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Activities for Dads and their Tweens
If your children are in that awkward stage between around 10-13 that we call the

Hosting a Child's First Sleepover
For a dad, hosting a child’s sleepover can be a special challenge. Learn how to prepare and execute the sleepover without sadness and complication.

School Grades - Talking to Your Children About Grades
Learn some basic principles for talking with your children about their grades so you can get results without undue pressure.

Talking With Children About the Reasons for Your Divorce
As you break the news to your children about their parents' upcoming divorce, what should you say about the reasons for the divorce?

What Do I Do When My Baby's Crying - Tips for Dads
New dads can feel a little out of their league when the baby cries. But dads need to know why babies cry and what they should and should not do.

Making a Reunion With Your Estranged Father Work
If you have been estranged from your father and want to reconnect, there are some important steps you need to take.

Top Ten Creative Gifts for Dads
Ever wondered what to buy for dear old dad? Here you will find clever gifts that are truly out of the ordinary.

Time Management and Personal Productivity for Fathers
Find resources to help any father better manage his time, be more productive and achieve better work-life balance.

Being More Effective at Work
If you are finding that work is consuming way too much of your time, then these ideas for increasing your effectiveness and productivity at work will help you do more with less time and then be able to dedicate more time to your family.

Top 10 Ways to Balance Life and Work
Committed fathers love spending time with their children, but with today's pressures, work life balance can be difficult for fathers.

Saying No to the Unimportant
One of the greatest challenges a dad faces is learning to say yes to the truly important things in life and to say no to the rest.

Top Ten Traditional Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Songs
This list includes wedding songs for a bride and her father to dance to from pop artists and popular singers over the last several years.

Books to Help Stepfathers Be Successful
Hoping to find out more about success as a stepfather? This list of books, reviewed by your fatherhood guide, are essential for a stepdad's library.

Family Activities
Looking for things to do with your children that will help build your relationship with them? This is the place to find information about bonding activities that will fill that important need in your child's life.

Activities for Children by Age Group
Different ages of children have different needs and interests. Select the age of the child with whom you want to do an activity, and find some good ideas that will meet your child's needs.

Advice and Support for Fathers from About.com
Become a better father, whatever your situation. Find advice, reviews, and support for dads with fatherhood expert Wayne Parker.

Activities for Dads and Preschoolers
Looking for something fun to do with a child under 5 and not yet ready for school? Check out our list of ideas of fun things to do with your preschooler.

Summer Activities for Fathers, Children and Families
Looking for something fun to do during the summer months? Find some great ideas for things you can do with your children and family in the

Activities by Location
Whether you live in a four-seasons climate or in a community that has perpetually perfect weather, some activities just work best either outdoor or indoor, summer or winter. Check out these resources for acivities at various times of year and in different locations.

Activities for Dads and School Aged Children
Some dads feel really liberated when their children reach school age. They can communicate better and can start enjoying activities that fathers enjoy. Here are some ideas for things to do with your school aged children.

Activities for Dads and Teenagers
Those mysterious years between 13 and 19 seem to bring out the best and the worst in dads and our children. Making time in their busy lives for some father/teenager activities can be hard but very worthwhile. Here are some ideas of activities that dads and teenagers can do together

Sports and Recreation
One of the things that helps bond dads to their children is common involvement in sports and recreation. This page offers resources on the Internet focusing on youth sports, coaching youth teams, and participating with your children in a variety of recreational activities.

Letting Kids Win or Playing to Win?
Do you let your kids win when you are playing a game or do you keep the playing field totally neutral? The answer may not be as easy as you think.

Sons and Dads: Parenting our Sons
Parenting sons can be a challenge, even though we experienced it first hand with our dads and moms. This page contains information and resources for helping fathers relate to and parent their sons.

Activity Ideas for Fathers and Sons
Fun activities which both dads and sons can enjoy can help strengthen that relationship. These activity ideas will help dad and son become closer.

Courageous, a Movie for Fathers - Movie Review
A review of the movie Courageous, a film for fathers about committed, godly and courageous fatherhood.

Being a Great Dad (Tips for Fatherless Fathers)
Get some tips on how to become a great dad even if you were raised without a father in your life

Understanding Pornography Addiction
Learning about the addiction cycle can help anyone struggling with a pornography addiction become more aware of the patterns and triggers.

SnapChat - A Popular App for Teens But With a Dark Side
SnapChat is a new app for the iPhone and Android which has become very popular among tweens, teens and young adults. It offers the ability to send photos from one member to another with a time limit on the life of the photo. Learn what parents need to know about SnapChat.

Top Country Wedding Dance Songs for Fathers and Daughters
Some of the best father-daughter wedding dance songs are in the country music genre. You and your daughter will love these songs at her wedding.

Fathers and Weddings
His daughter's wedding day can be a bit traumatic for any father. So many emotions, so many expectations, and often so much money spent. Here are some helps for fathers of the bride, from budgets to music to dance steps.

Father Daughter Wedding Dance Resources
The father-daughter wedding dance is a special moment in a girl's life. Learn about the best father-daughter wedding dance songs and learn how to do the basic dance steps for that unique moment between a father and a daughter at her wedding.

Top Ten Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Songs
Looking for the perfect wedding dance song for the bride and her dad? Then explore this list of favorite father-daughter wedding dance songs.

Dutch Oven Cooking Basics
I love my dutch ovens and cooking dutch oven meals and desserts for my family. Find out how to cook with and clean a dutch oven.

Holiday Resources
Holidays are supposed to be special times for families and dads. Sometimes, however, they bring mixed feelings. Learn more about making the holidays a little brighter for yourself and your family.

Father's Day Resources for Fathers and Those Who Love Them
All about Father's Day--what the holiday is about, gift guides, ideas for honoring dad, and thoughts about how to celebrate Father's Day in June.

Top Ten Facebook Pages for Fathers
Check out these top ten Facebook pages for fathers and

Poems About Fathers for Father's Day
Looking for a verse to use for a Father's Day card, letter or sign? This list will help you find just the right Father's Day poem.

Father's Day Gift Ideas
Having a hard time finding a gift for the dad in your life? Or just want to leave some hints for the kids? Then take a look at these gift giving guides for Father's Day.

The History of Father's Day
If you have ever wondered about how Father's Day got its start in the United States, this history will help you understand how it came to be.

What You Need to Know About Child Support
Learn more about how child support works, your obligations as a non-custodial father and how to make it all work for you and your children.

How to React to Cyberbullying
What should a father do when his child has been the victim of cyberbullying? Learn how to protect your child from cyberbullying.

Dads and the Empty Nest
How does a dad cope when he finds himself experiencing empty nest syndrome? Get the information on handling this important life transition.

Should I Join A Fathers' Support Group?
Feeling a need for a better connection with other fathers? Look into being a part of a fathers' support group and find friendship and direction.

Keys to Effective Family Communication
Learn how to master the art of family communication and make sure that we communicate effectively with our family members and loved ones.

Five Things a Father Should Tell His Daughter About Dating
Learn the five things that fathers should tell their daughters about dating - important dating advice for teenage girls from their dads.

Family Communication
How to keep communication flowing in a family can be a difficult thing for fathers. Learn important steps and tools for communicating effectively with your children, your spouse and other family members.

Family Communications - Talking About the Hard Things
Some topics are harder than others for fathers and families. Learn how to tackle the tough topics in families and still keep the lines of communication open.

Family Nights
Family nights are a great tool for enhancing family communication and coordination and for communicating love and value for each child. Learn more about getting started with family nights and what they can mean for your family.

Communicating with Teenagers
Learn how to effectively communicate with your teenage children.

Parent or Leader or Both?
How do parenting and leadership relate to each other? Learn how leadership and parenting are different and how they compliment each other?

How to Talk to Your Boss About Work Life Balance
Check out these tips about how to talk to your boss about work life balance and help him see the advantages to him and to your employer.

Top 10 Digital Cameras for Dads
Check out this listing of the top digital cameras for fathers--cameras that take great family and action pictures and are easy to use.

Considering and Selecting Family Hobbies
Enjoyable, affordable and scalable family hobbies will help families spend quality time together in activities which they embrace and enjoy.

Top Ten Ways to Show Children That You Love Them
This list of ideas about how to show love will help any dad look for new ways to communicate that he loves his kids.

Keep Close To Home As a Divorced Dad
The evidence is clear and convincing: having both divorced parents close by is critical for children to survive a family breakup.

Warning Signs That Your Child May Be Involved in a Gang
Learn the warning signs of potential gang activity. If you think your child might be involved, you need to talk and take action.

Succeeding as a Police Officer and a Father
Being part of a law enforcement family has some challenges and rewards. Learn how police officer dads can be a positive part of a family dynamic.

Non-Traditional Fathers
Whether you are a divorced, single, or widowed father, a stepfather or a stay at home dad, you have need specific to your circumstances. Learn more about how to be successful with your fathering challenges.

Foster Parenting
Resources to consider when becoming a foster parent and succeeding as a father of foster children.

Child Support in America - Fast Facts
Learn about the number of children and families receiving child support and how much child support is received by custodial families.

How to Dance the Waltz - Instructions
If you need to learn the waltz for a big event, this step by step process will help you master the basic step and not be embarrassed as a dancing dad.

When to Call the Baby's Doctor
Dads are often nervous about babies when they get sick. Learn how to know when sick is sick enough to involve the baby's pediatrician.

Top 7 Online Family Calendars
These online family calendars offer a range of organizing tools from simple calendars to full-featured organizers. Get the right one for your family.

How to Deal With Child Support Enforcement Agencies
Are you dealing with a child support enforcement agency in your state or locality? Learn what will help you in your efforts to work with them.

How to Write a Love Note to Your Child
Learn how to write a love note to your child that will create a lasting memory and will become a special keepsake.

Work Life Balance
Some of the hardest balancing dads do is coordinating work life, home life and personal life. Find information about achieving and maintaining work-life balance.

Family Friendly Workplaces
Is your employer family friendly? Find out how to help your employer be more family friendly and how to figure out if a prospective employer will have policies that support your family needs.

Life Coaching for Fathers
Learn what fathers need to know about life coaching.

How Fathers Can Deal With a Toxic Work Environment
Too many fathers find themselves in toxic work environments that are hurting their work life balance. Learn how to deal with a toxic work environment.

Top 10 Things a Dad of Teens Needs to Know
The idea of having one or more teenage children often strikes fear in the heart of a father. Learn what dads need to know when they get teenagers.

Child Support - Important Child Support Information for Fathers
Find statistics about child support in America, a family law glossary, frequently asked questions about child support and more.

Divorce Advice for Men - When Your Ex Remarries
Learn what you can do to prepare for your ex-spouse's remarriage and how you and your kids will cope with her remarriage and new spouse.

How to Make Your Home Fun for Teenagers
What can parents do to make their home fun for teenagers and a place where your teens and their friends want to hang out?

Adjusting To Life As a Newly Single Father
Due to a divorce or death of your partner, are you now a single father? Find out how best to make the transition to single fatherhood.

4 Ways to Teach Children to Memorize
Children who can memorize are miles ahead of those that never learn how. Here are some tips that will help you teach your children to memorize.

Top Fears of Soon-To-Be Dads and How to Address Them
Dads-to-be often find themselves with lots of fears and anxieties about fatherhood. Check out the top ten fears and learn how to deal with them.

Values and Spirituality for Fathers
Fathers with a strong orientation to their values and spirituality often desire to pass on these important facets of life to their children. Find information here about ways to communicate and instill values in the lives and hearts of your children.

Books and Movies About Parenting and Values
Looking for a great book or movie to help you instill values in your children? These media resources can help any father be inspired to use his personal and family values to teach his children to adopt strong personal values and govern their lives by them.

Fathers and Faith
Many fathers rely on their faith in leading their families and managing day to day life. Learn about how religion and faith impact fathers for good.

Children's Books That Teach About Values
Looking for some great books that can help you teach children about values? These books are excellent choices for reinforcing the spirituality and values you hope your children learn about.

How Fathers Can Teach Determination to their Kids
Determination is an essential life skill, and children need to learn it to be successful. Consider these keys for teaching determination to our kids.

Awesome and Easy Pumpkin Carving Patterns
My favorite pumpkin carving patterns for easy but awesome-looking Halloween pumpkins.

How to Break a Pornography Addiction
Find out if you or someone you love is addicted to porn and learn what to do to break the addiction and restore your relationships.

Child Custody Information for Fathers
Learn about joint custody, dealing with custody issues, working with your family law attorney and more about dealing with child custody issues.

Ten Ways to Strengthen Father and Son Relationships
Many fathers and sons struggle to stay close during the growing up years. These ideas will help develop a strong father-son relationship.

Making it Through the Last Month of Pregnancy
What a dad needs to know about helping his partner make it through her final month of pregnancy and how to make it through the anxiety himself

Teaching Children About Patriotism
It is important to share the value of patriotism with your children. Learn what you can do to teach your children about patriotism.

5 Best Baby Carriers for Fathers
Baby carriers are not the exclusive domain of mothers. Find the best baby carriers for fathers with the right sizes and designs.

How to Re-Engage at Home
Have you decided it is time to get more involved at home? These ideas for re-engaging at home with your family can help you be a better father.

Dads' Challenges
In every father's life, there are continuing challenges in working with their families and children and their needs. Learn from other fathers about how to handle special challenges in life.

Skills We Can Use to Resolve Conflict at Home
Conflict in any relationship is inevitable. Learn 7 skills a parent can develop to better manage conflict in a family setting.

6 Keys to Success as a Scout Leader
You can learn to be a successful scout leader by following a few simple guidelines. Read what successful scout leaders do for success in scouting.

How a Dad Can Support a Breastfeeding Mom
Learn what a dad can do to help a breastfeeding mom have a good experience and help provide a healthy start for a new baby.

Seven Tips for Becoming a Super Grandfather
These seven tips will help you succeed as a grandfather and strengthen your relationship with your children and grandchildren.

Establishing and Maintaining Trust in Family Relationships
Learn why trust in a family relationship is important and how to establish, maintain and repair trust with a spouse or a child.

How Fathers Can Help Boys Become Men
Find out how fathers and sons can interact in ways that helps fathers in raising responsible sons.

Camping Activities With the Family
Camping with the family is a favorite activity for many fathers. These family camping activities are designed for building great family memories.

How Divorced Dads Can Best Handle a Daughter's Wedding
There are not many more challenging moments for a divorced dad than when his daughter gets married. Find out how to prepare for and handle the events of your daughter's wedding and still help her have a great experience.

Communicating in Your Child's Love Language
Every child has or her own way of receiving love. Find out which love language your child speaks and how to communicate love to him or her.

Coping with a New Stepfather in Your Kids' Life
When your kids' mom remarries, it can be pretty disconcerting to a father. What should a dad do when there is a new stepfather in his kids' life?

Local Resources
Trying to find information on fatherhood resources in your state? Curious about the details of state laws impacting fathers, custody, visitation, child support and the like? Then find your state here and click through to find resources in your area that can help you in your efforts to be a great father.

Traveling with the Family
Traveling with the family can be a challenge. Learn how to make traveling with children easier and more affordable.

Resources for Fathers in Great Britain
A listing of resources for fathers living in Great Britain where dads living there can find help for issues facing them and their children.

Fathers Rights - Custody Issues
Fathers who are working on gaining sole or joint custody of their children following a divorce will find resources to help in their efforts. Check here for information on custody laws, ideas to strengthen your cases, and ways to avoid losing custody.

What Good Dads Can Do in Custody Battles
With the bias in many family courts in favor of mothers, how can good dads effectively challenge the bias in a custody battle?

Top Gifts for the History Buff Father
From books and ties to DVDs and games, this list has something to please every history-loving dad who appreciates the events that shape the world.

10 Steps to More Mindful Parenti
Making parenting more intentional can help any family. Learn how fathers - and mothers - can learn to be more mindful parents.

How Divorced Dads Can Survive Father's Day
Father's Day can be a hard experience for a divorced dads. Learn how to handle Father's Day successfully if you are a divorced dad.

Hot Tech Gifts for Father's Day 2016
Fathers can be difficult to buy for at Father's Day time, but if your dad loves technology, these gifts are sure to bring a smile to his face.







Preparing for a Reunion With Your Estranged Father
Learn how you should prepare to reconnect with your estranged father, how to approach him and what to do when you have your reunion.

How to Strengthen a Marriage and Avoid Divorce
Check out these tips for marriage for men hoping to save their marriage, avoid divorce and keep their family together.

Quick and Easy Dinners for Busy Dads
These recipes offer meals that take only a few minutes to prepare. From stromboli to stir fry, there are recipes for every family's taste.







Top Apps and Tech Tools for Better Work Life Balance
Technology can help or hurt our work life balance efforts. Check out these five tech tools that can help us be more productive and better balanced.

Self-Care for Men Going Through Divorce
Divorced men often find themselves in a world that crumbles around them. Learn how men can take the steps needed for self-care after divorce.

Statistics on Fatherless Children in America
Fatherlessness in the United States has serious consequences for children. These statistics bear out the need for present and involved dads.

Self-Care for Fathers
With so many demands on their time and attention, fathers have a special need to stay healthy and sharp. Find resources on men's health, values and spirituality, humor and more to help fathers stay balanced.

Top Gifts for Dads Who Travel
If your dad loves to travel, or even he just has to travel, here are some gifts for your dad. Find the best travel accessories and trip ideas.

Should You Stay Together for the Kids?
Should you stay together for the kids' sake or should you divorce? How do you know which choice to make?

Gift Ideas for Dad - Fathers' Day Shopping Guide
This guide to gift ideas for dads of all kinds is a great place to start looking for that gift for your special dad.

Gift Ideas for Dad - Fathers' Day Shopping Guide
This guide to gift ideas for dads of all kinds is a great place to start looking for that gift for your special dad.

Top Ten iPhone Apps Every Dad Should Have
If you have an iPhone, you have one of the most powerful and incredible digital tools ever. And if you are a dad, you should know that you can use the iPhone, with the right software, to help you in your personal and family responsibilities. Find the best application for your iPhone, why you should have them, and how they can make your job as a father easier.

Resources for Single Dads
Are you the single dad, custodial parent for your children? Whether you find yourself in this situation due to divorce, death or other painful experience, you can find tips and helps to making your role as a single dad more meaningful for your children

Dating and Relationships for Single Dads
As a single dad, how and when do you start dating? How should you manage a new relationship in the context of your single parenting role. Learn more about dating and developing relationships as a single father.

How to Positively Influence an Adult Child
When an adult child who lives away from home starts making serious mistakes in his or her life, a parent feels a need to step in.

Top Gifts for A Single Dad
Whether it's Fathers Day, Christmas or a birthday, it can be tough finding a gift for the single dad in your life. Here are some creative gift ideas.

Back to School Resources for Fathers
All the information dads need to know to prepare to get the kids back to school. Information on shopping, homework help, and other important back to school needs. fathers back to school education junior high school shopping homework middle school college university students elementary school starting school shopping homwork help back to school needs

Colleges and Dads
Sending a child off to college creates a new series of issues for fathers. Find resources for funding a college education, information on selecting a college or university, helping your college students manage money and dealing with the challenges of college life.

Must Haves for College Students
Are you sending a son or daughter off to college for the first time? Here is a list of items which new college students need to be successful.

Top 5 Rolling Backpacks for Children
Experts extol the virtue of rolling backpacks for children. These rolling backpacks will protect the kids' backs as they head off to school.

Top Keys for Success as a Divorced Dad
Being a successful divorced dad is an extra burden for dads to bear. What can you do to have a greater probability of success as a divorced father?

Dealing With Miscarriage - Expectant Fathers
Learn more about miscarriage, how to be supportive to your partner and how to deal with your own feelings of loss.




Inspiring and Touching Father's Day Poems
Looking for a verse to use for a Father's Day card, letter or sign? This list will help you find just the right Father's Day poem.

Inspiring Father's Day Poems
Looking for a verse to use for a Father's Day card, letter or sign? This list will help you find just the right Father's Day poem.


Teenagers and Their Fathers
Find helps and resources for working with teenagers, improving communication, understanding what makes them tick and being an effective dad during your child's teenage years.

Books For and About Teens
Dads often have a hard time when their children reach the teenage years and their attitudes and activities change so dramatically. There are many good books that can help dads find answers to the perplexing questions that come when their children reach their teens.

Teaching Teens about Money
Teens can easily misuse money and credit if they are not careful and if they are not well taught. Learn what dads can do to teach their teens to manage money responsibly.

Communicating with Your Teenager
Communicating with teenagers can be a challenge for any father. Learn more about how teenagers' minds work and how best to talk to them about the issues that concern them and their parents.

Teaching Teens to Drive
Teaching a teenager to drive often falls to a dad. Learn what you need to know about teaching your teen to drive and to develop proper attitudes about driving.

Teens - Love and Sex
Teens often have struggles and feel confused about issues related to love and sex. Learn how fathers can help them sort through these issues, understand the values associated with love and sex and handle these issues in their teens' lives.

Teens and Sexting - Parenting Tips for Dads
Find out what you need to know about this sexting phenomenon and what you can do about it to protect your kids from sexting and its implications.

Effective Discipline Ideas for Teenagers - Grounding
Learn about grounding as a disciplinary technique--what works and what doesn't and when grounding is an effective strategy for fathers and teens.

Teaching Our Sons to Respect Women
One of the greatest gifts a father can give his son is to teach him to respect women. Learn how dads can teach their sons respect for women.

Terrific Parenting Tips for Fathers
Here are some of the most important parenting tips that I think worked with my children and that I have seen other fathers use successfully as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Paternity Tests
Everything you need to know about paternity testing. What kinds of tests are there? Where I do get a paternity test? How much will it cost?

Child Discipline and Spanking
It is an age old question that elicits a lot of controversy. Should a dad spank his children or not? Is spanking a good tool in a dad's discipline tool kit or not? What tools might you use instead if spanking is not appropriate?

What a Dad Needs to Know About Wedding Budgets
So your daughter or son is getting married, and you have the responsibility to plan for and pay the bills. Find out what you should know about wedding planning and budgeting so you can make wise decisions and draw the appropriate limits around spending for the wedding.

Father of the Bride - Tips for Controlling Wedding Costs
So your daughter or son is getting married, and you have the responsibility to plan for and pay the bills. Find out what you should know about wedding planning and budgeting so you can make wise decisions and draw the appropriate limits around spending for the wedding. Page 2.

Supporting Children of Incarcerated Fathers
Families of incarcerated fathers have overwhelming challenges. Learn about children of incarcerated fathers and how they can best be supported.

Role of the Father of the Bride
Find out what experienced fathers of the bride did to make their role in the wedding important and the experience positive for dad, mom and daughter.

Recognizing Your Child's Accomplishments
Many fathers are quick to discipline or impose consequences when children fail, but we need even more to celebrate their successes. Here are some ideas for recognizing that great report card, a sports championship, a special award or other important accomplishment.

How New Fathers Can Adjust to New Routines
Wondering if you will ever sleep through the night again? What about sex after having a new baby? Find information on how to cope with a new baby at home and how to adjust to the new routine of fatherhood.

Finances for Fathers and Families
There always seems to be more month at the end of the money than there is money at the end of the month. Find out how to better manage your money, to save for college and retirement, and to make good financial decisions.

Strengthening Family Relationships
Identify ways to improve relationships at home and prevent the breakup of families. Tools for improving communication, for moderating conflict and for seeking help from qualified processionals can make all the difference for a family in crisis.

Savings for Fathers and Families
Information about how fathers and families can save for college and other family needs.

Ten Ideas for Helping Kids Celebrate Mom on Mother's Day
Making Mother's Day special for your kids' mom is part of what good dads do. Find out how to help the kids honor their mom in style.

The Effects of Divorce on Children and How to Cope
Recognize why children whose parents divorce are at risk emotionally, learn and watch for the danger signs, and find ways to help them and you cope.

Bonding with the New Baby
You have a new baby at home, and hope to be able to have a bonding experience with the little one. What can a dad do to better bond with his baby?

10 Common Child Discipline Mistakes Fathers Make
Disciplining children is an important role for fathers. Avoiding these mistakes will help fathers take a more productive approach to discipline.

Basic Income Tax Tips for Divorced Dads
Find out what you need to know about your federal income taxes if you are paying alimony, child support and more in support of your ex and the kids.

A Father's Guide to College Savings
Learn how to know how much to save for college, how to save it, and how to be ready before high school graduation

Things an Unwed Father Needs to Know
Learn the essentials about being an unwed father and know how to protect yourself and take full responsibility for the child.

How to Teach a Young Man How to Shave
Seeing a bit of peach fuzz on your teenage son? Then it is time to teach him how to shave. Learn the principles and techniques you need to know to teach your teenager how to shave safely and cleanly.

Top Ten Power Principles for Successful Fathers
Every successful father bases his fathering on basic principles. These principles will help any dad develop improved relationships with his children.

Outdoor Activities for Dads and Their Families
Looking for an activity to do out of doors with the kids or thw whole family? Get some ideas of things you can do outside with the family.

Dutch Oven Cooking for Fathers
Learn about how to use a Dutch oven to cook for your family, for a group on a camping trip or just for fun. Figure out the basics, and find some great recipes for using the Dutch oven.

Outdoor Activities To Prep Your Child For Spring
Getting cabin fever with the kids? Check out these 5 ways to get our families and our children ready for springtime.

What Every Dad Should Know About Labor
A big part of an expectant father's role is to help his partner through the labor process. Experienced dads share insights into what a first time dad needs to know.

Hospital Bag Checklist for Expectant Fathers
Getting ready for the trip to the hospital to deliver a baby? This checklist will help dad create the perfect hospital bag for all his needs.

Ways to Stay Close to Your Daughter As She Grows Up
Here are some time-tested ideas for dads to stay connected to their daughters as they grow through childhood and the teenage years.

Strengthening Father Daughter Relationships
If you are having a hard time getting close to your daughter, or just want a better connection, improve your father-daughter relationship.

Wedding Toasts for the Father of the Bride
Here are some memorable outlines for wedding toasts for the father of the bride as you send your daughter off into the adventure of marriage.

Father of the Bride Wedding Speeches
These successful wedding speeches for the father of the bride can either be used as is or give ideas for crafting your own father of the bride speech.

Ten Creative Activities for Dads and Teens
Wondering what to do to build a better relationship with your teen? These will help any father create connections and good memories.

When Should My Kids Start to Date?
Identifying and enforcing an appropriate age for beginning dating can be hard for any family. Learn how to set the right dating age for your kids.

Top Gifts for Wet Shaving Dads
Wet shaving is all the rage and more and more men are getting into wet shaving. Find the best razors, soaps, and shave accessories for your dad.

Technology for Fathers
Fathers today are pretty tech savvy. Learn more about using technology to your advantage in working with your family and making more time to enjoy them.

Tech Devices for Dads
Many dads love technology, and the devices reviewed and listed here are very dad-friendly and can help fathers and families with their technology needs. These devices are cost-conscious and of high quality for any father and family.

Fathers and Social Media
Fathers are getting more and more connected through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and more. Learn more about social media and how fathers can use it to connect to friends, family and others, and how to make sure that their kids are safe on social media.

Mobile Technology for Fathers
Find some great information on how fathers can use mobile technology to help them manage their time and resources and make them better dads along the way.

What and When to Tell the Kids About Your Dating and Partners
Learn what to tell the kids and when to help them best adjust to this new component of your life - dating again. Page 4.

Advice on Dating for Divorced Dads
So, it has been a while since the divorce and you are anxious for some female companionship. Dating is more difficult after a divorce than when you were single the last time. How should dad go about finding women and dating after a divorce? And what do you say to the kids and when?

How Divorced Dads Can Find Women to Date
If you have decided to jump back into dating as a divorced dad, just how do you go about finding women to date? Read about networking, volunteering, and internet dating. Page 2.

Crushes - What's a Dad to Do About A Crush?
Your son or daughter tells you that he or she has a crush on someone. So what does a dad do about a crush? Read tips about not worrying, and keeping communication open. Page 2.

New Fathers - Helping New Babies - and Dads - Get a Good Night's Sleep
New fathers often have an unexpected experience when their sleep patterns change with a new baby. How can new dads adjust to this new phenomenon in their lives and get the sleep they need to function at home and at work?

How to Plan and Execute a Successful Boy Scout Troop Meeting
As a Scouter, you can help your Scouts create successful scout troop meetings. Learn how to plan meetings that engage Scouts and help them advance.

How to Handle Your Toddler’s Tantrum
Many fathers get frustrated when their children have temper tantrums. Learn why tantrums happen with toddlers and how fathers can effectively react to tantrums.

Why and How Mothers and Fathers Can Share Chores at Home
When parents share the chores at home, it has benefits for children. Learn why and how moms and dads can and should share chores at home.

Ten Ways to Reconnect as an Absent Father
If you have been an absent father and now want back into your child’s life, these ten things for an absent father to do will help you reconnect with your child.

Ten Tips for Being a Successful Daddy Blogger
These ten tips will help any daddy blogger take his blog to a whole new level. Learn what dad bloggers do to have a successful dad blog.

Ten Tips for Dads in Blended Families
As a dad in a blended family, you have a critical role for your children, your new partner, her children and both of your exes. These tips will help any blended family be more successful.

Developing Common Interests With Your Son
One good way to build a relationship with your son is to develop common interests. Learn how to find areas of common interests and to build on those to improve your relationship as a father with your son.

The Dad Bloggers Group on Facebook
Learn about the Dad Bloggers Group at Facebook, what it is and how to get involved with this community of fathers blogging.

Dangerous Apps That You Should Check For on Your Kid’s Phone
There are dangers lurking online, and our kids can be vulnerable. Check your child’s phone to see if any of these dangerous apps for kids are there, and then have a talk and take action.

Ten Tips for Fathers in Surviving the Divorce Process
For any father contemplating divorce, the decision is fraught with emotion and fear. These ten tips to remember if you decide to proceed will help drive a more positive outcome to a very negative process.

Amazing Affirmations for Fathers
Affirmations are a big part of many self-improvement programs. These affirmations for fathers to consider will help commitment to a family be a big part of your self-improvement effort

Making a Second Marriage Work - Ten Ways Stepfathers Can Strengthen Their Marriage
The challenges of making a successful marriage after a prior divorce are daunting, especially when step-parenting is mixed in. Learn the ten keys for making a second marriage successful while still effectively helping raise stepchildren.

Finding Anger Management Resources Online
Looking for help with anger issues? These online resources offer classes, research and information about better managing anger and learning how to improve relationships through anger management.

How to Have a Family Scavenger Hunt
Few family activities are more memorable than a great family scavenger hunt. Find out how to plan and carry our a family scavenger hunt and enjoy time together.

Ten Self Care Ideas for Dads – What a Man Can Do Today to Take Care of Himself
Sometimes fathers just need a little tender loving care to get through the stresses of life. Consider these ten self care ideas for men who could use a little focus on their own needs.

Book Review – The Miracle Morning
The Miracle Morning is transforming the lives of men and women, fathers and mothers, around the world. Learn how The Miracle Morning can help any father become better, more focused and more balanced.

Teaching Children to Respect Law and Authority
Teaching children respect for law is essential to their role as good citizens in their communities. Learn how to best teach respect for authority.

Book Review – Getting to 50/50 – How Working Parents Can Have it All
Putting the fears of working parents to rest and offering practical solutions to help working parents raise great children is the goal of the book Getting to 50/50. Learn more about this book and how to become better parents even while working full time outside of the home.

Native American Fatherhood and Families Association
Find out more about the Native American Fatherhood and Families Association and the services and programs they provide for native American fathers.

Talking to Teens and Pre-Teens About Sex
Fatherhood. Page 3.

Making Joint Custody Work
With an ever increasing legal trend toward joint custody or mutual custody, fathers need to know what it takes to make joint custody a good solution.

How to Break a Power Struggle with a Child
Power struggles can be among the hardest discipline challenges. Get tips on breaking a power struggle with your child.

How to Decide Whether You Should Work From Home
Many fathers are choosing to work from home. What should you consider when making the work from home decision?

What Friendship Means to Your Teen
As they mature, teenagers become less interdependent on parents and more on their friends. Learn more about the role of friends in your teenagers life, why friendships are important to them, and how to be supportive of them as they grow and develop into responsible adults.

What Friendship Means to Your Teen: Parents and Friends
As they mature, teenagers become less interdependent on parents and more on their friends. Learn more about the role of friends in your teenagers life, why friendships are important to them, and how to be supportive of them as they grow and develop into responsible adults. Page 2.

How Your Partner's Body Will Change During Pregnancy
When our partner becomes pregnant, lots of things change. What should an expectant dad expect as the pregnancy progresses, and how should he respond?

Single Fathers - Organizing Tips for Single Fathers
If you have recently become a single father due to a divorce or death of your partner, these ideas about organizing your family and life will help.

How Your Partner's Body Changes During The First Trimester of Pregnancy
What body changes in his wife should an expectant dad expect as the pregnancy begins and moves through the first trimester, and how should be respond?

Books for Fathers and Children
Book suggestions for fathers and children to read together.

Stories About Not Having a Dad
Children who grow up without a father in their lives are missing a great opportunity. Read stories from children who did not have a dad growing up, or who were reunited with dad later in life. The stories are poignant and speak to the important role of fathers.

General Fatherhood Stories
Stories from dads about fatherhood--the joys, the pains, the good times and the bad.

Movies Recommended for Dads and Kids
Sometimes dads and kids just want to kick back and enjoy a movie or video together! This page lists great dad and kid movies recommended by your About Fatherhood Guide.

Stories About Divorce and Custody
Fathers tell their stories about divorce and custody issues relating to their children. Read what fathers have to say about the challenges of divorce, family court, visitation, child support, custody issues and more.

Stories About My Dad
Most children have significant feelings about their fathers--good or bad. Read stories written by children and adults about their fathers. Some are successful, some are not. But all are dads.

Stories by Grandfathers
Grandfathers have great opportunities to influence their grandchildren. How they do it and the results of their efforts create unique stories. Read about grandfathers raising a second family, about them teaching and having fun with their grandchildren and interacting their their grandkids' parents.

Reading - Information to Help Fathers and Children Read
Reading with the children is a fun and fulfilling activities for fathers. Check out resources for reading including summer reading lists, literacy ideas and more.

Parenting Books for Fathers
Find excellent books for fathers to learn parenting skills that will help them in their important roles. Read book reviews before you buy these great books.

Memoirs of Fathers and About Fathers
Fathers influence our lives and our thinking in many ways. These books by our about fathers in which they share their wisdom and experience can help us better understand our relationships and our experiences as fathers or children of fathers.

Cooking with the Kids
Learn how to have fun in the kitchen as a dad with your children. Find some great recipes, get your kitchen organized and make cooking a fun father-children activity.

Talking With Children About Sex
Talking about sex with children can sometimes be uncomfortable for fathers. These resources will help you handle this sometimes sensitive subject and reflect your own values and feelings about sex and sexual activity when talking to your children.

Stories About Pregnancy and Birth
First hand accounts from fathers about their experiences with pregnancy and the birth of children. Dads share their joys and sorrows about this process of bringing children into the world, including being the partner of a pregnant woman and welcoming a newborn child into their lives.

Reconnecting with Estranged Children
When fathers and children who have been estranged for years reconnect, the consequences can range from wildly positive to incredibly negative. Learn more about renewing relationships between fathers and children that have been separated or estranged.

Books for New Fathers
Check out these books that are perfect for new fathers.

Promises Powerful Fathers Make
Fathers who have the greatest success tend to be those who make some key promises to themselves and their families. Learn more about the promises of successful fathers.

Men's Health - Exercise Strategies for Fathers
Fathers need to maintain an exercise program to enhance health, lose weight and generally stay fit and active. These resources can help fathers create and stay with an exercise program.

Dealing with Sexual Addiction
Sexual addiction or pornography addiction can be damaging to family relationships at every level. Trust is broken and healing can be difficult. Whether the addict is a father, mother or child, dealing with the addiction is a challenge. Learn more about sex addiction, the warning signs of addiction and what fathers can do to help themselves or their children with sexual addiction.

Favorite Television Fathers
Fathers are portrayed in various ways on television - some positive and some negative. Check out some of the favorite television fathers and learn what they have contributed to our perceptions of fathers.

Halloween Recipes for Dads and Kids
These amazing Halloween recipes will help any father enjoy some time with his children cooking up something great for Halloween.

Personal Fitness for Fathers
Get fitness tips for fathers that will help with general health, weight loss and other physical wellness benefits.

Balancing Work and Family as a Single Parent
Single fathers have a difficult time of striking a balance between providing for their families financially and providing for them emotionally. And single fathers often feel they have nowhere to turn for help and support. Identify and utilize resources to help single dads balance the many demands of their busy lives.

Frequently Asked Questions About Child Support
Many non-custodial dads have questions about child support. Here are the answers to many of those questions to help you better understand child support issues.

Illinois Resources for Fathers
Information, direction and help finding resources in the State of Illinois for fathers living there.

Minnesota State Resources for Fathers
A compiliation of web-based resources for fathers living in Minnesota.

Single parents have their own unique set of challenges. Learn more about managing to parent when you are the only parent. Fathering without mothers is a particular challenge: find ways of coping and being successful as a single parent.
Single parents have their own unique set of challenges. Learn more about managing to parent when you are the only parent. Fathering without mothers is a particular challenge: find ways of coping and being successful as a single parent.

Resources for Virginia Fathers
Find help and information in Virginia for fathers living in that state.

Balancing Work and Life E-Course
Caught in the trap of being out of balance? Is your work demanding too much, and at the expense of your family? Then this course from About Fatherhood is for you. Check out these lessons that will help you bring balance again--keeping work, family and your personal life in a dynamic equilibrium.

Exemplary Fathers and Their Stories
Amazing fathers and their experiences can inspire us to greater commitment and devotion. These men and their stories can help us recommit to being better fathers.

Books for Divorced Fathers
Many excellent books have been written to help fathers who are divorcing or divorced. These books will offer insight and help if you find yourself separated or divorced.

Fathers and Babysitters
Babysitters are pretty important to a family, and dads having a good and positive relationship with those who care for his children is a real plus. Learn how to choose, work with and manage your babysitter to best meet the needs of your family.

Involving Fathers at School
Looking for ways to get more involved at school? Are you an educator hoping to encourage father involvement? Check out these resources for helping fathers be more involved at school.

Internet Safety for Families
The Internet is an important tool for fathers and families, but fathers need to be vigilant in helping their children stay safe online. Find resources to help keep your family safe with the Internet in your home.

Fathers and Reading
The evidence is in that fathers have a big influence on their child's love of reading. Learn how to help your child become a great reader.

Power Principles for Fathers
What principles, if followed, would help fathers be most successful. Learn about these power principles and apply them in your role as a father.

Books About Life as a Father
Looking for a book to help a father reflect on his mission and role as a parent? These books talk about life as a father and how fathers can influence their families for good.

Advice from Parenting Experts
There are certainly a lot of authors and family counselors who offer advice to fathers. Some of the best of these experts share their thoughts, philosophies and advice with fathers.

Resources for Blended Families
Bringing two separate families together in a marriage of the parents can be a very difficult process. Boundaries are redefined, roles are rearranged, and a new marriage can be stressed. It's not like the Brady Bunch. Find out ways to work through the challenges of blending two families into one.

Books for Fathers
Looking for a good book as a gift or for your own library? Here are several reviews of books that I think every dad should read about being a better father.

Indoor Family Activites
Too hot outside today? Or is it rainy or snowy and just a better day to stay inside? In either case, if you are looking for some fun indoor activities, here are some good ideas to get you started.

Managing Custody Relationships with Children
Fathers who share custody with their children or want custody of their children appreciate help in managing these custody relationships. Find ways to better manage the child custody relationships in your life with the goal of being the best dad you can be.

Managing Visitation Issues
Divorced dads who are relgated to visitation as their main contact with their children can have real difficulties in managing their visitation rights. Find help for making the most of your limited visitations with your children, managing the visitation process with your children's mom and other complications.

FAQ on Parental Alienation
Learn about parental alienation and parental alienation syndrome. Find out why it happens, how it happens, and what you can do about it if you believe your children's mom is working to alienate them from you.

Raising Another Generation: Raising Your Grandkids
Found yourself in a situation where you are the primary caregiver for your grandchildren? Life is not the same now as it was when you were raising their mother or father. What special tools are needed for grandfathers who find themselves being a dad again?

Readers' Stories About Fatherhood
Every father has stories of times that were meaningful to him. And there are lots of stories good and bad about dads. Maybe the story you have to tell is about an adoption, or the birth of a child, or a custody challenge during or after a divorce, or about parenting a new shared family or a teenager. Or maybe it is about your dad. Tell us about it!

Relationships with Kids after a Divorce
Maintaining a relationship with your kids after a divorce can be tricky. Find out ways to help your children adjust to divorce and ways to stay involved in their lives when you are not married to their moms.

Second Marriages and Fathers
Finding yourself in a second marriage where one or other other partner has children from a previous marriage creates new cicumstances. Find out what it takes to make a second marriage work successfully.

Working from Home
What options do stay at home dads have for working from home? Find out about telecommuting, free lancing, consulting and other possible approaches to working from home.

Information About the Disney Princesses for Fathers
Information for fathers about the Disney Princesses, so you can enjoy time with your daughter pretending to be a princess.

Groups Advocating for Fathers Rights
Many groups around the world are working to enhance the rights of fathers in being a part of their children's lives. This page provides links to groups who advocate changes in family law, who work with legislators and regulators and who are trying to make difference in the lives of dads and kids.

Fathers and Education
Interested in how best to help your children at school? Check these resources for being more involved, helping with homework, working with teachers and helping your children succeed at the business of education.

Being Environmentally Friendly in Your Family
Fathers and families are looking for ways to be more conscious and responsible for the environment. Here you will find suggestions for helping your family be more eco-friendly and for reducing your own personal carbon footprint.

Profiles of Experts on Fathering and Parenting Issues
Biographical information about various parenting and fathering experts who have contributed articles to the Fatherhood site at About.com.

Fathers and Politics
Find out how to become involved in political issues affecting fathers. Learn about candidates and their views on topics of interest to dads.

Have you embarked, ready or not, on the adventure of grandfathering? It is a whole new world! Check out the best resources on the Web for grandfathers.

Handling Crises in Your Family's Life
What happens when a parent is ill or a pet dies or a parent loses a job? How can you help your children understand and deal with crisis and tragedy? These resources will help you address these kinds of important events in the life of your family.

Resources for Home Schooling Dads
Many parents are choosing to provide a home school education for their children. Some are providing part-time home school, where children are in the normal school environment part day, and some are following the regular home school route. Find information on deciding about home school versus public school and how to make home schooling an effective educational tool.

Homework Resources
Find Internet resources for helping kids with homework. These resources include homework helps for all ages of students from elementary through college, and have links to free, paid and live sites on the Web.

Mens Issues
Interested in some general links about being a dad? These sites offer lots of information about fatherhood in general. Check here for everything from adoption issues to magazines and e-zines, to music with a father's focus.

Succeeding as a Father
Just about every dad I know wants to be a success as a parent. There is certainly lots of good advice out there for fathers. These resources will help you discover ways to make your fathering experience a success.

Success in Marriage
Marriage is a truly remarkable institution. But making a marriage a success requires the best we have to offer. Find resources for helping us understand our partners, ways to mend a breaking or broken marriage, and methods for keeping a family together.

Working with Teachers
Sometimes dealing with a child's teachers can be intimidating for a father. Find ways to better communicate with teachers, to work through parent teacher conferences, to handle grade and homework issues, and generally to nurture relationships with your child's teachers.

Teaching Your Child About Science and Science Fairs
From helping your child learn more about science to working on science fair experiments, learning together about science can be really fun for a father and child.

Parenting at a Distance
Parenting when the children are at some distance away can be tough for any parent. Learn more about how to successfully parent at a distance and how to maintain and improve relationships from far away.

Parenting Toddlers and Preschoolers
When children get beyond the baby years and become toddlers and preschoolers, their interests and abilities change. Learn how to be a great father for your toddlers and preschoolers.

Parenting Your Adult Children
Fathers with adult children come to realize that they never stop being fathers. But parenting your adult children can be a delicate matter. Find out ways to be a responsible parent of adult children, and to continue your role of helping them also be responsible.

Controlling Your Anger
Ever felt that your anger was getting th best of you? As we discipline children, anger is an emotion that must be controlled. After all, we are trying to change behavior and teach self control--we can't lose ours in the process. Find ways to keep anger under control as you work with your children.

Dad's Blogs
A significant recent addition to the Internet is the idea of weblogs, or

Dads and Daughters: Meeting Our Daughters' Needs
Since no dads were raised as daughters, we sometimes have a hard time relating to our female offspring. Find tips and information for being a great dad to your girls.

Resources for Divorced Fathers
Dads who are divorced from their children's moms have a tough job. Keeping in touch from a distance or managing relationships with the children when you are not in the home is a major challenge. Check this page for resources to help divorced dads be the best dads possible under the circumstances.

Effective Discipline Techniques
Learn more about specific tools available to fathers to improve their efforts to effectively discipline children. Does time out really work? What about behavioral contracts? Any other ideas?

Photography for Fathers
Just about every dad loves to take pictures of the kids and family and their activities. Find information here about photography, cameras, taking video and more.

Postpartum Issues for New Fathers
Delivery of a child brings lots of new experiences to a new mom and, by extension, to the new dad. Helping your partner through this postpartum adjustment can be a challenge physically and emotionally. Find resources to help you understand the postpartum process and to help you help your partner through this very challenging time.

Scouting Resources for Fathers and Scouts
The Scouting movement has been a great way to build boys, girls and their fathers for generations. Find out more about Boy Scouting, Girl Scouting and related movements and how to be successful as a parent or leader in Scouting.

Stay Home Dads
More and more fathers are opting to be at-home dads for a variety of reasons. Find information and resources here for dads who become primary caregiver and spend their working and waking hours at home.

Stepfathers face significant challenges as they move into a situation where they are often unwanted and unappreciated. It takes special skills and attitudes to be a successful stepfather. This page contains resources for stepfathers and fathers in blended families.

Storytelling for Dads
Kids always love a great story. Find resources to improve your skills as a storyteller, and find some great stories to tell your children. Learn about visual aids, puppets and other props. Become a legendary storyteller.

Tweens and Their Dads
As children reach the pre-teen years (10-12 or so), dads can find these children changing quickly. Learn more about the tween period of a child's life and what a dad can do to succeed with his tweens.

Managing the Family Budget
Money can cause a lot of stress in families. Learn how to set and manage a family budget and what fathers can do to help keep their families financial secure.

Fathers Rights: Child Support
Fathers often struggle with issues of child support, including what to pay, when to pay, how to change support amounts and what to do if they get behind in their payments. Find resources here to help dads find answers and handle the intricacies of child support.

Financial Planning for New Fathers
Fathers starting a family need to plan for their financial future. What do fathers need to know about retirement planning, saving for college, life insurance, investment, and the other important questions about meeting a family's financial obligations?

Medical and Child Health for New Fathers
There is not much that frightens a new dad more than a baby who is sick. What should you do? When do you call the doctor? And what steps should you take to prevent child illness and forcus on wellness for your baby and children? Find answers to these and other child health questions.

New Year's Holiday Resources
Celebrating the New Year can be a fun activity for dads and kids. Find out more about setting resolutions, First Night and other alcohol free alternatives, and ways to have a fun but quiet New Years at home.

Pregnancy and Fathers
Are you and your partner pregnant, or do you hope to be? Find resources for expectant dads and their pregnant partners. Information about the stages of pregnancy, labor, delivery, coaching programs like Bradley and Lamaze, and post partum issues are available to help you move through the process and transition into parenthood.

St. Patricks Day Holiday Resources
With a bit of the luck of the Irish, St. Patrick's Day celebrations can be fun and entertaining for fathers and kids. Visit this page for resources to help make St. Patrick's day celebrations a fun tradition.

Valentines Day Resources
Valentines Day has become a fun tradition for children as well as adults. Find information and ideas for celebrating Valentines Day and making it a fun experience for your kids.

E-Courses on Work Life Balance
Check out or subscribe to an e-course on an aspect of work life balance and how to keep the many demands on a father's time in balance.

Christmas Gifts for Fathers
Christmas gift giving is important for everyone, and maybe more so for fathers. Find some great gift ideas for fathers for the Christmas holidays.

Gifts for Special Interest Dads
Looking for that perfect gift for your special dad? Whatever his hobby or his interest, there is a gift guide here that will help you tackle the tough problem of a gift for your father.

Organizations Promoting Fatherhood
Interested in connecting with organizations that promote responsible fatherhood? This list of organizations along with profiles of their programs and services will help any reader find an organization that can help meet a father's needs.

A Dad's Guide to Baby Gear
The one thing that often surprises new dads the most is how much stuff a new baby needs. Check out these resources to help dads find the best new baby gear.

Books for New Fathers
A list of excellent books that any new dad needs to read to prepare for fatherhood.

Children and Identity Theft
Learn what fathers can do to protect their children and families from the dangers of identity theft.

Teaching Children About Money
Fathers have an important responsibility to teach their children to wise stewards of money. Find out how fathers successfully teach their children about money and financial responsibility.

Christmas Holiday Resources for Dads and Kids
Find ideas for the Christmas holidays celebrations whether or not you are of a Christian faith. Learn about Christmas legends and traditions, find ideas for Christmas parties, and find help for managing multiple faith families' holiday celebrations.

Fathers' Rights
There is a significant movement around the US and the world to provide equal rights for fathers, when they so often feel disadvantaged by the courts in family law matters. Learn more about your rights as a father and what to do to participate in the fathers' rights movement.

Games for Dads and Kids to Play
For generations, great games have helped cement relationships between dads and their kids. Find resources about great games you can play: board games, card games, active games, and games that are just made up.

Halloween Resources for Kids and Dads
Lots of resources for fathers to enjoy the Halloweeen holiday with children. Find ideas for costumes, Halloween parties, scary events and sounds, and ideas for Halloween safety.

Humor For and About Dads
While fatherhood is a serious business, it helps to remember that we are all human and that there is a funny side to parenting. For a walk on the lighter side, check out these references to the sometimes irreverent side of being a dad.

Legal Help for Fathers
Fathers who are involved in legal battles, whether for divorce, custody, visitation rights, or child support can find help and resources here. Get information about the legal system, where to find competent counsel and how to work within the system to defend yourself and your relationship with your children.

Mens Health and Fitness
With a busy schedule as a father and a full-time employee, fitting in fitness and health consciousness can be difficult. Find information on ways to be healthier and more fit and helping your children with their health and physical fitness as well.

Fathers Rights and Paternity Issues
Some fathers become involved in issues that challenge their paternity of children. Paternity testing, whether to prove or disprove paternity, is a significant issue for a man. Find resources here concerning the legal and practical concerns about establishing paternity.

Fathers Rights: Visitation Issues
After a divorce, fathers are often at the mercy of their ex-partners or the courts in enforcing their rights to visitation with their children. This page offers information and resources to fathers who are trying to keep or expand their visitation rights.