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Removing The Old Grout

Cleaning The Grout Mess

Sealing The Grout Lines

How To Clean Slate Floors
A complete guide to cleaning slate floors including regular maintenance concerns and tips for getting deep set hard to handle stains out.

Removing The Underlayment

Sanding the Surface Even

Breaking The Tile
Detailed instructions for the demolition and removal of slate flooring tiles in order to prepare for a fresh installation.

Pulling Up Tile Pieces

Scraping Away The Mortar

Cut Tiles To Fit Along Walls
Tiles can but specially cut to fit the gaps between the installation and the wall.

Level the Tiles
You can use a 2X4 wrapped in carpet and then place it over three tiles to level the installation.

Tile Spacers
Tile spacers can be used to create perfectly straight grout lines between slate tiles.

Setting the Tiles
You set one slate tile at a time, then spread more mortar, and set another, in order to create a full line and finish the installation.

Spread The Mortar
Spread out enough mortar to place a single tile at a time as you start the installation.

Dry Lay Out The Slate Tiles
Slate flooring is variable so you need to dry lay out the tiles before you place the mortar.

Establish Reference Lines
You need to establish reference lines in order to find the center of the room, so your installation is symmetrical.

Preparing The Slate Subfloor
Preparing the subfloor is a vital part of any slate tile flooring installation.

Seal The Grout Lines
How to seal a slate tile floor. Flooring.

Removing Excess Grout
Cleaning a slate tile flooring installation.

Grouting The Slate
Instructions for grouting a slate tile floor.

Sealing The Tile
Seal the slate before you apply grout to the tiles.

Allow The Mortar To Dry
You have to wait at least 40 hours for the mortar to fully dry

Removing The Spacers and Excess Mortar
You have to remove excess mortar from the grout lines before proceeding.

Materials Required
A look at the materials needed to install slate flooring tile, including equipment, and detailed instructions.

Mosaic Glass Basement Flooring
Mosaic glass tile flooring is an unexpected, but highly functional choice in below grade basement locations, that can handle the rigors and travails of this volatile space.

Brick Versus Ceramic Tile Flooring
A comparison of brick and ceramic tile flooring, two hard tile options that are appropriate for varying locations and applications.

Mosaic Glass Living Room Floors
Mosaic glass tile flooring is an unexpected but elegant option for living rooms, family rooms, dens, and social living spaces.

Linoleum Playroom Flooring For Kids
Linoleum is an all natural, durable, low maintenance option for children's bedroom settings.

The Best Guest Room Flooring
Finding the perfect guest room flooring is a matter of balancing design, function, and comfort to create a home away from home.

The Best Flooring For The Disabled
Choosing flooring for people with physical disabilities requires you to find a material that is safe, easy to clean, and low maintenance.

Durable Commercial Floors
A look at a variety of long lasting, durable commercial flooring options for various high traffic locations.

The Chilliest Bedroom Flooring Options
Some floors are colder than others. In the winter this can be a problem, but it can actually be beneficial during the summer months.

Wood and Hardwood Flooring Information
A complete look at wood and hardwood flooring options, including maintenance issues, cost, design possibilities, and functional options that are available to you.

ASTM Standards For Natural Stone Flooring
A look at the major characteristics that ASTM International uses to determine the ratings and suitability of various natural stone flooring options.

Porcelain Kitchen Floor Tiles
Porcelain floor tiles can be a great addition to the kitchen, as they are durable, water and stain resistant and easy to keep clean.

Important Information About Attic Flooring Options
An in depth look at attic flooring including installation, precautions, and options that you have for making a sound and safe decision about your attic.

How To Purchase Mosaic Glass Floor Tiles
Detailed information on making an informed choice when purchasing mosaic glass flooring tiles.

Ecologically Friendly Rubber Flooring Options
A look at the ecological characteristics of rubber flooring tiles.

An Insiders Guide To Purchasing Laminate Bathroom Floors
Laminate flooring has traditionally been avoided in bathrooms, but some new manufacturing techniques are producing materials that can withstand the water rigors of this room.

Types Of Hardwood Flooring (buyers guide)
A complete shopping guide for hardwood floors including information about grade, cut, hardness, and species, so that you can make an informed decision.

Various Methods For Painting Hardwood Floors
A look at the various decorative paint treatments that are available for hardwood floors including solid, patterned, and stenciling designs.

Terracotta Floor Tiles: An Overview
A complete overview of terracotta clay fired flooring tiles, their use, characteristics, and properties.

Porcelain Floor Tile Advantages and Disadvantages
A look at the inherent advantages and disadvantages of using porcelain flooring tiles in a variety of applications.

Porcelain Flooring Tiles
Porcelain is a very strong, durable, water resistant type of ceramic, that is characterized by its low absorption rate and pure white color.

Mosaic Glass Flooring and Surround In a Sauna
A picture of a sauna, clad floor and ceiling with lovely amber mosaic glass flooring tiles.

Parquet Flooring Patterns
Parquet flooring is wooden mosaics, crafted into intricate tiles which are then laid in even more complex patterns.

Mosaic Wood Flooring With Geometric Rosette
An image of an intricate mosaic wood flooring featuring a brilliant geometric rosette at its center.

Mosaic Flooring Picture Gallery
A gallery of mosaic floor tile pictures, demonstrating the use of stone, ceramic, and glass to create beautiful architectural works that can last for centuries.

Late 19th Century Andalusian Ceramic Floor Pattern
A look at a 19th century mosaic tile floor crafted from ceramic chips, demonstrating the Andalusion style of art and design.

Byzantine Era Mosaic Tile Church Flooring
This picture shows a Byzantine era mosaic tile floor featuring detailed image work, set within motif patterns.

Exterior Natural Stone Mosaic Patterns
A picture of an exterior natural stone mosaic floor, with rustic black and white chips placed in a modern, wave contrast pattern.

Mosaic Glass Floor Tile Patterns
Mosaic glass flooring is an elegant and upscale way to improve the style of a variety of interior spaces.

Ceramic Glazing
An in depth look at ceramic glazing, including information about how it is applied, what its function is, and how it can help improve the durability of ceramic tiles.

Hardwood Flooring In Basements
Hardwood flooring can be a lovely rustic element in a finished basement, but these materials may suffer from adverse effects in below grade installations.

Mosaic Glass Kitchen Floor Tiles
Mosaic glass flooring is an elegant choice for high end kitchen environments. It's able to resist the ravages of these rooms, while elevating their style.

Woven Vinyl Flooring
Woven vinyl is a modern manufacturing marvel, that combines the durability of plastic resilient materials with a unique strand woven design.

Easy Bathroom Flooring Ideas
A look at some of the easiest bathroom flooring options including materials that can be self installed, and low maintenance choices that are available.

The Importance Of Flooring Warranties
A look at the importance of flooring warranties and the different clauses that can affect your ability to successfully file a claim.

Cheap Flooring Ideas
There are a number of cheap flooring options that are available to budget minded consumers. In this article we discuss how to get the most bang for your buck.

Beautiful Basement Flooring
Basement flooring has the power to transform these subterranean spaces into comfortable lounges, through aesthetic and tactile elements.

Stained Concrete Basement Flooring
Stained concrete can be a beautiful, low maintenance, and inexpensive option in a variety of basement locations.

Subdued Linoleum In a Below Grade Kitchen
This picture shows a linoleum floor installed in a finished basement apartment kitchen area.

Rubber Flooring In An Unfinished Basement
Rubber flooring is plush, soft, and able to instantly transform the look and feel of even an uncouth unfinished basement.

Cork Basement Flooring With Natural Inspirations
In this picture we see cork flooring installed in an elegant and upscale finished basement setting.

Hardwood In a Basement Apartment
Hardwood flooring is the perfect choice for creating a familiar and comfortable atmosphere in a variety of basements.

Natural Slate Finished Basement Flooring
This image shows natural stone creating a stylish and sophisticated look in a finished basement social space.

Hardwood Floor Maintenance
Hardwood flooring is a wonderful option that can last for generations, but only with proper use, care, and maintenance.

The Beauty Of Carpet
A gallery of carpeting pictures displaying loop, cut, and various fiber treatment options that are available.

FLOR Carpet Tiles In a Finished Bathroom
This picture shows FLOR carpet tiles, installed in a lovely finished basement environment.

Light Blue Basement Carpeting Picture
The light blue carpeting in this picture creates a sense of whimsy in this fun and welcoming environment.

Shabby Chic White Shag Carpet In a Living Room
A fluffy shag carpet installation in a white tone shabby chic apartment.

Blue Saxony Carpet In a Post Modern Bedroom
This image shows a post modern bedroom with a chrome blue saxony carpet.

Cut Pile Industrial Carpet
Short fibre cut pile carpeting is often used in high traffic environments such as movie theaters.

Saxony Cut Pile Bathroom Carpeting
This image shows a saxony cut pile carpet that has been installed in a guest bathroom to create a unique sense of inviting comfort.

Textured Plush Gray Bedroom Carpeting
The textured surface of the carpeting shown in this picture creates a lush relaxed feel in this bedroom.

Durable Light Tan Berber Carpeting
Highly durable berber loop carpeting creates a strong and relatively stain resistant surface covering in this bedroom setting.

Subway Tile
Subway tile flooring is a highly stylistic look that takes it's name from the materials used in New York City subways when they were first opened.

Mosaic Glass Flooring Tile Information
Complete information about installing and maintaining mosaic glass tile floor, including detailed design and sizing considerations.

A History of Concrete and Hardwood Flooring
A look at the history of hardwood and concrete flooring, going back to the time of the pyramids, and following them all the way up to the modern era.

Volatile Organic Chemicals
A description of volatile organic chemicals, and how they relate to, and impact the application of various flooring types.

Flooring Adhesive
A glossary definition of the term flooring adhesive

Underlayment Information About Subfloor Underlayment and Padded Underlay
An in depth look at underlayment and its uses in a wide variety of flooring installation jobs.

Flooring Sealer
A glossary definition of the term flooring sealant, sometimes known as finish or below surface floor seal

Resilient Flooring
A full overview of the term Resilient Flooring, including information about the different types, applications, and maintenance.

Ceramic Versus Concrete Flooring
Ceramic and concrete flooring both offer durability, style, and stain resistance in a variety of locations, but they are each suited to specific functions and purposes.

The Trouble With Terracotta In Bathrooms
There are numerous problems that can occur when you install terracotta tile flooring in a moist and humid bathroom environment.

Comfortable Kitchen Flooring Ideas
There are a number of kitchen flooring options which are resilient enough for this space, while still being comfortable underfoot.

Inside Information On Buying Sandstone Floor Tiles
This is a complete guide to buying sandstone flooring tiles from an insiders perspective. It includes pricing, options, maintenance concerns and viability in various locations.

An Overview Of Natural Sandstone Flooring
A complete look at sandstone flooring, from it's mineral make up, through to its color, size, and textural options in flooring installations.

Family Room Flooring Considerations and Information
The flooring in a family room has to be attractive, durable, and easy to clean, while also helping to tie together design aspects from the entire home.

Low Maintenance Easy To Clean Basement Flooring
An in depth look at several durable, low maintenance basement flooring options that can save you time and hassle.

Family Friendly Bathroom Flooring Options
This article explores a variety of family friendly flooring choices, while also looking into the characteristics that a floor should have when being installed in a multi-use bathroom.

Low Maintenance Commercial Floor Coverings
An exploration of some of the lowest maintenance commercial flooring options that you can find. This includes concrete, ceramic, vinyl, and certain types of carpet.

Sealing The Floor
Step by step instructions for painting a faux Terra Cotta floor onto a cement subfloor, without having to purchase actual tiles.

Stamping The Subfloor
Use the stamps you created in the previous step to paint the subfloor with faux terra cotta tiles that will line the entire room.

Cutting The Tile Backing
You can use cardboard backing when making stamps for this floor paint treatment

Creating The Faux Terra Cotta Tile Colors
In this step you make the actual colors that will be found in your painted terra cotta tiles. This is a fun and artistic process.

Making The Tile Stamps
Instructions for making stamps that you can use to paint faux terra cotta tiles on a subfloor.

Laying Out The Design
The next step in painting a terra cotta floor is to decide on the size of the tiles you'd like to make.

Painting a Base Coat
You start the process by cleaning the subfloor thoroughly and then paint it a solid gray color.

Preparing The Subfloor
Step by step instructions for painting a faux Terra Cotta floor onto a cement subfloor, without having to purchase actual tiles.

Indoor Versus Outdoor Flooring Options
A comparison of flooring materials based on their suitability for interior and exterior locations.

Slate Tiles For Living Room Floors
Natural mountain born slate can be a great flooring choice for social spaces such as living rooms and dens. But it's not appropriate for every environment.

The Longest Lasting Living Room Floors
A look at some of the most durable, and longest lasting flooring options that you can install in your living room.

The Benefits Of Natural Stone Versus Brick Paver Flooring
A comparison of natural stone tile and brick flooring pavers, based on their characteristics, look, durability, and function in a variety of locations.

Warm Floors For Your Home
A cold floor can be an uncomfortable element, especially in bedrooms, bathrooms, and other barefoot areas. However there are a number of materials can be use to insulate a space and retain its heat.

DIY Bathroom Floor Installation
Undertaking a DIY bathroom flooring project can be a difficult process, that requires you to make considerations for humidity, water damage, and plumbing.

Granite Bathroom With Floor, Wall, and Stylized Sink
Granite is a powerful and stylish choice for bathroom flooring, as we see in this picture features a matched, designer stylized sink.

Honed Travertine Flooring and Walls With a Cobblestone Bath Alcove
In this image we have a bathroom decked out in Travertine wall and floor tiles, with cobblestone bath surrounds to match.

Faux Slate Ceramic Bathroom Flooring
This bathroom has a faux slate ceramic floor that is rich with passionate colors, helping to draw interest into the otherwise subdued space.

Hardwood Bathroom Flooring
Hardwood flooring is an uncommon choice for bathrooms, but as this picture shows it can lend a subtle, rustic grace to these spaces.

An Upscale Ceramic Tile Bathroom
This picture shows a bathroom cloaked from floor to walls in lovely subdued tan ceramic tiles, creating an elegant appeal that is both relaxing and refreshing.

Luxury Bath With Ceramic Tile Flooring and Backsplash
This bathroom flooring picture shows another lovely ceramic tile installation, matched with a back splash.

8 Great Ways To Use Self Adhesive Carpet Tile
A look at 8 great and unexpected ways that you can use carpet tiles to renovate the look of your home and increase its functionality.

Commercial Grade Carpet
Important considerations to take into account when selecting carpeting for a high traffic public or commercial location.

Shag Pile Carpet
A complete look at shag carpeting, the long, lush, and plush retro style floring that was popular in the 60's and 70's.

Definition: Natural Stone
An in depth description and definition of natural stone materials, including the characteristics of different types of Marble, Slate, Limestone, Onyx and Quartz.

Forest Grey Slate Bathroom Tile
A picture of a grey slate tile installation in a shabby chic bathroom setting.

Brick Select Slate Kitchen Flooring Image
Red slate flooring tile known as Brick Select is installed in a modern white cabinet kitchen setting.

Multi Brown Slate Dining Room Flooring Picture
A picture of a multicolored Chinese slate floor installed in a dining room setting.

Fantasia Chinese Slate Flooring Tile
Multicolored Fantasia slate is a wildly erratic material that can create unique, eye catching installations in a variety of interior spaces.

Gold Blush Slate Tile Bathroom Floor
Exotic Indian Gold Blush slate tile installed in an elegant bathroom setting.

Black Gold Slate Floor Tile Picture
Black Gold is a powerful and exotic Indian slate tile that is perfect for a variety of eye catching installations.

A Collection Of Slate Floor Tile Images
A collection of slate flooring pictures, showing the range of colors and options that are available with this versatile material.

How Much Does It Cost To Refinish Hardwood Flooring?
This articles explores the different elements which effect the cost of refinishing a hardwood floor, and compares it to the price of new installations and other alternatives.

Laminate Flooring Benefits and Drawbacks
There are a number of benefits to using laminate flooring, but there are also a variety of drawbacks that you should be aware of.

Instructions For Cleaning Linoleum Flooring
Linoleum flooring is relatively resilient, however it does require some care when cleaning dirt, stains, and other blemishes

Bamboo Flooring Buying Guide
Everything you need to know to be able to make an informed decision when purchasing a bamboo floor

The Pros and Cons of Mosaic Glass Tile Flooring
The benefits and drawbacks of mosaic glass tiles when used in flooring installations throughout the home and in commercial properties.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ceramic Tile Flooring
An in depth look at ceramic flooring, and the qualities that it can bring to an installation, both positive, and negative.

Cleaning Your Natural Cork Flooring
Information on how to clean and care for your cork floor, in any room in the house.

Cleaning and Maintaining Bamboo Floors
Taking care of a bamboo floor, including important information about caring for and maintaining it over the long term.

Laminate Flooring Underlayment
Everything you need to know about laminate flooring underlayment.

Side by Side Comparison of Carpet and Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood flooring and carpet are two of the most popular flooring options available, and in this article we look at them side by side.

The Pros And Cons Of Brick Floor Surface Coverings
A look at the advantages, and the disadvantages of brick flooring in various locations throughout the home.

How To Clean A Hardwood Floor
Basic information about how to clean, care for, and maintain a natural hardwood flooring installation

Hardwood Bedroom Flooring: Advantages and Disadvantages
A look at hardwood flooring in a bedroom, its advantages, its disadvantages, and its value when selling a home.

Vinyl Wood Flooring Versus Natural Hardwood
Vinyl hardwood flooring is able to simulate the look of real, natural wood materials very accurately, but it is not yet able to mimic the feel of the actual thing.

Information About Buying Laminate Floor Tiles and Planks
Important facts and information that you need to know about laminate flooring.

Bamboo Life Cycle In a Bedroom Flooring Installation
Bamboo has a relatively long life cycle and can often be recycled into new building and flooring materials

The Eco-Friendly Nature of Bamboo Flooring
One of the reasons that bamboo flooring is so popular in living rooms is that it is actually quite ecologically friendly. Although some people do have reservations.

How To Care For A Bamboo Floor in a Bedroom
Caring for and maintaining your bamboo floor so that it looks beautiful for years to come

Bedroom Bamboo Flooring Dog and Cat Concerns
Pet considerations that you should pay attention to when choosing bamboo for a bedroom floor

The Feel of a Bamboo Floor Beneath Your Feet
Bamboo flooring is a lovely choice for a bedroom because its such a versatile material. It can fit into nearly any style and design scheme, and there are a number of colors and shades available for you to choose from.

Bamboo Living Room Flooring Images and Ideas
Bamboo is a wonderful and versatile flooring material that is often used in living rooms thanks to its ability to fit almost any style or design. In this article we look at a variety of pictures and explore some of the considerations you should take into mind before choosing a bamboo material for your living room or den.

The Quality Of a Bamboo Living Room Floor
The quality of the bamboo is vital to ensuring that a floor will last a long time.

Bamboo Living Room Floor Style and Designs
There are a variety of shades and stains available with bamboo floors, letting you get really creative with your living room designs.

Bamboo Flooring Over The Long Term
The life cycle of a bamboo floor can last decades, and will end with it being recycled, or decomposing back into the environment.

Horizontal and Vertical Bamboo Plank Floors
There are several different types of bamboo flooring that you can purchase for your living room

Bamboo Bedroom Flooring Design and Style Options
There are a variety of styles, designs, and colors that are possible with bamboo flooring in a bedroom

Caring For A Bamboo Den or Living Room Floor
Regular maintenance will help to ensure that your bamboo living room floor will last for decades to come.

Bamboo Children's Bedroom Flooring
Bamboo flooring can be used in a children's room, especially in conjunction with rugs and carpets

Background Information On Laminate Flooring
Basic background information about laminate floors including history, applications, and structural flooring info.

Durable Laminate Laundry Room Flooring
Pictures of laminate flooring installed in a laundry room.

Laminate Sun Room Flooring Pictures
A picture of laminate flooring in a sun room

Elegant Laminate Flooring In a Dining Room
A lovely faux golden oak hardwood laminate floor.

Bedroom Laminate Flooring Pictures
Pictures of laminate flooring in a bedroom

Faux Hardwood Laminate Flooring Images
A look at faux hardwood laminate flooring in a lovely living room setting.

Antiqued Laminate Plank Flooring Picture
A picture of a laminate floor that looks like a natural hardwood installation.

laminate kitchen flooring pictures
A picture of laminate flooring tiles that look like natural stone materials.

Laminate Floor Plank Pictures
A picture of a faux hardwood plank laminate floor

Faux Brick Laminate Flooring
Laminate flooring can replicate a variety of natural hardwood, and solid stone tile materials. The following images display the design capabilities of this versatile floor material.

Laminate Dining Room Floor Planks
A picture of an elegant laminate dining room floor

Commercial Flooring Considerations
A look at the different considerations you need to account for when choosing commercial flooring

Laying Out Tile Kitchen Floor Projects
Laying out a tile kitchen floor, how to measure, graph, and create a design

Low Maintenance, No Hassle, Kitchen Flooring Options
It's difficult to find a floor that can handle the spills and splatters that are common in the kitchen. In this article we look at a variety of flooring options that are easy to clean, and low maintenance.

Cork Bedroom Flooring
Information about choosing, installing, cleaning, and maintaining a cork bedroom floor.

Longest Lasting Bathroom Flooring
A look at the longest lasting and most durable bathroom flooring materials that are available for renovations and new installs.

Soft and Pliant Rubber Tile
Rubber is a surprising new trend in kitchen flooring, despite its many beneficial properties.

Comfy Cork Tile Flooring
Cork tile flooring is a unique and comfortable under foot surface covering.

Multicolored Materials
The trend towards the use of multicolored materials makes it easier to keep kitchen floors looking clean and healthy.

Natural Kitchen Flooring
Natural kitchen flooring options include things such as slate, limestone, hardwood, bamboo, and linoleum.

Mosaic Glass For a Touch Of Class
Mosaic glass tiling can provide a beautiful, exotic, and low maintenance floor for your kitchen.

Kitchen Flooring Is Evolving
A look at some exciting new kitchen trends that will actually make your life easier.

Vinyl Is More Viable
Improvements in vinyl manufacturing have led to this becoming an even more popular kitchen flooring choice.

Ceramic Tile Design Options
Ceramic tiles are a popular option in kitchens, where they are easily able to withstand water, stains, and degradation.

Cleaning Cement Floors
Cleaning and care instructions for regular maintenance of interior and exterior cement flooring.

Cleaning Floors With Vinegar
Normal household white vinegar is a great disinfecting and cleaning agent for a variety of floors.

Cost Effective Green Flooring Options
A list of the best value green flooring options which are available including a comparison of prices, durability, and environmental impact

Tile Bathroom Floors
A look at the different characteristics necessary for bathroom flooring materials.

Remove the Tile Shards
You then want to remove the shards of broken tile from the installation, being careful not to damage any of the surrounding tiles.

Remove the Old Adhesive
Use a scraper to remove the adhesive from beneath the tile after the shards have been pulled up.

Tap the Tile Down
Tape down the natural slate tile so that it is even with the other tiles in the flooring installation.

Apply the New Adhesive
You next to reapply the tile adhesive using a notched trowel. Make sure that you rake lines through the adhesive in order to create traction.

Break the Surface of The Tile
The second step is cracking the broken slate flooring tile in order to make it easier to remove.

Grout the Tile
You then replace the grout line around the new, fixed tile, in order to make it look seemless with the rest of the installation.

Clean and Seal the Material
Next you want to clean the slate tiles thoroughly in order to remove all dust, dirt, and excess grout. Then you can apply a sealing agent to protect the surface of the stone and make the material shine.

Gather Your Materials
The first step is to gather the various tools that you are going to use in the tile repair job. This includes devices for cutting the grout, breaking the tile, removing it, and then replacing it with a fixed tile.

Clean the Installation
Clean down the natural slate tile in order to remove the excess grout then remove the spacers between the individual tiles.

Removing Grout Around a Broken Slate Tile
The first step in repairing a broken slate tile is to remove the grout around the actual flooring tile.

Stone Basement Floor Tiles
A complete guide to using natural stone flooring tiles in a below grade basement location, including maintenance, care, and long term effects.

Cleaning Stone Floors
Detailed instructions for cleaning and maintaining a variety of natural stone tile flooring materials.

Pebble Stone Flooring
A guide to pebble stone flooring, an all natural, beautiful, and elegant option that is popular in hallways, bathrooms, kitchens, and showers.

Plastic Floor Tiles
There are a variety of plastic flooring options including PVC and materials made from recycled post consumer waste.

Vinyl Flooring Health Risks
Vinyl flooring is a durable and resilient surface covering option, but the manufacturing process used to produce it can lead to harmful effects on the surrounding environments where they are installed.

Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring
An exploration of the different types of handscraped wood flooring that are available, including wood types, distress level, and engineered solutions.

Cleaning Mildew From Brick Floors
How to clean mildew stains from a brick floor

Cork Flooring In A Living Room
information about cork flooring and its usage in a living room, family room, or den

Laying Tiles In The Quadrants
Lay tile in one quadrant completely before moving on to others

Create a Perpendicular Reference Line
Square the reference line using a T square, and make a perpendicular line from the two other opposing walls.

How To Draw Reference Lines For Tile Installation Jobs
Drawing reference lines on the subfloor, tracing through the center of the room, allows you to center the design of the tile pattern on the middle of the room.

Waterproofing Brick Basement Floors
How to protect a brick basement floor against water damage

Rubber Playground Flooring Installation
A picture of rubber playground floor tiles in bright attractive colors.

Rubber Entrance Flooring Tiles
An image of a rubber floor in an entryway

Rubber Garage Flooring Tiles
Textured rubber garage flooring installation pictures.

Rubber Flooring Gym Tiles
A basic gray rubber gym flooring tile installation

Faux Brick Rubber Flooring Tile
Faux brick rubber flooring pavers installed in a horse stable.

Corporate Rubber Flooring Tiles
Black speckled corporate rubber flooring tiles.

Rubber Children's Flooring Tiles
Rubber children's room flooring tiles

Rubber Flooring Images and Inspirations
A variety of pictures of rubber flooring installations in various interior spaces.

Faux Wood Cork Plank Flooring
Cork plank flooring in an attractive family room setting.

Dark Living Room Flooring Options
A picture of a dark cork floor tile installed in a living room floor.

Zen Natural Cork Floors
A bright natural cork floor installed in a simple, clean, Zen style design room.

A Gallery Of Cork Flooring Images
A picture of cork flooring installations in various rooms throughout the interior of a home.

Cork Living Room Floors
A cork floor installed in a living room

Shabby Chic Cork Flooring
A bright white shabby chic kitchen with a dark contrasting cork tile floor

Inlaid Cork Kitchen Flooring Tiles
Inlaid cork kitchen flooring tile in a kitchen.

A Contemporary Office Lobby Setting With A Cork Floor
A modern office lobby with an inlaid cork floor

Dark Brown Cork Kitchen Floor Images
A pictures of a dark brown cork floor in a kitchen setting.

Eco-Friendly Natural Fiber Carpet Choices
A look at the different all natural, environmentally friendly carpet materials

Guest Room Flooring
A look at various flooring options that work well in guest rooms and spare bedrooms.

Marble Flooring Pros and Cons
Marble flooring is an elegant, upscale, stylish architectural material that can elevate the sophistication of an interior location. However there are some disadvantages to using these tiles under certain conditions.

Low Cost Commercial Flooring
An exploration of the six best low cost commercial flooring materials for budget minded installation projects.

The Best School Flooring Materials
An exploration of different flooring options that can be used throughout schools and in children's classrooms.

A Comparison Of Resilient Flooring Options
A quick comparison of the major resilient flooring types, including cork, rubber, linoleum, and vinyl, based on their durability, quality, and style.

Stamped Concrete Maintenance
Detailed instructions for the long term care, maintenance, and upkeep of stamped concrete flooring installations.

Travertine Flooring Pros and Cons
The advantages and disadvantages of using natural Travertine tile flooring in various locations.

Slate Flooring Pros and Cons
A look at the pros and cons of using slate tile flooring in various locations, including maintenance, durability, and cleaning instructions.

Flooring – Wood, Tile & Other Flooring Options
Everything you need to choose flooring for your home. Learn about bamboo, laminate, tile, concrete and other flooring options.

Modern Concrete Loft Flooring Picture
Polished concrete can be a stylish modern look in a variety of living room settings.

Unusual Cork Flooring
A picture of a beautiful cork floor installed in a stylish living room setting, accented by sharply contrasting furnishings and features.

Exotic Bamboo Planks
Bamboo flooring is stronger than hardwood and can provide a living room with an exotic and unique flavor.

Dynamic Ceramic
Ceramic tiles can be printed with a variety of vibrant colors, images, and patterns, allowing you to create the perfect look for any living room.

Hardwood Living Room Floors
A beautiful picture of a hardwood floor installed in a modern living room setting.

Vinyl Flooring In Living Rooms
Vinyl flooring is a great choice for modern living rooms because of its durability and versatility.

Installing Marble Tiles - Step by Step Instructions
Instructions for installing marble floor tiles including pictures of each step along the way.

Sealing The Marble Floor Tiles
You need to seal marble floor tiles before you grout them.

Spreading Grout Into The Grooves Between Marble Tiles
You can use a grout float to spread grout across the seams of the floor and down into the grooves.

Cleaning The Tiles
Use an over sized sponge that is slightly damp to wipe the surface of the tiles clean of grout

Sealing The Grout Lines
Use a foam brush to apply sealing agent to the grout lines running in between marble tiles.

Drawing A Tile Reference Line
How to draw a reference line for a marble floor tile installation

Applying The Mortar To a Marble Tile Installation
Applying mortar to the subfloor in order to apply marble flooring tiles

Installing Marble Tiles
Installing marble tiles in thin set mortar one at a time.

Tapping Marble Tiles Down With a Rubber Mallet
You can use a rubber mallet to very gently tap a marble tile directly down into the mortar bed that is spread beneath it.

Marble Floor Tile Spacers
As you lay individual marble tiles on the subfloor, use tile spacers to ensure that the grout lines between pieces remain straight and even

Use a 2X4 To Even Out Marble Tile Surface Height
You can place a 2X4 of hardwood over several tiles in a row and tap them with a mallet to even the height

Using a Wet Saw To Cut Marble Tiles
When you need to cut custom pieces of marble you can make use of a wet saw, which combines a table saw blade with a stream of water.

Use a Shop Knife To Remove Excess Mortar
If any mortar seeps up through the grout gap it can be removed using a utility knife.

A History Of Modern Floor Surface Coverings
This article looks at more modern developments in the flooring industry, exploring the creation of things such as ceramics, carpet, linoleum, and PVC tile.

Maintenance Of Brick Flooring
Brick flooring maintenance instructions for keeping a brick floor looking its best

Rubber Garage Flooring
Rubber flooring is an excellent choice for garages due to its durability and ease of maintenance. But it is important to choose the right type of rubber for the functionality of the room.

Inexpensive Ideas For Living Room Flooring
A list of inexpensive living room flooring options that won't break the bank. Includes carpet tile, vinyl, linoleum, and cork, as well as many others.

The Best Flooring For High Traffic Areas
A guide to some of the best commercial, high traffic flooring options that are available to retail, restaurant, and other public locations.

Non Slip Bathroom Flooring
There are few things more dangerous than a slippery bathroom floor. In this guide we explore a variety of slip resistant materials that can be used in these spaces.

Waterproof Bathroom Flooring
An exploration of various waterproof bathroom flooring options that are available for these moist, humid, and volatile environments.

Finished Basement Carpet Ideas
Is carpeting appropriate for a basement? If you've finished the space then carpet can be a warm, rich, comforting feature that can help to make the space more inviting.

Mosaic Glass Tile Bathroom Flooring Information
Mosaic glass tile flooring is popular in bathrooms because glass is impervious to moisture and staining agent penetration.

Family Friendly Kitchen Flooring Options
A look at various family friendly kitchen flooring options that are available, including pros and cons.

Resilient Kitchen Flooring Bargains
An overview of various inexpensive kitchen flooring options that are available to you.

Everything You Need To Know About Slate Flooring Tiles
A complete shoppers guide for people interested in purchasing natural slate flooring for their home or business.

Where To Purchase Cork Tile and Sheet Flooring
A complete look at everything you need to know before you set out to purchase cork flooring materials for your home.

Cleaning Chocolate Stains From a Carpet
Instructions on how to clean set in chocolate stains from an interior carpet

How Ecologically Friendly Are Bamboo Floors?
While bamboo is a natural and ecologically friendly material, there are a variety of issues that bring up concerns about its impact on the environment.

Sandstone Flooring Pros and Cons
A look at the benefits and drawbacks of using sandstone flooring in various applications.

Commercial Cork Flooring Considerations
Information about cork flooring in public and commercial low to mid traffic level installations.

Eco Friendly Basement Flooring Options
A look at the most ecologically friendly basement flooring options that are available to you.

Easy To Clean Low Maintenance Bedroom Flooring Ideas
A look at some of the easiest, hassle free bedroom flooring choices that you can make, including the benefits and drawbacks of each.

How Top Demolish a Marble Flooring Tile
This is a detailed guide that will give you step by step instructions for removing marble floor tiles in preparation for a new flooring installation.

Chipping Tile Remnants Away
You can use a chisel and a hammer to chip away at set in pieces of marble

Use a Chisel To Remove the Tile Shards
Removing the shards of tile that are broken using a chisel and or a scraper.

Preparing the Subfloor
The last step is to remove any loose debris, and then to repair the subfloor using filling patch

Hardwood Flooring In Living Rooms and Dens
Hardwood flooring is a durable, low maintenance, surface covering material that is great in living rooms and dens

Long Lasting Durable Kitchen Flooring Choices
A look at the most durable, low maintenance, and long lasting kitchen flooring options that are available.

Ceramic Floor Tile In Bathrooms
Ceramic tile is a great choice for bathrooms because it is resistant to moisture, humidity, and stains, and is relatively easy to keep clean.

A Beginner's Guide To Ceramic Tile Flooring
A complete guide to ceramic tile flooring, including information about manufacture, design, use, and care

A History of Flooring: Ancient Floor Coverings
A look at the history of floors, starting in primitive pre-historic days, and working through some of the biggest innovations in this industry, including the invention of heated floors by the Romans.

Laminate Flooring In Bedrooms
Laminate flooring is a great, low cost, low maintenance flooring solution for many bedroom environments.

A Complete Guide To Natural Cork Flooring
An overview of everything you need to know about natural cork flooring.

A Beginners Guide To Bamboo Flooring
A complete guide to natural bamboo flooring

Brick Kitchen Flooring Ideas
Brick flooring in a kitchen, paired with gray speckled granite counter tops.

Flagstone Brick Pavers In A Patio
A picture of a brick patio floor

Light Gold Brick Sandstone Flooring
Light golden sandstone brick flooring installation

Brick Porch Flooring Patterns
Brick flooring installed on a front porch with a unique promenade pattern.

Red Contrasting Natural Brick Floor Pavers
Contrasting rich red brick flooring images in a kitchen

Brick Kitchen Floor With Inlaid Pine
A brick flooring picture matched with inlaid pine hardwood beams

Brick Flooring Picture Gallery
A gallery of brick flooring pictures including a variety of interior spaces.

Brick Flooring with Hardwood Inserts
A picture of a brick paver floor surrounded by hardwood hand scraped cedar border.

Brick Foyer Flooring Images
A picture of a brick floor leading into an entryway

Home Gym Flooring
An exploration of home gym flooring options including padded rubber, foam, and even resilient options.

Limestone Flooring Tiles
An overview of limestone and Travertine flooring tile materials including care, maintenance, and chemical compositions.

Basketball Court Flooring
Basketball court flooring is very important because it effects how the ball bounces when it is dribbled. This article looks at the process of creating a professional court, and the resources that are expended to do so.

How to Seal Marble Floors - Testing the Sealer
Instructions for properly sealing marble flooring using a quality surface sealing agent.

Applying The Sealer To The Marble Floor
In this step you use a foam brush to apply the sealing agent to the marble floor.

How To Seal The Grout Lines
Sealing marble flooring tile grout lines in order to prevent moisture penetration and staining.

Beautiful Sealed Marble Floor
The last thing that you have to do is allow the sealant to dry thoroughly, and then enjoy your beautiful marble floor surface.

Gathering Your Materials and Supplies
The first step to installing a bathroom tile floor is gathering your materials and equipment, and then preparing the subfloor.

Planning The Tile Installation
Planning the bathroom tile installation requires you to plot the project out on graph paper. With natural stone you will also want to lay the floor tiles out.

Spreading The Tile Mortar
Spread the tile mortar onto the bathroom subfloor using a notched trowel. Then used the ridged edge to create lines through the adhesive.

Placing The Tiles
While tiles have to be placed firmly into the mortar, you also have to be careful not to push too hard or you can squeeze adhesive out through the sides.

Lining Up And Spacing
Tile spacers can be used to keep the eventual grout lines in between individual tiles straight and even.

Setting The Level
You want all of the tiles you use in the bathroom to be dimensionally even so that you create a flat, unbroken flooring surface.

Bathroom Fixtures and Custom Cuts
A wet saw can be used to cut custom tiles that can fit into gaps in lines, or around fixtures in the bathroom such as showers, tubs, and sinks.

Grouting Bathroom Floor Tiles
Grout needs to be pushed into the gaps between the tiles, in order to create a buffer zone in between the individual pieces, which will accommodate size changes due to temperature fluctuations.

Sealing The Grout Lines
The last step is to use a chemical sealant on the grout lines in between the bathroom floor tiles.

Residential Rubber Flooring Tiles And Sheets
A look at rubber flooring tiles and their use in various interior locations, including the positive and negative effects that they can have on a space.

Steam Cleaning Hardwood Floor Instructions
Full instructions for steam cleaning your hardwood floors, including very important warnings about ways that you can seriously damage your hardwood floor surface covering.

Senior Citizen Flooring Options and Recommendations
A look at different flooring types and their suitability for senior citizen living areas.

The Most Comfortable Finished Basement Floors
A look at some of the most comfortable finished basement flooring options that are available to you.

Bedroom Flooring Trends
A look at some recent bedroom flooring trends including popular material choices for the most relaxing room in the home.

Bedroom Floor Tiles
Information about several hard tile and soft tile bedroom flooring materials that are commonly used in interior residential spaces.

Commercial Bathroom Floor Options
Commercial bathroom flooring has to be able to handle water, stains, and heavy foot traffic while looking good doing it. In this article we look at a variety of options that will be suitable for high traffic locations.

Living Room Floor Tile Ideas
A look at various living room floor tile options that can help you to create an attractive and stylish atmosphere in this social space.

Comfortable Retail Flooring Solutions
Finding comfortable flooring materials is important for retail locations, as it can help to make customers feel more relaxed and ready to make a purchase.

Vinyl Kitchen Flooring Information
An in depth look at vinyl sheet and tile flooring, and its application in various kitchen environments. This includes information about maintenance, long term care, pricing, and other relevant factors.

Hardwood Flooring In Kitchens
Hardwood floors can be used in kitchens, but they will require constant maintenance and vigilance, as well as periodic refinishing to keep them looking their best

Natural Stone Bathroom Floor Tile
An exploration of the use of natural stone flooring tiles in a bathroom environment, including stone types, and maintenance instructions.

Slate Kitchen Floor Tile
An in depth look at natural slate tile kitchen flooring, and the various precautions and applications that are available with this versatile material.

Durable Yet Stylish Restaurant Flooring Ideas
An exploration of several durable and functional restaurant flooring options for owners of cafes, restaurants, bars, pubs, and taverns.

Fixing a Squeaky Wooden Floor
There are several things that you can do to fix a squeaky wooden floor. These depend on whether you have access to the floor from below, or if you are stuck handling the issue from above.

The Challenges Facing Hardwood Flooring in Bathrooms
Hardwood flooring can be challenging to maintain in a wet and humid environment such as the bathroom. In this article I discuss some of the ways you can meet these challenges, and discuss the pros and cons of using wood flooring materials in this space.

Ceramic Floor Tile In Living Rooms and Family Spaces
Ceramic flooring is a great, low maintenance solution for a variety of living rooms, dens, and family rooms.

A Gallery Of Inspirational Porch Flooring Images
A gallery of porch flooring images showing numerous options including cedarwood, redwood, pressure treated vine, luxury vinyl, and brick pavers.

Ceramic Tile Exterior Flooring
Pictures of ceramic flooring tiles installed in an open porch setting. Page 10.

Brazilian Slate Porch Flooring Picture
Mountain Black slate flooring installed in the entryway to a southwestern style home. Page 11.

Vinyl Plank Porch Flooring
Pictures of faux hardwood vinyl plank flooring on an enclosed porch. Page 2.

Cedarwood Flooring In a Screened In porch
A lovely porch flooring picture showing a screened in porch with a cedarwood surface covering. Page 3.

Porch Carpeting Picture
A picture of a carpeting installation in an enclosed porch environment. Page 4.

Concrete Flooring In An Open Porch Setting
A picture of a porch built on a concrete slab, with an exposed concrete flooring surface. Page 5.

Country Cottage White Wood Porches
A lovely picture of a shabby chic painted white wood porch floor installation. Page 6.

Brick Porch Flooring
More porch flooring pictures, featuring a brick base and paver installation. Page 7.

Pressure Treated Pine
Pressure treated pine plank flooring in a rustic porch setting. Page 8.

Quarry Stone Flooring Picture
A rustic quarry stone porch flooring installation, featuring real natural stone materials. Page 9.

Commercial Flooring For Kids
An exploration of different flooring options which are appropriate for commercial children's institutions such as schools, nurseries, and day care centers.

Porch Flooring Options
Porch flooring acts as a connector, uniting the interior of your home with the natural environment that surrounds it. That makes finding the right flooring important.

Natural Stone And Ceramic Hard Tile Compared
A comparative analysis of ceramic tile flooring and a variety of natural stone materials including slate, limestone, sandstone, and marble.

Commercial Kitchen Flooring Options
Commercial kitchen flooring has to deal with all of the normal dangers of a culinary environment, multiplied by numerous chefs, waiters, waitresses, and a constant stream of dripping dishes.

Rubber Flooring For Basements
The durability, and resistance to water penetration that is an inherent characteristic of rubber flooring make sit perfect for basement installations.

Bathroom Carpet Ideas and Information
A look at carpeting in the bathroom, and its many hazards and maintenance problems.

Rubber Tile Living Room Floor Ideas
The durability, comfort, and stain resistance of rubber flooring makes it a good option for living rooms, dens, and family rooms. It's especially good for homes with small children, as the rubber floor can act like a safety net against falls and accidents.

Sandstone Bathroom Tiles
Sandstone flooring can be a difficult high maintenance choice when used in wet, humid bathroom settings.

Easy Clean Kitchen Flooring Options
An exploration of some of the easiet to clean kitchen flooring options that are available to you.

Sandstone Kitchen Flooring Tiles
A look at the use of sandstone flooring in a kitchen including stain and maintenance concerns.

The Best Living Room Flooring For Kids
A look at family friendly living room flooring options including rubber, carpet, cork, and more.

Natural Slate Floor Tile
A look at slate flooring tile, an all natural mountain born material that is popular in a variety of interior and exterior locations.

Inexpensive Options For Flooring In Basements
The right basement flooring can completely transform the space. in this article we look at a variety of low cost options that can dramatically improve the quality of a below grade environment.

Low Maintenance Living Room Flooring
A variety of low maintenance, easy to care for living room flooring options for you to explore

Instructions For Cleaning Gum From Carpeting
Instructions for cleaning gum and gum related stains out of your carpet, using a variety of methods.

Ceramic Kitchen Flooring ideas and Options
A look at ceramic flooring and its use in a kitchen environment, including its ability to withstand the rigors of the kitchen

Low Maintenance Bathroom Flooring Options
A look at various low maintenance bathroom flooring options, including the advantages and drawbacks of each.

Vinyl Basement Flooring and Below Grade Surface Options
A look at waterproof vinyl flooring in basements, cellars, and below grade installations.

High Traffic and Commercial Bamboo Flooring Information
A look at the options available for people seeking to use bamboo flooring materials in commercial and high traffic situations.

Inexpensive Bedroom Flooring Ideas
A look at various inexpensive and economical flooring options that can be suitable for bedrooms.

Children's Bedroom Flooring Options and Ideas
When looking at flooring for a child's room, you want to try and balance low maintenance, with soft safety, to find a material that will support and protect them as they play.

Brick Flooring Tile Pavers
Information, articles, and resources concerning brick flooring options

Carpet Information and Articles
A list of articles and guides that will help you to choose, install, clean, and maintain carpet in any space

Cork Floor Tiles, Planks, and Rolls
A list of resources about cork flooring, including maintenance, installation, and room by room considerations

Hard Ceramic Tile Flooring Information
An in depth exploration of ceramic flooring tiles, including information about how to care for them, where they should best be used, and numerous design ideas for ceramic tile floor projects.

Laminate Flooring Ideas and Information
An overview of laminate flooring information, including in depth instructions for care, cleaning, and use in a variety of commercial and residential applications.

A Gallery Of Images Showing Various Decorative Designs
This is a bathroom flooring picture and design guide, which has been built to provide some guidance to homeowners looking to purchase flooring material for their home.

Off White Cozy Bathroom Carpet Flooring Pictures
A photo of a bathroom carpet installation, featuring golden walls, an off white carpet, and contrasting throw rugs strategically placed throughout the room. Page 2.

Vinyl Plank Bathroom Flooring Pictures
A picture of a lovely vinyl bathroom floor plank installation featuring a faux hardwood print design. Page 3.

Luxurious Ceramic Bathroom Flooring and Backsplash Picture
A beautiful picture of a ceramic bathroom floor with tiles printed to look like natural glistening polished marble stone. Page 4.

Hardwood Bathroom With a Basin Tub Photo
A photo of a hardwood bathroom floor, with a lovely white basin tub and matched white accessories. Page 5.

Brick Flooring Pavers In a Kitchen Environment
A look at brick kitchen flooring and the various options that are available to you. It also discusses some of the drawbacks of this material in a kitchen, including concerns about water penetration.

Stone and Ceramic Hard Tile Flooring
A look at natural stone and ceramic hard tile flooring options that are available to you

Brick Flooring Tile Pavers
Information, articles, and resources concerning brick flooring options

Carpet Information and Articles
A list of articles and guides that will help you to choose, install, clean, and maintain carpet in any space

Cork Floor Tiles, Planks, and Rolls
A list of resources about cork flooring, including maintenance, installation, and room by room considerations