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Moving Midway - Movie Review - 2008
Moving Midway is Godfrey Cheshire's documentary about the relocation of his family's ancestral home, an antebellum North Carolina plantation house--named Midway--from it's original foundation, now surrounded by Raleigh's urban sprawl, to a quieter, more secluded spot several miles away. It is also a smart and perceptive treatise on the changing South, family values and race relations.

Jonestown The Life and Death of Peoples Temple - Movie Review - 2006
Jonestown The Life and Death of Peoples Temple is a real life horror story of mass suicide ordered by cult leader Jim Jones.

Human Rights Watch International Film Festival
Held in March in London, and in June in New York (at Lincoln Center for the Performing Art's Walter Reade Theater), the traveling Human Rights Watch International Film Festival screens documentaries about some of the world's most pressing social, political and economic issues, ranging from abuse of women and children, to the spread of HIV, to exploitation of workers around the world. This mission-oriented festival is one of the world's most dynamic and important documentary film showcases.

Ethnographic Film
Actuality films featuring native peoples.

Expository Documentary
A nonfiction film that emphasizes verbal commentary and argumentative logic.

Observational Mode
Emphasizing the documentary filmmaker's engagement in observing the subject's daily life and circumstances and documentinf them with an unobtrusive camera.

Poetic Mode
The formal structural organization of a film that emphasizes visual associations and impressionistic descriptive passages, tonal and rhythmic qualities and de-emphasizes strictly linear or logical sequencing.

Voice of Authority
Someone whom we see and/or hear whose purpose it is to represent the point of view of the film.

Racing Dreams - Movie Review of Racing Dreams - 2009
Filmmaker Marshall Curry follows three adolescent go-kart racers as they compete for the national championship, in hopes of advancing to careers as professional drivers in NASCAR, one of America's favorite spectator sports.

My Neighbor My Killer - Movie Review - 2009
Anne Aghion's My Neighbor My Killer documents the mandated process of reconciliation in Rwanda, following the genocide of Tutsis by Hutus in 1994.

Second Skin - Movie Review of Second Skin -2008
This documentary investigates the real life social interactions of devoted players of massively-multiplayer online games, and follows them several of them into their alternative lives in the cyberspace realm of the very popular 'The World of Warcraft' game.

Soldiers Of Conscience - Movie Review of Soldiers of Conscience
Soldiers of Conscience is a documentary about the soldiers' dilemma of whether killing is an acceptable action in war. Statistics show that there are many soldiers who grapple with this issue of morality.

The Cross - The Arthur Blessitt Story - Movie Review - 2009
The Cross - The Arthur Blessitt Story is about the 40-year journey of Arthur, Blessitt, who walked around the world with a twelve-foot cross on his back.

Religulous Review - Movie Review of Religulous - 2008
Irreverent comedian Bill Maher travels around the world from the Wailing Wall to the Vatican to backwater America challenging religious pundits and just plain folk about their various religious beliefs.

The Dixie Chicks Shut Up and Sing - Movie Review -2006
The Dixie Chicks: Shut Up and Sing is Barbara Kopple's documentary about The Dixie Chicks chronicles the groups' come back after Natalie Maines made an off the cuff comment about the Iraq War and conservatives demanded radio stations stop playing their songs.

The Garden - Movie Review of The Garden - 2008
The Garden is about the South Central Farmers, a group of dirt-poor Los Angelenos who took a track of urban ruin and turned it into an Eden--only to see the flora they so lovingly planted and tended be bulldozed by a selfish land owner. This film is about their dignity, determination and their fight to preserve their garden--and what they've done to recover from its loss.

Traces Of The Trade - A Story From The Deep North - Movie Review of Traces Of The Trade - 2008
'Traces of The Tade - A Story From The Deep North' is a deeply personal documentary made by seminarian-turned-filmmaker Katrina Browne, who sets out to investigate her forebears occupation as prominent New England slave traders and tries to identify what that fact of family history means to her living relatives and herself. The film is co-directed by Alla Kovgan and Jude Ray.

Unmistaken Child - Movie Review of Unmistaken Child - 2008
'Unmistaken Child' is a fascinating documentary that provides rare insight into the intricate processes and rituals whereby Buddhists locate the child whom they consider to be the reincarnation of their recently deceased Geshe Lama Konghog.

Until the Light Takes Us - Movie Review of Until The Light Takes Us - 2009
Until the Light Takes Us is a documentary about the heavy metal movement in Norway, where musicians have adopted a satanic style and have been accused of church burnings and murder.

Trumbo - Movie Review of Trumbo - 2008
Trumbo shows how Dalton Trumbo's career as one of Hollywood's leading screenwriters crashed when he refused to answer questions posed by the House Un-American Activities Committee, was blacklisted and became one of the Hollywood 10, all of whom were famously persecuted for standing up for their First Amendment rights. With archival footage, interviews with witnesses and experts, and Trumbo's letters (read by great actors), this film profiles the civil rights hero and chronicles his life.

In Search of Memory - Movie Review (2008)
Petra Seeger's documentatary follows Nobel Prize winning neuroscientist Eric Kandel as he returns to Vienna in search of memories of his childhood. Kandel's interactions with citizens in modern day Vienna are intercut with archival footage, family photographs and reenactments. The film also focuses on Kandel's remarkable research on memory, and actually shows how nerve cells pass information to each other and how memory is developed and sustained.

Off and Running - Movie Review of Off and Running - 2009
Nicole Opper's documentary follows Avery Klein-Cloud, an African-American teenager who lives in Brooklyn, New York with her adoptive parents, two gay white women, and their other interracial adopted children, as she decides she wants to find her birth mother and discover her roots.

Which Way Home - Movie Review of Which Way Home - 2009
Movie review of Which Way Home, a documentary by filmmaker Rebecca Cammisa, who follows Latin American children who leave their homes and families to hop on freight trains and travel hundreds of miles to try to enter the U.S. illegally in hope of finding new and better life.

The Doors: When You're Strange - Movie Review of When You're Strange
When You're Strange, a documentary by Tom DiCillo, chronicles the rise of Jim Morrison and the Doors from obscurity to fame, overnight fame. Frontman Jim Morrison is the featured player, but band members Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger and John Densmore are key figures in archival footage that follows the group into recording studios and on tour, showing Morrison's personal contradictions and growing addictions and ultimate demise. Johnny Depp narrates.

The Brothers Warner - Movie Review of The Brothers Warner (2008)
Using archival footage and clips from cinema classics, filmmaker Cass Warner Sperling profiles the Brothers Warner, her grandfather and his siblings, who founded Warner Bros. Studios and were among the original and most influential Hollywood movie moguls.

8: The Mormon Proposition - Movie Review of 8 The Mormon Proposition
8: The Mormon Proposition is an eye-opening expose of how the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints (LDS), while masking their activities behind a conveniently convened coalition, campaigned against and defeated California law allowing and recognizing same sex marriage. Asserting beliefs that marriage should only be between a man and a women, Mormon leaders spent an estimated $25-million and mobilized an army of Mormons to canvas California, influencing voters throughout the state.

Smash His Camera - Movie Review of Smash His Camera (2010)
Leon Gast's documentary follows the life and work of Ron Galella, the king of the paparazzi, who was during the course of his career slugged by Marlon Brando, sued by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and slurred by most of his colleagues. Galella is a fascinating character, not at all like you'd expect him to be.

Cropsey - Movie Review (2009)
Filmmakers Barbara Brancaccio and Joshua Zeman return to their childhood home in Staten Island, NY, to investigate the 'Cropsey' legend that haunted their youth. Cropsey was a mythic boogeyman, wacko and satanist who supposedly lived in the ruins of the abandoned Willowbrook Mental Institution, which he used as a base for abducting small children. Ultimately the legend turned out to be true. Joshua

A Film Unfinished - Movie Review - 2010
Yael Hersonski's [i]A Film Unfinished[/i] is a remarkable holocaust documentary comprised primarily of previously unedited historic footage that was shot by Nazi filmmakers, ostensibly chronicling daily life in the infamous Warsaw Ghetto during World War II.

All About Documentaries and The Oscars
A guide to the Academy Awards and Documentary Film, covering the current and past years' films nominated for Best Documentary Feature, with background information about how nominees are selected and who votes for the winners, plus lists of winners in previous years.

International Documentary Association - Overview of the IDA
An overview of the International Documentary Association, a non-profit professional organization that promotes and protects the interests of documentary filmmakers.

Kirby Dick Profile - A Profile of Documentary Filmmaker Kirby Dick
Kirby Dick is known for making controversial documentaries, many of which focus on the subject of human sexuality, how it's looked upon by society and how social attitudes about sexuality impact individuals.

Chris Hegedus
Chris Hegedus and her partner/husband D.A. Pennebaker have been leading documentary filmmakers for more than thirty years.

Filmmakers A to Z
A List of Documentary Filmmakers A to Z. For each filmmaker listed here, you'll find links to profiles and/or interviews.

Filmmakers A to Z
A List of Documentary Filmmakers A to Z. For each filmmaker listed here, you'll find links to profiles and/or interviews.

Up The Yangtze - Movie Review of Up The Yangtze - 2007
In Up The Yangtze, director Yung Chang boards a cruise ship touring the Three Gorges Dam area. While following the stories of young crew members who've lost their homes due to the Yangtze's rising waters, he investigates social, economic and environmental issues caused by the controversial dam project.

Ken Burns
Ken Burns is best known for creating epic multi-episode documentary series in which he fully explores American history and culture.

An ethnographically informed work made by members of ethnic communities that are the subjects of Western ethnography.

Michael Moore Biography - Profile of Documentary Director Michael Moore
Michael Moore, champion of liberal political and social causes, is arguably the best known and most influential documentary filmmaker in the world.

Documentary Films Coming Soon
Documentary Films Coming Soon

The belief that the world represented on screen is as it really is and has not been modified.

A narrative voice in the documentary film that articulates an explicit argument.

Text that appears periodically on screen to provide information such as the date, the time, the location or to identify a person shown on screen.

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