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Wedding Themes: Winter Wonderland Wedding
Learn how a Washington, DC hotel wedding was transformed into a winter wonderland for New Year's Eve. This article describes the wedding decorations, including flowers, linens and lighting, that made this wedding theme beautiful and unique.

Event Management - Event Registration - Event Management and Event Technology Tools
What should you consider before upgrading your event management technology tools? Strategies to keep in mind.

Speakers Bureau - Motivational Speakers - Guest and Motivational Speakers for Meetings and Events
The process of working with outside speakers may seem complicated or overwhelming to some, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Speakers bureau agent Barrett Cordero offers he following 10 steps to for event planners who are working with guest and motivational speakers.

Event Registration - Event Software - Online Event Registration and Software
Many online event registration software options have been created and are now available to help event planners. We have reviewed some of the popular online event registration systems out there.

5 Engaging Non-Profit Event Ideas
The best format for a non-profit event is one that is both engaging and fun.

The Many Different Approaches to Fundraising Events
Here are some ideas for blending your fundraising efforts into natural flow of your non-profit event.

6 New Event Planning Videos
Our latest event planning video cover topics like invitations, corporate events, and venue selection.

The Complete Guide to Event Budgeting
Creating an event budget can be difficult since expenses come from several different categories. Here is a comprehensive guide to sorting it all out.

Crafting Good Sponsorship Proposals for Fundraising Events
Selling event sponsorships is one of the best ways to insure your fundraising event succeeds financially.

6 Big Event Planning Mistakes You Can Prevent Now
Watch out for these potential mistakes that can quickly bring chaos to even a well-planned event.

Easy Ways to Improve Guest Satisfaction at Your Event
Follow these guidelines to promote guest satisfaction at each one of your events.

How to Control Event Parking Challenges
Your parking situation is directly tied to the first impression attendees will have of your event.

Meetings and Events - ROI - Strategic Meetings for Small and Mid-Sized Organizations
8 steps for small and mid-sized organizations to create successful, and strategic meetings and events programs.

Selling Your Venue Choice to Executive Decision Makers
Effective ways to communicate to your team why you recommend Site A over Site B

Signage Strategies to Manage Conference Flow
Proper use of event signage will make insure all your attendees end up in the right place.

Managing Last Minute Food Requests
Late registration and food requests are going to happen, but it is how you manage them that determines your success factor.

Conference Content that Attracts More Attendees
Attract more attendees to your conference by featuring awesome content.

Tips to Manage Event Planning Information Flow
Control the flow of communications during the planning stage to avoid mistakes.

A Magic Way to Eliminate Event Complaints?
You can avoid dealing with complaints from event attendees by proactively squashing potential issues.

Event Planning 101: Drafting Essential Details
There is an order of operations to event planning, and looking past the basics can cost you time and money.

6 Targets for Trimming Event Costs
Is our event budget coming up a bit short? Take a look at these ideas for slashing costs.

Smart Ideas for an Effective Registration Table
Your registration table may not be the highlight of your event, but don't forget these essentials of your guests may turn on you!

Event Planning Questions to Ask Your Potential Clients
Before working with a prospective event planning client, ask these important questions to make sure you are compatible.

An Introduction to Event Rental Agreements
Follow these guidelines to insure your event rental experience is a positive one.

Business Event Planning: Fulfilling Your Role as a Planner
Make your business event shine by helping executives deliver their message in an engaging way.

How to Plan a Small Meeting
8 steps to planning a productive small meeting.

The Small Event Planning Checklist
Follow these steps to plan a small event that your audience will remember.

5 Essential Safety Measures for Event Planners
Safety and security are hot topics in event planning. Here are some easy ways for planners to cover their all of their bases.

AIG Agent Conference - AIG St. Regis Event - Analysis of AIG Independent Conference
Event and meeting planners may use the information made public by the Oversight and Government Reform Committee to learn more about contracting with hotels and what improvements may be helpful for the future. Learn more.

AIG Agent Conference - AIG St. Regis Event - Analysis of AIG Independent Conference
Event and meeting planners may use the information made public by the Oversight and Government Reform Committee to learn more about contracting with hotels and what improvements may be helpful for the future. Learn more. Page 2.

AIG Agent Conference - AIG St. Regis Event - Analysis of AIG Independent Conference
Event and meeting planners may use the information made public by the Oversight and Government Reform Committee to learn more about contracting with hotels and what improvements may be helpful for the future. Learn more. Page 3.

Barcelona Events - Business Events in Barcelona - Planning Conventions in Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain is one of the most popular destinations for association conferences and international congresses. Find out more about why this destination is on the radar for business events.

Boondoggle - Junket - Decline These Business Event Invites
For those who are critical of business events, adopt a simple solution: please, kindly decline the invite if you think it’s for a boondoggle or junket. Commentary.

Commentary About Canceled Corporate Events - Wells Fargo Cancels Event
Corporate events have become increasingly the subject of criticism by lawmakers and others for its inappropriate choice of hosting luxury retreats to support business development. This commentary was written to address those criticisms.

Chicago Events - Business Events in Chicago - Planning Conventions in Chicago
Chicago is a great destination for business events and where business revenues exceed more than 2.5 times that of leisure travel -- despite the fact that business represents only about 27% of total travel. Find out more about events in Chicago.

Employee Appreciation - Employee Activities - Family Events at Local Ice Rinks
Employee appreciation events are a great morale boosters to thank employees. One possible event may be to organize a family skate night at the local ice rink. That's what Delta Hotels chose for its summer employee event. Learn how Delta approached its employee family night behind the scenes.

Events Overisight - Congressional Oversight of Corporate Meetings and Events - Events Best Practice Guidelines
In response to potential legislation and congressional oversight of the meetings and events, eight industry associations issued best practice guidelines for potential adoption by recipients of emergency government assistance.

Event ROI - Measuring Business Events - Meetings Measurement
When it comes to the planning and executing event logistics, meeting and event planners typically know their event processes cold. But meeting and event planners are increasingly expected to measure and demonstrate the value of their programs. Here's what you should know.

Event ROI - Measuring Events - Meetings Measurement
So you're planning a hundred small events and not sure how to measure the effectiveness of your prorams? Here's what you should know. Page 2.

Event Sponsors - Fundraising Sponsors - Event Sponsorship Categories
Nonprofit event planners are always looking for ways to raise money for their cause while keeping the operating costs low. That's where event sponsorship plays an important role. Find out more about what benefits you may wish to offer event sponsors for your next special event.

Commentary on Federal Agencies Banning Destinations from Government Meetings
Federal agencies have been accused of banning Las Vegas, Orlando and other destinations from government meetings. Learn more about the issues.

Background to Government Meetings Ban on Las Vegas, Orlando and Other Resort Destinations
What is the background behind some agencies being accused of banning destinations from consideration for government meetings? It begins with what is known a the

Government Meeting Planners May Be Solution Behind Federal Agencies Ban on Destinations
Did you know the stringent requirements behind destination and venue decisions that government meeting planners follow? Perhaps government meeting planners should shoulder accountability and choice of destinations? Page 3.

Hosted Tours for Event Planners - Fam Trips for Meeting Planners
International event and meeting planners may familiarize themselves with a variety of destinations around the world by attending hosted tours that are tied to international trade shows.

Business Event Industry Trends - U.S. Events Industry - European Events Industry
The 2007 EIBTM Industry Trends report identifies several business event industry challenges, especially for international planners. Budget is the biggest consideration. However, expanded destination options may provide some financial relief.

Las Vegas Meetings - Business Events in Las Vegas - Planning Conventions in Las Vegas
Las Vegas is one of the most popular destinations for conferences, meetings, incentive programs and destination weddings in the U.S. Find out more about why these events have contributed to its success.

London Events – Business Events in London Travel – Planning Conventions in London
London is perhaps the most popular international destination for conferences, meetings, incentive programs and other business events. Find out more about planning events in London.

Events in Madrid - Business Events Events in Madrid - Planning Conventions in Madrid
While Madrid, Spain is a popular popular European destination for leisure travel, it's tourism and business community has been quickly developing its infrastructure to support business events, congresses and international fairs.

Event Planning Basics: Event Binder Keeps You Organized
Event planning requires strong organizational, communication and documentation skills. An event binder is one event planning basic that will help you create a successful business event.

Planning Commuinty Festivals - How to Plan Food Festivals
Event planners interested in planning neighborhood food festivals must consider several elements, including operations, vendors, programming, marketing and more. Learn how event planners approach the Taste of Chicago.

Planning Commuinty Festivals - How to Plan Food Festivals
Event planners interested in planning neighborhood food festivals must consider several elements, including operations, vendors, programming, marketing and more. Learn how event planners approach the Taste of Chicago. Page 2.

Lisbon Events – Business Events in Lisbon – Planning Conventions in Lisbon
When you think of world capitals for business event planning, Lisbon, Portugal, may not be the first to come to mind, but it certainly has an allure that can compete with other major cities. With nearly 15,000 hotel rooms -- and the vast majority in the four and five star categories, Lisbon is a hidden gem for business travel. Learn more about planning meetings and events in Lisbon.

Planning a Big Wedding on a Small Budget - Low Cost Wedding Ideas
This article outlines many ways to creatively save money while planning a big, beautiful wedding. Read this article to learn cost-cutting measures for cheap catering, dresses, photography, invitations and more. Weddings don't have to be expensive to be beautiful.

Events in Berlin - Business Events Events in Berlin - Planning Conventions in Berlin
Berlin, Germany has steadily been growing in popularity for meetings and conventions, and continues to catch the attention of meeting and event planners. Learn more.

Event Itinrary - Wine Country Events - Sample Itinerary for Wine Events in Rioja Spain
For those who are looking to create a unique wine country experience for an incentive or executive retreat, La Rioja, Spain, offers a great opportunity for groups to refine their wine tasting appreciation while staying focused on the business objectives of the meeting. Consider this a starting point for Rioja or wine country elsewhere. Learn more.

Team Building Ideas - Wine Tasting Events - Wine Country Activities in Spain
Looking for ways to incorporate team building ideas and activities into your next event. Consider these 15 corporate team building activities. Learn more.

Team Building Ideas - Wine Tasting Events - Wine Country Activities
team building ideas, corporate team building, team building, wine tasting, wine tastings, team activities, wine tasting events, wine country. Page 2.

Theme Events - Host Major Events in Your City
Can’t bring your guests to the actual event in person because it’s held out of town or out of the country? Recreate the atmosphere or theme of the major event itself, and invite attendees to celebrate the occasion in your own city.

Las Vegas Weddings - Destination Weddings - Wedding Planning in Las Vegas
More than 120,000 weddings are planned and held in Las Vegas each year and event planners – particularly wedding planners – need to know all of the elements that go into planning and executing a destination wedding, whether it’s in Vegas or elsewhere. Read more about how Mandalay Bay’s THEwedding chapel event planners organize roughly 1,800 ceremonies each year.

Wells Fargo - Wells Fargo Recognition Events - Reprint of Wells Fargo Employee Letter
On February 8, 2009, Wells Fargo responded to criticism of its employee recognition event with a letter signed by Wells Fargo President & CEO John Stumpf, and published it as an advertisement in national newspapers. Here's a copy of that letter.

Party Crashers - Desiree Rogers - White House Social Secretary Should Be Focus for Party Crashers
Although party crashers attended the first state dinner of the Obama White House, Secret Service officer suspensions, House committee hearings and Presidential review of situation should end before any other actions are taken. Focus should be on administrative processes of White House Social Secretary and event management.

Event Planning 2010 - Issues Facing Event and Meeting Planners
social media, client buy-in, sustainability and professional development are among the top issues facing event and meeting planners in 2010 and beyond.

Business Meeting Attendance - Tips to Increase Attendance at Business Meetings and Conventions
With increasing pressure on increasing attendance at business meetings and conventions, event services supplier Daniel Fortin of DNL Logistique in Montreal, Canada, offers 10 tips that event and meeting professions should know.

PCMA - What is PCMA?
“PCMA”, “Professional Convention Management Association”

Audio Visual
Common event planning glossary of terms,

Invitation Wording Ideas for Special Events
Here we offer you some invitation wording ideas and a sample invitation letter.

What Event Planning Topic Matters Most to You?
If you're currently responsible for planning and executing business events or wish to pursue a job in this field, it requires an understanding of venue

Select the Right Venue for Your Event
Regarless of whether your organization operates on a calendar or fiscal year, by February most event planners are busy with choosing the right venues for their

Getting Hospitality at Super Bowl and Major Sports Events
All corporate eyes are focused on Miami this week, and about 75,000 people will have the chance to watch the Bears and the Colts -- inside Dolphin Stadium.

Airline Quality Rating Identifies 2006 Performance Declines
Airline delays continued to frustrate passengers with on-time arrivals declining to 75.5% in 2006 compared to 77.3% in 2005. This, according to the 2007 Airline

Air Fares, Hotels, Car Rentals Expected to Increase for 2007
According to American Express Business Travel, hotel rates will jump 3 to 6 percent this year vs. 2006. With corporate budgets getting tighter and tighter, this

Enterprise Rent-a-Car to Acquire National and Alamo
Enterprise Rent-a-Car will soon play a more significant role in the business auto rental market. Last week, Enterprsie announced that it will acquire Vanguard

Event Planning Best Practices Identified by CIC
For several years, the Convention Industry Council, which is a federation of national and international organizations involved in meetings, conventions,

So You Want to Become an Event Planner?
When some people consider the role of an event planner, they imagine a job working with luxury hotels, dining on gourmet meals, listening to world music,

Results: What Event Planning Topics Matter Most to You Poll
The results of my recent poll about what topics matter most to readers of this site are in. It's obvious that you want to obtain more information about two

Event Catering Hottest Trends: Seasonal Items, Ethnic Cuisines, New Twists on Traditional Items
The Restaurant Show is scheduled for this weekend in Chicago, so I plan on attending and hope to learn what the restaurant suppliers are highlighting as

Where Have You Hosted Your Most Unique Event?
A client appreciation dinner held in a wine cave with a Phantom of the Opera serenade ... a client reception at a restaurant and cigar factory ... a product

Diane Goodman Provides Insight into Selecting Professional Speakers
One of the most important elements of any business meeting or event is selecting the best speakers who can deliver a presentation that supports the event's

A Record 209 Million Summer Airline Passengers Forecasted (U.S.)
Memorial Day Weekend marks the summer season of leisure travel June 1 through August 31 and the Air Transport Association (ATA) estimates a 6 million

New Study: Business Travelers Want Breakfast on the House
Dining seems to be an issue that is top of mind for business travelers, according to new study data from the soon-to-be-released 2007 YPB&R/Yankelovich Partners

Flavored Water Highlights Restaurant Show in Chicago
In search of new, unique items or trends in catering and hospitality, I wandered through the exhibit floors at the 2007 Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show in Chicago,

Culinary Team Bahamas Presents 3-Course Menu at 2007 American Culinary Classic
12 six-member teams representing their countries competed for the title of The American Culinary Classic, a prestigious international culinary competition

Culinary Team Canada Presents 3-Course Menu at 2007 American Culinary Classic
Last week I shared Culinary Team Bahamas' menu from The American Culinary Classic, a prestigious international culinary competition that took place May

Finding that First Event Planning Job in a Corporate Organization
A few weeks back I asked readers to share their thoughts about event planning topics, and about 25% of you indicated asked for more information about event

Share Your Thoughts and Questions on the Event Planning Forum
I finally had a chance to get the Event Planning Forum started. I hope that we can build an active community of users who share ideas with a friendly group of

Taste of Chicago Offers Food for Everyone
With the Taste of Chicago in full swing, I figured its best to explore this food festival like the roughly 250,000 others who head to Grant Park on

Culinary Team Czech Republic Presents 3-Course Menu at 2007 American Culinary Classic
Ive already posted chef menus for Culinary Team Bahamas and Culinary Team Canada that were presented at The American Culinary Classic, a prestigious

CIC Offering Free Access to Online CMP Application
If you're interested in earning a professional designation in event planning, the Certified Meeting Professional designation, the Convention Industry Council

New Accreditation Program Specific to Destination Management Companies
The Association of Destination Management Executives (ADME) recently announced that it has established an accreditation program to elevate professional

Your Event Planning Job Search: Meeting Coordinator Opportunities
I've noticed that many readers have been focused on event planning job opportunities lately, so I thought that I'd try to help simplify the process for you. For

Items to Consider When Planning Event Catering
Food and beverage can help make or break any event. But many event planners make the mistake of simply selecting from one of the packaged items that fall into

Breakfast and Lunch, Most Popular Meeting Menus
Most event planners will be inovled in coordinating breakfast and lunch business events more than nearly any other kind of program. Therefore, it's

Idea Factory 2007 Names Spotlight Award Recipients
Event Solutions magazine hosted its four day Idea Factory 2007 in Miami, FL. In addition to its intense seminar schedule and exhibit hall, this is when Event

Your Event Planning Job Search: Event Operations
This week I thought that I'd highlight available Event Operations jobs. These positions include all aspects of event logistics, from contracting through on-site

Your Event Planning Job Search: Meeting Assistant
This week I thought that I'd highlight available Meeting Assistant jobs. For anyone interested in learning the role of a meeting planner from the ground up,

Find the Best Dealer of Corporate Gifts
Apparel, writing instruments and calendars are the three most commonly purchased corporate gifts -- boring, but practical. Actually, these item account for

Trade Show Booth Etiquette Can Attract or Repel Attendees
While attending the 2007 Motivation Show in Chicago, I was walking down the aisles and wondering to myself how incredibly easy it is to spot a well

Your Event Planning Job Search: Meeting Coordinator Opportunities
Readers continue to remain focused on event careers. For those who are interested in pursuing corporate event planning jobs, several opportunities exist within

Tips to Help Overcome RSVP Anxiety
Anxiety over whether or not people will attend their event is one of the biggest challenges that event hosts face. And this is sometimes a recurring theme with

Tips for Reducing Employee Holiday Party Expenses
To manage expenses associated with business events, it seems that many organizations have been hosting more events throughout the year, but targeting these

Business Travelers Highlight Frustrations and Perks of International Travel
It seems that what bothers domestic business travelers also frustrates international business travelers: last minute flight cancellations and poor hotel

U.S. Inbound and Outbound International Travel Reflects Continued Tourism Growth
International travel into the U.S. is set to hit record levels in 2007, nearly 54 million, exceeding the previous record arrival in 2000. This, according to an

EIBTM 2007: Global Event Industry Meeting November 27-29
Next week I'm heading to Barcelona, Spain, to attend EIBTM, a global meetings and incentives exhibition, November 27-29, 2007. I'm excited about the

Your Event Planning Job Search: Meeting Planner Opportunities
I thought that I'd check the job boards again for my readers, so this week I'm highlighting Meeting Planner job openings. For those who are interested in

Holiday Parties Emphasize the Importance of Reminding Banquet and Other Staff About Service
This is the first year in quite a while that I have been able to attend several holiday parties as a guest rather than someone involved in planning and

2008 Calendar of Secular and Religious Holidays
Over the years I have learned the importance of creating a list of important holidays that may cause conflicts with the events that I plan. That's

Behind the Event: 2007 Employee Christmas Party at Hotel Majestic, Barcelona, Spain
While I was in Barcelona, Spain, at the end of November attending EIBTM, I had an opportunity to review the conference facilities at Hotel Majestic, the

2008 Industry Shows for Event Planners
This week, Professional Convention Management Association is holding the 2008 PCMA Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA, USA. The program is scheduled January

Basketball Opportunities for Corporate Meetings and Social Events
The 2008 NBA All-Star Weekend is scheduled for February 16-17 at New Orleans Arena, and some event planners will find themselves working with ticket brokers,

Barcelona Increases in Popularity for European and International Business Events
It's not difficult to understand why more business events are being hosted in Barcelona: moderate temperatures, updated convention facilities, modernist

Event Planner Tip: Eliminate Red Wine Stains by Pouring White Wine Directly On It Before It Dries
I'm in Madrid this week to attend Fitur, a conference targeted to event and meeting planners who are interested in Spain destinations for their programs. I'll

How to Plan a Successful Business Meeting at a Golf Course
It recently came to my attention that the Chicago Chapter of Meeting Professionals International has planned a golf clinic as one of its professional

FITUR and FITUR Congresos 2008 Bring Event and Meeting Planners to Madrid
FITUR is an international tourism trade fair that is hosted in Madrid, January 30 to February 3, 2008. What's interesting about FITUR and Spain specifically

Professional Development: February 12-14, 2008 International Confex in London
Although the current numbers of visitors to the United Kingdom have been fluctuating based on currency and changes in travel patterns, a significant number

Event Planners Need to Investigate the Restaurants Where They Host Events
Roughly 8 out of 10 event and meeting planners indicate that restaurants are one of the most popular off-site venues used, according to the Key 2008 Meetings

What Should a Speaker Evaluation Form and Educational Session Summary Report Include?
As the month of March approaches, so will a range of seminars and conferences organized by meeting and event planners. While finalizing many of the

Attending a City's Hosted Tour: When an Event Planner Becomes the Guest
Many event planners are familiar with planning an incentive trip for their clients: three days and two nights in some fantastic location, staying in a great

Food and Beverage for a Spanish Style Reception
While recently in Madrid for Fitur Congresos, I attended a welcome reception that was being hosted by the U.S. Tourist Office of Spain for a limited number

Event Planners Should Emphasize "Service" with Venue Operations Staff
March is a time when many organizations host spring trainings and meetings. It's also a time when a lot of spring social events will begin. I can't emphasize

Las Vegas Is a Top Business and Social Event Destination in the U.S.
Although the tourism office in Las Vegas may like for you know, What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but this city is an incredible marketing

Event Planners Should Consider Thoroughbred Race Tracks for Meetings and Hospitality
Although not everyone has an opportunity to entertain at the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes or Belmont Stakes, planning events at a thoroughbred race

Your Event Planning Job Search: Part Time Event Jobs This Summer and Beyond
Now is a great time for students who are interested in finding a part time job this summer working in the events field. For those interested in getting started,

What Event Planning Topics Would You Like to Read About?
For the last year, the event planning section has been focused on many of the basic activities involved in the business of event planning. Topics have covered a

How Do Event Planners Structure Their Fees?
It's mid-April, and this time of year always has me thinking (usually last minute) about taxes. And it's also a time when many people contemplate about that

Online Meet Up for Event Planners
The purpose of the web has been evolving over time, and a variety of social media has been created in the last couple of years. I've glanced at a variety of

Community Walks Serve as Popular Special Event Fundraising Idea
Every weekend from April through September it seems that there is a fundraising walk or race scheduled somewhere. That's because many people enjoy

Special Event Planners Identify Sponsorship Categories for Fundraising Events
Interested in establishing a community walk or race as a fundraising idea for your cause? Corporate sponsors will play an important role in helping to ensure a

Sign Up for the Event Planning Weekly Newsletter
I recently announced the launch of the Event Planning Forum, which I called an online meet-up for event planners who are interested in sharing their views and

Advice Requested About Event Planning Salaries
A member of the Event Planning Forum recently asked for advice about event planning salaries. I thought that I'd highlight this question for blog readers and

Popular Gifts for Golf Outings
It's amazing the number of different types of organizations that all host golf outings from spring through fall: client golf outings, employee golf

Senior Leaders and Dignitaries as Keynote Speakers Require Event Operations Attention
The National Restaurant Association extended an invitation this year to all three potential U.S. Presidential candidates to speak at its Restaurant Show

Food and Beverage Trends and Tips for Your Next Event Menu Selections
Looking for catering tips and ideas for your next special event? Consider some of the latest trends as identified by chefs. According to the 2008 National

Top Outdoor Corporate Event Venues in summer
Memorial Day weekend marks the official start of business events in the U.S. Meeting and event planners have been busy trying to find ways to entertain

Measuring the Value of Events and Meetings
A couple months ago I had the opportunity to speak with Tony Lorenz, CMM, president of Chicago-based ProActive, Inc., a Freeman Company, about his thoughts on

Zone Perfect Booth Serves as Best Practice for Festival Booth Setup at Chicago Blues Fest 2008
It doesn't take a large tent or special exhibit to stand out at a community festival. While attending Chicago's 2008 Blues Festival, I noticed the Zone

Consider Hosting a Book Fair for Your Next Community Festival
If your city or organization is looking to come up with an innovative way to host a different type of community event, perhaps you should consider a book

ISES Eventworld 2008 Early Registration Ends July 23
The International Special Events Society (ISES) holds an annual professional development program each summer, and the 2008 program is scheduled for August 21

The Event Planning Forum Serves as an Online Community with Open Discussion
It has been exciting to watch the Event Planning Forum grow these past couple of months. I've taken a look at the number of views that readers have selected

Future Outlook Remains Positive for International Events Industry
The outlook for the meetings industry is positive -- especially for countries outside of the U.S., UK and Germany (where the outlook is business as usual),

Signature Cocktails May Be Just the Drink Recipe for Your Next Event
Most cocktail receptions organized by event planners include an open bar that's billed on consumption. But that may not always be necessary. A signature

Popular Meeting Space Floor Plans
Hotels and other conference facilities typically present meeting room space based on seven of the most popular floor plans. Understand how these numbers

Event Planning Idea: Create a Red Carpet Line
With nearly 4,400 attending the MPI World Education Congress (WEC) 2008, this was the association's largest turnout in history, and attendees received a

Seminar Planning Checklist
Meeting planners organize seminars, a lot of them. For those interested in understanding the basics of planning a seminar, this process can be achieved in nine

How to Start an Event Planning or Meeting Planning Business
Daydreaming right now from your cube or home office about the notion of starting an event planning business? Perhaps youve been working in the events and

How to Structure Your Event Planning Business Fees
Once you've made the decision to start your own event planning business, it's important to determine how to structure your fees so that you know you can make it

Six steps to Creating Good Cause Special Events
I recently received information from the World Health Organization that promoted its Global Hand Washing Day, October 15, 2008. At first, I kind of laughed to

Tough Economic Times Challenge the Business Travel Industry
It seems as if AIG isn't alone in its cancellation of business travel and events. An October 6, 2008, article in the International Tribune, the Global Edition

AIG Cancels All Events Not Required by Law
Responding to recent criticism of AIG General Life's perceived extravagant business retreat in southern California, new AIG Chief Executive Edward Liddy ordered

"Guide to Executive Manners" Belongs on Every Event Planner's Desk
I've kept Letitia Baldrige's New Complete Guide to Executive Manners on my desk for more than a decade now. This how to guide provides classic and

It's Possible to Create an Amazing Holiday Party for Friends on a Modest Budget
I thought that I'd share this great article that was recently published in the New York Times. Writer Alex Williams approached well-known special event planner

SITE International Congress Scheduled December 5-8, 2008, in Montreux, Switzerland
The Society of Incentive Travel Executives is hosting its annual international conference this year in Montreux, Switzerland, from December 5-8, 2008. More than

100 Web tools to Plan the Party of the Year from Your Cube
Kelly Sonora of CareerOverview.com recently shared with me a posting on their website that highlights 100 web tools to plan the party of the year from your

Quick Event Planning Tip: Build a Replica of Your Product or Brand to Create Visual Appeal
When MGM hosted meeting planners who attended MPI's World Education Congress 2008, they built a giant sand castle replica of the MGM CityCenter project to

Reality TV Craze Finds a Way to Sensationalize Event Planning Hopefuls
I have to admit, reality TV shows -- especially those on cable stations -- are usually quite obnoxious. Many of them seem to have captured the essence of

Helpful Event Article: Ways to Save and Still Throw a Spectacular Bash
Even though holiday events are nearly over, it is possible to take some great ideas that are offered at this time of year and use them at other kinds of events

Party Monsters Cabo Episide: Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian
I had a chance to watch the Party Monsters Cabo episode with the Kardashian sisters this week, a Mexican theme party for the sisters to host two of their best

January 26-27, 2009 FITUR Congresos
Want to learn more about meetings and events destinations in Spain? Each year FITUR Congresos is held in Madrid, a two day program that is hosted by the Spain

Event Planning Forum Question: What Salary Should I Expect?
In an effort to encourage readers to share their views and opinions on the event planning forum, I thought that I'd start an occasional blog entry to highlight

Event Planning Forum Question: How to Find New Business Today?
In an effort to encourage readers to share their views and opinions on the event planning forum, I thought that I'd start a weekly blog entry to highlight a

January 12-16, 2009, PPAI Show
Meeting and event planners are responsible for purchasing a lot of client gifts and promotional items for their events. From pens, notebooks and lanyards used

Your Event Planning Job Search: Meeting Planner Opportunities
Now that the new year has begun, many people are probably wondering what job opportunities exist in the meetings and events world. I thought that I'd check the

Quick Event Planning Tip: Identify Event Sponsorship Ideas by Looking at What Others Offer
It probably sounds like the most logical piece of advice, but sometimes the best ideas are usually the simplest. Oftentimes I hear people ask me about what kind

Poll: Would You Like to See an Online Event Venues and Services Guide?
It seems as if there could be a need to create a database of event planning industry suppliers. That's very tough to administer. So, if one were created, it

Commentary: Canceled Business Events May Result in Increased Lost Jobs
Wells Fargo just announced that it has canceled a corporate event scheduled this month in Las Vegas to avoid public criticism of its business events program

U.S. Travel Association, MPI and Other Associations Defend Events Industry
With more than 1,800 meeting and event planners gathering with industry leaders and suppliers in Atlanta for MeetDifferent 2009, everyone is clearly focused on

Quick Event Planning Tip: Fogscreen Technology Projects Images and Messages in the Air
Event and meeting planners are constantly looking for something new that will help them create a unique atmosphere. Fogscreen technology is something that

The Value of Team Member Recognition, Letter By Wells Fargo
On February 8, 2009, Wells Fargo responded to criticism of its employee recognition event with a letter signed by Wells Fargo President & CEO John Stumpf, and

Commentary: Please, Kindly Decline the Invite if Its for a Boondoggle or Junket
I have recently shared information with you that helps to put some of the discussion around the cancellation of corporate events into perspective. Many critics

Event Planning Forum Question: Which Online Event Invitation Supplier Do You Use?
I'm working on a future story that highlights various event invitation options that event and meeting planners use. There have been a tremendous number of

Event Planning Forum Question: What Is the Toughest Part of the Job?
It's February, so for many, the year has already started off, and many planners are organizing seminars, winter events, getting ready for the spring --

Event Planning Forum Question: What Advice Would You Give to Someone Who Wants to Become a Wedding Planner?
It's spring and many people are working to plan weddings right now. And I hear from many people who have an interest in becoming a wedding planner or starting

Writing Formal Invitation Letters and Materials for Meetings
It's the one thing that seems to stump so many event planners: writing formal invitation letters and materials for incentive trips, meetings, conferences and

Helpful Event Article: Ben Stein Explains Business Travel and Meetings
Perhaps Ben Stein -- a lawyer, writer, actor and economist -- should also be an event manager. Or at least he has logged enough business conference miles to

Chicago's South Side Irish Parade Supporters Use Facebook to Voice Cancellation Outrage
Those of us in the events and meetings industry recognize that the future direction of the industry is to incorporate the use of web technology in the programs

Quick Event Planning Tip: Incorporate Salon and Spa Services into Your Special Events
When Jacie Reid, managing director of Westin Rinehart, based in Washington, DC, planned an open house brunch on inauguration day for clients, she knew she

What Hotel and Venue Discounts Have You Negotiated?
Because of economic conditions, the negotiating power for now has shifted in favor of meeting and event planners, and suppliers are offering all kinds of

Helpful Event Article: With Food Costs Rising, Chefs Talk Strategy
Have other event planners noticed that the cost of food and beverage has increased steadily? I stumbled across a Wall Street Journal blog entry on this topic,

What Key Facts About the London Eye Should You Know for Planning Events at the London Eye or Elsewhere?
When you think of spring, the idea of festivals and events sometimes come to mind, including amusement parks and ferris wheels. Well, perhaps a little more

Follow Event Planning Updates on Twitter
I recently created a twitter page, and I am amazed at the volume of people and organizations that are listed there! My twitter page that feeds my event planning

Dessert Ideas that Create a Unique and Intimate Party Menu
Rechelle Ward, owner of A-Ward Winning Events in Mooresville, NC, recently signed up to follow my twitter page. I also signed up to follow some of the

July 11-14, 2009, MPI World Education Congress
MPI's World Education Congress (WEC) will be held in Salt Lake City this year. It is here with meeting and event professionals will have an opportunity to take

Incorporate Elements of Sustainability and Recycling into Hotel Vendor Contracts
For some time now, many of us have heard discussions about green meetings and sustainability for conferences and events. For some, it can seem as if the

August 6-8, 2009, ISES Eventworld
Still looking for another event conference to attend this summer? The International Special Events Society (ISES) represents the supplier side of special

Wedding Planners Must Have Strong Organizational Skills
Continuing with my series for those interested in pursuing a career in wedding planning, this week I thought that I'd highlight the skills that it takes to

Team Building Ideas for Wine Tasting Activities and Events in Wine Country
Perhaps one of the more popular incentive or meeting destination options with attendees is a program held in wine country. Whether you're looking to Napa

Salt Lake City Convention and Visitors Bureau Highlighted MPI WEC 09 Events Using Social Media and You Tube
Salt Lake City (UT) was the host city for the Meeting Professionals International (MPI) World Education Congress (WEC) 09 conference held at Salt Palace

Writing Invitations for Special Events
A while back I shared an article that explained writing formal invitation letters and materials for meetings. It seems that this has become a popular topic.

TARP Bailout Recipient Citigroup Takes Over St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort
Perhaps it was only a matter of time before the St. Regis would not be able to pay its bills. After all, last fall this hotel was the center of political and

Steve Wynn Featured on 60 Minutes
Steve Wynn has had a tremendous impact on the development of Las Vegas and building casino hotels that have gained an international reputation. Charlie Rose

Conference and Meeting Packages Offer Predictability for Conference Budgets
Event and meeting planners have been flooded with special offers by hotels, convention centers and conference services vendors to attract their business

Event Jobs Employment Situation in the U.S. for July 2009
The vast majority of event planning jobs are typically found within the hospitality and leisure sectors, including hotels, restaurants, sports, performing arts,

Helpful Event Article: Outside Event Planners Focus on Details, Creativity and Handle the Stress
Well, it seems that those who hire event planners in Indonesia really get it. I just ran across Leave It to the Event Planners, August 12, 2009, at the online

As Airlines Continue Second Round of Increased Airline Baggage Fees, Learn More About Mishandled Checked Luggage on Airlines
Friday, August 14, 2009, is the day when American Airlines officially begins to accept $20 for the first checked bag and $30 for the second. As I cautioned back

Insurance Industry Spend on Meetings, Events, Entertainment & Travel Requested by Congressional Oversight Committee
Are health insurance companies the next target for meetings industry criticism, and how is this going to stop? Two Congressional leaders have signed a joint

Submit Your Ideas and Challenges for Business Holiday Parties This Year
During the past couple of years I have written several articles about client and employee holiday parties. This year I am wondering if readers would be willing

Event Jobs Employment Situation in the U.S. for August 2009
Last month I began to provide employment data for event planning jobs, which are typically found in the hospitality and leisure industries, including hotels,

Start a Discussion in the Event Planning Forum
It seems that the event planning forum hasn't had much traffic during the summer, but I would expect that many event and meeting planners were focused on summer

Survey: How Long Should Airline Passengers Sit on Airport Tarmacs?
On average, meetings and events account for about 25% of all airline revenue from business travel, so meeting and event planners -- and those business travelers

U.S. State Department Events Should Know Which Guest Photos Should Release and Which Ones Shouldn't
I'm certain some sort of apology must have been released, but it seems to me that government event planners should have an appreciation for the sensitive

Glad to Hear that President Barack Obama Will Travel to Copenhagen
It doesn't make any sense to me why anyone would criticize President Obama's decision to travel to Copenhagen this week when the International Olympic Committee

What is a Pre-Con?
Whether you're planning a seminar, conference, incentive trip or even a wedding, one thing is certain: you will want to hold a pre-con meeting with event

10 Corporate Holiday Party Planning Tips that Wont Convey the Wrong Message
'Tis the season for holiday party event planning, but how can event planners create a festive environment that will not be perceived as excessive or

How to Organize a Bridal Show?
Angela Shumba of Tsaduko Events in a small town in South Africa wanted to know what she should do if she were to organize her area's first bridal show. Robert

A University Student Organizer Asks, How Do We Organize a Rave Party?
I was just glancing at the latest questions in the event planning forum, and ran across this one: How to organize a university rave party? The concept of a

Share Your Ideas for Planning This Year's Company Holiday Party
We're trying something new on this section -- we're asking for readers to share their views and answer questions. Please help me get this started. This is the

Organizations Should Not Follow Goldman Sachs Lead of Canceling Holiday Party
If you think the only reason for hosting a holiday party is just to demonstrate your own lavishness, then it is correct not to host one. Investment News just

Berlin Gaining in Popularity for International Conventions and Business Events
Millions of people watched on November 9, 2009, as Berliners marked the 20th anniversary of freedom for this city - and the world likes this new Berlin.

U.S. State Dinner Crashers: Don't Send a Secret Service Officer to Handle an Event Manager's Job
On November 24, President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama hosted their first official State Dinner for Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his wife

White House Party Crashers Inquiry Should End
It's a tough way to get the message across, but maybe more people will begin to gain a greater appreciation for event planners. On November 24, 2009, party

What Should Be Included in a Hotel RFP?
While numerous hotel RFP tools exist, many meeting and event planners are interested in creating their own hotel RFP. The question is, what should they include

10 Initiatives that Event Planners Should Know When Selecting Sustainable Hotels for Green Meetings
Statistics say that at least 10 percent of all meeting decisions will consider sustainability when choosing hotels, convention centers and other venues. Julie

Vote in Event Planning Poll: Top Stories for 2009?
As my year in review, I thought it would be nice to ask what issue had the greatest impact on the event planning profession in 2009? I would suspect that each

What Is Wedding Planning Certification and How to Obtain It?
For those who wish to pursue a wedding planner career, it's important to obtain wedding planning certification. But how do you differentiate between a

Tavern on the Green Closing Reminds Importance of Investigating Restaurants Before Signing Event Agreements
This past New Year's Eve ended an era that spanned more than three decades under the same family ownership for Tavern on the Green in New York City (first

10 Priorities for Event and Meeting Planners in 2010
2010 has already begun, and event and meeting planners are facing new issues and challenges. As vice president of knowledge for MPI, Dallas, TX, Vicki

Two New Floor Plan Options Presented at PCMA 2010 Annual Conference
Two innovative room setup designs for meetings and events were featured at the 2010 PCMA Annual Meeting recently in Dallas, TX. The intent of both room setups

Promotional Products Should Be Practical, Relevant and Creative
Although pens, notepads and apparel are popular promotional items, business gifts used for meetings and events can be creative and distinctive. Promotional

Green/Sustainable Promotional Gifts Will Gain Increased Attention
There's a general sense that organizations are interested in green initiatives for their meetings and events. One area that doesn't get so much attention -- but

10 Job Boards for Events, Meetings and Catering Jobs
If you're searching for a career in event planning, check out this listing of job boards on industry job boards and association web sites. From entry level

March Holidays and Special Events Calendar for 2010
Catering buffs may enjoy knowing that March 17, 1994, was the date when the largest omlet in the world was made with 160,000 eggs in Yokohama, Japan, according

10 Tips You Should Know Before Starting a Catering Business
For some, starting a catering business can be a dream business. But it's hard, physical work, requiring long hours on your feet and strong selling skills.

May Holidays and Special Events Calendar for 2010
Baseball season began in April, but May is famous for horse racing season, the Cannes Film Festival and Mother's Day. What do they have in common? Buffets and

How to Gain Executive Level Support for Events
Certainly most event and meeting planners expect to obtain executive management approval for highly visible and expensive annual meetings. But during the

April Holidays and Special Events Calendar for 2010
From tax day to religious holidays to administrative professionals day, event planners are working with a range of . But April also includes administrative

Desiree Rogers Steps Down; White House Names Smoot as New Social Secretary
The role of White House Social Secretary is a plum job in the eyes of aspiring and experienced event managers - a position that handles the planning and

Share Your Story: How Did You Become an Event Planner?
We're trying something new, and would like readers to share their stories and insights. To start this off, I'm asking if you could briefly share your story with

Have You Considered Oxygen Bars for Trade Shows and Special Events?
I noticed several people gathered around the oxygen bar in the Canal Shoppes at the Venetian in Las Vegas when traveling there last year and that got me

Event Planning for Horse Racing Season
With the Kentucky Derby just around the corner, it's reminding me of the times I spent drinking mint juleps, eating bourbon balls and organizing client

10 Tips to Establish a Strategic Meetings Management Program
Every event and meeting planner creates his or her programs with the intent to choosing the right format at the best price to achieve maximum results and

Are You Currently Searching for Event Planning Jobs?
The job market has been tough on those who work in many of the different areas within event planning -- meeting professionals, caterers, hoteliers and other

Las Vegas Defends Its Events and Conventions Business on 'Huckabee'
The Las Vegas meetings and hospitality industry had a chance to share its story last weekend when Mike Huckabee of Fox News hosted Huckabee on the

10 Tips for Hiring a Caterer or Catering Company
The right caterer or catering company can make the event planner's life very simple; the wrong caterer can make your life very difficult. If you are

Are You Ready to Start an Event Planning Business?
An event planner wanting to start her own event planning business recently wrote me for advice on how to approach the idea of starting an event business. She

Want an Event Planning Catering Career? Consider Obtaining Catering Certification
Perhaps one of the best ways to distinguish yourself in the event industry is to pursue certification in your specialized area. Many people don't realize just

Anyone Planning Dessert Receptions as Unique and Cost Effective Events?
I know that there have been a lot of articles out there about ways to save money on planning events, and I've generally stayed away from those because I don't

Event Planners Kept Chelsea Clinton the Focus for Wedding Day, Not Public
The event planning behind Chelsea Clinton's wedding this past weekend reflects a success story for her event planners who carefully managed the event so that

How to Hire Corporate Entertainment to Deliver an Impactful Message at Meetings
Hiring corporate entertainment can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming for event planners because they want to make the right choice. It's also important

Meeting Planners Contest: Submit Mock Itinerary for Your Chance to Win
If you were given a budget of $150,000 for 75 attendees and five executives (including spouses) in New York City, what would your program look like?

December Holidays and Special Events Calendar for 2010
Most event planners are working on the finishing touches of the year end holiday parties. Highlights for December include: December 2 (Thursday),

Please Share: How Do You Structure Your Event Planning Fees?
For many independent event planners, the negative economy has had a negative effect on business. Yet, for those who can demonstrate their value -- saving time

Corporate Entertainment that Works - Share Your Ideas
Corporate entertainment is hired for nearly every type of event - conventions, meetings, fund raisers, public events and more. I recently highlighted how I

6 Ways to Make Your Meetings More Sustainable and Green-Friendly
Ithink it's nice that corporate social responsibility is something that meeting and event planners have been addressing more and more in their programs.

Event Planners Poll: Do You Buy or Sell Promotional Gifts?
I recently received an email from a new event planning business owner asking me whether she should offer event gifts as one of her services. Of course she

Search Catering Careers and Jobs
The number of career paths in the event planning industry are tremendous, and catering jobs is one area that really employs more people in this industry

Best Practice Ideas in Table Settings and Decorations for Receptions and Special Events
Table settings can play a huge role in table decorations, so consider the Feast in the Forest concept for inspiration. That concept was recognized as the

Planning This Year's Employee or Client Holiday Event?
When I took a walk in the evening a couple days ago I noticed lights were already hanging in trees in downtown Chicago. Halloween is over and our cities

New Event Planners: Negotiate Fees and Payment Terms Prior to Contract
I've received several emails and questions about how event planners should charge for their services. Perhaps my article that outlines 5 ways to structure event

Events for Christmas
While the event planning section frequently highlights ideas and resources for what it takes to organize and host events, the number of actual events and ideas

2011 Calendar with Holidays
It seems simple, but keeping a 2011 calendar with holidays will help event planners and others avoid scheduling events and meetings that may conflict with major

Wedding Reception Venues: Chesapeake Bay Beach Club
Choosing the right wedding reception venue is critical for every bride, so it's important to consider the unique wedding spaces offered at venues.

Poll: Should Cities Outsource Event Management of Festivals?
It may be Christmastime, but some event managers are thinking summer festivals right now. Did you know that the city of Chicago is considering outsourcing

February 2011 Calendar of Holidays and Events
February is filled with community activities, festivals, awards shows and more that are organized by event planners: February 2011 Holidays and Events

March 2011 Calendar of Holidays and Events
Everyone loves a parade and parade floats. Las Fallas is a spectacular event this month centered around St. Joseph's Day in Valencia, Spain: gigantic

What Are Your Tips for Increasing Invitation RSVPs to Business Events and Meetings.htm"
This month I'm asking readers to share tips and ideas that have worked for increasing RSVPs for their invitations to business events, meetings and other special

Planning Seminars and Trainings in 10 Steps
As the new year begins, most organizations prepare to meet and achieve their business and organizational goals. Most event planners will tell you that planning

What Team Building Activities and Ideas Have Worked for You?
Team building activities can really enhance the overall experience for those who attend and present at meetings and events. And during the planning stages of

Event Jobs: Meetings/Events Director
A meetings/events director position is the career goal for many people who work in the event planning industry. These positions are found in corporate,

How to Choose Conference Facilities and Meeting Rooms
Although many event planners may already have established relationships with hotels, conference facilities, conference centers and other venues where they

Event Jobs: Special Events Coordinator (Casino)
A special events coordinator for a casino coordinates tournaments, hosts parties, and various functions for a casino. He or she ensures proper implementation

How to Budget for Corporate and Social Events
If you're going to plan meetings and events, you're going to have to create budgets. So the question is, how to budget for corporate and other social events?

Event Jobs: Meetings & Events Manager
A meeting/event manager manages the strategy and planning of meetings and special events for an organization. He or she coordinates all amenities and

Wedding Dance Songs and Music to Fill the Dance Floor
Whether it's a wedding or another event, if the intent is to fill the dance floor then you'll want to make sure you choose the right music. The question is:

Event Jobs: Special Events Planner
A special events planner handle all aspects of a special event or meeting for an organization, including all amenities, accommodations and negotiations for the

Father and Daughter Dance Songs
Wedding planners know that the father and daughter dance at a wedding is usually an emotional tradition, so that means you need to select an emotional song,

Event Jobs: Regional Marketing Manager
A regional marketing manager develops and implements strategic marketing plans for an organization on a regional level, according to Salary.com. Doesn't sound

7 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Wedding DJ
Not sure what you should know to hire a wedding DJ? Well, our wedding contributor Jennifer Reitmeyer is a weddings DJ, so shares her insights. First of all,

June 2011 Calendar of Holidays and Events
More summer festivals and events are scheduled in the summer than the traditional corporate events. Cities and communities plan festivals and other outdoor

April 2011 Calendar of Holidays and Events
The Final Four is a great event to create a client appreciation event. Many years ago I worked on a fantasy basketball camp-theme event where our guests

Event Jobs: Marketing Manager
Similar to the regional marketing manager role I highlighted a couple weeks ago, marketing managers also tend to take ownership of the business events they rely

Event Jobs: Catering Coordinator
Catering coordinators plan and execute events at banquet facilities, hotels, restaurants, universities and other major institutions. They typically handle new

How to Plan the Corporate Golf Events and Achieve Business Goals

Wedding Invitation Wording Made Easy
Whether it's the royal wedding invitation of Prince William and Kate Middleton or your own, wedding invitations serve as your first impression with guests,

Consider Ideas for Fundraising ... Perhaps a Fundraising Walk?
Spring is a great time for a fundraiser. And a fundraising walks are great fundraising ideas. Each year, Y-Me organizes a successful fundraising walk on

Event Jobs: Catering Director
Catering directors oversee the catering operation, including booking, selecting and pricing menu items, hiring permanent and temporary help, acquiring rental

Choose a Wedding 'Save the Date' that Reflects Your Unique Style
Whether it's a formal save the date for your wedding or if you want to be unique, a save the date wedding invitation allows you to provide an early notice

Online Event Registration Systems You Should Know
If you're planning a conference or event, chances are you are creating electronic invitations and relying on online event registration system (event software)

Event Place Card Holders with Pinache
Place cards are an absolute must for informing your guests of where to sit at the wedding reception -- or any event. Given the range of creative options

May 2011 Calendar of Holidays and Events
The Kentucky Derby Festival is a two-week long celebration of events happening right now, leading up to the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. Whether it's a

Incentive Program Event Venues for Golf Events
Event planners organize meetings and events at a full range of event venues around the world. Yes, that's right. We're profiling best practice ideas at a

Inexpensive Wedding Favors to Fit Any Budget
You may have a tight budget, but still want your guests to go home with something to remember that special day. Wedding favors is one area that doesn't have to

Event Jobs: Meeting/Event Assistant
Event Jobs: Meeting/Event Assistant

10 Practical Ideas for Wedding Favors
10 Practical Ideas for Wedding Favors

Mother and Son Wedding Dance Songs
Mother and Son Wedding Dance Songs