Financial Careers Sitemap - Page 4 2014-06-13

Handelsbanken of Sweden has the second-largest market capitalization among Nordic banks. A conservatively-run outfit, it emerged from the financial crisis

Banking Competition
As we reported last May, Britain's largest grocery chain is putting a new spin on the phrase financial supermarket by aggressively entering the banking field.

Hiring Insurance Agents
Looks like, after years of decline, there is a bull market in insurance agent jobs, especially with the major mutual life insurance companies like Northwestern

Retention Bonuses
Not only are experienced, high-producing financial advisors bagging impressive signing bonuses for switching firms, but they also are drawing equally lucrative

Lose-Lose Layoffs
A recent book review in The Wall Street Journal (In the Black, But No Pink Slips, 3/1/10) cites some facts that are important to job seekers and financial

Bye-Bye Bank Branches
From 2002 to 2009, the number of retail bank branches in the U.S. climbed about 15%, from around 86,000 to just over 99,000. Now a cyclical contraction seems

Break Up The Banks
The president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas has added his voice to those advocating the breakup of big banks (Head of Dallas Fed calls for

NY Insurance Exchange
Speaking of old ideas making a comeback, the Financial Times reports (NY insurance market on horizon, 3/5/10) that plans are afoot to revive the New York

Deathbed Bonds
From the same crooked operators who brought you stranger originated life insurance schemes comes another plague upon the financial system, the exploitation of

Movie Derivatives
Here's yet another new frontier for the financial markets: movie derivatives and movie exchanges that will allow film producers, distributors and exhibitors to

Semiannual Bonuses
Some people are skeptical about the efficacy of bonuses. Others are advocating more frequent bonuses as a way to bolster morale in light of salary freezes and

Bank Financial Advisors
A friend who's a financial advisor has spent his entire 14-year FA career at banks such as PNC and Sovereign, and he points out a critical difference between

Whistle Blower, Job Loser
The Repo 105 imbroglio at Lehman contains yet another aspect. When a veteran Lehman executive raised questions about it, he got the boot. Lehman claims that he

Microfinance Part 2
Using microfinance to spur development in poor countries typically is couched in terms of giving small businesses and individual entrepreneurs access to modest

Fidelity and Independent FAs
Responding to the growing ranks of independent financial advisors, mutual fund and discount brokerage giant Fidelity is making an aggressive push to improve the

Career Direction
An age old question in career development is whether it sometimes is a good strategic move to accept a lower level job (versus your current position) or one

Investment Outsourcing
Insurance companies traditionally have hordes of in-house money managers and support staff to handle their investment portfolios. However, in a curious analogue

Data Security
Data security is a huge issue for firms in all industries, especially those in the financial services industry, given the highly sensitive client data that they

MasterCard Applications
MasterCard is developing new applications for its payments network, investing tens of millions of dollars in a new division, MasterCard Labs. Looks like a

Equity in Lieu of Pay
For companies of all sizes, offering equity in lieu of pay can be an attractive way to save cash in tough times. In particular, the owners and controllers of

CFA Test Prep Policies
A sharp-eyed reader pointed out an error in my article about CFA test prep. I was counselling that you consider the pass rates of their students as a criterion

Thomson Reuters Web Upgrade
Financial news and data giant Thomson Reuters is in the midst of some major systems upgrades, consolidating delivery of its products into two simplified

Win a Free Course
Ready to match wits with Wharton MBA students? A new feature in each issue of Wharton Magazine is a question drawn from an actual exam. Answer correctly and you

Social Networking Skills
Do you use social networking tools to maximum advantage in boosting your career? Even if you think you're an expert, there's always more to learn. See these

Leading Indicators
People looking to predict the future direction of a national or regional economy often follow certain key indicators that have had predictive power in the past.

Is Hollywood Right?
A recent article in The Economist (Box-office futures: Land of the lost, 4/24/2010) has the tag line: For once, Hollywood is right to oppose innovation.

Is an MBA a Commodity?
Some employers and recruiters apparently think so, and approach the qualification like checking a box, without regards to the actual skills that the person in

Ally Financial
GMAC has rebranded itself as Ally Financial and may have turned a corner financially, posting its first quarterly profit since 2008. However, non-recurring

Consulting Disasters
One exacerbating factor in the recent financial crisis has been the failure of supposedly independent outside actors with fiduciary responsibilities, like

Independent FA Gains
Financial industry market research firm Cerulli Associates estimates that the leading brokerage firms suffered a collective outflow of $189 billion in client

Management Simulation
As we've noted previously, companies ideally would like to hire fully stress tested applicants. A growing number of companies, including nearly one third of

Degrees and Jobs
It bears repeating that, while obtaining a particular degree or certification may smooth the path to a given job or career, there is no guarantee that you will

Leveraged Loans
Here's another set of phrases to add to your financial vocabulary: leveraged loans and CLOs. The Financial Times reports a comeback in their issuance (The

MBA Job Market
While there are some signs of improvement over 2009, this year's crop of MBAs nonetheless is having a rough go of it in finding jobs. According to a recent Wall

Upgrade Your Networking Skills
It bears repeating time and again: intensive, intelligent networking is never so important to job finding and career development as in tough job markets. Like

Online Bank Fraud
Online bank fraud is on the rise, and getting more sophisticated. Trojan horse programs, which steal passwords and other critical account information after

Financial Solutions Advisors
After Bank of America decided to move its existing force of financial advisors from bank branches to Merrill Lynch offices, it decided that it needed a new

Blue Cross Blues
Mutual banks and insurance companies represent a dwindling business model within their respective industry sectors. A company organized on a mutual basis is

Teams Matter
In knowledge-based businesses, such as securities research, teams matter more than individuals. That is how Financial Times columnist Stefan Stern concludes

Bad Mentoring
Taking advantage of mentoring opportunities and making them work for you can be a vital contributor to career success and satisfaction. However, be wary of

School Funding
Here's a study in applying innovative financial thinking to the problem of school funding. There's a nationwide network of private high schools serving poor

Debit Card Fee Caps
Among the financial reform measures that have been floating around the U.S. Senate is a measure to cap the interchange fees paid by merchants on debit card

Bank With Walmart?
Walmart (a.k.a. Wal-Mart: see the last paragraph) recently took a small equity stake in Green Dot, a payments facilitator that supports the giant retailer's

Local Hero
It isn't often these days that bankers are viewed as local heroes. Michael E. Kelly, former owner of Park National Bank in the Chicago area is one of those

Are You a Stock or a Bond?
In setting their personal investment strategies, few people consider their human capital when arriving at asset allocation decisions. This is particularly

Merrill Edge
The new online discount brokerage service from Bank of America, called Merrill Edge, has some key differences from the old Merrill Lynch Online (or MLOL), for

Loans at Sam's Club
Walmart continues to make probing moves into financial services. This time, the retailing giant is partnering with lender Superior Financial Group to offer

Shared Value
In the 5/31/2010 issue of Bloomberg Businessweek, Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter has a lot to say about what he calls shared value and its

Siemens Bank
German engineering and industrial giant Siemens, concerned about the future direction of the banking sector and the ongoing availability of credit to its

Delegating effectively is a huge part of career development, as you move up the management ladder and have increasingly larger supporting casts at your call.

Hot Tips for Controllers
In his most recent Financial Times column, entrepreneur Luke Johnson offers My tips for saving money in tough times (7/21/2010): Use free open-source

Back to School
Are you a young person still in high school or college, thinking about your future path in life and wondering how to tailor your studies accordingly? Or are you

EU Pay Rules
Yet another regulatory initiative is bound to have consequences opposite to what is intended, this time courtesy of the European Union, or EU. The new EU rules

The Virtue of Patience
In today's frenetic world, patience is a lost virtue. It is especially critical if you attempt to redefine your job. Indeed, a central case study in my book

Wells Fargo Cuts Jobs
Wells Fargo is in the process of closing its Wells Fargo Financial unit, a division employing about 14,000 and utilizing its own network of 638 storefronts in

Corporate Mind Games
At the cutting edge of management theory these days are concerns over the mental health of employees. A British study, for example, estimates that 1/6 of the

Rising Through the Ranks
In my outfit, all you had to do to get promoted was stay alive. That's how former New York Yankees manager Ralph Houk remembered his service in the Army

Costly Reform
Right after the landmark financial overhaul bill became law in July, Bank of America released estimates that this legislation will produce a huge hit to

Union Unfair to Pickets
Here's a hot one: unions hiring non-union rent-a-protestors to walk their picket lines. Better yet, the unions are paying them the minimum wage, with no

Pay Scales
A friend thinks that I should advise readers to look for government jobs. Reasons? High pay, generous benefit packages, lots of time off, job security, regular

The Paranoid Style
Within a year after leaving Merrill Lynch, the firm had me under investigation. My financial advisor at Merrill (I still had an account there at the time) told

Unsubscribe Me
In my recent commentary about Facebook, I included a link to a satirical piece in The Onion that casts Facebook as dismissive of users' privacy preferences.

Mindless Bureaucracy
For an object lesson in mindless bureaucracy, look no further than the BP oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico. As noted in a letter to the editor in the

What Can You Do For Me?
That's the key question on the mind of every hiring manager when reading a job application, a cover letter, or while interviewing a job candidate.

Geographic Pay Differentials
Companies with employees in multiple geographic areas often have geographic pay differentials (or location pay differentials) in their salary scales. In a

CFD Bets
Earlier this year, we took note of how Cantor Fitzgerald is using its expertise in trading systems to branch out into sophisticated sports betting. Meanwhile,

Labor Day
Everyone dreams of being his (her) own boss, becoming the owner of the business. Right? Wrong. Many would rather gripe about the boss than assume the risks,

Managing Expectations
I've long been a firm believer that one of the keys to career success is learning the art of managing expectations. Consistently deliver more than expected, or

Job Appraisals
In one of her Financial Times columns (My appraisal of job appraisals: get rid of them, 7/12/2010), Lucy Kellaway says that she never learned anything about

Prayerful Aspiration
America is today the strongest, the most influential, and most productive nation in the world. Understandably proud of this pre-eminence, we yet realize that

The CFA Cult
As the CFA becomes an increasingly valuable certification within the financial services industry, the number of CFA charter holders has exploded: from about

Managing Barbour Style
It bears repeating that, no matter what your preferred career specialty, getting exposure to a variety of functional areas will enhance your business

It bears repeating that so many financial services firms, especially the mega-sized banks that have grown out of series of mergers, have antiquated and

Expense Control Overkill
Far be it from me to critique a culture of frugality and tight expense control. During my tour of duty as the controller for a group of high net worth client

Youth About Business
Youth About Business is a program for high school students in the principles of business, finance and entrepreneurship. An intensive summer camp experience is

Paid Referrals
A number of companies have longstanding programs through which they pay cash rewards to employees for successful referrals of job applicants. Executive MBA

Top Asset Managers
A recent consulting report on the asset management industry finds that the top 10 firms are growing more than twice as fast as their competitors. The principal

Reputation and Connections
Only a minority of recent college graduates attribute much of their career success to their colleges' reputations and connections.

Inside Track to Jobs
In a Wall Street Journal survey of 479 recruiters at large companies (see the WSJ College Survey in the 9/13/2010 issue, especially the article Firms Assess

NYPD JetBlue
If you fly JetBlue Airways, odds are pretty good that at least one of your flight attendants (male or female) will be a former police officer or fire fighter.

Cutting Overhead
Cutting administrative overheads is always a good idea, right? Not necessarily. In my Merrill Lynch days, we had a corporate CFO who had two fixations: the

Forced Fun
Forced fun at work: pleasure or plague?

Tips for Controllers
Timely cost-cutting ideas for companies and their controllers.

Employee Turnover
Even in a recessionary environment where unemployment is high in the aggregate, employee turnover can be even higher. One study indicates that turnover for

Unaffordable Insurance
Do you expect to benefit from health insurance reform? Or are you seeing skyrocketing premiums and reduced coverage already?

Democracy in Action
We have multiple options for you to make your voices heard: The forum Comments to blog posts The Discuss section on the right of my homepage

Time Management
For financial advisors, time management is a crucial aspect of the job. How do you serve clients adequately in the limited time you have to spare?

In many cases, disagreeable conduct and interpersonal conflict is caused by a lack of self-awareness.

Microfinance Critics
A media darling just two years ago, microfinance now is coming under attack for unjustifiably high interest rates and heavy-handed collection practices.

Money gives the freedom to do what you want.

Pay to Play
Is the Better Business Bureau (BBB) engaged in a pay to play scam with repsect to its ratings system?

Predictive Models
Insurance companies are turning to predictive models as an alternative way to assess risk and set premiums.

Mobile Payments
Mobile payments, using smartphone apps to transfer money and place orders, are growing in significance.

Hospital Overcharges
An employee of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center stole $3.8 million over 6 years by over-ordering and reselling toner cartridges.

Problem Banks
The number of problem banks continues to grow, hitting its highest level since 1993. Small banks increasingly are merging to survive.

Firing Clients
When should a financial advisor fire a client?

Dress For Success
UBS is testing a detailed dress code for bank branch personnel in Switzerland. Many of the guidelines have general applicability.

Chrysler Financial
TD Bank is purchasing Chrysler Financial.

Financial Fraud
A key application of psychology in finance is in recognizing fraudulent schemes and taking counter measures against them.

BlackRock Solutions
Giant money manager BlackRock is proceeding with plans to cross trades in-house, cutting its trading costs. Hiring of IT professionals is brisk.

Client Care
Just as many financial firms and financial professionals are too reluctant to fire problem clients, others pay insufficient attention to keeping their best

Negotiating Skills
Negotiating skills are highly valuable in many career paths.

Heinz Quality
Henry J. Heinz had a commitment to quality that companies in all industries today would do well to imitate.

Free 1040EZ
H&R Block is filing 1040EZ forms for free in a bid to win new clients and generate more revenue long-term.

Many people who accept jobs without first testing the commute come to regret their decision.

Survival Skills
Incompetent managers or executives often are expert at shifting blame and scapegoating.

Paper Tiger
If in a politically treacherous situation at work, err on the side of protecting yourself with thorough documentation.

Finance Job Openings
Job openings in financial services were up sharply in 2010.

Financial Advisor Career Paths
Financial advisors are sought for a variety of managerial positions in retail brokerage firms and divisions.

Financial Roles Expanding
Many companies are expanding the role of the CFO to include more general management responsibilities.

Supervising Employees
Striking the right balance on how closely you supervise employees is critical to group morale and efficiency.

The Likeability Factor
Some studies indicate that likeability has a bigger impact on career development than competence.

Multiple Careers
Multiple careers are better than one.

Investment Banking Shakeout
Increased regulatory capital requirements may cause a severe contraction in the investment banking sector.

12 Angry Men
12 Angry Men is a classic study in group dynamics, long used as a teaching tool in business schools.

Kroll Bond Ratings
Famed investigator Jules Kroll plans to enter the bond rating business.

Advertise Yourself
Creating your own website can be a means for a job seeker to showcase his or her talents.

Linked Out
Did a company hack into a jailed ex-employee's LinkedIn profile to expunge all record of their prior connection?

What is Information?
What is information? Claude Shannon offered a definition.

Rebranding AXA
AXA is in the midst of a highly successful rebranding effort.

Clash of Cultures
A recent article on Sallie Krawcheck of Merrill Lynch indicates growing dissatisfaction among financial advisors with the direction of the firm.

Unskeptical Auditors
Auditors are taking heat for lack of skepticism in vetting financial reports. Audit partners are passing the blame to low-level employees.

The Cost of Envy
Former Harvard money managers, forced out by criticism of their pay are outperforming their successors, and getting some university business back as a result.

Pay Barriers
Many employers are willing to pay much more to consultants for the same work than they pay employees. Employees with nerve can take advantage.

Mango Financial
As the end of free checking promises to push more Americans into the ranks of the unbanked, opportunities arise for alternatives to check-cashing parlors.

The Inheritors
Successful strategies regarding next generation finance often hinge on cultivating, as clients, children and other prospective inheritors of the wealth held by

Reputation Managers
Is unflattering information about you, or photos of you, out there in cyberspace, on sites that you cannot control? If the problem is really serious, and very

Instant Online Credit
For an example of predictive models in action, see Data-driven finance: Go figure in the 3/19/2011 issue of The Economist. Some small online European firms

Citigroup Expansion
According to a report in today's Financial Times (Citi plans 500-plus hiring spree in bid to close gap with rivals), Citigroup looks to add more investment

Avoiding Complacency
Though Pixar studios has become famous for producing an incredible string of 11 straight blockbuster (and critically acclaimed) movies, Steve Jobs purchased the

Failed Consultants
A recent survey indicates that only 30% of consulting clients are satisfied.

HSBC Shakeup
Looking for a position at HSBC? If an offer is in the works, you might be advised to hold off on giving an answer until after May 11. On that date, new CEO

Best Financial Jobs
My colleagues in's jobs and careers channel have contributed their picks for the best jobs. A mix of criteria are used, such as highest paying and

Top Prospect
Want to pocket a quick $10,000 or more? A new online job referral site, Top Prospect, is offering this bounty if someone whom you recommend for one of their

Best Companies's career experts have compiled information on the top-rated employers based on a variety of different criteria. Review information on the best

Lucas Fayne
Why has Lucas Fayne endorsed home improvement contractors in over 50 different locales?

Abandoned Property
Under their abandoned property laws, states claim ownership of dormant accounts at banks and investment firms, as well as unclaimed life insurance death

Blame the Test
It's an age-old excuse for failure. Blame the test. It was unfair. It was poorly-worded. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Primerica is jumping on this

New Rating Agency Rules
The SEC is proposing more regulations to govern the conduct of rating agencies.

A joint venture of three leading banks, clearXchange facilitates payments via cellphone or e-mail.

Money for Nothing?
Is the financial services industry a net destroyer of economic value?

Bank Security
Banking regulators are writing new rules to enhance online account security.

Persistence is the key to success.

Peer to Peer
Peer to peer lending is an increasingly important source of funding for small business.

Trends in Branch Banking
The banking sector is highly cyclical in its approach to the opening and closing of branches, with a herd mentality.

Live Cases
A new trend in business education is substituting consulting projects for written case studies.

Hot Jobs
Risk management positions are gaining new cachet, and higher pay, in financial firms.

Becoming a Financial Advisor
How do I become a financial advisor?

Failure and Regret
The only thing worse than failure is regret.

Walmart Brings Back Layaway
Walmart is bringing back layaway plans in 2011.

Bank on Walmart
Walmart is offering low cost banking services to low income customers who are ill served by banks.

Sgt. Schultz, CEO
Is Jon Corzine auditioning to play Sgt. Schultz?

Zero Tolerance
As an example of how seriously the old Merrill Lynch took its Principles, I offer a case from the mid-1990s. It's also a lesson in the importance of acting

Do Not Resuscitate
Leading museums actually operate under a rule that can hasten the demise of troubled institutions.

Controlling the Cost of Government
Merging small governments does not alway deliver promised cost savings. See why.

Risky Travel
The biggest risks with heavy business travel are health risks, not accident risks.

A Quant's Education
Financial engineering is a new field in business education. The top programs are surveyed here.

Social Media for FAs
Financial advisors and financial planners can use social media to boost their practices.

Upholding Financial Integrity
Financial advisors and financials are key allies with regulators and law enforcement in stopping investment scams.

Read This. Get $1.
How can you attract the attention of people who aren't reading your memos or reports closely enough?

The Gillette Strategy
Freeconomics is a term referring to the offering of free goods and services to encourage future purchases.

The Biggest Name in Football
Getting names right is a key element of success. What can a football player teach you?

Job Scams
With sharply rising numbers of applicants for each job opening, scams are proliferating. The 3/16 edition of NPR's The Brian Lehrer Show included a discussion

Facebook Privacy
The recent sanctions leveled against Facebook by the FTC indicate the care that should be taken in using it.

The Unbanked
The FDIC estimates that about 17 million U.S. households, or 7.7% are unbanked (i.e., with no bank accounts or banking relationships), and roughly 40 million

Experience Counts
In financial advisor compensation, length of service often has a crucial impact. Get the details here.

Instant Money
Kabbage is a start up firm offering credit to small online merchants that are ill-served by banks.

George McGovern's Hotel
Dodd-Frank is proving to have effects opposite to those promised. The authors are shocked, shocked.

Helping Widows
The best financial advisors, financial planners and financial firms are taking particular care in advising widows.

Systems Integration Challenge
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney has a huge ongoing systems integration project.

Beware Noncompete Agreements
Depending on the job and the employer, you may be required to sign a noncompete agreement as prerequisite to accepting the position. This article in Inc.

Forensic Accounting
Forensic accounting applies investigative techniques to financial records and transactions. I light of recent scandals, it should be a growing field.

Package vs. Contents
Logical disconnects in people's thoughts are commonplace.

The Big Bailout of 1792
Think that the ongoing federal bailout of the financial system is unprecedented? Think again. The current issue of American Heritage magazine has an article

Toxic Assets Bonus
Did you catch the innovative way that Credit Suisse has decided to purge its balance sheet of so-called toxic assets while also paying out employee bonuses?

90% of Life
90% of life is just showing up.

Fair Value
Mark to market accounting, also called fair value accounting, is the standard within financial services.

Customer Service Call Centers
Too many companies view customer service as a necessary evil, a pesky overhead and a drag on profits, rather than a key component of their marketing and revenue

Customer Service Good Guys
Luckily, some firms recognize that letting the financial bean counters run amok is not the best way to build customer loyalty and longterm profitability. These

Customer Service Answers
Case studies in customer service and customer focus.

Customer Service Issues
How to lose clients and repel potential customers.

Charitable Mergers
If you're inclined to support charitable organizations by lending your time and business acumen, in addition to your money, Luke Johnson offers a

Commissions or Fees?
While asset-based fees have been touted as a cure for financial advisor conflicts of interest, they are no panacea.

Advice by the Hour
Are hourly fees a desirable pricing option for financial advisors?

Fiduciary or Not?
If a financial fiduciary also accepts commissions, severe conflicts of interest can arise.

Setting a Career Path
Career paths are often the result of chance, not planning.

Wanted: Mailing List Experts
Think that your firm has a correct and complete list of client names and addresses? Think again.

Reinventing Yourself (Part 2)
Some organizations are more amenable to the idea of people reinventing themselves.

Ratings Agencies and Connections
While the rating agencies remain a premier place to learn the art of securities analysis, they're still under a cloud of criticism.

Loss Leaders
Loss leaders are not always used properly. Here is an example.

EU Bonus Rules
The European Union is limiting financial sector bonuses.

Registered Sales Assistants
Registered sales assistants can accept unsolicited orders.

The Kovel Rule
The IRS is

Long Term Ideas for the Mortgage Mess
If you work for a lending institution, or are interviewing for a position with one, look at this article in Forbes. The author suggests some creative ways that

Financial House Calls
The untethering of workers from fixed office locations is accelerating with improvements in wireless technologies, especially for data transmission. The

Even the best-designed incentive compensation systems can have fatal flaws.

Incentive Systems
When designing incentive compensation systems, you have to be very careful about possible unintended consequences.

Engineering and Finance
When the topic of academic majors that lead to careers in finance comes up, engineering tends to be overlooked. This is unfortunate, since the quantitative and

Living Will Deadline
The biggest banks must submit living wills by July 1, 2012.

Recession-Proof Career?
According to the AICPA, accounting and auditing careers have proved to be recession-proof.

High Net Worth Clients
What is a High Net Worth client?

The CGMA is a new credential for management accountants.

Banking Trends
Major new trends in banking are emerging.

Finance Careers and the Harvard Grad
In 2006, 2 Harvard economics professors launched a study examining the historical evolution of the career and family outcomes among U.S. college men and

Teamwork and doing the right thing for the organization.

Silo Mentality
An old problem in so many organizations: silo mentality.

Trapped in a Matrix
Matrix reporting can make your performance review a nightmare, if your superiors have divergent priorities or views of your work.

Trading Strategies
New stock trading strategies are making regulators and individual investors concerned.

Debt Instruments
Financial innovation is churning out new debt instruments.

Regulatory Issues
Topical issues in financial regulation.

Salary Negotiation
Skill in negotiating a starting salary has huge ramifications for future pay.

Personal Improvement: Kindness Pays
The financial services industry, especially Wall Street, has an image of toughness. Only the meanest, most selfish characters get ahead. Or, so the stereotype

The Art of Persuasion
Career success relies heavily on the ability to communicate effectively with people, and to persuade them. Tactics that work with one audience may not work with

Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Working at a distance from your employer's HQ or power centers can put you at a disadvantage for promotions.

A recent Barclays survey indicates that even wealthy clients have mistaken notions about how to invest successfully.

Concepts in Financial Management
Key concepts in financial management.

Risk Management 101
Key terms and concepts in risk management.

High Net Worth Specialists
High net worth specialists assist financial advisors in serving the wealthiest clients.

Sweeping Funds
The automatic sweeping of funds underpins many key financial innovations.

Financial Sleuthing
An important and highly interesting phase of my career in the financial services industry combined market research and data mining. My task was to identify

Personal and Career Growth
What is the key determinant of success? For many years, opinion polls have shown a significant difference between American and European attitudes. A majority of

Flexible Hours
An increasing trend within the economy, and not just in the financial services industry, is the demand for jobs that offer flexible hours and limited hours. To

Words of Wisdom on Education
On the occasion of his 50th reunion, Wharton Alumni Magazine has run an insightful piece on Yotaro Kobayashi, former chairman and CEO of Fuji Xerox Co. He's

Empirical Evidence
90,000 birds are killed each year in New York City when they collide with an illuminated skyscraper while migrating at night. So claims the NYC Audubon

Keep Current
Key publications which financial professionals should read regularly.

Top Career Websites
Forbes magazine names among the top career websites.

Return on Client Assets
Velocity is the return on client assets, measured in various ways.

From Deposits to Profits
Asset gathering is a key strategic focus of brokerage firms, since profits flow from it.

"Cash Cab" Finance
If you want evidence that there's a desperate need for financial education and good financial planners, just watch some episodes of the TV quiz show Cash Cab.

Manage Expectations
Managing expectations is a key ingredient of career success in any field. Promise only what you can deliver. Deliver what you promise. Meet deadlines. Display

Propaganda Alert
Don't get too caught up in your own propaganda. My late father was the most politically astute person I've ever known, and that was one of his favorite

Are Top Employees Assets or Liabilities?
Dumping your best employees to cut costs. Dumb idea.

Financial Job Websites
The Banking & Financial Services Career Network and the Accounting Career Network offer valuable job search tools.

Win-Win Office Politics
Being astute in office politics is crucial to career development.

Financing Private Equity
Subscription capital call loans are a specialized variant on the margin loan.

Top 10 in IBK
Top 10 investment banking firms for 2013.

Categorizing Clients
Working in a firm with a segmented sales force can be a challenge for a rookie broker.

Financial Information Services
Those interested in financial careers also should consider working at firms that provide financial information services, such as financial data, analytics

Financial Advisor's Dilemma
While at a party Sunday night I was chatting with a financial advisor whom I've known on a casual basis for several years. Indeed, the only time we get to meet

Stealth Pay Cuts
Employers are reaching deep into their bags of tricks to cut employee pay and benefits these days. One example concerns financial advisors. Prospective

I Don't Know, Sir
Admitting ignorance can be difficult, but wise

Six Sigma, Finance and You
There's an interesting discussion thread in our forum that started with a question about the utility of Six Sigma certification for financial careers, and

Interviewing Strategy
The Career Couch column in Sunday's New York Times business section was devoted to interviewing. According to Paul Powers, a management psychologist and author

Layoff Fire Drill
Here's a new spin on the concept of corporate fire drills. I am told that recently, in Japan, a fire alarm went off in an office building. After all the staff

Job Hunting Under Financial Pressure
In a recent post, we advised you not to panic if laid off. That was an important takeaway from a career development workshop led by Charlie O'Donnell, founder

Credit, Credibility and Credulousness
As you might have guessed, the word credit comes from the same Latin root as a variety of other English words, such as credibility, credence, creed and

Treating Job Applicants Well
Sunday's New York Times business section, in the Preoccupations column, has a timely piece about how companies treat job applicants. Companies reveal their

Continuing Ed at the NYIF
The New York Institute of Finance is a respected name in continuing education.

Systems Debacle at Morgan Stanley
The Morgan Stanley 3D brokerage platform reflects poorly on CEO James Gorman.

Financial Job Credentials
There are a growing number of organizations out there that concern themselves with increasingly narrower specialties within the realm of financial careers. For

Saying Thank You
Several months ago, we took notice of press reports that courtesy may be on the rise in the business world, as tough times make it costlier to alienate people.

The Charm Offensive
The Economist notes that there seems to be a resurgence of civility in the business world, especially in the financial sector. What's afoot? When jobs are

Leaders in Wealth Management
The top wealth management firms globally.

The best and most rigorous critical thinkers constantly search for evidence that there beliefs and hypotheses are wrong. A letter to the Financial Times

Psychopaths in Finance
Financial firms seem to attract an above-average number of psychopaths, who tend to thrive there, according to researchers.

Skin in the Game
As part of the ongoing debate on Wall Street pay, the March 16 issue of Forbes magazine ran an essay by an anonymous trader who claimed that getting a bonus

What Your Writing Says About You
Writing skills are vital to financial careers.

Jumping Without a Safety Net
More and more financial professionals are quitting their jobs without being hired elsewhere.

Cost Accounting 101
Cost accounting is a discipline with a wide variety of applications.

Severance Packages: Key Considerations
Considerations regarding taking a severance package.

Severance Packages
severance packages

Promises, Promises
I can't emphasize enough how important it is, for your career development and success, to manage expectations deftly. I put this right at the top of my own

Don't Let a Crisis Go to Waste
Don't Let a Crisis Go to Waste

Real Time Pricing
Adjusting prices in real time in response to demand.

Interviewing Experiences
Share your interviewing experiences, good, bad and funny.

Vanishing Act
About a year ago, a friend's life changed radically. He finally resolved to exercise regularly, lose weight, and get into better shape. Additionally, his

Christmas Calls
The Christmas Calls event was a longstanding tradition at Merrill Lynch, for spreading holiday cheer within the community.

The Changing Map of Finance
Financial sector jobs are moving out of traditional centers such as NYC.

Big Brother is Watching You
Employee monitoring is becoming more prevalent in finance.

DIY Insurance
Self-insurance and captive insurers defined.

Recruiting Push at Guardian Life
Guardian Life seeks women and career changers as financial representatives.

Innovative Public Finance
The social impact bond is a new innovation in government finance.

Stress Tested Applicants
A big unknown is how a job applicant will perform under extreme, stressful conditions. If the manager doing the hiring neither has seen the applicant in action

Washington Monument Ploy
The Washington Monument Ploy is a common stunt employed by government bureaucrats. The scheme hinges on eliminating or curtailing the most visible, popular and

Taking Refuge in an MBA Program
Thinking about getting an MBA? Perhaps as a way to ride out the recession? You should read the Career Couch column in the latest Sunday Business section of The

See Something, Say Something?
Here's a pop quiz. A hotshot consultant is making a presentation to senior management. You're the lowest level person in the meeting, invited as a courtesy

Financial Con Artists and Their Marks
How to recognize likely financial fraud victims and perpetrators.

Financial Representatives
Financial representative is a variety of insurance agent also involved with investments and/or planning.

Outsourcing Your Own Job
Verizon programmer outsources his job to China.

Recruitment Software: Hiring Decisions By Machine
A friend in the telecommunications field showed me a fascinating article in Network World about how, to economize on using real people to screen job applicants'

On the White House Enemies List?
Egan-Jones Ratings has been probed by the SEC and entered into a settlement. Political payback for downgrading U.S. debt?

If you do decide to apply for admission to an MBA program (see yesterday's blog post), be aware that the GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) is getting

Antidote to Bailouts
As opposed to a bailout, a bail-in process taps internal sources of emergency funding.

Hidden Jobs, Phantom Jobs
Many jobs are either not publicly advertised, or will not be filled pursuant to the ad.

Reentering the Work Force
A returnship is designed to help full time transition to jobs with former employers.

Give It Back
Bonus clawbacks are becoming increasingly common and large in financial services firms.

CFO Academies
Some companies are known as developers of top financial managers.

The Blame Game
The ongoing controversy about subprime lending has a curious aspect. Traditionally, lenders have drawn fire for refusing credit to less affluent and

Effort & Commitment

Dirty Fingernails, Big Scratch
In the early 1990s, an influential book titled The Millionaire Next Door was published. The findings of the two professors who co-authored it were, in short,

Countrywide Financial: E-mail Disaster
The CEO of Countrywide Financial recently made a major public relations blunder through his inept handling of e-mail, according to this story in The New York

Mind the Gap
The gap between corporate pension fund assets and liabilities is growing.

A Black Box in Your Car
Auto insurers are using telematics to collect data on driving habits and set rates.

Life Alert
Life Alert uses deceptive sales practices.

Financial Alchemy
Collateral transformation is the swapping of low for high quality collateral in the derivatives markets.

Funding Lawsuits
Third parties are offering financing to participants in large commercial lawsuits.

Problem Drinking
Beware of being photographed with a drink in your hand.

Vanishing Bank Branches
The financial press has been filled with reports recently about the decision by Bank of America to prune its network of 6,100 branches. Speculation is rife that

Job Hunting Jungle
In difficult times, unscrupulous characters prey upon desperate people. If you are a job hunter, be especially careful about unethical placement firms

FORCES at Edward Jones
The FORCES program is a new initiative to train military veterans as financial advisors.

Alumni Outreach
farsighted colleges and universities that are going the extra mile to

Mind Your Fiduciary Responsibilities
Under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940 (often called the 1940 Act), brokers and registered investment advisors are held to different standards of conduct.

Portraits of Power
How a portrait collection can be used to project power and enhance an organization's image.

Personal Injury Finance
Lawsuit lenders front money to plaintiffs in personal injury suits.

Psychological Contracts
In addition to formal job descriptions, written procedures and legally-binding employment agreements, embedded in organizational cultures are a number of

Fashion Tips for Interviews
In today's world, where casual dress is the rule and where too many people's sense of casual has crossed the line into slovenly, many people, especially young

Free Employee Benefits
In recent blog posts, we've talked about pro bono work and the judicious giving away of free stuff to customers or potential customers. Financial professionals

Any financial organization worth its salt will do careful benchmarking of company-wide or divisional results versus carefully-selected peer groups. That is, the

The Glorious Fourth
John Adams felt strongly that the great national holiday should be July 2, when independence was voted by the Continental Congress, not July 4, when the

Accounting Top 50
A recent survey of the top 50 accounting firms to work for.

The French Paradox in Finance
Stress in financial jobs varies by country, as does work-life balance, but in unexpected ways.

Insurance Sales Opportunities
Considering a career in insurance sales? Northwestern Mutual has been growing its sales force by leaps and bounds since the end of 2006. Recently-announced

Selling Shares in Yourself
Crowdfunding is allowing students to sell shares in their future earnings to fund edcuation.

Go Green
Financial services firms, eager to trim printing and postage costs, encourage clients to take online delivery (e-delivery) of statements, trade confirmations,

Vince Lombardi on Management
Sports references and sports analogies are way overdone in business settings. Nonetheless, I recommend an article about legendary football coach Vince Lombardi

Unappreciated Efforts
One oft-repeated recipe for success is to deliver more than you promise and to take the initiative to make life easier for your clients, your boss and those

Unwelcome Advice
A bit over a decade ago, I was asked by the president of a nonprofit to serve on a special financial advisory committee that he was forming. We already knew

Heroic Leadership
With a Jesuit now serving as Pope, this book about his order fosters leadership skills is rather topical.

Imagine a job candidate who sits in silence when asked an obvious question, like What do you have to offer us? or What are your main accomplishments?

Memo to Young Managers
How can you leverage consulting experience into increased career prospects elsewhere? Avoid these pitfalls, though.

Don't Forget, Hire the Vet
That was an oft-repeated public service message from my youth, one that is burned in my memory. With Veterans' Day now behind us, it is worth remembering that

Good Financial Firms for Working Moms
If a financial firm is a good place for working moms, is it bad for others? If the company accommodates working moms with generous leave policies and flexible work arrangements, do other employees have to put in longer hours?

Living Wills for Banks and Financial Institutions
This medical term now is frequently used by financial regulators, who want banks to draw up their own.

Kitchen Confidential
Anthony Bourdain's colorful, highly entertaining memoir of his life as a chef opened up a second career for him as an author and TV personality. The book also has some keen insights into the business, financial and human side of running a restaurant, lessons that are immediately transferrable to other industries and career paths.

Royalty Financing
Royalty financing pegs loan payments to revenues, turning debt servicing into a variable expense.

Stranger Originated Life Insurance
Speculators are taking out policies on the lives of very elderly or terminally ill persons, in search of fast profits, an ethically and legally questionable practice.

Financial Careers - Finance Careers - Careers in Finance
Not quite sure what the financial services industry and financial careers are all about, or whether they might be a suitable place for you? All you need to know is right here at your fingertips. Take this easy self-study course and you'll be up to speed.

Abandoned Property Laws
Abandoned property laws require banks, investment firms and insurance companies to make state governments the owners of dormant accounts or unclaimed payouts due on insurance policies. This is growing into a major compliance issue for insurers.

Form 1099
Form 1099 is the means by which financial firms report dividend and interest income to clients. Brokerage firms are notorious for problems in generating them correctly.

Expert Networks
Expert Networks are a means for skirting SEC prohibitions against the passing of selective material information by companies to favored analysts, money managers and investors.

Private Banking - Careers in Private
A definition of private banking, also sometimes called high net worth banking. Also describes the role of a private banker.

Deathbed Bonds
Speculators are recruiting people with low life expectancy to become co-owners of bonds trading at deep discounts that can be put back to the issuer at par if an owner dies.

Specialty Lenders
Specialty lenders concentrate on lending to narrow categories of business clients.

Networking Experiences
Networking is a critical element in career development. Here readers share their experiences and observations regarding just how important it is, and offer suggestions on how to generate maximum impact.

Interviewing Experiences
Ever have a particularly memorable interview, or job hunting experience, good or bad? Want to share your experiences with your fellow readers?

Unforeseen Consequences
As a financial professional, you always have to be concerned about possible unforeseen consequences of your actions and initiatives. We've already delved into

Microfinance is the lending of small amounts to small businesses in developing countries.

Financial Publications
Here is a list of vital publications that will keep you informed about the financial industry, alert to job opportunities, and poised to advance your career.

Financial Careers - Finance Careers - Careers in Finance
Where to look and how to look for financial jobs. It's all here.

Law Degrees
Financial services is a highly regulated industry in which legal expertise opens doors to job opportunities and advancement.

Various college and university degrees can be of particular importance to starting and advancing a financial career.

Private Equity
The place of private equity in financial services compensation.

The place of options in financial services compensation.

Dressing for Success
How to dress to impress in your interview.

How to uncover career opportunities through networking.

Producer vs. Support
Vital facts about the ramifications for career management of being in a producer function versus a support function.

Product Management
Key information about careers in the product management function in financial services firms.

Redefining Your Job
How to alter your job responsibilities to advance your career and improve your job satisfaction.

Overview of career opportunities at Citigroup.

Commercial Banks
Overview of employment opportunities at commercial banks.

Continuing Education
Continuing education to advance your career.

An introduction to career opportunities at JPMorganChase.

Merrill Lynch
An overview of career opportunities at Merrill Lynch.

Sales Assistant
Key information about a career as a sales assistant to a financial advisor.

Support Firms
Survey of career opportunities in firms that provide support services to the financial services industry.