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Lisbon Events – Business Events in Lisbon – Planning Conventions in Lisbon
When you think of world capitals for business event planning, Lisbon, Portugal, may not be the first to come to mind, but it certainly has an allure that can compete with other major cities. With nearly 15,000 hotel rooms -- and the vast majority in the four and five star categories, Lisbon is a hidden gem for business travel. Learn more about planning meetings and events in Lisbon.

How Much Is a Catering Manager's Salary?
Catering and banquets provide a significant number of job opportunities for those interested in working in the events industry.

Work Holiday Party Ideas - Planning Employee Holiday Parties - Kahlua Holiday Parties
With $10,000 in her budget compliments of Kahlua, Ashley Wilson of Coldwell Banker Residential in Colorado Springs, CO, planned an employee holiday party with a traditional theme, entertainment and decor at a personal residence. Here's what it included.

Marketing Ideas for Wedding Planners
Wedding planners today need to do a lot more than simply open up shop to win clients. Here are some ways to distinguish your services from the rest.

Key Revenues and Expenses in the Trade Show Business Model
Making money in the trade show business requires marketing skills and a close attention to costs.

5 Engaging Non-Profit Event Ideas
The best format for a non-profit event is one that is both engaging and fun.

Sports Themed Event Ideas for Corporate Planners
Here are some ideas for turning your next corporate sporting event into fun and productive experience.

Succeeding at the Subtle Art of Venue Negotiation
Once you've chosen the best venue for your event the next step is to negotiate the best possible rates for things like catering, audio/visual and hotel rooms.

Catering Portion Tips to Control Spending and Waste
Use this guide to adjust your catering portion sizes and save money on catering costs.

The Importance of Catering Numbers
Guest counts and catering numbers are planned together to insure quality food service at special events.

Analyzing Catering Service Standards
Understanding how service standards affect catering pricing will help you compare provider more accurately.

Catering Menu Ideas That Sell Your Service
Use these ideas to turn your catering menu into a productive sales tool.

Splendid Snacks for Afternoon Work Sessions
Add some excitement to your afternoon meeting sessions with these snack ideas.

6 Low Cost Ways to Market Your Conference Online
Some of the best ways to market your conference online cost very little. Target these placements first before dipping into your marketing budget.

Event Setup Checklist for Venue Coordinators
Venue coordinators are charged with making sure the room is set to specification. Here are some things they need to look for.

Choosing the Right Conference Pricing Strategy
The way you price your conference has a significant influence on the demand for registration.

6 Big Event Planning Mistakes You Can Prevent Now
Watch out for these potential mistakes that can quickly bring chaos to even a well-planned event.

Crafting Good Sponsorship Proposals for Fundraising Events
Selling event sponsorships is one of the best ways to insure your fundraising event succeeds financially.

5 Essential Safety Measures for Event Planners
Safety and security are hot topics in event planning. Here are some easy ways for planners to cover their all of their bases.

How to Plan a Small Meeting
8 steps to planning a productive small meeting.

Smart Ideas for an Effective Registration Table
Your registration table may not be the highlight of your event, but don't forget these essentials of your guests may turn on you!

Conference Content that Attracts More Attendees
Attract more attendees to your conference by featuring awesome content.

Tips to Manage Event Planning Information Flow
Control the flow of communications during the planning stage to avoid mistakes.

Signage Strategies to Manage Conference Flow
Proper use of event signage will make insure all your attendees end up in the right place.

Why is Peer-to-Peer Networking for Event Planners so Important?
Peer-to-peer networking for event planners is an essential part of developing, in both a business and a personal sense. So, what IS it and...

Sponsorship Categories for Community Festivals
Event organizers should create corporate sponsorship categories to generate revenue and expand programming options. Organizers of the Taste of Chicago share their approach to securing corporate support.

Utilizing Tables to Improve Your Event
There several shapes and sizes of banquet tables.

Complete Guide to Banquet Tables - Round Banquet Tables
Round banquet tables are the primary seating choice for dining events. Page 2.

Straight Tables
Straight tables, also known as rectangular tables, serve a variety of functions for both catering and event flow.

Pedestal Rounds
Pedestal rounds can be used for receptions and speaker tables.

Crescent Tables
Crescent tables can be used by catering to make elaborate food displays.

4 Ideas on How to Make Your Event More Eco-Friendly
Green issues are more important than ever, so you’re probably wondering how you can make your event more eco-friendly while keeping within your budget.

Wedding Planning Jobs and Responsibilities
Many people use wedding planning jobs as a path to establish their own wedding planning business. Learn more about the duties of a wedding planner.

Importance of Wedding Planning Certification
For those who wish to pursue a wedding planner career, it's important to obtain wedding planning certification. But how do you differentiate between legitimate programs and those that you should beware of? Learn more.

Popular Meeting Space Floor Plans
Hotels and other conference facilities typically present meeting room space based on seven of the most popular floor plans. Understand how these numbers impact your event space.

Affordable Event Entertainment Ideas
Don't have the event budget to book a big entertainer? Here are several ideas that will impress your audience without breaking the bank.

15 Creative Elements of Event Planning
There are infinite ways to add creativity and personalization to your event. Here are 15 areas you can get started on right away.

Trade Show - Exhibit Booths - Sustainable Trade Show Exhibit Booths
Sustainable trade show exhibit booths should be designed to make building the stand easy while minimizing the environmental impact of the trade show. Learn more.

Wedding Songs - Father and Daughter Dance Songs - Mother and Son Dance Songs
Use this list to find the perfect song for a father and daughter dance, mother and son dance, or other special wedding dance for unique family situations. If you need wedding songs for your father/daughter dance or a mother/son dance, this list will provide suggestions.

Professional Development for Event Planners
trade shows

5 Key Ways to Interview your Event Planning Clients
How to interview your event planning clients to get the best results. Here are 5 key tips to make sure it's a good fit.

How to Land your First Big Event Planning Client with Little Experience
A common worry for budding event planning professionals is how to land your first big event planning client when you have little or no experience to draw on.

Catering - Food and Beverage for Events
Food & beverage is one of the most important elements of a successful event, and can quickly push any event budget over the top. Suggested strategies for planning breakfast, lunch, breaks, receptions and dinners. Make sure your event will be memorable while appealing to sense of taste.

9 Ways to Reduce Event Catering Costs
Ways to Reduce Event Catering Costs Without Reducing Client Satisfaction: Smart ways to Stretch Your Catering Budget

Three Tips On How To Successfully Debrief For Your Event
Not all of your events are going to go as planned, but the most important thing to take away from disappointments is to use what happened and learn...

Money Matters: Finance and Accounting Tips for Event Planners
Following these finance and accounting tips for event planners is the smart way to take control of your business.

Wedding Songs - Stylish Songs for Wedding Entrance - Wedding Introduction Songs with Pizazz
This article offers creative ideas for wedding entrance songs. With wedding introduction songs in a variety of genres, the list contains many choices for an exciting wedding entrance.

Corporate Meetings - Sustainable Meetings - What You Should Know for Green, Sustainable Corporate Meetings
Top tips and insights to turn your corporate meeting or event into a sustainable green meeting.

Holiday Parties - Planning Holiday Parties - Questions & Answers for Employee Events
Have you been assigned to plan the company holiday party this year? Consider these common questions and answers for planning employee holiday events.

Express Your Wedding Style with Unique Wedding Ideas
Curious about how to incorporate your personal style into a unique wedding that reflects who you are as a couple? Check out these five ideas.

Wedding Music - How to Find Great Wedding Music for Your Wedding Reception and Wedding Ceremony
Look here for the most helpful websites as you plan your wedding ceremony music and wedding reception music. These sites contain lists of wedding songs, often with lyrics and videos. Select the perfect wedding music for you with the help of these sites.

Wedding Accessories - Wedding Jewelry - Wedding Programs - Wedding Cake Toppers Online
The best websites for wedding accessories, wedding programs, wedding cake toppers, wedding jewelry and other special touches for a wedding. Learn which online resources offer the best wedding products and service.

Corporate Holiday Parties - Save Money Planning Holiday Events
Many organizations already account for expenses associated with the annual party by allocating a fixed dollar amount per employee within budgets. Given this, many planners are often challenged with finding ways to save money planning this year's employee holiday party with the same or less than last year's money. Try some of these tips.

Evaluating Restaurants for Special Events - What to Consider When Choosing Restaurant Venues
Event planners often rely on private spaces at restaurants to host a vaiety of special events. Learn more about how to evaluate a restaurant before contracting your event somewhere.

Save the Dates With Style - Unique Wedding Save the Dates Your Guests Will Remember
Five unique and stylish save the dates for your wedding invitations. Remind your guests of your big day with save the dates they will remember. No one will forget your wedding date when you send them a one-of-a-kind wedding save the date!

Event Planning Careers
Our event planning career section if designed for both experienced planners and those seeking their first job. This is your source for event job descriptions, employment opportunities and professional development in the field.

Event Planning Tips
This section provides a comprehensive look at how to plan business events, seminars, conferences, appreciation events, golf events, and more. It shares an overview for anyone interested in creating an event or those who are interested in understanding what goes on behind the event.

Wedding Planning
Weddings require a full range of event planning skills and ideas. Wedding planners handle invitations, favors, cakes, meals, music, ceremonies, receptions. They work with brides to choose venues, destinations, and themes to create wedding programs. From wedding planning checklists to becoming a wedding coordinator or consultant, here's what you should know.

Business Event Destinations – Meetings and Special Events by Business City and Location
What you should know about business cities and travel destinations before selecting sites for meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions and other special events.

Event Industry Glossary F-K
Event Industry Glossary F-K. Event Planning.

Event Industry Glossary R-V
Event Industry Glossary R-V. Event Planning.

Events Shows for Meeting and Event Planner Professionals
Learn about events shows with professional education and development for meeting and event planner professionals.

Event Industry Glossary W-Z
Event Industry Glossary W-Z. Event Planning.

Wedding Planner - Wedding Planning - Wedding Planning Business
Whether you want to pursue a related job in wedding planning or if you want to become an independent wedding planner, you should have have a solid understanding of the wedding process and what it takes to please brides ... and everyone else involved in the wedding process. What you should know to start a wedding planning business.

Green Meetings - Sustainability - Recycling Programs
Meetings and events of the future will consider and incorporate social responsibility, sustainability and recycling initiatives when making decisions to choose venue, hotels and others.

Business Holiday Parties
Event Planning.

Special Events - Venues for Parties, Receptions and Occasions
Sometimes the best event planning inspiration for special events comes from popular and unique venues around the world. Whether you're looking to host a party or reception at any of these venues or want to create your own occasion elsewhere, consider the special events ideas offered by these venues.

Sports Events - Planning Meetings and Special Events at Sports Venues
Many event planners organize business meetings and hospitality at sports venues throughout the year, including golf events, basketball events, baseball events and more.

Corporate Gifts - Selecting and Purchasing Client Gifts
What corporate gifts should you provide to those who attend your events? An overview of apparel, name badges, padfolios, memo pads, pens and more. Plus, memorable gifts that don't include your logo.

Planning Business and Social Events at a Thoroughbred Horse Track
Event Planning.

Event planners need to incorporate transportation decisions into their overall programs. This includes managing costs associated with airline and ground transportation, and now the added dimension of travel security for event guests.

The hotel is the most common venue that event planners hold their programs, given the convenience. And meetings account for a significant portion of most hotels' revenue, so it's helpful to identify ways to leverage those mutual relationships.

Czech Republic Food – Popular Eastern Europe Food – Sample Eastern Europe Menu for Events
Czech Republic chefs worked together and formed Team Czech Repbulic at the American Culinary Competition. Event planners should check out their three-course menu when creating an event with an Eastern European theme.

How to Find and Hire a DJ for a Wedding - Interviewing a Wedding Disc Jockey
Learn how to evaluate and hire a wedding DJ who is professional and reliable. Questions to ask and red flags to avoid when interviewing a wedding disc jockey.

How to Save Money on Bridal Attire - Wedding Attire on a Budget - Cheap Wedding Gowns
Learn how to save money on wedding dresses and wedding accessories. Bridal attire on a budget. 10 tips for inexpensive wedding attire.

Thoroughbred Race Track - Planning Events at the Horse Races
A profile of some of the various corporate and social entertainment options at a thoroughbred race track.

Chesapeake Bay Beach Club - Maryland Wedding - Today Show Hometown Wedding
Learn more about the unique event spaces, catering, and planning advantages and challenges at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club. The Chesapeake Beach Club is a Maryland wedding venue that was the backdrop of the Today Show wedding in 2005.

German Food – Popular German Food – Sample German Theme Menu for Events
Event planners who are interested in creating a German theme or atmosphere for an event may look to this menu for inspiration.

Event Planning Jobs Situation - Employment Situation Hospitality and Leisure - Event Planning Unemployment
The event planning industry has experienced tremendous change since the recession. Hundreds of thousands of positions have gone away, and unemployment rates are high. The employment situation in the hospitality and leisure industry impacts business events and event planning significantly. Learn more about the employment situation for event planning and hospitality.

Catering Careers - Catering Jobs Search - Find Catering Jobs and Careers
Interested in serving the event planning industry through a career in catering? Perhaps the greatest number of event-related job opportunities are found in the food service sector. Whether you're searching for a job as a chef, catering coordinator or catering management, find your opportunities here.

London 2012 Tickets - Olympics Hospitality - Olympics Tickets
Whether you want to organize hospitality related to the London 2012 Games or looking to obtain tickets and create your own mini-visit during that time, here's what you need to know to find official tickets (and avoid the scams).

Meeting Jobs - Job Search - Resume Tips for Meeting Planners and Event Professionals
Meeting and event jobs are challenging and rewarding. But this is a competitive industry. Dawn Penfold, president of Meetingsjobs.com, offers 10 tips to recession-proof your resume.

Strategic Meetings Management - Strategic Management Concepts for Meetings and Events
Meeting and event professionals are increasingly being asked to measure the impact of their programs, and adopt strategic management concepts. Ultimately, it helps to ensure the success of events and achieve bottom line results. Steve O'Malley of Maxavantage offers 10 tips for a strategic meetings management program.

Executive Level - Management Decision Making for Events and Meetings
Planners are increasingly being expected to prove the the value of meetings and events to executive level management decision makers. Learn six ways you can achieve this.

Event Management - Event Registration - Event Management and Event Technology Tools
What should you consider before upgrading your event management technology tools? Strategies to keep in mind.

Commentary About Canceled Corporate Events - Wells Fargo Cancels Event
Corporate events have become increasingly the subject of criticism by lawmakers and others for its inappropriate choice of hosting luxury retreats to support business development. This commentary was written to address those criticisms.

Employee Appreciation - Employee Activities - Family Events at Local Ice Rinks
Employee appreciation events are a great morale boosters to thank employees. One possible event may be to organize a family skate night at the local ice rink. That's what Delta Hotels chose for its summer employee event. Learn how Delta approached its employee family night behind the scenes.

Events Overisight - Congressional Oversight of Corporate Meetings and Events - Events Best Practice Guidelines
In response to potential legislation and congressional oversight of the meetings and events, eight industry associations issued best practice guidelines for potential adoption by recipients of emergency government assistance.

Event Itinrary - Wine Country Events - Sample Itinerary for Wine Events in Rioja Spain
For those who are looking to create a unique wine country experience for an incentive or executive retreat, La Rioja, Spain, offers a great opportunity for groups to refine their wine tasting appreciation while staying focused on the business objectives of the meeting. Consider this a starting point for Rioja or wine country elsewhere. Learn more.

Team Building Ideas - Wine Tasting Events - Wine Country Activities in Spain
Looking for ways to incorporate team building ideas and activities into your next event. Consider these 15 corporate team building activities. Learn more.

Team Building Ideas - Wine Tasting Events - Wine Country Activities
team building ideas, corporate team building, team building, wine tasting, wine tastings, team activities, wine tasting events, wine country. Page 2.

Wedding Invitation Wording Made Easy - Best Wedding Invitation Wording
The best websites for finding wedding invitation wording for all wedding situations. See the Royal Wedding Invitation used for the wedding of Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton.

Event Definition for Conference. Event Planning.

Event Definition for Congress. Event Planning.

Sustainability - Recycling - Event Venues Incorporate Sustainability Programs
Perhaps it will surprise some, but many event venues have already established elements of sustainability and recycling into their own programs, so it may be easier than some event planners think to choose venues for green meetings and events.

Spanish Food - Sample Spanish Theme Reception Menu - Behind the Event at a Spanish Cocktail Reception
For anyone interested in hosting a cocktail reception with a Spanish food theme, perhaps they should consider some of these traditional Spanish menu items.

Table Settings - Table Decorations - Reception Ideas
Looking for inspiration to create table settings and decorations for your gala or special event? Check out the

MPI - Meeting Professionals International - Opening Sessions
Organization leaders are expected to highlight past accomplishments as they set the stage for the year ahead. Angie Pfieffer, 2007-2008 chairperson for MPI, highlights strategic imperatives that were established for MPI during her tenure. Page 6.

Special Events - Receptions - Cocktail Receptions
Caesar's Palace hosted the MPI WEC 2008 opening reception. This special event transformed a statitic ballroom into a cocktail reception that transformed the environment throughout the night. Page 3.

Business Roundtables - Roundtable Discussions - Workshop Facilitation
Cafe Conversations are business roundtable discussions that incorporate workshop facilitation by a group leader. Topics are open-ended, and participants are expected to participate in roundtable discussions. Page 12.

Event Planning Checklist - Catering Services - Chef Meeting
As part of the event planning checklist, event and meeting planners hold a final walk through or pre-con meeting with conference managers, including catering services. Prior to the execution of the event, venues hold their own meetings. Page 2.

Conventions - Sponsorships
Convention planners should create excitement for next year's convention during this year's convention, when likely attendees are open to learning more. Next year's hosts may be an excellent source of an important sponsorship during this year's event. Page 13.

Corporate Entertainment - Drum Cafe
An effective opening general session will inform and entertain attendees; therfore, meeting and event planners should search for unique corporate entertainment elements for the program. Page 8.

Trade Show - Exhibition - Expo
Nearly every congress or convention incorporates a trade show or exhibition hall as part of the agenda. The expo provides an opportunity for industry suppliers and sponsors to meet with convention attendes. Page 9.

Corporate Entertainment - Corporate Magician
It's important for meeting planners to incorporate corporate entertainment into the convention agenda -- this helps break up formal presentations. Consider a corporate magician. Page 7.

Fundraising Ideas - Fundraising Events - Fundraising Event Ideas
Perhaps the best place to for an association or organization to hold a fundraising event is during its annual convention. Fundraising ideas should incorporate local themes and entertainment that individuals may not be able to attend elsewhere. Page 11.

Meeting Agenda - Opening Remarks - Convention General Sessions
Organization leaders are expected to outline the meeting agenda and provide opening remarks for general sessions at conventions, congresses, seminars and other events. Bruce MacMillan, president and CEO of MPI, Dallas, defined the meeting agenda for MPI WEC 2008 during his opening remarks. Page 5.

Seminar Topics - Breakout Sessions - professional development
Conference organizers are responsible for determining seminar topics for professional development. These topics become break out sessions, and attendees should be given a range of topics targeted to their skill level and development interests. Page 10.

Red Carpet Line - Special Event within a Special Event
To make your guests or attendees feel particularly special, consider creating a red carpet line to welcome them. This distinctive way to make guests apprecaited and creates a special event within your special event. Page 4.

New Product Launch - MGM CityCenter Vegas - Sand Castle
Meeting and event planners should incorporate creative ways to promote and launch new products to key audiences. MGM CityCenter Vegas promoted itself to MPI WEC 2008 attendees by creating a sand castle replica of the project while it is in development. Page 15.

Beach Party - Closing Night Receptions
Conventions should incorporate a closing night reception, giving attendees a chance to network and discuss topics from the event. If your event is located where a beach party is possible, this can give your closing reception more of the wow factor.. Page 14.

Corporate Sponsors Incorporate Community Events
Event Planning. Page 12.

Festival Element: Beverage Booths
Event Planning. Page 14.

Corporate Sponsor CNN
Event Planning. Page 13.

On the Menu: Lots of Pizza
Event Planning. Page 7.

On the Menu: Chocolate (Keeping It Fresh)
Event Planning. Page 27.

Drawing the Crowds
Event Planning. Page 5.

On the Menu: Lots of Cheesecake
Event Planning. Page 8.

Event Staff Office
Event Planning. Page 30.

Festival Element: Concert Staging
Event Planning. Page 17.

Family Area
Event Planning. Page 22.

Festival Element: Educational Programs
Event Planning. Page 21.

Inflatable Playground
Event Planning. Page 23.

Inside Eli's Tent
Event Planning. Page 9.

On the Menu: Familiar Items with a Twist
Event Planning. Page 26.

Sponsors Host Contests
Event Planning. Page 28.

Limit Sponsorship Signage So It Becomes Meaningful
Event Planning. Page 15.

Festival Element: Portable Toilets
Event Planning. Page 3.

Free Concerts
Event Planning. Page 18.

Festival Element: Public Safety
Event Planning. Page 16.

Festival Element: Food Sanitation
Event Planning. Page 6.

Festival Element: Road Barricades
Event Planning. Page 4.

Festival Element: Worker Apparel
Event Planning. Page 29.

Festival Element: Pre-Event Operations
Event Planning. Page 2.

Festival Element: Ticket Booths
Event Planning. Page 10.

Sponsor Tums
Event Planning. Page 20.

Sponsor U.S. Army
Event Planning. Page 19.

Festival Element: Title Sponsor
Event Planning. Page 11.

On the Menu: Ethnic Food Options
Event Planning. Page 25.

Carnival Rides
Event Planning. Page 24.

Facility Manager
Event planning glossary of terms,

Event planning glossary of terms,

Advance Deposit
Common event planning glossary of terms,

Advance Rate
Common event planning glossary of terms,

General Services Contractor
What is a general services contractor for events?

Government Meeting
What is a government meeting? Event Planning.

Guest Program - What Is a Guest Program?
What is a guest program? Event Planning.

Basel Switzerland - Special Events and Venues in Basel, Switzerland
A computer industry marketing manager is searching for some unique venues in Basel Switzerland. Find out which venues were recommended.

Horse Race Betting - - Horse Wagering - Wagering Tips - Horse Tracks
Event planners should be familiar with horse betting and horse racing terms if they are holding an event at an thoroughbred race track. For some guests, this could be the first time they have ever been to the track.

FITUR - FITUR Congresos - FITUR Congress - Spain Travel Show
FITUR is an annual conference specific to Spain's meetings and incentive travel industry, bringing together international event planners with hotels and other venues throughout the country.

International Confex - UK Event Exhibition
International Confex, the United Kingdom's leading exhibition show for events, is held each winter in London.

EIBTM - European Events Conference
EIBTM is an global events conference with a focus on European destinations, held in the fall.

International Special Events Society - ISES Eventworld - ISES Conference
The International Special Events Society (ISES) holds the ISES Eventworld® - An Institute for Professional Development every summer. summer.

Motivation Show - IT&ME - Incentive Travel and Meeting Executives
The Motivation Show is scheduled each year in September and held in Chicago.

Restaurant Show - National Restaurant Association Show
The annual National Restaurant Assocation, Hotel-Motel Show is held each year in Chicago and features more than 2,142 exhibitors showcasing products and services in more than 890 product categories. Nearly 74,000 people attended from all 50 states and 110 countries.

Top Professional Speakers by Subject - Who are the Professional Speakers Event Planners Hire
What are the more popular speaker categories today and who are some of the professional speakers hired by event planners for corporate and association events?

Wedding Favors - Wedding Candy - Wedding Cookies - Edible Wedding Favors With Taste
Ideas for beautiful and inexpensive wedding favors that are also edible. Wedding candy, wedding cookies, wedding tea, wedding wine and other edible wedding favor ideas are also included.

Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Actually Use
Looking for a wedding favor that your guests will actually use after the wedding has passed? Useful, practical wedding favor ideas for all kinds of weddings and all budgets.

Wedding Place Card Holders for Every Theme - Placecard Holders with Style
10 unique place card holders for a variety of wedding themes. Place card holders are a special way to welcome your guests and show them where to sit. These place card holders will enhance your wedding theme and help you express your personal style.

Events Magazines - MPI Magazine - One +
For those interested in learning more about meeting and event industry magazines, MPI produces a monthly events magazine that's worth receiving.

What is the Convention Industry Council (CIC)?
The Convention Industry Council's 32 member organizations represent more than 103,500 individuals, as well as, 17,300 firms and properties involved in the meetings, conventions and exhibitions industries. The CIC offers its members many tools and programs designed to support the industry and meet its challenges, facilitate the exchange of information and ideas, and ensure its credibility and high standards of quality.

Group Air Fares - Discount Air Fares - Airline Discounts for Group Air Fares for Events
With air fares accounting for a higher portion of events that require group travel, it's important for event and meeting planners to secure airline discounts for group event air fares. Many airlines offer group travel and event options for planners.

Incentive Program - Old Course Hotel in St. Andrew's for Golf Events
Old Course Hotel in St. Andrew's Golf combines meetings with business golf events.

Convention Centers - Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre
Considering convention centers a future program? Check out how the the Vancouver Convention and Exhibition Centre creates unique and sustainable conventions, congresses, meetings and events.

Golf Events - Planning Business Meetings at Golf Courses
Event planners will find themselves organizing one or more golf meetings each year, so it's helpful to follow some helpful guidelines to ensure a great outing every time.

Wine Events – Special Events at Wineries, Cellars and Caves
Interested in planning a wine event in a cave or cellar? Clos Pegase Winery turns events into wine theatre.

Wedding Day Emergency Kit for Wedding Planners
This article offers suggestions for must-have items for the wedding day emergency kit. Learn how to prevent wedding day emergencies in this checklist of essential emergency items.

Beach Parties - Convention Events
Considering a beach party for your upcoming convention or event? Check out how the Fairmont Hawaii transforms its oceanfront into opening night receptions.

Event Planning Ideas - Special Event Planning - Corporate Event Planning
Looking for event planning ideas for a future program? Whether you're looking for special event planning or corporate event planning ideas, perhaps I can help. Whether it's a program located in your own city or somewhere else around the world, submit your questions to me. As your event planning guide, I'll do my best to offer event planning ideas and may use it for a future column. Learn more.

2010 Events Calendar - 2010 Calendar Holidays - 2010 Calendar of Special Events
An events calendar of holidays and major events will help event and meeting planners know the important dates to schedule their programs and the important dates to avoid scheduling their events. This comprehensive list includes holidays and major events around the world.

Top Bands and Musicians for Events
Numerous band adn musician options may be considered when putting together an event, and the following styles are highlighted: blues, bluegrass, classical, country, pop and rock, jazz, singers, solo musicians, soul, world music and more.

Top Gifts to Give Guests at a Food and Wine Event
Event planners have many gift options to consider when hosting a food and wine event. Check out our list of top picks.

Festival At-A-Glance: Taste of Chicago
Event Planning.

Taste of Chicago 2007
Taste of Chicago 2007

Taste of Chicago 2007
Taste of Chicago 2007

Taste of Chicago 2007
Taste of Chicago 2007

Theater Events – Business Theater – Colosseum at Caesars Palace
Considering a theater event for a future program? Check out how the Colosseum Caesars Palace can convert its theater venue into business theater.

Emerging New Technologies - Future Technology - Fogscreen
Fogscreen is an emerging new technology that will have some exciting applications in the events and meetings industry. This technology allows the creation of projected images onto a stream of fog and create images just about anywhere.

Event Planning Tips - Meeting Planning - Organizing Conventions and Conferences
The MPI WEC 2008 offers an excellent opportunity for meeting and event planners to not only gain professional development, it may also be viewed as a learning lab filled with event planning tips for those who are expected to organize conventions, congresses, conferences, seminars and other events.

Event Planning Tips - Meeting Planning - Organizing Conventions and Conferences
The MPI WEC 2008 offers an excellent opportunity for meeting and event planners to not only gain professional development, it may also be viewed as a learning lab filled with event planning tips for those who are expected to organize conventions, congresses, conferences, seminars and other events.

Planning Community Festivals - Behind the Event at Taste of Chicago 2007

Planning Community Walks - Breast Cancer Walks - Behind the Event at Y-ME Mother's Day Events
Whether its a walk to raise awareness and fundraising, or a special event walking tour of the city, community walks are organize by event and meeting planners around the globe.

2012 Olympics - What You Should Know for London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games
Event planning activities for producing London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Learn more about what you should know to plan business events and meetings during the Olympics or create a program with a sports theme in London.

Event Planning Questions - Ask Rob for Meeting and Event Planning Questions
Perhaps you're looking to organize a seminar or event in another city, and you're not sure where to hold the event. Perhaps you're working to create the

Event Planning Glossary - Definition of Tent

Event planning glossary of terms,

Event planning glossary of terms,

Common event planning glossary of terms,

Boondoggle - What is a Boondoggle?
A boondoggle is typically a project or program that is viewed as wasteful or impractical, and its organizers know the effort will never work.

Hot Food Menu - Chef Menu - International Menu
Recognized as a premier world culinary competition, the 2007 American Culinary Classic marks its 20th anniversary. Teams of international chefs represented their countries and presented their hot food menus.

Event Planning Careers - Profiles of Event Planning Jobs
Whether you're looking to organize corporate events, association meetings, work at a hotel, find a catering job or help others who work in the event planning industry, it's helpful to learn the job opportunities from those who already work in the profession. Event planners share insights about their careers, how they pursued their dream jobs and offer advice to those who wish to follow.

Planning Holiday Parties
Planning for the annual holiday event is one of several activities that keep event planners busy.