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Inside information about Hollywood
Inside information about Hollywood Productions

TMZ is the premier news spot for celebrity gossip and Hollywood movies

5 Ways New Media is Changing Filmmaking
New media and original productions on amazon and netflix is changing the filmmaking industry forever

Hollywood Movie Directors
Want to become a Hollywood Director? Learn the traits of all successful movie makers on the filmmaking section for directing movies and tv shows

Celebrity Gossip
Celebrity Gossip about the Hollywood stars such as the Kardashians, Jenners, Will Smith and MTV as well as TMZ

How to get into Hollywood
These columns explain how to break into Hollywood, from start to finish.

Talent Management for Hollywood Celebrity Actors
Talent management for how to become an actor in filmmaking

Directing Films, start to finish.
How to direct a film from start to finish, and what's involved every step of the way.

How to Shoot a Movie
This column goes over what's involved in photographing or filming a Movie, TV show, or Webseries.

Filmmaking | Movies | TV Shows | Celebrity Life
Filmmaking from Hollywood writer, producer, director about how to make a movie, screenplay, celebrity news, Hollywood life, new media, comedies and more

Filmmaking Overview
How Steve Zacharias got into writing.

Producing film and television, start to finish
How to produce a film or television series from start to finish.

Casting for movies and tv
Learn at the role of casting the right characters

Screenplay Writing
Expert advice from hollywood screenplay writer producer director Steve Zacharias who used the formula to sell over 100 featured films in the past 40 years as well as 25 tv shows.

In this section we will explore and talk about the creation and production of Webseries and how they relate to Filmmaking.

Personal Experiences
This is my story, of how I broke into the industry and you can as well.

How to write a movie from start to finish
In this column, I'll take you through how to write a movie from start to finish.

How to Prepare for an Acting Role
A how to on how to research, prepare, and act in a role in a Film or Television show.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Top 3 Talent Agencies
Top Hollywood talent agencies including UTA and Gersh to represent actors, writers and producers

Film Finance
Learn about ways to get your movie or tv series made through finance options.

Representation for your career
Representation for your career as a writer, producer, director or actor

How to become a screenplay writer
Breaking into Hollywood as a screenplay writer

Hollywood Producers
How to become a producer in Hollywood

3 Ways to Land a Hollywood Agent
how to become and find a hollywood agent at UTA, CAA or one of the other agencies for movie stars, writers and directors

Creating the right Characters
This article explains how casting and finding the right characters in movies and television determine whether or not it is a hit show or movie

New Media
New media for productions using Amazon Studios or Youtube Spaces

Studio Options
Screenplay writers can option a script to get it funded

Indie Funding
How to get indie film funding. Filmmaking.

How to Write a Movie - The Idea
How to write a screenplay part 1 - The idea is everything

Steve Zacharias on Filmmaking
Steve Zacharias on breaking into Hollywood as a writer, producer director and filmmmaking

Acting Tips from Hollywood Insider
A loose introduction to Acting, and how to prepare for a role.

Everything About Hollywood Producers
Everything you need to know about producers.

Movie Directors Job Duties and Responsibilities
How to Direct a Movie. Filmmaking.

Breaking into Hollywood
How to break into Hollywood. Filmmaking.

Becoming a Hollywood Writer
How to write a screenplay. Filmmaking.

Cinematography in Hollywood Movies
The basic requirements of how to shoot a film or a movie, on the camera side.

Intro to Webseries
An introduction and overview of webseries