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An Overview of Carpet Types - Fiber and Pile
Your options for carpeting types include the fiber used and the type of pile.See the benefits and drawbacks of each so you can make the right choice.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rubber Flooring Tile
There are both pros and cons to installing rubber floors in an interior space. This article looks at the characteristics that will effect its use.

The Pros and Cons of Pre-Finished Hardwood Flooring
A look at the pros and cons of pre-finished hardwood flooring in comparison with regular wood floors that are treated on site.

Is Vinyl Flooring Right For My Home?
The advantages and disadvantages of vinyl flooring in residential and commercial applications.

Is Vinyl Flooring Right For My Home?
The advantages and disadvantages of vinyl flooring in residential and commercial applications.

How to Clean and Care for Rubber Flooring Tiles
An in depth look at how to clean and care for rubber flooring tiles, including products that will be most effective, and a few you should avoid.

The Dangers of Laminate Flooring in Kitchens
Laminate flooring isn't always appropriate for a kitchen, but with new manufacturing techniques it is a viable option.

The 5 Best Bedroom Flooring Options
A look at the 5 best bedroom flooring options, taking into account design, feel, insulation, comfort, and maintenance.

The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Bamboo Floors
A comparative look at the positive benefits and the negative drawbacks of natural bamboo flooring

Vinyl Flooring Versus Linoleum Floors
A side by side look at vinyl versus linoleum flooring, with a close comparison of the two materials based on their inherent characteristics.

Cleaning Cat and Dog Urine Stains From Carpeting
Techniques for cleaning dog and cat urine stains from carpeting.

6 Great Ways to Make Your Floors Last Longer
A look at the different cleaning and maintenance procedures that can be done to make your floors last longer and look better.

Parquet Living Room Flooring
Parquet flooring is a dynamic surface covering that can add energy and excitement to living rooms and dens.

Residential Flooring Advice
Basic information about ho to keep your residential floors looking great for years to come.

What Are Carpet Remnants?
In depth information about what carpet remnants are and how they can be used in installation and repair projects.

Painting Basement Floors
Instructions for painting basement floors. This technique is a great was to add a splash of color and light to a space that is often rustic, rough, and gloomy.

Basement Floor Sealer An Overview and Definition
A definition of basement floor sealer. What is basement floor sealant? It is a chemical that is used to protect concrete basement floors from moisture and damage.

Types of Flooring
An overview of different types of flooring that is available. Here we discuss a wide variety of flooring options including hardwood floors, tile flooring, laminate flooring, ceramic flooring, and many more.

Hardwood Flooring and Natural Wood Surface Coverings
Background information about hardwood floors, including installation, repair, and maintenance instructions.

Background on Concrete Flooring and Floor Materials
A general look at concrete flooring materials including background information, material make-up, and both commercial and residential applications

Grouting The Marble Replacement Tile
Grouting the replacement marble tile to fill in the gaps.

Sealing The Marble Floor
Sealing the marble tiles is an optional last step that can help to make the floor more uniform.

Removing The Marble Tile Grout
You have to remove the grout around the tile in order to remove the cracked piece

Sealing The Replacement Marble Piece
Sealing the replacement marble tile is important to protect its surface.

Install The Replacement Marble Tile
Apply the adhesive mortar to the back of the replacement marble tile and then install it in the gap.

Leveling The Marble Tiles
Use a straight piece of 2x4 wood to level the replacement marble tile

Clean the Mortar and Remove the Tile Spacers
Cleaning the surface of the marble is important before moving on to the next step

How to Mend a Cracked Marble Tile Floor
There are a variety of materials and equipment that you will need in order to repair and replace a marble flooring tile.

Cracking The Marble Piece
The next step is to crack the marble tile further with a hammer and chisel, in order to remove the shards.

Using The Chisel To Lift The Marble Shards
In the next step you will slide a chisel up under the broken marble shards, in order to lift them away.

Smoothing Out The Subfloor
You need to use the chisel to remove as much mortar as you can, then sand the rest away.

Faux Hardwood Ceramic Tile Dining Room Floor Pictures
An attractive, dark faux hardwood ceramic tile flooring picture, featuring a rustic, cottage country style kitchen setting.

A Picture Of a Terra Cotta Flooring Tile
A beautiful picture of a Terra Cotta floor tile, with natural, exquisite crimson kissed beauty.

A Picture Of a Ceramic Kitchen Flooring Installation
A picture of a lovely picturesque kitchen, with faux stone ceramic flooring 16 X 16 tiles, set against real natural polished quartz counter tops.

Multicolored Slate Ceramic Bathroom Flooring Tile
A picture of a bathroom tiled floor to ceiling with beautiful polished ceramic tiles, to create a soft zen atmosphere throughout the room.

Pristine White Ceramic Bathroom Flooring Tiles
A picture of a bathroom tiled with beautiful, pristine, pure white ceramic tile which creates a lovely, shabby chic effect in the room.

Multicolored Ceramic Slate Kitchen Flooring Tile
A look at a ceramic kitchen floor printed to look like multicolored dark and gold slate tiles.

Polished Porcelain Ceramic Flooring Tiles
A picture of an exquisite bathroom, outfitted with polished porcelain tiles that are printed with a vivid multicolored pattern

Ceramic Tile Flooring Pictures
Ceramic flooring is a durable hard surface tile material that can be printed with a variety of images and patterns. This gallery displays pictures of a variety f ceramic flooring installations.

Commercial Flooring for Nursing and Retirement Homes
A look at some important characteristics required of commercial flooring used in places frequented by elderly people


A Buyers Guide For Purchasing Flooring Materials
A look at the different flooring materials that are available as well as the different tools and accessories that can be used to install, repair, or maintain a flooring installation.

Glossary Flooring Definition
Complete information explanations and definitions of a variety of commonly used terms in the flooring industry.

Cork Flooring - Advantages and Disadvantages
A look at the various elements of cork flooring, and how they hold up in different interior rooms around the home and in commercial settings.

Sheet vs Tile Vinyl Floors - Advantages and Drawbacks
There are a lot of differences between vinyl tiles and vinyl sheet flooring. These can make a big difference in how the floor holds up.






Finding The Right Floor For You
Finding the right flooring for a particular environment is an essential part of creating an attractive, stylish, and functional environment.

Bamboo and Wood Flooring: A Side by Side Comparison
A comparative look at bamboo versus hardwood flooring options, and the advantages, and disadvantages of each.

Solid, Engineered, & Strand Woven Bamboo Floors
A comparison of strand woven, engineered, and solid bamboo floors, including the various processes used to manufacture them and the characteristics of the final material.

Vinyl Sheet and Tile Bathroom Flooring
Is vinyl flooring right for your bathroom? While it is resilient and water resistant, there are some factors that you need to know about.

Pros and Cons of Concrete Floors
A look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of employing concrete flooring in various interior and exterior locations.

Laminate Flooring In a Basement Setting
Laminate flooring faces a number of challenges on a below grade installation, but there are precautions that you can take.

Ceramic Flooring Design Pictures
A gallery of pictures showing different types of ceramic flooring installations, including various colors, designs, and faux natural looks.

Mottled Beige Ceramic Tile Kitchen Floor Picture
A beautiful beige mottled ceramic tile kitchen flooring installation.

Hand Made Terra Cotta Flooring Tiles
Rustic terra cotta flooring, hand crafted in the tuscan style to create a beautiful artistic masterpiece

Dark Ceramic Kitchen Flooring Tile Picture
Ceramic floor tiles, printed with dark, smoky colors, installed in an elegant kitchen setting.

Limestone Ceramic Kitchen Flooring Tile Pictures
A beautiful image featuring a kitchen floor with faux limestone ceramic tiles installed

Ceramic Bathroom Flooring picture Gallery
A bathroom installed with off white ceramic flooring, which runs up the walls and back splash, while being accented by lightly contrasting hues

Ceramic Office Flooring Picture Gallery
A picture of a ceramic office floor installed in a sleek, elegant, high end home office setting.

Faux Slate Ceramic Tile Bathroom Floors
Faux slate ceramic flooring installed in an upscale bathroom environment

Installing a Floor
A guide to installing a wide variety of flooring materials. Including information on hardwood flooring, tile, laminate, glass, and sheet metal installations.












How to Install Carpet Tile
Detailed step by step instructions showing you exactly how to install carpet tiles in nearly any interior location.

Cork Flooring In Basements and Below Grade Environments
A look at the use of cork flooring in basements, and whether this versatile material is appropriate for these below grade installations.

Living Room Floors
A guide to living room flooring including advice for people looking to install new floors, and help with cleaning, maintenance, and repair of flooring surfaces.

Kitchen Floors
A complete guide to kitchen floors. This includes information on choosing the best kitchen flooring material, eco friendly options, cleaning and maintaining a kitchen floor and how to repair damage to flooring surfaces.

Basement Floors
A guide to basement flooring solutions including suggestions for both finished and unfinished basement settings. Information on cleaning a basement floor, dealing with mold, and repairing cracked installations.

Bathroom Floors
In depth information on everything you need to know about bathroom floors. This includes floor pricing, maintenance, comfort, slippage issues, durability in a wet environment, and the quality of different materials.

Floor Maintenance
Information on preserving and maintaining the beauty of a variety of flooring options. Care and maintenance instructions for marble, slate, hardwood, ceramic, porcelain, laminate, and recycled glass flooring installations.

Green Flooring Options
Eco friendly flooring options including in depth information about cork, bamboo, recycled glass, linoleum, natural stone, and reclaimed hardwood materials.

Bedroom Floors
In depth information about all of the bedroom flooring options that are available to you. Includes comparisons of different bedroom flooring materials, including details of cost, durability, and comfort.

Floor Repairs
Information on how to repair and mend broken floors. Includes ideas for fixing chipped tiles, scratched hardwood floors, and other common flooring problems.

Floor Cleaning
A complete guide on how to clean your floors. Covers cleaning techniques for hardwood, laminate, tile, ceramic, natural stone, glass, and marble.

Floor Pictures
Pictures of a wide variety of flooring installations. Images include pictures of kitchen, bathroom, living room, and dining room floors in a variety of materials include hardwood, slate, laminate, marble, glass, and metallic tile

Commercial Flooring
Information about high traffic commercial flooring options including best practices for installations in public areas, and safety and cleaning concerns with commercial applications.

Flooring Pros and Cons
A look at the benefits and drawbacks of different types of flooring. From Hardwood to tile, bamboo to slate, we explore every type of flooring and give you the information you need to know.

Waterproof Flooring Options
Moist and humid environments can be hard on flooring, however there are a variety of materials including vinyl, glazed ceramic, mosaic glass tiles and more which are impervious to damage from liquid penetration.

Buying A Laminate Floor – What You Need to Know
In depth information about purchasing laminate floors, including pricing guides, and precautions that can end up saving you a lot of money and hassle.

Bamboo Floor Image and Picture Gallery
A look at a variety of bamboo flooring options, installed in several different interior spaces around the home.

Bamboo Hallway Flooring
Bamboo flooring shown in a hallway installation

Bamboo Flooring In An Open Kitchen Design
A look at a bamboo floor installed in an open kitchen design, which stretches out into a carpeted dining area.

Bamboo Flooring In An Eastern Style Open Room
A look at a bamboo floor in a room that features bamboo based kitchen features such as cabinets and drawers.

Natural Bamboo Kitchen Floors
The darker a bamboo floor is, the weaker and less durable the material will be.

horizontal bamboo floor pictures
Horizontal bamboo is made by laying flat pieces of bamboo one atop another and then laminating them together with heat

vertical bamboo flooring images
Vertical bamboo flooring is made by lining up shards of bamboo and then pushing them together side by side

Bamboo Flooring In a Shabby Chic Interior Style
Bamboo flooring can be used in a variety of interior styles including this shabby chic living room

Purple Accents Contrasting With A Bamboo Floor
A picture of a dining room and den with a bamboo floor, decorated with distinct purple accents.

Natural Bamboo Flooring Colors
In this image a bamboo floor acts as the unifying principle for the entire first floor of this home.

Bamboo Flooring Problems
A look at the drawbacks that come with using bamboo flooring in an architectural surface covering project.

What Is The Difference Between Bamboo and Hardwood Floors?
Bamboo and hardwood flooring are very similar, but the key differences may be important when making a decision between them.

The Best Inexpensive Kitchen Flooring Options
In this article we look at a variety of inexpensive kitchen flooring options, that will be able to stand up to the rigors of the kitchen, without breaking your bank.

Inexpensive Brick Kitchen Flooring
Brick flooring is a relatively inexpensive kitchen flooring option, that is also low maintenance and easy to keep clean.

Inexpensive Concrete Flooring In A Kitchen
Concrete is an extremely economical kitchen flooring option, that will generally only cost a dollar or two per square foot

Inexpensive Cork Kitchen Flooring Options
Cork flooring is a relatively inexpensive kitchen flooring option, that is also very soft, comfortable, and easy to stand on for long periods of time.

Economical Vinyl Kitchen Floor Options
Vinyl flooring is a very economical option for a kitchen, because it is nearly impervious to stains and water damage, and can last for decades with very low maintenance costs.

Linoleum Kitchen Flooring Costs and Prices
Linoleum is an all natural, biodegradable, recyclable, eco friendly flooring choice that is resilient enough for kitchen environments.

Concrete Kitchen Flooring Options and Concerns
Concrete may be an excellent choice in the kitchen due to its water resistant properties, but there are some thing you may want to be concerned with before making a purchasing decision.

Simple, Efficient, Ecologically-Friendly Concrete Floors
Concrete flooring is generally considered to be an eco-friendly green building material, although it does depend on the type of concrete used.

Polished Concrete Flooring In An Exotic Nightclub
A picture of an exotic night club with a stained and polished concrete floor set against unique color schemes and illuminated fixtures.

Concrete Flooring Treated With a Colorful Epoxy Surface Covering
Concrete flooring treatments, concrete floors, epoxy concrete, epoxy concrete floors, flooring

Checkerboard Concrete Floor Treatment
A picture of a black and white checkerboard concrete epoxy floor treatment

Stained Concrete With Throw Rugs
An image of a brain stained concrete kitchen floor, with a hide throw rug to contrast the colors.

Loft Style Concrete Flooring
A look at a stained and polished concrete floor in a loft style industrial apartment setting.

Concrete Restaurant Flooring With An Acid Stained Finish
A picture of an acid washed concrete floor used in a high traffic restaurant setting.

Acid Stained Concrete Faux Marble Tiles
An acid stained concrete floor with grout lines etched into its surface to create the look of tiles across the surface.

Pictures of Concrete Flooring Surface Treatments
An image gallery featuring pictures of a variety of concrete floor surface treatments, which can allow you to achieve a number of different inspiring effects using this unique construction material.

Concrete Flooring Color, Texture, and Design Options
An overview of the different style and design options that are available with a concrete floor, including epoxy, pigmentation and acid staining techniques.

The 5 Best Pet Friendly Commercial Flooring Options
A look at different options for veterinarian and pet shop flooring, including ceramic, rubber, and resilient sheet materials.

A Look at the Use of Concrete Floors in Bathrooms
Concrete is becoming a popular option in many interior bathrooms, both because of the utility of the material, and its ability to be painted, stained, and etched.

Concrete Slab Flooring in Basements and Below Grade
The existing concrete slab in your basement may be the perfect flooring option when treated with stain and paint coverings.

Concrete Kitchen Flooring Price Points
Concrete flooring is a viable option in many kitchens, providing a low maintenance, low cost alternative to traditional surface covering methods.

How To Clean a Laminate Floor
Instructions for cleaning and caring for a laminate floor installation, including cautionary information to help you avoid damaging the material.

Cleaning Beer and Wine Stains Out of Carpeting
In depth instructions for cleaning beer and wine stains from your carpets, without leaving unsightly stains behind.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Parquet Wood Flooring Information
An in depth look at parquet flooring, exploring it's manufacture, use, and maintenance.

Pet Friendly Living Room Flooring Options
A look at various living room flooring options that are resilient enough to withstand even the largest of pets. And those that aren't...

Ceramic Bedroom Flooring Tile Information
In depth information about the use of ceramic flooring in bedrooms, including maintenance and the wide variety of design options that are available.

Brick Flooring Pavers In a Kitchen Environment
A look at brick kitchen flooring and the various options that are available to you. It also discusses some of the drawbacks of this material in a kitchen, including concerns about water penetration.

Buying Terracotta Flooring Tiles
A buyers guide for shoppers looking for terracotta flooring tiles for their homes. We can save you time and money on your next flooring purchase.

Pet Friendly Bedroom Flooring Ideas and Options
An exploration of a variety of bedroom flooring options, in order to compare their suitability for use by pet owners.

Kitchen Flooring Pictures
A gallery of kitchen flooring images, including a number of different materials, pictured in a wide variety of kitchen settings and decors.

Faux Hardwood Vinyl Kitchen Flooring Planks
Faux hardwood vinyl kitchen flooring, creates a space that has a beautiful, natural feel, without the hassle of the real material.

Cork Kitchen Flooring Tiles
An octagonal cut cork kitchen floor, set in a whimsical, playful kitchen environment.

Whitewashed Brick Floor In a Rustic Kitchen Setting
A beautiful, rustic kitchen setting, with a whitewashed brick floor that really draws the eye and makes the room unique.

Faux Stone Vinyl Kitchen Floor Tiles
This picture depicts a faux stone vinyl floor, that accurately simulates the look of real, natural slate, installed in an elegant kitchen setting.

Dark Walnut Hardwood Flooring In a Kitchen
A dark walnut hardwood floor, found in a powerful, robust kitchen setting.

Sleek, Modern, Cork Kitchen Flooring
Sleek, modern, and sophisticated, in this picture the cork flooring gives the surrounding kitchen a sense of power and subtle, understated beauty.

Stained Concrete Kitchen Flooring Image
A stained concrete kitchen floor, made to look like a giant flowing slab of natural marble.

Hardwood Kitchen With Bamboo Flooring Installation
A beautiful bamboo floor found in a kitchen lined with contrasting hardwood features.

Vertical Bamboo Kitchen Flooring Picture
A beautiful, vertical, bamboo flooring installation in a dark, reserved, hardwood lined kitchen setting.

A High End Herringbone Brick Floor In An Elegant Kitchen
A beautiful, high end brick flooring installation found in an upscale elegant kitchen setting.

Completing The Carpet Seam
Use a rolling pin to carefully smooth the seam and then replace the heavy objects and leave them for 15 minutes until the adhesive tape dries.

Joining The Carpet Seams
Place heavy objects on the seams to hold them together while the adhesive dries.

Heating The Carpet Seaming Tape
Use a heating carpet iron to melt the adhesive on the tape.

Carpet Seaming Tape
Position the carpet seaming tape underneath the two pieces of carpet.

Cutting The Second Piece
Slice the second piece of carpet against the line of the first so they meet perfectly.

Cutting a Carpet Straight Edge
Cut the carpet pieces to create two straight and congruous lines.

How To Connect Two Carpet Pieces Seamlessly
When installing a carpet, you often reach a point where a piece needs to be cut to fit a small area. This will often necessitate connecting two ends.

Mt. Vernon Parquet Pattern Flooring Picture Gallery
A picture of a Parquet Flooring installation featuring the Mt Vernon design pattern.

Pictures and Images of Parquet Floors
A visual exploration of Parquet flooring, with a variety of images depicting different shades, stains, and patterns that are available when using this material.

Straightline Wood Parquet Office Flooring
A parquet office flooring installation featuring the straightline design, which creates a beautiful and powerful presence across the surface of this space.

Parquet Wood Flooring - Haddon Hall Parquet Floor
A parquet hardwood flooring installation, arranged in the elegant haddon hall pattern.

Inlaid Parquet Museum Flooring - Hermitage Museum St Petersburg Russia
An amazing inlaid parquet floor installed in the Hermitage museum in St Petersburg Russia

Parquet Hardwood Basement Flooring Pictures
A picture of a parquet hardwood basement floor, with a beautiful finger block pattern that really livens up this below grade space

Finger Block Parquet - Refinished Parquet Flooring
A finger block parquet floor, that is being refinished, showing the beautiful effect that sanding and staining can have on this materials surface appearance.

Diamond Parquet Living Room Flooring Picture
A diamond parquet living room flooring installation picture, featuring a very elegant family gathering room.

Waterproof Basement Flooring
A look at a variety of waterproof basement flooring options, which can withstand humidity, accidents, and sometimes even floods.

Basement Flooring Options Over Concrete
Basement floors are generally a rough, dirty concrete surface. However this plane is a great start, on top of which you can install a variety of attractive materials.

Ceramic Basement Flooring Tiles
A look at ceramic floor tile and its use in basements, cellars, and other below grade installations.

The Average Cost Of Bamboo Flooring Materials
This article explores the cost of a variety of different bamboo flooring options, including solid, strand woven, and click together bamboo options.

Bamboo Flooring in a Bathroom: Things to Consider
A look at whether bamboo can be used safely and effectively as a flooring material for bathrooms.

Vinyl Flooring In Living Rooms, Dens and Family Rooms
A look at the different options that are available to you, when choosing vinyl flooring for a living room, den, or family gathering area.

Testing Moisture Content of Concrete Floors or Slab
A look at the different methods and procedures that are used to determine the level of moisture in a concrete floor or subfloor

Pros and Cons of Marble Kitchen Flooring
Is marble tile a good material for kitchen floors? Here we discuss the benefits and the drawbacks of this elegant material.

Pet Proof Kitchen Floors
A close look at several pet friendly kitchen flooring options that can withstand dogs, cats, birds, and anything the kitchen can throw at them.

High Traffic Commercial Vinyl Floor Tiles and Sheets
Vinyl is a relatively durable commercial flooring application which can be put to good use in mid and high traffic locations. However the quality, type, and manufacturing integrity of the material will determine how well it will hold up over time.

Residential Kitchens - Bamboo Flooring Considerations
Understanding the different options that are available to you, and their consequences, can save you a lot of trouble down the line.

Is Your Flooring Making you Sick?
There are a number of ways that your flooring can have a negative impact on the health of the people living in a space.

Repairing Tile Grout Lines
It is possible to completely reinvigorate the look of a tile floor just by removing and replacing the grout lines.

Remove The Grout Between Marble Tiles
Use a grout saw or a dremel to remove the grout that is in the lines in between the marble tiles.

Cleaning The Marble Flooring
Clean any grout dust that adheres to the surface of the tiles before moving on.

Regrouting a Marble Floor
Use a grout float to spread grout across the joint seams, in order to direct them into the gaps.

Rinse The Grout Away From The Marble
The first step when regrouting marble flooring is to seal the individual tiles in order to ensure that they are safe from stains.

Sealing Grout Lines In Marble Floors
Use a foam brush to apply sealant to the grout lines that trace down in between the marble tiles

Bamboo Floor Cleaning Instructions
Information about cleaning and caring for the bamboo floors in your home. With the proper techniques, bamboo floors can last for decades.

Sealing Underlayment Seams With Tape
The last step in the process is to seal the seams with fiberglass mesh wallboard tape

How To Install Cement Board Underlayment for Tile Flooring
Cement board underlayment or some other type of water barrier underlayment needs to be installed before tiles can be laid in a room.

Screwing The Cement Board Underlayment To The Subfloor
In this step you screw the cement board underlayment to the plywood subfloor using one and a quarter inch screws.

How To Cut Cement Board Into Smaller Pieces
How to cut cement board into smaller pieces to fill gaps between walls.

Cork Flooring Maintenance
Care and maintenance of cork flooring tiles and sheets

Care and Maintenance of Linoleum Flooring
Care and cleaning instructions for linoleum flooring

Resilient Flooring Maintenance
A look at cleaning and maintenance routines that can be undertaken to care for resilient sheet and tile flooring materials.

Maintenance of Rubber Flooring
care and maintenance of rubber flooring

A Complete Guide to Marble Tile Flooring Information
A beginners guide to marble flooring, including information on how pricing, maintenance, and cleaning considerations. A must read for anyone who is considering installing a marble floor.

Vinyl Plank Kitchen Flooring
Vinyl plank kitchen flooring installation pictures

Vinyl Flooring Pictures
An image gallery containing a collection of pictures of vinyl flooring installations in various environments.

Gray Vinyl Floor Tile
A picture of gray and white vinyl floor tiles

vinyl cafeteria flooring pictures
A picture of blue contrasting vinyl floor tiles

Vinyl Office Flooring
A picture of an attractive vinyl floor in an office.

Faux Stone Vinyl Bathroom Flooring
A picture of faux stone vinyl bathroom flooring tiles.

Checkerboard Vinyl Kitchen Flooring
Black and white checkerboard vinyl kitchen floor tiles.

Marbelized Vinyl Flooring
A picture of a lovely marbelized vinyl floor tile

Vinyl Kitchen Floor Tiles With grout
Vinyl kitchen flooring tile installed with a grout finish

Maple Laminate Loft Floor Picture
A picture depicting a walnut laminate floor in an attractive family room setting.

Tigerwood Laminate Living Room and Den Floor Pictures
A look at a faux exotic Tigerwood laminate floor in a living room.

Laminate Flooring In a Multi-Colored Living Room Decor
A gallery of laminate flooring pictures showing elegant, upscale living room setting, that were achieved at a fraction of the price of real hardwood.

Formal Laminate Flooring Picture
Formal faux wood laminate flooring in a family living room.

Light Afzelia Laminate Faux Wood Den Floors
A look at a picture of a laminate floor with a light golden color installed in a living room.

Walnut Laminate Flooring In Living Rooms
Faux walnut laminate living room flooring picture

Earth Toned Living Room Laminate Flooring Pictures
A picture of a laminate floor installed in an earth tone living room interior setting.

Residential Vinyl Flooring Tiles
An overview of information you need to know before you choose vinyl tiles or sheets for your next flooring project.

Solid Vinyl Flooring Tiles
Solid vinyl flooring is comprised of vinyl resins molded into tile form.

Printed Vinyl Tile Flooring
There are a variety of images and textures that can be imprinted on printed vinyl flooring tiles.

Resilient Vinyl Composite Flooring Tile (VCT)
Vinyl composite tiles are some of the most resilient flooring materials available.

Quality Of Vinyl Flooring Tiles
It is very important that you purchase high quality vinyl flooring in order to ensure the life and longevity of the floor.

Vinyl Tile Flooring Options
Sizes and finishes available when purchasing vinyl floor tiles.

Hardwood Living Room Flooring Pictures
A look at hardwood flooring pictures in a variety of decorative setting in order to inspire, delight, and share the beauty of this material.

Hardwood Flooring In A Retro Sixties Style Living Room Decor
A picture of a hardwood floor in a living room

Rustic Hardwood Flooring In A Cabin Decor Living Room
A picture of a lovely rustic hardwood floor in a man cave style living room

Contemporary Hardwood Living Room Floor
A hardwood living room floor is featured in this image of a cozy contemporary style space

Golden Oak Hardwood Flooring In a Contemporary Family Living Room
A beautiful golden oak stained hardwood floor set in a contemporary living room setting

Shabby Chic Hardwood Living Room Flooring
A picture of a lovely hardwood floor set amid a shabby chic living room setting

Wide Planked Hardwood Flooring
A beautiful hardwood living room floor featuring wide planked materials

Stains, Spills, and Cleaning Cork Kitchen Tile
Cleaning, caring for, and maintaining cork tile floors in a kitchen

Kitchen Flooring Design Considerations
design considerations when installing a cork floor in the kitchen including color and texture options

Are cork floor tiles right for your kitchen?
Is cork flooring the best option for your kitchen? We discuss the benefits and drawbacks in this exclusive article.

Cork Flooring Installation Considerations
installation information when installing cork floor tiles in a kitchen setting.

Is Cork Flooring Right For My Kitchen?
Cork is a wonderful option as a flooring material for some kitchens, but it does have a few major drawbacks.

Floor Tile Design Pictures
A collection of floor tile design pictures to educate and inspire a variety of flooring creations.









Bathroom Tile Floor Ideas
There are a wealth of possibilities available when installing flooring tiles in a bathroom, from sizes and shapes, to complex patterns and colors.

Cheap Wooden Flooring
There are a number of cheap wood flooring alternatives that can be used, to achieve the beauty of the natural product, at a fraction of the cost.

Click Together Floating Bamboo Flooring
Floating bamboo floors refer to materials that adhere to one another, rather than bonding directly to the subfloor during installation.

Ceramic Flooring Tile Buyers Guide
A complete guide to buying ceramic tile, including a list of options, concerns, and issues that you may need to be aware of before making a decision.

Professional vs. DIY Floor Installations
Information to help you decide whether to do your own flooring installation, or hire a professional flooring installation contractor.

Basement Bamboo Flooring Information and Guidelines
A look at the different things you have to consider when you decide to install a bamboo floor in a sub grade basement location.

Basic Basement Flooring Options
A look at different basement flooring options that are able to handle below grade conditions without significant deterioration.

High Traffic Commercial Laminate Flooring Information
Some laminate manufacturers make products which are designed to handle high traffic commercial locations.

Cleaning Tile Grout
Tips and tricks for cleaning set in mildew out of the grout lines in your bathroom. These techniques can help to completely revitalize the look of your floor.

The Eco-Friendly Benefits of Natural Linoleum Floors
Linoleum is one of the most environmentally friendly flooring options available. Made from natural renewable materials, it can be easily recycled and can last up to 40 years.

Linoleum Flooring In Living Rooms
A look at linoleum floors when used in living rooms, an unusual choice but one with a variety of benefits.

A Guide To Natural Stone Tile Flooring
A complete overview of natural stone tiles. Includes important questions to ask your dealer, care and maintenance instructions, and the differences between various natural materials that are available for flooring applications.

Vinyl Bedroom Flooring Materials and Options
Vinyl flooring can be used in almost any room in the home, including the bedroom. In this space the wide variety of colors and print options allows you to create the perfect floor surface covering for your bedroom.









Bathroom Carpeting Disaster
A case study looking at why carpeting is such a bad choice for bathroom flooring projects.

Cleaning Granite Floors
In depth information about the proper way to clean granite floor tiles and maintain their luster over time.

Cleaning Kitchen Floors
Methods for cleaning a variety of kitchen floor surfaces, from linoleum and resilient options to tile and hardwood.

Cleaning Parquet Floors
Parquet floors can be beautiful, distinct additions to an interior location. However care does need to be taken when washing these surfaces.

Cork Flooring Scratches
Scratches are a major problem when dealing with cork flooring. However there are a number of ways to protect your surfaces against the damage that can occur.

Brick Flooring Pavers In a Bathroom
Information about using brick flooring pavers in a bathroom location. Includes details about safety considerations, design options, and maintenance issues.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Flooring Options
In this article we take a look at various eco-friendly flooring choices that can be used in a volatile kitchen environment.

Longest Lasting Basement Floors
Despite the rigors that a basement floor has to be able to handle, there are several durable materials available that can handle below grade locations.

A Look at Bedroom Carpeting
An overview of the pros and cons of bedroom carpeting and the different types of carpet materials that are available to you.

Cork Flooring Review
A complete look at cork flooring, including its use in various rooms, and methods for cleaning and maintaining these materials.

Laminate Floor Cleaning Products
A list of the various products that can be used to safely clean laminate flooring, as well as precautions against substances to avoid.

Definition: Flooring Tile Grout
Flooring grout is the material that is placed in between tiles in order to prevent expansion and contraction of the individual pieces from causing cracks

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Machines
There are a wide variety of machines, both simple and complex, that are available for safely cleaning your hardwood floors.

Stone Tile Flooring Ideas
A look at the many options that are available when installing natural stone tile flooring in an environment.

Cool Flooring Ideas
Are you looking for cool flooring choices that will make your space stand out from the rest? In this article we cover a number of different options which are unexpected, unique, and distinct.

Preparing The Subfloor
The subfloor needs to be made perfectly flat smooth and even before carpet can be installed

Cutting Carpet With The Wall Trimmer
Using a wall trimmer to cut carpeting.

Cleaning Up After Carpet Installation
Cleaning up a carpeting installation

Clear The Room Of Furniture
You need to move all of the furniture out of the room before you begin the carpet installation process.

Cutting The Carpet To Size
Cut the padded layer to fit the size of the floor

How To Install Multiple Carpet Rolls
You need to use a little math to calculate the amount of carpet you need in a multiple roll carpet installation.

Installing The Carpet Padding
Once the tackless strips are in place you can start unrolling the padded underlayment.

Trimming Carpet Padding To Size
Getting started installing carpeting in your home

Installing Tackless Strips
Use a hammer to nail the tackless strips to the primeter of the subfloor.

Removing The Old Carpet
Instruction on how to remove old carpeting before an installation job.

Installing Multiple Rolls Of Carpet
Multiple rolls of carpet can be seamed together to cover a larger room.

Installing The Carpet
Start at the second longest wall, and start rolling the carpet out, making sure to smooth it as you go.

Getting Started On The Carpet Installation
Getting started installing carpeting in your home

Trimming Carpet Edges
You need to use a carpet blade to slice the material to size and around corners.

Using The Power Stretcher To Secure The Carpet
A power stretcher is used to pull the carpet material as taut as possible before securing it.

Using The Knee Kicker On Carpet
A knee kicker can stretch the carpet in tight corners where the power stretcher doesn't reach.

Marble Tile Flooring Options and Ideas
A look at the different options that are available when choosing marble floors.

Buying Slate Tile – Retailers Vs. Dealers
Information about the difference between buying slate from a delaer and a chain hardware store

Linoleum Basement Flooring Ideas and Options
An in depth look at linoleum sheet and tile flooring, and its use in a below grade basement location.

Concrete Living Room Flooring Information
You can make your living room look amazing using concrete flooring, and its cheep, easy, and a breaeze to maintain.

A Look at Natural Linoleum Flooring Options
Characteristics, design, and installation considerations when choosing linoleum flooring

How To Clean a Brick Floor
Cleaning a brick flooring installation. Detailed instruction

Natural Linoleum Kitchen Floors
Information about using linoleum in a kitchen flooring application including water protection and cleaning instructions

Rubber Flooring Buyers Guide
All of the information that you need in order to make an informed decision when purchasing rubber flooring materials.

Basic Living Room Flooring Considerations
An overview of living room floors including functional and stylish considerations.

Calculating The Cost of Brick Flooring Paver Materials
A handy guide detailing the formulas you need to use to use in order to determine how much your brick flooring installation project will cost.

What Are Self Adhesive Vinyl Tiles?
This is a glossary definition of vinyl flooring that describes the composition, use, and applications of these materials.

Self Adhesive Vinyl Versus Floating Floors
Both floating floors and self adhesive tiles are great for easily covering up unsightly surfaces. But which is better? Find out in this provocative article.

Self Adhesive Vinyl On Hardwood Flooring
Sometimes when hardwood flooring gets worn down the best thing you can do is cover it with cheap and easy vinyl tiles. Find out how in this great article.

Transforming a Bathroom With Self Adhesive Floor Tiles
Do you want to remake a bathroom floor quickly and easily? This guide gives you some great options that are inexpensive, and can be installed yourself.

The Most Comfortable Bedroom Flooring Options
In this article we explore several different common bedroom flooring options in order to figure out which one is the most comfortable underfoot.

Rubber Kitchen Flooring Tiles and Sheets
A look at the use of rubber flooring in kitchens, including insight into pricing, characteristics, and the few drawbacks it may present.

Senior Friendly Bedroom Flooring Options
A list of different senior friendly flooring options, including several soft, safe, and easy to maintain selections.

Tile and Plank Laminate Bathroom Flooring Installations
Laminates are generally a bad idea in a bathroom as the humidity and moisture will warp them. However they may be appropriate in some situations.

Budget Bathroom Floor Ideas
Installing new flooring is a great way to add value to yur home. In this article we discuss several budget friendly options that are available to you.

Senior Friendly Bathroom Flooring
An in depth look at some of the factors that need to be considered when purchasing bathroom flooring for senior citizens.

Durable Bathroom Flooring Options
An exploration of various durable, low maintenance bathroom flooring choices, including ceramics, brick, and natural stone.

Heated Bathroom Flooring Systems
A look at various below surface radiant heating products that can be used to keep a bathroom's surfaces toasty warm all winter long.

Rubber Bathroom Flooring
While rubber is not a common bathroom flooring option, it's durability and resistance to liquid penetration can make it a great choice for these paces

Water Resistant Kitchen Flooring Ideas
The ability to resist water damage it a vital characteristic in a kitchen flooring material. This article looks at a number of different options.

Hard Tile Kitchen Flooring Options
A look at various hard tile kitchen flooring options that are available for culinary spaces.

Easy Install Kitchen Flooring Products
There are a number of kitchen flooring products that can be easily installed even by amateurs with little or no experience.

The Best Office Flooring Solutions
Office flooring has to convey the exact atmosphere that you want for your business, while also being functional and easy to maintain over time.

Recycled Glass Flooring Tiles and Mosaics
Recycled glass is manufactured by melting down waste glass products, and then molding them into new, usable shapes. This allows for the creation of a beautiful, eco friendly flooring installation.

Cleaning Self Adhesive Floor Tiles
Self adhesive tile flooring is relatively easy to clean and maintain, and generally only requires regular sweeping or vacuuming.

Custom Cutting Vinyl Pieces
It is often necessary to custom cut vinyl pieces so that they will fit properly into gaps that emerge around architectural features and near walls.

Sealing The Floor
An application of sealant can help to protect the seems between vinyl tile pieces.

Installing The Vinyl Tiles
To install vinyl flooring, first remove the self adhesive backing from the tiles, then carefully lay them into place using guide marks prepared beforehand.

Laying Out The Patterns
In some cases it can be useful to do a dry run layout of vinyl tiles before they are permanently affixed in the space.

Measuring The Space
Before you start installing vinyl tiles you need to determine the exact center of the room where they will be placed.

Preparing The Subfloor
Before installing vinyl tiles you need to prepare the subfloor by fixing any major dimensional damage, and cleaning it thoroughly.

Fixing Broken Flooring With Vinyl
The versatility of self adhesive backed vinyl is that it can be used to cover up existing floor installations that are damaged beyond easy repair.

Getting Started
A detailed guide, explaining the exact steps necessary to successfully install self adhesive backed vinyl flooring tiles.

Self Adhesive Vinyl Floor Prices
The price of vinyl flooring can vary from as little at $0.75 per square foot all the way up to $3.00 per square foot depending on the quality of the material used.

How To Sweep a Floor
No matter what type of flooring you have, it is important to sweep the surface regularly in order to remove small dirt particles that can harm the material over time.

Linoleum Flooring In A Bedroom Setting
Linoleum is not a common bedroom flooring choice, but a variety of inherent characteristics are making this eco friendly flooring more popular in these spaces.

Brick Flooring Design Considerations
Design considerations with brick flooring

Types of Brick Flooring
Different types of brick flooring including engineered brick, brick pavers, and hand made brick floors

Benefits of Brick Flooring
The many benefits of brick flooring including heat, insulation, and durability

An Overview of Brick Flooring
A look at different types of brick flooring options

Brick Flooring Characteristics
Characteristics of brick floors including colors, texture, and water resistance

Drawbacks of Brick Flooring
The many drawbacks to installing brick flooring

Inexpensive Floor Cleaning Secrets
A look at various inexpensive ways that you can use to keep your floor clean.

Hardwood Flooring Finish, Stain, and Decorative Treatments
A look at the different decorative and finish treatments that can be used to both dress a hardwood floor, and protect it from spills, scratches, and stains.

Caring For and Maintaining Cork Flooring installations
This article lists detailed instructions for the long term care and maintenance of a natural cork floor.

How To Install Solid Hardwood Flooring
Detailed step by step instructions on how to install solid hardwood flooring on a plywood dubfloor.

The Cost To Install Hardwood Flooring
An in depth look at the costs associated with installing hardwood flooring

The Process Of Refinishing a Hardwood Floor
Complete step by step instructions for refinishing your hardwood floors

Sandstone Flooring Maintenance
Information about how to keep sandstone flooring looking its best for years to come.

Cleaning Travertine Flooring
Detailed instructions on how to clean and maintain Travertine flooring tiles.

Commercial Slate Flooring Options
A look at the different artistic and decorative slate flooring options that are available for commercial buildings.

How To Clean Ceramic Floor Tiles
A look at the details involved with cleaning and maintaining ceramic flooring tiles.

How To Clean Porcelain Floor Tile
A complete guide to cleaning, caring for, and maintaining porcelain flooring tiles.

Bathroom Ceramic Tile Maintenance
In depth information for cleaning and maintaining bathroom ceramic floor tiles.

How To Clean Marble Tiles
A look at how to clean and care for marble flooring tiles.

Linoleum Kitchen Flooring Maintenance
Linoleum floors have come a long way. Where once they were known for curling and pealing, now they are able to bring beauty and long lasting elegance into kitchen environments. However there is a certain level of maintenance that needs to be handled to retain the quality of these installations.

Definition: Engineered Flooring
Engineered flooring is a modern marvel that uses waste and recycled products to create a durable inner core which is covered by a veneer and wear layer.

A Collection Of Linoleum Flooring Examples
A gallery of linoleum flooring images and pictures, showing you the many faces of this versatile material.

Linoleum Kitchen Tile Pictures
Linoleum kitchen tiles can be a great addition to an interior environment as shown in this acctrative picture of an upscale culinary setting.

Sheet Linoleum Flooring Pictures
Sheet linoleum is particularly resistant to stains and damage making it great for nurseries and school environments.

Faux Stone Linoleum Kitchen Floor With Multicolored Features
Linoleum can be printed to take on a faux stone look such as in this great kitchen flooring image.

Linoleum Bathroom Flooring Image
Linoleum can be manufactured to handle to water and stain damage that a bathroom can cause.

Red Hued Laminate Bamboo Restaurant Flooring
Engineered wood flooring can give some restauarants, bars, and pubs options that conventional materials might not offer.

A Formal Dining Room With Inlaid Wood Flooring
Inlaid wooden flooring found in an upscale restaurant environment.

Brick Bistro Flooring With Golden Overtones
Brick flooring gives you a great rustic feature that can help to create an inviting restaurant environment.

Slate Stone Restaurant Flooring
Slate can be an excellent restaurant flooring material for both interior and exterior locations.

Rustic Hardwood Restaurant Pub Flooring
Hardwood flooring can be used in a rustic restaurant to create a hearth and homey feel.

Restaurant Flooring pictures
A look at a variety of restuarant flooring options for different settings and atmospheres.

Bedroom Flooring Pictures
A gallery of pictures showing off different flooring options in a variety of bedroom settings.

Laminate Bedroom Flooring Images
A picture of a lovely laminate floor in a bedroom setting

A Picture Of Hardwood Flooring In a Bedroom
Hardwood bedroom flooring is a common choice, due to the beauty of the material, and the ease of maintenance that it can provide in a bedroom setting.

Bamboo Bedroom Flooring Images
Pictures of a lovely bedroom featuring an exquisite and exotic bamboo flooring installation.

Ceramic Bedroom Floor Tile Images and Pictures
Ceramic bedroom floor tile pictures, a gallery of lovely images, showing ceramic in a bedroom

Bamboo Bedroom Flooring Image Gallery
A collection of bamboo bedroom flooring pictures showing the beauty of bamboo in a variety of bedroom and interior settings.

Shabby Chic Hardwood Bedroom Flooring images
A lovely shabby chic bedroom style setting featuring an elegant hardwood flooring backdrop to the space

Bathroom Carpeting Pictures and Images
While carpet isn't recommended for most bathrooms, it can be quite lovely, warm, and soft in certain seldom used bathrooms.

Zen Style Porcelain Bathroom Flooring and Surround
A picture showing a lovely zen style bathroom with porcelain polished faux marble tiles installed on the floor and back splash.

Bathroom Flooring Pictures and Image Gallery
A beautiful gallery filled with pictures of bathroom floors, featuring a variety of materials and style settings.

Off White Ceramic Bathroom Flooring Pictures
A lovely ceramic bathroom flooring picture, showing a stylish space with interesting design elements.

Hardwood Bathroom Flooring Pictures
A picture of a bathroom that has a lovely hardwood floor installed in it.

Printed Ceramic Bathroom Tile and Mosaics Inlays
A printed ceramic floor, installed in an upscale bathroom setting.

Brick Bathroom Flooring Pictures
A picture of a lovely bathroom featuring a rustic, mottled earth tone brick flooring installation.

Russet Slate Ceramic Rustic Bathroom Tile
A gorgeous bathroom highlighted by a lovely multicolored faux slate ceramic tile floor

Cork Flooring Materials In Humid Bathroom Conditions
Is cork flooring appropriate for bathrooms? Experts disagree, but there are definitely advantages and disadvantages to this unique material.

Linoleum Flooring In Bathroom Settings
A look at the characteristics, advantages, and drawbacks to installing Linoleum in a bathroom.

The Environmental Impact of Vinyl Flooring
There are numerous ecological concerns when it comes to vinyl flooring, from its production, through its life cycle, and through to its waste period.

Eco-Friendly Living Room Flooring
There are a number of ecologically friendly living room flooring options which can provide a space with both comfort and piece of mind.

Dining Room Flooring
What are the best dining room flooring options? This article explores a number of different products that are great for these spaces.

Letting The Sealer Dry

Applying The Slate Sealer

Testing The Sealer

Materials Needed
A step by step guide showing you everything that you need to know to properly seal and protect your slate flooring installations.

Sealing Slate Grout Lines

Levelling the Tile

Applying The Mortar

Removing The Mortar

Remove Broken Shards

Replacing The Tile

Cleaning The Floor

Seal the Floor

Remove The Grout

Cleaning Up

Required Materials
While hard tile materials are fairly durable, sometimes damage can occur to a single piece. in those cases repairs can be undertaken with relative ease.

Replacing The Grout

Break The Tiles

Materials Needed
Instructions for removing old, dirty, moldy grout from around slate tiles and replacing it with new materials.

Sealing The Slate

Remove Excess Grout From Slate Tiles

Replacing The Grout