misbehavior might be caused by something you'd never expect. Learn more.

Reasons Why It Is Important to Set Limits With Kids
Healthy discipline requires parents to set limits with kids. Learn about why limit-setting is so important to a child's development.

Ways to Increase Consistency with Discipline
Learn how to make your discipline strategies more consistent which can greatly improve behavior problems.

When Parents Disagree on Discipline Strategies
Many couples disagree on parenting issues. Learn what you can do when you disagree on discipline strategies.

Common Child Behavior Problems and Their Solutions
Learn about different discipline strategies and decide which will work best to address the most common behavior problems, such as lying and defiance.

How to Teach Kids Problem-Solving Skills
Learn how to give your child the skills he needs to solve his own problems so he can make good decisions even when you're not there to help.

The Best Way to Discipline 4-Year-Old Children
Disciplining a 4-year-old can be a challenge. Here are the most effective strategies that will teach your child better behavior.

5 Ways to Teach Your Child Anger Management Skills
Learn strategies to help teach kids appropriate ways to handle their anger and reduce behavior problems.

The 15 Best Ways for Parents to Handle Fussy Eaters
It's normal for kids to be fussy eaters sometimes. The way parents respond makes a big difference in what children are willing to put in their mouths.

How to Find Age-Appropriate Discipline Techniques
Create age appropriate discipline strategies that line up with your child's development to help him manage his behavior.

Consequences and Punishment Differences for Kids
There's a difference between consequences and punishments. Appropriate consequences teach kids to learn from mistakes and helps them manage their behavior.

Behaviors That Can Be Addressed with Reward Systems
If your child struggles with any of these behavior problems, a reward system can be the fastest way to motivate him to change.

The Importance of Teaching Kids Self-Discipline
Use discipline strategies that teach self-discipline. Then, your child will learn to control himself even when you're not there to enforce the rules.

A Discipline Toolbox Every Parent Needs
A discipline toolbox filled with useful discipline strategies will help you address your child's behavior problems effectively.

10 Ways to Teach Children Impulse Control
Developing impulse control requires a variety of skills. Here's how you can teach your child to control his impulses.

Is it Okay to Nag Kids to Do Their Homework?
There are effective ways to motivate your child to do his homework, without nagging. Try these strategies today.

6 Skills Discipline Should Be Teaching Your 4-Year-Old
Learn how to teach your child the social, emotional, and behavioral skills he'll need to be prepared for school.

Free and Low Cost Reward Ideas for Kids
Rewards for good behavior don't have to cost money. There are many free and low cost reward options that can give kids plenty of incentive to behave.

Taking Away Privileges to Discipline Children
Taking away privileges from children can be an effective way to help them to learn to manage their behaviors.

Time Out as a Tool to Manage Misbehaviors
Learn how to use time out as an effective discipline strategy to manage behavior problems in children.

5 Problems with Being a Pushover Parent
Being a pushover parent can have some serious consequences for kids in the long run.

10 Tips for Establishing Household Rules
These 10 strategies will help you create household rules that everyone in the family can follow.

Facts About Corporal Punishment
Corporal punishment remains a hot topic of debate. Here are some facts about spanking, including what the U.S. and countries around the world think of it.

The Pros and Cons of Zero Tolerance Policies in Schools
Zero tolerance policies were put into​ place in schools to keep kids safe, but critics report that these policies aren't working.

How to Create Reward System that Change Kids' Behavior
Whether your child won't do his chores or you're concerned about his aggression, a reward system could be the fastest way to change his behavior.

Why You Shouldn't Tell Your Child to Keep Secrets
Tell your children not to keep any secrets. Read about how to discuss with children about the different types of secrets, and the importance of privacy.

10 Ways to Discipline Toddlers
Learn about how to find the best ways to discipline a toddler, which include praising good behaviors, establishing routines, and more.

7 Common Reasons Parents Feel Guilty
Feeling guilty as a parent is common, but it can lead to unhealthy behaviors that do a disservice to you and your child. Here's how to address guilt.

Strategies to Help Your Child Silence Negative Thinking
Negative thinking can crush a child's self-esteem and interfere with him reaching his full potential. Learn how to help your child tame his inner critic.

Sample Cell Phone, TV and Computer Rules for Teenagers
Learn about the types of rules teenagers need when it comes to electronic devices, such as cell phones, computers, and video games.

10 Tips for Raising Mentally Strong Kids
Give your child the exercises he needs to build mental muscle so he can grow up to become a mentally strong adult.

Create a Bedtime Routine that Helps Your Child Sleep
Research shows that a consistent, calming bedtime routine helps kids sleep better. Read these tips to create a successful bedtime routine.

Review: The Incredible Years, Carolyn Webster-Stratton
The Incredible Years by Carolyn Webster-Stratton, Ph.D., is a useful parenting book that addresses a variety of discipline strategies.

What is a Parenting Coach and Do I Need One?
Parenting coaches provide a variety of services that can assist you with anything from practical problems to discipline issues.

3 Ways "Uncool" Parents Can Stay Strong
Sometimes being an

6 Ways to Discipline Kids without Yelling
There are lots of ways to get your child to listen without raising your voice. Here's how to discipline without yelling.

5 Ways Your Anxiety May Get in Way of Healthy Parenting
Never let your attempts to control your anxiety interfere with your child's need for independence. Read about anxiety interfering with healthy parenting.

5 Ways to Reduce Bedtime Arguments
Try these strategies to curb your children's whining, begging, and protesting over bedtime fast. These include making routines and rewards.

Do Violent Video Games Lead to Aggressive Behavior?
Research finally reveals the real impact violent video games can have on children.

Should You Discipline Your Child for Wetting the Bed?
Bedwetting can become frustrating when it goes on for years. Learn whether or not it's okay to discipline a child for wetting the bed.

3 Ways to Deal With a Clingy Child
A few simple changes to your routine can prevent your child from being too clingy. Learn about how to build independence with children.

7 Ways to Address a Child's Obnoxious Behavior
Whether your child is making rude noises or mocking his brother, find out how to curb these obnoxious behaviors fast.

Effective Discipline Techniques for 9-Year-Old Children
Parenting a

3 Parenting Strategies That Make Kids Materialistic
Loving parents may inadvertently encourage materialism in children by sending them the wrong message about their values.

10 Signs You May be an Authoritarian Parent
Authoritarian parents are characterized by rigid rules and little emotional warmth. Learn the characteristics of this parenting style.

9. You don’t trust your child to make good decisions.
Authoritarian parents have high expectations but they struggle to allow kids to have an opportunity to fail.

10. You often say, “Because I said so!”
Authoritarian parents usually don't tell kids about the underlying reasons for their rules.

1. You have little patience for misbehavior.
Authoritarian parents expect children to behave.

2. You try hard to control your child’s behavior.
Authoritarian parents express a high degree of control over children.

3. You try to shame your child into behaving.
Authoritarian parents are highly critical of children.

4. You don’t hesitate to use corporal punishment.
It's common for authoritarian parents to resort to spanking.

5. You don’t believe in ‘exceptions to the rule.’
Authoritarian parents don't negotiate with kids.

6. You’d rather use punishments than positive reinforcement.
Authoritarian parents don't believe in rewarding kids.

7. You value discipline over fun.
Authoritarian parents emphasize rules and structure over fun.

8. You have a lot of rules.
Authoritarian parents have a long list of household rules.

5 Manners All Children Should Know
Never estimate the power of teaching your child good manners. Learning these 5 things will get your child off to a good, polite start.

How to Deal with a Child Who Constantly Complains
If your child complains all the time, these strategies can help him start looking on the bright side.

6 Steps to Getting a Child to Stop Whining
Whining can be an annoying habit. Teach your child these skills instead and you'll curb whining fast.

Top 10 Reasons Why Kids Bite
Understanding why children bite can help you develop a plan to prevent it and address it appropriately.

How to Get Help for Parenting Problems
If you're struggling to manage your stress level, or you're having difficulty managing your child's behavior, these resources can help.

How to Reduce Jealousy Between Siblings
Jealousy between siblings comes in many forms, but the good news is, you can take steps to curb it fast.

How to Make Time-Out an Effective Discipline Strategy
Time-outs need to be used appropriately to be effective. Find out which strategies to work best to make time out an effective discipline strategy.

How to Limit Your Child's TV Time
Most kids watch way too much TV - and the harmful effects show. Take steps to limit your child's TV time.

What is School Refusal and How to Address It?
It's important to be on the lookout for warning signs of school refusal so you can address it before it becomes a major problem.

How to Give Effective Instructions to a Child with ADHD
A child with ADHD will tune you out unless you give instructions in a specific way. Learn how to give instructions that will be followed.

How to Create a Chore Chart that Works
Put an end to the battle over chores once and for all. Learn how to make an effective chore chart.

How to Address Child's Behavior Problems with a Doctor
Concerned about your child's behavior? Here are some examples and tips to help you raise the issue with your pediatrician.

How Stressful Life Events Affect a Child's Behavior
While most kids can't say they're stressed out, they'll show you through their behavior. Learn the signs and how you can help.

7 Reasons Why Restitution Changes Children's Behavior
Learn why restitution can be such as an effective child discipline strategy.

Discipline Strategies that Teach Kids Not to Interrupt
Talking over people and interrupting is a bad habit. Teach your child to wait for his turn in a conversation so he doesn't interrupt people.

10 Ways to Prevent Behavior Problems Before They Start
A few simple strategies to the way you discipline your child can go a long way to preventing behavior problems before they start.

How to Determine the Best Way to Discipline Your Child
There are lots of different ways to discipline your child. This is how you can discover which discipline strategies will work best for you.

Emotion Coaching - A 5 Step Discipline Process
Learn more about the steps involved in emotion coaching and find out if it is the right type of discipline for your family.

Helicopter Parents: Do They Help or Hurt Children?
Helicopter parents often want their children to be as successful as possible. However, this type of discipline may do more harm than good.

9 Habits of Highly Effective Parents
Highly effective parents know how to raise responsible kids. Here are the habits they use to raise their kids well.

6 Ways to Help Your Child Banish Boredom
It's not your job to entertain your child just because he's bored. Give him the skills and tools to entertain himself.

The 6 Best Alternatives to Time-Out for Kids
When time-out isn't a good discipline option, try one of these effective alternatives for your child.

4 Little Behavior Problems You Shouldn't Ignore
Although it's OK to ignore some mild behavior problems, these are four little behaviors you shouldn't let slide.

Sample List of Bedtime Rules and Routines for Kids
Learn how to create a list of bedtime rules that will encourage your child to behave at bedtime.

4 Types of Parenting Styles & Their Effects on Kids
Learn about the different types of discipline and parenting styles, and the impact that each of them can have on children.

Boundary-Based Discipline Techniques for Kids
Boundary-based discipline can be a really effective way to help kids learn to follow the rules consistently.

How to Use Positive Discipline Techniques
Positive discipline doesn't mean you can't use negative consequences when your child misbehaves.

Effective Methods for Disciplining Older Teens
Older teens still need discipline, but your approach to consequences should shift as your teens grow older.

Are Boot Camps for Troubled Teens a Good Idea?
Boot camps are often a last resort for desperate parents of out of control teenagers. However, there may be some better alternatives.

Warning Signs of Normal and Abnormal Child Behavior
Ever wonder if your child's behavior is normal? Find out how to recognize warning signs of a serious behavior problem from pre-schoolers to teens.

Discipline Strategies that Promote Healthy Self-Esteem
Discipline doesn't have to make kids feel bad about themselves. Preserving their self-esteem can motivate them to make better choices in the future.

Discipline Strategies for Children with Autism
Children with autism require a slightly different approach to discipline. These strategies can support your child's behavior management efforts.

How to Get Kids to Listen the First Time You Speak
By making a few simple changes to the way you give directions, you can get kids to listen the first time you speak.

The Difference Between Punishment and Discipline
There's a big difference between discipline and punishments. Find out the best ways to help your child learn from mistakes.

5 Ways to Deal With Disrespectful Children
Disrespectful children can turn into disrespectful adults, unless you take steps to curb the disrespect now.

How to Give a Time-Out When You're in a Public Place
Whether you're in the grocery store or you're at a ball game, giving your child a time-out when you're in public can be complicated.

9 Classroom Discipline Tips for Teachers
Whether you're a Sunday school teacher or a public school teacher, these discipline strategies can reduce behavior problems in the classroom.

7 Ways to Avoid Spoiling Your Kids for the Holidays
Spoiling kids - even on the holidays - isn't a good idea. Here are seven ways to keep the indulgence to a minimum.

How to Deal With People Who Criticize Your Parenting
Many parents think their parenting strategies are better than yours. Here's how to respond when other people criticize your parenting choices.

Does My Child Have Oppositional Defiant Disorder?
Don't miss the potential warning signs that could indicate your child has Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

7 Ways to Deal with a Bossy Child
All kids are bossy sometimes. The way you respond will make a difference in how long the bossy phase lasts.

Establishing House Rules for Teenagers
Learn how to create rules for your teenager that promotes independence while offering guidance.

Discipline Strategies for 5 Year Olds
Disciplining 5-year-old kids is part art, part science. These discipline strategies can be most effective for kindergarten age kids.

Effective Discipline Techniques for 6-Year-Old Children
Learn about the typical behaviors of first graders and find out which discipline strategies are most effective for 6-year-old children.

How to Create Household Rules for Kids
Kids behave best when the household rules are made crystal clear.

Factors that Influence Discipline Strategy Effectiveness
Learn the factors the influence your child's behaviors so you can determine which discipline strategies will be most effective.

When Is it Appropriate to Discipline Someone Else's Child?
There may times that it's necessary to step in and discipline someone else's child—but those situations are few and far between.

Effective Ways to Discipline a Child for Swearing
Most kids swear once in a while. Learn which discipline strategies can be the most effective when your child uses a colorful vocabulary.

8 Alternative Discipline Strategies to Spanking
There are lots of ways to get kids to behave without using corporal punishment. Check out these alternatives to spanking.

How to Shape Your Child's Behavior One Step at a Time
Get your child to behave better by shaping his behavior one small step at a time as he learns new skills.

Discipline for Kids with Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Learn how to help kids with oppositional defiant disorder manage their behaviors with these parenting techniques.

How to Create Behavior Management Contracts for Kids
Find out how to create a behavior management contract that will give your child a chance to show she can be more responsible.

Discipline a Child - Out of School Suspension for Fighting
Sometimes being suspended from school isn't a consequence for most kids. Learn how to discipline your child if he's been suspended from school so he won't get suspended again.

Create a Bedtime Routine That Helps Your Child Sleep Better
If getting to bed each night is a struggle, a bedtime routine that gets your child to go to and stay in bed can help.

How to Create an Effective Behavior Management Plan
When your child exhibits behavior problems, create a behavior plan to solve the issues fast.

Pick Effective Discipline Tools
When children exhibit behavioral issues, developing a behavior management plan can help you determine which discipline strategies will be most effective in managing the behaviors.

Establish a Formal Behavior Plan
When children exhibit behavioral issues, developing a behavior management plan can help you determine which discipline strategies will be most effective in managing the behaviors.

Review the Plan with Other Caregivers
When children exhibit behavioral issues, developing a behavior management plan can help you determine which discipline strategies will be most effective in managing the behaviors.

Discipline Kids with Positive and Negative Consequences
Positive and negative consequences determine how likely a child is to repeat a behavior. Find out how to make those consequences effective.

Sticker Charts: Motivate Your Preschooler
A sticker chart can motivate your preschooler to learn new behavior, but only if you use the chart in the right way.

Parenting Skills That Promote Effective Discipline
Parents need these 8 skills to effectively discipline children and promote positive, healthy behaviors.

4 Ways to Become a More Patient Parent
It's not easy to be patient with kids sometimes, but learning how to become a more patient parent will greatly improve your relationship.

The 8 Biggest Discipline Don'ts
Avoid these eight discipline errors, which can't make your child's behavior problems even worse.

How to Teach Kids About Feelings
Teach kids how to use their words to describe their feelings and you'll reduce a lot of behavior problems.

Discipline Your Child with Logical Consequences
Logical consequences can be a great discipline strategy and an effective way to teach kids how to manage their behaviors better.

Toxic Parenting Habits Between Couples That Hurt Kids
Fighting in front of the kids isn't the only bad habit between couples.

5 Common Problems with Token Economy Reward Systems
Learn how to avoid the most common problems parents encounter when creating a token economy system to reward good behavior.

When Does Discipline Become Child Abuse?
There are federal guidelines about corporal punishment but each state has separate laws about when discipline becomes child abuse.

The 4 Biggest Discipline Mistakes Most Parents Make
If you've made these discipline mistakes, you're in good company. Learn how to avoid repeating these mistakes in the future.

How Much Should You Limit Your Kids' Electronics?
How much screen time should your child be allowed? The American Academy of Pediatrics has updated its recommendations.

Should I Allow My Child to Quit a Sports Team?
If your child wants to quit a sports team, should you let her? Or, are you better off to make her finish what she started?

Should Kids Do Chores?
Assign chores that will teach your child the skills he needs to become a responsible, independent adult.

Why You Shouldn't Overindulge Your Child
It can be tempting to give kids everything they want to keep them happy. But overindulging your child isn't healthy.

Why Parents Shouldn't Bribe Kids
Although a quick bribe may get your child to behave for a minute, your efforts will backfire in the end.

Why Parents Should Never Mix Praise with Criticism
Separate your positive feedback from your negative feedback.

Why Do Kids Act Worse for their Parents?
If your child consistently receives positive reports about his behavior from other caregivers - yet doesn't follow the rules at home - you're not alone.

What to Do When Grandparents Undermine Your Authority
Find out the best way to respond when your parents or your in-laws are undermining your authority with your kids.

What to do if Your Child Misses the Bus on Purpose
If your child misses the school bus on purpose, these strategies can help ensure it won't happen again.

What is the Best Way to Deal with Temper Tantrums?
Curb your child's temper tantrums fast with these discipline strategies.

10 Ways to Stop Your Child from Biting
Most children bite at one time or another. The way you respond to biting will play a large role in the likelihood of whether or not it continues.

5 Discipline Strategies that Teach Kids Old-Fashioned Manners
Teach your child age appropriate manners and etiquette and he'll gain respect from his peers as well as adults around him.

5 Ways to Respond When a Child Uses Baby Talk
Find out what discipline strategies work best when a child reverts back to baby talk.

5 Most Common Preschool Behavior Problems and Solutions
Learn about the best solutions to solve these most common behavior problems in preschool children.

Top 7 Causes of Sibling Rivalry
There are many reasons why siblings squabble but these are the most seven common reasons for sibling rivalry.

7 Tips for Disciplining a Depressed Child
If you're child is struggling with depression, it's important to choose your discipline strategies wisely.

Life Skills Your Discipline Should Teach Your Kids
Teaching your child these six life skills will ensure your child is prepared to become a responsible adult.

Lack of Sleep May Lead to Behavior Problems in Kids
Research shows that children who aren't getting enough sleep are more likely to have trouble managing their behavior.

The Secret to Getting Kids to Eat Their Vegetables
If you want your child to eat vegetables, researches say you'd better stop doing this one thing.

The Harmful Effects of Too Much Screen Time for Kids
Too much screen time takes a serious toll on children's well-being.

The Crucial Difference Between a Bribe and a Reward
While rewards are effective, bribes can make behavior problems worse. Unfortunately, many parents don't recognize the difference between them.

The Consequences of Permissive Parenting
A lack of discipline can affect children for their entire lives.

The 5 Basic Components of Effective Child Discipline
These five basic ingredients will make your discipline strategies much more effective for your child.

The Dos and Don'ts of Teaching Kids Stranger Danger
A family's misguided attempt to teach a child about stranger danger may have scarred him for life. Teach your child safety skills in a healthy manner.

How to Work With Your Child's Teacher to Address Behavior Problems
If your child is acting up at school, team up with the teacher to extinguish those behavior problems fast with these seven steps.

How to Use Praise to Promote Good Behavior
The best way to encourage good behavior is to praise your child's efforts.

How to Teach Kids to Treat Pets Kindly
Take a proactive approach to teaching your child how to treat animals with respect.

How to Teach Your Child How to Make Good Choices
Teach your child how to manage his own behavior so he can make healthy choices when you're not there to help.

5 Discipline Strategies to Address an Ungrateful Child
If showing appreciation isn't your child's strong suit, a few small changes could help instill a more grateful attitude.

How to Motivate a Lazy Child
There are several parenting strategies that can get an unmotivated child up and moving.

How to Work From Home While Caring for Your Child
Sometimes, working from home with your child can't be avoided. Here's how to manage your child's behavior and get work done.

How to Manage Your Child's Behavior at the Grocery Store
These discipline strategies can help you manage your child's behavior problems and meltdowns in the grocery store.

10 Steps to Help a Child Stop Lying and Tell the Truth
If you catch your child lying, follow these 10 steps to encourage honesty.

How to Get Your Nanny on Board with Your Discipline
Make sure you and your nanny can address your child's behavior as a team.

How to Get Your Toddler to Behave in a Restaurant
Taking a toddler to a restaurant can be a challenge, but these tips can help.

7 Steps to Creating a Behavior Chart for Your Child
Tired of dealing with your child's behavior problems? Create a behavior chart that will curb misbehavior fast.

Solutions to 5 Common Food-Related Discipline Issues
Learn how to address common food-related behavior problems and help your child develop healthy eating habits.

5 Warning Signs that You are Raising an Angry Child
These warning signs may indicate your child has a serious anger problems.

How Labels Can be Harmful to Kids
Referring to your child as your 'little musician' actually isn't a good idea.

Use Ignoring to Reduce Attention-Seeking Behaviors
Selectively ignoring mild misbehavior can be the fastest way to reduce a child's inappropriate attention-seeking behavior.

Role Playing with Kids: How to Teach New Skills by Acting Out Scenes
Acting out scenarios and engaging in pretend play is a fun way to help your child learn new skills and practice new behavior in a safe environment.

How to Avoid Power Struggles with Kids who are Picky Eaters
Power struggles with a picky eater about food can lead to lots of behavior problems. Learn how you can reduce power struggles with a picky eater by setting limits and enforcing these rules about food.

An Interview with Melanie Potock Continued
Melanie Potock explains how parents can set limits with picky eaters and enforce rules without engaging in power struggles about food. Page 2.

How to Use Positive Reinforcement to Address Child Behavior
Positive reinforcement, in the form of praise or rewards, encourages kids to improve their behavior.

Use Praise to Build Children's Character Rather Than Inflate Their Egos
Empty praise and frequent accolades aren't necessarily healthy for your child. Here are five ways to use praise to build your child's character.

How Parental Expectations Affect Children’s Academic Achievement
Ever worry you're putting too much pressure on your child? Or think you don't expect enough? Find out about the importance of appropriate expectations.

9 Strategies for Parenting an Energetic Child
A few small changes to your parenting strategies can help high energy kids thrive.

Top 10 Discipline Techniques for Tweens
The tween years are a critical time for discipline. Use these discipline techniques to give your child the skills he needs to make good choices.

8 Ways to Teach Kids Self-Discipline Skills
Want your kids to do their homework, complete their chores, and follow rules? Find out how to teach kids self-discipline skills, so kids behave responsibly.

Effective Discipline Techniques for 8-Year-Old Children
Learn which discipline strategies are most effective when you're parenting an 8-year-old.

Discipline Your Child's Behavior, Not the Emotions
Send that message that it's OK to have a wide variety of emotions, but that doesn't mean it's OK to break the rules.

What is Free-Range Parenting?
The media has raised a lot of questions about free-range parenting lately. Find out what it's really all about.

How to Create Rules for Mealtimes
Learn how to establish rules for mealtimes that will encourage kids to develop a healthy attitude toward food.

15 Signs You Are Too Strict With Your Child
While kids need rules and structure, being too strict isn't good for them either.

7 Signs that You Are Overparenting Your Child
Overparenting can interfere with normal development and prevent children from gaining the skills they need to become healthy, responsible adults.

15 Social Skills Children Need to Get Along With Others
Help your child learn and master these social skills.

Should You Pay Your Child for Good Grades?
Many parents go to great lengths to help their children reach their full academic potential.

Setting Limits with Food to Keep Kids Healthy
Learn how to set limits with food to help your child avoid eating too much or making too many unhealthy choices with food.

Should You Force Your Child to Say Sorry?
When your child hurts someone, it's tempting to make him say he's sorry. But is forcing an apology really the best way to respond?

5 Reasons Kids Listen to One Parent More than the Other
If your child has gotten in the habit of listening to one parent more than the other, consider these five possible reasons why.

Should You Ever Negotiate with Children?
Ever wonder if it's OK to bend the rules a little when your child tries to negotiate with you?

Solutions to the Common Problems with Time-Out
These time-out problems make many parents give up on using it as a consequence. These solutions can help you make time-out more successful.

Research Links Energy Drinks to Behavior Problems
The latest research highlights why young people should never consume energy drinks.

7 Reasons Calling the Police on Your Child Won't Work
You may want to think twice before trying to scare your child with a visit from a police officer.

5 Signs You're Putting Too Much Pressure On Your Child
If you see any of these red flags, you're likely putting too much pressure on your child to perform.

6 Signs Your Child has a Victim Mentality
If your child exaggerates his misfortune, he may be developing a victim mentality.

Create a Token Economy System to Improve Child Behavior
A token economy system can be one of the fastest ways to motivate your child to behave better.

7 Reasons Your Child May be Hyperactive
There are lots of reasons why kids are hyperactive sometimes.

5 Reasons Your Child Doesn't Listen the First Time You Speak
The five mistakes will increase the chances that your child will tune you out.

Is Spanking an Effective Way to Discipline Kids?
Although many parents say they think there are more effective alternatives to spanking, the vast majority still use corporal punishment.

Is There a Link Between Diet and Behavior Problems?
Could junk food really be affecting your child's behavior?

Parenting Tips from 10 Parenting Experts
Top parenting experts offer their most valuable discipline tips.

5 Phrases that Make Your Instructions Less Effective
These little phrases make a big difference when you're trying to change your child's behavior.

Parenting Style Impacts Whether Kids Will Develop Cavities
Certain parenting styles increase the risks children will develop cavities in their teeth.

Parenting Stress and Child Behavior Problems
Raising a child with behavior problems can be really stressful. Take steps to manage the stress in a healthy manner.

9 Strategies for Parenting a Strong-Willed Child
Parenting strong-willed kids requires a slightly different approach sometimes.

Prevent Your Child From Making Excuses About his Behavior
Teach your child the difference between an explanation and an excuse and help him take responsibility for his behavior.

9 Outrageous Zero Tolerance Policy Punishments
Since zero tolerance policies don't take individual circumstances into account, sometimes students receive ridiculous punishments for minor offenses.

7 Ways to Prevent Your Child From Being a Sore Loser
Behaving like a poor sport isn't going to win your child any friends. Teach your child how to stop being a sore loser.

7 Parenting Resolutions for the New Year
Consider these resolutions to help you commit to healthy parenting practices next year.

5 Parenting Mistakes that Make Temper Tantrums Worse
These well-intentioned responses to a child's temper tantrums will inadvertently encourage your child to throw fits in the future.

5 Parenting Mistakes that Make Separation Anxiety Worse
Although some of these discipline tactics can relieve your child's anxiety in the short-term, they'll make separation anxiety worse in the long-term.

23 Inspirational Parenting Quotes
These inspirational parenting quotes can help you keep your child's behavior in proper perspective.

Is it Really OK to Ignore Mild Misbehaviors?
There are a lot of disagreements about whether or not ignoring mild misbehaviors is an effective form of discipline. Learn more about ignoring and see if it is a discipline method you want to use.

How to Prevent Behavior Problems on a Road Trip
Headed on a road trip? A few proactive measures can go a long way to keeping the peace and preventing behavior problems before they start.

How to Respond When a Child Says Something Embarrassing
All kids say socially inappropriate comments at one time or another. Here's how you can recover.

How to Teach Kids about Money
Start teaching your child wise money habits from an early age and you'll set him up for success in the future.

6 Ways to Teach Kids to Resolve Conflict Peacefully
Teach your child to settle disputes without hitting or name calling.

How to Give Toddlers Some Autonomy
There's a reason your toddler says,

How to Create Structure in Your Child's Day
Kids do best when they have a predictable routine and they know what to expect.

How to Manage Your Child's Behavior on an Airplane
When you take your child on an airplane, many of your usual discipline practices may not apply.

How to Teach Your Child to Deal with Disappointment
Disappointment is part of life. Teach your child how to deal with it.

How to Respond When Your Child Says, "I Hate You!"
Almost all kids will say,

How to Get Your Child to Stop Showing Off for Guests
Don't let your child insist on being the center of attention every time guests come to visit.

How to Get Your Toddler to Stay in Bed
Does your toddler get out of bed a dozen times every night? You're not alone.

How to Reduce New Baby Jealousy
It's normal for older children to be jealous when you bring home a new baby. These strategies can help.

How to Address Your Child's Holiday Behavior Problems
Don't let your child's holiday mischief and meltdowns ruin your holiday activities. Restore peace with these strategies.

How to Help a Child with Separation Anxiety
It's normal for kids to have some separation anxiety. But, if you don't proactively address it, your child's anxiety could get worse.

How to Use Restitution to Discipline Your Child
When used appropriately, restitution can be one of the most effective ways to teach kids to take responsibility for their behavior.

How to Get Your Teen Out of Bed on Time for School
Waking teens up in the morning and getting them out of bed can be a challenge. These strategies work better than nagging, shaking, and dragging your teen out of bed.

How to Respond When Your Child Says, "I'm Bored!"
Today's kids get bored easily. Find out the most productive ways to respond to complaints of boredom.

How to Get Your Child to Stop Sleeping In Your Bed
If your child is used to sleeping in your bed, it can be hard to break the habit.

How to Discipline Your Toddler with Redirection
Steer your child away from poor choices by redirecting her toward more appropriate activities.

How to Establish Realistic Expectations for Kids
It's hard to know sometimes if you're expectations of your child are too high or too low. Here are seven ways to establish realistic expectations.

7 Ways to Discipline Children in Foster Care
Children in foster care require some special care when it comes to discipline.

How to Teach Your Child to be a Good Friend
Kids aren't born knowing how to be a good friend. You have to teach them how to develop healthy relationships with their peers.

How Parents Can Recover When They've Overreacted
If you've threatened a ridiculous consequence that you can't possibly follow through with when your child misbehaves, you're not alone.

How to Say No to Kids and Mean It
Don't give your child mixed messages. When you say no, show your child that you're going to keep your word.

How a Parent's Temperament Influences Parenting Style
Ever considered whether your personality is a good fit with your child's temperament?

7 Ways to Curb Your Child's Victim Mentality
Prevent your child from thinking that the world - and everyone in it - is out to get her.

6 Ways to Get Your Child Out of Bed in the Morning
Getting kids up and out of bed on time for school can be a chore for parents. Find out how to make your child responsible for getting himself up.

5 Positive Aspects of Raising a Spirited Child
Although there are lots of challenges that come with raising a spirited child, fortunately, there are also lots of rewards.

10. Permissive parents are friends with their kids.
Permissive parents don't want to be the boss. Instead, they prefer to be friends with their kids.

3. Permissive parents believe in kids "being kids."
Permissive parents want children to have opportunities to

4. Permissive parents value freedom over responsibility.
Permissive parents don't give kids chores.

6. Permissive parents don't micromange their children.
Permissive parents don't hover over their children's activities.

8. Permissive parents use bribes.
Permissive parents rarely punish kids.

Permissive Parenting
Permissive parents exhibit specific characteristics.

9. Permissive parents don't give out consequences.
Permissive parents don't give out consequences.

1. Permissive parents don't schedule their child's day.
Permissive parents don't create schedules for kids.

2. Permissive parents don't believe in structure.
Permissive parents don't believe in structure.

5. Permissive parents have few rules.
Permissive parents don't have many rules or regulations.

7. Permissive parents weigh their children's opinion.
Permissive parents ask kids what they think their punishments should be.

8 Discipline Strategies for Parenting a Sensitive Child
These parenting strategies help sensitive kids grow up to become responsible adults..

Top 9 Reasons for School Refusal
School refusal is a symptom of a larger problem. Get to the root of the problem and uncover the reason your child doesn't want to go to school.

10 Tips for Ensuring Your Toddler Gets Enough Sleep
Getting a toddler to sleep for the recommended 12 to 14 hours can be tricky. These tips can help.

7 Things Therapists Wish All Parents Knew
If you're concerned about your child's behavior problems, here are some things you should know before seeking professional help.

Is There a Medication that Will Improve My Child's Behavior?
Ever wondered if your child may need medication to address behavior problems?

Natural Consequences as a Discipline Strategy
Natural consequences can teach children to make better choices in the future.

10 More Expert Parenting Tips
Parenting experts from around the world offer their most important parenting tips.

Discipline Strategies that Help Kids Deal with Divorce
These strategies can help you maintain consistent discipline after a divorce.

5 Mistakes Parents Make When Giving Kids Directions
There are a few common mistakes in the way most parents give directions that make kids less likely to listen.

9 Ways to Help Kids Transition Between Activities
Moving from one activity to another can be difficult for young children. Here's how you can make transitions a little easier.

How to Deal with Out of Control Kids
If your children are out of control, these discipline strategies can help.

Grandma's Rule of Discipline
Grandma's rule can be a great discipline tool. Learn how to use it effectively to get kids to listen.

Household Rules that Encourage Kids to Have a Healthy Relationship with Food
Learn how to establish food related rules that will encourage your child to have a healthy body and a healthy attitude about food.

Establishing Food Related Food
Learn what types of rules can backfire and what types of rules are helpful when it comes to helping kids develop healthy attitudes toward food. Page 2.

3 Steps to Helping Kids Build Mental Strength
Mentally strong kids are able to regulate their thoughts, manage their emotions, and behave productively despite their circumstances.

6 Ways to Make Consequences More Effective
Whether you are using time out or taking away privileges, find out how to make those consequences an effective tool that discourages misbehavior.

6 Ways to Remain Calm When Your Child Misbehaves
Even good parents lose their cool with their children sometimes, but getting angry when your child misbehaves won't help the situation.

Discipline Strategies for Stressed Out Kids
Kids can get stressed out by the problems in their lives and may require specific discipline strategies to help them manage their stress.

Could My Child Have ADHD?
Although a lot of kids seem to have shorter attention spans in the digital age, some struggle more than others to sit still and stay focused.

Discipline Strategies to Manage Aggression in Children
These discipline strategies are the most effective ways to address aggressive behavior in children.

What Do I Do About My Child's Behavior Problems at School?
If your child has been misbehaving at school, these strategies can help.

5 Common Concerns About Giving Kids Rewards
Parents often have concerns about whether or not reward systems are really a good idea. Find out the truth about whether or not rewarding kids for their behavior is a good idea.

Discipline Techniques That Exacerbate Behavior Problems
Some parenting strategies and discipline techniques can actually make a child's behavior problems even worse.

5 Common Time-Out Mistakes Parents Make
Time-out can be a very effective discipline technique, but only when it's used appropriately.

Does Sugar Really Make Kids Hyper?
Many parents worry that too much sugar will lead to hyperactivity in children. Several studies shed insight on whether this idea has any merit.

4 Examples of Positive Discipline
Discipline doesn't always need to involve negative consequences. These positive discipline techniques can be very effective.

9 Things You Shouldn't Say When Disciplining Your Child
The words you use will leave a lasting impression on your child.

An Online Behavior Management Contract for Teens
Want to create an online behavior contract with your teen? Check out Bypact.

When to Show Compassion and When to Use Tough Love with Your Child
Sometimes it's best to show compassion when your child misbehaves but at other times, it's healthy to use a little tough love.

Consequences of Children Growing Up with Authoritarian Parents
Research shows that kids who grow up with a lot of rules and harsh discipline are likely to experience some of these problems.

Bad Haircuts Won't Solve Your Child's Behavior Problems
Although shaming kids with embarrassing haircuts has gotten a lot of attention, there are much more effective ways to address behavior problems.

Childhood Screen Time Habits May Last a Lifetime
A new study reveals how TV viewing habits during childhood can carry into adulthood.

6 Dangers of Being a Control Freak with Your Child
Letting go of some control can be scary for parents, but healthy for kids. Find out the consequences that being a control freak can have on kids.

5 Discipline Tricks That Lead to Big Behavior Change
Although they seem simple, these discipline tricks can be very effective ways to get your child to behave better.

6 Areas Where Kids Need to Learn Self-Discipline
Find out how to teach your child self-discipline skills in these six key areas.

Should You Tell Kids to Behave Because Santa is Watching?
Although warnings of the naughty list can be effective in the short-term, the threat of cancelling Christmas also has some downsides.

One-On-One Time with a Child Reduces Behavior Problems
Carving out time to give your child your undivided attention is one of the simplest, yet most effective ways to prevent behavior problems.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

4 Types of Behavior Charts that Motivate Kids to Behave
These charts for kids will keep your family better organized and they can teach your child new skills.

7 Ways Parents Can Put an End to a Child's Pestering
Put an end to pestering by teaching your child to deal with disappointment in a more socially appropriate manner.

13 Things Mentally Strong Parents Don't Do
Mentally strong parents work hard to avoid these common pitfalls that rob them of mental strength and prevent them from parenting at their best.

What to Do When Your Child Steals
Almost all kids steal something at one time or another. These five discipline strategies can prevent stealing from turning into a serious problem.

5 Lessons About Sexual Abuse We Learn from the Duggars
The news about sexual abuse the Duggar siblings should serve as a cautionary tale for parents everywhere.

Talk to the Pediatrician About Your Child's Behavior
Don't be shy about mentioning emotional and behavioral concerns to your child's pediatrician.

5 Ways to Address Summer Vacation Behavior Problems
Summer vacation can turn to mayhem if you're not careful. These discipline strategies can help.

Teach Your Child to Deal with Uncomfortable Emotions
Teach your child healthy ways to deal with uncomfortable emotions like anger, sadness, and fear.

7 Ways to Deal with a Sassy Child
All kids are sassy sometimes. But if you don't respond appropriately, your child won't learn that it's not OK to be disrespectful.

What to Do When a Child Doesn't Care About Consequences
If your child doesn't seem to care when you give him consequences for misbehavior, ask yourself these four questions.

10 Unhealthy Reasons Parents Avoid Disciplining Kids
Don't let these 10 excuses get in the way of giving your child the discipline he needs to become a responsible adult.

6 Ways to Handle a Toddler Temper Tantrum in Public
It seems like toddlers reserve their wildest temper tantrums for the most inopportune times. Here's how you can deal with a colossal meltdown in public.

What is Sensory Processing Disorder?
Sensory processing disorder may be behind some of your child's most difficult behavior problems.

Why You Shouldn't Make Your Child Hug Anyone

Why Teachers Shouldn't Take Away Recess
Taking away recess could actually make a child's behavior problems get worse.

What to Do When Your Child Refuses to Go to School
If your child refuses to go to school, these strategies can relieve his distress and get him back in school fast.

7 Uncomfortable Emotions Kids Need to Experience
Resist the urge to rescue your child from all emotional discomfort. It's important for them to learn to deal with these seven emotions.

Why it is Important to Teach Children Impulse Control
Teaching impulse control skills at a young age will set your child up for success throughout life.

The Best Way to Discipline a Child for Spitting
If your child spits at you because he's mad, this is how you should respond.

Teach Kids the Difference Between Tattling and Telling
It's important for kids to understand that there are times when seeking help from an adult doesn't constitute tattling.

6 Ways to Stop Your Child From Being a Tattletale
If you've got a tattletale on your hands, these strategies can help curb squealing fast!

Top 3 Reasons Kids Tell Lies
Identifying the reason why your child lies can help you decide how to respond most effectively.

What Should I Do When My Child Hits Me?
If your child hits you these discipline strategies can prevent it from happening again.