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Festival Element: Road Barricades
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Festival Element: Worker Apparel
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Festival Element: Pre-Event Operations
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Festival Element: Ticket Booths
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Sponsor Tums
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Sponsor U.S. Army
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Festival Element: Title Sponsor
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On the Menu: Ethnic Food Options
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Carnival Rides
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Motivation Show - IT&ME - Incentive Travel and Meeting Executives
The Motivation Show is scheduled each year in September and held in Chicago.

Festival At-A-Glance: Taste of Chicago
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Taste of Chicago 2007
Taste of Chicago 2007

Taste of Chicago 2007
Taste of Chicago 2007

Planning Community Festivals - Behind the Event at Taste of Chicago 2007

Planning Community Walks - Breast Cancer Walks - Behind the Event at Y-ME Mother's Day Events
Whether its a walk to raise awareness and fundraising, or a special event walking tour of the city, community walks are organize by event and meeting planners around the globe.

2012 Olympics - What You Should Know for London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games
Event planning activities for producing London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Learn more about what you should know to plan business events and meetings during the Olympics or create a program with a sports theme in London.

Event Planning Questions - Ask Rob for Meeting and Event Planning Questions
Perhaps you're looking to organize a seminar or event in another city, and you're not sure where to hold the event. Perhaps you're working to create the

Hot Food Menu - Chef Menu - International Menu
Recognized as a premier world culinary competition, the 2007 American Culinary Classic marks its 20th anniversary. Teams of international chefs represented their countries and presented their hot food menus.

Event Planning Careers - Profiles of Event Planning Jobs
Whether you're looking to organize corporate events, association meetings, work at a hotel, find a catering job or help others who work in the event planning industry, it's helpful to learn the job opportunities from those who already work in the profession. Event planners share insights about their careers, how they pursued their dream jobs and offer advice to those who wish to follow.

Planning Holiday Parties
Planning for the annual holiday event is one of several activities that keep event planners busy.