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grow poinsettias outside
Gardeners in tropical climates can grow poinsettias outside.

blue poinsettia
Floral dye gives us blue poinsettias and other rainbow hues.

poinsettia bracts
Red poinsettia petals are actually bracts, not real flower petals.

poinsettia greenhouse
The National Poinsettia Cultivar Trials give consumers information on the best poinsettia varieties.

variegated poinsettia
Marbled poinsettias are attractive alternatives to the solid colors.

poinsettia show
Visiting a poinsettia show gives consumers the chance to see new varieties not yet on the market.

poinsettia poisonous
Poinsettias and pets can get along.

Mulch Problems
Learn how to keep mold, rodents, and other mulch problems out of your flower garden mulch.

Best Petunia Varieties
Modern hybrids have made the old-fashioned petunia a flower garden must. Here are 11 top picks.

Choose an Orchid Growing Media
Choose the best orchid growing media for your healthy tropical plants.

Organic Flower Gardening - Using Compost in the Garden
Use compost in the flower garden to start seeds and improve soil health.

Flower Garden Worms, How They Benefit You
Earthworms improve drainage, soil structure, and overall garden productivity. Encourage the earthworm population in the flower garden, and reap the benefits of earthworm castings.

Carolina Allspice Shrub
The Carolina allspice is a hardy native shrub with fruity-fragrant flowers.

Christmas Flower Gallery
Freshen your holiday home with a festive cut flower arrangement.

The Rarely Tended Flower Garden
If job demands, health concerns, or family matters are keeping you out of the flower garden, you can still find a way to cultivate some blooms.

5 Flower Garden Designs You'll Love
Is your ideal flower garden restrained and elegant, or cheeky and bold? Pick a garden design that suits your aesthetic.

Evening Scented Stock
Do you love to be greeted by fragrance when you return home in the evening? Scented stock is an annual flower that smells the sweetest at twilight.

Using Compost Starter
Drowning in leaves but not a grass clipping in sight? Buy or make a compost accelerator to create a hot, active compost pile, even in winter.

Globe Amaranth, the Gomphrena Flower
Bursting with charm, growing the globe amaranth in the summer garden is an easy way to get material for dried flowers and to attract butterflies.

Botrytis Causes Grey Mold Flower Blight
Botrytis is a fungal disease of flowers that produces fuzzy mold growth on buds and leaves.

Black Walnut Toxicity
Flower gardeners that host black walnut trees on their property must protect garden plants from the toxic juglone emitted by the trees’ hulls, roots, and leaves.

Straw Bale Flower Gardens
Save the straw bales from your fall harvest display for next spring's no dig flower garden.

Keep Squirrels Out of the Flower Garden
Squirrels are tenacious and adaptable rodents, and flower gardeners should expect control rather than eradication in the landscape.

Year of the Allium
Who knew that the pedestrian onion family could yield such a fabulous flower for the landscape? Quirky alliums bring a fun element to garden design.

Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winning Flowers for 2016
Breeders are always busy at work improving the quality of our flowering favorites, from coneflowers to petunias. Here are five award-winners to try.

Growing and Caring for Pansies
Learn how to grow pansies in the spring flower garden.

Five Garden Habits to Avoid
Flower gardeners can get in a rut with improper pruning methods, plant collecting, and summer landscape neglect.

Disbudding Flowers
Grow show quality blooms by using the disbudding technique.

Organic Azalea Care
Azaleas bloom for weeks in the spring, to the delight of bumblebees everywhere. Learn how to keep your shrubs healthy without chemicals.

Top New Flower Varieties for 2014
Horticulturists and breeders unveil the top new flower varieties for 2014.

Garden Hoe
Every flower gardener needs a quality garden hoe to make yard work easier.

Signs of Flower Garden Pests
Garden insect pests may leave early clues that you can watch for, allowing you to control insects in your garden before they kill your flowers.

Fleuroselect 2014 Gold Medal Winners
Fleuroselect chose six annual and perennial flowers of exceptional quality for its 2014 Gold Medal awards.

Indian Pink - Woodland Pinkroot
The Indian Pink wildflower attracts hummingbirds and thrives in the shady garden.

Royal Wedding Flowers
Royal wedding flowers are an emblem of class and beauty that brides-to-be can look to for inspiration.

Rain Barrels - Rainwater Harvesting
Flower gardeners can use rainwater barrels to collect and store chemical-free water to irrigate the landscape.

7 Ways to Enjoy Amaryllis Flowers and Bulbs
Learn how to grow amaryllis in containers and outdoors. Explore amaryllis bulb gift ideas and propagation techniques.

Protea Flowers in Tropical Arrangements - Add Drama
Protea flowers look otherworldly and ethereal, but these sturdy blooms are long lasting flowers for your exotic cut flower arrangements.

Posy Wedding Bouquet - Posy Bridal Bouquet
Of the many wedding bouquet styles, the posy is one of the most popular. Is the posy wedding bouquet right for you?

Annual Vinca Flowers - The Madagascar Periwinkle
The annual vinca flower is a tough plant for sunny, dry areas in the garden.

Wedding Reception Flowers
From sassy spheres to towering urns, 10 wedding reception floral ideas you can incorporate into any theme or budget.

Garden Seed Mats
How can paper make you a better gardener? Learn about seed tapes and mats as an easy way to get your germination on.

Flowers Deer Won't Eat
If you have thrown in the towel when it comes to excluding deer from your property, plant these seven flowers that are rarely or seldom browsed.

Annuals That Grow in Every Climate
Whether your growing season is brief and cool, or extensive and scorching, these adaptable annuals will thrive in your flower garden.

8 Stylish Bud Vases
You don't need an armload of fresh cut flowers to make a statement; sometimes one simple stem will do.

Halloween Flowers - Halloween Flower Gifts
Halloween flowers and Halloween gift baskets make a sweet alternative to candy.

Basic Florist Supplies
Use these 10 florist tools to take your flower arrangements from amateurish to professional.

Christmas centerpieces - Christmas flower centerpiece
Fresh Christmas centerpieces created with seasonal holiday flowers.

Fall Flower Bouquets - Fall Floral Arrangements
Find the best fall floral arrangements for a Thanksgiving centerpiece, Halloween gift, or autumn decor.

Flower Insect Pests You Didn't Know About
Aphids and Japanese beetles may be on your radar, but have you heard of these flower garden pests?

Lady's Tresses - Hardy Orchid
Lady's tresses is a hardy perennial orchid for the shade garden.

Prayer Book Bridal Bouquet - Bible Spray
Devout brides of all faiths may consider using prayer book bridal bouquet for traditional religious wedding ceremonies.

Fan Wedding Bouquet
Are you a bride who fancies lace and ribbons? The unusual fan bridal bouquet, popular in Asian and Victorian themed weddings, may be for you.

Clear Clutter From the Flower Garden
If your flower garden and all that it contains feels more like a burden than a luxury, discover the beauty that some judicious editing can reveal.

Flowers Rabbits Won't Eat
Flowering habitat or out-of-control rabbitat? Keep Bugs and his ilk away with these rabbit-resistant flower varieties.

Flowers With Medicinal Qualities
These five flowers may have benefits that extend beyond beautifying the landscape.

Browallia Flowers
Light up your shady garden with these easy but unusual annual flowers.

Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate
Kiss me over the garden gate is an old-fashioned annual that will sway merrily in the breeze in your informal flower garden.

How to Grow Coreopsis
Coreopsis plants produce masses of jewel-toned flowers in the sunny garden throughout the summer.

Blackberry Lilies
Neither a blackberry nor a lily, this Asian native is an easy way to add exotic flair to your summer garden.

Flowers for Slopes
Make the most of your slope with erosion-stopping flowers and ornamental plants.

These Flowers Can Be Invasive
Does your favorite flower have a secret life as a thug? Learn about substitutes for potential invasives.

Top 10
If you're new to organic flower gardening, check out this glossary of horticulture terms to feel at home at the plant nursery or in the garden forums.

Power Tools for Flower Gardeners
If you've always been a die hard fan of old-fashioned elbow grease in the flower garden, discover what a few power tool options can do for you.

Choose Everblooming Roses
Roses won't disappoint if you choose the right cultivars and planting partners.

Grow a Rose Tree
Rose standards will grow in the smallest garden plots.

Grace an Arbor
Dress up an arbor or trellis with a perennial climbing rose.

Perfume a Floral Arrangement
Grow heirloom roses or David Austin roses to get the fragrance lacking in most bouquets.

Cultivate a Hedge
Screen out fields, neighbors, or street noise with a rose hedge.

Soften a Formal Garden
If your formal garden is all clipped boxwoods and geometric shapes, add character with roses.

Red and Purple Bridal Bouquet
Red and purple flowers are just the right color combination in this bridal bouquet.

Pink and White Bridal Bouquet
Lacy and ruffled flowers make a most feminine bridal bouquet.

Orange Bridal Bouquet
Orchids and calla lilies in an orange bridal bouquet.

Purple Calla Lily Bouquet
Calla lilies in the deepest purple tones in a sophisticated bridal bouquet.

White and Green Calla Lily Bouquet
A white and green bridal bouquet includes roses and calla lilies.

Red Calla Lily Bouquet
Red calla lilies and roses make up a lush bridal bouquet.

Calla Lily Wedding Bouquets
Calla lilies are everything a bride could want: elegant, affordable, and durable. View eight stunning calla lily bouquets in this photo gallery.

Multi Color Calla Lily Bouquet
Calla lilies, roses, freesia, and scabiosa make a colorful bridal bouquet.

Wedding Reception Flowers
Stagger heights and add varied flowers for interest.

Hydrangea Wedding Flowers
Hydrangeas quickly build up the volume of wedding flower arrangements.

Hydrangea Wreath
A wedding wreath symbolizes eternity.

Hydrangea Wedding Cake

Floral Bridal Headpiece
If you don't want to hide behind the veil, consider a floral headpiece.

Wedding Chair Decor
Use flowers to augment your wedding color theme at the ceremony.

Hydrangea Bridesmaids Bouquets
Green and blue bouquets stand out against dark gowns.

Dark Brown and Pink Bridal Bouquet
Dusty pink hydrangeas soften a dramatic wedding bouquet.

Wedding Table Centerpiece
Elevate a large wedding floral centerpiece to prevent conversation blockers.

Wedding Gazebo with Hydrangeas
Think big when it comes to outdoor wedding flowers.

Tulip Wedding Bouquets
Tulips are one of the top choices for spring wedding bouquets. Get ideas for your tulip bridal bouquets from this image gallery.

Vintage Bridal Bouquet
Romantic mauve tones and pearls give a vintage look to this bridal bouquet.

Tulip and Anemone Bridal Bouquet
Tulips and anemones are two complimentary spring flowers for bridal bouquets.

Parrot Tulip Bouquet
Parrot tulips have ruffled petals that add femininity to bridal bouquets.

Spring Bridal Bouquet
The earliest spring flowers combine to make an elegant bridal bouquet.

White Tulip Bouquet
A monochromatic white tulip bouquet is simple and lovely.

Spring Biedermeier Bouquet
The Biedermeier bridal bouquet suits formal occasions.

Tulip and Limonium Bouquet
Limonium flowers add bulk and texture to a purple bridal bouquet.

Bridal Bouquet Care
Your bridal bouquet should look fresh throughout the day with a few care tips.

Wisteria Growing Guide
A mature wisteria vine is stunning, but it takes a confident gardener to tame this vigorous grower.

Use Recycled Objects in the Flower Garden
Flower gardeners can recycle cardboard, plastic grocery bags, old rugs, and even dryer lint in the landscape.

- By Category
An index of categories in the

Gardening Ideas With Marigolds
Why are marigolds such popular garden flowers? Here are eight ways they can shine in your landscape.

Garden Catalogs - Flower Shows
Get flower garden ideas from garden catalogs and flower shows.

Garden Structure - Garden Design
Include trees, hardscaping elements, and evergreens for good garden design.

Watering the Garden - Garden Irrigation
Some flowers need winter irrigation.

Garden Weed Control
A thick layer of mulch can kill weeds in the flower garden.

Flowering Houseplants
Grow indoor flowers for winter color, including tropical plants and flowering bulbs.

Attract Garden Birds
Include some flowering plants that attract wild birds to the garden.

Garden Bugs
Keeping the garden clean can control insect pest populations.

Garden Chores
Winter is the best time to do heavy duty garden chores.

Garden Compost
Include all of your fall leaves in your compost bin.

Winter Flowers
Pansies, camellias, and hellebores are winter flowers.

Fall Flower Arranging
Learn how to make simple fall flower arrangements.

Sunflower Bouquet
Sunflowers are the focus of this fall floral arrangement.

Rose Hip Bouquet
Roses continue to give in the garden after when the flowers are gone.

Fall Berry Bouquet
Berries add texture and interest to fall bouquets.

Fall Dahlia Bouquet
Pink hues work for fall just as well as orange.

White Halloween Flowers
White flowers and pumpkins put on a Halloween display.

Flower Cornucopia
Cornucopias are iconic fall decorations.

Sedum Bouquet
Combine home grown flowers with those from the florist for fall.

Red and Green Bridal Bouquet
Red and green wedding flowers look vibrant any time of the year.

Red Fall Bridal Bouquet
Maple leaves add a fall vibe to these wedding flowers.

Red Bridal Bouquet Gallery
Red bridal bouquets aren't just for Valentine's Day and Christmas. See 10 examples of red wedding bouquets for any season.

Rose and Calla Lily Bouquet
Roses and calla lilies are available throughout the year for bridal flower arrangements.

Red Bridal Bouquet Gallery
Red bridal bouquets aren't just for Valentine's Day and Christmas. See 10 examples of red wedding bouquets for any season.

Tropical Bridal Bouquet
Choose red flowers that can take the heat for a beach wedding.

Bridal Bouquet with Pearls
Pearl picks add elegance to a red wedding bouquet.

Small Red Bridal Bouquet
Red packs a powerful punch in a small bridal bouquet.

Red Biedermeier Bouquet
The Biedermeier floral arrangement suits formal weddings.

Red Bridal Bouquet Gallery
Red bridal bouquets aren't just for Valentine's Day and Christmas. See 10 examples of red wedding bouquets for any season.

Orange and Pink Bridal Bouquet
Orange and Pink Bridal Bouquet. Flowers.

Tropical Orange Bridal Bouquet
Tropical Orange Bridal Bouquet. Flowers.

Orange and Yellow Bridal Bouquet
Orange and Yellow Bridal Bouquet

Orange Rose Bridal Bouquet
Orange Rose Bridal Bouquet. Flowers.

Orange Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet
Orange Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet

Green and Orange Bridal Bouquet
Green and Orange Bridal Bouquet. Flowers.

Orange Ranunculus Bridal Bouquet
Orange Ranunculus Bridal Bouquet

Peach Bridal Bouquet
Peach Bridal Bouquet. Flowers.

Orange Bridal Bouquets
A gallery of orange bridal bouquets, from pale peach to vibrant orange.

Flowers for Moth Gardens
Plant garden flowers to attract large moths like the hummingbird moth.

Rose Rosette Disease
Rose rosette disease is a scourge that you must control upon detection.

7 Impatiens That Resist Downy Mildew
If downy mildew has dampened your enthusiasm for impatiens, check out these new introductions that resist the disease.

Front Porch Flowers
Increase your curb appeal by adding one of the fastest and least expensive updates to your home: front porch flowers.

10 Free Flower Garden Essentials
Remove the barrier of cost from your flower gardening hobby, and get started on your landscape for free.

Tradition Meets Color
Stephanotis blooms are a nod to tradition in this vibrant bridal bouquet.

Cascade of Color
Pack in the max number of beautiful blooms in a large arm sheaf wedding bouquet.

Natural Beauty
A single giant lily makes a dramatic focal point in a multicolored wedding bouquet.

Here Comes the Rainbow
The freshest seasonal blooms make up this special rainbow bridal bouquet.

Opposites Attract
Choose flowers from the opposite ends of the color wheel if you want your wedding bouquet to stand out.

Beauty From Down Under
Kangaroo blooms and other tropical flowers stand up to beach weddings.

All About Fall
An autumn bouquet consisting of roses, calla lilies, gerbera daisies, and alstromeria flowers dazzles the senses.

Break All the Rules
Orange, fuchsia, and yellow flowers won't fade into the background at your wedding.

Customize Your Bridal Bouquet
If you're torn between wedding flowers on the bright side of the color wheel and the cool side, choose the best of both worlds.

Easy Flowers, Bold Looks
Get the flower garden you've been waiting for in one season.

Success With Clematis Vines
Easy and colorful, the flowers of clematis vines can soften fences and arbors in your flower garden.

Bare Root Roses
How do you get from a bundle of thorns to an armload of blossoms? Help your bare root roses get established quickly.

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day - Mother's Day Flowers
Gardening moms appreciate tools and supplies that help their flower garden shine.

Flower Garden Composting FAQS
Put compost to work in your flowerbeds with getting the answers to these 10 frequently asked compost questions.

How to Stake Flowers
Don't let your statuesque flowers flop in the mud; learn the best staking methods to give them support.

Delphinium Care - Growing the True Blue Larkspur
Delphinium are tall blue flowers that thrive in cool soil and moist conditions.

Helpful Daylily Terms
You can speak with precision about your favorite flower when you learn these helpful daylily terms.

Grow Flowers With Hydroponics
More than just a novelty, flower gardeners can use hydroponic gardening systems to overcome soil and space problems.

Flowering Container Gardens for Beginners
If a lack of space is keeping you from enjoying your favorite blooms, grow annuals and perennials on your porch, balcony, or windowsill.

8 Stylish Ways to Use Repurposed Items in the Flower Garden
Discover 8 fresh and funky ways to display your favorite blooms.

7 Lily Types to Grow in the Garden
Find the lily type you've been searching for, whether you want to perfume the entire landscape or to create the ultimate cut flower arrangement.

Water Wisely
When, how, and how much water you administer to your flowers is one of the most important predictors of plant health.

Select, Harvest, and Prepare Cut Flowers
From the field to your vase, select and prepare the longest lasting and most vibrant blooms for your cut flower designs.

Protect Flowers From Frost
Flower gardeners can outwit freezing temperatures with a few common garden supplies

How to Grow and Display Lush Roses
Are you in a rose state of mind? Plan the ultimate rose garden, and then prepare your blossoms for a long-lasting display.

Latin Flower Terms
If you don't know your alba from your aurea, familiarize your self with some common Latin plant terms.

Grow the Perfect Rose
Learn what it takes to grow an award-winning rose.

Canterbury Bells
If you love the cottage garden look, you must include a selection of these heirloom plants.

Flower Seed Starting Tips
Don't let the promise of a packet of flower seeds fall short. Learn eight tricks to germinate stubborn seeds.

Host an Organic Garden Party
Organic flower gardeners are proud of the plants they grow, whether the garden covers acres or only a windowsill. Hosting an garden party is a way to share the rewards of natural gardening methods with friends and family.

Saint Patrick's Day Flowers
No self-respecting leprechaun could pass up a bouquet arranged just for him, complete with green flowers and rainbow accents.

Wildflower Viewing
If you're not convinced of the virtues of native plants, visit some of nature's biggest gardens and discover the wonder of wildflowers.

Flowering Vegetable Garden
Shouldn't a vegetable garden be as pleasing to the eye as to the palate? Flowers can make it so.

Cascading Wedding Centerpiece
A grand reception hall calls for large centerpieces.

Ikebana Wedding Centerpiece
Ikebana wedding flowers complement modern ceremonies.

Underwater Flower Arrangement
Keep flowers hydrated by using submerged arrangements.

Pavé Flower Design
Pavé flower arrangements are deceptively easy to create.

Keep Flower Arrangements Fresh
If you create your own wedding centerpiece, keep freshness in mind.

Pink Table Scatter
Use flowers as table scatter to add color to your reception.

Floating Flower Dishes
Some flowers are best displayed floating in dishes.

Banquet Table Flowers
The power of repetition means each guest can inhale the fabulous fragrance of peonies.

Fruit and Flower Arrangement
Fruit is an economical and attractive way to supplement a wedding flower arrangement.

Julep Vases
The sleek design of a mint julep cup complements roses nicely.

Shabby Chic Wedding
Mismatched but coordinating vases are always in style.

Peonies and Candles
Pink wedding centerpieces can look romantic or dramatic, depending on the shade of pink you choose.

Hand Tied Purple Bridal Bouquet
A bridal bouquet with purple veronica blooms, purple hydrangea blossoms, and white carnations.

Purple Teardrop Bridal Bouquet
A cascading bridal bouquet with white roses and purple liatris.

Freesia Bridal Bouquet
A bridal bouquet with purple freesias, pink roses, and a single yellow iris.

Green and Purple Bridal Bouquet
A green and purple mum bridal bouquet.

Purple Rose Bridal Bouquet With Crystal Accents
Lilac roses and crystals form this purple bridal bouquet.

Blue and Purple Bridal Bouquet
Springtime wedding bouquet with blue and purple flowers

Fragrant Purple Bridal Bouquet
Scented stock, white roses, and lavender roses bridal bouquet

oriental lily bridal bouquet
Bridal bouquet featuring white oriental lilies and purple roses.

Purple Orchid Cascade Bridal Bouquet
A cascade bridal bouquet featuring purple vanda orchids.

Purple Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet
A bridal bouquet with white roses and a purple hydrangea blossom.

Purple and White Calla Lily Bouquet
A bridal bouquet created with purple scented stock, white calla lilies, and white roses

Purple Posy Bridal Bouquet
Long, slender flowering spires add texture to a purple posy bridal bouquet.

Spring Purple Bridal Bouquet
Versatile purple bridal flowers can play a cheerful or a dramatic role in your wedding.

Air Plants
Air plants are trending for a reason: these exotic houseplants are surprisingly easy to grow.

Angelonia Flowers
Both birds and butterflies will flock to the self-cleaning angelonia flower.

Start Flowers From Seed
Why start flowers from seed? It saves you money, gives you access to a greater number of plant varieties, and it's fun! (Really!)

Floral Foam Instructions
Floral foam looks easier to use than it is. Learn how to manipulate this highly effective florist tool to your advantage.

Geranium Gallery
Whether you call them geraniums or pelargoniums, these easy bedding plants will have your landscape awash in color from spring til frost.

14 Fun Facts About Valentine's Day Flowers
Explore the facts behind your favorite Valentine's Day flowers.

Colorful Flower Garden Ideas
Whether you're starting with a blank slate, or your existing flower garden is looking a little tired, these colorful ideas can breathe new life into your landscape.

Keep Fuchsias Alive
It is possible to keep fuchsias alive and thriving for more than a month after purchase!

Rustic Garden Bench
A rustic garden bench fits right in with cottage garden settings.

Garden Bench Placement
Find a favorite spot for your garden bench to ensure it will be utilized often.

Adding Color to Garden Benches
Is your ideal garden bench periwinkle blue or natural wood grain?

Antique Garden Bench
An antique or retro garden bench lends instant maturity and mystery to a flower garden.

How to Install a Garden Bench
A little foresight will keep the area around your garden bench from becoming a mud pit.

Garden Storage Bench
A garden bench with storage makes chores like weeding and watering more likely to receive attention.

Secluded Garden Bench
Hide from the world, if only for a few minutes, in your secret garden.

Build a Garden Bench
You can build a rudimentary garden bench in a weekend.

Gallery of Flower Garden Benches
A high quality garden bench will become a favorite spot for reading, butterfly watching, or sipping a cold drink after pulling weeds in the flowerbed.

Leafhopper Control
Leafhoppers hurt the flower garden in more ways than one. Learn how to deal with these tiny pests.

The Bad Side of the Language of Flowers
He loves me, he loves me not... What your florist doesn’t want you to know about the language of flowers.

Flower Garden Color Palette
Learn about flower garden palettes that work.

Flower Garden Design Pictures
Get flower garden ideas from Great Britain's top flower shows.

Fire Pit Flowers
Flowers bring life to back yard fire pits.

Bee Garden
Nourish all of your pollinators, not just butterflies, with a bee garden.

Formal Flower Garden
Flowers soften the geometric design of formal gardens.

Flowering Shrubs
Flowering shrubs add a mature look to the landscape.

Plant in Odd Numbers
Planting in odd numbers is pleasing to the eye.

Raised Beds
Raised beds help flowering plants as much as they do vegetable plants.

Can I Compost This?
Add unusual or unconventional ingredients to your compost, and increase your humus production while keeping waste out of the landfill.

Soil Solutions for Flower Gardens
Take your everyday garden flowers to the next level of blooming power with these soil fixes.


Marsala Flowers
If Pantone gets its color of the year inspiration largely from nature, they may have been influenced by the many flowers that nailed the 2015 Marsala hue spot-on.

Growing and Caring for the Beardtongue Flower
Penstemon flowers, also called beardtongue, are easy perennials for the sunny garden.

Million Bells - Low Maintenance Flowers
Would you like an annual flower that blooms nonstop without the need for deadheading? Million bells are prolific bloomers that attract hummingbirds.

Switch to Organic Flower Gardening
Consider switching to organic flower gardening to stay healthy and save money.

Keep Flowering Gift Plants Alive
Stretch your flowering gift plant's lifespan from weeks to months and more with these tips.

How to Grow the Chocolate Vine, Akebia Quinata
Akebia quinata is called the chocolate vine for its fragrant flowers.

Grape Hyacinths - Growing Muscari Bulbs
Grape hyacinths are fragrant spring bulbs for containers, woodland gardens, and rock gardens.

How to Grow and Care for Nicotiana - Flowering Tobacco
Nicotiana is an heirloom flowering annual that's easy to grow from seed.

Bleeding Heart Vine, Glory Bower Profile
Bleeding heart vine is a tender tropical plant that resembles the herbaceous perennial bleeding heart in appearance, not hardiness.

10 Easy Wildflowers
Discover the ten flowers that will add the most brilliance for the least maintenance to your native garden.

Protect Flower Bulbs from Frost

Flea Beetles on Flowers
Flea beetles are small garden pests, but they can cause unsightly damage to flowers such as petunias and sunflowers. Control these insects with organic and cultural methods.

DIY Fall Flower Arrangements
8 fall flower decoration ideas to inspire your decor, from classic to funky.

Organic Houseplant Care
Providing organic care for flowering houseplants is important to gardeners who wish to minimize their exposure to chemicals indoors.

Garden Poppies
Get the lowdown on 10 garden poppy favorites, from arctic to Oriental.

Grow Great Canna Lilies
Cue the steel drums and break out the margarita machine: Like orchids on steroids, canna lilies will bring a strong element of tropical glamour to your garden.

The 5 Minute Flower Garden
If you can find five minutes a day to tend to one of the tasks, you'll be rewarded with a healthy, productive flower garden all season.

Chelone Plants - Turtlehead Flowers
Turtlehead flowers can grow in sun or shade gardens, but they always need moisture.

Garden Gate Gallery
Garden gates have a job to do in the landscape, but they add a great aesthetic function as well.

2015 Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winners
Four top performing flowers were chosen for the 2015 Fleuroselect Gold Medal Award.

Flower Garden Insect Pests
Plant it, and they will come: insects have an uncanny way of finding their favorite flowers in your garden. Learn how to stop them in their tracks.

Cut Flower of the Year
Learn more about the Cut Flower of the Year, as chosen by the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers.

Cut Flower of the Year
Learn more about the Cut Flower of the Year, as chosen by the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers.

Flowers to Give a New Girlfriend
In the age of digital romance, a gift of flowers for a new girlfriend is worth a thousand emoticons.

Birth Month Flower Gift Ideas
Do you know your birth month flower? Both live plants and fresh cut floral arrangements make welcome birthday gifts.

How to Grow Snapdragons
Old-fashioned but never out of style, snapdragons lift the spirits in early spring.

Newbie Flower Gardening Mistakes
Flower gardeners can turn brown thumbs into green thumbs by avoiding some common oversights, missteps, and costly failures in the landscape.

Flowering Shoe Planter
Combine the love of shoes and flowers into an innovative planter.

Cottage Garden Flowers and Plants
Incorporate these cottage garden flowers and design elements into your landscape.

Cottage Garden Flowers
Choose heirloom flowers for a cottage garden feel.

Tall Flowers
Tall flowers are the punctuation point of the cottage garden.

Cottage Garden Roses
Old fashioned roses add scent and beauty to the cottage garden.

Garden Color Scheme
Soft pastel flowers lend a romantic atmosphere to the cottage garden.

Creeping Plants
Hardy creeping plants add blooms to every cottage garden nook.

Garden Gates and Walls
An old garden gate adds charm to the cottage garden.

Cottage Garden Containers
Container flowers extend the blooming time of the cottage garden.

Garden Seating
The best seat in the garden has a worthy view.

Beautiful Potting Sheds
Make your potting shed as beautiful and inviting as the gardens that surround it.

Pennant Banner Garden Shed
A banner makes garden sheds more festive.

Shade Garden Shed
Folk art plus fun color equals appealing potting shed.

Dutch Door Potting Shed
The Dutch door is useful in potting sheds, and beautiful too.

Rustic Garden Shed
A rustic garden shed can be both stylish and hard working.

Organized Potting Shed
Organize your potting shed, and you're more likely to use it.

Garden Shed Vines
Flowering vines hide a multitude of structural sins.

Plant a Living Wall
Turn your rock wall into a flowering garden space.

Green Roof
The dead zone on your roof can transform into a flowering habitat for birds and butterflies.

Garden Berm
A garden berm allows you to get more plants in a small space.

Table Planter
Welcome your diners with an in-table planting scheme.

Stackable Planters
Give utilitarian cinder blocks a new life by turning them into garden containers.

Patio Planter Pockets
Break up your concrete expanse with a flowering oasis.

Types of Roses
Do you know a floribunda rose from a noisette? Sort out the most popular types of roses for your flower garden.

Types of Roses
Do you know a floribunda rose from a noisette? Sort out the most popular types of roses for your flower garden.

Orchid Care Calendar
Following a monthly orchid care calendar will help you achieve reblooming orchids.

Plant a Wildflower Meadow
Put away your lawnmower, and turn your landscape into a sanctuary for native plants and wildflowers. These hardy plants need no chemicals and little care.

Cheap Seed Starting
Flower gardeners who choose start plants from seed can save money by swapping out expensive tools and techniques for cheap DIY alternatives.

Tree Stumps in the Garden
Deal with a tree stump in the flower garden, whether it’s an ugly nuisance or a piece of art waiting to happen.

Hot Dry Flowers
Learn how to grow flowers in hot, dry gardens.

Pruning Flowers for Healthy Plants
Proper pruning methods can increase flower production, and discourage diseases by increasing air circulation and allowing light to reach the plant.

Flowering Standards
Turn your favorite flowers into small trees by training them as standards.

Recycling Garden Pots
Keep plastics out of the waste stream by reducing or eliminating your use of non-recyclable plastic gardening pots and trays.

Kudzu Control
Flower gardeners must attack kudzu aggressively, as it can overtake and kill flowers, shrubs, and even mature trees.

Gardening With Kids
Kids get into flower gardening when you provide them with themed gardens and activities at their level.

Choose a Compost Bin
Gardeners must compare the features of tumbling compost bins, wire compost bins, and plastic composters before buying or building this essential equipment for the flower garden.

Beneficial Lacewing Insects
Flower gardeners can control insect pests like aphids and thrips when they buy live green lacewings and release them into the landscape.

Potting Shed Supplies
Turn your potting shed from a catch-all to a useful space in the flower garden.

Recycling in the Flower Garden
Recycle your household waste into useful items for the flower garden.

10 Design Principles for Flower Arranging
Employ these 10 design elements in your next floral arrangement.

Organic Cutting Garden - Organic Flower Care
Roses, lilies, and other florist flowers are easy to grow in a cutting garden without chemicals.

Prepare Cut Flowers
10 ways to make your cut flowers behave in the vase.

Great Blue Lobelia - Cardinal Flower
Great blue lobelia and cardinal flowers attract hummingbirds and butterflies to the garden.

Helenium Flowers - Sneezeweed Plants
Helenium flowers bloom in the late summer and fall garden.

Cimicifuga - Bugbane - Actaea
Gardeners looking for cimicifuga plants can now find them listed as actaea plants.

Floriade - International Horticultural Expo
The Floriade Expo occurs in the Netherlands once every ten years.

Butterfly Host Plants
Host plants for butterflies can provide ornamental value in the flower garden.

Fleuroselect Award Winners
Fleuroselect chose five outstanding annual and perennial flowers for its 2012 awards, including a hummingbird mint, coneflower, hollyhock, salvia, and viola.

Roses for Shade Gardens
Discover 11 shade tolerant roses for your partially sunny flower garden.

Mediterranean Flowers
Keep your Mediterranean garden in bloom with these 10 flowering plants.

Courtyard Flower Gardens
Turn your courtyard garden into your best kept secret with the right flowering plants and garden accessories.

Flowers With Ornamental Foliage
Beauty comes before blossoming when you plant flowers with decorative foliage.

Common Garden Mistakes
New gardeners and seasoned green thumbs alike are subject to these common flower gardening mistakes.

Easter Flowers
Choose blooms for your Easter brunch table, or send an Easter flowering gift basket to friends and relatives.

Christmas Flower Arrangements - Christmas Flower Gift Basket
Send Christmas flower gift baskets to friends, family, and co-workers.

Valentine's Day Flowers
Discover 14 Valentine's Day bouquets and flowering plants for your sweetheart.

Valentine's Day Flowers
Discover 14 Valentine's Day bouquets and flowering plants for your sweetheart.

long lasting cut flowers - make cut flowers last
Flower arrangement care includes conditioning your cut flowers.

Learn about the diverse fritillaria genus, including crown imperials and checkered lilies.

Sentosa Flowers Festival
A photo gallery of the 2012 Sentosa Flowers Festival in Singapore. Page 6.

Sentosa Flowers Festival
A photo gallery of the 2012 Sentosa Flowers Festival in Singapore. Page 2.

Sentosa Flowers Festival
A photo gallery of the 2012 Sentosa Flowers Festival in Singapore. Page 4.

Sentosa Flowers Festival
A photo gallery of the 2012 Sentosa Flowers Festival in Singapore. Page 5.

Heart Flower Arrangement
Heart Flower Arrangement. Flowers. Page 7.

Pavé Floral Design
Pavé Floral Design. Flowers. Page 3.

Sentosa Flower Festival
Sentosa Flower Festival. Flowers.

Sentosa Flowers Festival
A photo gallery of the 2012 Sentosa Flowers Festival in Singapore.

Bells of Ireland Wedding Flowers
A green and white wedding bouquet with gerbera daisies and bells of Ireland.

Green Cascade Bridal Bouquet
A cascading bridal bouquet with green orchids

Lily Bridal Bouquet
A green and white bridal bouquet with lilies and amaranth flowers.

Beach Wedding Bouquet
A green bridal bouquet for a beach wedding

Green Rose Bridal Bouquet
A posy bridal bouquet featuring green roses

Green Orchid Bridal Bouquet
A green cymbidium orchid bridal bouquet with blue accents

Green Orchid and Rose Bridal Bouquet
A green orchid and rose wedding bouquet with pearl accents.

Green Wedding Flowers
Pictures of green bridal bouquets, including green wedding roses and orchids.

Peony Shoots
Peony shoots are easy to recognize in the flower garden.

Christmas Fairy Gardens
Bring your holidays to life with a miniature Christmas fairy garden.

Fairy Garden Decorations
Snow and more make the Christmas fairy garden festive.

Fairy Garden Animals
Every fairy garden needs animal friends; which will you choose?

Fairy Garden Houses
Think of all the ways you can decorate your fairy garden house for the holidays.

Fairy Garden Rocks
Fairy garden mulch can be natural or spectacular.

Fairy Garden Moss
Fairy gardens need a balance of flowers and greenery.

Fairy Garden Trains
Large fairy gardens may accommodate a train.

Peony Pictures - Peony Care
Look at peony pictures and learn about how to care for peony plants.

Ants on Peonies
Ants are a common peony pest. Flowers.

Pink Peony
Pale pink peonies are popular spring wedding flowers

Yellow Peony - Itoh Peony
Garden Treasure is a yellow Itoh peony.

Peony Society
Join a peony society to learn more about caring for these spring flowers.

Coral Peony
Pink Hawaiian Coral Peony is an American Peony Society Gold Medal Winner.

Red Peony
Blaze is a red peony. Flowers.

Peony Farms - Peony Gardens
Visit a peony farm to find the best variety for your flower garden.

Single Peony
Single peonies are simple but showy flowers.

Peony Staking
Many double peonies require staking in the flower garden.

Cottage Garden Ideas
You can design your cottage garden to suit your climate and to reflect your favorite flowering plants.

Continuous Blooms in the Flower Garden
Keep the cottage garden blooming all season.

Small Cottage Gardens
Small flower gardens can have a great impact.

Drought Tolerant Cottage Gardens
You can grow cottage gardens in dry climates by choosing drought tolerant flowers.

Planting Flowers
Plant cottage garden flowers closely to eliminate bare spots.

Flower Garden Edging
Use a hedge or fence to edge the cottage garden border in large landscapes.

Cottage Garden Decorations
Add bee houses and birdhouses to your cottage garden to attract wildlife.

Climbing Roses
Flowering vines provide interest in the cottage garden.

Gertrude Jekyll Gardens
Visit Gertrude Jekyll gardens to get inspiration for your cottage garden.

White Prom Flowers
White prom flowers are delicate, and need special care.

Prom Flower Ideas
A corsage bar lets teens personalize their prom flowers.

Springtime Flower Arrangements
Make the most of springtime flowers with these floral arrangement ideas.

Peony Flower Arrangement
One or two peonies can form the basis of a beautiful flower arrangement.

Hydrangea and Lilac Bouquet
Hydrangeas and lilacs combine in a vibrant spring bouquet.

Tulip Bouquet
Tulips in floral arrangements will continue to grow and lengthen each day.

How to Force Forsythia Branches
Force forsythia branches for an early spring flower arrangement.

Pansy Bouquet
Collect bud vases to display your spring pansy bouquets.

Bearded Iris Bouquet
Bearded irises are short lived as cut flowers, but many feel they're worth it.

Prom Flower Ideas
A corsage bar lets teens personalize their prom flowers.

Orchid Prom Flowers
Orchids are elegant and long lasting prom flowers.

Black Roses
Teens looking for something dramatic at prom can buy tinted black roses.

Bracelet Corsage
The bracelet corsage is a keepsake from your prom that endures after the flowers fade.

Orange Prom Flowers
Orange prom flowers complement vintage gowns.

Prom Bouquets
The prom bouquet is a fresh trend for your prom flowers.

Language of Flowers
Use the language of flowers to choose your prom flowers.

pink rose bridal bouquet
A pink rose bridal bouquet is simple and elegant.

hot pink bridal bouquet
Hot pink roses adorned with jewels in a formal bridal bouquet.

oriental lily bridal bouquet
An oriental lily bridal bouquet. Flowers.

pink cascade bridal bouquet
A pink cascading bridal bouquet with roses and lilies

Valentine's Bridal Bouquet
A Valentine's Day bridal bouquet with pink and red roses.

tulip bridal bouquet
A springtime tulip and rose bridal bouquet

Tulip and calla lily bridal bouquet
A bridal bouquet with calla lilies and pink tulips

pink peony bridal bouquet
A pink peony bridal bouquet with roses.

pink orchid bridal bouquet
A pink orchid and lily bridal bouquet works for outdoor weddings.

pink and purple bridal bouquet
A pink and purple bridal bouquet with gerbera daisies, roses, and carnations.

sweet pea bridal bouquet
A fragrant sweet pea bridal bouquet

Pink Lily Bridal Bouquet
Pale pink lilies make a pretty springtime bridal bouquet.

Yellow Rose Bridal Bouquet
Yellow wedding flowers come in a range of hues to suit every season.

Billy Ball Bridal Bouquet - Craspedia Bridal Bouquet
Craspedia, also known as billy ball flowers, are striking yellow wedding flowers.

Yellow Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet
A bridal bouquet created with yellow calla lilies, green amaranth, and red hypericum berries.

Yellow Cascading Bridal Bouquet
A cascading yellow rose bridal bouquet.

Sunflower Bridal Bouquet
An autumn sunflower bridal bouquet.

Yellow Rose and Gerbera Daisy Bridal Bouquet
A yellow bridal bouquet with gerbera daisies and roses.

Yellow Rose and Green Orchid Bridal Bouquet
A bridal bouquet with yellow roses, green orchids, and green hydrangeas.

Yellow Orchid Bridal Bouquet
A yellow orchid bridal bouquet with freesia accents.

Miniature Fairy Gardens
Even a small container can be a fairy garden home.

Fairy Garden Pictures
Look for miniature varieties of your favorite flowers for the fairy garden.

Flower Fairies Garden
For a quick fairy garden, place fairy garden accessories into an existing flower garden.

Fairy Garden Gnome
Elves and gnomes are popular fairy garden characters for boys who like to garden.

Ideas for How to Make Your Own Fairy Garden
Learn how to make your fairy garden shine with blooming flowers.

Enchanted Fairy Gardens
Standard flowers become towering trees in the fairy garden.

Container Fairy Garden
A wagon is a unique container for a fairy garden.

Make Your Own Fairy Garden
Create a raised fairy garden to ensure that it will be seen.

Fairy Garden Accessories
Train flowering plants over a miniature arbor in a fairy garden to give the look of vines.

Fairy Garden Supplies
Pink fairy gardens are popular with little girls everywhere.

Fairy Garden Party
Setting the stage for a tea party in the fairy garden gives a sense of anticipation.

Daylily Care
Some say the daylily is the perfect perennial. Try one of the hundreds of varieties of this low care flower, and get hooked on the rainbow of colors you'll discover in this popular genus.

How to Grow and Care for Anemone Flowers
The anemone flower is popular in wedding bouquets, but an easy garden flower for the landscape as well.

Grey Water for Gardens
Flower gardeners can consider a grey water recycling system to reuse household water for landscape irrigation.

Flower Garden Tools for the Beginner
You can start a successful flower garden with these four essential tools.

Biedermeier Wedding Bouquet
Biedermeier flower arrangements consist of rings of flowers in different types or colors.

Cutworm Control
Keep cutworms from demolishing your flower seedlings.

Mealybug Control
Mealybugs damage leaves and shoots of many garden plants in the landscape. Kill mealybugs on flowers without using chemical pesticides.

Spider Mite Control
Spider mites infest stressed garden plants and houseplants, especially in summer months. Control spider mites with good cultural control, organic sprays, and chemical treatments.

Control Mildew in the Organic Flower Garden
Powdery mildew and downy mildew damage plants with white or gray patches on leaves, stems, and flowers. Use cultural methods or organic sprays to control these diseases.

Grow Zinnias
Seed for seed, you'll get more blooms for your money from zinnias than with any other annual.

The American Iris Society History and Membership Info
The American Iris Society connects gardeners who love growing all cultivars and species of irises.

Wedding Roses - Wedding Rose Bouquet
Wedding roses remain the most popular flower for bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and other wedding flower arrangements.

Wedding Car Decorations
Roses give the newly married couple a fragrant farewell on their car.

Pink Rose Bridal Bouquet
Brides can choose from several rose types for their wedding flowers.

Rose Petal Path
A rose petal path awaits the bride-to-be's last walk as an unmarried woman.

Cascading Bridal Bouquet
The cascading bridal bouquet adds drama to rose wedding flowers.

Wedding Flower Arbor
Amaranth and roses combine for a dramatic fall wedding arbor.

Wedding Rose Petals
Rose petals add a floral touch to wedding receptions at a reasonable cost.

Red Rose Bridal Bouquet
Rhinestone floral pins make a red rose bridal bouquet sparkle.

Wedding Rose Centerpieces
Large rose wedding centerpieces are the focus of this reception.

Wedding Bouquet Preservation
Some women choose bridal bouquet preservation to create a keepsake of their wedding day.

Rainbow Roses - Rose Color Meanings
Rose color meanings may influence your wedding flower choices.

Rose Wedding Cake Topper
Roses can provide an ornamental or edible embellishment to your wedding cake.

Keep Cats Out of Flower Beds
Is your cat battling your green thumb with his black paws? Target his unwanted behaviors with these deterrents.

Keep a Garden Journal
From pest outbreaks to successful new plant trials, learn how to organize your garden story and record ideas in your flower garden journal.

Mole Control
Moles infuriate gardeners, but sometimes they take the blame for damage they didn't inflict. Learn how to control and when to tolerate these pests.

Are Ticks Garden Pests?
If ticks are preventing you from enjoying your flower garden, you can kill or control these pests without using harmful chemicals.

Garden Rabbit Control
Grazing rabbits cause damage to tender shoots in the spring garden, and they damage tree bark and shrubs in the winter. Control rabbits without toxic chemicals.

Propagate Perennials - Layering, Cuttings, and Dividing
Gardeners can propagate perennial flowers by dividing plants, layering plants, and rooting stem cuttings.

How to Grow and Care for Eryngium - Sea Holly Flowers
Sea holly flowers provide a lot of blue oomph in the garden, asking for very little maintenance in return.

Worm Composting
Starting a worm bin makes homemade compost possible even for apartment dwellers.

Attract hummingbirds and admiring stares with this striking Mediterranean flower.

Flower Girl Ideas
Make the youngest member of the bridal party feel special with these flower girl ideas.

Ashes in the Flower Garden
Ashes are a source of nutrients and a natural pest repellant in the flower garden.

Recycle Newspaper in the Garden
The newspaper many gardeners recycle at the curb or throw away can function as frost protection, weed killer, compost ingredient, and more.

Safe Garden Ice Removal
Flower gardeners who avoid putting chemicals on their lawn and plants must choose ice melt products carefully to avoid damage to the landscape and environment.

Wedding Flowers - Wedding Flower Topiary
Look for rose topiary trees for your outdoor wedding.

Wedding Flowers - Garden Wedding
Fresh cut wildflowers are a cheap wedding flower option.

Beach Wedding Flowers - Yellow Wedding Flowers
Choose sturdy flowers for a beach wedding ceremony.

Unusual Flowers
Gardeners tired of the same bedding plants can grow these unusual flowers as a conversation piece.

Make Potting Soil
Flower gardeners can’t use heavy garden soil for container gardening. Use potting soils or soilless potting mixes for seed starting, propagating, or container planting.

Flowering Bog Garden Plants
Bog garden flowers can light up the soggy part of the landscape.

Orchid Supplies for Beginners
If you have these 6 essential orchid supplies, your plant will be ready to bloom and thrive.