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Funky Monkey Snacks - Product Review
Funky Monkey snacks are made simply from freeze-dried fruit, so they're tasty but contain no added sugar. They're also gluten-free, organic, and raw.

Franklin Pitching Machine Review - MLB Super Star Batter and Fielder 4-in-1
The Franklin MLB Super Star Batter and Fielder Multi-Function 4-in-1 Pitching Machine helps kids practice baseball skills at home or at the park.

Food Should Taste Good Review - Tortilla Chips
In this Food Should Taste Good review, multigrain, cheddar, and blue-corn tortilla chips get the taste test treatment.

Product Review - Fitness Caddy Gym Tote
Review of a mom-created fitness caddy designed to carry a water bottle, towel, and other small items needed for a fitness class.

Fitivities - The Game that Moves You
This high-energy game offers a burst of fast-paced, active play that's fun for a group. Fitivities is suitable for kids ages 6 and up.

Fun Relay Races for Kids
Relay races for kids can entertain a group indoors or out, with little to no advance prep. Here are the best relay races to try for the whole family.

Dr. Seuss Super Stretchy ABC Game - Review
To play the Dr. Seuss Super Stretchy ABC Game, kids must move their bodies and learn their letters too. It's little-kid Twister with a twist!

Declutter Your Home to Improve Your Workouts
Did you know that taking time to declutter your home can improve your fitness habits? Start with these three problem areas.

What Is Dietary Fiber - Why It Matters
You probably already know that dietary fiber can work wonders in your digestive system. Find out what else it can do, and where to get it.

Family Fitness for You and Yours
Ready to get more fit and active as a family? Great! Here are the whats, hows, whys, and whens of sharing family fitness.

Curious George Board Game - Hide and Seek Zoo
In this cute Curious George board game, kids use a walkie-talkie (included) to help George care for zoo animals and even play hide-and-seek.

5 Calendar Tips for Busy Sports Parents
Whatever your kids' sports or activities, they're likely to fill up your family calendar fast. Here's how to get a handle on that crazy busy schedule.

Get Outside - Nature Play for Families
Bond with your family and with the Earth at the same time through active nature play. These 8 suggestions will get you started.

On-the-Go Fun for Kids by Amanda Morin - Book Review
In On-the-Go Fun for Kids, Amanda Morin suggests 250+ mostly screen-free games that encourage kids to use their brains and observe their surroundings.

Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin - Book Review
Want to create a new habit, like exercising more? In Better Than Before, author Gretchen Rubin says it's simple to change our habits, but it's not easy.

Nut Thins Crackers from Blue Diamond Almonds - Review
Blue Diamond Nut Thins are rice crackers made a little more nutritious with healthy fat and protein from almonds and pecans. Plus they're gluten-free.

Best Fitness Podcasts for Parents
Fitness podcasts, and podcasts on health, nutrition, and parenting, are perfect for parents. Listen while working out or working around the house.

Be Smart About Used Sports Gear
Reduce some of the costs of youth sports by buying used sports gear. Care for it well and you may even be able to sell it again someday!

Avia Aspire Fitness Tracker - Review
The Avia Aspire fitness tracker is an inexpensive, no-frills device that is well worth the $15 price tag.

Good Sportsmanship for Kids and Families
Helping kids learn good sportsmanship is a long-term project, not a one-time effort. And there are lots of ways to go about it.

PBS Kids Nature Cat - TV Show Review
PBS Kids' Nature Cat show encourages young children to explore the natural world and be active outside, with four fun and furry friends.

V-Tech Toy Review - VTech VMotion Active Learning System
The V-Tech V-Motion Active Learning System features learning games for little kids, but doesn't quite qualify as active play.

The Most Unusual Sports for Kids
Motivate your unique kid with a unique activity, like one of these 14 unusual sports for kids. They're not for everyone, and that's the point!

The Most Unusual Sports for Kids
Motivate your unique kid with a unique activity, like one of these 14 unusual sports for kids. They're not for everyone, and that's the point!

Equine Sports Youth Sports Profile
Equine sports encompass many different kinds of horse riding, jumping, and driving events. Learn about equine sports for your horse-loving kid.

NatureBox Snack Subscription Service - Review
My NatureBox review gives you the scoop on this healthy-snack subscription service, which delivers tasty treats directly to your home.

Olympics-Inspired Fitness for Kids
During the Olympic Games, kids can try new sports, cheer for their favorite athletes, and even learn life lessons.

20+ Active Family Games for Game Night
Tired of your usual tabletop family games? Try these indoor and outdoor variations on game night that promote active play, plus plenty of laughs.

Use Screens to Prompt Kids' Physical Play
Physical play and screens don't have to be mutually exclusive. Harness the power of the screen to help kids of all ages be more active.

Teen Health Help
When it comes to teen health, most American adolescents have plenty of room for improvement. Find out if your teen's behaviors are healthful or need help.

Kids Happy with Healthy Lunches
Do kids resist healthier lunches? Maybe, but only for a short time, says new research. Higher school lunch standards have led to more fruit and veggie consumption.

Smile! You Just Made a Healthy Lunch Choice
Can a simple smiley face encourage healthy behavior? One study finds that smiley stickers prompt students to make healthier school lunch choices.

Review - Zamzee Activity Meter
Using a Zamzee activity meter, kids can earn points and prizes via a fun online interface. Uploading data is easy and safe. Read a review of the Zamzee experience.

What Is Online Physical Education?
Definition of the

Sports Superstitions and Rituals in Kids
Relying on sports superstitions can set your kid up to fail. Instead, she should strive for healthier pre-performance rituals.

Sports Camp Packing List
While your child's sports camp may provide a packing list, you can get a jump start (or a reality check) on it with these suggestions.

Are You a Crazy Sports Parent?
You're probably not one of those crazy sports parents that behaves badly at kids' activities. Or are you? Check yourself against these 10 signs.

Crasche Middie Protective Headband - Review
There's no guarantee that the Crasche Middie protective headband will prevent concussions. But it does offer some protection and comfort for athletes.

6 Reasons to Hire a Private Coach for Your Athlete
Does every young athlete need a private coach? No, but here are 6 times when private coaching might help. Your child's goals should be your top priority.

Standing Desks at School
At least one nonprofit group is trying to get standing desks into every public school, and there's plenty of research to support their benefits.

Help Kids Find a Sport They Love
Some kids find a sport or fitness activity they love on their own. Others need help to connect with their passion. Here's how you can offer guidance.

Youth Archery - Sports Profile
Youth archery may appeal to kids who like technology and prefer strength over cardio. This lifetime sport requires calm determination more than a keen eye.

Fitness for Children With Intellectual Disabilities
Find out what kind of sports and physical activities are best for children with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities.

Youth Powerlifting - Youth Sports Profile
If your child enjoys hard work, individual competition, and attention to detail, youth powerlifting may be a good fit. It's both safe and satisfying.

After School Child Care - Choose a Healthy Program
Millions of kids spend time in before- or after-school child care. Choose a program that helps kids learn and practice healthy behaviors.

Just Dance - Review of Ubisoft Just Dance 2 for Nintendo Wii
The Just Dance series lets players learn dance moves, listen to their favorite songs, and get in a workout too. See a review of Just Dance 2 for Wii.

Zike Z150 Elliptical Scooter Review
The Zike Z150 is a clever elliptical scooter that offers a fun, low-impact, and challenging ride for tweens, teens, and adults. Read my review.

Summer Weight Gain in Kids
Even with all the opportunities for outdoor play, summer weight gain is a real possibility for kids. Find out the risk factors and best fixes.

Sports for Children with Disabilities
For children with physical disabilities, sports and exercise can be a wonderful opportunity to build strength and learn new skills.

How to Start a School Wellness Committee
An active wellness committee can improve fitness, nutrition, and health for kids and families. Find some like-minded parents and teachers and get going!

Kids' Fitness Programs and Apps
Kids' fitness programs, from Kurbo Health to Goji Play to LeapBand, can help boost physical activity and teach other healthy lifestyle lessons.

Trail Manners for Kids
Going hiking? Make sure you know basic trail manners for kids, pets, and adults. Sharing the trail makes enjoying the outdoors safer and more fun.

Drink More Water: How to Boost Kids' Water Intake
We could all stand to drink more water. Try these strategies on your kids--and yourself, because role-modeling really works.

Kickball Games and Variations for Family Fitness
When ordinary kickball games get boring, try an extra-ordinary variation. Kickball is easy to learn and play and so are these alternatives. All you need is a ball and some willing participants.

Are Trampolines Safe for Kids?
Kids love them, but are trampolines safe? Find out what pediatricians recommend and what essential safety guidelines to follow.

The Great Food Race Game - Review
The Great Food Race game prompts family conversation about healthy eating and physical activity. Game play is simple to learn and suitable for ages 5+.

Review of EA Sports Active 2 for Nintendo Wii
EA Sports Active 2 corrects the problems of its predecessor and adds many new features too. It offers a custom workout with lots of exercise options.

10 Ways to Play Tag
It's so easy to play tag: All you need is a group of people and some open space. These 10 tag games will inspire tons of active play time.

Mira Fitness Tracker - Review of Mira Wearable and App
This Mira fitness tracker review gives you a comparison between the attractive Mira fitness bracelet and the popular Fitbit Flex wearable.

Cup Stacking and More Fun Games with Plastic Cups
Cup stacking is just one of the cool games that kids can play with a simple plastic cup. Find nine more cup activities.

Add More Vegetables to Your Family's Daily Diet
Boost the veggie quotient in your daily diet with these ideas for every meal of the day, with starter, intermediate and advanced strategies.

How to Talk to Your Child's Coach
Talk to the coach directly, politely, and productively to resolve problems and help your child succeed in youth sports.

Healthy Halloween Snacks for Halloween Parties
Save the candy for trick-or-treating and serve healthy Halloween snacks at your party (or for family dinner). Try these simple, kid-friendly ideas.

How Much Water Should Kids Drink?
How much water should kids drink? Keep them sipping on it all day, but know that other liquids (like milk) also help keep them hydrated.

Family Fitness Ideas for Fall
Autumn brings family fitness ideas that combine physical fitness, fun, and outdoor excursions: hiking, raking, football, apple-picking, and more.

Unexpected, Inexpensive Fitness Classes and Workouts
Gyms are far from the only option for fitness classes. Check out these unexpected, inexpensive community opportunities for workouts.

Performance Anxiety in Children's Sports
Call it game-day jitters or butterflies in the stomach--but sports performance anxiety in children is very real. Here's how to help.

Rethink and Remake Your Exercise Schedule
No time for fitness? Rethink your everyday routine to make room for a new and improved exercise schedule.

5 Ways to Deal with Dinner Time - Again
If your family is always on the go at dinner time, you need some strategies to produce healthy (or at least healthier) meals in little to no time.

Help Kids Manage Schoolwork and Sports
Help your child handle both schoolwork and sports with these important time-management strategies.

Healthy Changes with Ali Sweeney
Actress and fitness advocate Ali Sweeney shares her strategy for making healthy changes in her life, and her family's. A little goes a long way!

Know Before You Go: Adventure Parks
For family outings that are fun, fit, and (maybe a little) fearsome, try adventure parks, where you can swing, climb, balance, and zip-line together.

No Time to Work Out - How Parents Find Exercise Time
Try these sneaky strategies to fit in fitness when you swear you have no time to work out. You can increase your activity even when you're busy.

Teach Your Child How to Ride a Bike
Ready to teach your child how to ride a bicycle? Start by choosing from one of three popular methods: training wheels, balance bike, or parent-assisted.

Active Play for Bookworms
Are your kids bookworms? Get avid readers to exercise their bodies, not just their brains, with these 7 strategies.

What Are Lifetime Sports?
What are lifetime sports? Activities you can enjoy from childhood well into adulthood! These lifelong passions can help you stay strong and healthy.

Cardboard Crafts for Kids on the Go
With these cardboard crafts, the fun is in both the making and the playing. Each activity encourages kids to play actively with their new creations.

Group Fitness for Parents
Focus on group fitness for exercise for parents that is rewarding, motivating, and effective--not to mention fun.

Summer Activities for Bored Kids
Kids have the

Best Family Fitness Activities for You
Your family's needs and interests change as your kids grow. But when you share family fitness activities, everyone benefits.

How to Play Dragon Tag and Sock Tag
Dragon Tag (and it's sister game, Sock Tag) is super fun for a big group of kids and really gets hearts pumping. Plus it promotes teamwork.

Active Play Ideas for Kids With Casts
For kids with casts, sedentary play and even screen time can get old fast. With your doctor's OK, try these options for active play.

Activities for Dogs and Families to Share
Activities for dogs benefit your pup, but they're good for you and your family too. A dog can be a great motivator to get you exercising.

Camping Activities for Families
These cool camping activities keep families active and help you enjoy all the outdoor fun and fresh air that camping vacations have to offer.

Play Together, Win Together
Share your family's unique, active game and be eligible to win a day of play with Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, courtesy of Quaker Oats.

Youth Fitness Classes - When Can Kids Start
Youth fitness classes can be a fun way for kids to work out, but when are they old enough? Learn about group exercise for kids, tweens, and teens.

Kids Fitness for the Reluctant Child
These resources and advice will help you encourage a reluctant child to be more physically active.

How to Choose a Kids Sports Program
Learn how to find the best kids sports program for your child. Choose a program that will keep him safe, engaged, happy, and active.

Active Outdoor Volunteer Opportunities for Families
Active, outdoor volunteering opportunities for families define quality time! You help others and help yourselves through togetherness and physical activity.

Playing Games with Kids - Should You Let Them Win
When playing games with kids, what's more important: building self-esteem by letting her win? Or teaching her how to be a good sport by letting her lose?

Win Prizes with Your Fitness Tracker
Are you logging your daily activity with a fitness tracker? Prizes are ready and waiting for you with these reward programs and apps.

Raising Fit Kids
Whether your children are toddlers or teens, they can be fit kids! Make fitness a family value in your home with these suggestions.

Set Family Goals for the New Year
Work together to set and achieve family goals, at New Year's or any time of year. Making it a team effort helps you succeed.

Family Rules that Promote Fitness
Family rules help teach values, so make sure fitness and health are included in your list. These 8 suggested rules are designed to promote well-being.

Fitness Routines You Might Be Forgetting
Get more physical activity every day by adopting fitness routines that turn daily habits into opportunities to exercise.

Balance Activities to Challenge Your Child
Balancing is an important motor skill! Help your child develop and practice it with these fun balance activities.

Spring Activities for Family Fun and Fitness
Fill up a jar with these ideas for spring activities that inspire lots of shared family time and active play. You'll be busy all season long!

10 Ways to Fix Youth Sports
The best way to fix youth sports is to speak up. Talk to your child, your child's coach, and other parents about keeping sports fun for kids.

Healthy Family Meals - 5 Ways to Prep This Weekend
Advance prep on the weekend helps you serve up healthy family meals all week long, no matter what obstacles your crazy schedule dishes out.

Easy Exercises for Kids: Jumping
Jumping is an easy exercise for kids that builds strength, cardiovascular fitness, and endurance. Try variations to keep it fun.

Basic Exercises for Kids: Sit-Ups and Push-Ups
Sit-ups, push-ups, and planks are basic exercises that kids can do to strengthen the muscles in their core (abs and back).

Easy Exercises for Kids: Exercise Games
To make easy exercises for kids even more fun, combine them into games like relays,

Finish with Stretching
After exercise play with kids, finish with a simple stretching sequence to calm minds and bodies and prevent injury.

Easy Exercises for Kids
Mix and match these easy exercises to help kids enjoy active play that builds strength and fitness. Kick them off with a fun warm-up, like dancing.

Basic Exercises for Kids: Running
Running is a basic exercise for kids that's fun, easy, and effective. Try varying movement patterns to improve coordination.

Simple Exercises for Kids: Squats and Lunges
Squats and lunges are simple exercises for kids (and adults!) that help strengthen leg muscles.

Balloon Games and Activities
These 12 easy balloon games are perfect for parties or just active play at home with kids. Swap in a more durable beach ball for most activities.

Encourage Healthy Eating Habits
Instead of teaching healthy eating habits, motivate kids to participate in mealtime prep and make their own smart choices. These tools can help.

Snow Day Survival Ideas
Survive a snow day with these activities that will keep kids busy and let them get some exercise too.

100th Day of School - 10 Active Ideas
What are your kids collecting for the 100th Day of School? Try 100 dance moves, 100 laps around the gym, or more of these fun, active ideas.

Smartphone Fitness for Families
It's not just for Candy Crush anymore! Use your smartphone for fitness management and motivation for your whole family.

Big Fun with Simple Toys
Don't overlook simple toys for encouraging active play. Fancy toys and formal programs get kids moving, but so do basic toys and household items.

Big Fun with Simple Toys
Don't overlook simple toys for encouraging active play. Fancy toys and formal programs get kids moving, but so do basic toys and household items.

Winning Sportsmanship Books for Kids
These sportsmanship books tell clever tales of team play, winning, and losing. Any kid who plays sports will relate to and (shhh!) learn from them.

Great Sports Books for Teens and Tweens
Use these great sports books for teens and tweens to prompt a reluctant reader to pick up a book--or talk with you about tough sports topics.

Active Easter Party Games and Activities
Make your holiday an active one with Easter party games that get guests hopping, hunting, rolling, relaying, and more. Here's how to egg them on.

Active Valentine's Day Party Games and Activities
These Valentine's Day games are good for your heart because they encourage physical activity. Treat your loved ones!

10 Ways to Improve Your Family's Fitness
Improve your family's fitness with these 10 suggestions for boosting physical activity levels and eating more healthfully -- together.

Rainy Day Outdoor Activities for Kids
Don't stay cooped up when it's wet outside: Grab some galoshes and go. There are lots of outdoor rainy day activities kids can try.

Winning Sportsmanship Books for Kids
These sportsmanship books tell clever tales of team play, winning, and losing. Any kid who plays sports will relate to and (shhh!) learn from them.

Flashlight Games for Kids
Ready for some flashlight games? These activities are perfect for summer evenings, camping out, and sleepovers. Play many of them indoors or out!

Beach Games and Activities for Kids
Try these beach games and activities the next time you visit the shore. They'll help you get your daily dose of physical activity in the sun and surf.

Step-by-Step Guide to Keeping a Food Diary
Keep a food diary to help understand your eating patterns and change your diet. You can use a food diary app, an online journal, or a simple pen and paper notebook. Follow these steps to get started.

Pool Noodle Games and Activities
Pool noodle games are ideal for active indoor and outdoor play. Foam noodles are lightweight, inexpensive, and very versatile.

October Calendar of Family Fitness Events and Observances
October ends with tricks and treats, but before that, celebrate fitness and health events focusing on walking to school and eating better.

How to Save Money on Kids Sports Equipment
Kids' sports equipment can be costly, no matter which sport your child plays. Find out how to save money on kids' sports equipment.

November Family Fitness Events and Observances
This November, be thankful for family events from Veterans Day to Thanksgiving, and more ways to enjoy the month with fun activities, indoors and out.

Fitness and Health Books for Kids
Reading a book doesn't have to mean sitting still. These fitness and health books for kids inspire active play and teach kids about healthy living.

Fitness and Health Books for Kids
Reading a book doesn't have to mean sitting still. These fitness and health books for kids inspire active play and teach kids about healthy living.

Active Family Vacation Ideas
Take an active family vacation to try a new sport or activity, learn more about one you already love, or just spend time together enjoying fitness.

February Family Fitness Events and Observances Calendar
Celebrate fitness and sports throughout the month of February with these special events. Plan a family activity that encourages active play.

March Calendar - March Family Fitness Events and Observances
Fitness and health highlights for the month of March include, of course, the first day of spring!

June Family Fitness Events and Observances
The month of June brings celebrations of dads, the outdoors, girls' sports, and summer! Find out about June family fitness events and observances.

July Calendar - July Family Fitness Events and Observances
In July, enjoy summer vacation, camp, picnics, and holidays. Seize these opportunities for active family fun!

Ultimate Kettlebell Workouts for Beginners - DVD Review
Read a review of Ultimate Kettlebell Workouts for Beginners, featuring three workouts from trainer Paul Katami. The DVD includes a tutorial and a workout focusing on core strength.

Family Fitness Calendar of Events
All year long, your family can join in events that celebrate health and fitness. This calendar helps you know what's coming and when.

12 Active Games to Play Alone
With these active games to play alone, kids get some of the physical activity they need every day without you having to organize a playdate.

January Family Fitness Events and Observances
Find fun events that celebrate fitness throughout the month of January. Plan a family activity that gets everyone moving.

Board Games for Kids - Health and Fitness Games
These board games for kids and families stretch the definition of tabletop play. Many get you up and moving, and others teach important health info.

Fun Thanksgiving Games and Activities
Make your Thanksgiving fun by going beyond TV football and cornucopia crafts. Burn some calories (and energy) with these 15 kid-friendly activities.

Green Workout - Conserve Energy and Money
By trying to be more healthy, you may be making our planet less so. Try these green workout tips to reduce your carbon footprint and save money too.

Riding Toys for Kids Ages 6 and Up
Find exciting riding toys for kids and tweens, from the latest Razor scooters and Rollerblades to helmet covers that make safety more fun.

How to Limit Kids' Screen Time
Limit kids' screen time to limit risks to their health. Try these strategies to help your family cut back on viewing and adopt a more active lifestyle.

What Are Fats - Dietary Guidelines
Know the ins and outs of good and bad fats, what kids need when, and how they fit into your family's daily diet.

Stability Skills - Understanding Balance Skills
Even though the word

Cat in the Hat I Can Do That! Game Review
The Cat in the Hat I Can Do That! Game challenges kids to perform physical feats just like the cat in Dr. Seuss's beloved book. Not your typical board game!

Polar FA20 Activity Computer - Product Review
Read my review of the Polar FA20 activity computer/wristwatch. This pedometer alternative is an easy-to-use way to record everyday physical activity.

ProWash Detergent - Laundry Product Review
ProWash detergent, designed for laundering workout clothes, takes some practice to use, but successfully de-stinked my family's worst-smelling wash.

Wat-Aah! Bottled Water for Kids and Teens - Review
Wat-Aah! bottled water is designed especially for kids, with no artificial flavors and packaged in a BPA-free plastic bottle. My kids fell for it!

When to Sharpen Kids' Ice Skates
If your kids ice skate, teach them how best to care for their skate blades and keep them clean, dry, and properly sharpened.

Find the Best Outdoor Toys for Little Kids
Encourage active play with outdoor toys for little kids. Help toddlers and preschoolers enjoy outside play time and introduce them to sports.

Pool Checklist - What to Pack in Your Pool Bag
Use this swimming pool checklist to keep your pool bag stocked with essentials and ready for a ffamily trip to the pool.

Road Safety for Kids and Parents Traveling Together
When kids and parents hit the road together (running, biking, or both), road safety rules get confusing. Here's how to stay together and stay safe.

Summer Safety Tips for Active Families
Know and enforce summer safety rules to lower the risk of injuries and illness at the swimming pool, playground, sports field, and bike trail.

"Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred" Fitness DVD Review
Guide review of the popular fitness DVD, Jillian Michaels' 30-Day Shred. Michaels is a celebrity trainer who helps contestants on NBC's The Biggest Loser drop pounds fast. Here she translates those intense sessions into a short workout you can do at home: the 30-Day Shred.

Top Outdoor Toys for Older Kids
Outdoor toys keep older kids busy and active on long summer days. Try these top picks for this summer's best toys.

Shiva Rea Daily Energy Yoga DVD Review
Shiva Rea Daily Energy Vinyasa Flow Yoga DVD lets you practice at home with an experienced teacher. Choose from 6 pre-set flows or create your own.

Wii Fit Plus Review - Nintendo
My Wii Fit Plus review is positive! If you already have Wii Fit, it's cheap and easy to upgrade. If you don't, you'll still enjoy its fun features.

Pulse Slither Scooter Review
The Slither Scooter from Pulse is a cool combo of skateboard and scooter, and it's suitable for kids, teens, and adults up to 175 pounds.

Make Fitness Fun for the Whole Family - 10 Top Tips
It's important for everyone in your family to get plenty of physical activity. But the lure of the couch can be strong. Try one of these motivators.

Child Health and Obesity Quotes from Michelle Obama
Read and learn from health, wellness, and obesity quotes from First Lady Michelle Obama's passionate speeches on behalf of her Let's Move campaign.

Best School-Age Toys for Active Play
These school-age toys are fun enough to appeal to savvy kids this age, plus their sporty themes will prompt plenty of active play.

Back to School Health and Fitness for Families
The start of a new school year is a good opportunity to create or revive healthy habits. Add these back-to-school health to-dos to your plans.

Moderate Physical Activity Definition
Know the definition of moderate physical activity to help you determine if you are getting enough of the right kind of exercise.

Hiking with Kids —How to Make the Most of It
Lace up your shoes, fill up a water bottle and you're on your way: Hiking with kids is easy, fun, and healthy.

New School Year Resolutions
Make this the best new school year yet with inspiring, doable resolutions to improve your family's health and happiness.

Physical Activity: Kids Need to Move at School
Kids spend so much of their day at school. They shouldn't also spend it sitting still! Luckily, there are many ways to add movement to learning.

Best Healthy Snacks on the Go for Kids
Taking healthy snacks on the go with you (rather than relying on vending machines) provides good nutrition and a burst of energy for busy kids.

Inexpensive Sports Toys and Gear
Need a stocking stuffer, party favor, or birthday gift? Here are 46 ideas that don't cost much, but encourage active athletic play.

Healthy, Salty Snacks for Kids - Plus Smarter Sweets
When your child craves a treat, try these healthy, salty snack ideas that satisfy and nourish. Plus: Ideas for healthier sweet snacks too!

September Family Fitness Events and Observances
More matters this month of September, from fruits and veggies to public lands. Find out more about health and fitness events in September.

Indoors and Out Halloween Games for Kids' Parties
Whether your kids' party is indoors or out, these Halloween games will treat your guests to both active play and ghoulish giggles.

Rainy Day Activities for Indoor Play
Try these rainy day activities that encourage physical fitness and active play to beat those boring, stay-inside blues.

After-School Snacks That Double as Dinner
These after-school snacks pack in protein, vegetables, and fiber to sustain kids all evening long.

Activity Trackers Just for Kids
Activity trackers for kids are hot, but which one is right for your child? Here's the scoop on the best fitness tracking, activity motivating devices.

Kids Bicycling Youth Sports Profile
Learn how kids who love bicycling can use their bikes to compete in races covering many kinds of terrain and distances.

Kids Jump Rope Youth Sports Profile
Kids' jump rope competition teams will wow you with strength, power, and style. Learn more about a youth sport that's fairly new, but growing fast.

Mom Fitness Routines that Multitask
Once you're a mom, fitness options have to be meaningful and really worth your limited time. Consider these choices for efficient, worthwhile workouts.

Active Party Games That Get Kids Moving
Help kids burn off energy and excitement with active party games. These games work for birthdays and other kids' events, indoors and out.

Healthy Protein Snacks for Kids
Healthy protein snacks for kids are more filling than carbs and often contain more nutrients too. Try these for kid-friendly protein power.

Fruit and Raw Vegetable Snacks for Kids
Up your family's produce intake by serving fruit and raw vegetable snacks. Try these healthy snacks that emphasize nutrition and good taste.

Your Family Chore List for Fitness
Use your chore list to add family time and physical activity to your day, especially with these calorie-burning jobs. Multitasking for the win!

Food Shopping for Sports Parents
Does your shopping list work for your athlete? Busy sports families need foods for energy, recovery, and convenience. This list gives you all three.

Sports for Girls
All sports are for girls -- but here's how to zero in on the ones that will work best for YOUR girl, and benefit her the most.

Zumba Classes and Video Games for Kids
Looking for a way to motivate your kids to get up off the couch? Zumba for kids could be the fun activity they will want to do.

Active Birthday Parties for Kids
An active birthday party is a fun birthday party, so here's how to throw a bash for kids with get-up-and-go.

Hula Hoop Games and Activities for Kids
Find 10 hula hoop games, from the classic spinning challenge to other innovative ways to use a hoop both alone and with a group.

Swim Lessons - When Should Kids Start
Children should start swim lessons when they are developmentally ready, although it's possible that earlier swim lessons can help prevent drowning.

Sports Team Bonding Activities for Kids
Build a tight-knit team with these types of sports team bonding activities suitable for kids, tweens, and teens.

7 Ways to Raise a Physically Confident Kid
Use these 7 strategies to boost your child's physical confidence, for better physical and mental health. It's not just for athletes!

Easy Sidewalk Chalk Games for Kids
Sidewalk chalk games and activities are easy and inexpensive, and they inspire lots of active, imaginative outdoor play for kids of all ages.

Games for Winter Holiday Party Themes
These games and activities are ideal for winter holiday party themes, and they'll even get kids up and moving as they play.

Games for Winter Holiday Party Themes
These games and activities are ideal for winter holiday party themes, and they'll even get kids up and moving as they play.

Jump Rope Games and Activities for Kids
Hop, skip, and jump to it: These jump rope games offer lots of ways to use this simple piece of equipment. Good for solos, pairs, and groups!

Quick Breakfast Secrets
A quick breakfast can still be nutritious and filling. These morning meal ideas are just what busy families need on busy days (which means every day!).

Active, Outdoor Games for a Kid's Party
At a birthday or other gathering, keep young guests busy with games for kids. Party-goers will have tons of active, outdoor fun together.

Active Party Games to Play Indoors
Active party games that kids can play inside are a boon for guests and hosts. These require little to no equipment, just space and enthusiasm.

I Hate Gym - How to Respond to Kids Who Dislike PE
It's a common complaint: kids and teens often say they hate gym class. Try this four-step method for changing their minds about physical education.

How Can Non-athletic Parents Help Keep Kids Active?
Wondering how you can be healthy role model for your kids - when you are not athletic at all? Try these steps to ease into exercise and support your sporty child.

How to Host a Sports Gear Swap
Host a sports-gear swap so you can get rid of outgrown equipment, pick up gently used items for your child, and help families new to your sport.

Active Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers
These active toys for toddlers and preschoolers encourage physical activity and movement. Many can be used indoors or out.

How to Do a Straddle Stretch
With a saddle stretch, just one stretch works many muscles: You'll feel in the lower back, sides, inner thighs, and hamstrings.

How to Do a Quadricep Stretch
The quadricep stretch works the large muscles on the front of the thighs. The quads get a workout anytime we walk or run, so they regularly need a good stretch.

How to Do a Calf Stretch
A calf stretch is simple to do and feels great after a run or long walk.

How to Do a Side Lunge Stretch
Work those inner thigh muscles and hip joints with a side lunge stretch.

How to Do a Crossover Toe Touch
Can you touch your toes? How about doing a crossover toe touch? Limber up the legs with these toe-touching stretches.

How to Do a Hamstring Stretch
The hamstring stretch is popular with runners and can also be called the hurdler's stretch.

How to Do an Overhead Arm Stretch
Stretch out those overlooked triceps and shoulders with a simple overhead arm stretch that feels fantastic.

How to Do a Tricep Stretch
Don't overlook the mighty tricep. Stretch it out with this simple, feel-good move.

How to Do a Forward Knee Lunge Stretch
The knee lunge is not actually for the knees. Use this position to safely stretch the groin muscles and the hip joint.

How to Do a Lotus or Butterfly Stretch
You may find that kids naturally sit in a butterfly stretch pose without even realizing what they're doing!

How to Do a Shoulder Stretch
Sometimes the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. In this case, lefty is helping righty with a shoulder stretch!

How to Do a Childs Pose
Child's pose, also known as balasana, is a wonderful way to begin and end a kids' stretching session.

How to Do an Arms Outstretched Stretch
Work the shoulders and all the muscles of the arms with this simple, arms outstretched move.

How to Do a Cat-Cow Stretch
The name cat-cow stretch, has big kid appeal--but this stretch also has big benefits for the spine and core.

Fun, Simple Stretches for Kids
Try this series of simple stretches for kids. They may be naturally flexible, but children still benefit from stretching.

Best Toys for Active Kids
The best toys for active kids and those that inspire hours of healthy physical activity. These picks for every age, stage, and occasion do the trick.

Kids Soccer - Youth Sports Profile
Kids' soccer is an ideal team sport for beginners, with lots of potential for fitness and fun. Find out more about this super-popular youth sport.

Water Play - 9 Fun Activities
No swimming pool necessary! These water play activities are perfect for the backyard or park and require little equipment or set-up time.

Indoor Activities for Teens and Tweens - Rainy Day Fun
It's hard to find non-sedentary indoor activities for teens and tweens. They can't run indoors like younger kids! Try these 6 ideas for rainy days.

Cardiorespiratory Endurance Activities
Cardiorespiratory endurance activities don't have to mean a dreadmill slog at the gym. Get your cardio quotient in with fun sports and games.

Best Indoor Toys for Young Children
These indoor toys and games, for ages 3 to 8, get children up and moving. They include games, play mats, and even video games.

How to Set Up a Treasure Hunt for Kids
Here's how to play a treasure hunt game for a birthday party, special occasion (first or last day of school, for example), or just a rainy day.

9 Big Benefits of Sports for Kids
The benefits of sports reach far beyond fitness and teamwork. There's so much more that kids can learn from playing youth sports.

Beach Packing List - Essentials for Sun and Fun
Use this comprehensive beach packing list to stock your car for a family day trip to the shore. We've included sun safety essentials and fun items too.

Exercise Adherence - How to Stick with a Workout Plan
Starting an exercise routine is one thing. Sticking to it is another. Find out more about exercise adherence and how parents can make it happen.

Steps to a Healthier Family - How Your Community Helps
Parents who want healthier families shouldn't have to go it alone. There are hundreds of ways that businesses, schools, churches, and cities can help.

How to Be a Good Sports Parent
You know you want to be a good sports parent--not the crazy kind. Here are four ways to help your child succeed, without going over the top.

Active Kids - Don't Fall for These Myths
Active kids--who get at least an hour a day of physical activity--are rarer than you think, and it could be because parents believe in these 5 myths.

7 Large Motor Skills Activities Inspired by Art
Got a child who'd rather draw pictures than play outside? Try one of these large motor skills activities that inspire both creativity and movement.

Turn Outdoor Games Into Indoor Games for Kids
These simple, fun, safe ideas help transform outdoor play into indoor games for kids! Boost physical activity and practice sports skills too.

A Brief Overview of Muscle Memory
Find out why muscle memory is important for athletes and how they can use it to their advantage.

Strength Training for Kids - Why, When, and How
Strength training for kids, when done safely, offers many health benefits. Find out when kids can start this type of training and what they can do.

Healthy School Lunches Your Child Will Eat
Healthy school lunches with protein help kids feel better and learn better. Here's your step-by-step plan for a nutritious noontime meal.

Fitness During Puberty - Why Exercise Helps
As kids undergo the rapid changes of puberty, they can feel a loss of control. Exercise can help them manage their changing brains and bodies.

When Should Kids Start Playing Competitive Sports?
Competitive sports hold lots of appeal, but is your child ready to take on the challenge? Ask yourself these questions before your kids enroll.

Play the 7-Up Game - Ball Game for Kids
To play the 7-Up ball game, all you need is a smooth, flat surface and a bouncy ball, such as a tennis ball. Kids can even play 7-Up game alone.

5 Reasons to Walk to School - or Bike, or Scooter
It often seems easier to drive kids to school, but walking has huge payoffs. Here are 5 research-backed reasons to walk, bike, or scooter to school.

Manipulative Skills
Manipulative skills are those motor skills that empower kids to push a pencil or a cart, throw a ball or fasten a button, and much more.

How to Play Kickball - The Best Outdoor Game
Learning how to play kickball is so easy! Kickball is a perfect, active family game for players of all ages and skill levels.

Quitting in Kids' Sports - How to Respond
Is your child talking about quitting sports? It can be tough to hear him say he wants to quit a team. But he might actually have a good reason.

12 Walking Games for Kids - Liven Up a Hike or Stroll
Walking games are the best way to keep whines at bay during a hike or walk. Try these simple activities to help children pass the time.

Swimming Competition for Kids - Youth Sports Profile
Competitive swimming for kids offers a great workout, plus both individual and team sports experiences. Is your child ready to dive in?

Parent Volunteers in Youth Sports
Kids' sports run on free labor. Luckily, there are many different ways that parent volunteers can contribute to teams and leagues.

Playground Workout: Circuit 1
This playground circuit provides a total body workout, with options for beginners, advanced exercisers, and parents exercising with kids.

How to Do a Playground Workout
Get in a playground workout while your kids play, or have them join you and do these exercises from Flyaroo Fitness founder Ethel Baumberg together.

Playground Workout: Cool Down with Yoga
Finish your playground workout with a parent-child yoga series designed to cool down your muscles (and to appeal to young children!).

Playground Workout: Circuit 2
Family Fitness.

Fit and Fun Social Activities
Make fitness way more fun by sharing it with a loved one. These social activities add energy to your quality time with a spouse, friend, or child.

Kids Football - Youth Sports Profile
Find out if the classic fall sport of football is right for your child and your family. Kids can choose tackle, non-contact, or flag football.

Michelle Obama Fitness Campaign - Lets Move
First Lady Michelle Obama's fitness campaign, Let's Move, targets obesity awareness and prevention in communities across the U.S.

Best Ride-On Toys for Toddlers and Preschoolers
Find the best ride-on toys for little kids, from scooters to buggies to balance bikes and even a beginning skateboard.

Fast Teen Workouts Work
Research shows that short, intense teen workouts can improve heart health. Here's how to get your teen moving (hint: it helps if you join in).

28 Brain Breaks for Busy Kids
What are brain breaks? They are short, fun activities that help kids recharge and refocus when homework is stressing them out.

Are Parents the Cause of Obesity in Kids?
One survey of doctors says mom and dad should take the rap, but the cause of obesity is not so easy to pin down.

Finish a 5K Run as a Family
Running can be an excellent family activity. Sign up for a 5K run and you can train, run, and celebrate together!

6 Fun Ways for Your Family to Exercise
With these fun ways to exercise, your family will laugh as much as you sweat, which means you'll keep coming back for more!

Book Review: A Matter of Heart by Amy Fellner Dominy
What happens when you find out that pursuing your lifelong dream could be fatal? That's the starting point for A Matter of Heart, a young adult novel by Amy Fellner Dominy.

Your Family Fitness Toy Box
To encourage active play at home, stock your family fitness toy box with these basics for toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged kids.

Benefits of Sports Parenting
Kids learn a lot from playing sports. And it turns out sports parenting offers lessons to adults too.

A Billion Dollars to Fight Childhood Obesity
How would you spend $1 billion to combat childhood obesity? The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has a plan (and First Lady Michelle Obama praises it).

Beat Fitness Backsliding
Don't feel bad about backsliding on your fitness routine. Do something about it! Try these 6 ways to relaunch your workout habit.

Eye Safety and Kids' Sports
Don't overlook eye safety when your kids play sports. Protective eyewear can prevent most injuries, and preserve your child's vision.

Physical Literacy Definition and Symptoms
Physical literacy means achieving movement and sports skills, but also the confidence to try new things and the opportunity to be active often.

Best Warm-Up Exercises for Kids
The best warm-ups for kids are fun and easy to do. Warming up before exercise, sports, or stretching helps kids stay healthy and perform better.

Cognitive Rest After a Head Injury
Following a concussion, doctors may prescribe cognitive rest along with physical rest. Find out what that means to you and your child.

Helping Kids and Teens Recover from a Brain Injury
Concussion recovery can be a slow process, and a confusing one. Here are the basics of how it might go for your child or teen.

Weighing Youth Sports Risks
Let's examine the biggest youth sports risks--and how parents can best protect their kids, while still helping them benefit from play.

Sportsmanship for Kids - 10 Basics
Every athlete who is involved in youth sports should be familiar with these 10 principles of sportsmanship for kids.

4 Childhood Obesity Myths
Childhood obesity myths abound, and they're unfair to both kids and parents. Find out what's really going on.

Your 10-Minute Exercise Plan
For many parents, 10-minute exercise bursts are the best way to fit in fitness. Carve out 10 minutes, 3 times a day to reap real health benefits.

How Doctors Diagnose Child Obesity and Overweight
Here's how doctors determine child obesity, and what you can do if you're faced with a diagnosis of obesity or overweight.

Teaching Kids About Exercise
Teaching kids about exercise and being active early in life is not only important--it can be fun too. Try these three easy activities together.

Fitness and Physical Activities for School-Aged Kids
You've probably guessed that your school-aged kid needs physical activities every day. But how much, and what kinds work best?

Am I Fat - Respond to a Teen or Tween Who Asks
It's not unusual for kids, tweens, and teens to wonder,

Find a Gym That's Right for Your Family
Ready to join a health club? Here's how to find a gym that works for your whole family, so everyone can reap the health and fitness benefits.

9 Family Fitness Mistakes You Might Be Making
Life is super busy, and it's easy to make family fitness mistakes without realizing it. Read on to see if you're guilty, and how to make changes now.

Fitness Gifts for Grown-Ups
Fitness gifts aren't always easy to give (are you offering unwelcome advice?), but these picks have appeal for a wide range of friends and family.

Buying Treadmill Equipment for Home Fitness
Buying treadmill equipment for your home is a big investment. When you're ready to purchase, know what to expect and how to get the best deal.

Fun Thanksgiving Games and Activities
Make your Thanksgiving fun by going beyond TV football and cornucopia crafts. Burn some calories (and energy) with these 15 kid-friendly activities.

Walk to School Day - How to Celebrate
Celebrate Walk to School Day every October to help your kids get healthy and help your community support safe routes to school.

Couch to 5K App Review - Ease Into 5K for iOS
If you're ready to move from walking to running, but want a coach you can take along with you from couch to 5K, the Ease Into 5Kapp is a good bet.

Cure Cabin Fever With Active Play
Bad weather giving your family a case of cabin fever? Cure cabin fever with 9 suggestions for active, indoor play.

How to Stand Up to Bullying in Sports
Find out if your child is affected by bullying in sports, and then help him handle it. (And remember that even bystanders can be harmed.)

Gross Motor Skills for Preschoolers - Activities to Try
Gross motor skills activities for preschoolers are an important part of healthy development. But they're also plenty of fun for your little one.

Fitness and Physical Activity for Preschoolers
What kind of physical activity for preschoolers is most fun and effective, and how much do little kids really need? It might be more than you think.

Teen Fitness - How You Can Help
Teen fitness reduces stress, improves self-esteem, boosts academic performance, and helps kids manage their weight. Help yours get their daily dose.

How to Create a Fitness Challenge With Your Family
Motivate everyone to adopt a healthier lifestyle by creating a family fitness challenge. All you need is a goal, a plan, and a prize.

Family Fitness Challenge - Reward
Select a fitness challenge reward that is motivating for everyone in the family.

Family Fitness Challenge - Prize
When you've worked hard and met your goal, celebrate by claiming and enjoying your fitness challenge prize.

Family Fitness Challenge - Plan
Determine how you will track progress as you execute your fitness challenge plan.

Best Balls for Children's Games
Find the best balls for children, age by age, to help build motor skills and enjoy fun, active play, alone or in groups.

22 Outdoor Activities for Kids to Try
Outdoor activities for kids keep them busy and burning energy for hours. Try these 22 different suggestions for exercise and play outside.

22 Outdoor Activities for Kids to Try
Outdoor activities for kids keep them busy and burning energy for hours. Try these 22 different suggestions for exercise and play outside.

The Best Youth Sports for Kids
Looking for the best sports for kids? Competing encourages your child to be active, practice teamwork, and learn new skills.

Healthy Snacks for Sports - Be a Half-Time Hero
Pack healthy snacks for sports with these suggestions for pre-game, half-time, and post-game eats that deliver nutrition and good taste.

Worst Pre-Game Meals for Kids
Avoid these 6 energy-killing foods when prepping pre-game meals for your sports kid or teen. Stick with healthier fuel for best results.

Softball and Baseball for Kids
Baseball for kids (and its close cousin, softball) is an all-American classic enjoyed by thousands every summer. Is your child eager to play ball?

Youth Sports and Burnout: What Kids Wish You Knew
It can be tricky to navigate the relationship between youth sports and burnout. If your child could articulate his feelings, here's what he might say.

Youth Sports Lawsuits - Should You Worry?
When kids get hurt on the playing field, are youth sports lawsuits inevitable - or ever a good idea?

Sport Stacking - Youth Sports Profile
It's true: Sport stacking (also known as cup stacking or speed stacking) is a real sport, with thousands of quick-handed players all over the world.

Workout Motivation Mantras
Need to talk yourself into exercising? These 10 mantras can help you find the workout motivation you need.

Playing Time - Why Your Kid Is Missing Out
Your child could be losing out on playing time because his skills are slipping or he's not a good sport. Find out what's up so you can fix it fast.

When Kids Hate Sports - What to Do
There are lots of reasons kids don't like sports. Figure out the root of your child's dislike to revive or jump-start his interest in sports.

What the Team Mom Does
Get ready for a fun ride! As a team mom (or dad), you'll support the coach, spend time with your child, and get to know all the players and their families.

Motor Planning, Control, and Coordination
To make sense of the definition for motor planning, you need to learn about motor control and motor coordination too. They're all inter-connected.

mTBI - What I Learned from My Own Kid's Concussion
When my daughter sustained a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), I found out how sneaky concussion can be, and how slow the recovery process really is.

5 Ways to Exercise with Kids
Exercise with kids by turning playtime into a workout--for both of you, if kids are into it. From dance to strength training, burn calories together.

The Case for Noncompetitive Sports for Kids
Kids are busy. Should they really spend their limited time on noncompetitive sports? Here are 8 compelling selling points for just-for-fun sports.

What Is Vigorous Physical Activity
Exercise guidelines usually recommend a certain amount of weekly vigorous physical activity, Does your workout measure up?

New Year's Resolutions for Family Health and Wellness
Find ideas for New Year's resolutions that improve your family's health and fitness. We have suggestions for kids, teens, adults, and families!

Unhealthy Competition - Is Your Kid Too Competitive?
Unhealthy competition can have some pretty scary consequences for your child. Spot the signs, and learn what you can do to foster healthy competition.

Top Family Toys for Active Fun
Make these family toys a part of your gift-giving plan this year. These picks include classic and new games, and gear for outdoors and inside.

Locomotor Skills
Do you know your locomotor skills? These gross motor moves are critical for everyday life, plus sports and fitness. Here's how little ones learn them.

Zip It: Things You Shouldn't Say to Your Sports Kid
As a sports parent, your job is to provide love, encouragement, and support--not criticism of your child or her teammates, coaches, or the officials.

Let Go of Mom Guilt Over Exercise
Don't add exercise to the already long list of mom guilt triggers. Fitness is not selfish, and it benefits you and your entire family.

10 Family Fitness Lifestyle Changes to Make Today
Creating a lifestyle of family fitness doesn't have to mean a huge overhaul of your family's habits. Incremental changes can be effective too.

Kids Ice Hockey - Youth Sports Profile
Ice hockey is a popular youth sport. Discover everything you need to know from physical requirements to risks, and the costs.

The Power of a Good Coach
A good coach can help kids get the most out of sports--and even change their whole lives. Here's how to find, or be, the best coach for your child.

Fitness Activities for Kids with Special Needs
Finding sports and fitness activities for kids with special needs can help improve behavior, mood, sleep, social skills, and health.

Middle School Physical Activity - Is Your Child Getting Enough?
Is your tween getting enough exercise? Middle school physical activity and education is changing for the better. Make sure your child is getting his due.

The Magic of Active Play in the Morning
Active play in the mornings gives kids' brains a boost--and even improves their behavior in the classroom. Add exercise to your child's a.m.!

Why Your Kid Is Missing Gym Class
Is your kid getting enough physical activity? If he's being excused from gym class, he might fall behind on his daily exercise needs.

Inspire Your Kids to Make Healthy Choices
Surround your child with good influences and role models to help him make healthy choices now and in the future.

Teen Growth Spurts and Sports
The teen growth spurt can be unsettling, especially for kids who play sports and experience a sudden loss in coordination. Here's what parents can do.

Teen Obesity Denial - Is Your Child at Risk?
Teen obesity denial is rising. Many overweight teens just don't see it, or see it as a problem. And that's a problem.

Teaching Good Sportsmanship
With millions of kids playing youth sports, there are millions of opportunities for teaching good sportsmanship. Here's how to do it, age by age.

Start Young: Sportsmanship for Kids 8 and Under
For younger kids, the goals of youth sports should be physical activity and social interaction. Making sure that parents, coaches, and players all understand this lays the groundwork for good sportsmanship practices.

Keep a Cool Head: Sportsmanship for Kids Ages 8-12
It's easy to agree on the basic principles of sportsmanship: respect for teammates, opponents, and the game; graceful winning and losing. To impart these values, coaches (and parents) can use a combination of education (teaching kids in a language they understand), positive peer pressure, and consequences or policies (such as a system of warnings for broken rules followed by suspension from the practice or game).

Stress Prevention Through School Sports
For stress prevention in adulthood, start with school sports participation in the teen years. Research says sport offers lasting mental health help.

Improve Kids School Lunches and Cafeteria Buys
The quality of kids' school lunches can vary greatly. If your child buys lunch at school, use these strategies to encourage healthy choices.

Sports Specialization - What's Safe, What's Not
With kids clamoring to join elite teams, and coaches pressuring parents to let them, sports specialization is a risk. What's right for your child?

Sports Drinks vs. Energy Drinks
Know the ingredients in sports drinks vs. energy drinks to make a better choice about when, or if, your tween or teen athlete should consume them.

Sports for Kids with Autism
Sports for kids with autism can help improve health, motor skills, muscle tone, sensory integration, and social development.

Is It Ever Too Late to Start a New Sport?
Is it ever too late to start a new sport? Here's what to know if your child wants to try something new after his peers have already gotten a head start.

How to Coach Your Own Kid in Sports
Learning how to coach your own kid is not easy, but with help and patience you can achieve the right balance between coach and parent.

The Key to Better, Simpler Sports Fundraising
Forget wrapping paper and cookie dough. Target purchases you're making anyway for much better, simpler sports fundraising.

Safer Sports Practice - Rules for Youth Sports
For safer sports practices, kids need to limit the amount of time they spend training every week. Overdoing it could lead to overuse injuries and more.

Screen Time for Kids - Guidelines from the AAP
After a research summit, the American Academy of Pediatrics updated its recommendations on screen time for kids, striking the 2-hour daily limit.

Healthy Eating Tips for Travel
Whether you're on the road for a family vacation or a sports event, keep these healthy eating tips in mind.

Gross Motor Skills Development Timeline
A gross motor skills development timeline tells you when you can expect little ones to crawl, walk, and run, and how to help build these skills and muscles.

Growth Plate Fractures - Kids Injury
Growth plate fractures can range from

Quitting Time for Kid Activities

Sports Concussions - Prevention and Treatment
Sports concussions are a risk for any athlete, including kids. There's no way to prevent all injuries, but you can take precautions to reduce risk.

Kids' Pedometer Activities
Ready, set, walk (and walk, and walk) with these kids' pedometer activities. Motivate everyone in the family to add extra steps to their routine.

Playground Safety Checklist for Schools, Parks, and Home
Use this simple playground safety checklist at school, parks, and even at home to keep kids safer when they play.

Kids Figure Skating - Youth Sports Profile
Kids' figure skating helps your child combine athletic power with artistic grace. Plus, it opens the door to a lifelong recreational activity.

Playground Activities to Pump Up Your Playtime
These playground activities change up your park visits to make them more fun, more fit, and more exciting for everyone.

Dealing with Disappointment in Youth Sports
Overcoming disappointment is an opportunity for kids to learn character traits like resilience, determination, and good sportsmanship.

Sports for Toddlers - Should They Play?
Sports for toddlers should emphasize fun, physical activity, and age-appropriate motor skills. Your little one might enjoy soccer, t-ball, or tumbling.

Dynamic Stretching for Kids
Make static and dynamic stretching for kids part of their routine. Just like adults, kids need to stretch their muscles after sports or active play.

Post-Game Pep Talks that Work
During the post-game period, proceed with caution. What you say can build up your young athlete, or bring him down (way down).

Soccer Party Game - for Indoor Parties
Need to host a soccer party inside? You need this game! Or for a winter or holiday party, you can instantly transform it into

Help Your Child Overcome Sports Burnout
Overcoming sports burnout usually means encouraging kids to take a step back from sports--and there's more than one way to do that.

How to Start a Kids' Running Club
Starting a kids' running club is easy and inexpensive, plus you get to join in the exercise yourself. Here's how to get going at your child's school.

Homemade PE Equipment and Toys
Make easy, free, homemade PE equipment (for kids or adults) with everyday household items. Rethink and recycle to prompt active play.