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Tidbits for professionals who love to learn
This column will focus on one resource each week that will foster the love of learning for adult learners, particularly educators.

Edtech Tools
Find out how educators are leveraging technology to enhance learning experiences.

Ed Tech Leaders
Items in this category relate to ed tech professionals who participate and contribute regularly to the education community at large. These people practice professional generosity in everything that they do!

Ed Tech Professional Development
Opportunities for educators to learn and expand their horizons using technology.

Android Apps
Suggested apps for devices running the Android platform

Apple in Education
Anything related to Apple in education

Coaches and Specialists
Edtech coaches and specialists who work closely with teachers and students to integrate technology into classroom life.

Edtech Conferences
Check out a wide variety of conferences geared towards educators that focus on using technology.

Consultants and Thought Leaders
Those working outside of traditional schools to support and lead around edtech

Curriculum Specialists
Technology-using curriculum specialists

Edtech Startups
New and emerging technologies from edtech startup companies

Founders and employees of edtech startup companies

Google in Education
Anything related to Google's education initiatives

Informal Learning Leaders
Edtech leaders working in programs outside of traditional school settings

Technology Directors
Administrators who oversee academic technology, technology infrastructure, and technology planning efforts in schools.

Virtual Professional Development
These professional development opportunities take place entirely online. Have computer, can learn!

Web 2.0 Tools
Technology tools related to user collaboration, user-generated content, and social networking.

iOS Apps
Suggested apps for Apple's iOS devices.

Inspirational Podcasts
Check out these podcast channels that may inspire you as a learner!

ideas for transforming education
Our Innovation category focuses on resources that benefit those seeking to learn about new and emerging best practices.

School leaders who are involved with edtech efforts

Classroom Teachers
K-12 teachers who are leveraging ed tech

Initial posts for's edtech page

The Friday 5
A weekly list of great resources for educators.

Tutorials that will help students and teachers leverage edtech

Instructional Strategies
Find articles related to teaching and learning in this category.

Digital Materials for Teaching and Learning
Digital resources include websites, articles, ebooks, digital textbooks, simulations and interactives that can be used for classroom instruction.

Research and Reports
This category contains articles focused on educational research.

DIY Summer PD
This is a series of articles featured do-it-yourself activities for exploring educational technology. We're flipping PD!


10 Things to Do Before, During and After ISTE 2015
The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) traditionally hosts its annual conference and expo during the last week in June. This exciting large scale event attracts over 18,000 educators, policy makers and ed tech industry personnel.

Ed Tech Connections to the World
Want to connect your classroom to the world and not sure where to start? Try some of the activities listed below in order to network, identify projects that might work in your classroom and potentially design your own project. There are many, many global educators out there who will support you in your journey if you take these first steps!

Google Classroom Explained
Google Classroom is one of Google for Education's newest products and it has received rave reviews from many educators. It is a learning management system that allows you to digitally create and manage assignments as well as to provide feedback to your students.

Kindergarten Ed Tech Explorations
This is a self-guided tour of useful resources for early childhood educators to encourage thinking about how technology can be used in purposeful ways with young children.

Google Drive De-Mystified
Google Drive is the heart of collaboration in your classroom. Drive provides secure cloud storage and file backup for your photos, videos, and other files. Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms are cloud-based productivity tools within Google Drive, and there is so much more. In this article, we'll explore some of these features.

The Oppi Learning Festival New York City
The Oppi Festival landed in New York on May 15th at the Léhman Manhattan Preparatory School and shook up the traditional US conference scene. While not designed as traditional educational technology conference per se, technology was very much in evidence throughout the event as a driver of communication, connections, and creativity. Innovation is not solely about tech!

Exploring Evernote in Education
Evernote is the Swiss army knife in an educator's toolbox! It is an incredibly flexible tool for writing, collecting, discussing and presenting. Evernote is available on every platform AND many apps interact particularly well with Evernote.

Getting Started with YouTube
This is the second in a series of articles that will allow you to pursue your own ed tech professional development on your own time and at your own pace! In this installment, you will learn how to get started with using YouTube in your professional practice!

Developing Your Personal Learning Network
This is the first in a series of articles that will allow you to pursue your own ed tech professional development on your own time and at your own pace! Welcome to DIY Summer PD!

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Learn More About the Speak Up National Research Project
Learn more about the Speak Up National Research Project and use recent findings to drive educational technology planning in your school or district.

Connecting Your Classroom to the World
The affordances of modern technologies include the power to efficiently connect people, disseminate information, and facilitate collaboration. In the world of education specifically, we now have a multitude of tools that allow us to connect classes and extend learning experiences beyond traditional school walls. We may not be able to take our students to see all the wonders of the world, but we can certainly bring the world to our classrooms and teach students to virtually work with others.

Digital Resources for Teaching About Earthquakes and Nepal
On April 25, 2015, the country of Nepal was hit with a devastating earthquake, the worst its people has experienced since 1934. If you're looking to learn more and to keep up with the latest news, here are a few good resources on Nepal, this historic event and earthquakes in general.

60+ Great Google+ Resources for Educators
Contemporary educators are utilizing social media for their own professional development and to connect their classrooms to experts and other classes around the globe. If you’re looking for an alternative or supplement to Facebook, consider using Google’s social media network, Google+.

Innovative Summer Professional Development
Summer is right around the corner and it's time to make professional development plans! Consider reserving a bit of your break for professional rejuvenation. Here are some ideas to get you started!

Flipping Research
Ken Royal reviews a research study by Dr. Jamie Jensen of Brigham Young University on the benefits of the flipped classroom teaching model.

Tips for Educational Technology Coaches
Educational technology coaches are often called upon to be advocates, cheerleaders, storytellers, trainers, curators and perhaps even therapists; their primary focus should always be on supporting and championing teachers and students as they progress in their uses of technology for improved teaching and learning. Here are a few suggestions on how technology coaches can approach their work.

Teacher Apps and Student Privacy
The biggest student security threat may be the apps that teachers are bringing into schools and classes each day, by-passing any vetting by district technology staff and school leaders. Some of those unchecked apps could share student data online without a teacher knowing. Educators, who are trying out the best and latest 21st Century tools, apps, are putting districts in the awkward predicament of reigning in their best, and most tech-savvy educators, in order to maintain the necessary privacy, and control demanded by communities, as well as government mandates.

10 Questions to Ask When Planning Tech Infused Units
Here at Edtech at, we've put together a list of potential technology-related questions that you may want to ask yourself when planning for instruction and designing curriculum. Many of these ideas are inspired by existing frameworks and philosophies focused on tech integration.

10 Must Have Chrome Extensions for Students and Teachers
New to using Chromebooks and the Chrome browser in your classroom? Here's a starter list of Chrome extensions that will help you to personalize Chrome and make it work for you and your students.

10 Must Have Chrome Apps for Students and Educators
Got Chromebooks? Check our list of suggested web-based apps that are great for classrooms utilizing Chrome. And, the best part? Most of these are free!

Best Ed Tech Practices: Discovery and Curation
In our final post of this Best Practices series, we are going to cover the skill of curation. Specifically, our focus is on providing guidance in finding high quality, supplementary resources for learning. We will also offer ideas for organizing these resources for future use. Modern teachers should be able to:

9 Ideas for Making the Most of Education Conferences
The 2015 education conference season is in full swing! Winter and Spring bring a slew of ed tech related conferences to educators across the United States. From the recent Illinois Computing Educators Conference to SxSWedu in March to the annual ISTE conference in June, many professional development events are available. If you are planning to attend a conference, here is a list of ideas on how to make the most of these experiences. And, if you're not planning on being physically present at these conferences, make sure to follow them virtually through social media.

Connect With Educational Technology
We keep teachers and students updated with ed tech news, trends, tools, and innovations that support learning and professional development.

The Educator's Guide to Getting Started with YouTube
Every classroom teacher should have an active YouTube channel. YouTube is the world's second largest search engine and it is a tremendous resource of free content for educators. In this article, we'll provide step-by-step directions for setting up your YouTube account and for learning how to curate videos.

Top Special Education Digital Resources
Here are some excellent starting points for researching special needs and technologies that can enhance learning for all learners. Empowered educators and parents can help students with learning differences!

Social Media for School Leaders
Today's school administrators need to leverage technology, creating systems and processes for managing their busy professional lives. Not only is this essential for productivity purposes, but school leaders also need to model best ed tech practices within their school communities. Using technology in thoughtful ways will also enhance the professional development of such professionals and will help them look to outside sources for ideas and inspiration.

Determining Your Classroom Digital Workflow
When implementing technology tools, particularly in 1 to 1 computing classrooms, it's essential that teachers carefully choose strategies and apps to support learning goals for students. Establishing a digital workflow helps classrooms operate with efficiency and allows teachers to personalize instruction. This requires careful thought, experimentation, and research into the best apps for accomplishing tasks.

15 Flickr Groups to Inspire Teachers
Check out this list of our favorite Flickr groups which may inspire you to either participate in these projects or to start similar groups for your students. Many of these images can be used in the classroom, too, if they have been given a Creative Commons license.

15 Flickr Groups to Inspire Teachers
Check out this list of our favorite Flickr groups which may inspire you to either participate in these projects or to start similar groups for your students. Many of these images can be used in the classroom, too, if they have been given a Creative Commons license.

Food for Thought: A Review of Open Culture
This week's Food for Thought review focuses on Open Culture. This web site contains reviews and links to hundreds of open educational resources. Open educational resources are educational materials that are in the public domain or licensed under a more open Creative Commons license.

Food For Thought: A Review of Brain Pickings
This regular column will focus on one online resource each week that will foster the love of learning for adults. Hopefully, you'll find some treasures that will be worthy of further exploration on your own or with your own children or students.

Ed Tech Conferences For Educators
Looking for the best ed tech conferences? Look no further. We've compiled over 20 high quality events if you're looking to engage in face-to-face professional development opportunities. From small meet ups to huge convenings, there is something for everyone on our list.

5 Resources for Edtech News and Research
Check out selected resources for keeping up with edtech! These highly respected sites will keep you up to date with the latest and greatest in the field of educational technology.

Educational Apps
Browse this category to learn more about iOS, Android and web-based apps.

Apps for Apple Devices
These are apps that work on devices made by Apple Inc. that use the iOS operating system.

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Edtech Instructional Strategies
Unearth practical tips and tricks for integrating edtech effectively into your professional practices.

Apps and Tools for Education
Discover practical apps and tools for the web and mobile devices that can be used in educational settings.

Professional Development
This section contains loads of information on general education professional development opportunities as well virtual events geared towards teachers.

Edtech Coaches and Integrationists
Educators who support classroom teachers and students with effectively integrating technology into curriculum