Financial Careers Sitemap - Page 1 2016-09-26

Living Wills for Banks
Banks are now required to plan for their orderly dissolution in case of insolvency. These plans are popularly called

Truth in Job Advertising
Consumer protection laws aim to prevent false claims about products and services. Should these laws also cover false claims made to job seekers?

4 Practical Tips to Negotiate a Pay Raise for Women
Women earn 79 cents on the dollar when compared with their male peers. Here are 4 practical tips to help you negotiate elevated pay.

How Much Do Consultants Earn?
Consultants in the employ of the most prestigious firms can command very impressive pay packages. Get the details here.

Freshman 15: College Budget Busters
Bad college habits can bring on the dreaded college

Earning a CFA - Chartered Financial Analyst
Becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification can enhance a number of careers paths in finance. Learn about what the CFA entails here.

Bank Teller Career Overview
What do bank tellers do, how do you become one, and what does the job pay? What is the employment outlook for tellers? Learn this and more right here.

Contact Management Systems
Leading financial services firms have contact management systems to track dealings with large or otherwise important clients. Read on for details.

The Future of Accounting
Today's accounting and financial professionals are expected to do a lot more than just the traditional tallying of numbers and closing of the books.

Overdraft Fees
Overdraft fees are a big money maker for banks. Are some banks using sneaky means to assess these fees on unwitting and unwilling customers?

Household Income and Spending Volatility
Many U.S. households experience large monthly swings in income or expenses, and lack the savings to weather it. How can financial professionals help?

Are Community Banks Still Relevant?
In order to compete against national mega-banks, small community banks are finding it necessary to forge alliances with other competitors.

Covered Call Strategies to Boost Income
Covered call strategies are conservative means for adding income to investment portfolios. Here is an outline of this time-honored method.

What is Supply Chain Analysis?
How are a given company's financial results affected by the actions of suppliers and customers? This is what supply chain analysis looks to determine.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
The Bureau of Labor Statistics is a valuable resource for job seekers and career changers, especially with its information on hiring trends and pay.

How to Become a Financial Advisor
Financial advisor is an attractive career option, but entering the field is challenging in many respects. Learn how to become a financial advisor.

Free Tax Refunds at Walmart
Giant retailer Walmart is increasing its attempts to serve the financial needs of its low income customer base, now by offering free cash tax refunds.

Walmart MoneyCenters - Walmart Money Centers
Walmart is making a big push serve low income individuals who are underserved by banks, offering low cost check cashing, payments and money transfers.

Advice From Successful People
Making career choices based on the experiences of highly successful people seems logical. But is it actually? Is their success really replicable?

Financial Development Programs
Several leading corporations are known for developing top financial managers, who often become prime candidates for senior positions at other firms.

Is Success Due to Talent or Luck?
Is success mainly due to talent or luck? Your attitudes on this topic have large implications for your career and overall satisfaction in life.

The Mortgage Crisis
The mortgage crisis that began in 2006-07 continues to have huge impacts on the financial system, financial careers and the general economy. Here are the major unresolved issues.

Best Career Advice
MBA students in an entrepreneurship course asked 2 guest speakers to share the best career advice that they had received. Here is what they said.

Getting Names Right
Getting names right, both spelling and pronunciation, are vital to job performance, career development and networking. Carelessness will cost you.

Automatic Sweep
An automatic sweep, as offered by many banks, brokerage firms and mutual fund companies, moves money among accounts according to preset rules.

New York Institute of Finance
The New York Institute of Finance is a major resource for continuing education in banking and financial services, not just in NYC.

Reaching For Yield
Reaching for yield is the pursuit of high yields on investments without due regard for risk. When widespread, a financial crisis is likely to ensue.

How to Beat Hiring Software
As more and more companies use software to screen job applications and resumes, job applicants need to know ho to beat the hiring software. Here are top tips from a business professor who has devoted close study to this issue.

Best Accounting Firms to Work For
What are the best accounting firms to work for? The answer depends on your preferences and goals, but this respected survey offers some guidance.

Billable Hours in Consulting
Billable hours are a key metric in consulting, public accounting and legal firms, with important ramifications for pay and promotion.

Staff Utilization Rate in Consulting Firms
Utilization rate is a measure of productivity used by many public accounting and management consulting firms for evaluating and compensating staff.

What is Finance?
Exactly what is finance? What are its main branches? How does it fit into the economy and the management of organizations? Look here for the answers.

What Much Does a Financial Analyst Earn?
A career as a financial analyst specializing in securities research can be both stimulating and remunerative. Get the details here.

Manipulative Mentors and Sponsors
When a mentor or a workplace sponsor tries to place you in a new position, be sure that the move advances your interests rather than theirs.

Commercial Banking Career Ideas
Considering a career in retail or commercial banking? Here is a survey of the key concepts and trends that you should know.

Loan Officer Careers
A loan officer at a bank, credit union or other financial institution assists borrowers in applying for loans and assesses their creditworthiness.

Are Top Employees Assets
Does a company view top employees as valuable assets to protected? Instead, are they treated as liabilities to cut costs? The answer is crucial to whether you should work there.

Financial Jobs With Flexible Hours
Jobs with flexible hours are important to many people, and opportunities for finding them is growing in financial services.

Citigroup Profile
In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, Citigroup has sold off many of its subsidiaries outside its core Citibank unit.

Bank Branch Closings
The banking industry goes through cycles of opening and closing branches. This has huge implications for staffing levels.

Corporate Culture
Understanding and adapting to corporate culture, which can vary greatly among organizations, is critical to career success and wise job choice.

Employment Arbitration
Employers are increasingly demanding that employees sign away their rights to file lawsuits against them. Is this a good trend? Is this legal?

Why Wall Street Loses Talent to Silicon Valley
West Coast tech firms are attracting talent away from Wall Street, both experienced hands and young graduates. Why is Wall Street losing its appeal?

Surprise Medical Billing
A major issue in healthcare finance is the growing backlash against balance billing, popularly known as surprise medical billing. What is this?

How Consultants Lie
Consultants frequently tell a few stock lies in hopes of advancing their agendas. If a consultant tries any of these on you, beware.

Human Capital
Human capital is a concept in economics that is relevant to career development. Exactly what is it, how do you obtain it, and why does it matter?

What is Unrelated Business Income at Nonprofits?
What is unrelated business income at nonprofits? Are certain tax-exempt organizations taking advantage of their status to run for-profit sidelines?

Internal Audit
Internal audit is becoming an increasingly important function in many companies and industries. Top pros in the field are writing their own tickets.

Risk Management Career Profile
The importance of risk management is growing with the complexity of the financial system, and with regulatory pressures. Learn about careers here.

Jobs Within Accounting - CPA Careers
A CPA license, while required for only a select few career paths in finance, can enhance your credibility. Learn more about jobs within accounting.

Risk Measurement
Risk management is an increasingly important financial function. Here are risk measurement techniques and methods for measuring and assessing risks.

Up or Out Policy
Firms with an

On The Job Training
On the job training (or OJT) often is more critical to your job performance than formal schooling. We discuss the types of OJT that you'll encounter.

Uber For Business Travel
Uber has burst on the scene as a major competitor to taxis and traditional car services. It is now gaining acceptance with corporate travel managers.

Are Consultants Truly Independent?
Consultants theoretically are hired to offer unbiased, independent and expert advice. In some cases, the outcome of their work may be predetermined.

Goldman Sachs Junior Analyst Program
Working as a junior investment banking analyst at Goldman Sachs long has been a ticket to a lucrative Wall Street career, often at other firms.

Understanding Cybercrime on Wall Street
Cybercriminals are using a modern twist on impersonating account holders to withdraw funds. What is the scheme, and what is being to stop it?

Why Insurers Use Credit Scores
Many insurers, especially in the field of auto insurance, tend to use credit scores in determining premiums for coverage. Why is this so? Is it fair?

Bottom Up Budgeting and Forecasting
Bottom up forecasting and budgeting methods and processes take estimates at low levels and add them up to produce the figures for higher aggregates.

Financial Controller Careers
A financial controller exerts control over the use of company funds and has a leading role in many facets in the business.

Corporate Treasury - Cash Managers and More
Corporate treasury is a fast-paced, highly-paid field related to investment banking and money management. Learn the basics about starting a career.

Financial Planner Career Overview
Financial planners have rewarding careers helping clients budget, save and set financial goals. Learn what it takes to enter and succeed in the field.

Insurance Claims Adjuster: Career Path Overview
Insurance claims adjusters play the vital role of studying requests for payouts under insurance policies, then determining whether they should be honored or denied.

Public Finance
Public finance encompasses both financial management in government entities and the raising of funds to support their activities.

Overview of Management Reporting Systems
Well-designed and maintained management reporting systems are critical to the operation of most business enterprises. This is what they entail.

Transfer Pricing Methods and Models
Management reporting systems include transfer pricing methods and models. Familiarity with these concepts is essential for financial managers.

Cost Free Employee Benefits
Companies can enhance employee satisfaction and loyalty in many ways at little or no cost. Creative financial and human resources managers, take note.

Series 11 – Registered Sales Assistant
The Series 11 qualification allows brokerage sales assistants to accept and process unsolicited client orders. This frees up financial advisor time.

Financial Representative Career Overview
Financial representatives in life insurance companies often combine the duties of insurance sales agents, financial advisers and financial planners.

Investment Banker Careers - Investment Banking Jobs
An introduction to the types of work and industry trends in investment banking. The field ranges from securities issuance to mergers and acquisitions to business advisory services.

Private Equity Firms
Private equity firms finance private companies and arrange private placements for public companies.

Pseudo-Requirements - Excessive Job Qualifications
To eliminate job applicants, many companies put excessive and needless qualifications in job ads. These pseudo-requirements do not deter savvy job hunters.

Financial Job Descriptions
Formal job descriptions often do not capture the full spectrum of responsibilities that the job holder is expected to fulfill. This is especially true with financial job descriptions.

The Meaning of Job Titles in Finance
How financial services job titles relate to pay, advancement and career opportunity. These labels can shape many factors of your life.

Applying Psychology to Finance
Psychology has many applications in finance and in career management. We offer a sampling of some key relevant insights that this field can offer.

Data Science Careers
Data science, which involves the use of so-called big data, has gotten a lot of press. An over-hyped field, or one in which the job outlook is bright?

Private Equity Fees
Private equity funds charge a variety fees to investors and portfolio companies alike. Here is a summary of the most common types of such fees.

Comparing Job Offers
In choosing among job offers or potential employers, there are a number of crucial considerations. Here is a case study in the process.

Best Courses for Finance Majors
Some of the best courses for finance majors actually may lie outside the financial discipline itself. These suggestions can widen your expertise.

7 Positive Traits of Worriers
Research shows that people who are disposed to worry, pessimism or skepticism are very good hires for certain jobs. Take a close look at yourself.

What Consumer Finance Includes
Consumer finance involves budgeting, saving, investing, borrowing and risk management for individuals. Courses in it are a new trend in MBA programs.

Should MBA Applicants Take GMAT or GRE?
A growing number of MBA programs accept the GRE (Graduate Record Exam) as an alternative to the GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test).

Merrill Lynch Company Profile
Merrill Lynch is one of the most renowned names in the financial services industry. Here is a profile of the company for prospective employees.

Product Management
Product management is a central interdisciplinary function in many companies, often a fast-paced and exciting job that opens doors to other career options.

The Big Four Public Accounting Firms
The Big Four Public Accounting Firms are the leaders in accounting and auditing services, as well as major players in consulting and tax preparation.

Rating Agencies
Credit rating agencies assess the financial strength of corporate and governmental entities. They provide excellent entry-level jobs in finance.

FDIC or Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, or FDIC, is the principal banking regulator in the U.S., and has varied employment opportunities.

Surge Pricing
Surge pricing, a phrase used by ride hailing service Uber, is a form of peak period pricing, which many of Uber's critics support in other settings.

Are Targeted Internet Ads Worth the Money?
The big problem with targeted Internet ads is that the wrong people often are targeted. Is your company wasting its marketing budget in this fashion?

12 Angry Men Group Dynamics
The 1957 movie 12 Angry Men has been used as a teaching tool in business school courses about management, group dynamics and group decision making.

Top Financial Engineering Programs (Quant Network)
Financial engineering, a.k.a. mathematical finance, financial mathematics, quantitative or computational finance, applies advanced math to finance.

How Smart Companies Use Freeconomics
Freeconomics is a new term describing an old marketing strategy, the selective giving away of free or heavily discounted merchandise or services in hopes of stimulating more sales in the future.

Understanding Mutual Funds Accounting
Mutual funds accounting involves portfolio valuation, net asset value (NAV) calculation and client record keeping. It is a complex and vital process.

Bad Customer Service
A case study in truly bad customer service. What happens when a company cuts corners in systems infrastructure and in customer service talent.

Insider Trading Enforcement
Enforcement of insider trading regulations is increasingly enhanced by advances in technology. Is there a typical profile of those who take the risk?

Price Optimization
Price optimization is an attempt to extract maximum revenue by quoting different prices to different customers, based on their willingness to pay.

Measuring Returns From Sponsorships
Corporations spend significant sums of many on various sponsorship deals, but measuring the bottom line impact is hazy at best. Why is this so?

Monte Carlo Simulation
Monte Carlo simulations introduce elements of chance and randomness to financial analysis, to produce results that account for risk.

Financial Definition: Institutional Client
In financial services, the definition of an institutional client, and what its significance, is an important piece of jargon to understand.

Shopping With Layaway Plans
Layaway plans are an old retailing device by which consumers finance purchases without incurring debt. They are seeing a revival in popularity.

Layering in Stock Trading
Layering is a market manipulation technique that is related to spoofing. Read on for examples of how this scheme works.

Broker Sales Assistant Job Description
Sales assistants play a key role in leveraging the time of brokers and financial advisors. Here are details about qualifications, duties and pay.

Financial Advisor Job Satisfaction & Best Employers
The Financial Advisor Satisfaction Survey from J.D. Power offers insights into how financial advisors view their firms and where they prefer to work.

How Wayne Rogers Built a Financial Career After M*A*S*H
The late Wayne Rogers successfully moved from acting (best known for his TV role on M*A*S*H) to money management and financial commentary. Here's how.

Why You Should Choose a Financial Career
Working in the financial industry is a very attractive option for ambitious people who look to get ahead quickly and enjoy a high earning potential.

Engagement as Defined in Business, Finance and Law
An engagement as defined in business, finance and law typically means a project or assignment. Does this term really imply anything more?

Budget Exercise
A budget exercise is common business parlance for an emergency cost-cutting effort. They have important ramifications for employees and job seekers.

Due Diligence
Due diligence is a phrase that is often heard in a variety of business, financial and legal settings. Here is a succinct definition and explanation.

Mutual Company
The mutual company form of organization was once common in banking and insurance, but is becoming increasingly rare. Read on for an explanation.

Form 1099
IRS Form 1099 reports dividend and interest income. Brokerage firms often issue late revisions, creating tax filing headaches for their clients.

The ancient system of Hawala remains a powerful alternative to the modern banking system for funds transfers across borders. What are its attractions?

Wayne Rogers Net Worth
The late Wayne Rogers, best known for his role on M*A*S*H, built a new name for himself in investing. How successful was he in building a fortune?

Human Resources Careers
As issues of employee development, turnover and retention become increasingly recognized as vital to corporate success, human resources careers are gaining in prestige and importance.

How Margin Loans Work
Margin loans are a common method of financing used by investors and extended by brokerage firms. Here are the basics on what margin lending entails.

Mobile Banking
Prepaid mobile phone (cell phone) credits are a common payment mechanism in developing countries with poor banking, mail and transport networks.

Signing Bonuses
Signing bonuses are used to entice high value recruits. Normally a lump sum paid at the start of employment, they also may include deferred performance-linked payouts.

Stock Loan and Securities Lending
Lending shares of stock to facilitate short sales. Stock loan tends to be a highly profitable function. Learn what it's all about here.

Purchase Order Financing - PO Financing
Purchase order financing is a way for cash-poor resellers or distributors of hard goods to pay the manufacturers of these goods in a timely fashion.

Advancing in Information Technology
To improve their status and to open up career possibilities elsewhere in their firms, information technology professionals need to work on developing management skills. Here is a primer.

Performance Reviews - Problems and Recommendations
Performance reviews absorb a great deal of time and effort, yet many find the process unsatisfactory. Innovative firms are making bold reforms.

Farmer Mac
The Farm Credit System (FCS) is the major supplier of loans to farmers. Farmer Mac is part of this system, creating a secondary market in farm loans.

Big Data in Finance
Big data is becoming a big issue in finance, with multiple applications and wider usage, given advances in information technology.

Pros and Cons of Being an Independent Contractor
Working as an independent contractor rather than as an employee has positive and negative aspects. Weigh them before deciding which route to take.

Methods for Salary Negotiation
An important application of negotiation skills is in the matter of salaries and total compensation packages. Beware of ploys used by management.

Salary Policies
In setting salary policies, employers need to draw upon financial insights and expertise, in addition to looking at general surveys of compensation.

Salary Transparency
Most employers are secretive about pay, for good and bad reasons alike. Calls for greater salary transparency are gaining support in unlikely places.

5 Lessons From Undercover Boss
While a critical viewer should be skeptical of many elements of

Pay for Financial Jobs
Drawing from data collected by the federal government, here are some comparisons of pay by industry (including government) for representative job categories within the financial field.

Geographic and Location Pay Differentials
Companies with far-flung operations often have salary scales that vary by location, to reflect regional variations in the cost of living and in general wage rates.

Youth About Business
Youth About Business educates low-income high school students about business, entrepreneurship and finance through various hands-on teaching methods.

Issues in Financial Management
A survey of key topics of interest to controllers, treasurers, CFOs and other financial managers.

Issues in Financial Management
A survey of key topics of interest to controllers, treasurers, CFOs and other financial managers.

Financial Controller Interview Questions
Are you good at answering tough job interview questions? The financial controller interview questions are easy to anticipate and prepare for.

8 High- and Low- Tech Ways to Save
Looking for surefire ways to save money? Here are 8 high- and low-tech ways to supercharge your savings

The Financial Services Industry
The financial services industry plays a central role in the world economy and offers exciting and rewarding career options for high energy people.

The Kovel Rule - Lawyer-Client Confidentiality
The Kovel Rule is a legal principle that extends lawyer-client confidentiality to include other sources of expert advice, most notably accountants.

Get Extreme Savings Without the Extreme Couponing
Do Sunday circulars make you roll your eyes, or grab the scissors? Check out these strategies to get extreme savings without extreme couponing.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Industry Events
Events that will help you stay abreast of new developments in the industry and advance your career through networking.

How Mark McCormack and IMG Made Pro Athletes Really Rich
Innovative sports agent Mark McCormack and his firm IMG set the pattern whereby top athletes earn more from endorsements than from salaries or prizes.

Jim Spanarkel
Former Duke University and NBA basketball player Jim Spanarkel is now a successful financial advisor, while also announcing basketball on TV.

CFO - Chief Financial Officer
CFO is a common abbreviation for Chief Financial Officer. The plural CFOs also can refer to Critical Few Objectives.

Production Credits
Production Credits are key metric used by many leading securities brokerage firms in computing Financial Advisor compensation. Here's how they work.

IRR or Internal Rate of Return
IRR, or Internal Rate of Return, is derived from NPV analysis and is used to analyze projects and investments.

Insurance Investigators
Insurance investigators are in-house private detectives who take a close look into claims where fraud or criminal conduct is suspected.

Careers in Insurance - Job Overviews and Profiles
Insurance offers a variety of career opportunities. Here is a survey of the principal functions and jobs.

Insurance Sales Agent Careers
Insurance sales agents (insurance agents) sell insurance products, and also may prepare financial plans and sell various other investment products.

Insurance Claims Examiners
Insurance claims examiners are involved in scrutinizing claims for insurance payouts and assessing what, if anything, the policyholder should receive.

Insurance Underwriters
Insurance underwriters evaluate applications for insurance, determine whether policies should be issued (written) and set premiums and other terms.

Branch Operations Manager - Career Overview
Branch operations and service managers keep brokerage offices running, concerned with building maintenance, communications and technology.

Careers in Brokerage Operations
Brokerage operations concerns moving cash and securities to settle trades, plus the associated record keeping for clients and brokerage firms alike.

Securities Trader - Securities Trading Careers
Securities traders pursue a fast paced and often highly paying career at the center of the securities markets. Is this a career for you? Learn here.

DTCC - DTC - Depository Trust
The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) is a vital cog in the international financial system, and a very highly-paying employer.

Why Job Titles Matter for Careers
Job titles denote respect and authority. An unduly low title can undermine both. Here we discuss why this is true and what you should do about it.

Factoring is a way for businesses to raise money by selling their accounts receivable, or borrowing by posting them as collateral.

University Endowment Jobs
Most institutions of higher education (plus some primary and secondary schools), have endowments that require professional money management.

Contingent Job Offers With Strings Attached
Contingent job offers have strings attached and later may be withdrawn. Before accepting a job, be careful to understand these contingencies.

Management Science Careers
The financial services industry is a leading employer of management science professionals, people who apply advanced mathematical techniques to the analysis and solution of business problems.

Jobs in Public Relations
Public relations is a vital and fast-paced function, with high visibility and access to senior executives. The field requires communications, interpersonal and persuasive skills.

Securities Underwriting Careers
Securities underwriting is a primary function and career path within investment banking. Here is a description of the field and key terminology.

Northwestern Mutual
Northwestern Mutual is a leading life insurer, renowned for high satisfaction among clients and salespeople, and a top sales internship program.

How to Dress For Interviews
Today many people, especially the young, come to job interviews dressed unprofessionally and ruin their chances. Here experts in fashion and interviewing offer vital advice on dressing properly.

Family Offices
Family offices are specialized financial services firms that cater to the needs of extremely wealthy clients. They employ top financial professionals.

Largest Multi-Family Offices and Businesses (U.S)
Family offices are boutique financial firms that serve the ultra-wealthy and hire top talent. Here are the largest family offices in the U.S.

FINRA - Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, has succeeded the NASD in testing and certifying various securities industry professionals.

Morgan Stanley Company Profile
Morgan Stanley is a major diversified financial firm, with financial advisory services, asset management, investment banking and securities trading.

Pension Consultants
Pension consultants give analysis and advice on investment options to pension funds and endowments.

Computer Software for Finance
To be effective from day one in a financial job, you should be expert with certain desktop computer software packages. Here's what you need to know.

Working for Diversified Financial Firms
Many leading financial services firms span several industry sectors. What are the pluses and minuses in working for them versus more focused firms?

Compliance Department - Careers Overview
Compliance departments have a central role in financial services, and careers as compliance officers are attractive opportunities for people with legal, accounting and/or auditing backgrounds.

Compensation in Financial Services
Compensation in financial services tends to follow different norms than elsewhere in the economy, and is generally higher than in other industries.

Tips for Choosing Employers
There are many considerations in choosing among potential employers. Here are the most important factors that should influence your decisions.

CFA Test Prep and Review Courses
Becoming a CFA involves passing a long exam. Should you use self-study material, classroom instruction or study guides?

How Money Talks in Career Management
In career management, it often is true that money talks. In general, employees with significant savings get more respect from the boss. Learn why.

Financial Career Networking
Networking is vital for finding jobs and advancing. It also is a key way to increase your knowledge and get help with job-related issues and problems. Learn how here.

Financial or Invisible Assets
Financial assets, also known as investable assets, are a normal measure of wealth for both individuals and households.

HP 12c Financial Calculator
The HP 12c Financial Calculator remains a standard device for financial services professionals more than 30 years after its launch. Here's why.

HP 12c Product Review
Read why the HP 12c Financial Calculator is the favored handheld computational device for a wide variety of financial professionals.

What Is a First Vice President In Finance?
As the Vice President title became too common, financial services firms created variants like First Vice President to stratify this management layer.

What It Means to Work to Live or Vice Versa
Is your job the center of your life and key to your happiness? Or is your job merely a way to earn a living? The answers should guide career choice.

Merchant Bank
A merchant bank offers combines lending with business advisory services, resembling a hybrid consulting, investment banking and venture capital firm.

Jobs in Banking Career Information
Are you interested in a banking job? Banking is a core function within the financial services industry and banks are among the leading employers within the financial field. Here is a list of the principal job categories and employers within it.

What is a Book of Business?
Common industry parlance for a list of accounts or clients of some types of salespeople, such as financial advisors.

Resume Buzzwords
Using tired buzzwords and cliches are bound to hurt you. Avoid these buzzwords and phrases, in writing and in interviews.

The Economics of Undercover Boss
The TV show

Jobs at Primerica
Primerica is a leading life insurer with the largest sales force in the industry. It also trains far more agents than its competitors.

Series 66 Uniform Combined State Law Examination
Series 66 Uniform Combined State Law Examination is an important qualification for many positions in securities sales. Read on for details.

Financial Services Information Technology
Financial services information technology offers significant career opportunities since financial services companies are among the largest spenders on information technology and employers of IT personnel.

Actuary and Actuarial Science Careers
Actuaries apply statistical analysis to assessing risks. Actuaries are highly paid and are found in various industries, but mainly in insurance.

About Financial Careers for Lawyers
The heavily regulated financial services industry employs large numbers of lawyers in various functions.

NPV Net Present Value Definition - Discounted Cash Flow
Calculating NPV, or net present value, is a method for evaluating projects or investments, and a fundamental concept for all financial professionals.

Best Places to Work in Finance, Ranked
Here are the financial services firms that are regularly honored in surveys of the best places to work, along with the reasons why they are so cited.

A Basic Broker Payout Grid Template
The payout grid drives compensation for financial advisors, capturing factors such as total sales, specific product sales and asset gathering.

Careers at Public Accounting Firms
Public accounting firms offer varied career opportunities. They also are highly-respected as developers and trainers of financial talent.

Top Wealth Management Firms
Here are the leading wealth management firms, ranked by the profits from this function. Earnings related to wealth management tend to be stable.

Debt Securities - Debt Instruments - Bond Types
As the result of financial innovation, the types of debt securities, debt instruments and bond types have been growing briskly in recent decades.

Assistant Vice President Definition
Assistant Vice President is an even more prevalent title in many financial services firms than Vice President.

Risk Management Certifications
As risk management grows in importance, some employers seek new hires with certain formal certifications, and may prompt existing employees to earn these credentials as well.

Hidden Job Market
The majority of job openings are not advertised publicly. Instead, they are filled through networking, personal connections and other informal means. What factors drive this approach to hiring, and how can you break into this so-called hidden job market? Read on for details.

verywell. Financial Careers.

Householding Accounts in Finance
Financial services firms in banking, money management and brokerage group related accounts into households for analysis and client service.

Kabbage Small Business Loans
Kabbage is a young firm whose innovative approaches are making it a growing presence in the field of small business lending.

Preparing Financial Advisor Resumes
Financial advisors are recruited based on hard statistics regarding their profitability, but a well crafted resume can help in selling yourself.

Merrill Lynch Principles
The Merrill Lynch Principles are a model summary of company values and a condensed guide for professional conduct that many firms should emulate.

Women on Wall Street
Female employment in financial services has been declining. Why?

Is Nonprofit Status Being Abused?
Is nonprofit status being abused? It confers valuable tax exemptions, supposedly in return for a charitable purpose and operating at reasonable cost.

Charitable Donation Refunds
Savvy charitable donors should be concerned that their contributions will be used for the stated purpose. A court ruling gives them possible redress.

Expense Account Fraud and Abuse
Expense account fraud and abuse can become big problems in some firms, but some commonsense measures can be applied to keep them in check.

Financially Efficient Charities
How can you recognize a charity that is financially efficient and one that is not? A long established rating system helps you figure this out.

Consulting and Public Accounting
Compensation in professional services firms such as consulting and public accounting has a number of unique aspects that we address here.

Offshoring Financial Jobs
Offshoring of jobs and job functions to lower cost countries and regions is becoming increasingly an issue within the financial services industry.

The FINRA BrokerCheck Database
BrokerCheck is an online public database maintained by FINRA for the benefit of the investing public. It contains background information on brokers, including qualifications and compliance issues.

Retail Client in Financial Firms
In financial services terminology, exactly what is a retail client or a small business client? What is the significance?

Mark to Market Accounting
Mark to market accounting, also called fair value accounting, is the norm in the financial services industry, especially among securities firms.

Bowie Bonds
Rock star David Bowie made a big splash in the world of finance, with an innovative financing vehicle dubbed

FICO Flaws
Though used in 90% of all credit decisions, the FICO scores from Fair Isaac Corp. have some key flaws. Cutting edge lenders are using new measures.

Do Corporate Golf Sponsorships Make Financial Sense?
Large corporations are enthusiastic sponsors of golf tournaments. Does this really make financial sense? Do they get a return on this spending?

Why is Customer Service Important?
Delivering superior customer service is the hallmark of excellent firms, and the key means for cementing client loyalty.

Financial Advisor Pay by Commissions
Financial advisors are traditionally paid on commissions. Here is a detailed discussion of what that means.

Revenue Velocity
Revenue velocity is a key profitability metric used by some securities brokerage firms, relating their revenues to client assets on deposit.

Fintech, or financial technology, is a fast-growing, highly innovative, sector within financial services. Startups in this field hold great promise.

Financial Advisor Career Paths
Financial advisors can become general managers, product or market segment specialists, or money managers. Some FAs find these attractive options.

Junk Bond Finance
Junk bond finance funds small, new companies with high yield bonds. It is often used in takeovers and leveraged buyouts.

Subscription Capital Call Loans
Subscription capital call loans are a private banking product that is used to finance purchases of private equity by investors.

Can Being Indispensable Hurt Your Career?
Can being indispensable hurt your career? This actually is true in a number of situations. Read on for a discussion of the problem and solutions.

Lateral Career Move
A lateral career move is common parlance for a change of jobs that does not involve a promotion. There are many reasons why making one can be wise.

Promotion in Place
When you receive a better job title while retaining the same position, this represents a promotion in place. This is a common scenario in may firms.

Changing Jobs Internally
Before changing jobs internally, first understand the management style and culture of your new boss and organization, then prepare for the transition.

CGMA - Chartered Global Management Accountant
The CGMA is a new professional credential that is designed to indicate experience in management accounting. Why and how should someone get this title?

Risk Aversion
Risk aversion is a major factor in investor psychology, and thus a vital topic for financial professionals. Learn the basic concepts here, as well as their significance.

Series 65 - Uniform Investment Adviser Law Examination
The Series 65 Uniform Investment Adviser Law Exam tests knowledge of state securities laws as well as basic competency in investment vehicles and strategies.

Mentoring in Financial Careers
Whether mentoring takes place in a formal company-sponsored program or on an ad-hoc basis, prepare for the possible downsides. This applies to mentors and proteges alike.

Guilt by Association – Being Blacklisted
Working for a disgraced or failed firm can have severe career repercussions, even if you are not at fault. Here is what you can do to protect yourself and to limit the damage.

Series 63 – Uniform Securities Agent State Law Examination
The Series 63 exam demonstrates knowledge about state securities laws and regulations. Most states require financial advisors and investment advisors to hold this qualification.

Series 7 – General Securities Representative
Passing the Series 7 exam is the basic certification for financial advisors and investment advisors. Learn the essentials here about what the exam entails.

Charitable Mergers
The charitable and nonprofit sector is filled with many small, inefficient and financially stressed organizations that would benefit from mergers.

Conservative Investing
Many high earners on Wall Street and elsewhere in banking and the financial services industry are adhere to extremely conservative investing practices for themselves, much more so than they advise clients to be.

Illegal Bond Trading Tactics
Bond traders traditionally inflate sales prices with false claims about prior prices and market demand. Regulators are taking aim at these practices.

Merrill Edge
Merrill Edge combines and expands upon online services offered separately by Merrill Lynch and its parent, Bank of America.

Small Business Finance
Small businesses face unique challenges in raising funding. Here are strategies employed by many of them to make ends meet.

SEC Rule 15c3-3
SEC Rule 15c3-3 is an important client protection measure. Some securities brokerage firms, however, are playing fast and loose with this rule.

Reducing Delinquent Payments
Delinquent payments are a growing problem, causing ripple effects throughout the economy. Businesses are also paying their suppliers later and later.

Retaining Clients
For financial advisors who seek to change firms, a major concern is retaining clients. There are many obstacles to overcome in the process.

Interim CFOs
Company controllers often are called upon to serve as interim CFOs, but rarely get the job on a full-time basis. Why is this so?

Social Safety Net and Entrepreneurship
A Harvard Business School study finds that expanded eligibility for various social safety net benefits increases entrepreneurship. How is this so?

Retaining Technical Experts
To reward top technical experts with better pay, companies traditionally promote them into the managerial ranks. Is this wise? Is there a better way?

Data Security
Data security is a critical business imperative in many industries, given the huge potential liabilities. Thus, all categories of financial professionals should be educated on the topic.

Phantom Job Postings
A phantom job posting or job listing is one for a job opening that actually does not exist. Why do companies do this? Do job seekers have any way to infer whether a posting is real or a phantom? Read on for details.

Financial Advisor Careers
Financial advisors and financial consultants have fast-paced jobs with high pay potential. Learn about these jobs and how you can enter the field.

Financial Consultant
Learn why securities firms have rebranded their sales forces from Account Execs and Registered Reps to Financial Consultants and Financial Advisors.

Issues in Risk Management
A survey of key topics of interest to risk managers.

Psychology and Finance
The study of psychology can be extremely valuable to many different career paths in finance.

Financial Publications
Here is a list of vital publications that will keep you informed about the financial industry, alert to job opportunities, and poised to advance your career.

Law Degrees
Financial services is a highly regulated industry in which legal expertise opens doors to job opportunities and advancement.

Various college and university degrees can be of particular importance to starting and advancing a financial career.

Private Equity
The place of private equity in financial services compensation.

The place of options in financial services compensation.

Dressing for Success
How to dress to impress in your interview.

How to uncover career opportunities through networking.

Producer vs. Support
Vital facts about the ramifications for career management of being in a producer function versus a support function.

Product Management
Key information about careers in the product management function in financial services firms.

Redefining Your Job
How to alter your job responsibilities to advance your career and improve your job satisfaction.

Overview of career opportunities at Citigroup.

Commercial Banks
Overview of employment opportunities at commercial banks.

Continuing Education
Continuing education to advance your career.

An introduction to career opportunities at JPMorganChase.

Merrill Lynch
An overview of career opportunities at Merrill Lynch.

Sales Assistant
Key information about a career as a sales assistant to a financial advisor.

Support Firms
Survey of career opportunities in firms that provide support services to the financial services industry.