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Letting Go of The Victim Role During The Divorce Process
You have a choice, you can be the victim or the victor. When faced with an unwanted divorce or the repercussions of your spouse's cheating which role will you choose to play?

Letting Go of The Need to Control During The Divorce Process
Trying to control a situation or the behaviors of another person keeps us from making choices about our own lives. If your spouse leaves you for another person, the only thing you have control over is how you respond to your situation.

Letting Go of What You Want During The Divorce Process
Will you let getting what you want during the legal divorce process get in the way of coming to a final divorce agreement that benefits all concerned?

Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce
Wandering how to divorce? Getting a divorce is not a complicated process. There are certain requirements you must meet based on your state’s divorce laws.

How Do I Get A Divorce – Advice On How To Get a Divorce
Getting a divorce is not a complicated process. There are certain requirements you must meet based on your state’s divorce laws before you file for divorce. Once you have filed for divorce other factors such as child support, spousal support and division of marital property come into play. Page 2.

What Is a Controlled Separation?
Controlled separation is a new approach to dealing with marital problems that has grown in popularity over the last few years. The ultimate goal of controlled separation is to save the marriage by working with a counselor by putting together a separation agreement with specific guidelines.

Understanding Your Final Decree Of Divorce
A final divorce decree is a document signed by your judge that outlines the agreements you and your ex came to pertaining to issues​ like child custody.

What Is a Divorce?
People have many questions about divorce, what a divorce involves, how to proceed with a divorce and so on. Therefore, I will try to answer some of the most common questions people seem to have when faced with divorce.

Five Challenges Divorced, Single Moms Face
Divorced, single moms have a lot of their plate. These are unique challenges that only a single mom can understand and relate to.

9 Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship
For some couples things don't fall into place. For some they do and these nine signs are found in healthy marriages.

Is Divorce The Only Solution for Your Marital Problems?
Do you want a divorce? The decision to divorce shouldn't be taken lightly. Don't file for divorce until you've left no stone unturned and worked on marital problems.

When "Needing Space" Is a Sign Of Cheating
If your spouse tells you they

Five Things to Consider When Hiring a Divorce Attorney
Hiring divorce attorney to handle your divorce is a very important decision. When making the decision keep these five tips in mind. They are imperative!

What to Consider When Hiring a Divorce Lawyer
Before hiring a divorce lawyer you need to learn what it is you are looking for in a lawyer. This is your guide for before, during and after the hiring process.

Top 9 Tips for Dealing With Divorce Stress
Recognizing and dealing with stress of divorce is an important aspect to living a healthy productive life.

Will Jon And Kate Gosselin Divorce?
Will Jon and Kate divorce? After being photographed leaving a local nightclub at 2 a.m. with a mystery blond one thing is certain, Jon Gosselin has some explaining to do or he may end up in divorce court.

How To Navigate The Emotional Aspect of Your Divorce
The emotional aspect of divorce is the most difficult part of the process to navigate. You need concrete advice and resouces to help you deal and survive.

5 Tips For Positive Communication With Your Ex
One of the most frustrating aspects of divorce is our inability to communicate constructively with an ex. These 5 tips will be helpful while coparenting.

What Is a Legal Separation?
A legal separation can be the answer for couples having marital problems but not yet ready to divorce and give up the legal benefits of marriage.

The Passive Aggressive Spouse Never Follows Through
Obstructionism is the deliberate obstruction of progress in a relationship. The passive aggressive spouse obstructs progress by resisting following through with expectations in interpersonal relationships

6 Tips For Building Stong Bonds In a Blended Family
You love your new spouse but that doesn't mean your blended family will automatically bond well. Here are 6 tips to help you bond as you blend.

Should You Be Friends With Your Ex?
If being friends with your ex is too painful, then, don't be friends with your ex. You have to protect your own emotional wellbeing after divorce.

What Happens When Fathers Abandone Boys?
Fatherless boys, they grow up in a one-down position. When a father is absent from a boy's life that boy suffers life long negative consequences.

8 Behaviors That Predict a Divorce Is In Your Future
There are 8 predictors of divorce. Marriage takes more than love. If you have any of these issues in your relationship, think twice before marrying.

7 Warning Signs Your Marriage May Be Over
You've grown apart and intimacy is a thing of the past. These are two of the seven signs your marriage is over and you may be headed for divorce.

7 Things Divorce Can Teach Us About Love
There are lessons to be learned through the divorce process. One of the most important lessons is what you can learn about love and what

9 Signs You're Having Marital Problems
Feeling unhappy in your marriage? Here are nine questions that will help you determine whether or not you're having marital problems or it's something else.

6 Reasons I Believe The Divorce Rate Is So High
There are many reasons the divorce rate is so high. Here are six reasons I've put together based on my work as a Divorced Coach and Marriage Educator.

What to Do if Your Spouse Threatens Divorce Too Often
Spouses threaten divorce when their response to problems is infantile. They've not developed relationship skills needed to deal with grown-up conflict.

6 Signs of Parental Alienation Syndrome
Six early signs of parental alienation syndrome and a discussion of the harm alienation does to children who are victims of an irrational parent.

Providing Child Health Coverage After Divorce
It is important that child have health coverage after divorce. This can be complicated and will play a large role during divorce settlement negotiations.

Can a Child Choose Who to Live With After Divorce?
After a certain age, a child can choose which parent to live with after divorce. What is a parent to do if they don't agree with the child's wishes?

29 Things No One Tells You About Divorce
There are things no one tells you about divorce. That you only learn once you've gone through the divorce process. Here are 29 of those things.

6 Reasons Long-Term Marriages End In Divorce
There are many reasons long-term marriages end in divorce. These are the top six reasons older adults are finding​ themselves divorced.

3 Ways To Deal With The Pain Of An Unwanted Divorce
Dealing with the pain of an unwanted divorce means being able to distract yourself from the emotional pain in order to gain the clarity needed to move on.

12 Reasons She May Have Cheated On You
Women cheat for many reasons. If your wife cheated it could have been for one of these 12 reasons. Do you recognize your situation in this article?

What is Bird’s Nest Custody And How Does It Work?
Bird's nest custody, a concept in child custody that leaves the children in the home after divorce with the parents rotating in and out on a regular basis.

11 Signs You Are Over Your Ex-Spouse
You think you are over your ex-spouse but, aren't sure. You are and these 11 signs prove it. It isn't easy getting over an unwanted divorce but, you did.

Divorce Support
Divorce Support.

Divorce Support
Divorce Support.

Divorce Support
Divorce Support.

Divorce Support
Divorce Support.

Divorce Support
Divorce Support.

Divorce Support
Divorce Support.

Divorce Support
Divorce Support.

Divorce Support
Divorce Support.

Divorce Support
Divorce Support.

9 Reasons Your Spouse Fell Out Of Love With You
If love isn't nurtured it slowly dies away. Here are nine reasons your spouse/partner fell out of love with you. Sometimes love isn't meant to last.

5 Tips For Stepparents Dealing With An Angry Bio Parent
It is hard to stepparent if you are dealing with an angry bio parent. Here are five tips for de-escalating drama and protecting your new family from conflict.

5 Tips For Dealing With Anger During Divorce
If you find yourself consumed with anger during or after your divorce these 5 tips will help you move through the anger stage and forward with your life.

9 Topics To Discuss Before Blending Your Family
Successful blended family work begins before the family is even blended. Discussing these nine topics before blending your family leads to successful blending.

5 Reasons Women Cheat In Relationships
Women cheat for many reasons, here are 5 that will help shed light on why your spouse or girlfriend cheated. Please remember, reasons aren't excuses!

7 Things You Need To Know About Rebound Relationships
Seven important things you need to know about rebound relationships after divorce. Have you moved into a new relationship too soon and too fast?

Can I Sue My Ex For Domestic Abuse?
Thinking about suing your abusive ex? Whether or not you can depends on your state's laws pertaining to the damage or losses you suffered due to the abuse.

10 Ways Blame Negatively Impacts Marriage
When I think about a climate of blame in a marital relationship, I think of the negative effect it has on a marriage.

How Do You Define Cheating In a Relationship?
Infidelity and cheating can be hard to define if you and your spouse have not set up clear guidelines and boundaries for your relationship.

Dividing Debt During Divorce
It is in your best interest to deal with the issue of dividing debt during divorce in a proactive manner. Will you pay off debt before divorcing or divide it?

9 Things To Do Before Leaving An Abusive Marriage
When leaving an abusive relationship do these 9 things to help protect yourself from the anger and lack of control over you, your abuser will feel.

7 Ways To Survive Your First Post-Divorce Christmas
Your first post-divorce Christmas will be difficult to get through. These 7 tips will help you navigate the holiday and take a break from those breakup blues.

A 5 Step Guide To Solving Marital Problems
You have martial problems but can't seem to find a way to solve those problems. This is your 5 step guide to finding solutions to those marital problems.

Can I Be "Friends" With My Cheating Husband?
Can you be friends with an ex who cheated? Yes, but, only when you've recovered from the pain of their infidelity and, only if it is the right thing for you.

Is Gray Divorce Bad For Your Health?
Yes, it would appear that gray divorce is bad for your health. As we age the more inclined we are to develop stress-induced illness that become chronic.

Wyoming State Divorce Laws
A comprehensive guide to Wyoming state divorce laws. A guide to issues such as property division, child custody and other divorce related issues in Wyoming.

How Is Child Support Calculated?
If you have children and are going through the divorce process you need to know all you can about child support. Do you know how child support is calculated?

What Is Marital Abandonment?
The legal definition of marital abandonment, the two different types of abandonment, and how abandonment is handled under no-fault divorce laws.

Conflict Avoidance: What Kind of Damage Is It Doing To Your Marriage?
There is no room in a marriage for conflict avoidance. Marital problems can't be solved if one or the other spouse is avoiding engaging in conflict.

4 Wrong Reasons to Marry
If you want to end up in divorce court, all you have to do is marry for the wrong reasons. Why we marry greatly determines how success a marriage will be.

2 Strategies Used During Divorce Negotiations
There are two strategies used during divorce negotiations. The, let's be fair strategy and the I'm taking it all strategy. Which do you think works best?

What Is a Prenuptial Agreement?
A prenuptial agreement is a contract negotiated before marriage that outlines how property, spousal support and debt will be handled should there be a divorce.

5 Tips For Handling Discipline In a Blended Family
As parents in a blended family, an important issue you will face is how your children will be disciplined. And what role a step-parent will play in disciplining.

There Are Two To File For Divorce
There are two ways to file for divorce. You can hire a divorce attorney or, represent yourself and file the paperwork via the court clerk. Which is right for you?

The Difference Between a Legal Separation and Divorce
The difference between a legal separation and divorce is, one puts an end to your marriage, the other doesn't. There are benefits to both based on your needs.

Marriage Problems That Often Lead to Divorce
Are there problems in your marriage that could lead to divorce? Here are ten signs you are in an unhappy marriage and may end up in divorce court.

Where To Find Divorce Records Online
Looking for divorce records online? Knowing where to search and how to search is the key to success. Here is a useful article that will help.

What Is Contempt of Court After Divorce?
Contempt of court after divorce happens when either party to the divorce defies any aspect of the court-ordered final decree of divorce.

28 Marriage Deal Breakers That Will Land You In Divorce Court
Your behavior will influence how successful your marriage and relationship is. That is a good reason to not engage in any of these 28 marriage deal breakers.

How Much Money Will You Spend on Your Divorce?
How much is it going to cost you to get a divorce? The first thing anyone considering divorce should know is that divorce is about dollars and cents.

5 Tips For Managing the Divorce Process After Infidelity
Divorce is difficult, divorce after infidelity is an emotional nightmare. To help all involved​ survive, especially your children here are five useful tips.

6 Ways A Spouse Uses Threats To Intimidate
Are you intimidated by your spouse? Do they you verbal threats to keep you in your place? Here are six examples of how a spouse will intimidate by making threats.

What Is the Appeal of an Online Affair?
Why is an online affair so appealing? Because it is easy to engage with, there isn't the guilt associated with actually having sex with someone and they are fun.

Is Your Wife Verbally Abusing You?
When a wife verbally abuses her husband, it can be hard to identify whether or not he is being abused. If you are being verbally abused do these four things!

6 Ways To Help Your Child Feel Protected After Your Divorce
What are you doing to help your child feel safe and protected after your divorce? Here are six tips every parent can and should use.

5 Common Co-Parenting Conflicts And How To Resolve Them
Conflict after divorce can be riddled with conflict. And, you may be playing a role in causing the conflict. Here are five conflicts and how to solve them.

5 Types of Infidelity and Cheating
People cheat for many reasons and there are different types of infidelity or cheating. Here are five types explained to help you understand how cheating happens.

7 Tips To Help You Prepare For a Divorce
How smoothly you get through the divorce process is dependent on how prepared you are for the legal and emotional process. These seven tips will help prepare you.

Are Your Spouse's Behaviors Ambiguous?
A spouse who is ambiguous about their feelings and the way they communicate does great harm to a marriage. Here are four examples of ambiguous behavior.

How Does Sexual Addiction Impact A Marriage?
Can sexual addiction, pornography, serial infidelity and compulsive sexual behaviors destroy a marriage? Not unless the addicted spouse is willing to seek help!

7 Divorce Myths You Can Ignore
You've heard the stories and have an idea of what divorce is going to be like. Here are four myths or preconceived​ notions about divorce you can ignore.

4 Different Types of Divorce
An explanation of what happens during the legal process for four different types of divorce. No-fault, uncontested, simplified and limited divorce.

7 Reasons People Stay in Abusive Marriages
There are important reasons people choose to stay in abusive marriages. Escaping isn't easy if you fear more abuse, have been isolated and feel shame.

6 Tips For Recovering From Narcissistic Abuse During Divorce
Recovering from narcissistic abuse takes time and patience. Surrounding yourself with a good support team and following these seven tips will promote healing.

5 Things Not To Do During Divorce
You can get a lot of advice about what to do during a divorce but, how about what not to do. Here are five things you shouldn't do during divorce.

6 Ways To Keep Divorce Attorney Fees To a Minimum
Divorce attorneys are a necessary part of divorce. Necessary doesn't mean you can't keep the expense at a minimum. Here are six tips for keeping down those fees.

What Impact Will Your Divorce Settlement Have on Your Taxes?
Your final decree of divorce can have an impact at tax time in several ways. Here I outline three tax things to take into consideration during divorce.

What You Should Do If Your Spouse Has An Affair
What will you do if your spouse has an affair? You will have to respond in some way. The important question is will you respond properly?

Louisiana State Divorce Laws
A comprehensive look at Louisiana divorce laws. Coving issues such as child custody, spousal support, residency requirements and property division.

Louisiana Child Custody and Child Support Laws
An explanation of how child custody and child support are handled in Louisiana during divorce. Page 2.

Texas State Divorce Laws
A comprehensive look at divorce laws in the state of Texas. A Guide to custody laws, property distribution, child support guidelines and statutes in Texas.

Texas Divorce Laws Continued
A complete guide to divorce laws in Texas. Page 2.

The Importance Of Equal Parenting After Divorce
Studies and research that show the importance of equal parenting after divorce. Every child deserves equal time with both mom and dad.

Things You Should Never Do During and After Divorce
Eleven things you should never do during divorce. Follow these tips and the divorce process will be less stressful emotionally and financially.

4 Divorce Tips For Dads
Want to be the best Dad you can be, divorce or, no divorce? Follow these 4 tips for Dad to help promote a healthy bond with your child.

Why Do We Make Divorce So Complicated?
Do we make divorce complicated or, is it the broken family court system that causes the complications and conflict in divorce?

7 Tactics For Dealing With An Ex Who Is a Control Freak
Divorcing a control freak doesn't always end the controlling behavior. If your ex is still trying to control you after a divorce, here are 7 tips for you.

Domestic Abuse Against Men: What Are The Statistics
Statistics on male victims of domestic abuse tell a shocking story. Are men the silent sufferers that society has forgotten?

5 Financial Benefits of a Legal Separation Agreement
Five reasons a legal binding separation agreement works in your favor. Legal separation doesn't put an end to your marriage so, it pays to protect yourself.

Legal Aid or Free Legal Advice During Your Divorce
Legal aid and free legal advice is available during divorce if you are a victim of domestic abuse or trying to protect a child who is a victim of abuse.

How To Have Great Sex After Divorce
Having great sex after divorce is a matter of being willing to get back into the game, not feeling shame and taking advantage of your new found freedom.

Divorce: Get Even or Get Over It?
Which is more important to you, getting over your divorce or, getting even? The desire to get even will keep you stuck in pain and frustration.

Connecticut Divorce Laws-What You Need to Know About Connecticut Divorce Laws
What you need to know about Connecticut divorce laws. Page 2.

Connecticut State Divorce Laws
A guide to divorce laws in Connecticut pertaining to child custody, visitation, spousal support, property division and other divorce-related​ legal issues.

Colorado State Divorce Laws
A guide to divorce laws in Colorado pertaining to chil custody, visitation, spousal support, property division and other divorce related legal issues.

Colorado Divorce Laws-What You Need to Know About Colorado Divorce Laws
What you need to know about Colorado divorce laws. Page 2.

Minnesota Divorce Laws
A complete guide to divorce laws in Minnesota. Guidelines to property division, child custody and other divorce-related issues in Minnesota.

Kansas State Divorce Laws
A guide to divorce in Kansas pertaining to child custody, visitation, spousal support, division of marital property and other legal, divorce issues.

Oregon State Divorce
Divorce laws for Oregon pertaining to child custody, visitation, spousal support and all divorce-related​ legal issues.

5 Steps to Take When Leaving a Bad Marriage
There is no guilt in leaving a bad marriage. These five steps will help you extract​ yourself from your marriage in a less painful manner.

5 Things You Need To Know About Collaborative Divorce
Five things you need to know about collaborative divorce and the collaborative divorce process. Are you ready to save time and money on your divorce?

5 Tips For Recoverying After Your Spouse's Infidelity
How well and quickly you recover after a spouse's infidelity depends on your attitude. These 5 tips will help you overcome the hurt, pain and shame.

How a Midlife Crises Is Different For Men And Women
Men and women experience midlife crisis for different reasons and, the symptoms can vary between the sexes. Do you know the differences?

What Is a Right of First Refusal Divorce Clause?
Having a right of first refusal clause in your custody agreement protects your ability to spend time with your child when the other parent isn't with the child.

Are You Living In A Sexless Marriage?
Whether or not your marriage is a sexless marriage depends on both spouse's definition of sexless. Your marriage may be healthy intimately, it may not be.

7 Signs Your Spouse Is Having a Midlife Crisis
Something off with your spouse? Are you wondering if it is a midlife crisis? Here are seven signs that will confirm whether he/she is having a midlife crisis.

10 Reasons People Stay in Bad Marriages
There are varying degrees of

The Top 4 Worst Reasons to Get a Divorce
Divorce is an option to anyone in a less than perfect marriage. Some can come up with some lame reasons to put themselves through the divorce process.

I'm Not Happy in my Marriage
It isn't our husband's job to

My Wife Never Wants Sex
Couples are rarely on the same page when it comes to libidos. There are ways to work through this issue without divorce turning into an option.

Worst Reasons To Get a Divorce: Reason #3 You're Bored With The Marriage
Divorce is an option to anyone in a less than perfect marriage. Some can come up with some lame reasons to put themselves through the divorce process.

Worst Reason To Get a Divorce: Reason #4 You've Grown Apart
With the many obligations we have on a daily basis it isn't unusual for couples to feel they have grown apart or emotionally detached from each other.

The Different Types of Alimony, Spousal Support, and Spousal Maintenance
Let's clear up the confusion, alimony, spousal support and spousal maintenance are all terms used to describe money paid to a spouse after a divorce.

8 Ways To Reconnect With Your Spouse After Severe Marital Conflict
Came close to divorce? Putting a marriage back together is hard work. Here are eight ways to reconnect with your spouse after severe marital conflict.

Divorce Support
Divorce Support.

Divorce Support
Divorce Support.

Divorce Support
Divorce Support.

Divorce Support
Divorce Support.

Divorce Support
Divorce Support.

Divorce Support
Divorce Support.

Divorce Support
Divorce Support.

8 Ways To Reconnect With Your Spouse After Severe Marital Conflict
Came close to divorce? Putting a marriage back together is hard work. Here are eight ways to reconnect with your spouse after severe marital conflict.

Hiding Computer Activity During An Affair
If your spouse is spending excessive amounts of time on the computer they could be engaged in an online affair or physical affair.

4 Issues Surrounding the Division of Marital Property
When divorcing there are four main concerns that come up during the division of marital property. This article outlines how to deal with each as it arises.

Midlife Crisis and Divorce
Are you experiencing any of the feelings listed in this article? If so, think carefully before filing for a divorce or letting go of things important to you.

How to Build Trust Through Marital Communication
Marital bonding both emotionally and physically is dependent on how well a couple communicates. Are you and your spouse building trust via communication?

4 Ways To Know You Are Ready To Divorce
Thinking about a divorce? Here are three ways to tell if you are ready for a divorce and life after divorce. Don't file before you are absolutely sure!

How ToPetition The Court For a Restraining Order
When petitioning the court for a restraining order or order of protection there is certain information you will need and steps you must take.

7 Tips To Help You Move On After Divorce
Moving forward while at the same time trying to navigate the legal process of divorce and heal from the emotional pain can be daunting and difficult.

How To Help Children Cope With Divorce
Nine things every parent should be aware of during divorce. If you want to help your child cope with your divorce don't do these nine things!

Domestic Abuse, Repressed Emotions And The Impact
Women living with domestic abuse often repress their emotions. Doing so can have a detrimental impact on their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Civil Annulment Laws
A brief overview of civil annulment laws and what couples go through to have their marriage declared null and void under law.

How To Have A Conflict Free Divorce - Part 2
Learn how to have a conflict free divorce by taking some time to read, think about and act on the advice below, and the specific steps you can take. Page 2.

Jewish Divorce: What is a Get?
Orthodox Jews go through a civil divorce but, to terminate the religious bond between the spouses a woman requests a Get before she is free to marry again.

Divorce Support
Divorce Support.

Divorce Support
Divorce Support.

Divorce Support
Divorce Support.

Divorce Support
Divorce Support.

Divorce Support
Divorce Support.

5 Women To Avoid When Dating After Divorce
You're a newly divorced man thinking about getting back into the dating scene. When dating again you want to avoid these five women.

8 Tips For Making Sure Marriage Counseling Will Work
Marriage counseling works if both spouses are committed to the process, are willing to take responsibility for their role in the problems and it isn't too late.

5 Types Of Men You Don't Want To Date After Divorce
Dating after divorce? If you are a woman there are certain men you don't want to become involved with, so don't date these five men after divorce.

Georgia Divorce Laws-What You Need to Know About Georgia Divorce Laws
Learn what you need to know about Georgia divorce laws with our comprehensive guide. Page 2.

How to Have a Better Divorce
To have a conflict free divorce, you need to take some time to read, think about and act on the advice below, and the specific steps you can take.

New Hampshire State Divorce Laws
What you need to know about New Hampshire divorce laws.

New Hampshire Divorce Laws - New Hampshire State Divorce Laws
Learn what you need to know about New Hampshire divorce laws with our comprehensive guide. Page 2.

Nevada Divorce Laws and Guidelines
What you need to know about Nevada divorce laws.

Nevada Divorce Laws - Nevada State Divorce Laws
Learn what you need to know about Nevada divorce laws with our comprehensive guide. Page 2.

South Carolina Divorce Laws - South Carolina State Divorce Laws
Learn what you need to know about South Carolina divorce laws with our comprehensive guide. Page 2.

New Jersey State Divorce Laws
What you need to know about New Jersey divorce laws.

New Jersey Divorce Laws - New Jersey State Divorce Laws
Learn what you need to know about New Jersey divorce laws with our comprehensive guide. Page 2.

Montana Divorce Laws - Montana State Divorce Laws
Learn what you need to know about Montana divorce laws with our comprehensive guide. Page 2.

Montana State Divorce Laws - Where to File
What you need to know about Montana divorce laws.

Maine State Divorce Laws and Considerations
What you need to know about Maine Divorce laws.

Maine Divorce Laws - Maine State Divorce Laws Continued
Learn what you need to know about Maine divorce laws with our comprehensive guide. Page 2.

Divorce Laws in Maine
Learn all about Maine divorce laws with our comprehensive guide. Page 3.

Kentucky Divorce Laws - Kentucky State Divorce Laws
Learn what you need to know about Kentucky divorce laws with our comprehensive guide. Page 2.

Recovering From Passive Aggressive Behavior
Comments from a reader in treatment for Passive Aggressive Behavior.

Recovering From Passive Aggressive Behavior (Page 2)
Learn about treatment for Passive Aggressive Behavior with some comments from one of our readers. Page 2.

What Roles Does Biology Play In Cheating?
According to research science and biology play a role in cheating behaviors. Did dopamine receptors, vasopressin cause the pain you felt when she/he cheated?

Canadian Child Custody Laws
Canadian child custody laws pertaining to access to the child, a parent's rights to health information and the process for relocating with a child.

4 Behaviors That Say, "This Marriage Is Over"
If your spouse engages in one of these behaviors your marriage is over. You shouldn't consider anything but divorce and move on with your life.

Crazy, Illogical Thought Processes That Feed The Drama of Divorce
Core beliefs, especially if they are skewed and illogical can play a role in keeping us stuck in the drama of a high conflict divorce.

How Smart Couples Divorce-Proof Their Marriage
Smart couples divorce-proof their marriage by staying connected via touch, sex, sharing enjoyable activities and making each other a priority emotionally.

Explanation of the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act
The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act is an important federal law pertaining to child custody issues if you live in a different state from your child/children. Page 2.

Passive Aggressive Behavior as a Form of Domestic Abuse
Passive aggressive behavior and domestic abuse, how do they connect? This article explains the relationship between the two negative behaviors.

Confronting Someone Who is Passive Aggressive
Confronting the passive aggressive in a constructive way will help give them insight into their negative behavior and you an outlet for your frustrations. Page 2.

Protect Yourself: Stalking After Divorce Or Separation
Stalking after divorce is a common problem, especially if the relationship was abusive. In this article you will find resources for victims of stalking.

4 Reasons Men Seeking and Receiving Alimony
Will you pay your ex-husband alimony? If you are the higher wage earner and he seeks alimony, chances are, you will because more men are seeking alimony.

2 Questions Every Divorced Dad Will Have To Answer About Visitation
What is worse than becoming a

How Is Property Divided in Community Property States?
Community property and divorce laws, what it is and how it is divided. And, why you should settle out of court in a community property state.

How Can I Get Through My Spouse's Midlife Crisis?
Your spouse may not survive their midlife crisis but you can. The key is to remember that it is their crisis and it doesn't have to determine how you live your life.

Therapy and Self-Focus During Your Spouse's Midlife Crisis
You won't survive your spouse's midlife crisis by trying to fix them. To survive you have to focus on yourself and what you have control over. Page 2.

The Truth About Marriage 2.0 And Men's Rights
Marriage 2.0, a term being used to describe today's marriages. A popular term for men who feel women have the upper hand during divorce but based on no reality.

A Tongue In Cheek Look At Infidelity Statistics
A tongue in cheek look modern infidelity statistics. After all, if a someone will cheat should we really expect honesty when responding to survey questions?

The New Wife: You Don't Have To Like Her But You Should Try
Your ex has remarried, you don't have to like the new wife, but you should at least try to get along. Especially if there are children involved.

What is the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act?
The Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act is a federal law pertaining to child custody issues if you live in a different state from your child.

Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act - An Explanation of the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act
Your child's home state is allowed to refuse jurisdiction of custody issues under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act. Page 3.

Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act
Under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act a person not a party to the custody proceeding has physical custody of the child or claims to have custody or visitation rights with respect to the child, it shall order that person to be joined as a party and to be duly notified of the pendency of the proceeding and of his joinder as a party. Page 4.

Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act - An Explanation of the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act
Under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act a certified copy of a custody decree of another state may be filed in the office of the clerk of the supreme court or of the family court. The clerk shall treat the decree in the same manner as a custody decree of the supreme court or of the family court. A custody decree so filed has the same effect and shall be enforced in like manner as a custody decree rendered by a court of this state. Page 5.

Moving Forward After Divorce
To move on after divorce you need to be open to new experiences, new ways of looking at things and new relationships.

How To Get a Divorce Without An Attorney
A step by step guide for those who wish to divorce without an attorney. Should you navigate divorce as a pro se litigant?

Steps for Getting a Divorce Without an Attorney
Pro Se divorce litigation means you are representing yourself in your divorce case. With a knowledge you can navigate the divorce process on your own. Page 2.

Thanksgiving Without The Kids? How Not To Go Crazy
Parents have to adjust to spending Thanksgiving alone without their children after divorce. As daunting as that feelings there are ways to deal with it.

What Legal Issues Can a Divorce Mediator Discuss?
Divorce mediators can't give clients legal advice. Their job is the help divorcing spouses come to a settlement agreement in a manner that is fair to both.

Dealing With Divorce: What Men Could Learn From Women
Stressed women tend to befriend each other while men go for the “fight or flight” option. As a result seeking support women handle stress better than men.

How To File For a Divorce
You've decided to divorce and are now wondering how to file for divorce. Here is a step-by-step guide for how to get the ball rolling on your divorce.

What Role Of a Collaborative Divorce Attorney?
Unlike regular attorneys, the collaborative attorney focuses on finding solutions for divorcing clients and keeping them out of the family court system.

Are You Being Abused? This Checklist Will Help You Decide
Wondering if you relationship is abusive? Check out this checklist for answers and confirmation of your fears and suggestions for how to keep yourself safe.

6 Reckless Mistakes Men Make During Divorce
Due to anger men make these six mistakes during the divorce process that can cost them custody of their children, loss of marital assets and legal rights.

Staying Calm And Centered During Divorce With Yoga
Yoga, which focuses on the mind and body is a great outlet for relieving emotional and mental stress during the divorce process. Try these five poses.

Take a Break From Divorce Stress With The Chid's Pose
Divorce is physically and emotionally tiring. If you become fatigued or feel like are about to break emotionally, take a rest with the yoga child's pose.

Become Centered And In The Moment With The Corpse Pose
Divorce takes over and causes us to become scatter​ brained and off balance. Remained balance emotionally and intellectually with the yoga corpse pose.

Stay Balanced During Divorce With The Half Moon Pose
Learn how to balance your emotions, responsibilities and the stress of divorce with the half moon yoga pose.

Build Confidence And Esteem With The Tree Pose
Divorce will chip away at confidence and self-esteem. Rebuild those during divorce with the tree pose.

Experience Tranquility During Divorce With The Sukhasana Pose
The sukhasana pose promotes tranquility and serenity. With divorce stress and emotions, those are two emotions you need to cultivate.

Documents Your Divorce Attorney Will Need
After you hire a divorce attorney you will need to provide to following documents related to your case. Documents such as bank statements and mortgage deeds.

Equitable Distribution of Marital Property
Equitable distribution is the method used by most states when dividing marital property and assets during divorce. Equitable means fair, not equal.

Father's Rights And Responsibilities During Divorce
As a father, you have certain rights and responsibilities with respect to your children during and after divorce. Protect those rights and responsibilities.

Saying "I Do" Isn't a Promise Of Unconditional Love
Many mistake marriage vows and the promise to love,

What Is An Uncontested Divorce?
An uncontested divorce happens when both spouses are able to work together toward a divorce settlement agreement without the need to go to divorce court.

Save Money With a Flat Fee Divorce Attorney
Can't afford a high priced attorney, considering hiring a flat fee divorce attorney who will take care of the divorce process, from beginning to end.

Alcohol And Infidelity
Alcohol consumption can be a cause for infidelity. Outlined here are four reasons alcohol can cause someone to cheat. None of which are excuses for cheating.

Will You Marry A Cheater?
Whether of not you marry a cheater depends on who you marry. If they've cheated in the past, they will, more than likely, cheat again in the future, on you.

What Is a Guardian Ad Litem?
A Guardian Ad Litem is a lawyer or mental health worker appointed by the courts to insure that your child's best interests are protected during custody.

What Role Can Your Child's School Play In Your Divorce?
In many ways your child's school can be a source of support for your child if you are divorcing. Use these tips to enlist help from teachers and counselors.

4 Topics To Discuss Before You Start The Child Support Process
When going through the divorce process child support can be a complex issue. We outline for topics that need to be discussed pertaining to child support.

5 Keys To Creating a Happy Blended Family
There are five key behaviors that promote bonding, happiness and love in a blended family. Follow these suggestions and you will create a successful family.

The Top Ten Books on Divorce
Want to be prepared? What better way than to read all you can about divorce, the divorce process and what to expect during this life transition. Check out this list of the top ten books on divorce.

Domestic Violence: You Can Stop The Abuse
In an abusive relationship? You can stop the abuse by leaving and refusing to be a victim of domestic violence. It is within your power to get out.

How To Tell Your Children About Your Divorce
Don't let fear get in the way of telling your child about your divorce. Your child should be told quickly with love and concern for their feelings.

4 Tips For Handling Rejection When Dating
Dating after divorce and rejection. It's something you need to prepare for. These four tips will help you handle dating rejection once you jump back in.

Forgetfulness: A Sign Of Passive Aggressive Abuse
Is your spouse forgetful? Especially when it comes to things that are important to you. Forgetfulness is a sign of abuse and passive aggressive behavior.

Definition of Adultery During Divorce
Adultery, because of no-fault divorce laws won't have a legal impact on your divorce. But, due to emotions run high aspects can be negatively impacted.

7 Things Not To Do After An Unwanted Divorce
Do not do these seven things after an unwanted divorce and you will move on to your new life with your pride intact and your head held high.

17 Signs You May Be Married To a Narcissist
Are you married to a narcissist? Probably not but, these seventeen signs and a good therapist can help you figure out whether you are or, not.

How a Divorced Dad Can Make a "Home" for His Children
Why and how a divorced dad needs to make a home for his children. Children should feel at home whether they are at mom's house or dad's house.

Provide a Home In a Family Oriented Neigbhorhood
Children will enjoy visiting dad after divorce if he provides a home in a family oriented neighborhood where there are other children to play with.

Hang Family Photos On The Walls
Hanging family photos on the wall can help children feel more at home when visiting Dad after divorce.

Establish New Family Traditions In Your Home
Divorced fathers can help children feel more at home in his home by establishing new family traditions with his children.

Make Your Children's Friends Welcome
If divorced dads include and make his children's friends feel welcome during visitation he won't have to worry about losing time with his chidlren.

Host Parties And Gatherings With Friends And Relatives
Divorced dads can bond with their children by hosting parties and gatherings in his home with family friends and relatives.

Allow Your Children To Have a Pet In The Home
Having a pet at Dad's house gives the children something to love and nurture when visiting and helps build strong bonds with Dad.

Have Clothes And Toys At Your Home
Divorced dads should always have clothes and toys for their children in their home. It helps make the transition smoother during visiation.

Cook Balanced, Nutritious Meals At Home
Divorced dads can help their children feel more at home by cooking balanced meals and sitting down for dinner with this children.

Provide a Private Sleeping Space For The Children
Divorced dads should have a separate bedroom or sleeping area for his children when they come for visitation on the weekends of during the week.

Using the Family Court System to Abuse a Spouse
Most couples end up in divorce court because one party to the divorce wishes to use the court to abuse the other spouse. Legal abuse is common in divorce cases.

How to Modify a Child Support Order
If there is a material change of circumstance…you lose your job, your ex-spouse has an increase in salary, your existing child support order can be modified.

Make Cooperative Parenting Work
When parents can put their differences aside and cooperatively parent, children will feel more secure. These five co-parenting guidelines will help.

Are You Emotionally Healthy Enough to Divorce?
Filing for a divorce while in a state of heightened emotions is one reason so many either regret divorce or, fail to navigate divorce more productively.

Myth vs. The Reality of Adultery
The adulterer lives in a mythical, storybook world. The realities of their actions are far different than the “reality” they create to justify the adultery.

4 Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Went Through a Divorce
The divorce experience can teach us a lot. Sometimes it teaches us things we don't want to learn. Here are 4 things I wish I had known about divorce.

Thinking About Divorce? 28 Questions To Help You Decide
Thinking about divorce? It's best not to make a rash decision. These 28 questions will help you decide whether or not divorce is right for you.

4 Ways To Develop a New Sense Of Self After Divorce
Divorce can leave you wondering who you are. This article outlines four ways to develop a new sense of self after a marriage ends.

8 Documents Your Divorce Attorney Will Need
To make the divorce process easier for you and your attorney get these 8 documents together and have them ready to provide to your attorney when needed.

Does Your Husband Have "One Foot Out of The Door?"
Your husband acts happy, has no complaints and you take it for granted that the marriage is good. Could you be making the wrong assumption?

Fractured Parental Relationship After Divorce? Should You Be The First To Reach Out?
What responsibility do adult children of divorce have in repairing a strained parental relationship? This article discusses that responsibility​.

5 Tools You Can Use To Help You Deal With Anger Triggers During Divorce
Divorce causes anger, anger can be triggered years after the divorce process has ended. This article discusses tools to be used to lessen triggered anger.

Are You Ready To Get Married Again?
Are you ready to get married again after divorce? This article outlines four reasons you aren't ready to marry again and four reasons you are.

Does the Bad Outweigh the Good in Your Marriage?
Do you feel worse and worse about your marriage as time goes on? When the bad outweighs the good it is hard to hold onto hope that things will change.

Should You Have Sex With the Ex?
Should you have sex with the ex? One thing for sure, if you are newly divorced and have been without sex for a while, it can be tempting.

What is Considered Marital Property?
Property acquired by either spouse before the marriage is considered non-marital property. All property acquired after the marriage is considered property of the marriage or marital property.

Top 10 Divorce Blogs
Going through a divorce? Check out the blog links below. Some lead to blogs with divorce resources, some lead to blogs about personal experience with divorce.

Maryland State Divorce Laws
Maryland divorce laws pertaining to child support, child custody, spousal support, property division and legal grounds for divorce.

Maryland Divorce Laws - Maryland State Divorce Laws
What you need to know about Maryland divorce laws. Page 2.

17 Bizarre And Hilarious Divorce And Marriage Laws
Some say you have to be crazy to get married. We all know that divorce will drive you crazy but did you know these 18 crazy marriage and divorce laws.

Should a Divorce Be Harder To Obtain?
There isn't a movement afoot to make divorce harder to get, just one that would encourage using common sense and knowledge before filing for a divorce.

How Divorce Will Impact Your Social Security Benefits
The Social Security Administration has protected home-makers and stay at home moms. This article covers retirement​ choices for those who are divorced.

Dismissing Feelings Through Lack of Communication
Verbal abuse, the use of words to hurt, can also be accomplished by a refusal to communicate. When your spouse won't talk to you, you are being abused.

Why Does The Passive Aggressive Man Withhold Sex?
The PA can't show anger they subconsciously express their anger by denying a lover affection. That is one reason passive aggressive men withhold sex.

Why Is The Passive Aggressive Always The "Victim?"
What is the pay-off for the passive aggressive who plays the victim? Appearing to be the injured party is important to their self-esteem, or lack of.

Co-Parenting a College Student: Who Pays What?
Ten financial issues for divorced parents to consider when sending a child to college. Do you know who will pay what in college​ expense for your child?

Don't Be a Victim of These Dirty Divorce Tricks
Nasty divorce tricks lawyers and their clients sometimes pull during the divorce process. Some litigants want to win at all cost!

4 Reasons Your Wife Doesn't Want To Have Sex With You
If your wife doesn't want to have sex with you there is a reason. Have you look at your role in your wife's lack of desire for sex? If not, you should.

3 Tips To Help Rebuild After Adversity
These 3 skills will help you rebuild your life after a period of adversity. Do you have the traits needed to move on after hardship?

The Virtues Of Anger: Why Divorce Related Anger Is a Good If Used Properly
When used properly, anger during divorce can promote empowerment and growth. Using anger constructively instead of destructively benefits all.

Were You "Meant To Be Together?" What Couples Get Wrong About Marriage
Butterflies and sexual attraction are nice, but married couples get this one thing wrong when deciding whether their marriage will succeed or fail.

What Wine Goes Down Well With Divorce?
What wine goes best with divorce or, better yet, if there was less wine consumed during the marriage, alcohol wouldn't cause so many divorces.

The Most Important Thing Missing From The Divorce Process
Compassion is what is missing from the divorce process. There is compassion if you lose a spouse by death but not if you lose a spouse to divorce.

Ashley Madison Hack: An Example Of Poetic Justice?
Ashley Madison hacked, is this a crime or a case of poetic justice? The site is dealing with the fallout while the members are worried about exposure.

How to Help Child Visitation After Divorce Go Smoothly
By dealing with the issues concerning child visitation separately and following a few simple guidelines, this can be much less painful for the child.

Can My Spouse Refuse to Sign Divorce Papers?
An abuser can refuse to sign divorce paperwork but, thanks to no-fault divorce laws they can't keep you from obtaining a divorce. They don't have the power!

What Is Common Law Marraige?
Instead of obtaining a marriage license, a man and woman who live together and intend to be married can become common law spouses without a license.

6 Things Needed For Second Marriages To Succeed
We all want another chance at love and marriage. Without these 6 skills, your second chance may be your last chance. Do you have the needed skills?

Taking Care of You During a Spouse's Midlife Crisis
When a spouse goes into a midlife crisis not only is it damaging to the marriage but also the other spouse. It's important you take care of yourself!

Should You Tell Your Child About The Affair?
Without going into too much detail, children should be told when their parents divorce due to an affair. It is a simple matter of building and retaining trust.

Bruce Provda Bio
Bruce Provda, Esq bio. Divorce Support.

5 Things You Need to Know About Infidelity
Some human beings can't seem to live a monogamous lifestyle. Research has shown that affairs are as old as marriage itself.

Twenty-One Ways To Save Money On Your Divorce
In this article, a divorce lawyer and a financial planner shares twenty-one practical ways to save money on your divorce.

Nine Ways To Save Money On Your Divorce
Using a mediator and familiarizing yourself with your state's divorce laws can keep down the expense of divorce. Page 2.

Three Ways To Save Money On Your Divorce
Settling your divorce out of court and sharing custody of the children are two ways to keep down the expense of a divorce. Page 3.

3 Ways To Put Your Child First After Divorce
Children's needs often get lost during divorce. Our children should always come first. If you are having a problem doing that follow these three tips.

58 Signs You May Be Codependent
Are you codependent? Here are 58 signs you may be addicted to unhealthy relationships and unable to break free due to low self-esteem.

Why You Are Unable to Move On After Divorce
Have you found yourself stuck in blame and anger after your divorce and unable to move on? Could you be blaming the other thing?

How To Prove Child Abuse In Family Court
Steps you need to take to prove child abuse in the family court system if you think your ex or someone is abusing your child. Do you know what to do?

It's Your Divorce, Shouldn't You Be In The Driver's Seat?
Four ways to stay in the

Sex After Divorce: 5 Reasons It's What You Should Be Doing!
There are many reasons sex is great for your health, especially sex after divorce. Here are five reasons you should not deny yourself an active sex life.

5 Reasons To Show Your Ex Respect After Divorce
Society needs more kindness so, why not put effort into showing your ex respect after divorce. Your children will forever be greatful for your example.

The Silent Treatment: How And Why It SCREAMS Abuse
Giving someone the silent treatment SCREAMS abuse. If your spouse gives shuts down and refuses to talk to you, you are living in an abusive marriage.

Why The Thrill Is Gone: 10 Reason Your Marriage Fizzled Out
If not paid attention to marriages fizzle out and die. What we feel are innocent behaviors can be the thing that causes couples to end up in divorce court.

What Are My Options For Same Sex Divorce?
Gay couples have three options when it comes to dissolving their marriage. This article outlines the steps same-sex couple will take during divorce.

How Does Marriage Equality Change Divorce For Same-Sex Couples?
With marriage equality, thanks to the Supreme Court how will divorce change for same-sex couples now that gays and lesbians can legally marry?

6 Money-Saving Single Parent Summer Vacation Tips
Want to take a single parent vacation with the kids? These for money-saving​ tips will get you closer to the get away you long for.

8 Tactics Used By Abusers To Gain Control Of a Spouse
Domestic abuse is about controlling the victim. These are eight tactics usually employed by an abuser to exert control over a spouse.

Is His Affair Over? 5 Ways To Know For Sure
He says his affair is over but you aren't sure. Here are five ways to make sure he isn't still seeing the other woman.

What To Do If Your Child Doesn't Want To Visit After Divorce
As your children grow older you may have to be more flexible if they show a lack of interest in visitation after divorce.

A Father's Legal Rights to Child Custody During Divorce
Is equal or full parenting time with your child important to you? Find out the father's legal rights to child custody before and during divorce.

Seven Lessons for a Stronger Marriage
Seven lessons learned from marriages that have endured and survived adversity. You can build a strong marriage regardless of common marital problems.

How To Respond To Your Spouse's Sexual Addiction
How you respond to your spouse's sex addiction determines how much damage the addiction does to you and the marriage.

Divorce: When Children Are Left Holding The Bag
Two stories of children who had to suffer the consequences of their parent's irrational behavior during and after the divorce process. A must read for all parents thinking about divorce!

Divorce: When Children Are Left Holding The Bag, Alan's Story
Will your behavior as a parent during the divorce process cause your child to suffer emotionally? Alan's story is an example of the emotional devastation caused to some children during their parent's divorce. Page 2.

Divorce: When Children Are Left Holding The Bag, Katy's Story
Parental Alienation left Katy without a father or the ability to trust men in general. What will your divorce mean for your child's future? Page 3.

Understanding And Dealing With Parental Alienation
Targeted parents who have a better understanding of parental alienation are better equipped to deal with and handle the resulting emotional pain.

Domestic Abuse and Children
Children who live with domestic abuse in the home are more likely to develop health and psychological problems as adults. Don't we owe them better?

What You Need to Know About Children and Divorce
Kids and divorce don't mix! Parents who aren't able to put their kids first during divorce let their kids down. Do you know how to parent during a divorce?

What Is A Low Conflict Marriage?
Do you live in a low conflict marriage? Many who have low conflict marriages are turning to divorce instead of learning the relationship skills needed to make the marriage more satisfying.

What is a Parenting Plan?
A good parenting plan will lessen the harmful impact of divorce on your child. Below are some suggestions of what should be included in a successful parenting plan.

Does Your Child Need Post-Divorce Therapy?
The best protection we can give our children during and after divorce is support in the form of a trained therapist. Below are signs your children may benefit from sessions with a therapist.

How to Enforce a Divorce Settlement Agreement
A divorce settlement agreement is the culmination of the divorce process. Do you know what to do if your ex defies your settlement agreement?

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & High Conflict Divorce
The definition of post traumatic stress disorder has been re-defined to include exposure to prolonged exposure to stressful events that cause extreme emotional distress. It only makes sense then that those involved in a high conflict divorce are also in danger of developing the symptoms of PTSD.

6 Ways For Divorced Dads To Stay In Contact With Their Children
It is easy for divorced dads to feel like visitors in their children's lives. Here are six ways Dad can stay in contact with their children after divorce.

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker's Divorce
Sexting leads to divorce for Eva Longoria and Tony Parker. Eva filed for divorce from Tony after finding hundreds of text messages on his cell phone. One has to wonder if Eva and Tony are just more evidence that marriage is becoming obsolete in today's society.

A Step by Step Divorce Guide for Men
Divorce differs for men and women. In this article you will find advice for men who are thinking about or going through a divorce.

How to Gain Strength, Courage And Confidence During Divorce
Divorce means change, a HUGE change and along with that change comes fear. Fear that you won't be able to make it on your own. Fear that your children will

Do You Know What to Expect During a High Conflict Divorce?
The family court system in not equipped to protect you during a high conflict divorce. It is up to you to learn what to expect and how to protect yourself.

Anne Clarke: The First American Divorcee?
The first divorce in the American colonies is said to be between Anne and Denis Clark. But, what about the Luxfords who divorced five years earlier?

Why Is A Love Affair So Intoxicating?
An affair will cause someone to feel mentally and emotionally exhilarated. Love affairs can be as intoxicating and addictive as alcohol or drugs.

6 Things Divorce Lawyers Can Do For You Before You File For Divorce
A divorce lawyer can play a role before you file for a divorce by helping you understand what to expect should you file for a divorce.


Play It Safe When Having Sex After Divorce
So you’re planning to go out on a date– how exciting! Whether it’s with someone new or someone you’ve already seen a few times, your adrenaline is probably pumping; dating and sex after divorce can nerve-wracking!

Why And What To Expect If Supervised Visitation Is Ordered?
Every parent has a right to a relationship with their child, even if the court orders supervised visitation. Here is what happens in such a situation.

Surviving Emotionally While Divorcing a Narcissist
Divorcing a narcissist is especially stressful due to their lack of compassion, empathy and concern for others. This article can help.

6 Things Kids Need From a Father: Be There For Them!
If you are a father who feels marginalized after divorce here is a list of 6 things your children need from you. Stay connected because you are important.