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Pitching to Get Your Documentary Funded and Distributed
The documentary establishment provides ways to pitch projects, get funding and distribution, But is it so different from the Hollywood studio system?

Documentary Film Festival Calendar 2014
A list of 26 top documentary festivals in the USA, Canada and Europe, with links to festival Websites, 2014 schedules, and overviews.

Documentary Film Festival Calendar 2014
A list of 26 top documentary festivals in the USA, Canada and Europe, with links to festival Websites, 2014 schedules, and overviews.

Documentary Film Festival Calendar 2014
A list of 26 top documentary festivals in the USA, Canada and Europe, with links to festival Websites, 2014 schedules, and overviews.

Documentary Symposia and Events - Events Showcasing Documentary Films and Fimmakers
One-time and recurring symposia and other special events offer documentary filmmakers and nonfiction film followers the opportunity to network while learning about new technologies and methods of distribution. Check often for upcoming events that might be of interest and/or helpful to you.

Popular Documentary Film Subjects - Popular Subjects For Documentary Films
If there is a subject that interests you, there is probably a documentary film about it. People, places, events past and present, culture and sports, science and the environment are all documentary film subjects. You'll enjoy the sweep of documentary film subjects categorized here.

Documentary Recommendations and Award Winners - Lists of Top Picks and Award Winning Documentaries
Top favorites, Oscar winners and other must-see documentary films.

Documentary News and the State of the Art
Articles in which leading figures in documentary filmmaking express their opinions about pressing issues in the art and practice of making documentary films.

Documentaries: Best Films, Directors, and Recommendations
Read documentary news, director interviews, and film reviews. Find out what documentaries to watch no matter your interest. Learn about new and classic non-fiction movies.

Alex Gibney
As documentary filmmaker, Alex Gibney is a great storyteller who utilizes cinamatography, dramatic lighting and sensitive pacing to engage the audience to examine critical social and political issues.

Documentaries on TV
PBS and cable channels such as HBO, IFC, Sundance, Showtime and others feature special nonfiction programming, including documentary features and series.

Documentary Film Offshoots - Use of Documentary Style in Narrative Features
Not all films based on true events and stories are truthful. Documentary filmmakers use dramatic editing and other effects to sway audiences. Similarly, narrative film directors use archival footage to lend credibility to their stories. Read here about crossover styles and techniques that blur the lines between documentary and narrative films.

Errol Morris
Documentary filmmaker Errol Morris is known for the intensely intimate interview style with which he profiles subjects like Robert McNamara and reveals the mindset of soldiers who tortured suspected terrorists in Iraq.

Film Festivals
Film Festivals are great venues for new documentary films and for retrospectives featuring the works of master documentary filmmakers. Some festivals specialize in documentaries; all festivals present at least several nonfiction films as part of their annual programming.

Documentary Filmmakers A to Z
An alphabetized list of notable documentary filmmakers.

Ken Burns
Ken Burns is known for epic multi-segment documentaires about subjects ranging from music to war.

Michael Apted
Director of the famous BBC 'Up Series' and President of the Directors Guild of America.

Michael Moore
Filmmaker Michael Moore's on camera antics have made him as famous as his probing films about health care, gun control and other social and political issues.

Documentary Film Glossary - Definitions of Terms Used In Documentary Filmmaking
A glossary of terms used in making and analyzing documentary films.

Top Documentary Filmmakers - Profiles and Interviews With Top Documentary Filmmakers
Documentary films are most often the product of the director's vision and persistence. Read here about the director's job and the people who fill it most brilliantly, setting standards for others. These are must-know names if you're interested in nonfiction film.

Documentary Film Festivals - Film Festivals Showcasing Documentary Films
These lists give you the basics about the leading documentary film festivals from Amsterdam to Vancouver, Toronto to Thessaloniki, and elsewhere around the globe. Festivals such as Sundance, SILVERDOCS and Full Frame, among others, provide unparalleled opportunity to see a wide range of nonfiction films and videos, and to meet filmmakers and critics. These lists should help you choose the festivals that appeal to you.

Documentary Film 101 - Basics About Documentary Films and Filmmaking
An intoduction to the production elements, aesthetics and history of documentary film.

Documentary Film Reviews - Movie Reviews of Documentary Films
Your source for information about documentary films, what they are about and whether they are worth seeing. You'll find contemporary and classical documentary films covered here.

Documentary Film Styles - Styles Used In Documentary Filmmaking
Documentary Film styles range from use of only original archival footage in compilation films to dramatic reenactments that illustrate events for which no archival footage exists. Here you'll read about the elements of style that determine a documentary film's credibility and influence its impact.

Documentary Film Venues - Where To See Documentary Films
Best venues for accessing documentary films

Curated Lists of Documentaries
Curated Lists of Documentaries with Specific Subjects, Themes or Styles

Documentary Hybrids: Nonfiction Films Using Fiction Film Techniques
This is an annotated list of hybrid documentaries in which narrative filmmaking techniques -- reenactments, special effects, animation and other such elements -- are used effectively to deliver story elements essential to conveying the film's subject and theme.

Documentary Hybrids: Nonfiction Films Using Fiction Film Techniques
This is an annotated list of hybrid documentaries in which narrative filmmaking techniques -- reenactments, special effects, animation and other such elements -- are used effectively to deliver story elements essential to conveying the film's subject and theme.

Documentary Films 101
A primer that will help novice and sophisticated nonfiction film watchers to find and get the most out of the movies that cover the subjects that most interest them.

Educational Documentary Films for Kids
These documentaries are entertaining, educational and enlightening films will set excellent standards for the life-long movie watching habit that begins in childhood.

Documentary Films Now Playing - Documentaries in Theaters and on DVD
Reviews and Recommendations for Classic and Current Documentary Films

A List of Top Documentaries for Halloween
Great Halloween Documentaries - A List of Top Documentaries for Halloween

The Importance of Documentary Trailers
Presenting a good documentary trailer is an integral part of the producing and marketing a nonfiction film. What makes a good documentary trailer? Read on...

Interview with Alex Gibney About Taxi To The Dark Side
Filmmaker Alex Gibney's Taxi To The Dark Side is a shocking expose about the American military's torture of prisoners--many of whom have been shown to be innocent of any crime--in Afghanistan, Iraq and Cuba. In this interview, he discusses making this film, and his ideas about the aesthetics and responsibilities of making documentary films.

Alex Gibney on What Makes A Good Documentary Film
Documentaries. Page 2.

Alex Gibney on Finding The Right Way To Convey Story
Documentaries. Page 3.

Independence Day Documentaries - Movies for July 4th Viewing
A list of documentaries that foment independent thought about the issues that arise when Americans consider the meaning of independence. These films are ideal for watching as part of your Independence Day celebrations -- before or after the parades, fireworks and barbecues.

Genocide Documentaries - Documentary Films About Genocide
A list of documentary films that chronicle the horrors of genocide and its aftermath around the world.

Family Documentary Films - Documentaries to Watch With Your Family
These documentaries are great to watch with your family when you gather the clan for special occasions. Let this list of entertaining and inspirational documentaries be your guide to films that will delight loved ones of all ages.

Documentaries About Economics and The Financial Crisis
A list of documentaries that provide invaluable insights about how America, Americans and the rest of the world have reached the point of economic crisis, and are reacting to the situation. These films may suggest ways you can improve your own financial stability by changing your spending patterns and habits.

Documentaries About Economics and The Financial Crisis
A list of documentaries that provide invaluable insights about how America, Americans and the rest of the world have reached the point of economic crisis, and are reacting to the situation. These films may suggest ways you can improve your own financial stability by changing your spending patterns and habits.

Documentaries About Economics and The Financial Crisis
A list of documentaries that provide invaluable insights about how America, Americans and the rest of the world have reached the point of economic crisis, and are reacting to the situation. These films may suggest ways you can improve your own financial stability by changing your spending patterns and habits.

Documentaries About Economics and The Financial Crisis
A list of documentaries that provide invaluable insights about how America, Americans and the rest of the world have reached the point of economic crisis, and are reacting to the situation. These films may suggest ways you can improve your own financial stability by changing your spending patterns and habits.

Top Documentaries By And About Women
A List of documentaries by and about women.

Documentaries About U.S. Presidents
History, it seems, repeats itself. So, hadn't we best take a good look at these documentaries about our past American presidents to see where our present-day politicking pundits may be leading us in the future.

List of 10 Inspirational Documentaries
These inspiring documentaries show how personal commitment to a project or giving your all to a cause can make a difference.

Best Documentary Films About Animals
A list of excellent documentary films about animals and human interaction with them.

Best Documentary Films About Animals
A list of excellent documentary films about animals and human interaction with them.

Great Documentary Films About Dance
Great dance documentaries not only record brilliant choreography and performances, they stand as works of art in their own right.

Top Ten Documentaries for Music Lovers
These superb music documentaries on DVD will bring you closer to the music and musicians you love and ideal for watching over and over again.

Documentaries About The Environment and Conservation
These documentary films show you how global warming, pollution and mismanagement of Earth's resources are setting the stage for environmental disasters that will, if unabated, ultimately make out planet unlivable. The films may alarm you--but that's a good thing, if it leads you to resolve to preserve and restore the environment for the well being of future generations.

Top 10 Must-See Documentary Films (Dynamic List)
Documentaries are a rich source of information and inspiration, and those on my ever evolving list of recommendations belong in a special treasury. My top ten list of documentaries is a constant work in progress, one that reflects how nonfiction film deals with the pressing issues of today. Also taken into consideration is the availability of wonderful new nonfiction films as they are released. Check back often for updates.

Documentary Films About Tweens and Teenagers
As if raging hormones weren't enough! These documentaries present a very interesting, compelling picture of teens growing up in today's world.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Oscars Qualifying Rules for Documentary Features - 2014
How does a documentary qualify for Oscars consideration? Here's a wrap about the Academy of Morion Picture Arts and Sciences' rules and regulations.

Documentary Adventures for Summer
A curated list of documentaries to watch for some serious entertainment during summer 2014.

Documentary Reviews Listed Alphabetically V - W - X - Y - Z
Documentary Movie Reviews Listed Alphabetically V - W - X - Y - Z

The E-Team - Movie Review
The E-Team of heroic Human Rights Watch activists covertly enter Syria and Libya to investigate human rights atrocities and report them to the world.

Documentaries For Labor Day: People with Unusual Professions
A list of documentaries about people with unusual professions. Ideal for watching on Labor Day.

Documentaries For Labor Day: People with Unusual Professions
A list of documentaries about people with unusual professions. Ideal for watching on Labor Day.

Mother's Day Documentaries - Movies for Mother's Day
Mother's Day comes once a year, but we can celebrate motherhood every day by honoring the creativity, strength and perseverence of remarkable women. This is a list of documentaries about great women who have nurtured, inspired and enriched the lives of others.

Documentary Superheroes - List of Documentaries About Super Heroes
Documentary Superheroes don't wear capes, drive amazing cars, beat up on monsters, nor do they boast extraordinary powers that set them apart from mere mortals. But, the heroic subjects of these documentaries have taken action to make the world a better place, and their achievements aren't fiction. Check out these real life superheroes in their documentary films.

Top Ten Documentaries of 2007
Top Ten Documentaries of 2007

Documentary Film Festivals with Special Themes
A list of documentary film festivals that focus on specific themes, notably human rights.

Black History Month Documentaries - Documentaries for Black History Month
This list of documentaries that reveal important aspects of black history and culture in America are a great way to celebrate Black History Month.

Black History Month Documentaries - Documentaries for Black History Month
This list of documentaries that reveal important aspects of black history and culture in America are a great way to celebrate Black History Month.

Blindsight - Movie Review - 2007
Blindsight is about six blind Tibetan teenagers who, guided by seven-summit blind mountain climber Erik Weihenmayer and a team of Americans, set out to climb the Lhakpa Ri peak of Mount Everest.


Very Young Girls (2008) - Movie Review
A documentary about teenage girl prostitutes in New York City and the Girls Education and Mentoring Services that help them to find a new direction in life.

Top Documentaries By And About Women
A List of documentaries by and about women.

Top Documentaries By And About Women
A List of documentaries by and about women.

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3's Nonfictional Authenticity
Make no mistake: The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 makes no nonfiction claims. This lightening-paced thriller of a remake about the hijacking of a NYC subway train

Atchafalaya Houseboat on PBS and DVD
Atchafalaya Houseboat presents a beautiful journey through the Louisiana backwater swamps, as celebrated local author Gwen Carpenter Roland returns to the

Breast Cancer Documentaries
A list of documentaries recommended for watching during Breast Cancer Awareness Month,

Biographical Documentaries by Film Title - A to Z
An A to Z List of Documentaries About Famous and Infamous People

Biographical Documentaries by Film Title - A to Z
An A to Z List of Documentaries About Famous and Infamous People

Biographical Documentaries by Film Title - A to Z
An A to Z List of Documentaries About Famous and Infamous People

Documentary Reviews P - Q - R
Documentary Reviews Listed Alphabetically P - Q - R

Documentary Reviews Listed Alphabetically M - N - O
Documentary Reviews Listed Alphabetically M - N - O

Documentary Movie Reviews Listed D - E - F
Documentary Movie Reviews Listed Alphabetically D - E - F

Documentary Reviews G - H - I
Documentary Reviews Listed Alphabetically G - H - I

A to C Documentary Reviews
Reviews of documentaries with titles beginning with A through C, in alphabetical order

Documentary Films About Animals and Wildlife
Animals are among the most popular subjects for documentary films. See how documentary filmmakers deal with animals from the Arctic to Antarctica in their films.

'When Strangers Click' (2011) Documentary Film Review
In 'When Strangers Click,' filmmaker Robert Kenner reveals the stories of several very different people who sought to develop relationships through online dating.

Documentary Films About Tweens and Teenagers
As if raging hormones weren't enough! These documentaries present a very interesting, compelling picture of teens growing up in today's world.

Stoning of Soraya M (2008) - Movie Review
The Stoning of Soraya is the true story of the stoning to death of a women in rural Iran because her husband falsely accused her of adultry. The shocking story, smuggled out of Iran by an Iranian journalist who was living in France, became a best selling book that brought world wide attention to the stoning of women

Documentaries on DVD - Documentary Films Available on DVD
Reviews of recent and classic documentary films that have been released on DVD, with information about the extras.

The Historical Development of Style in Documentary Film
Documentary style has constantly evolved and redefined itself. Here's an overview of how styles have changed from the first films to the present day.

Food, Inc. (2009) - Documentary Film Review
Food Inc investigates the industrial production and distribution of food in the United States by large multinational corporations such as Monsanto and Tyson, to the detriment of small independent farmers and to the overall quality of nutrition.

Flow: For Love of Water (2008) - Movie Review
Irena Salinas's documentary is about the global crisis we face as Earth's fresh water supply constantly diminishes.

Flow - For Love of Water - Movie Review
Flow: For Love of Water (2008) describes the global crisis we face as Earth's fresh water supply constantly diminishes due to pollution, privatization and corporate greed, and wastefulness. Experts predict that if we continue to abuse our water resources, Earth will become uninhabitable and humankind will become extinct. The investigation points fingers are water corporations such as Nestle, Vivendi, Thames Water, Suez, Coca Cola and Pepsi. Grass roots groups work to reverse the trend. Page 2.

Documentaries For Thanksgiving Day
A list of documentaries for watching as part of Thanksgiving Day celebrations.

Documentaries For Black History Month - 2013 - Week One
Part One of a four-part list of documentaries to watch in celebration of Black History Month, 2013

Documentaries For Black History Month - 2013 - Part Three
Part three of a four-part list of documentaries that reflect black lifestyle, accomplishments and issues and are recommended for viewing in celebration of Black History Month, 2013

Five Films for International Women's Day, 2013
Watching films made by women about women is a wonderful way to celebrate International Women's Day, which occurs on Friday, March 8, 2013. Here's my list of recommended films for this year.

Ten Documentaries for Veterans Day 2011
For Veterans Day 2011, a list of documentaries that honor soldiers, show what they endure while in combat, and how they readjust to civilian life when they return home.

Documentaries About Unusual Professions - People with Unusual Jobs
A list of documentaries about people who have unusual professions, focusing on their work and lifestyle.

Documentaries About Unusual Professions - People with Unusual Jobs
A list of documentaries about people who have unusual professions, focusing on their work and lifestyle.

Black History Month 2012 - A List of Documentaries for Black History Month
February is Black History Month. The documentaries on this list reflect different aspects of African-American history and of race relations around the globe. They are enlightening, and make for excellent watching during Black History Month.

Ten Documentaries for Memorial Day Viewing
Top ten list documentaries for Memorial Day viewing focus on individual stories about true heroes. Learn their lives and honor them!

Weather Alert: Hurricane Watch Documentaries
A list of documentaries to watch before or during a hurricane, or in its wake and aftermath.

A List of Documentaries About the Holocaust
Documentaries about the Holocaust

A List of Documentaries About the Holocaust
Documentaries about the Holocaust

Top Documentaries About Fine Art and Artists
An annotated list of documentaries about fine art and artists.

Documentaries About The Movies
A List of Ten Documentaries About The Movies, Movie Makers and the Movie Business.

IDFA 2013 - Documentaries to Watch List
A list of my favorite films from IDFA 2013

Best Documentaries of 2011 - A List of 2011's Top Documentaries
A list of my favorite documentaries released during 2011.

Best Music Documentaries of 2011 - Favorite Music Documentaries Released During 2011
A list of the best music documentaries released during 2011.

Best Documentaries of 2011 - A List of 2011's Top Documentaries
A list of my favorite documentaries released during 2011.

Best Documentaries of 2012
My annotated list of the best documentaries released during 2012, presented in alphabetical order.

Best Documentaries of 2012
My annotated list of the best documentaries released during 2012, presented in alphabetical order.

Documentaries About The Environment and Conservation
These documentary films show you how global warming, pollution and mismanagement of Earth's resources are setting the stage for environmental disasters that will, if unabated, ultimately make out planet unlivable. The films may alarm you--but that's a good thing, if it leads you to resolve to preserve and restore the environment for the well being of future generations.

Popular Documentaries Categorized by Subject
In addition to keeping up with the newly released documentaries, it's exciting to delve more deeply into an area of investigation by viewing several films about the same or related topics. Here, you'll find reviews categorized by subjects and themes.

Food and Nutrition Documentaries - Documentaries About Food and Nutrition
A list of documentaries about food production and distribution, and healthy nutrition.

Best Documentaries of the 2000s - Best Documentaries of the First Decade of the 21st Century
A list of the ten best documentaries of the 2000s.

Documentary Films Coming Soon
Documentary Films Coming Soon

Documentaries For A Rainy Day - Rainy Day Documentaries
When a rainy day keeps you indoors and makes you feel gloomy, turn to an inspiring and upbeat documentary for a little enlightenment. Here's a list of documentaries that may do the trick!

Nick Fraser - Documentaries at Contributing Writer
Bio for Nick Fraser - Documentaries at Contributing Writer

Oscars Documentaries Shortlist 2014
The shortlist of feature length documentaries contending for the 2014 Oscar for Best Documentary Feature.

2013 IDA Documentary Awards
The International Documentary Association has announced the nominees -- and some winners -- for its 29th Annual IDA Awards, to be presented on December 6, 2013. Here's the list...

WE LOVE IMPUNITY: Nick Fraser on 'The Act of Killing'
Noted documentaries expert and BBC Storyville Commissioning Editor Nick Fraser comments on 'The Act of Killing,' directed by Joshua Oppenheimer.

Smash and Grab: The Story of the Pink Panthers - Movie Review - 2013
Filmmaker Havana Marking profiles the notorious gang of diamond thieves known as the Pink Panthers, and tracks their capers and the detectives trying to catch them.

Captain Phillips - Movie Review - 2013
Filmmaker Paul Greengrass achieves a high level of authenticity in this thrilling truth-based narrative feature that documents a real life incidence of piracy, hijacking and kidnapping on the high seas.

Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer - Movie Review - 2013
Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer is about the Russian feminist punk rock group who were arrested and sentenced to seven years in prison for staging a protest performance on the alter of Moscow's cathedral.

Going Up The Stairs - Movie Review - 2011
Iranian primitive artist Akram's life is changed by the triumphant exhibit of her paintings in a Paris gallery.

Gideon's Army - Movie Review - 2013
A documentary that takes you inside the world of the Public Defenders' office, as lawyers struggle to assure that the millions of Americans who cannot afford an attorney receive legal representation in felony cases before the country's criminal courts.

I AM BREATHING - Movie Review - 2013
A an documentary chronicling the illness and untimely death of Edinburgh architect Neil Platt, who suffered from Motor Neurone Disease.

Love, Marilyn - Movie Review - 2013
This documentary about the life, career and psyche of Marilyn Monroe is based, in part, on newly discovered writing by the iconic actress and sex symhol.

Terms and Conditions May Apply - Movie Review - 2013
A documentary about privacy and civil rights issues that arise when you click 'I agree' on most Internet sites and smartphone apps.

Nicky's Family - Movie Review - 2013
A documentary that tells the story of Sir Nicholas Winton, an unassuming English businessman who rescued 662 children from Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia just prior to the outbreak of World War II.

Free Angela And All Political Prisoners - Movie Review - 2012
Movie Review of 'Free Angela Davis And All Political Prisoners'

Stories We Tell - Movie Review - 2012
Filmmaker Sarah Polley's autobiographical documentary chronicles her quest to find out whether rumors suggesting that the man she's known as father for all of her life isn't actually her biological father.

The Other Shore - Movie Review - 2013
Filmmaker Timothy Wheeler follows champion marathon swimmer Diana Nyad as she tries to swim from Cuba to Key West, Florida -- struggling against the surf, sharks and jellyfish. And she's 62 years old!

50 Children: The Rescue Mission of Mr. and Mrs. Kraus - Movie Review - 2013
The true story of Gilbert and Eleanor Kraus, who risked their lives to rescue 50 Jewish children from Nazi-occupied Vienna.

Unmade in China - Movie Review - 2013
American narrative filmmaker Gil Kofman makes a documentary about his job as a movie director for hire, making the first thriller produced in China.

Hava Nagila - Movie Review - 2013
A documentary about the popular Jewish song, 'Hava Nagila.'

Cape Spin: An American Power Struggle - Movie Review - 2013
A documentary about the controversial Cape Wind Project on Nantucket Sound.

Cutie and The Boxer - Movie Review - 2013
Zachary Heinzerling's charming documentry chronicles the lives and work of quirky New York artists Ushio and Noriko Shinohara.

The Law in These Parts - Movie Review - 2012
Filmmaker Daniel Alexandrowicz investigates the administration of Israeli law in Palestinian occupied territories.

The Central Park Five - Movie Review - 2012
Ken Burns' investigative documentary about the case of the Central Park Five in New York City.

West of Memphis - Movie Review - 2012
Filmmaker Amy Berg reveals new evidence in the case of the West Memphis Three and their struggle to find justice in their wrongful conviction for the murder of three boy scouts in Arkansas.

Wagner & Me - Movie Review - 2012
A primer on the music of Richard Wagner, with Stephen Fry taking the audience on a tour of important Wagner-related locations and providing context for the composers 'music dramas.'

Searching For Sugar Man - Movie Review - 2012
Filmmaker Malike Bendjelloul presents the true story of how an obscure American songster named Rodriguez became a rock icon in South Africa, and how his determined South African fans found him by 'Searching For Sugar Man.'

56 UP - Movie Review - 2012
Movie review of the seventh episode in filmmaker Michael Apted's acclaimed UP series.

Food Stamped - Movie Review - 2010
Filmmakers Shira and Yoav Potash film themselves as they take the food stamp challenge, and try to eat a healthy diet, spending about one dollar per meal. See whether they meet their goal at the end of the month.

Happy People: A Year in the Taiga - Movie Review - 2013
A feature length documentary about the lives of subsistence hunter-fishermen in the remote Siberian Wilderness.

The Guga Hunters of Ness - 2011
A documentary that chronicles the annual hunt for guga, fledgling gannets that are a traditional food for the Scottish people who live in the remote town of Ness, on the northernmost point of the Isle of Lewis, a remote island in the North Atlantic.

The Chilean Building (El Edificio de Los Chilenos) - Movie Review - 2010
Filmmaker Macarena Aguilo revisits her own childhood as the daughter of members of Chile's leftist movement to overthrow the Pinochet dictatorship. She was raised in a communal safe haven for children of the revolutionaries, many of whom were killed or 'disappeared.'

Fidel! - Movie Review - 1969/2012
Saul Landau's classic documentary profile of Fidel Castro, originally released in 1968, has been restored and is being released on DVD in August, 2012, by Cinema Libre.

ORNETTE Made in America - Movie Review - 1986/2012
Filmmaker Shirley Clarke's classic documentary profile of musician Ornette Coleman has been restores and is being re-released by Milestone Films.

Wild Horse, Wild Ride - Movie Review - 2011
In 'Wild Horse, Wild Ride,' filmmakers Alex Dawson and Greg Gricus chronicle the annual Extreme Mustang Makeover Competition in which horse trainers have three months to tame wild mustangs and teach them tricks for a competitive horse show.

Detropia - Movie Review - 2012
A review of 'Detropia,' the documentary about the urban decay of Detroit by filmmakers Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady.

Mulberry Child - Movie Review - 2012
Susan Morgan Cooper creates the cinematic version of Jian Ping's moving memoir 'Mulberry Child,about Jian's life during China's Cultural Resolution and the lasting impact her experiences the experience on her outlook and behavior.

How To Survive A Plague - Movie Review - 2012
Filmmaker David France chronicles the GLBT community's establishment of Act Up to demand that the US government and health care system make the HIV AIDS plague a number one priority and take measures to find a cure and treat infected patients with humane care.

Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel - Movie Review - 2011
A documentary profile of and tribute to Diana Vreeland, the Twentieth Century's

The Waiting Room - Movie Review - 2012
In following Oakland's Highland Hospital Emergency Ward patients through a 24-hour period, this documentary reveals the shortcomings of the public health care system in the United States

We Are Legion - Movie Review - 2012
Filmmaker Brian Knappenberger chronicles the evolution of the group of hacktivists known as 'Anonymous.'

Brooklyn Castle - Documentary Movie Review - 2012
The remarkable story of Brooklyn, New York's I.S. 318's chess team, which has won more national chess championships than any other school.

Six Million and One - Movie Review - 2012
Israeli filmmaker David Fisher and his brothers and sister trace their father's journey as a victim of the holocaust. Based on the memoir of xxxx Fisher, which the family opened and read only after the author's death.

First Position - Movie Review - 2012
A Review of the documentary, 'First Position,' in which Bess Kargman follows talented young ballet dancers as they prepare for the Youth America Grand Prix.

Pink Ribbons Inc - Movie Review - 2011
A documentary that explores the industry that has developed around breast cancer.

Wish Me Away: The Chely Wright Story - Movie Review - 2012
Chronicling country music star Chely Wright's coming out to the public as a lesbian.

Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present - Movie Review - 2012
A documentary profile of performance artist Marina Abramovic and her one woman show at New Yotk's Musrum of Modern Art.

The Invisible War - Movie Review - 2012
Filmmaker Kirby Dick exposes the frequent rape of women soldiers by officers in the U.S. military.

Ballplayer: Pelotero - Movie Review - 2011
This sports documentary follows two young Dominican Republic 'peloteros,' or baseball players, as they vie with others to win a contract to play for a major league team in the United States.

Strong - Movie Review - 2012
a documentary profile of Olympic weightlifter Cheryl Haworth, as she faces the end of her career as a competitor and the challenge of fitting into mainstream America's image of how women should look and behave.

Meet The Fokkens - Movie Review - 2011
This documentary is a profile of the Fokken twins, Louise and Martine, who've been working as prostituted in Amsterdam's red light district for over 50 years. With complete access, the film follows the ladies from their homes to their workplace.

An Encounter With Simone Weil - Movie Review - 2010
Focusing on the life and writings of French philospher Simone Weil, filmmaker Julia Haslett examines the human capacity for compassion and comes to a deeper understanding of her own precepts.

The Beat Hotel - Movie Review - 2012
The film chronicles the creative community of expatriot American artists who lived and worked in Paris from 1957 to 1963.

The Shadow of Afghanistan - Movie Review - 2006, 2012
A history of the series of invasions and civil wars that have left Afghanistan a devatated nation.

Player Hating: A Love Story - Movie Review - 2012
Maggie Hadleigh-West follows hip hop recording artist, Jasun Wardlaw, aka Half-a-Mill, as he prepares for the release of his first record, and anticipates being able to escape the Atlantic Housing Projects (Brooklyn, New York) for a better life.

Payback - Movie Review - 2012
Based on Margaret Atwood's 'Payback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Wealth,' Jennifer Baichwal's film is a throught provoking treatise on the concept of debt and its impact on human society.

Confessions of an Eco-Terrorist - Movie Review - 2011
Environmental activist and filmmaker Peter Brown chronicles life aboard the Sea Shepherd under command of the imfamous eco-terrorist Captain Paul Watson.

Corman's World: Exploits of A Hollywood Rebel - Movie Review - 2011
A biodoc about the prolific Hollywood producer and director Roger Corman, whose B-movies started the careers of Robert De Niro, Peter Fonda, Jack Nicholson and many others -- many of whom are interviewed in Alex Stapleton's tribute film.

Daguerreotypes - Movie Review - 1976/2011
French filmmaker Agnes Varda's remarkable documentary is about daily life on Paris' rue Daguerre. She shot the film in 1976. It was released in Paris and around the world in 1978. And, it is having its US theatrical premiere on December 12, 2011. Long awaited. Greatly anticipated.

Undefeated - Movie Review - 2011
Filmmakers Dan Lindsay and T.J. Martin follow Manassas High School (North Memphis, Tennessee) football coach, Bill Courtney, as he spurs his team toward their first-ever playoffs -- in the team's 110 year history.

Hell and Back Again - Movie Review - 2011
Photojournalist Danfung Dennis, embedded with the Marines' Echo Company in Afghanistan, follows wounded combatant Sgt. Nathan Harris from the front to his North Carolina home, where he and his wife try to manage his emotional and physical pain, pick up their lives and look to the future.

Sing Your Song - Movie Review - 2011
Susanne Rostock's documentary profile of Harry Belafonte chronicles the life and career of the reknown and highly respected singer and social activist.

The Pruitt-Igoe Myth - Movie Review - 2011
A documentary study of the history and social impact of the Pruitt-Igoe housing project in St Louis, Missouri.

Windfall - Movie Review - 2010
Filmmaker Laura Israel investigates the construction of wind turbines in two rural New York State towns, and the effects the project has on local citizens.

Crazy Horse - Movie Review - 2011
Filmmaker Frederick Wiseman takes us inside the Crazy Horse, the Parisian nightclub that features the world's best known nude show.

The Miners' Hymns - Movie Review - 2010
Filmmaker Bill Morrison uses archival footage found in the British Film Institute to create a profile of the coal mining industry in Durham, England.

The Fruit Hunters - Movie Review - 2012
In this sensually photographed documentary, filmmaker Yuan Chang follows Bill Pullman, Ken Love and other 'fruit hunters' as they travel around the world to see, sample and save exotic fruit varietals.

Pianomania - Movie Review - 2011
A fascinating behind-the-scenes ovservation of the work of Steinway Piano's top tuner, Stephan Knüpfer.

The Love We Make: Paul McCartney - Movie Review - 2011
In the aftermath of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center, Paul McCartney travels through the streets of New York and organizes a benefit concert.

Khodorkovsky - Movie Review of Khodorkovsky - 2011
Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the Russian oil magnate deemed to be one of the world's richest men, is serving time behind bars. Is it for economic crimes or because of his political rivalry with Vladimir Putin?

My Reincarnation - Movie Review - 2010
Filmmaker Jennifer Fox follows spiritual master Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche as he brings Tibetan Buddhist teachings to the West and encourages his half-Italian son, Yeshi, to embrace his lineage and follow the spiritual path.

The Best Government Money Can Buy? - Movie Review - 2009
A primer on the way lobbying works in Washington, giving undue influence to special interest groups with money to spend on influencing politicians who make policy decisions.

Charlotte Rampling: The Look - Movie Review - 2011
A profile of revered actress Charlotte Rampling, including clips from her major films.

Wrong Side Of The Bus - Movie Review - 2009
Rod Freedman directs this documentary about Sidney Bloch, a highly respected South African psychiatrist who is seeking to relieve feelings of guilt he still has forty years after he graduated from medical education in Apartheid-ruled South Africa, where he witnessed rampant discrimination against his 'colored' classmates, but was incapable of doing anything to protest or counteract it.

Jamie Foxx Presents Thunder Soul - Movie Review - 2011
Back inthe 1970s, Houston's Kashmere High School Band dazzled audiences with its unique musical style and performance flair. The band reunites in 2008 to pay tribute to their former music teacher and band leader, the legendary Conrad O. Johnson, Sr -- otherwise known as Prof. This inspiring documentary links the band's past and present achievements.

Bombay Beach - Movie Review - 2011
Bombay Beach is Alma Har'el's surprisingly lyrical documentary about a community of unusual individuals who live on the shore of California's desert-bound Salton Sea. Once a luxurious vacation destination, Bombay Beach is now one of the poorest communities in the state.

Limelight - Movie Review - 2011
Limelight reprises New York City's 1980s wildly uninhibited, drug-fueled nightlife and focuses on its legendary kingpin, Peter Gatien, who owned four trend-setting clubs, including the eponymous Limelight.

Where Soldiers Come From - Movie Review - 2011
Filmmaker Heather Courtney follows the four year military sojourn of a group of teenage high school buddies who join the National Guard, are deployed to Afghanistan, and return to their hometown in rural Michigan to reenter civilian life.

George Harrison: Living In The Material World - Movie Review - 2011
Martin Scorsese directed this comprehensive biographical documentary and tribute to George Harrison.

Presumed Guilty - Movie Review - 2008
This compelling documentary about the wrongful conviction of one man in Mexico exposes the overall corruption in that country's criminal justice system.

Chasing Madoff - Movie Review - 2011
Harry Makopolos and his team of financial investigators blew the whistle on Bernie Madoff and his scandalous Ponzi scheme decades before Madoff was indicted, but the scathing reports he filed were ignored by economic regulators. Jeff Prosserman chronicles the Markopolos investigation, caching the entire affair in film noir style, with Markopolos as the film's leading man.

Granito: How To Nail A Dictator - Movie Review - 2011
Filmmakers Pamela Yates and Paco de Onis chronicle ongoing international efforts to bring José Efraín Ríos Montt, the Guatemalan dictator and military commander, to justice for his role in the genocide in that country. Yates provides prosecutors with archival footage she shot for a previous documentary as evidence of Montt's guilt.

The Whale - Movie Review - 2011
The true story of Luna, a baby orca, who was separated from his mom and his pod and sought to make friends with human beings, and attracted a lot of attention among local people on Vancouver Island, and among tourists from around the world.

The 99ers - Movie Review - 2013
A sports documentary about how the 1999 United States national women's soccer team beat China to win that year's World Cup, and their legacy to women in sports.

My Trip To Al-Qaeda - Movie Review of My Trip to Al-Qaeda - 2010
In documenting journalist Lawrence Wright’s one-man play, My Trip to Al-Qaeda, filmmaker Alex Gibney takes us beyond the confines of the stage presentation, and into locations where the writer/performer discovered and wrangled with the material, the ideas and interpretations he first presented in his Pulitzer Prize-winning book, The Looming Tower, and then adapted into his Off-Broadway hit performance.

At Berkeley - Movie Review
Master filmmaker Fredrick Wiseman explores life on campus at the University of California Berkeley, revealing the current state of higher education in the United States.

Every Little Step - Movie Review - 2008
In Every Little Step, directors James D. Stern and Adam Del Deo chronicle the audition process for the 2006 Broadway revival of A Chorus Line, Michael Bennett’s legendary musical that shows a group of talented young ‘gypsies’ who are auditioning for a new musical show. Behind-the-scenes glimpses at Broadway's audition process are fascinating, and the talented performers are superbly entertaining.

I.O.U.S.A. Movie Review - Movie Review - 2008
In I.O.U.S.A., filmmaker Patrick Creadon describes the depth of America’s national debt and analyses its origins, tracing it back to 1835, during the presidency of Andrew Jackson, the last and only time that country had a balanced budget and zero debt. The nation is currently in the hole for 8.7 trillion dollars, and that sum is growing quickly.

Steep - Movie Review of Steep - 2007
Panoramic shots of exquisite snow clad mountain top terrain and men on skis speeding through velvet powder and hurtling off cliffs in wildly energetic somersaults through the crisp cold air make this documentary film about extreme skiing’s pioneers and pros a thrill for armchair adventurers.

Performative Mode
The emphasis of the filmmaker’s subjective attitude or personal engagement with a subject to evoke audience reaction.

'Paradise Lost Trilogy' releases on DVD
'Paradise Lost Trilogy' releases on DVD

Zero Dark Thirty: Controversy Over Truth and Fiction
A commentary about the controversy about the representation of truth in 'Zero Dark Thirty,' Kathryn Bigelow's truth=based narrative feature.

Branding Documentaries - The Debate about Corporate Sponsorship
A discussion about recent trends in the corporate underwriting of documentaries, and questions raised about the efficacy of branding sponsorships of nonfiction films.

2012 Oscar Nominees For Best Documentary Feature and Short - Academy Awards Nominees 2012
The list of nominees for Best Documentary Feature and Short for the 2012 Oscars.

Paloma Plantenga Interview - The September Issue Inspires Young Talent
An interview with eleven-year-old Paloma Plantenga who, inspired by the fashion documentary, 'The September Issue,' arranged to take a tour of Vogue Magazine and meet some of the people featured in the film, and see how they work.

Air Guitar Nation - Movie Review - 2006
Air Guitar Nation makes you want to grab some air and join the fun

Queen of The Sun: What Are The Bees Telling Us? - Movie Review - 2010
Beautifully shot and well researched, Queen of the Sun is a complete overview of the lives and history of honeybees and how they interact with and impact human society. The film also investigates the causes, implications and impending impact of the colony collapse disorder, which is currently reaching pandemic proportions.

Nostalgia For The Light - Movie Review of Nostalgia For The Light - 2010
Patricio Guzman's beautifully filmed documentary is an exploration of Chile's remote and pristine Atacama Desert, an arid area that attracts three groups of researchers, each searching for answers to essential human inquiries. With his refined and rather pensive narration, Guzman connects the three apparently disparate searches into a comprehensive and profoundly challenging inquiry into the origins of the universe and of humankind.

Woman Rebel - Movie Review of Woman Rebel - 2009
Taking us to Nepal, where Nepalese Maoist guerrillas are at war with the Royal Nepalese Army, filmmaker Kiran Deol follows 'Silu,' a rebel woman serving on the front lines as a battalion commander with the Nepalese Maoists.

Kings of Pastry - Movie Review - 2009
Master filmmakers Chris Hegedus and D.A. Pennebaker follow Chicago's French Pastry School's Jacquy Pfeiffer and 15 other master sweetmakers as they prepare for and take the test to become Meillieurs Ouvriers de France (Best Craftsmen of France) for their extremely tasty and beautifully designed confections.

Highwater - Movie Review - 2008
Filmmaker Dana Brown covers the world's most challenging professional surfing competitions, the Triple Crown competitions, held each year on the North Shore of Oahu. Great footage of world class surfers, with commentary by Brown and surfing world super stars.

The Business of Being Born - Movie Review - 2008
In The Business of Being Born, director Abby Epstein and producer Ricki Lake focus our attention on the issue of childbearing practices in the United States in much the same way Michael Moore highlighted the American health care system in Sicko. Both Epstein and Lake play dramatic roles in investigating the way in which the medical establishement deals with birthing and showing midwifery as a viable alternative for women who wish to avoid invasive procedures.

Crude - Movie Review - 2009
Filmmaker Joe Berlinger exposes the Texaco/Chevron toxic waste contamination of thousands of square miles of the Ecuadorian Amazon and rain forest, and chronicles the efforts of local tribes and international conservation and human rights organizations to get remediation.

Earth Days - Movie Review - 2009
Earth Day is the annual event staged to raise awareness about our planet, and to further conservationists' efforts to establish policies and practices that protect and will sustain human life on Earth. Earth Days, Robert Stone's brilliant documentary, explores the environmental movements fundamental premises, and chronicles its advances during the 1960s and 70s, when the US was within reach of establishing a truly sustainable and environmentally friendly energy program. Then what happened?

Good Hair - Movie Review - 2009
Filmmaker Jeff Stilson follows comedian Chris Rock on his hilarious, yet disturbing and sometimes alarming investigation of the social implications and economic impact of African-American women's preoccupation with having good -- that is to say 'straight' -- hair.

King Corn - Movie Review - 2007
King Corn, Aaron Woolf's documentary, investigates the prevalence of corn in the American diet and its effect.

Mr. Untouchable - Movie Review - 2007
Documentary director Marc Levin's film is about Leroy

Nursery University - Movie Review of Nursery University
Nursery University tracks a cross section of NYC parents trying to get their toddlers into the 'right' nursery schools that will fast track them to placement in elite private schools that will lead them to Ivy League colleges that promise eventual fame, fortune and fulfillment of the larger-than-life American dream.

Project Nim - 2011 - Movie Review
In Project Nim, filmmaker James Marsh presents the story of Nim, a baby chimpanzee who was taken from his birth mother and raised as a human child. Nim was taught sign language and used it to communicate with his human 'family.' But, in the end, his species-specific nature and behavior made him an outcast, and he was institutionalized in a facility that experimented on animals.

The Cove - Movie Review of The Cove - 2009
Filmmaker Louis Psihoyos follows animal rights activist Richard O'Barry in this shocker of a documentary that effectively exposes the annual secret slaughter of thousands of dolphins by a greedy community of Japanese fishermen, supported by a complicit Japanese government and international whaling commission.

Throw Down Your Heart - Review of Throw Down Your Heart - 2008
Filmmaker Sascha Paladino follows musicologist and banjo virtuoso Bela Fleck to Uganda, Tanzania, Mali and Gambia to bring the banjo back to the area where it originated, discover banjo-related and other African instruments and record tracks with local musicians.

We Live In Public - Movie Review of We Live In Public - 2009
Ondi Timoner's documentary looks at the career and influence of Josh Harris, the Internet visionary and artist who rose to fame during the 1990s boom. The film chronicles Harris' social experiments, including his 'Quiet' project, in which 100 people lived together for 30 days in an underground bunker while their every move and interaction was observed and recorded. Filmmaker Ondi Timoner tells Harris' story with on camera interviews and archival footage of Harris-staged events.

Valentino The Last Emperor - Movie Review of Valentino The Last Emperor (2009)
A documentary film about the final years of the career of Valentino Garavani, the legendary haute couture designer whose fashions dressed wealthy and celebrated women for half a century.

Hubble 3D - Movie Review
Hubble 3D is a documentary about NASA's final shuttle mission to repair the orbiting telescope that has given us such a revealing window into outter space.

Whiz Kids - Movie Review of Whiz Kids (2009)
Whiz Kids chronicles the experiences of three talented high school students who enter their science research projects in the Intel Science Talent Search competition, hoping to win the $100,000 prize, glory and career it promises.

The Tillman Story - Movie Review of The Tillman Story - 2010
Pat Tillman turned in his multimillion dollar pro football contract, became an Army Ranger and set off to war in Afghanistan, where he was killed by friendly fire. Amir Bar Lev documents Tillman's life and shows his family's battle to get to the truth about his untimely death.

Documentary Films About American History and Presidents
These documentary films about American history and political leaders will help you to understand how the nation has arrived at where it is today.

Academy Awards 2011 Shortlist - 2011 Documentaries Shortlisted for Oscars Consideration
The list of fifteen documentaries shortlisted for 2011 Academy Awards consideration, selected from 101 qualifying films.

Academy Awards Documentary Rules - Qualifying Requirements for Documentaries for Oscar Consideration
Academy Awards Qualifying Requirements for Documentary Films

Oscar Winning Documentaries
Oscar Winning Documentaries by year from 2006 to 1980

Oscar Winning Documentary Films of the 1990s
Oscar winning documentary films of the 1990s. Page 2.

Oscar Winning Documentary Films of the 1980s
Oscar winning documentary films of the 1980s. Page 3.

Documentaries 101
A primer of basics about documentary film.

POV: Documentary Appreciation Guides - Documentary Lesson Plans From POV
Two lesson plans from PBS' POV will help audiences evaluate the documentary films they're watching, and will encourage some to make documentaries themselves. Although targeted primarily for students in junior high and high school, these lesson plans provide good information and excellent guidance for all who are interested in nonfiction film.

American: The Bill Hicks Story - Movie Review - 2011
Bill Hicks, the famed American comedian and musician who died of cancer in 1994 at age 32, lives on in this documentary that uses archival footage of his childhood and his funny and irreverent stand up routines, as well as animated family photos and interviews with friends and colleagues to chronicle the comedian's life and career.

Self Made - Movie Review of Self Made - 2010
British filmmaker Gillian Wearing advertised in London and Newcastle for participants in this documentary about method acting teacher Sam Rumbelow and his improvisational workshop. We follow seven subjects as they are coached by Sam Rumbelow to create characters who eventually appear in mini-films.

Bhutto - Movie Review - 2010
A biographical documentary about Benazir Bhutto, the Pakistani political leader who was expected to win the 2008 election, but was assassinated. She was the first woman to rule a Muslim country. She was a pillar of democracy and moderation. Her assassination sent Pakistan's politics into turmoil. She has been mourned around the world as a martyr for democracy and the common man.

L'Amour Fou - Movie Review - 2010
Yves Saint-Laurent and Pierre Berge, his lifetime business partner and lover, built an enduring fashion and lifestyle empire, and were among the world's most influential lifestyle trend setters. Using archival footage of Saint-Laurent and Berge, as well as on camera interviews with Berge and other Saint-Laurent intimates, filmmaker Pierre Thoretton chronicles Saint-Laurent's life, lifestyle, ills and his long relationship with the devoted and candid Berge.

How To Live Forever - Movie Review - 2009
Prompted by his mother's decline and death, filmmaker Mark Wexler embarked on a world-wide investigation of attitudes towards longevity. Examining his own outlook and beliefs, Wexler appears in the film, interviewing and interacting with Jack LaLanne, Ray Bradbury and other famous long life gurus, as well as the world's most senior citizens.

One Lucky Elephant - Movie Review of One Lucky Elephant - 2010
Flora, an African elephant, was adopted by circus producer David Balding from the elephant orphanage that took her in and cared for her after her mother was killed in the wild. Flora has become a star and has a lot of fans, but she's now an adult and needs the company of other elephants. Balding must find another home for her and, in doing so, must relinquish an old friend. This is their moving story.

Rejoice and Shout - Movie Review - 2010
A comprehensive history of gospel music -- all 200 years of it -- as revealed through on camera interviews with performers and historians, and a compilation of rousing archival footage of some of the gospel greats in performance.

If A Tree Falls: A Story From The Earth Liberation Front - Movie Review - 2011
Filmmakers Marshall Curry and Sam Cullman present the story of Daniel McGowan, sentenced to life in prison for crimes of arson committed against lumber companies and national parks in the name of the Earth Liberation Front, the now disbanded radical conservationist group deemed by the F.B.I. to be the biggest terrorist threat to the United States.

Page One: Inside the New York Times - Movie Review - 2011
Filmmaker Andrew Rossi looks at the inner workings of the New York Times, especially at its adjustment to and coverage of new media.

Crime After Crime - Movie Review - 2011
Yoav Potash's courtroom documentary follows the case of Deborah Peagler who spent 26 years in jail before her the sentence for the crime for which she was convicted was reduced to six years.

Love, Etc. - Movie Review - 2011
Fine New York City love stories are interwoven into an entertaining, heartwarming documentary.

The Interrupters - 2011 - Movie Review
Filmmakers Steve James and Alex Kotlowitz follow The Interrupters, a group of social workers, reformed gang members and concerned citizens who are dedicated to preventing outbreaks of death-dealing violence among Chicago's inner city residents.

Dive! Living Off America's Waste - Movie Review - 2009
In chronicling his own experiences retrieving discarded food from Los Angeles supermarket dumpsters, filmmaker Jeremy Seifert shows that America's food distribution is shamefully wasteful, with markets choosing to throw away perfectly good food rather than give it to the needy.

Dumbstruck - Movie Review - 2010
Filmmaker Mark Goffman follows ventriloquists at various stages in their careers at they strive for recognition and better gigs. Terry Fator wins fame and fortune on a TV reality show and gets his own theater in Las Vegas, while Dan Horn spends months entertaining cruise ship passengers and Kim Yaeger is stuck touring children's events. All meet up at the annual Vent Haven Convention, in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky, where they exchange notes and skills, inspire and celebrate each other.

Megamall - Movie Review - 2009
In Megamall, filmmakers Vera Aronow, Roger Grange and Sarah Mondale chronicle how the citizens of Nyack, a rural residential community in Rockland County, New York, and other Rockland County residents fought against the construction of the nation's second largest mall in their neighborhood, and how the Pyramid Companies of Syracuse, New York, swayed local politicians to grant construction permits, and connived to build an even larger mall than their original permits allowed. Citizens, beware!

Forgiveness - Movie Review - 2010
Helen Whitney's fascinating and moving treatise on the human capacity for forgiveness has been a social and political force in the wake of past and present instances of genocide and other violent crimes against humanity. Narrated by Jane Alexander, the film is calm revelation of private and public behavior.

Lucky - Movie Review - 2010
Director Jeffrey Blitz follows various individuals and their families who've become instant multimillionaires by winning Megaball, and show the effects -- some good, some bad -- their huge fortunes have had on their lives. Blitz also presents a compact and interesting history of lottery playing in the US, and how it has been used to raise funds for various government agencies and projects.

Born To Be Wild - Movie Review - 2011
Born To Be Wild is thrilling and emotionally intense trip, via IMAX 3D, into the wilds of Borneo and Kenya, where two dedicated women, Birute Galdikas and Daphne Sheldrick, respectively, have each established an animal 'orphanage' to care for baby elephants and baby orangutans whose mothers have been killed, most often by poachers.

Revenge of the Electric Car - Movie Review of Revenge of the Electric Car - 2011
Filmmaker Chris Paine follows two major auto makers and a couple of start ups in their race to make and market an electric car that would free Americans from dependency on foreign oil, clean up the environment and make millions for the manufacturer.

Under the Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story - Movie Review - 2010
Under The Boardwalk: The Monopoly Story is all about the world's most popular board game. Set within the context of the annual World Monopoly Championship Competition, the documentary introduces the game's best players and recounts its history and proliferation to some 110 countries, each with its own location-specific edition. The film is fun and fascinating.

Made In India - Movie Review - 2010
Made In India follows an American couple, Linda and Brian Switzer, who hire a surrogate mother In India to bear their child. The documentary examines this fairly common practice from the standpoint of ethics and practicality.

Bomb It - Movie Review - 2007
Documentary filmmaker Jon Reiss travels around the world looking at grafitti art and the artists who risk censure, arrest and their lives to continue to decorate public property with what some call freely expressed and colorful art work and others call vandalism.

Rise Up - Movie Review of Rise Up - 2009
Rise Up follows three aspiring young reggae artists as they strive to establish successful careers. The film takes you into their homes in Kingston, and introduces you to some of Jamaica's leading cultural commentators and reggae's top artists.

El Ambulante (The Peddler) - Movie Review - 2009
El Ambulante (The Peddler) is about Daniel Burmeister, an Argentinian itinerant filmmaker who travels through his country, going from town to town, making artisanal movies with local residents as the players.

The Battle for Marjah - Movie Review - 2011
Journalist Ben Anderson spent two months embedded with U.S. Marines as they fought the in the largest (to date) offensive in the Afghanistan War. Called Operation Moshtarak, the strategy called for capture of Marjah, a small town with a large Taliban population. The film is Anderson's chronicle of that operation.

Circo - Movie Review - 2010
Filmmaker Aaron Schock follows a family-owned and run circus as it travels through rural Mexico, setting up its tent in a field, entertaining locals who can afford the price of a ticket, packing up and moving on to the next town.

Last Train Home - Movie Review - 2009
There are 130-million migrant workers in China, all of whom try to get home to reunite with their families for the New Year holiday. Chinese-Canadian filmmaker Lixin Fan follows one family as they make the arduous and frustrating journey from the crowded city where they work to their rural farmland home.

Catfish - Movie Review (2010)
Yaniv Schulman, a New York photographer, met a girl named Megan via a complicated series of Facebook friendships on the Internet. Yaniv's brother, filmmaker Ariel Schulman and his producing partner, Henry Joost, began to chronicle the budding friendship and flirtation, and over time developed this documentary, in which the three fellows go to meet Megan and find out that...well, she's not who she has said she is.

Waste Land - Movie Review of Waste Land - 2010
Filmmaker Lucy Walker follows New York-based Brazilian artist Vik Muniz back to Rio de Janiero, where he photographs garbage pickers at the Jardim Gramacho dump and eventually invites several of them to participate in an art exhibit based on images of them. The film is a vital and inspiring testimonial to the transformative effects art can have on the human condition and the lives of working people.

Circus - Movie Review - 2010
Circus is a six hours, six episodes epic documentary that follows the famous, highly acclaimed Big Apple Circus and its personnel on its 2008 touring season around the U.S.

24 City - Movie Review of 24 City - Er shi si cheng ji - 2008
Beijing-based director Jia Zhangke uses documentary and narrative storytelling to create 24 City, chronicling how the closure of an outdated factory in Sichuan Province effects the lives of 30,000 workers for whom the factory was not just a job, but a way of life.

Art & Copy - Movie Review - 2009
In Art & Copy, director Doug Pray traces the birth of modern advertising to the marriage of art and copy, when designers and writers got together to talk concept. The film further presents advertising as a force to raise social values by enabling people - consumers - to dream big and do.

At The Edge Of The World - Movie Review -2008
Director Dan Stone chronicles the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's 3rd Antarctic Campaign, in which two small and meagerly equipped ships set out to prevent the Japanese whaling fleet from illegally killing cetaceans in the Ross Sea, and internationally designated whale sanctuary. It's a David and Goliath thriller filled with adventure set against the sweeping magnificence of Antarctica.

Baghdad High - Movie Review - 2007
In Baghdad High, directors Ivan O'Mahoney and Laura Winter, give digital movie cameras to four Iraqi teenage boys from different religious backgrounds to document their senior year in a Baghdad highschool.

The Fence (La Barda) - Movie Review of The Fence (2010)
In 2008, the US government decided to build a 700-mile long fence along the 2000-mile border with Mexico. Intended to block terrorists and illegal immigrants from entering the country, the fence was built by 19 construction companies, 350 engineers, thousands of construction workers using tens of thousands of tons of metal -- at a cost of $3-billion. Filmmaker Rory Kennedy investigates the projects impact and questions its value and effectiveness.

Ballerina - Movie Review - 2009
French filmmaker Bertrand Normand's lovely, revealing portrait of five leading Russian ballerinas and their careers at St. Petersburg's Kirov Ballet.

For The Bible Tells Me So - Movie Review - 2007
A thoughtful and provocative documentary film that contends that Scripture and homosexuality are not mutually exclusive.

Capitalism A Love Story - Movie Review - 2009
Filmmaker Michael Moore investigates and comments on the current economic crisis.

Crips and Bloods: Made In America - Movie Review - 2008
Crips and Bloods: Made In America is director Stacy Peralta's insider investigation of two infamous African-American gangs that rule South Central Los Angeles, the area where America's two bloodiest and most costly incidents of civil unrest occurred--27 years and three miles apart.

Disarm. - Movie Review - 2009
Disarm. is an in depth study and status report about the humanitarian effort, lead by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Jody Williams, to ban the manufacture and trade of all landmines, and to find, remove and disarm all of the landmines that are still endangering innocent citizens in war-torn countries around the globe.

End Of America - Movie Review of - 2008
The End Of America presents the ten step blueprint that Hitler and other dictators used to subvert democratic process and put an end to personal freedoms. It compares, step by step, events leading up to establishment of the Third Reich with what has happened in the United States for the past eight years. Very convincing. Very scary. Should be required viewing for anyone old enough to vote or join the army.

Forbidden Lies - Movie Review - 2009
Forbidden Lies is nonfiction thriller about Norma Khouri, a Jordanian women who wrote a best-selling nonfiction book about the 'honor killing' of a women in Amman. The story she told turned about to be a fabrication. Was Khouri motivated by wanting to make the world aware of the horrors of 'honor killings,' or is she an exceptionally cunning con artist who will exploit anyone and any situation--including the making of the film?

Full Battle Rattle - Movie Review - 2008
Full Battle Rattle takes us along as the 5-82 Battalion readies for deployment to Iraq with a three-week simulation in the Mohave Desert, where the U.S. military has built and populated several replica Iraqi towns. It's Disneyland for war games!

The Good Soldier - Movie Review of The Good Soldier - 2009
In [i]The Good Soldier[/i], documentary filmmakers Lexi Lovell and Michael Uys interview a cadre of highly decorated soldiers who'd fought valiantly in America's wars -- from World War II to Iraq -- and, in doing so, have come to the conclusion that warfare is neither a righteous nor effective way to resolve differences of opinion, ideology and/or national interests.

Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson - 2008 - Movie Review
Alex Gibney's documentary about the drug-influenced career of iconic countercultural journalist Dr. Hunter S. Thompson is a fascinating account of the 1960s and 70s.

In The Footsteps of Marco Polo - Movie Review
In The Footsteps of Marco Polo documents the great travel adventure of Frances O'Donnell and Denis Belliveau, who left their homes in Queens, NY to trace the 25,000 mile route followed by Marco Polo, the great 13th Century Venetian explorer.