Food Travel Sitemap - Page 2 2016-09-26

Michelin Announces New York City 2016 Bib Gourmand Restaurants
In 2016, New York had 27 new Bib Gourmand restaurants and 133 total restaurants that received the Bib Gourmand designation.

2016 Michelin Starred Restaurants in the United Kingdom and Ireland
The famed Michelin guide has released their 2016 list of starred restaurants in the United Kingdom and Ireland. In total, 187 restaurants received a starred rating.

The Year's Best Food Festivals (July to December)
There's few better ways to immerse yourself in food than to take on a food festival. Check out our month-by-month guide of the year's best food festivals from July to December.

December Food Festivals:
Food Travel.

November Food Festivals:
With the cooler weather coming, cities pull out unique food festivals like the 5000 Egg Giant Omelette Celebration in Abbeville, Louisiana, and the Salon du Chocolat in Paris, France.

September Food Festivals: Get Your Drink On
Some of the best and biggest beer festivals happen in September so it's time to get your drink on.

July Food Festivals: From Hot Chicken to Garlic
July food festivals are surprisingly specific. Head over to Nashville for mouth-blistering hot chicken festival or over to Gilroy, California, for the famous garlic festival.

October Food Festivals:
There's a whole host of championships and food-specific festivals in October.

August Food Festivals: Picnics
Picnicking and August go together like peanut butter and jelly. So, it only makes sense that many of August's best food festivals revolve around picnicking.

January: Beer, Frog Legs, and Gourmet Fare
Ring in the New Year with beer, frog legs, and gourmet fare in the world's best January food festivals.

May Food Festivals: Gorging in Small Cities
Food Travel.

April Food Festivals: Outdoor Yum
The weather turns warmer and food festivals go outdoors in April.

The Best Food Festivals Throughout the Year (January to June)
There's no better way to immerse yourself in food than attending a food festival. These are the world's best food festivals from January to June.

February Food Festivals: Big Bashes
February is a month of big food festival bashes, ranging from the quirky Battle of the Oranges in Italy to the celebrity-studded South Beach Food and Wine Festival.

March Food Festivals: Veggie Fun
March brings in some fun smaller food festivals around the world, including a lot of vegetable-based festivals, which celebrate the early spring bounty.

June Food Festivals: Wine, Beer, and More Wine
Food Travel.

The World's 50 Best Restaurants: Top 5
The 2014 World's 50 Best Restaurants list, sponsored by S. Pellegrino, has been announced and there are a few surprises and new restaurants in the top five. Read more to find out all about the top five best restaurants in the world.

Saveur's Reader's Choice Awards in Culinary Travel 2015
Saveur's Reader's Choice awards predict New Zealand as the next big food city and gave high accolades to Southern cities like Charleston, South Carolina, ad Asheville, North Carolina.

Saveur's 2015 Good Taste Awards Revealed
Saveur has released its 2015 Good Taste Awards, highlighting the best of food and travel in the world.

October 2015 Food, Wine, and Beer Festivals
Fall is in full swing and there are food, wine,and beer festivals galore this month, ranging from the margarita and barbecue championships to city festivals from Australia to the Gulf Shores.

34% of American Children Consume Fast Food Every Single Day
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has come out with a shocking new report: on any given day in America, 1/3 of American teenagers and children consume fast food.

Marietta Food Tours Turns Guests Into Insiders
Marietta Food Tours gives a nice overview of some of the best restaurants in the Marietta Square, in Marietta, Georgia, while providing a diversity of delicious cuisine. Most importantly, each guest will feel like they are getting an inside view into the food of this adorable town.

Cooking Classes in the Caribbean
It might seem odd to cook while on holiday but, you'll love the camaraderie and fun involved in taking a holiday cooking class. Check out these top cooking classes throughout the Caribbean.

Tipping in Eastern Europe
How much should you tip when traveling to Eastern Europe? Tipping varies largely depending on the country.

Travel the World For Your Favorite Foods
If you can't imagine traveling the world without learning about your favorite meal, check out these amazing locations and tours that will get your mouth watering and jaw dropping.

Chocolate Tours and Trips
These four big chocolate factory tours will get you inside four of the biggest chocolate manufacturers in the world.

Superhero Themed Restaurants
Whether you're a DC guy or a Marvel gal, you can get your superhero fix while stuffing your face at these comics-themed restaurants.

Pizza Tours and Trips
Whether you prefer a thin New York style pizza, a thick Chicago deep dish, or the classic Neapolitan pizza from Italy, one of these pizza tours or classes will satisfy your cravings.

Fair Trade Food Tours
These Fair Trade Food Tours will take you from South Africa to the Dominican Republic to find local workers and producers.

Coffee Tours and Trips
Coffee addicts, rejoice! These 7 coffee tours and experiences across the world will help you get that buzz while enjoying the scenery and sites.

Tipping in Central Europe
How much should you tip when traveling in Central Europe? The answer varies from country to country but, generally, round up to the nearest amount, or leave around 10%.

September 2015 Food, Wine, and Beer Festivals
Celebrate the beginning of autumn and fall flavors with these essential September 2015 food, wine, and beer festivals.

A Cruise Ship Without a Buffet? It's Happening on P&O Cruises.
Goodbye buffet! Hello Pantry! P&O Cruises has gotten rid of the tired buffet concept and instituted The Pantry, an upscale food hall with eight themed food stations.

3 Best Tips to Succeed as a Food Tour Operator
Shane Kost from Food Tour Pros, Kenny Dunn from Eating Europe Food Tours, and Todd Lefkovic of Foods of New York Tours weighed in on their 3 best tips for how to succeed as a food tour operator.

Tipping in Switzerland
How much should you tip at restaurants in Switzerland? In general, you should leave a minimal tip.

Airport Sells Meals With "Happy Hormones" While Airlines Rarely Offer Fresh Food
Realizing that air travel is fatiguing, London's Gatwick Airport has created

Visit the Caribbean By Food Tours
If food is a necessary component of your trip to the Caribbean (and why shouldn't it be?), hit up these wonderful food tours for a new way to look at the Caribbean's cuisine.

Bocuse D'Or 2015 Contestants
24 two person teams will compete against each other in the grueling 5 1/2 hour Bocuse D'Or, known as the cooking version of the Olympics, held in front of thousands of cheering fans in Lyon, France.

James Beard 2015 Semifinalists
Food awards season is upon us! The James Beard Foundation has listed its semifinalists for the prestigious James Beard restaurants and chef awards

Tipping in Turkey and Greece
How much should you tip at restaurants in Greece and Turkey? As a general rule, small tips of around 5% are appreciated and customary.

Rene Redzepi Is Moving Noma to Sydney, Australia
Get ready for the massive wait list: Rene Redzepi, chef owner at the famed Noma, is moving the acclaimed restaurant to Sydney, Australia for 10 weeks in January 2016.

Review: Urban Cheesecraft Cheese-Making Kits
Though Urban Cheesecraft's packaging for its Mozzarella and Ricotta Kit is gorgeous, the kit's instructions are not that clear, resulting in a failed mozzarella attempt on our first try.

August 2015 Food, Beer, and Wine Festivals
Celebrate the best of picnics, summer flavors, and barbecue with these essential August 2014 food, wine, and beer festivals.

Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival 2015
The fifth annual Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival brings together four days of tastings, dinners, lunches, and special events to showcase the finest in food and drink culture on the West Coast.

World Travel Market Creates Food Tourism Focus
World Travel Market (WTM) and the World Food Travel Association (WFTA) have partnered to bring sessions on food travel expertise to World Travel Market.

Growth In the First Year of Operating a Food Tour
Generally, ticket sales for food tours begin slowly but ticket sales ramp up largely based on two factors: the size of the tourist population in the city/community and the use of deal-of-the-day sites like Groupon or LivingSocial.

Eat Like You're On Twin Peaks: Summer 2015 Pop Up Restaurants
Summer 2015 is full of fun and crazy pop up restaurants. This summer you can eat like you're on Twin Peaks, inhale alcohol, and gorge on ceviche, as well as check out the hottest new concept in pop-up restaurants.

Dreams Come True: Nutritious Seaweed That Tastes Like Bacon Invented
Last week, researchers at Oregon State University announced that they have domesticated a strain of translucent red algae, or seaweed, known as dulse. It has twice the nutritious value of kale and, oh yes, it tastes like bacon.

Celebrate National Tequila Day (July 24) With These Special Tequila Cocktails
National Tequila Day is July 24th. Of course, you could opt for the classic tequila shot but, if you want to get a bit wild, try one of these unique tequila cocktails while vacationing in South Florida and Mexico.

Suck Alcohol In Through Your Eyeballs at Alcoholic Architecture's Mist Bar
Getting drunk is now as easy as breathing. Bompas & Parr, creator of inventive parties, is launching a pop-up bar named Alcoholic Architecture in London, which will get patrons drunk by walking and breathing into an alcoholic vapor.

Honeymoons For Food Travelers
For food travelers, there's nothing better than spending the honeymoon roaming through markets, eating gorgeous and decadent fare, and visiting unique wineries and food producers. Check out these two delicious honeymoon destinations for the food traveler.

Barbecue and Politics Went Together
In the early days of the American colony, barbecue, alcohol, and politics went together.

4 Things You Didn't Know About the History of Barbecue
Scroll through this slideshow to learn 4 things you didn't know about the history of America's favorite grilled meats.

Barbecue Is a Native American Invention
Native Americans have been barbecuing for centuries and the English word barbecue comes from the Taino Indian word barbacoa.

Barbecue Has Always Been An Integral Part of 4th of July Celebrations
Barbecues were always an integral part of Fourth of July celebrations because it was a time for the colonists to gather.

Different Regional Variations On Barbecue Sauce Occurred In the 20th Century
In the early 1900s, entrepreneurs began opening barbecue restaurants in urban environments across the country, which led to differentiation on the varieties of barbecue.

Celebrate the Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Equality Decision With Food
The United States was swathed in rainbows over the weekend as the Supreme Court of the United States made history with its June 26, 2015 marriage equality decision. These are the most fun food celebrations of the marriage equality decision.

Tipping in the Middle East
How much should you tip at restaurants in the Middle East? A 15% tip is often included on restaurant bills, but you should consider giving an additional small tip, called baksheesh.

Challenges Food Tour Operators Face: Finances and Marketing (Part 3)
As with any company, one of the biggest challenges that food tour operators face is managing finances and promoting their organization.

Challenges Food Tour Operators Face: Vendors (Part 2)
What are some of the biggest challenges that new food tour operators face? In this part of the series, tour operators discuss challenges with vendors and marketing the product.

Challenges Food Tour Operators Face: Competition (Part 1)
In this three part series, we'll hear directly from food tour operators across the world as they honestly describe their biggest challenges in running a food tour, including issues relating to competition.

Ben & Jerry's Introduces "Save Our Swirled" Flavor For Climate Justice
If it's melted, it's ruined. That holds true for ice cream, as well as our polar ice caps. Ben & Jerry's has created a new flavor called Save Our Swirled (SOS) to help bring attention to the problem of climate change.

Pizza Hut Resorts To Desperate Measures To Bring In Customers
In the last six months, Pizza Hut has been rolling out one gimmick after another. Its newest attempt is the horrifying Hot Dog Bites Pizza.

The Best Food, Wine, and Beer Festivals for July 2015
Celebrate the best of summer barbecues, grilling, and fireworks with these essential July 2014 food, wine, and beer festivals.

The World's 50 Best Restaurants 2015: Top 5
The 2015 World's 50 Best Restaurants list, sponsored by S. Pellegrino, has been announced and there are a few surprises and new restaurants in the top five. Read more to find out all about the top five best restaurants in the world.

Kenny Dunn Of Eating Europe Food Tours Explains the Secrets of His Success
Eating Europe Food Tours is the largest and highest rated food tour company in Europe, selling over 25,000 tickets per year across four countries. Owner Kenny Dunn reveals the secrets to his success in this interview.

Foods of New York Tours, World's Largest Food Tour Company, Began "By Accident"
Twenty years ago, food tourism was an unknown term. Todd Lefkovic, the gregarious owner of Foods of New York, the largest food tour company in the world, half-laughed as he told me that his company began

Tipping at Restaurants in Scandinavia
Do you need to tip at restaurants in Scandinavia? In general, no, you do not need to tip at restaurants in Scandinavia because a service charge is already included.

Saveur's Culinary Travel Awards 2014
Each year, Saveur puts out a list of its top Culinary Travel destinations based on votes from readers, as well as an editor's pick. The awards tends to skew toward traditional favorites, but does have some interesting awards not found in other lists.

Comparing The Top Food Cities In the USA
It's awards season and every magazine out there is putting out lists of the top food cities in the country. Rather than putting out a definitive list (because, really, can such a thing be done?), let's look at what readers and editors are deciding at many other magazines.

Conde Nast's 2014 America's Best Food Cities
Conde Nast has named its 2014 Readers Choice awards for America's Best Food Cities, with many classic cities winning the top 10 places.

2015 James Beard Award Winners
The 2015 James Beard Award winners have been announced and New York is the big winner. New York chefs and restaurateurs swept the awards, winning 5 out of 10 of the major awards.

3 Smokin' Hot Sriracha Foods
Sriracha enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that Huy Fong Foods, makers of the original Rooster sauce, has recently started partnering with a few other food producers to create authentic Sriracha-flavored products.

There's A Lot of Sriracha Out There...But Only One Rooster Sauce
Most people don't realize the companies like Heinz and Lays use their own Sriracha recipe in their products, rather than using the famous Huy Fong rooster sauce.

Why Launch A Food Tour Business?
Food tours seem like the perfect small business: low start-up costs and almost no barriers to entry. But, there can be big barriers to success. So, who are food tour operators and why did they decide to start a food tour business?

Introducing Atlanta Food Walks!
Atlanta Food Walks has launched. The concept is simple: food tours by food experts. Atlanta Food Walks' culinary storytellers engage guests with the story of Southern food and Atlanta through its cuisine.

June 2015 Food, Wine, and Beer Festivals
Celebrate summer with these fantastic food, wine, and beer festivals in June 2015.

May 2015 Food, Wine, and Beer Festivals
Spring is in full bloom and there's plenty to do, eat, and drink all across the United States and the world at food, wine, and beer festivals this May 2015. Keep checking this list as it will be updated as more events and information crops up!

Tipping at Restaurants in Africa
How much should you tip at restaurants in Africa? It varies, but, generally between 10 to 15%.

Tipping at Restaurants in Australia and New Zealand
Do you need to tip at restaurants in Australia? Generally, no, you do not need to tip at restaurants in Australia. Do you need to tip at restaurants in New Zealand? Generally, you only need to tip at restaurants in New Zealand for exceptional service.

Chipotle Is Shaking Up Fast Food in America
Chipotle is shaking up the fast food world. First, the company has announced that it will no longer use genetically modified ingredients at its restaurants.

National Geographic's Top Food Cities Offers Unusual Surprises
National Geographic has put out its list of Top 10 Food Cities in the world and the list is . . . confusing.

There Is a Grilled Cheese Donut
The Tom + Chee chain serves up Grilled Cheese donuts, which include a donut split in half and then served split-side out.

Brazilians Take the Grilled Cheese To Another Level
The British have made a version of grilled cheese since the early 1600s. Known as the Welsh rarebit, a savory melted cheese sauce is poured over toasted bread and then broiled.

8 Things You Didn't Know About Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
The grilled cheese sandwich: bread, cheese, toasted together until it's gooey and golden. Sounds simple and entirely ordinary, right? Well, check out these 8 things you didn't know about the humble grilled cheese.

Grilled Cheese Is An Ancient Food
The first recipes for cheese on toasted bread come from the ancient Romans. And, Native Americans made a version of grilled cheese since long before European colonization.

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soups Began During the Depression
Depression-era schools needed inexpesive ways to feed the hungry children. Kraft processed cheese had recently been invented and was a cheap and filling protein.

April is National Grilled Cheese Month
April is National Grilled Cheese Month!

James L. Kraft Invented Processed Cheese To Prevent Spoilage
In 1915, Kraft invented a way to manufacture a blended, pasteurized cheese that he called

Grilled Cheese Fans Have More Sex and More Fun
For National Grilled Cheese Month in April 2015, dating site Skout surveyed its 4,800 community participants about their grilled cheese habits. They found that grilled cheese fans have more fun and sex.

History of the Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Humans have been combining bread and cheese together for centuries. Even the Ancient Romans put together recipes for cheese melted on top of bread. The modern American grilled cheese is a more recent invention.

Grilled Cheese Lovers Have Better Sex, Says Study
Dating site Skout surveyed 4,800 community participants about their grilled cheese habits for National Grilled Cheese Month in April 2015. 86% of adults surveyed said that they loved grilled cheese sandwiches. And, those grilled cheese lovers seem to live with a bit more fun: Grilled cheese lovers have more sex and travel more!

Grilled Cheese Around the World
All around the world, bread and cheese go together to create a great meal. Keep flipping to find different international varieties of grilled cheese across the world.

American Grilled Cheese
The classic American grilled cheese is simply a piece of American cheese layered between two pieces of white bread and then griddled with butter.

Croque Monsieur
In a Croque Monsieur, Gruyere cheese is melted inside a ham and cheese sandwich. Bechamel sauce and more Gruyere cheese then tops the sandwich.

The Bauru is Brazil's favorite grilled cheese sandwich.

Arepa de Queso
The arepa de queso is a stuffed corn cake made from masa flour and then cooked on a cast iron skillet. The arepa is filled with local farmer's cheese and then griddled again.

Welsh Rarebit
Welsh rarebit is a sandwich made from a savory melted cheese sauce poured over toasted bread and then broiled.

6 Unique Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Across the United States
In the past few years, grilled cheese has turned from childhood comfort food to adult delicacy, with numerous grilled cheese specialty restaurants popping up across the country.

History of Pimento Cheese
Pimento cheese is the pate of the South though it originated in New York, by combining New York's Neufatschel cheese with imported Spanish pimento peppers.

3 Southern Foods That Didn't Originate In the South
Southern food is rightfully one of the most popular foods in this food-loving nation. But, there are certain foods that have been popularized as iconic Southern foods --- and, which are now found in almost every Southern restaurant --- that didn't originate in the South.

History of Fried Green Tomatoes
Walk into an upscale Southern restaurant today and you're guaranteed to find fried green tomatoes on the menu. But, fried green tomatoes don't have a long history in the South.

Food Tourism Is On the Rise
Skift and the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance have published a new report on the rise of food tourism. In it, the organizations explain food tourism is big business now.

History of the Red Velvet Cake
Red velvet cake isn't actually as Southern as people think. Midwestern cooks in the 1800s began making a dark burgundy chocolate cake by mixing cocoa with vinegar and buttermilk. The bright red coloring began when food coloring was added in the 1920s.

Watching Cooking Shows May Cause Weight Gain, Says New Study
A new study suggests that watching and cooking food television recipes might lead to weight gain. Researchers found that those who watch food television and cook from scratch weigh, on average, 11 pounds more than those who watch food television but don't cook from scratch.

Cook in Rio Class
At Cook in Rio cooking classes, Chef Simone Almeida teaches tourists how to make traditional Brazilian foods while teaching her students about the many influences that have contributed to Brazil's history and cuisine.

"Breaking Borders" Explores Conflict Zones At A Communal Table
In Travel Channel's new and exciting show

James Beard Foundation's American Classic Winners 2015
The James Beard Foundation just announced the winners of the five American Classics Award. The five 2015 winners are: Archie's Waeside, Beaumont Inn, Guelaguetza, Sally Bell's Kitchen, and Sevilla Restaurant.

KFC Sells An Edible Coffee Cup . . . That Smells Like Grass
KFC, purveyor of greasy fried chicken all over the world, is trying to appeal to high end KFC consumers with its newest product: the Scoff-ee Cup. The Scoff-ee Cup is an edible coffee cup, made of cookies, wrapped in sugar paper, and layered with white chocolate.

Reserve App: Digital Concierge For High End Restaurants
Reserve is trying to change the face of restaurant reservations in the same way that Uber disrupted the taxi market. Created by startup group Expa, led by the co-founders of Uber and Foursquare, Reserve acts as a digital concierge for high end restaurants.

Vayando: Connecting Tourists With Micro-Entrepreneurs
Vayando, a new start-up company, is attempting to bridge the gap between tourists and locals in developing nations. Vayando’s stunning website provides an online platform for tourists to connect with micro-entrepreneurs.

Yelp Sues Website Promising Positive Reviews For Subscribers
Yelp has sued a startup corporation named Revleap, which offers companies the opportunity to

Purrington's Cat Cafe
Purringtons Cat Lounge in Portland, Oregon has finally opened its doors, making it the first cat cafe in the state, and sure to be a hot new destination for coffee drinkers and cat lovers.

World's Largest Starbucks Date (February 13, 2015)
Starbucks and are sponsoring the

3 Budget-Friendly Valentine's Day Dinner Reservations
These three budget-friendly, yet festive, Valentine's Day dinners across the United States will have you enjoying the holiday with a bit of fun without breaking the bank.

Rene Redzepi's Tokyo Pop-Up Restaurant Has A 60,000 Person Waitlist
Rene Redzepi's Tokyo Pop Up restaurant has a 60,000 person waitlist and is taking Tokyo by storm. The menu focuses entirely on Japanese seasonal and local produce and meats.

France Was Shut Out in Bocuse D'Or 2015
Though traditionally France has been the big winner at the Bocuse D'Or, in 2015, Frnce did not receive any medals or prizes.

The Bocuse D'Or Meat Platters Are Amazing and Based Around Guinea Hen
Each Bocuse D'Or team may bring their own platter to serve the main meat dishes on.

The Deconstructed Individual Servings Are Still Stunning
The teams deconstruct the platters to create individual plates for each jury member to taste.

The Argentinian Meat Platter Included Mini Pots
The Argentinian meat platter included adorable mini pots.

Finland Won the Special Meat Prize
But, the winner of the Special Meat Prize was Finland with its elegant nature-inspired platter.

Sweden Won the Bronze Medal
Sweden won the bronze medal. Sweden has previously won one gold medal and four silver medals.

United States of America Won the Silver Medal
The United States has never placed in any of the previous Bocuse D'Or competitions, making this silver medal a particularly huge win for the team.

Here Is the USA's Individual Meat Serving
The United States' gorgeous meat platter resulted in a beautiful individual plating.

Bocuse D'Or Juries Consist Of Top Chefs Across the World
The lucky individuals who get to taste and judge the food prepared during the Bocuse D'Or are top chefs from across the world.

The Bocuse D'Or Audience Is a Wild and Crazy Bunch
Because the Bocuse D'Or is held in front of a live audience, the event gets LOUD, with food fans cheering loudly for their favorite teams.

The Bocuse D'Or Fish Dish For 2015 Features Fario Trout
This is Australia's Bocuse D'Or fish plate, which features fario trout, celery (which was the mandatory vegetable), and other vegetables.

Spain's Fish Dish Was Particularly Beautiful
Spain's fish dish was particularly beautiful with its splash of different colors.

The Winner of the Special Fish Prize Was Japan
Japan won the Special Fish Prize with its gorgeous green on white take on the fish plate.

And This Is The USA's Fish Plate
And, this is Team USA's fish plate, which makes interesting use of celery, the mandatory vegetable.

Norway Won the Gold Medal
Ultimately, Norway won the gold medal in Bocuse D'Or 2015. Norway has previously won 4 gold medals, 2 silver medals, and 2 bronze medals.

Each Team Has 5 Hours And 35 Minutes To Prepare a Fish Dish and Meat Platter
The Bocuse D'Or teams compete for 5 hours and 35 minutes to prepare a fish dish and a meat platter.

Bocuse D'Or Teams Compete in Identical Kitchens
The 24 two person Bocuse D'Or teams, each consisting of a Contestant and a young Commis, compete in identical kitchens.

Bocuse D'Or 2015 In Pictures
The Bocuse D'Or 2015 --- or the culinary equivalent of the Olympics --- announced its winners on January 28, 2015. Click through this slideshow to see the stunning food created by 24 top chefs around the world.

The Bocuse D'Or Begins At the Market
On the first evening of the competition, the Bocuse D'Or opens the Market where the teams can select their fresh produce.

Bocuse D'Or 2015 Winners
Bocuse D'Or 2015, the culinary equivalent of the Olympics, announced its winners on January 28, 2015.

5 Apps and Websites For Travelers With Food Restrictions
These 5 apps can help travelers with food restrictions make the most of their journey, with a simple swipe on their smartphone.

The Original: The Cat Cafes
Cat cafes took the world by storm in the early 21st century when Japanese tourists brought back the trend from Taiwan.

Puppy Cafes Soothe The Soul
If you prefer canines to felines, check out the growing number of dog cafes across the world.

Give a Hoot for Owl Cafes
Owl cafes turn the nocturnal flocked bird into a daytime attraction in Tokyo.

Or, Watch Penguins Amble In a Bar
The Penguin no Iro Bar (literally the

Beyond the Cat Cafe: Drink With Dogs, Penguins, and Even Owls
Cat cafes are all the rage in the United States but they are old news in the rest of the world. Hop around the world at this unusual look at the many places where you can drink with the animals.

Denver Cat Company in Denver, Colorado
Denver Cat Company is a community venture where

Meow Parlour in New York City, New York
Meow Parlour is New York City's first cat cafe. Meow Parlour is split into two related shops: the Parlour where guests can interact with cats and the adjoining Meow Parlour Patisserie where guests can buy macarons and pastries.

More Cat Cafes Across the United States
There are a number of cat cafes all around the country.

3 Cat Cafes Across the United States
Cat cafes are all the rage and the United States finally has some! Find a cat to cuddle at one of these 3 cat cafes across the country.

Cat Town Cafe in Oakland, California
Cat Town Cafe is America's first permanent cat cafe, located in Oakland, California.

5 Pop-Up Restaurants to Try: Winter 2015
2015 is starting off with a bang with a number of amazing pop up restaurants showing up across the world.

February 2015 Food, Wine, and Beer Festivals
February is a big month for food, wine, and beer festivals, with important festivals held from South Beach to Brazil. Keep checking this list as it will be updated with more information and dates!


What Children Leave for Santa Claus Across the World
For centuries, children have been leaving out food for Santa and his reindeer, but, each country's children honors Father Christmas in their own way. Click through this slideshow to see what children leave for Santa across the world.

5 Foodie Travel Splurge Gifts
If you have a foodie traveler on your shopping list and want to get them a big present, check out some of these wonderful options in 2014.

Latkes and Sufganiyot: Traditional Hanukkah Dishes
Two of the most popular and essential dishes on the Hanukkah table are potato latkes and sufganiyot. Keep reading to learn more about these menu items.

Thick Hot Chocolate
Polar Express trains across the country serve delicious thick hot chocolate to children.

Sugar Plums
Sugar plums aren't actually plums. They were a comfit, most closely resembling the modern day Jordan almond.

Stuffed Goose
For centuries, stuffed fowl has been the preferred Christmas dish. The wealthy ate stuffed peacock or swan, while working middle-class families like the Cratchits in a Christmas Carol ate stuffed goose.

Christmas Foods in Literature
Literature is replete with wonderful, decadent, and delicious Christmas foods. Click through this slideshow to find your favorite literary character's Christmas specialties and where you can eat these today.

5 Stocking Stuffers for the Foodie Traveler
If you have a foodie traveler on your Christmas shopping list, check out these five fun and inexpensive stocking stuffers. For under $30, you'll have your favorite food travelers licking their chops and ready for their next adventure out on the road.

January 2015 Food, Wine, and Beer estivals
Ring in the New Year with food, wine, and beer festivals across the world in January 2015!

2014 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Food Travel Deals
If you want to surprise your favorite food adventurer with a travel holiday, check out these Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for 2014, on tours and foodie adventures.

Pumpkin Spice Everything: Lattes, Oreos, Burgers, and More
In the last four years, the Pumpkin Spice Latte has grown from a simple concoction to a full fledged fall sensation. This year, you can try Pumpkin Spiced burgers, cookies, gum, and marshmallows.

Bourbon in a Pumpkin, Tupelo Honey Cafe
Honey Tupelo Café poured Four Roses Bourbon from a pumpkin

Carrot Cake With Vanilla Bean Cream Cheese, BLT Steak
BLT Steak's sweet and cinnamon carrot cake with a light vanilla bean cream cheese, candied ginger, and a swoop of butterscotch was a delicious taste at Taste of Atlanta 2014.

Apple Pie and Bourbon Pecan Gelatos, Honeysuckle Gelato
Honeysuckle Gelato's Apple Pie and Bourbon Pecan gelatos were excellent tastes at Taste of Atlanta 2014.

Chile Roasted Shrimp With Cauliflower, Pumpkin, and Mushrooms, Serpas
Chile Roasted Shrimp With Cauliflower, Pumpkin, and Mushroom Vinaigrette from Serpas was one of our favorite tastes from Taste of Atlanta 2014.

Grilled Chicken From JCT Kitchen
JCT Kitchen offered up grilled chicken with white Alabama sauce and collard greens salsa verde at Taste of Atlanta 2014.

A Pig With Buns, Marlow's Tavern
Marlow's Tavern put out the unique Pig With Bun at Taste of Atlanta 2014.

Scallop With Roasted French Pumpkin Puree, Article 14
Article 14 created an autumnal micro-feast with a freshly seared scallop topping a creamy roasted pumpkin puree with little pumpkin seeds on top.

New York Strip With BBQ Corn, BLT Steak
BLT's New York strip with spicy barbeque corn was a great choice at Taste of Atlanta 2014.

Mini cupcakes from Minis by Maria
Minis by Maria put out some incredible cupcakes at Taste of Atlanta 2014.

Grilled Artichokes, Bricktop's
Bricktop's put out my favorite taste at Taste of Atlanta 2014 with their Grilled Artichoke with Aioli.

Highlights From Taste of Atlanta 2014
Taste of Atlanta 2014 had something for everyone with over 90 restaurants and 300 tastings, packed together in Tech Square at Midtown Atlanta

December 2014 Food Festivals
At the end of the year, food festivals concentrate around holiday activities and fun winter festivities. Check out the amazing food, wine,and beer festivals on tap in December 2014.

Tips for Taste of Atlanta Food Festival
To make the most of your visit to Taste of Atlanta, follow these tips and tricks that will help you enjoy Atlanta's biggest food festival.

Origins of Chili
Chili is not Mexican in origin. It may have come from Texas cowboys, Texas prisons, or the Southwestern Native American population.

Air Food One
In Germany, Air Food One delivers business class meals delivered straight to your door.

Korean Air Food Truck
Try free samples of Korean Air's meals, including bibimbap (vegetables and meats in a rice bowl) and galbi jjim (braised short ribs) in this food truck roaming through Houston.

Dine Mile High Pop Up Restaurant: Destination London
Dine Mile High recreates a glamorous 1950s long haul flight from New York to London, with plenty of dry British wit and a very English four course menu.

Pan Am Experience by Air Hollywood
Board Air Hollywood's Pan Am Experience for a trip back to a Pan Am flight from the 1970s, when air travel was a luxury and treated that way.

Eat Airplane Food On the Ground
The newest trend in food travel this fall is eating airplane food when not actually on an airplane.

5 Strange Pop-Up Restaurants To Visit in Fall 2014
Try these 5 unusual and interesting pop-up restaurants, including dining in the sky, eating at a monthly supper club, or trying out edible insects, in fall 2014.

Love Sitcoms? Eat and Drink Here.
If you want to sip coffee on the Friends' orange couch or hear a rousing cheer at the bar

Friends' Pop Up Central Perk Cafe
Celebrate 20 years since the debut of Friends with a limited pop up replica of Central Perk, the neighborhood coffee shop frequented by the six members of the cast. Sit back on the famous orange couch and sip on free cups of Eight O'Clock coffee, including a special Central Perk roast.

Cheers: Cheers Beacon Hill
The former Bull & Finch Pub with its famous white exterior known on the sitcom Cheers has been renamed and remodeled as Cheers Beacon Hill.

Seinfeld: Tom's Restaurant
Tom's Restaurant's exterior was included in almost every episode of Seinfeld.

How I Met Your Mother: McGee's Pub
MacLaren's Pub, the favorite gathering spot for the How I Met Your Mother gang, was inspired by McGee's Pub in New York.

Sex and the City: Magnolia Bakery
Carrie from Sex and the City gushes over a major crush while noshing on a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery.

September 2014 Food, Wine, and Beer Festivals
Celebrate the beginning of autumn and fall flavors with these essential September 2014 food, wine, and beer festivals.

Gourmet Dog Menus at 9 Pet-Friendly Hotels
Dogs can be food travelers, too. Spoil your canine best friend with these incredible dog menus at 9 pet-friendly hotels across the United States.

Truffle Hunting in Italy
If you're in Florence, Italy, you can go on your own truffle hunt and watch a dog sniff out this earthy delicacy.

What is a Truffle?
Oprah Winfrey is a self-admitted truffle freak. But, what is a truffle and why is it so expensive? Read this basic guide to where you can find truffles, what they taste like, and how much they cost.

24 Delicious Hours in Rome
This guide lists out what you should eat if you only have 24 delicious hours in Rome.

Breakfast: A Cappuccino at Caffe Greco
Antico Caffe Greco is a great spot for a cappucino and cornetto if you only have 24 hours to spare in Rome.

Mid-morning snack: Obika Mozzarella Bar
Obika Mozzarella Bar is a great place to stop in for a snack in Rome.

Lunch: Armando al Pantheon
Try carciofi alla romana at Armando al Pantheon if you only have 24 hours in the city.

Afternoon snack: Pizzarium
This guide lists out what you should eat if you only have 24 delicious hours in Rome.

Late afternoon gelato: Palazzo del Freddo Giovanni Fassi
Stop in for a great afternoon gelato treat at Palazzo del Freddo Giovanni Fassi.

Dinner: Cantina e Cucina
Finish off your day with pasta at Cantina e Cucina.

Dessert: Cannoli at Cannoleria Siciliana
This guide lists out what you should eat if you only have 24 delicious hours in Rome.

Vegetarian and Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Italy
This is a list of vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants in Italy.

Food and Fun Festival in Reykjavik, Iceland
Iceland's Food and Fun Festival offers visitors the chance to experience traditional Icelandic ingredients and cuisine and Reykjavik's famous nightlife.

Northern Sonoma Wine Barrel Tasting
The Northern Sonoma Wine Barrel Tasting gives consumers the opportunity to sample hundreds of wines from the barrel and buy wine futures for $50 for the full weekend.

Who is a Food Traveler?
How do you define food travel? What makes someone a food traveler?

March Food, Wine, and Beer Festivals
These are the best food, wine, and beer festivals held in March.

What Is Clotted Cream?
Clotted cream is a thick golden-yellow cream made by heating unpasteurized Jersey cow's milk and letting it cool in shallow pans slowly. Unsurprisingly, it is delicious.

Pimiento cheese from Tom's Tiny Kitchen
Pimiento cheese from Tom's Tiny Kitchen was a favorite Atlanta Food & Wine Festival find.

Smoked Chicken Wing from The Pig and the Pearl
Smoked chicken wing at the Pig and the Pearl was one of the top tastes of AFWF 2014.

Pickled Vegetable and Cheese Platter from Matt McCallister and Liz Thorpe
Matt McCallister's pickled vegetables and Liz Thorpe's cheese plate was one of the top tastes of the AFWF 2014.

Five Inspiring Foodie Travel Movies
People love food. And travel. And movies. This list brings together all three of these loves in one spot to get your mouth watering and your feet wandering.

Sassafras Ice Cream With Pickled Angelica from The Asbury
Chef Chris Coleman's sassafras ice cream was one of the best tastes of the AFWF 2014.

The Army and Navy Cocktail from Nick Detrich and Kirk Estopinal
The Army and Navy Cocktail was one of the top tastes of the AFWF 2014.

Fresh Peach Sliders from Revolution Donuts
Fresh peach sliders from Revolution Donuts was a favorite Atlanta Food & Wine Festival taste.

Thai Truffle from the French Broad Chocolate Lounge
The Thai truffle from the French Broad Chocolate Lounge was a top taste at the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival.

Best Tastes of Atlanta Food & Wine Festival 2014
The best tastes of the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival 2014.

Brisket from Chef John Rivers
Chef John Rivers' brisket was one of the top tastes of the AFWF 2014.

Removing the Parchment/Milling and Export
Once ready to be sold, the dried coffee beans are put into a pressurized air chamber which separates the parchment from the exterior of the bean, leaving a blue-skinned seed beneath.

Harvesting the Cherries
When the fruit turns a bright deep red, it is ripe and ready to be harvested.

Roasting the Coffee
Roasting transforms green coffee beans into the aromatic brown beans we know so well.

And You Have a Cup of Coffee!
The last step is to grind and brew your coffee, which most do at home, especially since experts recommend grinding your coffee in small batches so it doesn't become stale.

What we call a

Peeling and Processing Coffee Cherries
Once the coffee cherries have been picked, cherries are dumped into huge vats to rinse and soak the cherries and separate the beans from the pulp.

Drying the Beans
If the coffee beans have been processed by the wet method, beans are then dried to approximately 11% moisture, either in the sun or in huge dryers.

Producing Coffee From Seed to Cup
How does coffee get from the fields to your house? This slideshow presents an illustrated explanation of the lengthy process to get from seed to cup.

Brief History of Coffee
The history of coffee is ancient and confused, as is much of the history of food. Coffee would not have achieved its worldwide popularity if not for various trade routes, colonialism, and the slave trade.

Main Restaurants on the Queen Mary 2 Cruise Ship
In accord with the air of luxury onboard the Queen Mary 2, guests can revel in sumptuous cuisine in the cruise ship's main restaurants, known as the Brittania Dining Room or the Princess and Queens Grills.

Boudin Bakery and San Francisco Sourdough
Boudin's sourdough bread's tangy crust and soft creamy center, carved out into food bowls and served with Boudin's famous clam chowder, is one of San Francisco's food treasures.

August 2014 Food Festivals
Celebrate the best of picnics, summer flavors, music and food pairings, and barbecue with these essential August 2014 food, wine, and beer festivals.

Food Awards
A description and list of major food and restaurant awards.

S. Pellegrino World's Best Restaurants
A detailed description of the S. Pellegrino World's Best Restaurants.