Employee Benefits Sitemap - Page 1 2016-09-26

Learn About Mental Health Employee Benefits
Get the facts on mental health in America, along with the details of behavioral plan design that serves mental health consumers and patients.

Top 10 Employee Benefit FAQs for Working People
Get answers to the top 10 most asked questions about employee benefits, buying health insurance, minimum required coverage, and saving money here.

Protect Health and Access Employee Benefits on Vacation
Learn how to protect your health and well-being, and have access to your employee benefits while you enjoy your holiday vacation travel this year.

Netflix Employee Benefits - Year Long Parental Leave
The new extended paid paternal leave benefit offered by Netflix is making news as it ups the ante on employee benefits for pregnant workers and their spouses.

10 Email Tips for Communicating Benefits Open Enrollment
Sharing ten tips for making the most of email communication during the busy employee benefits open enrollment period, with ideas for making email work.

How Do I Choose the Right Employee Benefits for My Family?
Need to buy health insurance for your family? Discover the steps you can take to choose the right employee benefits and family health insurance now.

Flextime Description, Hours, and Benefits
Not everyone benefits from a 9 to 5 schedule. A flexible one may be the ideal alternative. See how flextime can benefit both employers and employees.

When I Retire - What Happens to My Disability Benefits?
Understanding what happens when a disabled person nears retirement age, and either decides to retire early or not. How this impacts Social Security benefits.

The Top 10 Tax Free Employee Benefits
Learn about the top 10 tax free employee benefits that may be hidden ways to save money this year on your benefits program.

Got a Job Offer, but the Employee Benefits Stink? What to Do
Learn what to do when you are offered a new job but the employee benefits package is less than you had wished for.

How to Get Short Term Disability if You Have Surgery
Find out how to ensure you can get short term disability insurance if you are faced with a medically necessary surgery and lengthy recovery period.

Most Wanted Employee Benefit? More Work Life Balance Please
How can employers increase work life balance for employees - the most wanted benefit as indicated by recent surveys? Use these 10 best practices.

How to Promote Employee Benefits During Recruitment
Learn how to use employee benefits to get better results from your organizational recruitment efforts, and the important role that benefits play when recruiting employees.

Holiday Shopping for Benefits? How to Get a Great End of Year Deal
Holiday shopping? Sharing 5 ways to shop for and save big money on health insurance benefits to avoid ACA tax penalties.

Employee Benefits Tips: Keep the Workplace Healthy During the Flu Season
Learn some ways to stop the spread of viruses and germs at work during the cold and flu season with these employee benefit and health tips.

Best US States for Retiree Benefits
When choosing to retire in the near future, why not select one of these top 10 US states to retire rich in 2016 and get the most from your retirement benefits?

Digitize to Optimize PTO and Absence Management
Guidelines for going digital and outsourcing your employee paid time off benefits with a modern employee absence management system.

The High Cost of Managing Chronic Illness in America
Talking about chronic illness in America and how preventative care can help to reduce the costs of managing these conditions.

Employee Benefit Update: FSA and HRA Roll-Overs Defined by IRS
Learn what the latest IRS updates and rules are for HRA and FSA medical accounts, and how employers can best manage these plans.

Starting a New Job? Manage Wellness until You are Eligible for Benefits
What to do when you have to wait for your new employer's group health benefits to kick in, how to stay healthy during gaps in insurance coverage.

HR Best Practices for Communicating Benefits Using Email
Learn human resource best practices for managing employee benefits communications using email and digital mediums, combined with benefits marketing onsite.

Getting the Most from Employee Benefits During Pregnancy
Discover some of the group employee benefits you may be entitled to when you are pregnant, and how to get the most out of these benefits for a healthy pregnancy.

Employee Benefit Freebies You May Not Realize You Have
There are many employee benefit freebies and work perks that your organization has to offer - find out what they are and how to get them!

Women Missing Out on 30% of their Social Security Retirement Benefits
Find out why retired women are getting shortchanged on Social Security retirement benefits and how to make sure you have enough to live on someday.

7 Ways Social Media is Rocking the Employee Benefits Industry
Find out how the use of social media has greatly enhanced benefits administration and the entire HR professional around the world.

During a Job Search - Understand the Employee Benefits Offered
During a serious job search, discover how to evaluate and choose the right company to work for based on the employee benefits offered.

Big Increase in Demand for Vision Employee Group Benefits
Learn about making eye vision health a priority in the workplace with an increased use of group vision benefits as offered by employers.

Health Reform Update: 2016 PPACA Reporting for Employers
Get these employer guidelines for PPACA reporting for 2016 to comply with health care reform laws and employee benefits processing.

How to Get the Most from Your Dental Benefits
Learn how to choose the best dental benefits and how to get the maximum benefit from this group wellness option.

8 New and Quirky Employee Benefits You May Want to Offer
From pet insurance to funeral plans, try one of these quirky employee benefits to help your workers get more from their relationship with your company.

Learn About Applying for Disability Insurance Benefits
Discover the process of applying for and getting disability benefits if you are no longer able to work in a regular job.

ACA Update: Small Business Group Benefits Decision Looming for 2016
Under the Affordable Care Act, small businesses must choose small business group plans for 2016. Learn whats in store and how to get help.

Family Medical Leave Guidelines for Expectant Parents
About to become a new parent? Find out what your rights and responsibilities are under the Family Medical Leave Act, and how to protect your job and benefits.

Job Search Tips Independent Contractor or Job with Employee Benefits?
During a job search you may work as an independent contractor or an employee. This article advises the pros and cons of each in relation to benefits.

The Psychology of Employee Benefits, Perks and Incentives
Explaining the unique psychology behind employee benefits and compensation in the workplace, and why it's important to engage workers with generous offerings.

Are Group Plans the Best Way to Buy Health Insurance?
Is buying health insurance through your employer a good idea, or are there negatives to this? Read the pros and cons of employer sponsored benefits.

More US States Help Employees Save for Retirement
Learn more about state-run retirement plans and how they support the long term goals of hard working Americans trying to save up for a comfortable retirement.

Strategies to Maintain Sanity during Employee Benefits Open Enrollment
Open Enrollment can be the single most stressful time for many in HR and benefits administration. It doesn't have to make you flip out. Use these tips for staying sane during OE.

Can my Boss Ask Me to Work on an FMLA Approved Leave?
Understanding the rules around the Family Medical Leave Act and the limits on employer's right to ask employees to communicate and conduct work activities.

Benefits Survey Reveals the Big Four Emerging Health Care Trends
Talking about a new health care survey that provides deep insight into the top 4 concerns that employers have in terms of benefits administration and cost control.

7 Ways Make Your Employee Benefit Presentations Fun
Learn how to turn that dull employee benefits presentation into a powerful communication platform with these 7 expert tips on live benefits talks.

Enhance Your Personal Beauty with Wellness Benefits at Work
Learn several ways to take advantage of the beauty enhancing benefits of your corporate wellness program with these smart health tips.

Supreme Court Rules Same Sex Marriage Recognized in all US States
Landmark Supreme Court case rules same sex marriage to be legal in all 50 US states. How will this effect employee benefits? Find out here!

Heath Reform Update: New Law Could Strip Employee Benefits Eligibility
The latest update on a health care law that could threaten everything that the ACA stands for and strip millions of Americans of their health insurance eligibility.

Employee Benefits can Strengthen Compensation Packages
Learn how to put together an attractive and compliant compensation package leveraging attractive employee benefits and perks with these expert steps.

Forecasting Employee Benefit Costs for the Next Year
Learn how to forecast your employee benefits budget for the 2015 plan year, and keep a handle on health insurance costs for your employees.

Employee Benefits and Incentives that Drive Performance
Learn about the best employee incentives that can be offered as part of any employee benefits program to boost performance and morale in the workplace.

The Positives of Outsourcing Employee Benefit Administration
Understand the key business advantages of outsourcing employee benefits administration and why this is used by a growing number of employers today.

Future Employee Benefit Programs Shifting for Many Retirees
Find out what a recent survey says about employee benefits for retirees and the big changes that are occurring in the medical benefits market for this age bracket.

Long Term Disability Benefit Basics
Long term disability is a crucial benefit for employees that get hurt or sick off the job. Get an update on how long term disability benefits work.

Short Term Disability Benefit Basics
Short term disability insurance can help workers that suffer a temporary illness or injury that leaves them out of work for a short period of time.

Guide to Understanding Payroll Taxes
Every business must pay payroll taxes regardless of number of employees. Learn the different kind of taxes and who's responsible for paying them.

Qualified High Deductible Health Plan
For companies considering implementing a high deductible health plan (HDHP), here is some information on what exactly an HDHP is and how it works.

What You Need to Know About FMLA
The Family Medical Leave Act was passed to allow employees to take job-protected​ unpaid leave from work while maintaining benefits and well-being.

Times Since Universal Healthcare, CHIP, and the ACA
A look back at the last two decades of health care reform, CHIP, and the ACA to see just how far America has come.

Summertime is Risky for Work Injuries and Short Term Disability Claims
The summer is a prime time for workplace injury and disability claims. Use this information to reduce these dangerous and expensive events from happening in your business.

Use Total Compensation Statements to Boost Benefit Participation
Learn how to strategically align total compensation reports with employee benefits to increase participation and reduce group benefit premiums.

11 Questions and Answers About the Family Medical Leave Act
Get all your most important questions answered about the Family Medical Leave Act FMLA, and learn how to take advantage of this employee benefit.

Can I go Back to Work if I Get Long Term Disability Benefits?
Find out what happens when receiving long term disability insurance benefits for a work injury and what steps to take before you return to work again.

8 Steps to a Corporate Employee Wellness Program
Launch a successful corporate wellness program as part of your employee benefits campaign with these tips, and reap the business rewards of a healthier workforce.

The Importance of Educating New Hires About Employee Benefits
Get expert tips for educating new hires about employee benefits so they can get the most from them and become more productive and healthy at work.

Make the Workplace Family Friendly with Flexible Summer PTO Benefits
Find out how to implement a more flexible paid time off policy at work and how this benefits the business and employees during summer months.

Use Onsite Training Programs to Build Employee Engagement
Uncover the hidden benefits of adding employee learning programs to the workplace to support greater employee engagement and development of key skills.

Millennial Job Search - What Employee Benefits Are Most Important?
What employee benefits do Millennials want when looking for a new job? Take a look at what's trending as the youngest generation takes over the workplace.

Benefit Ideas for Temporary and Seasonal Employees
Learn why it's important for businesses small to large to offer their short term, temporary, and seasonal employees benefits to perks for productivity.

Tips to Save Money When Buying Employee Benefits
Learn how to save a bundle on your health insurance and wellness needs this year with this insightful article from an employee benefits expert.

Year Round Employee Benefits Communication is Vital to Participation
Find out how employee benefits communcations play an important role in participation with some best practices for getting this right.

Motivating Your Employees without Spending a Fortune
Create a more positive workplace without blowing the company budget with several ideas for low cost employee incentives designed to motivate and inspire.

Making Sure Employee Benefits Stay Competitive and Relevant to Needs
Here's how to increase the value proposition and become an employer of choice with strong employee benefit offerings and total rewards communication.

More Part Time Jobs Offering Employee Benefits
Find out about part time employee benefit trends in the USA and why they are on the rise, as well as perks that companies offer to part time workers.

6 Essentials When Creating an Organizational Employee Handbook
Make sure your employee handbook includes these six vital elements in order to comply with employment laws for your region, including employee benefit information.

Get the Facts on Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance
Learn what Accidental Death and Dismemberment AD&D insurance is, it's use, how much it costs, and how to obtain this valuable employee benefit.

30 Low Cost Employee Wellness Program Ideas
Discover amazing low cost ways to create a corporate wellness program for a healthier, more productive workplace and a better employee benefits package.

10 Smart Ways to Save Money When Planning for Retirement
Be smart when it comes to saving up and planning for retirement with these top 10 hot tips for retirement savings and employee benefits planning.

Dependent Care Employee Benefits - Are They a Thing of the Past?
The Flexible Dependent Care Savings Plans are under fire as new legislation threatens to alter them forever, affecting millions of families who depend on them.

How Sales Compensation Plans Fit into Employee Benefit Programs
Find out how sales compensation plans work, the types of plan offers, and the way they connect to a pay for performance system and employee benefits.

What You Need to Know About Affordable Care Act Tax Penalties
Get all the facts about the tax penalities and credits for employers and indivuals come with the Affordable Care Act for the 2014-2017 tax years.

6 Organizations Doing a Great Job Marketing Their Employee Benefits
Employee benefit marketing and communication can impact recruitment and retention of employees - discover 6 companies setting the example of great marketing.

Big Financial Risk for Retirees: Supporting Adult Children Long Term
Understand how adult children of Baby Boomers are burdening their parents and putting their retirement savings benefits at major risk.

Offering Flexible Work Benefits Rising, but Actual Use Far Behind
Recent survey shows that flextime is growing in availability but that too few employees are taking advantage of this employee benefit for various reasons - learn why!

Do High Deductible Health Care Plans Hurt Workers?
High Deductible Health Care can hurt certain kinds of employees. Learn how consumers can protect their health and finances by choosing the best employee benefits.

The Most Wanted Employee Benefits
Recent survey reveals the top most wanted employee benefits and how a younger workforce is shaping the landscape for the coming years.

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Keep Your Employees Safe During Holiday Office Parties
Make the holiday season extra special by preventing work holiday party injuries and illnesses by being prepared in advance and having employee benefit information available.

New CA Law May Force Employees to Use Up Paid Time Off Benefits
Find out how the Healthy Workplace, Healthy Families Act paid time off rules apply to employers and how the law forces employees to use up their accrued time.

Get Ready for 2016 Employee Wellness Programs
Build a 2016 employee wellness program that integrates employee benefits in 5 steps for better success and participation.

Learning and Development Benefits - Getting Your Organization Ready
Discover how employee learning and development benefits can be integrated into any organizational culture and how L&D technology plays an important role.

Employee Benefits Payroll Tax Administration
Get this must-have list of free and low-cost​ Employee Benefits and Payroll Tax resources for savvy Benefits Administrators.

How to Protect Employee Benefits Electronic Personal Health Information
Learn security measures you can take to protect the personal health information when processing employee benefits, payroll, and other HR duties.

25 Low Cost Employee Benefits for a Healthier Year
Give your total compensation a boost in 2016 with these 25 top low cost employee benefit options you can add to the mix right now for a healthier year.

5 Common Myths About Life Insurance Benefits
We are demystifying Life Insurance Benefits as we talk about the 5 common misconceptions around this valuable employee benefit type.

Benefits Available to US Military Personnel and Their Families
Learn about the many unique employee benefits available to US military personnel (active and retired) and their family members.

Create a Competitive Employee Benefits Package - Part 2
Use these guidelines for developing a competitive employee benefits package that will appeal to more workers to improve recruitment and retention.

How US Social Security Benefits will be Changing for 2016
Learn what's in store for Social Security employee benefits and Medicare recipients for 2016, with some last minute updates for retired people.

New Study Reveals Great Benefits Make for Happier Employees
Discover the link between a good employee benefits package and employee happiness and engagement levels at work.

Predicting the Top Employee Benefits Trends for 2016 and Beyond
Find out what is trending for employee benefits for the new year and how your organization can support wellness while controlling costs in 2016.

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Basics
Get to the bottom of HMOs and how they positively impact the employee benefits market and millions of health care consumers each year.

Survey Reveals What US Employees Want in Group Benefits: Flexibility
A brand new employee benefits survey reveals the secret to offering the most desired group benefit programs to increase participation and value.

Employee Benefit Reform at Wal-Mart on the Horizon?
Wages, employee benefits, and health care reform are still on the table for Wal-Mart and other leading companies, taking center stage in politics.

Repayment of Student Loans - A New Employee Benefit?
Learn why more employees are turning to companies that offer student loan repayment benefits and how you can support financial well-being for your workforce.

How Corporate Wellness Benefits Boost Recruitment Efforts
Understanding the link between corporate wellness programs and recruitment efforts can provide a better recruitment ROI for any business seeking to attract the best talent.

Short-term Disability Insurance vs. Temporary Disability Insurance
Learn about the differences, pros and cons between short term disability and temporary disability insurance coverages.

About Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)
Learn about employee assistance program EAP benefits, how they help employees, what services they provide, and how they benefit workplaces.

How Important are Employee Benefits in Recruitment?
Use your employee benefits package to boost recruitment and retention efforts, with these tips for creating a competitive total compensation program.

Information Security Benefits for Employees
Prevent information and identity theft by providing voluntary information security benefits and education to your employees.

Employee Benefits are Outpacing Salaries
A comprehensive view of what's happening in the American workplace as a new generation of workers prefer employee benefits over stale pay raises.

Incentives and Benefits for Greater Employee Engagement
Discover the elements that can boost employee engagement and productivity when a strong employee benefit and incentive program is in place.

Company Mergers Involving Benefits Packages
Learn how to handle employee benefits and compensation plans when they come from two different companies during a mergers and acquisition process.

Free and Low Cost Professional Development Benefits to Offer Employees
Discover the many ways that an organization can provide learning benefits for employees with low cost and free professional development opportunities.

Employee Benefits and Incentives for College Interns
Unlock the secrets of earning more than just work experience in a college internship. You could also be getting paid well and earning valuable benefits and perks.

Flextime and Telecommuting Benefits Transform the Workplace
Updates on the trend of increasing flextime and telecommuting benefits and how they are transforming and improving workplaces everywhere.

New Voluntary Benefit Offerings Signal Consumer Demand is Up
A view of the most popular voluntary benefit plans and what's trending this year in terms of consumer demand.

Most consumers ill-prepared for health care responsibilities
An extensive look at what consumers know about their health care costs, how most are not prepared for a major health event, and what employers can do.

Squeeze More Out of Your Income with Employee Benefits
Discover some neat ways to earn more money and make your salary stretch further by participating in your employers group benefit plans.

The Legal Requirements of Offering Part Time Employee Benefits
What does the law say about benefits for part time employees? Find out here and why we make a case for offering part time employee benefits.

Voluntary Employee Benefits Become More Customized
Take a closer look at voluntary benefit programs and why they are gaining popularity as a number one way to design customized employee benefits.

The Top Retirement Savings Plans Explained
Get a rundown of the most popular retirement savings plan benefits available for working people, and decide what may work best for your particular goals.

10 Companies Offering Unique Part Time Employee Benefits
Learn about 10 American companies dedicated to the health and well-being of all employees by offering part time employee benefits.

How Can I Make Best Use of my Health Savings Account?
Getting the most from a health savings account or HSA starts with understanding the terms, limits, and best ways of managing this important tax savings account.

Tax Choice Disability - Employee Benefits
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Health Savings Account (HSA)
HSAs are a fairly new type of health insurance coverage. Companies are now starting to seek out these alternatives to managed care to help save on employee benefit insurance expenses.

Employee Benefits
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Criteria to Qualify as a Domestic Partner
A sample set of qualifications of a domestic partner.