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Tangy Glazed Roasted Chestnuts Recipe
This recipe combines the soft sweetness of chestnuts with a sweet and sour glaze made from wild grapes.

Dock & YogurtRecipe...Three Ways!
Dock, garlic, and yogurt are a tasty combo and come together quickly in these cool, tangy sauces.

Foraged Greens
Most foraged greens are at their best in Spring, but some can be harvested year round. They're chock full of natural, delicious nutrition.

Meyer Lemon & Gin Jelly Recipe
Just a hint of gin flavor makes this Meyer lemon jelly unique and useful. Try it as a glaze or in a cocktail.

Rich, Nutritious Nettle Gratin Recipe
Rich nettle greens, sharp onions, and just a little cheese blend together in this tasty, foraged side dish.

5 Tasty Shoots of Early Spring
These early spring shoots have a wide range of flavors. Whether your taste is mild, sharp, or spicy, there's something here for you.

All About Miner's Lettuce (aka Claytonia perfoliata)
This wild salad green is mild, juicy, and crunchy enough to stand up to salad dressing. You can eat the flowers, too!

Shagbark Hickory Syrup: It's Made from the Bark!
Shagbark hickory syrup is easier to make than most tree syrups because it's made from tree bark, not from sap.

All About Musk Mustard (aka Chorispora tenella)
Try musk mustard (Chorispora tenella) in your next salad or sandwich. It's a tasty spring green!

Pickled Fiddlehead Ferns
Use a light vinegar brine to feature the natural flavor of your fiddleheads and preserve them for year 'round enjoyment.

All About Chickweed (aka Stellaria media)
Cooked or raw, this mild spring green deserves a place in every forager's kitchen. And it probably grows near you!

Wild Spring Greens: A Fresh Feast
Different wild greens lend themselves to different cooking methods. Here's what you need to know to make the most of them.

All About Fiddlehead Ferns (Matteuccia species)
This tightly wound fern frond is a tasty spring delicacy with a short harvest season. You won't want to miss it!

Mysterious, Marvelous Morels
Morels are almost invisible in the landscape; you'll need to look sharp to find these tasty treats.

All About Stinging Nettles (aka Urtica dioica)
Disarm the nettle's stinger and you'll be rewarded with an healthy, versatile, and tasty spring green.

All About Dandelions (aka Taraxacum officinale)
This familiar weed is probably growing right outside your door. Here's how to make the most of it.

Foraged Fruit
From tiny blueberries to hefty pawpaws, foraged fruit is packed with flavor and it's even more sweet and delicious because it's free!

Improved Meyer Lemon (Citrus x Meyeri 'Improved')
If you're lucky enough to live where the Meyer lemon grows, bring a basket next time you go for a walk so you can pick up some of this fabulous fruit.

Foraged Bark, Roots, and Twigs
The woody parts of many plants are very tasty, but you can't just bite into them. Special preparation is required to release their unique flavors.

Edible Native Plants
If you like native plants, why not enjoy their unique flavors as well as their good looks?

Foraging Tools
Having the right tool makes all the difference, in the kitchen, behind the bar, and on the trail.

Look for these Wild Mushrooms
Wild mushrooms are free for the taking if you know where to look...and what you're looking for!

Foraged Nuts & Seeds
Foraged nuts and seeds are packed full or protein and essential they're delicious.

Foraging Essentials
What You Need to Know to Start Foraging

Foraged Mixology
Let's not forget the ever-important refreshing adult beverage. Foraging brings new flavors to the bar as well as to the table.

Foraged Spices & Herbs
Forget the spice aisle, take a walk around the neighborhood and harvest everything you need to spice up your cooking.

Foraged Tubers & Roots
Plants store nutrition in their roots systems, and their tubers and roots offer up some of the tastiest and healthiest wild edibles.

These invasive plants are plentiful and delicious.
Why not weed your garden and harvest your dinner at the same time?

Flowers can add texture & taste to your wild cooking.
Flowers are good for more than just garnish. They add texture, taste, and beauty to your foraged recipes.

Hostas aren't just Edible, They're Delicious!
Harvest young hosta shoots before the leaves unfurl and treat yourself to an foraged spring delicacy.

Japanese Knotweed Pickles
This foraged refrigerator pickle is bright, crunchy, and lemony.

Light & Fluffy Meyer Lemon Mousse
Just a handful of ingredients goes into this irresistible, sophisticated, but oh-so-easy dessert.

Foraging from
Learn the basics of finding, identifying, and cooking with edible wild plants. You'll love the unique flavors and free food!

Nopalito Roll-Ups: a Tasty Tortilla Snack
Make a spicy snack with nopalitos and green chiles wrapped in a tortilla. They're terrific served with beer or margaritas at your next party.










A Comprehensive Guide to Cold Leaching & Preserving Acorn Flour
Cold leach your acorns to make a versatile and tasty flour; it's easier than you think.

A Comprehensive Guide to Cold Leaching Acorn Flour
Cold leach your acorns to make a versatile and tasty flour; it's easier than you think.



Pineapple Guava (aka Acca sellowiana aka Feijoa sellowiana)
The hardest thing about working with pineapple guava is deciding how to use it. This fruit is more versatile than Meryl Streep.

Prickly Pear Fruit (aka Tunas)
This plant looks tough, but once you remove its spines, it's soft and delicious.

Gingko Nuts
Yes, they stink. But it's worth a little sensory discomfort for the tasty reward inside each ginkgo fruit.

Chokeberries (aka Aronia)
Don't let the name fool you...chokeberry juice is tasty and nutritious.

Garlic Mustard (aka Alliaria petiolata)
Delicious garlic mustard is spicy, flavorful, and free.

Native Persimmons (aka Diospyros virginiana)
How to Know When Native American Persimmons are Ripe and Delicious

Juniper Berries
Add a few juniper berries to your next dry rub for outstanding foraged flavor.

Delicious Dogwoods
These trees may be cousins but their fruit couldn't taste more different! One is sweet and the other is super sour. Why not try them both?

Silverberries: the Abundant Fruit of Eleagnus umbellata
This wild fruit is so abundant you can allow yourself to get greedy. There's plenty for you AND the local wildlife.

Crabapples...they're just Smaller, Wilder Apples
Now that you know how tasty and versatile this fruit is, you're going to see them everywhere. Don't leave home without a backpack!

Hopniss Bean Salad: From the Fruit of the Potato Bean
Hopniss bean salad is made from the fruit of a lovely, fragrant native American wildflower. The plant is both beautiful and very tasty.

Garlic Mustard Pesto Recipe
Garlic mustard pesto comes together quickly and freezes like a dream. Make a big batch now and enjoy it all year long.

Crabapple Bourbon: the Kentucky Belle Cocktail
Kentucky Bourbon takes on the rosy glow and tart taste of foraged crabapples. Add a little ginger ale and you've got a festive adult beverage.

Moist & Easy Pineapple Guava Cake
Pineapple guava cake is light, moist, and sweet...perfect for afternoon tea or dessert.

Licorice Fern Liqueur
You can use licorice fern liqueur in any cocktail that calls for pastis or pernod. This plant is packed with natural licorice flavor.

Spiced Crabapples Recipe
Serve Spiced Crab Apples for Thanksgiving...or Any Other Time

Spicebush Snickerdoodles: Recipe for a Sweet Foraged Cookie
The intriguing warm and sharp flavor of spicebush berries transforms a plain sugar cookie into a unique foraged treat.

Cornelian Cherry Syrup
Cornelian cherry syrup adds flavor and color to sorbets, jelly, and baked goods, but my favorite way to use it is in a cocktail!

Steamed Acorn Brown Bread Recipe
This rich, acorn brown bread is a forager's comfort food. It's savory and moist, and the raisins add a hint of sweetness.

Crabapple Jelly Recipe
Crabapples are an excellent fruit for making no-pectin-added jelly. This preserve sets up quick as you please.

Wild Mushroom Duxelles (mushroom paste)
Wild mushroom duxelles is the perfect way to use up the last bits and pieces of your precious foraged mushrooms.

Foraging 101: How to get Started Foraging
If you're fascinated by the idea of foraging but nervous about safety, here are four, common-sense rules to get you started.

Meyer Lemon Jello Parfait: for Kids of All Ages
Tart lemon jello and sweet whipped cream come together in this tasty, pretty dessert.

Strain Off the Solids
Strain the Rum off the Solids. Foraging.

Sweeten the Spicebush Dram
Sweeten the Dram. Foraging.

Explore the Taste
Get acquainted with the unique flavor of Spicebush Dram.

Prepare the Spicebush Berries
Rough Chop Your Spicebush Berries

Just Add Rum
Choose Your Favorite Rum. Foraging.

Spicebush Dram: a Foraged Twist on Allspice Dram
This foraged liqueur is warm, sweet, and complex. Drink it over ice or use it to spice up your craft cocktails.

Lightly Sweet Chestnut Pound Cake Recipe
A splash of rum combined with lightly sweet chestnut flour makes a fluffy, sophisticated dessert.

Meyer Lemon Cake Recipe
Use whole, boiled Meyer lemons (yes, really!) to make this moist, delicious cake.

Meyer Lemon Granita with Pink Peppercorns
This sweet and spicy granita is a great way to end a meal, or liven up a cocktail.

Mini Meyer Lemon Pudding Cakes
Cake on the top, pudding on the're going to love this dessert.

Wild Mushroom & Chicken Recipe
Tender as can be chicken braised in wine and wild mushrooms...what's not to like?

What's the Best Way to Preserve your Wild Mushrooms?
For each kind of mushroom there's an optimum way to preserve it. Learn which method best suits which mushroom.

Foraged Dandelion Colcannon Recipe
Celebrate Spring with this classic Irish dish...and give it a foraged twist.

Silky Smooth Chestnut Soup Recipe
The earthy, rich flavors of foraged chestnuts and crispy mushrooms come together in this surprisingly low-calorie soup.

The Dirty Lily Bud (Mother Nature's Favorite Martini)
Make a dirty daylily martini the featured cocktail at your next garden party.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Dock (Rumex species)
Dock is a delicious and versatile early spring green. Here's what you need to know to make the most of it.

Fiddlehead Risotto Recipe: a Spring Classic
It takes a little time, but making this foraged spring risotto is actually quite easy.

Creamy Dock Custard Recipe
Lemony dock complements creamy custard in this rich dish. Serve it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

A Festive Carob Cocktail
Toast the holidays with this rich, foraged, festive cocktail.

Juneberry Almond Torte (Serviceberry Cake)
Almond paste accentuates the natural almond flavor of Juneberries in this sophisticated torte.

Make Your own Carob Syrup from Whole Pods
Don't think of carob as a chocolate substitute; it has a delicious flavor all its own.

Carob Horchata Recipe (and a Horchata Cocktail Variation!)
Carob horchata is refreshing and delicious plain, or as a cocktail.

Pink Peppercorns aren't True Peppercorns but they are Truly Delicious
Pink peppercorns don't have to be expensive. They may be growing right outside your door.

Bee Balm (Monarda species)
This under-appreciated herb brings beauty and flavor to the table.

Black Raspberries (Rubus occidentalis, R. leucodermis)
Black raspberries are smaller than blackberries, but their flavor is strong and sweet.

Lamb's Quarters in Filo Dough Pastry Shells
Pass this fancy foraged hors d'oeuvre at your next party...your guests will never guess they're eating a weed!

Pickled Daylily Bud Recipe
This bite-sized daylily bud makes a surprising, spicy pickle.

Simple, Delicious, Homemade Mushroom Ravioli
This dish impresses everyone. And that's before they know it's made from wild mushrooms you harvested yourself!

Recommended Reading for Foragers
Want to learn how to forage? Start with these five great books on wild edible plants and mushrooms.

Creamy Porcini Pasta Sauce Recipe
This quick and easy mushroom pasta sauce requires just a handful of ingredients and has excellent, rich mushroom flavor.

Serviceberry (aka Juneberry, Saskatoon, Shadblow, or Amelanchier!)
Whatever you call this superb fruit (Serviceberries, Saskatoons, Shadblow, or Juneberries), they're an early summer treat.

The Great Fiddlehead Debate
How long do you REALLY need to cook fiddlehead ferns?

When & How to Use a Pressure Canner
Pressure canning is the only safe way to can many foraged foods. And it's easier than you think.

When & How to Use a Boiling Water Bath
High acid foraged foods can be preserved in a boiling water bath.

Specialty Tools for Canning the Foraged Harvest
If you want to preserve your foraged harvest by canning, you'll need a few special tools.

Mushroom Puff Recipe
Serve mushroom puffs instead of dinner rolls, as a complement to soup or salad, or as part of your picnic lunch.

Crispy Sunchoke Fritter Recipe
This super easy fritter recipe turns sunchokes into tasty, crispy treats.

The Merry Woodsman (a seductive spring cocktail)
This delicious beverage combines three woodland ingredients in a bright, intriguing cocktail.

Zesty, Lemony Spruce Tips (Picea species)
Spruce tips can be used as a spice in cooking, to flavor frozen desserts, or to make unusual cocktails.

How to Make Rose Hip Vodka & Rose Hip Liqueur
Roses & could that be anything but good?

All About Sunchokes (Jerusalem artichokes, Helianthus tuberosa)
Sunchokes are versatile tubers. They're great raw, baked, boiled, roasted, or fried.

Asparagus & Wild Mushroom Bread Pudding Recipe
The Ultimate Foraged Comfort Food: Mushrooms, Asparagus, and Cheese!

Nettle Soup Recipe
Stinging nettle soup is healthy comfort food in winter when spring seems far away.

Wild Grape Dessert Mousse (recipe)
Turn plain old Concord grapes into a fancy-looking (but easy to make) dessert.

Nettle Malfatti Recipe
Nettles are a healthy, plentiful green, but what I love about them is that they're delicious.

Stinging Nettle Cordial Recipe
Next time you cook stinging nettles, save the nettle makes an excellent cordial and a flavorful cocktail.

The Jelly Bag: an Indespensable Kitchen Tool for the Forager
At under ten dollars, this inexpensive tool is essential for every forager.

Wild Asparagus Soup
Don't throw away those tough asparagus ends! They make an excellent soup.

How to Forage for Wild Asparagus
Wild asparagus excites foragers the way no other spring green can. Here's how you can find it for yourself.

How to Make a Quick & Easy Carob Syrup from Carob Powder
Make your own carob syrup and feature it in sweet or savory dishes. And don't forget the cocktails!

Six Foraged Cocktails for a Winter Party
Foraged cocktails based on wild ingredients will wow your guests with their unique flavors.







Make Your Own Chestnut Flour from Whole Chestnuts
You don't have to be a pioneer to make this easy nut flour at home.

Flowering Quince Fruit
Flowering quince may look funny and feel rock hard, but with slow heat (and a little sugar) you'll open up the complex flavors of this fall fruit.

Flowering Quince Liqueur Recipe
You only need three ingredients to make this amazing liqueur.

Hawthorn Berry Ketchup Recipe (Better than A-1 Sauce!)
Try hawthorn berry ketchup on your next burger or steak; its rich, spicy flavor and vinegar bite is a great complement to all kinds of meat.




Foraged Holiday Treats: 3 Cookies and a Brownie!
Add some foraged flare to your holiday baked goods by using wild ingredients.



Holiday Cookies: Five Festive Foraged Treats!
Add some foraged flare to your holiday baked goods by using wild ingredients.

Baked Quince Recipe
You can gather flowering quince fruit well into's plentiful, delicious, and free!

Persimmon Fool: A Luscious Dessert
You'd never guess this fancy looking dessert was so easy and fast to make.

Spruce Tip Shortbread Cookie Recipe
A handful of spruce tips takes your shortbread cookies from ordinary to foraged fabulous.

Persimmon & Black Walnut Cookie Recipe
Enjoy the foraged flavors of fall in this satisfying, full-bodied cookie.

Black Walnut Pie Recipe
If you've got a sweet tooth and some black walnuts then I've got a pie recipe for you!

Steamed Persimmon Pudding Recipe
After you taste this rich, moist, holiday cake, you may never celebrate without it again.

Verjuice: a Lemon Juice Substitute Made from Unripe Grapes
Verjuice is a great substitute for lemon juice. If you forage in a climate where citrus doesn't grow, try making grape verjuice with unripe grapes.

Wild Mushroom Bread Pudding Recipe
This is the best kind of comfort food: savory, creamy, and easy to make.







Five Fast & Delicious Wild Mushroom Recipes
If you're wondering what to make with all those wild mushrooms you foraged, here are five fast and delicious wild mushroom recipes.

Oil Seared Oyster Mushrooms
This simple, fast oyster mushroom recipe is sure to please, in less than fifteen minutes!


How to Make Your Own Rose Water from Foraged Rose Petals
Rose water is a traditional ingredient in Middle Eastern, Indian, and Chinese cuisines, but it's also terrific in cocktails, ice cream, and pastries.





Wild Greens & Puff Pastry Swirls
Each bite of these pastry swirls combines the crispness of puff pastry with the rich umami of wild greens.

Wild Mushroom & Chestnut Stuffing Recipe
Wild mushroom & chestnut stuffing is sure to impress your holiday guests.

Bottle Your Rose Hip Syrup
Wild rose hip syrup can be used in both sweet and savory dishes.

Cooking the Rose Hips
Get every bit of juice out of those rose hips.

Make the Rose Hip Syrup

Roughly Chop the Rose Hips Before Cooking
Chop your rose hips before cooking them.

When Are Your Rose Hips Ripe?
Gather ripe rose hips when they're plump and firm.

Wild Mushroom Risotto Recipe
Wild mushroom risotto is the perfect dish to highlight the exceptional flavor of your favorite wild mushroom.



Thanksgiving Start to Finish: 8 Foraged Dishes the Pilgrims Might Have Eaten
The Pilgrims served wild edibles at their Thanksgiving so why not make yours a truly traditional holiday and include some on your holiday table?








Wild Crabapple Sauce Recipe
Wild crabapple sauce makes a tart, delicious side dish, a smooth, healthy dessert, or a versatile baking ingredient (for low fat cakes and cookies).

Crabapple Whisky Spicecake Recipe
Crabapple sauce and a smidge of whisky add special, complex flavors to this spicecake recipe. It's perfect for fall!

Wild Mushroom Soup Recipe
This wild mushroom soup is great for lunch with crusty sourdough bread, or served as a fancy first course at dinner.

Silverberry Quickbread Recipe
Turn a common foraged fruit into a tasty tea-time treat: Silverberry Quickbread.

The Swann Song
For a tropical drink that's not fruity or super sweet, combine whisky with ginger and Spicebush Dram. Then raise a glass to Pirate King Elizabeth.

Dandelion Potato Pancakes
There's more than one way to eat a dandelion.

Frozen Persimmon Margarita
Thick, cool, and a very pretty orange, this cocktail is the perfect complement to a hot and spicy meal. And wouldn't it look perfect on a Halloween table?

Cranberry, Rose Hip, and Crabapple Chutney Recipe
This ruby-red chutney includes three tart, foraged fruits and sparkles on any table. It's a new favorite dish for the holidays.

Garlic Mustard, a Spicy, Cool Weather Green

Hen of the Woods, a Prime Wild Mushroom

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Fabulous Fall Harvests
Fall is a fabulous time to forage. But be prepared to carry a heavy load…these are some bountiful harvests!

Abundant Acorns

Crabapples, a Plentiful Fall Fruit

Spicebush Berries, Nature's Seasoning

The Santa Fe Fizz: Recipe for a Classic Southwest Cocktail
Lavender and juniper berries come together in a cocktail that embodies the flavors of the desert Southwest.

Chicken with Mosto Cotto Marinade
This wild grape marinade comes together fast and has a great sweet and sour flavor.

Licorice Fern Bitters: Foraged Flavors for your Cocktail
Licorice fern bitters condense the flavors of the Pacific Northwest into a few drops of liquid.

Refreshing Prickly Pear Granita
Colorful, refreshing, and delicious, this prickly pear granita is super simple to make.

Homemade Prickly Pear Jello from Wild Fruit
Make your own homemade jello from foraged prickly pear fruit.

Wild Plum Ratafia
Wild plum ratafia is a flavorful aperitif. It's simple enough to make at home but tastes like it comes from an elegant cocktail bar.

Wild Grape Pie
Use wild grapes to make this intensely flavored fall pie. It's bursting with wild grape flavor.

The Cascadian Sour: a Cocktail Inspired by the Pacific Northwest
Rye whiskey is the base spirit for the Cascadian Sour, combining Oregon grape with licorice fern bitters. It's the PNW in a glass.

Edible Wild Rose Hips: How & When to Harvest
Wild rose hips are tasty, round fruits full of vitamins (A&C), Calcium, and fiber. And they may be growing right outside your door!

Cornelian Cherry Bitters
If you pride yourself on a well-stocked bar and some mad mixology skills, you need to make your own bitters.

Oregon Grape (aka Mahonia aquifolium)
Oregon grapes have beautiful color and lots of pectin. Use them any way you'd use real grapes, but add a little extra sugar...this fruit is sour!

Wild Wintergreen Ice Cream: Use the Leaves, not the Berries!
Wintergreen ice cream is fresh and sweet...and not on any restaurant menu. This foraged dessert is a minty delight.

Make Your Own Foraged Bitters
Foraged bitters are an essential cocktail ingredient, and all you need are a few handfuls of wild herbs, roots, and berries.

The Edible Fruit of Banana Yucca (aka Yucca baccata)
Banana yucca fruit is naturally sweet and easy to harvest in quantity.

Make Your Own Wild Ginger Syrup
The unique, complex flavor of wild ginger syrup is great in marinades, desserts, and drinks.

How to Harvest and Use Spicebush Berries
Spicebush berries are so tasty, you'll want to use them in everything. Fortunately, they're great with both sweet and savory dishes.

No-Bake Carob Coconut Balls: Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Sugar Free
Gluten free, sugar free, & lactose free, these no-bake, healthy carob coconut balls are irresistible.

Pink Peppercorn Meringue Cookies
Pink peppercorns take this light, sweet meringue cookie over the top.

Rose Hip Soup
Served warm or cold, this fruit soup is beautiful to behold and full of foraged flavor.

Six Foraging Myths Debunked!
Learn what's safe and what's not safe BEFORE you start foraging.

What Kind of Grape Should You Use?
You can use any kind of wild grape for making juice; you can even combine different types of grape in a single batch.

This Step is Crucial: Refrigerate Your Juice Before Using!
Refrigerating your grape juice overnight is an essential step most people forget!

You Have Achieved Wild Grape Juice Perfection
You can make so many things with wild grape juice, like jelly, sorbet, soda. Or just add a little sweetener and drink it straight!

How to Strain your Grape Juice
How you want to use your wild grape juice will determine how you strain your grapes.

How to Cook Your Grapes for Juice
Use the minimum amount of water necessary to produce an intensely flavored juice.

Wash and Destem Your Fruit
Washed and destemmed grapes can be used right away or frozen for up to a year.

Edible Oxeye Daisy Greens (Leucanthemum vulgare)
Just a few oxeye daisy plants provide tasty greens for months on end.

Wild Ginger (aka Asarum canadense)
Wild ginger tastes so good you'll want to use it in everything.

Fragrant, Edible Sweet Fern (Comptonia peregrina)
Sweet fern is an under appreciated herb with a warm, earthy fragrance and flavor.

Get Creative with Elderberry Syrup
Elderberry syrup is a versatile ingredient in sweet and savory dishes.

Make Your Elderberry Syrup
Sweeten Your Elderberry Juice. Foraging.

Clean & De-stem Your Elderberries
Remove the Elderberries from their Stems Before Juicing

Avoid The Dreaded Elderberry Slime! (This Tip Will Save You Tedious Cleanup)
Raw Elderberries Produce Green Slime, so Cook Your Fruit Before Straining

Gather Your Elderberries
Many different species of elderberries produce tasty fruit.

Wild Mosto Cotto (That's Italian for Cooked Grape Must)
Cook your grapes low and slow to make this tangy grape syrup that can be used in place of balsamic vinegar. Mosto cotto is versatile and delicious.

Wild Ginger Snaps
Wild Ginger Snaps...Betcha Can't Eat Just One

Essential Mushroom Hunting Tools
With these essential tools you'll be well-equipped for your next mushroom hunt.

Oyster Mushroom & Acorn Soup: a Rich & Healthy Treat
Oyster mushroom and acorn soup is classic comfort food for a forager in fall. This thick, hearty soup is healthy and satisfying.

Sensational Sumac! (Rhus species)
Sumac berries make a tart spice and a lemony beverage.

Wild Strawberry Shrub (You Can Drink Your Strawberries!)
Preserve Your Fruit in a Strawberry Drinking Vinegar

Sumac-ade (Tastes Like Lemonade, only Prettier)
Sumac-Ade is easy to make, pretty to look at, tart, and tasty.

Wild Za'atar
This easy herb blend adds zip to lots of savory dishes.

Hen of the Woods
Hen of the Woods is the perfect beginner's mushroom because not only are there no poisonous look-alikes, it's also undeniably delicious.

Chicken of the Woods
We call Chicken of the Woods a 50 mph mushroom because its bright color makes it easy to spot from the car. If you see one, pull over and start harvesting!

Mushroom Basics
Do you fear fungi? Let's turn that fear into a healthy respect because nothing beats the flavor of a wild (& safe) mushroom you foraged for yourself.

Wild Strawberries (aka Fragaria species)
It's worth the work to gather these tiny strawberry flavor bombs.

Meringue Cookies from Mallow Weeds
It's hard to believe these sweet and airy cookies came from the weeds in your front yard.

Boletus edulis: The King of Mushrooms
Is it porcini season where you live? You won't want to miss this delicious mushroom.

Tender, Juicy Lamb's Quarter Stems
Don't throw away those lamb's quarter stems! They're just as tasty as lamb's quarter leaves.

The Perfect Foraged Dry Rub
Add a personal touch to your next barbeque by creating your own wild dry rub.

Wild Greens & Grains Casserole Cupcakes
Simple and delicious, this casserole can be made with any number of wild greens. And it's easy to pack for your next picnic.

Lamb's Quarters (aka Chenopodium album)
Next time you crave a fresh, wild vegetable take a walk around the neighborhood. There's probably lamb's quarters within fifty feet of wherever you are.

Pineapple Weed (aka Matricaria discoidea)
There's a very good chance you have pineapple weed growing underfoot. It's too tasty to miss!

Pineapple Weed Liqueur
Turn a common weed into an irresistible liqueur.

Purslane (aka Portulaca oleracea)
Step outside and pick yourself some purslane for dinner.

Purslane à la Grecque
This easy, healthy, foraged vegetable dish comes together in under ten minutes.

Black Raspberry Clafoutis
Use this basic recipe for any foraged can't go wrong!

Daylilies (aka Hemercallis fulva)
Those beautiful orange ditch lilies you drive past every day? Yup! They're delicious.

Elderflower (aka Sambucus species)
Explore the light, floral taste of elderflowers

Pickled Field Garlic
Preserve the exceptional flavor of wild garlic to enjoy all year long.

The Wild Harvests of Late Spring
These wild foods are abundant and easy to find in late spring. And did I mention they're delicious?

Juneberry Pudding
Foraged Berries in a Quick and Easy Dessert

Burdock Flower Stems (Arctium species)
You won't believe how tasty this common weed is.

Burdock Fritters
Try this simple recipe to highlight the great flavor of burdock flower stems.

Milkweed Quiche
Milkweed florets turn a traditional quiche into a wild edible pie.

Wild Garlic (aka Allium vineale)
The flavor of this Allium combines the best of garlic and onion in a single bite.

Noble, Generous MIlkweed (aka Asclepias syriaca)
Common Milkweed is a Wild Edible Super Star.

Foraged Skordalia Pancakes: Wild Garlic & Potatoes!
Turn a traditional Greek meze into an irresistible side dish.

Elderflower Panna Cotta
Elderflower panna cotta is a foraged dessert that's both simple and sophisticated.

Elderflower Champagne
The cool, light taste of elderflower champagne refreshes like nothing else.

Edible (and Drinkable) Spring Flowers
If you love the scent of spring flowers, why not enjoy their taste as well? It's easier than you think!

Japanese Knotweed (aka Fallopia Japonica aka Polygonum cuspidatum)
Japanese knotweed is an aggressive weed you can serve for dinner or dessert!

Lilac Supreme: a Triple Floral Treat
This light, floral dessert is the perfect ending for a special spring meal.

Lilac Jelly
Lilac jelly is a treat for the eyes and the taste buds.

Luscious Lilacs (Syringa vulgaris)
If you appreciate the heady perfume of lilac flowers, why not experiment with their delicate, unique flavor?

Crème de Lilac, a Silky, Smooth Liqueur
Lilac flowers at their peak offer a heady scent and delicate taste.

Let the Natural Yeast Get to Work

A Fizzy Spring Treat
The natural yeasts in the lilac flowers create a fizzy cordial.

Bottoms Up!
Fizzy and refreshing, lilac cordial is the perfect drink for a warm spring day.

Redbuds (aka Cercis canadensis)
Sprinkle a few redbud flowers on top of salads or sorbets for a pretty, crunchy treat.

Wild Mushroom Puff Pastry
This wild mushroom puff pastry is an easy, elegant dish.

Fiddlehead Farfalle
Fiddleheads and pasta make a fresh spring dish!

Wild Greens Pie (aka Hortopita)
Use your favorite wild green to make this classic spring dish.

Dandelion & Black Walnut Pesto
Toss some wild dandelion greens and black walnuts in a blender to make a super easy sauce.

Oven Baked Sunchoke Chips
These baked sunchoke chips taste so good you won't believe they're good for you.

How to Make Carob Powder at Home
In just a few steps you can make home made carob powder.

Black Walnut Carob Bars
Black walnuts and carob powder take a traditional brownie recipe into tasty new territory.

Russian Olive Jelly
Take advantage of this abundant fruit to make a pretty jelly that's equally tasty as a savory glaze as it is in a classic PB&J.

Russian Olive (aka Eleagnus angustifolia aka oleaster)
If you think Russian olive is nothing more than a pesky weed tree, think again. Its juice is sweet, mild, and versatile.

Carob (aka Ceratonia siliqua)
Sometimes called Poor Man's Candy Bars, carob pods are naturally sweet.

Luscious Carob Pudding
Ready in less than ten minutes, this homemade carob dessert knocks it out of the park!

Paw Paw (Asimina triloba)
Don't pass up a paw's a rare and delicious fruit.

Black Walnut Cake
Black walnuts are a grown up ingredient. Their flavor is rich and somehow boozy, but in a totally chaste, non-alcoholic way.

Hawthorn Berries (aka Crataegus sp.)
Hawthorn trees are all over: in gardens, parks, and planted along city streets. Most people don't realize how versatile the edible fruit is.

Watercress Soup
Watercress soup sounds so fancy and tastes so elegant. But it couldn't be easier to make!

Chestnuts (aka Castanea dentata)
You don't need to roast them on an open fire to appreciate the unique flavor and texture of foraged chestnuts.

Watercress (aka Nasturtium officinale)
If you've enjoyed store bought watercress, wait till you taste the fresher, sharper flavor of wild watercress. It'll leave you wanting more.

Chestnut Mousse
This fluffy, silky dessert is a sophisticated way to end a foraged feast.

Magnificent Meyer Lemon Marmalade
Follow these step-by-step instructions for a delicious, perfectly spreadable Meyer lemon marmalade.

Preserved Meyer Lemons
If you're lucky enough to live in Meyer Lemon Land, you can make your own preserved Meyer lemons from foraged fruit.

Limoncello, Two Ways
Choose your limoncello-making method based on how much time you have to play in the kitchen...both are delicious.

Persimmon Chiffon Pie
Looking for a unique dessert you won't find on any restaurant menu: Persimmon Chiffon Pie with a Gingersnap Crust!

Wintergreen (Gaultheria procumbens)
Even in the depths of winter you can harvest this wild herb.

Juniper Berry Cookie Icing
Jazz up your holiday cookies with the unique flavor of juniper berry icing.

Banana Yucca Purée
The natural sweetness of this fruit shines as a side dish with pork, chicken, or turkey. Add ground juniper berries for an extra taste of fall.

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