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Blind Contour Drawing - a Classic Drawing Exercise
Blind contour drawing is a classic drawing exercise that develops eye and hand co-ordination. It is equally useful for beginning and advanced artists.

How to Draw Manga Hands - Drawing the Outline
Next, develop the outline with flowing lines. This takes some practice, but you’ll get it eventually by using your own hand or pictures of hands as reference until you know the structure like the back of your… well you get the idea.

How to Draw Manga Feet - Draw the Outline
Draw the outline of the foot using your frame structure as a guide. Observation is very useful when drawing something as complex as the feet – use your own feet as a model.

How to Draw Manga Hands and Feet for Beginners
Draw Manga hands and feet using a simple wireframe method. The photos in this slideshow will help you in perfecting your technique.

How to Draw Manga Hands - Finishing the Drawing
Finishing your manga hand drawing. Go ahead and erase the guidelines in the hand and shade and detail the hand using your hand or another person’s hand as reference. I usually like to shade in the knuckles and add detail like fingernails

How to Draw Manga Hands - Observing
There are a few things with hands I want to point out before we move on. The front and back may have the same outline but there are various parts to each that are essential to making it look like the front or the back of the hand.

How to Draw Manga Feet - Begin with the Structure
Now let’s take a look at the feet. Just like with the hands the feet begin as a few simple shapes in wireframe and then we add the guidelines for the toes beginning at the ankle and going out to the tips of the toes.

How to Draw Manga Feet - Completing the Drawing
Lastly, erase your guidelines and add shading (if you wish) and detail. Using a very light touch to begin with makes it easier to make an changes at this stage

How to Draw a Basic Manga Character: Body Proportions
Learn how to draw manga characters using a simple wireframe method. The photos will help you along the way to perfecting your technique.

Draw a Manga Character - Using a Basic Wireframe to Structure a Manga Character
Copy the wireframe man, adding circles and ovals (as shown in the picture to the left) between the joints where muscles should go. Make them slender for a lean character like this one, or thicker for a bulkier build.

Character Outline - Drawing the Manga Character Outline
Next draw the outline - curvy, quite continuous lines that defines the character. The gradual curve of these lines is very important. Sharp corners on a figure tend to look mechanical rather than organic, and so look wrong.

Cleaning Up the Character Outline
Next go ahead and erase the guidelines within the outline. Make any corrections to things that don’t look quite right.

Posing Characters with a Wireframe
The wire-and-ball approach is a common one for drawing figures, and is a useful place to start. Once you’re confident, you’ll find that you’ll often use just a suggestion of a framework, sometimes skipping straight to the outline.

Artist's Ink Drawing Pens List and Guide
Here's a guide to choosing an ink drawing pen to suit your style of drawing and personal taste. Take a look at some of the best pens and inks.

Before You Buy - Choosing Graphite Pencils
Which graphite pencil should you buy? With many options available to the artist, it can be quite confusing to know which ones to get.

Value Drawing - Using Light and Shade
This illustrated tutorial on value drawing or shading highlights the difference between seeing lines and seeing values.

Shading with Graphite Pencil
Pencil Shading - learn how to use pencils to shade tonal values. Practice shading technique and develop shaded tones following this pencil shading exercise. Page 2.

Drawing Sharp Corners
drawing a sharp corner with an eraser shield. An eraser shield allows you to draw a perfect sharp corner with no shortfall or overlap.

How to Use an Eraser Shield
An eraser shield is an essential part of a drafter's kit and belongs in the toolbox of any artist who uses precise lines and clean edges.

Using an Eraser Shield
Precise erasing with an eraser shield

Side Shading and Tip Shading
Side shading or tip shading? Is there a right way to shade with colored pencil? Well, no. Let's look at the difference between side shading and tip shading with colored pencil.

Colored Pencil Hatching
Hatching with colored pencil. Rapid, regular, evenly spaced lines are drawn, leaving a little white paper or underlying colour showing.

Colored Pencil Crosshatching
Crosshatching is a useful technique in colored pencil drawing, allowing you to create interesting textures and blended colors.

Colored Pencil Scumbling
The 'brillo pad' method, tiny overlapping circles rapidly drawn. Again, it can be used to build up a single color or different colors.

Directional Mark Making
Short directional lines which follow a contour, or the direction of hair or grass or other surfaces. These can be densely overlaid to form a rich textural effect.

Basic Colored Pencil Shading
Learn how to use basic colored pencil techniques including blending and layering to enhance your drawing. Learn how to shade, blend, and layer.

What Is Contour Line in Drawing?
Unlike the contours in map drawing, which track across a surface, contours in art are outlines, drawn to describe a visible edge or change of plane.

How to Draw in Pen and Ink - Materials Needed
Pen and Ink drawing for beginners - what you need to get started and how to choose basic equipment.

Draw a Horse Head Step by Step
Learn how to draw a horse head in just a few simple steps, with this super easy horse drawing tutorial suitable for kids and beginners.

The Overhand Grip
how to hold a pencil - sketching using the overhand grip. For shading with the side of the pencil and relaxed sketching with pencil or charcoal, the overhand grip is a popular option.

Using the Underhand Grip
how to hold a pencil - how to use the underhand pencil grip for sketching.

Is There a Right Way to Hold a Pencil?
There's no 'one right way' to hold a pencil, but some methods are better than others when it comes to drawing and sketching.

The Basic Tripod Grip
The basic tripod grip is ideal for accurate, fine drawing and shading. This is the standard grip that most people use to hold a pencil

The Extended Tripod Grip
how to hold a pencil - the extended tripod grip allows for greater movement and freedom of mark-making for sketching. This is a popular way for artists to hold a pencil.

The Overhand Grip
how to hold a pencil - forming the overhand grip. For shading with the side of the pencil and relaxed sketching with pencil or charcoal, the overhand grip is a popular option.

What Is Tone or Tonal Value? - Definition
In art, tone refers to the degree of lightness or darkness of an area. It varies from bright white through shades of gray to the deepest black shadows.

Drawing Tips - Top Mistakes Beginners Make
Drawing Tips - find out the common mistakes beginners make when they learn to draw and how to fix them.

Tips on Better Graphite Pencil Drawing
Improve your pencil drawing with these quick tips and techniques - how to get better tone, use marks effectively in your drawings, and more.

A Guide to Choosing the Best Colored Pencils
Which colored pencils will suit your needs? Here are mini-reviews of colored pencil brands to help you buy the best colored pencils for your artwork.

Drawing Programs and Art Software
There's plenty of good photo editing software around, but what about software for creating art and drawing from scratch - without breaking the bank?

Want to Learn How to Draw? Start Your Lessons Here
It's easier than you think. Start here with these free learn how to draw lessons. Work through step by step and you'll be drawing like a pro in no time!

Doodle Interpretation - Decipher Your Doodles
Doodle interpretation - discover the meaning and symbolism of doodles. Why people doodle, what the shapes mean and how to interpret doodle drawings and scribbles.

Doodle Analysis and Interpretation- Questions and Answers
doodle interpretation - discover the meaning and symbolism of doodling. Why people doodle, what the shapes mean and how to interpret doodle drawings and scribbles. analyze your doodles or do some doodle analysis. Page 2.

What to Draw - Sketchbook Drawing Ideas
Not sure what to draw? Don't worry, we have the solution, Here are pages of ideas for your art class or personal art practice. Get better ideas for your lesson plans or sketchbooks. Come up with something a bit different and start exploring art ideas instead of copying.

Sketchbook Ideas - Portrait Drawing
Ideas for drawing portraits and people. If you need some ideas for classroom teaching or your own art practice, here are some suggestions to get you started. Find ideas on portrait drawing and painting, figurative composition and figure drawing. Page 2.

Sketchbook Ideas - Drawing Animals
animal drawing ideas - want to draw animals and make your art a little bit more interesting than just copying a photo? Here are a bunch of ideas on drawing and sketching animals to help you get started. Page 3.

Abstract and Imaginative Art Ideas
How to get started with abstract art. Need an idea for a class assignment or just want to try it for yourself? Here are some ways to approach abstract art, drawing and painting compositions. Page 4.

Drawing and Painting Ideas and Inspiration
Stuck for inspiration? Before you run out of ideas, try one of these. Here are six sources of inspiration for drawing, painting - even scrapbooking. Sometimes when you look at a blank page, your mind goes blank too. So here's some ideas to get you started.

What Is a Vanishing Point? (Drawing Definition)
What is a vanishing point in perspective drawing?

Best Drawing Instruction Books for Beginners
Everyone can learn to draw, and these drawing books for beginners will help you gain the skills you need.

Choosing Artist's Sketchbooks and Drawing Books
Sketchbooks - artist sketchbooks and drawing books. Reviews and suggestions for recommended artist's sketchbooks, drawing books and art journals. A range of sketchbooks for general use, as well as sketchbooks for specific media such as pastel and watercolor.

Techniques and Mediums
Techniques change depending on the medium we are using. Find out more about the medium that interests you, and learn how to get the best out of your drawing medium of choice.

printmaking resources, galleries and workshops
Fine Art printmaking inclucing intaglio, relief and silkscreen printing, as well as commercial printing services for reproduction of artwork, such as giclee printing.

How to Draw the Correct Proportions of the Human Head
Learn how to draw the structure and correct proportions of the human head and face by focusing on the traditional rules of proportions.

How to Draw Hands Tutorial and Tips
Here is a drawing hands tutorial that will help you learn how to draw hands from life, a difficult task. A free, original online drawing tutorial.

Draw 101 - The Basics - Beginner Drawing Lessons
Beginners can learn to draw by doing these simple drawing lessons. This free, online Learn to Draw course will help you learn to draw what you see and develop your drawing skills.

Colored Pencil Basics and Tips
Colored pencil basics: a first lesson in using colored pencils, beginning with basic pencil strokes. This introduces some lessons useful to your drawing.

How to Draw Hair Realistically
Get a free online drawing lesson. Learn how to draw realistic hair in graphite pencil, a key element of most portraiture drawing that can be difficult.

Thumbnail Sketching Tips and Ideas
Thumbnail sketching - find out what thumbnail sketches are and how to use thumbnail sketches to help with your drawing and painting. Learn how.

Drawing Children - Face Proportions and Drawing Tips
Learn tips for drawing children and how children's face proportions differ from adult proportions and tips on drawing children's portraits.

Pen and Ink Drawing
Learn how to draw in pen and ink. Includes drawing exercises and artist's pages featuring black and white drawing, including stippling (pointillist) technique and pen and wash.

Sketching - Learn Pencil Sketching
Pencil sketching is a fun and relaxing hobby, as well as an important part of artistic development. Learn pencil sketching techniques, keep a sketchbook and use a variety of sketching mediums.

How To Draw Japanese Animation Drawings with Manga and Anime
Easy To Draw Japanese Animation Drawings With Manga and Anime.

Draw Like a Pro
Bringing Your Art to Life: Learn to Draw Like the Pros in easy step-by-step

Learning How to Draw
Learning How to Draw. Drawing/Sketching.

Digital Manga and Anime - Tutorials on using Computer Graphics
Learn to use popular computer graphics software to draw and color your Manga and Anime drawings.

Draw Manga and Anime Girls
Learn to draw Manga and Anime female characters and figures. Draw pretty Bishujo girls and your favorite female characters from Anime classics.

Want to Learn How to Draw?
Do You Want to Learn How to Draw like the professionals following these easy steps?

- By Category
An index of categories in the

basic painting
painting 101 in drawings with the use of oils and acrylics on canvas and other supports

Drawings and Sketches of Love
Love drawings are those drawings that depict love. Of course love itself is an abstract noun – like the air we breathe we cannot see it and yet we know it is there.

How To Draw Dragons
Drawing Dragons. Drawing/Sketching.

Funky Art
The Art of Self Expression. Drawing/Sketching.

Drawing Flowers for Beginners
An easy guide to drawing flowers

Creative Inspiration
Tips on being creative, and tools to help you stay inspired day to day. Find inspirational wallpaper for your computer, ipad or phone, quotes for your sketchbook and ideas to apply to your creative art practice.

Doodles and Doodling
Explore doodles and doodling - doodle meaning, interpretation and symbolism, drawing doodles and turning your doodles into art.

art history
american art history. Drawing/Sketching.

Abstract Art
Abstract art; Art which is not representational in any way and is outside (of form) from humanoid reality

Valentine's Day!
Love for Love's Sake This Valentine's Day!

Awesome Tattoo Drawings
Awesome Tattoo Drawings: Be more Fashionable With Your Unique Tattoo

How to Draw Your Fashion Design Sketches Step-by-Step!
Fashion Design Sketches: Now Trending if You Want To Look Cool!

The Essential Sketchpad for Artists
The Essential Sketchpad for Artists For rough thumbnail sketches and for recording work in chronological order

Computer Drawing iPad Giving You great Results
With Your Computer Drawing iPad You Can Expect to Create Really Professional Results

How to Draw the Easy Way for Absolute Beginners
Everything you need to know how about drawing. Get drawing tutorials for beginners with tips and techniques to get your drawings like the pros.

How to Draw Drawings of love and Friendship
Learn How to Capture Drawings of Love and Affection With Your Pencil

Celebrity Drawings
Love Celebrity Drawings? So have fun following along with these famous celebrity cartoons

Easy To Draw Elephants for Beginners!
How to create an easy-to-draw cartoon elephant in simple steps in drawing by Rembrandt

Wonderful World of Cartoons
Little Known Things About The Wonderful World of Cartoons

Simple Steps To Drawing Great Patterns and Designs
Simple Steps To Pattern Drawings and Sketches Which can Be Used in Textiles, Carpets or Anything

Draw Cartoons - Learn to Draw Cartoons
Learn to draw cartoons and cartoon characters. Original step by step cartooning lessons - find out how to draw cartoon characters. Learn cartooning techniques and get expert tips on drawing for comics and animation.

Draw Cartoon Animals
Draw cartoon animals - learn how to draw cartoon animals following these easy step by step tutorials. From cute easy cartoons to comic book style realism, have fun drawing all kinds of cartoon animals.

Using Computers and Tablets for Creative Art
Drawing software is getting so good that many people are swapping their pencils for graphics tablets. Find out about drawing software and CAD, computer graphics, scanners and printers.

Funky Art Makes No Apologies!
Funky Art Makes No Apologies for the craziness of funk art! It is Self Expression Gone Wild

Draw People - Learn to Draw People
You can learn how to draw people. Try these free lessons and learn to draw people, do studies of anatomy, draw the face and human body. People are fun to draw, and easier than you think with practice.

Teenage Fashion Designer
Learn About Teenage Fashion Design For Fun and Profit with simple step-by-step

Art School and Career
Find out about drawing at college, art school and illustration and design school. Drawing in the context of degree studies at tertiary level - techniques, skills and the relevance of art school to professional development.

Art Career and Business Guide
Develop your creative career or business in art - there are many creative careers, including design, illustration, fashion, cartooning and animation, as well as freelance and fine art. learn about professional practice, gallery-artist relationships, developing a portfolio and doing commissions.

Calligraphy, Illumination and Celtic Design
Learn the decorative arts of Calligraphy, Illumination and Celtic interlaced design.

Martitime Art - Drawing Ships and Seafaring Themes
A collection of links on drawing naval themes - navy ships, marine battles, boats and lighthouses.

Travel Sketches - Journaling and Sketching for the Travelling Artist
Travel sketchbooks and journals have a personal touch that will bring back memories of your trip for years to come. Here are a collection of resources for the travelling artist.

Drawing and the Importance of Careful Observation
Drawing and the Importance of Careful Observation To Become a Master in the Art of Drawing

All About Anime Art
Creative Anime and Manga Art to Capture Your Imagination With Comics, Animation, and Films

Anime and Manga - Learn to Draw Anime and Manga - Japanese Comics and Animation
Learn how to draw your favourite Anime and Manga styles and characters. Includes step-by-step tutorials, reference sources and resources for the anime/manga fan.

Cute Drawings Will Charm The World
Let Your Cute Drawings Charm The World and anyone in the radar range

Aztec Pencil Drawings
Cool Aztec Pencil Drawings For Your Sketchbook Can be used in your art work or anything you want adorned.

Adult Coloring Pages For a Stress-Free Life
Adult Coloring Pages For a Stress-Free Life with better cognitive functions.

Learn Pencil Sketching Step-by-Step
Learn Pencil Sketching and drawing Step-by-Step Guide to Boost Your Creativity

"I Want To Draw..."
I Want To Draw So Here is Your Chance For the Absolute Beginner to Learn fast

Coloring In Pages
Free coloring in pages - printable colouring in pages including characters, dolls, ancient heroes, superheroes, wild animals and sea creatures, princesses and dinosaurs. Print and color fun for kids.

Best Drawing Pencils For Beginners and Professionals
Best Drawing Pencils To Use For Great Results in Your Artwork

color pencil drawing - technique, tutorials and galleries
Resources for colored pencil drawing, including how-tos for beginners, intermediate tutorials and galleries of color pencil artwork.

Graphite Pencil FAQ - The Basics of Graphite Pencils
Find out the answers to common questions such as - which pencil should I use? do I have to buy a set? Can I use an eraser? Should I shade with a blunt or sharp pencil? What's the difference between a lead pencil and a graphite pencil? How do I sharpen my pencils?

Old Master Study 2 © Ronit
drawing - study from the old masters

Old Master Study © Ronit
drawing - study from the old masters

'The Shirt' © David J Vanderpool
'The Shirt' David J Vanderpool. A lovely drawing of a semi-clad woman by David Vanderpool.

Figure Drawing - Hand Study
Figure Drawing - Hand Study. Drawing/Sketching.

Learn How To Use Pencils For Drawing
How To Use Colored Pencils Expertly For Your drawings and Masterpiece Sketches

Pastel Drawing - Pastel Painting and Drawing Techniques
Pastel drawing and painting resources, including methods, associations and galleries. Pastel combines the convenience of a dry medium with the brilliant colour of paint, making it a favourite of beginners and experts alike. Here are some useful links for the pastellist.

Most Popular Modern Drawing Painting Styles
Most Popular Modern Drawing Painting Styles Which You Can Follow For Ideas

The art of pencil drawing
The Art of Pencil Drawing: Winning With the Best Tutorials in Easy Steps

Easy Draw Tutorials
Easy Draw Tutorials For Beginners in Simple Steps taking your skills to the next level.

Pencil Drawing Techniques
Learn Pencil Drawing Techniques Cezanne Would Love!

Funny Drawings
Really Funny Drawings For Playful Fun To Brighten Your Spirits

Guide to the Basics of Drawing
Professional Guide into the Basics of Drawing To Help You Become a Master

Animal Drawings
learn how to draw cool animal drawings in easy step-by-step

Free Online Drawing Lessons
Free Online Drawing Lessons for Beginners with Step-by-step instructions

Learn to Draw Animals
Learn to Draw Animals - learn to draw animals including cats, dogs, and horses, including easy step-by-step animal drawing lessons and advanced tutorials.

How to Draw Hair
Learn how to draw realistic hair with a graphite pencil.

How to Draw Hair
Learn ways to draw realistic hair with a graphite pencil.

What is a Mandala
What is a Mandala? Find a brief definition of 'mandala' and learn more about its meaning and symbolism in traditional and contemporary use.

Going Abstract - How to Create Abstract Art
Having trouble with abstraction? Here are some ways to approach abstract art. If you are used to realist art, taking a step into abstract painting and drawing can be daunting but refreshing. Find out how.

What is Sepia Ink? - Definition
Natural sepia ink is a powerful dye made from the ink of the cuttlefish

Drawing Inks - Review of the Best Brands
Drawing inks - not sure which ink to use? Check out my guide to selecting inks for drawing and my thoughts on the best brands of Indian ink and Chinese ink for fine art drawing.

What is Art
What is art? There are many answers to that question, depending on your point of view, your personal perspective. Most of them are valid in one way or another. Here's my reasonably learned opinion.

Doodle and Symbol Interpretation - 3D Boxes
meaning of box doodles - interpreting and analyzing the meaning of three-d doodle drawings and 3D symbol analysis in drawing

Definition and Types of Working Drawings
What is a working drawing? Find out what a working drawing is in different contexts, with links to examples.

Copyright for Artists - Protecting Your Work
copyright - a brief guide to copyright for artists with links to resource sites

Copyright Myths - Fair Use and the 10 percent rule
copyright - a brief guide to copyright for artists with links to resource sites page 2 - some common misconceptions about copyright, what is fair use, and what is in the public domain.

Avoiding Copyright Infringement - Page 3 of 4
Avoiding Copyright Infringement in your own artwork - Copyright Guide page 3 - a brief guide to copyright for artists with links to resource sites.

Copyright - Protecting Your Work
copyright - a brief guide to copyright for artists with links to resource sites - page 4, protecting your work from breach of copyright

Easy Drawing Ideas Step-by-Step
Easy Drawing Ideas, Step-by-Step Drawing Guide for Beginners

Easy Animal Drawing for Children
Draw animals step by step. Easy step-by-step animal drawing for kids - draw a cat, dog, fish, frog and horse, using simple lines and shapes.

Top 10 New Drawing Games
Top 10 New Drawing Games For Kids to Sharpen Their Wits and Motor Skills

Police and Forensic Sketch Artist - Job Profile
Forensic art is a career that combines creative skills with people skills. If you're fascinated by crime shows like CSI, Numbers and Without a Trace, but don't want your creative skills to go to waste, police or forensic artist may be the career for you. Information on the aptitude, training and career opportunities working in forensic art.

Drawing Games
Here are some favorite drawing games. Most you can play with pencil and paper, while some are available online or as pre-made board games.

Doodle and Symbol Interpretation - Geometric Shapes
the meaning of shapes - interpreting the meaning of geometric shapes, doodle drawings and symbol analysis in drawing circles and squares

The Golden Rectangle - Golden Mean
The Golden Rectangle is a proportion discovered by Euclid and often used in artistic compositions. Find out more about the Golden Rectangle, also called the golden mean or golden ratio.

Teaching Children to Draw - Guiding Young Artists
teaching children to draw, part 3 - guiding children's drawing at different stages of development and providing positive models. Page 3.

Teaching Kids How to Draw
teaching children to draw - how children learn to draw, teaching kids to draw and whether they should learn to draw realistically

Teaching Children to Draw - fostering creativity
teaching children to draw, part 2 - fostering creativity, discussing children's art. Page 2.

Learn How To Draw Manga
Learn How To Draw Manga in The Wonderful World of Fantasy

Before You Choose a Visual Art Career
choosing a visual art career - an overview of careers in visual art and some things to think about when considering employment in the visual arts

How to Keep a Sketchbook & Ideas for Getting Started
Keeping a sketchbook is something most artists do. A sketchbook fills various functions, and you'll find your own way of using it. But where do you start, when you bring home that beautiful sketchbook with crisp, empty white pages. How do you fill them? Try some of these creative ideas for getting your sketchbook started

Selecting, Using and Maintaining Nibs for Dip Pens
Ink Pen Nibs for Drawing - tips on selecting and maintaining dip pens for ink drawing and sketching. Learn how to choose, clean and care for your ink pen nib.

Beginners Guide to Basics of Drawing
Beginners Guide to The Basics of Drawing and Sketching

Coloring Pages For Adults
Cool Coloring Pages For Grownups as Great Stress-reducer

Kids Anime and Manga Drawing and Coloring Pages
For younger Anime and Manga fans, simple how-tos, outline drawings and kids coloring pages to print and color.

Learn to Draw Anime Faces - Anime and Manga Drawing Lessons
Learn to Draw Anime and Manga style faces. Includes lessons on head construction Anime eyes and features and Anime hairstyles.

Kid's Art for Grownups: About Children's Creativity and Drawing
Find out which art materials to buy for kids drawing, how to foster children's creativity and how to teach them to draw. Find art resources for teaching and homeschooling.

Learn Old Master Drawing Techniques - Classical Realist Drawing
Learn Old Master Drawing Techniques - learn to draw using the classical realist techniques taught in traditional ateliers.

drawing landscape, nature and wildlife
Nature Drawing - Landscape and wildlife drawing. Here are some tutorials, tips and resources to help the nature artist. Drawing tutorials and galleries featuring themes of landscape, nature, wildlife and animals.

Old Master Drawings - Drawing Techniques of the Old Masters
old master drawings - resources on the drawings of the great masters of art, image collections and essays on old master drawings, including Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, and Proudhon.

Perspective and Technical Drawing, Engineering and Architectural Drawing and Drafting
Learn Perspective and Technical Drawing and drafting. Find lessons and resources for perspective drawing, technical and engineering, and architectural drawing.

Drawing Books, Art Books and Art Magazines
Art Books and Magazines - find art books and art magazines, read book reviews,pick up some tips in the process, and visit links to publisher and author's websites.

Art Gallery - Art Drawings
An art gallery of contemporary fine art drawings by Drawing/Sketching readers and forum members. The art gallery includes portraits of people and pets, landscape and contemporary drawings in a range of mediums, from pencil to charcoal and pastel.

Draw Dragons and Fantasy - Learn to Draw Dragons and Fantasy Art
Drawing dragons and fantasy - learn how to draw dragons and fantasy art. Tutorials on drawing dragons, mythical beasts, fantasy drawing and examples of favourite fantasy themes and concept art.

Draw Flowers and Trees - Learn to Draw Flowers, Trees and Plants
Learn how to draw all kinds of flowers - roses, water-lillies and other favorites, trees of every kind, leaves, and grasses. Includes simple step-by-steps to create your own clipart, scrapbook or tattoo design, through to more advanced tutorials to develop your skills in drawing flowers and trees.

Drawing Glossary - Terms and Definitions
Drawing Glossary - find out meanings of words used in drawing, sketching and printmaking - technical terms, art jargon and words you need to know.

Drawing Tips
Improve your drawing with these clever tips and ideas. Learn how to see better, draw better and express your ideas with fun art hacks.

Be inspired to draw by this collection of drawing ideas, creativity boosters and quotes. Find sketchbook ideas, projects, and motivational drawing suggestions for artists.

Drawing Lessons and Printables for Kids
Art and drawing for kids - find drawing lessons and art activities, easy step by step lessons, printables and colouring pages for children. Add creative components to your unit study with these fun and easy lessons.

What to Draw With
Don't know what to draw with? Check out this guide to everything you need to know about art supplies. Get ideas on what to draw with, choose art materials, find out how to care for your art supplies and find out about shopping for art materials at home and online.

Grids, Copying and Tracing - Mechanical Aids to Drawing
a guide to traditional and contemporary aids to accurate drawing, what they are and how to use them, including the pinhole camera and Camera Lucida.

Forum and Galleries
Join the drawing/sketching community - share stories, advice, find a shoulder to cry on and show off your latest successes.

Stipple or Dot technique and hedcut drawing are methods of drawing with pen and ink, using dots rather than lines.

Printable Paper Dolls
Create your own paper dolls and sets of clothing and complete outfits. Printable paper dolls ready to print and color or use them to copy and create your own unique character dolls and designs.

Figure Drawing Gallery
Figure Drawing Gallery - nude figure drawings and life drawings. Parental advisory: frontal nudity. Not suitable for viewers under the age of 18. A gallery of images contributed by Drawsketch forum members

Airshin by David J Vanderpool
Airshin David J Vanderpool. Page 6.

'Gordon' by David J. Vanderpool
Figure Drawing in Graphite Pencil by David J. Vanderpool. Page 5.

Cartooning and Animation Careers
Cartooning and animation careers - Find out how to become a professional cartoonist or animator and get information on cartooning and animation career development.

Drawing Hair - Learn How to Draw Short and Long Hair
Find out how to draw hair and really bring your figure drawing or portrait to life. Includes tutorials on drawing long hair and short hair.

Portrait Drawing - Learn to Draw Faces
Portrait drawing lessons - learn to draw faces, get portrait drawing tips from the pros, find portrait galleries and tutorials on drawing faces. Includes lessons on drawing the eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hair.

Draw the Sky and Clouds - Drawing the sky, clouds and weather
how to draw the sky, clouds and weather in various mediums including pencil, colored pencil and photoshop. Draw different cloud types and formations and get some tips on drawing the sky.

Figure Drawing - Figure Drawing Tips and Lessons
Figure Drawing - sketching the nude fiugre - free online figure drawing lessons, life drawing resources, studio listings and galleries.

Human Anatomy for Artists - Resources for Drawing Human Anatomy
Human Anatomy - These anatomy resources include skeleton, musculature, and surface human anatomy references for artists, and human anatomy classes.

Learn to Draw Cats
Learn to draw cats - learn how to draw and sketch cats, including simple step-by-step lessons and tutorials.

Learn to Draw Horses - Horse Drawing Tutorials
Learn to draw horses, draw a horse head, find reference photos of horses and check out galleries of horse drawings and western-themed artwork.

life drawing classes and workshops
Life Drawing workshop and class listings - find a figure drawing studio in your area. Some workshops offer guided tuition, others are simply artists meeting to work from the model.

Draw a Wolf - Wolf Drawing Lessons and Art
Wolf Drawings - learn to draw a wolf and find wolf drawings in pencil, pastel and charcoal by various artists, including examples of wolf artwork and posters as well as beginner's wolf sketches.

Draw Dinosaurs - How To Draw Comic Book Dinosaurs
Learn how to draw dinosaurs - have fun with simple cartoon dinos and realistic, comic book style dinosaur illustrations.

Draw Comic Books
Learn to draw comic books and comic book characters, graphic novels and dramatic comic book scenes. With less detail and a more outlined look than realist drawing, but more realistic than cartoons, comic book drawing is a fun way to be creative.

Drawing Galleries
Artists and galleries - find an artist to commission a drawing, look for a drawing gallery or dealer, or visit online galleries.

Art Magazines - Art, Painting and Drawing Magazines
Art Magazines - find your favorite art magazine website. Art Magazine Publisher's webites often feature free online tips and articles, as well as issue previews and contact info.

The fine art of calligraphy is closer in some ways to drawing than to writing, as the calligrapher draws each letterform with care. Here are your guide's pick of calligraphy links from around the web, including alphabets and illumination.

Cartooning and Animation Books
Find out about cartooning and animation books, read reviews and find links to publishers and authors of cartooning and animation books.

Colored Pencil Drawing Books - Books on Colored Pencil Drawing Technique
Colored Pencil Drawing Books - Find the colored pencil drawing book that is right for you. Reviews of colored pencil drawing books with links to author and publisher websites.

contemporary drawing
Contemporary drawing that crosses the boundaries of traditional technique. A guide to contemporary artists and galleries that feature drawing in various forms.

Fan Art Drawings - Drawings of popular film and tv characters including Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter
Fan art drawings - whether its Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or Star Trek, we love to draw our favourite characters from Tv, films and books. Here is a collection of fan art including drawings, mostly by devoted amateurs.

Flower drawing - how to draw flowers -
Flower drawing - learn to draw realistic flowers in various mediums with these flower drawing lessons, including step by step tutorials. Draw roses step by step.

Giclee Printing and Printers- Creating Giclee Art Prints
Find out about giclee printing - what giclee prints are, how giclee prints are made and where to get your art turned into a giclee print.

Leonardo da Vinci - Old Master Drawings
Leonardo da Vinci drawings - resources on Leonardo da Vinci drawings, including image sources and essays focussing on his drawing.

Perspective Drawing - Learn 3D Perspective Drawing
Learn 3D Perspective Drawing, including one and two point perspective drawings, and learn about the theory of linear perspective.

Technical Drawing - Engineering Drawing and Draughting
A collection of useful web resources on technical drawing, draughting and illustration, technical drawing lessons and reference material.

Drawing with Charcoal - Learn to Draw with Charcoal and Conte
Learn to draw with charcoal and conte. This versatile medium isn't just for life drawing. You can use charcoal for detailed tonal studies and large expressive works, with rich blacks and subtle tonal values.

Drawing Paper - Art Papers for Drawing
Get information on drawing papers, find out how paper is made, how to choose the right drawing paper, and find links to art paper manufacturers.

rendering textures - how to draw various surfaces
Links to various webpages with tutorials on on rendering specific materials and fabrics, glass and metal, stone, timber and fur. Covering various media, including painting techniques which can be applied to drawing.

Drawing Tips - Handy Drawing Hints and Tips
Drawing Tips - improve your drawing with these handy tips and ideas. Get tips on drawing technique, studio practice and sketching tips.

Art Business and Marketing
Whether you just want to show your work, or sell a few pictures to pay for your art supplies, or want to make a full-time career working for yourself or for somebody else, here is the info you need on exhibiting and selling your artwork, and finding a creative career.

Buying Guides - Buying Art Supplies and Gifts
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A selection of the best drawing blogs from around the net - artists, illustrators, animators, designers, cartoonists, an keen amateurs who love to draw and share their work via a drawing blog.

Drawing Composition - Picture Composition and Design for Artists
Drawing Composition - formal elements of picture composition and design principles for drawing, ideas for composing drawings, including thumbnail sketches, and composition principles and methods such as the golden mean (golden section) and rule of thirds.

Guest Artist and Writer Biographies
Find out more about the guest artists and writers whose work features on the About.com Drawing/Sketching GuideSite.

Find Your Voice as an Artist
How do you find your creative voice as an artist? It's very easy for artists to lose their way, especially in our hyperconnected world. What is special about your voice? How do you know what you want to say? Let's explore some ways.

Why Painters Should Learn to Draw
Can you be a good painter if you can't draw? Of course you can, but learning to draw will enrich your painting experience on many levels. Even if you never really master the drawn line, the drawing process is still important, useful and enjoyable.

Charcoal Drawing FAQ
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Art History for Children
Art history can be fun for kids - they don't need to know a list of names and dates. Help them develop their creativity and understand the value of art by seeing their work in the context of art history - all while having fun! Page 2.

First Drawing Lessons for Children
Encouraging children to think about the world around them is the first step in teaching them to draw. This article offers some tips on teaching children to draw and drawing lesson ideas for kids.

Art Supplies as Gifts - Choosing drawing materials as Christmas presents
Art Supplies as Gifts - a guide to choosing drawing and art supplies as presents, a gift guide for creative people of all ages

Plan a Zoo Sketch Crawl
Drawing at the zoo can be a rewarding experience for both the novice sketcher and the accomplished artist. Speed sketching animals is a good way to hone your skills and train your eye to capture all creatures in motion. Get some tips on preparing for your sketching trip from artist and cartoonist Ed Hall.

How To Draw A Mermaid
Follow along as we use easy, step-by-step instructions to teach you how to draw a cartoon mermaid.

How To Draw A Mermaid
Follow along as we use easy, step-by-step instructions to teach you how to draw a cartoon mermaid.

How To Draw A Mermaid
Follow along as we use easy, step-by-step instructions to teach you how to draw a cartoon mermaid.

How To Draw A Mermaid
Follow along as we use easy, step-by-step instructions to teach you how to draw a cartoon mermaid.

How To Draw A Mermaid
Follow along as we use easy, step-by-step instructions to teach you how to draw a cartoon mermaid.

How To Draw A Mermaid
Follow along as we use easy, step-by-step instructions to teach you how to draw a cartoon mermaid.

How To Draw A Mermaid
Follow along as we use easy, step-by-step instructions to teach you how to draw a cartoon mermaid.

How To Draw A Mermaid
Follow along as we use easy, step-by-step instructions to teach you how to draw a cartoon mermaid.

How To Draw A Mermaid
Follow along as we use easy, step-by-step instructions to teach you how to draw a cartoon mermaid.

Colored Pencil Drawing Book Reviews
colored pencil drawing instruction books reviews - your guide's pick of books on colored pencil drawing, including colored pencil basics, portraits and advanced techniques.

Ink Drawing and Painting Sets
Ink Drawing and Painting sets are a great way to buy everything you need in one neatly-packaged box. Take them traveling or keep them on your desk. Here are my pick of ink drawing sets and sumi-e and ink painting sets.

Bring out best in your Drawings of Dogs
Bring Out The Best in Your Drawings of Dogs Here For Inspiration

Draw a Cartoon Super Hero Hunk
Draw a handsome cartoon hero step by step. Learn how to design and draw a classic cartoon superhero type, following the easy step by step examples drawn by guest artist and author Shawn Encarnacion.

Draw a Cartoon Hero Body - Draw the Legs
Fill out the figure of your hero character. Draw the cartoon hero's legs, again being careful to get the correct smoothly curving shape. These curved lines are what makes him seem strong and powerful. The wide stance also looks heroic and helps to balance his shoulders.

Draw a Cartoon Hero - Details and Face
Learn how to design a cartoon hero, following the easy step by step examples drawn by guest artist and author Shawn Encarnacion.

Cartoon Hero - Finishing the Character
Draw this archetypal handsome cartoon hero, following the easy step by step examples drawn by guest artist and author Shawn Encarnacion.

Cartoon Hero in Color - The Finished Superhero
The cartoon hero or superhero character is finished off with some color and stronger outlines. By guest artist and author Shawn Encarnacion.

Drawings of People
Exceptional Drawings of People You Can Master With Ease in Simple Steps

10 Best Visual Artists of all Time
The Top 10 Best Visual Artists of all Time: We Can All Learn From These Great Artists

Drawings of Flowers
Mastering Drawings of Flowers and Butterflies Step-by-Step

Basic Rules to Create Great Art
Follow the Basic Rules and Principles to Create Great Art

How to Draw a Realistic Daisy
Draw a simple but realistic daisy following this short and easy flower drawing tutorial.

Daisy Drawing
An outline drawing of a simple daisy to copy or color.

Horse Drawing - Layering Colored Pencil
I start adding the next layers, gradually darkening areas as I go. I watch carefully from my photo, the white highlight areas where the sun really relfects off the curves of the shoulder, rump and back.

Horse Drawing in Colored Pencil
Horse Drawing in Colored Pencil - learn how to create this horse drawing in colored pencil following this tutorial by guest artist Janet Griffin-Scott

Horse Drawing - Horse Structure Drawing
Here is the preliminary drawing of the horse, broken down into basic shapes as usual.To begin the horse drawing, I have broken down the horse's body into recognizable shapes, circles, ovals, rectangles and triangles.

Horse Drawing Outline
The next stage of the horse drawing is to join the shapes together and to create a rough outline. I have erased some of the basic shapes I started with and you can see that the horse drawing is starting to take shape. Keep drawing lightly at this stage.

Horse Drawing - First Color Layers
Here I start with the colours that the final horse parts will be: black for the mane, tail and legs, and a yellow ochre light first layer to define shapes in the horses body

Horse Head - Refining Detail
Horse drawing - refining details in the horse drawing, adding texture with careful layering.

Horse Drawing - Finishing the Horse Drawing
Beginning layers of yellow and red go down onto the neck now, putting in darker browns for the neck muscle outline. I start the braids on the neck in black, pressing lightly. I leave areas white where the highlights are. The strokes follow the direction the hair grows. The shadow on the neck is roughed in lightly. Sometimes a hard spot in the pencil lead scratches the surface which I try to minimize by filling it with other colours with softer leads.

Completing the Wolf Drawing in Coloured Pencil
The final stages of completing the wolf drawing. The colours had become too harsh and too blue in my opinion so I lightened areas of the drawing with a vinyl eraser, Kleenex and Q tips. Sometimes wax binder builds up on the surface of the paper, called wax bloom, so this has to also be removed by eraser.

How to Draw a Wolf in Colored Pencil
How to Draw a Wolf - Learn how to draw a wolf in colored pencil, step by step, with equine and wildlife artist Janet Griffin-Scott.

Draw a Wolf - Preliminary Sketch
Here I break the photo down into basic shapes for the animal and the background. I use the kite shape on the face to get the eyes level and the pose and proportions of the animal correct.

Draw a Wolf - The Detailed Outline
My pencil drawing changed many elements from the photo but they are basically the outlines of the wolf and trees. I got this by erasing areas of the basic shapes and adding in a bit more detail. I will now constantly refer to this drawing as well as the photo. I transferred the drawing onto watercolour paper and begin.

Beginning with the Wolf's Head
I look at the preliminary drawing if I need guidelines for where the trees and grass grow. I start sketching in light greys here using a combination of different brands of coloured pencil. I do the eyes and nose of the wolf in light grey strokes and start the detailed hair on the wolf’s head with tiny strokes.

Draw a Wolf - Developing the Coat Texture
Wolves have beautifully coloured coats that tend to be organized into some really pleasing abstract shapes. I follow those carefully, adding layers of strokes on top of each other in the darker areas and adding guidelines for the lighter areas.

Draw the Wolf Fur - How to Draw the Wolf's Fur
This is a detail about the wolf’s fur. Notice the darker hairs and the wonderful textures that are created by the hair patterns on this animal’s coat. I do many layers of strokes to emphasize the way the hair grows, and add darker areas where one layer of fur overlaps the next.

Drawing Fur - Erasing and Blending
Drawing Fur - erasing and blending. Kneaded and vinyl erasers are valuable here for lifting off areas of colour that get too intense or too smudged. The Q tips aids in smudging areas. I rotate the tip of the Q Tip as I go for clean areas. Many get thrown out every day.

Draw a Wolf - Working the Background
I begin to think about the background now, and switch media to water soluble coloured pencils, or watercolour pencils, which have a pigment that dissolves quite readily in water, blurring the boundary between drawing and painting.

Draw a Wolf - Completing the Background
The drawing continues, adding more long strokes of grass and small trees and weeds growing in the grass. I add ultramarine blue strokes to the grass to suggest a shadow. I continue adding layers of both kinds of coloured pencil in the trees to outline and define each shape.

Draw a Cat - Tracing the Photo
Draw a cat in graphite pencil step 2. Tracing the photo. The focus of this tutorial isn't on structural drawing techniques but rather on developing tone, texture and detail. To make life easier, start off by tracing the photo. If you are confident, go ahead and draw freehand using this example as a guide.

Draw a Cat in Graphite Pencil - The Completed Cat Portrait
The completed cat portrait drawing in graphite pencil

How to Draw a Cat in Graphite Pencil
Drawing your cat from a photograph is quite easy. Follow these steps to learn how to draw your a cat, and use the same principles to sketch a cat from life, too. When it's asleep, maybe...

Draw a Cat Step 3 - Begin Shading
Start shading the darkest areas of the drawing. Take your time when working towards detailed areas. Remember that you aren't drawing lines to show detail, but putting AREAS of light or dark tone in the same place that they are on the photograph.

Draw a Cat Step 4 - Shading Mid Tones in Fur
Using a B pencil, begin shading the mid-toned areas. Use a blending stump instead of your fingers to carefully smudge over and even out the shading. Where you have light fur against dark, use short strokes going against the direction of fur growth, leaving tiny spaces between the pencil marks for the light fur.

Draw a Cat Step 5 - Developing Dark Values
Because there are large, dark areas, at this point some shading is boldly added to the cat's body and background. A fair bit of time is taken to define the whiskers, and carefully observe the shapes of the marks on the face. A little more shading is added to the eye, taking care to preserve the paper white highlight.

Draw a Cat Step 6 - Adding Detail
Close observation and patience are needed to carefully add the details of facial features and fur, such as dark whisker spots, the nose and the mouth. In this example, the cat's mouth is very subtle, drawn by short upward strokes, as the top lip is defined only by white hairs and the shadow on the lower jaw. Note the smooth shading that is drawn as a base for the darker fur texture that will be added next.

Draw a Cat - Fur Detail
Using directional mark-making to suggest fur texture

Draw a Rose With Fiber-Tip Pen
Draw a rose in fiber-tip pen - create a simple, elegant line drawing of a rose using fiber tip pen, pen and ink or your favorite graphics program.

Drawing the Rose from the Inside Out
Start drawing the rose from the Inside Out. When you're drawing in ink, so can't make corrections, it's a good idea to do a rough sketch in pencil first, to 'place' the bloom on the page and get the overall proportions right.

Developing the Rose Drawing
Now continue adding petals to the rose.

The Finished Rose Pen Drawing
To once your draing is finished, you'll need to save it. I always do two saves: first as the native file format, complete with all the layers, and then as a jpeg file to upload.

Completing the Rose Outline
Finish outlining the petals, then add a little detail. Use fairly short, neat marks to suggest the veins on some of the petals, curving to show the direction of curl. You can also add a little hatching in the darker folds of the flower.

Rose Drawing in Colored Pencil - The Finished Rose Drawing
Here's the finished rose drawing. Shadow helps to place the object on a surface. Keep your shading horizontal so that the surface looks horizontal and not sloped. I added a layer of colorless blender first, so that I'd be able to keep the shading smooth on the toothy paper.

Layering Color - Building Layers of Color
Yet more layering! It's a long process to complete the drawing... though really it doesn't take all that long at the time. Usually when drawing I'll keep a few pencils in my hand and swap them over rapidly as I draw.

Colored Pencil Layering - Adding More Undertones
There's some very deep, dark areas on this rose, so I continue to build layers. To add variation and coolness, I'm using a bit of Violet Blue PC933 and Indigo Blue, PC901. I shade quite lightly at first, working over the area first in one pencil then the other, overlapping.

Final Layers of Colored Pencil
The process of layering is continued on each petal, first layering dark tones with reds in the shadows then bringing the reds forward to the tips of the petals. Using the red pencils with colorless blender on the edges of the petals keeps them bright and luminous. Where they are too dull, a little pink or white can be used, though I prefer to minimize use of white, as it can look dull.

Rose Values - Create a Grayscale Rose Value Reference
Using a photo paint program to change the picture ot grayscale or sepia can help you to identify the tonal values in your drawing. This can be very helpful with strongly colored subjects.

Darker Values - Shading Darks and Shadows
Now we need to build some darker shades into the drawing. Because my selection of colors is limited, I need to layer dark colors under the red, rather than just choosing a dark red. I thought about using some green, but to get them really deep, I'll use black for this one.

How to Draw a Rose in Colored Pencil
learn how to draw a rose in colored pencil. This step by step tutorial will show you how to draw a rose in colored pencil, beginning with a suitable subject or reference photo

Rose Outline - Draw the Outline of the Rose
beginning with a freehand sketch, working from the center of the bloom outwards so that we dont' become cramped toward the end of the drawing. The larger outer petals will allow more freedom and room for error.

Laying a Foundation - Shading the Base Color
Laying down the base colors of red, using Crimson Red and a colorless blender.

Shading the Rose - Shading Undertones
The fall of light and shadow, as well as internal variation, means that objects are rarely solid color. Using different tones within an area creates subtle variations that help to bring the color alive.

What is Gesture Drawing?
Gesture drawing is a form of expressive mark-making that emphasises an energetic and tactile approach to form. Gestural or gesture drawings are a great way to loosen up and can be great fun, too.

Gestural Drawing - Using Expressive Marks
Gesture drawing allows the artist to use the energy of the marks to express feelings about the subject, or to reflect its internal energy.

Draw a Tropical Fish - Adding Color
Draw a Tropical Fish - in color. Add some color to your tropical fish. I've used my paint program to add some color. Purple this time! The 'gradient' fill looks great used in the stripes, and I've used some solid yellow in between.

How to Draw a Cartoon Tropical Fish
A fun and easy step-by-step drawing lesson - draw a cute cartoon tropical fish following these easy steps. This updated lesson has large, clear images.

Draw a Tropical Fish - Adding Face and Fins
Now I add some fins - they are almost rectangles, just pushed sideways a bit, and the side ones (called pectoral fins) are almost triangles. Add a nice round eye and a heart-shaped mouth.

Draw a Tropical Fish - Adding Stripes
Now add some stripes. Wavy stripes go from tom to bottom of the body, and fan out on the tail.

Draw a Tropical Fish - Cleaning Up the Drawing
Now I tidy the linework of my fish drawing, erasing lines that I don't need, rounding corners off and fixing any shapes that I think could look better.

How to Draw a Cartoon Tough Guy
Draw a cartoon thug or muscle man step by step. Learn how to design and draw a classic cartoon tough guy character - a typical henchman or bad-guy bodyguard, following the easy step by step examples drawn by guest artist and author Shawn Encarnacion.

Draw a Cartoon Tough Guy - Add Hands
Using simple shapes, adding the hands to the cartoon tough guy character.

Adding the Cartoon Character's Arms and Legs
Continuing the cartoon circus strongman or tough-guy thug drawing step by step, adding arms and legs to the drawing.

Draw a Cartoon Girl - A Few More Lines
Continuing the steps of drawing a cartoon thug character.

Draw a Cartoon Muscle Man - Finishing the Outline
Finish off the muscle man character with some details that help to convey his strength and stupidity.

Draw a Cartoon Commando Action Man
You can choose different outfits and accessories to change who this tough guy is. From this basic character design, many different types of tough guys can be created, from a professional wrestler or iron man to an army commando action man type.

Draw a Cartoon Tough Guy - Alien
Even if your tough guy is a four-armed, four-eyed alien from a dangerous planet, you can count on this basic archetype to help you to show just how tough your character is!

Draw a Cartoon Tough Guy - Starting With Circles
In this step we start drawing your cartoon tough guy using circles to define the body, shoulders and hips.

Draw a Candle in Colored Pencil Step 2
drawing a candle in colored pencil - adding colour to the candle and flame, and shading the background.

How to Draw Fire and Flames
A step-by-step tutorial on how to draw flame using line or colour, with some tips to think about when drawing candles, fire or flames.

Draw Candle Flames - A Simple Line Drawing of Candles and Flames
Learn how to draw a flame, from very simple to more realistic, using only line. Drawing flame shapes is the basis of drawing fire. The trick is to suggest the movement of the flame.

Campfire Flame - Draw Campfire Flame
drawing a campfire flame in pastel, colored pencil or digital media.

Flame is a Light Source
remember that flame is a light source, and will affect everything in its vicinity.

Source Image for Drawing a Candle
Candle image - a reference photo of a candle flame for drawing. This is the reference photo for the drawing of a candle in colored pencil. Click the image to see the larger version.

Draw a Candle in Colored Pencil Step 1
The first steps in drawing a candle in colored pencil.

Drawing a Candle in Colored Pencil Step Three
Continued layering and burnishing of color to complete the drawing of a candle flame in colored pencil.

Draw a Cat - Continuing Fur Texture and Stripes
I continue down with light black strokes of colour to suggest the hair, and add 5-7 layers of darker more intense black where the coat stripes are.

How to Draw a Cat in Colored Pencil
Learn how to draw a beautiful realistic cat colored pencil, step by step, with equine and wildlife artist Janet Griffin-Scott.

Draw a Cat - Completing the Background
To complete the drawing, I shade the background using large areas of light Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna and Raw Umber coloured pencils, burnishing in with a Kleenex in between layers. Notice the background is darker on the right and lighter on the left to suggest a light source and to give visual interest.

Draw a Cat - The Pencil Outline
WE begin with a detailed sketch of the using a photo reference, developing guidelines to shape the development of the drawing.

Beginning with the Eye
Developing the eye drawing with strokes of black showing the direction of hair growth. Next we outline the eyes and improve the shape.

Draw a Cat - Continuing the Eye Area
Attention to detail is the key with drawing the cat's eyes. We work from right to left and follow the photograph closely. Three shades of green. The pupil is shaded with circular black strokes, keeping a white highlight.

Drawing a Cat - Completing the Eyes
Finishing the eyes using touches of rich colour - Bright Green, Cadmium Yellow and a turquoise for the darkest areas. The fur stripes coming away from the eyes are developed with many layers of Black.

Draw a Cat - Nose and Whiskers
Suggesting the spots where the whiskers grow in parallel rows. Drawing the nose with pinks, whites, and Alizarin Crimson shades

Draw a Cat - Draw the Stripes
Here we see I need to create larger flatter shapes of the hair colour in between the stripes. I normally use a blend of Yellow Ochre and Raw Umber shades here to suggest the tabby coat colour.

Drawing the Whiskers
When the coat colours behind the whiskers are nearly complete, I paint in the white with gouache to make the whiskers very clean and bright. It is impossible to erase enough colour to make them as white as I would like. White coloured pencil does not have enough covering power here so I do prefer the paint.

Draw Santa's Coat
Draw two curved lines that start beneath his beard and end on the bottom right side. Draw two curved lines on the other side as well. Now he has a coat.

Draw Santa's Belt and Boots
Draw Santa's belt and boots. Drawing/Sketching.

Begin Drawing Santa's Hat
Begin drawing Santa's hat. Drawing/Sketching.

Continue Drawing Santa's Hands
His other hand is also made of simple shapes.

How to Draw a Jolly Santa Claus Picture
Draw your own picture of Santa Claus following this step by step tutorial from Shawn Encarnacion. Draw this traditional jolly Santa with a huge bag over his shoulder.

Cartoon Santa - Finish the Cartoon Santa Picture
Now finish off the cartoon Santa picture. Two simple rectangles finish off his boot-tops, and he's done. You've drawn a complete cartoon Santa picture.

Santa Cartoon in Color - The Finished Santa Claus with Color
I colored his suit red and green, but maybe you have a better idea! Merry Christmas, and keep on drawing!

Draw Santa's Moustache
Add a moustache and some wrinkle lines beneath his eyes.

Drawing Santa's Face
Add a big circle-shape from each side of his moustache. Draw a smaller circle-shape to add his mouth. Add a third circle-shape to make his tongue.

Draw Santa's Whiskers
Drawing Santa's Whiskers. Draw two rounded rectangles to make big, fluffy eyebrows. Draw a pointy, curved line to add some whiskers in his beard.

Draw the Ear
Draw Santa's ear. Drawing/Sketching.

Finish Drawing Santa's Hat
Finish drawing Santa's hat. The top of his hat has a soft, heavy ball hanging down. Draw lines on each side from the bottom part of his hat.

Draw Cartoon Santa - Draw Santa's Hands
Because this is a funny cartoon Santa, details like hands and feet can be simplified. You can see the basic shapes that make up the form of Santa's hand. Draw his hand waving over his head, and draw a line on each side that goes down to his body.

Draw Santa's Toy Bag
Santa's bag of toys is really just a fat oval. Draw a few line pointing down and toward his hand. The end of his bag is an outline of a figure 8.

Choosing Paper for Realist Graphite Pencil Drawing
Which paper should you use for realist graphite pencil drawing? We test out a range of popular paper

Art Paper Surface Types
Art paper types - find out what the different types of paper surfaces are for art paper. Should you use plate, vellum, velours, or laid? Rough, Medium or Smooth?

What is a Colorless Blender?
A colorless blender is a colored pencil containing wax and fillers but no pigment, used in blending overlaid colors without adding any further color. Colourless blender in UK spelling.

A Guide to Drawing Supplies
Learn about the different types of drawing supplies and art materials you'll need and what you need to know before you buy them.

Is Drawing Charcoal Toxic?
Charcoal is very dusty and it gets everywhere when I draw. Is charcoal dust toxic? Do I need to take safety precautions?

Pencil Drawing Sketches
Learning About Pencil Drawing Sketches: Making the Art of Sketching Come Alive

How To Draw Cartoons for Dummies
How To Draw Cartoons for Dummies The Easy Way

Learn More About Drawings of Angel Wings For Your Angelic Art
Learn About Drawings of Angel Wings to Inspire Your Angelic Art

Nature Inspired Drawings 101 For Beginners
Nature Inspired Drawings 101 for beginners to start their art careers.

History of American Art
Learn From a History of American Art including Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol and Frank Stella

Colored Pencils for Professional Artists and Illustrators
Best Colored Pencils for Professional Artists

Colored Pencil Techniques for Beginners
Learn Colored Pencil Techniques for Beginners

What is Art?
What is Art? How Would YOU Define it? In Essence it is an element of Communication

Sad Drawings
Sad Drawings: 5 Tips to Creating Your Own Emotionally Powerful Masterpieces

Dream Art: Turn Your Dreams Into Reality!
Enchanting Dream Art: Finding Inspiration in Your Dreams

How to Create Abstract Art
How to Create Abstract Art and Have Fun Doing it!

Rose Drawings
Beautiful Rose Drawings To Enchant Your Family and Friends

Santa Claus
Santa Claus: There Will Always Be Something for the Naughty and the Nice

Decorative Christmas Drawings
Christmas Drawings and Decorations To Brighten Your Christmas





Trippy Drawings: Weird, Colorful and Fun
Trippy Drawings Are Colorful, Kooky and Fun to Draw

Easy Drawings To Kickstart Your Masterpiece
Easy Drawings To Kickstart Your Masterpiece

Cute Drawings
Cute Drawings For Absolute Beginners to Master in easy steps

learning how to draw landscapes
learning to draw landscapes the simple way for beginners

Arts and Crafts For Your Christmas Decorations
Arts and Crafts For Decorative Christmas Drawings and Your Magical Christmas Day

Draw a Superhero - The Completed Female Superhero Drawing
Draw this beautiful, powerful female superhero designed in the style of classic comic book heroines.