Financial Software Sitemap - Page 1 2016-09-26

How Safe Is It to Pay Bills Online?
Online bill pay services can be very safe. Read more here about how online bill pay services protect your data, plus ways you can keep your data safe.

Using FreeMind & Open Office to Write a Business Plan
Use FreeMind and Open Office to write a free business plan that can be submitted to lenders to be approved for funds to start a new business.

Don't Blow Off Backing Up Your Data
Backing up your personal finance data in is critical. Find out why.

Discretionary Expense Definition
What is a discretionary expense and what differentiates it from fixed and variable expenses? This definition of a discretionary expense explains.

What is the Definition of the Term Tax Year?
Looking for the meaning of the term, tax year? Here's your definition. Also, learn some options for choosing the best software to prepare your taxes.

QuickBooks Online Simple Start Accounting Software
QuickBooks Online Simple Start is online accounting software for new or very small businesses. .

How to Set Up a Cash Account in Quicken
Cash accounts can be used a number of ways, like tracking cash purchases, childrens' allowance, flexible spending accounts and more. Learn about using and setting up a cash account in Quicken.

GnuCash Free Personal Finance and Accounting Software
GnuCash is free software for managing personal accounting or small business accounting on Windows, Mac, Linux computers. Read on to see a gnucash review.

Steps for Finding Your Microsoft Money Data Files
Find out more about Microsoft Money's status and support by Microsoft, and how to locate your Microsoft Money data files on your Windows computer.

What Are Software Updates and Upgrades?
Confused about software updates and upgrades? Learn about the differences, and What you should know about updating and upgrading your software.

TurboTax System Requirements for Windows and Mac Systems
Will TurboTax run on your PC, Mac or mobile device? Check the minimum requirements for memory, hard drive space, processor speed, OS and more.

CalendarBudget Free Online Budget Software Review
CalendarBudget is a free web-based calendar budgeting tool that tracks spending and upcoming expenses. Learn more in this CalendarBudget review.

What's the Definition of Online Bill Pay?
This definition of online bill pay explains what it is, how it works, how to choose an online bill pay service and how to keep the cost low.

IGG Software iBank 4 Personal Finance Software for Mac
This review explains how iBank 4 is fully featured Mac personal finance software that works for all money management tasks. iBank imports data from other financial software including Quicken for Windows, Quicken Essentials and Quicken Mac, offers powerful personal finance reports, automatic data backup and an slick interface.

Chrome Apps and Extensions for Personal Finance
If your favorite web browser is Google Chrome, you will want to check out the Web Store. which has free and inexpensive personal finance and accounting apps and extensions.

Billeo Pay with Credit Cards Online - Billeo Toolbar Organizes and Pays Bills Online
Billeo is a free web browser toolbar that manages online payment transactions faster and keeps bills organized. Billeo makes payments using a credit card, which is beneficial if you use a credit card with cash back or another rewards program.

Quicken Essentials for Mac Review
This Quicken Essentials for Mac review discusses the personal finance features included with this software, and what's missing.

Recover an Older Data File in Microsoft Money
Having trouble opening an old Microsoft Money data file in a newer version of Microsoft Money? Read how to find out ways you might recover your data.

What Is an Account Aggregation Service?
Learn what account aggregation is, how to set it up, and where you can use aggregation to manage money and track financial accounts.

How Does IRS Free File Work?
Learn about the Free File program and find out if you are eligible for free this tax software with free federal e-file.

Update Quicken Even if One-Step Update Doesn't Work
You can usually update Quicken using the One Step Update process, but if you encounter problems, follow this guide for manual Quicken updates.

Does My Bank Allow Transaction Downloads into Quicken?
Find out which banks, credit unions, brokers and other financial institutions use Quicken Direct Connect to download transactions to Quicken.

Downloading and Import Paypal Transactions into Quicken
This tutorial explains how to download and import your PayPal account transactions history into the Quicken personal finance software.

You Need a Budget For Personal Finance
You Need A Budget is personal finance software with a strong emphasis on budgeting with a goal of making the user debt free with savings too.

PNC Virtual Wallet Online Banking Review
Learn about the features in PNC Virtual Wallet, the online banking app with features for managing money and budgeting.

The Definition of Desktop Software
A detailed definition of desktop software, how it is used and the platforms it runs on, and how desktop software differs from mobile app software.

Personal Finance Software Review: BudgetPulse
BudgetPulse is a free online budgeting app for managing financial accounts and savings goals. Check out this pulse app review to learn more.

Save.Calc Saving Calculator for iOS
Save.Calc is a great little app for iPhone or iPad that does savings goal calculations.

Free iPhone and iPad Apps for Tracking Savings Goals
The top iPhone and iPad apps to help track your savings, while planning and obtaining your goals.

SmartyPig App for iPhone and iPad Tracks Your Savings
SmartyPig tracks savings goals on your iPhone or iPad with a multitude of great features.

Urge Savings Goal App for iPhone
Urge is an iPhone app that sets up and tracks savings goals with special way of helping you save up more for your goals.

FoundMoney iPhone App Finds Cash to Stash into Savings
FoundMoney finds savings in stores you frequent and then adds up what you saved on purchases to set aside for savings goals.

Best Budget is a Top Budget App for iOS 2014
Best Budget for iOS is one of the top budget apps for 2014.

Financial Software
Financial Software.

Best Android Stock Market Apps
Top picks for the best stock market apps for Android. These apps track your portfolios, follow stock news and have awesome analysis tools.

Portfolio Watcher for Android Stock Market Tracking App
Portfolio Watcher is an Android app that tracks the stock market and portfolios with customizable settings, charts and news. Sync with Google or Yahoo.

Financial Software
Financial Software.

JStock Android Stock Market App
JStock stock market app for Android tracks portfolios and watch lists with colorful charts and graphs. Optionally syncs with JStock desktop stock software.

Top iPhone Apps for Personal Finance
The best personal budgeting apps for iPhone and iPad are easy to use, inexpensive and help you control spending mobile device.

Stock Quote Android Stock Market App
Stock Quote is an Android app that tracks your portfolio and the stock market overall with domestic and foreign indices. Includes news and real time quotes.

AllBudget2 2014 Best Budget App for iOS
AllBudget 2 is one of the three top iOS apps for budgeting for 2014. Check out the features for staying on budget with AllBudget.

Goodbudget - Best Budget App for iOS 2014
Goodbudget for iPhone is one of the three top iOS apps for budgeting for 2014.

How to Set Up Google Wallet App for Android and iOS
Learn how to set up Google Wallet to securely store all your credit and debit cards on your iPhone or Android phone and use the to make payments and to receive funds, too.

Stock TickerPicker iOS Stock Market Charts App
Stock TickerPicker is an iPhone and iPad app that offers technical analysis charting for U.S. and foreign stocks.

BillPin Expense Sharing App for iOS
BillPin is a top pick for 2013 expense sharing apps for iOS.

Settle Up - Group Expense Manager iOS App Track IOUs and Splits Bills
Settle Up is a top pick for 2013 iPhone and Pad apps for tracking IOUs and splitting bills.

The Best Stock Market Apps for iPhone and iPad
The best stock market apps for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch track stocks and portfolios, market news and more. Discover these top picks.

Stocks Live Portfolio Manager and Stock Market Research for iOS
Stock Live is a portfolio tracking and stock market research app for iPhone and iPad with numerous powerful features.

Real-time Stock Tracker + Alert
Real-time Stock Tracker + Alert is a top iOS stock market app with powerful features and support for Bitcoin and U.S. and foreign exchanges.

Stock Ratings for iOS Analyst Upgrades, Downgrades
Stock Ratings is a free iOS app that gives you analyst ratings and new stock coverage every day the stock market is open. Historical ratings are included.

SpotMe Payments
SpotMe Payments is an top pick for iOS app for splitting bills and tracking payments.

Best Android Apps for Personal Finance
Top picks for the best Android personal budget apps that are easy to use, inexpensive, and see how much you have to spend in each budget category.

My Budget Book Android App Review
My Budget Book app for Android devices has a number easy to use tools for setting up and managing and household budget.

MoneyWise - Home Budget Android App Review
MoneyWise is a top Android budget app pick for 2014. MoneyWise has a great look, is easy to use and has quite a few convenient features thrown in to make budgeting your income fast and easy.

Toshl Finance Budget & Expense for Android Review
Toshl Finance Budget & Expense for Android is one of the top pick for best Android budget app of 2014.

More Great Android Budget Apps
Runners up for the 2014 best Android apps for personal budgeting are Budget Calendar, You Need A Budget and Goodbudget.

How to Set Up Quicken Money Management Mobile App
Fast and easy steps to setting up data syncing between Quicken 2014 Money Management mobile app and the desktop software.

Splitwise iOS Apps Splits Bills and Track Payments
Splitwise is one of the top iOS app for splitting bills and tracking IOUs for 2013.

iPhone Apps for Splitting Bills and Tracking IOUs
Here are four great iPhone and iPad apps for splitting bills, dividing expenses and tracking payments and IOUs.

Top 3 Android Apps to Help You Save Money (April 2013)
The best Android mobile apps for managing your savings goals are SavedPlus, SmartyPig and Saving Made Simple. These apps help with goal setting and track your savings contributions.

Receipt Ninja Android App Splits Expenses and Tracks IOUs
Receipt Ninja is a flexible Android app that splits bills and tracks IOUs among roommates, coworkers, friends or any group.

BillPin for Android Splits Bills and Shares Expenses
BillPin is a simple Android app for splitting bills and tracking IOUs.

Conmigo Android App Splits Bills and Shares Expenses
Conmigo is a colorful, fun to use Android app for splitting bills and sharing expenses with roommates, friends and others.

Settle Up Android App Shares Bills and Tracks IOUs
Settle Up is an Android app that splits bills on your Android and then tracks IOUs.

Splitwise Android App Makes Expense Sharing Easy
Splitwise is an Android app for splitting bills and tracking IOUs.

H&R Block Android Apps for 2012 - 2013
There are three Android apps from H&R Block that will help with getting taxes done this year. One is specifically for the Block Live service, another lets you file a return, and the third is great for getting answers to tax questions.

TurboTax Android Tax Apps for 2012 - 2013
Get the lowdown on three Android Apps that will make completing your income taxes easier, from TurboTax.

Saving Made Simple Android App Makes Savings Goals Simple
Saving Made Simple is an Android app that tracks multiple savings to help with saving up money for an expected expense or bill and that tracks your progress.

Smarty Pig Android App Helps with Savings Goals
Use the SmartyPig Android app to set up and track your savings goals and to promote those goals to get friends and family to contribute.

Android Apps for Tracking and Reducing Debt
Read about the best Android apps for organizing, tracking and paying down debt. These apps organize all credit card, loan, and other payments.

Debt Payoff Planner Android App Helps You Reduce Debt
Debt Payoff Planner for Android uses the debt snowball method for eliminating debt. Track loans, credit cards and other debts and your payments with Debt Payoff Planner.

Debt Management App iQuick Debt Payoff for Android
iQuick Debt Payoff is a colorful app that helps with reducing interest paid on loans while coming up with a plan to pay off your debts.

Pay Off Debt with Debt Tracker App for Android
Debt Tracker for Android mobile devices tracks loans, credit cards and other debt to help you become debt free.

Debt Planner Pro for Android
Debt Planner Pro tracks all your debts on your Android mobile device, and you can get monthly payment notifications for bills.

Android Apps for Splitting Bills and Tracking IOUs
Here are five excellent Android apps that help make it easy to split bills, divide expenses, track payments and make sure IOUs get paid.

IRS2Go Android App for 2012 - 2013
IRS2Go is a free Android app that has some great features for planning to reduce taxes, checking on your refund and getting new tax information all year round.

TaxMode Income Tax Calculator for Android Does Financial Planning and Reduces Income Taxes
Use TaxMode to run a wide variety of analysis on your finances so you can reduce income taxes or get a bigger refund, plan for estimated tax payments and more.

TaxACT Android Apps for 2012 - 2013
TaxACT is one of the top five Android apps for preparing and filing an income tax return, planning for future taxes and for tracking a tax refunds.

Top 5 Android Apps for Income Taxes - February 2013
Top picks for Android apps that help with completing and filing your 2012 income tax return include TaxMode Income Tax Calculator, IRS2Go and apps from TurboTax, H&R Block and TaxACT.

Top Android Apps for Personal Finance
Top picks for Android apps that help you set up and manage your personal budget. Learn about month's top four Android apps: EEBA, You Need A Budget, HomeBudget and My Budget Book.

Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA)For Android
EEBA, or Easy Envelope Budget Aid, is an Android app built around the concept of envelope budgeting. Learn more about how EEBA features help you set up and maintain a personal budget.

SavedPlus Android App Saves as You Spend
Use SavedPlus on your Android device to designate a percentage of each payment you make to go into savings goals.

Zillow Mortgage Calculator and Rates for Android
Zillow Mortgage Calculator and Rates app for Android devices has easy to use calculators and finds the mortgage rates instantly.

My Budget Book Android App
My Budget Book is a budgeting app for Android devices that offers powerful search and customizable templates for data entry so you can work with your budget in a way that makes sense to you. Learn more about My Budget Book.

You Need A Budget (YNAB) Android App
You Need A Budget for Android is used with the Windows and Mac desktop software and is useful for keeping an eye on your expenses and your budget while you're away from your computer. Learn more about the features in YNAB for Android.

IRS2Go Android App for 2013-2014
IRS2Go is a free Android tax app that track your tax return after your file, shows you where you can get free help with income taxes and has other helpful features.

TurboTax Android Tax Apps for 2013 - 2014
Get the scoop on Android apps from TurboTax for tax year 2013 that will make completing your income taxes easier.

TaxACT Android Apps for 2013 - 2014
TaxACT is one of the best Android apps for preparing and filing an income tax return, tracking your tax refund and planning to reduce taxes in the future.

H&R Block Android Apps for 2013 - 2014
There are two Android apps from H&R Block that help with getting taxes done this year, with one that can be used to file a simple tax return.

Top 4 Android Apps for Income Taxes - February 2014
The best Android tax apps that help with completing and filing your 2013 income tax return or getting quick answers to tax questions on your Android mobile device.

Debt Strategy App for iOS Helps You Reduce or Get Rid of Your Debt
That strategy is one of the four top apps for iPhone or iPad that will help you reduce or eliminate your debt.

Debt HD App for iPhone and iPad Helps You Reduce Your Debt
iPhone and iPad debt reduction app Debt HD has been updated and it even easier to use to reduce debt.

Best Deals Mobile App for Android Find Daily Sales
The Best Deals app for Android serves up lists of daily deals for online and local retailers.

iPhone and iPad Apps for Reducing Debt
The best iOS apps for iPhone and iPad designed to help you reduce and eliminate financial debt with proven strategies like the

Debt Free iOS App Helps You to Eliminate Your Debt
Debt Free is an iPhone and iPad app used to help you reduce and eliminate financial debt.

Debt Payoff Pro for iOS Helps You Reduce Debt
Use Debt Payoff Pro for iOS on your iPhone or iPad to use as a tool for managing or eliminating debt.

TaxCaster App Review
TaxCaster from TurboTax figures out the amount of your tax refund for you on your iPhone or Android device.

MyTaxRefund iOS and Android Tax App Review
MyTaxRefund app for iPad, iPhone and Android tracks both federal and state tax returns after they've been e-Filed, whether you used TurboTax to file your taxes or not.

TurboTax 2012 iPad App Review
The TurboTax iPad app works for just about any personal tax return using TurboTax Deluxe, Premier or Home & Business on an iPad.

TurboTax Mobile Tax Apps for Tax Year 2012 - iOS and Android
There are four TurboTax mobile apps for tax year 2012. Complete a tax return with SnapTax or the TurboTax iPad App, track your return as its processed with MyTaxRefund and use TaxCaster to determine how much you'll be getting back for a tax refund.

Top Android Apps for Personal Finance Management
Top picks for Android apps that help you save money and manage your personal finances.

Best Android Apps for Tracking Your Savings 2014
Top three Android apps for tracking savings goals: progress toward saving a set amount of money by a given date.

Mileage Tracker Android App Tracks Vehicle Miles and Expenses
Mileage Tracker for Android is an app with many great features for tracking mileage and producing reports to back up expense reports and income tax deductions.

How to Save Your Tax Return as a PDF in TurboTax
This tutorial explains how to create a PDF file of your TurboTax income tax return to save as a backup or for importing data into other tax software.

Slice for Android and iPhone Makes Returns Easier and Notifies When the Price Drops
Slice is a mobile app for iPhone or Android that makes returning merchandise to stores, both online and off. Slice also lets you know when the price drops on something you recently purchased.

ReturnGuru Mobile App Tracks Store Return Policies and More
ReturnGuru mobile app gives you access to return policies for hundreds of retailers and reminds you when a return policy is about to expire. Save money by making returns on time for a full refund.

Mobile Apps Calculate Shipping Costs for USPS and UPS
UPS and USPS both have mobile apps for Android, iPhone and Blackberry that are useful for calculating shipping options so you can select the cheapest method for sending back returned merchandise.

TaxACT Tax Software - Review of Features
TaxACT for tax year 2013 is low priced tax software that offers a lot of features. Learn about the features, versions and prices for online.

Plan to Get Out of Debt - Debt Reduction Software and Apps
You can go to a financial planner for a debt payoff plan or you can use free or low cost debt reduction planning software, online apps and mobile apps to come up with a plan and to track your progress.

Easy Merchandise Returns with Free Mobile Apps
These apps save you money by making the process of returning merchandise easier. Android, iPhone and Windows Phone apps provide reminders about return policies, storing receipts and help to find the cheapest shipping for returns.

Google Wallet Android App Stores All Your Credit and Debit Cards
Google Wallet is a free Android app is an electronic wallet that holds all credit, debit and reward cards.

Top Four Android Home Inventory Apps
The top-rated home inventory apps for Android mobile devices make it easy to snap photos of your valuables and record purchase and other information. Create a home inventory so you can back up insurance claims or keep track of your personal assets.

4 Best Free Money Saving Travel Apps for iOS and Android - 2013
List of the best mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android saves you money on travel by finding hotel, air fare, rental car deals and more. All apps are free and highly rated by users.

Top Android Apps for Personal Finance - November 2012
Top mobile apps for Android phones and tablets for the month of November, 2012, selected by a personal finance software expert. MoneyWise Pro, Google Wallet and Mileage Tracker all make the list this month.

Online Accounting Software for Self Employed
The second installment in a series on the best online accounting software options available for self employed individuals and small businesses includes Kashoo, Freshbooks and QuickBooks Online Simple Start and QuickBooks Online Essentials.

Freshbooks Online Accounting Software Review
Freshbooks is a great all-around online accounting software with a low price for self employed people or small businesses.

Kashoo Online Accounting Software Review
Kashoo is a great choice for online accounting software for small businesses or self employed freelancers. Learn more about features and the iPad app.

QuickBooks Online: An Obvious Choice for a Small Business and Freelance Online Accounting App
QuickBooks has been around for years, and QuickBooks Online was one of the first, if not the first, online accounting app to offer scaleable options to help smaller businesses save money on the cost of accounting. Learn more about QuickBooks Online offers.

Seven iPhone Home Inventory Apps
Here are the best home inventory apps for iPhone. Snap photos of your valuables, associated receipts, warranties and other information.

Safety First: Online vs Desktop Personal Finance Software
You may feel like you're losing control of your data if you use online personal finance software, but your private financial information may be safer in the cloud than on your computer. Learn about safely managing money online.

TaxCut Online Help
Help is always just a click away in TaxCut Online.

Free Home Inventory Software Know Your Stuff for Windows or Mac
Know Your Stuff from the Insurance Information Institute is free home inventory software for Windows and Mac. Learn more about Know Your Stuff.

Computerize Your Assets Desktop Home Inventory Software
Computerize Your Assets has a version for tracking a home inventory for one property and an extended version for recording home inventories for multiple properties with estate planning feature.

Home Inventory for Mac with Bento by FileMaker
Bento is an easy to use yet fully relational database with over 20 customizable templates, including one for home inventory.

Debt Reduction Software Helps You Pay Down Bills
The debt reduction software listed here will help you to come up with a plan to pay down debts like credit card and loans, and save on interest.

4 Best Free Budget Spreadsheet Template Sources
The best free budget spreadsheet templates available for download, plus online spreadsheets in Google Drive to manage your budget from anywhere.

The Best Free Tax Software - Seven Options Compared
Doing taxes can be a stressful obligation, but what if it was free? Here are your best free tax software options for doing your own taxes for free.

How NEAT Receipts Works
Part two of NEAT Receipts review explains how the software is layed out and the various organizers for storing receipts, tax information, contacts and documents.

Accounting Software Features for the Future
Now that you have narrowed down your accounting software choices, carry this list of questions with you while you shop for small business accounting software.

Find Home Inventory Software That Keeps Data Private
To keep your home inventory data private, your software should have security features like password protection. This is part 2 of a 5 part series about choosing and using personal home inventory software.

8 Tips for Choosing the Best Budget Software
These tips help you choose the best personal budget software that helps you quickly and easily set up, manage and track a household or personal budget on your computer or online.

The Best Personal Finance Software for Linux
Here are the best choices for personal finance software for Linux systems.

Choosing Tax Software: Online Vs. Desktop
For tax software like TurboTax, should you install it on your computer or use online tax software? Here's a comparison to find the option for you.

Android Apps for Personal Finance
Find a variety of the best personal finance apps for your Android mobile device, including income tax, budget and banking apps.

Free and Cheap iPhone Personal Finance Apps
Top apps for personal finance and daily money management on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Get the details and cost for each app, many are free.

4 Free Debt Reduction Planning Spreadsheets
Choose from these free debt reduction planning spreadsheets to come up with a plan for determining which debt to pay down first and to become debt free.

Best Free Personal Finance Software
A list of the best free personal finance software for managing money on your Mac or PC, with links to free downloads and software reviews.

Free or Low-Cost Nonprofit Finance Software
List of free and low-cost​ nonprofit accounting software for nonprofit organizations on a tight budget. There are many options available.

How to Set up A Portfolio in Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe
This msn money portfolio manager tutorial covers how to set up investment accounts to track stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, and other investments.

The First Step to Setting up Investments in Microsoft Money-Set up Your Accounts
The First Step to Setting up an Investment Portfolio in Microsoft Money Is to Establish Your Accounts.

Microsoft Money Tutorial - Setting up Financial Institutions in Investment Portfolios
Since Microsoft Money Sunset Deluxe does not download financial institution names, you need to set these up manually in the Portfolio feature.

12 Best Personal Finance Software for Mac
Personal finance software for Mac. Check out this list of the best money management software for Mac computing.

10 Tips for Choosing the Best Tax Software
Choosing tax software can be confusing. These 10 tips for when you buy tax software for federal and state returns will help remove the guess work.

Best Small Business Accounting Software Choices
Learn about the features and prices for a variety of small business accounting software. Both online and desktop accounting software choices are included.

Time Tracker for Android - 2013 Top Pick for Best Time and Expense Tracking App
Time Tracker is one of the best time tracking Android apps for 2013. It has easy to use features that most professional need when doing time billing or tracking project and task time.

Android Apps for Tracking Time/ Expenses
The top time and expense tracking apps for Android phones and tablets are convenient time savers for anyone who does project work and billable hours.

Top 3 Android Time and Expense Tracking Apps
Timesheet - Time Tracker is one of the top Android apps of 2013 for tracking time and expenses. Learn about the flexible features in Timesheet, a free Android app. Page 2.

TimeClock App: Top 3 Android Time and Expense Tracking Apps of 2013
TimeClock is one of the three best pick for Android time and expense tracking apps. Among the many features is an optional invoicing module and online data back up.

iBank 5 for Mac Personal Finance Software Review
iBank 5 for Mac personal finance software review explains all the features of this top pick for Mac software.

12 Best Personal Finance Software for Mac
Personal finance software for Mac. Check out this list of the best money management software for Mac computing.

How to Turn Off Sounds in Quicken
Does Quicken

Work with Account Registers in Quicken
This tutorial explains the dozens of options available for Quicken account registers. You can set up the account registers for currency, how data is entered for transactions, how you see notifications, navigate registers and more.

How to Change Account Register Options in Quicken
How to change the Register Option Preferences in Quicken to adjust the way the register appears and functions in Quicken.

How to Use QuickFill Options in Quicken Account Registers
This tutorial explains how to use the QuickFill Options under the Register Preferences in Quicken personal finance software to adjust the way you enter data and automatically update transactions.

How to Change Notify Options for Account Registers in Quicken
This tutorial explains how to change the way the Notify options in Quicken personal finance software so you receive or turn off warnings about transaction dates, account reconciliation reminders and more.

How to Change the Options for Writing and Printing Checks in Quicken
If you want to print checks from Quicken personal finance software, follow these suggestions for changing the preference to set up the feature so it works best for you.

How to Set Quicken Downloaded Transactions Renaming Rules
Renaming rules in Quicken personal finance software will automatically change the payee name to something that you understand when you download transactions. Learn about setting preferences for how Quicken handles renaming rules for downloaded transactions.

Do You Know What Is Your Gross Income?
Gross income is the amount of money on a paycheck, before taxes. Tax software will help you find income that needs to be reported to the government.

Steps for Settig Up Memorized Payees in Quicken
Learn how to set up memorized payees in Quicken personal finance software so that transactions download with the correct spending categories.

What Is an Explanation of Benefits?
An Explanation of Benefits (EOB) tells you what portion of a claim was paid to the health care provider and what payment, if any, you must pay.

Types of Stand Alone Software
Stand alone software does not come bundled with or require another software package to run. It can

The Basics of Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe
Learn about the features that are included in the free Money Plus Sunset Deluxe personal finance software and how it compares to previous versions.

iBank 5 for Mac Releases with New Features, Huge Improvements
iBank 5 personal finance software for Mac is ready with a free trial and many new features and improvments.

PayPal Mobile Apps Bring Digital to Your Wallet
PayPal's latest mobile app lets you make payments in stores so you can stop carrying around so many debit and credit cards. Learn more about how the PayPal app works.

What Is a Fixed Expense? Here's the Definition
This definition of fixed expenses explains why these costs are easier to track in a personal household budget or small business budget compared to variable or discretionary expenses.

Personal Net Income Defined -- And Explained
What is personal net income? Click to read a definition of income pertaining to personal finances -- and what you need to know about net income.

What is Tax Exchange Format (TXF)?
Exporting TXF data from your financial software and importing it into your tax software saves time when preparing your income tax return.

Financial Definition of Variable Expense
Variable expenses are a part of every personal household or small business budget. Here are some examples of variable expenses and how to track them.

PearBudget Free Budget Spreadsheet Download
PearBudget free budget spreadsheet for Excel or OpenOffice Calc has budgeting formulas and formatting so you can create and track your budget.

The Mint App Manages Accounts, Budgets and More Online
This Mint review explains how this popular online personal finance app can help you track financial accounts, and set up a budget with savings goals.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Money
Save yourself time and start using Microsoft Money more efficiently. Learn how to navigate and execute commands with keyboard shortcuts.

QuickBooks Accounting Software Versions and Prices
Learn more about QuickBooks software versions, features and prices. QuickBooks software offers solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.

Quicken Home and Business vs. QuickBooks Simple Start
A comparison of Quicken Home and Business and QuickBooks Simple Start can help you decide which is best for managing your small business finances.

Manage Money in College With Personal Finance Software
Tips for managing college money and recommendations for software for budgeting while away at school. Manage your money well in college and graduate with significantly less debt.

TurboTax ItsDeductible for Tracking Donations
TurboTax ItsDeductible is free tax deduction tracking software that values non-cash donations to charity to get you a bigger tax deduction.

How to Recover Password Protected Files in Quicken
Forgetting your Quicken password is frustrating, but not all is lost. These tips for recovering a password-protected Quicken data file could recover your financial information.

It's Your Money - Personal Finance Spreadsheets
A collection of free or low-cost savings account spreadsheets for use with Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calc. Read the full reviews here.

Replacing Microsoft Money for Personal Finances
Need to replace the discontinued Microsoft Money personal finance software? Here are the three options you can take, plus suggestions of alternatives.

Best Apps to Manage Receipts and Expense Reports
Snap images of your business receipts, organize them and even generate expense reports fast with these mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

Find the Version of Quicken Running on Your Computer
Not sure what year and version number of Quicken finance software you're running on your computer? Here's how to find the version number and more.

What Is a Debt Snowball? Using Software and Mobile Apps to Pay Off Debt
What is a Debt Snowball? It sounds like a frosty proposition, but it's actually a plan for getting out of debt. Read on to learn how to use a Debt Snowball and to find free and low priced software and apps that use this method for reducing and eliminating debt.

What is Data Import and How Can I Use It?
A data import would come from account transactions downloaded from your bank; financial software converts the data so it shows up in the register.

What is Adjusted Gross Income?
Adjusted Gross Income, also known as AGI, is the basis for figuring income tax you owe. Learn how Adjusted Gross Income is calculated.

E-File - Electronic Filing for Income Tax Returns
Want to know more about e-filing your tax return? Here's a quick explanation of what it means to e-file, and a list of the many benefits to e-filing.

Double Entry Accounting - Defined and Explained
A definition of double entry accounting, with a description of implications and resources for learning more about accounting.

What are Electronic Payments in Financial Software?
Want to pay your bills for your business automatically? If so, most financial software will let you set up automatic bill pay.

What is Envelope Budgeting?
Envelope budgeting is a way of always having enough money to cover expected expenses. There is financial software that can accomplish this task for you.

Choosing Tax Software: Basic, Deluxe or Premium?
It can be confusing to choose between a basic or premium version of TurboTax or other tax software program. Find out which tier is right for you.

Where Is My Quicken Data File?
You can have several Quicken data files for different financial projects, saved under different names and locations. Here's how to find them.

Where Is the Quicken Install File Located?
You bought Quicken personal finance software and downloaded it from a web site, but you don't know where to find it on your computer? We can help.

When Transactions Will Not Update in Quicken
Is Quicken not updating transactions from your bank? Here are some solutions for identifying and resolving issues with transaction downloads.

Is It Safe to E-file Your Tax Return?
Submitting your yearly tax return electronically through E-file is more than convenient. Learn how safe E-file is and how your data is secured.

Create a Budget and Track Spending in Quicken
Learn how to set up a Quicken budget for your personal finances to help you track spending with these budgeting tips and tutorials.

What Does Reconciliation Mean in Accounting?
An explanation of account reconciliation, how and why the procedure is done, and how personal finance software makes the process much easier.

Organize Your Financial Accounts with Manilla Online, Android and iPhone App
Take a look at Manilla for a way to manage bills online, on your Android or your iPhone for free.

Quicken 2015 Adds Credit Scores and Investment Features
Quicken 2015 review explains new features in the popular personal finance software for analyzing investment portfolios and keeping tabs on your credit score.

New Portfolio X-Ray in Quicken 2015 Gives Mutual Fund Details
Quicken 2015 Portfolio X-Ray review tells you what you get with this report, available in Quicken 2015 Premier and higher.

New Chase Mobile App for Android
Chase customers have a new mobile banking experience with the new Chase app for Android. Check out the redesigned features and security.

Quicken 2014 Desktop and Mobile Apps Review
This review takes a look at new features in the Windows desktop software and a new mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets.

Quicken 2014 Mobile App Features Reviewed
Learn about the solid new features in the free mobile app for Quicken 2014, for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices.

Top iOS Apps for Tracking the Stock Market
The top stock market tracker apps for iPhone and iPad with features for stock research, portfolio tracking, market news, technical analysis and more.

StockWatch for iPhone and iPod Touch
StockWatch for iPhone and iPod Touch has a multitude of features for tracking your portfolio and the stock market.

Real-time Stock Tracker + Alert
Real-time Stock Tracker + Alert is an iOS app with live quotes, alerts, technical analysis charting and much more.

Thomson Reuters News Pro Stock Market App for iOS
Stay up to date on global financial news with photos and video on your iOS device with Thomson Reuters News Pro stock market app.

Stock Wars iOS Virtual Investing App Overview
Stock Wars - Virtual Investing is a stock market app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that lets you test market strategies or learn how to buy and sell stocks, mutual funds and more by paper trading.

BillPin Splits Bills with Friends and Roomates Online
Split bills with friends and roommates and track who paid online with BillPin.

Online App Pay It Square Collects Shared Expenses and Donations
Collect from others when you split expenses or collect donation online with Pay It Square.

Manage Money and Track IOUs with Buxfer Online Personal Finance App
Buxfer manages your financial accounts, a budget and tracks split bills and IOUs online.

Online Apps to Split the Bill and Collect Money
You can split bills and share expenses with friends, roommates and and make donations with these four online app programs

Splitwise Free Online App Splits Bills for Shared Expenses
Splitwise is a free online app used to split bills among roommates and other groups. A variety on online calculators are included.

Money by Jumsoft for iPad Personal Finance App Review
Money for iPad has some great personal finance features, including Foursquare support in transactions and a scheduler for a number of financial transactions.

MoneyWiz for iPad Review
MoneyWiz is a personal finance app for iPad that has impressive financial reports.

Pocket Expense Personal Finance iPad App Review
Pocket Expense is an iPad app for tracking finances and managing money every day.

Mint iPad App for Personal Financial Management Review
The Mint iPad app syncs with and its other mobile apps. offers fully day to day money management features.

Top 3 Free Online Debt Reduction Tools
Here are the best free online debt reduction tools that are easy to use and help you come up with a plan for paying off your debt.

Debt Coach Online Debt Reduction Tools
Debt Coach is a set of online financial tools that comes up with solutions to help you manage and pay off debt.

Ready for Zero Online Debt Reduction Tool
Ready For Zero is an online app that helps you come up with a plan for paying off debt and offers automatic bill pay services.

Top iPad Personal Finance Apps
These are the five best personal finance apps for the iPad or iPhone These apps handle day-to-day money management, budgeting and debt repayment.

Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover Snowball Debt Tool
The Debt Snowball Tool online debt payoff progam.

iBank for iPad Review
iBank for iPad is a truly fully featured app for managing personal features. Read on to learn about all that iBank has to offer for tracking money on your iPad.

Xero Online Small Business Accounting Software
Xero small business accounting software is an online app with all the accounting features and many great reports for analyzing your business, and mobile apps for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Phone

Wave Accounting Online Small Business App
Wave Accounting is online accounting software for small businesses with nine or fewer employees. This short review goes over Wave Accounting's features.

Zoho Books
Zoho Books online accounting app is full of features for small and medium businesses.

Online Accounting Software for Self Employment
Self employed and looking for inexpensive and easy to use accounting software? Here are your best options in online accounting software.

Create a New Budget Using Quicken Personal Finance Software
Here are the steps to getting started with budgeting with Quicken personal finance software.

How to Add or Remove Budget Categories in Quicken Personal Finance Software
Part of the Budget with Quicken tutorial, this step explains how to add and remove income and expense categories in your budget.

Enter Budget Amounts in Quicken Personal Finance Software
Part of a Budgeting with Quicken tutorial, this step explains two methods for entering budget amounts in Quicken 2013 or later.

Accessing Budget Reports in Quicken 2013 and Later
The last step of the Budgeting with Quicken 2013 or Later tutorials explains how to use budget reports.

How to Set Up a Budget with Quicken 2013 and Later
This tutorial explains how to use Quicken 2013 personal finance software or later versions that use the same tools.

Using the New Year Command for Your Quicken Data File
This tutorial explains the New Year file in Quicken personal finance software. You can safely split off transactions with this command and the current data file will include only transactions after a specified date.

Set the New Year File Name and Location in Quicken Personal Finance Softwaere
Step two of this tutorial explains how to set the file name and locations for the Quicken New Year file.

Quicken 2015 Review with Versions, Features and Prices
Quicken 2015 adds a quarterly credit score and robust yet easy-to-understand investment reporting. Learn more.

Quicken 2015 for Mac First Look Review
Quicken 2015 for Mac first look feature review explains how the latest Quicken personal finance software for Mac has been improved and will be adding features in the future.

Quicken Archive Tutorial - Set the File Name and Location
Set a Quicken Archive file name and location.

Finish the Quicken Archive File Procedure
The final step in this tutorial finishes up the task of archiving data for Quicken personal finance software.

Using Quicken's 'Archive' Command and Year End Options
The Quicken Year End Archive command makes a copy of transactions prior to and including a date you specify. This tutorial explains how to use this feature in Quicken personal finance software.

Quicken Data Archive Tutorial - Choosing Transaction Dates
This part of the Archiving Quicken Data tutorial explains options for splitting off data from your original data files by selecting dates.

TaxCut Program Overview
Review the TaxCut Overview to see how different parts of Taxcut work and where you can find information in TaxCut Online.

Import Microsoft Money Files to Quicken
A tutorial is for people who are switching from Microsoft Money to Quicken personal finance software. Learn how to complete a quicken transfer.

Rename Microsoft Money Accounts and Back Up before Importing Data to Quicken
Second part of a tutorial that explains how to import Microsoft Money data into Quicken personal finance software. Renaming and backing up Money accounts before converting them is discussed here.

Download the Latest Microsoft Money
If you don't have Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe (free), you'll need to download and install it to convert data for use with Quicken personal finance software.

Start the Process of Converting Microsoft Money Data to Quicken Personal Finance Software
This is the last step in a tutorial that explains how to import Microsoft Money accounts and transactions into Quicken, including links to other steps in the tutorial. Open Quicken and tell the software to convert the Money data file.

Import Tax Data into TaxCut Online
TaxCut Online will import last year's tax data to make tax preparation easier.

How to Change or Delete a Savings Goal in Quicken Personal Finance Software
Learn how to use savings goals in this Quicken tutorial. In this step the tutorial, learn how to edit or delete savings goals in Quicken.

Essential Microsoft Money Tutorials
Great tutorials for learning how to use how to use microsoft money free personal finance software.

Quicken Savings Goal Progress Bars
In this step of the Quicken Savings Goals tutorial, learn how to view progress made toward saving for a big purchase or expense.

Quicken Savings Goal Reports
This part of the Quicken Savings Goals tutorial teaches how to view reports to see how your efforts to save money are coming along.

TurboTax 2012 Software Versions, Features and Prices
TurboTax income tax software has online, Windows and Mac versions. Learn the differences and find out which is best for your needs.

TaxCut Online Setup
Get a look at what you can expect from Taxcut Online in this brief product tour, Learn ow to use TaxCut Online including creating a taxcut login.

Use Savings Goals in Quicken Personal Finance Software
Quicken savings goals are a way to save for planned purchases or an emergency savings fund. This tutorial teaches you how to set up and work with Quicken savings goals.

How to Create a Savings Goal in Quicken Personal Finance Software
This step in the Quicken Savings Goals tutorial teaches you how to set up your goals.

How to Contribute to a Savings Goal in Quicken
Quicken personal finance software can help you save for future expenses and purchases. This tutorial explains how to fund Quicken Savings Goals.

View Hidden Savings Goals Transfers in Quicken Accounts
This Quicken tutorial shows you how to use savings goals. In this step, learn how to view hidden savings goal transactions in Quicken personal finance software.

Quicken Tutorial - Withdrawing Money from a Savings Goal
Learn how to withdraw money from a savings goal in Quicken personal finance software. This tutorial covers all aspect of how to use the savings goal feature.

The Best Personal Finance Software for Windows PCs
Find the best personal finance software for Windows computers with a selection from this list of the top eights picks from a financial software expert

The Complete Home Journal Home Inventory Software
Document your home's interior, exterior and mechanicals with The Complete Home Journal home inventory software.

Personal Home Inventory Software for PC or Mac Desktop
Home inventory software provides easy-to-use tools for documenting your personal belongings should you have to file an insurance claim.

NEAT Receipts Help
NEAT Receipts help includes documentation and online forums as well as technical support.

Should You Buy NEAT Receipts?
NEAT Receipts features and review helps you decide if you should buy this software and scanner combination.

Getting Started with NEAT Receipts Software
Installing NEAT Receipts is easy, and step by step instructions and tutorials simplify getting set up and using NEAT Receipts.

Exporting Data to Other Applications from NEAT Receipts
NEAT Receipts exports data from your receipts and other documents to a number of formats to be used with Quicken, Microsoft Money and other financial software.

Splitting Spending Categories in NEAT Receipts
NEAT Receipts splits receipts into multiple categories, but does not display transaction splits the same way financial software does in the account register.

NEAT Receipts Scanner
NEAT Receipts scanner review. The NEAT Receipts scanner takes up very little space on a desk and works well for hundreds of scans.

Select the Quicken Account to Move the Transactions
How to select an account to move transactions to in Quicken personal finance software.

Best Stock Analysis Software and Strategy Tools
Stock analysis software won't make you a stock market pro, but it can improve your success, whether you are a long-term investor or a stock trader.

Quicken FAQ: Move Transactions to Another Account
Whether you want to move one transaction or many transactions from one account to another in Quicken personal finance software, you can do so in a few short steps.

Quicken Move Transaction Command Tutorial
Use the Move Transaction comment to move transactions from one account to another in Quicken personal finance software.

Ways to E-file a Tax Return Extension Online- Form 4868
File for an extension on your tax return fast with these online services. Quickly E-file IRS Form 4868, or print and mail using your tax software.

Google Apps for Accounting and Small Business Finance
A list of Google AppsGoogle Apps for accounting and small business finance apps that work with Google Docs, Calendar and other online services.

Tips for Choosing Small Business Accounting Software
Accounting software saves hours compared to handling the books manually. Learn how to choose the right sole proprietorship accounting software.

Which Accounting Software Features Do You Need?
Narrow down accounting software choices by making a list of small business accounting features you need to run your business.

Accounting Software Help and Support Options
Remember to figure support costs into your accounting software budget. Some accounting software provides fee-based support while other accounting software provides free support.

Don't Pay for Features You Do Not Need
How much should you pay for small business accounting software?

How to Choose Accounting Software - Use an Accountant or Accounting Software?
Accounting software tips. Should you use an accountant or use accounting software

Take Your Personal Inventory: Features You Need in Home Inventory Software
When you're looking for home inventory software, be aware of available features so you can choose software that fits your needs.

Remember to Update Your Home Inventory Software
Using home inventory software is pointless if you don't keep it updated when you buy new household items or make other significant purchases. Learn how to use home inventory software to back up insurance claims and for tax purposes.

Home Inventory Software Reviews
Home inventory software reviews for help with choosing the right software.

How to Choose the Best Personal Finance Software
Discover the features and benefits of using financial software for personal budgeting and money management, and get help with choosing the right personal finance software.

Why You Need Home Inventory Software
Want to manage your household inventory quickly? Learn about the features to look for in home inventory software and read about some of the best options.

Selecting Options When You Download Financial Transactions
The second step of this tutorials explains how to find the account transaction download link on your bank's web site and selecting options for files like OFX, QIF, or CSV.

The Best Online Personal Finance Software Apps
Online personal finance software apps are used with your web browser to manage financial accounts, budget, repay debt and plan for future goals

3 Easy Steps to Download Transactions
Learn how to export or download transactions from your bank or credit union. This tutorial explains how to perform a chase download.

How to Export and Download Financial Transactions
The final step in this tutorial covers exporting financial account data from your bank, credit union or brokerage and saving downloaded data.

Organize Receipts with Software, Online or Mobile Apps
Organize receipts with desktop software, mobile apps or in web-based software for expense reports, income taxes, insurance claims and more.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Online Expense Report and Receipt Organizing Software
Get organized, save receipt images online and create expense reports quickly, from any place you have an Internet connection.

Top Receipt Scanning Software and Bundles
These receipt scanning software applications track and organize receipts digitally for expense reports, income tax insurance claims and more.

Free State Income Tax Return Filing - MA through NJ
Links to the official state income tax websites for Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska and New Jersey. File state income taxes for free and find tax forms at these sites.

Free State Income Tax Filing for States A Through G
Need to file state income taxes? Here are links to the official state income tax websites for Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California and more

New Mexico - South Carolina: Income Tax Return by State
State tax forms and online filing for New Mexico, New York, where Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and South Carolina.

The Best Online Bill Paying Software and Services
Online bill paying software and services let you setup a secure online account and pay your bills electronically, streamlining the task.

Free State Income Tax Preparation Software
Almost everyone in the U.S. is required to file a tax return. File your tax return for free using free tax software or other IRS-approved methods.

Free Income Tax Apps for iPhone and iOS
Looking for iPhone tax apps to make income tax preparation easier? Look no further, here are the best free iPhone tax apps, all of which run on iPad and iPod Touch, too.

Four Best Personal Financial Planning Software Picks
Find the best free and low cost financial planning software for individuals in order to make sound financial decisions.

IExpenseOnline - Online Expense Manager and Budgeting Tool
IExpenseOnline is expense management software and budgeting software that you use online. Learn more about free IExpenseOnline features for expense management and budgeting.

10 Best Personal Budget Software and Online Budgeting Apps
Creating and tracking a personal budget is easier and faster when you use budgeting software or an online app to do a lot of the work for you. Here are the best budget software picks.

Quicken Bill Pay: Pay Online or with Quicken Software
Quicken Bill Pay is an online bill pay service that works with Quicken software, although the software is not necessary to use the service.

Scan, Save and Organize Receipts
NEAT Receipts review explains how this scanner and software work to reduce paper clutter while managing personal and business finances.

Quicken Home Inventory Manager (Windows)
Quicken Home Inventory Manager makes entering data for your belongings easy, and values can be imported into Quicken Personal Finance Software to give a more accurate net worth.

TaxCut Pop-Up Policy
You must enable your browser for pop-ups to use TaxCut Online.

TaxCut Online Main Menu
The TaxCut Online interview begins with the Main Menu.

TaxCut Online - Complete Your Income Tax Return
You do not need to complete your income taxes all in one sitting with TaxCut Online. You can log in any time, from any computer with internet access.

TaxCut Online - Sign In or Create an Account
Sign in to your TaxCut Online account, or if you are new to TaxCut Online, create a new account.

Binary Formations Home Inventory for Mac
Set up your home inventory on your Mac with Binary Formations Home Inventory for Mac to document insurance claims, estate planning and more. Home Inventory for Mac is fast, functional and fun to use.

verywell. Financial Software.

Choose the Date for the Quicken New Year File
This part of the tutorial explains how to set dates for the Quicken New Year file.

Save the New Year File in Quicken Personal Finance Software
Once the Quicken New Year file is completed, decide if you want to use the Old file or the File for New Year.

Quicken Tips and Tutorials
How to use Quicken personal finance software. Learn your way around Quicken and learn about accounts, keeping a budget, keeping data safe and much more with Quicken.

How to Set Up Financial Accounts in Quicken
These tutorials show you how to set up and work with financial accounts in Quicken personal finance software.

Archived Quicken Tutorials
Tutorials for discontinued Quicken personal finance software versions.

Backing Up Quicken and Using Passwords to Keep Financial Data Safe
How to back up financial information in Quicken data files and how to protect that information with passwords.

How to Work with Quicken Data Files Tutorials
These tutorials explain how to work with Quicken data files, including copying and archiving your financial information.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Quicken
Learn how to move around Quicken and complete tasks faster in Quicken personal finance software using shortcut key combinations.

How to Install and Update Quicken Personal Finance Software
Short tutorials explain how to update or install Quicken financial software.

Taxes in Quicken Tutorials
Learn about tools for tracking and managing taxes in Quicken personal finance software with these tutorials. Export Quicken data to TurboTax or other income tax preparation software.

How to Import Microsoft Money Data to Quicken - Convert Microsoft Money Data to Quicken
You have been using Microsoft Money, but want to change to Quicken personal finance software. Learn how to convert Microsoft Money data and import your Money data file to Quicken.

AceMoney Personal Finance Software Review
Can AceMoney really replace Quicken or Microsoft Money? Get the details in this personal finance software review to manage your money

Online Accounting Software Apps
Online accounting software brings convenience to the business owner and security to small business data. Many of these online apps are great for free lancers and self employed individuals who are handling their own bookkeeping.

Quickbooks Simple Start - Small Business Accounting Software
Read about the versions and features of QuickBooks Simple Start, small business accounting software. Have a home based business? QuickBooks Simple Start is right for you.

Budget for Holidays and Other Special Days Using Personal Finance Software
Holidays, weddings, birthdays and other special days are important celebrations, but they come with a cost. Take it easy on your finances with these tutorials for using your personal finance software to budget for special days and holidays.

H&R Block At Home (formerly TaxCut) Tax Software
H&R Block At Home (formerly TaxCut) tax preparation software reviews and information.

TurboTax - Prepare Your Income Taxes with TurboTax
TurboTax tax preparation software reviews and information.

Tax Apps Archive
Archive of out of date mobile tax apps.

Tax Software Reviews
Tax software reviews cover features and prices of the top tax software titles. Learn which tax software will work best for your income tax preparation needs.