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Ecotourism Cultural Considerations
Adventure guide, wildlife naturalist, producer and world traveler, Vanessa Boshoff, can help you learn more about how to be a culturally aware ecotourist.

Bed and Breakfast
locally owned. Ecotourism Travel.

Animal Education
learn more about the planet's animals

Find tips and trips for sustainable travel from Vanessa Boshoff -- adventure guide, wildlife naturalist, and world traveler.

Vanessa Boshoff -- adventure guide, wildlife naturalist, producer and world traveler -- helps you learn more about finding environmentally responsible accommodations.

NamibRand Nature Reserve
Let Wolwedans weave its magic around you – willing you to depart with a deepened appreciation for the natural world we live in.

Smithsonian's Punta Culebra
The Punta Culebra Nature Center allows visitors to take a short journey through Panama's geological, military and natural history.

Art Lodge Isla Gobernadora
The Art Lodge a perfect experience to reconnect with nature, to enjoy the Pacific Ocean, to fish, to surf and to create art in nature.

Las Olas Resort
Running along 18 miles of Pacific ocean- Las Olas Beach Resort is a piece of paradise, the amazing ocean view and the location on the tip of a mangrove peninsula.

Roar and Snore in San Diego
Pack up your

City Sightseeing Panama
The red double decker bus, one of London’s traditional icons, also seen in many major capitals of the world in its open-top version, is now part of the Panama City scene

A short getaway
treat or retreat yourself in an eco friendly way

Art in Nature
Art in Nature. Ecotourism Travel.

History and Preservation
History and Preservation. Ecotourism Travel.

Reducing Impact
Reducing Impact. Ecotourism Travel.

Healthy living as you travel
Traveling doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your health

Eco friendly food abroad
Eating as you travel is just as much of the experience as the vacation itself!

Eco friendly wedding destination
Have your special day in a unique location while making a difference in the life of the planet

Blog. Ecotourism Travel.

Family friendly eco travel
For the Eco tourist of every age

Eco-tourism and conservation efforts.
Learn more about the conservation efforts available to eco-tourists with your naturalist guide, Vanessa Boshoff.

Avoiding Hypothermia
You can avoid hypothermia if you guard against dehydration, fatigue, cold winds, and wet clothes.

La Cusinga Eco Lodge by La Cusinga
Tucked away in a private reserve of 600 acres, this rainforest lodge provides guests with Pacific ocean views, sandy beaches, natural pools in the Osa.

EcoTrippin' in Santa Catalina, California
Any way you look at it, above or below the surface- Santa Catalina Island California is worth visiting.... paradise it is just a ferry boat ride away!

Rafiki Safari Lodge
Rafiki is a wilderness luxury tent camp and conservation project focusing on adventurous sustainable tourism with rafting, riding, hiking and birding.

Eco-Travel and beating the heat without bottled water
Traveling this summer is a wonderful adventure, but with summertime comes heat, and with heat and sun comes the risk of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Santa Fe National Park, Panama
Nature lovers will get the most out of Santa Fe de Veraguas in Panama, and if you like hiking in the mountains, birding and tubing- this is paradise.

Photograph Spirit Bears of British Colombia
Head to British Columbia under First Nations guidance, to find the elusive Spirit Bear, the Grizzly and Black bear- it is a photographers dream to capture.

Kapawi Ecolodge & Reserve
Kapawi Ecolodge & Reserve is one of the most remote, ecologically responsible and cultural sensible Amazon Jungle Ecolodges in the world.


Ecotourism Travel Guide
Reviews, guides, and information on eco-friendly destinations, sustainable hotels, green restaurants, and more.